T-30 Control (UK)

Beneath the White Clouds (1995)
From the Deadzone (1999)
Blade of the Sun (2002)
The Fall of Moontower Volume One (2002)
Hollow Earth (2006)
The Fall of Moontower Volume Two (2008)
Hollow Earth Recovered Dispatches (2010)
Exist (2012)

T-30 control is a synth duo of Vincent Rees and Peter Smith. On Blade of the Sun they offer a set of short electronic tracks plus one long epic called "Sunphazer Suite" that features Nik Turner doing "Blade Chant" (!) (spoken word actually). They state to be influenced by 70's German Electronic Music, Brian Eno and Hawkwind, among others. No wonder with a set of influences like this one that the music, for the most part, is of totally trippy, cosmic variety that sometimes reminds on spacey synthesizer work on Hawkwind albums, while at other times features some underlying (but not prominent) modern rhythms, really taking it all straight to Anubian Lights territory. The first couple of tracks are dominated by synthesized strings, creating some sort of dramatic effect. The beginning of the first track could be even mistaken for a 70's Klaus Schulze number. Starting from "Too Near the Sun" things become more rhythmic, technoish beats combined with strings, effects and various synth sounds, both lead and background ones. "Eternity Is Waiting" is pretty restrained, with no rhythms, but with some nice arpeggios, repeated spoken word samples and a tad melancholic mood. "Times Past" features piano playing combined with the same samples that were heard in the previous track. It's the most classically oriented piece. We are slowly climbing towards "Sunphazer Suite" and here, folks, is where we step with both feet into space! This is really the highlight of the entrire album. The whole track is rhythmless (except for some sequenced rhythms in the second part) and features otherwordly, dark, oozing synthesizers combined at some moment with Nik Turner's vocal performance. Really out-there and very much to my liking! T-30 Control is an interesting project and a must if you enjoy cosmic type of synth music. I just wish they'd step it up a notch in the sound quality department.


T.A.F.S. (UK)

T.A.F.S. (2023)

A project of Berlin School synthesist Andy Bloyce, formally in a more ambient mould, although still with some sequencing and a clear Berlin School flair. T.A.F.S. translates to "The Ambient Fish Society".

See also: Soviet Space Dog Project, The, Kubuschnitt, WEirD.


T.H.X. (France)

Telstar / Rhizosphere Suite (1978) (S)

A single, made by Richard Pinhas, perhaps in an attempt to attract a wider attention to his music.

See also: Pinhas, Richard, Heldon.


T M A (Germany)

Escape (1993)
Medusa (2008) (with Alien Nature)
Sequentrips (2010)
Hydra (2010) (with Alien Nature)
SynthsOrganics (2011)
RAL 5002 (2013)
4F Live (2013) (with friends)
Live-Solingen Artgallery (2015) (with friends)

T M A is Torsten M. Abel who was active during the 1990's. He then quit music for several years before returning in 2008. Escape contains very melodic, easy-listening music, very typical of the time.

See also: Sine Amplitude


T.M.P. (Netherlands)

We'll Meet You There (1997)
Live In Sint Niklaas (1998)
Ecliptica (1999)

T.M.P. is the project of Marc Eyckerman (b. 1958) with two other guys. Marc started with guitar, playing in groups, doing experimental, noisy sets of music. The first synthesizer followed and by the early 1980's Marc had a small studio ready for recording. T.M.P. was active from 1995 to 2000 and stood for "The Moon Project".


T.R.A.S.E. (UK)

Tape Recorder And Synthesizer Ensemble (2013) (recorded in 1981 - 1983)

Recorded in the early 1980's by 16-year old Andy Popplewell, T.R.A.S.E. was an extension of his woodwork and metalwork classes. He played a homemade synth and drum machine, while a friend provided some guitar. The music is a mixture of early 1980's synth-pop and some prog EM influences. Given the number of similar fakes that have sprung up during the last several years (how many times a supposed "archived material by an unknown synth guy" turned out to be a recent anonymous work by some musician sponsored by a synth-craze infected label?) I was a bit skeptical, but for now there's no evidence of it being fake.


T.R.A.S.H. (Austria)

Nevergreen (2021) (EP)
Tape ii (2022)
Live Rehearsal 01/24 (2024)

Nevergreen is a weird record mixing hyperactive sequencer with a lo-fi attitude and a minimal synth flair.


T.S.I.D.M.Z. (Italy)

We Are Time (2011)

Industrial / martial / noise project from Italy (T.S.I.D.M.Z. stands for Thulesehnsucht in der Maschinenzeit). We Are Time is a more restrained and ambient album that will appeal to fans of Martial Ambient.


Tabbal, Fadi (Lebanon)

Music For the Lonely Vol. 1 (2019)
Subject To Potential Errors And Distortions (2020)
Snakeskin (2022) (with Julia Sabra)
Music For the Lonely Vol. 2 (2022)
Enfin la nuit (2023) (with Charbel Haber)

Ambient compositions with guitar and synths, electro-acoustic elements, etc.


Tablets of A Sleep (USA??)

Tomography (2018)
Another (2019)
Grain For Mill (2021)

Noise Ambient and darkish synth music from this duo.


Taborn, Craig (USA)

Golden Valley Is Now (2019) (with Reid Anderson and Dave King)

Jazz keyboardist and piano player who is also interested in electronics. The above is a laid-back electronic jazz album with Taborn's synths all over. It may not be pure EM but it is often close (as on the reflective closer, no pun intended). File under EM-related.


TaboTago (Germany)

Kymatica (2018)
Simulacron (2020)

Berlin School-related trio of Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Andreas Von Garnier and Leander Reininghaus.

See also: Wöstheinrich, Bernhard


Tacet Tacet Tacet (Italy)

Embodiment (2015) (soundtrack)
Perpetual (2017)

Varied ambient soundscapes and rhythmic experimental electronics, sometimes with an electro-acoustic feel.


Tacit Blue (USA)

Dreamland (2001)

Synth duo of Chris Crabtree and Jim Rogers. Berlin School electronics with a dark edge.


Tacit Group (South Korea)

Tacit Group (2022)

A duo making algorithmic music. The results are either noisy or rhythmic and repetitive, but always experimental, although also very listenable and fun.


Tactile (UK)

Inscape (1996)
Recurrence & Intervention (1996)
Borderlands (1999)
Bipolar Explorer (2005)
Assault On M19 (2013)
Logics of Disintegration (2013)
Abyssophonics (2014) (EP) (with Esperik Glare)
Deep Immersion Electronics (2015)

Noise Ambient / Isolationism from late musician John Everall who collaborated with Coil, among others.


Tadashi Goino Group (Japan)

Messenger From the Seventh Dimension (1979)

Weird rarity from Japan, this LP released on Philips seems to be a group effort and mixes electronics, weird voices and collages with some traditional Japanese instrumentation. A good find for those who are into Experimental EM / avant-prog.


Tade (Georgia)

Go Any Place, Examine Anything (2023)

Tade Todua is a Georgian artist. Greeting the listener with Klaus Schulze-like melancholic analog synth drift, the album Go Any Place, Examine Anything departs for more rhythmic sonic lands, mostly influenced by electro. On track 4, though, it returns to ambient realms, this time opting for a more utopian / extraterrestrial biome kind of vibe. The last two tracks are a return to stiff electro / techno rhythms. File under EM-related.


Tadleeh (India)

Lone (2024)

A project of Milan-based Hazina Francia. Stiff rhythms, brooding synths, sometimes arranged in hypnotic sequence patterns, drones and sparse vocalizations. Pretty moody stuff. Good if you like hybrids of club sounds and Progressive Electronic.


Taennya (Russia)

Natural Serenity (2021)
Sorbus (2023)

A project of Tatyana Maslova from Novosibirsk. Quiet, shadowy atmospheres (sometimes with a dubby feel), low throbs and drones. Rather hypnotic and very nice.


Tafur, Maribel (Peru)

Mater: Soundscapes of Peru (2022)

Ambient composer and ex-member of girl rock band Valium. A mixture of soft, atmospheric electronics and field recordings.


Tag Cloud (USA)

Named Entities (2012)
Winter Hours (2013)
A Footnote of Sorts (2015)
Overnight (2015)
Pattern Recognition (2017)
A Few Moments of Daylight (2018) (S)
Slow Light (2019)
Slated For Deep Sleep (2023)

A project of Washington, D.C.-based Chris Videll. Pattern Recognition features slowly unfolding analog synth pieces. Nice if you like the deeper side of EM - the ambient aspects of classic-period Schulze, Michael Stearns' Serge explorations and so on.


Tag-yr-it (USA)

Predator Score (1986)

The project of Dale Stevens. The music ranges from slow spacey tracks to more rhythmic numbers.


Tagg, David (USA)

No One Came Out Last Night (2007)
Waist Deep Seas of Milk (2007)
Fundamentals of Orchid Biology (2008)
EEDCD-07 (2008)
Wind Blown Guitar (2009)
Pentecost (2010)
I Am the Wolf (2011)
Hand of Clovers (2012)
Wr027 (2012)
Leaving This Planet (2013)
Crypsis (2017)
Midnight Cloud (2019) (with John Daniel)
Language (2020)
Paean Alem Tuh'raas (2021)

Experimental musician from New York. He mostly works with processed guitar sounds and the results are usually quite ambient. However, he has also done synthesizer-based music (also of ambient nature). Examples of his synth-based works are EEDCD-07 and Wr027. There may be some others as well. The discography for this artist is incomplete.


Tagle, José (Chile)

Entre tus Brazos (2020)

Varied, mostly melodic and ambient EM.


Tagliabue (Italy)

Ultraterreno (2020) (EP)
Ambiente sonoro (2021)
Un' altra forma di vibrazioni (2022)

An explorer of vintage Italian (and not only Italian) music, Joseph Tagliabue lets himself be influenced by early 1980's Balldelli's "afro cosmic" sets, as well as vintage (or should I say, classic) krautrock and EM.


Tagubu (France)

I Don't Remember the First Time (2017) (with Klimperei)
Carrer telègraf (2020)

French keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist (real name - Denis Tagu), member of Hellbore and Toupidek Limonade. For someone who has for years been involved in the RIO / avant-rock scene, you would expect something quirky and wacky and indeed what we have here are quite complex, abstract, but also structured compositions with multiple keyboards, synths, mellotrons, etc.


Taiga (USA)

Hsheal (2008)
Flora Chor (2010)
Musikecassette (2012)
Musikecassette II (2013)
The Coriolis Effect (2014)
Musikecassette III (2014)
The Freefone Tapes (2014)

Spacey soundscapes from Bryant Clifford Meyer who is also a member of several bands.


Taiga, Jenn (USA)

Plight (2020)
Lunar Nocturnes And Esoteric Incantations (2021)
Siege (2022)
Kytonic Meditations (2022) (S)

Known as "Western Mass Synthesizer Wizard", Jenn Taiga is an electronic artist based in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He uses a multitude of analog and virtual analog instruments to compose long tracks of floating textures, sequences and solos that would not sound out of place on a Klaus Schulze album.


Taimela, Otto (Finland)

Syvennys (2018)
AAAAA (2019)
Kimmeltie (2020)
Stars & Silence (2022) (S)
Dream (2022)
Bluebird (2022)
A Life (2024)
Sunflower Seeds (2024)
Inner Beauty (2024)

Relaxing, electronic ambience with some classical influences.


Tainnos (Finland)

Taivu (2014)
Valekaunis (2018)
Kierto (2018) (S)

Ambient soundscapes. Cassette release.


Tait, Basil (UK)

Synthesized Sounds (1985)

Electronic library record.


Takahashi, Aiko (Japan)

It Could Have Been A Beautiful (2023)

Reflective Ambient in Japanese style - glitchy, microsound-ish, semi-acoustic, with pianos, soft synths, etc.


Takahashi, H. (Japan)

Sea Meditation (2015)
Where To Be Vol. 2 (2015)
Body Trip (2016)
Raum (2017)
Elegy (2018) (S)
Low Power (2018)
Escapism (2018)
Sonne und Wasser (2019)
Paleozoic (2022)
Flow (2022) (with David Edren)

Lulling, minimal Ambient.

See also: Unknown Me, Atoris, H TO O.


Takahashi, Iu (Japan)

Contour (2020)
Late In Life (2021)
Sense / Margin (2023)

Relaxing ambient tracks.


Takahashi, Juta (Japan)

Across the Flow (2007)
The Door Into Winter (2007)
Moonlit Flowers (2008)
Remembrance (2008)
Seabound (2009)
Quiet Rain (2009)
Hymn (2010)
Silence (2010)
Angel (2012)
Seabound (2013)
Transcendence (2013)
Albion (2017)
Light And Shadows (2017)
Pleochroism (2019)
Music For Urban Promenades (2020)
Music For Urban Promenades II (2020)
Gems (2021)
Miyabi (2021)
Hymn (2022)

Ambient composer from Japan who primarily works with analogue instruments.


Takahashi, Kuniyuki (Japan)

Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 1 (2018)
Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 2 (2018)

Deep house and jazz musician from Sapporo. The above is a release of archived early works that will be enjoyed by fans of ambient, rhythmic and sequencer forms of EM.


Takahashi, Masahiro (Japan)

Omnipresent Windows (2018)
Flowering Tree, Distant Moon (2021)
Humid Sun (2023)

Ambient mixture of guitar strumming and electronics (including some mellotron). Sounds somewhat related to the hauntology genre.


Takahashi, Yuji (Japan)

Y. Takahashi + M. Sato (1974) (with Masahiko Sato)
The Electric Art of the Fugue (1975)
Yuji Plays Yuji (1976)
Twilight (1977) (with Masahiko Togashi)
The Goldberg Variations (1977)
Boku Wa 12 Sai (1978) (with Shinatsu Nakayama)
Music For "Cyber Café" (2024) (recorded in 1991) (S) (with Mamoru Fujeda)

Japanese academic pianist and jazz composer whose work will be of interest to fans of contemporary classical forms. However, he did experiment with electronics from time to time, starting with synthesizers (mostly EMS) already in the late 1960's. Still, his works will be enjoyed primarily by fans of Experimental EM and the avant-garde. I've included only those works that feature electronics. Many of these follow a similar pattern - an all-acoustic side A (mainly prepared piano) and the electronic (or electroacoustic) side B. This is the case with Takahashi + Sato, Yuji Plays Yuji and Twilight, the latter featuring one side of compositions by fellow jazz musician Masahiko Togashi. The Electric Art of the Fugue is supposedly a Switched-On Bach-styled classical rendition. An interesting fact is that Ryuichi Sakamoto guests on synthesizer on Twilight.


Takahashi, Yukihiro (Japan)

Saravah! (1977)
Murdered By the Music (1980)
Neuromantic (1981)
What Me Worry (1982)
Tomorrow's Just Another Day (1983)
Time And Place (1984)
Wild & Moody (1984)
Once A Fool (1985)
Pouisson d'avril (1985) (soundtrack)
Only When I Laugh (1986)
La pensee (1987)
Ego (1988)
Broadcast From Heaven (1990)
A Day In the Next Life (1991)
A Night In the Next Life (1991)
The Adventure of Gaku (1991) (soundtrack)
Umi-Sore-Sango No Iitsutae (1992) (soundtrack)
Life Time, Happy Time (1992)
Heart of Hurt (1992)
Ahiru-No-Uta-Ga-Kikoetekuruyo (1993) (soundtrack)
Mr. Y.T. (1994)
Fate of Gold (1995)
Portrait With No Name (1996)
Pulse (1997) (with Steve Jansen)
Live 1998 (1998) (with Steve Jansen)
Colors - Best of YT Cover Tracks Vol.1 (1999)
Colors - Best of YT Cover Tracks Vol.2 (1999)
The Dearest Fool (1999)
Blue Moon Blue (2006)
Page By Page (2009)
Portrait With No Name (2009)
Live 1988 Absolute Ego Dance (2012)
Life Anew (2013)
Techno Recital (2014) (with Metafive)

YMO member. Most of Takahashi's solo output is firmly in the synth-pop / electropop mould, so I guess hard-core EM fans can forgo it. However, early works will please all fans of YMO, as they have a nice synth sound and the other two members of YMO participate, along with members of Japan. Yukihiro Takahashi died in January, 2023.

See also: Yellow Magic Orchestra


Takami (Japan)

Y de noir (1982)
Tenshikou - Y de noir II (1983)
Yume No Kirigishi (1985)

Electronic excursions from Satoru Takazawa aka Pneuma with Takami providing "vocals".

See also: Pneuma, Trembling Strain.


Takanishi, Tomoyasu (Japan)

Sleeping Woods (2000)
Mono (2002)


Takao (Japan)

V (2016)
Stealth (2018)

Bright and melodic ambient compositions that sound like light reflections on waves on a sunny, breezy day.


Takara, Mauricio (Brazil)

Mundotigre Vol. 2 (2015)
Linha d'Água (2020) (with Carla Boregas)

Experimental musician from Guarulhos, São Paulo. Previous works are interesting but not Prog EM. Mundotigre Vol. 2, though, features a set of nice sequencer / arpeggio sketches. Mauricio Takara is also a member of São Paulo Underground, together with Rob Mazurek. Linha d'Água is a weirder hybrid of Cluster / Heldon styled electronics and real drums.


Takashi, Seki (Japan)

Colors (2016)
Think (2017)
Smog Moon (2017) (S)
Faded Clothes (2019)
Olfactus (2021)

Ambient composer with a bright, sunny and hypnotic sound.


Takata, Shohei (Japan)

Electric Live Jam (2017)

Although experimental and glitchy, the live electronic jams by Shohei Takata have a slight Prog EM feel in places and will be enjoyed by fans of both Noise Ambient and those into the spookier side of Cluster or Asmus Tietchens.


Takeda, Soshi (Japan)

Memory of Humidity (2020)
Floating Mountains (2021)
Same Place, Another Time (2022)

Melodic, relaxing, rhythmic a bit new-agey music from this synthesist. Often has a "balearic" feel to it.


Takei, Yuto (Japan)

Bells From the East (2020) (EP)
Water Index (2023)

Varied synth pastiche from this Tokyo-based artist. Sometimes ambient and with soft ethnic percussion, sometimes pure sequencer music.


Takeout (USA)

North (2022)

Portland, Maine-based ambient artist who focuses on modular sound sculpting and drones.


Takieddin, Sami (Syria)

Stories (2000)
Movements In Space (2001)

Symphonic electronics with influences from Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield. Sami Takieddin was born in 1974 in Damascus.


Takla Makan (UK)

Drumlin (1997)
ArcSin (2002)
1632 (2003)
Farewell To Mount Fuji (2005)
Contour (2007)
Landlines (2009)
Kirkcarrion (2011)

Electronic Music with a classic style from Tony Allgood who modifies his instruments and has also built some of his own.


Takotamo (Japan)

Piece of Peace / 1 (2016) (EP)

Strange project mixing cartoonish synth style with a Prog EM attitude.


Tala (USA)

Mood Montage (1968)
Hemisphere Happenings: San Antonio Commemorative Suite (1968)
Immortal Dancer (1968)


Talbot Fade (UK)

My Voice Would Reach You (2017)

Hypnotic, darkish ambient soundworlds from this musician out of London also known as Yamaneko (grime / bass music).

See also: Yamaneko


Talbot, Gregory (Norway)

Recordings On An Empty Stomach (2017)

Patient drones and tape hiss from this ambient artist.


Talbot, Simon (Canada)

Sunray (2019)

Nice and warm, dreamy ambient synthesizer sound from this Montreal-based artist. Good for fans of Ambient, Space Music and related genres.


Tale of Us (Italy)

Endless (2017)

Italian duo based in Berlin with an ambient sound and a strong classical influence. Released by Deutsche Grammofon.


Tales (France)

Pictures of Asia (1996)
Stonehenge For Eternity (1997)
Interstellar Memories (1998)
Abstract Knowledge (1999)
Marco Polo (1999)
Echoes From the Last Fairyland (2000)
The Curved Light (2000)
The Seskian Wars (2001)

Quite busy Space Music. Tales is Jean-Luc Herve Berthelot.

See also: Jihel, Zreen Toyz, Elemental Noise.


Tales Under the Oak (Germany)

The Toad King (2021)
Swamp Kingdom (2022)
The Toad Folk (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Berlin-based project. Formally dungeon synth, but with a different, wacky (like comfy synth) and sometimes EM-like vibe.


Talharion (Italy)

Footsteps On Dead Leaves (2003)

A project of Raffaele Serra. Dark.

See also: Serra, Raffaele


Talk West (USA)

Bartlett Square (2024)

A project of Dylan Golden Aycock who generally focuses on lap steel guitar music. On Bartlett Square, he gives more space to electronics, although the overall feel is often rather weird.


Talking Book, The (USA)

The Talking Book (2011)
Talking Book II (2020)

Experimental electronic compositions from the duo of Billy Gould and Jared Blum. Gritty, noisy, industrial, but also accessible, synthy and Prog.

See also: Kagami


Tally, Mirjam (Estonia)

The Voyager (2016)

Varied darkish ambient drones from this classical / experimental composer.


Talmor, Eyal (Israel)

Broken Windows (2020)

Haifa-based artist who uses FM and wavetable synths, modulated filter, amp simulator and reverb to create droning, ambient, sometimes intense and noisy compositions.


Talog (Croatia)

Crno sunce iznad panonije (2014) (S)
Talog (2015)
Smiraj vjekova (2015) (S)
Talog (2016)
Ukleta kotlina (2018)
Vladavina vampira (2018)
Objava sablasne tiranije (2019)
Drakulin sud (2020) (S)
Ona kojoj tama se klanja (2020) (S)

Varied ambient project, mostly of darker variety, sometimes pure Dark Ambient, sometimes closer to dungeon synth.


Talons' (USA)

Pandemia (2010)
Pandemic Divide (2023)

Varied experimental project from Ohio. Pandemia is an electronic concept about a cacotopian society where computers control everything.


Talos (Greece)

Many Worlds Interpretation (2014)

Talos (usually written in as Òàëîñ in Russian) is an Athens-based audiovisual studio and project founded by John Sotiropoulos. A couple of earlier IDM-styled releases were excluded from the above discography. Many Worlds Interpretation, however, takes a turn towards analog-based, 1980's-influenced electronics. Comes in a nice package designed by the studio.


TALsounds (USA)

Sky Face (2013)
Medium Strong (2014) (S)
All the Way (2015)
Squid Time Continuum (2015)
Natal Host (2016)
Lifter + Lighter (2016)
Love Sick (2017)
Acquiesce (2020)
Shift (2023)

Floating, ambient, beautiful and ethereal analog synth soundworlds coupled with angelic vocalizations. TALsounds is the project of Chicago-based (although Canadian-born) Natalie Chami. Very good.

See also: l'éternèbre


Talst (USA)

Celestial Displacement (2024)

Dark Space form Rob Meldrum out of Chicago. Somber drones, sci-fi-ish atmospheres, noises... Pretty intense stuff.


Tam (Portugal)

Seis Elegias para o Hemisfério Norte (2022)

A project of João Santos. Cosmic, floating, ambient electronics.


Tamagochi, Teddy (Hungary)

Sailing On the Sea of Milk (2015)
Lagoon of Monks (2016)

Under this funny moniker hides Hungarian musician Béla Balász. The music here is relaxed, melodic and atmospheric, with some soft downtempo rhythms. Not terribly progressive but nice to hear.


Tamaki, H. & S.M.T. (Japan)

Time Paradox (1975)
Kumoino-Hototogisukoku (1979)
Zonzai-No-Uta (1980)
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1980)
To the Land of Brightness (1997)

Symphonic soundscapes with moog and violin. Full name of the musician - Hiroki Tamaki (1943 - 2012).


Tamas Laboratorium (Germany)

Living Structures (1990)
Brain Machine (1990)
Fractal Dance (1992)
Lights From Ancient Dreams (1993)
Visions of Space & Time (1994)
Stimulation des Geistes (2003)

Electronics from Andrzej Slawinski, on IC label. A lot of it is based on the ideas of psychoacoustic music (i.e. "new age").


Tamayugé (Japan / Ukraine)

Baba Yaga (2019)

Experimental duo of Maya Kuroki and Tamaya Filyavich (should be Tamaya Kuroki and Maya Filyavich I guess), currently based in Montreal. Pretty indescribable, mixing spooky electronics with strange vocalizations. Only for the adventurous.


Tambores en Benirras (UK)

Ondas Horizontales (2023)

British artist (Graham Newby) based on Balearic Islands. His sound is relaxed and sits somewhere between "balearic beat" (surprise, surprise!) and ambient EM.


Tamburo, Mike (USA)

Emperor And Penguin (2015) (S)

Mike Tamburo is a Pittsburgh, PA-based multi-instrumentalist. He mostly works with ethnic instruments. However, this mini-album released on cassette in mono, is spacey and synth-based.


Tamic (Italy)

Frost (2022) (recorded in 1989)

Tamic is Michele Tadini who was born in Milan in 1964. Varied, atmospheric / melodic EM with some tribal and 1980's stylings.


Tammik, Joel (Estonia)

In Kos (2017)
Imaginary Rivers (2018)
Rand (2021)

Sort of experimental but very listenable analog synth music from this Estonian artist.


Tamsaulė (Lithuania)

Tavo miestas (2021)

A project of Lithuanian artist Eglė Gelažiūtė-Pranevičienė. She makes kind of ethnically-spiced ambient pop, mostly with vocals. However, the 7-minute "Šokančios tylos" is a wonderful instrumental EM piece with beautiful sequencer runs ala Klaus Schulze. Sublime stuff and definitely the highlight of the album. The digital version of the album contains a bonus in the form of another EM stunner, "Why Do I Fear", which is, again, very Schulze-like in spirit.


Tamul, Jack (USA)

Electro/Acosutic (1980)
Synthesist (1982)
The Referee Has Vanished (1986) (S)
Meditative Massage (1992)
Cura Volume 1 (1997)
Dump Truck / Liberation / Pirsuit (??) (S)

Dark, gloomy and disturbing Electronic Music. A unique sound and style, often predating contemporary Dark Ambient compositions.

See also: Spell


Tan Trick (Sweden)

Just Playing With Myself, the Organ Makes Funny Noises (1992)
Arctic Introspection (1994)
Trick Tease (1995)

Carl Abrahamsson's project of frozen, Arctic ambience - pure drone in Stephen Philips / Vidna Obmana vein.


Tanaka, Haruhisa (Japan)

88 (2014) (S)
Nayuta (2024)

Ambient artist from Japan.


Tanaka, Masabumi (Japan)

Synthesizer Philharmony (1978)


Tanaka, Masayuki (Japan)

立山曼茶羅 (1982)

I think Masayuki Tanaka was a member of progressive rock band Kenso, although I am not completely sure it is THAT Masayuki Tanaka. Anyway, this is a solo electronic record that is as rare as hen's teeth.


Tangent (Netherlands)

Presence Reverts To Absence (2023)

Electronic duo of Ralph van Reijendam and Robbert Kok with roots in glitch and IDM music. Presence Reverts To Absence mixes those influences with a bit of a Prog EM sound.


Tangent (USA)

Live at the University of Maryland 1979 (1979)
Tangent V.C.O. Live January 1980 (1980)

A group of cosmic (Berlin School-styled) Electronic Music formed during the 70's by Baltimore synthesist Stuart Rosenzweig.

See also: Rosenzweig, Stuart


Tangent / Tangent Project, the (USA)

Tangent I (1981)
Tangent II (1981)
Return (2008)
Live On Star's End (2008)
Live - the Gatherings (2008)
Surface (2009)

Yet another project with the Tangent name, a Space Music band formed by Jeff Coulter and Harrison McKay. They released a few cassettes in the early 1980's and then disappeared only to return a couple of decades later as The Tangent Project. These guys mix berlinesque sequences and ambient sections.


Tangent Dreams (UK)

Pangea Proxima (2018)
Edgar's Journeys - Disc 1 (2018)
Do Androids Dream? (2019)

Electronic project (James Miller) more or less in classic style - with sequences, pads, solos, melodies, etc. Lots of Tangerine Dream allusions circa Thief / Logos.


Tangerine Dream (Germany)

Electronic Meditation (1970)
Alpha Centauri (1971)
Zeit (1972)
Atem (1973)
Green Desert (1973)
Phaedra (1974)
Rubycon (1975)
Ricochet (1975)
Stratosfear (1976)
Encore (1977)
Cyclone (1978)
Force Majeure (1979)
Pergamon (1980)
Tangram (1980)
Exit (1981)
White Eagle (1982)
Logos (1982)
Hyperborea (1983)
Poland (1984)
Le Parc (1985)
Underwater Sunlight (1986)
Tyger (1987)
Livemiles (1988)
Optical Race (1988)
Lily On the Beach (1989)
Melrose (1990)
Rockoon (1992)
220 Volt Live (1993)
Turn of the Tides (1994)
Tyranny of Beauty (1995)
The Dream Mixes (1995)
Goblins Club (1996)
Timesquare - Dream Mixes Two (1997)
Tournado (1997)
Quinoa (1998)
Ambient Monkeys (1998)
Dream Encores (1998)
The Hollywood Years Vol.1 (1998)
The Hollywood Years Vol.2 (1998)
Sohoman (1999) (recorded in 1982)
Valentine Wheels (1999)
Mars Polaris (1999)
Antique Dreams (2000)
The Seven Letters From Tibet (2000)
Soundmill Navigator (2000) (recorded in 1976)
Past Hundred Moons - Dream Mixes Three (2001)
Inferno (2002)
Bootleg Box Vol.1 (2003)
Rockface (2003) (recorded in 1988)
Dream Mixes Four (2004)
Bootleg Box Vol.2 (2004)
Purgatorio (2004)
East - Live In Berlin 1990 (2004) (recorded in 1990)
Arizona (2004) (recorded in 1992)
Kyoto (2005)
Jeanne d'Arc (2005)
Rocking Mars (2005) (recorded in 1999)
Blue Dawn (2006)
Paradiso (2006)
Tangerine Dream Plays Tangerine Dream (2006)
Madcap's Flaming Duty (2007)
Springtime In Nagasaki (2007)
Summer In Nagasaki (2007)
Booster (2007)
One Times One (2007)
The Anthology Decades - Space Years Vol. 1 (2008)
Purple Diluvian (2008)
Views From A Red Train (2008)
Vintage Years Anthology (2008) (recorded in 1967 - ??)
Autumn In Horoshima (2008)
Flame (2009)
Chandra - The Phantom Ferry Part 1 (2009)
London Eye Concert (2009) (recorded in 2008)
Winter In Hiroshima (2009)
A Cage In Search of A Bird (2009)
Booster 3 (2009)
Dream Mixes Five (2010)
Izu - Live In Japan 2009 (2010)
Zeitgeist (2010)
Zeirgeist Concert (2010)
Epsilon Journey (2010)
Endless Season (2010)
Under Cover, Chapter One (2010)
Booster 4 (2011)
The Island of the Fay (2011)
The Angel of the West Window (2011)
The Gate of Saturn (2011)
Mona Da Vinci (2011)
Finnegans Wake (2011)
Knights of Asheville (2011)
Machu Picchu (2012)
Booster 5 (2012)
Live At Admiralspalast Berlin (2012)
Live In Budapest At Bela Bartok National (2012)
Cruise To Destiny (2013)
Starmus - Sonic Universe (2013) (with Brian May)
The Angel From the West Window (2013)
Booster 6 (2013)
Josephine the Mouse Singer (2014)
Chandra - The Phantom Ferry II (2014)
Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014 (2014)
Mala Kunia (2014)
GTA 5 (2014) (soundtrack)
Sorcerer 2014 (2014)
Booster 7 (2015)
Supernormal - The Australian Concerts 2014 (2015)
Zero Gravity (2015) (S) (with Jean-Michel Jarre)
The Official Bootleg Series - Volume One (2015) (recorded in 1974 and 1976)
Quantum Key (2015)
The Official Bootleg Series - Volume Two (2016) (recorded in 1978 and 1980)
Live At Philharmony Szczecin Poland (2016)
Particles (2016)
Light Flux (2017) (EP)
The Sessions 1 (2017) (EP)
Quantum Gate (2017)
The Sessions II (2018) (recorded in 2017)
The Sessions III (2018)
The Sessions IV (2018)
Live at Augusta Raurica Switzerland 2016 (2019)
The Official Bootleg Series - Volume One (2019) (recorded in 1977 and 1979)
In Search of Hades (2019) (recorded in 1973 - 1979)
The Sessions V (2019)
Somnambulistic Imagery Volume One (2019) (recorded in 1986)
Somnambulistic Imagery Volume Two (2019) (recorded in 1986)
Live At Reims Cathedral 1974 (2020)
The Sessions VI (2020)
The Sessions VII (2021)
Probe 6-8 (2021)
Raum (2022)
Live In Reims Cinema Opera (2022) (recorded in 1975)
The Sessions Box Set: United Kingdom, Ireland 2022 (2022)
Live au Palais des Congres 1978 (2023)
The Sessions VIII (2023)


Sorcerer (1977)
Thief (1981)
Risky Business (1983)
Wavelength (1983)
The Keep (1983)
Firestarter (1984)
Flashpoint (1984)
The Park Is Mine (1984)
Heartbreakers (1985)
Legend (1986)
Near Dark (1987)
Three O'Clock High (1987)
Shy People (1987)
Deadly Care (1987)
Destination Berlin (1989)
Miracle Mile (1989)
Dead Solid Perfect (1989)
Catch Me If You Can (1989)
The Man Inside (1990)
Canyon Dreams (1991)
Rumpelstiltskin (1992)
Zoning (1994)
Oasis (1997)
Der Meteor (1997)
Luminous Visions (1998)
Transsiberia (1998)
The Great Wall of China (1999)
What A Blast (1999)
Mota Atma (2003)
Strange Behavior (2022) (recorded in 1981)

The Boot Moon series:

Live In Montreal (1977)
Live In Detroit (1977)
Live In Preston (1980)
Live In Aachen (1981)
Live In Paris (1981)
Live In Sydney (1982)
Live In Ottawa (1986)

The greatest electronic group in history was formed in Berlin, 1966. The group already included Edgar Froese at that time, but the music of that era had nothing to do with electronics. It was simply a Beatles-inspired rock group that played lyrical poppy stuff with psychedelic touches. Ok, Froese already showed his talent with the guitar, providing some excellent guitar solos, but that was the feature of the whole psych scene of the time, therefore the singles they released in 1966 (almost impossible to find now) are of no interest to EM fans musically, but nevertheless they are collectors' items and valuable historical documents. It wasn't until 1969 and Froese's encounter with Klaus Schulze, a young Berlin drummer, that the group's sound took a complete turn towards the experimental side. Before that the group has seen many member changes with Froese remaining at the core of the organism known as Tangerine Dream. The trio of Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler recorded Electronic Meditation in 1969. It was a very experimental work consisting of (pretty wild) improvisations and hardly having any structure per se. Very amorphous (even cacophonous) work which is a good representative of the early German experimental scene. After that Schulze and Schnitzler left the group. Froese was faced with the need of replacing the two with new people, so he recrouted a young jazz drummer Chris Franke (of Agitation Free) for his next album Alpha Centauri. The third member of the band at that time was Steve Schroyder. Alpha Centauri is considered to be the first electronic space album in history. A very nebulous blend of floating electronic textures and experimental sounds. Ok, it's almost useless to try to describe the music itself, so I'll concentrate on the history of the group and personnel changes in this particular article. In 1972, the group saw the addition of Peter Baumann to it's rows and the line-up of Froese, Franke and Baumann was to be one of the steadiest in the history of the group. It's the classic Tangerine Dream line-up which gave us masterpieces like Zeit, Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet and many more. 1972's Zeit (one of my favourite TD works which can be seen as the first Dark Ambient album in history) saw the brief returning of Steve Schroyder as guest musician. In 1973, Baumann left the group to travel to Tibet and the duo of Franke and Froese recorded the basic material for Green Desert which was reworked in 1984 and released only in 1986. Ok, I'm not going to tell a long story about the "Virgin" years, which would take enormous space anyway, so I'll just say that in 1973, after Froese quit the Kosmische Musik label, because he didn't want to be associated with Rolf Ulrich Kaiser's "cosmic circus", the group signed to Virgin records, then small and experimentally-biased record company and this gave the group the freedom to experiment without any restrictions and without any time pressing. Thus, one of the group's most fruitful periods began. Baumann left the group in 1977 after their lengthy American tour and Froese formed the new TD line-up adding British musician Steve Jolliffe and drummer Klaus Krüger. The 1978's Cyclone featured vocals of Jolliffe to a certain extent and the reaction from the crowd was far from being positive, although in my opinion the experiment has worked pretty well, but only if it stays as an experiment, it's not what I'd want to hear in all TD works. Later Froese would distance himself from the production of the album, although in an interview, Jolliffe says it was the idea of Froese to use vocals on Cyclone. In any case, the combination of TD's trademark electronic sound and the impressionistic nonsensical lyrics sounds pretty good, from my p.o.v., don't flame me for that :-) I generally *hate* vocals in EM but this is one of those numerous exceptions. By 1979, Jolliffe had left and Force Majeure was recorded by just Franke, Froese and Krüger. After that, Krüger left too. A young Berlin musician Johannes Schmoelling joined the band in 1980 and the second classic TD line-up took shape. In 1983, the group's contract with Virgin expired and subsequent TD albums would be released on Jive Electro and, later, on Private Music label, set up by former Tangerine Dreamer Peter Baumann. In 1986, Johannes Schmoelling left the group and was replaced by a young Austrian keyboardist Paul Haslinger. By 1988, the group already had a huge discography of both normal releases, live albums and film soundtracks. That year saw the departure of Chris Franke - to many fans, an irreparable lost. After more than 25 years of being the driving force behind TD's sound, "Mister Sequencer" left the band for good. Well, the music of Tangerine Dream has become more poppish (in fact this was the tendency which had begun already during Schmoelling's stay with TD, when Franke was still member of the group), but it was always very quality production that differentiated TD from the rest of the crowd. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the albums made by the line-up of Froese and Haslinger (Optical Race, Lily On the Beach and Melrose) are actually not bad. For instance, Melrose has some interesting ideas. The track called "Electric Lion" is probably my favourite TD track of the 1988-1990 period. It starts slowly with cute little melodies, then develops and finally Froese unleashes one of his best guitar solos, comparable to "Coldwater Canyon" from Encore although the atmosphere is completely different here. I usually prefer Manuel Goettsching when it comes to electronic guitar soloing, but when Froese sounds so inspired I just cannot resist it. It's quite powerful stuff. In 1991 Haslinger left to pursue a solo career and Tangerine Dream became the duo of Edgar Froese and his son Jerome, who already was a member on Melrose. The subsequent albums are the least interesting from my p.o.v., the 1990-1997 period containing the most bland and new age-like music TD ever produced, with sax solos and all. In 1999, after the release of Mars Polaris my interest towards the group started to grow again, this is a really strong and interesting album. I think the collaboration with NASA is a very good idea, they should continue in this direction (because space-themed albums were always something which TD were particularly good at), but please, will they finally stop recycling (and marring) their old material? I wouldn't want to hear Dream Mixes 35 or 175. Unfortunately, their post-Mars Polaris material has been rather lackluster at best. With the passing of Edgar Froese on January 20, 2015, the future of the band and the "Tangerine Dream" project name remains somewhat unclear.

