U.A.L. (Switzerland)

Short Stories (1996)

Symphonic electronics from Urs Leber.


U.B.O. (USA)

Contact (1998)

Dwight Loop's ethnic / Tribal / electronic project. U.B.O. stands for Unidentified Blinking Objects.

See also: Loop, Dwight


U.C.T.C.O.M. (South Africa)

Electronics Alive (??)

Obscure EM from Cape Town area.


U.P.I. (Italy)

Digital Memories (??)
The Grid (??)

Nat Amigoni.

See also: Sonic Theatre, The, U.P.I., Virtualmind.


Uaxactun (Belgium??)

Uaxactun (2016) (S)
Saklaktun (2016)
At the Heart (2017)
Drawn On A Clay Vessel (2019)
Conflict & Communion (2019)
Unwithered Memories (2019)
The Promise of Life (2020)
Growth & Form (2021)



Ubiks (Chile)

Ciudad Submergida (2020)

Instrumental rock trio with krautrock and EM tendencies.


Ubre Blanca (UK)

Polygon Mountain (2013) (S)
Terminal Island (2014) (S)
The Sadist (2015) (S)
Rhizome (2023)

Glasgow-based duo of Andy Brown and Joel Stone. John Carpenter / Goblin horror synth revivalism on The Sadist. General synthwave / EM pastische on earlier 12-inchers. The use of real drums is somewhat refreshing for this type of music.


Ubunanna (Japan)

Arabian Holography (2011)

Synth soundscapes from Ichihana Takahashi out of Tokyo. Experimental, minimal and cosmic trends dominate the compositions. Sometimes the sound gets rather shrill and grating but at other moments the author makes forays into Planetary Unfolding-like cosmic bliss (as on "Ten", for example), although not that smooth and refined. Overall, this is for adventurous EM fans.


UCC Harlo (USA)

United (2019)

A project of New York-based Annie Gårlid. She combines her voice with classical instrumentation and electronics.


Uchiyama, Naohito (Japan)

雪と電気 (2021)

Sapporo-based musician, generally focusing on deep house rhythms. The above album from 2021 is completely beatless, though, and closer to sequencer-based Progressive Electronic. Some nice sounds and moods here.


Ucho (Poland)

0004 (1999)
Mycobacterium (2002) (S)

Dark Ambient from Rafal Detkos and Marek Rybicki.

See also: Solaris, Rybicki, Marek.


uchOff (Czech Republic)

Akímo (2018)

A project of David Baránek. Long, looping, repetitive tracks with synths, guitars, drum machines and self-built kalimbas. There's a strong post-1990 Ashra feel to this music, with also a touch of Oldfield perhaps.


Udder Milk Decay (UK)

Take A Teat (1981)

Obscure release with experimental electronics ala Cluster, Schnitzler, Seesselberg, etc. Music by Tim Hunkin and Jim Hunkin, it says on the sleeve.


UFO (Norway)

The Soundtrack (1995)

See also: Unveiled


UFO Hawaii (Germany)

Psychelektrik Dadakraut (2020)
Von Aalräuchereien bis Zylinderstifte (2022)

Varied Berlin-based experimental rock project. Psychelektrik Dadakraut is a hybrid EM / kraut work. Ditto for Von Aalräuchereien bis Zylinderstifte, although it is more diverse, with pop, folk and NDW elements.


UFO Nurse (France??)

Màquina Indignada (2020)

Varied synth compositions, mostly dark and stark, rhythmic and / or industrial-like.


Ufocus (Netherlands)

Guidance For the Puzzled (2016)

Danny Wolfers, Danny Wolfers, Danny Wolfers everywhere. I mean, this guy is just tireless. Is he like the most prolific producer of electronic-related musics today? Hardly, but he is certainly aiming at a record here, inventing another moniker for one of his countless productions, as a large part of his pseudonyms do not even have any EEM entry whatsoever. Granted, this one here also narrowly escaped a non-inclusion, being deeply informed by the club / dance / techno / electronica scene. The title track, though, made me decide in favor of another one-track inclusion. With a bubbly sequence and lots of nice warm synths, how couldn't I? File under EM-related (very remotely EM-related) and tread with caution.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Falckenhaus, Franz, Smackos, Weltman, Klaus, Phalangius, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Knutson, Saab, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.



Aliens Are Real (2023) (recorded in 2018 - 2022)

Gentle cascading synths in a meditative mould. I can hear some Laraaji, Iasos, Steven Halpern vibes here.


Ugasanie (Belarus)

Kolyma (2012) (with Abstinentiadivinorum)
The Edge of the Earth (2012)
White Silence (2013)
Call of the North (2014)
Eye of Tunguska (2015)
Birds of Naukan (2015) (with Creation IV)
The Dark Side (2015)
Border of Worlds (2016)
The Breath of Antarctica (2018)
Abysmal (2018) (with Xerxes the Dark)
Arctic Gates (2019) (with Dronny Darko)
Freedom And Loneliness (2020)
Dark Source of the North (2022) (with Dronny Darko)

Dark Ambient from Pavel Malyshkin, inspired by nordic nature and traditions of Arctic people.

See also: Polterngeist


Uggeri, Matteo (Italy)

The Distance (2008) (with Alessandro Calbucci)
Autumn Is Coming, We're All In Slow Motion (2010) (with Andrea Ferraris and others)
Fields of Corn (2012) (with Bob Corn)
Pagetos (2012) (with Luca Mauri and Francesco Giannico)
Batalha (2013) (with Nuno Moita)
Four Steps On Points (2013) (S)
Untitled Winter (2014)
In the Other House (2014) (with Deison)
Beyond Time (2016) (with Maurizio Abate)
Open To the Sea (2017) (with Enrico Coniglio)
Grandpa (2017)
Words Delicate Flight (2018) (with Luca Bergero)
The Next Wait (2019)
Bureau (2020) (with Giulio Aldinucci)
The Soundtrack of Your Secrets (2022) (with Andrea Bellucci)
All the Way Down (2023)
Ottoman (2023) (with Riccardo Sinigaglia,
Silvio Linardi and Ruggero Tajé)
My Happiest Consumption (2023)

Ambient composer who uses both acoustic / electric instruments and electronics.

See also: Barnacles, Hue.


Uhl, André (Germany)

I Hope the Roof Flies Off, And I Get Sucked Up Into Space (2017)
Relax And Implode (2020)

Experimental, but playful synth compositions.


Uhlrich, Marc (???)

