N.O.M. (Italy)

Obsession I (1993)
Obsession II (1995)

A side project of Runes Order (Daniele Magarelli). Dark.

See also: Runes Order.


N.O.S. (Italy)

Live Shadows (2015)

N.O.S. stands for Nessuna Ostentazione Sonora. It is an electronic trio with a varied style, from rhythmic and experimental to melodic.

See also: Rat


N-1 (Germany)

Nomma (2016)

Jamming progressive rock band with changing members that on Nomma includes Udo Hanten (ex-You, synths & sequencers). Mostly rock-based music here, although the introduction (an extremely short electronic piece) and "Ballonfahrt" (a rocking sequencer ride) will be of interest to EM fans. File under EM-related.


Naag (Poland)

Tulku (2004)

Dark soundscapes.


Nachahmer, Wolfgang (Germany??)

Hexenkessel (2017)
Eiszeit (2018)
Synchromystik (2019)
Triptychon (2020)
Nachtwache (2021)

Berlin School-influenced music. Wolfgang Nachahmer is a pseudonym.


Nacher, Anna & Styczynski, Marek (Poland)

Baltyckie Szepty (2000)
Project C (2003)
Ucho Jaka (2003)
Barycz (2004)
Dzweki z Glebi Ziemi (2005)
Throbbing Plants (2017)

This couple is known from the folk formation The Magic Carpatians. This is their "environmental music" project which is in fact Ambient (with both acoustic and electronic sounds) mixed with nature recordings.


Nacht Plank (UK)

1-12 (1999)
Small Medium (2000) (with Hem)
Lost And Damaged (2003)
Septs Vents (2005)
Broad Tape Band (2011)
Maria Sabina Cubensis (2012)
Notes From An Open Window (2013)
Notes From An Open Window 2 (2013)
Opiate Odyssey (2013) (with Solipsism)
Ephemerol (2013)
Psychology of Religion And Understanding St Catherine (2013)
The Cerenarian Sea (2014) (with Solipsism)
Echo Ark (2014)
Crows Un Wra Volume 1 (2016) (with Ishq)
Crows Un Wra Volume 2 (2016) (with Ishq)
Crows Un Wra Volume 3 (2016) (with Ishq)
Alien (2016)
Cosmic Crowbar (2017)
Zeal Monachorum (2017) (with Ishq)
Nemmit Com (2018)
Sacraments Council (2019)
Nine Maidens Circle (2020) (with Ishq)
Music For Kettle (2022) (with Futuregrapher)
Music For Sheep (2023) (with Futuregrapher)

A project of ambient musician Lee Norris (now presumably residing in Italy).

See also: Ashtoreth's Gate, Ashes of Piemonte, Autumn of Communion, Abandoned Communities, Moss Garden, Angling Loser, The, Orphic Signals, 2xirtam, Dividenthal And Aumgn, World Circuit.


Nachtricht (UK)

Voices of Cissbury Ring (2005)
Glimpses of Infinity (??)
Within the Floe (??)
Oceans of Space (??)
Cosmosis (??)

Cosmic music from Rick Crane.

See also: Crane, Rick


Nackt (USA)

Foundational Concepts Vol. 1 (2020) (S)

California-based project that uses modular and analog synths for a fat, sequencer-based or ambient sound.


Nada Experiences (Italy)

Artava (2011)
Daksinayana (2011)
Surya - Vivaha (2011)
Vyoman (2011)
Hiranyagarbha (2011)

A series of albums by one half of Aglaia project (Gino Fioravanti)

See also: Aglaia


Nadia Khan (USA)

Open Interior (2015)
Deep Court (2015)
In Gleam (2018)

Reflective ambient soundscapes, from bright and melodic to darkish.


Nadolski, Helmut (Poland)

Medytacje (1974)

Helmut Nadoslki is a Polish double bass player and jazz musician. This is supposedly his first work, never reissued on CD. The music was recorded during improvisation in 1974 at Saint George Church in Sopot. Apart from Helmut's double bass playing, the album features Andrzej Novak (organ) and Czesław Niemen (Moog). There is also some voice (poetry) recitation. The music is darkish and experimental. In a way it's perhaps comparable to early Tangerine Dream (the "Pink" Years).


Nagai, Seiji (Japan)

Electronic Works (2021) (recorded in ??)

Seiji Nagai played trumpet with The Taj-Mahal Travelers. In 1979, he started composing for computer and synthesizer, before dedicating himself mainly to environmental sound research. Electronic Works gathers two long pieces from his brief synth / EM phase. They are rather playful, but also experimental. Maybe fans of Morton Subotnick and likeminded musicians will like this.


Nagashima, Yuta (Japan)

Sunflower (2014)
White Sleep (2015)

Using piano, found sounds, toy instruments, processed organ and subtle electronics, Yuta Nagashima achieves a Classic Ambient sound not unlike that of Harold Budd and Brian Eno.


Nagata, Kazunao (Japan)

The World of Electronic Sound (1996)
The World of Electronic Sound 2 (1998)
The World of Electronic Sound 3 (1998)
The World of Electronic Sound 4 (1998)
Nagayude (2002) (with Manabu Yuasa)
2006.6.24 (2011) (S) (with Carre)
2005.4.6 (2011) (S) (with Kenta Araki)
The World of Electronic Sound 5 (2016)

Utilizing an array of analogue synthesizers and sequencers, experimental musician Kazunao Nagata sculpts dense electronic soundscapes inspired by early German krautrock and Electronic Music, the most obvious influence being The Cosmic Jokers. Kazunao Nagata also released an album as "Transonic Jokers" trio whose cover was a humoristic rip-off of Cosmic Jokers' first eponymous LP. The music is a mixture of soundscapes and techno rhythms.


Nagaya, Kazuya (Japan)

Cold Moon (2015) (EP)
Dream Interpretation (2020)

Peaceful, ecstatic, melodic ambient compositions.


Nagle, Paul (UK)

Tree And Leaf (1981)
Alcove (1981)
Modulus (1981)
The Soft Room (1981)
There And Back Again (1981)
The Citadel (1982)
Chimera (1983)
The Eternal Champion (1983)
The Path (1984)
Duncton Wood (1985)
Wilderlands (1987)
The Deserted Tower (1989)
Sketches (??)
Profile '79 - '89 (??)
Earth & Sky Sequence (??) (with David Hill)
Amazing Adventures of Ludwig Von Eartrumpet (1990)
Waiting For Clouseau (1991)
Wavemaker (1993)
Firedancer (1994)
Skyrider (1995)
Earthshaper (1996)
Live Element (1997)
Cyberdiver (1999)
Lore (1999)
Red Book / Blue Book (2000)
Ixion's Wheel (2001) (with Carl Matthews)
Adrift (2009) (with Pete Ruczynski)
The Species Gap (2021) (with Matt Howarth)
Telepathic Dogs And Easier Crosswords (2023)
080705 (2023) (with Andy Pickford and Phil Smillie)
Morphic Resonance 32 (2023)
Data (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Approximation Index (2023) (recorded in 2022)
Into the Light (2023) (recorded in 2019)
Accidental Hermit (2023) (recorded in 2021)
Drone Wars (2023)
Beyond E-Ville (2023) (recorded in 2011)

One of the leading UK synthesists. Melodic electronics, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes more in the Ambient mould. Often quite mellow.

See also: Far From Stars, No Artificial Sweeteners, Joint Intelligence Committee, S t d m, Binar, Headshock, Cosmic Smokers, Ideation, Smokeyfrog.


Nahadoth (USA)

Faces of Winter (2016)
Child of Star (2017)
Chameleon In Nightshadow (2018) (S)
Solstice (2018) (S)
The Trial Of Oda Thahn / Dathonah's Prescription (2020)
Sentient Eidolon (2020)

Dungeon synth with elements of Ambient.

See also: Kolessa, Mycologia, Mystal Tree, Erszébet, Ghost of Forest, Gzara, Stroboseth.


Nahold, Mo (Austria)

Tremors (2020)

Moritz Nahold is a Vienna-based artist who uses the sonic language of electroacoustic music to sculpt unique rhythmic / melodic / atmospheric pieces that are definitely progressive in their essence. Best track: maybe "Burned Envelopes" or "Natural Habit", but really, all of them are pretty interesting.


Naiadra Muriatica (Peru)

Infra (2001)

Dark Ambient.


Naïf (Spain)

Naïf (1981)
Atlas (1982)

Naif is basically Victor Nubla from Macromassa on wind instruments and keyboards, with Albert Gimenez helping out of guitar. The first album is a rare cassette release on Mirage label. The style is not known.

See also: Macromassa, Nubla, Victor.


Naismith, Ian (USA)

Earthwaves (2001)
Forgotten & Imminent (2002)
Requiem For A Spy (2002)
Galaxy Collisions (2002)
Voyage Exotique (2002)
Web Cloning (2003)
Subterranean Flame (2003)
Spirit Amalgam (2004)
Sea Sure (2005)
X (2007)
Curved Infinity (2008)
Mankiala Stupa Aura (2009)
Dreamdrones (2015)

Florida-based (originally from Texas) musician whose main instrument is the electric guitar. However, he treats it in unusual ways with a result that will be of certain interest to fans of Ambient. Dreamdrones, for example is pure Deep Ambient.


Nakajima, Yuhki (Japan)

Prophecies (1982)
Inspire (1984)
Yamatonadeshiko (1984)
Catedral Blue (1989)
I. Q. Story (1990)
Ray of the Master (1990)
Dream Up (1991)
Paradise (1991)

Electronic Music / progressive rock.


Nakasako, Hideo (Japan)

Texture of Days (2019)
Solace (2020) (with Chie Otomi)
Collected Sound Fragments (2023)

Ambient artist from Japan.


Nakayama, Munetoshi (Japan)

Echolocation (2016)
Floating To Kill Me (2018)
Reboot A Repetition (2020)
Periodic Function (2022)

Japanese electronic artist. From totally abstract, explorative pieces to vaguely rhythmic, with sequencers.


Naked Flames (USA)

Black Front Door (2022)

Ambient music with sort of a lo-fi feel from an artist previously known for a few releases in techno / house style.


Na-Koja-Abad (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Organika Obscura (2003)
Fleeting Glimpses (2004)
Black Serpent Dreaming: Rites of Passage (2005)
Nomad: Outworld (2005)
Deluvia (2006)
Dreamfall: Veils And Visions (2007)

Tribal Ambient from the artist whose real name is Muamer Music.


Nalin, André (Germany)

Kosmonautenträume (2012)


Namba, Hiroyuki (Japan)

Sense of Wonder (1979)
Hikōsen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki (1982)
Shin Genma Taisen (1984)
Green Requiem (1984) (soundtrack)
魔境外伝 レディウス (1987) (soundtrack)
New Sound From Our Season (1988) (with Shigeaki Saegusa)

Japanese keyboardist mainly in jazz fusion genre and video game soundtrack composer. Sense of Wonder is his first album. It is vocal-dominated but reportedly features also two instrumental electronic tracks. Hikōsen seems to feature some electronic stuff as well. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Atlas


Nameless Book, The (UK)

As the Dust Is Beginning To Settle (2019)

Ambient with sounds of nature. Real name - Simon Nelson.


namelessnumberheadman (USA)

Meditations (2019)

Varied band from Kansas. Meditations is an ambient release that marries piano and light electronics.


Namenlosigkeit (Netherlands)

1 (2016) (S)

Dark Ambient side project of Jacob Slofstra who is the mastermind behind speedcore project The Untitled.


Nam-Khar (Germany)

A Hallowed Ground Within (2009)
Selected Ritual Works I (2013)
Atavist Craft (2015) (with Sielwolf)
Alone In the Hollow Garden / Nam-Khar (2016) (with Alone In the Hollow Garden)
Oppressfield (2017) (with Sielwolf)
Secret Essence / Sangwa Dupa (2018)
Gyalwa Gyamtso (2019) (with Alone In the Hollow Garden)
Sur Chöd (2020)
Nag-Hammadi (2022) (with Vortex)
Dok-Pa (2022)

Intense Ritual Ambient with lots of percussion and some neat use of analog synths.

See also: Nyilam


Namlook, Pete (Germany)

Silence I (1992) (with Dr. Atmo)
Silence II (1993) (with Dr. Atmo)
Namlook (1993)
Passion (1993) (with Jurgen Rehberg)
II (1993)
Shades of Orion I (1993) (with Tetsu Inoue)
A View To A Chill (1993)
Air I (1993)
You (1993)
2350 Boadway (1993) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Deltraxx (1993)
The Fires of Ork (1993) (with Biosphere)
Hemisphere (1993) (with Steve Stoll)
Alien Community I (1993) (with Jonah Sharp)
III / Aliens In My Suitcase (1994)
Outland I (1994) (with Bill Laswell)
IV / Power Supply (1994)
A New Consciousness (1994) (with Charles Uzeell-Edwards)
V / Reality (1994)
Wandering Soul (1994) (with Alban Gerhardt)
Air II (1994)
Alien Community II (1994) (with Jonah Sharp)
Wechselspannung (1994) (with Jonah Sharp)
VI (1994)
VII (1994)
VIII (1994)
IX (1994)
Music For Ballet (1994)
Seasons Greetings - Autumn (1994)
Psychonavigation (1994) (with Bill Laswell)
From Within (1994) (with Richie Hawtin)
Escape (1994) (with Dr. Atmo)
Create (1994) (with Charles Uzzell-Edwards)
2350 Broadway II (1994) (with Tetsu Inoue)
The Dark Side of the Moog I (1994) (with Klaus Schulze)
Syn (1994)
Autumn (1994)
Seasons Greetings - Spring (1995)
Seasons Greetings - Summer (1995)
Seasons Greetings - Winter (1995)
A New Cosciousness II (1995) (with Charles Uzzell-Edwards)
From Within II (1995) (with Richie Hawtin)
Shades of Orion II (1995) (with Tetsu Inoue)
62 Eulengasse (1995) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Koolfang (1995) (with David Moufang)
Kooler (1995) (with Robert Sattler)
Koolfang II (1995) (with David Moufang)
Jambient (1995) (with David Moufang)
X / Monolith (1995)
The Dark Side of the Moog II (1995) (with Klaus Schulze)
Psychonavigation II (1995) (with Bill Laswell)
Wechselspannung II (1995) (with Jonah Sharp)
The Sunken Road (1995) (with Ludwig Rehberg)
Jet Chamber (1995) (with Atom Heart)
The Putney II (1995) (with Ludwig Rehberg)
Dreamfish I (1995) (with Mixmaster Morris)
The 4 Seasons (1996)
Air III (1996)
XI (1996)
Atom (1996)
Jet Chamber II (1996) (with Atom Heart)
Dreamfish II (1996) (with Mixmaster Morris)
The Dark Side of the Moog III (1996) (with Klaus Schulze)
Sultan (1996) (with Burhan Ocal)
Elektro (1996) (with Robert Gorl)
2350 Broadway III (1996), (with Tetsu Inoue)
The Dark Side of the Moog IV (1996) (with Klaus Schulze)
Outland II (1996) (with Bill Laswell)
Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape (1996) (with Move D)
Create II (1996) (with Charles Uzzell-Edwards)
Jet Chamber III (1997) (with Atom Heart)
Pre-Fax (1997)
AMP II - Red Stripes On White Cloth (1997) (with Dandy Jack)
Elektro II (1997) (with Robert Gorl)
S.H.A.D.O. I (1997) (with Higher Intelligence Agency)
XII (1997)
From Within III (1997) (with Richie Hawtin)
Namlook & Held (1997) (with Hubertus Held)
A Day In the Live (1997) (with Move D)
Psychonavigation III (1997) (with Bill Laswell)
The Dark Side of the Moog V (1997) (with Klaus Schulze)
The Dark Side of the Moog VI (1997) (with Klaus Schulze)
The Dark Side of the Moog VII (1998) (with Klaus Schulze)
Polytime (1998) (with Karl Berger)
Virtual Vices (1998) (with Spyra)
XIII / License To Chill (1998)
Silence III (1998)
Jet Chamber IV (1998) (with Atom Heart)
Miles Apart (1998) (with Peter Prochir)
Silent Music (1998) (with Dandy Jack)
Outland III (1998) (with Bill Laswell)
Sultan - Osman (1998) (with Burhan Ocal)
Planetarium (1998) (with New Composers)
XIV / Solarized (1999)
XV / Free Your Mind (1999)
Air IV (1999)
The Retro Rocket (1999) (with Move D)
S.H.A.D.O. II (1999) (with Higher Intelligence Agency)
The Dark Side of the Moog VIII (1999) (with Klaus Schulze)
Silence IV (1999)
Planetarium II (1999) (with New Composers)
Psychonavigation IV (1999) (with Bill Laswell)
New Organic Life (2000)
Jet Chamber V (2000) (with Atom Heart)
Outland IV (2000) (with Bill Laswell)
Aldernebel (2000) (with DJ Dag)
The Fires of Ork II (2000) (with Biosphere)
The Audiolounge (2000) (with Move D)
Possible Gardens (2000) (with Peter Prochir)
4 Voice III (2000)
Silence V (2001)
Virtual Vices II (2001) (with Spyra)
XVI / New Organic Life (2001)
New Organic Life II (2001)
Silence V (2001)
Wired (2001) (with Move D)
Virtual Vices III (2002) (with Spyra)
Live In Heidelberg 2001 (2002) (with Move D)
Psychonavigation V (2002) (with Bill Laswell)
Syn II (2002)
The Dark Side of the Moog IX (2002) (with Klaus Schulze)
Home Shopping (2002) (with Move D)
Shades of Orion II (2002) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Virtual Vices IV (2002) (with Spyra)
New Organic Life III (2002)
Shades of Orion III (2003) (with Tetsu Inoue)
XIX / Music For Urban Meditation (2004)
PP.NMLK (2004) (with Jochem Paap)
Sultan - Orhan (2004) (with Burhan Ocal)
The Dark Side of the Moog X (2005) (with Klaus Schulze)
Koolfang III (2005) (with David Moufang)
Russian Spring (2005) (with New Composers)
Art of Love (2005) (with Move D)
Wagons-Lits (2005) (with Move D)
Re:Sonate (2006) (with Gaudi)
Let the Circle Not Be Broken (2006) (with Move D)
Virtual Vices V (2006) (with Spyra)
Sons of Kraut (2006) (with Move D)
Space & Time (2006) (with Move D)
Air V (2006)
2356 Broadway IV (2006) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Outland V (2007) (with Bill Laswell)
Music For Urban Meditation II (2007)
Raumland Exploration (2007) (with Move D)
Raumland Montage (2007) (with Move D)
Raumland Sphare (2007) (with Move D)
Subconscious Worlds (2008)
The Dark Side of the Moog XI (2008) (with Klaus Schulze)
Travelling the Silk Route (2008) (with Move D)
Sequential (2008) (with DJ Criss)
There! (2008) (with Move D)
Virtual Vices VI (2008) (with Spyra)
Sexoid (2008) (with Move D)
Limelight (2009) (with DJ Brainwave)
Le Mar (2009)
Time2 (2009) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Music For Urban Meditation III (2009)
Dawning of A New Decade (2009) (with Move D)
Taygete (2009) (with Move D)
Pearl (2009)
Pearl II (2010)
Pearl III (2010)
Stranger I (2010) (with Move D)
62 Eulengasse (2010) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Stranger II (2010) (with Move D)
Permutations (2010)
Stranger III (2010) (with Move D)
Labyrinth (2010) (with Lorenzo Montana)
Labyrinth II (2011) (with Lorenzo Montana)
Pearl IV (2011)
Escape (2011) (with Dr. Atmo)
Labyrinth III (2011) (with Lorenzo Montana)
Elektronik (2011) (with Material Object)
Labyrinth IV (2011) (with Lorenzo Montana)
Music For Urban Meditation IV (2012)
Ambient Gardener - Autumn (2012) (with Material Object)
Elektronik II (2012) (with Material Object)
Labyrinth V (2012) (with Lorenzo Montana)

