P.C.M. (Germany)

Rhythm And Bytes (1995)

A duo of Peter Mergener and Ralf Hess.

See also: Mergener, Peter


P. Noir (Switzerland)

f 109 (2016)

A duo of Roman Vögelin (drums) and Jonathan Ruf (electronics) whose music sounds like a warped version of early krautrock / kosmische musik.


P.R.Computer (Hungary)

P.R.Computer (1983)
Panta Rhei - Epilogus (1997) (recorded in 1976 - 1987)

P.R.Computer consisted of members of progressive group Panta Rhei (Kalman Matolcsy, Andras Szalay and Alex Szalay) doing instrumental EM. The second album is released under the name of Panta Rhei but contains parts of the P.R.Computer album as well as unreleased material from that era which is in similar style. There are rumors that the band's keyboard player Kalman Matolcsy died in 2005. In their early years Panta Rhei were notable for rock adaptations of classical pieces (ala ELP). They used self-built synthesizers. (Austria??)

Tape (2018)

Techno project with some strong EM influences. Relevant tracks include "Helium", "Heroin" and "1981".


P.S. Stamps Back (Greece)

Μουσική Για Διάσχιση Δασών (2014)
Half Life (2016)
Loop Quantum Gravity (2018) (with Shaan)
Au bout de la nuit (2021)
Retorcasuality (2022)

Greek noise project. Apparently, some of their more ambient material could interest fans of experimental forms of EM. I will try to list these releases here. Update 12.10.2022: Retrocasuality is great EM, pulsating and rough.


P0L (Switzerland)

Jantar Mantar (2018)

This particular release contains long-form Ambient from this artist who has been making various forms of electronic-based music since the early 1990's.


Paa Annandalii (USA)

Yen Pox (2015) (S)
Altars (2015)
Cavernous Fruits (2016)

Mostly free-floating Ambient from New Jersey-based Robert Thomspon, sometimes with gentle arpeggios / sequences and slightly noisier bits.


Paap, Jochem (Netherlands)

VRS-MBNT-PCS 9598 I (1999)
VRS-MBNT-PCS 9598 II (1999)
PP.NMLK (2004) (with Pete Namlook)

Noise Ambient on FAX label. He also published some works under the name Speedy J (IDM / trance music).


Pabellón Sintético (Argentina)

Clouds And Terrain (2022) (with Paul Ellis)
Mies van der Rohe's Dreams (2023)

Classic-style synthesist from Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Crisp sequencing, melodies, solos, etc. Real name of the musician: Pablo Bilbao.

See also: Cartas de Japón


Pacheco, Steve (USA)

Costellate (2017)
The 4th (2017)
Fades (2022)

Ambient music from member of punk rock band After the Fight.


Pacheco, Vica (Mexico)

Symplegmata (2020)
Fibre-Fusion (2021)

Originally from Oaxaca, Vica Pacheco is a Brussels-based artist who uses lots of tribal percussion and experimental sounds. Quirky, somewhat Cluster-ish, but rather unique.


Paciente (Chile)

P a c i e n t e (2018) (S)

Short, melodic ambient tracks from Claudio Zaguán.


Pacific Coliseum (Canada)

Ocean City LP (2017)
Blue Universe (2019)
How's Life (2020)

A mixture of floating atmospheric synth and balearic. Sort of a relaxed Double Fantasy vibe on this one.

See also: Teen Daze


Pacifici, Dino (Canada)

L'organe (1988) (soundtrack)
Random Factors (1994)
Reflections (1994)
Urban Oasis (1996)
The Journey (1997)
Acquiescent Resonance (1998)
Hallowed Ground (1999)
The Blue Velvet Lounge (2002)
The Float Zone (2004)

Ambient soundscapes with tribal / dub elements. Dino Pacifici was born in 1958 in Montreal.


Pacione, Adam (USA)

With Wakened Eyes (2003)
Heat (2004) (EP)
Sisyphus (2005)
From Stills To Motion (2007)
Regalo di tono (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 2: They Live By Night (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 3: Drzewo (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 4: Split At the Core (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 5: Evening Colors (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 6: Thinning Silver (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 7: Emulsions (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 8: Ferro Organ (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 9: Green Then Blue (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 10: Fairgrounds (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 11: A Delicate Giant (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 12: The Harmony of Reflected Light (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 13: Lumen Organ (2009) (S)
Still Life No. 14: Ending Titles (2009) (S)
Dobranoc (2009)
Summer Salts (2010) (S)
Candy Floss Evaporates (2010) (S)
Delayed Vol. 1 & 2 (2011) (recorded in 1996 - 2010)
Delayed Vol. 3 & 4 (2011) (recorded in 1996 - 2010)
Delayed Vol. 5 & 6 (2011) (recorded in 1996 - 2010)
Any Way, Shape, Or Form (2021)

Texas-based artist with a minimal, droning ambient sound, sometimes a bit on the cosmic side.


Paciorkowski, Piotr (Poland)

Koniec jest początkiem (1996)

Melodic, classically-influenced electronic compositions from this late musician.


Packed Rich (Germany)

Warp Fields (2023)

Packed Rich is Alexis Boettscher, a young artist focused on instrumental hip-hop / beat-oriented composition. However, his Warp Fields LP also shows that he had studied well his copy of Planetary Unfolding by Michael Stearns. Of course, there are still the hop beats and breaks in copious amounts, but so are the sparkling, cosmic analog synth-based clusters of sound that seem culled straight from the classic Space Music textbook. Not sure that the mixture always works, but the appeal of this music definitely spans several generations of electronic music listeners. File under EM-related.


Paco Sala (UK)

Radial Sundown (2011)
Ro-Me-Ro (2012)
The Fog (2013)
Put Your Hands On Me (2014)
Der Gast (2015)
The Silent Season (2017)
It's Been A Long Time Since I Cared & It Feels Good (2018)
Our Love Is the Gold (2019)

Paco Sala is in fact a moniker of London-based musician Anthony Harrison, who is known for his post-rock project Konntinent. On Radial Sundown, he presents a retro-futuristic sonic vision evoking the early years of prog EM and synth-pop - a time when synths sounded like synths and had a certain warmness to them that for some reason was perceived as coldness by some. Kraftwerk fans will enjoy this.


Paddington Distortion Combo (Sweden)

Unit (2012)

A project of Carl Olsson. Mostly in lo-fi, folk, indie-rock and experimental vein. Unit is a very synth-oriented effort. It mostly tends toward minimal synth, but does plunge with both feet into Klaus Schulze adoration-type Progressive EM for the 9-minute "Dead Cluster" and the 7-minute "Drone Clone". Pretty nice, if a bit repetitive stuff.


Padilla, Craig (USA)

Exploring the Unknown (1989)
Galactic Storm (1989)
The Heart of the Galaxy (1990)
Journeys Through Space (1990)
Journeys Through Space II (1991)
Universe (1992) (with Skip Murphy)
Beyond Vol. 1 (1992) (with Skip Murphy)
Journeys Through Space III (1992)
The Edge of Eternity (1992)
Mystical Fantasies (1992)
Spirits of Christmas (1992)
Journeys Through Space IV (1993)
Impulse Live! From Space (1993)
Order And Chaos (1993)
Beyond Vol. 2 (1995)
North of the Moon (1995) (with Skip Murphy)
The Eye of the Storm (1996)
Patterns of Thought (1998)
The Soul Within (1999)
Beyond Beta (1999) (with Skip Murphy)
Crystal Garden (1999)
Eccentric Spheres (2000)
Music For the Mind Vol. 1 (2000)
Music For the Mind Vol. 2 (2000)
Perspectives On the Dream World (2000)
Temporal Suspension (2000) (with Skip Murphy)
Reflections In Mercury (2001) (with Skip Murphy)
Folding Space Melting Galaxies (2002)
Vostok (2002)
Planetary Elements (2003) (with Skip Murphy)
Echo System (2004) (with Paul Ellis)
Genesis (2004)
Planetary Elements 2 (2005) (with Skip Murphy)
Path of Least Resistance (2005) (with Zero Ohms)
Phantasma (2006) (with Skip Murphy)
The Light In the Shadow (2006)
Analog Destination (2008) (with Skip Murphy)
Below the Mountain (2008)
Cycles (2008)
Beyond the Portal (2009) (with Zero Ohms and Skip Murphy)
The Heart of the Soul (2012)
When the Earth Is Far Away (2012) (with Zero Ohms)
Strange Fish One (2013) (with Sendelica)
Sonar (2014)
Life Flows Water (2015) (with Howard Givens)
Heaven Condensed (2016)
Being of Light (2017) (with Howard Givens)
Land of Spirit (2018) (with Richard Roberts and Skip Murphy)
Toward the Horizon (2019) (with Marvin Allen)
The Bodhi Mantra (2020) (with Howard Givens)
Waveforms (2020) (with Skip Murphy)
Strange Gravity (2021) (with Marvin Allen)
Discovery of Meaning (2022)
Holiday House Performance 2022 (2022)
Weathering the Storm (2023) (with Marvin Allen)
Solina (2024)

Craig Padilla is an American synthesist residing in California who writes music in several basic styles. Some of his works are rhythmic and sequential in the Schulze / TD vein, or similar to Ron Boots, with great rhythm programming and with similar melodic sensibility. Some works are more experimental, like Exploring the Unknown, for instance. His Space Music works are often co-composed by Skip Murphy. Recommended. Craig Padilla is known for his spectacular live shows that are held regularly in Northern California. At these concerts, along with the latest in synthesizer technology, Craig uses a lot of classic analogue instruments for that special "warm" and cosmic sound.

See also: Fellowship of Hallucinatory Voyagers, The


Padilla, Michael (USA)

Atmospheres (2015)

Michael Padilla is a member of several pop / psych rock bands such as The Soft Bombs and Dora Food. On this album, subtitled "Ambient Works Vol. 1", he is seemingly inspired by Brian Eno's Discreet Music. The material is a series of soundscapes dominated by pads and mellotron sounds (mostly flutes). So, nice stuff for fans of those Epsilon In Malaysian Pale atmospheric moments, too.


Padmasana (Japan)

Padmasana II (2013)

Ambient dub / downtempo project formed in Japan by Gio Makyo. This, his second album, is much less focused on techno and dub and heavier on ambient synths and even Berlin School sequences. A nice crossover sound.

See also: Atmosphere Factory


Padoan, Moreno (Italy)

Until the Numbness (2015)
Over the Gabardine (2018) (with MRG)

Unclassifiable cinematic mixture of classically-inspired (piano, some strings) and upbeat electronic numbers.


Padron, Malcolm (Sweden)

Hello Death (2021)
Live At Capela Imaculada do Semin​á​rio Menor, Braga Portugal (2023)

Member of Roll the Dice with his own classically-inspired ambient compositions. Minimal, piano-full, with climatic melodies and nice synths.

See also: Roll the Dice


Paese Fertile (Italy)

Paese fertile (2020)

Italian duo consisting of Riccardo Gorone and Davide Cannella. Complex electroacoustic / electronic compositions, intricate sound design and sometimes nice sequences.


Pagaille, Antonin (Denmark)

Variations sur le bonheur (2011)
Ma voix est un écho (2013)
Je suis la chimère (2017)

Danish sound artist (real name - Mikkel Rørbo). Dark synth drones, modular twitters and general neurotic atmosphere. Maurizio Bianchi meets Conrad Schnitzler?


Pagán, José Manuel (Spain)

Kiu i els seus amics (1985) (soundtrack)

Extremely rare soundtrack by this Swiss-born Spanish film composer for a Catalan TV series sci-fi production. The music is spacey and electronic and the LP was only distributed locally.


Page, Jimmy (UK)

Lucifer Rising And Other Sound Tracks (2012) (recorded in 1973 - 1976) (soundtrack)

This is Jimmy Page's rejected score to Kenneth Anger's film "Lucifer Rising". As we know, the soundtrack ended up being scored by Bobby Beausoleil, who composed his music in a spacey, electronic style. But hey, believe it or not, this is also electronic. In fact, the only instruments that Jimmy uses are his guitar, early ARP guitar synth (ARP Avatar?), some choirs and processed percussion. Mellotron also makes an appearance and when it does, the music takes on a darkish, Phaedra-like mood. This is brooding, abstract and droney stuff. The soundtrack was not released until 1987, when a limited edition bootleg vinyl record appeared. In 2012 the score was re-released (again on vinyl) with bonus material (the original score featured only 20+ minutes of music).


Pagination (USA)

Status (2023)

Pagination is Tom Schmidlin, who makes ambient music with modular synths and processed guitars. Shimmering, sunny, sometimes cosmic sound.


Pagliara, Massimiliano (Italy)

Devoid of Dimension Vol. 2 (2017) (S)
Feel Live (2018)

Deep house musician. The above "7 may interest EM fans. Feel Live, on the other hand, has 2 EM-related tracks - the very short "I Promise" and the ambient "Properties of Distance".


Pagliuca, Tony (Italy)

Io chiedo (1990)

First solo album by keyboardist of Le Orme. It contains three songs (two with male "Italian progrock"-style vocals and one in more operatic vein with female singing) and aims at emulating classical music and the sound of a full orchestra most of the time. Needless to say that the use of typical late 1980's - early 1990's general MIDI sounds doesn't help. However, some tracks here sound less like musical wallpaper and have more of an atmosphere to them. For example, on "Antartide" you can hear that Tony listened to a lot of Vangelis circa Antarctica (surprise, surprise!). I mean, really a lot. So the whole ends up in the EM-related category after all.


Painted Caves (USA)

Not Here Not There (2012)
Surveillance (2013)

A project of Evan Caminiti which, just like releases under his own name, reflects a transition from electric guitar-driven drones to a completely electronic (on Surveillance) setup.

See also: Caminiti, Evan


Painter (USA??)

Handful of Water (2020)

Interesting experimental electronics of ambient nature. The textures are sometimes loud and harsh, but overall it flows pretty well and is pretty inventive, with lots of organs, resonant or modulated synths, chirping drum machines etc. One could say that overall it is from the Cluster school of thought (without actually sounding like them).


Painter, Kayla (UK)

Auriga (2017) (S)
Cannibals At Sea (2018) (S)
Somewhen (2021) (S)
Planet 9 (2022)
Infinite You (2022)
Ambient Own Core (2023)

Bristol-based artist mixing UK bass / club music with Progressive EM. A fine example of the latter, which, by coincidence, is also the best track of the album, is Planet 9's "All Above Us". It sounds like extraterrestrial forest music.


Paisley, Lauri (USA)

Memor Exodus (1983)
Real-To-Reel (1983)
Calcyon (1984)
Skywords (1985)
Continuity's Changes (1985)
Channels (1985)
The Fire of Dreams (1987)
Truth Or Consequences (1989) (with Andrew Rath)

Inventive EM, often combining piano and synthesizers from this late synthesist.

See also: Synarios


Pajjama (Norway)

Starch (2012)
Jane Papaya (2013) (S)
Karakasa (2014)
Womb (2018)

Interesting project that combines chiptune music with progressive electronic and progrock (!) Yes, guys, there are real drums here, as well as multiple tempo changes, all coupled with chirpy low-bit computer sounds and some effective synthy interludes. Reminding a bit on Giant Claw perhaps, but rather unique overall.


Paki & Visnadi (Italy)

Imaginary Choreograhy (2015) (recorded in 1984)

This is supposedly a recently discovered tape by these two Italian gentlemen recorded circa 1984 (the exact year is nowhere to be found). I don't know if I can trust the label on that (with so many "discoveries from the past" floating around turning out to be recently recorded fakes), but I'll leave it as it is for now. Anyway, the music is rhythmic and minimal, with drum machine rhythms, and is meant for dance performances.


Pakkan, Ulaş (Turkey)

Baskin (2016) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack, between horror synth and orchestral style (mostly electronic, though). Rather dark and with a slight industrial edge.


PAL (Belgium)

Afzondering (2020)
Music For Hikers (2021)

PAL are Arnaud Nourisson, Guillaume Kohn and Pieter Polspoel. Between minimal synth, coldwave, ambient electronics and Kraftwerk's style. Beware the vocals (some of the tracks are instrumental)


pal:ndrøm (USA)

Tumble Adrift (2020)

Long-form minimal experimental ambience from Chicago-based Bob Davies.


Pal+ (Portugal)

Pictorial (2016)
Kinetic Dreams (2018) (S)

Diverse project of electronic musician Fernando Silva. Mostly focuses on floating analog sounds, arpeggios / sequences and gentle rhythms.


Pala, Simone Dionigi (Italy)

Prologue (2019) (S)

Varied music from this synthesist and sax player.


Palace of Swords (UK)

Palace of Swords (2010) (S)
Palace of Swords II (2012) (S)
La belle époque 2010 - 2014 (2016) (S)

Diverse Aberdeen-based space rock / kraut / garage band. The above releases have lots of electronics and are fairly EM-oriented.


Palacios, Alejandro (Chile)

Atifambersapel (2016)
Kokoi (2018)
Equis I Griega Zeta (2020)
Paisajes para Torcer al Reloj (2023) (with Lorena Alvarez)

A bit lo-fi, Cluster-like pieces, but more cosmic.


Paladin, Chris (UK)

Unknown Zones (2013)
Mytheme (2017)
Cosmic Angst (2020)

Berlin School artist.

See also: Mild Peril


Paladino, Francesco (Italy)

Aeolyca (1989) (with Pier Luigi Andreoni)
Eroi a Rio (1991)
Musica propiziatoria (1992)
Angel's Fly Souvenir (2004) (with Alio Die)
Musica fiuto (2006) (with Sean Breadin)
Ghosts of Industrial Sunday (2014) (with Simon Fisher Turner)
Ariae (2017)
Siren (2017)
Icereport (2018)
De musica et in fungorum effectis (2020)
Barene & Other Works (2022)

Italian experimental / ambient musician and ex-member of A.T.R.O.X.. Aeolyca features basic recordings from aeolian sculptures by Mario Ciccioli combined with minimal, ambient, electronic compositions by Paladino and Andreoni.

See also: A.T.R.O.X., Doubling Riders, The, Nosesoul.


Palancar (USA)

Casuality (2002)
Emerge (2002)
Elysium Planitia (2003)
Momerath (2003)
Diminishing Light (2005)
A Profound Asymmetry (2005)
Broadcasts (2005)
Precis (2006)
Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume One (2006)
Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume Two (2006)
Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume Three (2007)
Ambient Train Wreck Series Volume Four (2007)
Enlightenment (2009)

A project of one Darrell Wade Burgan. These are not all of his albums, but the older ones are generally in pure new age mould, and therefore, out of the EEM stylistic frames. The above works should be interesting for EM listeners, though. Most of them are drifting, atmospheric Ambient / Space Music synthesizer soundscapes.

See also: Copal River, Cluster Balm, Infinity Sideways.


Palantir (Germany)

Images From Distant Lands (1991)
Refuge In Fantasy (1993)
Finis Terrae (1997) (with Lambert)
Empire of Illusions (2000)

Palantir aka Christian Schimmoller creates a mixture of rhythmic and ambient music, with a lot of sampling on Empire of Illusions..


Palantris (UK)

Ropes of Maui (2016) (with Adam)
Sails (2017) (S)
Glory And Lament (2017)

London-based ambient musician. Melodic compositions with large piano presence.


Palcolor (Poland)

Moontrap (2013) (S)
Rogue Planet (2015)
Muranów Workshop (2016) (S)
Wróg (2017)

Pulsing, rhythmic, analog music inspired by both 1970's experimental EM coming from Germany, IDM and the contemporary "retro / hauntology" scene. Palcolor is Emil Macherzyński.


Pale Glow (UK??)

In Dreams Awake (2021)

Varied ambient compositions, mostly calm and kind of nocturnal.


Pale Knight (UK)

Aims of the Sage (2018)

Dungeon synth-related project from Sheffield.


Paleowolf (Serbia)

Primordial (2015)
Genesis (2016)
Megafauna Rituals (2019)

Prehistoric Ambient from member of Metatron Omega. Rather good stuff.

See also: Metatron Omega, Orkforge.


Palermo, Damon Eliza (USA)

Clouds of David (2015)
Cathedral (2017) (EP)
Beacon of Maracaibo (2018) (EP)

Ambient music from this Los Angeles-based artist, producer and member of Jonas Reinhardt. Mostly synth atmospheres with slow rhythms on some tracks.

See also: Reinhardt, Jonas, 4023.


Palierne, Lionel (France)

Horizon (??)
Souvenir rêvé d'une promenade (2012) (with Bertrand Loreau)
Singularity (2015)
Moonless Night (2016)
Krill (2021)
La cité aux 9 portes

Inspired by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the first wave of electronic musicians, especially Tangerine Dream, Lionel Palierne started building his studio with synthesizers and outboard equipment in the 1970's. The next decade was highlighted by his collaborations with fellow electronic artist Bertrand Loreau. Lately, Lionel has been affected by the works of Arnold Schoenberg, contemporary music and dodecaphony.


Pål-Kåres Elektroshop (Norway)

Wooden Glory (2019)

A duo of Pål Hausken and Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim, both of whom have background in jazz and rock music. Both play electronics and Pål Hausken also plays acoustic guitar and drums / percussion. The music ranges from abstract experimentation to processed percussion sounds and melodic motorik of the title track. Nice.


Palkovic, Tony (USA)

Deep Water (1980)
Every Moment (1982)
Born With A Desire (1985)

Fusion-y guitar player from Los-Angeles with really heavy use of synths. File under EM-related.


Palkowski, Daniel (USA)

Asterism (1985)
Electria (1994)

Little-known synthesist from New York. He composes varied music, from the melodic and romantic to the abstract and avant-garde.


Pallas, Steve (Germany)

Myth Or Truth (??)
Bion (??)
Some Days In the Desert (??)
The Visitor & The Guest - Roswell Floors (1999)

This artist is also known as Elektronalin. Melodic music.

See also: Elektronalin


Pallette (UK)

Pathways (2020)
Friends (2021)
To Live Peacefully (2023)
Thank You (2023)
This World Is Not So Forgiving (2023)

Droning ambient project.


Palm Highway Chase (Germany)

Escape From New York (2013)
ARPNET (2014)

Nu-disco / outrun / synthwave / vaporwave / whatever project. The slower tracks are very, very 1980's TD soundtrack-ish. This is not the project's full discography.


Palm, Jonas (Sweden)

Ze wörmnest (1980)
De compositions (2011) (recorded in 1981)

Jonas Palm discovered Electronic Music in the 1970's, after playing saxophone for a few years. In 1976 he got his first synthesizer and started experimenting with it. Inspired by Tangerine Dream, he released his first album privately in 1980, on his own Piglet label. The music is rather experimental, with a wonderful warm analogue sound to it. It does not sound very much like TD, but has a decidedly cosmic character, fusing prog EM with musique concrete / early sampling techniques and lots of weird beeps and bleeps. After that Johas played a few concerts in the Stockholm area and in 2011, a new album with archived recordings from 1981 was released.


Palmarie (USA??)

Spa World (2020) (EP)

Relaxing ambience.


Pálmason, Jóhannes (Iceland)

The Seashell And the Clergyman (2023) (with Hálfdán Árnason)

Full name: Jóhannes Birgir Pálmason. Icelandic composer. The Seashell And the Clergyman is an imagined soundtrack to a cult silent film from 1928, directed by Germaine Dulac. It relies on electronic and rock sounds and instrumentation. Parts of it remind on Klaus Schulze's Trancefer. The overall concept is rather Art Zoyd-ish, though, but definitely more EM-oriented.

See also: Hvörf


Palmer Eldritch (Portugal)

Five Easy Pieces (2011) (EP)
Glaser (2012)
Invsible Cities (2012)
Inner City (2016)
Sidereal (2018)

Varied, mostly ambient electronic duo of Luís Fernandes and Miguel Pedro.

See also: Fernandes, Luís, Miguel Pedro.


Palmer, Jed (USA)

Upgrade (2018) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack. Dramatic, symphonic, at times aggressive...


Palmer, Jon (UK)

A Wheel of Stars (1987)
Cat Songs To An Ancient Moon (1989)
Afterlight (1990) (with Martin Dearmun)
The Source (1998) (recorded in 1987 - 1989)

Nocturnal, flowing Ambient sounds from this guitarist and electronic composer out of Devon, UK. Jon Palmer has been making music in various styles for most of his life, releasing a few cassettes in the 1980's. The Source gathers pieces from his previous albums and adds a rare track previously only available on a limited compilation release

See also: Drumbeg


Palmer, Poli (UK)

Human Error (1985)

Rather diverse music mainly based on the sounds of the Fairlight CMI. John "Poli" Palmer is mainly known in the rock circles (he was a member of the prog rock band Family). 


Palmer, Rachel (USA)

Antecedent (2021)

Rachel Palmer is an audiovisual artist currently residing in Cologne. There's some seriously nice EM on Antecedent. It's moody, just a tad dark, but also melodic and highly explorative.


Palmer, Stephen (UK)

Gothic Ships (2005) (with Don Falcone)
Berlin via Istanbul (2008)
Berlin via Cairo (2008)
Shroomshire (2009)
I Dream of Urs Amman (2009)
Sevenfold (2011)
Hallucinating (2011) (with Russell Storey)

Berlin School music with ethnic flair from the leader of Mooch. The collaborative album with Don Falcone is ambient and dark. On the other hand, on Shroomshire he approximates the style of ambient techno artists like The Orb, almost going beyond the stylistic frames of EEM. I Dream of Urs Amman is a large-scale work consisting of no less that six CDs.

See also: Mooch, The Nonexistent, Blue Lily Commission, The Golden Cake Company.


Palmovka (Czech Republic)

Sleep Deep (2022)

Strange experimental EM that is pulsing, rhythmic, but also noisy, glitchy and with lots of gnarling, bubbling synth sounds.


Palms Palms (Poland)

Plant Serum (2021)

Strange experimental EM that sounds like very heavily filtered deep house music sans beats.


Palomo, Julien (France)

Elation (A Tribute To the Masters) (2015) (with Nicolas Pouzet)
Scutigère (2016)

Julien Palomo is one half of improvising kraut / noise rock duo Other Matter. This is abstract electronics (with a Prog feel).


Palta (Denmark)

Universel (2017)
Anden plade (2019)

Relaxed rhythms, percussion and warm synth washes / melodies from this Aarhus-based project (Natal Zaks).

See also: Maizena, Mr. IRL.


Paltrinieri, Marco (Italy)

Ripari minimi (2024)

Acoustic and electronic ambience, concrete sounds and a few sung parts. Diverse music in Italian style from this artist.


Paltrinieri, Vittorio (Italy)

Underwater & Space Themes (??)
Visions For Synthesizers (??)

Italian singer and composer born in 1924. These are rare electronic library LP's with nice analog sound. Very prog and a unique style.


Pamela_and her sons (USA)

Floating In Sun Shadows (2022)

A project of Alessandra Hoshor. I don't know about her earlier releases, but Floating In Sun Shadows is a work heavily based on the sequencing. It is no Berlin School, though. Or, rather, it does have elements and is possibly influenced by the Berlin School, but the club / techno influences and its highly experimental nature make this work stand pretty much on its own. The abundance of samples is also interesting: as these are low-resolution voice samples, the whole sound brought some "Jarre Zoolook" flashbacks in my brain. Another interesting work is Pink Room, which is quite ambient and somewhat dark, sort of darkwave-like in places, although this is perhaps going too far away from any EM and into the realms of weird pop. Further investigation is needed.


Pan/Scan (Austria)

Cinematic Lies (2016)
Kosmonauter (2020)
A Far Distant Corner of Nothing Special (2022)

Energetic, sequence-full EM.


Pan Techno Icon (UK)

Brawling In An Art Hangout (1996)
Atlantech Bossloper (1997)

A project of Dash Tall. Mostly shorter tracks here or long tracks broken into sections, as on Atlantech Bossloper. Not really techno, as the name would suggest, this is sort of rhythmic, repetitive EM (mostly with softer, traditional, pre-techno beats), a bit post-modernist in its essence but rather curious overall.


Panabrite (USA)

Panabrite (2009)
Paramount Hexagon (2009)
Nordsee (2009)
Contemplating the Observatory (2010)
Neptune Visions (2010)
Split (2010) (with Hobo Cubes)
Wizard Chimes (2010)
Omni Center (2010)
Wind Rider (2011) (S)
Infinite Pulsation (2011)
Sub-Aquatic Meditation (2011)
Soft Terminal (2011)
Seychelles (2011)
Illumination (2011)
The Baroque Atrium (2012)
Blue Grotto (2012)
Xenon District (2013)
Cortex Meridian (2013)
Pavilion (2014)
Wasteland Cycle (2014) (S)
Tracer (2014) (S)
Disintegrating Landscape (2015)
Recovered Frames 03 (2016)
Transfer (2016)
Sub-Aquatic Meditation Vol. 2 (2021)

Warm, ethereal Electronic Music that pairs soft acoustic guitar with analog pulsations, silky pads and various synthetic atmospheres.

See also: Spiral Index, Soft Mirage, Müller, Jürgen, Chambers, Norm, Water Bureau.


Panagiotou, Kostas (Greece)

Tor (2023)

Greek keyboardist residing in the UK, member of several metal-related bands. Tor features music based on piano and other keyboards / electronics. Moody, hymnal, melodic, neo-classical...


Panamint Manse (USA)

Call of the Cactus Wren (2016)
The Gravel Ghost (2017)
Parapsychedelia (2020) (with The Hartwood Institute)
Seldom Seen (2021)
Umber / Turquoise (2023) (S)

Hauntology-related project from California. Sort of a relaxed, rhythmic, electro-influenced sound, based on analog synths.


Panayotis (Cyprus)

Hawaiiprus (2017)

Mixture of deep house tracks, traditional Greek melodies and ambient EM.


Pandacetamol (UK)

Audio Creep (2020)

Varied electronics from Glasgow, influenced by the 1990's scene (Pete Namlook, the Warp label output et al).


Panfilov, Misha (Estonia)

Kallaste elektrooniline muusika (2016) (S)
Mic Wallace (2019) (S) (with Shawn Lee)
Heli maagia (2019)
Paradise Cove (2020) (with Shawn Lee)
Repetitive Music Vol. 1 (2022) (S)
The Sea Will Outlive Us All (2022)
Atlântico (2023)

Wonderful, warm electronic ditties from this synthesist who describes Heli maagia as "cosmic library music".


Pangea (Italy)

Invasori (1976)

Released as a promo LP in 1976, Pangea's Invasori is one of the rarer albums of Italian prog rock. They have something of a Pink Floyd vibe going for them, but they do venture into Electronic Music for the opener (also very Wish You Were Here in mood) and the closer. Pangea revolved around Mauro Paoluzzi and included also Luciana Paoluzzi, Gianfranco Pinto, Alessandro Zanelli and Claudio Pascoli. File under EM-related.


Pangolins (UK)

A Few Short Hours (2022)

Nice, relaxing ambience from this duo of Wil Bolton and Stuart Bowditch.

See also: Bolton, Wil


Paniagua, Gregorio (Spain)

Batiscafo (1980)

Gregorio Paniagua is a Madrid-born music researcher and classical musician. He is very interested in folk musical tradition and his main output over the years has been in the academic and folk domains. His solo experimental album Batiscafo, though, has been described as a mixture of krautrock and folk and, indeed, to me this multi-instrumental work sounds like Moebius jamming with Mike Oldfield backed by a folk band. A unique and interesting sound, which I would describe as EM-related overall.


Panic Girl (Germany)

Blue (2021)

Panic Girl is indie / experimental pop artist Martha Plachetka. Some of the instrumental material on Blue is done in a nice, individual, quirky EM style. Best track: "Gazing At the Stars".


Panimatchanka, Yauhen (Poland)

Laboratory of Meditation (2024)

Meditative synth pieces from this artist.


Panoptikon (USA)

Pavor nocturnus (1989)


Panoptique (France)

Boiler Broom (2014) (S)
DOGTAPE VOL.3 (2017)

A project of Théo Delaunay who is a member of coldwave band Lonely Walk. Boiler Broom has a long techno track on side A and two ambient / EM numbers on flip. DOGTAPE is more diverse, but has its interesting ambient moments as well.


Panoram (Italy)

Background Story (2015)
A Doom With A View (2016)
Anova (2020) (S)
Pianosequenza Vol. 1 (2021)
Acrobatic Thoughts (2022)
Keep Looking Where the Light Comes From (2023)

Diverse downtempo / instrumental hip-hop project. I will list releases that contain some Prog EM material (in a unique, lush style).


Pansophia (USA)

The Path Within (2023) (S)

Darkish pulses and sequences, drones, choirs...


PanSTARRS (Egypt)

Batee2 (2022)

A shoegaze project formed by Youssef Abouzeid. On Batee2, there is a strange krautrock-y feel by means of manic motorik (drum machine-based) and synth overload. The vocals (when present) are distant and echo-ladden, reminding on minimal synth but also on Neu! / La Dusseldorf vocals. There is also a strange, harsh and piercing glitch / noise element that becomes obvious several times throughout the album.


Panta Rhei (Netherlands)

Mental Design (1986)
Birthday Music (1986)
Nature of Art (1987)
Weird Duck (1988)

A duo of Hero Wouters (synths) and Bianca Holst (piano). It has a new-agey concept but the actual style is not known.

See also: Wouters, Hero


Pantagruel (Canada)

The Constant Dilemma Between Concrete And Reverie (2023)

Quebecois project specializing in melancholic synth music, sometimes with slow rhythms.

See also: Belzébuth Zéro, Ithildin.


Pantaleón, Jaime L. (Spain)

E.N.T.E. (2018)

A bit harsh electronics here. I am somewhat inclined to compare it to Heldon, but the latter group, while having some industrial touches from time to time, do not come close to the sharpness of the sound presented here. It is sharp and rhythmic EM, sometimes quite noisy but never formless or abstract. If I were to compare it to a specific Heldon work, I think maybe the upbeat, harsher tracks off Interface, sans drums...


Pantaleoni, Stefano (Italy)

Alle muse (1989)
Simulacri (1990)
Desktop Micromusic (2011) (recorded in 1993 - 1996)
Isole di pensiero (2011)
Isole di pensiero II (2011)
Isole di pensiero III (2011)

Droning, meditative and minimal Electronic Music in Italian style. Stefano Pantaleoni is also known as a collector of vintage Italian electronic instruments and member of progressive rock group Nerovinile.


Pantha du Prince (Germany)

The Triad Ambient Versions (2017)
Conference of Trees (2020)
429 HZ Formen von Stille (2021)
Garden Gaia (2022)

Techno artist from Germany (Hendrik Weber), whose music has been getting more influenced by ambient electronics and Prog EM over the years.


Pantin (France)

Welcome To the Palace (1977)

Bass player Christian Padovan released this LP with a rather misleading cover (showing an electric guitar), featuring two side-long, slowly developing electronic pieces. The album is also known as just Pantin.


Pants, James (USA)

Savage (2015)

This particular album features quirky, short electronic tracks recorded with a Yamaha PSS-480.


Paolacci, Paolo (Italy)

Ad vitam reditus (2012)

Varied music, mostly of ambient variety.


Papadimitriou, Dimitris (Greece)

Topia (1982)
Revanche (1984) (soundtrack)
Αρχάγγελος Του Πάθους (1987)

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1959, Dimitris Papadimitriou is a Greek multi-instrumentalist and soundtrack composer who released a string of LP's and CD's (most of them soundtracks), some of which are in lush, symphonic electronic vein, akin to his countryman Vangelis.


Papalescu, Moimir (Czech Republic)

Electric Soul (2012)
Šeptající nebe nad lesem plným hvězd (2013) (with Petr Venkrbec)
Papalescu2 - Das Teleskop (2016)

Czech musician (real name - Miroslav Papež) who on Das Teleskop manages to create a nice Kraftwerk pastiche. His collaborative work with saxophonist Petr Venkrbec, though, is a more complex work that at times ends up sounding like Dusseldorf School meets jazz!


Pape, Fritz (USA)

Of Paradise (2019)
Ouroboros Patching (2020)

Cincinnati-based artist. Minimal modular synth compositions. At times droning and ambient, at times abstract or vaguely melodic.


