W (Finland)

W (2014)
Susiovet (2018)
Maanpinna (2021)

A project of Eero Pulkkinen. Abstract ambient compositions. Sometimes with glitchy / noisy elements, but mostly synthy and vaguely melodic.


W (Germany)

W's Fascination (??)

Wacky, laid-back and often cheesy music by one Wolfgang Wegner and a small group of supporting musician. Rare press supposedly from early-to-mid eighties.


W.A.T.A. (Russia)

Planetary Source (2013)
The Past Is Over (2015)

Ambient / Berlin School duo of Michael Tyisik and Denis Mayboroda. Atmospheric guitar and electronics.


W.U.R. (Switzerland)

Lob der Grausamkeit (1984) (S)
Stahlruine (1986) (S)
KN (1987)
Memoire Magnetische (1989)
Untitled (??)

Swiss photo designer and sound artist Roberto Raineri-Seith who's been involved in the creation of Electronic Music (mostly by analog means) since 1981. He used to give live concerts and composed a lot of soundtracks to installations and art exhibitions. His recorded output was released under the "W.U.R" moniker. Raineri-Seith usually gets lumped with the industrial scene, and, indeed, a lot of his music seems to be influenced by it, with some clangs, noises, etc. However, it is filtered through a krautrock / prog EM attitude, reminding more on artists like Conrad Schnitzler.


w u s o 命 (Canada)

Painted With Voices (2021)
Maybe We're Not So Different (2023)

Marketed as "dreampunk", w u s o 命 is a project of one Sebastien Martin-Schultz. Painted With Voices is something more than that, though. It is a cinematic work of large proportions, with influences from techno, synthwave and soundtrack music. Really, the whole sounds like a lost soundtrack to "Blade Runner 2049". Maybe We're Not So Different continues in the same direction. His other releases I know nothing about at the moment.

See also: Wushimi Complex, The


W3veworld (USA)

Ñåðâèñíûé òóííåëü (2016)
TROPICA+ (2019) (with St. Nebula)
Hygiene Protocol (2021) (S)

Varied project of Chicago-based D. A. Stevens, who is also known under various other pseodunyms. Ñåðâèñíûé òóííåëü is pure Noise Ambient / Isolationism. Hygiene Protocol is a bit chiptune-ish, melodic music.


Waard, Frans de (Netherlands)

Hot August Night (2017)
Oordeel (2019) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Various Weights (2020) (with Martijn Comes)
Interior Sounding (2020) (with Miguel A. García)

This particular album (Hot August...) features long-form Ambient from member of Beequeen.

See also: Beequeen, WaSm.


Waavypanda (Bahamas)

The Book of Nonsensical Oddities Vol​.​1: Candy Mushrooms In My Brain Folds (2023)

Weird, cartoonish electronics from this project. Interesting stuff.


Wach (Austria)

The Fear (2008) (S)
End of All Dreams (2007)
Firedance On A Dead Mans Grave (2008)
Experimentum Solaris (2010)
Nordwand (2011) (S)
Hell:Wach (2017)

Ambient, supposedly of dark variety.

See also: Uruk-Hai, Hrefnesholt.


Wack, Dan (UK)

Stalking the Horizon (2019)

Droning ambience.


Wade, Ali (UK)

Geomorphology (2016)
Microhumans (2020)

Beautiful, sparkling synth compositions inspired by growth and evolution processes, some flowing, some apreggio / sequencer-based.


WADE Shepherd, Tom (Hungary)

God Created (2016)
Apollo 11 (2019)

Diverse melodic music, sometimes with hip-hop / downtempo rhythms.


Wadephul, Ralf (Germany)

When Aliens Meet A Drop of Water (2008)
Ich Bin Ein Berliner - Live At Ricochet Gathering (2012)

A short-term member of Tangerine Dream who was with the band in 1988. For some reason his name is spelled as W.A.dePHUL on his debut release. I think the music will appeal to fans of contemporary TD.

See also: Tangerine Dream


Waelkens, Christoph (Belgium)

New England Digital (2020)

Varied EM focusing on FM synthesis by this artist. From classically-influenced to dark and pulsing. Made with a Yamaha TG77, a Waldorf XT and an E-Mu EMAX sampler.


Waeltaja (Finland)

From Forgotten Paths (2016)
A Gathering In the Woods (2017)
The Cold Journey (2017)
Return To Solitude (2019)
WLTJ (2020)
The Frozen Kingdom (2020)
Reconstructing Solitude (2022)
Heremite (2023)

Dungeon synth-like compositions. Melodic, melancholic...


Wagner, Adrian (UK)

Distances Between Us (1974)
The Electronic Light Orchestra (1975)
Instincts (1977)
The Last Inca (1978)
Karming the Elements (1988)
Merak (1988)
Inca Gold (1990)
Ambient Collection Vol.1 (1992)
Holy Spirit And the Holy Grail (1993)
Sought And Found (1994)
Genesis of the Grail Kings (1999)
Realm of the Ring Lords (2001)
Ambient Collection Vol.2 (2002)

British synthesist (1952 - 2018). He was the grandson of Richard Wagner, if I'm not mistaken. The Electronic Light Orchestra is a library LP.


Wagner, Jan (Germany)

Nummern (2018)
Kapitel (2020)

Piano-dominated Ambient with light electronics. Sort of Nils Frahm-ish.


Wahn (Norway)

24pt. (1984)
Adventure (??)

Karin Asken and Petter Rønneberg.

See also: Rønneberg, Petter


Wahnfried (international)

Time Actor (1979)
Tonwelle (1981)
Megatone (1984)
Miditation (1986)
Trancelation (1994)
Trance Appeal (1996)
Drums 'n' Balls (1997)

Wahnfried was basically Klaus Schulze doing music with other musicians (a group of changing members). If you've read my article about Klaus Schulze, you already guess that all of the above albums are highly recommended. On (Richard) Wahnfried releases, Schulze doesn't tell other musicians what to play, it is true collaboration, where Schulze does his own thing and other musicians do their own thing. Because there are always new musicians for each Wahnfried album, stylistically these works are very diverse. Time Actor has Arthur Brown doing ehm.. vocals and Vincent Crane (of Atomic Rooster fame) playing keyboards. Tonwelle features Manuel Goettsching and another famous guitar player whose name is kept in secret for contractual reasons. Miditation is a very peaceful atmospheric work featuring Steve Jolliffe. Trancelation and Trance Appeal are both very upbeat, often venturing into techno territories. The first one is done with Georg Stettner and U.W. Uberschall and the second is a duo of Klaus and Jörg Schaaf.

See also: Schulze, Klaus, Brown, Arthur, Goettsching, Manuel, Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra, Shrieve, Michael, Jolliffe, Steve, Schaaf, Jörg.


Wain, Charles (Australia)

The Last Wave (2016) (recorded in 1977) (soundtrack)

Charles Wain (real name - Wayne Richard Myers) was an Australian composer (1944 - 2016). The Last Wave is his ominous synth-based score with lots of analog string emulations and some moments of pulsing goodness.


Wainwright, Dan (UK)

Mother Oak (2022) (with Elle Redding)

Welsh artist with a quirky, repetitive style influenced by experimental EM and downtempo / "balearic" trends.


Waisvisz, Michel (Netherlands)

Crackle (1978)

Michel Waisvisz is a Dutch engineer and inventor who developed an unusual touch sensitive electronic instrument called the Crackle Box. While known mostly as a live performer and technician, Michel did release a solo LP in 1978 and a few CD's later. The music features the Crackle Box and is totally unique. Somewhat abrasive in execution, it may be deemed too experimental by an average EM listener. However, it is also surprisingly listenable and at times melodic and jazzy. Great disc for fans of Experimental EM. Later CD's are much more in the academic / electroacoustic style.


Wakamatsu, Zeze (Japan)

Loomer & the Remixes (2022)

Japanese female ambient composer. Nice relaxing, spatial sound.


Wakasa, Shinji (Japan)

Reiyā (2020) (with Pepo Galán and Warmth)
Pluma (2021)
Between the Leaves (2021) (with Pepo Galán)

Ambient soundscapes with slight microsound tendencies. Pluma is a pretty nice and charming album dedicated to birds.


Wake Up (Poland)

Somewhere In An Untold Fairytale (2020) (S)

Nice synth-based Ambient with serene atmosphere and reflective moods.


Wakeman, Rick (UK)

Piano Vibrations (1971)
The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1973)
Journey To the Centre of the Earth (1974)
Lisztomania (1975)
The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table (1975)
No Earthly Connection (1976)
Criminal Record (1977)
White Rock (1977)
Rhapsodies (1979)
I'm So Straight I'm A Weirdo (1980)
1984 (1981)
The Burning (1981) (soundtrack)
Rock 'n Roll Prophet (1982)
Cost of Living (1983)
G'ole! (1983)
Crimes of Passion (1984)
Live At Hammersmith (1985)
Lytton's Diary (1985)
Silent Nights (1985)
Country Airs (1986)
The Family Album (1987)
The Gospels (1987)
20th Anniversary Limited Edition (1988)
A Suite of Gods (1988)
Custer's Last Stand (1988)
Time Machine (1988)
Zodiaque (1988)
Black Knights At the Court of Ferdinand IV (1989)
Sea Airs (1989)
In the Beginning (1990)
Night Airs (1990)
Phantom Power (1990)
2000AD Into the Future (1991)
African Bach (1991)
Aspirant Sunrise (1991)
Aspirant Sunset (1991)
Aspirant Sunshadows (1991)
Don't Fly Away / After Prayers (1991)
Rock 'n Roll Prophet Plus (1991)
Softsword (1991)
The Classical Connection (1991)
Classic Tracks (1993)
No Expense Spared (1993)
Prayers (1993)
The Classical Connection II (1993)
Heritage Suite (1993)
Unleashing the Tethered One - The 1974 North American Tour (1993)
Wakeman With Wakeman (1993)
Light Up the Sky (1994)
Live On the Test (1994)
Lure of the Wild (1994)
Wakeman With Wakeman Live (1994)
Almost Live In Europe (1995)
Cirque Surreal (1995)
Rick Wakeman In Concert (1995)
Romance of the Victorian Age (1995)
The Piano Album (1995)
The Private Collection (1995)
The Seven Wonders of the World (1995)
Visions (1995)
Can You Hear Me (1996)
Fields of Green (1996)
Orisons (1996)
Tapestries (1996)
The New Gospels (1996)
The Word And Music (1996)
Vignettes (1996)
Voyage (1996)
Welcome A Star (1996)
Simply Acoustic (1997)
Themes (1998)
Return To the Centre of the Earth (1999)
Stella Bianca Alla Corte De Re Ferdinando (1999)
The Art In Music Trilogy (1999)
The Natural World Trilogy (1999)
White Rock II (1999)
Christmas Variations (2000)
Chronicles of Man (2000)
Morning Has Broken (2000)
Preludes To A Century (2000)
Rick Wakeman Live In Concert 2000 (2000)
The Caped Collection (2000)
Classical Variations (2001)
Frost In Space (2001)
Out of the Blue (2001)
Two Sides of Yes (2001)
The Yes Piano Variations (2002)
Treasure Chest (2002)
Two Sides of Yes Volume 2 (2002)
Hummingbird (2002) (with Cousins)
Oscar Concert (2003)
Out There (2003)
The Wizard And the Forest of All Dreams (2004)
Live At Lincoln Cathedral (2006)
The Red Planet (2020)

Famous Yes keyboardist and a legend in its own right. One of the most virtuoso keyboard players of all times. Although he did some interesting electronic experiments in some of his works, there are still a lot of drawbacks to his music for an EM listener's ears. And here we have the biggest problem with this great musician: his older albums often sound dated and he tends to use quite a few half-decent vocals that usually spoil the picture. The obligatory pomp is there, but it's not a big problem if we're talking progressive rock. His newer stuff, on the contrary, tends to fall into sappy new age territory, sometimes terribly sweet and unengaging. Stick to his early works, like The Six Wives of Henry VIII.


Wakhevitch, Igor (France)

Logos (1970)
Docteur Faust (1971)
Hathor (1973)
Les Fous D'Or (1975)
Nagual (1977)
Let's Start (1979)
Aspiration (1982)
Ahata Anahata (2007)
Kshatrya - The Eye of the Bird (2019) (recorded in 1999)

The music of Igor Wakhevitch is pretty hard to describe. On early albums he combined sound collages ala Pierre Henry with some orchestral chamber music elements and electronics, later he developed a more cosmic approach with synthesizers, concrete sounds, neo-classical touches and studio wizardry. He has been called the French Ralph Lundsten and, in fact, some of his work is quite close to what Ralph was doing at around the same time. There are even traces of Schulze's style. So, if a Pierre Henry / chamber / neo-classical / Lundsten / Schulze hybrid sounds ok to you, then you probably get the picture.


Waki (Japan)

Take You To the Bottom (1995)
Tea For Two (1997)
Music For Lazy People (2001)
Shuku (2002)
Life And Space (2003)
Music For Waki People (2004)
Special (2005) (recorded in 1995 - 2005)
Hurry Up And Relax (2011)
Duality (2014)
Russian Love (2016)

Wakisaka Akifumi aka Waki is an ambient producer from Tokyo who is also influenced by such genres as minimal techno and IDM. His music often has some kind of a hypnotic pulse to it, at other times it's floating and relaxing.


Walcott, Mitch (USA)

Europa (2002)
Rejuvenate (2008)

Nice cinematic mixture of Space and Ambient from this musician.


Wäldchengarten (Denmark)

Electrical Bonding (2005)

Danish duo of two brothers Lars and Dennis Hansen formed in 1999. They mostly play various types of noise but this release is Dark Ambient.


Waldman, Connor (USA)

Breccia (2015)
Entrance (2020)

Louisville, Kentucky-based synthesist with a pretty experimental but very listenable style between ambient electronics and something more rhythmic and structured.


Wales, Howard (USA)

Rendezvous With the Sun (1976)

American keyboardist who on the above LP invited a whole cast of supporting musicians to record an album of funky / jazzy grooves. On synths we get none other than Patrick Gleeson, who provides everything from solos to abstract cosmic twitters and effects. Of special interest is the dual Wales / Gleeson keyboard exploration "Distant Children". Pity it is too short. File under EM-related.


Walker Christenson, Forest (USA)

UV Sea (2017)

Ambient artist. Nice, moody flowing synth sound with some piano.

See also: Seabat


Walker, Kenneth (USA)

The Alien Factor (2023) (recorded in 1978) (soundtrack)

Electronic B-movie soundtrack created on a PAiA synth.


Walking Through Walls (UK)

Phillomancy (??)

Deep sounds from Scotland.


Wall, Anna (UK)

Missing Moments (2022)

Based in London, Anna Wall is a musician and label owner. On Missing Moments, released in collaboration with a few friends who guest on different instruments or vocals, she creates a delicate ambient soundscape filled with ethereal voices and heartfelt melodies. Pretty solid stuff. Best tracks: "I'll Try", whose ecstatic electric piano / mellotron flute / synth soundscape reminds on classic Tangerine Dream and Vangelis at the same time, and "Will You Ever Forgive Me", whose chord progressions pleasantly recall Klaus Schulze in his prime years. I sure want to hear more from Anna.


Wall, Martin (Canada)

Metaphysical Facelift (1977)
Columbus / Waves (??) (S)

Martin Wall is a professional piano player from Hamilton. Metaphysical Facelift is very much an album of two faces. One is some dreary vocal singer-songwriter stuff, where guests on guitars, bass and drums appear. And another are solo synthesizer / piano instrumentals from Wall, from short bridges to longer explorations like the excellent title track which is a lost classic of symphonic EM (with large piano presence).


Wall, Noah (USA)

Hèloïse (2011)
Speech Patterns (2023)

The 2023 work features experimental EM from this New York-based artist. Using multiple speech samples as a basis, the author processes them and then transforms them into MIDI data which is then used to trigger various synthesizers. Maybe a bit similar to Zappa's Synclavier experiments, but more "general MIDI"-sounding. The 2011 album is more diverse, venturing as much into weird, experimental pop as into electronics.


Walla, Chris (USA)

Tape Loops (2015)

An unusual album of Eno-like Ambient from guitarist of indie rock band Death Cab For Cutie.


Wallace, Terry (UK)

Moog Superstar (1974)

Question: who is Terry Wallace? Answer: Terry Wallace is actually Eric Siday, a library music composer and an electronic pioneer. Question: what's this album about? Answer: it's basically a moog reworking of "Jesus Christ Superstar" but side B contains an original composition by Siday, performed on synthesizers. Eric Siday had at least a couple other albums, both of them library releases with extremely short electronic jingles / bridges.


Wallis, Glenn Michael (UK)

Industrial Surrealist (2001) (recorded in 1982 - 1999)

Archival release from this member of industrial pioneers Konstruktivists. It contains some fine analog synth material (naturally, with a dark twist) that I think will be enjoyed by fans of EM.


Walls (UK / Italy)

Walls (2010)
Coracle (2011)
Ecstatic (2013)
Sound Houses (2014) (with Daphne Oram)
Urals (2018)

Varied electronic duo of Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia. Sound Houses is an experimental work with processed original "Oramics" tapes by Daphne Oram. Urals mixes nu-disco and kraut with some nice Prog EM and ambient arrangements.

See also: Primitive World


Walmsey, Henry J. (UK)

Colossus (2006)

To me, this falls squarely into the Experimental genre, with all its beeps and bleeps, strange computer voice samples and stuff. It is kind of fascinating and very listenable overall.


Walsh, Joe (USA)

So What (1974)

Pre-Eagles album of this US singer and guitar player. It's more or less your typical hard rock / AOR of the time. But before you start wondering what the heck is Joe Walsh doing here, let me tell you one thing: you may not like Joe Walsh... darn, you may not even like Eagles but I'll give it to him that he included an electronic track in this album - the short, 2-minute "Pavane", played by Walsh on synthesizers. It may well be the only electronic track that Joe ever did, but then, maybe not. But hey, it's still electronic, even if it's a rendition of a classical piece by Ravel. A very neat rendition it is, too, with a warm, analogue sound. But we're in 1974 here, so it coudn't possibly be the other way round.


Walsh, Thomas (USA)

Autumn Murmurs (2017)
Mechanics of Deference (2018)
Epicataphora (2023)

Varied noisy or atmospheric electronics from Portland-based artist.


Walt Thisney (Portugal)

Sputniko (2015)
Thistetica (2019)
Thisthra (2023)

Ambient music by this diverse project that is mostly known for its vaporwave stuff.

See also: Rasal.Asad


Walter, Carlos (USA)

Synthetic History (2020) (S)
Silent Night (2020) (S)
Switched-On AFX (2021) (S)

As expected, this is synthesizer interpretations of classical pieces.


Walter, Justin (USA)

Walter (2012)
Dark Matter (2013) (EP)
Lullabies & Nightmares (2013)
Unseen Forces (2017)
Destroyer (2023)

The work of this Ann Arbor-based experimental and jazz musician focuses on the exploration of the possibilities of the EWI (electronic wind instrument).


Walters, Randy (USA)

Desde el mar de las alturas (1985)

Alaskan-born Randy Walters is a musician and synthesist based in Rhode Island. Desde el mar de las alturas was released in Venezuela and used on the local Discovery channel as the soundtrack to a show about balloon flights. The music we are dealing with here is melodic, symphonic EM with sounds created by a massive Oberheim 8-voice synth, an ARP 2600, a Hammong organ, a Hohner clavinet and an Alpha Syntauri digital synth.


Walters, Tim (USA)

The Dry Well (1995)
Fission Cuisine (2019)

Varied experimental / electroacoustic / electronic artist. Fission Cuisine features melodic / propulsive EM pieces based on the sound of analog synthesizers. Often classically-influenced, with a weird, cheesy, Wendy Carlos-y baroque vibe.


Walton (UK)

Maisie By the Sea (2022)

Highly ambient-ised or EM-sized grime / UK garage music or ambient EM with elements / feel of grime / UK garage. You choose. Sam Walton is a Manchester-based artist.


WANAINC (Ukraine)

Zvenygora (2015)

Melodic, shadowy ambient compositions meant as a soundtrack for an exhibition that never took place.


Wander (Netherlands)

Wander (2001) (S)
Wander (2002)
Wander (2004)
Wander (2004) (S)
Wander (2005)
Wander (2007) (S)
Wander (2009) (S)
Wander (2009)
Wander (2009)
Wander (2011) (S)
Wander (2012)

Static Drone Ambient from members of Beequeen. All of their releases are titled simply "Wander".

See also: Beequeen


Wanderer (USA)

In the Shadow of the Desert (2019) (S)

Sort of a dungeon synth-inspired desert ambience concoction.