Ophelia (1980) (S)
Latitude (1981)


Uhushuhu (Russia)

Äëèííûå ïåñíè ïðèÿòíûå ñëóõó (2014)
Geoscience (2015)
Onega (2015)
Âîëíû ñåâåðíîãî âåòðà (2016)
Δ (2016) (with Creation VI)
Bones & Drones (2019)
Zoa (2019)
Óãîìîí (2020)
Snegi / Reki (2020) (with w i i)

Long, hypnotic ambient tracks.

See also: AOOM, Petrograd Drone Gathering.


Ujjaya (France)

What We Know About the Unexpected (1996)
De Retour (1998)
Le Maitre des Carrefours (2004)
Something Happens (2005)
Arunachala (2011)

Ambient soundscapes from the Steve Roach school of thought by French artist Hery Randiambolona.


Ukab Maerd (USA)

The Waiting Room (2010)

Electronic project of Gayle Ellett and Chuck Oken Jr. (both from Djam Karet). This album features processed guitar loops from Richard Pinhas.

See also: Djam Karet, Maskit Chamber, The.


Ukrivolsa (Poland)

Ukrivolsa (1999)
Credo Quia Absurdum (2000) (S)

Demo cassette with quite basic ambient synthesizers from Poland.


Ulaan Janthina (USA)

Ulaan Janthina (Part 1) (2020)
Ulaan Janthina (Part 2) (2020)

Steven R. Smith's project in melodic / ambient synth / guitar multi-instrumental mould.

See also: Smith, Steven R.


Ulbrich, Lutz (Germany)

Luul (1981)
Luul Und Ich (1983)
Mond Von Moabit (1996)
Ahoi! (1997)
Kurzmusiken (2001)
Damenbesuch (2004)
Spielmann (2008)

German musician, member of Ashra and Agitation Free. His first solo album features Chris Franke of Tangerine Dream taking care of the sequencing and drum programming. Overall it's said to be on the commercial side. These days it's pretty hard to get hold of. Kurzmusiken contains short unreleased pieces done with different purposes (for commercials, documentaries etc.). They are mainly floating electronics and should be quite interesting.

See also: Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra, Agitation Free.


Ulfik, Rick (USA)

Street Trash (2014) (recorded in 1987) (soundtrack)

Previously unreleased electronic soundtrack.


Ulfves, Lisa (Sweden)

Take Me By the Hand (2015)
Krautmilen (2016) (with Ätran)

Genuine krautrock vibes here, with drum machines, guitars and lots of electronics.

See also: Lisa & Kroffe


Ullrich, Keith (USA)

From the Pole To the Equator (1986) (with Charles Anderson) (soundtrack)

Varied electronic soundtrack.


Ullysses & Stone (???)

Confessions of A Satan's Priestess (2020)
Vanexa (2021)

Melodic synth themes. Long tracks broken into many short sections. Rather lacking in direction.


Ultimaimagen (Uruguay)

Trazadores Magnéticos (2015)

A duo influenced by Kraftwerk.


Ultra Milkmaids (France)

I Collant Di Franco Bombana (1995)
Le Paquet Ciral (1995)
Yorjc Jyrpurporoc (1996)
Vorely (1997)
Nadine (1997)
Sheila Gripp (1997)
Mort Aux Vaches (1998)
95>97 (1999)
Peps (1999)
S[e]nd (2000)
V/S Part I (2000)
By Mail (2001) (with Imagho)
A-C Symbiose (2002) (with Telepherique)
Drone+Unease (2002) (with v.)
Basement (2003) (with Cornucopia)
V/S Part II (2003)
03|02|USA+ (2004)
Pop Pressing (2004)
At Home With (2005) (with Aidan Baker)
Lands (2005) (EP)
Oldies Vol. 1 (2006) (recorded in 1995 - 1997)
Pocket Station (2006)
Medecine (2010)
The Rising (2012) (S)
AMR (2013) (S)

Slow Arctic soundscapes, Minimal Ambient. Ultra Milkmaids is the duo of Yann Jaffiol and Rodolphe Jaffiol. Beware the IDM stylisms on some of their works.


Ultra United (Switzerland)

Research 1 (1999) (EP)
Ultra Audience (2002)

Dark, somber ambience from Carlo C. Magno.


Ultrafog (Japan)

Faces, Forgotten (2016)
For Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (2018)
Untitled (2022)


Ultramarine (UK)

Signals Into Space (2019)
Meditations (2019)
Send And Return (2023)

Ambient techno / house duo formed in 1989. Influences of Ambient / EM can be heard on some tracks of their Signals Into Space double LP (including the opener). Then there's also a companion release - the two-part Meditations, composed with calimba, processed guitar and synths. The same formula (a mixture of calimbas and soft electronics) is repeated on Send And Return.


Ultraspiritual Awakening (Russia)

Unlimited (2020)
Blurred In Time (2020)

A project of Dmitry Gruber. Long tracks of dark synths, etc.


Ultraviolet (UK)

Solar 001 (2021)

Nice and moody EM dedicated to our Solar System from this London-based project. Somewhat ambient.


Ulver (Norway)

Lyckantropen Themes (2002) (soundtrack)
Riverhead (2016) (soundtrack)
The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2017)
Drone Activity (2019)
Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven And Hell (2021)

Unclassifiable band consisting of Kristoffer Garm Rygg, Tore Ylwizaker and Jørn H. Sværen. They went from experimental metal to Ambient and strange IDM-ish stuff with dance beats and all. This soundtrack to a short film by Steve Ericsson will appeal to fans of Ambient. With ATGCLVLSSCAP, their EM influences came to the fore once again.


Ulwhednar (Sweden)

Midvinter (2013)
Withatten 1892 (2013)
LP (2013)
Om Syndernas Förlåtelse (2016)
Modern Silver (2017)
Razor Mesh Fencing (2019)

Frozen, nordic ambient sounds from Sweden. This is especially true for the two cassette releases. On their first LP, however, they took a strict turn towards the techno side of things. There are still some ambient numbers but overall this is already going too far off the road for EEM. Let's see how the project develops.

See also: Varg, Linell, Anthony.


Umanzuki (Italy)

Tropical Nature of Tiaso (2014)
Nemi (2015) (S)
Porta (2015) (S)
Andante Plumbeo (2016) (S)

Florence-based trio of Alessandro Iacopini, Brando Nencini and Tommaso di Tommaso that started in 2011 as a noise rock / mathcore band. However, they have gone through a metamosphosis of sorts, transforming into a minimal / ambient / ritual / electronic project. The EM-related works will be listed. These are minimal, repetitive, experimental and have some slight kraut influences.