Papen, Rob (Netherlands)

First (1998) (recorded in 1981)
Daydreamer (2004)
A November Evening @ CKE cd (2022) (with Ron Boots)
Antenna Live (2023) (with Ron Boots)
Waiting (2023)

Ex-Peru synthesist. Daydreamer is an album of melodic / rhythmic Electronic Music. "Marantha Song" starts with deep sounds / pads, before a melodic synthesizer theme is introduced. It's a nice, pleasant melodic track. There are some sounds typical of 80's Electronic Music (looks like he used some software emulations for that). These include FM bell tones and other typical digital sounds of that period. The sequences are present, but they are delivered in a subtle manner, serving as rhythm supporters, not as prominent / stand alone feature. "Evening Song" once again starts in a subtle way with long drawn-out pads, but soon a bass sequence emerges with some mysterious synth tones and a laid-back rhythm. Some tasty, gentle sequencing is the order of the day. This track is pure melancholy - very moody stuff. The flutey synth lead I found too cheesy but otherwise it's a fine track to listen to. The title track kicks in with chromatic percussion-like synth sounds and supporting bass note. A melodic theme is played on top. After that comes a minimoog solo that sent shivers down my spine. It's all too brief though. However, the moog does return after a few moments. In the end this track is (as is Daydreamer as a whole) all about melodies, mood and soloing. Some tasty sounds towards the end. "Sion" starts with melodic sequences and a very Jarre-like theme. It's driving, rhythmic and melodic stuff that puts to shame most recent endeavors of bands like Tangerine Dream. "Effata" continues the "chromatic percussion" formula, coupled with some of the cheesiest synth flute sounds I've heard. Not enjoyable at all! This must be the worst track on the album - totally sugary, new-agey concoction. There's simply nothing stands out - simple melodies, simple sounds, simple arrangements and, on top of it all, that dreary new age attitude. Sorry, Rob, I think I'll skip this one next time. "Isaiah" is the shortest track on the album (one and a half minutes). It consists of melancholic synth pads. Simple, but good and effective. "Time, Times And Half A Time" kicks in with a throbbing bass sequence and another, white-noise based one on a supporting role. Some echoing effects can be heard. The track builds gradually but after a while a mournful lead line emerges. The sequences are then joined by yet another one and some growling bass notes. Excellent moog solo cuts through giving the track a "classic EM" flair. Total winner and certainly the best cut. A straight 4/4 rhythm emerges out of nowhere and now we're pretty much in Laserdance territory - very danceable stuff. In fact, if I was told this is a lost Laserdance track from the 90's, I would've believed it. Everyone who loves the synthdance stuff, should find much to enjoy in this composition.

See also: Peru, Nova.


Paper Dollhouse (UK)

Aeonflower (2015)
Plutonic Rainbows (2015)
Empty Rave (2016)
Cellophane L: Selected Dreams 2010 - 2013 Volume 1 (2016)
The Sky Looks Different Here (2018)
All the Colours Align (2018)
The Walled Garden (2019)
Art of Magic (2019)

Female duo of Astrud Steehouder and Nina Bosnic with a diverse style. They are basically a darkwave / dark folk duo, with echoes of Cocteau Twins perhaps and other representatives of the "ethereal wave" scene. However, they also experimented with other styles, such as Ambient and EM. First, the influence of Ambient was felt on Aeonflower. Then, Plutonic Rainbows is their most EM-oriented work to day, seemingly influenced by Emerald Web and other 1980's American artists (one track is rhythmic with a techno influence, the rest is pretty much  EM / Ambient). Empty Rave is split between danceable club tunes and melancholic, post-apocalyptic ambience influenced by "Blade Runner".

See also: Opal X


Paper Hats (Belgium)

PH02 (2016) (S)

Belgian krautrock / electronic band.


Paperbark (USA)

Forgotten Narratives (2016)
Last Night (2018)
Barely Lit (2019)
Forest Clothes (2020)
What Was Left Behind (2021)
Inhaling Mist (2021)
Breathable Changes (2022)
Turning the Pages Grey (2023)

Ambient project of Jon Mulville. Calm, noisy, reflective...


Papernut Cambridge (UK)

Mellotron Phase: Volume 1 (2017)
Mellotron Phase: Volume 2 (2018)

Papernut Cambridge is a rock band formed by in 2013 by Ian Button (former guitarist of Death In Vegas). Mellotron Phase are instrumental library discs on which all of the sounds, except drums, bass guitar, percussion and a few electric guitar injections, come from the Mellotron tapes (not necessarily from the original instruments, though). It is a very nice release for lovers of the Mellotron and tape replay devices in general, although it is more rock-oriented rather than EM / ambient.


Papin, Jean-François (France)

Insane Dances (1982)

A member of Rock Critics with Luc Marianni (who also appears on Insane Dances), Jean-François Papin released this obscure album which is essentially a work of two sides - the electronic one and the more acoustic / folky one (still with background electronics).


Papiro (Switzerland)

Papiro (2002)
Avventure lontane (2006)
Rev (2010)
Teopatia (2014)
Automare (2017)
Rise (2019)
La finestra dentata (2021)

Interesting and unique artist from Basel. Although part of noise trio MIR, Marco Papiro paints a different kind of sound when left alone with his analogue music machines. Absorbing influence from both 70's krautrock / EM acts like Cluster or Kraftwerk and 60's space age pop and bachelor pad music (the likes of Bruce Haack, Oskar Sala, The Electrosoniks "Electronic Music", early theremin experiments and so on) he crafts unusual and warm, floating, melodic soundscapes. Sometimes he is more droney and experimental but is highly listenable most of the time. There's an obvious bend towards the 60's in his sound (even down to cheesy transistor organ chords) but there's enough prog elements to keep an interest of dedicated EM fans and EEM readers.


Papivores (France / UK)

Death And Spring (2019)

A duo of Agathe Max and Tom Relleen (sadly diseased in 2020). Spacey and dramatic electronics / violin combinations.


PAQ (Italy)

Hyphae (2021)

Quirky, melodic, experimental electronic tracks made by Rimini-based Andrea Rusconi on old Crumar and Eko synths, as well as other gadgets. Nice and unique-sounding EM.

See also: Ralla, Augusto


Paquette, Didier (France)

Le souffle noir (1981)

Electronic Music inspired by "Lord of the Rings" by this little known synthesist.

See also: Centaure


Par Accidante! (Netherlands)

Par Accidante! (??)

Quirky, experimental electronics.


Par Example (Netherlands)

Par Example (1987)
In White Sharp (1988)
Pharos (1989)
But Everything... Seems To Be Fading Away (1991)

A classic example of Dutch synthesizer music. Lots of legendary instruments are used by these synthesists (Ton Haring and Eric van Baaren) to create a strong brew of EM. The project doesn't exist officially since the 1990's.


Pär Lindh Project (Sweden)

Rondo (1995)

Par Lindh Project is of course the well-known "retro progrock" outfit but on this (mini) album you'll find a 10+ minute opus "Solaris" - an electronic piece inspired by Stanislaw Lem's novel. It features lots of warbling synth soundscapes with hardly a melody to be heard and could be compared to early Tangerine Dream.


Paracon (USA / Germany)

Watching For A Sign of Spirit (1993)

Rare tape from L.G. Mair Jr and Harald Gallinis. The music is electronic but the style is not known at the moment.

See also: L.G. Mair Jr


Paradigm / modeL (Spain)

Holocene Memories (2015)

Pretty cool stuff, immersive EM loaded with analog sequences and ambient atmospheres.


Paradigm9 (USA)

Live At the Lost Dog (2001)
The Halo Effect (2003) (S)
Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage (2004) (S)

Tranquil ambient stuff from this experimental trio of Curt Seiss, Dani Seiss and James Pilato. Performed on just keyboards, guitar and flute (lots of it).


Paradin (USA)

Flesh of Caverns (2005)
Nocturnes (2006) (with Oophoi)
Coma Digenean (2006)

Side project of Ben Fleury-Steiner in Dark Ambient mould.

See also: Fleury-Steiner, Ben


Paradisaic (USA)

Living Dreams (2000)
So Far Away (2002)
Floating & Dreaming (2003)
Progression (2005)

Ambient by Jourdan Laik.

See also: Daevine, Time Being.


Paradise Cinema (UK)

Paradise Cinema (2020)

A mix of ambient electronics, some sax and ethnic drumming from Senegal (where it was recorded). A project of Jack Wyllie.

See also: Szun Waves


Paradise of Yesterday (Sweden)

Earth (2020)
Fiction - Waves (2020)
Atlantis (2021)
Eden (2021)
Trancefer (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Introspect (2023)
Enigmatic (2023)

Swedish vaporwave project. The music on Earth has many influences of Ambient (listen to "Metamorphosis"). Fiction - Waves is more along the lines of melodic, a bit balearic-influenced EM. Atlantis ventures into more Berlin School-influenced and 1980's soundtracky lands. Trancefer has some early 1980's Klaus Schulze touches.


Paradiso, Joseph (USA)

Joseph Paradiso is an engineer, scientist and electronic instrument builder. Since 1970's, he has been creating his own huge custom modular synthesizers. He has been composing Electronic Music in various styles since 1975.


Paradox One (UK)

Reality? (2015)

Varied electronic tracks - spacey, atmospheric, rhythmic, melodic, sequencer-based, with a definitive psychedelic twist. There are also a couple of guitar tunes. At least two other albums exist. One is a varied progressive / space rock effort and another supposedly electronic but I am not sure it was ever released on a physical carrier. Reality? is available on double CDR.


Paralell Manifesto (???)

2044 (2022)

Varied and explorative EM with a focus on analog sounds.


Parallax (USA)

Visit the Entropics! (2000)

A duo of Dave Lovelace and Randel Osborne, both from Connecticut, USA. Rhythmic, energetic music, with a touch of metal even.

See also: Osborne, Randel


Parallaxe (Netherlands / USA)

Breaking the Laws of Physics (2020)

A project of the musician known as Eagle and Brian Brylow.

See also: Eagle


Parallel Sun (UK)

Parallel Sun (2013)

British duo that blends soundscapes with melodic and emotional electronic compositions.


Parallel Worlds (Greece)

Existence (2003)
Insight (2004)
Far Away Light (2005)
Obsessive Surrealism (2007)
Shade (2009)
Circo divino (2010) (with Alio Die)
Exit Strategy (2011) (with Ian Boddy)
Morphogenic (2012) (with Dave Bessell)
Elusive Metaphor (2014) (with Alio Die)
World Adapter (2015) (with Self-Oscillate)
Dystopia (2018) (with Dave Bessell)
Tonal Paintings (2018) (recorded in 1995 - 1997)
Sorrow (2019) (S)
The Utopian Blossom (2020) (with Alio Die)
Phosphenes (2021) (with Dave Bessell)
Móatún 7 (2021)
Plector (2022)
Reflections (2023)
Applied Maths (2023)
Fragmented (2024)
Artiphon (2024)

Analogue music from Greece, composed by Bakis Siros. On Far Away Light he came up with some excellent sounds. A bubblebath of electronic textures gets "Lifecircles" underway. A mysterious theme makes its appearance, while bass lines and broken rhythms hover under. The track is very much in the IDM vein - a style I'm not too keen on as a whole, although Bakis' compositions do have certain bite to them that I found hugely appealing. Still, the mysterious aura is what I adored the most I think. Many changing themes that make up this track do not allow one to be bored. "Musique Electronique Part 1" starts with sharp rhythm, bass lines and once again mysterious motifs. This is some moody stuff. Excellent pads and soundcsapes on this one - music for your mind to travel to. "Part 2" has heavier rhythms and is more bizarre and in-yer-face. The textures are mutating in a strange kind of way, making this a very odd experience. The prevailing mood, as in previous tracks, is mystery, although this time with a threatening note in there as well. "Dreamstate" starts with abstract twittering and chirping sounds but several seconds into the track a mysterious theme starts that this time has an uplifting edge to it. Some clever bass lines are a highlight of this composition. All rhythms are strictly electronic and veer a bit towards intelligent techno territory. Other interesting things include some eerie theremin-like wails and an electric piano theme that appears as we are closing the 5 minute mark. "Borrowing Time From God" has a thumping bass rhythm and a deep bass line that make it a very techno-like number that still sports a high amount of tasty soundscapes and haunting melodic bits. This track I enjoyed the least so far. The title track heralds its coming with subtle humming but after a while a thumping laid-back bass rhythm starts, along with some strange textures. One thing to notice is the similarity of bass sounds on all tracks. In fact, bass lines sound more or less the same throughout. I guess this is something to work on for Bakis on future releases. I liked the darkish nature of this track and many of the sounds although overall it's a bit too repetitive and plodding. After the 4-minute mark it becomes more interesting with otherworldly soundscapes Bakis seems to be so good at. "Soulgates" starts with totally freaked out textures but the ubiquituous bass soon enters the stage along with some mysterious textures and... that's it. It's the shortest track on the album at just over 1 minute."Misty Journey" is uplifting with once again familiar bass arrangements and electronic rhythms. Some lovely sounds are on show here - I enjoyed this one. Some of the most melodic moments on the album are also to be found here. The track ends abruptly to give way to "Expectations" that is built around a heavy-handed rhythm and some strange processed voice samples. The closing number "Fading Memories" surprises with very deep atmospheres and even a mellotron string sample in there as well. However, in the end it turns out to be another rhythmic number (not one purely atmospheric piece on the entire album, btw). The sequences on this track are pretty well-crafted albeit served in doses all too small. Overall, Far Away Light is certainly not for casual EM listener and stylistically is somewhere on the line that separates classic Electronic Music from intelligent techno. Some of the tracks I found a tad too repetitive and lacking in variation. Moodwise it's pretty one-dimensional too, with mystery prevailing throughout that becomes a bit tiresome after a while. And, should I mention the all too samey bass and drum sounds? Oh well, you can't have it all I guess and Far Away Light still supplies you with a heavy dose of well-crafted analogue sounds and some tasty soundscapes that any EM fan will eat up anytime. I would recommend this album to fans of IDM-like electronica as well as those who like the output of FAX label.

See also: Memory Geist, Interconnected.


Parallelism (USA)

Untitled (2015)
Angular Geometry (2016)
[Cycle A] (2017)
Hier matin (2018)
Eidetic Drone (2019)
A Part Remains (2022)

Ambient project from Pacific Northwest.

See also: Taylor, Sage, Katsura.


Paralogic (Poland)

Live At Off Gallery, Warsaw (2000)
Live At Nova Theatre (2003)

A duo of Daniel Bloom and Jacek Drzycimski. Experimental Electronic Music.

See also: Bloom, Daniel


Paralytic (USA)

Shining Captives Held From the Sun (2001)

Varied Ambient material, from dark soundscapes to bright Eno-like washes.


Párano, Pedro (Spain)

Ganas (2020)

Varied electronic compositions from this Andalucian artist, from arpeggio / sequencer to ambient to noisy.


Paranoia Inducta (Poland)

Sanctified Destruction (2004)
The Unholy Place (2004)
Gloria Laus (2006)
Black Paper (2007) (with Kenji Siratori)
Pia Fraus (2008)
Evil Angel (2010)
Maze of Death (2013)
From the Depths (2017)
Viri probi (2020)
Into Eternal Darkness (2021)
Unknown Pleasure (2023)
Demon's Factory (2023)

Dark Ambient with sort of a cinematic, bombastic feel, with choirs and stuff. A project of Ryszard Lal.


Paraphonique (Canada)

La travesse du continent (2014) (S)
Musique du nuit (2015) (S)
Propos et confidences (2018)

Canadian artist with a melodic, sequencer-rich analog sound.


Parc (Canada)

Loop Radiance (2020)
Wave Iridescence (2022)

A project of Vancouver-based Jeremy Rawkins in cinematic style. I can feel a bit of a Pacific Coast Highway-era Chris Franke influence here, or maybe it is just a coincidence. Pretty nice and pleasant stuff overall.


Parc en Ciel (UK)

Path Integral (2015)

Diverse melodic music from Scottish artist Mathieu Thomas (residing in France as it seems). Lots of influences here, from classic melodic analog electronics (with some sequences) to subtle funk, rock, Ambient and synthwave touches.


Parels, The (USA)

The Parels (2016)
Mineral Kingdom (2017)
Soul Moth (2022)

Music with a weird Cluster feel from the duo of Eddie Ruscha and Jim Goodall.

See also: Secret Circuit, Ruscha V, E.


Parent, Nil (Canada)

Resoriff / Melodie pour Aude (??) (S)

Nil Parent is a student of Henri Pousseur and Iannis Xenakis, so you could say that he's coming from an academic background. However, this "7 record, released somewhere in the late 1970's (I think) by Composers and Authors Association of Canada (CAPAC) as part of their "Musical Portraits" series, shows an unusually accessible and melodic kind of Electronic Music. The first side is purely electronic, with neo-classical touches, while the flip combines synths with a horn section and voices.


Parenthese (France)

Synthesizer duo of Denis Gehanne and Christian Colin.


Parhelion (Canada)

Midnight Sun (2010)
Farthest North (2013) (with Zac Keiller)
Temples In Ice (2013) (S)

Cold, bleak ambience from Ihor Dawidiuk.


Pariah (UK)

Here From Where We Are (2018)

London-based Arthur Cayzar has a club background. However, the above full-length album sees him going in ambient and Prog EM direction, with its warm synths, melodies and bubbling sequences.


Parikrama (Germany)

The Silent Bōn (2012)
Manusyaloka (2013)

Music inspired by David Parsons from Seetyca and Artin Mucht.

See also: Seetyca, Mucht, Artin.


Paris, Hugo R.A. (USA??)

Threaded Habitat (2019)

Wacky, Cluster-like rhythmic excursions and cerebral ambient soundworlds.


Paris France Transit (France)

Paris France Transit (1982)

French synth group with music written by Ecama (aka Didier Marouani from Space). Rhythmic electronic pop.

See also: Marouani, Didier, Space


Parisi, Alessandro (Italy)

Draconia (2013)
Hic sunt leones (2013)
La ponta ermetica (2014)
Plitvicka jezera (2014)
Naonian City Nights (2016) (S)
Ascensione progressiva (2020)

Plitvicka Jezera is an unexpected ambient album from this Italian dance / electro producer, recorded under the influence of a trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park of Croatia. Limited cassette release.


Pärk, Patrick R. (USA)

Waves (2017)
The Dystopian States of Amerika (2017)
Library Sounds (2017)
Multiverse Waveforms (2020)
A Hole In the Soul (2020)
Rare-Earth Experiments (2021)
Sports Themes For Psychonauts (2021) (S)
Sacred Winged Door (2021)
Death Revelations (2022)
Interface Tipping Point (2022)
Galactic Mirage Tapes (2022)
Extracted Penumbras (2022)
Galactic Mirage Discs (2022)
Tinted Eclipses & Threshold Dimensions (2022)
Galactic Mirage Discs 2 (2022)
Galactic Mirage Discs 3 (2023)
Odes (2023)
A Hole In the Soul (2024) (recorded in 2020)

Electronic Music by this synthesist known as Kösmonaut (also EM) and Life Education (kraut / space rock).

See also: Kösmonaut, Life Education, Teeth of Glass.


Park, Simon (UK)

Parabola (1980)

A well-known arranger, producer and jazz musician. Simon Park has been active on the music scene since the late 1960's. In the late 1970's and early 1980's he did some library albums, some of which were electronic. Further investigation is needed.


Parker, Alan (UK)

Street Level (1981) (with Mike Moran and others)

Library music composer. Not all of his works are electronic. I'll try to list here the ones that are of interest.


Parker, Elizabeth (UK)

The Living Planet (1984) (soundtrack)
Future Perfect (2013) (recorded in ??)

The 1984 release is an electronic soundtrack to a BBC documentary from this charming British lady - a talented composer, sound designer and collaborator of BBC Radiophonic Workshop.


Parkin, Nick (UK)

Descent (1996)
Red Shift (1998) (with Tom Gillieron)
Terma (1998) (with TUU)
Island of Dust (1999)
Entropolis (2001)
Aquam metallicam (2001) (with Alio Die)
Geomorphic Resonance (2002)
Refract (2005)
The Ascending Scale (2011) (with Z'EV)

Mostly Ritual Ambient, but also other Dark Ambient styles.

See also: TUU, Stillpoint.


Parklake (Germany)

Terraforming (2015)
Thief - Someday You Will Pay (2017) (soundtrack)
Thief- Remixes (2018)

German musician Thomas Mattern who on Thief created an electronic score for an independent movie based on the style of Italian giallo / horror classics.


Parks, Cale (USA)

Lagoon Fool (2015) (EP)

US producer, downtempo / indietronica musician, drummer, percussionist and vibraphonist of indie rock band Aloha. On Laoon Fool, a certain drift towards prog EM is felt.


Parks, Deantoni (USA)

Live At Clouds Hill (2020)
Lightlike (2020) (with Chris Hunt)
A Self (2021) (EP)

Deantoni Parks is a new wave/avant-garde/experimental drummer, songwriter, film director, actor and record producer. On his solo works, he likes to showcase his drumming but is also clearly interested in electronics. Some of his releases could be considered EM or EM-related. Live At Clouds Hill is a crazy "drumming meets sample-based mayhem"-type of record. Lightlike is a duo format with Chris Hunt who plays Lyra8 synth, while Parks plays complex drum patterns. A Self is more of a self-contained (no pun intended) melodic synth music meets drumming meets some voice experiments.


Parmegiani, Bernard (France)

Chants magnetiques (1974)
Rock (2017) (recorded in 1982) (soundtrack)
Mémoire magnétique, vol​.​1 (1966​-​1990) (2018)
Mémoire magnétique, vol​.​2 (1966​-​1990) (2021)

Bernard Parmegiani (1927 - 2013) was a French master of musique concrete. On Chants magnetiques, he utilized synthesizers and tape editing techniques for a prog-influenced trip of throbbing synthetics. A surprisingly listenable EM album from this late academic composer. Another fantastic and very synth oriented effort is the 1982 soundtrack to "Rock".


Parnham, Brian (USA)

The Broken Silence (2000)
Between Here & There (2005)
Mantle (2007)
The Desert Inbetween (2010) (with Steve Roach)
See None, Hear None, Speak None (2012)

Presumably, quite excellent Ambient music.


Parolini, M.T. (Italy)

Cosmologia (??) (with A. Zerga)

Italian library record with spacey Electronic Music most probably issued somewhere in the 1970's on Manhattan label. Very obscure.


Parrenin, Emmanuelle (France)

Maison rose (1977)
Vulturnus / Balaguère (2017) (with Etienne Jaumet and Eat Gas)

Unusual album by this Breton folk musician and singer. The disc was done in collaboration with electroacoustic composer Bruno Menny and it features a mix of folk and experimentation. Especially interesting is "Apres l'ondee", a 3-minute drone piece that sounds amazingly close to current indie ambient droners and can also be compared to early krautrock / EM (circa Irrlicht / Atem).


Parrott, James (Canada)

Europa (2018)
The Sound of Silence Beneath the Ice (2022)

Dark ambience / Dark Space.


Parry, David (UK)

Choice (2000)
Spaces (2004)

Diverse melodic music from this British keyboard player and ex-Indian Summer musician. David has been composing solo music with synthesizers and computers since 1995.


Parsick, Stephen (Germany)

Polarity (1991)
Trancesession (1995) (with Lambert Ringlage)
Traces of the Past (1998)
Hoellenengel (2005)
Tektonik (2006)
Grønland (2006)
It Always Rains In Wuppertal (2007) (with Phelios)
Schwartzschild (2007)
Deltaplan (2007)
Cryotainer (2007)
Fuzzstars (2008)
Living Legacy (2008) (S)
Blasters of the Universe (2008) (recorded in 1999 - 2001)
Rhizophora (2009)
Cambrium (2009)
Permafrost (2010)
Lament (2012) (with Markus Reuter)

Stephen Parsick was born in Moers in 1972. Inspired by Kraftwerk and Wendy Carlos, he started composing EM in the 1980's. His first production appeared in 1989 on a compact cassette (as Ganymed). At that time his music was very much influenced by the classics of the 1970's. In the 90's he got in contact with Spheric Music, where his first solo and collaborative works were issued on CD. Around that time he became part of Ramp - a project that started in dark Berlin School vein but got more ambient on later efforts. I've heard parts of Stephen's Traces of the Past where Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock aka Cosmic Hoffmann guests on electronic guitar. This is simply great Berlin School music which is charged with energy and cosmic drive. Exciting stuff and highly recommended. After this album Stephen delved into the realms of ambient EM.

See also: Ramp, Rounds Per Minute, Ganymed.


Parsons, Alan (UK)

The Instrumental Works (1987) (recorded in 1977 - 1986)
The Sicilian Defence (2014) (recorded in 1979)

Every Alan Parsons or Alan Parsons Project album contains one or more instrumental electronic piece. They are all collected on this release.


Parsons, David (New Zealand)

Sounds of the Mothership (1980)
Tibetan Plateau (1982)
Himalaya (1989)
Yatra (1990)
Dorje Ling (1992)
Ngaio Gamelan (1997)
Shaman (1999)
Parikrama (2000)
Maitreya: The Future Buddha (2002)
Vajra (2004)
Inner Places (2005)
Surya (2008)
Earthlight (2008)
Jyoti (2009)
Akash (2010)
Stupa (2013)
Puja (2016)
Chakra (2019)
Atmanaut (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Portal (2023)

If you like World Music, this should be your choice. David Parsons is arguably the most noticeable World Music synthesist who consistently creates strong, interesting music without sounding sweet or new age. I'm not a fan of ethnic elements in Electronic Music, but I really did like some of his stuff. David Parsons started as a jazz musician in his native New Zealand. Initially a drummer, Parsons attended one of those live performances of Ravi Shankar. This music influenced him deeply. Over the course of several years, he learned himself to play sitar. A trip to India followed, where he actually had to learn everything anew, because his playing, although considered good in his homeland, was not actually up to Indian standards. Also in India, David used to listen to Sonic Seasonings by Wendy Carlos (especially the "Winter" part, which let his mind cool off in the immense Indian heat). Hearing a synthesizer in action proved to be another major influence on David' own style. Upon returning to New Zealand, David bought a Roland synthesizer and started combinig electronic soundscapes with his sitar playing. From there on, his musical career began.


Parsons, Derryl (USA)

Future History (1985)

Synthesist from Eugene, Oregon area.


Parsons, Kenneth John (UK)

A Spatial Odyssey (??)
Into the Bermuda Triangle (??)
Rennes-le-Chateau - Geometric Riddle (??)
Architectural Harmonics (??)
The Hyades Electro Suite (??)
Electroalchemy (??)
Dark Matter (??)
Strange Oscillations (2004)
Fluid (2005)
A Tribute To Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris (2010)

Kenneth John Parsons is a British composer of instrumental Electronic Music. His influences range from German EM to contemporary ambient trends. He released some CDs on his own Inexplicata label. A Tribute To Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris features beatless, mysterious soundscapes.


Parsons, Stephen (???)

Passion (1988)


Parsons, Steve (USA)

Dreams of Gold (1986)
Sunrise (1987)

Ex-drummer of pop rock band Hamlet.


Parsons, Tom (USA)

Aesthetics (1986)
Pink Sounds From the Purple Plain (1988)
Child of the Moon (1992)
Azure (2007)

Tom Parsons is an Illinois-based artist who got interested in synthesizers already in the 1970's. After aquiring an ARP Axxe and a tape recorder, he started experimenting in the field of Electronic Music. His first cassette appeared in 1986. Tom Parson's style is influenced by such trends as "cosmic music", Ambient, electroacoustic music and sometimes new age. 


Part, Lenya (Estonia)

Future Sound of Places (2001)

Floating Ambient / Space Music. A bit similar to Steve Roach.


Part Time (USA)

Cryosleep Explorer (2023)

Los Angeles-based project, mainly in psychedelic / space-age pop / rock vein. Cryosleep Explorer is a hybrid work mixing a lot of acoustic guitar strumming with drums and cosmic synths. Some genuinely electronic moments as well.


Partikel (Sweden)

Ark 1 (2018) (S)
Ark II (2018) (S)

A hybrid techno / ambient synth project from Stockholm.


Partikle (???)

Cringe (??)

Very accessible melodic electronics.


Party In the Gulags (Canada)

Black Hour of Ill Treatment (2021)

Melodic, repetitive, dungeon synth-like, gloomy.


Parwata, Rama (Australia)

Tekanan (2021)

Australian drummer and member of doom rockers Whitehorse. On Tekanan, he uses his drums to play in a loose manner, similar to free jazz, accompanied by lots of electronics. Pretty unique sound here, partly influenced by the Gamelan music, perhaps paying tribute to his roots. Definitively interesting.


Parzen-Johnson, Jonah (USA)

Michiana (2012)
Look Like You're Not Looking (2013) (S)
Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow (2015)
I Try To Remmeber Where I Come From (2017)
Helsinki 8.12.18 (2019)
Imagine Giving Up (2020)

American baritone sax player with a special fondness for analog synthesizer. A nice crossover jazz / EM artist.


Pas De La Dame Sauvage (UK)

In A Day (2017)

Varied ambient soundscapes by Jeff Appleton. Not dark. Some of the tracks are rhythmic and sound out of place.


Pas Musique (USA)

The Lyre Speaketh (2008)
There Is A Constant Relapse (2009)
Pure Energy Output Sessions (2011)
The Stages of Sleep: A Metaphor For Toruń (2011) (with Hati)
Flanked By Women and Pumpkins (2012)
Manuscript Stickum (2013) (with Rapoon)
Abandoned Bird Egg (2013)
PAS Musique & Philippe Petit (2014) (with Philippe Petit)
Inside the Spectrum (2015)
Sleep the Storm (2015) (with Chester Hawkins)
The Phoenix Demo Version (2017)
Composited Reality (2018) (with Rapoon)
The Phoenix (2019)
Confluences 1 (2021) (with Rapoon)
Psychedelic Talismans (2021)
Confluences 2 (2021) (with Rapoon)
Amateur Radio (2021)
Electric Rain (2022)
Unexpected (2023)
Ether Arrangements (2024) (S)
Come Follow Me (2024)

Formed as a solo project of Robert L. Pepper, Pas Musique has since grown into a band, retaining its experimental, uncompromising electronic sound with traces of krautrock and psychedelic rock.


Pascal, Nik (USA)

Beyond the End...Eternity (1971)
The Sixth Ear (1972)
Magnetic Web (1973)
Zero Gravity (1975)

This is actually Nik Raicevic who appears under the name "Nik Pascal". Most of these albums feature quite abstract and out-there electronic compositions, with drones, bleeps, twitters and so on, sometimes recalling early krautrock and "kosmische musik". Very obscure and difficult to find, all of these albums were released on Nik's own Narco label, which he founded after being kicked out of Buddah (probably because his Head album proved to be too weird for them). Cool sci-fi covers with a legendary warning on shrinkwrap that reads: "Do not listen to this album if you are stoned". Classic!

See also: Raicevic, Nik


Paschburg, Niklas (Germany)

Tuur Mang Welten (2017) (S)
Oceanic (2018)
Svalbard (2020)
Panta Rhei (2023)

Pianist from Germany. His music is melodic and would make a perfect soundtrack for a light drama or biopic movie. The more upbeat tracks have hints of 1999-2005 Klaus Schulze in the way the sequences and rhythms are built, but add Niklas' streaming piano notes.


Pasiphae (Greece)

Siphax (2018)

A project of Greek Fotini Kappa, who currently resides in the Netherlands. Siphax gathers a few electro tunes. However, its main attraction from the EM standpoint is the 7-minute pulsing closer "Hedera", which is pure Prog EM.


Passaggio, Maurizio (Italy)

Effetto musica (1984)
Sonorities (1984)
Images (??)
Attualita (??)

Obscure library albums with a melodic synth style, a bit French in sound, at other times hinting at Vangelis. As one would expect, there's nothing too sophisticated here, and the music often falls into typical schmaltzy 1980's TV pop style.


passEnger (Italy)

Chord Abuse (2013) (EP)
Last Transmission From Solaris (2015)
Hybrid Science E.P. (2015) (EP)

This musician (Andrea di Maggio) alternates between rhythmic tracks with downtempo or techno beats and pure Electronic Music, sometimes with sequences. I am not sure how much of his output contains EM-related material, but the above seem to be quite interesting.


Passepartout Duo (Switzerland)

Ólafsfjörður (2018) (S)
Vis-à-vis (2020)
Daylighting (2021)

A duo of Nicoletta Favari and Christopher Salvito who play percussion instruments built from scrap items found on the streets of Geneva and keyboards / electronics. Repetitive, semi-acoustic...


Passive Clouds (UK)

Passive Clouds (2021)

Passive Clouds is Alex Lawton form the UK. He makes straightforward, melodic EM influenced by vintage library releases or so it seems to me.


Passive Refraction (Netherlands??)

27th Floor (2020)
Happy Music For Sad Kids (2020)

Sort of vaporwave-influenced ambient compositions.


Passport (Germany)

Infinity Machine (1976)
Ataraxia (1978)

Passport are one of Germany's premier jazz rock / fusion outfits, led by Klaus Doldinger (& also featuring Kristian Schultze on keyboards). In the mid to late seventies they arguably reached their creative peak, resulting in such albums as Cross-Colateral, Infinity Machine and Ataraxia (aka Sky Blue). It was also the time when they heavily incorporated electronics in their arrangements. Whether or not more albums by them should be included in EEM is a subject of debate, but at least the above two feature, apart from more typical fusion stuff, some proggy moments and compositions dominated by synths and other keyboards (mellotron, electric piano). The style is sometimes funky, sometimes relaxed or cosmic / Berlin School-like. 

See also: Doldinger, Klaus, Schultze, Kristian.


Pasternaq (Russia)

Кроссворд (2020) (S)
Stigmatix (2020)
Blue Album (2021) (S)
Jalousie (2021) (S)
Голоса речного порта (2021) (S)
Pastitled Pastitled (2021)

Ambient artist from Arkhangelsk.


Pastlife (USA)

The Mourn of Angels (2002)

This is Black Ambient of the highest order. Pastlife is Los Angeles-based artist Michael Ries.


Patachich (Hungary)

Musical Electro-Alchemy (1982) (recorded in 1976 - 1979)

Synthesist and electroacoustic composer born in 1933. Ivan Patachich was the musical director of Budapest film studios. He died in 1993.


Patagon (Russia??)

Promo (2018) (S)
Demo I (2018) (S)
Demo II (2018) (S)
Demo III (2018) (S)
Polar Extreme (2018) (S)
The True King of the Sea (2018) (S)
...And Die (2018) (S)
Demo IV (2018) (S)
Demo X (2018) (S)
Monotonous Atmosphere of Desolation (2019) (S)
In the Submerged Ecosystem (2019) (S)
Sunset Moments (2019) (S)
Huge Avalanche (2019) (S)
Misty Gray Dawn (2019) (S)
Peaks (2019) (S)
Promo 2019 (2019) (S)
Singings, Waves And Loneliness... (2019) (S)
To Andes South (2019)

Supposedly, polar / winter / mountain ambience.


Pataphonie (France)

Pataphonie (1975)
Le matin blanc (1978)

French band somewhat similar to Heldon in style.

See also: Viaud-Leblanc, Andre


Pataphysical (UK)

Periphera (2019)
Hapticality (2021)

Varied electronic compositions, mostly experimental and wacky.

See also: Saenz de Sicilia, Andrés


Patch (Australia)

Star Suite (1973)
Y (1983)

Patch was the brainchild of drummer Peter Dawkins. The music is progrock-based and very ethereal.


Patch (Netherlands)

Patch (1983)

Private release by Tyro and Herman, as the cover states (no last names given). Mostly instrumental and electronic, with a bit of vocal on the first track. That's all I know at the moment.


Patchwork (Netherlands)

Patchwork (1999)
Connect (2012) (recorded in 1994 - 1995)

Rene Jansen and Ruud Heij. Berlin School electronics. Very good and highly recommended. There is another band with the same name which has nothing to do with Electronic Music and is representative of the techno / dub scene, so beware.

See also: Kubusschnitt


Pate, Lori (???)

Sightings (2023)

Bigfoot-inspired ambience. Relaxing, droning, sometimes beepy, with field recordings.


Patenbrigade: Wolff (Germany)

Laut (2001)
Werkzeugbuch (2003)
Ostberliner Bauarbeiter (2004) (EP)
Hochstapler (2007)
Mauerradio (2007) (maxi)
Turmdrehkran (2007) (maxi)
Stalinallee (2008) (EP)
Demokratische Sektor (2008)
Baustoff [Popmusik für Rohrleger] (2009)
Signal (2009) (EP)
Feind hört mit! (2009) (EP)
Der Schallplattenunterhalter (2011) (EP)
Verbundstoff (2011)
Der Brigadier trinkt Bier! (2012) (EP)
Freunde der Technik (2013) (EP)
Ударник (2014) (recorded in 2001 - 2014)
Die Brücke (2015) (EP)
Trabantenstadt (2016) (EP)
Der Brigadier trinkt immer noch Bier! (2017) (EP)
Eastbound No. 5 (2019)
Aktivist (2021)

Electronic duo formed by Sven Wolff (from new wave / electro / pop band The Dust of Basement) and Lance Murdock. They describe their music as "Electro ambient for tower crane conductors". Early stuff was very influenced by Kraftwerk, with an extra techno / electro touch. Later they drifted to a more mainstream club / progressive trance sound. However, they did retain some of the initial influences. One example of a very Kraftwerk-like track is the title track from Popmusik für Rohrleger.