Wanderlust (China)

Neo-Taste (Chekhovian Fyodorov Go Exotica) (2016)

Synth-pop duo of Victor Zuo and Di Liu. Formed in Tianjin as a no wave / post-punk project, they turned to synth-pop structures by the time of their first release (in 2011). On Neo-Taste, there are different styles, from pretty much classic style synth-pop to weird exotica and guitar rock. Most of the music is instrumental, with large influence from Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

See also: WISEFAKE


Wanderwelle (Netherlands)

Lost In A Sea of Dreams (2017)
Gathering of the Ancient Spirits (2018)
Victory Over the Sun (2019) (with Bandhagens Musikförening)
A State of Decrepitude (2020)
Black Clouds Above the Bows (2021)
All Hands Bury the Cliffs At Sea (2023)

Amsterdam-based duo that mixes some dance / club rhythms with ambient synth / Prog EM. The second album has pretty nice and exotic sound.


Wanderwerkstatt (Italy)

Satanic Majesties Response (2021)
Silent Concert In the Basement (2022)

Varied electronics from this artist out of Bologna. From harsh and slightly noisy to cosmic and experimental. Pretty entertaining EM overall.


Wandinger, Ludwig (Germany)

Rooms (2021) (S)
Spiritual Decay (2023)

Berlin-based ambient artist with a flowing, monolithic sound.


Wandt, Niklas (Germany)

Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World (2018) (with Wolf Müller)
Wismut (2019) (S) (with Sascha Funke)
Kreidelkreis (2020) (S) (with Sascha Funke)
Erdtöne (2020) (EP)
Esculturas Rupestres (2021) (with Cass.)
Solar Müsli (2021)
Abbondanza (2022)

Drummer from Berlin who is also very much into electronics. On Solar Müsli, he combines some spoken word parts / sound collages with his drum playing and abundant wacky synths that often have a Cluster quality to them.


Wang, Jo (Norway)

Symposion (1990)
Fractals (1995) (recorded in 1990 - 1995)
Haunting Melodies (1998)

Jo Wang is a trained musician, organ player and electronic composer who studied electroacoustic music and classical guitar. He has worked on several soundtracks and TV productions. On his solo albums he uses mainly keyboards and samplers. 


Wang Lei & Yile (China)

大地上的美好 / Hymns for Earth (2015)
6600万年以前 / 66 Million Years Ago (2017)

Shenzhen-based male / female duo specializing in cross-genre music and collaborations with other artists all over the globe. The 2015 album mixes instrumental rock, ethnic / African music, neo-classical and a touch of EM by means of warm analog synths. 66 Million Years Ago is much more relevant for EEM, though, consisting mostly of serene and aquatic ambient electronic compositions.


Wapassou (France)

Wapassou (1974)
Messe en Re Mineur (1976)
Salammbô (1977)
Ludwig, un Roi pour l'Eternite (1979)
Genuine (1980)
Le Lac d'Argent (1986)

Unclassifiable French progressive band from Strasbourg, Alsace. They are generally considered a chamber rock ensemble or RIO outfit and are compared to Mike Oldfield, Univers Zero or Art Zoyd. An interesting detail is that Wapassou had no drummer or bass guitar player on most of their classic albums. Instead, they relied on an interplay between keyboards (really lots of them, played by Freddy Brua), guitar (Karen Nickerl) and violin (Jacques Lichti). Their sound evolved from quite basic on their debut to complex instrumental arrangements on later works. They also went from organ-based to very electronic on Salammbô and Ludwig, which are definitely interesting from the EM standpoint. I really like their warm, analogue synth sound.

See also: Brua, Freddy


Wapiti (USA)

Gifts From the Storm (2016)

Solo synth project of Aaron Emmert, who is a drummer of psychedelic rockers Mammatus. Floating, relaxing sound, but also rhythmic and sequential.

See also: Mammatus


Wappenbund (Germany)

Auferstehung (2020)

Martial industrial duo of Sven Bussler and Maria Isabell, formed in the 1990's. On Auferstehung, they created something quite interesting - the basis is still their bombastic martial industrial sound. However the music ventures into neo-classical and Ambient realms with sort of a celestial, new-agey sheen even. The melodic content is pretty nice as well and overall I found it a very pleasant listen. Not for EM purists for sure, but I think fans of "dungeon synth", neo-classical, darkwave, melodic and / or bombastic EM and Ambient (especially Martial Ambient) should check it out.


Warahraan (Iran)

Stellar Shine (2009)
Cosmic Dance (2012)
Realm of Tishtaar (2014)

Cosmic / epic Ambient.


Ward, Paul (UK)

For A Knave (1991)
The Fear of Make-Believe (1994)
Once (2019) (with Stephan Whitlan)

Synthesist with a 'traditional EM' style.

See also: Quiet Point


Warden (Netherlands)

Rites of Passage (2015) (S)
Into Shadow Realms Unknown (2016) (S)
The Obsidian Realm (2016)
Krochtenmagii (2018)

Creepy dark soundscapes with elements of dungeon synth. There's even a touch of early, pre-Phaedra Tangerine Dream.


Wardown (UK)

Wardown (2020)
Wardown II (2023)

Wardown is a drum'n'bass project of Peter Rogers. On Wardown II, inspired by the utopian visions of future propagated during the past decades (from about 1950's and into the 1970's), you can hear a lot of ambient influences and even completely ambient tracks (like "Expo", for instance). The same applies to the first volume. File under EM-related.

See also: Rogers, Peter


Ware (UK)

Star Catalogue (2022)

A mixture of ethereal vocal songs and ambient electronics from this duo (Andy Wilson and Sacha Galvagna).


Ware, Tom (USA)

The Fourth Circle (1983)
The Big Bang (1990) (with Lars Erickson)
Out of Bounds (1996)
Animals (2000)
Zulu Time (2005)

Synthesist from Nebraska who released at least one album of Electronic Music in German style.

See also: Binary Race


Warm Digits (UK)

Keep Warm...With the Warm Digits (2011)
BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Session (2012) (S) (with Field Music)
Interchange (2013)
Wireless World (2017)
Flight of Ideas (2020)

Neo-krautrock duo of Andrew Hodson and Stephen Jefferis. Heavy La Dusseldorf vibes here, synths galore, guitars and motorik rhythms.


Warm Star (USA)

What We Keep (??)
Slice of Life (??)

Modular synth artist from Texas. Lulling, ambient, melodic.


Warm Tape (USA)

Life At Dusk (2016)

Ambient drone artist Raymond Chalmé from Long Branch, New Jersey.


Warmth (Spain)

Essay (2016)
Home (2017)
Parallel (2018)
Wildlife (2019)
Wildlife Addendum (2019)
Reiyā (2020) (with Shinji Wakasa and Pepo Galán)
The Darkest Place (2021)
Pale Sun (2022)
The Night (2022)
The Night Addendum (2022)
Collider (2023)
Collider Addendum (2023)
Night Scenes (2023) (with David Cordero)
Mourning Ghost (2023)

Warmth is Spanish musician Augustín Mena. He is mainly known for dub techno music with ambient elements. For Essay, he abandons rhythm to focus on warm, floating ambient sound. Home is a 2-CD set with ambient music on disc 1 and remixes on disc 2.

See also: SVLBRD


Warnecke, Pierce (USA)

The Machine Regrets (2012) (EP)
Non Lieu (2013) (with Rodolphe Loubatiere)
Memory Fragments (2016)
Couleurs Chimériques (2017) (with Rodolphe Loubatiere)
AKP (2017) (with Anton Mobin and Kris Limbach)
Phonotypic Plasticity (2019) (with Louis Laurain)
Rivers (2021) (with Nacho Marco)
Deafened By the Noise of Time (2022)

US artist residing in Europe. Dense, ambient, experimental electronics with an Industrial flair.


Warner, Maria (UK)

Omicron In A Cannabis Veil (2018)
Time Lapse (2018)
Equitorale (2018)
Metamorphosis (2018)
Aion (2018)
Cataclysm (2018)
Abendland (2018)
Phase Transition (2019)
Delay Delay (2019)
Last Songs From Earth (2019)
Vernal Voyager (2019)
Déserts (2019)
Slipstream (2019)
Amanita Musicaria (2019)
A Plateau of Tears (2020)
Europa (2020)
Apotheosis (2020)
Stellar Evolution (2021)
Main Sequence (2021)

According to the label, Maria Warner is a pseudonym of an artist who's been involved in the creation of Electronic Music for more than 30 years. Omicron... is a tribute to Edgar Froese's Epsilon In Malaysian Pale. Notes 02.04.2019: Maria Warner is Michael Neil.

See also: Neil, Michael


Warning (Germany)

Warning (1982)
Electric Eyes (1983)

I just couldn't miss this one. Warning was an obscure duo formation of Edgar Schlepper and Hans Müller that played really innovative and progressive music in that they combined growling metal vocals and heavy riffs with doom laden synth atmospheres and new wave-ish keyboard lines. Must have been really innovative at the time, as in some sense it predated many ideas of modern industrial pop bands like Rammstein. On the other hand, their synthetic textures often remind on Tangerine Dream from around the same period. An interesting fact in that regard is that their song was featured in an episode of German TV series "Tatort", to which TD contributed a few tracks. If you fancy heavy riffs combined with drum machine rhythms and electronics, topped by Darth Vader's anguished rants, this is exactly the stuff you need to listen to. Of course, it could all be viewed as a mere joke but at least the coolness factor is there in a campy sort of way, so there you go.

See also: Bill Board, Jean


Warning (USA)

The Master Wave (2013)

A trio of Jean Houpert, Joe Houpert and Steve Perrucci. A mixture of free jazz and electronics.


Warning Light (USA)

Subterrain (2006) (EP)
Eternity Drones (2007)
Unknown Clearing (2009) (EP)
Further On (2010)
Fallow (2010)
Early Birds (2010) (EP)
Wild Silver (2011)
Blacked Out (2012) (S)
XXXI (2014)
Lost Patterns (2014)
A Vast Moment (2014) (S)
Burn Under Direct Heat (2014)
Heavens Above, Heavens Below (2015)
Oftenchance (2015)
Quiet On the Homefront (2015) (EP)
Life / Death Suite (2016) (S)
Cosmic Meditation (2017) (EP)
At the End of the Road (2017)
Luxury Through Repetition (2017)
Latent Futurists (2021)
Inner Spaces (2022)

Varied project of Georgia-based Drew Haddon. Ranges from sequencer-based etudes (mostly on later releases) to ambient drifters (of dark or brighter variety).

See also: Desolate Moon Phases


Warnke, Jan (Germany)

Shade / Wraith (2014) (S)
O Tannenbaum (2014) (S) (with Michael Esposito)
Pathways (2018) (S)
Crystalline Fragility (2021) (S)

German ambient artist. Reflective, mysterious, melancholic, hypnotic.


WarpCensor (UK)

Chronos Differential (2016)

Short tracks of varying moods.


Warpness (Norway)

One Note (2016)
Atmosphere (2017)
The Labyrinth (2017) (EP)
Mørkerom (2018)

Ambient artist Tom Ståle Engebretsen.

See also: Castana, Elrox, Xuxu.


Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan (UK)

Interim Report, March 1979 (2021)
People & Industry (2021)
Districts Roads Open (2022)
Fig.1c The Third Phase of House Construction (2023) (S)
Moonbuilding Volume Three (2023)
The Nation's Most Central Location (2023)
Building A New Town (2023) (EP)

Under this sophisticated project name hides one Gordon Chapman-Fox, a synthesist inspired by brutalist architecture of 1960's and 1970's Britain. Analog, sequencer-based, pulsing, experimental, melodic, cosmic...


Warwick, Henry (USA)

Electronic Etudes (1987)
Metawind (1988)
Breathless (1989)
Snow (1991)
Keraunograph (2000)
Something Borrowed (2014)

Quiet, minimalist and melodic ambient works from this artist who discovered synthesizers in the 1980's.


Washburn, Sean (USA)

Wave Mantra (2000)

Something like a cross of Ambient and ethnic music. Sean Wishburn is a California-based artist. John Vorus appears on this album as guest.


WaSm (Netherlands)

Een (2016)
Twee (2021)

Noise Ambient from Jos Smolders and Frans de Waard.

See also: Waard, Frans de


Wasserkraftwerk-2 (Poland)

Wasserkraftwerk-2 (2015)

Nice Kraftwerk pastiche with an extra melodic edge.


Wassermann, Peter J. (Switzerland)

Desert Lovers (2017) (recorded in 1985) (soundtrack) (with Daniela Wassermann)

Varied synth soundtrack to a 1980's porn movie. Ranges from vocal songs to rhythmic, almost italo disco-ish to ambient electronic.


Wassonic (Canada)

Wassonic (2011)

Ambient project of Terrence O'Brien and Matthew Poulakakis.

See also: Anomalous Disturbances


Waste of Time (Netherlands)

Muziek uit Zwischenfall (1982) (S)

Waste of Time was a Dutch mime collective who gave various shows throughout Netherlands and Belgium. The above is a synth soundtrack to one of their performances by Mike Floothuis and Jaap Lindijer, both members of obscure early 1970's formation that released an album of minimal organ / sax-based prog in 1973. A bit cheesy but overall entertaining stuff that gets better towards the end.


Wasted Cathedral (Canada)

Wasted Cathedral (2012)
Pleasant Valley (2014)
Beat Nightmares Thru Dead Suburb (2015)
Atmospheric Hangover (2019)
Prairie Soundtracks (2020)
Retreat Into Fantasy/Soundtracks (2022)

Solo electronic project of Chris Laramee, member of Saskatoon-based spacerockers Shooting Guns. This is ambient, kosmische, drone based stuff.


Waswaas (UK)

Antidote (2019) (S)
What Remains (2020)
Memories of Perversion (2020)
Attribute (2021)

Fat analog synths, sequences, effects... Pretty insteresting EM here.

See also: XVARR


Wasylyk, Andrew (UK)

Themes For Buildings & Spaces (2017) (S)
The Paralian (2019)
Fugitive Light And Themes of Consolation (2020)
Parallel Light (2020)
Hearing the Water Before Seeing the Falls (2022)

Scottish artist who on Themes For Buildings & Spaces describes his hometown Dundee with sound. The music is melodic, easy-listening and classically-inspired, somewhat indebted to the hauntology scene I think. There are also some ambient, spookier or more reflective bits. It makes use of acoustic instruments (strings, drums, glockenspiel, etc.) and synth. The Paralian continues in the same vein.


Watanabe, Hiroshi (Japan)

Fukuroda Falls From Formation To Present (2014)
Takachiho (2021)

Fukuroda... is an unusual ambient album from this techno / tech house producer. Floating pads, arpeggios and soft rhythms.


Watchword (USA)

Interims (2013)
Phrenic Landscapes Dissolving (2013)
Tour 2014 (2014) (with Andrew Kirschner)
Blanket Reveries (2014)
Rose Cross (2014)
Fracturing (2016) (with Andrew Kirschner)

Nice analog synth compositions from Jeff Hatfield, one half of Fragments.

See also: Fragments


Water Bureau (USA)

Water Bureau (2015)

A duo of Norm Chambers and Daryl Groetsch. Expect lots of warm analog synths here.

See also: Chambers, Norm, Panabrite, Müller, Jurgen, Pulse Emitter.


Water Lily Jaguar (USA)

Digging Up Atlantis (2010) (S)
Kipona Aloha For the Reef Spirits (2010)
Voyage of Hope / Voyage of Discovery (2011)

Colada Vision Music (2011)

Formerly known as Dream Safari. Ambient.

See also: Nectar of the Moon


Watermann, John (Germany)

Calcutta Gas Chamber (1993)
Babel #1 (1993)

As you can guess from the title this is pure Isolationism, and a very busy and disturbing one. Not for the weak. John Watermann (born in 1935 in Berlin and passed away in 2002 in Brisbane, Australia) was a very prolific electroacoustic / experimental composer. He has quite a few albums but the above two will sure appeal to Dark Ambient freaks.


Waters, Robert (Germany)

I've Seen the Invisible (2012) (EP)
Time Ahead Time (2016) (EP)
Immortal Tourist (2018) (with Johannes Schmoelling)
Zeit Concert (2019) (with Johannes Schmoelling)
S-A-W (2020) (with Johannes Schmoelling and Kurt Ader)
Hydragate (2023) (with Johannes Schmoelling and Kurt Ader)

Robert Waters (real name - Robert Wässer) is a Berlin-based producer and musician. He is a member of Loom, along with Jerome Froese and Johannes Schmoelling.

See also: Loom


Waters, Sonya (New Zealand)

The Sheltering Ranges (2021)

Sort of melodic, analog EM with a new-agey flair and angelic vocals. A pleasant listen.


Wathelet, Pascal (Belgium)

Yxos (1982)

Rare electronic album. Melodic music played on analog synthesizers.


Watine (France)

Géométries Sous-Cutanées (2019)
Intrications Quantiques (2020)
Errances Fractales (2021)

French singer and musician Catherine Watine created this interesting, largely instrumental work (Géométries Sous-Cutanées) that fuses elements of classical music, progressive rock and minimal, repetitive electronics.


Watkins, Jason Christopher (USA)

Crepuscular (2016)
Somnopolis (2017)
Caelestis (2020)

Los Angeles-based keyboardist and member of heavy prog / psych / doom metal band Ancestors. His solo music is electronic and has a rich synth sound, reminding on many Prog EM greats, from Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to John Carpenter's scores.


Watkins, Kit (USA)

Labyrinth (1981)
Frames of Mind (1982)
In Time (1985) (with Coco Roussel)
Azure (1989)
Sunstruck (1990)
Thought Tones Vol. 1 (1990)
A Different View (1991)
Thought Tones Vol. 2 (1992)
Wet Dark And Low (1992)
Circle (1993)
Kinetic Vapors (1993)
Holographic Tapestries (1995)
Beauty Drifting (1996)
Rolling Curve (2000)
The Unseen (2000) (recorded in 1985 and 1996 - 1999)
The Gathering Set 1 (2001)
The Gathering Set 2 (2001)
Music For the End (2001)
This Time And Space (2003)
Unraveled (2003)
Flying Petals (2004)
World Fiction (2005)
SkyZone (2006)

Ex-Happy the Man keyboardist (born in 1953 in Harrisonburg, VA) who also was in Camel for a short spell. His solo music is in different EM styles. The Thought Tones releases are Ambient, A Different View is adaptations of classical works, the first side of Frames of Mind features vocals, while side two is pure sequency Electronic Music.

See also: Tone Ghost Ether, Happy the Man.


Watkins / Peacock (USA)

Acid Escape Volume One (2020)
Acid Escape Vol. 2 (2020) (recorded in 2019)
Acid Escape Vol. 3 (2021)

This duo of Zachary James Watkins and Ross Peacock mix equal doses of reggae / dub (not dub techno!) and Progressive EM. These combinations of synths and sunny tropical rhythms have been tried before by other artists (Denis Wize and Rastakraut Pasta by Moebius & Plank come to mind immediately), but the sound on Acid Escape series of albums is rather unique.


Watson, Ken (USA)

Assembly (1985)
The Twinkle Factor (1999)
A Little Chin Music (2000)

Basically a fusion artist, although his 1985 album, Assembly, features a completely electronic track and a lot of keys on others. Don't know about his later works, though.


Watson, Vincent I. (UK)

Serene (2013)

Scottish techno producer and DJ who released this beautiful, completely ambient album.



Sensing (2023)

Andrew Bisenius is a Chicago-based house / electro musician. On Sensing, he uses a lot of crisp sequences and tasty synth sounds that give the whole a slight EM feel. Best track: "Intuition".


Wave, Phil (France)

Nuclear Dawn (2015) (S)

A pseudonym of Cyril Bihan. Rhythmic music between synthwave and krautrock.


Wave Temples (USA)

Shores of the Barrier Sea (2011)
In the Shade of the Island (2013)
Keys To the Inner Island (2013)
Floating Garden / Hidden Palace (2013)
Sleeping Tortugas (2014)
Nice Dreams (2014)
Isle Enchanted (2016)
Tales From the Cymatic Abyss (2020)
Sun Drifting the Phoenix Coast And the Man Eating Probability (2021) (recorded in 2013 - 2015) (EP)
Another Night In Peru (2022)
Mysteries Vol. 1 (2022)
Panama Shift (2023)
Portals Vol. 1 (2023)

Florida-based Ambient with island and underwater atmospheres. These are cassette releases.


Wave, Tom (Austria??)

Pacific Paradise (1991)

This album was produced by Gandalf who lends a hand on guitar for three tracks. A delicate type of music that, apart from synthesizer, features piano, bass and percussion. There are also two guest players who contribute flute and violin.