Umberto (USA)

From the Grave... (2009)
Prophecy of the Black Widow (2010)
Freeze! (2011) (S)
Welcome To the Chill Zone (2011) (S)
Final Exit (2011) (S)
Confrontations (2012)
Night Has A Thousand Screams (2012)
Confrontations (2013)
La Llorona (2014) (S)
Temple Room (2014) (S)
The Child (2014) (S)
The Hook & Pull Gang (2014) (with Antoni Maiovvi)
Law Unit (2015) (with Antoni Maiovvi)
In the Night (2015) (S)
Alienation (2016)
Outskirts of Reno (2019) (EP)
Helpless Spectator (2019)
Archenemy (2022) (soundtrack)
Loveseat (2023) (soundtrack)

Matt Hill aka Umberto plays bass and synthesizers in a sludge / drone / space rock band Expo '70. He states that he is inspired by vintage Italian horror soundtracks and 80's cop movies and, indeed, his music has that special Goblin feel to it, with analogue synths galore and heavy drum rhythms.

See also: Expo '70


Umbra (Poland)

Umbra (1999)
Ater (1999)

Dark Ambient duo of eLL and Maciej Niedzielski. Not to confuse with the American outfit of the same name.


Umbra (USA)

Perish (1999)
Unclean Spirit (1999)

Dark Ambient from members of Gruntsplatter (Scott Candey) and In Death's Throes / Murderous Vision (Stephen Petrus).

See also: In Death's Throes, Murderous Vision, Gruntsplatter.


Umchunga (Iran)

Should Have Been Done By Now (2015)
The Brightest Winter Sun (2018) (with Siavash Amini)

Ambient soundscapes from Tehran, with guitar, synths and field recordings.


Umiliani, Piero (Italy)

Effets Speciaux (1970)
Synthi Time (1971)
Viaggio Nel Domani (1971)
Switched On Naples (1972)
Il Mondo dei Romani (1972) (soundtrack)
L'Uomo nello Spazio (1972)
Mille e Una Sera (1972)
Genti e Paesi del Mondo (1975)
Problemi D'Oggi (1975)
Tra Scienza e Fantascienza (1975)
Omaggio Ad Einstein (1976)
Atmospheres (1979)
Suspence Elettronica (1982)

Piero Umiliani (aka Moggi) was a well-known Italian soundtrack composer and jazz musician. He was one of the pioneers of styles such as exotica and lounge and used a lot of funk moves in his soundtracks, too. He also did a lot of library albums, some of them electronic. Piero Umiliani was one of the early users of the giant EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer. He died in 2001.


Umlaut (USA)

The Alchemist (2001)
Morpheus (2002)
A Sketch In the Earth (2003)

Ambient soundscapes from Nashville-based artist Todd Gerber (Tony Gerber's brother).

See also: Dinah Shore Jr., Room 237.


Umwelt (France)

Abandon In Place (2018)
Superior Life Forms (2019)
Fear of the Dark Planet (2021)

Electro artist opting for a beatless, sequencer-based sound on Abandon In Place. Superior Life Forms is interesting for its closing track. Ditto for Fear of the Dark Planet.


UN: (UK)

The Final Question (2012)

A project of Colin Potter and Paul Bradley oriented towards performance-based music. Long-form ambient electronics with sequences.

See also: Potter, Colin, Bradley, Paul.


Una Voce (USA)

Provenance (2003)
Butterfly Phantasmagoria (2004)
Program Not Responding (2005)
Hearts of Darkness (2006)

Una Voce is Phoenix-based sound artist Russell Foster. He creates music deeply rooted in Tribal Ambient tradition.


unbecome111 (UK??)

Approximations of Deity (2021) (S)

Varied, dreamy music between EM and deconstructed club.


Uncertain (USA)

æther: Musick For Moths (2012)
Crawling Through the Abyss (2013)
The Descending Spirals of Time (2023)

Buffalo, New York-based Dark Ambient project of Florian-Ayala Fauna.


Uncle Hassell (USA)

Bayou Bartholomew (2021)

Mostly droning ambience with some experimental touches.


Uncle Ian & The Tooth Decay (UK)

The Urban Picnic (1983)
Zulu Trumpet (1984)

An underground collective of musicians (Mark Francombe, Nick Elborough and Helen Badham) from Petersfield, Hampshire, who were friends of The Land of Yrx. Their early experimentation reflected that of their cohorts and included lots of oddly sampled voices, driving rhythms, new wave-ish synth lines and some distorted guitar. Later the group shortened their name to "Uncle Ian" and started drifting towards industrial / new wave realms, eventually dissolving in 1985.


Uncle Nofun (UK)

Station 17 (2023)

Uncle Nofun is Nathan Perry. Experimental, darkish soundscapes with a strong cinematic feel.


Undantem (Ireland)

Alterity (2021)

Pretty intense and melodic ambient EM compositions recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Undantem is Ronan Considine (originally from Ireland).


Undara (Portugal)

Traveller (2012)

Tribal Ambient influenced by Steve Roach and Robert Rich from multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician Nuno Pinto de Carvalho and a cast of guests on various instruments.


Under the Dome (UK)

The Heavens (1997)
The Earth (1997)
The Demon Haunted World (1998)
Bellerophon (2002)
Dome Roots Collection (2003)
Wot No Colin? (2003)
Over the Pond (2004)
Colin Woz Ere Most of the Time (2005)
Live @ HJ7 (2008)
Almagest (2020)
Thunder Over City Hall (2021)

Under the Dome is a British electronic ensemble consisting of Grant Middleton and Colin Anderson. I've heard parts of their 1998 album and it is very good Berlin School Electronic Music. Probably one of the best in the genre. Recommended.


Under the Moon I'm Dying (Canada)

Demo #1 - 1995 (1995) (S)
Echoes of Solitude (1995) (S)
Dream of My Majestic Landscape (1996)

Keyboard dirges in the vein of early Mortiis.


Understatement (Poland)

小圈子 (2018) (S)

This project is mostly known under its Japanese (?) name 輕描淡寫. The music is moody and melancholic cyber / vapor / urban / dystopian / rainy / neon Ambient.


Underwater Sleep Orchestra (Sweden / USA)

The Night And Other Sunken Dreams (2021)
Insomnolence (2023)

Dark soundscapes from Pär Boström and Bruce Moallem.

See also: Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Aindulmedir, Bonini Bulga, Teahouse Radio, God Body Disconnect, Grave Owl.