Paterra, A.E. (USA)

The Cure Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2018) (soundtrack)

Electronic film music from Zombi drummer.

See also: Majeure, Zombi, Contact.


Path, Emi (Greece)

The Shadow (2017)
Void (2023)

Greek singer using her voice and electronics to create dark, moody soundscapes and melodic compositions.


Path of the Sun (USA / Spain)

Path of the Sun (2021)

Long tracks with abstract effects, melodic flowing synths, etc. A duo of Steve Targo and Daniel Guillén.

See also: Inner Travels, Lunaria, Guillén, Daniel, Nimbudala.


Pathfinders, The (UK)

Imagine Something Yesterday (2020) (recorded 1980 - 1981)

Playful electronic tracks played on a few analog synths by Roger Cleghorn and Malcolm Garrett in the early 1980's. Some completely ambient, some with underlying pulses / sequences. Sometimes slightly noisy, with processed, lo-fi field recordings.


Patient (UK)

Vintage (2023)

Patient is Simon Wood, who is inspired by the output of the FAX label and other ambient works.


Patient Belongings (USA)

Glowing Over Mars Hill (2011)

Long tracks broken into multiple sections that range from synth drone to nice sequencer / arpeggio assaults. Patient Belongings is one of the projects of Ben Brucato.


Patina Lush (???)

Remote View of Ecstasy (2023) (S)

Melodic ambient compositions with synth and piano.


Patlac (Germany)

Blinded (2018)

Hamburg-based tech house / deep house musician. Ambient and / or EM tracks include the short opener and the sequencer fest "HSB62-VNSG". File under EM-related.


Pato y Pato (USA)

Green And Gold (2021)

Detroit-based electronic duo. Crisp sequences, rich analog sounds and melodies.


Patricia (USA)

Blue Ridge (2021)

Acid techno composer from Chicago (currently residing in Brooklyn). His real name is Max Ravitz. Blue Ridge includes a nice ambient closing track, so there is some EM potential.


Patrick 9000 (Germany)

Endless Journey (2023)

Rhythmic, often danceable tracks. Sometimes ala Kraftwerk.


Patrick, Sean Curtis (USA)

The Earth's Green Mantle (2018)
Avocationals (2019) (with Benoît Pioulard)
The Best Driving Music In the World Ever (2019)

Ambient composer with some neo-classical influences.


Pattern Forms, The (UK)

Peel Away the Ivy (2016)
The Scenic Route (2022)

Collaborative project between Ed Macfarlane, Edd Gibson (both from Friendly Fires) and Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle). Here, it's a mixture of pop songs and instrumental electronic material, naturally with a warm analog sound.

See also: Advisory Circle, The, Brooks, Jon, Café Kaput, King of Woolworths.


Patternclear (UK)

Music For A Free World (1992) (S)
Burnout (1992) (S)
Slowdown (1992)
Hunted (1994) (S)

Patternclear is a solo project of Phil Clarke, member of 1980's synth-pop / minimal synth duo Stress. In the early stages of Patternclear, he somehow tended towards European EM / ambient styles, with most music being melodic and instrumental (some vocal tracks also, but not many of them). After that phase, Clarke returned to his synth-pop influences. Some slower tracks on Slowdown (no pun intended) have an almost dungeon synth feel to them. A very easy-listening experience overall.


Patterns of Life (USA??)

4 Small Things (2005) (EP)

Patterns of Life is R. Wilson.


Patterns of the Sky (USA)

The Long Flight (2012)

Ambient artist from Texas.


Patucchi, Daniele (Italy)

Dimensione violenza (1984) (soundtrack)

Italian soundtrack composer. He seems to have done a lot of scores and I don't know how much of his output is interesting, EM-wise. This soundtrack here is electronic, though. As for the music, there are repeating themes in different arrangements all over, as in a lot of sountracks, so, not much to hear here. And, with all due respect to the composer, for some reason he seems to think that ripping off Vangelis circa Bladerunner is a good idea (especially if you listen to "End Titles", not included on the disc). This is not even a criticism, as I love Bladerunner to the point of favoring every ripoff of it or any music inspired by it. Another observation: only the atmospheric pieces of this sountrack are really worth your time.


Patzer, Peter (Germany)

Canyons (??)
Mild Maniac (??)
Patterns (??)

Obscure composer who released a few library LP's during the 1980's. I think some of them will be interesting for EM fans. I decided to be selective and so far included only three releases by him. Further investigation is needed.


Paul, Byrn (USA)

Melatoner (2016)

A mixture of guitar and synth-based soundscapes.


Paul Minesweeper (Russia)

Message (2015) (with SiJ)
Last Frontier (2017)

Droning, melancholic Ambient. Not bad.


Paul, Sebastian (Canada)

Amongst the Sakura Trees (2020)
Daydreams (2020)

Ambient soundscapes from this artist based in Hessen (Germany).

See also: Kowal, Sebby


Pauli the PSM (UK)

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Vol. 1: SPACE (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Varied EM, mostly of ambient nature.


Paulie Jan (France)

Yukio (A Brief Sonic Evocation) (2018) (S)

A pseudonym of Nicolas Birot. Intense, noisy, ambient, terrifying... Interesting use of granular synthesis.


Paulin, Flavio (Italy)

Paulin (1979)

A unique album for sure. From 1970 to 1977 Flavio Paulin was a falcetto singer and bass player of pop band I Cugini di Campagna. However, somewhere in the 1970's he got interested in Electronic Music and after leaving his former band he released this strange solo album (not 100% solo, as Amedeo Tommasi provided his synthesizer touch and there are also guests on drums and guitar), where he finds himself in the electronic mode. Aparently though, he wasn't ready to part with the singing, which prevented him from doing a "regular" EM album, resulting in what I would call a hybrid of Italian singer-songwriter music and light Kraftwerk stylings. If you can imagine that, and find the idea attractive, give this album a try.


Paulke, Wolfgang (Germany)

East German guitarist / synthesist.


Paulo Henrqiue (Brazil)

Nova Era (1988)

Obscure album of grand orchestral emulations and soundtracky music ala Vangelis, as well as more upbeat sympho / prog material.


Pausal (UK)

Pausal EP (2007) (EP)
Lapses (2010)
Autumnal (2011) (EP)
Forms (2012)
Sky Margin (2013)
Along the Mantic Spring (2014)
Avifaunal (2017)
Volume Flow (2018)
Melatonia (2020)

Ambient duo of Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton.

See also: Smalley, Alex, Cask, Olan Mill.


Pauszek, Tomasz (Poland)

ChoP vol.2-8 Rooms (2008) (with Dickson Dee)
Lo-Fi Lo-Ve (2018)
Panta Rhei (2018) (with Przemyslaw Rudź)
20 Years Live (2019)
Panta Rhei II (2020) (with Przemyslaw Rudź and Wiktor Niedzick)
B-Sides: Les chants virtuelles (2020)
Syntharsis (2021)
Lem - The Tales From Beside (2022)

Synthesist known as Odyssey. Lo-Fi Lo-Ve is a varied electronic album featuring guest performances of many artists, including Konrad Kucz, Komendarek and others.

See also: Odyssey


Pavan, Gino (Italy)

Magico (2016) (recorded in 1980 - 1984) (S)
Absolute (2017)
Not Linear (2020) (with Guido Frezzato)
Tekeli (2022)
Meteora (2023)

Multi-instrumentalist from Veneto region, playing both guitar and various synths for an intense, melodic, hymnal, symphonic and cosmic EM sound on Absolute. Solos ala Vangelis, some sequences, organs, flying guitar and even some rougher, experimental moments - it's all there. Not Linear, released in collaboration with woodwinds player Guido Frezzato and with participations from Giulio Aldinucci and Eraldo Bernocchi is a much jazzier, more subdued and ambient effort. Gino Pavan has been composing since the 1970's and released his first single Magico in 1980 (done in the style of space disco).


Pavlicek, Michal (Czech Republic)

Black Light (1989) (with Michael Kocab)
Strange Pleasure of Living (1991)
Strange Pleasure of Living Part II (2002)

Michal Pavlicek is a guitarist but Strange Please of Living and Black Light are electronic, although still with some guitar thrown in. Overall, the music is quite experimental and quirky. Black Light has a pretty mysterious atmosphere and is quite dark overall. 


Pavlovski, Mischa (Denmark)

Kapitel (2014)

Pulsing sounds influenced by both techno / acid and Prog EM (I hear shades of John Carpenter and maybe also Heldon). A nice, rich sound.


Pavoni Belli, Andrea (Italy)

Andrea Pavoni Belli + Frederica Russo (2015) (recorded in 1981)

Music to a theater play. The style is not known at the moment.


Paw Paw (USA)

Afterglow (2014)
Full Earth Greeting (2015)

Moody ambient soundscapes, a bit low-fi.


Pawliuk, Lida (???)

Eight Exits (2023)

Rich, ecstatic, melodic, repetitive electronics from this Berlin-based artist.


Pax Atomica (USA)

The Gadget (2022) (S)
Death Rebel City (2023) (S)
1961 (2024) (S)

Weird project inspired by different aspects of the Cold War. Sometimes "dungeon synth"-like, sometimes noisy and industrial, sometimes pulsing ala Berlin School.


Pax Corda (Germany)

Circles of Eternity (2001)

Dark soundscapes for fans of Inade and Bad Sector.

See also: Deva-Loka


Pay the Rent (USA)

Soft On Glass (2016) (S)

Post-rock / pop duo of John Kasunic and Mike Kasunic. Soft On Glass is their ambient release, featuring synths and guitars in what seems to be influenced by classic Ambient works but also by their post-rock aesthetics. There are some theremin-like wails on one of the tracks, which, in combination with their ambient / post-rock style make for a rather unique listening experience. Note that only Soft On Glass will be interesting for EM fans, as their eponymous debut from 2014 is supposedly a pop / post-rock album.


Payne, Maggi (USA)

Crystal (1986)
Ahh-Ahh (Music For Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets 1984 - 1987) (2012)

Although Maggic Payne is considered an electroacoustic composer (and, in fact, a large part of her work could be easily piled along other academic / musique concrete sound researchers), she has also composed more accessible works. In fact, sometimes her music sounds like a mixture of electroacoustics and prog EM of the Ambient / Space Music axis. And very often the results are quite good. Crystal is exactly this type of "transitional" album, with some noisy / experimental bits and also some nice atmospheric / droning sound sculpting. Ahh-Ahh is another collection of pieces from the archives that tends even more towards the "prog" side of things, with Maggi providing some nice sequences even.


Paysage d'Hiver (Switzerland)

Steineiche (1998)
Die Festung (1999)
Einsamkeit (2007)
Im Wald (2020)

One-man black metal / Ambient project by Tobias Möckl. Die Festing is completely based on sounds / keyboards. Einsamkeit has two ambient tracks and one track that mixes the ambience with raw guitars and vocals.


Paysages Sonores (Canada)

Nanutak (2014)

Quebecois ambient project of Richard Breuil and Pascal Asselin. A cold and detatched, although quite listenable, sound.


Payta (UK)

Samsara (2024)

Varied, often sequencer-based electronics.


Pazur Colidace (Poland)

Startup-Sequence (1999)

Pazur Colidace is Polish composer Piotr Gotowitcz who makes dynamic EM and synth-pop.



Mythology Live (1986)
Correct Music (1987) (with Minoy)
Heteroglossia (1987) (with Minoy)
Cloisters (1987) (with Minoy)
Poetry And Motion (1987)
Chansons mystiques (1988) (with Minoy)
Descent (1988)
Asesino! (1988)
Die Brucke (1988)
Warfare State (1988)
Vivisection (1988)
Verfall (1988) (with Hands To)
Monument of Empty Colours (1988) (with Vidna Obmana)
Depression And Ideal (1989) (with Vidna Obmana)
Appeal (1989)
Compositions (1989) (with Vidna Obmana)
Melachoir (1989) (with Hands To)
Shamanistic (1989) (with Deaf Lions)
A Noise Supreme (1989) (recorded in 1986 - 1988)
The Music of Her Sleep (1990)
Thrill Pictures (1990)
Five Manifestoes (1990) (with Asmus Tietchens)
Domineer / Asesino / Retro (1990)
Narcosis (1990)
Fragment 3 (1991)
Profusion (1991)
Macrophage / Toil And the Reap (1992)
Shadows of Prophecy / In His Throes (1993)
Shifts In Strategy (1994) (with AMK)
System-Music-End (1994) (with AMK and Hands To)
Listening To the World Vibrate (1995)
Life-Sense Revoked (1995)
The Mescaline Tracks (1998)
Headmix (1999)
Dreams In Moving Space (2000) (with Artemiy Artemiev)
Transphere 1997 - 1999 (2000) (with Artificial Memory Trace)
A Moment of Infinity (2002) (with Artemiy Artemiev)
Shamanistic (2009) (with Deaf Lions)
The Deadened Stream of Eve (2009)
Short Days At the Margins of Night (2010) (with Clew of Theseus)
Cornwall Spectre / Holloway Reservoir Creeps (2011)
The Killer God (2015)
Inscrutable Secrets '91 - 96 (2017)
Tongue of A Stabbed Ghost (2019)
Solution circulaire (2019) (recorded in 1998)
Thinking of Eternity (2019)
Disquietude In Shouting Tomorrows (2021) (with Richard Ramirez and A Week of Kindness)
A Season In Hell (2021) (with Minoy and Andrew Quitter)
Erosion of the Monolith (2022) (with Nocturnal Emissions)
The Forces We Face (2022)
Sum & Substance (2023) (with Nu A.M. and Homogenized Terrestrials)
Chain Letter Exhortation Series #4 (2023) (with Allan Zane and Big City Orchestra)
One Slashed Winter After Another (2023) (with Mystery Hearsay and Zanstones)

PBK is short for Phillip B. Klingler. Dark noisy soundscapes. Supposedly, excellent, at least his collaborative albums with Artemiy Artemiev are great.


PBS'73 (USA)

Super Electric Voyage (2020)

A project of Elijah Franks from Austin. Music that is spacey, melodic and full of nice sequences. Sometimes like Phaedra, Rubycon and Body Love combined.


PCM (Italy)

Attraverso (2019)
Macro (2021)
Dreamland (2023)

Italian electronic trio whose sound ranges from guitar drones to kosmische sequencer / arpeggio goodness.

See also: Perry Frank


pcn (Germany)

Arowana - Sessions (2010)

German artist Christian Nothaft is a member of several rock and punk bands. Arowana - Sessions is a collection of PC-based pieces in varied styles - from neo-classical to rhythmic / techno to piano-based and general melodic.


P'Cock (Germany)

The Prophet (1980)
In'Cognito (1981)
3 (1983)

P'Cock is Peter Herrmann. Early works were produced by Klaus Schulze and released on the IC label. Electronic rhythmic tracks with vocals and Tommy Betzler on drums. Like the Wahnfried sessions with Arthur Brown, but not that impressive. There was also a compilation released in 1988, titled Burning Beach.

See also: P'Faun


Peace Chord (Canada)

Peace Chord (2021)

A mixture of singer-songwriter stuff, some piano and ambient electronics (some of it instrumental). Solo project of Daniel Roberson, member of post-punk band Crack Cloud.


Peak (Australia)

Ebondazzar (1980)
Slizdexics Untie (2018)

The first album was released in 1980 on Cement Records and re-released three years later on IC. Symphonic Electronic Music with vocoders and stuff.


Peak Bleak (Portugal)

Peak Bleak (2019)
Plastic Love (2021)

Fat pools of synth drones, distant pulsations and processed samples from this duo.

See also: Aires


Peak Descent (USA)

Peak Descent (2019) (S)

Varied EM created with the help of an Arturia Minibrute synthesizer. Largely based on the sequencing.


Pearce, Jeff (USA)

Tenderness And Fatality (1993)
The Hidden Rift (1996)
Daylight Slowly (1998)
Vestiges (1998)
True Stories (1999) (with Vidna Obmana)
To the Shores of Heaven (2000)
The Light Beyond (2001)
Bleed (2002)
Lingering Light (2005)
Rainshadow Sky (2008)
In the Season of Fading Light (2012)
With Evening Above (2014)
Winter Calm (2015)
Follow the River Home (2016)
From the Darker Seasons (2017)
Skies And Stars (2019)
Archive 1: Songs For the Gathering (2020)
Hidden Shores / Empty Beach (2020)
In Late Summer (2022)
Path To Returning (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Only the Stars Remain (2024)

Indiana-based musician Jeff Pearce creates Ambient music relying largely on the guitar, taking the heritage of Manuel Goettsching's Inventions For Electric Guitar and expanding those ideas into new territories, creating unique soundworlds. Some of his works are rather dark, some more airy and atmospheric.


Pearson, A.S. (Canada)

Broken Dreams And Blue Jays (2008)
One (2013)

The author's page describes the music on One as "Pure Carpenter worship". Indeed, it has modular sounds and sequences / pulsations, although it's all a bit rudimentary. The last two tracks are the best.


Pearson, Charles R (USA)

Fine Tales From A Frontier (2014)

From rhythmic techno tracks to melodic, synthwave-y and ambient / Progressive EM.


Pearson, R.S. (USA)

After the Crayon Rains (??)
Eleven London Bridges (2000)
Enchantment Born of Grace (2001)
Reality From Childhood Remembered As A Dream (2017) (recorded in 1983 - 1985)

Experimental synth musician with a playful style and mostly shorter, vignette-like tracks.


Peaslee, Richard (USA)

Passage (1979)

Classical / avant-garde composer who released at least one album that should be interesting for EM fans.


Pechblende (Sweden)

Ripples (2018)
Apathy And Silence (2019)
In the Hands of Others (2021)

Nice, emotional ambient compositions.


Pecher, Jean-Claude (Belgium)

Cosmic Investigations (1988) (with Alan Will)
Memories (??) (S)
Digital B.B. (??) (S)


Peck, Dave (USA)

Endo-Spectra (2004)

Dave Peck is a synthesist and sound programmer who created several factory patches for Clavia G2 synthesizers. On Endo-Spectra he presents his own brand of World Music that starts quite intense and energetic but delves more and more into the realms of Ambient as the album progresses.


Peck, M. (USA)

Imprint (2006) (with Mark Mahoney)
Glacial (2007)
The Gallery of Subtle Smiles (2007) (with Mark Mahoney)
Dysmha (2009)
A Life Incandescent (2010) (with Mark Mahoney)

Ambient electronics from member of The Amaranth Signal Michael D. Peck.

See also: Redfadesbeforeblue, Amaranth Signal, The.


Peck, Nick (USA)

Islands In the Stream (1994)
Positive Signal Flow (1998)

San-Francisco Bay area musician who is a keyboard player for the band called Episode. He has released a couple of albums with absolutely unique, quite abstract electronics. Sometimes, more concrete ideas emerge out of the abstract flow of different snippets of sound and electronic noises. Nick has other works, as for instance Five Trucks I Have Known from 2007 which is hammond-based jazz / fusion or Under the Big Tree (1997) - a prog rock CD.


Pecora Pecora (Canada)

Moutons droïdes champs positroniques (2010)
Le satellite perdu (2015)

Retro-futuristic soundscapes and ambient synths from this duo out of Montreal.


Pecorelli, Daniele (Italy)

Ash Tapes (2021)

Ambient, somewhat lo-fi music.


Pecorini, Ivano (Italy)

Barons Court (2020)
I Have Never Realized It Was You (2021)
Tra macerie di lutto (2023)

Long-form Ambient.


Pedersen, Gunner Møller (Denmark)

Stoned (1974)
Et lydar (1982)
Pacific Music / Stoned (1982)

Et lydar is a 6-LP box set and is subtitled 12 Months In Electronic Music. Pedersen is also known as an avant-garde composer. Of his non-electronic works, of note is his Glass Music (1994), composed for glass instruments.

See also: Opus Octopus


Pedro Augusto (Portugal)

Worm Studies (2016)
Lamento / Suite Alentejana / Hysteresis (2016) (S)

Long experimental tracks recorded with ARP 2600 and VCS3 synths.

See also: Ghuna X


Peel, Hannah (Ireland)

Awake But Always Dreaming (2016)
Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia (2017)
Chalk Hill Blue (2019) (with Will Burns)
Fir Wave (2021)
The Unfolding (2022) (with Paraorchestra)

Irish singer-songwriter who has been under the EEM radar for quite a while. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and currently resides in London. Always a great fan of electronics (especially analog synths), she utilized these tools in her productions from the very beginning of her career. However, it was not until 2016's Awake But Always Dreaming that her love for synthesizers started to shine in full glory. Still largely a singer-songwriter / rock / indie pop / folk / whatever release, it does have a Pink Floyd feel to it, not so much in sound, as in concept - the instrumental parts were given more room to breathe, part of the vocalizations are wordless, with voice utilized as an instrument and, yes, some essentially electronic sections, with one track in particular ("Octavia") being a pulsing electronic instrumental with that unmistakable "Welcome To the Machine" atmosphere. This is EM-related of course but is progressive enough and (partly) electronic enough to be here.


Peelen, Marcel (Netherlands)

Synthesist who has released several cassettes and later worked under the "Music From the Future" headline.

See also: Music From the Future


Peers, Ben (UK)

Auto-mátiqa (2021)

Scottish artist relying on multiple, sometimes random sequences in minimalist synth context. Interesting stuff.


Pefkin (UK)

Observations of Land And Sea (2023)

Gayle Brogan is Pefkin. She is a folk musician and multi-instrumentalist, using her voice, violin, field recordings, chimes and other instruments, along with synths. The music on Observations of Land And Sea should appeal to fans of the atmospheric moments of Schulze / Gerrard collaborations. Also reminds on a more electronic Enya. Further investigation is needed.


Pegasus (Germany)

Lights of the Universe (1991)
Individual Isolation (1993)
Emphasis (1995)
Electro-Physics (1997)
Empfang (2006)

Energetic electronics with dance influences. Comparable to Synthetik. Pegasus is a duo of Mark Hoffmann and Martin Limbach.


Pegasus (Netherlands)

Electronische muziek (1983)

Rare cassette with floating EM released by this Dutch group consisting of Stephan van Stratum and Wiel Sielkes. Not to be confused with the German band of the same name.


Peggs, Andy (UK)

Anagrams (2022)

Playful EM from this English synthesist. Arpeggios, sequences, melodies, a touch of acid & synthpop.


Pękala, Miłosz (Poland)

Modular (2018) (with Magdalena Kordylasińska Pękala)
8 Pieces In Different Tempos (2021)

Percussionist. Modular  mixes multiple chromatic percussion sounds with electronics. The same also applies to 8 Pieces In Different Tempos, which is a nice, quirky work in an individual style.


Pekler, Andrew (Germany)

Tristes tropiques (2016)
Sounds From Phantom Islands (2019)
Two Views of Amami Oshima (2020) (with Hideki Umezawa)
Palimpsests (2021) (with Giuseppe Ielasi)
Love Among the Crickets (2024) (S)

Unique tropical EM from this electro-acoustic / plunderphonics composer born in the Soviet Union, raised in California and currently residing in Germany.


Pellman, Samuel (USA)

Selected Planets (2003)
Selected Galaxies (2015)

Moody electronics, mostly in Space Music or Dark Space vein, but with an individual touch. I like it.


Peloquin, Claude (Canada)

Laissez-nous vous embrasser ou vous avez mal (1972) (with Jean Sauvageau)
Les chants de l'éternité (1977)
L'ouverture du paradis (1979)

French-Canadian lyricist and singer. If you can't stomach the voice, these may be tough ones to digest. However, the music on his albums is predominantly electronic.


Pels Syndicate, The (Germany)

The Pels Syndicate (1991)
Cinematic Blue (2010)
Chemical Inconveniences (2012)
Transfer of My Affections (2014)

Cinematic music with slight Dance influences from Frank Pels.


Peltola, Tommi (Finland)

Nostramus (2021)


Pemble, John (Canada)

Resonance (1999)


Pembroke, Percival (UK)

A Course In the Theory of Drones (2015)
Pembroke Autumn/Winter Catalogue (2015)
Darklands (2017)
Arpeggiatorworld++ (2017)

Lo-fi drones and melodic soundscapes.


Penance (Japan)

Cure of Soul (1997)

A project of Akihiro Yamamoto. From pretty much classic Ambient to rhythmic stuff with ambient techno feel.


Penck, A. R. (Germany)

Kontra Bass Solo / Mini Synthesizer Harmonix (1980)

Fluxus-related abstract / primitivist painter (real name - Ralf Winkler, 1939 - 2017) who also indulged in making music, mostly within the free jazz idiom. This double LP was released on his own private label and features two sides of solo contrabass playing and two sides of quite abstract and chaotic electronics. It will probably appeal to fans of Conrad Schnitzler, Seesselberg, early Cluster and such.


Penda (UK)

Plague Cart Hallucinations (2022)

Medieval-sounding synth music with elements of krautrock, EM and "dungeon synth".


Pendant (USA)

Make Me Know You Sweet (2018)
To All Sides They Will Stretch Their Hands (2021)

Pretty monolithic ambient material here.

See also: Huerco S.


Pendro (UK)

The Enchanted Veil (2023)

Hailing from the north of Wales, Pendro is Tim Jones, a prolific artist active since the 1990's. Most of his releases to day have been digital only. The music is experimental synth - sometimes noisy, sometimes atmospheric and vaguely melodic.


Penga (UK)

As (1989)
Music From the Beast (1989)
Sunchip (1989)
Surface Tension (1990) (with Kerr)
The Liquid Path (1990)
Installation Music (1992)

Music From the Beast consists of dark and throbbing synthetics made on a Digisound 80 modular synth at the Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST - hence the title). This album was licensed to Harsh Reality Music from Alternate Media Music. Penga is sound artist Mark Penzer.

See also: Antone, Quadraphase.


Penitent Whisper (UK)

Hex Sketches (2023)

Varied nocturnal ambient compositions. Not really dark, more like moody and sort of shadowy. Sometimes noisy and often classically-inspired.


Penjaga Insaf (Germany)

To Whom It May Concern (2005)
Sama Sadja (2010)
Herbst9 & Penjaga Insaf (2017)

Ethnic-tinged Dark Ambient with lots of samples from Henry Emich and Ingo Sauerbrey.

See also: Herbst9


Pennycross Coven (UK)

Between Shadows And Lore (2023)

Melodic / rhythmic EM with a bit of a nostalgic feeling from Steve Netting.

See also: Town & Country


Pentagram Home Video (UK)

Who's Out There? (2014)
Slumber (2015)
The Left Hand Path (2016) (S)
Walpurgisnacht (2017)
Lost On the Red Hill (2017)
Look Into the Darkness (2017)
Initiation (2017) (S)
Library Studies (2017)
The Satanic Path (2017)
Walpurgisnacht II (2018)
Lost On the Seven Hills: A Ghost Story By Evrim Ersoy & Pentagram Home Video (2019)

Who's Out There? is an alleged soundtrack sourced from a 1986 videotape. Most certainly, a modern hoax.


Pentatope (USA)

Transparent Points On Four Axes (2018)

Electronic project with Ken Moore, Dave Vosh and Daniel Barbiero. The style is not known at the moment.

See also: Moore, Ken


Penterakt (UK / Belgium)

Conquest of the Moon (2020)

Berlin School project of Tom Coppens (Kubusschnitt) and Andy Bloyce (The Soviet Dog Project).

See also: Hyperkube


Pentros (USA)

A Night Residue (2012)

Varied soundscapes from this Chicago-based artist.


Penumbra (UK)

Anorak In Isolation / So Far... So Good (1996)
Anoraks (1999)
Skandinavien (2001)

Varied, mostly low-key ambience from Mike Warren. Mostly electronic, but also with some field recordings. Sometimes with slow / clicking rhythms.

See also: Zoviet France


People's Palms (USA)

Habitatual (2016)

Humid, nature-inspired ambient / melodic compositions from Seattle-based Austin Freese.


Pépe (Spain)

Trapdoors (2016)
Man And God (2016)
Life Signs (2019) (EP)
Reclaim (2023)

Sort of  lo-fi, warm sound from this Valencia-based artist. A mixture of house tracks and 3-part ambient "Church Music". File under EM-related.


Pepe, Steve (Italy)

Danza moderna (2018)
2020 (2020)
Arabia per Delfina (2022)

Weird experimental and rhythmic synthesizer compositions, a bit similar to Cluster, solo Moebius etc. Steve Pepe is a pseudonym of Manuel Cascone.


Pepelaz Analog Beat (Russia)

Underwater Current (2004)

Ambient music from this experimental formation out of  Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia. Bright, nature-inspired sound.


Pepitone, Matthew (USA)

Archival MIDI (2017)
Matthew Pepitone (2023)

Varied electronics from this synthesist. From atmospheric or melodic to urgent, with upbeat sequencing. Sometimes rhythmic.

See also: Karmelloz, Action Sports, Julius Theory, Portland Compressor.


Peppos, Stephen (USA)

Leaving Terra Firma (2017)

Narrative ambient pieces with a cinematic flair.


Perceptual Defence (Italy)

Soundspheres Vol. 1 (2000) (recorded in 1993 - 1996)
Soundspheres Vol. 2 (2000) (recorded in 1994 - 1998)
Soundspheres Vol. 3 (2000) (recorded in 1999 - 2000)
Lost In the Dark Lake (2001)
Project Nature (2001)
A Lonely Tree (2001)
Freezing Drop (2001)
Dark Immersion (2002)
Fili - Breaths & Threads (2003)
Ambient Emotional Exploration (2004)
Sounds From Space (2004)
Wishstone (2005)
Where the Green Ants Dream (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
A Musical Journey About Life Ambivalence (2006)
Reset To Zero, Part One (2006) (S)
Floating Around the Dark Moon (2007)
Free Sounds After 24h Silence (2007) (with Roberto Bucci)
Infinita corpora (2010)
Fons vitae (2010)
Circulus inferni (2010)
Hieros gamos (2011)
Divinae delitiae (2011)
Vivo instrumenta (2011)
Vaporis corpora (2011)
Sacrum facio (2011)
Spelunca spiritus (2011)
Physis (2013)
Illumina tenebras (2013)
Fear of the Emptiness Space (2014) (with Syndromeda)
Lights In the Shadow (2014)
The Spirit of the Ancient Lake (2014) (S)
Time Lines (2015)
Wormhole (2015) (with Syndromeda)
The End of the Universe (2016) (with Syndromeda)
Life Lights In the Shadow (2016)
Live At Cosmic Nights 2017 (2018) (with Syndromeda)
Changing Images (2019)
Caelum et infernum (2020) (with Robert Rich)
The Alien Arrival (2020) (with Syndromeda)
Emotional Ruins (2023)

Cosmic Ambient from Gabriele Quirici.

See also: Divided By Two, Colisseum.


Perdition (USA)

Death Knell (2007)
Battle (2010)

Varied (or, should I say, loose) ambient from this black metal outfit. Nothing extremely progressive here.


Perdomo, Fernando (USA)

Frost: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2022) (soundtrack)

Guitarist from Miami living in Los Angeles. On Frost soundtrack, he relies largely on keys & electronics, each track featuring a collab with a luminary of the progressive rock, ethnic or industrial scenes, including (but not limited to) Rick Wakeman, Geoffrey Downes, Terry Reid, Front Line Assembly and L. Shankar. There are a couple of rock songs and the rest is some nice EM stuff.


Perera Elsewhere (UK)

Home (2022)

Sasha Perera is a UK-born, Berlin-based art-pop / bass music artist. Der Wurm from Home has a definite Progressive EM vibe.


Pereslegin, Anatoly (Russia)

Download the God (2000)
Mermaids (2000) (with Mikhail Mikhailuk)
Fastgod: e-psalms (2002)
Passion Models (2004)
Xenophobia (2010)

Anatoly Pereslegin is a Russian musician, sound engineer and architect. He worked with many rock groups and is the founder of Pink Floyd-influenced band Moebius Dogs. Download the God is a very interesting release on the Electroshock label. Anatoly Pereslegin creates highly rhythmic and energetic music, which is dominated by neo-classical or neo-chamber structures and sounds. It is music which doesn't hold your attention for too long, simply because the sounds used are rather static and do not change over the course of each track. Nevertheless, this music is impossible to use as a background for your daily activities. Just try it - and you will find your attention dragged again and again to the music, which makes it almost impossible to concentrate on anything else. In other words, the music is very disturbing, to say the least, which is of course a positive thing. This is really startling stuff and certainly worth a listen.


Perez, Luis (Mexico)

En el Ombligo de la Luna (1981)
Tales of Astral Travelers (1998)
Santuario de Mariposas (2013)
La Neza (2013)
In Situ (2013)
Suspended Spheres (2015)
Mare nostrum (2016)
The Mountains of Madness (2017)
La Palabra (2021)
La Palabra II (??)
Elementos (2023) (with Paloma Coronado)

The music of this composer should appeal to fans of Jorge Reyes, as he also combines prehispanic instruments with synths. You know, sort of spacey, World Music stuff.


Perfumed Nightmare (USA)

Perfumed Nightmare (2017)

Ambient music with noisy outbursts and even a distant synth sequence on closer "The Taste of Iron & Moss". A Project of M. Komarov.


Perge (UK)

Dyad (2012)
Dyad Sessions (2012)
Attalus (2013)
Mythos Part One (2014)
Green Dessert (2014)
Scattered Thoughts (2015)
Aural Coefficients Within A Fractal Plane (2016)
Pleonaesms (2016)
Carthasis (2017)
Out the Way We Came In (2020)
Out: The Sessions (2020)
Mutually Assured Destruction (2022)
Void Coefficient (2023)

Music in the style of early 80's Tangerine Dream (circa Pergamon) from the duo of Matthew Stringer and Graham Getty.

See also: Getty, Graham, Stringer, Matthew.


Pergola, Cesare (Italy)

Ai piedi della quercia (1983)
Le affinita' elettive (1985)

Visual / performance artist born in 1955. Apparently he also released a couple of electronic albums intended as soudtracks for his theatre works. Sometimes these albums are listed under the "Orient Express" header, as that was the name of the theatre company that Pergola worked with.


Perhaps (USA)

V (2017)

Boston-based math-rock / experimental rock band. V contains only one long track titled "Mood-Stabilizer", which is a heavy jam with wailing distorted guitars, motorik drums and, yes lots of synths and a definite EM touch. Completely over-the-top stuff.


Peric, Velimir (France??)

Contes à rebours (1978) (S)

Electronic Music created to a marionette show at the Théâtre d'Animation et de Marionnettes des 2 Rivières. Some extremely basic and cheesy electric organ themes here, but also some Cluster-like goodness with earworm melodies and chirping drum machines.


Perila (Russia)

Irer Dent (2019)
Dust 22 (2019)
Silent Moves (2020) (S)
Meta Door L (2020)
Everything Is Already There (2020)
How Much Time It Is Between You And Me? (2021)
7.37/2.11 (2021)
Memories of LOG (2021) (S) (with Ulla Straus)
House of Care (2022)
On the Corner of the Day (2023)
Pmxper (2023) (with Buttechno)

Gloomy soundscapes from Sasha Zakharenko (originally from St. Petersburg, currently residing in Berlin).

See also: LOG


Perilstein, Michael (USA)

The Deadly Spawn (1983) (soundtrack)
Godzilla vs Your Mother (1985)
Elephants Gliding On Ice (1992)
God Dares You To Buy This! (??)
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers & Other Film Scores (1993)
Where Evil Lives (1996)

Michael Perilstein is a soundtrack composer who likes to use synths and electronics for his scores. The Deadly Spawn is a classic horror score from 1983. It was re-issued on CD with a lengthy bonus track that combines the best bits from other tracks. Michael has also released a couple of non-soundtrack concept albums.


Perimeter (Netherlands)

Beyond the Perimeter (2009)

Drone Ambient. Perimeter is Andre Buter.


Peristeris, Spiros (Greece)

Music For Short Films 1983 - 1992 (2020) (with Poupeta Lappa)

Archived material recorded as soundtracks to various short films. Spiros Peristeris plays various synths (mostly analog) and Poupeta Lappa does "vocals" on some tracks. A nice piece of EM archeology.