Peter "Namlook" Kuhlmann (1960 - 2012) was a musical genius who has released a wealth of albums on his own FAX label. He has collaborated with as many artists as probably no other electronic musician. As you may have guessed, a wide spectrum of musical palette is covered in his works, but generally the name Pete Namlook is associated with Ambient and chill-out music. It's modern sounding, but not even remotely dance, although he did use some modern beats from time to time. It's hard to recommend his work to anyone, as well as it is hard not to recommend it, simply because of the stylistic diversity. Just try some of his works when you decide the time is right. It goes without saying, that some of his stuff is excellent. I haven't heard all of his works (has anyone??), but I can say that his collaborative efforts with Schulze and Spyra are top-notch stuff.

See also: Electronic Music Center, Romantic Warrior.


Nanni, Franco (Italy)

Motu Proprio (1993)
Vita (1995) (with Silvia Testoni)
Elicoide (2017) (recorded in 1986 - 1987)

See also: Elicoide


Naos (Greece)

The Final Harvest (1993)
Melancholia (1996)

Varied Dark Ambient from a figure who is quite well known in Greek metal circles (real name: George Zaharopoulos).


Naples, Anthony (USA)

Take Me With You (2018)
Fog FM (2019)
Chameleon (2021)
Orbs (2023)

Take Me With You is a varied release from this New York-based artist. A couple of house-flavored tracks but mostly ambient / EM. The opener is especially good.


Nappe, Neil (USA)

July (1986)

Neil Nappe was in the mid-80's a fairly well-known MIDI-guitarist. He released an album on Larry Fast's Audion label, which was one of the first albums created using a MIDI-guitar. It features fully orchestrated, layered electronic tracks.


Napreenko, Ivan (Russia)

Áîðèñ Ãîäóíîâ. Ìóçûêà ê ñïåêòàêëþ (2020)

Varied soundtrack to a play from this member of post-industrial duo Sal Solaris. From dark ambient soundscapes and noisy compositions to sample-laden, even a bit Martial-sounding stuff and some techno rhythms.


Naqvi, Qasim (Pakistan)

Preamble (2015)
Teenages (2019)
Beta (2020) (S)
Chronology (2021) (recorded in 2016)
Two Centuries (2022) (with Wadada Leo Smith and Andrew Cyrille)

Electronic experiments from this drummer based in New Work.


Nara Is Neus (Spain)

Fail To Deliver (2020)
Ansatz (2021)

Synthesist from Barcelona (real name - Neus Abellán). Nice, darkish electronics - growling, droning and pulsing.


Naranjo, Luis Alberto (Spain)

Human Feelings (1997)
Blue Life (1997)
Walking On Nature (1999)
Total Eclipse (2004)
The Ancient Garden (2021)

Spanish synthesist, whose 2004 album Total Eclipse features melodic / rhythmic Electronic Music with nice sounds, atmospheres and some solos. Overall, it's a pleasant collection of music, although sometimes it ventures a bit into techno territory. Nevertheless, even when the beats are rather prominent, there's still the richness of sound typical of progressive EM. "From Space To Sea" is a laid-back tuneful synth track with great melodies. Very enjoyable and the soloing is simply superb, with unique timbre. "Haunted Zone" is more upbeat, again with great themes and smooth progression. Nice sampled electric guitar on this one. By the way the quality of sound and production of this album are top-notch throughout. "Old Times" features somewhat sparse arrangements set in a rhythmic landscape. The track has something of a melacholic vibe to it. "Total Eclipse" could easily become a mere techno filler track, if not for the sheer inventiveness and for the richness of sounds. Luis Alberto manages to create a great modern sounding EM number here, with even a bit of theremin near the end. The author supplies the arrangements with top-notch soloing that every EM fan will love and the fact that the music stays firmly in the melodic mould makes it accessible for a wide audience. "Echoes From Deepen Minds" is a dreamy improvised track that reminds me on the early era of digital synthesis, particularly on Klaus Schulze's GDS experiments or maybe some Brian Eno circa Apollo. It's the best track on the album - absolutely superb Ambient piece! "Total Eclipse 2" returns to the rhythmic / melodic territory. It's techno influenced, but again, with a richness of sound atypical for techno / club music and there's enough classic elements (like the plesantly symphonic solos) to make it appeal to most fans of melodic EM. "So Warm And Lovely" has a slow rhythm on top of which some melodies and pads are played. Nothing fancy here, but nice. "Calling Angels" is the only track that I didn't like that much, perhaps because it's 13+ minutes long and with not much variety and the excessive use of pad sounds and sampled electric guitar it was a bit too much for me. Overall I wholeheartedly recommend this album to lovers of rhythmic / melodic EM. The quality of music is very high and the melodies are great (not to mention the outstanding ambient piece).    


Narasaki (Japan)

Hinode Tracks (2020)

Relaxing Ambient.


Narbaiz (Spain)

Aztia (2020)

Basque fantasy music project. Formally "dungeon synth", the music ventures beyond those influences a bit, with analog sounds, ambient touches, etc.


Narcoleptor, The (Australia)

The Narcoleptor (2019) (EP)
Transmogrification (2021)

Harp / theremin duo of Mary Doumany and Miles Brown (The Night Terrors). Spooky.

See also: Brown, Miles


Narcosis (UK / Ireland)

Narcosis (2007)

Electronic duo of Stephan Whitlan and Steve Jenkins. Music with a strong Berlin School flair.

See also: Whitlan, Stephan


Nardini, Nino (France)

Musique Pour Le Futur (1970)
The Machines - Electronic Music (1973) (with John Leach and Condron)
Electronic Music / Synthesizer Effects (1975) (with Roger Roger)
Catastrophe (1980) (with Roger Roger)
Informatic 2000 (1982) (with Roger Roger)
Super Flash (1982) (with Roger Roger)
Funny Moogy (1983)

Musique Pour Le Futur is a real obscurity. Recorded somewhere during the 70's (I think) it consists of monstrous manipulations of ancient analogue synth machines and frequency generators. The atmosphere, as you can guess, is quite unearthly and SF-ish. Nino Nardini (real name - Georges Achille Teperino) made a lot of library records back in the days. He died in 1994.


Narim, Gvantsa (Georgia)

Gvantsa (2022)
Apotheosis Animæ (2023)

Gvantsa Narimanidze is a diverse Georgian artist, influenced by both traditional and modern / contemporary forms. From collages and electroacoustic music to classically-inspired composition and moody ambient synth.


Narwal (Netherlands)

Laebpröd (??)
Nirwana 1 (??)
Nirwana 2 (??)
Nirwana 3 (??)
Nirwana 4 (??)
Nirwana 5 (??)
Het Leven / De Dood (1991)
The Album (1991)

Atmospheric / cosmic experimental electronics from this De Fabriek offshoot.

See also: De Fabriek


Nascent (Netherlands)

Tocsin (2006)

Deep drones.


Nascimento, Fabiano (Brazil)

Das Nuvens (2023)

Fabiano Nascimento (aka Fabiano do Nascimento) is a classical (acoustic) guitarist from Rio de Janeiro, currently based in Los Angeles. His Das Nuvens album is distinguished by its extensive use of electronics, resulting in a relaxing, a bit "balearic" / chillwave-y sound, sometimes crossing into spacey Ashra territory.


Nascita della Sfera (Italy)

Per Una Scultura di Geschia (1978)

A large group of musicians assembled by composer / keyboardist Carlo Barbiera. The above album is dedicated to the life and works of sculptor Luciano Geschia. The music is somewhat experimental with lots of synths, effects and some acoustic guitar. There are several spoken passages. Comparable to early prog / EM works by Franco Battiato.


NasG (Japan)

Roam (2011)
Hypnotic Sea_Scape (2012)
Cut Out Mist (2012) (with Milra)
Librium Reaction (2012) (with Milra)
Spectral Complex (2013) (with Milra)

Hypnotic, liquid ambient soundworlds. Some tracks make use of soft arpeggios and sequences or even soft electronic rhythms.


Nash, Jonny (UK)

Snaker 004 (2013)
Phantom Actors (2014)
Exit Strategies (2015)
Eden (2017)
Passive Aggressive (2017) (with Suzanne Kraft)
Fauna Mapping (2017) (with Lindsay Todd)
Make A Wilderness (2019)
Postcards From Nowhere (2019) (recorded in 2017) (with Gigi Masin)
A Heart So White (2020) (with Suzanne Kraft)
Poe (2020) (with Teguh Permana)
Up There, Behind the Moon (2022) (with Ana Stamp)
Point of Entry (2023)

This artist crafts organic, melodic compositions with guitar and keyboards. Ambient, slightly rhythmic, not very progressive, but fans of more easy-listening forms of EM such as Code:Indigo, for example, might enjoy it.

See also: Land of Light, MATstudio.


Nash the Slash (Canada)

Bedside Companion (1978) (S)
Dreams And Nightmares (1979)
Children of the Night (1981)
Decomposing (1981) (S)

Nash the Slash (real name - Jeff Plewman, 1948 - 2014) was a musician from Toronto area who staged a lot of solo shows in which he almost always hid his face behind a bandage and strange dark glasses. He was an electric violin player but utilized other instruiments such as electric mandolin, as well as drum machines, various synthesizers, tapes, samplers and sequencers. Nash the Slash played on David Pritchard's Nocturnal Earthworm Stew and was part of the initial lineup of progressive rock band FM. As a solo artist, he composed a lot of his own soudtracks for classic 1920's silent movies, as well as released several records, some of them completely or partly instrumental (listed). During the 1980's, his style started to drift towards the new wave / synth-pop / alternative rock side of things, with Nash using an increasing amount of vocals. However, it is difficult to define which albums may represent an interest for EM fans, as his work in general is very electronic-oriented, with violin solos on top of Heldon-like sequences and lots of effects. Further investigation is needed.

See also: FM


Nashiki, Yoshinari (Japan)

夕ぐれを聴 (1992)
高原を聴 (1992)
イオリアの堅琴 風の魔術師 (1992)
田園を聴 (1992)
湖を聴 (1992)
森を聴 (1992)
川を聴 (1992)
木もれ日を聴 (1992)
星を聴 (1992)
風を聴 (1992)
海を聴 (1992)
Spring / Green Pulse (1995)
Millennium Summer Vacation (1995) (S)
Jair (1999)
Etide (2000)

In the 1970's and 1980's, Yoshinari Nashiki played in a few progressive rock and general rock bands. During the next decade, though, he released a lot of CD's with reaxing music that combined nature sounds, gentle electronics and acoustic instruments. It could be quite new-agey, but often had a mysterious, ambient sound.


Nashville Ambient Ensemble (USA)

Cerulean (2021)
Light And Space (2023)

An ambient ensemble led by Michael Hix, mixing acoustic and electronic sounds. Quality stuff.


Nasini, Matteo (Italy)

Sparkling Matter (2018)

Pretty ambient and at times slightly disturbing music, which is the result of an electrode scanning of brain activity. Interestingly enough, parts of this have something of an "ANS" vibe to it (those early experiments by Russian EM pioneers done on the ANS optical synthesizer).


Nasson, Arthur (USA)

Life After Telescopes (2009)

Experimental album from this rock musician and singer. It makes use of synths and processed theremin but is more a collection of noises than anything else. It does create a nice, embryonic 1950's - 1960's EM feel on some of the tracks, though.


Nästesjö, Jonatan (Sweden)

Wait For Me (2012) (S)
Below (2013) (with David Wenngren)
There Is An End In Everything That Comes Into Being (2018) (recorded in 2012 - 2016)

Varied ambient compositions, sometimes with an unexplicable melancholic feel (as on the closer of There Is And End...).


Nastika (Norway)

Incantation (2015) (EP)
Invocations For Both Higher And Lesser Beings (2016)
Sacral (2016) (EP)
Black Sun (2018) (EP)
Endless (2020)

Ritual Ambient from Norway. Long tracks.


Nathooder (USA)

Nathooder (2017) (recorded in 2012)

Analog synth project of Nathan Tilton, member of psychedelic / sludge band Mwahaha. Recorded in California.


National Holographic (USA)

The Floating City (2004)
Event Horizon (2004)
Artifact (2004)
The Shores of Infinity (2004)
Gizmo (2004)
Trance Encounter (2004)
Spheres of Influence (2004)
Star Sailor (2004)
Flight of the Phoenix (2005)
Enigma (2005)
The Sands of Time (2005)
In the Near Infrared (2005)

A short-lived duo of Ted Johnson and Jason King. The group recorded and released many of their improvisations. The style is mostly based on soundscapes & textures.

See also: Johnson, Ted


National Philharmonic Orchestra, The (UK)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind And Other Great Space Music (1978)

Side one of this LP features orchestral take on John Williams' score, apart from a synth intro. Side two is another matter completely, featuring original electronic compositions by Paul Fishman, who recorded an album with similar electronic arrangements a couple of years earlier as Absolute Elsewhere.


National Pool, The (USA??)

Relaxation Tape For Solo Space Travel (2018)

Ambient music but sort of lo-fi.


National Steam (USA)

Steamdream I (1997)
Steamdream II (1997)
National Steam (1998)

A side project of Quakspace musicians. Basically in the same style.

See also: Quarkspace 


Natsu (France)

Améthyste (2023)

Melodic, playful music with synths and some guitar, as well as stiff rhythms.


Natsukashii (UK)

Driving East (2018)

Melodic, repetitive ambience with lots of nice synth textures (both analog and bell-like FM type of sounds) and sort of an ethnic vibe in places.