See also: Froese, Edgar, Franke, Christopher, Baumann, Peter, Schmoelling, Johannes, Schulze, Klaus, Schnitzler, Conrad, Schroyder, Steve, Augenstern, Star Sounds Orchestra, Jolliffe, Steve, Krüger, Klaus, Haslinger, Paul, Coma Virus, Picture Palace Music, Wadephul, Ralf, Froese, Jerome, Loom, Quaeschning, Thorsten, Neuland, Schnauss, Ulrich, Tukico.


Tangram (Hungary)

Highway Ambience (2007)
Layers (2012)

Varied Electronic Music from Peter Fabok (Budapest, Hungary). He released a lot of internet albums that sold pretty well (for EM) but not much physical stuff.


Tangram (Netherlands??)

Early 80's synth band.


Tangram, Damian (Australia)

Solar System (2020)

Drifitng Electronic Music dedicated to the planets by this Melbourne-based synthesist.


Tanguy, Max (USA)

Free Electricity For Magnetic Tape And Live Electronic Sound (2011)

Synthesist with a style that is at the same time playful and academic. Very bleepy and sequencer-based, but somewhat dissonant.

See also: Temporal Marauder, Raglani, Bryter Layter.


Tanith (Moldova)

Silver of Heavens (2014)
Devachan (2020) (recorded in 2013 - 2016) (with Lunar Abyss)

Deep ambient soundscapes from Jurij Sophijsky who is based in Bender (unrecognized republic of Transnistria, officially part of Moldova). Singing bowls, bells, didgeridoo and electronics.


Taniyama, Satomi (Netherlands)

Portopia (2010)

Another pseudonym of the uber-prolific Danny Wolfers. Ambient and melodic compositions based on analog synthesizers.

See also: Weltman, Klaus, Legowelt, Wolfers, Danny, Smackos, Falckenhaus, Franz, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Tank (France)

66° Nord (1997)
Gunnar (1998) (EP)
Upwards At 66°N (1999)
Bedtime For Rio (2000)
Annexe #1 (2001) (S) (with Mils and Snark)
Pulsar Headlights Mass Dipped Eastwards (2001)
Rock To the Top, Rock Will Never Stop (2006)
Tank vs Monstre (2007)
Kantkino (2011)

Unclassifiable band heavily influenced by all kinds of krautrock. You can hear Neu!, Kraftwerk, Faust, Cluster, the Berlin School & a lot more in their work.


Tankersley, Bill (USA)

And I You (1984)
David Prescott / Bill Tankersley (??) (with David Prescott)

See also: New Warmth


Tanning Salon (USA)

Dream Castle (2011)

Ambient experiment by Ramona Andra Xavier, who is known for numerous projects in vapowave genre.

See also: Sacred Tapestry


Tanson (USA)

The Eventuality of Destiny (2016)

Strange mixture of Prog EM, synthwave, mutant chill-out and a unique dystopian vision from Alexander Tanson.


Tanuki House (USA)

Liber caeruleus (2016)

Although Tanuki House is Tim Gray's most techno-oriented project, EM infuences permeat this release. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Gray, Tim, Ethernet.


Tapa Paha Tapa (Finland)

Aurinko (1983)
Aurinkoko (2019) (recorded in 1983 - 2002)

This band was formed by Otso Pakarinen and friends in the early 1980's. They had the reputation of a synth-punk / prog band but in fact the music on their self-released cassette (listed) was partly synth-pop pieces sung in Finnish and partly instrumental ambient synthesizer compositions.

See also: Ozone Player, Otso, Visual.


Tapana (Lithuania)

Tapana (2013)

A project of Tomas Žilinskas, who currently resides in the UK. Between Ambient, downtempo and melodic EM of the British "cinematic" school (AD Music label et al).


Tapani Rinne (Finland)

Insider (1999)
Silent Night (2005)
Nectic (2005)
Inside the Temple (2011) (with Teho Majamäki)
Mindscape Music (2014) (with Tuomas Norvio and Hanni Huhtamäki)
Radioton (2019)
Dark Days (2020) (with Aleksi Myllykoski)
Foghornia (2020)
Open (2022) (with Juha Mäki-Patola)
On the Border (2022) (with Teho Majamäki)
Grey (2023)

Ossi Tapani Rinne is a Finnish saxophone player. Radioton is an ambient album made of processed sax and electronics. Nice mood here. Especially the closing track is good, IMO.


Tape (USA)

Apt E Vol. 3 (2021) (S)

Manic, repetitive motorik-infused trips with a lot of guitars and spacey synth mayhem. A Seattle-based project.


Tape Loop Orchestra (UK)

Onde sinusoi​̈​dale et bande magne​́​tique (2023)

Minimal drone project of Andrew Hargreaves. He often resorts to processed guitar sounds or tape loops of acoustic sources, so it's all kind of confusing, the extensive nature of his discography not helping any attempt at a classification either. However, the sine wave-based Onde sinusoi​̈​dale et bande magne​́​tique will definitely be enjoyed by fans of Minimal Ambient.

See also: Hargreaves, Andrew


Tape Moon (Austria)

Absent (2021)

A mixture of psych pop and ambient electronic tracks. Tape Moon is a project of Michael Naphegyi from Vienna.


Tapes (UK)

Not In Color (2023) (S)

Short, dubby analog synth compositions, like a look deeper into the roots of Kraftwerk's Computerwelt. Tapes is a varied (mostly non EM-related) project of electronic dub musician Jackson Bailey.


Tapes And Topographies (USA)

Tapes And Topographies (2014)
Soft Decibels (2016)
Signal To Noise (2017)
Fathoms (2018)
Insomnia Drones (2018)
Opiates (2018)
A Pulse of Durations (2020)
Inoculations (2020)
In Muted Forms (2021)
Modalities (2022)
Floating World (2022)
Mirotones (2023)

Ambient project of Tood Gautreau (Gauthreaux) from Dallas, Texas.

See also: Sonogram, Tear Ceremony.


Tapeworm Vessel, The (UK / France)

Twelve Atmospheres (2008)
Songs From the Tree of Life Vol. 1 (2009)
Oxherding (2012)

Bleak soundscapes from the duo of Dave Janssen and Sylvie Walder.


Taphephobia (Norway)

Anomie (2006)
House of Memories (2007)
Black City Skyline (2009)
Access To A World of Pain (2010)
Tapephobia (2012)
Escape From the Mundane Self (2013)
Ghostwood (2018)
Blue Hour (2020)
Pillars: Seeds of Ares (2021) (with Neraterrae and New Risen Throne)

Gloomy ambient sounds from Trondheim. The name of the musician is Ketil Søraker.


Tapscott, Michael James (USA)

Sunny California (2010) (soundtrack)
Challenger (2011) (with Andrew Kenower)
Good Morning, Africa (2012) (with Andrew Kenower)
The Depths (2018) (soundtrack)

Californian singer-songwriter who on The Depths soundtrack shows a diversity of styles, from gentle guitar strumming and hippy crooning to nice ambient electronics, often backed by acoustic guitar.


Tara King Th. (France)

Stellar Fantasies (2017)
Mathematique (2020)

Unusual album by this trip-hop / psychedelic rock band. Stellar Fantasies seems to be inspired by vintage EM and krautrock. Ditto for Mathematique (the instrumental material on it).


Tarabella, Leonello (Italy)

Suoni (2002)

Lionello Tarabella is an electroacoustic composer and researcher in the fields of mechanical instruments, sound controllers and computer music. This album will appeal to fans of Italian experimental / Electronic Music.


Taragana Pyjarama (Denmark)

Taragana Pyjarama (2011) (EP)
Tipped Bowls (2012)
Nothing Hype (2013)
Ariel (2015) (EP)

Taragana Pyjarama is Nick Kold Eriksen, who seems to like both dance music (in the form of "deconstructed club" or deep house) and Progressive EM.


Taran (Ukraine)

Mod & Mini & Space Age (1996)

Atmospheric synths with a jazzy touch. Real name of the musician is Evgeniy Taran.


Tarantula Parlour (USA)

The Poisonous Portrait (2021) (S)

A project of Sarada - singer in PA-based folk band stone. Tarantula Parlour is influenced by vintage horror scores, dungeon synth and 1970's EM (Edgar Froese / TD). Pretty neat sound here.


Tardigrades (France)

Head First Into Space Vacuum (2007)
Infinity Disintegrating (2008)
Through the Shared Door of Our Darkness (2008)
Neutron Star (2009) (S)
Sunbathing On Asteroids (2011) (S)

Ambient drone artist from Lille who's developed quite a cosmic sound on Sunbathing On Asteroids.


Tarkatak (Germany)

Slow (1994)
Lyssna (1995)
Eko (1997)
Raw-Mix-Demo-98 (1998)
Skarva (1998) (S)
Lur (1999)
Skok (1999)
Vykort (1999)
Arctic Ocean (2001) (with Eternal Ice)
Smakakor (2001)
The Druser Pricid (2002) (with C. Reider)
Eschgl Hel (2005) (S)
Mormor (2007)
I II III IIII (2022)

Dark Ambient from Lutz Pruditsch.


Tarot Sync (???)

Light Hammer (2014) (S)


Tarotplane (USA)

First (2015)
358 Oblique (2017)
The Feedback Sutras (2020)
Horizontology (2021)
Panthalassa (2021)
Light Self All Others (2022)
The Ektachrome Dawn (2022)
Aeonium (2022)
39​.​28​°​N 76​.​62​°​W (2023)
Murmuration (2023) (EP)

Music influenced by krautrock and early German EM by PJ Dorsey from Baltimore. Strong Popol Vuh vibes here.


Tarsius (Philippines)

Primate (2012)
Igado (2017) (EP)
Culture Cow (2022)

Tarsius are an electronics / drums duo (Diego Mapa and Jay Gapasin) from Manila with a rhythmic, manic, quirky style, a bit similar in spirit to some of Moebius' solo material. This is great fun.


Tartar (USA)

Oneira (2021)

Long, psychedelic, collage-like pieces mixing acoustic and electronic instrumentation. A project based in San Francisco.


Tarzana (Finland / USA)

Pacific Citi (2015)
Alien Wildlife Estate (2015)

Experimental, quirky, weird electronics full of strange samples and analog sounds. A duo of Jan Anderzen and Spencer Clark.

See also: Tomutonttu, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife, Fourth World Magazine.


Tasis (Germany)

Fosites Land (2000)

A project of Holger Brüning in melodic EM style. Music inspired by the landscapes of Helgoland.


Taskinen, Ari (Finland)

Aavamaa (2005)

Although primarily an electro-acoustic work, the above album (or at least parts of it) will be certainly enjoyed by fans of Ambient. Nice and often inventive electro-acoustic / Ambient hybrid.


Tasselmyer, Andrew (USA)

Resonant Moments (2017)
Places Real And Imagined (2018)
Tines (2018)
Maui (2018) (S)
Surface Textures (2019)
Interior Currents (2019) (with Patrick Spatz)
Formosa (2019)
Associative Mechanisms (2020)
Progressions (2020) (with Anthéne)
Piano Frameworks (2021)
Yesteryear (2021)
Limits (2022)
Duets (2022) (with Blurstem)
Music For Nonexistent Films (2022)
Life Came Breaking In (2023)
Where Substance Meets Emptiness (2024)

Philadelphia-based ambient artist who combines field recordings with drones.

See also: Hotel Neon, Mordançage.


Tastenklang (Germany)

Inspirations (2013)
Polyphony (2017)

Melodic Electronic Music.


Tata (Japan)

Space Dreamin' (1984)
Space Trip (1986)

Music by Satoshi Sumitani.

See also: Sumitani, Satoshi


Tate, Darren (UK)

Nonsense For the Cat (2003)
Nothing By Chance (2003)
Time Lag (2003)
Age And Transformation (2004)
By the Steam (2004)
Drone Works #4 (2004) (S)
Remains (2004)
Sometime Today (2004) (with Paul Bradley)
Strange Artifact (2004)
Close Timid Night (2005)
Cryptical (2005)
Formation (2005)
Trees Kissing Trees (2005) (with Daisuke Suzuki and Kathleen Vance)
Without Season (2005) (with Andrew Liles)
3/3/06 (2006)
Clouds Upon Clouds (2006)
Ghost Guitars (2006)
In A Breeze (2006)
Reveal (2006)
The Elves Are Coming (2006)
Edition (2007)
Moon Lit (2007)
Organ of Sight (2007)
Small Worlds (2007)
The Moon As A Hole (2007) (with Ian Holloway)
Old Pointed Hat (2008)
Reflections of A Ceiling (2008)
Summerland (2008) (with Banks Bailey and Ian Holloway)
Wet Rat Year (2009) (with Ian Holloway)
When An Insect Visits Your Window (2009)
Nature In the City (2010)
Snippets (2010)
The Earth In Play (2010) (with Ian Holloway)
The Night (2010)
Nature In the City (2010)
Late Afternoon (2010)
Veil of Dawn (2011) (with Paul Bradley)
Untitled (2011) (S) (with Ruben Garcia)
Calm In A Teacup (2012)
No Longer Here (2012)
Rotate (2012)
Two Improvisations (2013)
Secret Mantra (2014)
Schizm (2015) (S)
Reflective - 'One' (2016) (S)
Art Becomes Life (2017) (S)
Duets (2018) (with Daniel Thackray)

Droning Ambient, with guitars, keys and found sounds. Darren Tate is an experimental composer born in 1966.

See also: Ora, Monos, Dada Lives.


Tathagatta (USA)

DNA/RNA (2008)

Microscopic and hypntotic ambient soundscapes created spontaneously on analog instruments by Norman Fetter (ex-Golden Ball, Niagara Falls), Sam Cusumano (Niagara Falls) and Erich Breimhurst.

See also: Enumclaw, Niagara Falls.


Tatsumi & Masako (Spain)

Amor o exili (2022)

A project of Catalan artist Raül Sala. Previous works may be IDM-based (need to investigate more), but Amor o exili mixes club-related rhythms (nothing heavy here) with lush, melodic synth sound and a touch of glitchiness. It has a definitely progressive tone to it. Interesting stuff.


Tau Ceti (Italy)

Celestial Geometries (2000) (with Oophoi)
Subterranea (2003) (with Oophoi)
Four Short Pieces (2004)
Somnium (2004)
Todahnlich (2004)
Archaic Oceans (2004) (with Oophoi)
Frozen Planet (2004)
Todstimmung (2004)
Mizar (2005) (S)
Pulsar (2005) (S)
The Windy Shores of Awua (2005) (S)
Deneb (2005) (S)
Le torri del silenzio (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Lifting the Veil (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Algol (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Australis (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Borealis (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Achernar (2006)
Albhali (2006)
Alchiba (2006)
Azhais (2006)
The Lost Album (2016)

Dark soundscapes. Tau Ceti is a project of Enrico Cosimi with collaborators Alessandro Tedeschi, Gianluigi Gasparetti and others.

See also: Cosimi, Enrico, Liquid Ghosts.


tau contrib (Germany)

Encode (2021)

Leipzig-based artist (Mathis Ruffing) with a unique soundworld demonstrated on Encode. Informed by Ambient, microsound and glitch, it is full of cracks, pops and processed vocoder bits, as well as melodic pads and distant arpeggios.

See also: Otilo


Tauchsieder (UK)

Louder (2007)
Herd the Shadows (2015) (EP)

A duo of Stuart McLean and Ben Hayes with Innes Smith helping out. Mostly droning Ambient, but also other styles, including some sequencer-based.


Taupe Set XL (USA)

Mar (2020) (S)
Shadow of Venus (2021)
Swamp Prayer (2024)

A project of Miami-based Kristen Soller. Haunting vocalizations and ambient synths.


Taura, Yorihisa (Japan)

Nocturne (2014)

Tranquil Ambient with a strong neo-classical influence from this Tokyo-based artist.


Taurus (Chile)

Opus I: Dimensions (2010)
Opus II: Impressions (2011)
Opus III: Research (2013)
Opus IV: Elevations (2014)
The Tarkus Sessions (2015)

A project of multi-instrumentalist Claudio Momberg from Santiago de Chile. Completely instrumental, the music mixes influences of symphonic rock and Electronic Music (mostly in lush Vangelis / Wakeman style, at other times comparable to The Enid).

See also: Quarks


Tausig, Jay (USA)

Reflections And Quiet Splendor (2015)

Californian multi-instrumentalist mostly working in space rock / psychedelic rock domains. Reflections... is a recording of an improvised session that has a quieter, more reflective vibe and a predominance of synthesizers & electronics.


Tav Exotic (Venezuela / Belgium)

Tav Exotic (2013)
For Venusians Only (2014)
French Girls / Ringworm (2014) (S)
Biocosmos (2016)
Diospyros Plastikos (2018)
The Substance (2022)

Another krautrock-influenced electronic project of Ernesto Gonzalez, this time in collaboration with Mike Crabbé. Sort of a Conrad Schniztler vibe here.

See also: Bear Bones, Lay Low, Weird Dust.


Tax Shelter (Belgium)

Beach Architecture (2023)

Ambient duo of Freek van der Herten and Thomas Bartosik. Dramatic, cinematic...

See also: Vincent, Elton


Taxgorkhan (Norway)

Plateau (2017)
Leaves In A Stream (2017)

Varied, mostly melodic Electronic Music from Jørund Hannevold. Some folky or ethnic touches as well.


Tayler, Stephen W. (UK)

Ostinato (2015)

Varied EM from this studio engineer, producer and remixer. Mostly of ambient nature, with some rhythms / arpeggios.


Taylor, Alexander (USA)

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On the Elm Street - The Soundtrack (2019)
Hunter's Moon (2020) (soundtrack)


Taylor, Gregory (USA)

Given Names (1983)
The Logic of Possible Worlds (1984)
Interregnum (1986)
Virtual Terrain (1987)
What the Thunder Wrote (1989)
Voiceband Jylt (2006)
Amalgam: Aluminium / Hydrogen (2007)
Dua_Belas (2010)
Tourbillon Solo (2014) (with Darwin Grosse)
Randstad (2018)
Retinue (2019)
Peregrination (2020)
Divagate (2021)

Madison, Wisconsin-based electronic musician and radio host. His music is diverse to say the least. It ranges from abstract soundscapes to sampling, looped textures and melodic compositions. Some acoustic instruments are used alongside electronics.


Taylor, James D. (USA)

Sathesis (2010)
Electric Baroque Orchestra (2011)

James D. Taylor is an amateur astronomer and electronic / classical musician with decades of experience in the field. In the late 1960's, he began building his own vacuum-tube based synthesizers. Inspired by people like Walter / Wendy Carlos, he began experimenting with these instruments. He later acted as a classical / new age composer, releasing several works in the field. There are also some EM releases, but not all of them seem to be available on any physical carrier. These two CD's by him are definitely EM-related. Sathesis is real spacecraft sounds mixed with Space Music compositions, sometimes of the darker variety. Electric Baroque Orchestra is an album of Wendy Carlos-styled classical renditions, but wackier.


Taylor, Kevin (USA)

Ice Monkey In Amsterdam (1988)

Soundtrack and dance theater composer from Dallas, Texas.


Taylor, Michael-Alan (UK)

Avalonia (The Sonnets of Guinevere) (2018)

Lush, orchestral, cinematic compositions with some vocals here are there.


Taylor, Sage (USA)

Raintime (2010)
Parallels & Rhythms (2015) (EP)

Ambient music from this diverse Portland, Oregon based musician.

See also: Parallelism, Katsura.


Tayus (UK)

Synergism (2020)

Scottish ambient electronic duo consisting of Alasdair O'May and Mike K. Smith. Huge modular synth sounds, slowly unfolding arpeggios, drones, subtle melodies...


T-Bass (UK)

The Infection of Time (1993)
Connexion (1999)
The Fabulous Neutrinos (2001)

T-Bass is David J. Hughes (synth), Jules C. (synth, tambourine) and Dave Wilson (guitar). What I've heard from them so far, sounded like 1987-1991-period Tangerine Dream, only better.

See also: Skin Mechanix, Ion.


TCCV (Chile)

Asociación de Astronautas Autónomos (2019) (S)

A collaboration between Charlie Vásquez and Tomás Cumplido. From spacey pads and atmospheres to glitchy beats and various beeps and bleeps.

See also: Orquesta Pandroginia


Tchaicovsky, Beny (Germany)

Explorer (1983)

Symphonic EM, apparently in the style of Synergy.


TDHDriver (Russia)

Digital Galaxy (2020)

Spacesynth project of Alexander Bez. Mostly upbeat material with great melodic sensibility.


Teague, Ryan (UK)

Six Preludes (2005) (EP)
Coins & Crosses (2006)
Causeway (2011)
Field Drawings (2012)
Blocm Boundaries (2014)
Site Specific (2016)
Recursive Iterations (2019)

Bristol-based musician who on Recursive Iterations presents a unique brand of music seemingly influenced by every electronic trend of the past and current centuries. It is repetitive, hypnonic and strangely pulsing, post-everything EM. Not for purists but I found the approach really fresh and progressive. Site Specific is no less interesting, although more influenced by jazz.


Teahouse Radio (Sweden)

Her Quiet Garden (2018)

Escapist Ambient from Pär Boström.

See also: Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Altarmang, Bonini Bulga, Hymnambulae, Aindulmedir, Underwater Sleep Orchestra, Grave Owl, Trollslottet.


Team Metlay (USA)

Bandwidth (1990)
Ballistic (1994)
Beneath Stars (1999)

The first Electronic Music group that was organized via the Internet, back in the late 80's. The musicians would discuss their ideas via e-mail and then meet in some place to play together. A session was recorded every two years from December 1990 to January 1999 and some of these recordings made it to an album.

See also: Metlay, Ozma, MindSpiral.


Tear Ceremony (USA)

An Excuse For Murder (1990)
Beneath A Bitter Moon (1991)
Sleep (1992)
The Clockface Frown (1992)
An Hourglass of Opals (1993)
The Black Fruit (1995)
Resin (1997)
Film Decay (1998)
Emulsion (1999)

Dark Ambient from Todd Gautreau. I haven't heard it.

See also: Sonogram, Tapes And Topographies.


Tears, Tony (Italy)

Strane sensazioni (1988)
The Wail of the Elements (2020)

Antonio Polidori aka Tony Tears is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist dedicated to all kinds of dark music and arts. Re-released in 2023, Strane sensazioni features demo recordings from 1988 when he was 15 years old. It has a heavy guitar track and the rest is darkish synth music with carnival organ melodies and such. The Wail of the Elements is another interesting EM-related work.


Teasips (USA)

Proxemic Realms (2016)

Ambient based on the sounds of pan flute and modular synths from Angela Frances Wilson.


Tec Two (Germany)

Shrill Out... (1996)
Slide... (1997)

In the early 1990's Ralf Weber contributed to a couple of "Synthesizer von Gestern" series samplers. He then signed for IC label and released two albums as Tec Two. The music was trancey, with lots of sequencers, similar to Mind-Flux, Interface (Michael Gross of Interface produced the albums) and other IC acts of the time. There is a strong techno meets progressive EM feeling and fans of New Berlin School may find this enjoyable.


Technicolor Travel Agency (USA)

This Way Out (2009)
Water Gap (2010)

A guitar / synth duo of Johnny Doyle and Greg Waltzer. Spacey EM with a psychedelic twist.

See also: Mutation Vector, Xeroid Entity, Fringe Element, Cranial Mythos.


Technique (UK)

Janus (1983)

Upbeat EM from John L. Thornley.


Technology For the Afterlife (Denmark)

Interpretations of Eternity (2022)

Victor Groth aka Technology For the Afterlife is a Danish ambient / EM artist creating cinematic, futuristic compositions not completely devoid of a certain vintage / retro sheen. Some lovely Blade Runner-esque touches as well.


Techsture (USA)

Luminous Flux (2020) (S)
The Solitary Route (2021) (S)
Hypersleep Drifting (2021) (S)

California-based droning ambience project.


Teck Nicky (France)

Microcosmes (2015)

Solo project of Daniel Koskowitz (Hellebore, ex-Art Zoyd). Quirky, noisy, repetitive, like Moebius combined with Heldon-y distorted guitar wailings.


Tecnica Material (Spain)

Espectros (1986)
Sabotaje (1989)
Live In Essen (1989)

Miguel Angel Ruiz and Luis Mesa.

See also: Ruiz, Miguel Angel


Tectonia (Netherlands)

Anatomy of the Positronic Brain (2024)

Modular synth artist from the Netherlands (Ricardo Verschut). Rhythmic, sequencer-based, dynamic EM sound, with many pads and some good melodies.


Tecture (Germany)

Anomalous Materials (2019) (EP)

A project of Berlin-based Paul Pankow who is a techno-related artist with a big EM potential, as can be heard from two tracks on the above EP - "Questionable Ethics" and the title track.


Tedstone, Peter (UK)

Demo (1981)
Eve of Dawn (1983)
Visions of the Forest (1983)
Prismatic (1984)
Reflections (1985)
Amber (1986)
Ionosphere (1987)
Interact (1988)
View! (1989)
Adventure In Algiers (1989)
Ten To Strange (1990)
Dream States (2001)
Zwolf (2002)
Timeslip (2007)
Timestorm (2007)
Segments (2007) (recorded in 198? - ??)
Time & Motion (2008)
Sirens (??)

This synthesist's early albums contain lengthy melodic instrumental tracks. On Amber he experimented with shorter, more commercial compositions. One track features singing by Maria Ganderton. Interact returned to the melodic style of early works but with wordless vocals by Maria Ganderton. With View! a more experimental period started, where Peter, apart from synths, used a lot of samples and voices with a slight Eastern flavour. This period reached it peak with the very Eastern-flavoured Adventures In Algiers and the atonal Ten To Strange. Zwolf returned to the melodic style, while later albums ventured into pure Berlin School. The odd one is Dream States that bears many techno influences.

See also: Xaxxa


Teemu T. (Finland)

Aviations (2013)

Completely ambient music from this dub / techno project from Tampere.


Teen Daze (Canada)

Themes For A New Earth (2017)
Bioluminescence (2019)
Reality Refresh (2020)
Reality Refresh II (2020)
Interior (2021)

Optimistic ambient compositions, sometimes with rhythms. Teen Daze is an indie pop / chillwave composer from British Columbia and Themes For A New Earth is a companion album to Themes For Dying Earth. Bioluminescence is another release that has some material that might interest EM fans (not all tracks are relevant, though). Interior is a more dance-oriented release with maybe a couple of atmospheric EM tracks.

See also: Pacific Coliseum


Teeth of Glass (USA)

Halloween Prom Massacre (2021)
Crystal Fortress (2021)
Autopsia Edström (2022)
I morti possono aspettare (2022)
Death Smiles At the Crystal Grave (2022)
I vedi occhi della dea vampira (2022)
Discs of Death (2022)
Abisso maledetto (2022)
Plenilunio di morte (2023)
Anche dopo la morte (2023)
Maniaci di Los Angeles (2023)
La sonagliera della morte (2024)

Patrick R. Pärk's project inspired by 1980's slasher movie scores. Melodic, strident, hymnal, sequencer...

See also: Pärk, Patrick R., Life Education, Kösmonaut.


Teeth of the Sea (UK)

Orphaned By the Ocean (2009)
Your Mercury (2010)
Hypnoticon (2010) (EP)
Master (2013)
A Field In England: Re-Imagined (2014) (S)
Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (2015)
Wraith (2019)
Hive (2023)

Hybrid psychedelic / post-rock / electronic band. They use a lot of synthesizers in a manner obviously influenced by the 1970's pioneers, including the Berlin School. This sound is combined with heavy guitars and drums. File under EM-related.


Tegh (Iran)

Through the Winter Woods (2015) (S) (with Kamyar Tavakoli)
Downfall (2017)
Unusual Path (2019)
Emergent Errors (2020)

Tegh is Iranian sound artist Shahin Entezami who combines Ambient with a touch of noise for a dramatic, melodic sound.

See also: Temp-Illusion


TeHÔM (Croatia)

Despiritualization of Nature (1996)
Theriomorphic Spirits (1997)
Lacrimae mundi (2014)
Live Assault (2017)
The World You Live In (2021)
Legacy (2024)

Former Dark / Black Ambient project by Sinisa Ocurscak (a soldier who died in the Balkans conflict). Nowadays TeHOM is run by Miljenko Rajakovic. Mystical and ritual atmospheres.


Teisikud (Estonia)

Näen ette kibedat põlgust, millega teie uhked silmad minu poole vaatavad, kuuldes minu salakurbusest (2020)

Estonian synth / drums duo of Tanel Roovik and Ramsus Merivoo. Long, moody tracks obviously influenced by pioneering Berlin School synth flights, but also with sort of a post-rock flair.


Teitelbaum, Richard (USA)

Time Zones (1977)
Huichi-Ishi (1978)
Blends & the Digital Pianos (1982)
Double Clutch (1997) (recorded in 1981) (with Andrew Cyrille)
Asparagus (2016) (recorded in 1975 - 1976) (soundtrack)

Time Zones is an Electronic album from ex-Musica Elettronica Viva moog player who was born in 1939 in New York (died April 9, 2020). The line-up is: Richard Teitelbaum - synth, Anthony Braxton - saxes, clarinet & various instruments. Avant-gardish. Blends & the Digital Pianos has one side of solo synth from Teitelbaum (helped by Katsuya Yokoyama on shakuhachi and Trilok Gurtu on tabla and percussion) and one side of processed electric piano improvisations.

See also: Musica Elettronica Viva


Teixeira, Armando (Portugal)

Made To Measure (2005)
Cidade Modular (2022)

Singer-songwriter, pop, rock and hip-hop musician who also composes Electronic Music. Playful, abstract, ambient...

See also: Knok Knok


Tekin, Ozan (Germany)

Pillars of Salt (2019)
Anarya (2022)

Climatic, tense, ambient / melodic EM from this Cologne-based artist.


Teknomom (France)

La marche des anthropodes (2015) (S)
Mangé en Chine (2019)

Unique monolithic EM duo from France, bringing to mind a more industrial Heldon playing in a cavern located on some desert planet (also using fitting imagery / costumes). Nice.


Telaio Magnetico (Italy)

Live 1975 (1975)

See also: Battiato, Franco, Camisasca, Juri, Mazza, Roberto.