Perkins, Dale Jonathan (UK)

Voice Without Words (2017)
Equipoise (2020) (S)

An artist working at the intersection of avant-garde computer music, minimal techno, Prog EM and Ambient. Rather quirky and playful stuff. Experimental, but not difficult.


Perkins, David (Germany??)

Arrival (1987)

Private release. Apparently recorded in Germany, or at least a German contact address is given in the credits, but the name of the musician does not sound German to me, so I am not sure. The music is diverse rhythmic / melodic, with sampling, solos and all the right stuff. Apart from synths, there are some guests on other instruments.


Perkins, Philip (USA)

Apartment Life (1980)
Tapeworks 1975-80 (1981)
Tool's Paint (1981) (S)
Neighborhood With A Sky (1982)
King of the World (1983)
Drive Time (1983)
Pacal (1983)
The Flame of Ambition (1986)
The Rosetta Stone (1986)
Hall of Flowers (1987)
Shapiro, Vermeer, Florida And San Francisco (1988)
The Remotes 1 (1990)
Virgo Ramayana (1992)
At the Other End of the Day - Improvisations 2005-2008 (2009)
The Department of Strange Weather (2011)
Mister Anyhow (2014)
It Gets the Corners (2016)
Yeah Machine (2019)

Synth music from ex-collaborator of The Residents. Philip Perkins is a very diverse musician and has done everything from electroacoustic sound collages to sound poetry and pure Ambient.


Perko (Denmark)

Galerie (2020)

Varied ambient compositions from Copenhagen-based Scotsman Perko. Subtle field recordings, floating synths...


Permafrost (Italy)

A Day Without Sun (2008) (S)
Cold Vision I (2008)
Cold Vision II: Endless Vortex (2009)
Sub Zero Resistance (2009) (S)
Stellar Frost (2010)
Symmetry of the Wastelands (2012)
Space Ritual (2015)

Deep glacial drones. Another project of the prolific Marco Grosso.

See also: Grosso, Marco, Ouroboros, Snowfade, Dark Ambient Cult, Arretium.


Permafrost AC (Sweden)

Jag har slutat sträva efter lyckan, jag är nöjd med att stå ut (2016)
Skärmtiden läker alla sår (2020)
Isen ligger kvar (??)

Ambient, cinematic...


Perman, Tommy (UK)

Concrete Antenna (2015) (with Simon Kirby and Rob St John)
Emergent Slow Arcs (2019) (with Modern Studies)

Scottish artist from Edinburgh. Varied electronics between Cluster and dub techno (or at least it has that vibe).


Pern Project, The (USA)

Empire of Sorrow (1984)
Halo of Flux (??)


Pero (Germany)

Pero's Plastikmusik (1982)
Pero's Plastikmusik 2 (1983)
Alles wurscht (1984)

Obscure musician (also filmmaker and caricaturist) Peter Rodemann (b. 1942). Influenced by the Berlin School artists (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze...), he released a few cassettes with his analogue synthesizer pieces. Apparently, Pero died somewhere in the 2000's.


Perón, Carlos (Switzerland)

Swiss Symphonic Sounds 1291-1991 (1991)

Carlos Perón is of course a member of an idiosyncratic electropop band Yello (as well as a few other projects and groups). Swiss Symphonic Sounds is one of his lesser known works and is a strange concoction consisting of weird and often cheesy renditions of Swiss classical melodies (or what sounds like it) and folk songs, with Perón imitating orchestral sound and folk instruments with his multiple keyboards. There are a couple of nice, if a bit basic, ambient tracks, though - "Hölloch" and "Höhenfeuer".

See also: Tranceonic


Perpetual Bridge (Switzerland)

Astral Departures (2022)

Nadia Peter aka Perpetual Bridge is a Lugano-based artist working in the Space Music, Ambient realms with multiple analog and digital instruments. Nice, floating material, which shows its influences, but does not try to imitate any particular artist. Sometimes with slow rhythms and / or sequences.


Perpetual Hunt, The (Austria)

Act I: A Transcendental Journey Through Unknown Coils (2020) (S)
Act II - A Profound Marriage Between Visions of the Great Beyond (2021) (S)

Medieval Ambient with a nice variety of sounds - organs, mellotron flutes, dark drones, chiptune-ish synths, warm strings, voices etc. However, the music is overall rather repetitive, approximating the typical dungeon synth structure.


Perpetual Loop (UK)

SoloChillinInTheBackGardenOfMyMind (2023)

Psy-chill / downtempo project from Manchester (Charles Massey). On SoloChillinInTheBackGardenOfMyMind, you will find some long, sequencer-based, flowing tracks reminiscent on Klaus Schulze's style from the late 1990's to 2010's. A good example of this style is "Sleep". Another interesting and very EM-sounding track is "The Last Ember". File under EM-related.


Perpetual Ocean (Australia)

Houdini (1998)
Strangeness + Charm (2007)

Peter Miller under a pseudonym. The first album has some singing, mixed with varied atmospheric instrumental tracks. Strangeness + Charm is a 6-CD set with nice long-form ambient music.

See also: Miller, Peter


Perrache (Germany)

Une cassette comme les autres (2018)
Barriere in movimento (2019)
Drehwurm 45 (2021) (S)

Perrache is the brainchild of Joachim Henn from Stuttgart. Slowly developing, repetitive, slightly gritty and industrial compositions with traces of Schnitzler, Cluster and Tangerine Dream.


Perraudin, Claude (France)

Mutation 24 (1977)
Energie (1977)
+ ou - 8000 (1978) (with Teddy Lasry and Frederic Mercier)
Land of Tranquillity (1981)
Racing (1981) (with Teddy Lasry)
New Speed (1982)
Rumeurs (1985)

French musician (1948 - 2001). First album is a rare LP of impressionistic synth music. Most of others are library records. 

See also: Doctor Electro


Perrey, Jean-Jacques (France)

Prelude au sommeil (1958)
Cadmus le robot de l'espace (1960) (with Henri Gruel)
Musique electronique du cosmos (1962)
Eclektronics (1998) (with Chazam)
Froots (2010) (with Cosmicpocket)
ELA (2014) (with Chazam)

Before Jean-Jacques Perrey, a legend of electronics in his own right, became the king of goofy (I don't mean that in a bad sense) "moog pop", he did some experimental things worthy of attention. Cadmus... and Musique electronique du cosmos alternate between cartooney cheese and some fine wailing theremin / ondioline spaced out sections. Prelude au soleil is a weirder beast still. Completely ignored by the general public at the time of its release, the work was actually commisioned for use in hospitals to calm down patients and put them to sleep. So, what we get here is pioneering (in the same way as Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds For Baby, only this is earlier) ambient EM consisting of soothing waves of Ondioline (early electronic instrument). Jean-Jacques Perrey died in November, 2016.


Perrier, Laurent (France)

plateforme #3 (2020) (with David Fenech)

Experimental musician and improviser active since the 1990's. The plateforme series of albums was started as a special limiting concept: to use only source material (textures) provided by the other collaborator. Side A from plateforme #3 has modular synths combined with overdriven frippian guitars, reminding on both German krautrock / EM pioneers as well as Fripp & Eno and Heldon albums. Side B is also excellent, although is much more abstract and dark, like a look into the deepest corners of Deckard's (Blade Runner) mind, or maybe closer to Klaus Schulze's "Sebastian In Traum" in essence.


Perrino, Ciro (Italy)

Solare (1980)
The New Electronics Company (1986) (with Graal)
Kosmos (1987) (with  A. Serino)
Far East (1990)
The Inner Garden (1992)
Moon On the Water (1995)
De rerum natura (1997)
L'isola (2004)
Planets (2019)
Absence of Time Vol. 1 (2022)

Former Celeste member. Solare is an album of melodic Electronic Music vaguely along the lines of Jarre. Later he developed a milder, new age-influenced style.

See also: SNC, St. Tropez, La Compagnia Digitale.


Perrone, Elia (Italy)

Colorful Journey (2014)
Amarena (2018)

From soft deep house rhythms to pure ambient / Prog EM.


Perrone, Niro (Italy)

Pieces of You (2016) (EP)

Deep house musician who included an EM track on the above EP - the shimmering closer "The Spectrometer Dance". A whole album in that style would be great.


Perry Frank (Italy)

Soundscape Box I (2014)
Reverie (2020)
Selvascapes (2021) (with Lauge)

Ambient compositions mixing guitar and electronics.

See also: PCM


Perseus Arm (USA)

Space Ambient Project: 10 Worlds (2005)
Probe Volume 1 (2009)
Probe: Volume Two (2009)

A trio of David Ellis Sprague, Steven Wayne Held and Carl Vincent Simpson. These albums contain Dark Space music. There was also one more album from them, released way back in 2000 that contained cross-cultural ethnic fusion.


Persimfans (Italy)

Quinta dimensione (1978)

A group of music students from Genova doing instrumental progressive rock with electronic elements (lots of mellotron and synths here). The original LP included tarot cards and featured the spoken voice of Tony Binarelli on top of Persimfans' instrumental score. The CD re-issue dropped the voice. There are also some female vocalizations in the music. File under EM-related.


Person, The (Australia)

Tide Life (2018)

Melodic, rhythmic, poppy electronics with a bit of a balearic / YMO feel.


Personal Bandana (USA)

[sic] (2018)
This Time It's... (2021)
Geleezeit (2022)

Synth duo from Charlottesville. Melodic, a bit minimal sound.

See also: Voice of Saturn, The


Persson, Mats (Sweden)

Strange Skies (2008)

Swedish musician who'd been playing guitar previously but discovered ambient music of James Johnson in 2005. This changed his musical vision and he began making his own sound sculptures.


Pert, Morris (UK)

Elektron Musik (2001)
The Music of Stars (2001)
Desert Dances (2006)
Chromosphere (2010)

Former Brand X drummer. These albums are supposed to contain EM or EM-related material.


Perturbator (UK)

Terror 404 (2012)
I Am the Night (2012)
Dangerous Days (2014)
The Uncanny Valley (2016)
Lustful Sacraments (2021)

Synthwave / horror synth / italo project. The music is mostly beat-driven and melodic. However, there are also some atmospheric moments and completely ambient tracks that might interest EM fans. Perturbator is British producer James Kent who currently resides in Paris.


Peru (Netherlands)

Macchu Picchu (1981)
Constellations (1981)
Continents (1983)
Points of the Compass (1986)
Forlian (1988)
Live Klemdag 1991 (1991)
Moon (1991)
The Prophecies (1993)
Best of Peru 1979-1999 (1999)
The Return (2018)

Dutch group (Jos van der Dungen, Ruud van Es, Peter Kommers and Rob Papen) with a style reminiscent of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream of the 80's and the last, but not least, Johannes Schmoelling's solo works. Melodic and rhythmic stuff with all necessary ingredients. Peru was formed in 1979.

See also: Nova, Papen, Rob.


Perz, Tomasz (Poland)

Earth's Seasons (2019)

Varied EM from this synthesist - from ambient floaters to melodic and almost danceable material.


Pes, Daniela (Italy)

Spira (2023)

Traditional-sounding songs (actually, the material was composed by Daniela Pes) backed by synths. Something for the fans of Vangelis' collaborations with Irene Papas perhaps.


Pessary (UK)

Inward Collapse (1990)
The Last Rites (1990)
Unnatural Causes (1991)
Laid To Rest (1991)
Nightfall (1991)

Cinematic Dark Ambient like Endura from Neil Chaney.

See also: Satori


Pessimist Chamber, The (UK)

What Sally Saw (2020)
Gemini Prowler (2021)
Assassins of Death (2022)

"Horror synth" project from the UK. Menacing sequences, repeating melodies, pulses, choirs...


Pestana, Luis (Portugal)

Rosa Pano (2020)

Relying very much on sampling of medieval instruments, voices and synthesizers, Rosa Pano is a complex, intense and loud work that sometimes sounds like sampling-period Klaus Schulze resurrected and making music for the post-club generation. Unique stuff for sure.


Pet Shop Boys (UK)

Battleship Potemkin (2005)
The Most Incredible Thing (2011)

Famous synth-pop duo stepped into the world of silent film scoring with their imaginary score to Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 classic "Battleship Potemkin". Although the score has some classically-inspired moments and tracks (including the use of classical instrumentation) it is also electronic and, being almost 100% instrumental, it features little synth-pop to speak of, bar a couple of tracks. In fact, a lot of it will be enjoyed by fans of Progressive EM - there are little techno or pop sounds to speak of, while the cinematic nature and purpose of the music takes it to other dimensions completely, including some moments of genuine Tangerine Dream-like pulsations and sequencing. However, the Pet Shop Boys are definitely good at melodies, and there is plenty of good melodic content here. Recommended for the curious and for fans of soundtracks in general. Other EM fans may check this out as well. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a listen. You might me surprised. The Most Incredible Thing is ballet music, which has its moments but is much more orchestral-sounding overall. At the same time, it also has more danceable beats than Battleship Potemkin.


Petäjä (Finland)

40950 (2018)

Mostly progrock (sometimes with vocals) with a couple of tracks based on ambient, climatic, melodic symphonic guitar / synths with a Vangelis feel. File as (slightly) EM-related.


Peter Edwards Ambient (USA)

suspended.Lucidity (2015)
binary.Abstractions (2017)
temporal.Divergence (2018)

Albuquerque-based artist with a darkish, moody ambient sound.


Peter The Great (Netherlands)

Go Figure (2004)

Under the moniker Peter The Great hides one Peter van Breukelen, a Dutch artist who moved to Australia during the 1980's. On Go Figure you will find melodic electronic compositions vaguely between Synergy, Wendy Carlos and Jean-Michel Jarre in style.


Peters, Cole (Canada)

A Stable Means of Degradation (2021)

Deep / Noise Ambient.


Peters, Eric (UK)

Electromusic (1972)
Music For Synthesizers (1978)

Electronic library records from this musician whose real name is Brian Hibbert. Ranges from cheesy to atmospheric.


Peters, Martin (Netherlands)

Attorks (2002)
Angels of Nowhere (2016)
Deeper Understanding (2021)

Martin Peters is a synthesist making music firmly in the Berlin School tradition. Attorks has more complex themes, but simplistic sound design.

See also: Beyond Berlin


Peters, Michael (Germany)

Escape Veloopity (1998)
My2k (2000)
Stretched Landscape #1 (2002)
Field Recordings From Barbados (2009)
Impossible Music (2009)

Electronic guitar loop improvisations. Much more active than, say, Jeff Pearce. During the 1980's, Michael worked with a Fripp & Eno-styled formation Camera Obscura.

See also: Camera Obscura


Peters, Park (USA)

Anonymously Yours (1982)
Positively Yours (1984)

Blind musician with a solid experience in the jazz field who worked as synthesizer programmer in the late 1970's. These albums were produced in his basement studio using two 4-track recorders.


Peters, Regis (France)

Aleph Zero (1982)
Le chevalier écarlate (??)

Subtitled "Suite Synthétique pour Piano et Grandes Orgues". There is amazingly little info on this. Anyway, the few available extracts sound either like Vangelis' electric piano improvisations with melodic synth leads or richly layered symphonic rock, with real drums and church organs.


Peterson, Anders (Sweden)

Tidsmateria (2022)

Swedish sound engineer and dub / ambient musician. Tidsmateria features hypnotic, deep, droning ambient tracks.


Peterson, Noah (USA)

Ambient Space Sounds (2015)

Unexpected electronic album from this saxophonist. Mostly shorter, abstract tracks, but also with some melodic or spacey moments.


Petit, Jean-Claude (France)

Fade Out / Quiet (1973) (S)
The Best of All Possible Worlds (1978)

Jean-Claude Petit is a jazz / classical composer. The Best of All Possible Worlds is more or less a synth fusion album, nothing fancy here. Some oriental influences and a cast of guest musicians.


Petit, Philippe (France)

You Only Live Ice (2016)
Descent Into the Maelstrom (2019)
Do Humans Dream of Electronic Ships (2020)
The Garden of Earthly Delights (2020)
Philippe Petit & Michael Schaffer (2020) (with Michael Schaffer)
Philippe Petit & Michael Schaffer 2 (2021) (with Michael Schaffer)
A Reassuring Elsewhere Chapter 1 (2022)
Plays the Buchla 200 - Music Electric Box (2022)
Sleepwatching the Stars Dance (2022)

Diverse experimental musician interested in turntablism and sampling. You Only Live Ice is a long-form ambient work. Descent Into the Maelstrom is a more violent electronic concoction, created on a Buchla Easel synth. Then there's The Garden of Earthly Delights - a complex work with noisy, glitchy bits, electro-acoustic bits, as well as proggy, synthy bits.


Pétra (USA)

Aunis (2019)

Ambient synthesizer duo of Allen Simon and Chantal Chadwick (based in California). A nice, relaxing sound here, sometimes flowing, sometimes with sequences.


Petrels (UK)

Flailing Tomb (2015)

British psychedelic / post-rock / drone project of Oliver Barrett. Intense and loud as a rule of thumb, sometimes with a wall-of-sound type approach. Flailing Tomb sees him experimenting with the EM genre, combining it with his usual spacey and noisy, loud psych / post-rock / drone sound. Especially the 3-part instrumental "L. Caution" is impressive in this regard. A nice find for those EM fans that look for something different and don't mind some hybrids of EM with other, mostly rock-based, styles.


Petrichor (Denmark??)

Petrichor (2021) (S)

Slowly moving sequences and melodies. Nice, moody EM.


Petridisch (USA)

Minima Vocaloid (2016) (EP)
Live To HDD (2016) (EP)
Classical Vocaloid (2017)
Wired (2017)
358 (2017)
Monolith (2017)
Oliveros: Sonic Meditations (2017) (EP)
A Fixed Point (2017) (EP)
Cage: Variations III (1962) For Farfisa & Vocaloid (2017) (EP)
The World As It Is Today. Retold. (2017) (S) (with Art Bears)
Rêve d'un rêve (2018)
Hit Rendition (2019)
Malaise Event (2019)
Blue Event (2019) (EP)
Aria of the Planetes (2019) (EP)
Live At Virtual Oasis Festival (2020)
Amaranth Loops (2020) (S)
The Minidisc (2020)
Delphinium Event (2020)
Philip Glass: Another Look At Harmony Part IV (Petridisch Performance) (2020)
Am To Pm (2020) (S)
Zones (2021)

Boston-based artist who likes to release his music on Minidisc media (although not exclusively). Delphinium Event features monolithic, a tad stark ambient compositions. Nothing is known about the others at the moment.


Petrograd Drone Gathering (Russia)

Live At Electro-Mechanica 2018 (2019)
17022017 (2020)
Puerhwave (2021)

St. Petersburg-based supergroup consisting of several ambient and noise musicians. Mostly drones and vaguely cosmic synths.

See also: Creation IV, Tim Six, Uhushuhu, AOOM, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Mira Drevo, Mykoriza.


Petrov, Boris (Russia)

Memory (1984)

Subtitled "A Rock Opera", this LP, issued in 1986, contains music for ballet performed by a symphonic orchestra and Yuri Bogdanov (also known for his work with Edward Artemiev) on Synthi-100 synthesizer. The mixture of symphonic music and electronics make this sound vaguely like Amin Bhatia. Boris Petrov is an academic composer and concert pianist. Memory is his only album with synthesizer.


Petrović, Boban (Serbia)

Zora (1984)

Disco artist from ex-Yugoslavia. This is his last album, on which he expands his sound palette and adds a couple of instrumental tracks, one of them in a nice, melodic, dare I say it, very French, style ("Perlica"). A one-track inclusion.


Petsetakis, Dimitris (Greece)

Missing Links (1991)
Endless (2015)
On Shores (2019)

Greek electronic and ambient musician from Pireus. He uses synthesizers, along with some traditional Greek instruments for a melodic, atmospheric, sometimes ambient and World Music sound.


Petteril (UK)

CYRE (2021)
Neither the Beginning Nor the End Exist (2023)

Unnerving ambient compositions.


Pettersson, Ellen (Sweden)

Origo (2022)

Semi-acoustic mixture of post-rock, krautrock and EM with lots of brassy leads.


Petzold (Germany)

Sequencia (1988)

Dieter Petzold. Electronic / new age (?)


Peyrac, Nicolas (France)

Les 7 jours de Janvier (1979) (soundtrack)

Nicolas Peyrac is a singer-songwriter from France. This is a soundtrack for the film of Juan Antonio Bardem. There is one vocal song and the rest are electronic instrumentals arranged by Roland Romanelli.


Peyret, Gilles (France)

Blocs metalliques (??)

See also: Haïku


Pez3electronic (Italy)

Some Colors (2021) (recorded in 2016 - 2017)

Fabrizio Pezzino aka Pez3electronic is an Italian painter and electronic musician based in Palermo. Pretty varied, mostly experimental EM.


P'Faun (Germany)

sp'roque (2018)
Golden Peacock (2018)
Live In 2018 - E-Live & Elsewhere (2023)

Driving electronic rock music in the style of Morpheusz, Maxxess and the rockier Klaus Schulze / Ashra. A trio of Michael Brückner (synths), Tommy Betzler (drums, percussion) and Sammy David (guitars, bass). Although officially an EP, sp'roque does clock in at good 40+ minutes.

See also: Brückner, Michael, P'Cock.


Pfeiffer, John (USA)

Electronomusic - 9 Images (1968)

Born in Tucson, John F. Preiffer (b.1920) was a staff engineer at RCA. He produced many classical albums released on that label and helped in development of stereo and quadraphonic recording techniques. He also played a role a bit later, helping RCA to incorporate the nascent digital recording technology. In the sixties he recorded some experimental electronic pieces in his home and released them on a separate LP that saw the light of day in 1968. In contrast to the majority of "electronic" albums of the day, he didn't adopt the strictly academic, "serious" approach, instead opting for a combination of his academic influences and rhythmic, melodic elements comparable to what Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt were doing at that time. He supposedly built the majority of his instruments himself. There is also one concrete piece on the album. A true relic of 1960's electronics. John Pfeiffer died in New York at the age of 75.


Pfeiffer, Thore (Germany)

Im Blickfeld (2015)
Feinherb (2017) (with Max Würden)
Umland (2019)

This sounds like an updated version of Manuel Goettsching's Inventions For Electric Guitar. It's just that: processed guitar, ambient guitar, sequenced guitar, cosmic guitar etc. It's EM played on guitar (mostly acoustic) or using guitar sound as a basis for compositions. Minimalistic and repetitive, hypnotic and warm.


Pflanzenglück (Brazil)

Ancient Ode To Nature (2022)

Dungeon synth / Ambient / fantasy music from Brazil. Pretty nice stuff.


Pflum, Karsten (Denmark)

Sleepwald (2013)
Dode (2015)
Jupiter Oil (2021)
Camera Obscura (2022)

Diverse Danish artist, mostly within techno / IDM paradigm. Sleepwald shows the ambient side of his oeuvre. Dode is more rhythmic, but closes with a 10-minute ambient piece.

See also: Maxell, Max


PG-66 (Finland)

Occasional Tunes Volumes 1 & 2 (2017)
Occasional Tunes Volumes 3 & 4 (2017)

Pertti Grönholm's project dedicated to music created with vintage Casiotone keyboards. Nice, lush, melodic sound here, somewhat Cluster-like, and overall the spirit of the Dusseldorf School soars high here.

See also: Grönholm, Pertti



Silence (1985)
The Flickering of Sowing Time (1986)
Cyclone Par L'Immobile Habite (1988)
The Black Field (1989) (with Thessalonians)
A Hole of Unknown Depth (1990)
Fetish (1990) (with Arcane Device)
Grav (1991) (with Merzbow and Asmus Tietchens)
The Chemical Bride (1992)
The Morning Book of Serpents (1995) (recorded in 1983 - 1991)

PGR is Kim Cascone. The Chemical Bride is rather industrial-like, The Morning Book of Serpents is slightly Gothic-sounding Ambient (Medieval Ambient??), while A Hole of Unknown Depth contains subtle Ambient Noise compositions.

See also: Spice Barons, Heavenly Music Corporation.


Phaeicon (Austria)

Classic Electronic Music outfit led by Richard Gaisbauer. No releases?

See also: Silent Sun, The, Blauklang, Agent Error.


Phaeleh (UK)

Illusion of the Tale (2016)

Bristol-based musician Matt Preston. He is known for dubstep music and related styles. Illusion of the Tale is warm Ambient, though, with no rhythms for the most part.


Phaenon (Poland)

Submerged (2007)
His Master's Voice (2010)

Pure Dark Ambient from Szymon Tankiewicz.


Phaeton (USA)

Biome (2020)

Varied compositions from this electronic duo of siblings Matthew and Luke Gallagher. Mostly ambient, dramatic and cinematic.

See also: Machine Listener


Phalangius (Netherlands)

The Cambridge Library Murders (2007)

Rhythmic / atmospheric work made entirely with a Roland Juno-6 synthesizer. Phalangius is Danny Wolfers aka Franz Falckenhaus.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Falckenhaus, Franz, Smackos, Weltman, Klaus, Knutson, Saab, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Phalioo (Uruguay)

Echo Waves (2021)

Droning ambient artist Andrés Faliu. Rather minimal sound here.


Phantom, The (Poland)

MC 1 (2012)
EP 2 (2012) (EP)
EP 3 (2013) (EP)
Rhythms & Moods (2014) (EP)
LP 1 (2014)
Schließen 2 (2015) (with Sad City)
Ocean (2015) (EP)

Quite diverse musician. The cassette contains melodic music with some piano, influenced by the soundtracks of Tangerine Dream. On the LP he quite unexpectedly mixes this sound with house music. The Phantom is Bartosz Kruczyński.

See also: Kruczyński, Bartosz


Phantom Horse (Germany)

Phantom Horse (2012)
Different Forces (2015)
Als Ob (2017)
Mehr Null (2020)

EM belonging to the experimental axis influenced by Schnitzler, Cluster and minimalism from this duo of Ulf Schütte (a part-time member of Back To Comm) and Niklas Dommaschk.

See also: Shapes, Schütte, Ulf, Cops.


Phantom Love (Italy)

Phantom Love (2013) (S)
Crave For Lust (2014) (S)

Phantom Love is Valentina Fanigliulo, also known as Mushy, and, apart from being a beautiful girl, she is also a great musician, presenting as Phantom Love the more driving and rhythmic side of her music, with the opening track of the eponymous vinyl EP channeling a sort of a Moroder meets Tangerine Dream sound even.

See also: Mushy


Phantom Ship (Italy)

Phantom Ship (2011)
I G N O T O (2012)
Live At the Torre dei Lambardi April 28, 2013 (2013)
Spheres (2014)
Coastal (2016)
Infinite Horizon (2017)

Phantom Ship is Italian Dark Ambient artist Roberto Faloci.


Phantoms vs Fire (Brazil)

Swim (2018)
My Mind As Your Amusement Park (2019)
WLDLFE (2019)
Modern Monsters I & II (2020)

A project of Thiago Desant. My Mind... sounds like a synth score for a wicked horror house / amusement park. Nice and moody.


Pharagonesia (UK)

Icons of Sci-Fi (??)
Geocentrics (2021)

Electronic duo from Canterbury. Icons of Sci-Fi is a rare cassette release.

See also: Darkhalf, Cosmonauttransfer, Langley, Nicholas.


Pharamond (France)

Orbis tertius (2014)
Naturalis historia (2018)

Melodic / rhythmic music in classic, TD-inspired style.


Pharaoh (Poland)

Egypt (2002)
Angelus (2003)
Jing & Yang (2003)
New Babylon (2004)

Pharaoh is Polish musician Emil Zieba who makes music with diverse influences such as the Berlin School, symphonic Vangelis and more.


Pharaoh Overlord (Finland)

Circle (2015)
5 (2019)
6 (2020)
Milky Way (2021)
Circus (2021)

Side project of Finnish indie rock / metal / kraut / industrial / whatever band Circle. They started in a non EM-related style, releasing some albums. On the amusingly titled Circle, though, they bring their krautrock / EM influences to the fore. Motorik rhythms galore, guitars and lush synths grace this disc.

See also: Circle


Pharaohs (USA)

Pharaohms / Haraohms (2009)
Uhh Uhh (2011) (EP)
Manhunter (2013) (EP)
Island Time (2013) (EP)
Replicant Moods (2013)
Rinse Dream (2015) (maxi)
In Oeland (2017)

A trio of musicians making a curious mixture of "balearic beat", tropical music and krautrock / EM.

See also: Cooper, Sam


Phare (UK)

Tropical Light (2022)

Dark electronic compositions from Welsh artist Bran Russell, based in Cardiff. Sometimes noisy.


Pharista (France)

The Silent Waves (1985)
Inner Citadel (1988)

French new age project of Franck Graignic. These early albums, composed using multiple synthesizers, avoid going the route of cheese or saccharine for the most part and can be seen as nice ambient works in their own right, sometimes hinting at early (pre-tribal period) Steve Roach (circa Structures From Silence / Quiet Music). Later releases are supposedly just ordinary new age, with pianos and all.


Pharoah Chromium (Germany)

Electric Cremation (2011)
Azurazia - Lowering the Mediterranean / Irrgating the Sahara (2012) (with Epplay & Maguet)
Vodou Rallizes (2013) (S)
OXTLR (2014) (with Günter Schickert)
Chromosphere (2015)
Gaza (2015)
Tokyo Sex Destruction (2017)
Eros + Massacre (2019)

Pharoah Chromium is Ghazi Barakat and Ghazi Barakat is Pharoah Chromium. He is a Berlin-based artist of Palensitian descent who makes experimental EM. During his live shows he usually hides his face behind a strange golden mask and likes to combine traditional wind instruments with electronics. His music is not for the faint-hearted, it can be quite chaotic but has its strange charm as well. I suggest that fans of stuff like Conrad Schnitzler or Kluster check this guy out.

See also: Creme de Hassan


Phase Duo (Italy)

Phase Duo (2019)
Generative Impulse (2023)

Milan-based duo consisting of electric violinist Eloisa Manera and electronic musician Stefano Greco. The mixture of their respective approaches results in an amalgamation of classical and synthetic approaches more or less within the Experimental EM idiom.

See also: Fana


Phelios (Germany)

Images And Spheres (2006)
Passage (2006)
It Always Rains In Wuppertal (2007) (with Stephen Parsick)
Klang ist ewig (2007) (with C. Stritzel)
Dimension Zero (2008)
Entropy Reversed (2009) (S) (with False Mirror)
Astral Unity (2010)
Gates of Atlantis (2013)
Human Stasis Habitat (2016)
Live In Russia (2018)
At the Mountains of Madness (2020)
Spirits of Rhea (2020)

Dark ambience with cosmic and ritualistic vibes from Martin Stürtzer.

See also: Sphäre Sechs, Stürtzer, Martin.


Phermatta Du Enddo Plantae (Mexico)

Urich Sass (2022)
Ventus meridionalis (2022)

A vocals / keyboards duo from Mexico City. They don't use any actual lyrics, only wordless vocalizations and the music is repetitive, with often a kind of a Cluster feel, but more lysergic.


Phew (Japan)

Vertical Jamming (2020) (recorded in 2015)
New Decade (2021)

Japanese vocalist (real name - Hiromi Moritani) and ex-member of punk band Aunt Sally. The material on Vertical Jamming was recorded during a different phase where she abandoned singing and focused on making abstract compositions using oscillators and synths. Long tracks that are comparable to early Conrad Schnitzler maybe - chaotic, but interesting and with a strange feeling of purpose. New Decade is a partial return to that style.


Phexioenesystems (UK)

Camas (2004)
Magenta Hypercue (2017) (S)
Complicities And Entanglements (2021)

London-based synthesizer artist Dominic Thurgood. His music is hypnotic, ambient and spacey.


Phi (Canada)

Teryo (2019) (S)

Patrick Haggart Ippersiel.


Philadelphia Moog Ensemble, The (USA)

The Philadelphia Moog Ensemble (??)

Electronic versions of classical tunes. These seem to be properly done, with lots of fat analog sounds, beeps & blips, etc. There may also be some original material. Private press from the 1970's or early 1980's.


Philips, Stephen (USA)

Out of Phase 1 (1992)
Out of Phase 2 (1993)
Eastern Morning (1994)
Mile High Chill (1997)
Unauthorized Experiments (1998)
Avalon Chill (1998)
Cycles 1 (1998)
Desert Landscapes (1998)
Conquest Berlin (1998)
Subtle Environments (1999)
Mile High Chill 2 (1999)
Synthetic Environments (1999)
Cycles 2 (1999)
In the Moonlight (1999)
Otherworldly 1 (2000)
Beyond the Glaze (2000) (with Ben Summers)
Natural Environments (2000)
Cycles 3 (2000)
Behind the Mirror (2000) (with Ben Summers)
Live At BZ (2000)
Dreams 3 (2000)
Lost At Dunn's Lake (2001) (with James Johnson)
Looking Out the Window (2001)
Cave of the Wind (2001) (with Isomorph)
Dreams 4 (2001) (with Isomorph)
Cycles 4 (2002)
From Within the Abyss (2002) (with Numina)
Reflections In Water (2002)
Cycles 5 (2003)
Outward Appearance (2003) (with Numina)
One Point of View (2003)
Live In Pittsburgh (2003)
Cycles 6 (2003)
Metannoyance (2003) (with Ben Summers)
Installations 1 (2004)
Placid Repose (2004)
Another View (2005)
Dagboken (2005)
Installations 2 (2005)
Inside And Outside 1 (2005)
Installations 3 (2005)
Constant 2 (2005)
Simulated Universe (2005) (with Ixohoxi)
Inside And Outside 2 (2005)
Constant 5 (2005)
Inside And Outside 3 (2005)
Otherworldly 3 (2005)
Faded (2005) (with Austere)
Inside And Outside 4 (2006)
Day Three (2006)
Inside And Outside 5 (2006)
Fractures (2006) (with Ben Fleury-Steiner)
Complexities (2006) (with Rigel Orionis)
Into the Dark (2007)
Under the Red River (2007)
Stygian (2007)
Creampuff Casper Milk-Toast (2007)
Sobbing Stone (2007) (soundtrack)
Geoflexures (2007) (with Ben Fleury-Steiner)
Descent of the Falcom (2008) (with Numina)
From the Vaults Vol. 1 (2008)
From the Vaults Vol. 2 (2008)
From the Vaults Vol. 3 (2008)
The Air Up There (2008)
Blurring the Edges (2009) (with Drone Forest)
A Distinct Line On the Horizon (2009)
Fugue States Vol. 1 (2010)
Eternal Recurrence (2010)
Fugue States Vol. 2 (2010)
Bubbling Necrosis (2010)
Wall of Drones (2011)
Cycles 8 (2012)
Fugue States Vol. 3 (2012)
Inside And Outside 6 (2012)
Inside And Outside 7 (2012)
Opportunistic Lethargy (2013) (with Nephets Blip)

Stephen Philips started playing music in the 1970's and by the start of the 1990's he got some interest in the Ambient scene. He then founded Dark Duck Records as an outlet for his own music as well as that of other aspiring Ambient musicians. His works are minimal and chilling, inspired by Brian Eno and other pioneers of the genre. Another project in similar style where Stephen also participates is Deep Chill Network.

See also: Deep Chill Network


Phillips, Anthony (UK)

Private Parts And Pieces Vol.2/ Back To the Pavillion (1980)
1984 (1981)
Deeper Mysteries (1985) (with Geoff Leach)
Private Parts And Pieces Vol.7/ Slow Waves Soft Stars (1987)
Missing Links Vol.1/ Finger Painting (1989) (recorded in 1979 - 1989)
Slow Dance (1990)
Private Parts And Pieces Vol.8/ New England (1992)
Missing Links Vol.2/ The Sky Road (1994)
Meadows of Englewood (1995) (with Guillermo Cazenave)
Private Parts And Pieces Vol.9/ Dragonfly Dreams (1996)
Wildlife (2007) (with Joji Hirota)
Ahead of the Field (2010)
Private Parts And Pieces XI/ City of Dreams (2012)

Phillips was the guitarist of the original Genesis lineup. His solo stuff is extremely diverse stylistically. From British pop to orchestral tracks, guitar solos, singing etc. For EM fan I can recommend the following: 1984, his entirely electronic work, Private Parts And Pieces Vol.7/ Slow Waves Soft Stars, Missing Links Vol.1/ Finger Painting, Private Parts And Pieces: New England. On Private Parts Vol.2 there's a long electronic track called "K2". There are probably others as well, but at least for the above mentioned works it is known for sure that they contain electronic pieces.

See also: Intergalactic Touring Band, The


Phillips, Barre (USA)

Mountainscapes (1976)
Three Day Moon (1978)
Face à face (2022) (with György Kurtág jr.)