See also: Sanger, Luke


Nattefrost (Denmark)

Når månen er fuld (1996)
Storm Over Danmarks Oldsletter (1997)
Nordboernes solhvervsfest (1997) (EP)
De Som Sejrede... (2004)
Vejen til Asgård (2004) (EP)
Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning (2006)
Underneath the Nightsky (2007)
Transformation (2008)
Tracks From the Archives (2009)
Live In Germany 2008 & 2009 (2009)
Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon (2010)
Tracks From the Archives Vol. 2 (2011)
From Distant Times (2012) (with Matzumi)
Futurized (2013)
Different Stages (2014)
Homeland (2014)
Skaldic Themes (2017)
Secrets of the Universe (2020)
Dendrophile (2022)
Early Recordings (2022) (recorded in 1986 - 1999)

Ambient music from Bjorn Jeppesen. The style is pretty unique, combining dark symphonic anthems, obscure atmospheres, repeated motifs, and some Berlin sequences. Vejen til Asgård is Bjorn's latest EP with a number of styles on show. "Urskovens ansigt" starts with low growling synths and some distant strings, before a haunting motif is introduced. Very Nordic sounding stuff, you can almost feel the long, nothern winter breathing in your ears. Really dark stuff and very very enjoyable. "Hvor guderne vogter" is a sequencer-based number, but still with that haunting atmosphere, conjuring up visions of solitute, freezing and isolation. This is melodic EM with a certain edge to it. A bit of an epic grandeur is introduced later on. "Gravhøjens gand" has even stronger sequences - very fat sound coupled once again with typically Scandinavian gloomy atmospheres. The best track on the EP. The final part has slowly beating drums and mysterious pad sounds plus a bright melodic sequence. "I en svunden tid" features very dark synths and a percussive rhythm, making up for a pretty demented and doomy track. This could serve as a great video game or fantasy movie soundtrack. The symphonic theme that appears after a while is very dramatic and strong - it really gets under your skin. If you like Endura's more symphonic moments - you will find this very enjoyable. The rhythmic "Norrøn" brings the Berlin School influences to the fore once again. Great melodic main theme. The second section of the track features completely different melodies and atmospheres. The EP closes with a title track, whose sound initially reminds me on Post Scriptum's Sea-Green Series Chapter V. Must be something in the timbres that Bjorn uses. A voice speaks brief phrases on top of the atmospheric background. This one has that typical Nordic atmosphere again. It comes to a finish with the sound of galloping horses. I enjoyed this EP a lot. I think Nattefrost's music will appeal to a wide audience, from fans of Dark Ambient to lovers of obscure keyboard anthems to Berlin School / sequencer music aficionados. Read also my review of De Som Sejrede... in the reviews section.

See also: Jeppesen, Bjørn, Carboneids, Zone 99.


Natura Est (UK / Germany)

Natura Est (2018)
Second (2019)
Real Seasons (2021)

Dark Ambient duo.


Natural Gift Aka Destiny天分 (Canada)

Transmission (2018)

Ambient synth music from this vaporwave-related project. This mostly focuses on warm analog textures (i.e. no audible vaporwave influences).


Natural Life Essence (Argentina)

Organic Adventures (2020) (recorded in 2019)

A project of ambient composer Juan Pablo Giacovino.


Natural Magic (USA)

Natural Magic (2015)

Unclassifiable project that has elements of ambient techno, dub, electro, as well as a strong progressive EM vibe on beatless tracks.


Naturale (Denmark)

Live 2018 (2018)
Lyset (2020) (S)
Meditation Over M​ø​rket (2023)

The 2023 album is a lysergic psychedelic rock / folk / EM excursion recorded in an old house close to Strömstad, Sweden. "Lysmaskiner / Slukket" is a very nice long track with a cosmic and droning analog sound. Naturale is Kristian Andersen who is a guitarist with stoner rock / doom metal bands Måneskjold and Gaia.

See also: Kriller


Naturally Gushing Electric Orchestra (Japan)

Electrosprout! (2017)

Five-piece synthesizer ensemble from Japan sounding like a descendant of Kraftwerk's pioneering EM / electropop sound, with unique touches.


Naturan (Canada)

I: Immortal Autumn (2015)
1 (2015)
Shade (2015)
Voracle (2015) (S)
Naturan (2015)

Sort of a dungeon synth sound here, but more synthetic than your typical fare. A bit of a variety in the moods and textures would not harm it at all.


Nature Morte (France)

Untitled (2001)
(recluse) (2007)
(nuées) (2009)
(dé)nuées (2009) (S)
Bach Eingeschaltet, Zweiter Band (2009) (S)
Restes d'Une Chose Brisée (2012) (S) (with Jeanne Montségur)
Nos Cœurs Expulsés (2011) (with Ô Paradis)
(cendres) (2016)

Ambient project from Rennes.


Natureboy Flako (Germany)

Natureboy Flako (2017) (S)
Theme For A Dream (2018)
Ambitus of Beauty (2020)

Dispensing with his loop-based pop sound of his previous releases, on the eponymous 12-incher from 2017 this musician decided to go the strictly electronic route, using only analog synths to create hypnotic instrumental tracks. Theme For A Dream seems to continue in that direction.


Naturgeist (Germany)

I (2004)
II (??)

Melancholic and sometimes classically-tinged Ambient.


Natürlicht (Chile)

Ayahuasca Ancestral (2015)
Ceremonia de la Aprecación a la Oscuridad del Ser (2017)

Hypnotic pre-Hispanic ambience in the vein of Jorge Reyes, Antonio Zepeda and others.


Naucke, Brett (USA)

The Surface Vol. 1 (2010) (S)
Southern California (2010)
Home By Now (2012)
The Visitor (2013)
Seed (2014)
Transparency (2014) (S)
Pitch Documents (2014) (S)
Executable Dreamtime (
ESP Mirror (2017)
Operator Voices (2017) (S)
Multiple Hallucinations (2017)
The Back of the Garden (2018)
The Mansion (2018)
Electronic Hypnosis Program (2019)
EMS Hallucinations (2020)
Mirror Ensemble (2021)
Cast A Double Shadow (2022)

Diverse compositions from this synth drone / soundscape artist.

See also: Face Worker, Exercise.


Nautic Depths (Germany)

North Passage (2008)
Siberian Winter (2009)
Submental Vol. 1 (2012)
Elsewhere I (2013)
Falling Silent (2014) (with Nunc Stans)
Nexus (2017)
North Passage II (2019)
Polarstern (2020)
North Passage III - Unknowable (2021)
Elsewhere II - III - Never the Same (2022)
Boreal Forest I (2023)
Boreal Forest II (2023)

A Drone Ambient collaboration between Mathias Grassow and Thomas Weiss (sometimes also spelled as Tomas Weiss). North Passage is their fifth collaborative effort and the first under this name.

See also: Grassow, Mathias, Weiss, Tomas.


Nautilus (Germany)

Rising Balloon (1998)
Underground Visions (1999)
Solar Moon (2000)
North Pole Pilgrim (2002)
In Search of Castaways (2004)
Along the Winding Road (2007)
The Mystery of Waterfalls (2020)
A Floating City (2022)

Nautilus is a trio of Martin Ludwig, Werner Straetzig and Ralf Weiden. Melodic music that is often compared to Eroc. Very pleasant sounding, but generally not interesting sonic-wise, relying on thin digital presets too often to please any real synthesis enthusiast.

See also: Weiden, Ralf, Aquarius.


Nautilus Project, The (Germany)

Excursions (2013)

Droning Ambient from Marcel Frehse who is mostly known for his dub / techno productions.


Navarro, Alexandre (France)

Pneuma (2019)
Les Liens Magnétiques (2019)

Experimental guitarist. Pneuma sees him moving in the EM direction. The EM trend continues on Les Liens Magnétiques.


Navel (Germany)

Neill (1998)
Jurij (1999)
Valentina (1999)
Laika (1999)
Navel (1999)
Alexeij (2000)
Music By Hello Chodura (2001)
Lunokhod (2005)
The Hamburg Arkansas Starsound Orchestra Play (2006)
Ambient 1: Music For Spaceports (2009) (S)
Ambient 4: Luneburg Heath (2011)
All About the Moon (2012)
Ambient 3: From Very Far Out (2013)
The Gnome's Pond (2018)
Ambient 2, In Space (2019)

Ambient and krautrock-inspired duo of Gage (aka Guenter Schlienz) and Floyd.

See also: Schlienz, Guenter, The Baijkonour Ghost.


Navigator (Denmark)

Northern Consequence (2000)
Oceanic Empire (2002)
Airwaves (2003)
Live: Kulturellen (2010)
Live At the Blue Cafe (2010)

Berlin School Electronic Music. Navigator are Tony Andersen, Kent Eskildsen and Jens Peschke from Kubusschnitt. Oceanic Empire is a classic slab of synthesis in the best traditions of vintage Tangerine Dream. It's derivative, of course, sometimes with more than a hint of Stratosfear, but nevertheless very well done and those of you who like classic Berlin School electronics could do much worse than add this to their collection. Recommended.

See also: Kubusschnitt, WEirD, Andersen, Tony, Timescape.


Nayar, Rachika (USA)

Fragments (2021)
Our Hands Against the Dusk (2021)
Heaven Come Crashing (2022)

Brooklyn-based ambient guitarist. On Heaven Come Crashing, she veers towards progressive EM, incorporating synthesizers alongside her usual processed guitar.


Nazary, Jason (USA)

Spring Collection (2021)
Evicted In the Morning (2023) (with Saint Abdullah)

Jazz drummer with his own solo LP (Spring Collection), realized on drums and lots of electronics, with a few guests, mostly on synths but also on other instruments. Abstract, whimsical, quirky, atmospheric...


Nazcanaut (USA)

The Nightside Assembly (2021)

Pretty bombastic cinematic concept work with touches of industrial and some singing.


Nazgûl, The (Germany)

The Nazgûl (1975)

Great lost gem of spacey and meditative Electronic Music released in the 70's as a strictly limited edition for distribution at various art galleries. The musicians bear "strange" pseudonyms Pippin, Frodo and Gandalf. I've heard some descriptions that lead me to believe this album to be an unknown "precursor" of Doom Ambient. (there are slow organs, synths, even horns and funeral drums and the atmosphere itself is said to be far removed from the "life is joy" approach)


Nazo, Valerio (Italy)

Vuoto Siderale (2019)

Vuoto Siderale is an album of slow beats, jazzy sax improvisations and Progressive EM.


NC Ives (Australia)

Sunset Roads (2020)
Breaking Dawn (2022)
Saturn Devouring (2023)

NC (Nicholas) Ives is a Melbourne-based experimental / ambient musician.


Neabore, David (USA)

Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered Volume 1 (2008) (EP)
Lucio Fulci's Zombie (2018) (soundtrack)
Retro Inferno (2021)

EM that is based on a pretty loud mixture of synthwave and driving progrock.


Neal, Alston (USA)

Kinetic (1986)

Melodic EM. Produced for Ed Van Fleet's Elfin label.


Neal, Chris (Australia)

Crosstalk (1982) (soundtrack)
And the Word Was Gough (??)

Chris Neal is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and soundtrack composer. The style on Crosstalk is melodic EM, similar to Tangerine Dream's scores from the 1980's. I should mention at least two other albums by Neal, released prior to Crosstalk: Man-Child from 1972 and Winds of Isis from 1974. The latter features instrumental rock that has been compared to Mike Oldfield, with Neal playing all instruments himself (keyboards, drums, guitars etc).


Neanderthal String Quartet (USA)

Neanderthal String Quartet (1984)

A duo of Jeff Greinke and Rob Angus. The style is not known at the moment but it's supposedly experimental.

See also: Greinke, Jeff


Near the Parenthesis (USA)

Helical (2016)
Intervals (2020)

IDM/modern classical musician from San Francisco (real name: Tim Arndt). On Intervals, there is a huge piano presence. The music itself is not really ambient or modern classical, but has elements of both actually, with also a shoegaze and melodic EM flair.


Nearest (USA)

Triggers (2015)

This album from Casey Grabowski features fat, analog, sequence-full, rhythmic and melodic EM.


Nebel (France)

Oradour (2008)
Iron Cross (2009)
Ghost of Pripyat (2012)
The Things That Live In the Most Deepest Madness (2012)

Stark, dark soundscapes between industrial sounds and Martial Ambient.


Nebel Torvum (Canada)

Echoes of Nature (2003)
Fallen Leaves Forgotten (2004)
Traipsing the Boreal Forest (??)

Melancholic, neo-classical, dark.


Nebelkorona (Germany)

Reminiszenzen An Das Morgenrot / Relikte Des Abendrotes (2006)
Dead Nights (2009)
Tannenhochforst (2010)

Side project of Vinterriket.

See also: Vinterriket, Atomtrakt.


Nebelmeer (Spain)

Figuras (2014)
Studio Live Session #2 (2014) (S)
Condiciones Hostiles (2016) (S)

Madrid-based project of David Area and Marta Sainz. The former takes care of drones and electronics, utilizing some unusual instruments like the Crackle Box for example, while the latter provides some (mostly processed and used as an instrument) vocalizations. The overall sound is close to Drone Ambient, with a relatively strong synthetic flair and some industrial touches.


Nebelwächter (Germany)

Ruf der Wölfe (2007)
Nebelpfade (2009)
Weltenbrand (2013)

Intense soundscapes, mostly of darker nature, with occasional forays into rhythmic or noisy / industrial territory. A project of Marco Nötzold.


Nebula (international)

Genesis (2002)
The Path of White Clouds (2003)

Oophoi, Klaus Wiese and Tau Ceti. The second album features Matthias Grassow. Droney spiritual Ambient music.

See also: Oophoi, Wiese, Klaus, Tau Ceti.


Nebula Drone (Germany)

Skyramp (2000)
A Long Fade Into Virtual Light (2001)
On (2002)

Mixture of Berlin School and dark textures. Nebula Drone are Clive Egginton, Guido Kopp and Peter Schueller.


Nebula Project, The (USA)

In Search of Converging Sounds (2008)

The Nebula Project is a duo of Rick Coffee (synthesizers and guitars) and Dennis Young (guitars and bass). Together they create flowing and ethereal Space Music. Not sure whether the mixture of guitars and electronics works perfectly all the time, but the sounds and atmosphere are great.


Nebular Wave (Canada)

Nebular Wave (2016)
Chicxulub (2020)
A Polarized Planetoid (2022)

Toronto-based space rock / electronic trio. They use guitars, drums and many synths.


Nebuleth (USA)

Vampire Planet (2021)
Alien Worlds Series Vol. 1 - BROCARIS (2022)
Evelyn's Keep (2022)
Micro Cosmic Voices (2022)
Reflected From the Future (2023)

"Cosmic doom synth" music, as the author describes the sound of Nebuleth, which is basically a solo electronic offering from Lord Sardonyx, member of When Bitter Spring Sleeps (atmospheric black metal) and Satan's Almighty Penis (black metal).


Nebulo (France)

Parallaxes (2020)
Borders (2021)
Pavages (2022)
MMXXII (2023)

A project of Thomas Pujols who, from the very inception (circa 2005) explored various forms of IDM and other experimental electronics. Parallaxes is a work that draws on many decades of electronic exploration and several traditions: it has the "seriousness" of French academic electronics / computer music, the quirkiness and unpredictable nature of the independent experimental explorers, the crisp and sometimes shrill sound of IDM, and the complexity, dramaticism and lively synth sound of Progressive EM.


Nebulous (Canada)

Synthetica II v. 3 (1999)
Synthetica III (2000)

Modern analog music by Jared Brookes inspired by vintage synth experiments. The artist states Vangelis, Carlos, Jarre and Tomita as his influences.

See also: Voltage Control


Nec Divinos (USA)

Ricin Plumes (2021) (S)

Ambient duo of Keltin Watson (guitar) and Jakeb Beard (synths).

See also: Oath Program


Nechvátal, Michael (Czech Republic)

Lizard Worship (2017) (S)

Abstract synths, Dark Space and sequences.

See also: Kult Masek


Neckline (USA)

Neckline I (2016)
Neckline II (2016)
Neckline III (2018)

Neckline is Robin Guiler from Ohio who has a a sort of new-agey guitars / synth sound.


Necro Deathmort (UK)

EP1 (2013)
EP2 (2014)
EP3 (2015)
The Capsule (2016)
Overland (2017)
Vol. 4 (2018) (recorded in 2014 - 2018)

Unclassifiable duo that mixes doom metal with dark, industrial electronics. This series of EP's may be interesting for EM fans, as it's mostly either Dark Ambient, dark electronics ala John Carpenter, or rhythmic, sequencer-based or analog EM with vocoder vocals.


Necromondo (France)

Necromondo (2007)
Quarantined Quarters (2007) (S)

Music inspired by old Italian horror films. The style ranges from Noise Ambient, to Death Ambient and pure Clinical Ambient (on Quarantined Quarters). Quite excellent.