Undicii (France)

Ore (2016)
Resurgence (2020)

Nice rhythmic, melodic EM from France with lots of sequences. There is also a sort of an urban / jazz vibe at times. Ore is much more jazzy and collage-like, but also interesting.


Undirheimar (Canada)

Heljarr​ù​nar (2020)
Angrboda (2021)
-H- (2022)
Vardlokkur (2022) (EP)

Ritual Ambient with slow pounding drums / ritualistic percussion and lots of throat singing.

See also: Sublimatio Mortis


Undiscovered Moons of Saturn (New Zealand)

Lost In Cosmos (2004)
Forever Into Dreamless Depths (2006)
Maw of Apophis (2013)

Cosmic, Dark Space from Bard S Lofachtaar.


Undseth, Svend (Norway)

Grenseland (1979)
Windshave (1989)

Former member of jazz-rock band Vanessa, Svend Undseth is a multi-instrumentalist and saxophone player. His first album features avant jazzy stuff mixed with experimental electronics. Windshave is music from various multimedia performances.


Undulating Contours (Germany)

Music For Stolen Moments (2021)
Observations (2022)
Playground To Playground (2023)

Field recordings, piano sounds, modular synths... Pretty neat ambient material from Berlin.


Undveld (Lithuania)

The Reach (2017)
Occult & Drawn (2018) (S)
Before the Ages (2018)
Felsaad Tern (2018) (S)
Gongalo (2018) (S)
Protokol (2019)
Nopiming (2020) (with Bret Parenteau)
Figures of Past (2020)
Night Wanderer (2021)
Chrono Currents (2023) (with Rookas)
Cloud Atlas (2023)
Strange Routine (2023)

Lithuanian project that mixes techno music and ambient sounds. The closing track from The Reach, for example, will be of certain interest to fans of Ambient / EM.

See also: Szeląg


Une (UK)

Lost (2019)
Spomenik (2021)
Whirl (2023)

A duo of Mark Radcliffe and Paul Langley, who are obviously indebted to Kraftwerk, creating repetitive tracks with vocals (sometimes) and nice melodies. Spometik is inspired by Cold War era monuments and obelisks found throughout former Yugoslavia.


Uneback, Mattias (Sweden)

Voyage Beneath the Sea (2019)

Utilizing multiple chromatic percussion sounds and similar textures, Mattias Uneback creates a special brand of laid-back, easy-listening, "underwater" music.


Ünen, Nezih (Turkey)

Planet (1988)

Pretty nice melodic EM in the style of Vangelis, with touches of new instrumental.


Unexistence (Serbia)

92 % (2005)
Odjek (2007)
Morf (2008) (S)

I think it's Dark Ambient from Serbia. Unexistence is a duo of Bojadin Strumski and Nikola Ilic.


Unexplained Transmissions (USA)

+/- (1998)
Spacewalk (1999) (S)

An ambient / electronic project of Randall Nieman (Füxa). Cosmic sound. In 2000, both of the above vinyl releases were re-released as a single compact disc on Ochre Records.

See also: Füxa


Unfeeling (USA)

Neurobiological Traumatology (2021)

Dark Ambient / Isolationism from Derek Rush.

See also: A Murder of Angels, Of Unknown Origin.


Uni (Estonia)

Kosmikud (1999)
Live At Koneisto 2002 (2002)
Kosmikud II (2007)

Electronic duo from Tallinn, composed of Hendrik Luuk and Taavi Laatsit. Although this music is not exclusively infuenced by prog EM (for example, there is a very strong influence of electro), it is based on analog synthesizers, creates a nice cosmic feeling and in a way reminded me on the work of Finnish musicians from the group Nemesis. Kosmikud II basically reissues the first album from 1999 (minus remixes) and adds some new / unreleased tracks.

See also: Galaktlan


Uni Sphere (Netherlands)

Endless Endeavor (2015)
TempUs (2021)

Melodic synth duo of Rene Splinter and Eric van der Heijden. Music in the style of 1980's Tangerine Dream.

See also: Splinter, Rene, Heijden, Eric van der.


UnicaZürn (UK)

Temporal Bends (2009)
Temporal Lapse (2009) (EP)
Propeller Guru (2010)
The Dark Earth Distillery (2013)
Omegapavilion (2016)
Transpandorem (2017)
Sensudestricto (2019)
Fuse Fire Vortex (2021) (S)
Zurnica-U (2022) (S)

Darkish, experimental, atmospheric soundworlds created with some use of the classic analog synths plus some acoustic instruments and laptops. Reminds a bit on early (pre-Virgin) Tangerine Dream and other kraut pioneers. UnicaZürn is a duo of David Knight (Arkkon) and Stephen Thrower (ex Coil).

See also: Arkkon


Unidata (???)

Untitled (2017)
I solchi di Saturno (2023)

Droning and noisy, lo-fi and vaporwave-y ambience.


Unidentified (Netherlands)

001 (2016)
Mystery Cassette #1 (2018) (S)

Ambient project of Auke Banga.


Unidentified Pulsing Object (Japan)

Infinite Cosmos Travel (1978)

Rare electronic album by one Tatsuya Koguma. The author then went on to release under his own name a fusion LP filled with cover versions and seems to have resurfaced lately as a new age musician.


Unimother 27 (Italy)

Unimother 27 (2006)
Escape From the Ephemeral Mind (2007)
Grin (2008)
Frozen Information (2015)
Fiore Spietato (2017)
AcidoXodicA (2018)
Chrysalis (2019)

A project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Piero Ranalli in hybrid krautrock / EM vein.


Union-Taste (Germany)

Overflow (2008)
Change (2009)

See also: Realtime


Unique (Germany)

Boat People (1994)
Movie Without Pictures (1998)

Melodic electronics by a duo of brothers Andre Standke and Frank Standke from Dresden, Germany.


Unit 9 (UK)

Delta (1982)
Over the Moon (1982)
State of the Art (1984)
Visual Image (1984)

Library music composed by A. Hobson. As with most library releases, caution is advised.

See also: Hobson, Anthony


Unit Black Flight (USA)

Escape From Indianapolis! (2004)
Tracks From the Trailer (2012)
Infiltration And Extraction (2016)

Unit Black Flight is Bryan Lane, originally from Indianapolis, now residing in San Francisco Bay Area. He is a John Carpenter / 1980's synth revivalist. Most of his tracks have upbeat drum machine rhythms. However, there are also a couple of slow synth / sequencer melters.