Wave Walkers (Belgium)

Kronos21 (2021)

Wave Walkers are Jurgen Vitrier and Germain Ghys. They are strongly inspired by Tangerine Dream from the late 1970's and early 1980's.


Wave World (Netherlands)

Species (1999)
Structures (2000)
Dimensions (2001)
Another Strange Day On Gonxa (2002)
Cloudseeder (2002)
The Winds of Laax (2005)
Tableaux (2011)
Hieroglyphs (2011)

Wave World was a trio of Gert van Santen, Harry Kessels and Rolf van Slooten. They got together in the 1990's to play some music set to computer-generated visuals by Rolf. Over the years, their live shows have developed into something quite worthy of seeing, with cosmic music, many light effects, costumes and so on. Their musical style is basically excellent Space Music / Berlin School / Ambient hybrid. Another Strange Day On Gonxa is more rhythmic and upbeat.

See also: Solipsist Paradise, The Real Virtuality Project, Sandarach.


WAVE∞FORM (Norway)

Waveform01 (2018)
Upon These Waves I Sleep (2022)

Experimental electronic project of Per Martinsen.


Waveform (UK)

Gently Does It (1990) (S)
Making Waves (1991)
Virtual World (1995)

A project of Steve Blenkisopp. Very melodic synth music that has been compared to Jarre, Oldfield and Vangelis.


Waveform Transmission (USA)

V. 1.0 - V. 1.9 (1996)
V 2.0 - 2.9 (2017)
V 3.0 - 3.9 (2020)

Dark sounds from a duo that includes Roderick Julian Modell.

See also: Modell, Roderick Julian


Waveformless (USA)

A Pendulum (2014)

Oakland-based Jason Sole creates organic and at times noisy soundscapes using modular synths. For fans of Experimental EM.


Wavemaker (UK)

Where Are We Captain (1976)
New Atlantis (1977)

British synth duo of John Lewis and Brian Hodgson.

See also: Electrophon


Waves' Chatiment (France)

Ecume des Ombres (??)


Waves, Max (Italy)

Airland (2004)
Music For Microworlds (2010)

Mostly cosmic Electronic and Space Music by this enigmatic musician. Max Waves was born in 1969 in Treviso (Italy). He took piano lessons and studied classical music but during the 1980's, he decided to dedicate himself to EM. He initially worked with computers only, starting with an old Amiga and moving to Macintosh during the 1990's. Gradually, he expanded his setup and recorded several of his works. Max Waves also made music as part of Ars Electronica (a Tangerine Dream style band) that hasn't released any music officially yet.


Waveshape (Germany)

Wellenformen (1992)
Sigma (1993)
Polychrom (1994)
Zyklus (1995)
Live 96/97 (1997)
Vestige - The Next Steps (1999)

Berlin School electronics. Waveshape was a duo of Michael Neihs and Volker Juengerich. In 1999, the project was discontinued.

See also: Radium


Waveskania (Ukraine)

Broken Dream Walls (2021)

Deep Ambient.


Wavestar (UK)

Mind Journey (1984)
Zenith (1985)
Moonwind (1987)
Out of Time (1997) (recorded in 1986 - 1988)
Nightwinds (2018)
Wavestar Live UKE 1985 (2018)
Two (2021)

Legendary synth project of the 80's, a duo of John Dyson and Dave Ward-Hunt. Before trying his hand as an electronic musician, John played guitar ala The Shadows (one of his influences). The keyboard contributions were limited to auxiliary string parts for his rock compositions. However, after meeting with the late Dave Wart-Hunt, John made a complete turn towards the electronic side of things. Dave was an analogue / modular enthusiast, and hearing the sequencer playing, John immediately had lots of ideas about how the final result of their collaboration could sound. Thus, the Wavestar duo was born in the early 1980's. Their third official release Moonwind got rave reviews from the EM press back when it was released. The music sounds like a cross of 80's Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Kitaro. Although I must admit that it's a bit too saccharine for my tastes, if melody is your thing, you could do much worse than add some of their CD's to your collection.

See also: Dyson, John


Wavewulf (???)

Oscillation (2019)
Green Decay (2020)
Space Art And Angels (2021)
The North And the Sea (2022)

Melodic, flashy EM with solos, pads, rhythms etc. Tends to stick to shorter tracks. A project of Nicholas Allen Long.


WaWuWe (Sweden)

Travellers (2016) (EP)
Symmetries (2017) (EP)

Swedish producer Sebastian Mullaert who on the B side of this 12" record presents a Classic Ambient track "We Float".


Wayne (???)

Overscape (1994)

Obscure cassette release with reflective Ambient, a bit similar to the more minimal Steve Roach works, but also with sort of a slight new age feel.


WDE (Belgium)

Masters of Nothing (2022)

Varied ambience. Hypnotic, electronic...


We All (Germany)

Schattenspiele (1979)

Not sure about this one. "We All" served as the backing band for Christian singer-songwriter Pater Gerhard Paul who also produced this LP, subtitled "Meditations in g minor". The music is either instrumental progrock or Electronic Music (or both). It has flute and lots of keyboards. The album is too obscure.


We Are the Hunters (Spain)

We Are the Hunters & Michel Des Airlines (2013) (with Michel Des Airlines)
We Are the Hunters & Hölograma (2013) (with Hölograma)
Deprogramming Cathedrals (2013) (S)
Odyssey & We Are the Hunters (2013) (with Odyssey)
Outerspace Moments (2013)
We Are the Hunters & Synth Alien (2014) (with Synth Alien)
We Are the Hunters & Mynationshit (2014) (with Mynationshit)

Fat, analogue-based Berlin School compositions.

See also: Dekatron II, Sentionaut, Scumearth.


We Are the Wooden Houses (UK)

Song Without A Song / Class Mask (2020)

Guitar / synth-based droning ambience from this folk-related project.


We Plants Are Happy Plants (Hungary)

Any Day Now (2012)
Time Is A Landscape (2021)

Rhythmic, cinematic, a bit trancey music from Peter Bergmann.


Weadling, Bernard (France)

Out of Time (2010)

Rhythmic / melodic music from this synthesist.


Wealdham (UK)

Motorway (2023)

A project of Colin Ledwith. Crisp sequencing, rich synth sounds, stiff Kraftwerkian rhythms...


Weather Warlock (USA)

Sunset Waits For No Man (2015)
Occulting the Sun (2017)
(2017) صقر بلا رأس
Microburst Hail Storm: 6-27-2017 Las Vegas New Mexico (2017) (S)

A project of New Orleans-based musician who apparently invented an analog synth that reacts to weather conditions. The first side of Sunset Waits For No Man starts with a synth drone before erupting with a loud and noisy guitar / drums / sax workout. Side B is all cosmic, droning synths.


Weatherall, Andrew (UK)

Qualia (2017)

Producer, remixer and deejay born in 1963 in Windsor. The above album, with its Walter Wegmüller's Tarot rip-off cover, gives away a krautrock influence and, indeed, it's a paradise for fans of the Dusseldorf School and motorik grooves.


Weathermonger, The (UK)

The Ephemeral City (2018)

Cinematic, rhythmic / melodic electronics with lots of rich analog sounds.


Weathers, Andrew (USA)

A Great Southern City (2010)
Winter Pieces (2010)
Louella (2014) (with Seth Chrisman)
One Day We'll Find the Valley (2014)
Light In the Valley (2015)

I Am Happy When I Am Moving (2015)
Ever Steady (2016) (with Seth Chrisman)
Mojave Between Ludlow And Needles (2016)
Under the Tree (2017) (soundtrack)
Ogallala (2017) (with Seth Chrisman)
Two Loud Rooms (2020)
Andrew Weathers & David Menestres (2020) (with David Menestres)
Catalogs: Sound Pieces With Text And 10 Unrealized Scores (2021)
Five Plains (2021) (with Aura Gaze)
Big Tex, Here We Come (2021) (with Hayden Pedigo)
Sciatic Assemblage (2022)
After Amarillo (2023) (with Seth Chrisman and Cody Yantis)
Sage, Suddenly (2023)

Mixture of reflective guitars, banjos, harmonicas and electronics, all in a somewhat new-agey, or, better, meditative setting from this Oakland-based musician. Some of the completely acoustic releases were omitted from the above discography.

See also: Wind Tide


Webb, Dominique (France)

La Psychosomnie, Methode Contre l'Insomnie (1970)
Hypnose (1972) (S)

Hypnose features a collaboration of Jean-Michel Jarre with this infamous magician. The first album is more obscure, although it also features Electronic Music, on top of which Webb layers a spoken voice, trying to hypnotize you! Not much known about this work, overall.


Webb, Nick (UK)

Music For Severn Sirens (2017)

Rather intense Space Music sound here.


Weber, Serge (Germany)

Ciclos (1978)
Reich Mir die Hand Wir Wollen Tanzen (1985)
Para Dies (1992)

Ciclos is an extremely rare LP from member of Thirsty Moon. I believe it was released somewhere in the 1970's and consists of two side-long "electroacoustic" tracks composed for a ballet of Fernando Cortizo. I am not sure if it has a strong prog EM connection or is one of those "serious", academic avant-garde works but I included it here because of the Thirsty Moon (a prog band) connection.


Webster, Christine (France)

Iceberg the Drift (2018)

Carefully constructed modular sounds from this Paris-based artist. Highly visual stuff.


Wedde, Conrad (New Zealand)

Space World (2014) (S)

Varied melodic electronic tracks. A guitar is used as well and overall there is a new-agey slant to a lot of the material.


Wednes (Canada)

At Summer's End (2015)
Vael (2019)

Dungeon synth-like ambient music.


Weeks, Chris (UK)

Contemplation Moon (2013)
Gwynt, Glaw, Myfyrio (2013) (S)
Formeg: (2013) (S)
The Ebb & Flow (2013) (S)
Flashback Blues (2014)
Black Hole (2015)
Trip (2015)
Isis & Norman (2016)
In the Light of Two Suns (2017)
The Grey Ghost of Morning (2017)

Varied music ranging from classic Space Music / Ambient to whimsical stuff that sounds like carnival music played on synthesizers. A lot of compositions have concrete and noisy digital glitchiness so common today but combined with vintage analog textures resulting in a somewhat schizophrenic concept.


Węgłowski, Stefan (Poland)

To co ukryte / What Is Hidden (2020)
PHASE_1_4 (2022)
Smooth Inertia (2023)

The 2020 work features long tracks recorded for an exhibition. Dark soundscapes.


Wegmuller, Walter (Germany)

Tarot (1973)

On the Kosmische Musik label with many members of bands that were signed to that label, including Klaus Schulze.


Wehmeier, Rolf (Germany)

Electronic Symphony (1983)
Passat (1984)
Computer Roboter (1985)
Synposium (1986) (with Hans Ehrlinger)
Electronic Sound Waves (1987)

Diverse electronic tracks, from atmospheric to rhythmic, with live drums, bass and guitar. All of the above seem to be library albums.


Weiden, Ralf (Germany)

Fur den Anfang (1998)

See also: Nautilus, Aquarius.


Weindorf, Alfons & Briggs, Curtis (Germany / ???)

Expectations (1988)

A library album from 1988? Don't let that scare you off, as it's certainly one of the best from that era. In fact, some of it sounds like Tangerine Dream from a few years earlier (circa 1985) with equally strong melodies and tasty, rich synth sounds. Alfons Weindorf is known as an ex-member of Zara-Thustra.


Weidorje (France)

Weidorje (1978)

A group of ex-Magma musicians doing jazzy synth fusion. Hints of Heldon and, naturally, Magma. Some wordless vocals.

See also: Magma, Gauthier, Patrick.


Weil, Gerry (Venezuela)

Autana - Magic Mountain (1985) (S)

Austrian-born Venezuelan jazz pianist who, among other albums, released this supposedly electronic, atmospheric piano / keyboards-based disc.


Weineck, Joe (Germany)

Acoustic Landscapes (1995)
From Jungle To Galaxy (2004)

Despite the title of Acoustic Landscapes this is atmospheric Electronic Music. Prior to releasing his own albums, Joe Weineck worked mainly as a film producer and studio engineer.


Weinekamp, Gerd (Germany)

Studio Tapes (1997)

Solo music from member of Rainbow Serpent. A rare CDR release.

See also: Der Laborant, Rainbow Serpent.


Weingarten, Carl (USA)

Submergings (1981) (with Gale Ormiston and Phil Neon)
Windfalls (1983) (with Gale Ormiston)
Living In the Distant Present (1985)
Dreaming In Colors (1986) (with Walter Whitney)
Laughing At Paradise (1988)
Primitive Earth (1989) (with Walter Whitney)
Critical Path (1991) (with Joe Venegoni)
Slide of Hand (1991)
Pandora's Garage (1992)
Court Musicians: At the Court of the Chera King (1993)
Redwood Melodies (1995)
The Acoustic Shadow (1995)
Silent Night (1998) (with Kavi Alexander)
Blue Faith (2000)
Escapesilence (2002)
Local Journeys (2005)
Invisibility (2006) (with Forrest Fang)
Panomorphia (2012)
Life Under Stars (2014)
Where There Is Light (2016) (with Catherine Marie Charlton)
An Endless Premonition (2016)
This Is Where I Found You (2018)
Ember Days (2021)

Somewhat frippoid electronic musician / guitarist.

See also: Delay Tactics


Weir, Jules (Australia)

Floridas (Parts I - X) (2017)

Australian synthesist and multi-instrumentalist. Melodic, easy-going, relaxed, rhythmic...


WEirD (Europe)

A Different Kind of Normal (1999)

WEirD were Andy Bloyce from the UK and Jens Peschke from Germany with Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij as guest musicians. The project is discontinued.

See also: Kubusschnitt, Soviet Space Dog Project, The.


Weird Dust (Belgium)

Micro Zoology (2014)
Oceans of Mountains (2014)
The Chase (2017) (S)
Aqua Velva (2017) (S)
Tribes 1.1 (2019)
Hopper (2020) (S)

A project of Mike Crabbé who works in analog environment to create experimental, krauty synth compositions and also collaborated with Ernesto Gonzalez as Tav Exotic.

See also: Tav Exotic


Weird Ribs (UK)

Frontiers (2012)

Weird Ribs is synthesizer work of Joseph Cox. Spacey, analog soundscapes, pulsations, effects, melodies...


Weirdest Dream (Sweden)

White Worms (2018)

Rhythmic excursions on analog and vintage digital synthesizers from Daniel Fagerström and Luciano Leiva.

See also: Fagerström, Daniel


Weirding Module (USA)

Clone Therapy (2008)
Star Frontiers (2008)
Underwater In Space (2008)
Peaking Man (2008)
New Age Series Vol. 001 (2008)
New Age Series Vol. 002 (2008)
Black Galaxy (2009)
Longinging (2009)
Timew33d (2009)
Slaughtered Sandworm & Weirding Module (2009) (with Slaughtered Sandworm)
New Age Series Vol. 003 (2010)
Release Me (2010)
Sewer System (2010)
Enter the Canyon Entrance Entranced (2010)
Sounds From the Hibrane (2011)
No Bells Here (2012)
Peace Offering (2012)
The Voyage In (2013)
Bubble With Me (2016)
A Newer Age (??)

Experimental, flowing, analog electronics. Often melodic and quite listenable. Weirding Module is Michael Troutman.


Weiss, Klaus (Germany)

Sound Music Album 27: Chemistry - Physics (1980) (with Eugen Thomass)
Open Space Motion (1981)
Into the Wind (1985)

Late jazz-rock drummer who released a few library albums, some of them electronic. Open Space Motion features mostly short tracks of flowing or sequenced EM, a bit similar to early 1980's Tangerine Dream.


Weiss, Philipp (Germany)

Knackless 3 (2020)

A varied release: from ambient electroacoustics and experimental textures to atmospheric and analog EM.


Weiss, Tomas (Germany)

Insights (2004) (with Mathias Grassow)
Conscience (2006) (with Mathias Grassow)
Original Mitschnitte (2006)
Die Getaktelen (2006) (EP)
Outland (2007) (with Oophoi)
Quiet Calling II (2009) (with Mathias Grassow)
Farewell - In Hommage To Klaus Wiese (2010) (with Mathias Grassow)
Electric Angels (2010) (with Mathias Grassow)
Distant Shadows (2011) (with Anthony Paul Kerby)
Dato (2011)
Appearances (2011) (with Anthony Paul Kerby)
Calling (2011) (with Mathias Grassow)
Quiet Calling III (2011) (with Mathias Grassow)
Aestrata (2012) (with Mathias Grassow)
Zeitlos (2013)
Revelation (2013) (with Anthony Paul Kerby)
Quiet Calling IV (2014)
Polaris (2015) (with Nuur)
Aeon (2016) (with Klaus Wiese)
Submental Vol. 4 (2017)
Quiet Calling V (2017)
Zauberwald (2018)
Submental Limited (2018)
Submental Vol. 5 (2018)
Hypnosis (2019) (with Klaus Wiese)
Sleep Vol. 1 (2019)
Quiet Calling VI (2019)
Mesh (2020) (with Subtle Motion)
Letent (2021) (with Klaus Wiese)
Silent Memory (2021)
Sleep Vol. 2 (2021)
Outland II (2021)
(with Mathias Grassow)
Quiet Calling VII - VIII (2022)
With Autumn I + II (2022)
Sleep Vol. 3 (2022)
Sleep Vol. 0 (2023)

Aka Thomas Weiss. Ambient artist from Germany.

See also: Nautic Depths, Aestrata, Wintersilence.


Wejdas (Lithuania)

I Tamsa... (1994)
Saulei Tekant (1994)
Dykra (1995)
Without Sleep (1995)
Wejdas (1997)
Zemes Alsavimas (2004)
Hybryds Versus Wejdas (2013) (with Hybryds)

Ritual Ambient by Donatas Bielkauskas and Darius Gerulaitis.

See also: Donis


Wel, Frank van der (Netherlands)

Analogic (1994)
Highways (1997)
Eruptions (2001)

Berlin School electronics. Frank van der Wel began writing Electronic Music in 1981, inspired by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig and Ashra. Together with musician Ton Haring (Par Example) he built his own synth and started to release his music on cassettes.  


Welde, Christian (Norway)

Fairytales (1998)
Skywatching (2009)

Relaxing and dreamy Electronic Music from this synthesist.


Wellenfeld (Germany)

Cosmic Waves (2004)
Fusion (2005)
Trip To Illusion (2006)
Sunshine (2008)
Phase V (2010)
The Big Bang (2011)
Climb Up Set 2 (2011)
Endless Summer (2012)
Pandemie (2013)
Elements (2015)
Live Münster 2015 (2015) (with Moonbooter)
Ten (2017)
The Journey of Voyager 1 (2020)
Eiswelten (2023)

A duo of Detlef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun doing pure cosmic / rhythmic Berlin School music. Analogue pulsations, atmospheres, effects and leads.


WellenVorm (Germany)

Toene des Nebels (2014)
Petrified Forest (2016)

Varied EM, from rich symphonic themes to rhythmic, sequencer-based. WellenVorm is Uwe Rottluff from Chemnitz.


Wellins, Matt (USA)

Music For the Memphis Group (2017)

Mix equal doses of Zappa's synclavier experiments, Wendy Carlos' baroque stylings, add a touch of Tomita and splashes of vaporwave and this is what you would get. If you're into the wackier, light-hearted end of the EM spectrum, give it a try.


Wells, David (UK)

Op.3 (2004) (S)
Drone Works #9 (2005) (S)
Op.2 (2006)
Efegin (2007) (S)
Horn Dilemma (2010) (S)
Resolutions (2010) (recorded in 1997 - 1998)
Rojo (2010)

Drone Ambient in the realms of Oophoi from this Scottish musician.


Wells, Orson (Germany)

Jupiter (2014)
Pneumatics (2017)

Actually a pseudonym of Frankfurt-based deep house artist and deejay Lenard Poschmann. On Jupiter, there is a mixture of smooth, club-oriented numbers and totally spaced out synth tracks in Prog style. Overall it's much more Prog EM than any house / techno. Pneumatics is much more beat-oriented, though.


Wells, Philip J. (UK)

The Last Survivors (1978)


Weltenwandel (Germany)

Whispering Emptiness (2014)
Dreams Forgotten (2014)

Melancholic keyboard Ambient based on pads. The author is involved in several other projects, mainly in black metal genre.