See also: Stelladrine


Necromonkey (Sweden)

Necroplex (2013)
Live At Planos, NYC (2014)
A Glimpse of Possible Endings (2014)
Show Me Where It Hertz (2015)
The Shadow of the Blind Man (2016) (EP)

A project that mixes progrock with Electronic Music from Mattias Olsson (Ånglagård) and David Lundberg (Gösta Berlings Saga). They love their analog instruments and there is a shift towards the Berlin School sound on Show Me Where It Hertz.

See also: Molesome


Necrophorus (Sweden)

Sadness & Somnolence (1991)
The Voices of Eternity Which Calls For the Captives of the Time (1992)
Underneath the Spirit of Tranquility (1996)
Yoga (1997) (S)
Gathering Composed Thoughts (2000)
Drifting In Motion (2000)
Elinros (2005)
Imprints (2007)

Haunting and surreal Dark Ambient soundscapes. One of Raison d'Etre side projects (Peter Andersson).

See also: Andersson, Peter, Raison d'Etre.


Necropolis (Russia)

Necrosphere (2003)

Dark Ambient with Drone touches from Irkutsk, Siberia. The original album had only one track but a second one was added for a 2006 re-release on Cold Spring.


Nectar of the Moon (USA)

Synthetic Perceptions // Neural Oscillations (2013)
Self Born In the Lotus Flower (2013)
The Universe Trickles Through the Cusp Filters (2014)

Synthesizer meditations from Ian Najdzionek. Not always drifty and softy, sometimes quite harsh, approximating the realms of "Forbidden Planet".

See also: Water Lily Jaguar


Nedelin, Vlad (Sweden)

Postante (2015)

Moody Ambient a bit in the style of Biosphere.


Neden (Czech Republic)

Neden (2014)

A duo of Jan Jiskra and Adam Holub with a Berlin School-influenced sound.

See also: MO-DU, Moduretik.


Neel (Italy)

Phobos (2014)
Late Night Innominate, Volume Two (2017) (with Filippo Scorcucci)
Mirabilis (2023) (with Prg/M)

Ambient / Space Music by Giuseppe Tillieci. For fans of 1990's FAX label output, perhaps.

See also: LF58


Nef (France)

Mais Alors!!?... C'est A l'Envers (1983)

Absolutely unique album that mixes equal doses of minimal synth, krautrock / electronics ala Cluster / Neu! / La Dusseldorf and French cabaret music (the accordion!). Largely instrumental, with only a few spoken vocals.


Nefelheim (Italy)

Darkness (2000)
Yggdrasill (2001)
Shadows Dwelling (2002)
Earth Purification (2003)
Whispers From the Ashes (2004) (with Nimh)

Dark Ambient.


Neff, Glen (USA)

New Music For Synthesizer (1988)

Composer from Santa Fe. Born in New Jersey, Glen Neff focuses on improvisation and visual arts. His current (as of 2018) output is mostly along the lines of World Music. He also experiments with trip-hop rhythms.


Negari, Jaleh (Denmark)

Weaver~ (2021)

Danish-Iranian drummer who is also into electronics.


Negative Response (UK)

Submersion Therapy (2021)

Minimal synth project that exists since 1980's and was born from Croydon-based punk band The Two an' Eights. The instrumental (actually, most of it has vocoded vocals) material from Submersion Therapy will interest EM fans.


Negative Thought (UK)

The Long Day Dying (2001)
The Black Sun (2003)

Noise Ambient.


Negin, Lee (USA)

Wu Wei (2011)
Reflections of Waking Dreams (2011)

US composer (currently based in South Korea) who has been involved in electronically created music since the late 1970's. He is rather diverse, and his output ranges from new wave, to rhythmic, sample-based and experimental. I will list his albums that contain Prog EM or related material, mostly of ambient nature.


Neglige - Electronic Underwear (Germany)

Pranatal Inferno (1991)

This trio of Munich musicians (Wolfgang Foag, Karl F. Geber and Günter Schroth, who use analogue and computer-generated sounds) generally stays strongly in Stockhausen / Schnitzler territory. One track is very Tangerine Dream-ish, though, and recalls typical 70's Electronic Music.

See also: Foag, Wolfgang, Schroth, Günter.


Negraszus, Guido (Germany)

Electronic Events (1987)
Sign In the Desert (1988)
Blue Garden (1990)
The Sun of the South (1991)
Crossroads (1992)
The Black Swan (1995)
Memories & Dreams Vol. 1 (1998)
Memories & Dreams Vol. 2 (1998)
Ramble (2001)
Mirage (2004)
Sailing Away (2004)
Peace & Tranquillity Vol. 1 (2005)
Across the Southern Skies (2005)
Memories & Dreams Vol. 3 (2006)
Secret Worlds (2008)
12 Enigma (2009)
Night Cafe (2010)
Touch the Sky (2010)
Secret Paradise (2011)
Sailing Away II (2012)

Melodic music from this synthesist. Guido Negraszus was born and raised in Germany but seems to reside in Australia these days. He is a trained sound engineer and that means that his CD's are mastered with great care. Guido doesn't like to perform live and only gave concerts a couple of times in Europe and two or three times in Australia.


Negri, Paolo Apollo (Italy)

The Day the Time Machine Got Broken (2006) (with Lucio Calegari)

Keyboardist and master of Hammond organ. On the above album he teams up with guitar player Lucio Calegari for a spacey synth / guitar jam.


Negru Voda (Sweden)

Impulse of Fear / Raudive Experiments (1994) (with third EYE)
Madeira (2003) (with Moljebka Pulse)

For some reason I don't list split releases as of now, but this one is super-cool. The first side, Impulse of Fear by Swedish industrial project Negru Voda (Peter Nyström) is dedicated to (and inspired by) John Carpenter's "The Thing" (see Morricone, Ennio) and features icy, dark atmosphere, throbbing and pulsing electronic sounds, etc.

See also: Megaptera


Neil, Michael (UK)

Dominion Over Havoc (1986)
Tender Aggression (1987)
Goodbye To the Greenlands (1987)
Deo Gratis (1988) (recorded in 1984 - 1987)
Trust (1995)
Cornubia (1997)
Dies Irae (1997)
Towards the Unknown Region (2000)
Flip Side (2000)
The Constellations (2001)
The Tempest And Other Tales (2003)
Maisema (2008)
Retrochet (2010) (with Graham Getty)
Retrochet II (2010) (with Graham Getty)
Ifitry Fragments (2011)
The Look of Memory (2013)
Sisyphus (2013)
Atmospheric Moods (2013)
Syzygy (2013)
Abstract In Aspic (2013)
Tapestries (2013)
In Extremis (2013)
Flip Side (2013)
Ikons (2013)
Moroccan Murals (2013)
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (2013)
Swerve (2014)
The Rings of Saturn (2016)
Night In the City (2016)
Return To the Greenlands (2017)
Atmosphere (2018)
Six Pieces of Orchestra (2018)
In the Stillness of Winter (2018)
Abendland (2018)
Music of the Spheres (2019)
After the Wall (2019)
Aegean Dreams (2019)
Burnt By the Earth (2020)
Retrochet III (2020) (with Graham Getty)
Tapestries Vol. 2 (2020)
Geometries (2020)
Spectral Music I - Kenopsia (2020)
Spectral Music Vol. 2 - Monachopsis (2020)
Maisema (2020)
Between Sleeping And Walking (2020)
Moments of Heaven (2020)
A Curious Collection (2020)
Silent Light (2020)
Electronic Works Vol. 1 (2020)
A Day (Synthphony No. 1) (2020)
A Night (Synthphony No. 2) (2020)
Towards the Unknown Region Vol. 2 (2020)
The Breath of Exhaling Ghosts (2020)
A Year (Synthphony No. 3) & Adventus (2021)
Curiouser And Curiouser (2021)
For the Record (2021)
Four Seasons (2021)
Adrift (2021)
Analogue Attraction (2022)
Coalescence & Dispersion (2022)
The Elegant Universe (2023)
This Wide Land (2023)
Into Infinity (2023)
The Widening Sky (2023)

Very good Space Music with classical influences. Michael began refining his own brand of floating EM in the early 1980's.

See also: Warner, Maria


Neill, Ben (USA)

Green Machine (1995)

Electronic music for installation by this jazz musician and inventor of the "mutant trumpet".


Nekiya (Italy)

Skótos (2022)

The album Skótos features gloomy soundscapes based on field recordings and electronics inspired by a year spent in Scotland.


Nekomachi (Japan)

Cat & Town (2022)
Hall & Foam (2022)

Pretty diverse electronic compositions. From playful and sequencer-based to exeperimetal.


Nekrotiker (Sweden)

Annihilation (2022) (S)

Swedish Death Ambient / Clinical Ambient project.


Nelbrich (Germany)

Technological Wonder (2004)

Berlin School music by Stephan Ulbrich with Thomas Röhnelt helping out.

See also: Röhnelt, Thomas


Nelson, Bill (UK)

Sounding the Ritual Echo (1981)
Das Kabinet (1981)
La Belle Et La Belle (1982)
Savage Gestures For Charm's Sake (1983)
Trial By Intimacy (1984)
The Summer of God's Piano (1984)
Chamber of Dreams (1984)
Chameleon (1986)
Iconography (1986)
Map of Dreams (1987) (soundtrack)

Chance Encounters In the Garden of Lights (1987) (recorded in 1980 - 1987)
Optimism (1988)
Pavillions of the Heart And Soul (1989)
Altar Pieces (1990)
Simplex (1991)
Crimsworth (1995)
Neptune's Galaxy (2006)
Theatre of Falling Leaves (2009)
Picture Post (2010) (soundtrack)
Model Village (2011)
Songs of the Blossom Tree Optimists (2012)
Dazzlebox (2021)

Member of Be-Bop Deluxe who did quite a lot of experimentation in his own studio after the band broke up. He has an extensive discography and is mainly known as a guitar player. However, these albums (and probably some others - further investigation is needed) are based on electronics. All are quite peaceful and ambient in nature and many contain just left-overs and odd bits & ends. I didn't include any song-based albums in the list. Chance Encounters... and Simplex contain many short tracks that range from pure floaters to gentle Cluster / Harmonia-flavored pieces, while Crimsworth has two 30-minute tracks that sound pretty similar to each other and are done in the Classic Ambient tradition, akin to some of Brian Eno's work. Indispensable for Ambient fans.


Nelson, Paul (USA)

Vortex (1981)

Private release from Oregon. Features both melodic uptempo tracks and spacey ambient floaters.


Nelson, Zac (USA)

Sound A Sleep Sound (2011)
The Same Hypnotic Point (2011)
Towards Your Own Worlds (2011)
Improv(e) (2012)
Exis II (2013)
Les Nomades Paysages (2013) (with Francesco Giannico)
Vulgar Divination (2014)

Illinois-born drummer and multi-instrumentalist, currently residing in Sacramento (or Portland, according to other sources). I will try to list his EM-related works here. Of interest is Sound A Sleep Sound - a two-track floating synthscape.

See also: Hexlove


Nembutal (Italy)

Musica Numerica per un Calcolatore Assoluto (2003)
La Marcia degli Atomi Pigoedelici (2003)

Experimental, diverse. Mostly short tracks of varying moods with solos, organs, effects, noises etc.

See also: Lembo


Nemeček, Jan (Serbia)

Disappearance (2005)
Through the Planetary Void (2005)
Afterimage (2006)
Fragmented (2014)
Recurrences (2018)

Deep Space Music.


Nemescu, Octavian (Romania)

Gradeatia - Natural (1983)

Born in 1940, Octavian Nemescu is a Romanian composer or orchestral, avant-garde, electro-acoustic, chamber and choral works. Surprisingly, the first side of Gradeatia - Natural is fantastic EM in progressive style recorded in 1982 at the I.P.E.M. electronic music studios of Gent (Belgium). Abstract and experimental, but very listenable, the track has a nice analog sound to it and is very 1970's in spirit. Side B of the LP, although interesting, is much starker and more along the lines of typical "academic electronics" with elements of electro-acoustic music. I am willing to explore more of his discography for other possible gems.


Nemesis (Finland)

Moonlight Interference (1987)
Xcelsior (1994)
Cyberiad (1998)
Sky Archeology (1999)
Music For Earports 1996 - 2001 (2001)
Kaiku (2002) (with Marko and Jyrki Portin)
Xtempora (2004)
Audio Archeology Vol. 1 (2006) (recorded in 1995 - 2001)
Gigaherz (2006) (recorded in 1995 - 2003)
Stereofields Forever (2007) (recorded in 1997 - 2004)
Trajectory of Sound (2008) (recorded in 1997 - 2006)
1:4:9 (2010)
Living Statues (2012)
Xenophus (2014)
Off the Map (2021) (with Juha-Matti Rautiainen)

Nemesis' music is characterized by a combination of Berlin School sequences, atmospheres and soloing. The band consists of Ami Hassinen, Jyrki Kastman and Joni Virtanen. The title track on "Gigaherz" - an album of archive material played by the duo of Jyrki Kastman and Ami Hassinen - is too much techno for my taste, I must admit, with all too prominent rhythm and a repetitive structure. However, I suppose, fans of Dream Mixes will enjoy it. I do find the synth sounds pretty tasty and it's good music for traveling to, somewhere on the line between New Berlin School and straight techno. With "Caryon", however, things improve so drastically, that you'd hardly believe it's by the same band at all. This time they adopt a pulsing, powerful synth sound that's nothing short of sensational! "Vertical Horizon" is great too, this time going for typical New Berlin School - rhythmic EM with great effects and superb solos. "Nautilus", on the other hand, is suitably dreamy, aquatic (without a single water sample) and atmospheric. This is some great music! The rest of the album is taken by "Evolution Suite" that consists of 10 parts of varying moods and length. Sounds of water (finally!) get "Cryogenic" underway. They are then joined by mysterious pads and brick samples. Strange, but soothing stuff. A wacky rhythm appears and drives the rest of the track along. Towards the end of the composition, some oil barrel samples can be heard. "The First Sea" starts with sounds so deep and distant - all very evocative and atmospheric. It then develops into a nice ambient number with a few synth pads and subtle effects. What I didn't expect were the gentle electric piano notes that really added to the picture. Very good stuff with even a hint of Vangelis! Water samples serve as the transition to the next track, "Origin of Spieces". Well, actually, this short track is itself like a transition to the next one, being constructed of nothing more than a few strange sounds and effects. "Terra Firma" is all about gentle pads and slow echoing rhythms. These are then joined by a more urgent, techno-ish rhythm and some fast-paced sequencing. "Koobi Fora" features lots of pads and an unusual, a bit tribal rhythm. The music is imbued with a sense of mystery and images of prehistoric times. "Meander" is outright mysterious and nasty, with its jarring sounds and totally strange sonic constructions. "Out of the Cradle" has some distant radio chatter and distorted synth sounds. This is the most mysterious and deep part of the suite. That is, until the fast bass sequence appears to disrupt the flow and we enter "The Final Frontier". On this track one should pay attention to the small details and effects that surround the rather basic sequence. "Coldfront" is literally 30 seconds of barely heard noisy pulsations, while "Last Footprints" puts a stop to this album with its distant, mysterious sounds and the whooshing of the wind. This is some evocative music and comes as highly recommended.

See also: Ashen Simian, Blue Sky Machine, Moonwagon, LAkeuZ.


Nemezis (Poland)

IZ-ZA 7 (1998)
Whispers From Behind the Window (2001)
Inbetween (2007)
Nemezis vs Pawel Mykietyn (2013)
World Is Factory I (2013)
World Is Factory II (2013)
24|X|2000|04:20:58 (2016) (with Końca Taniec and XV Parówek)
2000 - 2003 (2016)

Somewhat darkish ambient soundscapes from Lukasz Pawlak and Maciej Staniecki, with participation of Konrad Kucz.

See also: Kucz, Konrad


Nene H (Turkey)

Ali (2023) (recorded in 2021)

Istanbul-born, Berlin-based Beste Aydin aka Nene H mixes influences from traditional music of her home country with Progressive Electronic sounds, including some neat use of the vocoder. There is also a strong hard techno edge to her music.


Neo (France)

Neo (1980)

Instrumental progressive rock band from France. They mix fusion with symphonic rock and some electronic tracks. I am sure that "Joiwind" and "Plage II" will find their listeners among fans of TD, Schulze, E. Artemiev etc. Lots of electronics are used in other tracks as well.


Neo Geodesia (Cambodia)

2562 Neon Flames (2021)

Experimental project of Saphy Vong. Varied tracks with influences from vaporwave, wonky and dubstep, but the crowning jewel of 2562 Neon Flames is definitely the long closer "Seven Seas Sanctuary" which is nothing short of brilliant.

See also: Lafidki


Neo-Cymex (Slovenia)

Depatterning (2017)
Place of Fear (2020)

Self-described as "drony space ambient soundscapes". Gets pretty intense in places, with drums, choirs and stuff.