Mixture of jazz fusion and electronics from ECM label. These are the two albums by jazz bassist Barre Phillips that would be interesting to EM fans. The first was done with John Surman, Stu Martin, John Ambercombie and Dieter Feichtner. Three Day Moon is Barre Phillips (bass), Terje Rypdal (guitar, guitar synth, organ), Dieter Feichtner (synth) and Trilok Gurtu (percussion). The music is a mixture of spacey electronics from Rypdal and Flechtner with acoustic bass and percussion from Phillips and Gurtu.


Phillips & Jensen (USA)

Patra (2015)

Los Angeles duo (Tim Phillips and George Jensen) with an ambient electronic sound. Sort of new-agey, reminding on classic American and Canadian releases of the 1980's, from Steve Roach to Rick Miller.

See also: Jensen & Paige


Phillips, Ward (UK)

Cyclades (1985)


Phipps, Ronnie (UK)

Who's That Standing With John T? (2023)

Ronnie Phipps is a Glasgow-based Scottish artist who uses synths to create a varied, mostly ambient sound with some melodic / rhythmic elements.


Phoanøgramma (Italy)

The Void On A Distant Sun (2023)

Ambient duo of Angelo Panebianco and Matteo Mariano. Moody, cosmic, melancholic, cinematic, just a tad dark.


Phobos (UK)

Darkness Within (2009)
Monolith (2010)
This Desolate Place (2011)
Live On Earth (2012)
Darker (2012)
Sector Four (2014)
An October Evening (2015)
Approaching Dark Space (2017)
Celestial Harmonics (2019)
A Visual Presence (2020)

First album contains one long track of immersive Ambient. Phobos is David Thompson.

See also: Thompson, Dave, Subclavian.


Phochos (Netherlands)

Eppure si muove (1989)
Antroposophy (1990)
EKS 2 (1990)
EKS 3 (1991)
EKS 4 (1991)
EKS 5 (1991)
Reductio ad absurdum (1992)
Cosmology (1993)
Polymorfic (1995)
Annee republicain (1996)
Equivoque (1996) (S)
Re-Organised (1999)
Earthly Connections (1999)
Triton (1999)
Creation (2000)
Return To Reality (2000)
Journey Through Oxytetra (2000)
Journey Through Oxytetra 2 (2000)
Psycokinesis (2001)
Symphony (2001)
Asimov Rising At Heinlein Point (2001)
Observing the Moon (2002)
Micro Macro (2003)
Through the Looking Glass (2003)
A Tale of Two Cities (2004)
Synthforum Sounds (2005) (S)
Silence (2006)
Titan (2006)
Movements With Red, Yellow, Blue And Green (2007)
Ambient Phasing (2007)
Views From the Other Side of the Sky (2007)
The Equivalence Relations (2007)
Oskylaytor (2007)
Cosmos (2008)
Cosmos Vol. 2 (2008)
Spirits From the Frozen Worlds (2008)
Spirits From the Frozen Worlds Vol. 2 (2008)
Time-Sessions (2008)
The Equivalence Relations Vol. 2 (2008)
Cosmos Vol. 3 (2008)
Colours of Infinity (2008)
Spirits From the Frozen Worlds Vol. 3 (2008)
Micro Macro (2009)
Glaciers / Interphase Phrase 1 (2010) (S)

Phochos is Jos Lieffering who has released a lot of his music under various guises, namely Phochos, Mindsearch, Mindsearch's Revenge and Work of Honour. Jos Lieffering was born on December 5, 1964 in Hague, Netherlands. In 1975 he started playing electric organ and in 1976 he added a homemade synthesizer. After that he acquired more keyboards and synths and started releasing his music on cassette tapes.

See also: Mindsearch / Mindsearch's Revenge, Work of Honour, Haags Timmerbedrijf


Phoenix (Canada)

Flight Path (??)

Obscure 45 RPM record.


Phoenix (Romania)

Cantofabule (1975)

This double LP is progrock. However, these guys did so many great things with their synths and the use of electronics is so extensive that I coudn't resist including them in EEM. It's really amazing what they came up with in 1975. Sometimes they even get a pulsing, piercing, aggressive Heldon on steroids sound! File under EM-related.


Phoenix 1291 (Sweden)

Universe (1999)

Style: 70's Jarre.


Phoenix Sound of the 21st Century, The (Japan)

The Norito (1983)

Weird project of Akihiro Miyaura, Akira Fukakusa (Far East Family Band), Akiro Kamio (The Bach Revolution), Hiroshi Takashima and Takashi Kokubo. It is a combination of floating, breezy, muzak-like and sometimes rhythmic, disco electronics and strange Japanese vocalizations that IMO do not combine well with the music. One for the curious I guess.

See also: Kokubo, Takashi


Phoenix, Wayne (USA)

Soaring Wayne Phoenix Story the Earth (2019) (S)

Reflective ambient pieces, some with narration, some completely instrumental.


Phoenix York (Canada)

Godspeed Phuong (2014)
Quiet Mutations - Remixes And Reworks (2016)
Farther Things (2020) (EP)

Textural Ambient not unlike that of Jeff Greinke. At least I do notice a few similarities which could be pure coincidence of course.


Phonebox (USA)

Some Mediocre Songs (2020) (S)

Queens-based project. Although mostly informed by house music, roughly half of the tracks on Some Mediocre Songs are ambient, with the opener reminding on the quieter moments on Klaus Schulze's The Dome Event or Das Wagner Desaster, with its shadowy pads and processed sampled vocals.


Phono Input (UK??)

Hum (2018)
Translunar Objects (2019) (EP)

Dark synth textures, berlinesque sequences... Pretty spaced out stuff by Aaron A. Fimister, clearly inspired by 1970's TD works.


Phonophilia Research Lab (Portugal)

A System of Circles And Spheres (2021)

Nice analog EM from the duo of Duarte Maltez and João Pinto. Highly repetitive and mechanical sounding, with huge, fat synth sounds, bringing back memories of the Golden Age of Electronic Music. A fittingly scientific theme prevails here.

See also: Landscape Pavillion, The


Phonothek (Georgia)

Lost In Fog (2016)
Red Moon (2017)
Styx (2020)

Dark Ambient from this duo of Nina Sublatti and George Shamanauri. Some cosmic and classically or jazz-inspired moments, too.


Phorme (France)

Is (2019)
Ghost (2020)
Revelations (2020)
Sea of Souls (2020)
Remnant Sprites (2023)

Cyber / futuristic / utopian / dystopian ambience.


Phosphene (UK)

Long Meadow Felt Company (2001)

Phosphene is John Cavanaugh (of the Scottish space rock duo Electroscope). This is Electronic Music with some hints of early German pioneers and even one psychedelic *song*! After this album, John proceeded to release albums, drifting out of the stylistic borders of EEM, making Syd Barrett-influenced psychedelic rock / pop with a dash of electronics. 


Phosphorus Moat (Canada)

Demo I (2019)
The Loneliness of the Solemn Wayfarer (2020)

Melodic, propulsive, marching, dungeon synth-like music.


Photophobik (UK)

Photophobik (2023)

Music with a Conrad Schnitzler feel circa Con (Ballet Statique). Repetitive structure with lots of metallic, bell-like, resonant synthetic sounds. Photophobik is one of the projects of Nick Edwards.

See also: Edwards, Nick, Busy Microbes, Nunton Elektrikz.


Phragments (Slovakia)

Homo homini lvpvs (2005)
Awaken the Wolves (2006)
The Burning World (2007)
Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood (2008)
Mysteries of the Greylands (2010) (with Korinth)
New Kings And New Queens (2013)
All Towers Must Fall (2016)
Fratres (2018) (recorded in 2011 - 2017)
Anthems of Solitude (2020)

Started as a martial industrial duo. Later progressed to Martal Ambient and sometimes classic Dark Ambient. This is not their full discography.


Phranick (USA)

A Pulse Runs Through Us And the Weave Is A Pulse (2019)
Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night (2020)

Interesting project, with multi-part EM that sometimes sounds like dungeon synth and sometimes like rhythmic / melodic EM.


Phrase Velocity (Canada)

Phrase Velocity (2016)

Interesting World Music from this tabla / synth duo out of Toronto, Ontario. Pretty wild and experimental overall.


Phrased (UK)

Untitled (2016) (S)
Positive Centre (2017) (EP)

Deep house / techno project. Some of the tracks lean towards EM. These include both sides of the untitled "7 and track 2 off Positive Centre. These sounds like a minimal version of Software updated for this century.


Phrex (Switzerland)

Gravitate (2020)

A project based in Bern. Gravitate features pulsing, repetitive electronics more or less in the style of Conrad Schnitzler.


Phrozenlight (Netherlands)

Moogitique Part One (1997)
Epsylon (1997)
Pyra=Midi=En=Trance (1998)
Digital Atmosphere (1998)
Velvet Layer (1998)
Shimmering Lights (2007)
Starlight (2007)
Far Side of the Galaxy (2008)
Stone Age Visitor (2008)
Colorful Water (2009)
Gates of Darkness (2010)
Cosmic Message (2018) (with Son of Ohm)
Voidcity (2018)
Stardust Dimensions (2018)
Astronauts Volume 3 (2019)
25 Years Part 1 (2020)
25 Years Part 2 (2020)
25 Years Part 3 (2020)

Space Music by Dutch artist Bert Hulshoff who had previously released a wealth of albums as free downloads. The project  itself was started already in the 1990's, when Bert released a few cassettes under the Frozenlight artist name (these are listed above). Shimmering Lights became his first solo release on a physical (CD-R) carrier. Digital Images, on the other hand, is one of several albums available for purchase as download from MusicZeit (well worth visiting if you don't mind downloads, by the way). It consists of one eponymous track that clocks at almost 59 minutes. The composition begins with subtle drones that gradually gain in volume, as more mysterious sounds are added on top. No sequences are to be heard, just long-drawn drones, windy synths and metallic resonances. I am reminded on Oophoi even. After 5 minutes, the wind effects get louder and more intense. At the same time, the texture of sound becomes deeper, like an endless well sucking you in. This is music on the border of Dark Ambient and Space. So, is Dark Space an appropriate term to describe it? Perhaps. If you enjoyed your early Tangerine Dream (and I mean real early stuff here, circa Zeit / Atem), you might find this exactly to your taste. The music becomes quieter, and then louder again, like waves of the mysterious dark matter surrounding you. Towards the middle of the piece, the music becomes intense to the point of menacing, with drones completely overpowering your ears. After 30 minutes, hints of melody start to slowly creep in, but the music is still firmly in the abstract / droning territory, with mysterious resonances playing the lead role. As we are passing the 50 minutes mark, the windy sounds get louder and the music more focused, before dissipating into darkness towards the end. Digital Images is great late night listening for those who love the spookier, darker variety of Space Music.

See also: Dutch Space Mission


Phul (Germany)

Phul (2020)

This duo experiments in strange, a bit lo-fi electronics, sometimes with a post-punk feel (the guitars).


Pi Corp (USA)

Lost In the Cosmic Void (2001) (recorded in 1973 - 1976)

Unreleased at the time of recording, Lost In the Cosmic Void is a collection of jams recorded in Cleveland by future soundtrack composer Alan Howarth together with Guy Bickel on bass and Woody Leffel on vocals. Musically, they are all over the place, featuring hard rock tunes, psychedelia, wild space rock improv's and a good slice of early EM. Sadly, the recording quality is not of a very high standard.

See also: Braino, Howarth, Alan.


Piano, Michele (Italy)

Nïnde (2020)

Ambient, sometimes with a huge piano (no wonder!) presence.


Piasecki, Artur (Poland)

Vague (2015)
Unearth (2018)

Reflective soundscapes. Droning synth sound with a touch of glitch. The first track from Unearth is really nice.


Piazza, Luciano (Italy)

New Age Sensations (1998)
Acqua (2003)
Simply Music (2007)


Piche, Jean (Canada)

Heliograms (1982)

This Canadian composer (b. 1951) was a pioneer of digital technologies in the 1970's. He then released this electronic LP with a fairly thick and ambient sound.


Pickford, Andy (UK)

Linear Functions (1983)
Replicant (1993)
Terraformer (1994)
Apocalypse of Love (1994)
Voyager (1994)
Maelstrom (1995)
Dystopia (1995)
Symbiont (1995) (with Ian Boddy)
Works 1 (1995)
Xenomorph (1996)
Valhalla (1997)
Works 2 (1997)
Nemesis (1998)
Lughnasad (2002)
Jera (2012)
Vanguard 1 (2015)
Vanguard 2 (2016)
Vanguard 3 (2017)
Psymanteum (2019)
Aphelion (2019)
Maelstrom Companion (2019)
Panopticon Album 1 (2020)
Panopticon Album 2 (2020)
Biosphere (2020)
Objects & Expressions I (2020)
Objects & Expressions II (2020)
Objects & Expressions III (2020)
Nemesis Companion (2020) (recorded in 1998 - 2020)
Pareidolia Vol. 1 (2020)
Pareidolia Vol. 2 (2020)
Pareidolia Vol. 3 (2020)
Pareidolia Vol. 4 (2020)
Orgonon Vol. 1 (2020)
Orgonon Vol. 2 (2020)
Orgonon Vol. 3 (2020)
Orgonon Vol. 4 (2020)
Lughnasad Companion Vol. 1 (2020) (recorded in 2002)
Lughnasad Companion Vol. 2 (2020) (recorded in 2002 - 2020)
Harmonics In the Silence Vol. 1 (2020)
Harmonics In the Silence Vol. 2 (2020)
Harmonics In the Silence Vol. 3 (2020)
Harmonics In the Silence Vol. 4 (2020)
Shadow At the Gate Vol. 1 (2020)
Shadow At the Gate Vol. 2 (2020)
Smelt (2020)
Dreadnaught (2020)
Shadow At the Gate Vol. 3 (2020)
Shadow At the Gate Vol. 4 (2020)
Alignment (2020)
Terraformer Companion Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 1994 and 1996)
Terraformer Companion Vol. 2 (2021)
Vanishing Point (2021)
Caca de Luna Vol. 1 (2021)
Caca de Luna Vol. 2 (2021)
Caca de Luna Vol. 3 (2021)
DARC Part 1 (2021)
DARC Part 2 (2021)
DARC Part 3 (2021)
Dreamwell Chilled Vol. 1 (2022)
Dreamwell Chilled Vol. 2 (2022)
Dreamwell Chilled Vol. 3 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 1 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 2 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 3 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 4 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 5 (2022)
Dreamwell Vol. 6 (2022)
Xenomorph Companion (2022)
Biosphere Remixed And Remastered (2022)
Exospore (2022)
Replicant Companion Vol. 1 (2022)
Replicant Companion Vol. 2 (2022)
Forbidden Spheres (2023)
Companion To Exospore & Forbidden Spheres (2023)
Departure (2023)
080705 (2023) (with Paul Nagle and Phil Smillie)
Finisterre Point (2023)
Tetranomicon (2023)
Cosmic Revenant (2024)
Siroc (2024)

British synthesist whose life line is in a way similar to that of many other second generation EM musicians. As a kid, Andy got some interest in organ music which he was able to fulfill once his parents bought him a toy electric organ. He then got in contact with the "real world" of EM, inspired by the songs of Van Der Graaf Generator, Hot Butter and so on. In 1977, he discovered Jarre's Oxygene which changed his life and musical vision forever. More EM discoveries followed and after getting his first synth (a Korg MS-20) Andy started fooling around with it, recording the results on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Another synth followed and Linear Functions was recorded. Andy then had a hiatus that lasted for some years (during this period he even tried his hand at writing vocal pop songs!), before returning big time in the early 1990's. Andy's style can be characterized as highly energetic and rhythmic. Note that Linear Functions was released on cassette only under the pseudonym Kris McKuen.

See also: S t d m, Binar, RadioSilence.


Picó, Santi (Spain)

Miskatonic II (1992)
Loop Project (2009) (with Adrià Grandia)

Acoustic guitar player who was a member of Neuronium for a few years. He released a few fusion / folk albums before exploring more electronic waters on Miskatonic II. The title track and "The Dance of the Ghouls", in particular, will appeal to fans of hypnotic Berlin School repetition based on electric guitar (Manuel Goettsching, Gunther Schickert, etc) as well as atmospheric electronics.

See also: Neuronium


Pictogram (UK)

Trace Elements (2020)

A project of Nick Taylor who does both the heavily sequenced EM (as on the opener) and the floating, cosmic ambient synth sounds.


Picture Palace Music (Germany)

Strange Things From the Past Vol. 1 (??)
Nostalgia (2006)
Music Inspired By Robert Wiene's Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (2007)
Next Year, We May All Be Miles Away (2007)
Somnambulistic Tunes (2007)
Symphony For Vampires (2008)
Three Easter Nights At the Babylon (2008)
Walpurgisnacht (2008)
Auerbach's Night Club (2008) (S)
Curicculum vitae 1 (2009)
Natatorium (2009)
Fairy Marsh Districts (2010)
Midsummer (2010)
Metropolis Poetry (2011)
Electronic-Poetry-Tour (2011) (EP)
Indulge the Passion (2012)
Remnants (2013)
Letters From Libya (2014)
ReVision (2014)

Picture Palace Music is the project of Tangerine Dream keyboardist Thorsten Quaeschning. His first solo album (not counting the CDRs) Somnambulistic Tunes is an attempt to create soundtracks for classic silent movies.

See also: Tangerine Dream, Quaeschning, Thorsten.


Pidone, Mike (Germany)

Mystical Reaction (1985)

Varied atmospheric / rhythmic synth material.


Pieete, Anton (Netherlands)

Brains (2023)

Although known as a deejay and club musician, Anton Pieete released this abum (Brains) in a more subdued and ambient electronic style.


Piel, Elin (Sweden)

Omsorg (2020)
Satsuma Sunday (2022)
Ingrid Linnea (2023)

Synth musician from Gothenburg. Using modular synth, she sculpts melodic, catchy, but also atmospheric and experimental compositions. The title track from Omsorg is a beauty. The closer is also extremely enjoyable (strong Planetary Unfolding vibes here). Very nice EM overall!


Pielacinski, Darek (Poland)

Future Eye (2004)

Polish musician born in 1969 and living in Warsaw. He has a pretty straight-forward, classic melodic / rhythmic style, influenced by the likes of TD, Jarre, Vangelis and some progrock acts.


Pierce, Adam (USA)

Powder Horn (2013) (S)

Adam Neil Pierce plays synth and guitar in experimental rock trio Mother Whale. As a solo artist, he mostly indulges in noisy guitar drones. However, some of the material on Powder Horn is synth-based, including "Skeletons", which is reminiscent of Klaus Schulze (with noisy processed voices on top).


Piernikowski, Robert (Poland)

Świat jest jak echo (2021) (S) (soundtrack)

Experimental hip-hop artist. Świat jest jak echo is a moody synth soundtrack with a pretty repetitive structure.


Piero, Gianni (UK)

Artigli di drago (2022)

James Penrose's pseudonym used mostly for music influenced by late 1980's synth soundtrack sounds.

See also: 4-D Traveller, Universal Frequency, Planetary Technicians, Celestial Mechanics.


Pierre, Alain (Belgium)

Jan zonder vrees (2016) (recorded in 1985) (soundtrack)
Ô Sidarta (2020) (recorded in 1974) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack to animation series. Melodic, atmospheric, sometimes with a slight TD vibe.


Pierrot Lunaire (Italy)

Gudrun (1977)

The second album by this Italian avant-folk band took a complete turn towards the avant-garde side of things. Of interest to EM fans will be the title track with its syncopated repetitive rhythms. Imagine a music box and cheap transistor organ version of Virgin-era Tangerine Dream fronted by demented operatic female vocals and you get close.

See also: Stalteri, Arturo


Pierrot Premier (Germany)

Electric Kool - Aid Acid Test (1994)
Orange Clouds Over Battery Park (1996)

Music in Tangerine Dream style with some techno elements from Thomas Thorn and Ingmar Koch.


Pierson, Dax (USA)

Live In Oakland (2019)

As a member of several bands in hip-hop and indie rock genres, Dax Pierson has been active on the Californian music scene since the late 1990's. In 2005, he was on tour with his leftfield hip-hop collective Subtle, and the group's van suffered a road accident that damaged Pierson's neck, leaving him paralyzed from chest down. As his individual fingers do not move, he relies on alternative controllers and ways to make music that modern technology offers. Live In Oakland is a nice testament to this man's talent. Largely inspired by his hip-hop and rock past, the music uses large doses of sampling and rhythms, adding sequences, dark drones and synthetic what-not. The music is in a way experimental, but not difficult, often melodic and dramatic (as on "Soulpsang"), but is definitively progressive. One track is amusingly titled "Krafteno".


Pietkivitch, Jim (USA)

Twilight Dreams (1994)
Spiral Journey (1998)
Inner Worlds (2004)

Space Music with Tangerine Dream influences. Jim Pietkivitch was a drummer before getting some interest in ambient and cosmic forms of EM in the late 1980's. His first album was released in 1994 and re-released a year later. Jim then founded his own "Electrofine Music" label, on which Spiral Journey was released. It was followed by Inner Worlds that saw Jim adding vocalist / flute player Melanie Lunsford to his soundscapes.


Piętnastka (Poland)

Dalia (2011)
Kambium (2020)

A duo of Piotr Kurek and drummer Hubert Zemler. Quirky, experimental music. Sometimes folky.

See also: Kurek, Piotr


Pietras, Eric (USA)

Beams (2015)

Melodic, laid-back instrumentals played mostly on analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines by this Californian artist.


Pietrusko, Robert Gerard (USA)

Elegiya (2021)

Moody ambient pieces inspired by Tarkovsky's movies.


Pietruszko, Adam (Poland)

The Anatomy of Nuclear War (2010)

Concept album about post-apocalyptic world by this Polish musician. A mixture of melodic and experimental EM styles.


Pietsch, Scooter (USA)

The Glass Delusion (2010)

Varied compositions from this Los Angeles-based artist, from ambient and new-agey to gently rhythmic.


Pigments (Finland)

Thought Forms (2022)
Fractured Lore (2022) (with [ówt krì])

Intense synth compositions, mostly of ambient nature.


Pike, Laurence (Australia)

Beginning And End of Knowing (2015) (with Mike Nock)
Distant Early Warning (2018)
Holy Spring (2019)
Prophecy (2020)

Drummer who mixes electronics in.

See also: Szun Waves, Forgiveness.


Pilgrimage To Pleroma (Belgium)

Plus Intra (2020)

Moody (but never too dark) ambience from this project.


Pillion (Belgium)

Enigmas (1980)
Mountains of Fear (1981)
Centillion (2014)

Pillion is a duo of Walter Christian Rothe and Guy Drieghe (founded in 1978) that released an LP of sequential Electronic Music during the classic period. The album (Enigmas) is a live recording from a concert in September 1980 in Brussels. The second one (Mountains of Fear) was not officially released at the time of its recording.

See also: Rothe, Walter Christian, Drieghe, Guy.


Piloot (Belgium)

Piloot (2017)
Recuerda tu Futuro (2018)
Gyre (2019)

Krautrock-influenced band. Recuerda tu Futuro consists of two long tracks full of obscure synths, droning guitars, strange sounds etc.


Pimpon (Poland)

Pozdrawiam (2022)

Polish drummer currently residing in Denmark. Diverse, heavy, avant-garde, playful, poppy, neurotic. Steady drums, sometimes in full-on motorik mode and electronics. Sometimes with autotuned vocals, sometimes sort of Heldon-y.


Pimprenelle de tes Yeux (France)

Gloire Anna (2020)

One side of ambient electronics and another of voice samples over rhythms.


Pin Park (Poland)

Krautpark (2017)
Doppelganger (2020)
Blind Spot (2022)

A duo consisting of Maciek Bączyk and Maciek Polak. The two use EMS synthesizers (VCS3 and AKS) to create unpredictable, spontaneous compositions with a flair of classic EM. Nice, warm synthiness.

See also: Polak, Maciej


Pinchbeck, Shawn (Canada)

Wildcats!! (1987)
Tonepleromas (1989)
Penetration (1991)
Resonance (1995) (with Marion Garver)
Sonic Walking (2005) (with Ken Gregory and Steve Heimbecker)
Remote Controls (2011)
Ortona (2013)
Far From the Apple Tree (2019) (soundtrack) (with Rose McDowall)

Canadian synthesist and electroacoustic composer. Starting in the early 1980's, doing musique concrete and noise / tape pieces, Shawn quickly developed an interest in sequencer music of the likes of Tangerine Dream and other German pioneers. His subsequent works were influenced by that style, as well as Ambient. Shawn's music is pretty dramatic and on Resonance he is joined by flute player Marion Garver.


Pinches, Andrew (UK)

Ark (1989)
Below Zero (1989)
Below Zero / The Black Zone (1990)
Wizard On Wizard (1991) (with James Whelan)
White Harpoon (1991)
Cubes (1991) (recorded in 1988 - 1991)
Outtakes 1 (1991)
Outtakes 2 (1991)
Atmos One (1993)
Atmos Two (1993)
Perihelion (1999) (S) (with Robert Andrews)

British synthesist. Music like the classic synth explorations of Klaus Schulze. Note that there are two releases titled Below Zero. One is a private cassette from 1989, the second was released on Direction Music a year later. The contents of these cassettes are totally different and the Direction Music release is a two-cassette set with "The Black Zone" suite on the second cassette. On Atmos Two there is a dedication in the credits to none other than Gianluigi Gasparetti (aka Oophoi), and that's quite remarkable, because GG's recording career would only officially start three years later, in 1996.


Pine Electronics (USA)

Eternal No Peace (2020) (S)
World PM (2020) (S)

Strange stuff. Electronic, yes, but rather low-fi and minimal, focusing on burps and beeps and with a certain "1960's EM" feel.


Ping Pong (Italy)

Ping Pong (2023)

Interesting stuff. Obviously influenced by no wave, synth-punk, krautrock and industrial, this duo of Andrea Renzini and Stefano Passini creates cold, neurotic, siren-laden, often motorik-infused music that sounds like a Moebius / Heldon collaborative broadcast directly from Kim Jong Un's bunker after apocalypse. Interestingly enough, a lot of the material has something of an early (pre-Autobahn) Kraftwerk feel to it.


Pinhas, Duncan (France)

Ouverture hybride (2016)
Sources (2021) (with Richard Pinhas)

Hypnotic and neurotic electronics in the style of Richard Pinhas (his father).


Pinhas, Richard (France)

Chronolyse (1976)
Rhizosphere (1977)
Iceland (1979)
East-West (1980)
L'ethique (1982)
DWW (1992) (recorded in 1983 - 1992)
Cyborg Sally (1994) (with John Livengood)
De l'un et de multiple (1997)
Fossil Culture (1999) (with Peter Frohmader)
Le plan (1999) (with Maurice Dantec)
Schizotrope, the Life And Death of Marie Zorn (1999) (with Maurice Dantec)
Oblique Sessions II (2000) (with Pascal Comelade)
Schizotrope III (2001)
Events & Repetitions (2002)
Tranzition (2004)
Metatron (2006)
Single Collection 1972 - 1980 (2007)
Keio Line (2008) (with Merzbow)
Metal / Crystal (2010)
Wolf Eyes & Richard Pinhas (2010) (with Wolf Eyes)
Rhizome (2011) (with Merzbow)
Flip Side (of Sophism) (2012) (with Pascal Comelade)
Victoriaville Mai 2011 (2012) (with Merzbow and Wolf Eyes)
Desolation Row (2013)
Vents solaires (2014) (S) (with Etienne Jaumet)
Tikkun (2014) (with Oren Ambarchi)
Welcome In the Void (2014) (with Yoshida Tatsuya)
Hakata Shibuya - Live In Japan 2014 (2015) (with Yoshida Tatsuya)
Process And Reality (2016) (with Yoshida Tatsuya and Masami Akita)
Mu (2016) (with Barry Cleveland)
Live At Tusk Festival (2016) (recorded in 2015) (with Yoshida Tatsuya and Ryoko Ono)
Reverse (2017)
Camera / Richard Pinhas (2017) (S) (with Camera)
Trax (2017) (with Makoto Kawabata and Yoshida Tatsuya)
Makoto Kawabata · Richard Pinhas · Yoshida Tatsuya (2018) (with Makoto Kawabata and Yoshida Tatsuya)
Flux (2018) (with Kapital)
Rough & Wojtyla featuring Richard Pinhas (2018) (with Rough & Wojtyla)
Live At Bam Balam (2019) (recorded in 2016 and 2018)
Ascension (2019) (with Tatsuya Yoshida)
Alturas (2020) (with Makoto Kawabata, Manongo Mujica, Juan Luis Pereira and Hiroshi Higashi)
Le plan de Paris (2020) (with Pascal Comelade)
Quentin Compson (2020)
Sources (2021) (with Duncan Pinhas)
Live In U.S.A. (2022) (recorded in 2016)
CODA (2022) (with Merzbow)

French synthesist and experimentator, leader of Heldon. Pinhas is a very interesting character who participated in many French electronic, progressive and experimental projects. His albums are classics and well worth hunting. On some tracks the whole Heldon lineup is featured, some tracks are solo Pinhas work. His importance for the French electronic scene cannot be overestimated. His electronic guitar playing style is reminiscent of Robert Fripp, and there's no wonder - Pinhas is a big fan of Fripp and King Crimson. But don't expect anything too derivative of KC or Mr. Fripp, because Pinhas very well has the style of his own. His specific vision of music together with his political and philosophical influences create truly unique experience and atmosphere.

See also: Heldon, Fluence, Ose, T.H.X., Dunn, Richard, Schizo, Video Liszt.


Pink Elln (Germany)

The Electronic Dreamplant (2002) (with Stardax)
The Beginning (2018) (recorded in 1984 - 1988)

An alias used by Tobias Freund for his solo music and film productions from 1984 to 2004. The Beginning presents his earlier phase, collecting pieces recorded from 1984 to 1988 mostly using analog equipment, with some rudimentary sampling as well. A lot of the material is obviously informed by the minimal synth scene and sound. However, the more melodic pieces are pleasantly Kraftwerk-like, with nice vocoder use on "Mörder".

See also: Freund, Tobias, NSI.


Pink Floyd (UK)

Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Wish You Were Here (1975)

I've included Floyd here mainly because of two tracks: "On the Run" from Dark Side of the Moon and "Welcome To the Machine" from Wish You Were Here. The former is a classic example of Electronic Music recorded in 1973, while the latter may also appeal to EM fans, although it features acoustic guitar and vocals, apart from ubiquitous synthesizers built in rhythmic sequenced pulses. Great panning effects and, overall, a very dramatic composition. There are many more albums by Pink Floyd, containing music that ranges from psychedelic rock (early albums) to classic progressive and space rock. The two albums listed above are, arguably, the best and for me represent the peak of their career. Great progressive works with sad atmosphere and melancholic lyrics.


Pink Fluid (UK)

Pipe Dreams (2017)

Side project from members of Seahawks in a completely floating, analog synth-based vein.

See also: Seahawks, Ocean Moon.


Pink Midnight (UK)

R-DA-Epoch (2019)

Abstract and rough electronics between noise and Prog EM.


Pink Skull (USA)

Zeppelin 3 (2008)
Endless Bummer (2009)
Psychic Welfare (2011)
Clean Plate - Turkish Delight (2014)

Experimental band mixing techno, house, indie rock and EM / kraut influences. Some singing, too. Clean Plate is a nice and varied album, a bit Cluster-like.

See also: Grefe, Julian


Pink Sky (USA)

Meditations (2016)

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based husband and wife duo of Ryan and Angelica Hay. They use hardware keyboards and visuals to stage their shows. Meditations is different from their debut - largely instrumental, the music is alive with melodic solos, effects, steady rhythms etc. Nice and different EM style, with a fantastic long closing track. Hopefully they continue in that direction instead of going the pop route.


Pink Twins (Finland)

Four Million Suns (2010)
Return of the Real Real (2015)
Solid Air / Sun Gateway (2020)
Rosa Complete (Live @ p​-​node​.​org) (2020)
Blade of Gold / Forest of Nothing (2020)
Head Penjing (2023)

Finnish duo consisting of Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen. They usually make various forms of noise. On Head Penjing, they seem to be aiming at a kind of Klaus Schulze's Mirage-type of soundscape, with the addition of cold winter drones, sparkling clusters of synths and general cosmic melancholy. There is still a ghost of noise lurking around, though. Other albums in the above list may be interesting from an EM perspective as well.


Pinkcourtesyphone (USA)

Foley Folly Folio (2012)
Elegant & Detached (2012)
Please Pick Up (2013)
Description of Problem (2014)
A Ravishment of Mirror (2014)
Sentimental Something (2015)
Elison (2016) (S) (with Gwyneth Wentink)
Taking Into Account Only A Portion of Your Emotions (2016)
Talk the Pleasures Out of It (2017) (S)
Something You Are Or Something You Do (2017)
Indelicate Slices (2017)
Leaving Everything To Be Desired (2020)
All Intensive Purposes (2022)
Shouting At Nuance (2022)
Arise In Sinking Feelings (2024)

Ambient project of minimalist composer Richard Chartier. Hypnotic, glitchy, reductionist sound, sometimes with field recordings.


Pinkerton, Justin (USA)

Aak'ab (2020)
Music From An Uncharted Planet (Vol. 001) (2022)

Very nice, playful EM full of analog arpeggios and pulsations from this drummer, synthesist and multi-instrumentalist (member of hard rockers Golden Void).

See also: Futuropaco


Pinks Quieter (USA)

The Pinks Quieter (2013)

Pretty strange stuff from this Portland, Oregon-based musician (Charlie Salas Humara). According to Humara, he draws from "Washington DC's 80's Go Go scene and then combining that with New Age Psychedelic music" (case preserved). This "New Age Psychedelic music" would mean our beloved EM of course. The overall feel is weird - lots of percussion and hippie-like wah-wah effects combined with nice, warm analog synths. Mostly shorter tracks. Interesting...

See also: Grapefruit


Pinktool (Estonia)

Mutabor (2020)
2000 - 2011 (2022)

Fine and unique electronics from Tallinn - grating, intense, ambient, experimental... Lots of interesting ideas here.


pinyonpine (USA)

It's Ok, You Can Open Your Eyes Now (2024) (with Lake Mary)

Tinkling, lulling ambience.


Pio, Giusto (Italy)

Alla corte dei Nefertiti (1988)
Attraverso i cieli (1990)
Utopie (1990)
Missa populi (1995)
Le vie dell'oro (2000)

A long-time collaborator of Franco Battiato, Giusto Pio (1926 - 2017) was primarily a classical violin player. He began in 1979 with a very minimal Motore immobile, dominated by organ and other acoustic / classical instruments. He then released several albums in collaboration with Battiato, that highlighted his violin playing in a new wave / pop setting. His solo efforts of that time (early 1980's) were similar in style. They contained some interesting arrangements but were primarily very easy-listening efforts. However, on Alla corte dei Nefertiti he explored a dirrerent territory - a rich tapestry of sound, imbued in classical tradition and ambient aesthetics, done on synthesizers, resulting in unique and very beautiful symphonic / ambient EM brew.


Pio de Almeida Prado, João (Brazil)

Retorno a Agartha (1990)

Dramatic, symphonic Electronic Music with a Vangelis flair (circa El Greco). Some ambient, purely classical and new age moments as well.


Pioggia d'Ambra (Italy)

Sostanza M (2012) (S)
Exuviae (2013) (S)
Wormhole (2013)
Il triste inverno animico (2013) (S)
Larve astrali (2013) (S) (with Tommaso Busatto)
Take Good Care of Your Teeth (2019) (S)
Il fragile suono della dissoluzione (2020)
Visioni destabilizzanti dal reame delle ombre (2020)

Dark soundscapes and drones.

See also: Grave Wax Orchestra, The


Piper, Sebastian (UK)

0923 31866 / 0491 573980 (1991) (with Dennis Wiehahn)
Spells (1992)

English musician and painter.


Piper Spray (Russia)

Regressive Youth (2022) (with Lena Tsibizova)
Leaving Memory (2023) (with Lena Tsibizova)
Debtor of Presence (2024) (with Lena Tsibizova)

Hypnagogic pop duo from Moscow. Their collaborative releases with Lena Tsibizova are more in the style of melodic / emotional ambient electronics.


Pisani, Camilla (Italy)

Lithium Salt (2018) (with Banished Pills)
Inner Spaces Like Anechoic Chambers (2019)
Verneshot (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Frozen Alchimia (2020)
Phant[as] (2022)

Stark soundscapes, sometimes with sequencers and / or slow rhythms. Nice stuff in an individual style.