Weltklang (Germany)

Klangwelt (1980)
Weg von Europa (1981)
ZX81 In Concert (1982)
Gasteig Munich Opening Live (1986)
Palmenhaus Blackbox (1988)
Zeitreif (1995)
Bable (2000)
Trolls (2002)

Electronic duo of Richard Aicher and Andreas Merz (initially supposed to be called "Rubicon"), formed in Munich in 1978. From the very beginning it was intended as a live show and the band immediately started giving open air concerts around Munich. Several live tours and subsequent releases followed. They also participated in a lot of computer fairs, supporting Commodore. In 1984, Tom Hackl joined Weltklang. Noted performances from this period include the concerts at the Munich Botanic Garden (Palmenhaus) and performing as the main act at the Perry Rhodan Festival (Frankfurt). In 1986, Hackl leaves Weltklang. The 1995 album (Zeitreif), apart from new material, features some tracks from Klangwelt, Weg von Europa and Palmenhaus Blackbox. Starting from 1994, Aicher released several solo works.

See also: Aicher, Richard, Merz, Andreas, Hackl, Tom.


Weltklang (Germany)

Klášter (2019)
Weltraum (2022)
Filmmusik (2023)
Weltzeituhr (2023)

A duo of René Steuns and Thomas Voburka, related to minimal synth and industrial scenes. Klášter and Weltraum can contain EM, though.


Weltman, Klaus (Netherlands)

Cultus Island (2004)

Organic, analogue soundscapes from Danny Wolfers.

See also: Legowelt, Wolfers, Danny, Smackos, Falckenhaus, Franz, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Weltschmerz (USA??)

Dünnen Faden Des Lebens (2013)
Khamsin (2021)

Ambient compositions with something of a dystopian / cyberpunk / wastelands vibe. Sometimes with slow rhythms.


Wendigo (???)

Wendigo (??)

Space Music.


Wereju (Ireland)

With the Earth In Its Coils (2006) (S)
A Dream Half Remembered (2007)
The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made of (2007)
Thirtyfour Years of Decay (2007)
Through the Depths of Unknowing (2007)
A Demon-Haunted World (2008)
Between Nowhere And Goodbye (2008)
Edging Towards Oblivion (2008)
Lost And Far From Home (2008)
Monument (2008)
The End of Everything (2008)
The Gyres (2008)
Dream / Death (2008)
The Abyss (2008)
The Way of the Cross (2008)
The Light of Life Undone (2008)
A Strange Dark Place (2008)
Under the Receding Wave (2008)
When the Heart Shows Through (2008)
Fingerprints (2009)
Outside In (2009)
Footprints (2009)
Six Feet Away From the World (2009) (S)
Singularity (2009) (with Nils Helstrom)
Fairytale Ending (2009)
An Anniversary of Sorts (2010)
The Heaven's Open (2010) (with Simulacra)
We Dream What Might Have Been (2010)
Who And What We Are (2010)
The Fear of God (2010)
Instant Flight (2010) (S)

Dark Ambient from Cathal Rodgers.


Weress (France)

Chaos In the Space (2015)
Into the Unknown (??)
The Dungeon On the Moon (2019)
Nébuleuse (2019)
Dark Nebula (??)
Vision A Stars (??)
Monocerotis (??)
La Lumière Visible (??)
Au​-​Delà des Lieux L​é​gendaires (2022)

Melodic, repetitive, sort of like dungeon synth mixed with EM / Space Music.

See also: Balrog, Müldephonie.


Werewolves In Siberia (USA)

The Rising (2013)
Beyond the City of the Dead (2014)

Werewolves In Siberia is Chris Cavoretto from Idaho who is one of the John Carpenter / 1970's - 80's horror revivalists.


Weris, Hugo (France)

Nouvelle Recette (198?)
Bzz (1992)

Electronic artist that is quite experimental but also with prominent melodic sensibility.


Werkbund (Germany)

Skagerrak (1987)
Aquis Submersus (1989)
Rungholt (1989)
Haithabu (1992)
Stahlhof (2000)
Weit Draussen (2006)
Neue Rungholter Tanze (2010)

Industrial soundscapes / Martial Ambient.


Wermke, Michael (Germany)

Electronics (1996)
Discovery (1998)
Weihnacht (1998)
Klassik Und Klassisches (1998)
Filmmusik - Der Soundtrack (1999)

Michael Wermke was born in 1952 in Rostock. During the 1960's he studied music, playing keyboards mainly. In the next decade he became a musician, playing in various bands. By the start of the next decade Michael became interested in Electronic Music and started experimenting in this field.


Wermut (Germany)

Anna (2005)
Ether (2010)

Wermut is a varied dark cabaret / new wave / darkwave / minimal synth duo from Hamburg formed in 2001. Some of their music leans towards Ambient and other forms of Prog EM. While that sound was quite embryonic on Anna, with Ether it's a complete turn towards the Prog EM / kraut-influenced sound. Beware the sparingly used vocals (most of the music is instrumental).

See also: Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte


Werner, Roy (USA)

Imagine My Surprise (2023)

Abstract, wacky, playful compositions in which bells & chimes, as well as synths play important roles.

See also: G.S. Sultan


Werren, Phillip (Canada)

Phases And Other Pieces (1971)

Not exactly a proghead, Phillip Werren is a Canadian (USA-born) avant-garde composer who experimented with early Buchla and Moog synthesizers back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Although the bulk of Werren's output will appeal to fans of academic EM and electroacoustic music, found here are some neat drones, sequenced patterns and synthesizer sketches that are a bit reminiscent of early prog EM like Conrad Schnitzler, for instance. The initial edition of Phases was on a 4-LP set released in just 100 copies. However, this album has been re-released as a double CD. It contains pieces composed between 1967 and 1971.


Wescott, David (France)

A Musical Evocation of the Old Testament (1980)

Obscure analogue synth record released on French library label MTS. As often happens with library composers, David Wescott is a pseudonym.

See also: Tregger, Yan


Weserbergland (Norway)

Sehr Kosmisch · Ganz Progisch (2017)
An Ende der Welt (2020)
Sacrae Symphoniae Nr. 1 (2022)

Krautrock-influenced project of Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (ex Jaga Jazzist). There is also a cast of supporting musicians, including Mattias Olsson. Fans of motorik will dig this one. On Am Ende der Welt, they venture into a more vant-garde territory, where classical meets kraut meets experimental electronics.


West Acorn (Spain)

Labyrinth (2016) (S)

Pure classic, analog, sequencer-based EM from Jorge Marredo.

See also: Marredo, Jorge


Westbrook, Byron (USA)

Precipice (2015)
Intervals (2015) (EP)
Body Consonance (2017)
Confluence Patterns (2018)
Voice Damage (2019)
Distortion Hue (2021)

Ambient drone artist from Brooklyn.


Wester, Martin & Hering, Bernhard (Germany)

Balance (1987)
Sea of Tranquility (1991)

Restrained album rich in silky and melancholic synth pads, at times reminding on Vangelis. Apparently, the duo released more albums but nothing is known about them at the moment.


Westerbur & Rowe (USA)

Westerbur & Rowe (2011)
Westerbur & Rowe (2012) (S)
Westerbur & Rowe (2013)
Westerbur & Rowe (2014)
Westerbur & Rowe (2015)
Westerbur & Rowe (2018)

From Michigan, a duo of keyboardist (organ, synths...) and drummer. Along the lines of early, floating German EM. Nice, warm analog sound.


Western Edges (UK)

Prowess (2019)
Dependency (2021)

Foggy ambience, sometimes with an underlying dubby techno throb. A project of Richard Adams, member of Hood.


Western, Phil (Canada)

Longform (2014)
W Ands (2020) (with Jesse Creed and Mark Spybey)

Varied, techno / electro / IDM artist from British Columbia. He made use of vintage analog machines and on Longform finds himself in the Moroder mode most of the time. However, there are also influences from Prog EM artists like Kraftwerk and the Berlin School. Interesting tracks in this regard include "5 6 7 8", "Birth Decade" and "18 Years". File under EM-related. Phil Western died in February, 2019.


Western Standards (USA)

Energy Centre (2010)
Space Is A Place (2011)
The Siren (2012)
Unraveling Designs (2012)
Il Solito (2013)
★13★ (2018)

Interesting project from Houston-based Major E. Miller. It bears many similarities to a post-rock band, with languished, echoey guitar, some guitar drones and that shoegazey aesthetic. However, it sounds more like Ambient really, using equal doses of synthesizers, and the author isn't shunned by some downtempo rhythms at times, as well as a Berlin School sequence or two. A product of the post-modern era for sure in the sense of melting the various influences, but not in the sense of flirting with them on the way, as the guy does seem to take his music seriously. And it works.


Westheimer, Peter (Australia)

Sooner Than Laughter (1986) (with Zoe Carides)
Balance (1994)
Tranzworld Express (2011)
Cool Change (2017) (recorded in 1981 -1993)

Peter Westheimer is a minimal synth / synth-pop artist who appeared on the scene in the 1980's. Cool Change is a collection of archive material, some of which is instrumental and electronic (a bit in the style of 1985 - 1992 Tangerine Dream, but more low-key and minimal, and also with ethnic elements).


Westwind (France)

Harvests of Steel (1999)
Der Angriff (2000)
The Bunker (2002)
La Vent Divin (2004)
Tourmente I (2004)
Tourmente II (2004)
Eliminate! Exterminate! Eradicate! (2010)
Ravage (2010)
Who Cares About the War... (2010)
Survivalism (2014)
Despair (2021)

Martial Ambient that features dark military atmospheres. Westwind is Christophe Gales from Brest, Bretagne. I am not really sure if this project belongs here.


Wet Eyes (USA)

Clepto Journals (2011)
Air Is Movement (2012)
Toroid (2016) (S)
Map Not Territory (2017) (S)

A project of Ross Auger from Minneapolis. Map Not Territory sounds like laid-back Ashra, sometimes backed with downtempo or hip-hop rhythms.


Wevers, Robert (Germany)

Hypnotic Circles (??)
Headphone Listening Music Vol. 1 (1999)
Headphone Listening Music Vol. 2 (1999)
Headphone Listening Music Vol. 3 (1999)
Headphone Listening Music Vol. 4 (1999)


Weyhing, Gerd (Germany)

The Inside World: Soundscapes III (2000)
The Hidden Symmetry (2012)
Journeys To Impossible Places (2014)
SubTerraMachIneA (2018)

If you know Günter Schickert, this might be an expansion of those ideas. Although primarily a guitarist, Gerd Weyhing uses electronics extensively and arranges his guitar into rhythmic pulses or atmospheric ambient compositions that are very "EM" in sound and spirit.


wh0wh0 (Poland)

wh0wh0 (2021)

A project of drummer Jacek Prościński. He decided to explore the possibilities of electronic music and for this created an electroacoustic setup with his drums, triggering different samples and synths as he drums. The results are quite unique and complex, combining influences such as trap, hip-hop, ambient EM, footwork, bass music, math rock and more.



Hearthisutra (2020)

Ambient project of Fernando Cerqueira.


Whalen, Michael (USA)

Nightscenes (1996)
Like Rain Through My Hands (2004)
My Secret Heart (2005)
Dream Cycle (2017)
Kiss the Quiet: Meditations On Life & Love (2018)
Sacred Spaces (2020)
Future Shock (2021)
Imaginary Trains (2022)

Michael Whalen is a New York-based soundtrack composer and electronic musician who produces Space Music and Ambient, influenced by Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Mark Isham. Some of his albums contain solo piano music. On Imaginary Trains, he switched to melodic, symphonic EM with sequencing.


Whaling, Richard (USA)

Entropy (2021)

Ambient artist from Chicago, focusing on modular synthesis. Minimal, tinkling textures, huge sonic panoramas...


Whatever the Weather (UK)

Whatever the Weather (2022)
Live At the Café Oto, 07/04/22 (2022)

Ambient project of North London-based Loraine James who is known for her club-related productions under her real name. Whatever the Weather is featherlight, airy ambience of improvisational nature with a touch of IDM rhythms.


Wheeler, Ben (USA)

Nowhere Patches (2021)
Lurji T'algha (2022)

Ben Wheeler is a multi-instrumentalist and experimental composer from Seattle, currently residing in Tbilisi, Georgia. On Nowhere Patches, he presents compositions based on modular synth sounds. Cosmic, arpeggio-laden, melodic, warm, analog... Pretty pleasant stuff I would say.


Wheeler, Mark (UK)

The Chopstick Works (1990)

Music influenced by Tangerine Dream from the 1980's, although with an individual touch. Melodic and rather easy-listening stuff very typical of its era. Although The Chopstick Works was initially released on cassette, it was re-released in 1998 on CD that added three remixed versions as bonus tracks.


Wheeler, Romayne (USA)

Plays Original Themes of the Tarahumara And His Own Compositions On the Synthesizer (1986)
Spielt Seine Peregrini Suite (??)
Concert Highlights (1987)
Mussorgsky / Dvorak (1987)

Californian concert pianist who released this curiosity (Plays Original Themes...). Here, he plays music of the Tarahumara Indian tribe of Northern Mexico and adds his own original material. Runs a gamut of styles, from true ethnic renditions to flowing atmospheric numbers and more radical, avant-garde pieces.


When Day Chokes the Night (France)

Every Move A Picture (2006)
Commencement of the Decline (2007)
The Sighing Sound & The Lights Around The Shore When Day Chokes The Night At Sea (2008)
La Vie en Miettes (2008)
Woman In the War (2008)
Lunar Penumbra (2008)
Sinmortigo (2009)
Black (2009)
Weird Open Land (2009)
Musique Optimiste (2009)
Parallels (2010)
Likvida Vivo (2010)
Contretemps In Alaska (2010)
Matière Noire (2011)
Original (2019)

Synthesist from Lille who uses analog machines to create flowing, ambient and repetitive / droning compositions. I am writing this on the basis of material heard on Original (2019). Other releases by him may contain other types of music.


When Joy Becomes Saddness (USA)

End of Primitive Thought (2001)
If the Dead Could Breathe (2001)
The Time Between Reason And Reality (2002)
Providence=Hollow (2003) (S)

Dark Ambient from Clint Listing (ex-As All Die)


Whenary, Roy (UK)

Dawn Awakening (1985)
Starlight (1987)
Inner Peace (1988)

Electronic New Age artist. Major harmonies prevail, although my favorite tracks by him are those that are shadier, more myserious and minor key ("Goodbye Forever" from Starlight, which is an excellent, reflective, somewhat moody and a bit sad piece, and the title track from Inner Peace, which is very reminiscent of Kitaro).


Where (Italy)

The Creatures of the Wind (1999)
Whereat (2006)

Deep Ambient. If you like Amon, then this dark work is for you.

See also: Olhon


Whisker Floater (USA)

NoZinC (2019)

A duo of Dru Jones and Shane Fahey who make their music on ipads mostly, programming rhythms, creating sounds, etc. NoZinC will be enjoyed by fans of Experimental EM mostly, but there are many quite musical moments as well.


Whispers Unhallowed (USA??)

Enchanting the Demon Gate (2020)

Dungeon synth with extra dramaticism and some variation.


White (Netherlands)

Trojka (2002)
Heaven (2003)
Memories From Tragedies From Factories (2004)
Electricity (2004)
Sailing Through Unknown Waters (2005)

Diverse EM from ambient floaters and new-agey stuff to orchestral and rhythmic / berlinesque. White consisted of Rene Montfoort (Romerium) and Michel Bekkering. The group has now transformed into ModularWhite, adding a couple of musicians to its lineup.

See also: ModularWhite, Romerium, Bekkering, Michel.


White Canyon And the 5th Dimension (Brazil)

Soundtrack For Astral Travel (2022)

Described as post-rock / psychedelic / progrock, White Canyon & the 5th Dimension is an extremely competent duo from the Minas Gerais State of Brazil. I don't know about their previous two albums, but Soundtrack For Astral Travel is an instrumental tour-de-force of guitar-based and electronic sound arranged as a trip through the planets of the Solar System. If you're into krautrock-related forms of musical expression or space rock / electronic hybrids, you will enjoy it. Personally, I loved their synth sound.


White, Clifford (UK)

Spring Fantasy (1987)
The Gods of Olympus (2009)
Atlantis (2010)
Lifestream (2018) (S)
The Gods of Olympus (2019)
Waterworld (2019)
The Speed of Silence (2019)
Robot Dawn (2019)
Cityscape (2019)
Ice Age (2020)
Ice Age 2 (2020)

Clifford White is a new age / new instrumental composer. I included here his most electronic-oriented works that could be enjoyed by fans of Vangelis' melodic, symphonic style.

See also: Karma


White, Daniel (France)

Prelude Relax (1979)

Two long, relaxing tracks with flutes, synths, etc. from this composer. The exact style is not known.


White, James (USA)

Eternity In the Hearts of Men (2011) (with Eric Painter)

A nice hybrid of classical instrumentation of Eric Painter and electronic colors of James White.


White, John (UK)

The Merry Samurai's Return From Work (1988)
Electric Music (2020) (recorded in 1980 - 1995)

Classical musician who has collaborated with Morgan Fisher and Gavin Bryars, among others. On this rare solo cassette he is supposedly still classically-influenced. However, the instrumentation here is all-electronic.


White, Lenny (USA)

Venusian Summer (1975)

Jazz fusion album from Lenny White that features, apart from the beautiful cover art, a floating, mesmerizing electronic track in orchestral style ("Sirenes"). File under EM-related.


White Noise (UK)

An Electric Storm (1969)
II (1974)
Re-Entry (1980)
IV - Inferno (1988)
V - Sound Mind (2000)
White Label (2002)
Eindhoven Set 2006 (2006)
Bochum 2008 Live Set (2008)
An Electric Storm Over Paris (2008)

One of the classics of British electronic scene. White Noise is David Vorhaus, a synthesist and sound innovator. The group was formed in 1968 in London and involved some people from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (including Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire) but since 1974 it's a solo project of David. Lately, he's been collaborating with Mark Jenkins on several projects.

See also: Vorhaus, Dave, Ceremony of Innocence


White Prism (USA)

Balance (2009) (S)
A Series of Screens (2009) (S)
Reappear (2010)
Vertical Trace (2010) (S)
Silicium 64 (2011) (S)

Ambient synth compositions from Ben Billington and Josh Burke.

See also: Burke, Josh, Quicksails.


White, Ruth (USA)

7 Trumps From the Tarot Cards and Pinions (1969)
Flowers of Evil (1969)
Short Circuits (1971)

Folk / jazz / popular musician and electronic pioneer. The above releases make fine and in a way groundbreaking use of the Moog synthesizer. The first two are "occult" or "esoteric" electronics in the spirit of Mort Garson / Bruce Haack  (although not necessarily sounding like them), while Short Circuits is an album of classical renditions. All are very much recommended, especially for those who are interested in EM history.


White, Shayne (USA)

The Opposite Way (2003)

Melodic compositions from this synthesist.


White Sleep (USA)

Everything Is Lucid (2021)

A mixture of techno, ambient EM and drone from this artist. I think he should go the ambient EM way.


White Stains (Belgium)

Mirror Detail (2018)
White Buildings (2018) (S)
Arcades (2019)
Pale Desires (2020)
Beauty & Structure (2020)
Allures (2022) (S)

Varied project of Koenraad Impens. Mostly ambient soundscapes and melodies over slow rhythms.


White, Thomas James (UK)

The Deep Blue (2020)

Melodic, rhythmic, cinematic compositions with a post-rock / neo-classical flair and a huge piano presence. Thomas James White is a Cardiff-based artist.


White Triangles (Canada)

The Night Is Ours (2012)

Melodic and emotional synth compositions.


White Wigwam (Czech Republic)

Ground / Trigger (2014)
Dune Glows (2021) (with Rouilleux)

Interesting. The first half of Dune Glows is dedicated to shorter and rather noisy / chaotic electronic tracks. The real masterpiece is side B, though - the long, 26-minute long "...and then a grain of sand woke me". Driven by a steady synth sequence, it is full of distant rants, shadowy voices, whispers, noises and all kinds of stuff. Sometimes it sounds like 1970's Klaus Schulze backing a black metal guy. Another analogy is the second side of Schulze's Dune ("Shadow of Ignorance"). Not that it is very similar, but maybe I am biased by the album title. Anyway, interesting stuff fore sure - unorthodox, with a fresh approach and a nice hypnotism to it. Ground / Trigger is also interesting, although more ambient-oriented overall. White Wigwam is a project of Martin Sýkora (member of Pretty Old Sound, a garage rock band).


Whitetree (Italy / Germany)

Cloudland (2009)

A trio consisting of pianist Ludovico Einaudi and two members of To Rococo Rot - Robert Lippok and Ronald Lippok. Naturally, this has lots of piano and background electronics, as well as live drums. Overall, the material reminded me a lot on Cluster & Eno collaborations.