Neon, Malcolm (UK)

Traddodiad (1980)

Aka Malcolm Gwyon. Welsh minimal synth artist with titles and singing in Welsh language. He also experimented with more progressive / ambient synth styles, as the long track "3000" from the above cassette shows. Further investigation is needed.


Neon Pulse (UK)

Field Recordings From the Heart Station (2011)

Neon Pulse is Alex Robinson from the UK. Strange stuff. On the one hand, we have nice ambient opener and closer on Field Recordings From the Heart Station. On the other hand, the noisy distortion / overdrive applied to many of the sounds make large stretches of this album completely unlistenable.


NeoSpace (Netherlands)

Revelation Tour (2020)
Flying To the Stars (2022)

A project of Chris van Buren, who created a nice Around the Planet (Laserdance) pastiche on his album Revelation Tour.

See also: Van Buren, Chris


Neostra (USA)

Seven Colors (2020)
A Light Behind the Darkness (2020)

Ambient musician from Charleston, West Virginia. He is also known as a percussionist and his name is Dave Roberts. Pretty nice stuff, with spacey, tribal, sequencer and other influences and trends.


NeoTantrik (UK / USA)

NeoTantrik (2013)
Cube Bristol 16-12-2012 (2013)
Intervisions (2013)
Blue Amiga (2014)
Omnichrom (2014)
Volksbühne Berlin 241014 (2019) (recorded in 2014) (S)
241014 (2021) (recorded in 2014)

Dark electro-acoustic, industrial, improvisation-based ensemble made up of Andrew Shallcross, Jane Weaver, Sam McLoughlin, Sean Canty and Suzanne Ciani on later works. The works with Ciani, in particular, will interest fans of EM, 241014 being especially recommended for fans of the darker, more unstable EM forms.

See also: Ciani, Suzanne


Neozaïre (Germany)

1 (2015)
Apothecary Dream (2016) (S)
Le Ciel (2022) (S)
You Know That It's Real If You Feel That It's Real (2023) (S)
Hotel Excelsior (2023) (S)

Ambient of the darker variety but also with mysterious / melancholic and cosmic trends.


Neptune Towers (Norway)

Caravans To Empire Algol (1994)
Transmissions From the Empire Algol (1995)

Dark Space music from Fenriz (ex-Darkthrone, real name - Gylve Nagell).


Neptunien (Netherlands??)

Émergence (2018) (S)

A project of Benjamin Sieuw between dancey / club-related and ambient electronics (as on "Envol").


Neptunite (Germany)

Sensor (2020)

A trio of musicians (Tim Diern, Marc Schröder and Guido Poetzel) playing a mixture of progressive rock and EM.


Neraterræ (Italy)

The Substance of Perception (2019)
Scenes From the Sublime (2020)
Pillars: Seeds of Ares (2021) (with New Risen Throne and Taphephobia)
Lama​š​tu (2023) (with Chaigidel)

Dark Ambient project of Alessio Antoni.


Nerell, Loren (USA)

Point of Arrival (1986)
Book of Alchemy (1989)
Lilin Dewa (1996)
Indonesian Soundscapes (1999)
The Venerable Dark Cloud (2000) (S)
Taksu (2003)
Terraform (2006) (with Steve Roach)
Intangible (2011) (with A Produce)
Slow Dream (2012)
Tree of Life (2014) (with Mark Seelig)
Cave Dwellers (2018) (with Mark Seelig)
The Disciple's Path (2020) (with Mark Seelig)
The Gong Prophet (2021)

Loren Nerell started composing Electronic Music in the early 1980's. Today, he is very much into traditional Indonesian Gamelan music, but he also uses electronics extensively, and has created some good Dark Ambient works. 


Nerious (Poland)

Neurotropium (2004)
Pejzaze (2005)
Last Wanderer (2006)
Elzert (2006)

Electronic Music by Tomasz Szymanski.

See also: Endorphine


Nerolikid (Georgia)

Nightmares / Daydreams (2020)

Nerolikid is an alias of Georgian musician and cinematographer Guri Goliadze. Varied electronic compositions, mostly of ambient nature. Sometimes with soft sequencing.


Nerthus (Germany)

The Dark Design (2003) (with Seetyca)
Nerthus (2004)
Gamma (2005)
Urban (2007)
A Desolate Place (2023) (with Praying For Oblivion)
Gong (2023)

Dark Ambient.


Ness (Italy)

Trancemigration (2017)

Ness is an alias of techno artist Andrea Deplano. On Trancemigration, he is drifting towards ambient sounds, with two tracks ("Induction" and the closer "Dissolve") of certain interest to fans of EM. File under EM-related.


Nesselhauf, David (Germany)

Amateur (2008)
The Barrow (2012)
Requiem For Huguenot House (2013)
Afrokraut (2016)
Afrokraut II - The Lowbrow Manifesto (2018)
Rituals (2021) (EP)
A Guide To Afrokraut III (2023)

Ambient artist using lots of electroacoustic techniques.


Nest, The (Germany)

Music For Drivers (2012)
Sayweenjoy (2014)
1977 (2019)
Das Lied der Ankommenden (2019)

Improvising jazz ensemble with heavy use of electronics. 1977 will be pretty interesting for EM fans.


Nethen, Carol (USA)

A View From the Bridge (1989)

This author of music for documentaries released an electronic album in 1989 on new age label Narada. The music is supposedly in a very personal style.


Nether (Belgium)

The Wholeness of Nothingness (2003)

Gloomy textures & Ambient. Beware the growling vocals.

See also: Profound As A Thousand Nights, :36:.


Netherfriends (USA)

Alap (2011)

Chicago-based group who are known for their lo-fi / indie rock songs. Alap, released on cassette, is quite a departure for them, though, featuring completely instrumental, ethereal ambient tracks with synths and guitars.


Netherworld (Italy)

Hermetic Thoughts (2004)
Eternal Frost (2004)
Firmament In Obscurity (2005)
Otherworldly Abyss (2005)
Lost (2005) (S) (with Fiorenza Gherardi de Candei)
Postcards From the Void (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Six Impending Clouds (2005)
Kall - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall (2007)
Mørketid (2007)
Over the Summit (2011)
Alchemy of Ice (2013)
Zastrugi (2015)
Himuro (2017) (with Eraldo Bernocchi)
Algida Bellezza (2019)
Vanishing Lands (2022)
Equilibium (2022) (with Bvdub)

Ambient project of Alessandro Tedeschi.

See also: Liquid Ghosts


Neto, Tó (Portugal)

Lactea (1983)
Big Bang (1986)
O Negro (1988)
Wave View (1992)
Angola (1994)
Planetario (1999)
Nectar (2007)
Maravilhas do Mundo (2007)

To (short for Antonio) Neto created music which is comparable to 80's Tangerine Dream, but more naïve, although equally melodic. Antonio Eduardo Benedy Neto was born in Luanda (Angola). In 1973 he moved to Portugal where his first LP was released in 1983. To Neto died of a heart attack on June 16th, 2013.


Netzle, Klaus (Germany)

Silicon Valley (1984) (with Raven Kane)
Purple Sky (1985)
Iceland (1986) (with Conzelmann)
Mythology of Shambhala (1989)
Monuments (1991)

Synthesist who is also known as Claude Larson.

See also: Larson, Claude, Elmulab, Futura, Carlos, Power-Pack, Special Touch, VC People, Logo 2000.


Neu Electro (USA)

Early Reflections (1986)
Shake Your Body 'lectric (1986)

Brian Eno / Tangerine Dream influenced music from Bob Neumann.


Neuestrasse (Italy)

Introspective Black Forms (2007)
Tod (2009)
Untitled (??) (EP)

Dark Ambient.


Neuf Voix (Italy)

Composizioni nel tiempo Vol. 1 (2022) (S)
Secessioni (2023)

Neuf Voix is a creative project of Elvio Seta, whose work is focused on the use vintage analog instruments from the 1970's and 1980's. His sound is very Italian in spirit, influenced by both the German EM pioneers and minimalism (shades of Sanguiliano, Battiato, etc.)


Neuland (Germany / Austria)

Neuland (2019)

A project of former Tangerine Dream members Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger.

See also: Baumann, Peter, Haslinger, Paul.


Neumann, Drew (USA)

Eye Spy (1997)
Æon Flux Original Series Box Set (2023) (recorded in 1991 - 1995) (soundtrack)

Drew Neumann's Eye Spy is an electronic soundtrack to a video game.


Neumann, Johannes (Germany)

Cultural Noise (1989)

Not to be confused with the Austrian band of the same name, Cultural Noise is a privately pressed electronic LP with one guy doing everything from piano interludes to experimental parts.


Neural Network (Norway)

Brain-State-In-A-Box (1994)
Modernite (1995)
Unreleased Excerpts From 1997 (2023)

Ambient music somewhat in the Biosphere mould, but warmer. Neural Network are Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik, Oddgeir Hvidsten and Lars Kristian Sande.

See also: Circular, Pjusk.


Neurobit (Netherlands)

Sonic Romanticide (2008) (S)
Early Digital Daydreams (2008) (S)
Rhodos Spawned It All / You Definitely Failed! (2009) (S)
Live @ Kulturpalast Wedding (2009) (S)
Till It All Fades Away / Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses (2010) (S)
When All Means Fail / Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day (2011) (S)
The War of the Worlds (2012)
Moira (2016) (S)

Interesting project of Bas Welling. Basically a chiptune artist, he uses Nintendo chips and other typical instrumentation of the genre, but uses it to create more ambient works, influenced by minimalism and classic EM. The War of the Worlds is spoken radio play with background music. On Moira, a more ethnic sound is achieved, like a gamelan orchestra combined with Ambient. A fine release.


Neuronium (Spain)

Quasar 2C361 (1977)
Vuelo Quimico (1978)
Digital Dream (1980)
The Visitor (1981)
Chromium Echoes (1982)
Invisible Views (1983)
Heritage (1984)
Alma (1986)
Supernatural (1987)
From Madrid To Heaven (1987)
Numerica (1989)
Olim (1990) (soundtrack)
Sybaris (1991)
Extrisimo (1992)
Oniria (1993)
In London (1993) (S) (recorded in 1981) (with Vangelis)
A Separate Affair (1996) (with Vangelis)
Psykya (1997)
Alienikon (1999)
Caldea Music (2000)
Hydro (2001)
Azizi (2002)
Mystykatea (2005)
Brainsucker (2006)
Synapsia (2006)
Nihilophobia (2008)
Etykagnostyka (2010)
Hydro 2 - The Deep End (2010)
Exosomnia (2012)
Nocny Lot - Live In Poland (2014)
Jamais Vu (2015)
Lysergic Dream (2017)
Ikigai (2022)
Signature (2023)

Possibly the most important electronic band from Spain, Barcelona-based Neuronium was founded in 1976 by Michel Huygen, Carlos Guirao and Albert Gimenez. The three released two albums before Gimenez left the band circa 1979. Neuronium continued as a duo, with Santi Picó appearing as guest guitar player on Digital Dream and The Visitor. In 1982, Carlos Guirao left the band and Neuronium was reduced to a solo work of Michel Huygen which is what it is until this very day (during the 1980's, Santi Picó was sometimes listed as the second full member of the band). Huygen calls his music 'psychotronic'. Ok, that's a term which could be used to describe many of today's EM, so it doesn't say nothin' about the music itself. It's generally flowing spacey electronics, mostly analog, in other words, a classic. It's a must for any serious collector. I don't think there's much to say about it. It has to be experienced, so listen to it and judge for yourself. Early works are highly recommended.

See also: Huygen, Michel, Guirao, Carlos, Gimenez, Albert, Picó, Santi.


Neutone (Japan)

Neutone (2011)

Dusseldorf School cheesiness from Tokyo. For fans of Kraftwerk (the cheesiest aspects of it), Dan Lacksman, "moog pop" and vintage computer games.


Neutron 9000 (UK / Germany)

Lady Burning Sky (1994)

A duo of Aaron Greenwood and Dominic Woosey. Their first album from 1990 was a melodic synth-pop / techno affair. The follow-up from 1991 (Walrus) delved deeper into house rhythms and pop songs. However, for Lady Burning Sky, they've chosen an ambient path, similar to Woosey's solo work of the time perhaps, or Pete Namlook, with nice synths and some slight ethnic touches (that were the fashion of the time). The tracks are longer now and are pretty relaxing.

See also: Woosey, Dominic


Neutron Mouse (Ukraine)

Dogmatica (2012)

Spacesynth artist with some electro / tracker scene stylings.


Neutron Star (Russia)

Virgo SC (2022)

Aka Alisa Coral's Neutron Star. Cosmic Electronic Music.

See also: Mirrors, Space Mirrors.


Neva, Veera (Finland)

Avaruuskaipuu (2020)
Grande Onde (2022)

Veera Neva (real name - Veera Tuomi) is ax experimental / electroacoustic / electronic composer who uses her voice, sound collages, sax and synthesizers for a mysterious, dreamy, shamanistic and at times pastoral sound.


Neve (France)

Centigrade (2010) (S)
Isadora (2021)

Neve is French ambient artist Yann Delmas. Dark, shadowy, drifting sounds and looped structures.


Never Known (Italy)

Dawn of An Era (1994)
Once In A Lifetime (1995)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1996)
Live At the Cosmic Egg 10.06.2000 (2000)
On the Edge of Forever (2000)

Excellent Dark Ambient from the mastermind behind Amon (Andrea Marutti).

See also: Marutti, Andrea, Amon, Hall of Mirrors, Sil Muir.


Never Presence Forever (USA)

Apokalypsens Uendelige Årstid (2002)
Disturbed Visceral Nociception (2002)
Rozrywa Szwy Ciszy (2004) (with Dead Raven Choir)
Collaboration (2018) (with The Numinous Way)

Dark Ambient and bleak minimalism from Andrew Westerhouse.


Never Temple (USA)

Throwing Around An Invisible Ball (2021)

New-agey music but pretty weird - long tracks full of strange electronic sounds, echoed voices and noises.


Neville, Foster (UK)

The Edge of Destruction (2022)

Moody ambient EM inspired by a 1988 novelisation of a 1964 Doctor Who series.


Nevroz (Italy)

Symptom 1 (2003)

Clinical Ambient.


New Collection (Russia)

New Collection (1988)
Land of Our Hopes (1990)

Russian electronic duo (aka Nowaya Collectia) from the 80's, consisting of Igor Kezlya and Andrei Morgunov. The second album was recorded with Lisa Surzhikova.

See also: KeyOrchestra


New Composers (Russia)

Kontakty Tretyego Roda (1997) (soundtrack)
Planetarium (1999) (with Pete Namlook)
Smart (1999) (with Brian Eno)
Plantarium 2 (1999) (with Pete Namlook)
Advanced Indigo (2003)
Enoye (2004)
Russian Spring (2005) (with Pete Namlook)
Boring Music (2015)

Saint-Petersburg-based duo of Igor Verichev and Valery Alakhov, formed in 1983-1984. They are mostly known in the IDM circles and the bulk of their output seems to be in that vein. They have also released some dancey techno tracks. The material that approached progressive EM (mostly of ambient nature) will be listed here.


New Digital Orchestra, The (Canada)

The NDO Takes Off! (1985)

Obscure Canadian group consisting of Bruce Mitchell, Dominik Szava, Greg Stephen and Sue Hunter, reportedly between minimal synth and Prog EM. The presence of violin playing likens it to Nash the Slash perhaps.


New Electric Frontier, The (UK)

The Consequences of Erosion (2022)
Layovers On Infinity Road (2023)

Crisp, melodic, rhythmic electronic compositions from Phil Heeks.

See also: British Stereo Collective, The, Ardala.


New Emphatic, The (Sweden)

Visa To the Stars (2021)
Radiance of the Stars (2021)
Decay By the Stars (2022)
Soundtrack To An Untold Story (2022) (with Expose Your Eyes)
The Last Lawn of The Afternoon / The Wind-Up Bird And Tuesday's Women (2022) (with The Creeping Man)
Human Nature (2023)

Music by Jonas Geiger Ohlin played on various synthesizers. It is built like a soundtrack (lots of shorter tracks of varying moods), with sort of a sci-fi mood / feel to it.


New Frontiers (USA)

(Of) Inner Dimensions (2021)

Excellent EM based on the sound of analog synthesizers. A project of Andrew Crawshaw. Melodic, hymnal, atmospheric, sequencer, it's all there.

See also: Crawshaw, Andrew, Meridian Arc, Old Dark House, Somafree Institute.


New Glue (USA)

The Electric Path (2020)

Glooping, cosmic synths from this duo of Jason Millard and Matthew Himes.


New Gold Dream (Germany)

The Message (2014)

Melodic, anthemic music between Vangelis / Jarre style and electropop, with new elements. New Gold Dream is Ulrich Frehse.


New Honey Shade, The (USA)

Ozark Dream (2011) (S)
Weaving Spiders Come Not Here (2012)
The Frontiers of the Mind (2013)
Ceyx Quest (2017)

A project of Oklahoma-based Mark Daniel Kuykendall who uses analog synthesizers (mostly the venerable ARP 2600) to create flowing, mysterious, melancholic and melodic tracks.