Tele (USA)

Tele (1998)

This Texas-based group (Meikle Gardner, David Trammell, George Reagan) mixes acoustic psych-folk with Electronic Music.


Tele:Funken (UK)

Distant Station (1996) (with Flying Saucer Attack)
Breadown Test (1999) (S)
Excellence In: Amps, Volts And Watts (2000) (S)
A Collection of Ice-Cream Vans Vol. 2 (2000)
A Collection of Ice-Cream Vans Vol. 1 (2001) (S)
Rocket Summer (2018)

A project of Tom Fenn who has some connections to the space rock scene. Fittingly, his music often sounds inspired by that genre, although it is totally electronic and pretty diverse overall. The main sounds / trends are cosmic, melodic, tuneful, spaced-out and sometimes reflective.


Telechrome (USA)

Figure And Ground (2020) (S)

Kraut / EM-influenced project from Wisconsin, driven by heavy sequences, live motorik and some guitars.


Telectu (Portugal)

Belzebu (1983)
Off-Off (1984)
Halley (1985)
Performance IV Bienal de Cerveira (1985)

Difficult to rate this legendary Portuguese experimental band of Jorge Lima Barreto and Vitor Rua. They are influenced by avant-rock (their first album Ctu-Telectu is a prime example), minimalism and industrial / experimental electronics scene. It is no less difficult to find prog-related tracks or whole albums in their vast oeuvre. However, Off-Off, seems to be a good pick - a double LP release filled with side-long compositions of cosmic, psychedelic, unfurling electronics, clearly influenced by krautrock and German EM (names like Manuel Goettsching and Klaus Schulze come to mind). They might have been ten years late with this sound but it's still an interesting document and a pleasant listen. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Rua, Vitor


Telefantastico (Finland)

Death Poems (2014)

Synth-based music, a bit noisy and industrial-like.


Telepath (Norway)

Mental Mutations (2019)

A project of Jacob Holm-Lupo in which he mixes heavy metal with "giallo" electronics of the Goblin school. File under EM-related.


Téléplasmiste (UK)

Frequency Is the New Ecstasy (2017)
The Wishing Machine (2018)
Science <> Religion (2019)
To Kiss Earth Goodbye (2020)

Experimental duo (Michael J. York and Mark Pilkington) utilizing modular synths and processed acoustic instruments.


Telesoniek Atelier (Netherlands)

A Selection of Improvisations 1989 - 2017 (2022)

Archived electronic material recorded by Hans Kulk on various (mostly analog) synthesizers. Varied music here, but mostly of ambient nature or Berlin School-like.

See also: Kulk, Hans


Televisio (Finland)

Televisio (2017)
TV2 (2019)

Synth duo of Ilari Larjosto and Jussi Lehtisalo (Pharaoh Overlord, Circle) with a concept that sounds like an extension of Kraftwerk's ideas, although the music here is softer, wackier a somewhat humane.

See also: Stiletti-Ana


Tellier, Sébastien (France)

Marie et les naufragés (2016) (soundtrack)
A Girl Is A Gun (2017) (soundtrack)
Simple Mind (2020)

French singer-songwriter. He usually employs electronics to a certain extent. It is on Simple Mind, though, that there is a stronger and more obvious EM bend, especially on the closer. Still, it is more a less a "French chanson" album augmented by synths, so tread with caution and file under (only slightly) EM-related. A Girl Is A Gun, though, due to it being a soundtrack, has almost no vocals to speak of and is electronic, albeit aimed more at the synthwave / dance crowd.


Tello, Silvana (Peru)

Circuito (2020)

Stark Electronic Music made with the help of two theremins. Sort of like a sci-fi symphony. Pretty dark and fascinating stuff.


Telomere (USA)

Astral Currents (1998)
Zoetosis (2001)
The Stellar Sea (2007)
Lux Primordia (2013)
Supergiant (2018)

Telomere is Chris MacDonald. He creates great Space Music which is highly recommended. Chris uses Serge modular synthesizer and a couple of other classic analogue machines to craft his compositions. The Stellar Sea starts with "Radiance": warm analogue textures float through the air, creating an atmosphere of serenity and grandeur. You can almost feel the vastness of space as you listen to this. Towards the end, things become a bit more chaotic, without losing the beauty of sounds. The track then segues into "The Shimmering Sea", which opens with bright synth flourishes, until rich analogue pads take over, complimented by spacey effects. This is some evocative, beautiful and relaxing music. Halfway into the track, the sound gets more deep and mysterious, with choir-like sounds in the background. "Bathyal Depths" is more mystical and profound, but overall it continues in the same vein. All you hear by now is phased string / pad sounds and background bubbling effects. Pretty hypnotic material. "Orion's Field" is initially outright dark, with a few low, droning synth textures, depicting the darker regions of space, perhaps. Soon, brighter synth sounds enter and take us to already familiar territory of classic Space Music. However, the dark shades do come back from time to time in the form of windy effects and low drones. "Ascension" begins with mysterious pads, which are soon joined by a gentle synth lead sound. One of the more active tracks on this album (although the term "active" must not be taken literally in the context of Space Music), this composition is a really rewarding listen. "Through the Gate" opens with spacey synthesizer sounds and a subtle bass throb that propels this floating, 100% analogue piece forward. A growling, mechanical buzz leads us to a calm section populated by sparse sounds and effects only. A gentle sequence then appears, never really coming to the fore. The track then builds again to a new climax before calming down near the end. "Drifting" is a short (3+ minutes) track, filled with majestic pads, slow melodies, echoing sounds and a few high-pitched synth textures. "The Far Shore" opens with low, mysterious drones, wind effects and a few complimenting sounds of the drifting variety. Gradually it becomes more intense and loud, with more synth voices layered on top of the initial soundscape. If you like the music of artists like Michael Stearns, Rick Miller or even Jonn Serrie, be sure to check out Telomere. However, I should warn that this music is very "positive" and uplifting. The author uses a lot of major chords and seems to avoid minor ones, which I really missed sometimes (but then again, I like a bit of "bite" and "drama" in my music). In other words, if you want to know my personal opinion, I would say that the sounds are excellent, while the mood was not exactly my thing all the time.


Telurica (Romania)

Anthems of Desolation (2003)
The Calling of the Battlehorn (2004)
Discordant Harmony (2005)

Dark soundscapes by Valentin Zechiu. Telurica was started in 2003.


Temir Alcy (???)

Temir Alcy (2024)

Electronic duo which is all over the place stylistically. From ambient drones to strange post-punky "songs" to rhythmic, mechanical, almost "minimal synth meets Heldon" type of pieces and cosmic arpeggios.


temp. (USA)

Taking Notes (2022)

Varied music from Chicago-based Erica Mei Gamble. Mostly experimental, with cosmic moments as well as those of sequencer-based composition ("The New Is the Old In Distress"). Pretty interesting stuff.


Temperature Within (USA)

Portrait of A Moon (2002)
End of Fall (2004)
Through Fire (2007) (with Love Power Experiment)

Dark soundscapes.


Temp-Illusion (Iran)

Autolected (2019)
Pend (2020)

A duo of Behrang Najafi and Shahin Entezami. They are a pretty extreme listen. If you like the more aggressive, noisy and neurotic styles of EM, this might be something for you. Take Heldon, noise music, gabber, IDM, dubstep, industrial, put it through a meat grinder, invert it and add a cold, cybernetic touch and you will get the sound these guys offer. It is not completely progressive sonically speaking, but in concept and execution it certainly is. Only for the extreme.

See also: Tegh





Temple of Clear Light (Romania)

A.I.T.H.G. Presents Temple Of Clear Light (2016)
Amun : Atum (2016)
The Eye In the Triangle (2017)
93 (2020) (maxi)
The Stars Are Lit Under A Goddess Kiss (2020)
In the Company of Snakes (2022)

Pulsing, ritual electronics from Dan Serbanescu out of Bucharest. Sometimes quite intense.

See also: Alone In the Hollow Garden


Temple of Oscillators, The (Poland)

Confession of Faith (2011)
The Sea Inside (2012) (EP)
Astronaut's Dream (2012)
U-Bahn (2013) (EP)

Darkish analogue synth music.


Temple of the Smoke (Serbia)

Against Human Race (2011)
The Lost Art of Twilight (2013)

Beograd-based space rock band who mix heavy guitar riffing with Berlin School sequencers and other spacey EM flavors. And they do it very well.


Temple Rat (China)

The Compositions of Air (2023) (S)

Temple Rat is a project of Mei Yuxin - a female musician from Chengdu. The music on The Compositions of Air is a mixture of ambient soundscapes filled with field recordings and rhythmic sequences that harken back to both the Goa Trance sounds of the 1990's and the Berlin School sounds of the 1970's and 1980's.


Temporal Marauder (USA)

Subtractive Existence (2010)
Contempt (2011)
Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel (2011)

Alleged archive recordings of synth artist Jean Logarin (actually an invented alter ego of synthesist Max Tanguy) who was supposedly active in the 1970's and 1980's but remained unknown to the public. Strange stuff with rich, noisy structures and melodies. Most probably, a hoax, though.

See also: Tanguy, Max, Raglani, Bryter Layter.


Temps Perdu? (Germany)

Temps Perdu? (1990) (S)
Athanor (1993)
Terra Incognita (1995)
The Day the Earth Melted (1996) (S)
Earth Story (2000)

Ritual Ambient from Dirk Grützmann and Catherine Ledit. Dark.

See also: Psygram   


Tempustry (USA)

Le voyage du temps (2005)

Melodic and propulsive Electronic Music with quite virtuoso passages by Maryland-based synthesist Allen Brunelle. Excellent choice for Jarre fans.


Ten (UK)

Jouneys (2009)
Lowlands (2010)
East of the Elm (2012) (EP)
Triangle of Hope (2013) (EP)
Demos (2013)
Hitherto (2015) (S)
Yukon Youth (2016)
The Fog Bank (2021)

Varied ambient soundscapes, mostly not dark, sometimes melodic and classically-influenced. Ten is UK composer Dominic Deane.


Ten Amospheres (???)

Ten Atmospheres (2018)
Lulu Land (2019)
Modern Life (2019)
Empire (2022)

Varied ambient soundscapes. Also some relaxed rhythmic tracks.


Ten To Zen (Germany)

Obscure synth trio consisting of Dieter Ruf, Henni Gatjens and Jan Klaska.


Tenderlonious (UK)

Quarantena (2020)
Cosmica italiana (2020) (S) (with Lorenzo Morresi)
Tek-88 (2021) (S)
Still Flute (2021)
Cosmica italiana (2022) (with Lorenzo Morresi)

A pseudonym of Edward Cawthorne - a saxophonist, flute player and electronic musician mostly involved in the creation of acid jazz, electrojazz, jazz funk and house music. Quarantena was recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown on multiple hardware synthesizers and drum machines (plus some flute and sax). Diverse, atmospheric, hypnotic and rhythmic EM inspired by the sci-fi classics and the whole lockdown situation. Not always Prog EM, the more atmospheric tracks are definitely in that genre. Still flute focuses more on house rhythms, but again, the slower tracks are sometimes pure EM mixed with flute and are very nice.

See also: Morresi, Lorenzo


Ténèbre (France)

Terraform (2022)

Pretty nice and extremely visual stuff mixing bass music and more ambient / progressive sounds and structures. Cold, distant, sci-fi, dystopian... Ténèbre is Paul Escande.


Tenebrious (USA)

The Shadows Gather In Cold Shivering Silence (2006)
Decrepit Dwelling Creations (2012)
Funeral Ceremonies For the Macabre And Grotesque (2013)
Recurring Manifestations of Esoteric Lunacy (2020)

Dark Ambient.


Tenebris Nebula (Italy)

Waves of A Distant Sea (2021)

Sort of like Dark Space / dungeon synth but noisy and loud at times.

See also: Cult of Parthenon, Hordes of Wurdalak.


Teneleven (Japan)

Teneleven (2012)

Heavy synth / drums band from Japan, mostly in Heldon mould, with influences from TD, Schulze, etc.

See also: Sakaguchi, Mitsuhisa


Tenere, Akiro (Germany)

The Land (1993)
The Sea (1993)
The Sky (1994)
Timerooms (1996)
Ethereal Steps (2003)
Physical Modeling Solo I (2003)
Physical Modeling Solo II (2003)
Electronic Liquids (2004)
Electronic Liquids II (2004)

Said to be similar to the music of Tyndall from the 90's.

Notes 18.11.2003 - No wonder! It's a project of Tyndall.

See also: Tyndall, Nik


Tengger (South Korea)

Electric Earth Creation (2013)
Tengger (2014)
Icelandic (2015) (S)
Tengger (2016)
Segye (2017)
Spiritual (2019)
Spiritual 2 (2019)
Nomad (2020)
Earthing (2022)
Tengger (2023)

Psychedelic electronics duo of voice / synths. Analog sound, approximating classic / Teutonic styles on their eponymous effort from 2016.


TenHornedBeast (UK)

Ten Stars - Ten Horns (2004)
Woe To You Oh Earth And Sea (2005)
The Sacred Truth (2007)
Titan Death (2008) (S)
My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down the Truth (2009)
Hunts & Wars (2010)
Ten Horned Moses Descended the Mountain (2011)
Ten Graves (2012) (with Husere Grav)
Inverted Starless Albion (2013) (S)
Elphame (2013)
The High Places (2014) (S)
Tole Deol (2014)
Death Has No Companion (2017)

Solo project by Christopher Walton from Endura.

See also: Endura


Tenka (Japan)

Hydration (2022)

Relaxing Ambient with some water sounds.


Tenkah (France)

Checkpoint (2020) (recorded in 2016)

A project of Joan Laudric who is based in the south of France. Complex, rhythmic, sequencer-full music heavy on the sampling and programmed beats. Something for the fans of 1999 - 2006 Tangerine Dream perhaps, as well as the Dream Mixes series.


Tennyson (Canada)

Different Water (2019)

An artist who is mostly indie pop or something like that. Sometimes he sings, but the music is mostly instrumental. It seems to be inspired by indie pop and post-rock but is full of nice, warm synth sounds and leads. In 2022 he released a fully vocal pop album Rot.


Tentenko (Japan)

The Soft Cave (2022) (S)

Ex-member of Japanese alternative idol band BiS turned experimental electronic musician. On The Soft Cave, she combines experimental techno with sort of a quirky, Moebius-like sonic exploration.


Teocharis, Mito (Greece)

Genese (??)

CD single with somewhat ambient EM.


Terekke (USA)

Plant Age (2017)
Improvisational Loops (2018)
Live At Het Bimhuis (2019)

Terekke is a project of Matt Gardner whose work has two faces basically - outsider house / dubby ambient techno and purely floating ambient compositions. Plant Age combines the two in one disc. Improvisational Loops goes the ambient way.


Terenzi, Fiorella, Dr. (Italy)

Music From the Galaxies (1991)
Musica stellare (1998)

A real curiosity, this one. The core of this work is the basic data received by a radio telescope from radio galaxy UGC 6697 that was later translated to frequences audible by human beings and then played back on a synthesizer by Fiorella. A truly scientific concept, isn't it? This *real* space music has no structure per se and consists of just buzzing, oscillating noises and deep electronic drones, except for the last track. Recommended, but if you absolutely MUST have melodic structure in your EM, you can forgo it.


Tereshkova (USA)

Collapsed Lake (2018)
Chunks of Monochrome Rainbows (2019)
Bubblegum Études (2019)
Budget Angel (2020)
Plié (2020)

Varied experimental project of Jeff Lane. He has done post-rock, shoegaze, post-pop, folk and God knows what else. Some works (listed) lean towards or will be interested to fans of EM. Budget Angel is a monumental work for acoustic (mostly wind) instruments and electronics (including mellotron choirs and strings / flutes). Nice stuff.


Teriaeva, Maria (Russia)

Focus (2017)
Conservatory of Flowers (2020)

Lulling Buchla sketches from this electronic composer and ex-guitarist of several indie bands.


Terma (USA)

Telepathia (2014) (S)

Lo-fi Dark Ambient.


Terminal (Spain)

Terminal (2020)

A project of Barcelona-based Ildefonso Irún. Cosmic analog sounds and melodies, slow rhythms...


Terminals (USA)

Terminals (2013)

A project of Sam Frigard who, using modular synthesizers, coaxes emotional, warm and melodic compositions with an ambient flair that sound like a dream.

See also: Halfway Places


Terminus Void (USA)

Interstellar (2021)
Origins Unknown (2022)
Apeiron (2023)

Terminus Void is Seattle-based J. Ronald Smith who makes Space Music / cosmic EM.


Terra (Germany)

Terra (1990)
From Fire To Life (1992)
Live (1993)
Stars (1995)
The Silent Songs (1997)
Atlantik Symphonie (??)
Sensitiv Symphonie (??)

Supposedly, rhythmic / melodic EM from a group that includes Martin and Klaus Buntrock.


Terra (Spain)

Ekos de Otra Era (1995)
Natura (1997)

A duo of Carles Reig and Ricardo Pons from Barcelona. Varied EM on Ekos de Otra Era, from rhythmic / melodic to a rich symphonic "Vangelis" pastiche. Natura changes into a more Celtic-influenced sound, retaining the electronics.


Terra Ambient (USA)

The Darker Space (2002)
The Gate (2004)
Wanderlust (2009)

Tribal Ambient comparable to Robert Rich and Steve Roach. Terra Ambient was Pittsburgh-based artist Jeff Kowal (1972 - 2016).


Terra della Sera (Italy)

Il principe e gli antichi uccelli (??)
La fontana di surma (??)
Siderea (??)
Daar I Laan (1989)

Terra della Sera was started in 1980 by two musicians Carlo Luzi and Paolo de Gregori with the aim to recreate the atmosphere of Wagner's works as well as works of other classical composers. The initial idea was to create music set to a written libretto. However, they ended up with a much more cosmic sound, influenced by German electronic pioneers. The group had a few notable appearances on samplers during the 1980's.

See also: SeraSidereA, Acheloo.


Terra Sancta (Australia)

Anno domini (2000) (S)
Aeon (2002)
Disintegration (2006)
Sunken / Buried / Forgotten (2011) (EP)
Exile (2014)

This project by Greg Good was started in 1996 and right from the beginning set out to explore soundscapes that were influenced by the Cold Meat Industry bands and Lustmord. Gradually, Terra Sancta has found its own musical language within the realm of Dark Ambient electronics. Anno domini is a demo album that was re-mixed and re-released in 2002 as a mini-CD. Aeon is the first full-length album.


Terralienus (Lithuania)

As the Red Giant Passes (2021)

Monolithic and hypnotic Dark Space with a droney, a bit lo-fi and grainy sound.


Terran Lander (UK)

eScapes (2021)
eMotions (2021)

Melodic, cosmic, relaxing ambient compositions from London-based Simon Sanders.


Territoire (France)

Confess (2016) (S)

Diverse, mostly industrial-oriented project of Olivier Arson. Confess is an ambient work focused on quieter, lower sounds of organs and diverse samples / drones.


Tertium Non Data (USA)

The Third Is Not Given (1999)
Hers Is Blood (2001)

Diverse cinematic / Dark Ambient compositions by John Bergin (C17H19NO3) and Brett Smith (Caul).

See also: Caul, Smith, Brett.


Teruel, Enric (Spain)

El Tripulante (2022)

Varied EM, from ambient to melodic / climatic.


Tescee, Ian (USA)

Io (1984)
Continua (1986)
Breathwork (1992)
A Traveler's Guide To Mars (2008)

Sometimes a recording shows up that just grabs you and doesn't let go. Ian Tescee's Io is exactly this kind of album. Here Tom Gregor aka Ian Tescee presents us with a symphonic and cosmic concoction done with real attitude and feeling. It's amazing what a man can do with a couple of synths and a lot of talent & creativity. There are four tracks (each having several sub-titles) of cosmic sympho synths, in the best traditions of Vangelis, although totally unique. The first track is solemn and melodic, rich symphonic synths all over. It ends with a calm gentle section. Aaahhhh... Great! The second part sounds a bit like Jonn Serrie, with its gentle electric piano-like sequenced patterns. Very beautiful and extremely cosmic. It's like flying through space, unhurriedly taking in the beautiful vistas. It then morphs into a more upbeat sequenced (but still very melodic) section with a BIG bass sound, then drums come in and a powerful solo sound (ala Vangelis). The track ends with yet another gentle section (subtitled "Jupiter"). What can be said about Part Three? Well, no mistakes here, this album just keeps bringing in the goods. It's rocking, upbeat and extremely powerful. Part Four concludes this great album on a mysterious and a bit sad note which then evolves into a solemn major-key part and ends with a sparse, a bit minimalistic workout with very CS-80-like symphonic synth sounds. Very evocative! I should mention that all sounds used on this album are very tasty. Ian is a great synthesist, indeed! His melodies are strong and convincing and his talent is pretty obvious. In conclusion, I'd like to recommend this classic to all lovers of EM, especially to fans of Vangelis. Nah, to the hell with recommendations, it's simply a must! You can read my reviews of Ian's other two albums in the reviews section.


Tesendalo (Germany)

Tesendalo (1987)
2 (1988)
Auf ein Wort (1991)
Aus Age und Ohr (1991)
Tesendalo (1991)
Buch und Zeit (1992)
Musik From 5 (1992)
Suite de sons (1992)
Berichte (1993) (with Telepherique)
Early Morning Music (1993)
Fragment (1994)
Klangwiedergabe (1995)
Natur Nacht (1995)
Wendezeit (1995)
Lautschrift (1996)
Mehr (1996)
Phire (1996) (with Doc Wör Mirran)
Formlos 1, 2, 3 (1998)
Laura (1998)
Einklang (1999)
Formlos 12 (1999)
Formlos 4 & 5 (1999)
Formlos 6 / 7 / 8 (1999)
Formlos 9 / 10 / 11 (1999)
No Recorded Remixed (1999) (with Doc Wör Mirran)
5th Anniversary (2001)
Muuh! (2001)
Parmesan (2004)
Momentum 2 (2009) (with Doc Wör Mirran)
Themes For Walden (2014) (with Doc Wör Mirran)
Live In Hoersturz (??)

Long, droning tracks of analogue electronics. Tesendalo is Peter Schuster (Nürnberg, Germany).


Teshikai, Utollo (Japan)

銀曜日のおとぎばなし (1984)
夢の碑 (1985) (soundtrack)
Ursa Minor Blue (1994) (soundtrack)
Memories of Phantasmagoria (1995) (soundtrack)
Glassy Ocean (1998) (soundtrack)
Teardrop (2001)
Cat Soup (2001) (soundtrack)
Continental Fantasia (2003)
東方見聞録 (2005) (soundtrack)

Japanese synthesist and soundtrack composer. Also known as Kan Ogasawara and Hiroshi Ogasawara.


Tesk (Germany)

Nerves (2013)

Experimental ambient synths from Edis Ludwig.


Tesla Airlines (Russia)

ISO/2021 (2021) (recorded in 2007 - 2021)

Varied tracks from this artist based in Moscow (real name - Dmitriy Nozdrin). From ambient floaters to sequencer chuggers.


TeslaSonic (Italy)

Hidden Secret Space (2008)
The Spark of Prometheus (2009)
Electrical Oscillator Activity (2016)
Quantum Paradox (2018) (EP)
BAR05 (2020) (EP)
Singularity (2020) (EP)

Italian electro duo with more than a hint of Kraftwerk and other EM pioneers.


Test Card (Canada)

Start Up Close Down (2016)
Rediffusion (2017)
Music For the Towers (2020)
Patterns (2022)
Channels (2023)

A project of Vancouver-based Lee Nicholson. Guitars / synths / vintage drum machines for a "Cluster meets post rock" feel.


Testa, Antonio (Italy)

Senza tempo nel tempo (1994)
Sound Map of Marcarolo Park (1998)
Healing Herb's Spirit (1999) (with Alio Die)
Sacbe cammino luminoso (2000)
Prayer For the Forest (2002) (with Alio Die)
Birds (2005)
Radioforest (2005)
Continuum (2005) (with Gaudi)
Inframundis (2007)
Ecosphere (2008) (with Susana Beatriz Alvear)
Reverie (2012) (with Alio Die)
Forget the Past (2013) (with Michel Moglia)

Ritual Ambient for fans of Alio Die.


Tester, Mark (USA)

Oblivion Rhythms Revisited (2021)
Devington Circuit (2022)
Tumbleweed (2022)

Although there is some progressive material on Oblivion Rhythms Revisited, the bulk of it focuses on sound collages and processed sounds. A pretty playful sound overall.

See also: Caldwell/Tester


Testpattern (Japan)

Après-midi (1982)

If you love YMO, this synth-pop duo produced by Haruomi Hosono will be right up your valley. Perhaps a bit simpler than YMO, it features the same combination of somewhat detached vocals (a large percentage of tracks are instrumental) and warm, robotic synths / drum machine rhythms. The band also had a few sampler appearances in the 1980's.


Testphasen Negativ (Germany)

How I Won the War / Wie ich den Krieg gewann (2008)
Daemonium (2009) (with Iri Li)
Burn, Giant, Burn! (2009)
Hostia (2009)
The Final Hours (2013)
Die soziale Apokalypse (2019)

Dark Ambient with elements of industrial, neo-classical, martial and post-rock.


TeTe Noise (Georgia)

Sea of Tranquility (2020)

Tranquil, serene or melancholic semi-acoustic ambient compositions with lots of field recordings, piano and tape loops.


Tetelepta (Netherlands)

Senang (2018)

Deep house musician Ivano Tetelepta serves a good dose of evocative and cinematic EM on the first limited edition LP of the Senang set. The second LP is mostly in the usual house / deep house style.


Tether (UK??)

Uncomplicated Untitled And Simple Tunes By Tether (2020)
Not Sure I'm Doing This Right (2021)

From ambient to melodic to noisy and over-the-top.


Tethering (Finland)

Annotations (2020)

Ambient modular synth artist from Helsinki.


Tetlow, Jim (UK)

Synapse (1998)
Oneiromancer (2001)
Heart of Glass (2002)
Sloth (2003)
Quicksilver (2006)
Substance-Ascension (2007) (recorded in 1998 - 1999)

Member of Endgame and Eruption. Experimental electronic / electroacoustic works. The first album is electronic, while Oneiromancer and Heart of Glass feature some unlikely objects as instruments. Only for the adventurous.

See also: Endgame, Eruption, Memory Wire, Approaching Infinity.


Tetraktys (Greece)

Vorelon sellas (2006)

Drone / Ritual Ambient.


Tets​ü​o ii (Canada)

Tets​ü​o ii (2022)

Dave Duval and Scott Saad make up Tets​ü​o ii. They compose ambient synthesizer music with cosmic leanings.

See also: Faxes


Tettix Hexer (Denmark)

The Great Vague (2021)
The Vibrant And Buoyant Heart (2022)

Extremely complex, completely indescribable stuff with no clear direction, but definitely progressive. Sort of post-internet / post-everything EM.


Tetzlaff (Germany)

Asphalt (2022)

A Kraftwerk-ian concept from Rico Friebe. Stiff rhythms, repeating melodies, a touch of vocoder, structured noises... A good one for those rides down the autobahn.

See also: Friebe, Rico


Teubner, Helmut (Germany)

Foresee (1986)
In the Air (1987)
Heaven's Light (1989)
The History of Secret Life (1992)
From Outer Space (1997)
Light of Angels (2012)

German synthesist. He was born in 1951 and has been living in Hanover since 1977. In 1980, he started experimenting in the field of Electronic Music. He chose some pieces from his archive and published them on his first cassette, called Foresee, in 1986. That was the official start of his solo career. Apart from his own works, he was a member of the rock band In Medias Res, but that was before 1980. These days Helmut composes rarely. At the the beginning of the New Millennium, however, he had a series of CD's out, mostly with music for aerobics (the first one was Music For Aerobic, released as early as 1991). Helmut's main recorded output is similar to Mark Shreeve in style, with strong themes, powerful rhythm patterns, sequencing and soloing. 


Teufelsberg (Poland)

Uncomfortably Close (2021) (S)

Ambient duo of Anna Olga Markowska and Wojciech Wilk, relying mostly on processed zither and modular synths.


Tevere (Denmark??)

Gather And Disperse (2017)
Six Knots On A Fluorescent Rope (2018)
Rush Value (2023)

Moody, a bit lo-fi ambience.


Tewksbury (Canada)

Paths (2021)
Brutes (2022)
Floes: Volumes I - IV (2024)

Toronto-based ambient project with a large piano presence and often a neo-classical feel.


Textere Oris (Russia)

Reflections Under the Sky (2016) (with SiJ)
Скоро (2020) (S)
Reflections At the Sea (2021)
(with SiJ)

A project of Moscow-based ambient artist Ilya Fursov.


Thacker, Yvonne (UK)

The Sun-Cage & Oz-Beams (??)
Peacemakers (??)

Classic cosmic Electronic Music from this late musician from Leicester, mixed with weird and often atmospheric sound collages and concrete noises.

See also: Proust et Tout l'Acousmatte, Avant Garden, Audio Space Research, Evematic.


Thackery Earwicket (France)

Lost My Heart In Space (2018) (S)
Les Cosmoronds (2018) (with Arnaud Aymard)
NOX (2019) (soundtrack)
Chaleur (2022)

Diverse music, from abstract and musique concrete to melodic synth in French style.


Thaemlitz, Terre (USA)

Soil (1995)
Web (1995) (with Bill Laswell)

Ambient techno and experimental artist who also released some completely ambient, beatless works.


Thagirion Altars (Chile)

Perpetuelle sous la crypte (2019) (S)
L'sombre rituell (2021) (S)
Sorcellerie lunaire (2022) (S)

Sort of lo-fi mixture of "dungeon synth" and Dark Ambient.


Thalassa (Spain)

Thals (2001)

Style: Berlin School and sometimes Jarre. Thalassa is the project of Galician musician Pablo Penas.


Thamel (Belgium)

Duna (2017)
Prairie blanche (2019)
.612 (2020)

Ambient artist who prefers to use analog synthesizers for a hazy, climatic, melodic and repetitive sound.


Thaneco (Greece)

Psychic Images (2001)
Thaneco (2007)
November Suite (2011)
The Myths of Panas (2011)
The Twelve Planets (2012)
At the Oracle of Delphi (2012)
Cityscapes (2014)
Cityscapes 2 (2014)

Brain Activity (2015) (with Photis Houliaras)
Migration (2015) (with Photis Houliaras)
Empyreal (2017) (with Steve Hillman)
Silver Voyager (2017)
Oceanides (2017)
Electra (2017)
Ancient Temples (2018)
Elemental (2018) (with DASK)
Unearthly Delight (2018)
Oneira (2019) (with DASK)
The Cretan Tapes (2019)
Statues On Mars (2019)
Sequences Passing By (2019) (with Romerium)
Call of the Ancients (2019) (with Steve Hillman)
Alien Species (2020)
The Face of Antarctica (2020)
The Dark Underground To Nowhere (2020) (with Romerium)
Cerulean Voyager (2020)
Journey To Ithaca (2020)
Chromesthesia (2021)
Exploring the Trappist-1 (2021) (with Romerium)
Rebirth (2021) (soundtrack)
Journey To Ithaca Vol. 2 (2021)
Dark Force (2022) (with Romerium)
Lunar Monolith (2022)
Homage (2022) (EP) (with Romerium)
Stages (2022) (with DASK)
Machine (2022) (with Romerium)
Nemesis (2023)
Structures On Mars (2023)
The Magic Scarab (2023) (with Romerium)
Ships In the Sky (2023) (with DASK)
Ocean Worlds (2024)
Time Vortex (2024) (with Steve Hillman)

Varied rhythmic / melodic EM from Thanos Oikonomopoulos.

See also: Ikon, Thomas


Thanes, Jean-Pierre (France)

Lux terrea (1983)
Occitania (1984)
Okeanos (1986)

Dreamy, spatial Electronic Music from this French synthesist.


Thanet (UK)

Receiving Calls (2011)
System (2015)

Ambient music from the guy who composes minimal synth / electro music as Mr. Maxted.


That Black (Russia)

Ocean (2005)

Atypical, completely ambient album from this downtempo project of Vladislav Kreymer. "Aquatic music" that uses the language and techniques of Space Music. A bit new-agey.


That Night (Germany)

Rise of the Pattern (2015)
Mécanique néologisme (2016)
Magnitisdat (2017)
Implause (2022) (EP)
Toshiba Wheel Altar (2023)

Cologne-based project. Magnitsidat represents a mixture of ambient numbers and slow downtempo / hip hop rhythms. Has something of a lo-fi feel to it and a dystopian / futuristic atmosphere.


That That Is (USA)

Eponymous (2017)
Oceano (2017)
Neidan (2018)
Ghosts (2019)

A project mixing jazz fusion, dubstep rhythms, new age and Ambient. There's more of the latter on the eponymous debut. Neidan leans towards World Music.


thatsmebitch (Russia)

Pleasure of Boredom (2019)

Nice relaxing and melodic ambient compositions.


Thau (Germany)

Elektra (2015)

Electronic duo of Bernd-Michael Land and Frank Tischer.

See also: Land, Bernd-Michael, Aliens Project, Tischer, Frank.


Thaumaturgist (Belgium??)

Der Wechsel (2015)
Thomas Python Tribute Band (2016)

Experimental musician with a strong Prog EM influence.


Thayer, John (USA)

Mountain Rumors (2020) (with Craig Schenker)
Supermundane (2021)
Listening Sky (2022) (S)
Excavations (2022) (with Chris Cochrane)

From new-agey electronics with marimbas to darker ambient realms.


Thé Déluge (France??)

Forest Structures (2017)
Tropical Syndroms (2020)

A project of Vincent Caylet. A mixture of experimental soundscapes and at times noisy collage with vintage / krauty synthiness.


The Knob, The Finger & The It (Germany)

Astro Camping (2017)

Unique trio from Cologne who make use of battery-powered electronics and small instruments. I guess if Cluster were to make a picnic in the nature with a truckload of stylophones, OP-1's and Casio SK-1's, they would come up with something vaguely along these lines. Repeating marimba patterns, drum machine rhythms, wacky blips etc.


THE Pink Grapefruit (Germany)

119 Elements (...and other experiments) (2021)
TDJROOT (2021)

Strange stuff with narration and even singing sometimes. The music is pure analog electronics though. The whole has something of a Kraftwerk vibe to it.


Theath (USA)

Pleasant Skeletons (2021)

A project of Thomas Heath. Varied, mostly between noise and experimental electronics. Pleasant Skeletons contains some material which has some Prog EM influence. Mostly focuses on short tracks without much of a direction, though.


Theatre of the Mind (USA??)

Corporate Razor Blue (1997)

Electronic music composed by Brian Vaughan for a radioplay.