United States of America, The (USA)

The United States of America (1968)

Psychedelic / electronic band led by Joe Byrd with Dorothy Moskowitz on vocals, Gordon Marron on electric violin and Stu Brotman on bass. It was one of the first attempts to use electronic music techniques in a rock context. Later the group split because of the tensions within the band and due to an accident where three of the members were busted for marijuana at a gig in California. Joe Byrd went on to form a new group with 12 extra musicians and released several solo albums of Electronic Music.

See also: Byrd, Joe


Units And Measurements (Canada / Germany)

Units And Measurements (2016)

A trio of Christopher Hreno, Mathew Jonson and Colin de la Plante. All three have backgrounds in techno / club music and indeed, the above album, recorded in Berlin with lots of hardware equipment, is dominated by beat-heavy, atmopsheric compositions. However, the set opens and closes with two stunning Prog EM compositions, dominated by sequences, arpeggios and fat, cosmic analog synth sounds.


Universal Energy (France)

Universal Energy (1977)

Mixture of Space and Neuronium styles from Bernard Estardy and Jean-Pierre Bourtayre. Sort of a disco feeling permeats this music so if you absolutely don't like that kind of stuff, maybe it's better to steer clear of it. On the other hand, if you like the more accessible (and even danceable) side of EM, you can check this one out.


Universal Frequency (UK)

Deep Field (2018)

Space-inspired music from James Penrose. Ranges from rhythmic / techno-ish to flowing.

See also: 4-D Traveller, Celestial Mechanics, Planetary Technicians, Piero, Gianni.


Universe (USA)

Universe (1977)

Private Los-Angeles release from a duo of Gary Paul Van (vocals, synthesizers) and Dennis Lee Askew (guitars). There are drums on this record that sound real. Musically, it is absolutely over-the-top. Imagine Hawkwind played on synthesizers and you get close. It's a space rock / electronic hybrid with Christian / space travel lyrics! Beware the vocals.


Universe, Roger (Germany)

Earth Express (2022)

Roger Universe was a pseudonym of Ulrich Mühl, a late German synthesist (who passed away in January, 2022). He started making music on his home computer in the 1980's. After this period, he gathered enough instruments for a home studio and more professional production. The work on a solo album started in the 2010's. His music is heavily inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre. Mixed by Klangwelt.


University Challenged (international)

Oh Temple! (2021)

A trio consisting of Oli Heffernan (bass, synths), Ajay Saggar (guitar, bass, piano, electronics, field recordings) and Kohhei Matsuda (guitar). They have something of a krautrock attitude and sound, often reminding on Popol Vuh in their cosmic and / or raga phases, with also some sequencing / sampling combinations or Ashra-like spacey guitar / sequencer flights (like on the closer "Inside Segovia's Dream"). A rather entertaining listen overall.

See also: Ivan the Tolerable, Bhajan Bhoy.


Universo (Poland)

How To Convert Human Bodies Into Synaptic Smoke Screen (2020)

Krakow-based artist who makes analog-based electro with some influences of Prog EM.


Unkle Velvet (UK)

Genetically Modified Velvet (2002)

"Generative" music made with the help of Koan Pro software. Amazingly, it sounds like a hybrid of Ashra circa New Age of Earth and some Steve Hillage (in the guitar department).


Unknown (Russia)

Equinox (1996)
Seasons (1996)
Ever (1997)
Openhearted (1999)
Unity (2002)

This is static, droning Ambient influenced by Russian landscapes and nature. Somewhat comparable to droning works of Matthias Grassow, Klaus Wiese and such.

See also: Neznamo


Unknown Me (Japan)

Sunday Void (2016) (S)
AWA (2016) (EP)
Unknown Session Vol. 1 (2016)
Subtropics (2017)
Astronauts (2018) (S)
Bishintai (2021)

Looping, somewhat new-agey Ambient from the trio of Yakenohara, H. Takahashi and Natsuki Takahashi.

See also: Takahashi, H.


Unknown Mobile (Canada)

Daucile Moon (2019)
Aurora (2022)

Unknown Mobile is downtempo / house musician Levi Bruce. On Daucile Moon, he started moving in the ambient / EM direction. Nice sequencers on "Looping Truths And Expectations".


üNN (Germany)

Delay (1999)
Relief (2000)
Electronic Music (2002)
Silence (2006)
Exit (2008)

A project of Frank Rückert, who released his music on Electrolux and then on Mikrolux sublabel. His sound is somewhere between ambient techno that was popular in the 1990's and early 2000's and more ambient forms of electronic expression. On Delay in particular, he weaves complex sequencer patterns that are as much "Prog" as they are "ambient techno". The rest of his output may be less "Prog" or less "ambient". Further investigation is needed.


Unovidual (Belgium)

Gregorica Opstatica (1980)
Blue Ninja (1983)
Vetganzen In Jacquet (1984) (with friends)
New Dimensions (1985)
Drinking Silences (1985)
Saunetic Fraction (1985) (with Michel Madrange)
Metamorf (1985)
Silent Shadows (1985)
Towers (1986)
Entropies (1986)
Synthetic Solitude (2018)

Unovidual is Henk Wallays who started as a radio DJ. After he met Peter Bonne from the Micrart group (a label - see Twilight Ritual, Autumn), he had an idea to make his own music. The work on the radio was abandoned, as all money went into buying synths and new studio equipment. Henk was influenced by lots of different artists, from electropop (Human League) to Ambient (Brian Eno, Jeff Greinke) and Berlin School (Nightcrawlers).


Unquiet Void, The (USA)

Scorpio (1998) (soundtrack)
Between the Twilights (2000)
Poisoned Dreams (2004) (with Numina)
The Shadow-Haunted Outside (2006)
In-Between (2013) (with 4th Sign of the Apocalypse)
So Comes the Yawning Darkness (2013)
Closet Space (2013)
The Secrets of Vanished Aeons (2018)
Where Black Stars Rise (2019)

Jason Wallach creates uplifting soundscapes that remind on sublime melodic Kitaro or Vangelis stuff.


Unradiant (Finland)

Unradiant (2014)

A project of Oula Maaranen. Melodic synth music with slow rhythms.


Unseen, The (USA)

Mary Soundtrack (2014) (soundtrack)
The Goatman (2014) (soundtrack)

Occult-oriented psychedelic rock / electronic duo of Klaus Morlock and Simon Magus. Some nice mellotron moments here.

See also: Morlock, Klaus


Unsettled Dust (Russia)

Formless Realm (2016)

Dark Ambient.