Pirard, Natasha (Belgium)

Dream Cycles (2024)

Ghent-based composer and musicologist. Dream Cycles consists of minimal, repetitive pieces that build on simple looped sound phrases with other textures, melodies and sounds added over the course of each track. Droning, sparkling, cosmic, hypnotic...


Pirsztuk, Mati (Argentina)

The Lost Art & Pleasure of Dreaming (2017)
Sounds From Cactus (2020)
Lucid Sunset Dream (2021) (S)
Vodoo (2023)

Argentinian-Polish guitarist and synth player who is inspired by avant-garde, jazz, musique concrete, krautrock and the Berlin School of Electronic Music.


Pisarczyk, Zbignew (Poland)

A Machine To Imagination (1997)
The Radioactive Planet (1998)
The Dream of Master Jarre (1999)
No Gravitation (2000)
Moon Dream (2002)
Hydrogene (2002)

Polish artist who tries to imitate the style of Jean-Michel Jarre. He is also known under pseudonyms "Artenius" and "Zibbon".


Pisetzky (Italy)

Tears of A Rough Machine (2017)

A mixture of fine ambient numbers with a rich synth sound and rhythmic techno / house tunes. EM-related music from Fabiano Valli. It would be inetersting to hear how a completely ambient / EM album by him would sound.


Pisterman, Yoann (France)

Water Groove (2021)
Almost Religious (2021) (S)

French artist residing in Berlin. Repetitive, warm electronics making use of FM and analog synthesis. For fans of Manuel Goettsching's solo synth explorations, Japanese EM and new age of the 1980's and 1990's and such.


Pit Or Portal (Mexico)

Pit Or Portal (2021)

A somewhat krauty duo focusing on steady rhythms, synths and a few other instruments.


Pitsounov, Vadim (Russia)

Anthropophonia (1995)
ODE (1995)
Virtual Ballet (1999)
Cosmograph (2005)

Vadim Pitsounov (b. 1957) is a Moscow-based synthesist. Varied rhythmic / melodic works, often classically-inspired.


Piva (Italy)

Fragments of Nights (2021) (S)

A strange one. Starting as "dungeon synth", the music progresses to more ethereal realms until ending in spacey electronics vein.


Pixie Ninja (Sweden / Norway)

Ultrasound (2017)
Colours Out of Space (2020)

Instrumental prog band with Fredrik Klingwall, Jostein Haugen, Marius Leirånes and Mattias Olsson (Necromonkey, Kaukasus). They use tempo changes, complex structures, atmospheric sections and all the right elements you would expect from a high-caliber symphonic / progrock outfit. Keyboard-wise, it is total overload, though, will all members playing some kind of synth and keyboard instrument, the whole setup counting with literally dozens of items, including some pretty classic and / or obscure ones, like the Mellotron, the Vako Orchestron, Hammond organ, Philicorda, Persephone and even Clavioline, Ondes Martenot, Stylophone and Maestrovox! It is loud, it is complex and it is pretty electronic too (no wonder given the above). File under EM-related.


Pixius (Australia)

Tombs EP (2015) (S)
Asteroids of Space Information (2015) (S)
The Reign of the Rain Tyrant (2015) (S)
Scrap Metal (2016) (S)

Pixius is a side-project of Daniel Jackman who is based in Hobart, Tasmania. He is primarily a guitarist and participates in many projects / bands. As Pixius, he mainly opts for electronic instrumentation, although his approach remains very much that of a guitarist - layering down heavy synth riffs modelled after his guitar work, this is some heavy duty, rhythmic EM that will be enjoyed by fans of Disasterpeace, Goblin and chiptune.


Pizza Hotline (UK)

Delivery Boy 2099 // 配達少年2099 (2023) (recorded in 2020)

Vaporwave-related project of Harvey Jones. Delivery Boy is split between rhythmic, synthwave-like tracks and futuristic ambient compositions (a real attraction of the album).


Pizzin, Alessandro (Italy)

Spettri (1992)
Shin-On (1993)
Throw-Back (1995)
The Wind Collectors / As Witness Our Hands (2016) (recorded in 1989 - 1990) (with Gigi Masin and Alessandro Monti)
Il suono del suoni (1993 - 2017) (2017)
Il secondo orizzonte dell'universo (2017)
Improvvisa suite magnetica (2018) (S)
Received: Selected Works 1981-1993 (2019)
Micro Culture (2020) (with Alessandro Monti)
Alien Field (2022) (with Ken Field)
Unconventional Residents (2022)
Unconventional Residents II (2023)

Alessandro Pizzin, a musician from Venice, has been making Electronic Music since the late 1970's. His sound is pretty minimal, repetitive and sometimes ambient or experimental. Apart from his solo work Pizzin is also known as a member of the group Ruins. Pizzin is also known as Alieno de Bootes.

See also: Ruins



Sweet La Vie (2018)
Hermes (2018)
Sparkles (2018)
Glows (2018)
In Between (2019)
Neuroplasticity (2019)
Ears (2019)
Gills (2019)
Precipice (2020)
Protection (2020)
Magic Moments (2020)
Sagan (2020)
Curvature (2021)
Environments (2021)
Origin Stories (2022)
On the Island (2022)
Glyphs (2022)
Malahat (2022)
Time? (2022)
Rainbow Fusion (2022)
Malahat (2022)
Atriums (2023)
Ouroboros (2023)
Praxis (2023)

Synth duo of Patrick Dique and Jordan Christoff. Spacey, meditative... For those who like classic Space Music (Michael Stearns' Serge modular works, early Serrie et al).

See also: Christoff, Jordan, Lid Flippers.


Pjusk (Norway)

Sart (2007)
Sval (2010)
Tele (2012)
Drowning In the Sky (2014) (with Sleep Orchestra)
Solstøv (2014)
Salt og vind (2022)
Sentrifuge (2022)
Svev (2023) (with Arovane)

What started as a duo, is now a solo project of Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from the West Coast of Norway. He creates hypnotic ambient compositions influenced by the harsh weather conditions of his native country. The music is often quite warm, though.

See also: Circular, Neural Network.


PK 2025 (Russia)

Cosmic Chaos & Galaxy of Illusions (2022)
Ambient State (2024) (with Pryder)

Long tracks with droning synths, collages and cosmic atmospheres.


PKGD (???)

10 Dungeon Synth Classics (2020)

What the title promises. Mostly your run of the mill dungeon synth, but with extra depth and drama in places, also with pretty varying textures (and some e-guitars), which approximates it with the melodic / atmospheric EM style (as on the long "The Darkening of Ages", for example).


Place, James (USA)

Living On Superstition (2015)

New York-based techno-related artist. He normally focuses on varied, lo-fi, techno-derived sounds. There is also a lot of that on Living On Superstition. However, some of the sounds and moods & textures also hint at Prog EM, so it might be of some interest.


Placebo (Belgium)

1973 (1973)

Jazz-rock ensemble with Marc Moulin (1942 - 2008), who would later go on to form synth-pop act Telex. Mostly typical, albeit innovative fusion of the time, but one track ("Re-Union") is pure droning EM and sounds somewhat out of place. Marc Moulin's own solo album from 1974 contains a lot of electronics, too.


Plague of Insomnia (UK)

Inhalation (2020) (EP)
Luminous (2021)

English project that mixes several styles. Let me just quote the author: "Dungeon synth inspired by blackgaze, atmospheric and depressive black metal, John Carpenter, Philip Glass, and Krautrock". I can definitely hear most of the above. To me, it is more Prog EM than dungeon synth, though.


Plains Apparition (Canada??)

Adrift (2018)
Encrypt (2019)
Aperture (2020) (S)
Watershed (2021) (S)

Ambient music with a slight vaporwave flair.


Plains Druid (USA)

Swag Demon (2013) (S)
Super Real Islands (2014)
Before Summer Let Us Down (2015)

The music of this Chicago-based project is mostly not very progressive, as it consists of minimal, noisy, dirty and sort of lo-fi synthesizer compositions, influenced more by indie electronics, minimal synth and post-rock than any EM. However, there are moments of pure EM sound on Before Summer Let Us Down, for example, where Mark McGuire also performs as guest. Other interesting tracks may be scattered throughout his oeuvre.


Plamen Večnosti (Serbia)

The Acumination (2022)

Pure Ritual Ambient with a strong touch of blackness. Lots of disembodied voices, obscure sounds and acoustic instruments / sources (including heavy drumming) alongside synths.


Planes (Germany)

Planes (1974)

German electronic duo of Gregor Curten and Anselm Rogmans more or less in sedate atmospheric Cluster vein. 


Planet Battagon (UK)

Episode 01 (2016) (S)
Moon of Dysnomia (2018) (S)
Battagon Symphony (2018) (EP)
Trans-Neptunia (2020)

Episode 01 contains two tracks of experimental minimal techno and one track ("Turnip") sounding like a completely electronic version of an improvised bop piece. Lots of beeps and bleeps here and a progressive approach without a doubt. Let's hope the author continues to explore that sound.


Planet Earth (UK)

Planet Earth (1978)

Planet Earth consisted of Tristan Fry and Kevin Peek, two members of prog band Sky and included also Mike Ratledge and Karl Jenkins (synthesizers, both from Soft Machine). On this album you will find electronic synth-rock music with some cover versions and original compositions.

See also: Ratledge, Mike


Planet Light (Belarus)

Distance (2020)

Planet Light is multi-instrumentalist Sergey Shishigin who plays a kind of pastoral music which is a mix of instrumental prog / psych and ambient electronics (with an emphasis on phased pads).


Planet of the Arps (Netherlands / Germany)

Planet of the Arps (2019)

A project of Remy Stroomer and Wolfram der Spyra (with Roksana Vikaluk helping out) in an ambient, cosmic style.

See also: Remy, Spyra, Moon And Melody.


Planet Supreme (Sweden)

Order of the Star In the East / Holy Mountain (2020)
Creation of A Star (2021)
Rule From the Dark Mountain (2022)
Destruction of A Star (2023)

Varied ambient compositions from Karl Ture Rydby. Ranges from darker to bright, spacey, cosmic, reflective, minimal and experimental. Some pulsing / rhythmic stuff as well. Order of the Star... is a Databloem release.


Planet-Y (USA)

Space Station (2007) (S)

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Space Station is a cosmic, out-there improvisation of Philadelphia-based Yanni Papadopoulos (Casio DG-20 electronic guitar) and Charles Cohen (Buchla Music Easel synthesizer). Will be of interest to fans of early krautrock / kosmische musik, Morton Subotnick and Sun Ra.

See also: Cohen, Charles


Planetarium Music (USA)

Planetarium One (1998)
Planetarium Music (2000)
Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (2002)
Speachless (2002)

Alex Bundy's musical project inspired by early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh and Cluster. Included in the above discography is music released under Alex's real name as well.


Planetary Peace (USA)

Synthesis (1980)
Return of the Dove (1980)

Synthesis contains music recorded in London by the husband and wife duo of Will Sawyer and Cath Sawyer. Using a uniquely tuned Serge synthesizer, they recorded a set of lullaby-type songs and instrumental compositions.


Planetary Technicians (UK)

Surface Explorer (2018)
Geometrics (2019)
Organic Industry (2022)
Cycles of Life (2022)

Rhythmic electronics from James Penrose.

See also: 4-D Traveller, Celestial Mechanics, Universal Frequency, Piero, Gianni.


Planets, The (USA??)

The Planets (1977)

The plain red and white sleeve of this LP states: "A record: 1977. The Planets". It looks like a various artists release, or maybe it should have been included under the "unknown artist" tag, but anyway... The music is done by students of electronic music at a community college. And, no, it's not just your average academic, "serious" bleepy noisefest. These guys do deliver some tasty, cosmic, progressive EM that sounds pretty mature, considering the circumstances. A fascinating relic. Would be nice to actually know the names of the authors.


Planetshine (Russia)

Way To Nowhere (2019)

Atmospheric black metal / electronic project of Sergei Andrievsky. Mostly atmospheric black metal, with some ambient sections and a totally ambient / EM closing track. File under EM-related.


Plank! (UK)

Plank! (2010) (EP)
Animalism (2012)
Aphidelity (2014) (S)
Hivemind (2014)

Occupying that vaporous space between math rock / space rock and EM, this Manchester-based trio of Dave Rowe, Ed Troup and Johny Winbold-Lewis creates an intense brew of rippling sequences, analog synth solos, distorted guitars and drums. Sort of like an updated Djam Karet sound maybe, with more focus on electronics. File under EM-related.


Plant Bach Ofnus (UK)

Pyrdedd (1987) (S)
Awst / Llwyd (1988) (S)
Weitharmonisch (1989) (S)
Symudiad ymddangosol y lleuad (1990)

Welsh band (Fiona Owen and Gorwel Owen) whose second full-length album contains four atmospheric, cosmic tracks dedicated to the phases of the Moon.


Plant43 (UK)

The Sentient City Awakens (2013) (EP)
Edge of the Wood (2018) (EP)
From Deep Streams (2018)
Silver Streams (2023)
Luminous Machines (2024)

Electro artist from London (Emile Facey), initially inspired by Kraftwerk and early hip-hop compilations. From Deep Streams is an unexpected and very nice work in Prog EM style. Analog synths and sequences galore.


Plants Dub (Italy)

Music From the Trees (2019) (S)

Some slow, rhythmic, dubby stuff and some completely beatless EM / ambient stuff.


Plasmafuse (Sweden)

Crows In the Cornfield (2018)

A project of Ronny Rasmusson. Creating dark soundscapes with a horror vibe, he is a nice sucessor of pioneering Swedish Dark Ambient artists, from Raison d'Etre to Kammarheit and especially Megaptera (there's a strong The Curse of the Scarecrow feel on Crows In the Cornfield).


Plasman (Italy)

Futuro anteriore (2010)
Endless Wave (2016)
Tales From Planet S (2023)

Aka Plasman51. If you like sequencing, then Endless Wave by Carlo Vergani aka Plasman should be exactly your cup of tea - two long slabs of multi-layered sequencer rhythms and nothing more. This is the hypnotic essence of EM. Futuro anteriore is pumping, rhythmic, loud chiptune / dance music hybrid and is hardly progressive.


Plastelina (Poland)

Deszcz (2020) (EP)
Ziarno (2022)

Ambient project of Jakub Grzybowski. A bit noisy and glitchy, but mostly pretty relaxing.


Plaster (Italy)

Transition (2018)

Rome-based industrial duo. On Transition, they decided to work in an analog hardware environment. The results are gritty and noisy, although not without a certain Prog EM influence.


Plastic Sunsets (USA)

sunsets.1 (2022) (S)

Pretty varied stuff here, but generally falls into the "Experimental" category.


Plastik (Iceland)

Herna (1995)

Early project by Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson aka Yagya. Rare cassette release.

See also: Yagya


Plastiq (Germany)

Plaster (2018)
Polvere / Radio paraíso (2020) (S)
Interstation (2021)

All-female experimental trio consisting of Lena Geue, Martina Lenzin and Raphaela Andrade Cordova. Interstation is full of strange noises, collages and moments of krauty synth, which is alternatively blissful and distorted.


Platek, Jan-Dirk (Germany)

They Dream In Heaven (2016)
Three, Six And Nine (2017)

This musician is the mastermind of instrumental rock / post-rock project We Deserve This. With releases under his own name, he brings his classical and electronic influences to the fore. A mixture of slow rhythms, piano melodies, orchestral samples and lush synthesizers.


Platel, Charles-Edouard (France)

Imagimuse / 1 - Musiques électroacoustiques imaginaires (2008)
Imagimuse / 2 (2009)

Although working mostly within the domain of computer-aided electro-acoustic music / musique concrete, Charles-Edouard Platel also uses electronics, and some of his tracks tend towards rhythmic or more ambient forms of EM.


Platou, Per (USA)

Landers (2019) (EP)
Ruins of Ruins (2022)

Californian artist. Ruins of Ruins was inspired by the landscapes of the Mohave desert and the experiences one has when staying in this region. Unique style of EM - mechanical sounding and rhythmic, it marries steady bass sequences with reflective "desert" electric pianos, some guitars and acoustic instruments.


Platt, Raymond Daniel (USA)

Fields of View (1986)

Melodic, a bit new-agey, but also clasically-inspired music from this synthesist.


Playamaqui, Danny (Spain)

AE-O8 (2023) (S)

Barcelona-based electronic musician. Weird, quirky, rhythmic, complex music mixing IDM and classic analog sounds.


Playdate (Canada)

Manitoulin Tapes (2019)
Wonderland (2013)

Varied pastoral synth compositions from the duo of Matthew Bailey and Carl Schilde. Oscillates between relaxing and cheesy. On Wonderland, they have transformed into a trio, adding Scott Harper to their roster. Some guest musicians contribute on classical instruments.


Plazmatick (Croatia)

Hrđava vremena / Rusty Times (2020)
Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly (2020)

A project of Marko Mihalinec who in the early 2000's made breakbeat music. Rusty Times, though, is a different beast altogether. Still heavily rhythmic, the music is melodic, propulsive and very direct / in-your-face. Fans of the more rhythmic / melodic forms of EM and even synthwave may check this out. Good stuff for driving, running and other daily activities that imply some movement and / or physical effort.


Pleasure (Australia)

Saint Albans (2021) (recorded in 2019)

A drums / bass / synth trio from New South Wales. Abrasive, lo-fi, krauty EM / rock.


Pleiades (USA)

Pleiades (2015)

Varied synthesizer tracks, from spacey and ambient to rhythmic, experimental and sequencer-based. Pleiades is a project of Gabriel Fulvimar, former member of blues rock band The Black Keys.


Plenilunio (Peru)

The Moon Wake Up (2005) (EP)
El Milagro de la Muerte (2008)

Hailing from Lima, Peru, Plenilunio is a moody atmospheric project from Richard Nossar (of Don Juan Natus and Throne of the Fallen fame). Rather melancholic but not so dark.


Plimplim (France)

In Fact She Never Wakes Up And It Is Quite Normal For Her To Sleep For Her Entire Life (2008)
And Then (2020)
Plein air (2021) (with Etienne Redon, Monsieur Crâne, Nino Ram, Violent Shogun and Zeugma)

Cinematic music from Jerome Marchand.


Plin (Italy)

Trilling e magia nella fantascienza (1981) (with S. Lazlo)
Blitz (1981)
For Astronauts N. 2 (1981)
Nel mondo dei bimbi (1986)

Plin was a duo of Luciano Simoncini and Luigi Bergonzi. These are some of the most obscure and rarest electronic library albums out there.

See also: Bergonzi, Luigi


Plinter (Ireland)

Gino (2018)

Abstract, experimental, but also progressive (in the same way that Zappa's synclavier experiments are).


Plone (UK)

Press A Key (1997) (S)
Plock (1998) (EP)
For Beginner Piano (1999)
Puzzlewood (2020)

Birmingham-based trio, which had one album released in the 1990's on Warp. The style was wacky downtempo. They returned in 2020, this time as a duo, to record another analog synth album that is hooky, childish and nostalgic. The ambient tracks (such as "Circler") have something of a Cluster feel to them.


Plotnick, Henry (USA)

Fields (2013)
Blue Fourteen (2014) (S)

Only 11 years old at the time of the release of his first album, Henry Plotnick is a musician from San-Francisco who seems to be heavily influenced by the repetitive patterns of minimalism (think Terry Riley and Roedelius).


Plugpoint Music (Germany)

Last Chance (1987)

Rare, privately pressed electronic album that suppodely never made it past the demo stage. A project of Reiner Ossmann.


Pluhm (Italy)

Ambienti e rovine (2021)
Canzoni di buio e luce (2022)
Sull'assenza (2022)
Distanze e solitudini (2023)

Climatic ambient material mixing electronic and classical instrumentation.


Plum (USA)

Plum (2016) (S)
Become (2017)
Traffic (2019)
StreetView (2020)

Varied ambient and experimental compositions from Chaz Bundick.


Plum, Lorraine (USA)

Flights of Fantasy (1980)

This is a "guided imagery for developing imagination, relaxation and self-concept" record from Indiana. So there is spoken word unfortunately. The background music, however, is supposed to be electronic.


Plummer, Gregg (USA)

Luna (2011)

Ambient soundscape artist from San Francisco.


Pluralis (Spain)

Ensayo sobre un Sonido (2000)
Stones Out! (2001)
H. P. Lovecraft's the Case of Charles Dexter Ward (2003)
Pluralis 4 (2006)

Space Music by Julio Javier Iglesias.


Pluramon (Germany)

Render Bandits (1998)

Pluramon is Markus Schmickler and Render Bandits is his second album. It features ex-Can percussionist and the music is very much along the lines of Dusseldorf School. Certainly a must for fans of Cluster, Kreidler and such.


Pluta, Jurgen (Germany)

Blanche (1979)
Communication (1982)

Bass player of prog band Wallenstein. He released a couple of solo albums, both are electronic but very different. The first is EM in a melodic / rhythmic style, rather accessible and nothing fancy. The music is made on analogue equipment. The second album was released under the "Pluta Connexion" moniker and is a normal new wave album (with vocals) and three mildly interesting completely instrumental tracks.


Pluto (Norway)

Voyage Into A Dreamer's Mind (1980)
Ouverture (1982)
Soundtracks For Inner Movies (1999)

Late period Norwegian progressive rock band led by Petter Espen Guthe (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and also including Freddy Ruud (keyboards, vocals), Rune Mangen (bass, vocals), Gunnar Berg-Nielsen (drums, vocals) and Kjell Rønningen (keyboards). The sound is floating and melodic, easy on the ear. At times the music gets a bit cosmic and there are fine electronic moments, too. The whole reminds me a bit on the music of Gandalf, with most pieces being instrumental and vocals used sparingly. File under EM-related.


Plyci (UK)

Mwgwd (2013) (EP)
Flump (20130 (EP)
Passive (2017)
Sŵn (2018)

A project of Welsh artist Gerallt Ruggiero, who operates out of Nottingham. He makes diverse music, from ambient to experimental and rhythmic modular construction.



Gloryland (2018) (S)

Melancholic, slightly neo-classically tinged Ambient from Ros Knopov.


PMDS (Portugal)

Processor Modulation Density Sequencer (2012)
Caloura (2021)

PMDS is a duo of Pedro Sousa and Filipe Caetano based on the Azores. They channel the mechanical side of krautrock and classic EM through rhythmic sequences, obscure sounds and liquid, distorted solos. Nice.


PNEM (Netherlands)

Circadian Rhythms In Public Spaces (2022)

PNEM are a four-piece band from the Netherlands and they have really mastered their motorik craft. If you like your Neu!, La Dusseldorf, Klaus Dinger and Moebius - check these guys out. Infectious stuff!


Pneuma (Japan)

Psychabuse (1995) (recorded in 1979 - 1985)
Autrement qu'etre (1995) (with Tetsuo Furudate and Sumihisa Arima)
Autrement qu'etre II (2000) (with Tetsuo Furudate and Sumihisa Arima)

This artist appeared on the scene in the mid 70's, going parallel route to German Klaus Schulze, playing floating sequenced Electronic Music, although the title (and the cover) of Psychabuse may suggest otherwise.

See also: Takami, Trembling Strain.


Pneuma Haze (USA)

The Clock Moves Backwards (2023) (S)

Joyful, warm, melodic ambient compositions from a guy behind Flaming Ouroboros and a few other black metal projects and probably a sonic antithesis to that style.


Pneumatic Tubes (UK??)

A Letter From Treetops (2022)

Joyful, warm, melodic EM for summer evenings, with touches of Christian von Esherscheim's Sommernachtstraum.


Pocket Pavillions (Sweden)

Gondolas Traversing Lofty Peaks (2022) (S)

Nostalgic electronics influenced by vintage library music and 1960's space age pop. A project of Daniel Högberg, ex-member of electro-pop duo Pacific!.


Podel (UK)

Suburban Memory (2022)

Moody, a bit lo-fi ambient electronics.


Podio, Gianluca (Italy)

Musica composta e diretta da Gianluca Podio (??)
Mondi lontani (??)
Mondi lontani due (1989)

Library electronics with varied styles.


Poegs (Germany)

Transmigration (1999)
Black Hole (2000)
Galaxy (2000)
Landscape (2001)
In Somnius (2001)

A project started in 1999 by German composer Christian Zumdick. From more or less traditional Electronic Music to symphonic new age / classical and space rock / bluesy stuff. The most spacey and electronic pieces of Poegs were released separately on a sampler CD called "Planet Frog: Space Ambient Flight" (2002).


Poemme (USA)

Arboretum (2017)
Soft Ice (2017)
Escape To Blue (2018)
Moments In Golden Light (2018)
Frozen Passages (2019)

Poemme is ambient composer Angela Klimek. Sensitive soundscapes, really beautiful at times - evocative, deep and emotional.


Poetry of Illusion, The (Australia)

Le pick clops (2015)

Varied soundscapes from Glenn Thomson who also makes progressive rock music under his real name.


Pohjola, Pekka (Finland)

Jokamies (1983)

A departure for this well-known bass player and jazz fusion / prog musician, Jokamies (also known as Everyman in English) sees him fusing choral music with synthesizer music. Beware the 1980's production qualities that might put off some listeners.


Poing (France)

The Golden Button (2020)

Solo electronic project of François Joncour, member of indie rock / pop bands I Come From Pop and Pastoral Division. Repetitive organ arpeggios, chirping drum machines, lush string synths, motorik rhythms... A very nice and unique EM.


Point Pleasant (UK)

Mythology (2017)
Solemn (2017)
We Have Been Here Before (2019)
Phases (2020)

Ambient soundscapes.


Pointe du Lac (France)

A Progressive Approach To... (2015) (S)
EP2 (2015) (S)
Pointe du lac (2016)
913161815A (2016)
EP 1 & 2 (2019)
LP2 (2020)
Les siphonophores des eaux froides et profondes de l'Arctique (2023)

Music heavily inspired by the Dusseldorf School and cosmic forms of EM, with motorik rhythms and analog synths. Pointe du Lac is Julien Lheuillier.

See also: Julien Lheuillier.


Pointon, Malcolm (UK)

Electromuse (2016) (recorded in ??)

Electronic pioneer who started composing tape-based pieces in late 1960's, inspired by the works of Stockhausen. He then developed a stylus-controlled DIY synth. The above release contains mostly pieces recorded in the 1970's. These range from abstract electronics / musique concrete to melodic / arpeggiated synth music.


Poirier, Roméo (France)

Plage arrière (2016)
Atelier / Ferme (2016) (with Michael Marshall)
Kystwerk (2019) (with Lars Haga Raavand)
Hotel Nota (2020)
Living Room (2022)
Love / Hate (2023) (S) (with The Exposures)

Plage... features weird, pastoral electronic ditties with a vague Cluster flair from this French photographer and musician. The music was inspired by Greek beaches and islands.


Poise (UK??)

Perfume (2019)
Palatial Desires (2020)

Ambient compositions with lots of choirs.


Poisson, Christophe (France)

Music Sky (1985)

Inventive electronic fusion of Pierre Henry and Heldon styles from this late enigmatic musician.


Poke-1,170 (Netherlands)

Selected Fmbient Works 82-80 (2022)

Varied, sharp, spiky electronic compositions made on an old MSX computer.


Pokorski, Jakub (Poland)

Wieczna miłość / Upadłe anioły popkultury (2013) (S)
Hominal (2014) (S)
#33 (2014) (S)

Experimental electronics.


Pol (Germany)

Transomuba (1994)
Baby, I Will Make You Sweat (1995) (soundtrack)

Experimental Ambient project of C-Schulz, Christoph Kahse and Marcus Schmickler.


Pol, Jolanda (???)

Synthy Synsation (1993)


Polack, Coen Oscar (Netherlands)

The Language of Mountains Is Rain (2006) (with Herman Wilken)
Psychic Investigations (2008)
The Skipping Monk (2009)
Geluiden uit de Blauwe Kamer (2009)
De Objectieve Lach (2010)
Spectral Churches (2011) (S)
Fathomless (2013) (with Herman Wilken)
Race To the Bottom (2017) (with Glice)
Haarlemmerhout (2020)
A Concrete Pasture (2023)

Dutch ambient drone artist who is very much into processed field recordings. Sometimes he ventures into fine electronic ambience, the two collaborative albums with Herman Wilken being a good example.


Polak, Maciej (Poland)

Exercises For Synthi ASK Solo (2018)
1972 (2022)

This is what the title promises: minimal, experimental but listenable and often sublimely melodic compositions made on said machine.

See also: Pin Park


Polanski, Zoe (Israel)

Inertia - Music From the Motion Picture (2017) (S) (soundtrack)
Violent Flowers (2020)

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Violent Flowers is a dream pop release, but the instrumental tracks like "Ya'ar Bein Olamot", "Humboldt Current" and "Slopes" will be enjoyed by fans of EM for sure, from melodic to sequencer-based. A nice EM-related artist here.


Polar, Humberto (Peru)

Anatema (2016)
Six Assymetric Studies (2019) (with Mike Sandoval)

Solo electronic compositions from member of alternative rock band El Hombre Misterioso. Ranges from loop-based ambience to flowing synth, sometimes with sequencers.


Polar Keep (USA)

Polar Keep (2020)

Polar / winter ambience.

See also: Shrouded Gate


Polar Moon (USA)

As Above, So Below (2020)
Where Have All the Wolves Gone (2023)

Ambient compositions with a huge piano presence. A project of Jon Radtke.


Polaris (Poland)

Stan przejsciowy (2001)
Moo'n'sequences (2004)
Re:Transmission (2005)
Background Stories (2008)
Collision (2011) (with Krzysztof Horn)
Way Out (2014)
Desert Run (2018)

Polish synthesist Jakub Kmiec.

See also: Scamall


Polaroid (USA)

Six Escapes of Sound (2021) (S)

Varied ambient synth compositions from this project.


Polaroid Notes (Germany)

Sea Shores (2015)
The Rhodes Session (2016)
Unsung Memories (2017)
Home Diaries: Moonlight Sessions (2020)
Drone Reworks (2020)
Ghost Sounds (2020)
Schneewehen (2020)
Still Life (2021)
Cloud Anthems (2022)
Four Singles (2023)
Drones & Sketches (2023)
Soundtrack For A Perfect Day (2024)

Classic Ambient with a huge piano presence.


Polaroids At Night (UK)

Obscure (2021)

Sort of lo-fi but melodic ambient compositions.


Polcyn, Chris (USA)

Facets (2021)

Californian artist who merges gentle house rhythms with melodic EM moods.


Pôle (France)

Kotrill (1975)
Inside the Dream (1975)

French electronic band formed by the Pôle label owner Paul Putti together with his wife Evelyne Henri and helped by P. Besombes, J.L. Rizet and other guests. Rhythmic and at times experimental music, a little like Heldon perhaps.


Poli, Thomas (France)

Condor Chasma (2018)
That explosé (2021)
This Flow (2022) (recorded in 2016 - 2021)
Le rayon extraordinaire (2022)

French multi-instrumentalist. Condor Chiasma contains modular synth music recorded for an exhibition. Both experimental and melodic / listenable...


Polibix (UK)

Dreams (2023)

Electronic project from the UK. Dreams is an album made entirely in the Garage Band software. It features a varied set of mostly cinematic, reflective tracks.


Polígono Hindú Astral (Spain)

00110001 (2012) (S)
El Absurdo se Multiplica (2013) (S)
00110010 (2015)
67P (2015) (S)
Split Cassette (2015) (with Sentionaut)
Sequencias de un Universo Modulado (2016) (S)

Synth duo from Valencia. They are pretty diverse, often relying on sequences and uncluttered analog sounds.

See also: Tornero, Julio


Pollard, Brendan (UK)

Expansion (2005)
Flux Echoes (2007)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth (2009) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
September 2009 Jams (2009) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Live 26.09.2009 (2009) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Time Out of Mind (2009) (with Free System Projekt and Hashtronaut)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth Vol.2 (2010) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Mind Out of Time (2010) (with Free System Projekt and Hashtronaut)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth 3 (2010) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth IV (2010) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Live At Awakenings (2010) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Live In Concert 2006 Part 1 (2012)
Live In Concert 2006 Part 2 (2012)
Two Roads (2013) (with Javi Canovas, Adrian Dolente and Michael Daniel)
Collection Volume One (2013)
Collection Volume Two (2013)
Collection Volume Three (2013)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth V (2013) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth VI (2013) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth VII (2016) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth VIII (2018) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth IX (2019) (with Michael Daniel and Phil Booth)
Isolated Passages (2020)
Diffuser - The Rehearsal (2020) (with Adrian Dolente)
Live And More (2020) (recorded in 2018) (with Adrian Dolente)
Prologue (2020)
Inverse (2020) (with Phil Booth)
Isolated Passages Two (2020)
Isolated Passages Two (2021)
Phrases And Protocols (2021)
Isolated Passages Three (2021)
Cycles And Pulses (2022)
The Zone of Malleable Fears (2023)

Analogue, sequencer music from Rogue Element synthesist. Brendan uses lots of classic instruments to craft EM compositions of monumental proportions. Take the opening track ("Tegula") from Expansion as an example. Spacey effects give way to multi-tracked mellotron choirs. This is some subtle and at the same time epic stuff, like classic Tangerine Dream mixed with mellotron playing from Schulze's Dune. The choirs are then replaced by the weeping flute. Low bass throb is joined by upbeat sequencing and mellotron string textures. This could easily be an outtake from Ricochet concerts. The sound is rich and everything is carefully placed within the stereo range. Thankfully, Brendan uses healthy doses of reverb to make sure the sound is pleasantly "spacey". Those who like mid-1970's Tangerine Dream will drool over this track. The sequences mutate, yielding very interesting and sometimes weird results. I think that this is pretty much "the essence" of EM. I mean, Brendan really searches for new sounds here, while too many other contemporary EM composers often forget about this simple way of not becoming boring. One of the best sequencer EM pieces I've heard of late. "Toxic Blue" starts with mellotron flute, before an excellent phased analogue pad enters. This is some music to die for! mellotron choir plays a beautiful melody which is then replaced by echoing sounds and a Froesean mellotron flute / string combination. Deep cello lines serve as an introduction to a sequenced section that starts slowly, gradually gaining momentum and dominating the second part of this epic piece. If you like heavy-duty sequencing and mellotron - this is what you've been waiting for! "Nebulous" has that wonderful 1970's sci-fi feeling throughout, with analogue sounds, echoing whispers and theremin-like effects. Sounds a bit like Schulze's "Moogetique" transferred into active regions of the cosmos. "Valve", on the other hand, will delight fans of the sequencer as it basically adopts the formula of TD's "Movements of A Visionary" (i.e. short introduction leading into a lengthy sequencer section). "Aquarius" is a short closer filled with water sounds and mellotron flute / Fender piano. Some might argue that Expansion is one of the most unashamedly 1970-styled albums out there and although it's true in a sense, I also found it to be one of the strongest and most successful efforts in contemporary neo-prog EM. I am sure it will get a lot of spins around here.

See also: Rogue Element, Quadra.


Pollie, Ryan (USA)

Museum At the End of Time (2020) (EP)

Indie pop musician with a small instrumental record made in a melodic style influenced by dungeon synth.


Pollypraha (Japan)

Jule (2009) (S)
Everywhere (2021)
Season of Strangers (2023)

Lilting, playful, sparkling synth compositions with a bit of a lo-fi feel. A project of Takeyuki Hakozaki.


Polnareff, Michel (France)

Lipstick (1976) (soundtrack)

Michel Polnareff is a French composer and singer / songwriter. This is his soundtrack to a rape / exploitation drama "Lipstick". Only side B will be of interest to fans of EM, as the first side features pretty standard over the top brass-drenched disco sound.


Polochord (Romania)

Concretions (2018)

Ambient artist from Bucharest. A bit lo-fi sound here.


Polonio (Spain)

Acaricia la Mañana (1984) (recorded in 1976 - 1984)
Bload Stations Syntax Error (1986)
Cuenca (1988)
La Zona (1988)
Hoy Comemos con Leonardo (1991)
Uno es el Cubo (1999)

Spanish musician Eduardo Polonio (ex-It) with solo albums of repetitive synth music. Born in Madrid in 1941, Eduardo is an accomplished composer and author of multiple works in the electroacoustic, classical, rock and experimental fields.

See also: It


Poltergeist Machine (Germany)

From the Dolphin Hotel (2015)
Kocho-Mai (2015)
Uspud By the Sea, Stargazing (2019)

Experimental ambient project of Frankfurt-based Lothar Reitz.

See also: Reitz, Lothar


Polterngeist (Belarus)

Other Aspects of Reality (2016)
Levels of Perception (2017)

Chilling Dark / Deep Ambient on occult themes.