New Pope (USA)

Meet the New Pope (2023)
There's Water There (2023)

A trio using various keyboards (such as transistor organs, a casiotone and a monophonic synth), bass, drums and an analog drum machine, in addition to a female voice run through a harmonizer. A strange lo-fi / post-rock / neo-psychedelia vibe here, but can be considered EM-related.


New Risen Throne (Italy)

Prophet (2002)
Anointing Rite (2003)
Along Endless Path of Emptiness (2003)
Flowing Ashes (2003)
Chants For the Cold And Dying Sun (2004)
Prophets From the Abyss (2004)
Shadows Over Humanity (2005)
Whispers of the Approaching Wastefulness (2007)
Crossing the Withered Regions (2009)
Loneliness of Hidden Structures (2011)
New Risen Throne (2016) (recorded in 2002 - 2012)
The Outside (2020)
Pillars: Seeds of Ares (2021) (with Neraterrae and Taphephobia)

Dark Ambient from Gabriele Panci.

See also: Konau


New Rome (Poland)

Nowhere (2016)
Somewhere (2017)
Elsewhere (2017)
New Rome (2019)

Warm, ambient synthesizer sounds from Tomasz Bednarczyk.

See also: Bednarczyk, Tomasz


New Warmth (USA)

First Conception (1983)
Second Conception (1984)

Obscure duo from Oklahoma that released these cassettes with ambient synth compositions.

See also: Tankersley, Bill


New Weather (USA)

New Weather (2013) (S)

A mixture of rhythmic, a bit synthwave-influenced tracks and pure sequencer / arpeggio EM goodness ("Slip"). New Weather is a trio of Sean Curley, Tomory Dodge and Amber Rossino.


New West Frequences (USA)

Northern Commonwealth Transmission (2021)
Enclave: 2277 (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Bleak, post-apocalyptic drones and soundscapes.


New World Science (Canada)

Osmos (Movements) (2019)

A mixture of electronics and sax.


Newcomb, Martin (UK)

The Lavenham Feeling (1997)
Sombre Suite (2000)
Synthonic Variations (2002)
Syn-Drome (2004)

Very analog, with hints of Tangerine Dream from former owner of Museum of Synthesizer Technology in Ware, Hertfordshire (now closed).


Newcomb, Robert (USA)

On Time (1991)
Anastasia of the Gardens (2008)

Robert Spalding Newcomb is a Michigan-based classical guitarist and electronic composer. He has an ambient, abstract and sometimes rhythmic sound. Only his electronic stuff will be listed here.


Newlands, Moray (UK)

Àile (2021)
Zeds (2022)

Melodic EM. Hymnal, symphonic, dramatic, with some choirs.


Newlyn, David (UK)

A Nervous State of Mind (2007)
Flux (2009)
Friday Night Choir Practice (2010)
Waiting Rooms (2011)
Brittle (2011) (S)
Miniatures (2011) (S) (with Yellow6)
Ruins (2012)
O.S. (2013) (with Yellow6)
The Airless Silence (2013)
Random Pieces (2013) (S)
Disintegrating Suburban Dream (2014)
Phantom Songs 1 - 9 (2014)
Random Pieces II (2014) (S)
Etherial / Æther (2015) (S)
The Work of A Man Who Has Seen A Ghost (2015) (recorded in 2006 - 2015)
The Past Increases, the Future Recedes (2016)
Linen (2016)
The Wisborg Tape (2017)
Tranparencies (2017) (EP)
Systems And Systems (2017)
Church Fires (2018)
Collected Fictions (2018)
Ethereal / Æther (2019)
Slow Motion (2019)
Apparitions I & II (2020)
Tapes And Ghosts (2021)

Melancholic ambient music from this Durham-based composer (ex-October Man). He seems to be heavily influenced by modern classical (lots of piano) and glitch / IDM. The above discography is incomplete but I'll try to list his ambient works here.


Newman, Jacob (USA)

The Vivid Unmapped (2011) (with Devin Underwood)
Sending the Past (2015) (with Devin Underwood)
Transitions (2015) (with Darwin Raymond)
Quanta Flora (2015) (S)
Summer (2017)
Biospherica (2018)

Varied ambient material.


Newman, Thomas (USA)

Side Effects (2013) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack composer born in 1955 in California. This particular score is definitely influenced by such genres as minimalism and 1980's electronic film music, although there are some acoustic cues as well.


Newmann, Jeff (Germany)

Automotion (1985)
Automotion 2 (1986)
Technospheres (1986)
Satellite Images 1 (1988)

Library synth albums with a nice melodic sound. Jeff Newmann is a pseudonym of German pianist and composer Joerg Reiter.


Newton, Antonio L. (USA)

Novaphonia (1987)
Novastreams (1988)

Californian new age composer released this electronic oddity on LP in the 1980's. Since then, he has mainly worked as a piano player.


Newton, Gene (USA)

Celestial Plea (1993)
Eternity (1995)
Tarot: Music For Readings (1997)
Elemental Suite (1998)

Music on the border of Ambient and Electronic New Age with an obvious bend towards the latter.


Newton, Lyle (UK)

Light At the Edge of Darkness (1995)
Nimbus (1997)
Logical Insanity (2000)
Dimensions (??)

The first two are melodic and rhythmic and Logical Insanity is dark.


Nexus 6 (UK)

The Nex Files (2006)

A duo of Richard Diplacito and Rick McConacher. Ambient soundscapes and melodies blended with complex sequencer patterns.


Nexusseis (Spain)

Four Seconds To Die (1998)

Javier Fernandez is ex-bassist of The Heretic so you'd think that on his solo album he'd go all extreme and aggressive, but much to everyone's surprise he recorded a dark, melancholic and emotional symphonic ambient album influenced by film scores, in particular Vangelis' Blade Runner. He did return to his metal roots for his second outing, A Strange Habitat, though.


Neys, Marc (Belgium)

Fishing For Shadows (2019)
The Soul of A Man (2022)

Long-form, shadowy Ambient.

See also: Noone


Neznamo (Russia)

Seme>Zemlya (2007) (S)
Utrata (2008) (S)
Matra (2008) (with Bardo)
Dendralepsya (2010) (with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum)
Korjenje (2010) (S)
Zavet (2010)
Sonans (2012) (with Siyanie)
Aiwyâstô (2015)
Rite Unknown (2017)
Molva (2021) (recorded in 2012, 2015 and 2019)

Pagan, ritual, droning Ambient from Dmitry Shilov aka Unknown.

See also: Unknown


N:Force (Germany)

Realtime Illusion (1996)
Collector (1997)

Melodic, rhythmic music. Collector contains a couple of covers of Chris Franke's compositions, most of others are taken from Friedenberger's solo albums.

See also: Friedenberger, Norman


NGC 4414 (USA)

Ambient Tape (2015) (S)
Channels (2016) (S)
Quietly (2016) (S)
The Distance (2017) (S)
Untitled (2017)
Moon (2017) (S)
Last Rest (2018) (S)
Neptune (2018) (S)
Ceremony (2019)
Five Songs (2019) (with Thomas Wingate)
Turn On the Dark (2019)
OST (2021)
Celestial Divide (2023) (S)

Subtle, minimal, low-volume Ambient from the depths of Tennessee.


NGS (Poland)

On the Revolutions of the Mental Spheres (2006)

Diverse rhythmic / cosmic / melodic electronics from Narcyz Gawdzik. Influences from progrock and techno can be detected.


Nguyen, Thom (USA)

The Summer Passed In Monotone (2023)

Although a drummer, Thom Nguyen goes for electronic sound on The Summer Passed In Monotone. Sequences, noises, drones, rhythms... Hypnotic stuff.


Nhora.Nars (Italy)

Insects Know the Exit of the Maze (2023) (recorded in 2010 - 2021)

Ambient compositions from Roberto Agus. Thick, monolothic, psychedelic droning sound. Sometimes slightly dubby.


NHU (Spain)

NHU (1978)

This one is an odd progressive masterpiece from '78. Heavy use of electronic, effect-drenched guitar gives this obscurity a spacey, Goettsching-like feel. A mainly instrumental, cosmic trip. Can be pretty heavy in places.


Ni Moya (Greece)

Ni Moya (2020)

Solo electronic project of John Vagenas, vocalist and bassist of stoner rockers Naxatras. Mostly rhythmic and cosmic, with elements of psychedelic style ala Ozrics (or solo projects of its members), dub, techno and electro.


Niagara (Portugal)

Niagara (2011) (EP)
Ouro Oeste (2013) (EP)
506 (2014) (EP)
Impar (2015) (S)
Mustor & Falcão (2015) (S)
Canas (2015)
Escola de Condução (2016) (EP)
Comboios (2017) (EP)
Apologia (2018)
Tools + Acids (2018)
Felix, Fernando e Constantino (2018)
Salmo / Sãa a Fonte da Sua Própria Luz (2019) (S)
Pais & Filhos (2020)
Veneza (2021)
Magna Moralia (2021)
1807: Músicas Retiradas dos CDRs (2021)

Varied experimental group. Music ranges from playful and arpeggio-laden to noisy, collage-like and glitch. Mostly related to Prog EM, though. The above discography is not complete.


Niagara Falls (USA)

Sequence of Prophets (2009)

American (from Philadelphia) experimental band with forays into post-rock, folk, electro-acoustic improvisation and, yes, EM / krautrock. The above album is dominated by organ and synths with the addition of drums and sparse guitars and will be enjoyed by fans of early 1970's krautrock and electronic experiments from around the same period of time.

See also: Enumclaw, Tathagatta.


Nial (Portugal)

SAHU (2016)
Entre O Terceiro E O Segundo Sono (2017)

Ambient project.


Nice At Home (Croatia)

Motherial (2022)

Alternative rock group turning to electronics for Motherial.


Nickel Kosmo (Italy)

In Principio Era II Nichel (2023)

An alias used by trumpet player Flavio Zanuttini for some of his more experimental work. Mostly electronics here with trumpet leads. Some of this stuff is really strange and out of this world. I liked it.


Nicklasson, Axel (Greece)

Augmentations (2022)

A pseudonym of Alexandros Nikolopoulos. Varied, flowing / melodic EM pieces with synth and piano lines.


Nicolai, Bruno (Italy)

Allora, Il Treno (1975) (soundtrack)

Prolific Italian soundtrack / library composer. The above album includes an electronic track "Alpen Express", which is all pedestrian synth rhythms and Kraftwerk / "Popcorn" melodies. File under EM-related.


Nicolie Binara (Japan)

You'll Never Walk Alone (2021) (S)

A project of Japanese ambient artist Setsuya Kurotaki.


Nicoll, Jake (Canada)

Entropy (2017)

Indie pop artist. Entropy focuses on instrumental ambient material, although there are a few songs as well.


Nicosia, Francisco (Argentina)

Ecos frente al espejo (2022) (with Mariano Llere)
Historias Secretas (2023)

Synthesist of Klauss fame. On Ecos..., he and Mariano Llere create cinematic EM pieces that do remind on Bladerunner and a few other synth scores more than once.

See also: Klauss


Nicotera, Giuseppe (Italy)

κάθαρσις (2020)

Drummer and synthesist from Italy. On κάθαρσις, he is helped by a cast of musicians (two guitarists and a bassist), while he himself plays drums, percussion and synths. The music is a mixed bag, ranging from pretty heavy progressive metal / space rock workouts to solo electronics from Giuseppe. Pretty nice and cosmic overall.


Nicotra, Salvo (Italy)

Rebus (1986)

Minimal, organic electronics composed for a dance performance.


Nictofilia (Spain)

Katabasis (2021)

Pretty nice Dark Ambient stuff here. Diverse, with drones, noisy parts, processed voices, rolling drums...


NÍÐ (Germany / Switzerland)

NID (1996) (S)
Språkdigitilizationsteknik" (1998)
Tarm-Stad / Ej Tarm-Stad (1998)
NÍÐ NÍÐ NÍÐ (2000)
Många Myggor, Mycket Öt (2001)
Galactic Nebulae (2002)
Dass Jazz (2002) (recorded in 1996 and 1999)
Mus:Pellsheim (2004)
Solar Flare (2004)
The Hoax Exposed (2004)
Untitled (2004)
Ignis Sacer (2007) (with Troum)
Plate Tectonics (2007)

Dark and noisy soundscapes from this formation (Jurgen Eberhard, Chris Sigdell and Oswin Czerwinski).

See also: b°tong


Niedowierzanie (France)

Lumière (2018)

Experimental project of Léo Maury. He is very much into processed acoustic instruments and melodic compositions inspired by the Mediterranean region. Lumière absorbs enough Prog EM influences to warrant an inclusion. Absolutely unique. Further investigation is needed.


Nielson, Kody (New Zealand)

Birthday Suite (2018)

A drummer who on Birthday Suite, quite amazingly, decided to combine live drumming with Wendy Carlos / classical moog / pop synth arrangements.


Niemen, Czeslaw (Poland)

Katharsis (1975)
Idee Fixe (1976)
Postscriptum (1979)
Przeprowadzka (1982)

Czeslaw Niemen (born in 1939 in Belarus - died in 2004 in Warsaw) was a Polish singer and experimentator. Look out for his mid-Seventies releases, especially Katharsis that contains a set of pieces in totally unique Electronic Music style. Some tracks are gently rhythmic with synth soloing and a jazzy edge. Others are spacey with floating synths and some dramatic mellotron playing. Overall, the album explores a full range of music from the melodic and spacey to the abstract and even bizarre. A gem. Singing is present on a couple of tracks but once you get used to his voice it's no big problem and gets quite enjoyable (he sings in a very emotional style, not to mention the excellent lyrics). Idee Fixe (considered by many prog fans to be the highest point of his career) is a massive 2-LP set with jazzy jams, achingly beautiful songs based on lyrics by 19th century Polish romantic poet C. Norwid, and some purely electronic numbers as well. Postscriptum is a mixed bag, consisting of songs mainly, but with some instrumental tracks, too. Przeprowadzka features shorter electronic tracks of varied moods.

See also: SBB


Nies, Harald (Germany)

Planet And Gongs (2002)
Space Is Everywhere (2003)
Restart From Sedna (2004)
Planet of Three Suns (2005)
Magnetic Deflection (2006)
Dual Systems (2007)
Cryptic Labyrinth (2009)
EarthCreator (2010)
SpaceJuggler (2010)
Torodial Sequences (2010)
Cableworld (2012)
Nighttrain (2013)
Horizon (2015)
Tales of Light (2016)
Axial (2018)
Fractal (2019)
The Flow of Energy (2020)
Multiverse (2023)

Harald Nies is primarily a guitar player but he is also interested in Electronic Music. As a result, his albums feature a pleasant mixture of rock and EM styles. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock participates on several of Harald's tracks.

See also: Dream Connection


Niesner, Tómaš (Czech Republic)

Silencia (2019)
Aurora (2021)
Bečvou (2022)
Imerze (2022)

Interesting artist from Brno. Primarily a guitarist, he combines guitar drones with analog electronics for a nice mixture of purely ambient and rhythmic, Berlin School-ish tracks. "Gabreta Part II" (from Silencia) pleasantly recalls Manuel Goettsching's style.


Niet Christ (Chile)

Metabolismo (2015)

Diverse musical project of Christian Nieto Machuca. On this cassette he mostly presents his own vision of spatial minimal techno. However, the slowly evolving, 16-minute analog synth meditation titled "Synthetic Reflection", obviously harkens back to Klaus Schulze's long improvised pieces he used to play live during the 1970's. Another comparison would be Michael Stearns' Serge-based compositions. Let us hope he explores more of that musical territory in the future.


Nieuwsma, Greg (USA)

Travel Log Radio (2020)
Rabbit Hole Variations (2020)
Aquarium (2021) (with Antonello Perfetto)
Interference Patterns (2021) (with Antonello Perfetto)
Asylum (2021) (with Antonello Perfetto)
In C: Flea Market (2021)
Hiyachuchi (2022) (with Antonello Perfetto)
Elephant (2022)

US-born composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is rather diverse musically, with influences as wide-ranging as pop, minimalism and avant-garde. He can also be quite krautrock-y, especially when collaborating with drummer Antonello Perfetto.

See also: Corticem


Niggas With Guitars (USA)

Beyond Crytsalline (2009)
Vlnvvd (2009) (S)
Prophit Kotto (2009) (S)
Continent Gods (2009) (S)
Negative Space (2009) (S)
Ethnic Frenzy (2011)

Melancholic, urban soundscapes, taking in classic influences and mixing them with up-to-date post-rock / shoegaze aesthetics.


Niggemann, Kai (Germany)

Heart Murmur (2018) (S)

Experimental works composed on a Buchla 200e Electric Music Box. Ranges from totally abstract to pulsing.