Unsheathed Glory (USA)

Awakening of Skyfrost Tower (2022) (recorded in 2021)
In the Search For the Lost Land (2023)
The Adventures of Sklugg & Barb (2023) (with Fen Wraith)

Dungeon synth with a nice analog synth sound and an adventure-based approach.


unTIL BEN (France)

The Ray (2016) (EP)
Ending Rev (2017) (EP)
Novaya Arka (2018) (EP)
Binaries Traveller (2019)
The Seventh Girl (2019) (EP)
Sketches of Space (2020)

Varied cinematic music between synthwave and Prog EM.


Until Death Overtakes Me (Belgium)

Deep Dark Red (2001)
Absence of Life (2001)
Prelude To Monolith (2003)
Funeral Path (2004)
Monolith (2006)
Days Without Hope (2009)
AnteMortem (2017)
Missing (2018)
They Know (2018)
Herald of Sorrow (2019)
And Be No More (2020)

Mixture between ultra-slow doom metal and Ambient. Don't know if many EEM readers find it to their liking, but at least fans of Doom Ambient could check this out. Beware the growling vocals (not much of them, really)

See also: Dreams of Dying Stars, Fall of the Grey-Winged One, I Dream No More, In the Mist, Forbidden Fields.


Unveiled (Denmark)

Crudelis Et Invictus (1995)
Silver (2000)
Winter Songs (2003)

Hansen (ex-Of the Wand And the Moon) and Kim Larsen. Dark soundscapes.

See also: UFO


Unweather (UK)

Methuselah OST (2021)

Cybernetic-themed compositions composed as a soundtrack. From vaguely melodic to abstract.


Uomo Meccanico (Italy)

L'altra Napoli (2023)

Relaxed, sequence-full music, like a version of Parallel Worlds without the darkness.


uon duh (Germany / Russia)

Europe (2018)

A drums / synthesizers duo. Freeform, in the style of early 1980's Brainticket.

See also: Bessonov, Konstantin


Uovi (UK??)

Uovi (2015)

Uovi is a diverse electronic project of M. Peach. From Berlin School-influenced to Ambient and Experimental / early FAX style.


Up Stream (Poland)

Up Stream (1990)

Electronic duo of Krystian Kołakowski and Robert Łuczak. The style is unknown at the moment.


Upper Astral (USA)

Manifestation (1981)
Journey To the Edge of the Universe (1983)
Soulmates Album (1985)

New age ensemble consisting of David Naegele, David Storrs and Robert Slap. Mostly the work of David though. It is difficult to go through their discography to find EM gems, but I've heard stuff that was interesting for sure. Still new-agey, but also EM. Manifestation is a good one for fans of early Michael Stearns. Journey To the Edge... is Space Music, mostly uplifting but also with brief darker shades. The instrumental material on Soulmates Album reminded me on Vangelis' Antarctica. Need to investigate more.

See also: Celestial Odysseys, Storrs, David.


Uppsalan Temple (New Zealand)

Shrine of the Elements (2020) (recorded in 2012)

Black metal project (Alex Mayo-Smith) that sometimes indulges in dungeon synth. I think dungeon synth is what the author was aiming at when he was recording Shrine of the Elements, but the choice of instruments (a Farfisa organ, a synth, flute, mouth harp and hand percussion) make it an odd duck among other releases in that genre. In fact, its analog warms somehow brings to mind the more pastoral forms of EM and new age of the late 1970's and early 1980's. A pleasant listen, even if nothing sophisticated.


Urano, Yuri (Japan)

Awawa (2023)

Ambient soundscapes - droning, melancholic and shadowy / dark. Sometimes noisy.


Urban Ahlin (S) (Sweden)

A Drone Over the River Kwai (2016)

A project of Essaias Wassberg. As he notes about the first side of A Drone Over the River Kwai cassette: 'I wanted to create the track someone of high status, like Urban Ahlin [Chairman in the Swedish parliament], would make if everything just went tits up and he decided to move to a house in the forest and spend all of his pension on Eurorack modules.' The results are quite interesting - immersive synth drone and nature sounds are really atmospheric. Side B is more puzzling: dungeon synth-like melodic section gives way for recorded sounds and snippets of 'primitive' dance music.


Urban Eden (UK)

Residual Tales (2022)

Ambient duo of Dominic Hemy and Liz Helman. Drones, field recordings, pads, slow melodies, noises...


Urban Exploration (UK)

Terra Incognita (2021)

A music and art collective based in Leeds. Varied EM - moody melodic themes, slow rhythms, sequences... Pretty cinematic stuff.

See also: Conflux Coldwell


Urban Meditation (USA)

20 Years In Space (2018) (recorded in 1994 - 2015)
Currents of Space (2019)
Recurrence of Space (2019)
The Dark Side of the Mix (2020)
Headspace (2022)

A mixture of ambient and rhythmic tracks in the vein of 1990's Namlook. A project of Charles Urban from St. Louis, Missouri.


Urban, Peri (UK)

Panic (1988)
Strange (1989)
A Degree of Shadow (1989)
Hang Gliding (1989)
Ground Zero (1990)
Xapuri (1991)
Savant (1995)
Static (1997)
Space Bugs (1998)
Guru Driftmeat (1998)
Closely (1998)
Layers 1 - 7 (1999)
Never So Sweet (2000)
Shadowkings (2001)
Sonic Party Hat (2001)
Music To My Eyes (2002)
Sugar Junkie (2005)

Varied music from member of Tranceport.

See also: Robinson, Stewart, Tranceport.


Urban Sax (France)

Urban Sax 1 (1977)
Urban Sax 2 (1978)
Paradise Lost (1982) (with Pierre Henry)
Fraction Sur Le Temps (1985)
Spiral (1990)
To the Happy Few (1993)
Urban Sax 93 (1993)
Urban Sax A Jakarta (1995)
Inside (2014)
Live In Pori 1984 (2016)

Gilbert Artmann's experimental project that included huge (up to 27) saxophone orchestra.

See also: Lard Free


Urbis Nulla (Italy)

Urbis Nulla (2022)

Experimental electronic duo of Paolino Canzoneri (voice, synths, electronics) and Luigi Cilento (acoustic and electric guitars). Mostly instrumental, with some spoken sections.

See also: Canzoneri, Paolino


Urenga (Hungary)

After Rain (2012)
Mu (The Lost Continent) (2014)
Symbiosis (2015) (EP)
Pacific Depths (2015)

Hybrid dub techno / Ambient project from Andras Kiss.