See also: Lippok, Robert


Whitlan, Stephan (Ireland)

Map Reference (1994)
Inertial Moments (1996)
K2Project (1998)
Triangulation (2009)
Travelling Light (2010)
Higher Green Session (2014) (with Graham Getty)
Even Higher Green (2016) (with Graham Getty)
Seven Days (2017) (with Ron Boots)
Second Site (2018) (recorded in 1993)
Substitutes (2018) (with Ron Boots)
Sw;arf (2019)
Once (2019) (with Paul Ward)
Three Day Week (2019) (with Ron Boots)
The Reflecting Sky (2020) (with David Wright)
Flight#433106 (2023) (with Skoulaman)

Stephan Whitlan appeared on the EM scene in the 1980's, heavily influenced by the electronic composers of the previous decade and progressive rock movement. Eventually he got in touch with the "Sheffield circle" of electronic musicians where John Dyson was probably the dominant figure. With John's encouragement, Stephan released his first CD called Map Reference. By the end of the decade he moved to Ireland where he collaborated on K2Project with Keith Corbett. After that a period of relative silence followed, with Stephan eventually returning to the scene in the New Millennium, playing live together with John Dyson and as a solo artist. His style is characterized by driving sequences, good melodies and excellent solos. I suppose he can be labeled more or less a Berlin School artist.

See also: Narcosis, Callisto.


Whitney, Jesse (USA)

Aegis (2017)
Themes (2019)
Sky / Dawn (2020) (S)
Visions (2021)
Three Degrees (2022) (with Kindohm)

Rich synthesizer compositions. Melodic, ambient, cosmic.


Whitney, Walter (USA)

Composer X (1983)
Dreaming In Colors (1986) (with Carl Weingarten)
Primitive Earth (1989) (with Carl Weingarten)

Synthesist who participated in Delay Tactics and worked with Carl Weingarten on his solo albums. He is a respected synthesizer programmer whose sounds were used by many artists.

See also: Delay Tactics


Whodamanny (Italy)

Primaria Industria (2016) (S)
T.C.P. (2018)

Mixture of rhythmic techno / disco tracks and experimental EM from Raffaele Arcella.


WhoIsIR (???)

Into the Void (2019)

Monolithic ambience and sparse beats.


Whoknowswhocares (Germany)

Transmission (2016)
Probability Distribution (2017)
Elsewhere (2018)
About Spirit EP (2019)

Dark soundscapes with some variation (rhythmic / sequenced sections etc.)


Why Kai (Norway)

Deep Fishing (2021)

Jazzy EM with rhythms.


Whylie (???)

Sky Echo (2023) (S)

Whylie is Vital Cornet. Sky Echo is more or less an atmospheric drum'n'bass / breaks album, but it opens and closes with ambient electronic compositions. File under EM-related.


Whyman, Phil (UK)

Within the Matrix (1999)

Energetic and melodic, sometimes like Mark Shreeve. Apart from his solo work, Phil also plays keyboards in a band called Pesky.


Wick, Ryan (USA)

Urban Hypnosis (2019) (with Dravier)
Off Trail (2019)
Indo (2019) (S)
The Limits of Language (2020)

Diverse artist from Arizona, working mostly in techno-related genres. Off Trail is his foray into ambient and Prog EM sound. Nice, minimal, repetitive compositions.

See also: Easy Rider, User, Dokomo.


Widder (Spain)

A Shine of Widder (2016)
Minstrel's Social Club (2019) (EP)
Widder LP (2019)
Shadows of Widder (2023)

Varied Electronic Music from Catalan musician Jordi J.P.. Ranges from Berlin School to Dusseldorf, Kraftwerk-style, Vangelis' symphonic grandeur and synthwave.


Wide Color (USA)

W I D E C O L O R (2023)

Varied, warm or noisy / abstract, ambient modular synth pieces from Dave Doylen.

See also: Vales, Sound Out Light.


Widemann, Benoit (France)

Stress! (1977)
Tsunami (1979)
3 (1984)

Former member of Heldon and Magma. Not surprisingly, his music sounds like a mix of the said groups, based on synthesizers.

See also: Heldon, Magma.


Wieczorke, Manfred (Germany)

Transfer (1987)

Electronic Music in the style of Johannes Schmoelling from former keyboard player of Eloy, Jane and Firehorse.

See also: Eloy, Choco.


Wierda, Harm (Netherlands)

777 (2007)

This one is curious. Harm Wierda is an organist in Groningen Mormon community. On this album he uses electronic organs only to create droning and whimsical tracks that will be enjoyed by fans of eary Klaus Schulze (Irrlicht, Cyborg).


Wierzba (Poland)

Desolate (1996)
Plague... Life, Command... Destroy (1996)
Earth Termination (1999)

Black Space from Przemyslaw Sowinski.


Wiese, Jonas (Germany)

320° Klang (2014)

Ambient music composed as a soundtrack for an installation at Oberhausen Gasometer.


Wiese, Klaus (Germany)

Baraka (1981)
Maraccaba (1982)
Sabiha Sabiya (1982)
Qumra I (1983)
Qumra II (1983)
Alhambra (1984)
Mahakala Puja (1984)
Secret Doctrine (1985)
Tushita (1985)
Geisha (1985)
Trance (1986)
Cosmic Glue (1986)
Kalengra (1987)
Samarkand (1987)
Uranus (1988)
The Healing Touch of Tamboura (1989)
Thanatos (1989)
Neptun (1989)
Space (1990)
Creation (1990)
Tibetische Klangschalen I (1990)
El-Hadra (1990) (with Mathias Grassow and Ted de Jong)
Mystic Landscapes (1991)
Tibetische Klangschalen II (1992)
Tibetische Klangschalen III Moksha (1992)
Klangschalen Meditation (1992)
Lone Earth (1993)
Vision (1994)
Tariqa (1994)
Ceremony (1995)
Monsoon (1995)
Koan (1996)
Breaking Through the Eggshell (1997)
Turandot (1998)
Live In Italy 1998 (1998)
Wouivre (1998) (with Oophoi)
Dunya (1999)
Qalandaar (1999) (with Saam Schlamminger)
Black Rose (1999)
Soma (2000)
Mercurius (2000) (with Mathias Grassow)
Ming Noir (2001)
Mudra (2001)
Zen (2002)
Holy Domain (2003) (with Mathias Grassow)
Al Lahut (2004)
Camouflage (2004)
Canyon (2004)
Cocoon (2004)
Cosmic Glue II (2004)
Crane (2004)
Creation II (2004)
Death of A Samurai (2004)
Ghost Works (2004)
Gnosis (2004)
Infinitum (2004)
Logos (2004)
Live At Due Acque 1998 (2004) (recorded in 1998)
Maquam (2004)
Musica Invisibile (2004)
Omega (2004)
Ommayads (2004)
Pulse (2004)
The Rosenberg Tapes (2004)
Ruh (2004)
Touareg (2004)
White Coulds (2004)
Arcana (2004)
Dharma (2005)
Gandharfa (2005)
KW (2005)
Yoga (2005)
As We Sleep Away To Dream (2005) (S) (with Oophoi) (recorded in 1998)
The Light Sweeps All the Mist Away (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Touch of Silence (2005)
A Call, An Echo (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Deva Mela (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Cherua (2006) (with Oophoi)
Plejades (2006) (recorded in 1990 - 2004) (with Jim Cole)
The Alchemy of Happiness (2006)
Perfume (2006)
Divine Orbit (2006) (recorded in 1987)
Akhira (2008)
Trance Wave I (2008)
Allah Infinity (2010)
Zen Room / Positive Zero (2011)

Klaus Wiese was born in 1942. In his early years, he played tamboura in an ensemble called Popol Vuh (he is credited on Hosianna Mantra). After that, he made a name composing meditative World Music and Drone Ambient. Some of his works are supposed to be entirely acoustic (done with Tibetian singing bowls). Klaus Wiese died on the night of January 26th, 2009.

See also: Nebula, Nono Orchestra, Popol Vuh.


WiesenBerg (Germany)

Neverending (2015)
Eremit (2018)

Varied music from Jens-Hinrich Kruhl. Neverending uses as a basis of its concept the works of German painter Fred Fahrenberg.

See also: Kruhl, Jens-Hinrich


Wiggins, Paul (South Africa)

Soundscapes (1990)

Extremely varied tape with no focus at all. Ranges from political vocal songs, to ambient pieces, some electro-acoustic stuff with voice samples and so on, guitar solos on top of drum machine rhythms, some atmospheric synths and even sequencer-based, berlinesque music (as on "Ionosphere"). As a result, the whole sounds like a collection of demos, rather than an album.


Wiklacz, Patrick (France)

Musique Pour Un Musee (2005)
N (2018)

Ambient artist somewhat influenced by both musique concrete and "cosmic" music. He is also known as "Ambient Field" and has released some download albums under that pseudonym.


Wilbrandt, Thomas (Germany)

The Electric V (1984)

This is a strange double-LP set that includes electronic interpretations of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" (hence the "V" - for Vivaldi). Apparently an album had been issued some time earlier that had the same tracks but done in a conventional (i.e. non-electronic) way. The Electric V can be considered a continuation of that album. There are some string parts mixed smoothly with (at times really weird) electronic creations. 


Wilcor, Patrick (France)

Ecologia (1992)


Wilcox, Brent (USA)

Leisure With Dignity (1981) (S)
Executive Lullabies (1988)

Industrial and sound collage pioneer Brent Wilcox released this LP with short melodic pieces that at times sound like lost Cluster pieces updated for the 1980's.


Wilczyński, Marek (Poland)

Bolek i Lolek na Dzikim Zachodzie (2022) (recorded in 1986) (soundtrack) (with Andrzej Korzyński)

Soundtrack to animated cartoon that is split between guitar / banjo-infused Wild West-inspired songs and moog synth-centered interludes that have a nice EM sound to them.


Wild Havana (Netherlands)

Wild Havana (1977)

Private pressing from the Netherlands, Wild Havana was a project of brothers Cor and Johan Smit with Kees Engelhart on keyboards and a percussionist on one track. Most of the rhythms are provided by drum machine, though, and the music is a crazy mixture of fusion, funk and general psychedelia. I wouldn't call most of it EM, but there are moments when they sound like Cluster jamming in Latin America. File under EM-related.


Wild, James (Australia)

Goodbye Earth Hello Cosmos (2016) (with Michael Wild)

Uplifting Space Music from this Australian artist made in collaboration with his brother.


Wildermuth, Christian (Germany)

Sensorium (1993)
Sensorium Part 2 (1998)


Wildly (UK)

The Black Nun (2015) (S)
Mynydd Tarw (2023)

Vincent Wildly is a Welsh artist. On Mynydd Tarw, he uses synthesizers to create hypnotic ambient compositions inspired by the mountainous scenery of Wales.


Wiley, Paul (USA)

Terrifier (2018) (soundtrack)
Terrifier 2 (2022) (soundtrack)

Member of Marilyn Manson band, Paul Wiley released these soundtracks based on electronics. The material ranges from classic pulsing Carpenter-styled synth to loud / noisy contemporary horror scoring.


Wilk, Dariusz (Poland)

Elektroniczne Grawitacje (2010)

Polish synthesist with a cosmic, Berlin School-influenced sound. Dariusz Wilk (aka DaWi) has been composing EM since 1990.


Wilkerson, Phillip (USA)

Amorphous Worlds (2007)
Early Works (2009) (recorded in 2005 - 2007)
Ten To Eleven (2011)
The Stars And Afterward (2012)
Complex Silence 23 (2012)
Highlands (2012)
Sojourner (2013)
Deliquesce (2014)
Highlands Outtakes (2014)
Wondrous Encounters (2014)
Vague Traces (2014) (with Chris Russell)
Swiftly the Sun (2015)
Walking Across the River (2016)
Absolute Fields (2020)
As Light As Dust (2020)
Metaphors For Everything (2020)
The Ease of Being (2021) (recorded in 2016 and 2020)
Slow Cinema (2021)
Dark Measures (2021) (with Chris Russell)

Phillip calls his style "amorphous ambience". I think it will appeal to fans of Brian Eno, Steve Roach and other Ambient masters. Most of his releases are download-only (mostly MP3 but with some FLACs available too).

See also: Time Being


Wilkes, Sam & Mann, Jacob (USA)

Perform the Compositions of Sam Wilkes & Jacob Mann (2022)

Two gentleman locked in a room with a Yamaha DX7 and a Roland Juno-106 performing, playful, jazzy, lo-fi synth ditties.


Will, Alan (Belgium)

Standing On the Keys (1984)
Cosmic Investigations (1988) (with Jean-Claude Pecher)
Dinosaurs (1993)
Cities (??)
A Journey Into Space (??)


Willamette (Canada / USA)

Echo Park (2011)
Always In Postscript (2012) (S)
Diminished Composition (2016)

Ambient drone trio of Davin Chong, Kevin Chong and Joseph Edward.


Willet, M. (USA)

Loops For Reading (2020)
Mode of Transport (2021)

Varied ambient compositions, mostly quiet, but also with slight rhythmic elements (such as arpeggios). Sort of loopy, but not samey or dull.

See also: Dokomo


Willetts, Adam (New Zealand)

Orbits And Collisions (2005)
Live (2009)
In Wondrous Dimensions (2010)

Described as "one-man Kraftwerk", Adam Willett's music sounds raw and archaic, with modulated sequences, organ-esque melodies and simplistic effects.


Williams, Bekki (UK)

Elysian Fields (1996)
Shadow of the Wind (1997)
Edge of Human (2001)
Innersense (2005)

Everybody says that the music of this artist is similar to John Kerr, albeit more rhythmic. Bekki Williams was born in 1972 in Nottingham. She is a classically trained saxophonist and pianist.


Williams, Glenn (USA)

Who Says Birds Don't Do Things Just For Fun? (1986)

Ultra-rare private press from Buffalo, NY. Glenn Williams is a late musician (1922 - 1987) and the music here consists of short electronic vignettes and side-long title track.


Williams, Ian (UK)

All Becomes Desert (2021)

London-based artist who has been recording since the 1980's as part of synth-pop band Bushido and since the 1990's solo (in styles other than EM). All Becomes Desert is his foray into Ambient, made with his trusty old Roland Juno-106 synthesizer.


Williams, Jeff (USA)

Bleu (2021) (S) (with Will Freed)
Folds (2021)
Rouge (2022) (S) (with Will Freed and Jason Chronis)
Orange (2022) (S) (with Will Freed)
Dreamflange (2022) (with Will Freed)
Ledge (2022) (with Will Freed)

Nice and diverse EM made with the help of modular synthesis. From ambient to playful and sequenced.


Williams, Kenneth J. (USA)

Kenneth J. Williams (2006)
Krystal Stars (2006)
Over Your Head (2006)
Star Wave X (2006)
A Cosmic Starlight (2007)
Oblivion Dimension (2008)

Diverse Ambient and Space Music, from light to dark.


Williams, Paul (UK)

Aquarius (1987)

Vey nice atmospheric library Electronic Music released on Parry Music label. Lots of choirs here. Created mostly on a Kurzweil K250 synthesizer.


Williams, Paul H (UK)

Aeroforms (2014) (recorded in 1984 - 1985)

Ambient created with the use of generative techniques via BBC Microcomputer with a Music 500 outboard synthesiser and Ample music software. Mostly drones. Good stuff to relax to.


Williams, Reese (USA)

Great Horizontal (2015)
Moon's Bright Path (2018)
Chajnantor (2018)
Plains of San Agustin (2018) (S)
Oculus (2018)
Arecibo (2018) (S)

This Rhinebeck, New York-based artist has been on the music scene since the 1970's. The above works feature diverse ambient synth compositions, mostly of warm and analog nature.


Willikens, Lena (Germany)

Phantom Delia (2015) (EP)
Phantom Kino Ballett (2018) (with Sarah Szczesny)

Unlikely mixture of darkish techno moods and Prog EM. The title track from Phantom Delia is especially good. Lena Willikens is a radio broadcaster, deejay, producer and theremin player from Cologne.


Williams, Naretha (Australia)

Blak Mass (2020)
Into Dusk We Fall (2023)

The 2020 release is darkish amalgamation of Grand Organ and analog electronics. Regrettably, Into Dusk We Fall is a turn towards pop structures, with danceable electronics, vocals and all - a far cry from the progressive sound of the debut.


Williams, Randy (Italy)

Pop Secret (2020)

Fake American musician who presumably recorded the music heard on Pop Secret in 1998. In reality, though, it was one of those despicable hoaxes created by the Italian Lily Record label in order to cash in on the vintage library music vinyl re-issue craze.


Willis, Reid (USA)

The Sunken Half (2013)

A classical / electronic hybrid with elements of UK bass, IDM and Ambient.


Willits, Christopher (USA)

Ocean Fire (2007) (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Ancient Future (2012) (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Opening (2014)
Gravity (2022)

Although known primarily as an electroacoustic / glitch / dream pop musician, San-Francisco-based Christopher Willits released this ambient album in 2014 that will appeal to fans of prog EM and downtempo beats. This is not his full discography.


Willow, Joy (USA)

Exploring the Cave (1992)

Moody ambient soundscapes, sometimes new-agey, but often darker and more experimental. Some sections feature ethereal female vocals.


Willow Tea (Germany)

The Iris River (2020) (S)
A Drowning (2021)
Pinewards (2021)
Home (2022)

Haunting, dungeon synth-like music made with the sounds of the Mellotron.

See also: Fjældmark, Orb Weaver, The.


Willsher, Pete (UK)

National Traditional Solo Instruments / Themes For A 3rd Dimension (1979) (with A. Jacquemin and Trevor Jones)
The Human Element (1983) (soundtrack) (with Keith Miller)

The first album is a library disc that's half solo acoustic instruments show off by Trevor Jones and half spacey electronic instrumentals by Pete Willsher and A. Jacquemin. The Human Element is a rare electronic soundtrack released by an aluminium company.


Wilson, Alex (USA)

Planet Beach (2020)

Extremely diverse singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is generally involved in the creation of pop music, psychedelic, progressive rock, jazz fusion and more. Planet Beach is a work inspired by an imaginary visit to a planet covered by deserts, oceans, beaches and tropical forests. It is mostly inspired by the "exotica" sounds of the 1950's and 1960's (bossa nova, tropical music and more), but there are also spacier / more ambient sounds like the short abstract opener and the melodic spacey "Stargazing". It can be considered as slightly EM-related.


Wilson, Andrew (Australia)

Overworld (2014)

Gently rhythmic and flowing electronic themes with a touch of new age. The music was composed for a contemporary dance performance. Andrew Wilson is also known as A.R.T. Wilson and Andras Fox.

See also: Wilson Tanner


Wilson, Andrew Thomas (Australia)

The Chain Reaction (1980) (soundtrack)
Carnarvon (1984)
Expo '85 (1985)
Sunhunters (1987) (with Blair Greenberg)
Tales From the Blue Ship (1992)
Australian Suite (??) (S)
Serepax (??)

Classic style synthesist.


Wilson, Marvin (UK)

People And Places (1987)
So Far (1987)
Out of Bounds 2 (1988)
In Person (1989)
Across the Lake (1991)
Guide (1994)
Being Here (2008)
Our Time Will Come (2009)
Planetary Circuit (2011)
Music For the Midnight Cafe (2016)
Ings Bridge (2019)

Leeds-based synthesist who appeared on the scene during the 1980's, releasing his music on cassette. He then resurfaced in the new millennium after a brief absence, issuing some albums on CD and as digital downloads. These later works make use of techno rhythms and should be treated with caution, which is not to say that they don't include some interesing arrangements and melodies and can't be enjoyed by fans of the New Berlin School for example.


Wilson, Steven (UK)

Unreleased Electronic Music Vol. 1 (2004)
Tape Experiments 1985 - 86 (2010)
Continuum I (2016) (with Dirk Serries)
Continuum II (2016) (with Dirk Serries)

The first album is mostly interesting for the two ambient tracks.

See also: Bass Communion, Altamont.


Wilson Tanner (Australia)

69 (2016)
II (2019)

Nice Ambient with a strong acoustic touch.