Night Columns (USA)

Night Columns (2020) (EP)

A project that mixes dreamlike pop / italo songs with vocoder-laden or new-agey electronics.


Night Flights (USA)

Night Flights Vol. 1 (2015)

A project of San Francisco-based Rich Millman. Cosmic synth drift, slow melodies and gentle rhythms.


Night Foundation (USA)

Memory Bells (2017)
Times Colored Blue (2018)
Infinite State (2019)
I Can Only Imagine (2020)
Structures (2020)
Vdme meets Night Foundation (2020) (with vdme)
I Had A Feeling (2021)
Ends Meet (2021)
Let There Be Light (2021)
Reflection (2022)
Souvenir (2022)

Nice Electronic Music from Cuban-American visual artist and musician Richard Vergez. Long, unfurling tracks with relaxed sequences, moody solos, etc.

See also: Vergez, Richard, Distant Tongues.


Night Mode (USA)

Other (2016)
Gentleman Scientist (2020)

A project of Kansas City, Missouri-based Drew Rudebusch and Howie Howard (some works represent solo music of both). A mixture of space rock / psychedelic and EM.


Night Monitor, The (UK)

This House Is Haunted (2019)
Spaceman Mystery of the Terror Triangle (2020)
Their Dark Dominion (2022)
Perception Report Volume One (2022)
Close Encounters of the Pennine Kind (2023)

Electronic project of Neil Scrivin. This House Is Haunted is based on Guy Lyon Playfair's 1977 account of a poltergeist case. Analog, horror synth-like...

See also: Scrivin, Neil, Doomlode


Night Oceann (Georgia)

Sorcerer's Dream (2020) (S)

Night Oceann is Tbilisi-based ambient artist Nathalie Basilaia. Relaxing, otherworldly...


Night Riders (France)

Future Noir (2014)
Meta (2016)

French electro-pop / indie pop trio with some vocals. Some tracks are instrumental and very Prog EM, though.

See also: Leclerc, Charlotte


Night Terror (USA)

Night Terrors (2013)

Electronic prog by one Tyson Torstensen from Chicago. Nice lively feeling here, reminding on Zombi and other current EM / prog acts.


Night Terrors, The (Australia)

The Night Terrors (2002) (EP)
Lightless (2003) (S)
Back To Zero (2009)
Monster / Laser For Eyes (2012)
Spiral Vortex (2014)
Hypnotica - Composition For Theremin And Electronic Music Synthesizer (2023)

Imaginary horror soundtracks from this Melbourne-based group. What differentiates them from the bulk of the recent horror revival wave is the prominent use of theremin (as lead instrument) and the driving nature of their music. Sometimes it even sounds like Goblin playing techno / industrial.

See also: Brown, Miles


Night Travelers (USA)

Profane Illuminations (2011) (S)

Analog synth duo of Joshua Slusher and Jesse DeRosa in pure flowing, Berlin-influenced, spaced-out vein.

See also: Spiritual Switchboard, The, Mind Machine, Shingles.


Nightbirds (France)

Geode (1989)
Electronic Waves (1993)
Live At the Ancien College Grandchamp (2004)

Rhythmic analogue Electronic Music from the French duo of Herve and Thierry Chausson. They were formed in 1985 with the aim of experimenting with analogue synthesizers.


Nightcomers, The (France)

Black Orchid (2018)
The Black House (2021)

French duo (Ron Cannon and Christophe Rosello) influenced by vintage horror synth soundtracks.

See also: Cannon, Ron


Nightcrawler (Spain)

Metropolis (2014)
Beware of the Humans (2017)
Invasion (2019)
Visionary (2020)

Spanish synthwave artist. The opening and the closing tracks of the 2017 album will be enjoyed by fans of John Carpenter and 1980's Tangerine Dream scores. The rest is mostly just your typical synthwave, some instrumental, some with vocals. File under EM-related. Metropolis has some nice but brief atmospheric tracks.


Nightcrawlers (USA)

Planetary Expedition (1980)
Fallen Sparrow (1980)
Hallucinatory Executions (1981)
Poltergeists (1981)
Synthimania (1982)
Systema Naturae (1982)
Hors D'Oeuvres (1982)
Narcolepsis (1982)
Tanzwut (1982)
Midwinter Daydream (1982)
Shadowless Veil (1982)
Live At IEMA Festival, N.Y. (1982)
Live At Dudley Motor Inn (1982)
Live On Location 28/1/83 (1983) (S)
Spring Holiday (1983)
Evening Repose (1983)
Transluminance (1983)
Subliminal Sailing (1983)
Forbidden Monastery (1983)
Listen - Live In Concert (1983) (S)
Nightcrawlers (1983)
Crystal Loops (1983)
2031 A.D. (1984)
Space Shuttle (1984)
Ombra (1984)
Nightwalk (1984)
Cybersun 231 (1984)
Chop - N - Hop (1984) (S)
Memory Bubbles (1984) (S)
Spacewalk (1985)
Space Ritual (1985)
Painted Bride Concert 1985 (1985)
Space Ritual At St. Mary's (1986)
The Largo Tree (1986)
Particle Mist (1986)
Energy Transfer (1987)
Shadows of Light (1987)
Alone After Dark (1988)
Barriers (1991)

The above discography contains all LP, CD, and cassette releases. Nightcrawlers revolved around Peter and Tom Gulch and were a synth band that played music in the traditions of Tangerine Dream, in other words, Berlin School stuff. Another member of the band was David Lunt. What I've heard so far was very good, especially the soloing. Recommended. In 1997, a retrospective sampler called Travelling Backwards was released on Manikin that compiled tracks from their 3 LPs.

See also: Goricon, Gulch, Peter, Gulch, Tom, Lunt, Dave, Xisle, Ministry of Inside Things.


Nightech (Russia)

Edid (2002)
Deviation (2007)

Dark Ambient project of Ed Scherbakov from Serov, Urals, Russia.


Nightmare Lodge (Italy)

Big Mother In the Strain (1987)
The Oneiric Transgression / Noise And Dream (1988) (with Lyke Wake)
Asylum (1991)
Negative Planet (1994)
Luminescence (1995)
The Enemy Within (1997)
Nosferatu (1998) (S)
Syrena (1998) (soundtrack) (with Paolo Bigazzi)
Blind Miniatures (1999)
Tentacled: A Nightmare Lodge Anthology (2000) (recorded in 1987 - 1997)

Mysterious and at times scary music by Ivan Iusco. This runs a full spectrum of sounds, from Martial (Asylum) to dark and more bright Space Music (Negative Planet), to diverse rhythmic / industrial-like EM (The Enemy Within), to Gothic / Medieval Ambient. This project, with a few variations in the line-up, exists since 1987.


Nightmares (USA)

Nightmares (2009)
Sub-Sonic Language Transmission (2020)

Dark Ambient trio.


Nightmarish (Germany)

Utrecht (1993)
Pompeji (1995)

Apocalyptic Dark Ambient.


Nightmaster (Canada??)

Music From the Other Side (2018)

Imagine if Cluster would return in time back to the early 20th century and play their music on the Telharmonium via telephone lines. Cheesy but entertaining.


Nightsatan (Finland)

Steel Diamond / Space Revenger (2009) (S)
Midnight Laser Warrior (2010)
Nightsatan And the Loops of Doom (2014)
The Contract (2016) (S) (soundtrack)

Three-piece electronic band from Turku that combines 1970's and 1980's synth sounds for a nostalgic, spacesynth-infused sound, a bit influenced by vintage horror soundtracks.


Nightshroud (UK??)

Future Meditation (2021)
Ghost City (2021) (S) (with Bamboo Boi)

Shadowy, melancholic ambience drenched in rain sounds and neon lights.


Nightskies (Italy)

Between Darkness And Twilight (2016)
Dronescapes (2016)
Dronescapes II (2016)
Chaos Theory (2018)

Gloomy ambient sounds from Arnaldo Tarsetti.


Nightwalk (Norway)

Nightwalk (1980)

This duo of Stein Grebstad and Harald Aanderaa started jamming together in the late 1970's. Music was more or less a hobby for them and they did a cassette before calling it a day. Recently, Grebstad resurfaced as a solo artist.


Nightwalk (Spain)

Music For Dreamers (2018)

Varied ambient music from Óscar Pereira García.


Nightworkers (Germany)

The Early Sessions (1987)
Humans (1987)
Zeit (??)
The Return of the Nightworkers (??)

A group formed by Mario Schönwälder together with Bernd Kistenmacher and guests Fred Dollman (guitar) and Winfried Rhode (keyboards). Several performances were given (some in the duo format) and a couple of cassettes released.

See also: Schönwälder, Mario, Kistenmacher, Bernd.


Nigori (Japan)

Rakuyo (2013)
Sunny Day of A Childhood (2015)
Warm Sunshine (2016)

Soothing minimal Ambient. Real name of the musician is Takahiro Kurumi.


Nigredo (Portugal)

Cantiones Profanae (1992)
Chorea Machabaeorum (??)
Carmina Defunctorum (1995)

Medieval Ambient from Lucrecia Bosch and Paulo Maldoror.


Nigrescent (UK)

Austere II & III (2005) (S)
Winds of Sorrow (2005)

Similar to Mortiis?


Nigro, Luke (USA)

Circles & Triangles (2016)
Speaking In Strings (2018)
In Communion (2021)

Supposedly a different artist to the one below, although the two being released by the same cassette imprint leaves me in doubt somehow. Anyway, the music is diverse and atmospheric synth.


Nigro, Mike (USA)

20XX (2012)
Fractures (2013)
Meeker (2014) (S)
Slow Synapse (2015)
Goodbyes (2015)
Free Bodies (2016) (S)
Vertical Music (2016)
Latitudes (2018) (with Andrew Osterhoudt)

Diverse synth artist, mostly experimental and / or slightly noisy, but also ambient and vaguely melodic. Early releases are under "Nigro" name.

See also: Aviary


Nihil Impvlse (Italy)

Teil I - Katabasis (2010)
Katabainein (2011) (EP)
Teli II - Stasis (2018)
Anabasis (2023)

Martial Ambient based on analog sounds, with elements of industrial and power electronics.


Niia (USA)

Mouthful of Salt (2023)

Niia Bertino is a New York-based jazz vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of Italian descent. Mouthful of Salt is an autumnal, somewhat melancholic, half-instrumental ambient work.


Niitsu, Akio (Japan)

I-O (1978)
Pet Step (1982)
Winter Wonderland (1985)
Science Classics (2005)

Hard to explain the sound on I-O. A lot of it is guitar-based and is roughly in the Mike Oldfield / Manuel Goettsching tradition. Some of it is synth-based, though, & is rather unique. Nothing is known about Science Classics at the moment.


Nijhof & Toonk (Netherlands)

Aural Conduct 01 - Nijhof & Toonk (2022)

Strange experimental electronics influenced by post-rock and dub. Like an updated version of Moebius' & Plank's Rastakraut Pasta with a guest guitar player.


Nik Turner's Sphynx (UK)

Xitintoday (1978)

A super-group featuring Nik Turner's (Hawkwind) spacey flute playing (recorded inside the Great Pyramid), Steve Hillage's guitar licks, Time Blake's and Miquette Giraudy's synths plus drums and a cast of ethnic musicians. Look for the original 1978 version. In the 90's, Turner created a new version of the album that should be avoided.

See also: Hawkwind, Blake, Tim, Hillage, Steve, Anubian Lights.


Nikita von Tiraspol (Ukraine??)

First Draws (2017)
Was Lucifer More Beautiful Than Adonis? (2019)
Entscheidungen (2021)

Techno-related artist residing in Germany. He also composes ambient material. Most of his releases are a mixture of the two.


Nikitin, Alexey (Russia)

Ëåäÿíîé àëüáîì (2017)

The above album alternates between techno tracks and EM / ambient tracks. A nice, rich sound based on analog synthesizers.


Nikka (Spain)

The Baltic Sea From My Window (2018) (S)

This music occupies a curious terrrain between noise / experimental electronics and Prog EM. Nikka is Mónica Muñoz from Barcelona.


Nikmis (Canada)

Ambisonic Picnic (2009)
Nicht Mass (2013)
Widdendream (2017)
10 Movements For Large Synthesizer (2017)
#17 (2018)
Jawbone (2020)
Depends On Much (2023)

Interesting artist here. William Simkin aka Nikmis from Calgary (now residing in Richmond, Virginia, USA) creates contemporary music in Baroque style performed completely on a mixture of analogue (some of them self-built) and digital synthesizers. Fans of Wendy Carlos and Tomita should really look into it, although Nikmis' music stands pretty much on its own.


NikNak (UK)

Sankofa (2023)

Pretty strange stuff - mostly just filtered noises and collages, but also some moments of droning ambient bliss. NikNak is Nicole Raymond.


Niko LFO (France)

Aurality -20°10’45​.​3176” -044°04’01​.​4329” (2021)

Aka Niko de Paula Lefort (real name). Abstract electronics that make use of looping techniques developed by Terry Riley and Pauline Oliveros in the 1960's.


Niko Skorpio (Finland)

Chamber Moosick (2001)
Stainway To Heaven (2002)
Book of Flies (2004)
Live In Placard #7 (2004) (with Ovro)
To Give Light To That Which Is Without (2005)
The Hidden Nameless (2005)
Escape From Heaven (2006)
Half Born In Half Light (2008)
Psilocybe Necrophila (2009)
Khora (2013)
The Unfolding - Themes & Variations (2019)
The Unfolding (Emergent​/​20210717) (2022)
N'GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995 (2023)

Dark Ambient from Niko Sirkiä.


Nikolai, Kirill (UK)

Letting Go Variations (2016)

Ambient with something of a neo-classical flair.


Nikolajev (Estonia)

LEL (2019) (S)
Transplant Rejection (2022)

Rhythmic, synthwavey tracks and rich, analog cosmic cuts.


Niku No Sekai (USA)

Flesh World Vol. 1 (2016) (S)

Ambient music from J. Rodriguez and M. Bailey with something of an ethnic theme going.


nil. (USA)

01 (2023)

Chester Hawkins' droning ambient project.

See also: Hawkins, Chester, Blue Sausage Infant.


Nimanty (Netherlands)

Beautiful Cosmos (2017)

Space Music artist from the Netherlands. Long tracks with all the classic elements of the genre.


Nimbudala (USA)

Universal Compassion (2021)
Peace Rock (2022)

A pseudonym of Steve Targo. Floating music, somewhat new-agey, but with a nice ambient electronic feel.

See also: Inner Travels, Path of the Sun.


Nimh (Italy)

Line of Fire (2001)
Lanna Memories (2002)
Frozen (2002)
The Impossible Days (2003)
Entities (2003) (with Amir Baghiri)
Whispers From the Ashes (2004) (with Nefelheim)
Subterranean Thoughts (2005)
Secluded Truths (2005) (with Maurizio Bianchi)
Together's Symphony (2005) (with Maurizio Bianchi)
Sator (2007) (with Amon)
The Missing Tapes (2007) (recorded in 1994 - 2005)
The Unkept Secrets (2008)
From Unearthly Places (2009) (with Mauthausen Orchestra)
Travel Diary (2009)
Krungthep Archives (2011)
V (2011)
Under Mournful Horizons (2012) (with Day Before Us)
This Crying Era (2012)
Out Hunting For Teeth (2013) (with Antikatekhon)
Tales From A Parallel Universe (2014) (with Twist of Fate)
Circles of the Vain Prayers (2016)
Beyond the Crying Era (2019)
Post-Folk Lore Vol. 1 (2020) (with Rapoon)
Early Electronic Works - Caustic / Composite (2022) (recorded in 199?)
From the Longest Winter (2023) (with Fomalhaut)

A pseudonym of Giuseppe Verticchio. The music covers a wide spectrum of ambient styles, from Matrial Ambient (Line of Fire) to Drone (Frozen), classic Dark Ambient and Tribal / Ritual.

See also: Verticchio, Giuseppe, Biasthon, Hall of Mirrors.


Nimu (USA)

Picture In Picture (2023)

Ambient duo with a glitchy sound reminiscent of Wave World's Cloudseeder.

See also: Malkin, Nicholas


Nina (Italy)

Complications (2020) (recorded in 2017)

Nina is a shortened artistic name for Nina Cristante - an Italian-born, UK-based artist, musician, nutritionist and personal trainer. A member of indie rock trio Bar Italia, Nina launched her solo career with the released of piano-based (no EM) soundtrack Fitness Povero in 2015. Her sophomore release Complications expanded her sound palette to include a virtual orchestra and synths, in addition to the piano. The music is still very much classically-influenced, but also approaches ambient music and sort of a modern interpretation of "space age pop" or "bachelor pad music".


Nine Is the Level (UK)

Oscillations (2020)

Ambient artist Doug Tolley from Oxford makes music with an electric guitar, a shitload of pedals, samples and electronics (mostly a laptop). Droning, melancholic...