See also: Ugasanie


Poltrock, David (Belgium)

Mutes (2018)
Moods (2018)
Machines (2018)
Vacuum (2021) (with de Roover)
Aulus I & II (2023)

Pianist and keyboard player. In 2018, he released a trilogy of albums that showed his talents both as a piano player (with some prepared piano as well) and electronic arranger. Mutes is just simple piano music (included here just for completeness' sake). Moods is piano combined with sporadic light electronic backing. Machines is the most interesting one - this time, the electronics are much more upfront and much more interesting - taking on pulsing, rhythmic and melodic forms. Vacuum is dramatic dance theater piece merging piano and electronics.


Poly Chain (Ukraine)

Music For Candy Shops (2017)
Pulses (2019) (with Bartosz Kruczyński)
+ / - (2019)
Currency (2019)
Aswang (2021) (S) (with Stanislav Tolkachev)
Dogtooth (2022) (EP)

Slightly experimental, but warm and melodic electronics by Sasha Zakrevska. This reminds a bit on Cluster's Zuckerzeit, but is rather unique overall.


Polybeat (UK)

Space Art (2004)

Polybeat is Alfredo Violante Widmer, who in the 1994 founded and owned a hard trance label. Polybeat is more eclectic and diverse, though, with most music being ambient / melodic or softly rhythmic, with a slight frenetic touch.


PolyDROID (Ireland)

IMPoster (2011) (EP)
Machines of Pure And Loving Grace (2013) (S)

Melodic, rhythmic, hymnal EM from Brian O'Malley. Some prominent Jarre-isms here, as well as influences of Vangelis, synthwave and spacesynth.


Polyearth (USA)

Star Zero (2022) (S)

Deep, droning synths and ambient atmospheres.


Polygon (Germany)

Refuge (1995)
Omnon (1999)
Images (2001)
Traveller (2001) (with Arbre Noir)
Sein lernen (2015)
Einzelheiten (2016)

Dark Ambient from Ingo Lindmeier.

See also: Solaris


Polygrim (Ukraine)

Colorspacious (2021)

A project of Kyiv-based Volodymyr Dzitsiuk. Melodic, vibrant, propulsive, rhythmic... Colorspacious was released as digital and on reel-to-reel tape.


Polymath Vampire (USA)

Make Me Feel Alive (2022)

A project of Christopher M. Smith. Nice EM although difficult to pin down - mostly cosmic cascading synths ala Tim Blake and sort of bittersweet melodies. I like the use of the chord from Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" on "Kraftmanship" (the track's name is a hint).


Polymelia (Belgium)

Huh? (2022)
Saturn & Neptune (2023) (S)

Polymelia is one Stanley Christiaensen. Hard to describe - sort of a mixture of indie pop with EM. Some plain vocals, some vocoders, slow beats, analog sounds...

See also: RVO Soundhouse


Polymoog (Romania)

Gentry (1996)
Music For Coda (2023) (with Robert Nedelcu and Alexandru Hegyesi)

Polymoog is an alias of Romanian keyboardist and composer Dan Stesco. Apart from this EM work (Gentry) released on cassette, he had a new age CD out in 2007.


Polynation (Netherlands)

Allogamy (2015)
Igneous (2019)
Wildeburg / Coral (2020) (S)

Cinematic EM focused on rhythms and melodies played on (mostly analog) synths. Polynation is a duo of Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut.


Polyphonics, The (Switzerland)

In Memory of Ganymed (1986)

A duo of Steve Hug and Roland Leibundgut, here presenting melodic synthesizer instrumental compositions, a bit in the style of 80's Tangerine Dream. After that they went synth-pop and released an album of songs, called Undulating Ways (1987).

See also: Hug, Steve


Polypores (UK)

A Shunned Place (2015)
The Fialka Transmissions (2016)
Timeholes (2016)
Wastes (2016)
Blooms / Mire (2017)
Timeholes 2 (2017)
The Impossibility (2017)
Sacred Drift (2018) (S)
Flora (2019)
Additional Flora: Clonal Colony / Peculiar Growths (2019) (S)
Radiance (2019)
Brainflowers (2019) (with Stephen James Buckley)
Piano:Dismantled (2020) (with friends)
Azure (2020)
Terrain (2020)
The Subtle Machinery of Awe (2020)
Ever Curious (2020)
Tempus (2020)
Chaos Blooms (2021)
Deep Motion Trips (2021) (S) (with Gareth E. Rees)
Myriad (2021)
Gargantuan (2021)
Shpongos (2021)
Crystal Shop (2021)
Hyperincandescent (2022)
Infinite Interiors (2022)
For the Ferret (2022) (with La French)
Praedormitium (2023)
ECCO (2023)
Multizonal Mindscramble (2023)

Haunted, mysterious analog synth compositions. Some of the more rhythmic tracks lead towards synthwave or minimal synth. Polypores is Stephen James Buckley.

See also: Leproto, Stefano, Bachmeier, Stefan, Buczkowski, Szczepan.


Polysick (Italy)

Meteo (2010)
Digital Native (2012)
Daydream (2013)
Flora e fauna (2020)
Sleep Driving (2023)

A project of Rome-based musician Paul Kersex aka Egisto Sopor. Flora e fauna features intense, rich melodic and / or abstract compositions seemingly inspired by vintage library discs and movie scores. Pretty nice stuff overall.


Polytechnic Sound Archive (UK / France)

Witched On (2020)

In-house group of Polytechnic Youth label, formed by members of several French and UK projects. Imagined horror soundtracks and library synth themes.


Pond (Germany)

Planetenwind (1984)
Maschinenmensch (1985)
Auf der Seidenstrasse (1986)
Space Walks (1989)
Frohe Weihnacht (1993)
Transponder (2003)
Live In Berlin (2004)
Soundtracks (2005) (recorded in 1985 - 2005)
Bilder einer Ausstellung (2008)
Gemälde einer Vernissage (2009)
Die Pond Space-Night (2012)
Live im Stahlwerk - Gemälde einer Vernissage (2014)
Edelweiss (2016)

Electronic group from East Germany formed in 1979 by Wolfgang Fuchs and Harald Wittkowski. They played in planetariums quite a lot in a style influenced by the music of Tangerine Dream. After the release of 1989's Space Walks, Wittkowski left the group. Fuchs took his two sons Sascha and Frank on board and continued with Pond. Early albums are said to be quite interesting TD / Hammer style works. The 1985's Macshinenmensch was recorded in Chris Franke's studio.


Pond, Marden (USA)

Castle Valley Impressions (1980)

Unusual LP from this jazz musician that alternates between jazzy pieces and electronic ones.


Ponder, Sanford (USA)

Etosha (1985)
Tigers Are Brave (1986)

Synthesist from California, USA. His works were produced by Peter Baumann and represent rather serene and quiet synthesizer atmospheres, with some prominent African influences. Probably nice, but nothing to write home about.

See aslo: Botanica


Pontifferasmus (???)

Husk the Mountains (2021)

Melancholic music between "dungeon synth" and atmospheric EM.


Pontius, Jeffrey S. (USA)

Audio Imagery (2001)
Synth Imagery (2002)

Rhythmic Space Music with a warm sound made on analog equipment. Jeffrey S. Pontius is a Kansas-based artist.


Ponty, Jean-Luc (France)

Individual Choice (1983)
Open Mind (1984)

Jean-Luc Ponty is a famous electric violin player and fusion artist. In the 80's, he released some more electronically-oriented albums with still a fair bit of his fusion sound in. He has a decent discography but the above two albums may be the most interesting ones for EM fans.


Pony Harvest, The (UK)

An Individual Note: Of Music, Sound And Electronics (2006)
Bi-Czar (2020) (S)

The Pony Harvest is Richard Bradley. He makes cheesy, cartoonish, 1960's style electronics.


Ponzol, Peter (USA)

Prism (1978)

More or less a contemporary jazz release here. Peter Ponzol plays mostly sax and lyricon but it is Joe Gallivan's synths that really steal the show here and make this record EM-related. In fact, this guy could deserve a separate entry, but he doesn't seem to have any solo EM output released at the moment, preferring to collaborate with jazz grands (Charles Austin, Elton Dean etc.), playing drums, percussion and synthesizers.


Ponzu Island (Australia)

Ponzu Beach (2016) (EP)
Welcome To Ponzu Island (2020)

Warm electronics in Yellow Magic Orchestra vein.


Pool, The (USA)

Pool One (1980)
Pool Two (1981)
333 (1984)

The Pool was the solo vehicle for Patrick S. Keel - a former drummer from Texas who had been involved in music making since the1960's, playing with many bands and performers, including Chuck Berry. He bought a Minimoog synthesizer in 1972 after hearing Wendy Carlos' score to "A Clockwork Orange". Armed with this synth, guitar, dulcimer, sitar as well as lots of percussion and drums, Patrick began recording his experiments on a 4-track recorder. It was not until 1980 that his first (strictly limited) cassette appeared, featuring one side of rhythmic pieces with drums and one side of drumless, ambient songs. The second cassette followed in 1981, but by 1984, the year that his first vinyl record was released, his music had drifted significantly towards the synth-pop side.


Pool of Light (Russia)

Mind Garden (2019)
Soil (2019)
Green (2020)
Modern Caveman (2021)
The Sheltering Sky (2021)
岩 (2022)
Melting Thoughts (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Descend (2023) (with Slow Clinic)

Siberian-born artist Anton Bogdanov, residing in China and then in Saint-Petersburg. He started in a guitar drone vein, releasing a couple of albums. However, on his latest efforts (Mind Garden and Soil) he started using increasing amounts of analog synths, which likens his music a bit to early, droney and electronic Popol Vuh and, consequently, making his music more interesting, EM-wise.


Pop Corn Orchestra (France)

Pop Corn (1972) (S)

Jean-Michel Jarre under a pseudonym. Side one contains Jarre's version of Kingsley's hit, while side two has an alternate version of a track from Desterted Palace. "Jammie Jeferson" credited on the sleeve is actually Jean-Michel Jarre.

See also: Jarre, Jean-Michel


Poplar Bluff (Germany)

Small Vertigos (2015)
Beech Planet (2016)
Alka Seltzer (2018)

Experimental electronic collective offering a somewhat Cluster-like musical vision with a unique touch.

See also: Snowfield, Lewis


Popol Vuh (Germany)

Affenstunde (1970)
In den Garten Pharaos (1971)
Hosianna Mantra (1972)
Aguirre (1972) (soundtrack)
Seligpreisung (1973)
Einsjager & Siebenjager (1974)
Das Hohelieds Salomons (1975)
Letze Tage letze Nachte (1976)
Coeur de verre (1976) (soundtrack)
Yoga (1976)
Bruder des Schattens (1978) (soundtrack)
Nosferatu (1978) (soundtrack)
Die Nacht der Seele (1979)
Sei stille, wisse ich bin (1980)
Agape Agape (1982)
Fitzcarraldo (1982) (soundtrack)
Music From Werner Herzog's Film Soundtracks (1982)
Future Sound Experience (1983)
Spirit of Peace (1985)
Cobra Verde (1987)
Gesang der Gesange (1988)
For You And Me (1991)
City Raga (1994)
On the Way To Himalaya (1996)
Shepherd's Symphony (1997)
Nicht hoch im Himmel (1998)
Messa di Orfeo (1998)

Legendary German band led by keyboardist Florian Fricke who left this world in 2001. A real legend of krautrock and World Music. The first couple of albums are electronic and said to be similar to Tangerine Dream from about the same period. After that, Fricke transformed his band into basically an acoustic ethnic outfit (legend says that Florian ditched his moog after receiving an electric shock from it). As a kind of exception I decided to leave the non-electronic albums in, as they're still very interesting, spacey and mesmerizing works.

See also: Wiese, Klaus 


Popoli, Tiziano (Italy)

Scorie (1985) (with Marco Dalpane)
Lezioni di anatomia (1988) (with Marco Dalpane)
Soluzione atemporale 1992 - 1994 (2015) (with Gianni Gebbia and Massimo Simonini)
Burn the Night / Bruciare la notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989 (2021)
Sull'accordo mimetico (2022) (recorded in 198?)
Documentari sonori Vol. 1 (??)
Documentari sonori Vol. 2 (??)
In lingua mortuorum (2022) (S)

A significant part of Italian EM seems to be influenced by minimalism, which sets Italy apart from other regional EM "scenes". Tiziano Popoli is no different. Both him and his frequent collaborator Marco Dalpane seem to be interested in both minimalism and electronics, which is especially apparent on Scorie, supposedly composed for a play. Lezioni di anatomia adds classical instrumentation and is overall less EM-oriented as a result.


Popp (Germany)

Laya (2019)
Devi (2021)
Blizz (2022)

Simon Popp is a German percussionist who is also into electronics. The music on Blizz makes use of percussive polyrhythms and synths in a unique manner, sometimes sounding like a mixture of Cluster and World Music.


Poppy (USA)

I C U (Music To Read To) (2019) (S)

Poppy, or That Poppy, is a pseudonym of Moriah Pereira from California. She is an indie pop / electropop artist mainly. I C U is music that was composed to accompany Poppy's graphic novel. Amazinly, it's all Ambient / EM, and a rather good one, mixing some piano and analog electronics (both atmospheric and sequencer-based). "Make It Happen" could even be a piece from a lost soundtrack by Tangerine Dream circa "Risky Business". This girl is definitely an artist to look out for.


Populous (Italy)

Stasi (2021)

Populous is an alias of Andrea Mangia, a musician from Lecce, who usually works with house, instrumental hip-hop and downtempo genres. Stasi is an album that mixes loops and slow beats with warm synths and a definite EM touch, culminating with the 7-minute ambient closer (the title track), which is a bit reminisent of Vangelis' pioneering ambient tracks from L'apocalypse des animaux. Best tracks: "Sentiero Luminoso", "Stasi".


Porcu, Andrea (Italy)

Apollo (2017) (with Bodyverse)
Schorre (2017)
Gold - Suoni dalla memoria (2020)

Diverse electronic / ambient artist from Italy.

See also: Music For Sleep


Porn.Darsteller (France)

Private (2001)
Romance (2002)
Le pardon des offences / Forgiveness of Sins (2003) (S)

If your consider yourself a Kraftwerk fan, be sure to check out Porn.Darsteller's wicked electro tunes. Thus dude (Jérôme Fontan) provides a nice dose of mechanical rhythms, catchy melodies and an overdose of vocoded vocals. Sadly, Jérôme passed away on June, 17, 2011.

See also: La Mort de l'Hippocampe


Porn Sword Tobacco (Sweden)

2017 (2017)
Live At Pstudion 2018 (2018) (with DJ Fett Burger)
Understanding the Sun (2021) (EP)

Atypical album from this Gothenburg-based musician (real name - Henrik Jonsson). Whereas his previous releases featured varied tracks of IDM-influenced electronica, this one features long, hypnotic and repetitive tracks of ambient synths and subtle rhythms.


Porras, Jon (USA)

Light Divide (2014)
Tokonoma (2017)
Voices of the Air (2018)
Arroyo (2022)

Another member of psychedelic droners Barn Owl got seduced by electronics. Although initially a guitar drone musician, he used exclusively synthesizers (mostly modulars) for Light Divide. Tokonoma is more diverse and experimental, but still pretty insteresting work with a repetitive structure. Voices of the Air continues the EM saga.


Port Blue (USA)

The Airship (2007)
The Albatross (2007) (EP)

Port Blue is Adam Randal Young who is also known for his synth-pop project Owl City, among other things. The music he releases as Port Blue is instrumental and tends towards the ambient side, although most of the time closer to downtempo / post-rock than EM. Some neat TD-reamy and ambient moments, though.



Going Online (2019)

Easy-on-the-ear, bittwersweet, melodic retrofuturistic electronic compositions drenched in nostalgia. With elements of retrowave, vaporwave, chillwave, synthwave and lo-fi.


Port Said (USA)

Port Said (1981) (EP)
Indian Ocean / Trail of the Sphinx (1981) (S)
Through Veils (1981)
Eve of Departure (1982)
Crossings (1983)
Traveler's Companion (1984)
Live In NYC 1982-1983 (2011)

Electronic duo of Stefan Tischler and Keith Walsh (Keeler).

See also: Tischler, Stefan, Keeler, Other Skies.


Portals (Greece)

Portals (2023)

Doomy, sci-fi-ish, cosmic synths and drums. Pretty interesting EM from Greece.


Portata Della Voce (Italy)

Portata della voce (1993)

Comparable to Nightmare Lodge.


Porter, Chayse (USA)

Carol's Boutique: Sounds Inspired By Jasper Mall (2020)

Loungy, easy-listening electronics with a nostalgic flair.


Porter, Roly (UK)

Aftertime (2011)
Fall Back - Live At Aldeburgh (2012) (with Cynthia Millar)
Life Cycle of A Massive Star (2013)
Third Law (2016)
Kistvaen (2020)

Aftertime features dark and intensive, cinematic and noisy "Dune" inspired synth pieces by member of Bristol-based techno outfit Vex'd. Not for the faint-hearted. Interesting fact is that this album makes use of an Ondes Martenot - an early monophonic electronic instrument popularized by Olivier Messiaen and other early 20th century composers.


Portland Compressor (USA)

I (2017)
II (2017)
III (2018)
IV (2018)

Strange stuff. Full of nice, warm analog synth sounds, the music also makes extensive use of looping techniques and sampling typical of hip-hop music. The overall result is rather interesting. Portland Compressor is a duo of Dylan Howe and Matthew Pepitone.

See also: Pepitone, Matthew, Action Sports, Karmelloz, Julius Theory.


Portland Vows (UK)

Living With Animals (2016)
Play Nicely (2017)
Your Corners (2018)
This Fragile Workforce (2019)
Living Posthumuously (2020)
A Bag of Shadows (2021) (S)
Plastic Alice (2023)
The Witches of Hopwas Woods (2023)

Repetitive, obsessive, introspective electronics with something of a Cluster / Harmonia feel. A project of Aberdeen-based Bob Plant.


Portman, Andy (UK)

Vision of Forever (1988)

British new age artist and member of Stairway ensemble. Vision of Forever is an ambient affair that is still quite new agey, but has much more oomph that your average new age disc (using minor chords, some neat textures, etc.). In a way it is similar to Steve Roach's ambient work from the 1980's. His other release, the 1987's Music From the Wyld, combines sounds of nature, piano and soft synth backing & is much more new agey (or you could say that it is much more like an "ordinary" new age record).


Portopia '81 (Japan)

Cosmic City Serenade (2013) (S)
Electronic Communication (2013) (S)
Starlight Express (2014) (S)
Stardust Memory (2014)
Jet Stream (2015) (S)
Cosmic Rainbow (2015) (S)

Sequencer-based analog goodness.

See also: Buchikamashi, 25,000 Kittens.


Poseidotica (Argentina)

Repercusión (2021) (S)

Argentinean psychedelic / space rock band. Repercusión is a "single" that has some genuine electronic moments.


Posford, Simon (UK)

Flux & Contemplation - Portrait of An Artist In Isolation (2023) (recorded in 2020)

The mastermind behind Hallucinogen and one half of Shpongle duo, Simon Posford is a veteran goa / psychedelic club electronics musician active since the 1990's. On Flux & Contemplation, he explores more ambient realms, with most tracks completely flowing and / or with a sequenced pulse ala classic EM. Some tracks do harken back to his club roots, though.


Position High (Germany)

Final Universe (??)
Space Tunes (1997)

80's style music from Mark Koslowski.


Positron (Estonia)


Posm (Australia)

With the Birds (2023)

Dubby krautrock band whose main instruments are drums, synths and flute / trumpet, along with guitar and a few others. They have a nice chilled tropical feel to their compositions.


Post Apocalyptic (Poland)

The Mystical Experience (2021)
Darker Times (2022)
Voor de dageraad (2022) (with Atmøsphäre)
Farewell (2022)
Internal Landscapes (2022)
The Art of Being (2022)

Long ambient tracks with drones and ritual elements (such as throat singing). Music by Tadeusz Jatkiewicz.


Post Global Trio (North Macedonia)

Fluids (2014)
Clouds (2015)
Minus Seven (2017)
Philosophical Meditations (2019)
Naturans, Naturata (2020)

Varied, mostly ambient trio of Dimitar Dodovski, Toni Dimitrov and Martin Georgievski. Some tribal influences, some frippoid guitar...

See also: Dodovski, Dimitar, Niskogradba, Dimitrov, Toni, Amplidyne Effect.


Post Millenial Dreams (Chile)

Bullet Chants (2018)
Una Réplica de Cosas Grandiosas (2021)

Fast, hyperactive, loud, digital, complex themes from Joaquín Martínez.


Post, Rien (Greece??)

Ionian Winters (2018)
You Are Here (2018)

Experimental electronics with rhythmic elements. Pretty unique and nice if you ask me.


Post Scriptvm (USA)

Lethargic Revelation (2000)
Gauze (2002)
Chiaroscuro (2003)
Sea-Green Series Chapter V (2004)
Marginal Existence (2005)
Raspad (2006)
Grey Eminence (2010)
Benommenheit (2014)
Séance (2015)
Тучи над Борском (2016) (S)
Variola Vera (2019)
Eisstoß (2024)

Mostly Death Ambient music from Andrey Filimonov. Sea-Green Series Chapter V is a mini-CD that contains one 20-minute track, built of abstract looped sounds, voice samples, noisy bits and obscure atmospheres. This is the kind of stuff that works better when played on mid-to-low volumes. The track starts with a section consisting of looped sounds of the deep nature, conjuring up a doomy atmosphere. Something slightly resembling the sound of the church bell is also heard as well as the half-heard Russian spoken text. Creepy! After the 4 minute mark a more aggressive section starts that comes very close to noise stylistically - very intense. There are some radio noises, unidentifiable sounds, creakings, industrial clangs and a reversed childish voice. The noisy elements get more intense and aggressive, retaining the dark edge. Sounds like a soundtrack to a genocide. Don't play this to your kids! The final section is surprisingly light, featuring atmospheres based on major chords, a bit reminding on Brian Eno even. Tinkling notes finish the track off in a somewhat minimalistic mood. It's a fine little piece of Dark Ambient that gets pretty noisy at places.  


Postcard Helicopters (USA)

It Stands For Something Else (2008)

This artist states to be influenced by 1970's Electronic Music. While some of these influences are clearly discernible, the whole at times ends up sounding rather new agey.


Postcoïtum (France)

Himera (2013)

Experimental electronics / drums duo of Bertrand Wolff and Damien Ravnich. Rough and neurotic music with a wacky edge, as if Heldon suddenly decided to play chiptune music.


Posthuman (UK)

Voyager 3 (2019)
Echo Almaz East (2022)

IDM / acid revival duo from the UK. With Voyager 3, they released an album with EM / Space Music influences. File under EM-related.


Postwertzeichen (Germany??)

Postwertzeichen (2023) (S)

Subtle synth compositions between Ambient, dungeon synth and martial touches.


Pothos Traxx (USA)

Space Tape (2022)

Pretty straightforward experimental synth, with lots of reedy textures, bleeps and some noisier bits.

See also: Cosmic Econo


Potin, Yves (France)

Waters (2016)

Yves Potin composes jazzy EM as since 2005. Lush melodic sound, with floating leads, fusion-y bits and progressive rock / EM hybrids.


Potions (USA)

One Buck (2009)
Roland Potions c32 (2011)
Stony Islands / Sexytime (2011) (with Katrina Stonehart)
Wildcats (2011) (with Famous Laughs)
Odd Notions (2011)
Gazebo Snacks (2012)
Rock Et (2012)
Exotic Submarine (2012)
Sea Legs (2012)
Moments of No Erase Vol. 1 (2012)
Potions / Ghostandthesong (2012) (with Ghostandthesong)
Alpha Brain Waves (2013)

Cosmic Fidelity (2013)
Midi Jazz Bass (2013)
Las Yamahas (2014)
Space Cadet (2014)
Phased (2015)
Light And Dark (2015)
Pushing the Cuboid (2016)
Ostinato (2018)

Reflective synthesizers and relaxed drum machine rhythms. Potions is Tom Owen from Chicago.


Potpourri, Danny (USA)

Potpourri (2012)
Insouciant (2018)
Leaves Room (2020)

Electronic compositions recorded by the author in his basement using his self-built modular system. Bleepy, experimental but also melodic, cosmic and Cluster-like. Pretty enjoyable stuff overall.


Potreba Group (Ukraine)

User Experience (2023)

Odessa-based collective doing experimental and a bit noisy electronic fusion, with live drums, bass and bleepy, gurgling synths galore.


Potten, Detlef (Germany)

Atlas 1 (1980)

Christian musician and writer. This is his solo album that's supposedly electronic. He later released at least two more albums: Trencrom (1981) and Trencrom 3 (1983) as Brooks & Potten. Both are supposedly in a different, folky style with vocals. There is no indication of the existence of Trencrom 2 but it's supposed to exist... somewhere... Further investigation is needed.


Potter, Colin (UK)

The Ghost Office (1980)
The Scythe (1981)
Here (1981)
Two Nights (1981)
A Gain (1982)
Where House (1982)
Recent History Vol.1 (1989)
Recent History Vol.2 (1989)
See (1990)
And Then (2000)
Low Ground (2000) (with Jonathan Coleclough)
Minya (2000) (with Jonathan Coleclough and Andrew Chalk)
Behind Your Very Eyes (2003) (with Paul Bradley)
Jonathan Coleclough / Bass Communion / Colin Potter (2003) (with Jonathan Coleclough and Bass Communion)
Shellfish In Kettleblack (2004) (with Phil Mouldycliff)
Confluence (2004) (with Paul Bradley)
Live (2005) (with Paul Bradley)
3 Eggs (2006) (with The Hafler Trio and Andrew Liles)
A Pressed On Sandwich (2006) (with The Hafler Trio)
It Was Like This (2006) (recorded in 1999 - 2006)
The Sights of the Drowned Fable (2007)
Bad Light (2009) (with Jonathan Coleclough)
Trajectories (2009) (with Phil Mouldycliff)
Fragile Pitches (2010) (with Michael Begg)
Grey Skies On Asphalt (2010) (with Phil Mouldycliff)
The Simple Plan (2010) (with Paul Bradley)
The Fights of the Sound Cable (2013)
Water Mountain (2013) (with Paul Bradley, Jonathan Coleclough and Hitoshi Kojo)
Entering Again (2014)
Rank Sonata (2015)
Are We Nearly There Yet? (2015) (recorded in ??)
Hiss Story Vol. 1 (2015) (recorded in ??)
Hiss Story Vol. 2 (2015) (recorded in ??)
Frogs Porn (2015) (S)
Austral Soundscapes (2016) (with Phil Mouldycliff and David Carson)
Live At Oto (2016) (with Jonathan Coleclough)
Fecova (2016) (S)
The Abominable Slowman (2017)
Shut Your Eyes On the Way Out (2018) (with Alessio Natalizia and Guido Zen)
Avian Catalogues (2018) (with Phil Mouldycliff)
Blacksound (2018)
Imaginary Conversations (2019) (with Phil Mouldycliff and Jackson Mouldycliff)
MAGARI (2020) (with Alessio Natalizia and Guido Zen)
Manchester Live 2008 (2021) (with Paul Bradley)
Orbits (2022) (with Phil Mouldycliff and Jackson Mouldycliff)
We Couldn't Agree On A Total (2023) (recorded in 2018, 2016 and 2023)
Womb (2024) (recorded in 1981 - 1982) (with Steve Parry)

Colin Potter (born in 1952 in York) is one of the veteran UK synthesists who's been playing and performing EM since the late 70's, releasing his works on cassettes. His style gradually shifted from more direct / classic Electronic Music to ambient soundscapes with a dark twist.

See also: Ora, Dada Lives, Monos, UN:.


Potter, James (USA)

My Sediments Exactly (1987)
13 Drones (1997)

This is stark Electronic Music, quite experimental, with sequences. In a way similar to Conrad Schnitzler. Made on Serge, ARP 2600 and other classic artifacts...


Potter, Nic (UK)

The Long Hello Vol. 2 (1980) (with Guy Evans)
Mountain Music (1983)
Sketches-In-Sound (1985)
Self Contained (1987)
The Blue Zone (1990)
New Europe - Rainbow Colours (1992)
Dreamworld (1996)

Nic Potter (1951 - 2013) was a bass player of Van Der Graaf Generator. The Long Hello, a collaborative album recorded with Guy Evans has some percussive / rhythmic pieces in Ashra / Kraftwerk mould. Mountain Music contains diverse Electronic Music / fusion material with nods to 80's Tangerine Dream. Nothing is known about the others, but I guess they continue where Mountain Music left off.


Pottinger, Chris (USA)

Moist Membrane (2010) (S)
Stagnant Secretion (2017)

Glurping, burping, noisy modular synth compositions from Michigan.


Poulet, Christian (France)

Le voyage imaginaire (1988)

So far this library LP on Koka Media will be the only one included in EEM by this prolific composer. Christian Poulet started playing hammond organ in late 1960's and early 1970's. He then worked in numerous styles, incorporating synthesizers and releasing records, besides composing for movies, TV, festivals and so on. He had other releases, among them Evasion from 1978 and Musicalement votre from 1985. Both are very commercial, with a strong disco / funk flair.


Poulsen, Claus (Denmark)

Yellow Machine (2014)
Starry Womb (2018)
Ønsk (2021)
PP6 (2022) (with Dave Procter)

Experimental / electroacoustic composer and one half of Small Things On Sundays. Some of his stuff might interest fans of the more ambient forms of synth music and Prog EM in general. I will try to list these releases here. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Small Things On Sundays


Pounce International (USA)

The Populace Oracle (1996)

A project of Paul Campbell from Ohio. He comes from the Industrial background (being a member of EBM band Martyr Colony). On his solo music, there are EBM influences by way of incessant rhythms and lots of samples, but overall I would say that the music is more along the lines of rhythmic / melodic EM (with an emphasis on the "rhythmic" part). There are also some danceable tracks with vocals in typical early 1990's style and the loud thrashy songs, both spoiling the experience somehow. The deeper / more atmospheric material is quite competent, though ("Violets Eyelashes" is a good example of a nice track).


Pound, Dan (USA)

Other Worlds (2004)
Return (2005)
In A Hummingbird's Dream (2005)
Heart's Core (2005)
Horizon (2005)
Reflections (2005)
New Dawn (2006)
Door Beyond Time (2006)
Trance Meditation (2006)
Medicine Bag (2006)
Red Plains (2006)
Shaman's Dance (2006)
Impressions (2006)
Liquid Planet (2006)
Solar Nexus (2006)
Heat Waves (2006)
Everflow (2006)
Still of the Night (2006)
Fire Within (2007)
Touching the Space (2007)
Dream Spaces (2007)
In-Sense (2007)
Tantra Majik (2007)
Lunar Effect (2008)
Drift (2008)
Night Watch (2008)
Esoterica (2009)
Living Planet (2009)
Interlace (2010)
Wolf Moon (2010)
Aurora (2010)
Medusazoa (2011)
Cocoon (2011)
Return To Other Worlds (2012)
Spherical (2013)
Eros Thanatos (2014)
Life Giving (2014)
Change of Weather (2015)
Shadows of the Heart (2016)

Ambient artist from California who mixes electronics with acoustic / ethnic instruments like didgeridoo, flute, percussion etc. Music from the Steve Roach school of thought.


Poupart-Taussat, Damien (France)

VIRUS : 5.95. (2006)

Electronic album from this jazz pianist. Melodic, jazzy, cinematic, with clear influences from Vangelis and Jarre, plus a touch of electric guitar.


Pour, Kane (USA)

Cat On A Paisley Shawl (2009)
Wand In the Beak of A Yellow Bird (2009) (S)
Wasp In the Silver Orbit Stream (2010) (S)
Hyper Pollen Temple (2014)
Vision Crayon (2016)

It is as if Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley had entered a children's aqua park and recorded Hyper Pollen Temple as a soundtrack to its humid and jolly environment. Then, Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra entered the same children's aqua park and recorded Vision Crayon as their own soundtrack to its humid and jolly environment. Kane Pour is a Florida-based synthesist with a unique style. Earlier releases are supposedly more drone-oriented.


Pour-Amin, Pouya (Iran)

Prison Episodes (2019)

Moody, poignant ambient compositions exploring the experiences of a political prisoner. Pouya Pour-Amin is a Tehran-based composer and actor.


Powell, James Nathan (USA)

Live Your Life As If You're Going To Die (2022)

Mostly harsh noise wall artist, going the droning Ambient route for Live Your Life As If You're Going To Die.


Powell, Roger (USA)

Cosmic Furnace (1973)
The Arp Family of Synthesizers (1973) (S) (with Dave Fredericks)
Air Pocket (1980)
Free Form Dance Fusion (??)
Fossil Poets (2006)
Blue Note Ridge (2009)

Solo cosmic Electronic Music from member of Todd Rungren's Utopia. The Arp Family of Synthesizers EP has spoken narration about ARP synths with background music on side A and four compositions on side B.


Power-Pack (Germany)

Future Projects (1984)
Iceland (1986)
Convoy (1989)

Another one of those countless pseudonyms of Claude Larson.

See also: Larson, Claude, Netzle, Klaus, Elmulab, Futura, Carlos, Special Touch, Logo 2000.


Powers, Trevor (USA)

Capricorn (2020)

Trevor Powers is an artist from San Diego, California, currently residing in Boise, Idaho. He is generally classed as "glitch pop". Capricorn is an ambient work with a touch of plunderphonics, for fans of Replica-era Oneohtrix perhaps.


Powlos (UK)

Pareidolia (2018)
Enamour (2020)

Ambient artist with a melancholic / melodic sound.


Pozo, Carlos (USA)

Dystopian Gates (2022)

A noise artist, with Dystopian Gates, Carlos Pozo from Texas created a highly cinematic dark soundscape work.


Praetzel, Conrad (USA)

Between Present And Past (1989)
Myths And Memories (1993)
En-Trance (1995)
Receive (1998)
Paleo Music 1987 - 1998 (2018)
Adventures Into Somethingness (2022) (recorded in 2019 - 2021)

Short impressionistic electronic pieces with some World Music influences from this California-based artist.


Pragma (Italy)

Fonografie Pragma I (2016) (S)
Fonografie Pragma II (2017) (S)
Dusk EP (2017) (EP)
Fonografie Pragma III (2017) (S)
Gate (2019) (S)

A project of Italian indisciplinary artist Maurizio Martinucci who is currently a member of Clock DVA. Minimal, pusling synth sound.


Pragnavit (Belarus)

Viede (1998)
Šljach dla dnja adnaŭleńnja stomlienaj maci (1998)
Svetacjam (2007)
Skarby zmiainaha Karala (2016)
Paústaraga (2022)

Mysterious Ritual Ambient influenced by Paganism, nature and myths of the Baltic region. A mixture of electronic soundscapes and folk instruments. A few voices, too.


Praguedren (USA)

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (2009)
Aurora Australis (2011)
Serfs of the Plant Kingdom (2012)

From downtempo rhythms to wacky, Cluster-like electronics to pure Ambient.


Prairie (Belgium)

I'm So In Love I Almost Forgot I Survived A Disaster (2012) (S)
Like A Pack of Hounds (2015)
After the Flash Flood (2018)
And the Bird Said: Cut Me Open And Sing Me (2020)

Unlikely mixture of field recordings, ambient atmospheres, noise, some singing, folky touches and analog EM. A project of Marc Jacobs.


Prairiewolf (USA)

Prairiewolf (2023)

Colorado-based trio making use of Rhodes piano, mellotron, guitar, bass, synth and vintage drum machines. Cosmic, relaxing, psychedelic, like Americana music launched into the depths of kosmische.


Prandi, Adelmo (Italy)

The Land of Today's Sound (1985)

Obscure electronic LP that looks to me like a library release, with plenty of shorter tracks. The interesting part is that Baffo Banfi programs the synths and plays keyboards on this one (he even appears on the cover). There are other (library) releases by this artist but not much is known about them at the moment.


Pratley Watson, James (USA)

Light Garden (2023)

Relaxing ambient EM made on a Roland JX-3P synthesizer in a bamboo garden in NYC.


Pratos (France)

Tarpos (2018)

Heavy space rock / krautrock band from Lyon. Like Hawkwind jamming with Heldon.


Prc, Claudio (Italy)

Collaborations I (2022) (EP) (with Arkefakt)
Unda (2023)

Minimal techno artist (full name - Claudio Porceddu) who is also into Ambient. Collaborations I, released together with Berlin-based techno duo Artefakt, closes with a nice ambient track "Distant Light". I hope he releases an ambient album soon. Update 12/09/2023: he did with Unda - an excellent release for all fans of hypnotic ambience.