See also: Wilson, Andrew


Wilt (USA)

Entropy & Free Associations (1999)
Blackholebutterfly (2000)
Obscure Geometries (2000)
The Back Box Aesthetic: Zeitgeist 1 (2000)
Amidst A Spacious Fabric (2001)
Wither (2001)
Radio 1940 (2002)
White Chrysalis In Blue (2002)
Blackenvelope (2003)
As Giants Watch Over Us (2004)
Human As Disease (2004)
Graveflowers (2004) (with Monstrare)
When Spiders Learn To Fly (2005)
Recycled Music (2005)
Esoteric Studies (2006)
Textures (2007)
Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks (2009)
Cemetery Road Vol. 2 (2009)
Southern Cross (2009)
Buried Amplification (2010)
Dark Matter Frequencies (2010)
She Walks the Night (2010)
Geomancy (2011) (with Horchata)
She (2012)
Crypt Hymns (2020)
A Deep Reflecting Gloom (2020)
This Black Void, A Heaven (2020)
Poisoned Sleep / Broken (2021) (with Gruntsplatter)
The Trough of Armageddon (2021) (with Gruntsplatter)

Noise Ambient from James P. Keeler. The above discography is a selected one and doesn't include his more harsh / noise recordings.


Wilted Woman (USA)

Keychain (2021)
Songs In the Key of Wilt (2022) (S)

A project of Berlin-based Elizabeth L. Davis who has an unorthodox approach to electronics, using seemingly random sounds, strange rhythms, combinations of different synthesis methods, etc. Keychain will be enjoyed by fans of experimental / avant-garde EM and maybe also IDM. Contrary to expectations, this is not "difficult" music. Songs In the Key of Wilt continues in the same direction, but adds a touch of synthwave even. Further investigation is needed.


Wiltshire, Jacob (UK)

SH003 (2017) (EP)
Laghan Pux (2018) (EP)
Resa (2020)
Sun Link (2023)

Winchester-based musician dedicated to electro and Ambient. SH003 includes a nice ambient track "No More Knives". Laghan Pux continues with some techno tracks and an ambient number "Summon Them" - short but nice. Finally, Resa seems to be his first completely ambient / EM album (with some dub elements).


Wiltshire, Toby (UK)

Surfacing (2019)
Shunyata: Emptyness (2021)

Leeds-based installation artist and ambient composer.


Wiltzie, Adam (USA)

Salero (2016) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack mixing neo-classical and ambient styles from this member of Stars of the Lid.

See also: Stars of the Lid, Aix Em Klemm.


Wim (Norway)

The White Peak (2008)
Dreamscape (2010)
Port Meadow (2010)
Enchanted Journey (2015)

Rather mainstream Electronic Music with sequences, melodies and atmospheres.

See also: Lien, Ketil


Wimmer, Danilo (Austria)

Soundtracks 2010 - 2013 (2016)
Madness (2019)

Varied melodic / cinematic and experimental music from this artist.

See also: Q-Port


Wind, Chris (Canada)

Pacer 3 (1987)
Pacer 5 (1987)
Sampler (1987)
Rocks And Trees (1988)
Synthetic Chamber (1988)
AudioVisions (1991)
Dreaming of Kaleidoscopes (1993)

Chris Wind is a diverse artist to say the least. She has done neo-classical, electroacoustic, sound-poetry, social commentary, collage pieces and more. On the above mentioned albums she finds herself in the electronic mode, providing a series of soundscapes or rhythmic / melodic synthesizer tracks.


Wind In Willows (Russia)

Elephant Dreams (2011)
Overall Aura (2011)
Deepness In the Sky (2012)

Emotional droning ambient soundscapes by Anton Filatov from Karelia, Russia.


Wind Tide (USA)

Saturation Dust (2021)

Calm, serene, semi-acoustic Ambient with some microsound touches from this duo of Andrew Weathers and Gretchen Korsmo.

See also: Weathers, Andrew, Korsmo, Gretchen.


Winde, Niklas (Sweden)

Uncertainties (2017)

Experimental analog music, ranging from noisy to vaguely melodic.



Natureza Etérea (2021)

Long tracks on nature-inspired Ambient dedicated to the memory of Brazilian vaporwave artist Cesar Alexandre aka Lindheaven Virtual Plaza (who died in April of 2021 and who is included here in EEM with his Mount Shrine and Yasu Ether monikers).


Window Blinds (Finland / Switzerland)

Chimera (2013)
Harm (2014) (EP)
Lobotomobil (2014)
Glare (2016)
Mask (2017)
Cult Music (2021)

Unclassifiable mixture of minimal synth, Experimental EM and horror scores.


Wind❑ws (USA)

Wind❑ws (2019) (S)
Spiral Tundra (2020)

Semi-acoustic ambient compositions with glass instruments, woodwinds and synths. A project of Camilla Padgitt-Coles and David Lackner.


Windsurfer (Switzerland)

Reflexivity 1 (2018)
Windsurfer (2019) (maxi)
The Gone Village (2020)

Repetitive synth music from this Zurich-based duo.


Windyaks, The (UK)

Golden Hour of the Windyaks 83-86 (1986)


Wine Drinkers (Finland)

Warmth (2018)

Cozy ambient EM consisting mostly of drawn out pads, slow pulses and cosmic melodies.


Wingard, Adam (USA)

Blair Witch (2016) (soundtrack)
Past Life Regression (2020) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack composer who is very much into synths. Ambient sound. Sometimes pulsing ala Carpenter.


Wingéd Ma'at (UK)

The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma'at (2016)
Man Is An Insect (2021)
High Density Head (2023)

Varied compositions based on guitar and synthesizers, from experimental to melodic and ambient.


Wingrath (Germany)

Saarmythen Teil 1: Unter dem Schutze des Donon (2020) (recorded in 1999 - 2005)
Saarmythen Teil 2: Die Geister der Oberen Saar (2020) (recorded in 1999 - 2005)

Music between "dungeon synth" and melodic / melancholic ambience from this Saarbrücken-based project. The track "Druttwaldsnacht" from Saarmythen Teil 2 is very reminiscent of Klaus Schulze circa Beyond Recall, which was a nice surprise.


Wings of An Angel (Israel)

Apocalyptic Love Poems For the End of the World (2014)

More or less classic Dark Ambient sound.


Winkler, Harry (Austria)

Deep Water (1986)

Harry Winkler is an Austrian composer and guitar player. This album, however, is electronic and is supposedly in a relaxed (a tad new-agey) style that might interest fans of Michael Stearns and Jon Serrie.


Winkler, Johannes (Austria)

Vogelperspektive (2021)

Classically-trained musician from Vienna who also started to get into analog synthesis. Varied and pretty unique EM in individual style here - ambient but with a lot going on.


Winnerholt, Michael (Sweden)

Glimpses (1985) (with B. Wahlen)
Series (1986)
Tjugofyra (1995)

Experimental analog music.


Winnewisser, Belia (Switzerland)

Mother Earth Took Poison In Her Soul (2022) (S)

Lucerne-based new wave / experimental artist. Mother Earth... is a short record full of urgent sequences, sometimes backed by club-related rhythms.


Winter of the World (UK / Spain)

Coutie Tree (2015)
Human Croquet (2017)
The Few Ups And Many Downs of the 21st Century (2018) (recorded in 2013)
Croxton Kerrial (2018)
Fluvial Lake (2021)

Ambient project of Ross Baker and Joaquin Ronco. Flowing, collage-like, sequencer and drones.

See also: Intergalactic Debris, International Debris, Enofa.


Winter Orbit (UK)

Fragments of Hologram Snow (2015) (S)
Winter Orbit (2015)

Ambient  project of Zen Zsigo aka Cremation Lily.


Winter, Ben (UK)

Still Animals (2020)
Foam (2021)
Victims of the Ether (2023)

Varied electronics from this London-based artist. Ambient, but noisy. Grainy, but vaguely melodic.


Winter Seer (UK)

The Conjuror's Dream (2021) (S)

Winter synth duo from the UK.

See also: Oaklimb


Winter, Teresa (UK)

What the Night Is For (2018)
Motto of the Wheel (2021)
Drowning By Numbers (2022)

Ambient pop artist who on What the Night Is For has strayed to far from any pop sensibilities into the realm of experimental electronics and strange vocalizations.


Winter Tree, The (USA)

Twilight of the Magicians (2013)

Started as a Pink Floyd-influenced neo-prog band, Andrew Laitres' The Winter Tree released two albums before putting out this disc, where the role of the multi-instrumentalist Laitres expanded while the roles of other supporting musicians have shrunk somehow. It's a very electronic affair compared to the previous two (that already were showing these tendencies). If you like latter-day Tangerine Dream, symphonic Vangelis et all, give this a try. There is only one vocal track on the entire album.

See also: Laitres, Andrew


Winter Woods (???)

Cavern of Obscure Sacrifice (2018)
Mountain of Unknown Gods (2018)
Forest of Mysterious Evil (2018)
Rehearsal At Troll Dome (2018)
Rehearsal At Troll Dome Pt 2 (2018)
Spectral Lights Call Us From Beyond The Frozen Shadows At The End Of Time (2019)
Adirondack Evil (2019)
Adirondack Evil 2 (2019)
Bewitched In Black Moonlight (2019)

Moody, minimal, droney winter / forest ambience. Sometimes like Steve Roach for a remote boreal log cabin dweller.


Winterblood (Italy)

La Fredde Ali Dell'Inverno (2008)
Incantazione (2009)
Anelli (2014)
Spettri (2015)
La Vie di Neve (2016)
Culti Segreti (2016)
Passaggio Soprannaturale (2016) (S)
Antiche Magie / Versi Enigmatici (2017)
I Signori Oscuri (2017)
I'ingresso (2017)
Waldeinsamkeit (2018)
Foresta Incantata (2018)
Finsternis (2019)
Luftschloss (2020)
Foresta Impenetrabile (2020)

Cold, melancholic soundscapes.


Wintering, Anthony (USA)

Ghost Womb (2006)

A strange one. Seemingly related to the Black Ambient genre, it contains all the main elements that make up the genre - dark drones, noises, the horror vibe by way of cinematic samples, some choirs, pounding drums etc. On the other hand, the almost Orthodox-like singing on the last portion of the closer does not sound dark at all. Moreover, the use of acoustic-sounding drums in a sort of a rock-like manner confuse things even further. In fact, a lot of the material had something of a "Djam Karet in the ambient mode" feel for me, especially when there's narration (as on "Dreams of Ink and Vectors Unpainted", which can be compared to Suspension And Displacement).


Winterkald (Sweden)

Finsternis (2006)
Helwegr (2007)
Fy Fan For Livet (2008)

Melancholic atmospheres from Sweden.


Winterhouse, The (Canada / USA)

Slow Promises (2007)
Lost (2008)
Sanctuary (2010)
Winter Gardens (2012)
Gathering Autumn (2014)
Slow Awakening (2015)
Dreaming (2016)
Until Voices Wake Us (2017)
Unlit Passages (2018)

Droning soundscapes from Anthony Paul Kerby and Robert Davies.

See also: Kerby, Anthony Paul, Circular Ruins, The, Lammergeyer, Davies, Robert.


Winterlandschaft (Poland)

Heroic Quest (2018)
L'obscurité (2019)

Brooding compositions between Ambient and dungeon synth (so called "winter synth").


Wintersilence (Germany)

Submental Vol. 2 (2014)
Slow Focus (2016)
Seelenruhe (2020)
Snowlands (2021)
Atlas of Senses / Subzero (2023) (with Nuur)

Ambient duo of Tomas Weiss and Brian Ivers.

See also: Weiss, Tomas


Winther, Terje (Norway)

Trespasser (2004)
Electronic Regions (2009)
Awaken In England - Live At Awakenings 2009 (2010)
Fantastic Music - Live At the Fantasy Festival (2010)
Electronic Labyrinth (2017) (with Jez Creek)
Spoon Forest (2018) (with Free System Projekt)
A Long Time Ago And Then Some (2020) (with Jez Creek)

Berlin School-influenced artist from Norway. Trespasser features six improvised tracks, done predominantly on analogue synthesizers. Subsequently, the sound is very rich and warm. "The City of Cruithne" starts with an abstract intro with various noises and hums. This long track then settles into a sequencer-based groove - very exciting. Got my head nodding to this one. It's a bit Tangerine Dream-y, but only slightly so. Some melodic motifs in the second part also reminded me on Jean-Michel Jarre. The solos are top-notch throughout. "Wishful Drone Around Midnight" is very dramatic and strong. Totally atmospheric and the way Terje uses pitch bend and LFO modulation makes the lead line sound very Middle Eastern, something like electronic duduk even! I think Djivan Gasparyan would enjoy it. Excellent track. How about a track based exclusively on one sequence? If the idea appeals to you I think you will enjoy the next track, called "Waiting For the Next Wave". I was stunned by the richness of its sound. I mean it's only one sequence, but it's so fat, and always changing, mutating, keeping you on your toes. By the end of the track it turns into a real mayhem. There are only several examples of EM tracks consisting of one sequence and this one makes you wish there were more. "Running Through the Edge" is Terje's own interpretation of a long schulzean epic. Do I like it? I sure do! Although it could be just a bit too derivative for my taste, Terje's own signature becomes more prominent in the second part and overall it's a very very enjoyable trip and delivers the goods throughout its 23-minute length. If you like Moondawn / Body Love / Mirage era Schulze and don't really mind another cosmic trip in that style, you will like this, I predict. "Essinc" is upbeat and sequencer-based, with tasty analogue solos. Finally, the album ends with "Jumpgate Shores" (great title!) which is very evocative and cosmic - my favourite track. Trespasser is an excellent album of very 70's sounding neo-prog EM, often cosmic and in most cases sequencer-heavy. The fact that all music is improvised is a plus in my view as well. Give me a CD player with this album and send me to the desert island - you will find me lying on the beach every night, watching the stars & the sea, waiting for the next wave...

See also: Wintherstormer


WintherStormer (Norway)

Woodwork (2007)
Live 2007 (2007) (recorded in 2006)
Electric Fairytales (2008)
Ground Connection (2011)
D.E.S.H. (2018)
Weird And Strange Hazards (2020)

Four-piece band at the core of which is a duo of synthesists Terje Winther and Erik Stormer. Other members include Atle Pakusch Gundersen (electronic guitar, electronics and various instruments) and Geir Marthin Helland (drums and percussion). Woodwork contains four long tracks of the darker variety. "Pure Analogue Forever" starts with massive bass and wind effects. This is some dark and abstract EM with acoustic cymbals and other subtle percussion sounds. A bass sequence can be heard underneath, while the sounds constantly morph and change. It is useless to describe every change in sound really, as it would take too much space, and even then it would not make the music justice. As is the case with any good EM, only a listen with own ears is advisable. The sequences get bolder, while warm analogue pads add that extra "classic EM" feeling. This is terrific stuff and should go down in history as one of the staples of neo-prog EM. Later we hear mournful solos, distorted guitar and crazy synth effects. The sound then breaks up and goes totally berserk, with lots of harsh sounds, noise and distorted sequences. This is the end of it. "Musical Equitation Extracted From Firelogs" continues with subtle chimes and siren-like sounds. A broken vocoded speech can be heard. Fascinating stuff. So EM and so experimental! Just the way I like it! Throughout the track various spooky effects and siren-like sounds (and, yes, a mellotron choir!) come and go. This is utterly atmospheric and totally out-there stuff. A bleeping sequence-like structure accompanies the flow of what seems to be a very experimental and unusual track. It finishes with growling bass synth, for the last minute replaced by the same bleeping "pseudo-sequence". "Engraved", the shortest track of the album (even this one lasts for 8+ minutes), starts with an upbeat sequence, before going for the massed rock guitars and heavy drums. The transition was so abrupt, it made me startle. The rock elements then depart to give us one more glimpse of the sequencer beauty. However, the rock guitars do return after a few seconds, this time accompanied by an aggressive synth solo. Tangerine Dream doing the heavy metal thing anyone? We are then treated to several more contrasting sections of subtle sequencers and full-on electronic rock. "Monochrome", the last (and longest) track begins with low mellotron flute, before a calimba-like sequence is introduced. More sequences are added, now galloping at quite a pace, although remaining rather sparse. It's built basically on multiple sequences and acoustic cymbal backing. But where would we be without Terje's wonderful solos? Right, he serves one right in the middle of the track. Guitar is also quite prominent, mostly providing low, growling basslines. That's how a progrock act would sound like, if they decided to go electronic, hired an additional synthesist (named Klaus Schulze of course!), but kept their rock instrumentation intact. I especially liked the final part where the drums become more prominent and a synth solo cries on top. After a while guitar comes into prominence, as the track gradually comes to a close, ending with beautiful synthesizer strings. "Woodwork" is a strong work that represents a fusion of Electronic Music and some aspects of rock.

See also: Winther, Terje


Wirefall (USA)

Wirefall (2011)

Melodic, repetitive compositions, with synths, guitars, some drums... A project of Adrian Benoit.


Wireman, Richard (UK)

Eclipse (2022)

Nice EM here - ambient or based on the sequencing, but always with enough neat elements and variation to maintain interest.


Wirsig, Chris (USA)

The 13 Crystal Skulls (2016)
20 Matches (2016) (EP) (soundtrack)

Los Angeles-based synthesist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, one half of darkwave duo no:carrier. The 13 Crystal Skulls features symphonic, soundtracky pieces.



flowage (2021)
strati (2022)

Audiovisual duo formed in Toronto by two Chinese artists Victor Zuo (music) and Alice He (responsible for the visual part). Pretty curious electronic compositions here - wacky, melodic, synthy, a bit Cluster-like, but really in a league of their own.

See also: Wanderlust


Wiseman, Andy (Canada)

Øjeblik (2021) (EP)

Canadian drummer and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Copenhagen. Øjeblik features relaxed, sometimes droning ambient synth music.


Wish (USA)

Wish (2020)

Blurry, foggy ambient sounds from Nick Fopeano, all made from processed random samples culled from the internet.


Wish, Larry (USA)

How More Can You Need? (2018)
Capricorn Sun (2023)

Larry Wish (real name - Adam Werven) has been composing "proggy bedroom pop" music since 2007. Capricorn Sun is an album of weird Synergy / Tomita styled compositions, although with an irritating tape distortion effect in places (a fad I hate in a lot of current music). If you like the "classically-inspired" end of EM, though, such as the aforementioned Synergy and Tomita, as well as Wendy Carlos and stuff like Joseph Byrd and other likeminded artists, give this a try, as the music is rather entertaining and good overall.

See also: Modal Zork


Witch Root (UK)

Demo 1 (2018) (S)
Windswept And Cursed (2019) (S)
The Legend of the Black Sword (2020) (S)

Dungeon synth-related project from Manchester. Sounds like a mixture of dungeon synth and EM, with analog synths dominating, instead of the usual digital emulations.


Witchcraft (USA)

As I Hide (1996)
Scattered Areas of Invisibility (1999)

Somewhat Gothic-sounding laid-back electronics, melodic, ambient, with some guitars and vocoder voices. Witchcraft was a duo of John Buehler (vocals, keys, drum machines, percussion, vocoder & design) and Andrew Arbetter (guitar). The project is discontinued.


With Great Care (USA)

With Great Care (2020)

Varied ambient synthesizer compositions (with some guitar) from Grainger Weston.


With Zero (UK)

Nocturnes (2015)

Synthesizer drift from Oliver Thurley who is a member of unclassifiable improvisation ensemble Ithaca Trio.


Within Reason (USA)

Subtle Shift (2012)
Transient Broadcasts (2013)
Substrate: Collected Elements (2013)
Farshadow (2014)

Another project of Gregory Kyryluk, where he merges his classic EM influences with a contemporary dub / techno sound.

See also: Kyryluk, Gregory, Alpha Wave Movement, Open Canvas, Thought Guild, Biome, Subtle Shift.


Witkoske, Dan (USA)

Munn Key (2004)

This music was released on a 8-track tape only.


Witnesses (USA)

I (2017)
II (2018)

New York-based cinematic EM project. Ranges from soundscapes to sequencer runs.


Wittek, Robert (Austria)

Neue Welten (1991)
Horizont (1993)
Panorama (1994)
Millennium (1996)
Deja Vu 1 (1998)
Deja Vu 2 (1998)
Emotions 1999 (1999)
Live (1999)
Different 9 (2000)
X (2006)
Sphere Eleven (2008)

Austrian synthesist.

See also: Danger In Dream


Wittman, Christian (France)

Ceremony of the Talking Breeze (2022) (with Shane Beck)
Orion Nebula (2023)

French synthesist and member of Lightwave, currently acting as a solo artist, mostly within the ambient idiom.

See also: Lightwave


Witxes (France)

Scrawls #1 (2010)
Sorcery / Geography (2012)
A Fabric of Beliefs (2013)
Orients (2018)

Intense, emotional ambient compositions with touches of noise. Witxes is Maxime Vavasseur.