Theatrum Chemicum (Italy)

Verso la luce (1994)
Clepsydra (1997)
De rebus incognitis (2004)

Melodic and rhythmic Electronic Music. Theatrum Chemicum are Enrico Cosimi and Paolo di Cioccio.

See also: Cioccio, Paolo di, Cosimi, Enrico.


Thebach, Marcel (Germany)

Pulscoded! (1996)
Follow Me! (1997)
Northern Lights (1998)
California Orange (1998)
Weed Jam (1999)
Ganja Grooves (1999)
Eternity (2000)
Silent Tunes (2001)

Ex-member of Interface.

See also: Interface


Theda (France)

Disaster (2018)

A bit bleepy ambient modular sound compositions. Climatic, with a feeling of uneasiness and some noisy bits.


thedeathanomalies (???)

Rolf Harris Was Innocent (??)


Thee Koukouvaya (USA)

This Is the Mythology of Modern Death (2015)
Witches' Jelly (2015) (S)
Ancient Race of Techno Voyagers (2016)
Το παρελθόν περιέχει το μέλλον (2018)

A duo with a sound that mixes techno influences and Ambient / Prog EM.


Thee Secrete Society (???)

Thee First Secrete (2020)

Pretty immersive Black Ambient from this collective consisting of Melvin Newman, Helge S. Moune, Jürgen Eberhard and Chris Sigdell.


Thee Void (Italy)

Walk Away (2013)

This particular album features long tracks full of acoustic guitars, plodding drum machine rhythms and warm synth melodies / loops. Sort of Oldfield-ish / krautrock-ish. Other albums are supposedly in different style.

See also: Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd


theFreqDesign (UK)

Crumble Melt (2011)
Walking Among Us (2011)
The Wonderful Wizard of Loss (2012)
Rachel Don't Dance / The Van Cleef (2014) (S)
In the Lab (2016) (S)

Cornwall-based artist who combines influences of minimal synth and Berlin School into a unique, analog-based sound.


Thelema (Austria)

The Holy Mountain (2002) (S)
Der gewundene Erkenntnisweg (2003)
Information Symphony (2003)
Eldur og is (2006)
Ephemerol (2013)
Beyond the Truth (2015) (S)
Stilllife (2017)
Entrance Totrance (2019)
The Great In the Small (2022)

Thelema is a vehicle for solo experiments of Hajot Gmeilbauer - a member of several metal and folk-related projects. Thelema exists since the early 1990's and overall is one of the more difficult projects to classify. It is mostly either ambient, or more melodic stuff influenced by various events, places and, especially, movies. As the author seems to be inspired by so many different things, some of the stuff he did is far removed from the EM aesthetics. However, I will try to list his EM-related works here. Further investigation is needed.


Thelonious Bong (Russia)

Clay Tablets (2020)
Dark Weight (2020)

Abstract electronics with some hip-hop beats. The first track from Clay Tablets is very close to Prog EM in style, though.


Themays (USA)

Knowfi (2010)
Theworks (2011)
Workspace (2013) (S)
Knowhere (2017)

Ambient duo of Jon Bernson and Michael Falsetto-Mapp.


Themes For Great Cities (international)

Themes For Great Cities: Tallinn (2023)

International formation (Erki Pärnoja, Jonas Kaarnamets, Jonas Bjerre, Alex Maiolo) consisting of Estonian, Danish and US artists. Cinematic themes for guitars and synthesizers between kraut / post-rock and EM. Often with an Ash Ra Tempel feel.


Thenever (UK)

Troveer (2021)

Ambient compositions. Sort of lo-fi.


Theocharakis, Stathis (Greece)

Δίχως Άμφια (1999)
Καλή Ανάσταση! (2001)

Stathis Theocharakis is a Greek pianist and composer who continues that country's tradition of melodic and romantic Electronic Music. His albums may be tough to find as they were only released in Greece and have Greek titles.


Theodorakis, Giorgos (Greece)

Nikotini ap. 5, 6 & 9 (1981)
Sima (1983)
Margo (1988)
Nothing In Mind (1998)
The Rules of the Game: Original Studio Recordings 1978 - 1996 (2014)

Electronic Music by the son of Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

See also: 2 Katara


Theodore Wild Ride (France)

Theodore Wild Ride (2021)

Unusual trio consiting of Christine Ott, Mathieu Gabry and Ophir Levy. They play piano, mellotron, ondes martenot, synths and oud. Acoustic / electronic music, reminding a bit on Popol Vuh, but with its own, unique character.

See also: Snowdrops, Ott, Christine, Cry, The.


Theodorou, Petros (Greece)

Οναρ (Onar) (1989)
Music practica (1995)
Φοίνισσες (1999)
Ars moriendi (2001)

Multi-disciplinal artist from Greece. Οναρ (Onar) is an opera sort of thing, with most tracks having a female opera-type voice. However, the arrangements are electronic and two of the tracks are instrumental, so it might be of some interest. File under EM-related.


Theory of Relativity (USA)

In Between Here And There (2007)

It looks like this artist (Jeff Stork) has been inspired by both rock music and EM, as he likes to combine heavy guitar riffs with screaming synth solos. There are some purely electronic moments as well. The author is actually a drummer, and some of the drumming, indeed, sounds "real", not programmed.


There Are No Birds Here (UK)

Ulfkell's Land (2020)
Another Ruined Landscape (2021)
The Drift (2021)
Stryance (2022) (S)
Rathill Pt.1 (2024) (S) (with Coldsore)

Suffolk-based project mixing noisy textures and flowing ambient compositions.


There Is No Phobia In Outer Space, Just Emptiness (Germany)

Cowboys oder Piraten? (2024)

A cross between post-rock and ambient EM.


Therematic (Spain)

Therematic (2021)

Pretty diverse EM from Javier Díez-Ena with lead melodies played on the theremin.

See also: Díez-Ena, Javier And His Theremins, Tremor Nocta.


Theremin Jennings (Greece??)

Theremin Jennings (2022)

A project of Markos Mazarakis. He records his music at home with an old Farfisa transistor organ, a Roland RS-09 string machine and a few other instruments. "Wooden", analog, melodic, cosmic, a bit lo-fi.


Thériault, Jean-Yves (Canada)

Twin Adventure / Renaissance synthétique (2022) (recorded in 1989 - 1992)


Thermidor (Portugal)

Demo (2005)
1929 (2007)
Poema Seis (2010)

Dark Ambient from this Portuguese act. 1929 contains a CD and a DVD.


Therminal C (Switzerland)

Songes électroniques (2020)

Darkish electronics with theremin leads by Coralie Ehinger who is based in Lausanne. Pretty unique and nice stuff.


Therradaemon (Norway)

Den mørke munnens språk (2012)

Dark soundscapes.

See also: Mulm, Northaunt, Human Voice, The.


Thésée (France)

Styx LP (2018) (recorded in 2016)

A project of Nicolas Trussardi. Styx is a collection of mainly ambient-based compositions with a slight IDM flair.


Thesiskin (UK)

Conveyor (2020)

A project of Michael Dillon aka Maricopa. Slow melodies, synth leads, sequences and sometimes downtempo rhythms.



II (2024)

Vienna-based experimental electronic musician, using both guitars and synths. Abstract, melodic, whimsical...


Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet (Sweden)

Järtecken (2015)
Catalina (2016)
Ɵ Prism (2017)
Wisconsin Mining State (2017)
Hafvet (2017)
Novemberregn (2019)
Det var folk där ute. Dom är borta nu. (2020)
Selected Sleep Studies (2021)

The first album is a dark and moody mix of guitars and modular synths. Catalina is more droning and minimal.

See also: Schrab, Linus


Thevenin, Claude (France)

Terres de musiques (??)

Synthesizer artist who is known for his interpretations of classical music.


Thevik, Bjørn (Norway)

Introitus (2013)
MRST (2015) (with Kristian Skaarbrevik)

Ambient artist with a minimal sound based on the sounds of analog synthesizers such as Moog.


Theyrehere (USA)

evatorialanders (2019)

Darkish, murky, gritty tracks made on a modular synth. Like a more sinister and industrial Parallel Worlds.


Theys, Alban & Cedric (Belgium)

Re-De-Generation (2007)
Sirius (2019)

Transatlantic collaboration of these two brothers (one brother resides in Belgium and the other one in Austin, USA). Progressive compositions with touch guitar, electronics and drums / percussion.


Thibideau, Kenseth (USA)

Repetition (2010)

Member of San Francisco post-rockers Tarentel and other bands, Kenseth Thibideau demonstrates an obvious obsession with krautrock and the Dusseldorf School of Electronic Music on the above solo release. Everything was played by Thibideau, including drums, guitars and synths.


Thick Air (Canada)

Concert For Malakut (2018)
Archéologie de Mars (2019)
Ultraterrestrial Atmosphere (2020)
Transorbital Cantrips (2021)
Soma Cataria (2021)
Pillars of Creation (2022)

A project of Arman de Chardin. Long tracks of meditative synth.


Thicket, The (Canada)

The Thicket (2003)

The Thicket is a duo of Andrei and Ivan Poukhovski, father and son from Canada. The first and the last tracks of their eponymously titled album are in the traditional EM style. The rest is synthi progrock with three tracks of ten delivering vocals. The music is actually pretty unique and quite good, too. Andrei and Ivan are good players and great electronic musicians too, judging from their two electronic tracks. Comparisons? Well, tracks with vocals are somewhat like a more active Solar Moon System (i.e. slow beats with various atmospheres plus appropriate voice). That's the closest I can get with comparing their work to others. Bear in mind that the music displayed here is truly progressive in the sense that there are usually multiple themes, lots of changes & variation etc. I wonder, how their purely instrumental electronic album would sound like. I'm pretty sure it will be a real corker, because both "Free Fall" (1st track) and "Catharsis" (last one) are quite good (the music reminds a bit on Jean-Michel Jarre with also echoes of vintage music from the Soviet era, i.e. Zodiac or something like that). I hope they deliver one someday.  


Thiel, Tom (Germany)

Tom Thiel (2011)
Album (2023)

Berlin-based Thiel has been involved in the creation of various types of electronic-based music since the 1980's. His 2023 release features a set of varied electronic vignettes a bit in the spirit of Moebius.


Thighpaulsandra (UK)

I, Thighpaulsandra (2001)
The Michel Publicity Window (2001) (EP)
The Lepore Extrusion (2006)
Practical Electronics With Thighpaulsandra (2019)

Experimental musician and keyboard player who worked with Coil, Julian Cope and Spiritualized, among others. On his solo album from 2001 (this is not his only release but I am not sure the others will be interesting to EM fans) Julian Cope lends a hand, along with some other guest musicians. The music runs a gamut of styles, from the complete weirdness to jazzy stuff and cosmic Electronic ala early Schulze / Tangerine Dream. Thighpaulsandra's real name is Tim Lewis and he is a big fan of early German "krautrock", just like his cohort Julian Cope.

See also: Queen Elizabeth, Coil, UUUU, Uruk.


Thijssen, Patrick (Netherlands)

Demotape 1 (1993)


Thin Air (USA)

Flamed Amazement (2012)

Varied synthetic compositions from Steve Bowman, one of the mainstays of Philadelphia EM scene.


Third Ear Band (UK)

Music From Macbeth (1972) (soundtrack)
The Magus (1972)

Third Ear Band operates more or less within the realm of bands like Univers Zero and Art Zoyd, which means dark, acoustic chamber rock pieces. The soundtrack to a Polanski movie Macbeth appeared on LP in 1972 and was issued by Harvest. It's one of those rare examples where extensive electronic experimentation is involved and their acoustic and folk instruments mix with EMS synthesizers to create highly vivid, opressive and dark atmospheres. The Magus is a hybrid of spacey oboe / violin playing and synthesizers.


This All Devouring Darkness (Germany??)

The Kirkel Kerker Session Vol. 1 (2021)
The Kirkel Kerker Session Vol. 2 (2021)

Dark Ambient. Sort of lo-fi.


This Dark Plague (UK)

Sabbath Mist (2013)

Darkish Ambient by Steve Munslow.

See also: HyperEx Machina, Ambient Ashand.


This Darkness of Mine (Greece)

Music of the Plants (2020)

Relaxing, droning, spacey ambience from Vagelis Moschos.


This Is Esophagus (Canada)

Mellotron Quartet: Ends No Ends (2014)

A project of experimental musician Justin Scott Gray. The above is an attempt to record a classical style symphony using mellotrons only.


This Is Head (Sweden)

X (2019) (EP)

Instrumental indie rock / prog / electronic band from Malmö. X is an exploration of spacey guitar / drums / electronics sound. For fans of space rock / kraut / EM combinations.


This Little Alien / Those Little Aliens (UK)

Synthesizer Specialist (1980)
Synth Bites Man (1980)
Incident In Moderan (1980)
Variable (1980)
Recordings 1980 - 1981 (2016)

These two projects were put together at the end of the 1970's / beginning of 1980's by Gordon A. Hope and were just him solo (This Little Alien) or in duo format together with Ian Dobson (Those Little Aliens). Minimal, experimental tracks, many of which have more in common with minimal synth or industrial scenes of the time. However, some tracks sound like a very stripped down and embryonic version of Berlin School. Some of the above music (released originally on cassette) became available in 2016 on LP as Recordings 1980 - 1981 from Vinyl-on-Demand label, adding a few compilation-only pieces.

See also: Alien, Gordon


Thistle (Finland / Czech Republic)

Sarjanukuttaja (2019)
Teleopsia (2022)

This duo based in Brno and consisting of Czech musician Matěj Kotouček and a Finn named Simo Hakalisto makes droning, gnarling, cosmic EM with modular synths and processed violin.

See also: Shakali


Thistle (USA)

Thistle (1996)
Tired Anchor (2003)

One of the many Mauve Sideshow offshoots (Kelly Thistle).

See also: Dream Radiation, Konkrete Kantikle.


Thme (France)

That's What It Will Be Like (2020)
Silesco (2021)
Red Roses Are Red Now (2021)
A Grasp of Wonder (2022)
Nocens (2023)

Lo-fi Ambient with lots of tape hiss, distortion and glitchiness. Not my favorite style.


Tho So Aa (Germany)

Enrielle (1995)
Epoch Pt. 1 (1996)
Index 1.0. Coma (1998)
Absorb (2000)
Minus (2004)
Dying Reveal (2005) (S)
Spoiler (2007) (S)
Identify (2010)
Sleeping Explorer (2014)
LPZG / BLGM Live (2014) (recorded in 2003 and 2008)

Dark Ambient from Lutz Rach.


Tholen (Germany)

Sternklang (2007)
Neuropol (2010)

German artist who calls himself Eisen. Sternklang is a massive soundscape in Dark Space vein.


Thollot, Jacques (France)

Watch Devil Go (1975)

A free jazz drummer, Jacques Thollot released several progressive / jazz-rock albums during the 1970's. This album mixes several styles, including free jazz, rock and Electronic Music of the Heldon school of thought.


Thoma, Ernst (Switzerland)

Interni pensieri (1997) (with Dorothea Schürch and Michel Seigner)
Random Circle (1998)
Slants (2003) (with Birgit Ulher)
Time Layer (2004)
Modern Tracks (2018) (recorded in 1981 and 1986)

Swiss EM pioneer and experimental musician. Since 1969, Ernst Thoma has been building his own synthesizers for music production under the TMS mark, filling his studio with sophisticated equipment, a lot of which was one-of-a-kind. The exact style of the above works is not known at the moment, but I guess it will be experimental. If you don't like free jazz, it is perhaps better to avoid his collaboration with trumpet player Birgit Ulher.

See also: TV-Totem


Thomas, Carter (USA??)

Sonoma (1985)

Archive electronic recordings by this obscure composer (pieces from 1972 - 1977) and remixed in 1985. The music is supposedly experimental.


Thomas, Fred (USA)

Enough Time Has Passed (2019) (with Dominic Coppola)
Dream Erosion (2020)
No Groove (2022) (with Clair Cirocco)

Varied electronic compositions from this diverse artist. Mostly ambient, melodic and hypnotic, with a few darker and / or cosmic moments.

See also: Cultural Fog, All Energy Must Continue Upward.


Thomas, Julien (France)

Le long de la Charentonne (2016)
Sternentheater (2023)

Long tracks with field recordings, floating synths and mellotrons from Le Mans.


Thomas, Ken (UK)

Beat the Light (1980)

Ken Thomas is mostly known as a producer, having worked with Queen, David Bowie, Psychic TV, Coil, Sigur Ros and others. This is his solo album with music recorded from 1973 to 1979. It supposedly contains Electronic Music.


Thomas, Michael Lee (USA)

Fresh Out of Nowhere (1989)
Sleeper (1990)
Voyager - Grand Tour Suite (1990)
Project 7: Area 51 (1997)
J (1999)

Michael Lee Thomas is ex-keyboardist of AOR group Blackstone. On these CD's he finds himself in the electronic mode. The first two or three albums have hints of Tangerine Dream's sound from roughly the same period (the "Melrose years"). Unfortunately, the production is plagued by the dreary thin digital factory presets that spoiled many potentially good albums of that period. And although Michael shows some talent at creating atmosphere or playing keys, let's be honest here, folks - it's all not new age-unlike. You've been warned. Michael Lee Thomas continues to release music, mostly as downloads, having drifted completely away from any EM connection and well into the world of new instrumental / smooth jazz muzak.


Thomas, Peter (USA)

The Hours Away (??)

Synthesist from Eugene, Oregon area who has been composing EM at least since the early 1980's. He is also a classical guitar player.


Thomas, Reece (Germany??)

2172019 (2020) (S)
Faces In the Rise (2024) (recorded in 2018)

Melancholic ambient compositions from this noise-related artist, member of Alocasia Garden and owner of Vanity Pills Tapes label.


Thomas, Steve (UK)

More People Have Been To the Moon (1997)

Electronic Music album from this cave diver and synthesist. Atmospheric, sequential and Tangerine Dream-like, including real underwater ambiences.


Thomas, Terence & Fair, Robert (USA)

Forces (1983)


Thomasius, Jörg (Germany)

Freizeit (1987) (with Dieter Zobel)
Musik aus dem Regen (1988) (with Dieter Zobel)
Schwarze Hände (1988) (recorded in 1985)
Tomato (1988)
Falsche Hase (1989) (with Dieter Zobel)
Die Gesänge der Komparsen (1989)
After Eight (1990)
Tolling Toggle (1991) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
Clock Face (1992) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
Minimization (1994) (with Guido Hübner)
Marmor (1996)
Miniod (1997)
Wie eine Companie Indianer Caffee trinken (1997) (with Gust)
Logana (1998)
The Sound of Silver (1998) (with Doc Wör Mirran)

East German electronic experimentalist.

See also: Tonart


Thomass, Eugen (Germany)

Sound Music Album 10 (1976)
Sound Music Album 12: Modern Music For Synthesizer (1977)
Sound Music Album 23: Unterwasser (1979)
Sound Music Album 27: Chemistry - Physics (1980) (with Klaus Weiss)
Sound Music Album 29: The Seasons - Spring / Summer (1981)
Sound Music Album 30: The Seasons - Autumn / Winter (1981)

These are all electronic library albums. As usual with records of this type, there's some dated cheese but there are also some good ambient floaters to be found.


Thompson, Chris (USA)

Everything Imaginable Comes True (2019)

New York-based synthesist and percussionist who blends synth-pop, chiptune and progressive EM in unlikely ways. Beware the vocals on a couple of tracks.


Thompson, Dave (UK)

Unknown Territory (1991)
Approaching the Light (1991)
Rainbow's End (1992)
Enigmas (1998)
Beyond the Unknown Territory (2000)

Light, melodic electronics. Sometimes quite atmospheric or Berlin-styled.

See also: Phobos, Subclavian.


Thompson, Robert Scott (USA)

As In the Dark, All Cats Are Grey (1987)
Air Friction (1988)
Deeper In the Dreamtime (1991)
The Strong Eye (1992)
Ginnungagap (1993)
Shadow Gazing (1994) (recorded in 1986 - 1994)
Amorphia (1995)
The Silent Shore (1996)
Music For A Summer Evening (1997)
Another Sky (1998) (with Nikitas Demos)
Frontier (1998)
Aether (1998)
Sapphire (1998)
Elemental Folklore (1998) (recorded in 1994 - 1997)
Siren (1999)
Blue Day (2000)
Alchemy (2000)
Forgotten Places (2000) (with James Johnson)
Cytizen (2000) (recorded in 1981 - 1986)
The Vivid Air (2000)
In Ruins (2000) (recorded in 1981 - 1982)
Acousma (2001) (recorded in 1996 - 2001)
Manifold (2001)
Sidereal (2002)
The Still Center of A Turning World (2004)
Pendere (2007)
Ghost Words (2008)
Frozen Light (2008)

Tre passagio - Homage To Ingmar Bergman (2008) (S)
Poesis Athesis (2008)
Gold Flowers Bloom Mercury Petals (2009)
Upon the Edge of Night (2012)
Parasympathetic Music (2013)
Centering - Enfolding - Empowering (2013)
Alchemy (2013)
Arcana (2014)
Pale Blue Dot (2015)
Phonotopological (2018)
Escapology (2021)
Night And Day (2023)

Robert Scott Thompson was born in 1959 in California. He creates Ambient music which is sometimes dark and sometimes has a bend toward the electroacoustic side of the fence.

See also: Fountainhead.


Thomsen, Steve (USA)

World of Insects (1992)
Swan Trove (1995) (with Joseph Hammer)
Folding Pineapple (2000)
Retrospective (2000)
Conglomerate Ceiling (2001)
Retrospective II (2002)
Retrospective III (2002) (S)
Western Vacation (2002)
Grab Zone (2002)
Skeleton Works I (2015)
Skeleton Works II (2015)
Skeleton Works III (2015)
Skeleton Works IV (2015)
Skeleton Works V (2015)
Report of Golden Chromosomes (2022)

Arizona-based visual artist and musician with a varied style. Steve Thomsen is an ex-member of rock band Monitor.


Thomson, Glenn (Australia)

The Noumenal Void (2016)


Thongor (???)

His Doom In The Eye Of A Skeletal King (2018)

Rather soundtrack-ish dungeon synth-related music.


ThorF (Iceland)

Mamma / Pabbi (2022)
2012 (2023)
Here We Are (2024)

ThorF is a shortened artistic name for Guðmundur Thor Friðleifsson. The material on Mamma / Pabbi varies from rhythmic, dubby pieces with crisp sequencing to ambient and sometimes slightly noisy soundscapes.


Thorir Hund (Canada??)

Essence (2020)
Yggdrasil (2020)

A project of Kyle Damron in atmospheric style influenced by dungeon synth and other genres, such as melodic EM.


Thorne, Daniel (UK)

Lines of Sight (2019)

British saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. On the above release, he loops, samples and processes sax and synths for a unique, intense and melodic sound. Tracks like "From the Heavens" or "Fear of Floating" are true beauties.


Thornton, Phil (UK)

Cloud Sculpting (1986)
Alien Encounter (1996)

Basically a new age musician, Phil Thornton released several works that will be interesting for Electronic Music fans. Alien Encounter is one of these, a mesmerizing and a bit mysterious electronic landscape with lots of effects and sounds that create special night-time atmosphere. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Mandragora, Expandis.


Thorny Group (Italy)

At Night Fall... (1986)
Soliman (??)

These are electronic library records with music composed by one Giuseppe De Martini.


Thorough, Scott (USA)

Bird (2019)
Tree (2021)

Brooklyn-based rap musician who also tried his hand at ambient composition.


Thought Bubble (UK)

Around (2021)
Primal Connection (2021)
Nowhere (2022)
Weaving (2023)
Beguiled (2023)

Manic, monotonous, motorik-laden compositions with real drums and lots of synths.


Thought Guild (USA)

Context (2002)
Continuum (2005)
Third Voyage (2012)
Electric Curios (2013)
Archiphonic (2018) (recorded in 2000)

Thought Guild was a duo of Gregory Kyryluk aka Alpha Wave Movement and Christopher Cameron (1966 - 2011). Same style as AWM.

See also: Kyryluk, Gregory, Alpha Wave Movement, Open Canvas, Within Reason, Biome, Subtle Shift.


Thousand Foot Whale Claw (USA)

Time Brothers (2011)
Lost In Those Dunes (2012) (S)
Dope Moons Volume One (2013)
Cosmic Winds (2016)
Black Hole Party (2018)

Described as "krautrock drone minimalism", this Texas-based group really takes that Ash Ra Tempel / Klaus Schulze formula and infuses it with Dark Ambient dementia and trippy psychedelia. Dark and cosmic.


Thousandth Cave (USA)

Ancient Hearsay (2021)

Dungeon synth with some traces of Ambient.


Thrall, Ure (USA)

Forbidden Fruit (1996)
Shauerroman (2003)
Arabian Knightmares (2004)
The Bone Tree Soundtracks (2004)
The Bone Tree Soundtracks Vol. 2 (2004)
The Zound And the Ure (2004)
Smooth Quality Replicant (2007) (with P.H. Locasta)
The Bone Tree Soundtracks Vol. 3 (2007)
A Saucerful of Sucrets (2008) (recorded in 1995)
The Great Zoviet-French Kiss-Off (2008)
Ure Thrall Comes Apart! (2008)

Drone Ambient. Pretty dark stuff. Ure Thrall (real name - Greg Logsdon) started as a random noise artist mostly doing amateur collages (early works are not included in the above discography). However, over the years he has managed to refine his sound into a cohesive whole. Ure Thrall was once a member of the ensemble Voice of Eye.

See also: Asianova


Three Legged Race, The (USA)

Raining Order (2011) (S)
As Ed Sunspot (2011) (S)
Persuasive Barrier (2012)

Noise artist Robert Beatty (aka Ed Sunspot) gone electronic. His early works (circa 2002 - 2010) were noisy but he then started to drift towards a more ambient, EM and kraut-influenced sound.


Three Men (Germany)


Three Moons (Serbia)

Moon I (2020)
Moon I / Moon II (2022) (recorded in 2020)

Dark Space project from Serbia.

See also: Depression Embrace, Glog, Nothingness, Åãçîðöèçàì.


Three Point Circle (USA)

Layered Contingencies (2020)
Proximity Effects (2021)

Ambient trio consisting of Marc Barreca, Kerry Leimer and Steve Peters.

See also: Barreca, Marc, Leimer, Lerry.


Three Winters (Norway)

The Atrocities (2013) (EP)
Chroma (2014)

Horror synth / italo / progressive electronic project from Oslo. Three Winters consists of Anders B., Kim Sølve and Lars Fredrik.


Threshold Houseboys Choir, The (UK)

Form Grows Rampant (2007)
Threshold House~Boys Choir (2008) (S)
Amulet Edition (2008)

A solo project of Peter Christopherson that he was involved with while living in Thailand shortly prior to his untimely demise in 2010. Musically, it's a weird mixture of tribal rhythms, electronic atmospheres and processed voices. Sort of a hybrid between Tribal Ambient and World Music but with a definite Southeast Asian twist and a touch of Coil of course. Some of the voices remind on Klaus Schulze's vocal / sample experiments from the early 2000's.

See also: Christopherson, Peter, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Electric Sewer Age.


Thriwax (Russia)

Clumsy (2021) (S)

Thriwax is Fedor Tatarintsev, an ambient drone musician from Kolomna. His music is hypnotic and has a slight "Blade Runner"-esque feel in places.


Throbbing Gristle (UK)

20 Jazz Funk Greats (1979)
In the Shadow of the Sun (1984) (recorded in 1980) (soundtrack)

Throbbing Gristle go ambient? This soundtrack for a Derek Jarman film (In the Shadow of the Sun) was improvised in real time in 1980 and features two long compositions of floating and abstract textures. is a pioneering industrial work with slight Prog EM influences here and there via Carter's Roland synth work (as on "Walkabout").

See also: Carter, Chris, CTI, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris And Cosey, Christopherson, Peter.


Throne of Knowledge (Germany)

The Awakening (2019)
The Divine Paradox (2024)

Melancholic ambience. Sometimes reminds on Klaus Schulze's trademark chord progressions from circa 2000 - 2015.

See also: Murgrind


Through (USA)

How Do I Celebrate Without You? (2015)

Ho, ho, hooo! It's that time of the year again and this Kentucky-based artist serves you warm, synth-based compositions with a Christmas flair.


Throw Down Bones (UK)

Throw Down Bones (2015)
Two (2018)

Heavy krautrock vibes by means of motorik rhythms, guitars, bass and electronics. This is firmly in the Dusseldorf School camp. I guess if you mix equal doses of early (pre-Autobahn) Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Dusseldorf and Hawkwind, you might get something like this.


Thrower, Stephen (UK)

Trouser Bar (2017) (soundtrack)

Ranges from cheesy disco to nice, warm, atmospheric EM with elements of jazz and / or classical.


Thrue, Gert (Denmark)

Sound Painted Pictures of Cosmic Love (1977)

Rare album of this Danish musician released in Holland. Floating music with live drumming, vaguely along the lines of Klaus Schulze.


Thrupence (Australia)

Structures (2023)

Australian house artist (real name - Jack Vanzet), who on Structures mixes soft and melodic house tracks with string arrangements and ambient melodic tracks with once again string arrangements and analog synths. File under EM-related.


Thrushez (Japan)

Transparent Moods (2019) (S)

Relaxing synth moods. Sequences, atmospheres and some rhythms. A project of Kensuke Kamitani.


Thunder Tillman (Sweden)

Jaguar Mirror (2016) (EP)
Night School of Universal Wisdom (2017) (S)
Condor Sunflower (2019) (EP)
Sen (Ocean Meditations) (2019)
Aural Healing Program For Peace And Longevity (2022)

Synth project with sort of a new-agey vibe and collage-like structure of pieces.


Thunderdoor (UK)

No More, No Less (2017)
Low Life (2021) (recorded in 1994 - 1996)

Ambient duo of A.G. Flynn and Louis M. Champion formed in 1991. Cosmic, mysterious sound.


Thurow, Matthias (Germany)

Modern Dance Limon-Technik (1984)
Cornucopia (1986)
Melancholia (1988)

Former Eulenspygel member, Matthias Thurow was born in 1949 in Tubingen. These solo albums contain symphonic EM. Matthias currently resides in Italy.

See also: Et Cetera


Thusian (Slovakia)

Silmarillion (1994)

Obscure duo that released an album of Tolkien-inspired atmospheric music.


THX 1971 (Germany)

Best of Volume 1 (2019)
Mensch Mobil (2020)
Tanzbar und Modern (2021)
Nutze deine Zeit (2022)

A project of Thomas Meier-Goldau. Like a female AI-fronted Kraftwerk. Mostly pretty quality material.


Thylacine (France)

OVNI(s) (2021) (soundtrack)

Varied electronic artist from France (mostly electro, deep house and related). On OVNI(s), a soundtrack to a series, he goes for the analog melodic EM style. The album release includes Thylacine's original music, as well as tracks of people like Jean-Pierre Decerf, Cerrone, even Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream and more.


Thyme Lines (France)

Le cantique des oiseaux (2017) (S)
Geodesists (2019)
Visions Imagination 2016 - 2019 (2020)
Astral Series Vol. 1 (2020)
Galactic Templates / Palm Rubber Land (2022)
Astral Series Vol. 2 (2023)
Astral Series Vol. 4 (2023)

A flute / synths duo. Cosmic, atmospheric, experimental, sequencer-based...


Thyne Lyght Illusory (UK)

I - Beginnings (2019)

Similar to dungeon synth, with elements of Ambient.


Tibbetts, Steve (USA)

Steve Tibbetts (1977)

Steve Tibbetts is a guitarist born in 1954. The above mentioned first album is the only one which is of interest to EM fans. The music is drenched in guitar but there are some synth numbers, too.


Tibia (Germany)

Care (2022)

A mixture of ambient and slowly rhythmic tracks from this project. Between classic analog sounds and IDM / downtempo.


TIBSLC (Germany)

Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions (2021)

Leipzig-based project (TIBSLC translates to The International Billionaire's Secret Love Child) with a unique version of ambient music - based on processed field recordings and digitally-generated noises, it combines subtle glitches and microscopic sounds with the all-enveloping blanket of phased and modulated sounds / pads. Sort of warm but kind of claustrophobic and at times vertigo-inducing.


Ti-Cal (UK)

Coriolis (2002)

Ambient by Tarl Broad-Ashman.


Tidal (UK)

Spore Cluster (2010)
Fractal Empire (2010)
Hyperlight (2010) (S)
Echo Dawn (2011) (S)
The Future of An Illusion (2011)
Butterfly Coil (2011)
Olympus (2012)
Being Still Being (2013) (EP)

Ambient music by Jimmy Billingham.

See also: Venn Rain, Sandpiper, HOLOVR, Billingham, Jimmy.


Tidal (USA)

The Four Rivers (2001)
Golem & Man (2002)
Ingathering of Exiles (2003) (with Chaos As Shelter and Igor Krutogolov)
Silent Knife Speaks (2005) (S)
Ablution (2006) (S) (with Peter Duimelinks)

Dark soundscapes by David Brownstead.


Tiedje, Stefan (Germany)

Polyrik 12.12.85 / Ursprung ins kalte Wasser (1985)
Polyrische Variationen (1989)

Stefan Tiedje worked with Christopher Franke back in the 80's and released an album of Experimental EM. He is now working in the CCMIX studio in Paris (fresh after his stay in Experimental Studio, Freiburg). He is still active in music making, mostly doing free improvisations with his self-written programs. 


Tieghem, David van (USA)

These Things Happen (1984)
Safety In Numbers (1987)
Strange Cargo (1989)
Thrown For A Loop (2009)
Fits & Starts (2013)

Avant-garde electronic percussionist. The first album is done in collaboration with other musicians and incorporates various computer collages and synth phrases embellished by diverse percussion and chromatic percussion-like sounds (marimba, vibraphone, etc). Safety In Numbers is more spacey and ambient, while Strange Cargo is largely influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto's style. David van Tieghem worked with such luminaries of progressive / experimental scene as Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Jon Gibson, Robert Fripp, Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Zorn, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, John Cale, Richard Peaslee and Bill Laswell, to name but a few.


T'ien Lai (Poland)

Da'at (2013)
RHTHM (2015)
Natury 1&2 (2023)

Polish duo of Łukasz Jędrzejczak and Kuba Ziołek. They are rather unclassifiable. They state to be influenced by German 1970's music and Jewish mystical thought. Anyway, on their debut they don't have a unique cohesive style, but rather it's quite a chaotic and noisy offering. On RHTHM, however, a slightly stronger focus is felt, with the duo mixing their electroacosutic debris so prominent on their debut with repetitive synth / organ patterns in a vaguely Prog EM setting.


Tiermes (Finland)

Tiermes (1996)
210 (1997) (S)
777 - (1999)
Malahvia (2005)

Dark soundscapes by Saaren Levy aka Jussi Saivo and Jarkko Toivonen. Ritual, organic...