Pre Hikashu (Japan)

Pre Hikashu (1998) (recorded in 1977 - 1978)
Spring 1978: Live Part 2 (1998)
House Of Tenjo-Sajiki Live 1978 (2019)

Early recordings by future core musicians of avant-pop band Hikashu - Makoto Inoue and Yasushi Yamashita, who would also go on to form an electronic duo Inoyama Land. Some of the tracks are performed in a larger group format and some are solo tracks of Inoue. All music is based on improvisations.

See also: Inoyama Land, Hikashu.


Precious (USA)

A Promise (2018)
Innocence (2019) (S)
He Has Abandoned Us (2019)

Richly symphonic, cinematic music with influences of dungeon synth, Ambient and classical. A project based in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Precipitation (???)

New Tokyo Meditation (2020)
Live In Tokyo (2020)
Dedication To Spiritual Improvement (2020) (EP)
The Vancouver Sessions (2020) (with Dravier)
Sounds of Longing (2020)
Ulterior Motion (2021)
Falling, I Thought I Caught A Glimpse of Paradise (2021)
Warm Embrase (2022) (EP)
Glass Horizon (2022)
Live At BushBash (2022)
Your Future (2023)
Meditations On the Self And the Other (2023)
Scent of Lilac (2023)
Transcendental Meeting At Hatagaya (2023) (with V. Kristoff and Yu Ogu)

A project of Zefan Sramek who is currently residing in Japan. New Tokyo Meditation features two long tracks of melancholic, a bit lo-fi ambient electronics. I don't know if overdriven sound on the second track was intended to be that way (why?).


Pred, Noah (Canada)

Homeward (2018)

This Canadian artist (currently based in Germany) may be known for his techno productions but on Homeward he doesn't use any beats, opting for a nice, sparse synth sound that marries Prog EM and a touch of acid perhaps.


Predominance (Germany)

White Ashes (1995)
Obliteration (1997)
Hindenburg (1998)
Nocturnal Gates of Incidence (2000)
Dark Stars Unfolding (2005)

Dark Ambient from Gerd Zaunig. Hindenburg has some symphonic-oriented material with vocals.


Prekkas, Makis (Greece)

Recording Is An Art (1985)

Experimental synth / sample-based music from this obscure composer. You can sort of consider it a Greek version of Cluster, with strong World Music edges (lots of voices) that approximate it with stuff released by some Italian artists like Roberto Musci for example.


Prekop, Sam (USA)

Old Punch Card (2010)
The Republic (2015)
Comma (2020)
In Away (2021) (EP)
Sons of (2022) (with John McEntire)
The Sparrow (2022)

Sam Prekop started his career in proto-post rock band Shrimp Boat. He then became member of indie rockers The Sea And Cake, where he plays guitar and sings until today. However, he also happens to be a modular synth enthusiast and his electronic experiments found their way onto a few of his records. He has an experimental style but does not shun from a nice sequence or rhythm either.


Preliminary Saturation (Netherlands)

Hell's Mouth (2008)
Staring At Empty Eyes (2008)
Disciples of the Vatican (2008)
29 Dec. 1979 (2011)
You Are the Universe (2018)
Summer Breeze (2021)

Dutch duo using both processed field recordings and synthesizers to craft varied ambient compositions, from droning to noisy, dark, vaguely melodic and / or dramatic.


Prema, Ashok (UK)

Foundation & Empire (1987)
Standstill (1988)
Phase: 3 (1990)
Of Times And Places (1995)
Stranger In A Strange Land (1995)
Electric Eyes of Man (2001)
Matter (2005)
A Quiet Day (2023)

Rhythmic, sequencer-full music by this veteran British synthesist of Hindu origin. Ash Prema has been a mainstay of British EM scene since the 1980's. His story begins a decade earlier when he started playing popular Indian music (including soundtrack themes) on a harmonium. However, in 1976 he heard Tangerine Dream's Phaedra which changed his musical life forever. He assembled an electronic studio and started releasing his music, first on cassettes and then switching to CD a few years later. He has collaborated with a few fellow musicians, including guitar player and synthesist Rob Jenkins.


Premium Bananen (Germany??)

1x1 / Ufirst (2018)

A project led by one Luca Andriola who seems to be based in Germany, but his name sounds Italian to me, so I am not sure. He is also helped by a drummer (who also doubles on synth and bass) and presents on his 1x1 / Ufirst cassette two distinctive sides - the synth / drums dominated side A and the guitar-dominated side B. An explicitly krautrock attitude can be felt here.


Premonition Factory (Belgium)

59 Airplanes Waiting For New York (2010)
A Sense of Time (2011)
The Theory of Nothing (2012)
Live At Kink FM X-Rated (2012)

Belgian sound artist Sjaak Overgaauw making ambient electronics. Mastered by Dirk Serries (Vidna Obmana).


Prentice, Chris (New Zealand)

Trianon (1993)
Metamorphosis (1994)
Order (1995)
Enochia #1: The Watchtower of Earth (1996)

Chris Prentice was the pseudonym of Christchurch-based synthesist and electronic musician Chris Orczy. Some of his works are in the style of Tangerine Dream (for instance, Metamorphosis), some more ambient and experimental. A bit later he also released works (both electronic and acoustic) under his own name.

See also: Orczy, Chris


Prequel Tapes (Germany)

Inner Systems (2015)
Everything Is Quite Now (2018)
Ruin (2020)
The Pandora Star Sessions Live @ No Bounds, Sheffield 2019 (2020)

Everything Is Quite Now is an excellent album for fans of analog synthesis. Experimental, but very listenable and often melodic compositions. Sometimes rhythmic almost to the point of becoming danceable.


Prescott, David (USA)

X Factor (1982)
The Dreamer (1985)
Four Million Years (1985)
Neologisms (1985)
New Music For Cathedrals (1985)
Red Shift 1 (??)
Red Shift 2 (1985)
Dark 1 (??)
Dark 2 (1985)
Dark 3 (??)
Dark 5 (??)
Electromagnetized (1986)
Tales From the Public Eye (1986)
Second Thoughts (1986) (with Minóy)
Active Resistors (1987)
Dark 4 (1987)
Red Shift 3 (1987)
Red Shift 4 (1987)
Red Shift 5 (1987)
Thin Veils: Heaven In Hell (1987)
Walking In Slow Circles (1987)
Into the World (1987) (with Roger Moneymaker)
The Dying Man (An Opera) (1987) (with Minóy)
Spaceshot (1987) (with Minóy)
The Last Battle (1988)
Dialog And Disparity (1988)
A Fish Devoid of Memory (1988) (with Hal McGee)
Studies In Static & Stasis (1988)
The Depths of Proficiency (1988)
Prague Spring (1988)
Mix 5/19/89 (1989)
Without Direction (1989)
Whispering Wendy (??) (with A. Bohman)
Concentration / Combination (1989)
GMP (1989) (with Goldberg and Margolis)
Feedback (??) (with Montgomery, Chocolak and Thomasius)
Iancu Dumitrescu / David Prescott (1989) (with Iancu Dumitrescu)
From Chance To Probability (1989)
Feigning (1990)
Post Traumatic Stress (1990)
Untitled (1990) (recorded in 1988 - 1990)
Epicentres / Still Life With Boiling Water (??) (with Iancu Dumitrescu)
David Prescott / Bill Tankersley (??) (with Bill Tankersley)

Synthesist from Boston, USA. I know that Without Direction contains two long tracks of quite chaotic sounds (no wonder with a title like this!). Can be compared to some of Hal McGee stuff, maybe. Some of the other albums have classic synth excursions that remind on Klaus Schulze.

See also: Alien Planetscapes, Ambient Complot, Mid-Cult Matrix.


Présence du Futur (Canada)

Apparitions électriques (2022)

A bit lo-fi ambient electronics with a cosmic flair.


President Bongo (Iceland)

Serengeti (2015)
Quadrantes (2020) (with Óttar S)

A project of Stephan Stephensen who came up with a unique World Music sound on Serengeti. Combining influences as diverse as traditional African music, techno, jazz, classical and Ambient, the album really defies categorization. Different, but definitely progressive.


Presidiomodelo (Russia)

Внутренняя империя (2018)
Спис / Кесте (2019) (S)
Стикс / Харон (2019) (S)
19/19 (2022)

Funeral (2023)
The Black River (2024)

Somewhat ambient, industrial-tinged sound with lots of field recordings.


Presley, Vincent (USA)

Music To Die To (2020)
Music To Rot And Resurrect (2020)
Music To Defuse (2022)
Vincent Presley & The Secret Creeps Vol. 1 (2022)
Music For Low (2024)

Solo Electronic Music by member (drummer and keyboardist) of goth-country / doom metal band Those Poor Bastards, as well as guitarist of a few other punk and metal bands. Moody, refletive, soundtracky, analog...


Press To Transmit (Germany)

Outer Dislocations (2002)
Simulacron (2021) (recorded in 2015 - 2020)

Taking some cues from Kraftwerk circa Computerwelt and especially Electric Cafe, Press To Transmit's Simulacron is a monotonous, mechanical journey into techno and electro-influenced electronics. It does lack much of Kraftwerk's melodic content, though, focusing very much of repetitive rhythms and cerebral electronic textures. Just like its cover, depicting three surgeons at work, all wearing masks, this stuff is sterile, machine-like and cold. Press To Transmit is Helmut Nitschke.


Presser, Gabor (Hungary)

Electromantic (1982)
A padlás (1987)
Stala sa nám láska... (1989) (with Burciak)
Csak dalok (1994)
Kis történetek (1996)
Képzelt riport 1 Amerikai Popfesztiválról 1998 (1998) (with Anna Adamis)
A zeneszerző (1998)
Angyalok és emberek (1999)
A zeneszerző 2 (2001)
A zeneszerző 3 - Szerelmes dalok (2002)
Koncert (2003)
A zeneszerző 4 - Legszihazibb dalai (2004)
T12enketto (2006)

Ex-member of progrock band Locomotiv GT. The first album contains slow flowing electronic tracks with not much variety.


Pressure Cooker Relief Valve (UK)

Neuklang (2020)
Music For Walking (2020)
Inflatable Sumo Suit (2021) (with Territorial Gobbing)

A project based in Leeds (Thomas Carroll). Neuklang is an album of two sides - a noisy side A (nothing too extreme, though) and an ambient EM side B, which is pretty nice, if a bit low-key and understated.


Prest, Jack (Australia)

Test Tones (2021) (EP)

Multi-disciplinary and experimental artist from Sydney. Test Tones represents the ambient and synth side of his oeuvre.


Presti, Pino (Italy)

Sharade (2023) (with Garden Planet)

Giuseppe Prestipino Giarritta aka Pino Presti is an Italian bassist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, conductor and music producer. He made some records for other artists and composed music for TV. Every now and then he would also release a solo record (starting from the 1970's). Sharade is an album of easy-listening, "balearic" themes made by Presti in collaboration with a small group of musicians. Some of the tracks lean towards more ambient / progressive forms, such as the very Vangelis-like "Garden Planet". File under (slightly) EM-related.


Preston, Don (USA)

Alien (1985) (with Michael Mantler)
Vile Foamy Ectoplasm (1993) (recorded in 1967 - 1981)
Music From Blood Dinner & Other Films (2001)
Io Landscapes (2001)
Transformation (2001)
The Inner Realities of Evolution (2003) (with Akashic Ensemble)
Works (2007)
Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes (2012) (recorded in 1967 - 1975)

One of the pioneers of Electronic Music, Don Preston used synths onstage playing live with Frank Zappa and John Lennon. He played with many more famous and not-so-famous musicians and collaborated on the soundtrack for the film "Apocalypse Now". His own albums are supposedly in classic EM style but also quite experimental.


preston.outatime (UK)

Mirror Radius (2021)

Preston Parris is a Brighton-based artist with a flashy, melodic style mixing warm synths and downtempo rhythms.


Preston, Raphael (UK)

Blue (1995)
The Ambient Field (??)
The Healing Circle (1996) (with Matthew Manning)
The Mechanics of Descent (1997)
The Intimate Sphere (1998)
The October Child (2000)
Angel (2000) (with Justin Chubb)

Raphael Preston was the engineer of Vangelis on Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner. His own music often leans towards new age aesthetics and, therefore, not interesting for serious EM fan. Blue, The Ambient Field, The Mechanics of Descent and The October Child are said to be quite good, though.


Preston, Rob (UK)

Insect Mechanics (1994)
Missing Time (1994)

UK synthesist with a fairly sequencer-based style.


Previte, Robert (USA)

Dull Bang, Gushing Sound, Human Shriek (1987) (soundtrack)

Bobby Previte is an American jazz drummer. Dull Bang... is a soundtrack that may be his only electronic work. It is pretty weird and spooky and does not compare to the usual synthesizer soundtracks of the period, relying on disembodied voices, processed sounds and doomy, bell-like synth patterns. The latter element brings up memories of Anatoly Pereslegin's work, especially on tracks like "Human Shriek".


Price, Bill (USA)

Squeezing Light (1989)

Supposedly, ambient electronics. A rare cassette release.


Price, Lesley (USA)

A Year In Sports (2020)

Electronic pop music, some with vocals, some instrumental. Comparable to Yellow Magic Orchestra without the oriental influences.


Price, Mark (UK)

The Room Within My Head (1986)
Another Small World (1990)
Domain (1992)
Come Taste the Earth (1994)
Global (1996)
Magellalic (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Mirage (2020)

British synthesist from Staffordshire who has been composing since 1979. He first released his music on cassette and then on CD and digital. His music is flashy and melodic, more often than not influenced by the classics of EM, like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, but also by progrock (Mark Price is / was a member of a couple of bands in that style).


Price, Sam (Australia)

Rand (2009)

Jazz-related musician and drummer. Rand combines drums and improvised electronics for an abstract, cerebral, sometimes noisy sound.


Prien, Olli (Germany)

Verwesung (2020)


Priest, Gail (Australia)

Presentiments From the Spider Garden (2010)
The Common Koel (2013) (S)
Heraclitus In Iceland (2017)

Experimental / ambient musician whose album Presentiments From the Spider Garden is a sonic walk through darklit corridors, cobweb-filled rooms, ancient libraries and strange forests.


Primal Beast (USA)

Extinction: the Album, the Experience (2022) (S)
Tyrant Lizard King (2023) (S)
Plesiosaurus (2023)
Dino Synth Is the Past, Dino Synth Is the Future (2023) (S)
65 Million Years of Silence (2023) (S)
Dungeons & Dinos (2024) (recorded in 2023)

The author of this project calls his music "dino synth". Prehistoric atmospheres ranging from almost purely "dungeon synth" sound to something quite ambient and even synthwave-like (on Dino Synth Is the Past...).


Primal Code (Italy)

La via della seta (2018)

A duo of Davide Perrone and Gabriele Giuggioli with a techno background. On La Via della Seta they started moving in the ambient and Prog EM direction, with some tracks being completely ambient and one more attraction being the liquid, schulzian synth leads on "Purpure".


Primal Era Worship (France)

Lords of the Primal Edgelands (2023)

Prehistoric / mythical / dinosaur ambience from Paris. Sometimes with tribal elements.


Primal Regression Therapy (Australia)

Astral Agnosia (2021)
Orchestral Oneirology (2023)

Droning ambient duo from Tasmania.


Primary Mystical Experience (USA)

Arcana (2018)
Space Dust (2019)
Drum Art (2022)

Flowing, meditative electronics from Jared Marshall who is based in Los Angeles (originally from Austin). Sometimes with sequences / apreggios.

See also: Galecstasy


Prime Vertical (Germany)

Escapist Eschaton (2022)

Varied ambient synth compositions - mostly meditative and relaxing, but also mysterious and cerebral.


Primitive Outtakes (Germany)

Von der Faust zum Keil (2018)

Moody soundscapes with tribal elements on topics of primitive society / dawn of humanity.

See also: Krigsgravene


Primitive Supremacy (USA)

Melody And Madness (2002)

Dark / Black Ambient.


Primitive Tongues (USA)

Heart Brain Coherence (2022)

This project of Baltimore, Maryland-based Safra Tadesse focuses on the use of her voice, as well as experimental, collage-like electronic compositions. The arrangements are quite unusual and at times captivating, as on the instrumental closer "Matrimonial Dance", for example. File under EM-related.


Primitive World (UK)

White On White (2018)
The Revolt of Aphrodite (2019)
FMJ (2020)

The 2018 album is abstract improvisations on PPG Wave synth inspired by the work of British constructivist atist Marlow Moss. Sometimes vaguely melodic or ambient. The closing track is gas.

See also: Walls


Prince of Denmark (Germany)

Your Body (2013)
8 (2016)

Deep house / techno producer whose album Your Body closes with an ambient EM piece "Sublimation". One of those one-track inclusions.

See also: Traumprinz, DJ Metatron.


Prince Shima (Canada)

P.S. I Love You (2019)
Matsu's Forest of Dreams (2021)

Varied ambient material.


Princess Century (Canada)

Lossless (2013)
Lossy (2015) (EP)
Rendezvous (2016) (EP)
Progress (2015)
Surrender (2021)

Princess Century is Toronto-based singer-songwriter Maya Postepski. Her music can be classed under the general pop umbrella, although her love for synths makes her stand out somewhat. Surrender is a mix of pop songs and instrumental EM tracks that are pretty nice - just listen to the warm, melodic sequencer webs on "Fantasy Channel" - a pure White Eagle-style delight!


Princess Vanilla (Denmark)

Accelerate (2021) (S)

Mixture of post-rock with a bit of distortion and melodic EM.


Principle, Peter (USA)

Sedimental Journey (1985)
Tone Poems (1988)
Conjunction (1990)
Idyllatry (2005)

Psychedelic soundscapes from ex-Tuxedomoon bass player whose real name was Peter Dachert (1954 - 2017).

See also: Zero Gravity Thinkers


Prins Emanuel (Norway)

Diagonal musik (2018)
Vhassal (2021)
Jon Iverson Meets Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy & Inre Kretsen Grupp (2023) (with Jon Iverson, Golden Ivy and Inre Kretsen Grupp)
Diagonal musik II (2023)

Wacky, Cluster-like rhythmic electronics with an oriental touch.


Prins Obi (Greece)

The Age of Tourlou (2017)

Greek psychedelic rock musician Georgios Dimakis. The above album includes an electronic track - the sadly short "Astro-Man Theme". "Chasing Baboons" is also based on synths, although that one is much more a vocal song, not instrumental. File under EM-related.


Prins Thomas (Norway)

Prins Thomas (2010)
Prins Thomas II (2012)
Prins Thomas III (2014)
Principe del Norte (2016)
Prins Thomas 5 (2017)
Square One (2017) (with Bjørn Torske)
Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas (2018) (with Bugge Wesseltoft)
Ambitions (2019)
Træns (2020)

Prins Thomas is a producer and DJ from Norway. On his first full-length release he mixes a lot of different influences, including disco, house, funk, krautrock and German Electronic Music (Harmonia, Cluster, Klaus Schulze...). It's a nice, easy-listening disc that straddles the line between dancey / club stuff and progressive EM / rock.


Printzen, Manuel (Mexico)

Autotrophic (2017) (EP)

Diverse electronic musician from Guadalajara, mostly in club-related genres. However, his 2017 EP opens and closes with nice ambient synth pieces.


Priora, Andrea (Italy)

Destiny (1998)
Beyond My Ice (1999)
Trance Flares (2001)
Neuromatic Visions (2002)
Fairy Dazzles (2002)
No Ordinary Human TIS: Extended Score (2008)
Oxygene Flares (2016)

Melodic, easy-listening electronics with pop and techno / trance influences from this Milan-based artist. Not sure how much of this music would actually qualify as "electronic prog", but the influences from the great masters are present in his compositions. The 2016's Oxygene Flares is a nice Jarre pastiche.


Priori (Canada)

Your Own Power (2021)

Priori is Canadian artist Francis Latreille. He output is related to techno, deep house and trance scenes and sounds. On Your Own Power, recorded in isolation of the Covid lockdown, he explores more contemplative moods. Still largely rhythmic, the music is chock full of tasty analog sounds and fleeting sequences.


Pritchard, David (Canada)

Nocturnal Earthworm Stew (1976)
Unexplored Ether (1977)

David Pritchard was the first Canadian artist to sign for the Island label and, amazingly, his debut featured interesting electronic compositions, playful and diverse. A radio deejay, Pritchard seemed to be influenced by the German EM pioneers but he distilled those influences into a unique experimental brew of analogue synthesizers, acoustic instruments, radio noises and concrete / field recordings. This album also saw the first recorded appearance of Nash the Slash who plays violin. Sadly, David Pritchard died in 2005. Note that there's also a California-based acoustic guitarist with the same name.


Pritchard, Mark (UK)

The Four Worlds (2018)

Dubstep musician who on The Four Worlds, released on Warp Records, decided to go the ambient way, channeling everything from Cluster / Eno to even wackier / cheesier vintage EM / kraut vibes.


Private Agenda (UK)

Île de rêve (2019)

UK duo of Martin Aggrowe and Sean Phillips, who currently reside in Berlin. Wacky, analog, mixing Cluster style, some deep house undertones and an oriental / YMO-ish EM slant. Some great tracks here, like the emotional "Solitude" or the baroque-tinged "Malanai" or the cosmic / pastoral "P.S.R.". Overall, a pretty satisfying listen.


Private Elevators (USA)

First Feelings (2014)
LA Looks (2018)

Ambient duo of Adrian Knight and Matthew Evans.


Private Investigators (Canada)

Early Looters of the Apocalypse (2015)
The Rush (2015)
Disturbing the Void (2016)
Initialized / Actualized (2021)

Edmonton-based duo of Ian Rowley and Parker Thiessen, inspired by sci-fi and horror scores, obscure library music and what have you. Rough, sharp analog synths and noises, pulses, soundscapes, theremin wails, fat leads...

See also: Bong Sample


Private Mountain (North Macedonia)

Blue Mountain (2019)
Dark Political Stratum (2020)

Ambient duo.

See also: Dodovski, Dimitar, Niskogradba, Dimitrov, Toni.


Private Vices (Canada)

Relationship of Fantasy (2019) (S)
Strange Days (2020) (S)

Reflective Ambient from R. Rivera.


Pro 424 (Sweden)

Immune (2015)
424 1 (2016)
Before Immunity (2018)

Pro 424 is Swedish synthesist Maximilian Karlander from Stockholm. On Before Immunity, one can hear melodic, uplifting, powerful EM in rhythmic / melodic style similar to that of artists like Maxxess, Tangerine Dream, Picture Palace Music, Gert Emmens, Ron Boots and Frank Dorittke. Fine EM.


Procer Veneficus (USA)

Argo navis (2005)
Deathwanderings (2005)
Residual Tides (2005)
Astral Birth (2006)
A Summerhaze Array For August Nights (2007)
Lunar Transit (2007)
The Cold Gloaming (2007)
Saltwater And Glassmoon (2008)
How the Heather Moonlit Shivers (2010)

Diverse project by this mysterious character who calls himself "Derek". Runs a gamut of styles from minimalistic black metal to acoustic compositions and concrete textures, to ambient soundscapes. Only his ambient recordings are included in the discography.

See also: World Untouched By Mankind


Procyon-X (Netherlands)

The Ghost of Orion (2008) (S)

Deep Space / Ambient sounds.


Prodomo (Poland)

New World Order (2020) (recorded in 2005 - 2020)

Prodomo is an alias of Polish spacesynth artist Marcin Sierant. Energetic themes with nice melodic feel.


Production Unit Xero (USA)

Tiger And the Sloth (2006)
Shades of Distortion (2010)
Hedge Magic (2019)
Chunibyo Love Poems (2021)
Nexus Points (2022)

Portland, Oregon-based synthesist (real name - Ramon Mills). I must say I was thoroughly impressed by the music heard on Hedge Magic. It is restrained and moody and yet has a sense of purpose and mystery. "Carrying A Basket of Stars" is a fantastic Space Music piece. Overall pretty nice ambient EM. Recommended.


Profane Grace (USA)

The Divination of Souls (1992)
The Sorrowful Scent of Funeral Flowers (1993)
The Seal of Xastur (1994) (S)
In Death's Silent Embrace (1997) (S)
Epitaph of Shattered Dreams (1998)
The Serenity of Endless Graves (1998)
Ages In Dust (1999)
A Cast In the Mould of the Ancients (2003)
Nocturnal Omniscience (2010)

Dark American band in Doom Ambient / Death Ambient mould.

See also: Raven's Bane


Professor Tip Top (Norway)

Hybrid Hymns (2019)
Lanes of Time (2021)

Norwegian space rock / progrock band with a female vocalist. They seem to be very influenced by Pink Floyd, reflecting all basic PF phases and styles on their 2021 album Lanes of Time (Professor Tip Top have been releasing music since 2012), including their electronic side, which is especially prominent on the instrumental track "The Sound of Protonflow". Another EM number is the sadly short "Light Generator" from Hybrid Hymns. File under (slightly) EM-related.


Profit Prison (USA)

Faust (2022)

Synthpop / darkwave artist. Faust features long synth dirges in cosmic ambient mould.


Profound As A Thousand Nights (Belgium)

Profound As A Thousand Nights (2003)
Abysmal (2004)


See also: Nether, :36:.


Programa (Spain)

Sintesis Digital (1983)
Acropolis (1985)
Ashes (1999)
Phoenix (2003)
Programa Pack III (2009) (recorded in 1983 - 1987)

This group was formed in 1983 in Barcelona by Carlos Guirao and Jose Antonio Lopez Ibanez aka Joseph Loibant. On the first album they are aided by Jose Maria Ciria. Ashes was done by just the duo of Loibant and Jose Ciria and contains Kraftwerk-like music, albeit more organic.

See also: Guirao, Carlos, Loibant, Joseph, Ciria, J.M.


Programación Infantil (Spain)

PI (1988)
Noche / Mañana (1988)

Really strange band consisting of Antonio García and José M. Sanchez. By strange I don't mean any eccentricity per se, but rather the fact that they are difficult as hell to categorize, as not only their two albums are different to each other but they also have very contrasting sides. In other words, every side of their two cassettes effectively sounds as if made by a different band, with maybe a few exceptions that link the whole thing together. Ok, so here goes: Side A of PI: Art Zoyd forgetting about their chamber music roots and going crazy about creating wonky music full of cheesy 1980's digital drums & percussion, catching a synclavier virus from Zappa perhaps. Side B, on the other hand has (with a few exceptions that harken back to the style of side A) some nice experimental electronics, sometimes rather ambient but never generic. Side A of the second cassette ("Noche""): guitar / synth instrumentals, alternatively pastoral and neurotic. Some moments wouldn't sound out of place on a Heldon record ("Bajo La Tierra I""). Side B: Deeper, more ambient pieces.


Project Gregus (Slovakia)

Musica Mundana (2006)
Majesty In Beauty (2009)
When Something  Beautiful Comes To the End (2012)
Hope Again (2018)
Middle Ages Balance (2020)
Return of the Sun (2021)

Dungeon synth-related project.


Project Moonbeam (USA)

Project Moonbeam (2008)

Chris Fournier formerly known as Fonya. Electronic / progressive crossover.

See also: Fonya, Centric Jones.


Project Phaedrus (Australia)

The Downs (2017)

A bit unusual Electronic Music. Although symphonic and melodic, it has lots of vocalizations and some ethnic touches.


Project the Three (Czech Republic)

Antimother (2003)

Ambient soundscapes from Michael Cihak, R. Senkyr and V. Jenicek. Somewhat dark.


Project-To (Italy)

The White Side / The Black Side (2016)
Black Revised (2017)
IRO (2018)
Les fleurs du mal (2021)

Audiovisual project created by Riccardo Mazza together with Laura Pol and Carlo Bagini. Les fleurs du mal has a definite Prog EM vibe. Melancholic pads ala Klaus Schulze, agressive soloing, rhythms, sequencing, some spoken vocals in French... Really good stuff.


Projekct Two (UK)

Space Groove (1998)

This is one of King Crimson side projects. The line-up is Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew and Trey Gunn. The music is basically Fripp's soundscapes but with added drums and guitar synth. Pretty experimental mixture of Fripp's solo works, Gong and Tangerine Dream. Some of the pieces are just plain percussion, some pure soundscapes.

See also: Fripp, Robert


Projekt Electronic Amerika (USA)

Diving Into Cool Waters (1984)
The Old Lake (1984)
Tanzmusic (1984)
The April Rain (1985)
Secret Flight (1985)
Islands (1985)

Solo Sam Rosenthal under a pseudonym.

See also: Rosenthal, Sam


Projekt Erde (Germany)

Mysterious Vibration (1991)
11:11 (1992)
Newtime (1992)
Tak Ze (1994) (S)
Project Erde 3 (1996) (with Erik Berglund)

Ambient. Projekt Erde are Christoph Hausmann and Martin Stark.

See also: Hausmann


Projekt Gamma (Germany)

Impressionen (1995)
Traveller of the Universe (1996)
The Other Side (1998)
Traume am Meer (1998)
Elektric Voyage (1998)
The New Reality EP (2000) (EP)
Dreams of Meditation (2001)
Power of Life (2001)
Your World (2004) (with Erich Schauder)
Insel der Ruhe (2005) (EP)
Moments of Life (2005) (EP)
November Day (2009) (EP)
Wintertraum (2010) (with Erich Schauder)
Entspannung + Traumen (2010)
Dreamwalk (2011) (with Erich Schauder)
Time Machine (2012) (with Erich Schauder)
Tolleranz (2012) (with Erich Schauder)
One Day (2012) (recorded in 1991 - 1993)
Star Street (2013) (with Erich Schauder)
Science (2013) (with Erich Schauder)
Projekt Gamma & Saxophon (2014) (S)
Symbiont (2014) (with Erich Schauder)
Underwater (2014)
Black Moon (2015)
Universe (2015)
Eiswelten Vol. 2 (2015)
Liquidsound (2016)
Mystery Vol. 1 (2016)
Mystery Vol. 2 (2016)
Odyssey Through the Galaxy (2016)
Komm mit ich zeig dir was (2016)
Mein Skandinavien Vol. 1 (2017)
Die Legende von Dunklen Kristall (2017)
Mystery Vol 3 (2017)
Der vier Elemente des Lebens (2018)
Mystik (2018)
Mein Skandinavien Vol. 2 (2018)
Ferne Reisen (2018)
2088 (2018)
Future (2018)
(with Erich Schauder)
Die Gefährten (2019)
Wintertraum (2019) (with Erich Schauder)
Dreamwalk (2019) (with Eric Schauder)
Die Reiter der schwarzen Legion (2019)
Electronic (2020)
Mission X (2020)
Licht und Schatten (2020)
See (2021)
Zone 22 (2021)
Raumpatrouille 2 (2021)
Hintern Horizont (2022)
Raumpatrouille 3 (2022)
Raumpatrouille 4 (2022)
Raumpatrouille 5 (2022)
Neue Planeten (2023)
Flug der Raumsonden (2023)
Raumpatrouille 6 (2023)
Pluto Neptun Mission (2023)

A duo of Uwe Brameier and Volker Flottmann. Some works are melodic and rhythmic, some slow, but always retaining the melodic edge.

See also: Flottmann, Volker


Projekt Thule (USA)

Cosmic Law (1999)
First Kingdom (2000)
Blacksun Rising (2004)

Experimental and ritual-tinged ambient project of Oregon-based Evelyn E. Overholser.


Projektions (UK)

Solarism (2017)
The Shores of Vanhalla (2019)

Varied electronic project from Glasgow, ranges from the ambient to the sequencer-based and rhythmic. Projektions is Mark Knight.


Projet de Vie (France)

Vol. 01 (2018)
Sortie physique (2019)
Tapis roulant (2022) (S)
Musiques secondaires (2023)

Music by Yann Lélias, heavily based on analog synths and drum machines. Allegedly inspired by early 1980's techno / electro. Most of it will also be enjoyed by fans of Prog EM, though (especially the wonderfully intense atmospheric moments).

See also: Le Goût Acide des Conservateurs


Prokop, Matthew (USA)

For Tired Souls (2019)

Ambient artist who mixes piano, processed guitars and electronics.


Prolograes (???)

The Chasing of Events (??)
Early Works (??)
Teraenid (??)
Tetrae / Aeder (??)
Aerthae (??)

Ambient / Dark.


Prometheus (Poland)

Mysterience (2015)

Melodic, symphonic, rhythmic music from this synthesist.


Prone (USA)

Historic Downtown Swampanog (2017)

A project of experimental modular synth artist Tim Davison.


Propane, Jack (USA)

Purity Control (2015) (EP)
Other Worlds (2017)
Cool Canyon (2019)

A pseudonym of Brooklyn-based Ryan Caruso. On Cool Canyon, he presents unique ambient music that has a very airy feel to it and is almost physically felt like a cool wind blowing on your face.


Propeller Island (Germany)

Noit At Item (1986)
Hermeneutic Music (1988)
The Secret Convention (1989)
The Garden (1995)
My Fantastic VCA (1995)
Freak Noise Two (1995) (recorded in 1991)
No Move No (1996) (recorded in 1992 - 1996)
Materia Prima (1996) (recorded in 1993 - 1996)
Capture of the Beast (1997) (recorded in 1986 - 1993)
My Beautiful LFO (1992)
ESTCA (1997) (recorded in 1984 - 1986)
Medi-Terra (2000) (recorded in 1979 - 1981)
Arygrondoma (2000) (recorded in 1981 - 1983)

Experimental, surreal, abstract music. Very often quite dark. Propeller Island is German synthesist and sound sculptor Lars Stroschen who has been collecting sounds and experimenting with synthesizers in his studio since the 1970's. Apart from music, Lars is also very much interested in visual arts and sculpture.

See also: Stroschen, Lars, Tonart.


Proscenium (Sweden)

Behind the Curtain (2005)
Weltschmerz (2007)

Dramatic, cinematic Neo-Classical Ambient with horror / black-ish elements by way of growled "vocals" on some tracks.

See also: Mortaur


Proscriptor (USA)

726 (2008)

Proscriptor is a solo darkwave project of Absu drummer and vocalist Russ R. Givens. On 726, whose cover mocks 666 by Aphrodite's Child, he created an esoteric ambient work that seems to be very much inspired by classic German EM and krautrock.


Prospero (El Salvador)

Fibonacci (2004)

Rhythmic, sequence-full music from J.C. Mendizabal, who currently resides in California.

See also: Radio Free Clear Light


Prosperoh (France)

Sessions (2016) (EP)

A one-track inclusion (for now). Prosperoh is a French techno producer. The whole side A of the above EP is occupied by an ambient track called "Dektri". Lets see if he explores more of that direction in the future.


Proswell (USA)

Amaterasu (2020)

Varied project of Joseph Misra. The above is an album that mixes rich analog synths with sort of a quasi-chiptune sound.


Protector 101 (USA)

Protector 101 (2011)
L.A. Cop Duo (2012) (EP)
Black Friday 2: Blood Money (2013) (soundtrack)
Return of the Killer Train (2014) (soundtrack)
Wastelands (2014)
Collar (2014) (soundtrack)
The Prime Directives (2016)
Killer Campout (2017) (soundtrack)
Dream (2017) (soundtrack)
To Live And Die In L.S. Vol. 1 (2018) (soundtrack)
Killbots (2019)

Synthwave artist with heavy soundtrack vibes. Protector 101 is Jake Freeman who mixes equal doses of italo, John Carpenter, general 1980's synth scores and atmospheric moments.


Protein (Germany)

Süss (2000)
Helldunkel (2014)
The Secret Garden (2016)

Munich-based duo of Tobias Laemmert and Hans Rodrian. Sort of a krautrock attitude is felt here, close to the Dusseldorf School of EM, but also with strong IDM vibes.


Prothese (Belgium)

Music For Muted TV 3 (2016) (recorded in 2006 - 2010)
Music For Muted TV 4 (2017) (S) (with Nothing But Noise)
CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL (2018)
99.9 (2018) (with Edwin Vanvinckenroye)
Hollektrokraut - Hellectrokraut (2018)
DB+Tronics (2018)
One To One + Xaosonix (2019)
44.44.44 (2020)
44.44.44 II (2021)
44.44.44 III (2021)

Dark, pulsing analogue music from Daniel Bressanutti, member of Front 242.

See also: Nothing But Noise, 99.9, Daniel B., Alles Und Nichts.


Protogonos (UK)

Noumena & Phenomena (1992)
Strange Geographie (1999)

Ambient on DiN label by a Halifax-based duo of Stefan Bojczu