Wizard Projects (Netherlands)

Tormenting Without Hatred (1988)
Ten Minute Warning (1990)
Beyond the Galaxy (1990)
Sorcery From the Marshlands (1993)

Wizard Projects is Eric Mostert who started with music already in the 1970's, playing keyboards in various rock bands. However, during the next decade he became a studio technician and engineer. It was at that time that he was able to start his solo career, concentrating on various synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, sequencers and processing devices. Working out of his studio in Oosthuizen, he released his first solo album in 1988. He then had at least three more albums out before disappearing from the scene. Eric's style is melodic and rhythmic, with a fair share of sequencing. On Sorcery... he incorporates some ethnic elements.


Wizards of Mars (Sweden)

Adventureland (2022)

Nice and crisp EM from Rikard Lundstedt. Sequences, melodic solos, analog sounds - it has it all.


Wize, Denis (USA)

Valhalla (1979)
Consciousness Program (1980)
Wuz (??)
Wize Music (2018) (recorded in 1979 - 1984)

This synthesist later became known as Doctor Wize. Some of his works were released under the name "Dennis Weise", so there's a lot of confusion.

See also: Doctor Wize


WMRI (Russia)

Area-View (2008)
Core (2008) (recorded in 2005)
Electric Circle (2008) (recorded in 2006)
From North Pole To Equator (2008) (recorded in 2005)
None (2008) (recorded in 2003)
The Source of Universal Energy (2010)
Power Plant Violence (2010) (with Ptarkh)
Etherworlds (2010)
Music For Fields (2010) (with Sokpb Avabodha)
Luminutopia (2011) (with Wandering Wild)
New Axis of Turning (2012)
12.12.12: The End (2012) (S) (with Wandering Wild)
Scientific Mystery (2013)
Nightwave (2013) (with SiJ)

Mike Winchester creates diverse electronic compositions, from rhythmic, Berlin School-like, to ambient and dark.


Wobble, Jah (UK)

Deep Space (1999)
Solaris - Live In Concert (2022)
Elevator Music Volume 1A (2004)
Thames Symphony (2023)

John Joseph Wardle aka Jah Wobble is a British bassist, dub musician and multi-instrumentalist. He collaborated with Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay and other luminaries of the krautrock and experimental scenes. Thames Symphony is a cinematic work mostly in EM style, with some dubby rhythms and Jah's bass guitar playing. Deep Space is another interesting EM-related work. At the same time, Elevator Music Volume 1A, although not progressive most of the time, is interesting as a precursor to contemporary vaporwave trends.


Wobbly (USA)

Monitress (2019)

Jon Leidecker has been recording music as Wobbly and under his real name since 1990. He has been rather prolific and I have yet to explore the bulk of his output. However, Monitress was recorded using multiple mobile devices each running a pitch tracking software and a synthesizer. The results are creative electronic compositions - abstract and with interesting synth design. The title track is amazing. Fans of Experimental EM take note.


Wohlfeil, Richard (USA??)

Compact-Disc Re-Writable (??)
No Exit (2022) (S)

Abstract, but also ambient synth compositions.


Wojaz (Finland)

Live Promo (2008)
Psykosomaattinen Ihmismekanismi (2011)
Säieouma (2014)
Hengienmaa (2017)
Live At Lovi Ambientklubi V (2018)
Kehämäinen (2020)

Exprimental project from Finland. Mostly darkish synths and drones, but also lots of processed vocals / strange vocalizations. Sometimes Berlin School-like (as on Live At Lovi Ambientklubi V).


Wojciechowska, Olga (Poland)

Maps And Mazes (2015)
Infinite Distances (2019)

Polish violinist and composer. On Maps And Mazes she presents an ambient sound, combining classical instrumentation with electronics and processing.

See also: Vlna


WOK (Italy)

Zelt1910er (2005)
Annihilation (2006)
Divine (2010)

Minimalistic Dark Ambient from this Italian one-man band. WOK stands for Wheel of Knowledge.


Wold, Tim (Australia)

Underwater Library (Elektronisch) (2020)

Varied tracks loaded with analog synth sounds - sequences, pads and some guitar. Reminds a bit on some Edgar Froese solo material (circa Macula Transfer).


Wolf Larsen (Finland)

Viapori (1998)
Totarti (2001)

Wolf Larsen is an "ambient" trio (founded in 1996) from Helsinki, Finland. Their music shows strong influences from Finnish folk music (and Greek folk music on second release). Pekka Pohjola guests on Viapori


Wolf, Leo (USA)

Dragon (2020) (recorded in 2016 - 2018)
Magnolia (2020)
Shapeshifter (2023)

North Carolina-based ambient artist with a rather minimal and moody droning sound.


Wolf Maps (UK)

Purity (2015)

Ambient drone artist.

See also: Midnight Tales


Wolf, Patricia (USA)

I'll Look For You In Others (2022)
See-Through (2022)

Beautiful ambient compositions created with synthesizers and voice.


Wolf, Wölfi (Germany??)

Dreams (2000)


Wolfers, Danny (Netherlands)

Swan Song of the Skunkape (2015) (soundtrack)
Unfolding the Future With Amateur Space Jazz (2017)
Bontempi 666 - Berceuses pour Sara (2017)
Loch Ness Expanded Soundtrack (2018)
The Land Is Entranced With Peace (2018)
Song of Moss (2021) (recorded in 2020) (soundtrack)
Tascam Space Season (2022) (recorded in 2021) (with Taka Noda)

Varied synth soundtrack to a documentary.

See also: Legowelt, Weltman, Klaus, Falckenhaus, Franz, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Smackos, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Audiosport 8, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Wolff, Peter (Germany)

Repeat (2018)
Breath (2019)

Hamburg-based artist with a dramatic, cinematic style.


Wolfland (USA)

Forntida (2020) (S)
Algor Mortis (2020) (S)
Third Raven (2021) (S)
Nebulas (2023)


Wolfmen of Mars (USA)

Gamisu (2015)
The Witch, the Goat & the Malevolent Spirit (2016)
Satanic Panic (2019) (soundtrack)

Unique band from Boston, roughly in horror synth genre, but with a strong space rock / heavy metal vibe. Imagine a completely instrumental version of Iron Maiden with all guitars replaced by synthesizers and you get close.


Wolgers, Tom (Sweden)

Stockholmsmusiken (1982)
Rush Music (1986)
Musique du Nord (1986)
December (1986) (S)
Ljudkonstruktion No 3 (1987)
Hommage (1987)
Stockholmssviten (1987)
Retrospektivt Collage 82-86 (1987)

Swedish composer and member of several new wave / synth-pop bands during the 1980's. He also released some solo albums, mostly in the classical meets electronic vein, dominated by digital synthesizers of the epoch. Tranquil and ambient, melodic and somewhat new-agey but not sweet. A lot of his music was commisioned for theater plays, performances and so on.


Wolkenscheidt, Ørdop (Denmark)

Music For An Empty Metropolis (2022)

Copenhagen-based electronic artist. On Music For An Empty Metropolis, he presents cinematic, dystopian, slightly experimental EM with downtempo influences.


Wøllo, Erik (Norway)

Where It All Begins (1983)
Dreams of Pyramids (1984)
Traces (1984)
Silver Beach (1986)
Images of Light (1990)
Solstice (1992)
Fossegrimen (1995)
Transit (1996)
Dimension (1997)
Guitar Nova (1998)
Wind Journey (2001)
Emotional Landscapes (2003)
The Polar Drones (2003)
Blue Sky Red Guitars (2004)
Elevations (2007)
Between Worlds (2009) (with Deborah Martin)
Arcadia Borealis (2009) (with Bernhard Wöstheinrich)
Stream of Thought (2009) (with Steve Roach)
Bako (2010) (with Kouame Sereba)
Gateway (2010)
Dimensions In Time (2010) (with Deborah Martin)
Road Eternal (2011) (with Steve Roach)
Silent Currents: Live At Star's End (2011)
Frontiers (2011) (with Ian Boddy)
Airborne (2012)
Timelines (2014)
Tundra (2014) (EP)
Weltenuhr (2014) (with Bernhard Wöstheinrich)
Blue Radiance (2015)
Echotides (2015)
Earth Luminous (2016) (with Byron Metcalf)
Star's End 2015: Silent Currents 4 (2016)
Different Spaces (2017)
Cinematic (2017) (recorded in 1998 - 2003)
Meridian (2018) (with Ian Boddy)
Threshold Point
Infinite Moments (2018)
Sources (Early Works 1986 - 1992) (2019)
Convergence (2020) (with Michael Stearns)
Recurrence (2021)
Silver Beach Remastered Expanded Edition (2021) (recorded in 1984 - 1987)
North Star (2021)
Sojourns (2022)
Revolve (2022) (with Ian Boddy)
The Shape of Time (2022)
Cloud of Strings (2023)

Erik Wøllo was born in 1961. He composes and records music professionally since 1980 and is considered one of the pioneers of Norwegian Electronic / synth music. Over the years, he has developed a very unique and personal style that could be described as very melodic music with emotional guitar playing. He has also composed some purely Ambient material that has that "Biosphere" touch to it. Beware that some of his albums (Guitar Nova, Blue Sky Red Guitars) do not have much to do with electronics, offering pleasant and emotional (mostly) acoustic guitar compositions.

See also: Exile


Wollschlager, Olaf (Germany)

Garden of Sound (2003)

Supposedly, accessible, relaxing music.


Wolski, Andrzej (Poland)

Odmienne Stany (??)

Also known as "EQ". Andrzej Wolski participated in the Polish EM scene of the 1990's and gave several live performances.


Wolski, Michał (Poland)

La Mer (2017)

Although this artist mostly composes dub techno music, on La Mer, he avoids beats for most of the album's duration, favoring an abstract / ambient approach.


Wolves And Horses (Belgium)

Wolves And Horses EP (2015) (EP)
Every Moment of Light And Dark (2015)

A bit soundtracky Ambient from Christian Saint-Viteux. Good stuff.


Wolves In the Throne Room (USA)

Celestite (2014)

Unexpected electronic album from this atmospheric black metal band. Serge modular synthesizer makes an appearance on this record.


wombat_army (UK)

Cicrcling (2017)

Melodic, sometimes anthemic compositions mixing processed cello and electronics. A project of Martin Webb.


Wonder City Orchestra (Japan)

Information (1982)

Hybrid new wave project of Joe Hisaishi that includes also some nice EM material, such as the closing track, "The Islander", for example.

See also: Hisaishi, Joe


Wondering O (Estonia)

Planting Rage / Obsessions (2018)
Best Wishes (2019)

Varied ambient soundscape project from Estonia.


Wonders of Atomic Mutation, The (Sweden)

Tunguska (2019)

Cerebral analog synth compositions with some guitar similar to the Berlin School, but more flowing and with an extra industrial / sci-fi flair. A project of Robin Klockerman and Petter Lindman.

See also: Tsar Bomba


Wonders of Nature (Russia)

Passion For Nature (2015)
Nebula (2015)
Kola Peninsula I (2019)
Era (2020)

Hybrid atmospheric black metal / ambient project from Nikel, Kola Peninsula, North of Russia. On Kola Peninsula I, the author creates highly evocative, melodic, featherlight compositions. Recommended for all fans of Ambient. Nebula is more of a neo-classical affair, with lots of piano. Era is Tolkien-inspired bombastic stuff.


Wong, Barnett (China)

Bedtime Ambience (2019)

Varied electronic compositions from this Beijing-based artist. Mostly ambient. The album ends with a nice synth version of "Clair de Lune" by Debussy.


Wong, Dustin (USA)

Meditation of Ecstatic Energy (2014)
Savage Imagination (2014) (with Takako Minekawa)
Are Euphoria (2017) (with Takako Minekawa)
Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu (2018)
Exit Future Heart (2018) (with Takako Minekawa and Good Willsmith)
Perpetual Morphosis (2023)
Texture II (2023) (with Brin)

Los Angeles-based guitarist who started with loop-based guitar music. However, at some point in his career, he became to be involved in the creation of Progressive Electronic sonic constructions with multiple samples and synth sounds.


Wongraven (Norway)

Fjelltronen (1995)

Atmospheric, classically-tinged synths from member of Satyricon. For fans of Mortiis.


Woo (UK)

Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong (1982)
It's Cozy Inside (1989)
Into the Heart of Love (1990)
A La Luna (1991)
Forever Healing (1995)
When the Past Arrives (2014)
Awaawaa (2016) (recorded in 1975 - 1982)
All Is Well (2019)
Arcturian Corridor (2020)
Paradise In Pimlico (2022)
Wherever You Go There You Are (??)

Unique duo of Mark & Clive Ives, two brothers who have been recording their own unique music that defies categorization since the 1970's. It's semi-acoustic (lots of guitars, flutes, clarinet, etc.) but with some electronics to boost and can be described as lounge / easy-listening / Ambient crossover. They seem to prefer shorter tracks and you can draw parallels with stuff like Another Green World by Brian Eno, Cluster and early playful Kraftwerk (circa Ralf & Florian). Especially of interest are their archived recordings released as Awaawaa in 2016. File under EM-related.


Woob (UK)

Tokyo Run (2017)
新 プログラム (2018)
Lost Metropolis (2020)
Ad4ption (2022)

Ambient dub project of Paul Frankland active since the early 1990's. On Tokyo Run, he presents a mixture of rhythmic tracks (some rather gritty techno-ish, some leaning towards synthwave) and atmospheric EM / ambient inspired by visions of a dystopian future. Pretty nice EM-related stuff overall. Interestingly enough, on 新 プログラム, there is a continuation of the EM trend (with the same cyperpunk / dystopian feel), especially on longer tracks like "Yoku Yatta".


Wood Archer (USA)

To Pierce A Monarch (2022) (S)

Californian project somewhat related to the dungeon synth genre, but sounding more like cinematic / suspenseful EM.


Wood, Nate (USA)

fOUR​-​"X​.​IT" (2018)

Drummer who is also very much into synths. Complex, improvised drum / synth themes. Mostly instrumental, with some vocal injections. Nice stuff.


Wood, Robert (UK)

Somnabular (1970)
Tarot (1971)
Vibrarock (1976)
Tombac Vibe (1976)

Electronic vibraphone music. Although English, he was a member of French Lard Free and acted as session musician for other French artists as well.

See also: Lard Free


Woodall, Earnest (USA)

House of Stairs (1988)
13 (2000)
Slumber (2013) (S)

Varied composer from New York. Most of the time he mixes jazz with minimalism and electronics. However, on 13 there is a long track "Crossed Fingers" that could be enjoyed by fans of EM. There are also some nice atmospheres throughout the album, although as a whole it's not for EM purists for sure. Slumber is "sleeping aid" music and could be enjoyed by fans of Ambient (Brian Eno / Harold Budd style). This is not his full discography.


Woodbines & Spiders (UK)

W & S (2014)

A duo of Jon Brooks and Ian Hodgson. A mixture of rhythmic, sequencer-based and atmospheric material.

See also: Brooks, Jon


Woodcraft (Greece)

Amalgama (2010)

World Music from Vasileios Angelis, brother of Apostolos Angelis who also makes Electronic Music as 2A.


Wooded Memory (USA)

Once... (2019)
The Lost Stories (2019)

Dungeon synth artist from Maryland with ambient tendencies.


Woodgrain Wizard (Netherlands)

Sonder (2021)

From quirky, even cartoonish experimental sounds to bleak drones and theremin wails.


Woodland Spells (USA)

Undergrowth (2022)
Amaranthine Woodlands (2023)

Extremely melancholic "forest synth" sound here.


Woodman / Earhart (USA)

Shore (2018)
Rose (2019)

Synth duo with a sound that ranges from noisier drones to more spaced out stuff. The closer "Years" somehow reminds me on Klaus Schulze's 1980's collaborations with Rainer Bloss. Maybe it's the combination of sequencers and improvised piano.


Woodroffe, Jezz (UK)

Opposite Directions (1980)
Wonders of the Underwater World (1980) (soundtrack)

Gerald "Jezz" Woodroffe sporadically played keyboards for Black Sabbath circa 1975 - 1977 (he appears on Technical Ecstasy). He then went on to produce an obscure vinyl album Opposite Directions where he played keyboards, accompanied by session musicians who play bass and drums. The music is said to be on the lousy, cheesy side of things. More interesting, however, is his even more obscure soundtrack release for underwater documentary released that same year. On that record, his synths are used to sculpt ambient, atmospheric soundworlds. Nowadays, Jezz is mainly producing music and playing guitar on the albums of Sally Hope.


Woods 786 (Italy)

Rise (2017) (S)
Balance (2018) (EP)

A project of Roberto Bosco. Balance contains two deep house and two ambient tracks. Rise is completely ambient. Also known as just Woods.


Woods, Johnny (USA)

Pavilion (2020)

Synthesist from New Mexico who prefers to work in an analog environment (mostly Buchla equipment) with playful, minimal, melodic and sequencer-based results. A very nice EM.


Woods, Marcus (Ireland)

Self-Portrait (2021)

Dublin-based artist who combines ambient compositions with slight influences of trap, vaporwave and more.


WoolieBuGGer (USA)

INTERSTELLAR ODDITIES: Selections From The Interstellar Gallery (2022)

From darker cosmic moods to soft techno beats and pretty basic sequencer material. A project of Eric Holub.


Woollacott, Mark (UK)

A Calm Light (2007) (recorded in 2003)
Ocean Splendour (2007)

Writer and composer of symphonic, melodic synth music.


Woosey, Dominic (Germany)

Straylight (1992)

Ambient, but Berlin School-ish music from the artist who had previously worked on trance projects. Released on Recycle Or Die label.

See also: Mysteries of Science, Neutron 9000.


Wörc (Germany / Japan)

Hidden Dialogue (2020)

Experimental, at times playful music with a focus on modular synth improvisations from this Dusseldorf-based duo.

See also: Oshio, Shunsuke


Word Salad (Sweden)

Vintervågor (2019) (S)

Modular synth sculpting. A bit rudimentary, but with some sections that create a nice mysterious or playful feeling.


Wordclock (Portugal)

Endless (2014)
Self Destruction Themes (2015)
Heralds (2017)
A Greater Bliss (2021)

Excellent melancholic soundscapes with neo-classical influences from Pedro Pimentel.


Work of Honour (Netherlands)

Brains (1984)
Psychophonique (1984)
Weather Report (1984)
Moonrise (1984)
Atmosphere (1985)
Touch-Inn (1985)
Back On 1986 (1986)
Summerseasons (1987)
Convulsion of Nature (1987)
Het Grote Wonder (1987)
EKS (1988)
Opera EKS (1988)
Back On '86 - '87 (1988)
Honourable Working (1989)

See also: Mindsearch / Mindsearch's Revenge, Phochos, Haags Timmerbedrijf.


World Circuit (UK / Iceland)

Desolate Snow Roads (2021)
Volume One (2021) (with Autumn of Communion)
nətɪvɪti (2022) (with Autumn of Communion)

Ambient project (Lee Norris and Árni Grétar) with downtempo rhythms and a 1990's vibe by way of acid TB-303 lines and voice samples.

See also: Nacht Plank, Futuregrapher.


World Switcher (???)

宇宙の熱帯雨林 / 彼女の頭は雲の中にある (2019)

Moody cyber / utopian ambience. Long tracks.


World Untouched By Mankind (USA)

The Forests Are Old With Grief (2018) (recorded in 2004)

Repeating ambient melodies. Sort of dungeon synth-like.

See also: Procer Veneficus


World Wild Web (France)

Microcosm (2023)

Varied melodic / rhythmic synth tracks from this French artist residing in Berlin. Often with a 1970's / 1980's library music feel.


Worlds Collide (USA)

Portal (1998)

Worlds Collide is the musical project of USA, Texas-based artist John Eargle. There are many influences felt in his work, but mostly melodic Electronic Music, progressive rock and classical music. If you like a melodic combination of electronics and guitar (or sampled alternative thereof), give Worlds Collide a try.


Worms & Bugs (USA)

Container (2017)

Austin, Texas-based duo of Scott Brackett and Chris Wellock. Melodic, retro-futuristic, nostalgic, analog, chiptune-ish music with electro influences.


Worms of the Earth (USA)

The Whores of Carcosa (2008) (EP)
The Angels of Prostitution (2008)
Celestial Malaise (2009) (with Roto Visage)
The Lesser Ophidian Gate (2010) (EP)
Anāgāmi (2012)
Azal'ucel (2013)
Sitra Achra (2015)

The Nightside of Creation (2016) (EP)
Netjer (2019)
Kheri-Habet (2023)

Intense, dark soundscapes from Washington DC. Often with tribal percussion, pounding drums and / or choirs.