Tierro Cosmico (???)

Botanical Mood (2024)

Spacey, chilly ambient EM with a bit of a 1990's vibe (voice samples and stuff).


Tiersen, Yann (France)

Kerber (2021)
11 5 18 2 5 18 (2022)

Brest-born French film composer and multi-instrumentalist. On Kerber, he combines piano and electronics, much in the way of Nils Frahm. 11 5 18 2 5 18 is more of a diverse experimental / rhythmic synth work, sometimes even with touches of Klaus Schulze.

See also: ESP, Transmission.


Tietchens, Asmus (Germany)

Nachtstucke (1979)
Biotop (1981)
Musik aus der Grauzone (1981)
Spat Europa (1982)
In die Nacht (1982)
Musik im Schatten (1982)
Musik an der Grenze (1982)
Musik unter Tage (1983)
Litia (1983)
Formen letzer Hausmusik (1984)
Rattenheu (1984)
Seuchengebiete (1985)
Geboren um zu Dienen (1986)
Notturno (1986)
Watching the Burning Bride (1986) (with Terry Burrows)
Zwingburgen des Hedonismus (1987) (S)
Aus Freude am Elend (1987)
Face To Face Vol.1 (1988)
E (1988) (with Okko Bekker)
Linea (1988)
Abfleischung (1989) (recorded in 1977)
Marches funebres (1989)
Stupor mundi (1990)
Five Manifestoes (1990) (with Phillip B. Klingler)
Raum 318 (1991)
Monoposto (1991) (with C.V. Liquidsky)
Sinkende Schwimmer (1991)
Grav (1991) (with Phillip B. Klingler and Merzbow)
Seuchengebiete 2 (1991)
Das Einsverfehlung (1992)
Syrenia 2 (1992) (with Vidna Obmana)
Dbl.Fdbk (1993) (with Arcane Device)
Das Fest ist zu Ende. Aus. (1993)
Daseinsverfehlung (1993)
Die Nacht aus Blei (1994)
Das Vieh und sein Vater (1995) (recorded in 1981 - 1995)
Asmus Tietchens / Vidna Obmana (1995) (with Vidna Obmana)
Eisgang (1995)
Ptomaine (1995)
Speiseleitung (1996) (with Arcane Device)
Dämmerattake (1997)
Seuchengebiete 3 (1997)
Das digitale Vertrauen (1997) (with Edward Ka-Spel, Jetzmann and L. Ski)
Burning the Watching Bride (1998) (with Terry Burrows)
Repetitive Movements (1998) (with Achim Wollscheid)
Glimmen (1999)
Motives For Recycling (1999) (with Vidna Obmana)
Stockholmer Totentanz (1999) (with Okko Bekker)
Alpha Menge (2000)
Beta Menge (2001)
Flussdichte (2001) (with David Lee Myers)
Gamma Menge (2002)
The Shifts Recyclings (2002) (with Vidna Obmana)
Leuchtidioten (2022) (S)
7 Stucke (2003) (with Jon Mueller)
Delta Menge (2003)
FT+ (2003)
Adventures In Sound (2003) (recorded in 1965 - 1969)
60:00 (2004) (with David Lee Myers)
Epsilon Menge (2005)
Verstreutes 2 (2006) (recorded in 1984 - 1995)
Zeta Menge (2006)
Fabrication (2007) (with Richard Chartier)
Eta Menge (2008)
Tels Teils (2008)
Eine Menge Papier (2009) (S)
Flachen mit Figuren (2009)
Fabrication 2 (2010) (with Richard Chartier)
Abraum (2010)
Soiree (2011)
Moebius + Tietchens (2012) (with Moebius)
Tarpenbek (2012)
Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion (2013)
Humoresken und Vektoren (2014)
Der fünfte Himmel (2014) (recorded in 1980 - 1983)
4K7+ (2015) (recorded in 1974 - 1983)
Harvestehude (2015) (with M. Peinemann)
Parergon (2016)
Soirée fantastique (2016) (S)
Deflections (2017) (with Fabio Perletta)
Eisgang (2017)
Strophen (2018)
Stenogramme, zweite Folge (2018)
Arcs (2018) (with David Lee Myers)
Oordeel (2019) (with Frans de Waard)
Bleiche Brunnen (2020)
Neues Boot (2021) (with Miki Yui)
Seuchengebiete 4 (2021)
Abraum Zwo (2021)
Die Höfner Akten (2022) (with Dirk Serries)
Schatten ohne Licht (2022)
Ptomaine 2 (2022)
Integral (2023) (with Fabio Perletta)

Asmus Tietchens is a German experimental and electronic composer born in 1947 in Hamburg. He has strong connections to the early work of his German cohort Karlheinz Stockhausen but can hardly be considered an academic composer. He is actually one of the krautrock pioneers, having been experimenting in the field since the late 1960's. He has collaborated with Cluster and participated on the legendary Liliental record. He then went solo, singning for the Sky label. A few quirky and vaguely "commercial" electronic albums followed, before Asmus plunged into the world of repetitive minimal Ambient and Experimental music.

See also: Kontakt Der Junglinge, Club of Rome, Liliental, Statische Musen.


Tiger Stripe (USA)

Imaginary Number (2011)
Flightz (2012) (S)
Prisma Colour (2012)

Although there's a strong post-rock / shoegaze element to the music of this Los-Angeles-based project (in the form on drawn out guitar drones), he also uses synths deliberately and is not afraid to toss in a tasty sequence or two, resulting in a nice EM / post-rock / drone hybrid that at times gives the "Ashra jamming in space with Ulrich Schnauss" feeling. Nice, and sadly unknown.


Tiger Tigre (France)

Miaou! (2019)
GRRR? (2019)

Really weird stuff. Definitely progressive, with lots of twists and turns, rhythm changes, mixing French easy-listening style, disco and Prog EM.


Tiger Village (USA)

Tiger Village (2013)
Tiger Village II (2013) (S)
Tiger Village III (2013)
Tiger Village IV: Six North (2013)
Tiger Village V (2014)
Pyrrha (2014) (S)
Companion (2015) (S)
Low Focus (2016) (S)
Tiger Village VI: Effective Living (2016)
8-8-16 (2016)
Fade (2017) (S)
The Argument (2018)
Tact (2018)
Modern Drummer (2019)
Amblyopiac (2020)

A project of Tim Thornton, mixing vaporwave, experimental electronics, cut-up collage and God knows what else. In other words, unclassifiable stuff which has become somewhat of a norm in our post-industrial / information age (and a plague for reviewers like me who want to classify everything). Some tracks here have a strong Prog EM flair but they are scattered throughout Tim's discography. An example of this is "Night Some Live Synth" from Six North. File under EM-related.


Tigue (USA)

Peaks (2015)
Strange Paradise (2018)

Tigue is a three-piece band from Brooklyn with a sound mostly based on various types of percussion. However, they also use electronics extensively and make forays into ambient territory every now and then. One of those EM-related entries with a unique sound that is hardly comparable to other artists.


Tiho Brage (Russia)

Один шаг за горизонт (1996)
Лунный альбом (1998)
Титан (1999)
Kunstkamera (1999)
Ogme's Dreams (2000)
Сияние (2002)
Tsiolkovsky-Beat (2003)
Last Sunny Day (2011)
Relict (2006)

Russian synthesist Alexey Ostrovskiy creates cosmic, melodic and atmospheric EM.


Til Det Bergens Skyggene (Germany)

Renhet (2011) (S)
Renhet II (2011) (S)
Vandringen I (2011) (S)
Til det bergens skyggene (2011)
Vandringen II (2013)

Dungeon synth / fantasy music peoject from Germany that expresses a strong cosmic / classic EM influence, especially on later works.

See also: Astral Order of Impurity


Till, Gus (Australia)

Aquana Vol. 1 - Stillness (2008)
Between the Silence (2011)

Gus Till is a downtempo artist from Melbourne. Between the Silence is based on his experiences of living on Bali island. It couples subtle gamelan sounds (real or sampled) with electronic atmospheres.


Till, Ryan (USA)

Plants For Kids (2021)

Brooklyn-based Till is one of the most schizophrenic artists I've heard. Part classic acoustic guitar crooner, part experimental electronic composer, he combines the two seemingly distant musical worlds in a single release that is chock full of short tracks that range from a few seconds to 3 minutes. There is also a touch of sound collage and vaporwave to complete the picture of total sonic madness on show here.


Tillegreen, Alexander (Denmark)

In Words (2023)

Alexander Brix Tillegreen is a Danish artist. In Words focuses on speech experiments (looped spoken phrases etc.) but also on quiet, somewhat non-chalant and exposition type electronic / synth pieces. I enjoyed the synth stuff.


Tilliander, Andreas (Sweden)

Japan (2017) (with Elin Franzén)

Electronic artist whose sphere of interest ranges from dubby minimal techno / glitch through dark electronics of the Node / Parallel Worlds type to ambient soundscapes and drone. I will try to list his ambient or EM-related works. Japan is loaded with field recordings, electronic drones and slight dub influences.

See also: Innerst Inne


Tillinghast Laboratories Incorporated (USA)

Sensitive Document (2008)

This sounds like an expansion on Kraftwerk's ideas by bringing them into the world of 21st Century's cyber world, chips, software, AI and viruses.


Tillison, Andy (UK)

Fog (2007)
Murk (2011)
Electric Sinfonia No. 2 (2014)
(Machte es) durch (2016)
Kalman Filter - Exo־Oceans (2018)
Kalman Filter - Moons of Neptune (2021)

Andy Tillison is a keyboard player of The Tangent fame. Here, he presents us some solo music played on synthesizers in Berlin School vein. For some reason, on the cover of Fog his name is spelled "Andy Tillison Diskdrive".


Tim Six (Ukraine)

Infinity Studies (2017)
Dialectica (2019)
Emergent Dimensions (2019)
Origins Reflection (2020)
Sidereal Alignment (2020)
Drones of Passage (2020)
All Flesh Is Grass (2021)
Revive / Regrow (2023)
Homing (2024)

Semi-acoustic droning ambient compositions.

See also: Creation IV, Petrograd Drone Gathering.


tim32 (Russia)

Radiotrilogy (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Luminescence (2022)

Noise Ambient / Dark Space from the depths of Siberia.


Timas 23 (USA)

Cloud Vortex (2009)
Levitation (2009)
Flames On Venus (2010)
Nitiraj (2010)
Live At Solar Culture Gallery 2011 (2012)

Phoenix, Arizona-based synthesist whose real name is Timmy A. Stamper. He uses analog synthesizers to sculpt cosmic, abstract, sometimes arpeggio or sequencer-based compositions.


Time And Form (USA)

Lure of the Heavens (2014) (S)
Celestial Meditation (2018)

Melodic electronics done on analog synthesizers from this New Orleans-based project.

See also: Faze Island, Creeper.


Time Attendant (UK)

Tournaments (2012)
Treacherous Orb (2014)
Bloodhounds (2014)
Ruby Modifier (2017)
Subtle Bodies (2020) (with Dolly Dolly)
Circus Spiritism (2022)

Time Attendant is London-based painter and musician Paul Snowdon. Just like his abstract paintings, this music is wild and colorful and with all those crazy sounds and rhythms will appeal to fans of Experimental EM.


Time Being (USA)

A Dimension Reflected (2011)
A Place To Belong (2015)
An Ocean of Time (2021)

Ambient soundscapes from Phillip Wilkerson and Jourdan Laik.

See also: Wilkerson, Philip, Paradisaic.


Time Mechant, The (USA)

Velae (1997)

Supposedly, Ambient.


Time Points (France)

Temps long (2022) (EP)

Intense analog EM. Noisy and rough, but also ambient and cosmic.


Time Spent (USA)

Patterns of Light (2005)
The Warm Mouth of Silence (2005)
The Secret Soul of Things (2007)
Summer 2007 (2007)
Return To the Place In Dreams (2009)
Mystery & Meaning (2012)

Ambient project.

See also: Dark Matter Halo


Time Traveler (USA)

Sky Falter (2020)

A project of Texas-based Michael L. Rogers aka Eleon. Cinematic, relaxed, melodic, rhythmic EM.

See also: Eleon


Time Wharp (USA)

Feel No Pain (2017)
Radical American Hippy Kraut (2019)
Spiro World (2022)

Varied project of Kaye Loggins. Feel No Pain is an album of relaxed synth improvisations, meditative and a bit lo-fi. Spiro World is a lively work that takes things into jazzy realms by combining electronics and acoustic (mostly brass and reed) instrumentation. Radical American Hippy Kraut is, as expected, influenced by the Dusseldorf School.


TimeDog (UK)

Another's Solitude (2013)
Objects of Mind (2014)
The Fragile Present (2015)
Natural Lines of Drift (2015)



Timelash (Chile / USA)

012 / Timelash (2020) (S)
A Morphology of Wonders (2021)
Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities (2023) (recorded in 2019)

Varied, experimental, quirky, a bit experimental-sounding Electronic Music from Nicolás Carcavilla and Grant Corum.

See also: Embassador Dulgoon, Corum, Orchardist, The.


Timescape (Denmark)

One Small Step And A Giant Leap (1996)
Two Worlds (1998)
Strange (2000)
Daughters of Jupiter (2005)
Travelling Light (2007)
Jarrelogic Live (2010)
Live (2010)
Passage of Time (2010)
TNT (2010)
Global Gathering (2010)
Live At Fermaten 2009 (2010)
Great Barrier Reef (2013)
Lost In A Moment (2016)
The Test of Time (2019)
Pripyat (2019)
In Concert (2021)
The Endless Journey (2021) (EP)

Timescape is Kent Borrefjaell Eskildsen from Navigator (sometimes joined by Tony Andersen from the same band). Rhythmic Space Music in Schmoelling / Tangerine Dream vein. The story of Kent Eskildsen begins in the 1970's, when he heard Tangerine Dream's Stratosfear. This music captured his attention and made him a long-time fan. Apart from Electronic Music, Kent always had a passion for progressive rock, playing guitar in a band called Atlantis. Kent got his first synth in 1979 and since then he's been experimenting with it both as solo artist (Timescape) and with several groups, including Navigator. Together with fellow musician Tony Andersen, Kent forms a duo called Kenton Files.

See also: Navigator, Statics.


Timeshard (UK)

Who Pilots the Flying Saucers? (1991)
Hyperborean Dome Temples of Apollo (1992)
Crystal Oscillations (1994)

Timeshard were a pioneering ambient techno trio consisting of Mark Graham, Simon Kember and Steven Grant. They can be seen as occupying the same territory as acts like The Orb or The Future Sound of London. However, contrary to a lot of techno-related acts, they used to play live a lot, with actual performances (no DJing) on synthesizers. Every now and then they would also venture into ambient / EM territory. Relevant tracks include "Dolphins" from Who Pilots the Flying Saucers?, "Quetzalcoatl" from Hyperborean Dome Temples of Apollo, "Human Error", "Secret Song of the Sea" and "The Others" from Crystal Oscillations, maybe some other stuff (haven't delved deeper into their oeuvre). The above mentioned tracks are nice from EM standpoint, but the rest will be enjoyed only by those into ambient techno. File under EM-related.


Timeship (USA)

Ambient Christmas (2002)
Spacewalk (2003)
Universal Excursion (2003)

Melodic EM with varied influences.


Time-Wave (Germany)

The Luenen-Rehearsals (1993) (with Tranquillity)

Time-Wave is synthesist Norbert Gunkel.


Timm, Doug (USA)

Nightflyers (1987) (soundtrack)

Synth soundtrack by this composer in a melodic style, resembling Vangelis in places. Prior to Nightflyers, Doug Timm had been working on some television soundtracks. His career was tragically cut short in 1989, when he was killed during a robbery by two strangers he had invited to his home.


Timman, Johan (Netherlands)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1978) (S)
Trip Into the Body (1981)

Classic EM with lots of vocoder voices.


Timmermans, Tim (USA)

Poems of the Five Mountains (1987) (with Skipper Wise)

Early solo release by ex-keyboardist of jazz fusion band Windows. He went on to release a couple of more records in new age style. This one sees him creating melodic electronic songs, somewhat similar to what Tangerine Dream was doing around the same time, but more naive. There are elements of new age of course, but also new instrumental, progrock and classical. He is helped by bassist and percussionist Skipper Wise (also ex-Windows). The album was a rare, US-only release by Innovative Communication, followed by a re-release on Higher Octave Music. File under EM-related.


Timoka (Switzerland)

Waters (2013) (EP)
Tulgey (2014)
Album / Rework (2014) (with Webermichelson)

Timoka is an alias of Swiss artist Benjamin Kilchhofer. He has a really unique style, combining a bit of house / techno, a bit of Cluster-like weirdness, a bit of analog warmth and a lot of individual touch, everything in different proportions, with the whole not sounding quite like anything else I've heard. Definitely related to Prog EM, even if not 100% Prog.

See also: Kilchhofer


Timoshenko, Leonid (Russia)

Подлетая к Сириусу (2006)

Prolific composer who, starting from the early 1990's, has been releasing some 10+ albums a year, so needless to say, I don't even hope to sink my teeth into the whole of it. Apparently, some of his music is either new instrumental or folk music. Подлетая к Сириусу (Approaching Sirius) is nice melodic EM of the Jarre school of thought, sometimes bombastic, sometimes rocky. Looks like the guy only uses factory presets and he accompanies his music (and live shows) by some wishy-washy new age healing theories, so beware. It is debatable, how much of his output should be in EEM.


Timov, Krasimir (Bulgaria)


Tin Man (USA)

Arles (2023)

Tin Man is an alias on Vienna-based acid musician Johannes Auvinen. Arles is his excursion into Progressive EM with strong kraut / Dusseldorf influences.


Tin Moth's Breath (USA)

Ecclesiastes: The Thorns of Time (2004)
Identities (2007)

Ambient duo of Ben Fleury-Steiner and Jim Brenholts.

See also: Fleury-Steiner, Ben, Rigel Orionis.


Tindle, Mark (USA)

Ritual Structures (1994)

Ritual Ambient with something of a Tibetan vibe. The music makes use of processed bass guitar, samples, electronics and some voices / chants.


Tine Net (USA)

Peach Whisper (2020)

Relaxed, ambient electronic tracks from Minneapolis.


Tineidae (Ukraine)

Exo (2020)
Mothership (2022)
Remnants of War (2024) (with Sole Massif)

Cinematic and spacey ambient compositions.


Tinker, Tobias (Canada)

Sound Fascination, Volume 1 (2011)

Canadian-born atist currently residing in Berlin. He is quite diverese and has also ventured into Electronic Music, as the above disc attests. It features mostly shorter tracks of varying moods, mostly atmospheric and with a nice synth sound.


Tiny Isles (UK)

The Long Seasoned Sleep (2014)

Ambient trio of Christopher Hipgrave, Ian Hawgood and Jason Corder.

See also: Hipgrave, Christopher, Hawgood, Ian, Offthesky.


Tiny Vipers (USA)

Laughter (2017)

A project of Jesy Fortino who is mostly known as singer-songwriter. However, the above album features some interesting ambient experimentation. Notable tracks include "Crossing the River of Yourself" with its mellotron flutes, the meditative, arpeggio-laden "Living On A Curve" and the long closer, which sounds like a minimal and lo-fi version of Ash Ra Tempel circa Inventions...


Tipper (UK)

Jettison Mind Hatch (2019)

Dave Tipper has been at the forefront of various forms of club-related intelligent electronics for over two decades. Jettison Mind Hatch is basically an inventive IDM work. However, Dave closes the disc with a fantastic ambient EM piece, titled "Oi Oi Spit". I wish the whole album was in that style. A one-track inclusion for far.


TiRa the Art of Dance (Germany??)

Endless Ambient Part 1 (2023)
Endless Ambient Part 2 (2024)

A project of Ralf Gülpen, signed by the Groove Unlimited label. Relaxed sequences, cosmic choirs, soft rhythms... Pretty nice laid-back EM here.


Tircis (France)

Nature (1983)


Tiresia (Italy)

Tiresia (2017)
Estatico (2019)
Sirene (2023)

Music between shoegaze / post-rock and electronics. A duo of Bruno Dorella (guitar) and Stefano Ghittoni (synths).


Tischer, Frank (Germany)

Kosmisches Konzert (2010)
Perpetuum (2010)
Raum & Zeit (2012)
Live In Radom (2014) (with Bernd-Michael Land)
Kailash (2015)
Polaris (2017)
Zusemusik (2019)
Mirage (2021)
Endorphin (2022)

Frank Tischer is a German pianist and electronic musician. He is known as a versatile composer and has also ventured into Electronic Music with his unique, Berlin School-influenced, sequencer-based, cosmic style.

See also: Thau


Tischler, Stefan (USA)

Searchlight & Torch (1984) (with Tara Cross)
Sultan In Oman (1984) (with Joe Zeytoonian)
In Florette's Room (1985)
Invisible Cities (1986)
Gorgons & Gargoyles (1986) (with Blair Petrie)
The Blue Pill (1988)
City of Dark (1988)
Excess of Free Speech (1992)
Project For A Revolution In New York (1998)
Cinematic Visions (2004)
The Black Book (2004)

Ex-Port Said synthesist (born in 1946, passed away in 2011). A lot of his material can be classified as World Music

See also: Port Said


Titan (USA)

Sweet Dreams (2010)

American psychedelic rock / heavy metal / space rock group that includes Steve Moore of Zombi. They have a diverse set of influences and with the 3+ minute "Synthasaurs" off Sweet Dreams, the influence of a certain German trio from the 1970's just cannot be denied. It's a good track but... why so short?

See also: Moore, Steve


Titania Moon (UK)

Analogue Dreams (??)
Slipstream (1995)
Fazes (1997)
Comet Star (1998)
Hale Bopp (1998)
Anocosmic (1999)

Titania Moon are Andy Var and Mick Skinner. Cosmic sequencer music but rather repetitive.


Tito (Mexico)

Quetzalcoatl (1977)

Mixture of electronics and pre-Colombian traditions in a unique World Music style that Mexico is known for.


TJ Tambellini (USA)

Cascader (2013)

Rich analog synth pastiche (often sequencer-based) from member of Californian space / psychedelic rockers Verma.


TK (Germany)

Lightning Girl (1988)
Breezeing Sequence (1989)
Reflections (1991)
First Excursion (1991)
Vertigo (1993)
Smoove City (1993)

Also known as Teekay. This project was initially the brainchild of Thomas Kudling and was one of the projects released on the IC label. But Reflections and Smoove City were reportedly done by some Peter LaSalle and are more in the smooth jazz vein, so it's debatable whether they should be listed here. Meanwhile, Kudling shortened the name of the project to TK and released First Excursion and Vertigo, both issued by CUE-Records. Kudling's music is mostly light, rhythmic and melodic.



Seven By Seven (2022)

Like an amalgamation of Wish You Were Here-era Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles and Eastern / ethnic influences. Ethnic-spiced space rock with elements from EM. The music of TKC is instrumental and the band is composed of members of space rock band Outstation plus a few friends.


Tkil (USA)

Positions (2018)

Falling squarely into the Experimental genre, Tkil's Positions is rather unique stuff with a strong percussive / tribal element.

See also: Ruscha V, E


TM Solver (Germany)

Tranquilizer (2008)
Year of Astronomy (2009)
Axon (2010)
Line On Glass (2012)
Sparkling (2013)
Auscultare (2013)
Namaste (2014)
Polymorph (2014)
Maroc (2015)
Svalbard (2015)
Konglomerat (2016)
Atmosphere (2017)
Delay Line (2019)
Oxymoron (2020)
Dividuum (2023)
Subtraktiv Additiv (2023)

TM Solver is actually German musician and synthesist Thomas Meier (from Berlin). Melodic music with an analogue feel.

See also: MTA Lab, MS 2020.


Tmavy Kruh (Russia)

Astrum Imagery (2011)

Cosmic, hypnotic ambience.

See also: Esche, Transistorwald.


TMO (Italy)

YASYNTH - Homaggio a Giacinto Scelsi (2018)
The Lodgers (2020)

Experimental / collage duo of Andrea Campanella and Daniele Virgilio. YASYNTH - Homaggio a Giacinto Scelsi is an experimental ambient work.


TMRPOE (Japan)

Keep Sleeping (2017)

A project of ambient musician Kee Yawne. Meditative sound with lots of natural sounds / electro-acoustic elements. Sometimes quite intense.


TNT (Netherlands)

The Hand (2022) (recorded in 2019)

Relaxed music with downtempo rhythms. A bit of a Parallel Worlds vibe here.

See also: Adeptus Mechanicus


Tó Mauzão (Portugal)

O Grande Tó Mauzão (2022)

Experimental synth. Contrary to many artists in the experimental genre that seem to focus just on noisy collages and / or farting sounds, this is purposeful and highly entertaining "cartoonish" electronics that seem to expand on ideas pioneered by people like Jean-Jacques Perrey and taking them to a totally different dimension.


Toàn (UK)

Histós Lusis (2017)
no Vento (2020)
Phonolite (2022)
Kouskediñ (2023)

Ambient artist (Anthony Elfort) with microsound tendencies.


Tobajas, Antonio (Spain)

Nanuna (2006)

Richly symphonic EM from this synthesist.


Tobar, Ricardo (Chile)

Continuidad (2019)
After the Movie (2020) (EP)

Club / electronica-related artist from Chile. This particular album (Continuidad) mixes tech house with Prog EM and a touch of wackyness.


Toberman, Harley (USA)

Thoughts In Time (1982)

An interesting item. Apparrently, Harley Toberman had been recording music since the 1970's or even earlier. However, he didn't think of marketing it, as it was not really commercial. Then, according to the liner notes of this LP, someone told him that his music was very visual. Harley then penned his own "library" label where this LP was released, featuring melodic synthesizer compositions as well as some older material. The album was accompanied by more LP's, all released on the same faux library label "Production EFX Library". All these albums contain sound effects that the author encourages everyone to use in movies, television and so on.


Tobeta, Bajune (Japan)

空気のおんがく(Music of the Air) (2010)

Japanese house / trance / techno composer and pianist. His 2010 effort, Music of the Air, features his piano playing with gentle electronics. A very Debussy-esque / Satie-esque ambient release.


Tobin, Amon (Brazil)

Dark Jovian (2015)
Long Stories (2019)
Fear In A Handful of Dust (2019)
Ithaca (2021) (EP) (with Thys)
How Do You Live (2022) (recorded in 2021)
A Living Room (Music From Meow Wolf's Omega Mart) (2022) (S)

The 2019 album (Long Stories) is an analog synth exploration-type album from this "electronica" artist. Fear... is very experimental and quite intriguing. Ithaca is an ambient excursion. I will list all of his other EM-related works here.

See also: Stone Giants


Tocci, Paolo (Italy)

Aircntrl (2017) (EP)
System vol.0 (2021)
System vol.1 (2022)


Tod Geheim (Belarus)

Kunst aus Nacht (1999)
Todessakrament (??)

Dark Ambient.


Todd, Freddy (USA)

Moonflowers II (2021)

Freddy Todd is a Detroit-based glitch / glitch-hop / dubstep / bass music / whatnot artist and deejay. On Moonflowers II, he mixes glitchy, funky influences with complex structures and Progressive Electronic synth sounds. Not for EM purists, for sure, but pretty progressive overall, if you ask me.


Todd, George Cory (USA)

Icon (2019)
That Dark Electric (2020)
The Other Kind (2022)

Varied electronics from this Berkeley, CA-based artist. Ranges from noisy to melodic and pulsing.


Tödte, Jan-Philipp (USA)

Night And Daydreams (1988)
Breathing Space
From Here To There And Anywhere (2005)

Aka Talkin' Music. Varied, ranging from spacey and meditative on Breathing Space to a mixture of Tangerine Dream / Ashra-styled electronic rock and vocal songs on From Here To There... Night And Daydreams, on the other hand, has a lot of acoustic guitar and small doses of electronics. Jan-Philip's new project Philsonic is completely dedicated to EM.


Tödtloff, Felix-Florian (Germany)

Shale / Like Gold (2021)
Alto (2022) (S)

Berlin-based ambient artist. Droning, meditative sound.


Toemass (USA)

Winter Begins Lately (1996)
The Hydro-Triad (1997)

Synth soundscape project by Greg Gasiorowski.


Tofik, Sonja (Sweden)

Neuros (2017)
Vilar i dina spår (2018) (with Mar-Ilena)
Anomi (2020)
Respire (2024)

Stockholm-based synthesist obviously influenced by the dungeon synth genre, although having her own, pretty ambient and moody electronic sound.

See also: Aset


Tohde, Ralf (Germany)

Juchee, wir fliegen! (1981) (S)
Silent Departure (1986)
Sonnenreise (1987)

Ralf Tohde was a multi-instrumentalist who released his albums on the legendary Sky label. He combined the instrumental style of Mike Oldfield and progressive rock artists with electronics. Sadly, his life was cut short by an apparent murder in 2004 after he left his home and started living on the streets.


Toikkanen, Viktor (Finland)

Nasci (2019)

Varied, cyclic electronic compositions with a strong influence of minimalist composers.


ToiToiToi (Germany)

Hollow Earth Hippies (2011)
Other Voices 07 (2015) (S)
Im Hag (2017)
Earthworks (2019)

The music of this Berlin-based project (Sebastian Counts) sounds like Cluster and Jean-Jacques Perrey gathering in a German village and firing up their synths and organs to make a wacky folk album. Mostly shorter, playful tracks here.


Toivanen, Mika (Finland)

Transitions (2017)

Varied analog EM from this synthesist: pulsing, rhythmic, experimental, melodic...


Toki Fuko (Russia)

Spirit Medicine (2023)

Toki Fuko is an alias of Sergey Korotaev.

See also: Troekurovo Recordings


Tokunaga, Yosuke (Japan)

8 Quadrants (2023)

I included only one album so far from this prolific electroacoustic composer. 8 Quadrants tends towards ambient soundscapes. It is pretty nice overall. Further investigation is needed.


Tokusashi, Kengo (Japan)

Music For Sauna (2016)
Music For Sauna Quiet Night (2019)
Music For Sauna Repetition (2019)
Music For Sauna Whisk (2020)
Music For Sauna Morning (2020)
Music For Sauna Pomodoro (2021)
Music For Sauna Quiet Night Echo (2022)
Journey of Löyly (2024)

Nice steamy, moisty, melodic ambient EM with something of a Cluster feel in places. Other points of reference are Eno and sometimes Oldfield (during the more acoustic moments). The author previously did some arangements for game soundtracks.


Tokyo Black Star (Japan)

Blade Dancer (2020) (EP)

Deep house trio consiting of Alex Prat, Isao Kumano and Kenichi Takagi. The above LP contains a long EM track based on the sequencing - "Kagura".


Tokyo Isolation Chamber, The (UK)

On the Banks of the Arakawa (2014)

Melodic project led by Joseph Auer with a few other musicians helping out. Repetitive, evolving tracks with a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments.

See also: Vermillion Gaze, Clytha Social, The.


Tol (Spain)

Oasis (1986)

Electronic band from the Basque country, consisting of Alberto Iriondo and Jesus M. Sarasua, with guests of drums, guitar and sax.


Tolkachev, Stanislav (Ukraine)

О чем ты думаешь, маленькая уточка? (2015) (S)
Walk Along the Bottom (2015) (S)
Be Careful And Nobody Dies (2020) (S)
To You (2021) (S)
Aswang (2021) (S) (with Poly Chain)

Techno producer and musician from Dnepropetrovsk. О чем ты думаешь, маленькая уточка? is a 10" record presenting a different facet of his creative work in the form of the 7+ minute "Optical Illusions", occupying side A of the vinyl. The music is hyperactive synth-sequencer in Prog EM style. I've heard some other tracks by him that were hinting in that direction but perhaps not enough to consider the inclusion of this artist in EEM. More, please.


Tollefson, David (USA)

New Eyes On the Universe (1998)
Near And Far (1999)

Music like the darker Robert Fripp's soundscape stuff. Pretty mysterious and sometimes quite cosmic.

See also: Viridian Sun


Tolley, David (Australia)

Inthroughout (1979)
Cutheart (1980) (with Dure Dara)
You Know You Know (1981) (with Dure Dara)

David Tolley was a jazz musician in the early 1970's. It is not known when exactly he got interested in Electronic Music but must be somewhere in the middle of that decade, as he had already been giving solo electronic concerts for some time prior to releasing his first tape. He can be rather experimental and dark, including unlikely elements in his music (strange voices, noises, etc.) but always retaining that proggy, cosmic edge.

See also: EX-


Tolliday, Nail (UK)

Schleißen 5 (2018) (with Tomaga)
Sola (2018)
Mallumo (2019) (recorded in 2010 - 2015)
Music For Deathbeds (2019)
Morning Spoons: For the Peaceful Ones (2022) (S)

Neil "Nail" Tolliday has been active in music at least since the 1990's. Lately, he's been exploring murky ambient realms.


Tolouse Low Trax (Germany)

Boarding To Rio (2006)
Mask Talk (2010)
Corridor Plateau (2011)
Jeidem Fall (2012)
Untitled (2014) (EP)
A Song And A Photo Novela (2015) (S)
Kadiz (2015) (S)
Decades Vol. I (2016)
Rushing Into Water (2016) (S)
Decades Vol. II (2017)
Decades Vol. III (2017)
Jumping Dead Leafs? (2020)
Leave Me Alone (2023)
Live In Athens At Romano 2022 (2023)

Solo music of Detlef Weinrich (Kreidler). Repetitive and quirky stuff that will appeal to fans of Moebius.

See also: Kreidler


Tolvi, Antti (Finland)

Urkupilvi (2014)
Ultrakosmos (2015)
AAMU / ILTA (2015)
Fibonacci Trio (2020)
Maapallo (2023) (with Christian Skjødt)

Varied experimental musician from Finland who studied Indian classical music. Urkupilvi is ambient organ blissout. Ultrakosmos delves into spacey synth realms. Further investigation is needed.


Tomaga (UK)

Sleepy Jazz For Tired Cats (2013) (S)
Futura Grotesk (2014)
Familiar Obstacles (2015)
The Shape of the Dance (2016)
Memory In Vivo Exposure (2017)
Greetings From the Bitter End (2017) (EP)
Music For Visual Disorders (2018)
Schleißen 5 (2018) (with Neil Tolliday)
Extended Play 1 (2019)
Bandiera di сarta (2019) (with Pierre Bastien)
Intimate Immensity (2021)

London-based experimental project (Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen, the latter known from The Oscillation, Papivores and other projects) mixing free jazz, musique concrete, lots of drumming / percussion, electro-acoustic improvisation, library music vibes and modular synth constructions. File under EM-related.