See also: Indo


Uriel (Israel)

Culture Shift (2008)

Uriel Yehezkel is an electronic composer known for his trance productions. On Culture Shift, released by AD Music label, he presents his own version of World Music with some downtempo beats.


Urm (Canada)

Synthphonics 1 (2003)
Synthphonics 2 (2003)
Sadu Live (2006) (with Sylken and Anomalous Disturbances)

Urm is a solo project of Jamie Todd, one half of Ambient duo dreamSTATE.

See also: dreamSTATE


Urna (Italy)

Templum Sub Terra (1998)
Lares (2003)
Stairs To Abyss (2003) (with Kranio)
Osireion (2004)
Missadquumdahle (2006) (recorded in 1998 - 1999)
Aus dem Licht (2008) (with Sindrome)
Liber Lelle (2008)
Iseion (2010)
VII (2010)
Kosmikia (2011)
Larvae (2012)
L'Angolobuio (2013) (with L.C.B.)
Nemeton (2013)
Dakhma (2013)
Cauchemar (2014) (S)
Arkaikon (2014)
Devours Me (2015)
Dead Deer Dream (2015) (S)
Ascetikon L.H.P. (2016) (with Bathory Legion)

Urna is a (supposedly) excellent Italian project of Gianluca Martucci in pure Death Ambient vein.

See also: Sagenhaft, Victorian Witch.


Urner (USA)

Exits (2022)

Modular synthesist (Isaac Pearl) with a varied, mostly pretty ambient style.


UROK (Serbia)

Chronology of Dead Worlds - Impulse 1 (2019)

Moody ambient synth compositions, often in Dark Space realms. Not bad.


Urrutia, Andrés (Mexico)

Grutas (1994) (with Fernando Martinez del Campo)


Ursich, Erik (Italy)

Ma Che Belle Musichette (1992)
La Sperimentasiun la Ga 'na Forsa de Leun (1992)
Rettangolo Nero (1993)
Morbo di Parkinson (1994)
Antimateria: Musiche per Viaggi Senza Rittorno (1996)
Soundtracks Vol. 2 (2003)
Kanashii - Il Piacere della Tristezza (2004)
Electronic Diffraction Patterns (2008)
3048 (2009)

Diverse Italian composer and analogue synthesizer enthusiast. Erik Ursich started releasing his music on cassettes in the early 1990's. However, those early recordings might be too noisy and out of scope for EEM. Further investigation is needed. So far I have included only his recent ambient works and a few of his earlier cassettes.

See also: Señor Tonto


Ursprung (Sweden)

Ursprung (2012)
En Psykonauts Elegier (2017)

Elegiac, moody, melodic, semi-acoustic ambience with a touch of winter coldness and dungeon synth perhaps.


Urth (Poland)

Shadow of the Torturer (2022)

Tribal Ambient with a dark, ritual vibe and some weird sampling work. A project of Kamil Wałęcki.


Uruk (UK / Italy)

I Leave A Silver Trail Through Blackness (2017)
Mysterium Coniunctionis (2018)
The Descent of Inanna (2019)

A duo of Thighpaulsandra (Tim Lewis) and Massimo Pupillo. Darkish synths and atmospheres. Long tracks.

See also: Thighpaulsandra


Uruk-Hai (Austria)

In Durin Halls (1999)
Elbenwald (2000)
Orcish Battle Hymns (2000) (S)
Gone With the Wind (2000)
Darkness (2001)
Elbentanz (2003)
Battle-Magic (2004) (S)
Ea (2004) (S)
Honour (2004)
Long Forgotten Tales (2004)
Upon the Elysian Fields (2004)
A Night In the Forest (2004)
Barbarians (2004)
Quenta SIlmarillion (2004)
Nazgul (2004) (S)
Songs From the Woods (2005)
The Battle (2005)
War Poems (2005)
Dragons of War (2005)
Northern Lights (2005)
Blutreich (2005)
A Vikings Journey (2006)
Across the Misty Mountains (2006) (recorded in 2004)
Tawantinsuyu (2006)
Valkyrian Romance (2006)
Lothlorien (2006)
Legacy of the Tyrant (2007) (recorded in ??)
Lost Songs From Middle Earth (2008)
A Dark Force Shines Golden (2009)
The Nazgul (2010)
Black Blood, White Hand (2010)
Cirith Ungol (2010)
The Lord of the Rings (2010)
March To War (2010) (S)
Middle-Earth Part I - The Hither Lands (2010)
Middle-Earth Part II - The Outer Lands (2010)
Death Is Just Another Part (2010) (S)
Elves & Men (2010) (S)
Darkness Part II (2010) (S)
Black Orcish Blood (2010) (S)
Wrath of the Ring (2010) (S)
Angband: The Metal Fortress (2010)
Nargothrond (2011)
Spirits From the Past (2011) (S)
Spirits From Ancient Worlds (2011) (S)
Middle-Earth Part III (2011) (S)
Power of the Ring (2011) (S)
Temperance (2012)
Emyn Muil (2012)
Return To the Green Fields (2012) (S)
Elves & Men (2012) (S)
Battle of the Southern Flame (2012) (S)
Lomg Before the Creation (2012) (S)
Dagor Dagorath (2012) (S)
Darkness 1999 - 2012 (2012)
Hatt Skogen (2012)
The Darkest Treasure (2012) (S)
Lebensende: Winter (2013)
The Uruk-Hai (2013)
A Warrior's Death (2013)
Morgoth (2013)
Balrog (2013)
...And All the Magic and Might He Brought (2013)
Uber die Nebelberge Weit... (2013)
The Mighty Forest (2013) (S)
Legends of Fire & Death (2013) (S)
The Fellowship (2014)
Songs of Bliss (2014) (S)
Holy Metal (2014) (S)
Destroyer (2014) (S)
Glaurung (2014)
Gondor (2014) (S)
Elbenklang (2014) (S)
Welcome To Isengard (2014) (S)
The Dusk, the Dawn, the Earth, the Sun... (2014)
Die Kriege von Beleriand (Teil 1) (2014)
Elbenstahl (2015)
Durin's Day (2015) (S)
Ringwraiths (2015) (S)
Follow the Wind (2015) (S)
Rehearsal (October / November 1999) (2015)
Twilight (2015)
Totenfahrt (2015) (S)
Moriquendi (2015) (S)
Rehearsal 2 (September / November 1999) (2016)
Hrossharsgrani (2017) (S)
When Orcs Die (2019)

Tolkien-inspired music from this metal-related project out of Austria. Most of the time very serene keyboard Ambient. Some bombastic stuff, too. A lot of the above mentioned releases are limited edition demo tapes.