See also: Aetherium Nebula


Wormwood (USA)

My Two Minds Become Air (2020)

A duo of Andrew Wenaus and Christina Wilatt with an electronic / electroacoustic sound. Toy-like melodies, some processed vocals, subtle sequences... Pretty moody stuff.


worriedaboutsatan (UK)

Blind Tiger (2019)
Revenant (2019)
Time Lapse (2020)
Europa (2020)
Circles I (2021) (S)
Providence (2021)
Bloodsport (2022)
Glass Infinites (2022)
Falling But Not Alone (2023)
I Hope You Like the Bundesliga (2023)
The Pivot (2023)
The Clouds Just Eventually Roll On And No-One Remembers Anything (2023)

Bradford-based project of Gavin Miller, working under the utterly useless and completely non-descript "electronica" banner (which I hate), with elements of post-rock. On Europa, you will find lots of material that will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient and even more active forms of Prog EM. The music is very nice overall. Time Lapse is mostly interesting for the sequencer-driven tracks "A Lost History" and "Twin". Revenant has some killer EM material as well (like the opener for instance). Actually, the whole album is very EM and very good. An artist to keep an eye on.


Worst Night Ever (USA)

Sound the Tracks (2020)

Murky, soundtrackish electronics with some street noises mixed in. Sometimes noisy, sometimes ala vintage horror synth scores. A project based in Queens, New York.


Worthington, James (UK)

Eight Pieces For Mixture-Trautonium (2017)

Haunting, classically-inspired compositions for said instrument.


Wöstheinrich, Bernhard (Germany)

Down On Earth (1998)
Live In Düsseldorf (2006)
Arcadia Borealis (2009) (with Erik Wøllo)
Weltenuhr (2014) (with Erik Wøllo)
Ambidextrous Sun (2014) (with Erik Emil Eskildsen)
Live At the Gatherings (2015)
Elsewhere (2018)
Genre (2023)

The 2006 live album by one half of the Centrozoon duo contains two lengthy sets of music. The first part is breathtakingly beautiful, with rich synth chords and ethereal pads. Very unearthly and corresponds well with the image on the cover (a futuristic city floating in the air). Little by little, more experimental sounds appear and totally substitute the synth pads. However, it's not long before we return to the atmosphere of the first part, with an added rhythm and some complimentary textures. A solo can be heard and overall you get the feeling of walking in some futuristic garden under the dome of the floating city. This music is impossible to describe, it should be experienced. How to pinpoint it? Well, I'd say a mix of Ambient and Experimental would do, but the texture and feel are totally unique. The section is followed by a few closing minutes filled with relaxed sequences and subtle pads. Great pulsating Berlin School-like music that reminds me on some Software material. Part 2 starts with strange sequenced sounds and a deep synth pad. The track then progresses to include a lengthy melodic section that's very special - simple melodic content and at the same time very effective and emotional. Great stuff! Little by little the music becomes more gentle, with only synth pads, subtle bass pulses and a few complimentary sounds remaining. Jumping melodic line is introduced, completing the picture. We finish with etheral pad section similar to that which started this live set. Overall, it's a nice (and rather soft) EM track. Good album (sometimes even excellent).

See also: Redundant Rocker, The, Centrozoon, Show of Exaggeration, TaboTago.


Wostyn, Pierre (France)

Nebulose (1986)

Rare electronic LP, supposedly in melodic / rhythmic style.


Wouden, Rene van der (Netherlands)

Pro Sequentia (2005)
Alchemia (2006)
Recreation (2007) (recorded in 2004)
Kaleidoscopic Surrealism (2007) (recorded in 2000 - 2003)
Altostratus / Cirrostratus (2007) (recorded in 1999 - 2002)
Universal Quiet (2008)
Sequential Tourism (2008)
Numerus Fixus (2009)
Kaleidoscopic Surrealism And Other Colors (2009) (recorded in 2000 - 2009)
Panorama (2010)
Fixus Naturalis (2010)
Soledad And Other Dreams (2011)
Zeppelins! There They Go (2011)
Earth Festivities (2013)
Sounds of Movement And Motion (2014)
Picture of An Indian Summer (2014) (EP)
Portals of Gaia (2014)
Frozen Spectacles (2015) (recorded in 1999)
Cloud Atlas: Altostratus Cirrostratus (2015)
Stargazer (2015)
BauRauM (2015)
Trust (2017)
Atmospherics In A Nutshell (2018)
Memory Lane (2018)
Dreamspace (2018)
Assurance (2018)
Sounds of Silence (2020)
Cinnamon Horizons (2020)
A Night At the Manor (2020)
Return of the Stargazer (2020)
Dhammapada (2020)
Astromen (2020)
Luftraum (2021)
Electronic Improvisations On Shimmer Winter Days (2021)
Retrospective 1: Gruga am Mittag (2021)
Retrospective 4: Somewhere (2021)
Retrospective 5: Paradise Garden (2021)
Late October And Early November Afternoons (2021) (recorded in 2013)
The Moonstone (2023)

Dutch synthesist. The album Pro Sequentia consists of five tracks named "Prosa 1", "Prosa 2" etc. The first part begins with serene symphonic synth pads and abstract noises. At around the 2 minute mark we get the first sequence and then another one. Shakuhachi flute can be heard that gives this track an oriental flair. A 4/4 beat then enters the stage, providing a modern age to what started like an out-and-out retro number. We then get lots of melodies so those who enjoy melodic EM should dig this. The track ends with subtle pads and soundscapes. For some reason it all reminds me on 90's Tangerine Dream, although with better arrangements and more interesting sounds. "Prosa 2" has an excellent start with subtle hummings and some out-there sounds. A wonderful soundscape that feels like being in a parallel world or in a faraway star system. This is in completely different style compared to the first track and I welcome these changes with both hands. A lone melody is playing on top of wind sounds. Mournful, even a bit tragic mood permeates this piece. A bell sound adds to the funeral-like atmosphere. A musical equivalent of a transition to another world is the only analogy I can think of at the moment. However, it suddenly erupts with a bass sequence and some melodic motifs with even a bit of mellotron flute in there. A rhythm then kicks in and takes things closer to dance territory, with insistent melodic theme and some tight soloing. The track closes with a dramatic pad section and effective piano sequences. "Prosa 3" is the longest track of the lot. We hear some pads and a melodic theme that just wanders along. Relaxing, but very emotional stuff. Substantial changes come after 8 minutes when an Enigma-like rhythm kicks in, along with some resonating fast-paced bass pattern, while melodic meandering solo continues to cast its spell. Different themes appear towards the 12 minute mark, along with more intense backgrounds and some additional effects. All then calms down for an atmospheric interlude. Closing this track is another upbeat sequencer-based section with multiple pulsations coupled with a rhythm and some solo synth. The fourth track is dominated by major chords, therefore being much more uplifting than most of what's come before. Sequences do come in after three minutes into the track, making this another urgent rhythmic number. My only gripe are the sounds that on this particular track sound somewhat unimaginative and way too thin. The sequences are ok, but the surrounding sounds / solos I'd prefer more punchy and bold (and more wooden if you know what I mean). On "Prosa 5" Rene serves us with some synth pads playing uplifting melodies. Then a sequenced section appears with some cheesy brass & flute leads. Another atmospheric part with synth pads and barely heard effects comes next. Then, noisy sequence echoes in the distance that is joined by yet another one and another one in the bass register. Thus, we motor along on top of the most energetic section of this track that eventually closes with sea sounds and various effects. The last section is rhythmic but laid-back, with nice melodies. Overall, Pro Sequentia is a fine album that perhaps relies a bit too much on digital synthesizers for my liking. However, own preferences put aside, I'd say this album will be enjoyed by those who like melodic / sequenced Electronic Music with varied moods and a classical influence in there as well.


Wounds (Poland)

Winter Ambient Works (2010)
Concrete / Wound (2015) (with Concrete/Field)
Man As A Prism (2017)
Clinomania (2017)
Up In the Starry Ether (2018)
Flows (2020)
Concrete/Field Wound II (2021) (with Concrete/Field)
Clinomania (2022)

Moody ambient compositions from Bartosz Szturgiewicz, with just a touch of glitch and guitar drone.


Wøunds (USA)

There's No Truth (2021) (with Princess Haultaine III)
No Beauty In the World (2022)

Mostly ambient material, with some glitchiness and playlful modularness.


Wouters, Hero (Netherlands)

Fiction (1981)
Laios / Een Zaak van Leven of Dood (1986)
Een Fictieve Muzikale Ruimte (1992)
Cosmic Frequency Music (2002)
Aandegrondtonen (2003)
Death of Komarov (2006)

Hero Wouters is a reseracher of vision-sound interactions and composer who used to give classes of electronic music in The Hague. He also composed music for film and theater out of his studio in Amsterdam. These two albums (one LP and one cassette) gather various pieces composed by Hero Wouters for several films. Music for Een Zaak... was re-released on LP in 2007.

See also: Panta Rhei


Woznicki, Paul (USA)

Melting Planet (1979)
Woz (1981)
Fiend (2023) (soundtrack)

A very interesting synthesist who makes sort of experimental and minimal Electronic Music. Paul Woznicki has been active on the scene since the 1970's, exposing audiences to new techniques, from unusual types of synthesis to home-built robots, galvanic skin response and computer interfaces. He is also noted for several unusual performances during the late 1970's / early 1980's, as well as his soundtrack work.


Wraith (Canada)

Destruction Supercharge (2022)

Upbeat, energetic "darksynth" / synthwave stuff. Fans of melodic EM may also check this out.


Wrath of the Weak (USA)

Alogon (2008)

Atmospheric black metal from Buffalo. Alogon features a purely ambient track - the 20-minute "Epilogue".


Wray, Christopher (UK)

SolaceScape (2001)
Dreamers (2002)
FutureScape (2003)
Dreamers Two (2004)
The Ambient Sphere Project (2005)
The Time Bell (2006)
Sound Commandos (2006) (with Colin Mansfield)
Berlin (2008)
Retrospect (2009)

EM with melodic and cosmic stylings. Christopher J. Wray has been creating music since 1987.


Wreath (USA)

Green Wall (2022)

Ambient project from Boston, MA.


Wrecked Lightship (UK)

Drowned Aquarium (2022)
Oceans And Seas (2023)

Bass-heavy, at times dubby, experimental electronics from the duo of Adam Winchester and Laurie Osborne.


Wretched Lament (USA)

A Portrait of the Plague Age (2021)

Extremely immersive and quite effective ambient electronics inspired by the dark ages of Europe.


Wright, Ben (USA)

The Golden Hour (2020)

Ambient with pretty much a classic sound, similar to Steve Roach, Eno, etc.


Wright, Clive (USA)

A Song For Lost Blossoms (2008) (with Harold Budd)
Candylion (2009) (with Harold Budd)
Little Windows (2010) (with Harold Budd)
Taqsim To Antlia (2010)
Live Ambient 2: Starjam Beta, Les Nuages de Paris (2011)
Deluge Live Ambient 3 (2011)
Spoke (2012)
Live Ambient 4 (2013)
Expansive Meditation 432 hz (2017)
Duet With Plants (2018)
Duet With Plants II (2019)
Breathe (2020)

Ambient musician and Harold Budd's collaborator on a few works. His main instrument is the guitar coupled with a guitar synthesizer.


Wright, David (UK)

Reflections (1989)
Romancing the Moon (1990)
Waiting For the Soundtrack (1991)
Marylinmba (1991)
Between Realities (1992)
Ocean Watch (1993)
Moments In Time (1994)
Albania - The Korçë Project (1994)
Dissimilar Views (1995)
Live At the London Planetarium (1996)
Blue (1996) (with Robert Fox)
Three-Six-Zero (1998)
Walking With Ghosts (2002)
Continuum (2004)
Deeper (2005)
Tenth Planet (2006)
Momentum (2008)
Dreams And Distant Moonlight (2008)
Shifting Sands (2009) (with Ian Boddy)
Sines of Life (2009)
Trinity (2010) (with Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock)
In Search of Silence (2011)
Connected (2012)
Christmas Variations (2012)
Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1 (2014)
Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 2 (2015)
Prophecy (2017) (with Carys)
The Phantom of the Opera (2017)
Stranger Days (2018)
The Reflecting Sky (2020) (with Stephan Whitlan)
The Lost Colony (2021)
Oracle (2023) (with Carys)

Very melodic music that reminds on the 1985-1990 period Tangerine Dream. It was David Wright who founded the AD Music label in 1989. Around the same time, he started releasing solo works, first on cassette and then switching to CD in the 1990's. David's early works were published by P.O.E.M. Musikverlag (Klaus Schulze's publisher).

See also: Code:Indigo, Callisto.


Wright, Justin (USA)

Light Poured Out of Our Bones (2011) (with Aaron Martin)
Sorcerer of Sound (2015)

The man behind Expo '70 with his solo compositions that focus on experiments with analog synthesizers (on Sorcerer of Sound).

See also: Expo '70, Blazing Worlds.


Wrinklemüzik (USA)

Wrinklemüzik (1981) (S)

Subtitled "Experimental music for electronic guitar and synthesizer". This small 7" record features music seemingly informed by the minimal synth style. Side A has minimal repetitive analog synths and drum machines with strange signing, while flip features two instrumentals - one more or less in the style of the first track and another more experimental. Behind this project is one Kenn Lowy.


Wrong Signals (UK)

However, the Joke Became Serious (2014)
Chagrin (2021)

Experimental synth soundscapes, sometimes sequencer-based.


Wrong Water (Russia)

Dozen (2018)

Experimental synth music inspired by Bruce Haack, Mort Garson, Delia Derbyshire and other pioneers. Wrong Water is Eugenii Fadeev from Saint-Petersburg.


Wubworld (UK)

Re:Define (2012)
Wubrhythm (2013)
The Chroniclers of Ruuun (2015)

Wubworld is a computer-based project of Glen Wiffen who mixes atmospheric / cosmic soundscapes with some kraut-influenced, free-flowing improvised guitar rock.


Wulgata (Poland)

Nag Hamadi - Unfinished Story... (2005)
Ressurection of Those Days… A Third Book Has Been Written (2009)
Fourth Journey Into The Heart of The Ancient (2010)
Hand of Miriam (2011)
Black Flowers of The Pangea: The Last Voyage (2021)

Dark Ambient with subtle industrial and tribal elements.


Wume (USA)

Distance (2011)
Maintain (2015)
Towards the Shadow (2018)

Wume is a Baltimore-based duo of Albert Schatz (synths) and April Camlin (drums). There's something of a quirky Kraftwerkian vibe to some of their music and overall it's nice material for lovers of warm analog electronics full of sequences and arpeggios, as well as those of cozy synth melodies. The real drums also give a different edge to the music. Very nice.

See also: Altered States, Functionary.


Wunderwerke (Germany)

Cosmos Under Water (1995)

Music by the same team that did the Supersempfft and Roboterwerke albums (Dieter Kolb and Franz Aumüller). A mix of floaty ambient tracks and gently rhythmic in New Berlin School style.

See also: Supersempfft


Wunndermann (USA)

Everybody's Ethnic (1986)

Electronic Music from the duo of Dwight Loop and Arnold Bodmer.

See also: Loop, Dwight


WUR (Switzerland)

The Anachronist (2022)

Rough, apocalyptic electronic compositions marrying the extreme sounds of industrial and cosmic analog touches. WUR is a duo based in the Zurich area.


Würden, Max (Germany)

ORTLOS (2002)
Mi Raccomando (2011)
Or Lost (2012)
Transit (2016)
Just A Wave Away (2017)
Feinherb (2017) (with Thore Pfeiffer)
Momentum (2018)
Format (2019)
Script (2021)
Landmark (2023)

Cologne-based ambient musician with strong electro-acoustic influences. He uses lots of samples and unlikely objects together with synthesizers and other electronics for a moody, atmospheric, at times slightly dubby sound.


Wurman, Hans (Austria)

The Moog Strikes Bach (1969)
Chopin a la Moog (1970)
Comic Carmen (1976)
Electric Nutcracker (1976)

Austrian-born musician (1922 - 2001) who resided in the USA. He was part of the "moog pop" fever, releasing a few wacky albums with synth versions of classical compositions, following the footsteps of the pioneering work of Walter / Wendy Carlos. His approach was more akin to that of Japanese Isao Tomita, though, using a lot of strange, cheesy and cartooney noises and textures, instead of trying to achieve perfect replicas of classical instrumentation like Carlos did. Not exactly prog EM, but deserves a place here, just like Carlos' or Tomita's work does. Hans' son, Alex Wurman, is currently a soundtrack composer who scored a few films.


Wurrm (UK)

Apotropaic (2019)

Warm ambient soundscapes.


Würtz, Frédéric (France)

Journey of Time (1988)
Temporal Side (1990)
Vision Set (1990)
Sequence Time (1990)
Worldwide of Sirius (1991) (EP)
Polygon Structure (1992)

This synthesist started to release his music on cassettes during the 1980's. He then reappeared in the New Millennium under the AEM moniker and started releasing download-only albums. His music is in classic melodic or Berlin School style. Only his physical (cassette) releases are listed. There might have been some limited CDR's as well but I'm not certain on that.


Wushimi Complex, The (Canada / Japan)

The Anon Database (2020)

Rich, melodic music with slow rhythms and a dreampunk edge.

See also: w u s o 命


Wüsthoff, Gunther (Germany)

[To|DigI]Tal (2020) (recorded in 1979 - 2007)

Solo electronic experiments from this member of Faust.



Meditations / Industry (2013)
Alienself (2014)

From experimental stuff to more accessible / sequenced electronics.


Wyatt, Doug (USA)

Weapons And Hope (1987)
Presence (1989)
Higher Forces (1991)
Accidental Beauties (1998)
Notes To Future Selves (2004) (recorded in 1980 - 1996)
The Dream of "I" (2006)

Ambient soundscapes from this San-Francisco-based artist.


Wyatt, Robert (UK)

The Animals Film (1982) (S) (soundtrack)

Robert Wyatt is of course the British idiosyncratic singer and multi-instrumentalist (and once a member of Soft Machine, Matching Mole and other Canterbury scene bands). He is also the person who plays piano on "1/1" off Brian Eno's Music For Airports. This soundtrack from the film about animal rights is completely instrumental (bar Robert's sing-along wordless vocalizing) and consists of just keyboards, drums and guitars. It's one of his most experimental works and will disappoint fans of his voice but will be of certain interest to fans of experimental music, Robert's keyboard playing or just fans of analogue synths in general.

See also: Soft Machine


Wyckoff, Michael (USA)

Bonetones: The Boneworks OST (2023) (recorded in 2019) (soundtrack)

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, synthesist and game music composer. Bonetones is a synth soundtrack with a diverse style - from rhythmic synthwave stuff to ambient interludes and pure Prog EM.


Wydraddear (France)

The Castle Above the Mist (2021)
Hermit of the Great Whole (2021)
What Remains of Weirlohen (2021)
Raw Stories & Demos (2021)
Were Drowned In the Flames (2021)
The Breach (2022) (with Cavern)
The Doomwatcher (2022)
Fragments of Kingdoms (2023)
Sorrow & Memories (2023)
The Castle Above the Mist (2023)

Dungeon synth-like music with a pronounced cosmic flair and sort of a lo-fi feel.

See also: Baddoar


Wyhar Ee (France)

The Journey of the Treeman / Prodomes (2019)

Experimental electronic artist from Southern France. Tinkling, abstract sequences, melodies, etc.


Wyk, Jason van (South Africa)

Days You Remember (2013)
Attachment (2016)
Opacity (2017)
Threads (2021)
Descendants (2022)

Subtle ambient soundscapes with huge piano presence and a neo-classical flair from this Cape Town-based artist.

See also: Deepriver



Free Magick (2011)
From A Stone (2011)
Positive Texture (2011)

Free-flowing psychedelic synth / new age project from Braden J McKenna from Utah.


Wyndcrawler (USA)

Obsidian Swords For the Heavendwellers (2021) (S)

Dungeon synth / ambient project with a nice atmospheric, distant sound. Nothing too over-the-top and in-yer-face here.


Wynne, Ed (UK)

Shimmer Into Nature (2019)
Tumbling Through the Floativerse (2022) (with Gre Vanderloo)

Ed Wynne is a guitarist for Ozric Tentacles. On Shimmer Into Nature, he plays his guitar on a rich bed of rhythmic and spacey electronics that often completely take over. The whole reminds on the psychedelic / space rock style of his parent band, but in a more EM-oriented context. Nice cosmic vibes here.

See also: Ozric Tentacles, Nodens Ictus.


Wyrdlander (France)

I (2021)

Quiet, darkish, minimal ambience.


wzrdryAV (Canada)

Medicinal Circuits (2014)
Data East (2021)

Vancouver-based dub techno project (more dub / IDM than techno really). The above albums are completely ambient, though.


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