Tomas (Poland)

Fantasy World (2020)
Fantasy Stories (2021)

Highly cinematic, rhythmic / melodic electronics from Tomasz Perz.


Tomas, Sean (USA)

Dreams of the Coast (2022)

Texan artist who likes to combine relaxed, serene and nature-inspired electronics with guitar strumming.


Tomasides, Menelaos (Germany)

When the Moon Comes Through (2020)

Ambient electronics from this German artist of Greek descent. This often sounds vaguely Cluster-like, but with more of a low-key jazzy approach and some bleeps ala Vangelis' "Memories of Green".


Tomates Asesinos (Argentina)

Lujuria en el Espacio (2007)
Noches de Abasló (2011)
Elitismo para Todos (2013)

La Luz Buena (2016)

A band (Luis El Halli Obeid, Santiago Guerrero and Esteban Favaro) that mixes instrumental synth-pop, some folk touches by means of acoustic guitar and Prog EM. Really in a league of its own.


Tomb Wizard (USA)

What Lies Ahead (2022)
Slow Cavern Descent (2023)
Toward the Pale Gloom (2024)

Iowa-based dungeon synth-related project that sounds like Klaus Schulze's melancholic drift stretched to infinity. Ok, but somewhat samey.


Tombo No Yu (UK)

Surface Feeling (2020)

Tom Sherlock in floating synth / ambient mode. Some nice sequencing as well. The tape hiss was rather unnecessary, though.

See also: Dungeonsoft, Mosman, Samphire, Mju, Mind Wiper, Cloud Tears, Sundhelm, Bioscanner.


TOMC (Japan)

Music For the Ninth Silence (2022)

Tokyo-based TOMC creates relaxing ambient music that is dreamy, airy and foggy, based on the sound of electric piano, synths and processing.


TOMI Yard (France)

Ending Tape (2021)

Mellotron-laden ambient / neo-classical music.


Tomino, Satoshi (Japan)

Semi-Vintage (2020)
Ambivalent (Selected Works 1994 - 2022) (2023)

Varied rhythmic /sequencer and ambient tracks with prominent use of the Casio CZ-5000 synthesizer.

See also: Satoshi & Makoto


Tomita, Isao (Japan)

Snowflakes Are Dancing (1974)
Catastrophe 1999 (1974) (soundtrack)
Prophecies of Nostradamus (1974) (S)
Pictures At An Exhibition (1975)
The Firebird (1975)
The Planets (1976)
Sound Creature (1977)
Kosmos (1978)
天守物語 (1978) (with Tamasaburo Bando)
The Bermuda Triangle (1978)
Daphnis et Chloe (1979)
Portopia '81 (1981) (S)
Grand Canyon Suite (1982)
Dawn Chorus (1983)
Mind of the Universe (1984)
Bird Chorus (1985) (S)
Back To the Earth (1987)
Misty Kid of Wind (1989) (soundtrack)
Storm From the East (1992) (soundtrack)
The First Emperor (1994) (with others) (soundtrack)
Shin-Nihon Kiko (1994) (soundtrack)
NASCA Fantasy (1994) (with Kodo Drummers)
Bach Fantasy (1996)
Captain Ultra (1996) (soundtrack) (recorded in 1967)
Jungle Emperor Leo (1997) (soundtrack)
Gakko I - III (1998) (soundtrack)
The Tale of Genji (1999)
Sennen No Koi (2001) (soundtrack)
Tokyo Disney Sea (2002) (soundtrack)
Twilight Samurai (2003) (S) (soundtrack)
Welcome Home Hayabusa (2012) (soundtrack)
Okhotsk Fantasy (2016)
Dr. Coppelius (2017)

Born in 1932 and died on May 5, 2016, Isao Tomita was one of the most important Japanese electronic musicians. Isao spent his childhood in China but upon returning to Japan entered the Keio University. After graduating in 1955, he became a full-time composer, scoring works for movies, TV and theatre productions. Tomita's first experiments with electronics date back to the 1960's when he bought himself a modular moog. At that time he was deeply influenced by Walter Carlos' groundbreaking work with synthesizer on the legendary Switched-On Bach. It is no wonder, therefore, that Tomita became famous mostly thanks to his interpretations of music by classical composers. However, unlike Walter/Wendy Carlos, Tomita mainly played music by more modern composers, like Debussy and Mussorgsky, for instance. Besides, around 1976 or so he started adding more and more self-composed pieces which he blended smoothly with his classical interpretations. Yet another difference between the two is that Tomita preferred his synths sounding like synths unlike Carlos, who tried to imitate the sounds of real instruments. As for me, I prefer Tomita's approach over Carlos'. Recommended.. No, a must!


Tomita, Yann (Japan)

Solaria Sound Square (1990) (S)
Music For Astro Age (1992)
The Adventure of Inevitable Chance (1994)
Music For Living Sound (1998)
Summer Music (2008) (recorded in 1990) (S)

Extremely diverse and multi-disciplinary artist, who was involved in the exotica scene during the 1980's, explores steel pan music, space age pop music, jazz fusion and analog synthesis. There are some nice synthesizer explorations on Music For Astro Age disc. Other tracks feature steel pan music, field recordings and pop / rock / fusion. It is interesting to note that he seemed to have retained an interest in analog synths in an era (late 1980's - early 1990's) when almost everyone else wanted a newest digital keyboard instrument full of plastic buttons and endless menus you had to scroll through staring into a small LCD screen.


Tomizawa, Naka (Japan)

2020 GW (2020)

Ambient tracks recorded with the help of acoustic guitar and synths by this ex-member of techno project Transonic Jokers.


Tommasi, Amedeo (Italy)

Spazio (1973)
Synthesizer (1973)
Tensione dinamica (1974)
April Orchestra Vol. 5 (1976)
Grandangolo (1981)
Technologia elettronica (1986) (with Stefano Torossi)
Microtecnologia (1988) (with Stefano Torossi)
Technologia e computer (1992)

Italian pianist and composer who contributed to quite a few library releases, some of which (listed) will be of interest to EM fans. As with most library albums, caution is advised, though.


Tommy '86 (France)

Transhumanism (2016)
Freedom To Obey (2018)

Also known as just "Tommy". A project of Frenchman Frédéric Féret. Mostly your run of the mill synthwave sound here (a very energetic type). However, there are also moments that are clearly more influenced by Progressive EM and ambient forms of electronic expression. The two real highlights for me are the short "No Man's Earth" from Transhumanism and the multi-part closing epic from Freedom To Obey, the poignant "Long Live the Dear Leader". It has more than a hint of early 1980's Tangerine Dream, which is always a good thing. This track alone brings the guy to a whole new level.


Tommy Awards (Sweden)

Tommy Awards (2012) (EP)
EP2 (2013) (EP)
Sessions (2014) (EP)
Sessions II (2016)
Inre rymden (2017)
Aupicious Beginnings (2024)

Stockholm-based "balearic beat" project, moving towards EM-influenced (still very much based on the balearic / disco aesthetic) sound on Sessions II.


Tomohiro, Saitoh (Japan)

Drawing Line And the Curve (2018)
Glimmer (2021)

Ambient soundscapes with a melodic edge released on Databloem label.


Tomorrow Syndicate (UK)

Into the Void / X For Unknown (2016) (S)
Altered State / Okulomotor (2017) (S)
Future Tense (2018)
Citizen Input (2019) (S)
Populous (2020) (S)
Higher Resolution (2023)

Scottish project from Glasgow. Heavy Dusseldorf School vibes here, with motorik, monotonous vocals / samples, some guitars and plenty of analog synths.


Tomorrowland (USA)

Futurist / Sea of Tranquility (1997) (S)
Stereoscopic Soundwaves (1997)
Sequence of the Negative Space Changes (1998)
I Wish I Was An Angel So I Could Sleep On the Moon (1999) (S)
People Mover (1999) (S)
Microbe (2001)
Anemone (2003)

Ambient duo of Stephan Baker and Nick Brackney. They were influenced by both krautrock and the techno / post-rock scene.


Tomosla (New Zealand / UK)

A Small Town In the Mountains (2021)
Moor Thoughts (2023)

Ambient duo of James Osland and Thomas Hoey.

See also: Osland, James


Tomsett, Phil (UK)

Broken Memory Machine (2015)
Taken Apart (2017)
Fragmented Boundaries (2019) (with Ian Hawgood)
The Last Things (2020)
The Sound of Someone Leaving (2020)
At Sea (2022) (with Aaron Martin)

Ambient artist with a droning, often classically-inspired sound.

See also: Inventors of Aircraft, The


Tomutonttu (Finland)

Tratat (2016)
Kevätjuhla (2017)
Hoshi (2021)
Dust Interface (2023) (with MSHR)

Experimental musician from Finland (real name - Jan Andrezen). I don't know how much of his stuff will be of interest to EM fans, but Tratat is definitely interesting and will appeal to fans of Cluster and other experimental EM artists.

See also: Kemialliset Ystävät, Tarzana.


TON 618 (???)

Space Is Full of Noise (2022)

Varied EM - from piano themes to noisy and totally spaced-out synthscapes.


Tonal Assembly (Netherlands)

Lost And Found In Imaginary Landscapes (2019)
Meditation No. 1 (2020)
No Solid Ground (2021)

Music by Taede A. Smedes, who is influenced by melodic EM artists like Jarre and Vangelis, as well as 80's instrumental synthpop.


Tonari, Masao (Japan)

Recorded August - September 1978 (1978)
Hoho Bun No Suimyo (2007)

Ex-keyboard player of psychedelic rockers Datetenryu.


Tonart (Germany)

Tonart eins (1992)
Tonart zwei (1993)
Tonart drei (1993)
Tonart vier (1994)
Tonart fünf (1997)

Experimental electronic duo of Lars Stroschen (Propeller Island) and Jorg Thomasius. Conrad Schnitzler collaborates on the first two volumes.

See also: Stroschen, Lars, Propeller Island, Thomasius, Jorg.


Tonbieger (Germany)

Strandgut (2016)

A project of German synth artist Jakob Paulussen, who is influenced by early 1980's synth-pop and (to a lesser extent) 1970's Berlin School music.


Tondchee (Slovakia)

Body of Water (2019)

Soft ambient compositions from this Slovak artist.


Tondeuse (France)

Tondeuse (2022)

Mostly female vocals backed by chiptune-ish tones and rhythms. Some progressive influences are also present, culminating with the 14-minute ambient EM epic "M'as tu redécouverte?".


Tondiue (USA)

Harvest (2023)

Pretty cosmic EM material here, always relying on lush, out-there analog sounds and synthesized waves of textures, a bit similar to Tim Blake, Zanov and Michael Stearns, with sort of FSOL touches as well.


Tone Color (UK)

Today Will Die Tomorrow (2013) (S)
Everything You Know is Wrong (2018)

Ambient project from Manchester.


Tone Ghost Ether (USA)

ConSail Curve (2002)
Hydrogen 2 Oxygen (2002)
The White Space (2002)
Guard Lock Skin (2004)

Kit Watkins' "improvisational trio" formed in 2001. Ambient.

See also: Watkins, Kit


Tone Pharaoh (USA)

Tone Pharaoh (2000)

Tone Pharaoh is a trio of Dwight Loop (synths, processing), Ray Regan (synths, e-guitar, percussion) and Lee Howard (bass, fx, vocals, percussion), with vocal contributions from some mysterious "Noor". 

See also: Loop, Dwight


Tönen (USA)

Pyramidemusik (2013)
Kosmischen Benommenheit (2014)
Kleine (2014) (EP)
Long-Term-Stasis-Music (2014)
IV (2022)

Neo-krautrock band from Oregon consisting of Miles Sprietsma, Dave DiBella and Jordon Barron. They channel that early Dusseldorf School vibe through minimal motorik pulses, hypnotic guitars and jolly synths. Especially early (pre-Autobahn) Kraftwerk springs to mind. Another comparison would be Cluster at their most static.


Tonet, G.G. (Italy)

Quarta specie (1978) (S)
Why? (1980)

Considered an obscure space disco classic, Luigi Tonet's Why? is a dancey, bouncey electronic affair in the same vein as Automat, Space, Droids, with slight Jarre influences. There are some vocals but many of the voices were put through a vocoder resulting in a very electronic, albeit dancey and melodic, style. One of those "fringe" or "EM-related" projects in EEM, G.G. Tonet shows only slightest prog influences but will be of some interest to fans of EM or followers of the mentioned artists.


Tonic Solfa (Belgium)

Spiral Craft (1997)
Encounter (??)

Peaceful electronics with flute, I think. Tonic Solfa is / was a trio consisting of Philippe Ryckman, Ludwig Lapauw and Piet Rommelaere

See also: Ryckman, Philippe


Toniutti, Giancarlo (Italy)

Wechselwirkung (1982)
Metanarkosis (1983)
Das Todesantlitz (1983)
La mutazione (1985)
Epigenesi (1986)
Kynak (1990) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
Tahta Tarla (1993) (recorded in 1987 - 1988) (with Andrew Chalk)
*KO/USK- (1997) (with Siegmar Fricke)
Counterchronology (2015) (recorded in 1979) (with Tiziano Dominighini)
L'appendino (1849) (2019)
Disperse specie del mio sonno che mai ritornerà (2023)

Starting in the early 1980's with nothing but analogue synthesizers, Italian musician Giancarlo Toniutti engaged in cosmic EM before moving on to hard-core experimental stuff on later releases.


Toniyu (France)

Inemuri (2017)

A project of ambient artist René Danger. Flowing, gently rhythmic, ethnic-sounding...


Tonto's Expanding Head Band (UK / USA)

Zero Time (1971)
It's About Time (1974)

Really FAT analog sound. A classic. Tonto's Expanding Head Band was a duo of Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff. They used a huge custom modular synth called "The Original and New Timbral Orchestra". The name of this instrument was abbreviated and gave birth to the project's name.

See also: Cecil, Malcolm, Caldera.


Tony G (USA)

Cyberphunk Lullabies (2019)

After several EP's in the techno genre, this artist released Cyberphunk Lullabies, which is a diverse work with a very strong Prog EM influence. Ranges from ambient, melancholic (with touches of Klaus Schulze even) to rhythmic, but never dancey or club-oriented.


Tony Rayola (Mexico)

Tony Rayola (1987)

Obscure duo of Carlos Alvarado and Jesus Gonzalez. A bit more than half of the tracks have vocals and are 1980's minimal synth / electropop. The rest is instrumental.

See also: Alvarado, Carlos


Too Much (Germany)

Brioche (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Led by synthesist Carl-John Hoffmann, Too Much creates lulling sequences and melodies with melodic wordless vocal lines.


Tooley, C. W. (USA)

Luminescent Flow (2006)
Stellar Reach (2007)

This Illinois-based musician produces Ambient / Space Music inspired by (mainly) American artists that got rotation on the legendary "Hearts of Space" radio show.


Toone, Nick (UK??)

Floating Invisible (2004)

Space rock and electronic musician.


Toop, David (UK)

Screen Ceremonies (1995)
Museum of Fruit (1999)
Mondo Black Chamber (2014)
Life On the Inside (2016)
Entities Inertias Faint Beings (2016)
Skin Tones (2017) (with Ken Ikeda)
Apparition Paintings (2020)
Garden of Shadows And Light (2021) (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Pink Spirit, Noir World (2022)
The Shell That Speaks the Sea (2023) (with Lawrence English)

David Toop is a musician and writer who published several books. He is also known as a friend and collaborator of Brian Eno. David released his first album in 1975 on Brian's "Obscure" label. It was New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments - a sonic treatise on unknown instruments done in collaboration with Max Eastley. Since then he has released many collaborative works in the field of experimenal jazz, as well as several solo albums with varying styles and moods. I don't know how much of his output would qualify as prog EM, but the above mentioned ones could be interesting for fans of Ambient and soundscape music. The mood is slightly darker than what Eno is mostly known for.


Topel, Mert (Turkey)

Control Voltage Project (2015) (with Alper Maral)
Serendipity (2017)

Although mostly a normal jazz-rock album, Serendipity by Turkish keyboard player Mert Topel features an electronic closing track done in a unique style (reminding me a bit on Czeslaw Niemen circa Katharsis) and featuring electro-acoustic composer and synth player Alper Maral. Control Voltage Project features two side-long pieces of electronic / electroacoustic experimentation.


Torann (France)

Continuum (2017)
Solarium (2018)
Visionnary Soundscapes (2024)

French duo mixing ambient soundscapes, choirs, classical influences, melodic EM... You can hear everything from Klaus Schulze's melancholic drift to Jarre's tuneful electronics and Kraftwerk's vocoders.


Torchlight (Italy)

Realms of Oblivion (2018)
The Long Quest (2018)
Haunting Dreams For the Dying King (2020)
Witchcraft (2020)
In A Foreign Village... (2020)
Holy Forest of Infinite Consciousness (2021)
Of Breathing Forests & Uncharted Sea (2021)
Woods of Spellbound Ruins (2022)

Basically a dungeon synth project, but with elements of Ambient, so I think it qualifies for inclusion.


Torgue, Henry (France)

Souvenirs des cites crepusculaires (1976)
Compartiment fuchsia (1979)
Souvenirs des cites crepusculaires (1979)
Le prince apatride (1980)
Ulysse (1981) (with Serge Houppin)
Musique pour Jean-Claude Gallotta (1984) (with Serge Houppin)
Memoire des ecumes (1985)
Volume III (1986) (with Serge Houppin)
Mammame - Les louves et Pandora (1986) (with Serge Houppin)
Docteur Labus (1988) (with Serge Houppin)
Les mysteres de Subal (1990) (with Serge Houppin)
Amour-legende (1992) (with Serge Houppin)
Voyageur immobile (1999) (with Serge Houppin)
Vertiges (2001) (with Serge Houppin)
Passages secrets (2006) (with Serge Houppin)

Henry-Skoff Torgue is a French synthesist. In cooperation with Serge Houppin he created many theater dance scores. Nowadays he composes in mostly non-electronic chamber / acoustic style. There are two Souvenirs... albums with completely different versions of the same pieces.


Torjussen, Ceiri (UK)

Test (2014) (soundtrack)

Moody electronic soundtrack by this Welsh-born composer.


Torn Curtain (USA)

Torn Curtain (1996)

One more side-project of Dusty Lee from Mauve Sideshow. Again it's ethereal mellotron-laden ambience plus hypnotic echoey voice, this time with some Medieval Ambient thrown in by way of cathedral-like organ. If you like Froese's Epsilon In Malaysian Pale, try this.

See also: Mauve Sideshow, Blessed Oblivion, Minus Infinity, Mistress of Strands, Steeple of Fyre, Thistle, Angel Provocateur, Kangaroo Kourt.


Torn Hawk (USA)

Let's Cry And Do Pushups At the Same Time (2014)
Union & Return (2016)
Hungry For Candy (2017) (S) (with Florian Kupfer)
I Love Movies About Old Books That Have Powers (2017) (recorded in 2010 - 2015)
Time Is A Scam (2019)

Torn Hawk is a hypnagogic pop project of Luke Wyatt. On these albums, he uses a lot of guitar for a sound that comes as a cross between Mike Oldfield (Songs of Distant Earth phase) and Replica-era Oneohtrix Point Never (the "vaporwave" sound). The combination doesn't work all the time but is rather interesting overall and I would say it's Prog-related in a way.


Tornado Wallace (Australia)

Lonely Planet (2017)
Midnight Mania (2020) (S)

Lonely Planet is a melodic EM / downtempo / balearic album from this musician who is mostly known for his deep house productions. Midnight Mania is more rhythmic.


Törnekrona (USA??)

Törnekrona (2020)

Long ambient tracks.


Tornero, Julio (Spain)

Enciclopedia Series 1 (2015) (S)
JT2 (2016)
Una Nueva Perspectiva (2016)
Retórica Beligerante de la Sinrazón (2016)
Tornero (2019)
Palingenesia (2021)
Ende (2023)
Ritornelo (2023)
Galaxy Kill (2023)

This Spanish synthesist seems to be inspired by the tradition of German artists like Asmus Tietchens, Moebius and Conrad Schnitzler to create shorter, experimental pieces, although adding some beats from time to time and a slight Kraftwerk flair in places.

See also: Polígono Hindú Astral, Madrelarva.


Toro, Leigh (UK)

L'esprit de l'escalier (2014)
A Long Range Forecast (2015)
Layers of Ash (2017)
The Eternal Navigation (2018)

Varied ambience, mostly folky, droney and electroacoustic.

See also: Flotel


Torp, Nils (Denmark)

Musik til skiftende lejligheder (1987)
Handbags (2005)


Torramh (UK)

MMX-1 (2018)

Minimalist Black Ambient. Mostly bleak drones.


Torske, Bjørn (Norway)

Kokning (2010)
Square One (2017) (with Prins Thomas)
Byen (2018)

Nu-disco artist from Tromsø. Byen fuses that style with other, more progressive sounds.


Torstenson, Sven (???)

Drugs (1980)
Sky Odyssey (1984)
Towards Tomorrow (1987)

Library electronics.


Tosic, Sasa (Germany)

Circles of Time (2017)

German musician, supposedly of Serbian descent (his name sounds Serbian to me, please correct me if I'm wrong). He represents the melodic school of Electronic Music with lots of classical influences in his music and some floating guitar (or sampled guitar) lines. If you like the music of Stefan Erbe or even 1990 - 1994 Tangerine Dream, you will enjoy this, although Sasa's music is much more classically-oriented.


Total Station (Russia)

Live At Radio Weimar (2010)

Experimental electronic project formed in Saint-Petersburg by Vladimir Kabanov, Mikhail Ogorodov and Ivan Rozmainsky. Soundscapes of the adventurous variety, sometimes close to Conrad Schnitzler perhaps.

See also: Ogorodov, Michael


Totalement Sublime (Canada)

Totalement sublime (2020)
Albédo + Parthélie (2024) (recorded in 2022)

Montreal-based indie pop / chillwave duo. They use lots of analog synths and on instrumental tracks manage to create a nice ambient / EM pastiche. File under EM-related.


Totem72 (Germany)

Inside Out (2020)

Varied electronics. Mostly of ambient nature, also with a touch of dungeon synth.


Totemtag (Italy)

Exploring the Numinous (2021)
Celestial On Earth (2021)
Yuma Desert & Mono Cliffs (2021) (EP)
Interplanetronika Vol. 1 (2021)
Interplanetronika Vol. 2 (2021)
Observers (2021)
Sequencelodies Vol. 1 (2021)
Sequencelodies Vol. 2 (2021)
Pulsetronika Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Pulsetronika Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2021)
I Am Machine Vol. 1 (2022)
I Am Machine Vol. 2 (2022)
Broken Robots Vol. 1 (2022)
Broken Robots Vol. 2 (2022)
Polyhedric Melodies Vol. 1 (2022)
Polyhedric Melodies Vol. 2 (2022)
Polyhedric Melodies Vol. 3 (2022)
Quantum Walks Vol. 1 (2022)
Quantum Walks Vol. 2 (2022)
Transhuman Vol. 1 (2022)
Transhuman Vol. 2 (2022)
Vanishing Vol. 1 (2022)
Vanishing Vol. 2 (2022)
Defenders (2022)
Memories of Earth Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Memories of Earth Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Alternate Reality Vol. 1 (2022)
Alternate Reality Vol. 2 (2022)
Space Ride Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Space Ride Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Dream Spirits Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Dream Spirits Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Interstellar Exodus Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Interstellar Exodus Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Enchanted Mindscapes Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Enchanted Mindscapes Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Resonances Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Resonances Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Lucid Dreams Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Lucid Dreams Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Another World Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Another World Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Hypnopulse Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Hypnopulse Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Mind Trips Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Mind Trips Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes Vol. 3 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes II Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes II Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes II Vol. 3 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Atmospheric Landscapes II Vol. 4 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
All White (2022)
Future Now Vol. 1 (2023)
Future Now Vol. 2 (2023)
Circumsolar Cities Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Circumsolar Cities Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Cosmic Witch Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Cosmic Witch Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Soundscapes From NDE Vol. 1 (2023)
Soundscapes From NDE Vol. 2 (2023)
The Builders Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
The Builders Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
ElectroMagick Vol. 1 (2023)
ElectroMagick Vol. 2 (2023)
ElectroMagick Vol. 3 (2023)
Strum und Drang Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Strum und Drang Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Into Deep Space (2023)
Beyond Orbit Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Beyond Orbit Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2020)
DMT Shining Vol. 1 (2023)
DMT Shining Vol. 2 (2023)
Visions Vol. 1 (2024) (recorded in 2020)
Visions Vol. 2 (2024) (recorded in 2020)
Panthea Vol. 1 (2024)
Panthea Vol. 2 (2024)
Space Sequences (2024)
Doorway (2024)
Space Runners (2024)
Apparitions (2024)

A project of Massimo Teodorani, who is an astrophysicist and musician based in Bologna. His style is strongly influenced by 1970's German EM pioneers, especially those of the Berlin School of electronics. Nice stuff.


Totenwall (USA)

The Secret Moon of December (2020)

Dungeon synth project with an extra ambient dimension.


Totino, Ross (USA)

More (1996)


Totsouko (Greece)

Olga Xefteri (2019) (S)

This artist from Thessaloniki comes from the hip hop / downtempo background. The above release contains rhythmic tracks with analog synths creating a rich, symphonic sound palette.


Touch (Germany)

Traumwerk 1 (1980)

Electronic Music by Tom Hackl (who was still a resident of Germany I guess) and Charly Geisler. The former takes care of electronics and flute, while the later plays drums / percussion and provides some vocalizations. This is EM mostly in typical German vein (berlinesque).

See also: Hackl, Tom


TouchXtone (USA)

One (2003)
Two (2003)
Three (2004)
Equinox (2004)
HeadmiX (2005)
Astroboy (2005)

Mixture of atmospheric and more direct / rhythmic EM from the duo of Michael Thomas Roe (synthesist and Conrad Schnitzler collaborator) and James Combs.

See also: Roe, Michael Thomas


Toulip Wonder (UK)

Fortune Baby (2023)

Ambient electronic project of London. It has a traquil, sometimes jazzy atmosphere to it and often relies of reedy FM sounds.


Tourist Gaze (Sweden)

To Grow Across Meetings (2017)
Roaming Rodeo (2018)

Varied project from Sweden. Looks like Roaming Rodeo contains some nice compositions in Prog EM style, full of sequences and liquid pads. Further investigation is needed.


Tourist Kid (Australia)

A Circulation (2016) (S)
Under Armour Suite (2017) (S)
Born To Do It (2017)
Crude Tracer (2018)

A project of Rory Glacken. Rather unique sound on Crude Tracer that I can only describe as experimental atmospheric EM. Some tracks are flowing, some have sequencer rhythms (such as "Learn"), but always retaining that unique experimental edge.


Touristen (???)

Adventures In the Landscape 1 (2023) (S)
Adventures In the Landscape 2 (2023)
Adventures In the Landscape 3 (2023)

Varied electronics from this artist. Long tracks broken into sections. Shadowy, cerebral, scientific, explorative, often with a Namlook-like feeling, even Dark Side of the Moog-ish.


Tourmaline Hum (UK)

Provisional Artwork (2014)
System Imprefect (2016)
Invasive Species (2021)

A mixture of floating synth soundscapes, industrial or synthwave-sounding rhythmic tracks and noisier pieces.


Toussaint, Eugenio (Mexico)

Paisajes (1993) (with Antonio Zepeda)
Días de los Muertos (2005)

Mexican keyboard player and classical composer (1954 - 2011). Paisajes contains that special brand of "Prehispanic" World Music that his country is known for (pioneered by artists like Jorge Reyes and Luis Perez). The lineup is: Zepeda (prehispanic instruments) and Toussaint (keyboards and synthesizers).


Tower of the Sun (USA)

Reset (2020)
Shura's Passage (2021)
Machine Life (2022)
Mirrored Paths (2022) (with Room 208)

Texan artist. Ambient music with vaporwave / dreampunk feel. Long tracks.


Tower Tree, The (Belgium)

Transposing (2015)

Electronic duo of Didier Dewachtere (BySenses) and Johan De Paepe (Owann). Rhythmic, sequence-full music with atmospheric moments.

See also: Dewachtere, Didier, BySenses, Owann.


Towers (USA)

Towers (2019)

Long tracks of darkish soundscapes.


Town & Country (UK)

A Plan For Plymouth (2022)

Moody EM from UK-born, Finland-based Steve Netting. Sort of a hauntology vibe prevails here. One for fans of melodic / rhythmic EM, as well as synthwave perhaps.

See also: Pennycross Coven


Towns, Colin (UK)

Full Circle (1978) (soundtrack)
Making Faces (1982)

The soundtrack to the film "Full Circle" contains melodic and melancholic music played on piano and synthesizers. Colin Towns is former keyboard player for Ian Gillan Band.


Townsend, Devin (Canada)

Devlab (2004)
Hummer (2006)
Snuggles (2021)

Ambient music from this speed metal guitar player and multi-instrumentalist.


Toxe (Sweden)

Blinks (2018) (S)

Loud, desintegrating, decomposed rhythmic / sequencer constructions. Toxe is a pseodonym of Tove Agelii.


Toxic Frequency (UK)

Recorded At Frequency Farm 1993-1994 (2022)

Music by Mahk Rumbae. Ranges from slow "balearic" melters to techno and "regular" EM.


ToXyGeNeDK (Denmark)

Electronica (2010)
Electronic Episode (2012)
Time Machine (2014) (S)
Blue Stratosphere (2015)
Synth Protein (2016)
Synth Rituals (2016) (S)
Virus (2017) (S)
Cosmic Light (2018)
Red Earth (2018)
Electro Language (2020)
Radiation (2020)
Dark Time (2021)
Transitions of Time (2023)

Thorben Friedrich aka ToXyGeNeDK has been composing melodic EM inspired by classic Jean-Michel Jarre for some years. He also uses real vintage Eminent 310, so his sound does not lack the obligatory warmness. He does not shun from direct 4/4 rhythms either.

See also: Synth Brothers


Toy of Love (Germany)

Electrical Lights (1998)
Undine (1999)
A Passage In Time (2000)

See also: Now And Then


Toyoda, Takashi (Japan)

The Comet (1980)
Mandonmange (1982)
Lullaby (1984)
Zodiac (1985)
Big Bang (1985)
Pachamama (1988)
Samadhi (1989)

Electronic Music from ex-Taj Majal Travellers musician who plays synthesizers and violin.


Tozzi, Luigi (Italy)

Deep Blue: Volume 2 (2016)
Binary Sunset (2017) (S)

Italian minimal / deep techno producer who on Deep Blue: Volume 2 leans towards Ambient somewhat. At least you can say he is moving in our (Prog EM) direction, with three tracks being beatless and synthy / ambient, with subtle sequences / arpeggios. File under EM-related, and lets see how his style develops. Notes 03.07.2017: the first track from Binary Sunset is completely ambient and is good stuff.


TPO (Japan)

TPO1 (1983)

Synth-pop / new wave group involving Fumitaka Anzai. It seems to be EM-related with its strange robot voices and stuff. Some tracks seem to be solo compositions of Anzai.

See also: Anzai, Fumitaka


Trace Imprint (UK)

Golitha Falls (2021)

A mixture of krautrock and EM. Also has a strong feel of narration.


Tracey (Netherlands)

Biostar (2019)

Mixture of electro and more ambient material.


Træen, Jørgen (Norway)

Krympende klode (2021) (with Stein Urheim)

Nice, rich electronics with some guitars, flutes and harmonica mixed in. Ranges from abstract to symphonic / melodic. Some folky / acoustic moments as well.


Traffic Island Sound (Australia)

Maximal Electronics (2020)

A project of Zak Olsen who specializes in psychedelic rock as a solo artist and with a couple of bands. Although his main instrument is the guitar, on Maximal Electronics, he utilizes a Realistic synth extensively to create wacky electronic compositions (plus a few songs), inspired by pioneers like Dick Hyman, Brian Eno, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and more.


Trago, Tom (Netherlands)

Deco (2023)

Varied techno-related artist goes EM on Deco. Varied, rhythmic, experimental...


Trains (Finland)

Trains (2021)

"Dramatic ambience", with voice, instruments and electronics.


Traipse (???)

Konx Om Pax (2021)
Modern Mythology (2023)

Floating, at times dramatic ambience from this vaporwave / trap artist. Sort of lo-fi. The closing track on Konx Om Pax in particular is very nice and moody.


Trajedesaliva (Spain)

El Cuerpo y la Ciudad (1999) (S)
Mima (2000)
Mima Blanca (2003)
Ultratumba (2021)
Bordando el Manto Terrestre (2023) (with Maud the Moth)

Formed in Vigo, Spain, in the late 1990's, Trajedesaliva (originally Traje de Saliva) is a male / female electronic duo mixing melodic synth themes and some spoken texts. There is a certain air of melancholy on their album Ultratumba, which likens it to the darkwave genre somewhat, although it is also definitely prog, as well as ambient and industrial. An interesting cocktail of styles and influences. Amazingly, there is also a mid-1980's Neuronium flair in places.


Tralala Blip (Australia)

Arpeggiator Heart (2011) (S)
Submarine Love Songs (2012) (S)
Aussie Dream (2014)
Ocean's of Love (2016) (S)
Eat My Codes If Your Light Fails (2019)

A large (six-piece) collective of "differently-abled musicians". They are essentially an electronic pop project. However, the pop songs they create are something different. If you listen to Eat My Codes If Your Light Fails, you will hear pop songs for sure that range from modern-sounding to slightly 1980's-influenced, then there are Kraftwerk influences (or so it seems to me), glitch influences, EDM influences, indie rock influences, hip-hop influences and even a weird Cluster vibe. Some songs are sang normally, some use voice as an instrument (mostly processing it or sending it though a vocoder etc.), while others are largely instrumental. Not something for hardcore EM fans for sure, but I do think that fans of the more outlandish forms of Prog EM and synth-pop might check them out. File under EM-related.


Trama (Italy)

Vol. 1 (2018)

Dark soundscapes from Steve Scanu.


Tran, Phong (USA??)

The Computer Room (2021)

Brooklyn-based Tran offers interesting EM on The Computer Room. Complex, but decidedly melodic, it relies on multiple synth sounds (mostly of analog nature) as well as sequences / arpeggios.


Trance (Germany)

Dystopia (1979)
Here And Now (1980)
Belial (1983)
Ambiente (1984)
Music For Experimental Film (1985)

Electronic Music project that revolved around Jurgen Petersen aka Adrian Marcator with sometimes other musicians helping out (mostly Armin Wischnewski). Trance was formed in 1975.

See also: Marcator, Adrian, Entrance.


Trance Vania (Germany)

Dracula (1993)

Mickie Duwe's concept obviously indebted to projects like Enigma, although Dracula is definitely more progressive and moody. On the other hand, Mickie seems to use a lot of synth patches similar to those used by Klaus Schulze (no wonder given his earlier KS connection) around Dresden Performance or Miditerranean Pads, so if you like that period in Klaus's career, Trance Vania may be something to check out.