See also: Hrefnesholt, Wach, Drachenfeuer.


Us As Effigies (Norway)

Nodula (2014)

Ambient soundscapes from this duo, mostly of the darker variety, but also bright and emotional in places.


US41 (USA)

Almost Live! (2018) (S)

Droning ambient compositions.


Usami, Keiichi (Japan)

Nature Silent (1981)
Trial & Error (1981)
Hisaichino Yoake (1982) (with T. Kamada)
Cool Dream (1982)
Fuukei Byousha (1983)
Hirusagari No Futari (1983) (with Y. Fujimoto)
Exterminator (1983) (with E. Fujinuma)
Fictive Days (1984) (with T. Isotani)


Useless (USA)

Useless (2015)
Useless II (2015)
Hexa (2016)
Octa (2018)
Useless III (2019)

Relaxed ambient drones and pads from this Georgia-based artist who also produces vaporwave music under the Vaperror moniker.


User (USA)

Between the Lines (2021)

Music with a steady pulse - rhythmic and monotonous, with subtle changes and sequencing. A bit in the spirit of 1990's ambient techno pioneers and Schulze / Namlook's Dark Side of the Moog series.

See also: Easy Rider, Dokomo.


user_ambiguous (???)

Whispers of A Dream (2017)

Emotional ambient soundscapes and gently sequenced tracks.


Usha (Germany)

Die Morgenröte (1981)

Michael Klostermann.


Uskk (UK)

Yr Hen Ogledd (2021)
Kernow Nemeton (2023)

Sort of dungeon synth-ish, but with different sounds than most DS - more focused on electric pianos, pads and synth leads, giving an almost jazzy flair.


Utku, Hüma (Turkey)

Gnosis (2019)
The Psychologist (2022)

Dark electronics, sometimes with distorted industrial beats.

See also: R.A.N.


Uton (Finland)

Mana Aurora (2016)
Gift of Love (2018)
Invisible Reflections (2019) (with Yoshihiro Kikuchi)
La Magia de la Villa Luz (2019) (with Kerali Carsi)
Devotional Abstractions (2020)
Atlantean Fusebox (2020) (with Tim Cornelius)
Miraculous Existence (2020)
Messages From the Cosmic Pattern (2020)
Behind the Scenes (2021)
Processing the Unsees, Again (2021)
Awakened Hyperspace (2021)
UNI-O-MYTHICA (2023) (recorded in 2021)
Archaic Symbols (2023)
555 (2023)

Uton is a project of experimental / folk / drone musician Jani Hirvonen. A lot of his output seems to be guitar-based and I am not sure how much of it would qualify for inclusion in EEM. However, Mana Aurora features two slabs of electronic drones and effects and will be of interest to fans of Drone Ambient and the more experimental forms of EM.

See also: Muuton Koto


Utopia Strong, The (UK)

The Utopia Strong (2019)
Alphabet of the Magi (2020)
Dreamsweeper (2020)
Ninth Art (2021)
International Treasure (2022)
Gyre (2023)

Three-piece band (Kavus Torabi from Cardiacs, Gong, Guapo, etc., Michael J. York from Téléplasmiste, Coil etc., and Steve Davis), whose main influences are classic EM and krautrock.


UtopiaXO (UK)

The Light (2009)

Varied sample / synthesizer-based Ambient from this English formation. Some guitars as well.


Uttu (Finland)

Starlight Origin (2006)

Melodic EM with touches of progrock.


Utz, Zachary (???)

Classic Rock (2012)
High Speed (2015)
Lovers Rock (2015)
Private Practice (2017)
HIGH/LOW (2018)

Moody, relaxed sequencer-based compositions with a bit of a low-fi feel.



UUUU (2017)

A project of Graham Lewis (Dome, Wire et al), Matthew Simms (ex-Wire and aka Slows), Thighpaulsandra and Valentina Magaletti. As expected, musically it is all over the place, with guitar-heavy sections, industrial, krautrock, ambient electronics and even moments of sequencer.

See also: Thighpaulsandra, Slows.


Uvegraf (Spain)

A.C.I. / Enucleación (1985)
2047 - Sala de Máquinas (2017)
Kosmoc Eve (2018)
A Laxe Modularys 2.049 (2020)

Varied EM from veteran Spanish composer Juan Teruel.

See also: García, Juan Teruel


Uvodna (Russia)

Òàèíñòâî Âðèëü (2013)
...Óâåëà.. (2015)
Ìîëîäåæíûé (2017)

Aka Óâîäíà. Siberian project in hybrid Ambient / dungeon synth mould.



Urban Mutant (2001)
White House, Black Ash (2005)
Everything Is Under Control (2013)
Anthropocene (2022)

UXB is Peter Morgan. Rich synths, rhythms and melodies.


Uytterhaegen, Boris (Belgium)

Horizontal Pitch (2021)

Ambient and modular synth compositions, with pads, analog synths, some noises... A bit dark.


Uzhur (France)

S/T (2023)

Post-apocalyptic (or just apocalyptic) electronics (made with overdriven bass, synths and drums, plus vocoder) from the duo of Jean-Charles Bastion and Romain Poirier. The music is no ambient. Instead, we get a noisy, overdriven, neurotic sound which could be considered as extension of the more uncompromising and aggressive brand of EM coming (mainly) out of France in the late 20th Century - artists like Heldon, Ilitch, Jean-Baptiste Barriere, Art & Technique, Philippe Doray, as well as modern experimentalists like Oren Ambarchi, noise music in general and UK bass. Not for the faint-hearted or EM purists.


Uzu Noir (Finland)

Zo! (2022)

This synthesist based in Kerava composes diverse EM - from sequencer to rather experimental and cosmic / cinematic.


Uzzell-Edwards, Charles (USA)

A New Consciousness (1994) (with Pete Namlook)
Create (1994) (with Pete Namlook)
A New Consciousness II (1995) (with Pete Namlook)
Octopus (1995)
Create 2 (1996) (with Pete Namlook)
Octopus 2 (1996)
Supergroup (1997) (with Thomas Bullock)
Octopus 3 (1998)
Drum Machine Circle (1998)
Enhanced Environments (1999) (with Daniel Pemberton) (recorded in 1996)
Audio (2000) (with Tetsu Inoue and Daimon Beail)
Road Trip (2018)
Barmy LSD Army / Modernised (2021) (S)

San-Francisco-based artist who's released a few solo and collaborative albums on Pete Namlook's FAX label. He mixes different styles in a collage-like sound environment.


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