See also: Mickie D's Unicorn


Trancendental Anarchists (Australia)

Cluster Zone (1994)

Ambient floaters with some rhythmic (downtempo) material as well. Transcendental Anarchists are a duo of Paul Bambury and Pam Thompson. The above album was released on Silent label.


Tranceonic (Switzerland)

New Crime (2017) (recorded in 1976 - 1979)

Pre-Yello electronics by Boris Blank and Carlos Perón. Ranges from industrial rhythms to analog, even vaguely Berlin School-like.

See also: Perón, Carlos, Blank, Boris.


Tranceport (UK)

Humanity Can't Evolve (1986)
Carpenter (1987)
Island Sketches (1987)
Live Intelligence (1988)
Dancing / Static (1990) (with Alan Martin)
Storming Heaven (1990) (with Alan Martin)
This Far (1990)
Tranceglobal (1992)
Further (1993)
Chung Kuo (1994)
Go To (1996)
Way Beyond (1997)
Altitude Silence (1999)

Scottish synth trio of Bobby Gillies, Alan Martin and Peri Urban. Very rhythmic Electronic Music, comparable to Brainwork.

See also: Martin, Alan, M.A.O, Urban, Peri, Robinson, Stewart.


Tranquillity (Germany)

Cyberland X-Press (1992)
The Luenen-Rehearsals (1993) (with Time-Wave)
The Spectre Within (1994)
Mediamorphose (1995)
Deus ex machina (1996)
Core (2001)

Tranquillity is Frank Makowski. Classic-style (sequencer) Electronic Music.

See also: Makowski, Frank, The Speed of Dark, Ramp, Mirkom, Rounds Per Minute.


Trans-Millenia Consort (USA)

Plot Zero (1983)
Spectre (1984)
Aquatic Realms (1988)
Japanese Impressions (1988)
Mach 3.04 (1988)
The Moorish Project (1988)

Pauline Anna Strom's project that released several albums where she basically continued with what she had started with her debut recording, relying even more on ambient soundscapes and symphonic compositions.

See also: Strom, Pauline Anna


Trans Vita Express (Italy)

Racconto psicofonico dell'aldila (1974)

Obscure band consisting of Marcello Giombini and Mario Molino. The closest comparison would be another Italian band, Jakula. Dark, occult electronic / prog music with some spoken vocals. A lot of found sounds make appearances, too.

See also: Giombini, Marcello


Transambient Communications (UK)

Praze-An-Beeble (1995)
Mauve (1996)
Moonmen (1997)

A project of Anthony Tombling Jr. that could be considered a part of 1990's ambient techno explosion. However, the music is very EM-friendly, some parts are pure Ambient, and the spacey guitar sound on a lot of the tracks gives it a vague Ashra flair.


Transceive (UK)

Intrigue (2001)
Transformation 88:98 (2006) (recorded in 1988 - 1998)
Exit To Nowhere (2016)
Frozen Circuitry (2020)

Energetic music similar to Mark Shreeve. Transceive is Steve Nelson.


Transcendence Orchestra, The (UK)

Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals (2017)
Felling the Spirit (2020)
All Skies Have Sounded (2021)
Dreams, Waking Thoughts And Incidents (2022)

Ambient-oriented synth duo.

See also: Child, Anthony


Transcendent 2000 (Netherlands)

Leven na de bollen (1980)

Ambient music played on said synthesizer by Kubus Kassettes founder Rob Smit.

See also: Digit


Transcendent Device (USA)

Manifestations of Obscure Influence (2005)
Inherent Decay (2007)
The Hopelessness of Logic (2009)

Marspiter side-project in Dark Ambient mould.

See also: Marspiter


Transgresorcorruptor (Mexico)

Hit (2019)

A project of Yamil Rezc. Ambient soundscapes - intense, spacey and hypnotic.


Transhuman Art Critics (Germany)

Eau télepathique (2021) (S)
Update the Future (2021) (S)
I Am Digitized - I Will Not Die (2022) (S)
Fluxus Musik Zone West (2023) (S)

Sort of a Kraftwerkian concept updated for the 21st Century, reflecting the latest developments in the sphere of AI, computer networks and transhumanism. The group consists of Emil Schult (a former collaborator of Kraftwerk), Emma Nilsson, Lothar Manteuffel (Rheingold, early Elektric Music) and Max Dax. Pretty neat stuff if you ask me.


Transient States (France)

Ballade en forêt (2023)

French psychedelic electronics project. Has an obvious goa / psybient / psychill influence, but mostly harkens back to Gong / Steve Hillage / Ozric Tentacles school of cosmic EM.


Transientflow (USA)

Watercourses (2017) (recorded in 2000)

Moody ambient EM from this Northampton, Massachusetts-based artist.


Transistor (Germany)

Transmission 001 (1999)

Ambient side-project by members of electropop band Kontrast.


Transistorwald (Russia)

Рождение атома духа (2010)
Sleeping Eiktyrnir (2011)
Luzifers Hofgesind (2012)
The Horizon of Dreams (2013) (with Íîðìà Ðåàêöèè)
Landeinwärts: In Memory of Hermann Hesse (2014)

Ambient project with a mysterious, cosmological theme going. Sometimes with elements of power industrial / noise and / or brass / neo-classical / Martial.

See also: Esche, Tmavy Kruh.


Transmission (France / UK)

Transmissions (2022)

A musical project involving poetry. Analog synths, industrial touches, some heavy rhythms, some Kraftwerk flashbacks, with pretty nice sequencing on a few tracks.

See also: Tiersen, Yann, ESB.


Transmuteo (USA)

Cymaglyphs (2011) (S)
Dreamsphere Megamix (2012)
Iscandarian Sunset (2012) (with 400 Lonely Things)
Transmuteo (2013)

Ambient synth soundscapes from New Orleans-based Jonathan Dean. Not dark, a bit new agey, sometimes with nature sounds.


Transpac (Spain??)

Mondovision (2021)
Telecommunication (2022)
The Future Is Here (2022)
Radiocom (2022)

Electro project obviously indebted to Kraftwerk and melodic EM.


Transparent Aluminum (USA)

Six Experiments (2020)

Portland, Oregon-based synthesist with an experimental style.


Transverse (USA)

Slow Moving Apocalypse (2022)
Returning To the Fount of Destruction (2023)

Stark soundscapes and post-rock moods from Jason T. Lamoreaux and Matthew Richter.

See also: Corrupting Sea, The


TranZen (USA)

Atlantis (2008)

Florida-based Space Music project.


Tranzit (Netherlands)

Voyage (1997)
Tranzversal (2000)
Tranz-Rapid (2002)

Tranzit is Dutch musician Dirk H. J. Nusink who creates melodic music which is sometimes rhythmic, sometimes more ambient. Dirk's talent is evident on pieces like "E-Drive", "Travelin' Lite", "Hill Side" and "Alexander+" from Tranzversal. Just listen to the brilliant sparkling solo on the first track "E-Drive". This is simply superb stuff, very well done. "Hill Side" is very unique, featuring electric harp sounds coupled with synth textures, very unusual, I haven't heard anything like this. "Alexander+" is a very earthly ambient piece, I can clearly imagine some old square rounded by baroque buildings and lots of pigeons and sparrows chirping around. Very atmospheric stuff. Voyage has it's highlights too, the perfect example being "Rick's Theme" which is one of the best piano pieces I've heard. Very pleasant and emotional piano playing is augmented by appropriate synth tones. Overall, Voyage has a bit of a new agey feel to it, but in a good sense.


Tranzmutanz (Germany)

Tranzmutanz (2011)

A project of Hajo Liese, Thomas Hermann and Dieter Herten. Melodic / analogue electronics between Kraftwerk and the Berlin School.

See also: EL-KA


Trap, Jimmy (Greece??)

8.4.2013 (2013)
Absentrance (2019)

Electronic Music of Dimitris Pagidas, consisting of the usual elements - rhythms, sequences, melodies, but the overall feel is pretty weird, somewhat disjointed. He seems to be influenced by Trap music (maybe that's where his pseudonym comes from).


Trap & Zoid (Belgium)

Synthi Lag (2014)

Long tracks of Synthi A drones. Meditative.


Trappists, The (Belgium)

Voor donker thuis (2021)

Long tracks full of sequencing and italo rhythms. Music by Wim de Craene.


Trauma (Germany)

Construct (1995)
Phase III (1998)

German EBM / industrial band consisting of Axel Ermes, Hauke Harms and Volker Zacharias (now disbanded). They released this album (Construct) in 1994 or 1995 with music strongly influenced by German synth pioneers (Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and so on).


Trauma (UK)

Hospital Machinery (2007)
After Visiting Hours (2007)
Cold Room II (2008)
Discarded (2008)
An Intimate Connection (2009)
Host Infarction (2016) (recorded in 2009)

Pure Clinical Ambient from this project out of UK. Hospital ambiences and clean, sterile atmospheres.


Traumklang (Germany)

Die Legende von Sammandaria (1989)
Terra incognita (1990)
Landscapes (1993)
The Omen (1994)
Space Adventure (1994)
In Ourselves (1995)
Refractions (1996)
Secrets (1997)
Twilight Colours (1997)
Raumzeit (1998)
Quasar (1998)
Raumzeit 2 (1999)
Hubble Deep Field (2000)
Elements (2003)
Fern In Australian Dandenongs (2003)
Touches (2005)
Natural Phenomenons (2006)
Beyond the Surface (2009)
Harmony (2009)
The Omen (2011)
Homophony (2012)
Strange Worlds (2013)
Stardust (2015)

Berlin School music, initially played by the duo of Frank Klare and Carola (Jurgen) Kern. Nowadays the project is a solo vehicle for Carola Kern who goes under the name of Carola Zauchner.

See also: Klare, Frank, Kern, Carola


Traumkraft (Germany)

Traumzeit (2011) (with Alien Nature)
Seelenwanderer (2016)

Electronic project of Marc Iwaszkiewicz, with Wolfgang Barkowski (Alien Nature) helping out. Music in ambient style.


Traumprinz (Germany)

Mothercave (2013)
All the Things (2014) (S)

Techno producer from Germany who on All the Things, a 12" record, shows an EM influence in the form of a great, atmospheric closer "Let It Go", composed in an individual style. Mothercave is an earlier full-length release, which also includes an EM closer - a pulsing track named "Ambient 006". File under EM-related.

See also: DJ Metatron, Prince of Denmark.


Traumspiel (Germany)

Nuklid (1988)

Hans Hoffmeister under a pseudonym. Melodic EM with some vocals on a couple of tracks. One track is composed by Marco Dobra. Pretty nice stuff if you ask me.

See also: Hoffmeister, Hans


Travancore (Australia)

Travancore (2014)
Travancore II (2016)

Travancore is a project of Melbourne-based musician Andy Donnelly. A mixture of rhythmic (often sequencer / Berlin School) and atmospheric tracks. Spacey.

See also: Kloke, Colours of Infinity.


Trazon Tecib (Spain)

Structures (1994)
Sublimatio ultima (1997)

Experimental electronic project of Barcelona-based Fermin Duran, who has been playing synths since the 1980's. Recently, he started to use his own name for his releases, most of which have been digital / download releases.


Trecca, Filippo (Italy)

Buio (1979) (S)

Italian soundtrack composer. At least the first side of this single features music in the style of Goblin, with dramatic synthesizer melodies and drums.


Trede, Gerhard (Germany)

Untamed World (1974)
Points of Vision (1975)
Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds (1976)
Electronic Fields (1977)
Magic Colors (1978)
Unbekannte Welt (1979)
Montage (1985)
Bilder aus der Wissenschaft (1985)
Laboratory (1987)
Triangulum - Mut zum Leben (??)

Bilder... is a library LP with Electronic Music for scientific reports. Gerhard Trede had some other releases. Everything that's listed above is electronic.


Treereflection (USA??)

Overcast (2016)

Mostly warm, emotional, and darker ambience. One track has IDM beats and the closer is a repetitive electric guitar affair a bit in the style of Ashra.


Trees Speak (USA)

Trees Speak (2017)
Shadow Forms (2020)
OHMS (2020)
PostHuman (2021)
Vertigo of Flaws (2021)

Tucson, Arizona-based duo of Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz. They mix motorik rhythms with wild sax soloing and lots of synths for a hybrid krautrock / EM sound. They tend to focus on shorter tracks.


Tregger, Yan (France)

To the Land of No Return (??)
Hypnosis (1991)

To the Land... is an obscure and unique electronic library record by veteran library composer Yan (Yann) Tregger.

See also: Wescott, David


Treha Sektori (France)

Sorieh (2009)
Endessiah (2012)
Severh sehenh (2014)
The Sensation of Being One of Them (2015) (S) (with Muhd)
Tri muerti (2015) (with BARST and RM74)
Acermeh (2016)
The Sense of Dust And Sheer (2018)
Symphony of Dying (2019) (with Sádon)
Post tenebras spero lucem (2019) (with N.K.R.T.)

Dark Ambient.


Tremblay, Denis (Canada)

Themes Injun (2016)
Respirations (2016)
Sleep Better (2020)

Electronic composer with a flowing, meditative style. He later adopted the Canada Effervescent moniker.

See also: Canada Effervescent, Crystal Thumbtac, Holoroverpark.


Trembling Altars (???)

Apocalyptic Rites of the Cannibal Queen (2023)

Nice and pretty atmospheric Medieval Ambient - organ, drones, samples, pianos...


Trembling Strain (Japan)

Bottom of Empty (1996)

Dark ethnic music ensemble set up by Satoru Takazawa aka Takami aka Pneuma in the 1990's. Most of their works are completely or almost completely acoustic. This one, however, displays a strong electronic influence, perhaps paying hommage to Pneuma's past. The other members of Trembling Strain are Akira, Shin Yamazaki (from Lacrymosa) and Yuko Suzuki.

See also: Pneuma, Takami


Tremor Nocta (Spain)

Tremor Nocta (2024)

Pretty strange stuff. Focusing on haunting theremin leads, it relies heavily of industrial rhythms and lots of processed / vocoded voices. A project of Javier Díez-Ena.

See also: Therematic, Díez-Ena, Javier And His Theremins.


Tremorkikimor (Russia)

Gr​ü​nt (2020)
Yarugi (2021)

Semi-acoustic Ambient with lots of recorded sounds and a folk influence. Tremorkikimor is an all-female 4-piece ensemble.


Trendel, Manfred (Germany)

Starry Sky (1998)

New age artist. The above album features slow rhythms and spacey synth melodies. Still new agey, it could be enjoyed by fans of the more unpretetious end of the EM spectrum.


Trent, Ron (USA)

What Do the Stars Say To You (2022)

Cool, breezy, jazzy, relaxed, funky electronics from this Chicago-based deep house artist active at least since the early 1990's. On What Do the Stars Say To You, some guests appear, among which are members of Azymuth, Gigi Masin and Jean-Luc Ponty.


Trentemøller (Denmark)

Obverse (2019)

Varied "electronica" artist who's been around since the early 00s. On Obverse, you will find a pulsing EM track "Sleeper" which is quite good. There may be some others. Further investigation is needed.


Trésors (France)

Missionaires (2012)
Adrien (2015)

A project of Adrien Kanter together with Adrien Durand. Sort of a mixture of minimal synth and ambient EM influences.

See also: Kanter, Adrien, JUJU, Le Réveil des Tropiques.


Trevor Something (USA)

Soulless Computer Boy And the Eternal Render (2016)
Deep Wave Data Dark Web Daemons (2020)
Microwaves (2020)
My Soul Burns As My Consciousness Is Uploaded Into the Virtual Afterlife (2022) (EP)

Florida-based synthwave musician. The first part of Soulless Computer Boy And the Eternal Render features a few vocal tracks and is of no interest. The second part, however, is ambient and instrumental & is rather nice and atmospheric.


Trew, Michael (Canada??)

Dolphin Celebration (1987)

Melodic music released on cassette. New-agey but also with nice purely EM sections.


Tri Atma (Germany)

Sehnsucht und Einklang (1982)
Ja Kajee Music (1986)

The 1982 album by this pioneering World Music / ethnic fusion outfit has Gyan Nishabda on it who is actually electronic musician Claude Larson (aka Klaus Netzle). The group consisted of Jens Fischer, Asim Saha and Achim Gieseler and was formed in 1977.

See also: Fischer, Jens, Gieseler, Achim.


Triac (Italy)

In A Room (2014)
Days (2015)
Across (2017)

Ambient trio formed in 2011 by Augusto Tatone, Marco Seracini and Rossano Polidoro. They have a minimal droning sound, light and airy.


Triage (USA)

The Cessation of Spoil (1999)

A Dark Ambient collaboration between members of Gruntsplatter (Scott Candey) and Ruhr Hunter (Chet Scott).

See also: Gruntsplatter


Trialog (Germany)

Tanz auf dem Eis (1996)

A band with Ingo Debus released on Spheric Music with a style close to that of Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling, which means floating, dreamy synth / prog compositions.


Triangle (France)

Viens avec nous / La confusion (1972) (S)

This one is mainly of historic interest, featuring Jean-Michel Jarre on synth. The other members of this band were Aldo Roamno, Henri Texier and Francois Cahen (Magma). Pop / progrock.

See also: Jarre, Jean-Michel


Triangular Ascension (Venezuela)

Leviathan Device (2011)
The Chronos Anomaly (2013)

Dark Ambient from Federico Agreda Alvarez.


Triangular Waves (Sweden)

Dissolving Patterns (2023)

Pretty nice ambient EM based on the sounds of a modular synth from Rasmus Alkestrand.


Triax (UK)

Cosmic Engineers (2020)
Hidden Planet (2023)

Alan and Steve Freeman of Audion and Ultima Thule fame plus Dave Powell who usually plays processed hurdy-gurdy. On Cosmic Engineers, he opts for violin instead. The music on this particular release is abstract electronics very much reminding on TD's Alpha Centauri. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Freeman, Alan, Biomechanoid, Endgame, Region 5, Vrije, Adhara, Electric Junk, Scorpio.


Tribal Machine (USA)

Tribal Machine (1990)

Pre-Dweller At the Threshold Electronic Music by Paul Ellis and Jeff Vasey.

See also: Ellis, Paul, Dweller At the Threshold


Tribu (Mexico)

Contra la Indiferencia (1979)
Correo del Tiempo (1980)
Musica Popular Mexicana Contemporanea (1984)
Cuauhtemoc Aguila Solar (1987)
Compartiendo el Universo (1989)
Maseual - El Hombre de Este Sol (1990)
Texiuozelotl (1991)
Los Brujos del Agua (1993)
Ome Koyotl Mazatl Elegia (1993)
In Mixkoakali (1996)
Uitsilop Chtli (1997)

Mexican EM scene is one of the least explored for sure. A special variety of World Music was developed in this county that combined prehispanic instruments and influences with electronics. This kind of music occupies a special niche within the Mexican EM continuum and can take on various forms, from more Ambient-oriented (Jorge Reyes) to rock-influenced. Tribu aka Grupo La Tribu certainly belongs to the latter category. Their vocalizations are sparse and usually wordless (more like shoutings that one would hear during shamanistic dancing) and the music itself is part acoustic / prehispanic melodies and rhythms and part EM / rock music. Their electronic sound ranges from Heldon-like pulsing goodness to Jarre-inspired anthemic melodies. I have only heard Cuauhtemoc so I don't know for sure at the moment if the above applies to other works as well.


Tribute (Sweden)

In Concert (1983)
New Views (1984)
Breaking Barriers (1986)
Live: the Melody, the Beat, the Heart (1987)
Terra incognita (1990)

Swedish band. Sometimes like Correlations-era Ashra, but more often the music is akin to Mike Oldfield, with neat Berlin School touches and passages that remind on TD and even early 1980's Klaus Schulze (circa Audentity / Drive Inn). Also a lot of tracks that remind on the symphonic aspects of Genesis. Mostly instrumental.


Trier, Nate (USA)

New Anight (2020) (S)
Astro-Atlantis (2021) (S)

Sort of chamber / electronic hybrid, with synths, harmonicas, brass section, etc. Melodic, playful... Nate Trier is a New Haven, Connecticut-based artist.


Trigger B (Germany)

Trigger B (1984)
The Great Walk (1985)
Flux And Reflux (1987) (with S·Core)
Homunkulus (??)

A project of Duisburg-based Thomas Bosselmann. The basis of his sound is typical austere minimal synth of the time (early 1980's). However, he uses voice only sporadically, mostly in the form of unintelligible rants and wailings (why not drop a voice completely if you can't sing?). In spite of the irritating voice, I really found his atmospheric pieces to be nice stuff, based on cosmic analog synths and even classical influences. This material does approximate Prog EM and, therefore, deserves an inclusion here. File under EM-related.


Trilennium (USA)

Trilennium (2003)

An album of varied soundscapes and rhythmic compositions, some with strong World Music flair. A project of Frederick R Matzen.


Trilithon (Netherlands)

Trance Dance 128 (1991)
4Cast (1994)
In Concert (1999) (with Laserdance)

The first album is supposedly ambient / dance synth music with Laserdance influences. The second is more in the techno / trance vein. Trilithon is Huib Schippers, who formed this project in 1990.

See also: Syntech


Trillot, Bernard (France)

Firework (2003)
Mare d'equinoxe (2005)

Instrumental synth / EM with varied influences.


Trinidad, Joshua (USA)

Cortege (2014)
Sleeping With My Worries (2021)

Colorado-based trumpeter. Sleeping With My Worries features reflective music with trumpet and electronics.


Trio Rakant (Japan)

Kokorosususu (1997)


Triode (Slovakia)

Atrium (2021) (EP)
Karma (2022)
Nullvector (2024)

From darker industrial sounds to moody soundscapes and vaguely melodic material.


Trip (???)

Trip (??)

Unfortunate name, as there are tons of projects named "Trip", this was released on LP and features a modular wall on the cover. The music, quite expectedly, makes use of many great analog machines, from Oberheim Expander to Jupiter 8, ARP 2600, Solina and so on. Nice, fat analog textures here in rhythmic and classically inspired compositions, a bit similar to Synergy but with a different twist. Neither the country of origin, nor the year of release are known at the moment. Ditto for the musicians who are behind "Trip".


Trip Tech (USA??)

Children of the Secret (2002)
Silent Apocalypse (2003)
Slide (2005)

Varied ambient material.


Tripardi, Luca (Argentina)

Capacocha (2023)

Varied EM from this synthesist. Mostly krautrock-ish, melodic mixture of crisp synth sequencing and some guitars.


Triple S (Germany)

Poles (2011)

Atmospheric and melodic EM with floating guitar from the trio of Erik Seifert, Max Schiefele and Josef Steinbuechel. With echoes of Pink Floyd and Vangelis' Antarctica.

See also: Seifert, Erik




Carrboro, North Carolina-based duo of Alex Maiolo and Patrick O'Neill who play a multitude of "modular, vintage and vintage-inspired" synthesizers. They are inspired by 1970's German motorik, italo disco and vintage EM in general. Nice analog synthiness here.


Tripoda (Spain)

We Slaughtered All Your Angels (2019)
Quarantine Season (2020) (S)

Ranges from quitet, dungeon synth-like melodic synths to noisier and darker assaults.


Tripoteau, Florian (France)

: Ambient (2018)

What the title promises.


Triptych (Russia)

Elemental Performance (2012)
Crann Na Beatha (2012)
The Minds Doors (??)

Forest-inspired ambient duo from Karelia with sort of a mystery / fantasy atmosphere, a bit dungeon synth-like perhaps.


Trislar (Russia)

Untitled (2017)

Two techno and two ambient tracks from this project.


Trist (Germany)

Tiefenrausch (2005)
Hin - Fort (2007)
Initiation (2008) (recorded in 2000 - 2003)
Willenskraft (2009)

Dark Ambient from Benjamin Koenig - a member of black metal act Aurora. The first album has spoken word / vocal parts by Timo Koelling, while the Hin - Fort is a solo work by Koenig.


Tristan & Titania (Belgium)

Glyphs & Gods (2024)

Belgian duo with an ambient sound and a strong glitchy / granular element.


Triste Saison (France)

Demo (2019) (S)
Recueil (2022) (S)

A project inspired by pioneering 1990's "dungeon synth" works. Ambient melodies, drones, medieval touches, epic atmospheres...


Tritonal (USA)

Reverence (2021)

Texas-based duo of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed. They are known for composing various forms of electronic dance music, mostly progressive trance. Reverence is their ambient work - featuring rich melodic content, it relies very much on piano, relaxing pads, classical-sounding strings, some vocalizations and sparse rhythms. Pretty nice stuff if you love Ambient. Excellent sequencing on "Vessel". It reminded me a bit on Robert Rich's more sequencer-based style or on Paul Ellis.


Tritonus (Germany)

Between the Universes (1976)

This band was formed in the early 1970's by Peter Seiler with the intent to make symphonic rock ala Emerson, Lake & Palmer, with multiple themes, tempo changes, huge keyboard presence and so on. However, on their second album (listed) they started to drift away from the structured approach of their self-titled debut, released a year earlier, and towards more abstract realms. The music is still for the most part keyboard-led prog (with lyrics), but there's also an interesting pulsing electronic piece composed by Seiler, titled "Mars Detection".

See also: Seiler, Peter


Troberg, Daniel (Sweden)

My VCR Collection Vol. 1 (2018)
Cold Entry (2021)
LP (2022)

Music that takes in influences from vaporwave, techno, synthwave and Prog EM. The concept is rather unique overall and the material sounds like Kraftwerk updated for the vaporwave generation.


Troch, Johan (Belgium)

Apology Accepted (2017)

Songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, ex-member of coldwave band Last Journey. The above is a collection of his ambient material that ranges from acoustic guitar explorations to piano / electronics.


Troch, Thijs (Belgium)

Stilleven (2023)

Electronic album from this Belgian pianist. The material was culled from a number of synthesizer improvisations that started in 2021. Some piano was added on top later. Sparse, abstract, but strangely melodic and listenable material.


Troekurovo Recordings (Russia)

Arbores (2023)

A trio of musicians creating their music in real-time using analog gear (mostly modulars) and choosing naturally beautiful (mostly remote) locations for their recording sessions.

See also: Toki Fuko


Trogpite (USA)

Sprinkled With Red Milk (2010)
Noise Nancy (2011)
Wife And Kid (2016)
100 Baths (2021)

Trogpite is Nick Painter. 100 Baths is abstract, liquid electronics. He had at least a couple of releases prior to Wife And Kid. I am not sure but these may be more in the noise vein.


Troika (USA)

Goddess (1996)
Dream Palace (1997)
Færies: A Realm Of Magic And Enchantment (1999)
Shaman (2000)
Kingdom of the Sun (2003)

One of the side projects of multi-instrumentalist / new age composer David Arkenstone. This one sees him exploring deeper / moodier realms than his solo output released under his real name or some of his other side-projects / collaborations. It is still new-agey, of course, but not cheesy most of the time, with some of the tracks even managing to pull it off as nice Space Music / Ambient (such as the excellent "The God of Shadows" from Kingdom of the Sun, for example).

See also: Arkenstone, David


Trollslottet (Sweden)

Sorgeberget (2024)

Fantasy synthesizer music evoking images of nordic castles in the snow. One of the projects of Pär Boström.

See also: Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Aindulmedir, Bonini Bulga, Teahouse Radio, God Body Disconnect, Grave Owl, Vikorra Doom, Underwater Sleep Orchestra.


Trolltjern (Norway)

Hymner fra trolltjern (1995)

Fantasy Ambient from Norway.


Tron Sack, The (USA)

Bitsmoker Trilogy (2011)

A project of Kelly Minis mixing heavy stoner vibes with EM.

See also: Great Unwashed Luminaries


Tronestam, Johan (Sweden)

The Island (2008)
Far Away (2012)
Roots And Legends From the North (2013)
Compunctio (2014)
Roswell (2015)
The Long Journey (2016)
Arthur Went Above the Clouds (2016)
Space Collection (2017)
Luther (2017)
Planet X (2018)
Cosmic Drama (2019)
Next Step (2020)
Cosmic Steps (2021)
Androids (2022)
Cosmic Drama II (2023)
Somewhere Far Away (2024)

Synthesist from Sweden, now residing on Åland islands, with a melodic style, influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and more. Sequences, melodies, solos and rhythms.


Trophycs (UK)

Trophycs (2022)
Trophycs 2 (2024)

Electronic duo consisting of Joie Hinton (known as the original keyboard / synth player of Ozric Tentacles and a few other projects / bands, such as Eat Static and Nodens Ictus, for example) and Simon Tappenden, also known as Ourra. The music of Trophycs is melodic, flowing and rhythmic EM, with touches of psychedelia, cosmic sounds, synthwave rhythms and "balearic beat". I love the soloing on a lot fo the tracks.


Tropic Noir (Portugal)

Bay (2018)
Bangalô (2022)

Ambient electronics from Bruno Pereira.


Tropical Hi-Fi (Australia)

Oceania (2017) (recorded in 2015)

Minimal tropical ambience and relaxed rhythms.


Tropical Rock (USA)

3 Lewej (2014)
Yellow Dock (2017)

Experimental electronics. Sometimes cosmic. Tropical Rock is Ka Baird and Camilla Padgitt-Coles.


Trost, Heather (USA)

La Selva Subterranea​ / ​Frozen Field (2014) (S)
Ouroboros (2015)
Agistri (2017)
Petrichor (2020)

Ouroboros contains two monolothic, droning / melodic compositions using organs, synths, etc. Agistri is an album of 1960's style songs, but also with some instrumental electronics material. Petrichor is only interesting for "VK09" - that is if you want EM, and since you are reading this, you probably do.


Trostel, Rolf (Germany)

Inselmusik (1980)
Two Faces (1982)
Der Prophet (1982)
Narrow Gate To Life (1983)

German synthesist. Classic Berlin School electronics. In 1998, Manikin Records released a 2CD set called Recall Level that contains tracks from his first three albums.


Troth (Australia)

Our Opaque Wreath (2019) (S)
Warm Wind Dispersed Us (2019)
The Optimist (2019) (S)
Nothing Still In the Stone Garden (2020)
Garland And Gauze b/w On The Door (2020) (S)
Flaws In the Glass (2020)
Small Movements In Radiance (2021)
Oak Corridor (2021)
Live At Alchemix / A Natural Low (2022)
Recital (2023)
Idle Easel (2023) (EP)

Ambient duo of Cooper Bowman and Amelia Besseny. Waves of synths, field recordings and some vocalizations.

See also: Bowman, Cooper


Trotman, Wayne Gerard (Trinidad and Tobago)

Atmosphere (2006)
Motion (2006)

Trinidadian-born composer, currently residing in the UK. He has a diverse and unique style, blending melodic EM, World Music and Vangelis-like symphonic bombast. A bit new-agey perhaps, but hardly comparable to other artists. He has other, download-only albums as well.


Troum (Germany)

Troumings 1997 (1997)
Ryna (1998)
Dreaming Muzak (1998)
Mort aux vaches (2000)
Navis (2000)
Tjukurrpa Pt. 1: Harmonies (2001)
Tjukurrpa Pt. 2: Drones (2001)
Mnemonic Induction (2002) (with Yen Pox)
Symbiosis (2002)
Kasha-Pashana (2003)
Tjukurrpa Pt. 3: Rhythms And Pulsations (2003)
Sigqan (2003)
Autopoietic Transformations (2004)
Objectlessness (2005)
Seeing-Ear Gods (2006)
To A Child Dancing In the Wind (2006) (with Martyn Bates)
Shutun (2006)
Ignis sacer (2007) (with NID)
Symballein - A Cellection of Rare & Early Tracks 1997 - 1999 (2007)
AIWS (2007)
Sen (2008) (recorded in 1999)
Kreuzung zwei (2008) (with Reutoff)
Eald-Ge-Streon (2009)
Ljubimaya / Daur (2009)
Autopoiesis / Nahtscato (2010) (recorded in 2004 - 2005)
Dominium visurgis (2010) (with Nadja)
Mare Ideophonika (2010)
SAIWS (2011) (S)
Grote Mandrenke (2012)
Green (2013) (S)
Mare morphosis (2013)
De aeris in sublunaria influxu (2015) (with Raison d'Etre)
Acouasme (2015)
XIBIPIIO. In And Out of Experience (2017) (with Raison d'Etre)
AIWS (2017)
Hóro-Skopeîon (2017) (S)
Contemplator caeli (2019) (with Monocube)
Synistánai (2020) (recorded in 2003 - 2007)
Vorbei der Tod (2020)
DA-PU-RI-TO-JO (The Singles 2004 - 2016) (2021)

A duo of Martin Gitschel and Stefan Knappe (ex-Maeror Tri) creating dark, psychedelic, droning madness.

See also: Maeror Tri


Trubee, John And The Ugly Janitors of America (USA)

The Deserts of Utah (1984) (recorded in 1979 - 1984)
Beyond Eternity / Lavender Flesh (1986) (recorded in 1978 - 1985)
Strange Hippie Sex Carnival (1990) (recorded in 1984 - 1987)
World of Lying Pigs (1993) (recorded in 1976 - 1991)

This experimetal rock / prank call collective a bit in the spirit of Zappa formed in California by John Trubee was versatile enough to create also some electronic works that range from the ambient to the intense. Strange Hippie... includes only two electronic tracks. Worlds of Lying Pigs closes with an electronic number recorded in 1976 but doesn't seem to have much else in terms of electronics. The Deserts... is predominantly electronic, though. Further investigation is needed.


Truckell, Greg (UK)

Impressions (1985)
Reflections (1985)
Borrowed Sculptures (1986)
Euclid (1987)
Lucifer And the Bad Groove (1989)

Scottish synthesist with a fairly rhythmic and sequencer-heavy sound.


True Colour of Blood (USA)

Awakened To Never Sleep Again (2001)
The Significance of Secrecy (2001)
(Absence) (2003)
The Cave of Knowledge (2008) (S)
All of the True Things I'm About To Tell You Are Lies (2008)

Dark Ambient based on guitar drones by Eric Kesner who lives in Washington, DC.


Trunk, Jonny (UK)

Animation And Interpretation (2011) (S)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2016)

Record collector, label owner and musician from the UK. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is his musical interpretation of Jules Verne's novel. Earlier releases were collage-based works very much influenced by jazz.


Trux (Germany??)

Trux (2016)
Untitled (2018) (S)
Orbiter (2019)
Eleven (2019)

One of the hardest projects to pin down, Trux combines IDM influences (samples, some glitches, digital rhythms) with warm, analog synthiness. Like a strange version of Cluster for the 21st century perhaps?


Try (Germany)

Just A Try (1980)

A duo of Amadeus Reineck and Michael Lapp with a style close to that of Ashra and Cluster. Lots of acoustic instruments here, but also some electronic sections.


Tryce (Germany)

DreamDisc (2023) (EP)

Varied, but in general pretty hazy ambient compositions.


Tryphème (France)

Online Dating (2017)
Thanks God For Air Emotions (2019)
Aluminia (2020) (S)

Unique artist (Tiphaine Belin) from Lyon who uses her voice and synthesizers for a hybrid vaporwave / Prog EM sound.


Tryptacobithicus (???)

Tryptacobithicus (2023) (S)
Cocythobrachius (2023) (S)
Sardodactylus (2023)

Prehistoric synth music. In contrast to most releases and projects in this genre, this is not "dungeon synth"-like, but is rather pretty deep and ambient stuff. Nice.


Trythall, Gilbert (USA)

Luxicon II / Echospace (1980)

One of the unsung heroes of the "moog pop" explosion of the late 1960's / early 1970's, Gilbert "Gil" Trythall released two cheesy novelty records Country Moog and Nashville Gold before recording this private electronic obscurity with original material.


Tsev (Greece)

Kosmikos ektypotis (2023)

Experimental microtonal music based on the sound of analog synths.


Tsone (USA)

Whisper Collector (2015)
Dovetail (2016)
Purification Verses (2017)
The Ergonomics of Desire (2019) (S)
Pagan Oceans I, II, III (2019)
One Chance To Mend It All (2021)

Tsone is Arizona-based ambient drone artist Anthony Obr.


T-Sonic (Czech Republic)

Selection (1999)

Czech electronic duo formed in 1991. They seem to focus on melodic and rhythmic compositions influenced by both classic EM (mostly Jarre), spacesynth and techno. They have several albums available on the net but I am not sure how much of their stuff actually saw the light of day on a physical carrier. Early works are more melodic / rhythmic and spacesynth-influenced. Later they got very influenced by techno and released a lot of extremely cheesy material in that style which is surprising as some of their melodic / cosmic tracks are quite good. A confusing band, this one, so tread with caution.


Tsar Bomba (Sweden)

Novaya Zemlya (2018)
Bajkonur (2020)

This project of Swedish artist Robin Klockerman mixes analog synths and rhythms in a vaguely industrial, but melodic vein. Sometimes quite cosmic. Klockerman also makes part of space rock band Yuri Gagarin.

See also: Wonders of Atomic Mutation, The


Tsaschikher, Davaajargal (Mongolia)

Re Exist (2020)

A member of punk / rock band Mohanik from Ulaanbaatar. As a solo artist he composes ambient EM where, along with synths, he uses processed traditional Mongolian instruments.


TSRS (Netherlands)

TSRS Live (1980) (S)

This rare EP by the band TSRS (Tasty Shit Remove Sensation) from Hague was released in just 250 copies. The cover of this synth music obscurity was black and white and had a skull on it with headphones on. Reportedly, it's their only release. It was recorded from a live performance. The band includes Rene de Haan of Pythagoras.


Tsunxmi (USA)

Ephemera (2017)
Digital Paradise DX (2017)
Pictures of You (2018)
New Life Now (2019)

Bright, somewhat shrill ambient soundscapes with tinkling arpeggios / sequences.


Tsurko, Ales (Belarus)

Transliaciya (2016)
Microscale (2017)
The Hate (2020)

Self-taught musician from Minsk. Transliaciya is very much influenced by classical music, while Microscale features generative compositions based on random Wikipedia articles. The overall sound, though, is that of ambient synth with some random sequences / arpeggios or soft rhythms.


Tsuyuko, Aki (Japan)

Yang (2019)
Room In Commend (2020)

Varied minimal / experimental musician who has been around since the 1990's. On Yang, she shows a strange prog vibe, mixed with organ exotica perhaps.


TTMT (Russia)

Astral (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Moody, darkish, abstract, cosmic electronics. Inspired by Bad Sector.


Tubaro, Federico (Italy)

No More Bets (1999)
Viaggio incerto (2003)

Varied rhythmic / melodic music from this synthesist. Sometimes with a 1980's Tangerine Dream feel (as on "Tang Lang").

See also: Gedron


Tugend (USA)

Occult Transmission (2002)
Optimism Is For the Weak (2002)

Optimism Is For the Weak is Martial Ambient, Occult Transmission is more ritual. The guy behind Tugend goes by the name J. Brandenburg.


Tuk-Tuk (Russia)

Zen Damage (2018)
Tokyo Godfathers (2019)

Unusual trio that uses only drums and synths for a wacky, often ethnic-tinged, at times avant-garde sound.

See also: Mårble, Sultan, Misha.


Tukico (Japan)

Tukico (??) (EP)
Primitive (2020)
Become (2020) (S)
Parallel Worlds (2020) (with Jonathan Zyklus)

Hoshiko Yamane is a violinist and electronic composer, member of Tangerine Dream. Her own solo works are EM based on the sound of the electric violin and synths.

See also: Tangerine Dream


Tulasi (Finland)

Exotic Cocktail Party (2012)
Kaksy lensi yli (2013)

A duo of Jari Koho and Veli-Matti Ikävalko that seems to have started in free folk vein. However, the above works seem to be EM-influenced, with a sort of "Cluster meets new age" feel.

See also: Koho, Jari


Tulev, Taavi (Estonia)

Taavi Tulev (2016)
●● (2018)
Esinemine portselanist plaatidega (2024) (recorded in 2017)

Varied electronic compositions, mostly of ambient nature. Other releases of this artist supposedly consist of field recordings or techno music.


Tulips (Germany)

Matas Flores y Algo Más (2020)
Hipólito (2020)

Cologne-based percussionist and synthesist who also makes part of the improvisational ensemble Nasssau. Rhythmic, easy-going electronics along the lines of Cluster, solo Moebius, but with an individual (somewhat tropical) touch and lots of percussion.

See also: Hipólito


Tumulus Seraphim (Italy)

Centenarians Divine Lunacy (2002)
Fortress Ermetica (2005)

Dark soundscapes in the vein of Lustmord.

See also: Sostrah Tinnitus


Tunes of Negation (UK)

Reach the Endless Sea (2019)
Like the Stars Forever And Ever (2020)

An alias of Sam Shackleton. As expected, this is quite innovative, interesting and progressive stuff. Lysergic, tribal and strange compositions here. Some references to Klaus Schulze's sampling period can be felt here.

See also: Shackleton, Purge of Tomorrow, The.


Tunguska (Italy)

Tunguska (2000)
Crash (2004)

A side-project of Claudio Dondo (Runes Order) and Massimo De Maria. A mixture of Runes Order cosmic style and some modern influences. Also has some traits of early Berlin School stuff like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream.

See also: Runes Order, Order 1968.


Tunnel Singer, The (USA)

Sailing the Solar Wind (2003)

The Tunnel Singer is Lee Ellen Shoemaker who likes to sing in places with interesting natural reverberation such as halls, tunnels, corridors, etc. On this album Lee Ellen added synths, loops, sequencing, percussion and electronic processing to her magical voicescapes that were also treated electronically. The result is an enjoyable trip in Tribal Ambient vein. There are steady percussion rhythms over which various soundscapes, voice, synthesizers and samples create a delicate and at times unusual flowing tapestry. In contrast to her previous releases where the voice of Lee Ellen served as the main instrument, this one has far fewer singing (wordless of course) and focuses on instrumental soundscapes. The best track is IMO "Sea Caves" that somehow reminds me on Klaus Schulze's "Midas Touch" from Jubilee Edition, not because they are similar in sound but rather because they conjure up similar images in my mind. The odd track on the album is the upbeat "Red Red" with its almost dance rhythm. Overall, if you like Steve Roach (in his Tribal Ambient period) or, say, Amir Baghiri, this album is a must. And of course I recommend this release for all other Ambient-minded listeners and those who simply like interesting and unique music. 


Tunridur (Germany)

Tears of Lys (2019)
Empire (2020)
Etheria (2020)
The Eternal Lands (2021)

Repetitive, dungeon synth-like music. The Eternal Lands has a strong EM vibe, with even a touch of Klaus Schulze.


Tupla Twin (???)

Tragedy Paradigm (2023)

Dark soundscapes.


Tur, Manuel (Germany)

Intertextural (2021)

Essen-based techno / trip-hop artist. Intertextural mixes distant, trip-hop beats with ambient atmospheres and experimental EM.


Turf Olymp (Germany)

Turf Olymp (1998)

Melodic synth music from Erik Simon and Frank Bartholomai.


Turgor (Russia)

Imferrum (2018)

Dark soundscapes with an industrial flair.


Túrion (Netherlands)

Low Spirits (2020)

Shimmering, somewhat lo-fi ambience from Jaap van Hamond.


Turista (Puerto Rico)

Turista (2016)

Electronic band influenced by afrobeat, fusion, funk, reggae and lounge music. There is a touch of Prog EM as well.


Turista Digital (Chile)

Apolo (2022)
Peste Gris (2022) (S)
Tiempo/Espacio (2023)

Sort of a melodic ambient sound with noisy elements.


Turman, Robert (USA)

Beyond Painting (2010) (recorded in 1990)
Three Parts (2014) (recorded in 1991)
Stuck In My Head (2016)
Veiling Reflections (2017)
Improvisations For Guitar And Keyboard (2017) (recorded in 1994) (with Paris Treantafeles)

Selected discography of this industrial / noise pioneer (he collaborated with Boyd Rice's NON). These albums represent the most sedate and ambient facet of his oeuvre. Beyond Painting is misty soundscaping, while Three Parts features repeating electronic patterns influenced by minimalism. Robert's first album, the 1981's Flux, although primarily acoustic, also may be interesting.


Turn On the Sunlight (USA)

Drives To the Beach (2021)
You Belong (2022)
Canoga to Ha​ʻ​ikū (2024)
Ocean Garden (2024)

Folky, psychedelic, new-agey duo of Jesse Peterson and Carlos Niño. Some electronic touches and influences appear on Canoga to Ha​ʻ​ikū.


Turner, Nick (USA)

Sounds Passing Through Circumstances (2021) (with Jayve Montgomery)
Amber Waves of the Un / Allowed / Aloud (2023) (S) (with Jayve Montgomery)

Mellotron player. Long, meditative, cosmic tracks with processed sax.


Turner, Nik (UK)

Prophets of Time (1994)

Hawkwind member (born in 1940 in Oxford, died in 2022). Already the first track from Prophets of Time greets us with a strong sequencer rhythms straight from the classic EM school. Expectedly, most of the album is still more along the lines of space rock, as the second track attests. However, he does switch to EM mode a few more times over the course of the disc ("Strontium 90", "Lunar Sea", "Fallout"). The synths are played by Len del Rio (Anubian Lights) and Tommy Grenas (The Brain). Overall, an impressive cast of musicians participate here. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Nik Turner's Sphynx, Hawkwind.


Turner, Régis (France)

Des fleurs s​é​ch​é​es dans la r​é​sine (2023)

Versatile musician with releases under different pseudonyms in genres like synth-pop, minimal synth, chiptune, chanson, dungeon synth and more. Des fleurs s​é​ch​é​es dans la r​é​sine is an experimental synth work, very French in spirit but without a clear direction. It has a lot of cheesy, chiptune-ish synth sounds, some voices, drum machine rhythms, etc. Made primarily with a Farfisa Syntorchestra, an Elka Solist 505 and an Orla Prestige.


Turowski, Michał (Poland)

Untitled (2017) (EP)
Na srebrnym globie (2018)
The Immportal Principle (2018) (with hiroshimabend)
Untitled (2018) (with Maciej Pałka)
Wormwood And Flame (2019)
Five Minutes After the End of the World (2019) (EP)

Stark, post-industrial ambience. Wormwood And Flame is dedicated to 1986's Pripyat events.


Turquoise Moon (USA??)

Midnight Demon (2018)
Midnight Demon 2: A Necessary Evil (2019)
The Sunset City (2020)

According to the label's legend, this is a lost 1983 soundtrack made by two American synth guys, but... yeah... you know...


Turtle (UK)

Human (2017)
Landmass (2023)

A project of Scottish artist Jon Cooper, mixing synth arpeggios and sequences straight from the Progressive Electronic school with neo-classical elements (mostly string quartet sounds).


Turzi (France)

Made Under Authority (2005)
A (2007)
B (2009)
C (2015)

Mostly instrumental rock band. Less electronic than "Turzi Electronique Experience", Turzi's C has more of a krautrock feel, with that special French "instrumental chanson" / vintage soundtrack touch. Still relying on an awful lot of synthesizer sounds, together with bass and drums, C is a nice work for both those into German pioneers and French melodism. The operatic voice adds a unique touch as well.

See also: Turzi Electronique Experience


Turzi Electronique Experience (France)

Education (2011)

The name of this project by French musician and producer Romain Turzi shortens to T.E.E. and this should give you the idea about the project's sound. Whether you're speeding down the autobahn or enjoying a night ride on a Trans-European express, Education will supply you with a fine soundtrack filled with mechanical and emotional Dusseldorf sensibilities.

See also: Turzi


Tuscan Ruins (Australia)

Miel (2018) (S)

Ambient artist (Tom Murchie) who sometimes goes for a flashier, more rhythmic sound. A bit lo-fi and dirty.


Tuschemess, Martina (Italy??)

Fata Morgana (2017)

Berlin School-related artist.


Tuter, Fatih (Turkey)

Wide&Shallow (2009)
Distance (2013)
Opfermut (2016)
Beehive (2020)
Nature of Mind (2021)

Fatih Tuter is supposed to be a hybrid dub techno / ambient artist. I don't know about dub and techno, but listening to Opfermut you do hear a very Ambient / EM-oriented work. Warm sound.



Transgression (2017)

A project of Damon Carruesco. Intense, dark electronics with a cinematic feel. Sort of Dark Ambient-like, but much more active than that, with some clangs, hits, dramatic orchestral moments and such. Pretty interesting overall and at the very least unique.


Tuts-Schiemsky, Emmanuel (Belgium)

Ruust voor de stilte (1994)

Atmospheric electronics with sequences.


Tutti Harp (Poland)

Tła (2016) (S)
Chmury (2017) (S)
Unfinished Patches Vol. 1 (2020)
Unfinished Patches Vol. 2 (2020)

Thick oceans of pads and deeply buried sequencer runs. A project of Maks Wiśniewski. The first side of Tła is the actual music, side B features same material played backwards.



Invocation (1990)
One Thousand Years (1992)
All Our Ancestors (1994)
Mesh (1997)
Terma (1998) (with Nick Parkin)
The Frozen Lands (1999) (S)

Ritual Ambient from the trio of Martin Franklin, Mykl O'Dempsey and Richard Clare. Nick Parkin is also a member of sorts, collaborating on most recordings.

See also: Franklin, Martin, Parkin, Nick, Stillpoint.


Tuulse, Toomas (Sweden)

Crystal Light Symphony (1988)

Swedish-born composer of Estonian origin. Toomas Tuulse acts mainly as a conductor. However, he also released at least one album on cassette (listed). The music mixes symphonic instrumentation with subtle melodic electronics. It has a new-agey flair and does not seem to be terribly progressive, accounting more to a nice musical wallpaper than anything else. Seems to be nice stuff to listen to, though. Fans of The Enid, the symphonic Vangelis and maybe also the lightest Synergy, take note.


Tüür, Erkki Sven (Estonia)

Erkki Sven Tüür is the keyboard player of progressive rock group In Spe. He is an accomplished composer (even in the academic field) and has a lot of works in styles such as orchestral, vocal, chamber, rock and electronic - for instance, "Kaks rituaali" (1983) for chamber orchestra and synthesizers, or "Vitrea ludentia" (1985) for synthesizer and renaissance ensemble. Several of his orchestral pieces found their way onto a couple of official releases. However, I am not sure that any of his Electronic Music works ever made it to CD (not counting a couple of samplers). Further investigation is needed.

See also: In Spe


Tuusanuuskat (Finland)

Nääskää tää muh kyyneleet (2011)
Toiminnan aattona (2017)

Experimental electronic duo of Jan Anderzen and Sami Sänpäkkilä with something of a Cluster vibe, but rather unique overall.


Tuv, Vilde (Norway)

Melting Songs (2021)

Bergen-based lyricist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Melting Songs is an instrumental affair with mournful or joyous, pastoral flute solos on top of electronic backing. Nice music with everything performed by Tuv. Her electronic arrangements are pretty tasty, especially on tracks like "Melting Song", with its fast-paced sequencer runs.


TV.Out (Israel)

Shedim (2016) (S)

Techno duo from Tel Aviv. On Shedim there is a nice surprise in the form of "Love Song" - a gentle, hypnotic sequencer number which is very Prog EM in spirit and sound. A one-track inclusion so far.


TV Victor (Germany)

Schwarzenraben - Einjähriges - Oktober 1998 (1998)
Schwarzenraben - Zweijähriges - Oktober 1999 (1999)
Schwarzenraben - Dreijähriges - Oktober 2000 (2000)
The Ways of the Bodies (2002)
Ambient Visions Vol. 1 (2016)
Back To the Moon (2019)

TV Victor is Udo Heitfeld. Some of his releases (not listed) supposedly contain rhythmic, techno-influenced or trip-hop works. The above, though, is Deep / Dark Ambient, which is especially true for Ambient Visions Vol. 1.


Tverbient (Russia)

Сыновья земли (2020)

Ambient inspired by Pagan rites. Drones, pads, sounds of nature...


Tvlpa (Sweden)

Mountain of the Opposer (2015)

Black Ambient-related project from Gothenburg. They take normal Black Ambient sound - with some harsher noises, lots of incantations, drones etc, and add a weird Heldon / Tangerine Dream touch by means of bass sequences running through some of the tracks, making the project stand out both among Dark Ambient releases and EM in general. Thinking about the concept I remembered about a British synthesist named Jim Kirkwood. However, whereas Jim is basically a Berlin School artist with a darker / esoteric flair, this one here is a Dark / Black Ambient project with some Berlin School touches. Maybe also a more cosmic / analog synth-dominated Endura is a good comparison. They also use the term "seancetronica", which could be a good description. Interesting. Apart from Mountain..., there are other, download-only releases.


TV-Totem (Switzerland)

TV-Totem (1982)
TV-Totem 3 (2017) (reccorded in 1982)
TV-Totem 4 (2017) (recorded in 1983 and 2013)
TV-Totem 1+2 (2018) (recorded in 1981 and 1982)

A duo of synthesist Ernst Thoma and drummer Knut Remond. Experimental, but also rhythmic, groovy and playful. A unique style.

See also: Thoma, Ernst


Tweeedo (Italy)

We All Think We're Good People (2018) (EP)

Drums / electronics / guitars trio of Edoardo Vogrig, Andrea Pisano and Nicholas Remondino. They use a lot of sequenced polyrhythms for an energetic style that can hardly be compared to other artists.


Twelon (UK)

Katana (2020)

Long experimental tracks with noises, melodies, some slow sequences etc. Pretty varied and moody EM from Michael Freeman.


Twelve (UK)

First Album (2001)
Be Careful What You Don't Wish For (2006)
03 (Part One) (2007)
Houston We Have No Problem (Part 2) - Raumschiff Schlaf Symphonie (2008)
War (2012)
Live In Brixton (2013)
Cryme (2013)
Magik (2013)
Panik (2013)
War Cryme (2013)
Tragik (2014)
Live @ Windmill Brixton London 5.4.2014 (2014)
Houston We Have No Problem IV: HERACLEUM MANTEGAZZIANUM (2015)
Houston We Have No Problem V (2015)
get sum (2016)
January 2017 (2017) (S)
February 2017 (2017) (S)
March 2017 (2017) (S)
April 2017 (2017) (S)
May 2017 (2017) (S)
June 2017 (2017) (S)
July 2017 (2017) (S)
August 2017 (2017) (S)
September 2017 (2017) (S)
October 2017 (2017) (S)
November 2017 (2017) (S)
December 2017 (2017) (S)
Alleine kleine Nacht MuZik (2018) (S)
LogiK (2018)
January 2018 (2018) (S)
February 2018 (2018) (S)
March 2018 (2018) (S)
April 2018 (2018) (S)
Prologue_75_EP (2018) (EP)
iCircuit_2018 (2018)
May 2018 (2018) (S)
June 2018 (2018) (S)
1918 - 2018 (2018)
July 2018 (2018) (S)
August 2018 (2018) (S)
September 2018 (2018) (S)
October 2018 (2018) (S)
November 2018 (2018) (S)
December 2018 (2018) (S)
The Institute of Vandalism (2018)
January 2019 (2019) (S)
February 2019 (2019) (S)
March 2019 (2019) (S)
April 2019 (2019) (S)
May 2019 (2019) (S)
June 2019 (2019) (S)
July 2019 (2019) (S)
August 2019 (2019) (S)
Pinks Place (2021)

A project of Nottingham-based Chris Olley who has been rather prolific, releasing music under different aliases. This one is mostly dedicated to kraut / EM experiments.


Twelve Hour Foundation, The (UK)

The Lighter Side of Concrete (2013)
Macaroni Cheese (2015) (EP)
Shapes, Sounds Etc. (2016) (S)
Bunch of Fives (2018) (S)
Tree Little Milk Egg Book... And Other Non Sequiturs (2018)
Six Twenty Negative (2020)
Quicksilver Records / Cascade (2022) (S)
The Hexagonal World (2023)

A duo of Polly Hulse and Jez Butler. They have a preference for analog synths and create cheesy, cheering melodic compositions.


Twenty Three Hanging Trees (UK)

Nocturne (2016)
Prémonitions (2017)
Cat's Cradle (2019)
Visages (2022)

A project of Xavier Watkins, member of post-rock band Fuzzy Lights. Although he is a guitarist, this is based on electronics and ranges in sound from ambient floaters to sequencer chuggers.


Twice A Man (Sweden)

Macbeth (1986)
Driftwood (1988)
A Midsummernight's Dream (1990)
Figaro - Thorsten - Emilia (1992)
Fungus & Sponge (1993)
Icicles (2010)
Costume Area 49:47 (2012)
Presence (2015)
Cocoon (2019)
On the Other Side of the Mirror (2020)

Swedish synth-pop / new romantic duo of Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben (both of Cosmic Overdose fame, the latter also known as Ingemar Ljungström) that also did some ambient stuff. These albums are supposed to contain some ambient material and there may be some other interesting works. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Cosmic Overdose, Söderqvist, Dan.


Twigden, Mark (Australia)

One (1988) (S)

The above release is an EP. I don't know about other releases from this artist. Repetitive, minimal, percussive...


Twilight Angelhood (Switzerland)

Midnight In the Garden of Good And Evil (1999)
Post tenebras nox (2009)

Dark Ambient.


Twilight Memory (Italy)

Outside Brain Inside My Room (1997)

Dark Ambient.


Twilight Network (Germany)

Broken Chains (??)

Another Electronic Music band that Sula Bassana participated in during the 1980's. This was a duo of Schmidt and Peter Dembour (unfortunately, no longer with us). Twilight Network was founded in 1988 and disbanded somewhere in the early 1990's. Reportedly, they released 4 tapes.

See also: Sula Bassana


Twilight Ritual (Belgium)

Painted Wall (2003)

Ambient music by Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens (both from Autumn). The group started as an outlet for Peter and Geert to explore more vocal-oriented music than what was done under the "Autumn" moniker. Twilight Ritual's early (tape) releases followed this style. However, Painted Wall is a return to their early Ambient influences.

See also: Autumn


Twilight Sequence (UK)

Trees In General: And the Larch (2022) (S)
Looking At Lifeforms (2022) (S)
Outline of Nature (2023)

Fat, analog EM compositions from Matthew Saunders.


Twin Columns (USA)

Charlemagne (2018)
Pulpit (2020)

Varied cinematic compositions. Falls into the general melodic / rhythmic genre.


Twin Galaxxies (UK)

Rain Rain (2016)
Pink Secrets (2019)
Imminent Reversal (2021)

Progressive vaporwave? I don't know if there is such a thing, but why not? Another description would be a vaporwave / Prog EM mixture. Pink Secrects is complex music, with changing sections, rhythms, atmospheres and structures that overall come off as a fascinating futuristic journey that blends vaporwave and some classic, warm synth textures. Twin Galaxxies is a project of Alexander Myers.


Twin Lakes (USA)

Twin Lakes (2022)

Minnesota-based trio of Matthew Bruhn, Erik Bakke and Jared Carrigan making nice ambient EM.


Twink (UK)

Psychedelic Electrician: 1969 Synthesizer Recordings (2018) (recorded in 1969)

Pioneering electronic experimentation from member (John Charles Alder) of The Pretty Things and many other bands. It sounds exactly what you expect to hear in a 1969 synth recording. Actually, it sounds like something you would hear inside an UFO.


Two (UK)

Dreaming Spires (1983)

Strange. Minimal synth duo whose LP (there are also some singles and EP's) is split into shorter tracks and a long opus "It Won't Work" that occupies the whole side B with its minimal, murky electronic pulses and atmospheres. Further investigation is needed.


Two Colors (France)

Organic Prism (2011)
Curved Air (2013)

Electronic duo of Alexandre Bazin and Jonathan Fitoussi.

See also: Bazin, Alexandre, Fitoussi, Jonathan.


Two Professors (Georgia)

And Now... Cool Breeze For Everyone (2023)
Two Professors & Friends: Live At Hermit Space  - June 23, 2023 (2023)

Heavy, stiff rhythms and lots of experimental synth sounds here. Reminds me on some of the stuff played in the 1970's and 1980's on the rare Crackle Box synthesizer. A duo of Levan Javakhishvili and Archil Kelbakiani.

See also: Marching Dog


Twoonky (Italy)

Paradise (2018) (S)
Dezzo (2019)
Ottico (2023)

Absolutely indescribable stuff from Michele and Simone Bornati (previously known as TwoMonkeys). They use a lot of sampling and overall come off as a mixture of new wave, weird 1980's / 1990's sampling experiments (from The Art of Noise to late 1980's / early 1990's Klaus Schulze) and synth music. Sometimes they approach Dusseldorf School, but also from a rather weird angle. Nice.


Twyndyllyngs (USA)

Between Space And Time (2010)

Electronic Music by Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz. The above is a live radio recording.

See also: Xeroid Entity, Subspace.


TXTX (Spain)

III (2022)

A project of Francisco Chinchuretta from Malaga. A puzzling mixture of hard techno / acid bangers and Progressive EM (only two tracks out of 8).


Ty Lumnus (UK)

What If They Trigger A Memory? (2021)
Distinct Entities And Morphological Connections (2022) (EP)

Upbeat, IDM-like stuff and darkish, moody ambient numbers from this Glasgow-based artist (Fraser Rowan). The music is mostly based on the sound of modular synthesizers. Nice sequencing on tracks like "Enough To Excite the Mass".


Tyack, David (UK)

David Tyack With Richard Tomlison and Naomi Hart (2001)
Rip Van Winkle (2002) (with Malcolm Mooney)
Luxury Apartments (2015) (recorded in 1997 - 2002)

German-born British musician who composed music deeply rooted in the experimental tradition, influenced by such trends as musique concrete and electro-acoustic music. However, there is also a strong underlying prog EM feel, as you notice influences from the likes of Cluster, Eno, Harmonia and more. These quirky and quite listenable compositions will be a good find for those into the more experimental end of the EM spectrum. David Tyack died in 2004 on the island of Corsica due to a supposed accident.


Tycho (USA)

Epoch (2016)

Dynamic mixture of analog synths and rock rhythms.


Tycho Brahe (USA)

Tycho Brahe (2017)

Long tracks of sequences, shady synths, repetitive rhythms etc.


Tyler, Richard (UK)

Compositions And Soundpictures (1998)
Eepra Nahf (1998)
Source And Tone (1999)
Drawings In the Room (1999)
Fathoms (1999)
The Hover (2006)
The Mystery of the Sacred O (2010) (with Stuart Wilde)

Ambient ala Brian Eno or Vangelis' Bladerunner soundtrack. Richard Tyler started making Electronic Music in 1987 after acquiring an Ensoniq Mirage sampler, a computer and a tape recorder. Some of Richard's compositions have a distinct IDM flair. 


Tyler, William (USA)

Understand (2021) (S) (with Luke Schneider)

Nashville-based guitarist who turned to krautrock-y sounds and structures for Understand, recorded during the 2020 lockdown together with his friend Luke Schneider. The two use guitars, banjo, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar and synthesizer. Nice, pastoral, peaceful...


Tyndall, Nik (Germany)

Sonnenlicht (1980)
Traumland (1981)
Reflexionen (1982)
Durch die Zeiten (1983)
Entspannung (1984)
Einklang (1986)
Horizonte (1986)
Zeitenwende (1987)
Sounds of Silence (1988)
Landscape Pictures (1989)
Plejaden Suite (1990)
Lagoon (1990)
Silvermoon (1991)
Four Seasons (1991)
Farwind Islands (1992)
Trance Dance (1993)
Romances (1993)
Sunwinds (1993)
Magical Sea (1993)
Visionary Worlds (1993)
Dreamcircle Suite (1993)
Im Suden (1994)
Am Sternentor (1994)
Invisible Worlds (1994)
Sahara Night Winds (1994)
Voices of Asia (1995)
Am Sternentor Live (1995)
Sumatra (1995)
Trance In Space (1996)
Monuments In Time (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 2 (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 3 (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 4 (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 5 (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 6 (1997)
Monuments In Time Part 7 (1997)
Im elektronisches Garten (1999)
Landschaftsbilder (1999)
Mogul Nights (2000)
Terra Nean (2002)
Metallurion Lands I - IV (2002)
Metallurion Lands V (2002)
Metallurion Lands VI (2002)
Subterranean Levels (2002)
Moonwinds (2002)
Red Moon Over Prevely Monastery (2002)
Subterranean Nights (2002)
Healing Holy Water (2002)
Nightfalls (2002)
Kraft der Kristalle (2002)
Chill Out Ocean - Farout (2002)
Chill Out Ocean - Atmospheric Phases (2002)
Chill Out Ocean - Atmospheric Scapes (2003)
Chill Out Ocean - Atmospheric Waves (2003)
Chill Out Ocean - Atmospheric Liquids (2003)
Solera (2003)
Analogika Sternika Moons I (2003)
Electro Beats I (2003)
Desert Walks (2003)
Alem Mar (2003)
Analogika Sternika Moons II (2003)
Arelos (2003)
Raumwanderung (2003)
Electronic Club Lounge  - Black Sea Spirits (2003)
Electronic Club Lounge - Grainlands (2003)
Electronic Club Lounge - Grainwaters (2003)
Voices of the Unknown (2003)
Voice of Spaces (2003)
Orangeria Naira (2003)
The Echos Voices (2003)
Wasser des Lichts (2003)
Die grosse Zeit (2004)
Zeitraum (2004)
Signale Signale (2004)
Zeitstucke (2004)
Rehnender Raum (2004)
Listen To the Oberheims (2004)
Inspiration Schaulager I - Installationsklange (2004)
Installation Schaulager II - Installationsklange (2004)
Analogika Sternika Planets (2004)
Silent Electronic Dreams (2004)
Analogika Sternika Asteroides (2004)
Analogika Sternika Moons IV (2004)
In Dream of Time (2004)
Dreamspheres (2004) (with Bernd Scholl)
Musica Sacra Moderna (2011)
Sleeping Bodies - In Dream of Time (2013)
Sleeping Bodies - Space Cathedrals II (2013)
Sleeping Bodies - Voices of the Unknown (2013)
Sleeping Bodies - Orangeria Naira (2013)
Sleeping Bodies - The Echos Voices (2013)
Raumnacht Volume 1 (2017)
Raumnacht Volume 2 (2017)
Bolo (2017)

German synthesist whose real name is Jurgen Krehan. Early albums are done in the duo format together with Rudolf Langer and released under the project name "Tyndall". There are a lot of Cluster influences, with clattering drum boxes and melodic synth patterns. However, they added some spaciness in there, too. After the duo split, Krehan continued to release albums, changing his name to Nik Tyndall and becoming more and more new agey with each subsequent release.

See also: Tenere, Akiro


type/token (USA)

Still. (2019)
The Jagged Dog (2021)

This would make for some nice ambient listening - the warm synths, the tinkling melodies, the drones... if it were not for the rather dubious distortion, the same one that I hate since childhood and always tried to avoid when listening to music on tape (the one heard when tape changes its speed abruptly). Why the author decided to put the bloody distortion on almost every piece is beyond my understanding. However, those tracks that don't have it are rather nice (such as "Babbage's Library", for example).


Typhonian Highlife (USA)

H.R. Giger's Studiolo (2014)
Cenobytes Wunderkammer (2015)
The World of Shells (2016)

Horror synth project of US-born Spencer Clark (currently residing in Belgium and making music in various genres, from drone to noise and hypnagogic pop, and under various guises). This stuff is inspired by late 1980's films "Hellraiser" and "A Plastic Nightmare". Different from most horror synth / horror revival music, this one relies less on analog sounds, is more abstract and has more of a classical / renaissance influence.

See also: Fourth World Magazine, Lethal Tender, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Tarzana.


Tyresta (USA)

(Somewhat) Dark (2018)
Circles Back Around (2019)
Fallen Moon (2019)
Each of Us Needs Such A Place (2019)
Oh No! (2019)
In Raptures (2019)
No Mind (2019)
Now Will Never Be Again (2020)
Vision Transmissions (2020) (with Christina Giannone and 扎克 )
All We Have (2020)
Elements Return (2020) (with Hang Ruan)
Ordinary Lives (2021)
Already Complete (2021) (with Hang Ruan)
Deep Time (2022) (with Hang Ruan)
Infinite Branches (2022)
Drift (2023) (with zakè)

A project of modular synth enthusiast Nick Turner. Ambient, often droning sound.

See also: Color of Time


Tyson Hughes, Cat (Australia)

Crossing Water (2023)
Roses In the Casement Window (2023)

Nice and beautiful ambient compositions mixing some nature recordings, synths and processed voices.


TZii (Belgium??)

Road Trip Through the Abyss (2015)
A Shot In the Dark (2018)

Experimental / industrial / noise project from this musician, active under different guises since the 1990's. In his extensive discography, we can also find some EM-friendly or partly EM-related works. These will be listed. Road Trip Through the Abyss is mostly interesting for its long pulsing closer "Speeding In Space". A Shot in the Dark is quite ambient throughout its length and is maybe the most EM-influenced work by him, although I must confess that as of 2021, I have only explored a fraction of it. Anyway, for lovers of cinematic, sample-laden EM rich in analog synths and drones, I'd say go for A Shot In the Dark and then proceed to Road Trip Through the Abyss.


Tzoukmanis, Niko (Greece)

Hope Is the Sister of Despair (2021)
Tales From the Silent City (2023)

Tranquil, relaxed, rhythmic music between soft techno / dub / house and ambient progressive EM.

See also: Microphase


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