Ninemiles (Germany)

Grímsey (2013)
Objects of Identical Weight And Semblance (2016)
4404 (2020) (with N)

Drone Ambient from Thomas Kempka.


Ninth Alphabet (Russia)

Nine (2015)
Aquamarine Death / Exponential Error (2016) (S)
Letters To Vera (2016) (S)
Vernal Equinox (2016) (S)
Last Letter's Junction (2016) (S)

Darkish soundscapes focused on field recordings and electro-acoustic techniques. Tracks like "Halley's Comet" approach droning electronic ambience, though. A project of Serafim Shorokhov.


Ninth Sign (USA)

Sleep Music I (2021)

Michigan-based ambient artist. Sleep Music I is designed to sooth the listener and is in the vein of Steve Roach's Quiet Music or Robert Rich.


Niquo, Nico (Australia)

Epitaph (2015)
In A Silent Way (2017)
Timeless (2018)
Esperanto (2023)

Grime-related artist from down under who has been moving in the direction of Prog EM and, having released In A Silent Way, he is now firmly in "our territory", it being an album of pure synth compositions, both ambient and melodic / sequencer-based.

See also: Haji K.


Nirnaeth (Poland)

Naudh En Nirnaeth (1996)
Nirnaeth Arnoediad (2000)
Auta I Lome (2021)
Neskoro v novembri (2023)

Dark Ambient. Nirnaeth is Piotr Wojcik.

See also: Smrtan


Nirodh Fortini, Agostino (Italy)

Suoni Immaginari (1988)

Rare cassette release (re-released on LP in 2020) of this ambient composer who would later release a series of music therapy (i.e. new age) albums. This is minimal and explorative, though, in typical Italian ambient / EM style, with ethnic overtones.


Niskogradba (North Macedonia)

Lies, Deception And Sin (2018)

A project of Dimitar Dodovski in warm ambient mould, with sequences, piano, lo-fi loops, drawn-out pads and so on.

See also: Dodovski, Dimitar, Moss Garden, Post Global Trio, Private Mountain.


Nisus (Belgium)

Electronic Medication (2012)
Bright Sunday (2012) (S)
Dark Waters (2012) (S)

Berlin School music by Evert Vandenberghe.


Nit d'Erotisme (Spain)

Capítol 1 (2022)

A duo with a strange, krauty attitude and a sound that is a bit Moebius-like in spirit.


Niton (Switzerland)

Niton (2013)
Tiresias (2015)
Cemento 3D (2022)

Swiss-Italian experimental trio combining processed cello and other acoustic string sounds with analog electronics. Has a sort of an early krautrock vibe to it at times.


Nitramelo (Denmark)

Soundtracks From Genius Loci (1997)

Supposedly ambient soundtrack to a Danish art-house movie with music by Ole Arnfred.


Nitzsche, Jack (USA)

Starman (1984) (soundtrack)

Synth soundtrack in 1980's Tangerine Dream style (although relying a bit less on the sequencing).


Nixon, Andrew (UK)

Split Hemisphere Dissolver (2023)

London-based synth artist. Rhythmic, energetic synth-sequencer in New Berlin School vein, sometimes with acid / techno influences.

See also: Deathcount In Silicone Valley, Fragments of Space Hex.


NNN Cook (USA)

Fever Dream / The Hyacinth Macaw (2016) (S)

Multidisciplinary experimental artist (electro-acoustic music, musique concrete, electronics, sound sculpture, installations etc.). At least the above cassette will be interesting for EM fans, featuring strange vocoder overload and electronic soundscapes. Real / full name: Nathan Nolan Cook.


nnord (France)

Cosmic Collection (2023) (recorded in 2014 - 2015)

Both droning and cosmic / sequencer synth music from this artist.


No Artificial Sweeteners (UK)

Everybody Needs Their Monsters (2001)

Paul Nagle's alter ego. Scary experimental stuff.

See also: Nagle, Paul, Far From Stars, Joint Intelligence Committee, Smokeyfrog.


No Death (USA)

Maarlus War Victory Celebration (2016)
Still (2016)
Forget (2017)
Waiting At the Gates (2017) (with Sangam)
Smile of Unconditional Love (2017)
Cold (2019)
Tokyo, Osaka, Kofu (2020)
The Rabbit (2021)

Wisconsin-based project related to the vaporwave scene but mostly ambient. Some of the material leans towards Progressive EM.


No Drum No Moog (France)

Monomur (2011)
Documents Synthétiques (2014)
Course-Poursuite (2018)

A strange band. They describe themselves as "vintage synth-rock" and, indeed, it could be one of the explanations of their sound. There are vocals on some cuts, but the instrumental music they create sits somewhere between krautrock and chiptune for me, although, instead of digital chips and hacked game consoles they seem to rely on analogue synthesizers. Their name should be perceived as ironic, as they only seem to use acoustic drums and moogs. Not always progressive but some interesting stuff here.


No Empty Room (France)

Some Lights Behind the Window (2002)

Dark Ambient / Isolationism from Licinio Da Costa.

See also: Onukeio


No Fog (Sweden)

An Important Item Left Behind (2017) (S)

Hazy, foggy ambient soundscapes.


No Mask Effect (Ireland)

Quick Smart (2016)
Double Or Quits (2016)
Nothing Out There (2016)
Drift To You (2017)

Ambient soundscapes inspired by Biosphere from the founder of Psychonavigation Records Keith Downey.


No Moon (UK)

Spins, Parities & Multipolarities (2022)

Techno-related UK artist residing in Berlin. Spins, Parities & Multipolarities is an ambient work full of relaxed synth melodies, pads, arpeggios and field recordings. Pretty competent stuff.


No Translation (USA)

Inner Distance (2021)

Ambient music with lots of field recordings and a bit of a lo-fi / collage feel. A project of Emma Palm.


No UFO's (Canada)

Soft Coast (2010)
Mind Control (2010) (S)
Mind Controls the Flood (2011) (EP)
MPC Tracks Vol. 1 (2012) (S)
MPC Tracks Vol. 2 (2013) (S)
NU Lp For RS (2017)

No UFO's is a project of Vancouver-based Konrad Jandavs. The cover of Soft Coast has a La Düsseldorf quality to it and this should give you an idea about the musical output, which is a mixture of upbeat motorik pieces and soundscapes. Some of the tracks are sequencer-based.


NO3sis (France??)

Hypnagogia (2019)
Evidence Based Shamanism (2022)

Varied ambient compositions - from completely flowing to intense and sequencer-based.


Noa (Japan)

Tri-Logic (1987)

Mixture of Heldon and King Crimson styles from Japan. A no-nonsense brew of neurotic, energetic electronic themes.


Noah (USA)

Alone In the Ethereal Haze (2021)

Noah Alonzo is an artist from Lubbock, Texas. Alone In the Ethereal Haze is a bittersweet ambient work inspired by the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Nobel, Mathilde (Netherlands)

May + Be (2022) (recorded in 2019)

Stiff, precise drum machine rhythms and repetitive synth melodies (plus some vocalizations) at the intersection of IDM and EM. Not bad. To me, this is where Aphex Twin always wanted to get to but never quite succeeded.


Nobilis Factum (Mexico)

Nobilis Factum (1982)

Progressive rock with really heavy use of synths. They at times provide such an overkill of keyboards and electronics that they deserve a place here as a crossover symphonic / electronic band. File under EM-related.


Noble, Lee (USA)

The Hell of You Come In (2017)
Ashenden (2018)
The Man Who Bites His Tongue (2021)
Vivid Light Magenta (2023)

Composer from California. He seems to be quite diverse and has worked in music, releasing music on CD, cassette and LP for some years now. The Hell You Come In represents his purely EM side - a hotpot of sounds made with analog instruments mostly, including modular synths, but also with slight acoustic touches. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Circuit Rider UK, Kim's Spirit.


Nobuchika, Teruyuki (Japan)

Morceau (2009)
Sonorité (2011)
Still Air (2016)

Kyoto-based musician born in 1974. Contrary to most contemporary Japanese ambient artists who seem to focus on drone and related genres, Nobuchika chose to go the Classic Ambient route, as he uses a lot of acoustic instruments such as guitar and ethereal piano and mixes them with electronics. Perhaps fans of Harold Budd and Brian Eno will like this.


Noce, Andrea (Italy)

Be In Sync (2015) (S) (with David Kristian)

Pure analog, Berlin School bliss from this Italian lady currently residing in Germany.

See also: As Longitude, Geist, Eva.


Nocenzi, Gianni (Italy)

Empusa (1988)
Soft Songs (1993)

Gianni Nocenzi is of course the keyboardist of legendary progressive rock band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. On his first album he uses a lot of synthesizers and piano. It's more or less a solo effort. His subsequent effort, Soft Songs, included vocals and was much more mainstream and listenable but apparently it was much less EM-related. However, Ryuichi Sakamoto makes a guest appearance. Both albums were re-released in 1998 as Double Exposure. If you want to hear Gianni's experiments with synthesizers, go for Empusa but if you don't like the sound of the typical digital instruments of the time, better stay away.

See also: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso


NOCHRH (France)

Chapter 1 (2019)

Hard hitting techno rhythms and cinematic synth themes. A crossover / EM-related project.


Noctilucant (USA)

Back To the Mud (2015)
Near the Cerulean Abyss / Buried Alive In Mud (2016)
Bleak And Drained of Colour (2017)
There's Blood On Our Hands (2017)
Crumbling Cities Echoing Their Terror (2017) (recorded in 2015 - 2016)
Within the Shadows of Another World (2018)
The Remnants of the S.S. Darwin (2018)
Shapes Moving In the Murk (2019) (with Scott Lawlor and DeepDark)
A New Terror Born In Death (2019)

Post-apocalyptic Dark Ambient from Wisconsin.

See also: House of the Maker


Nocturnal Emissions (UK)

Minimal Works (2020)
Minimal Works 3 (2021)
Minimal Works 4 (2021)
Erosion of the Monolith (2022) (with PBK)
Minimal Works 5 (2022)
Minimal Works 6 (2022)
Minimal Works 7 (2022)

Legendary electro-acoustic / industrial group formed by Nigel Ayers in Cornwall circa 1980. Minimal Works sees Ayers moving in the ambient direction.

See also: Caroline K


Nocturne (France)

Frieden / Krieg (1995)
Kapitulation (2001)
Hymn For Heresy I & II (2002)
Terroriser Manipuler Convaincre (2005)
Fleisch Und Metall (2007)
Vers Le Vide (2009)
Working Ecstasy (2010)

Cruel Martial Ambient sounds, pain & reality.


Nocturno Culto (Norway)

The Misanthrope (2007) (soundtrack)

Dark Ambient from Ted Arvid Skjellum - founding member of black metal band Darkthrone.


Nod Steady (Norway)

Out (2023)

A project of Oslo-based Øyvind Håkestad, who makes different forms of electronic-based music and hip-hop. Out features nice and varied, pretty much spacey EM.


Noda, Yûki (Japan)

ddbb (2020) (S)

Ambient composer from Osaka. Shorter tracks full of lulling melodies.


Nodding God (UK)

In A Foreign LandScape (2019) (S)
Play Wooden Child (2019)

Electronic band consisting of Andrew Liles (mostly on various guitars), David Tibet of Current 93 reciting in Assyrian and Babylonian language and an anonymous synthesist who goes by the name of "Shaitan-Boy". The latter, in particular, plays instruments like the Birotron, Davolisint, Ensoniq Fizmo, EMS Synthi KB1 and Yamaha DX7, creating a very nice, proggy synth backing to Tibet's rants and Liles' guitars, which are almost non-existent. Very singular stuff. I guess that's the kind of EM that king Nebuchadnezzar would play together with a Zoroastrian priest if they had synths at that time.

See also: Liles, Andrew


Node (UK)

Node (1995)
Terminus (1995) (S)
Node 2 (2014)
Node Live (2018)
(recorded in 2015)
Singularity (2023) (recorded in 1994)

Phenomenal analog sequencing and mellotron voices from Dave Bessell, Gary Stout, Ed Buller & Mark Ellis aka Flood. The band that started the Berlin School revival of the 90's, together with RMI and Airsculpture.

See also: Bessell, Dave


Nodens Ictus (UK)

The Grove of Selves (1986)
Spacelines (2000) (recorded in 1986 - 2000)
Climbing Trees And Waterfalls (2005)
The Cozmic Key (2017)
Live Kozfest 2018 (2019)

Nodens Ictus are, in fact, Ozric Tentacles (Merv Pepler, Ed Wynne, Joie Hinton) in a more subdued and Ambient mode. There exist several bootleg recordings of their live performances from the late 1980's - early 1990's. 

See also: Ozric Tentacles, Moksha, Seaweed, Wynne, Ed.


Nodo Gordiano (Italy)

Alea (2005)

Unusual album from this progressive rock band. Here, keyboardist Gianluca Cottarelli completely steals the show, providing all kinds of electronic sounds, from synth solos to pads, lots of atmospheric effects and experimental textures, while the drummer and the bassist serve basically as the backdrop only. Rather unique.


Nodolby (Italy)

Inception / Aftermath (2012)

Smooth experimental synthesizer jams from Michele Scariot, whose other works are supposedly firmly in the noise territory.


Noè, Riccardo (Italy)

Cabal (2018)

Hard-edged electronics between noise, dark soundscapes, minimalism and Prog EM.


Noeebo (USA)

A Walk In the Clouds (2001)
Monorail (2001)
Dreamcatcher (2002)
Live (2002)
Saturday Sessions Vol. 1 (2004)
Saturday Sessions Vol. 2 (2004)
Saturday Sessions Vol. 3 (2005)
Songs From the Great Barrier Reef (2005)
Terra Nova (2005)
Live @ Friends Coffeehouse (2005)
Live With Earl Clark (2005)
The Dream Foundry (2007)
The Art of the Trance Vol. 1 (2007)
Into Deep (2008)

A duo of Doug Smith and Chris Hopiard (both of Rubycon fame), since 2008 also helped by Gary Hickey. They are doing Electronic Music influenced by the early pioneers Tangerine Dream, but also by Pink Floyd. Live is considered a bootleg recording but it appears in the official discography.

See also: Rubycon


Nogami, K (Japan)

here / there (2022)

Ambient artist with an individual, a bit playful but also moody and atmospheric style.


Nogociella (Italy)

Quando Cominciai a Vomitare (2013)
Satanismo di Basilica Concattedrale di San Marino (2014)
Kimono (??)
Scofield (??)
Guild (??)

Turgut Kocer aka Christine Nogociella is an ambient drone artist. Intense, droney, sometimes noisy.


Noha (Italy)

The Abyss Between A And B (2022)

Techno-related artist from Lazio region of Italy. On The Abyss... he shows an obvious EM influence - all the repeating sequences, small melodies, analog synths... There is still sort of a breezy house touch to a lot of material, although overall it is already moving in "our" direction, so to speak. File under EM-related.


Nohara, Taro (Japan)

Hyper Nu Age Tekno (2022)
Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest of the Shrine (2022)

From upbeat, rhythmic techno excursions to ambient and experimental electronics.


Nohodom (Switzerland)

Death Is What Keeps Us Alive (2022)

Drone Ambient. Rather minimal material here.


Noier, Daniel (Russia)

Sleeping Mode (2018)

A pseudonym of Russian musician Daniil Kraev. Dreamy Ambient.


Noir Deco (UK)

Best of Times (2022) (S)

Melodic, cinematic, nostalgic electronics.


Noirêve (Italy)

Pitonatio (2019)

Hypnotic World Music / Ambient. The long track "Musica per grattini" is a really nice trip.


Noise Kommandoh (UK)

Carbon, Iron, Oxygen (2002)
Steel Dream (2003)
Spirit of the Steel (2004)
Live In Lutton (2004)
Steel Life (2004)
Spirit of the Radio (2010)

Metallic ambience. One of John Sherwood's projects.

See also: Sherwood, John, 4m33s, Yorky, Ambient Ashand, Cult of Ashand, Entity, Quadra.


Noise Trees (Finland)

Ghost Piano, Part 1 (2018)
Ghost Piano, Part 2 (2020)

Helsinki-based ambient artist who combines ethereal and reflective piano with atmospheric and often hypnotic electronics. "Boros" even gives sort of an "early (sequencer-based) Steve Roach meets Tim Story" feeling.


Noisegate (USA)

Suspended Animation (2000)

Ambient music from this noise trio of Trevor Paglen, Nicolas Lampert and Tae K Kim.


Noises From the Void (Chile)

The Remain of Beauty (2013)

Chilean organ drone / noise project. The Remain of Beauty is more subdued and ambient. Melancholic music consiting mostly of drawn out pads.


Noiz, Nick (Germany)

Silence of Iron (1996)

Dark Ambient from Tobias Becker under a pseudonym. A few noisier moments and slow rhythms, too.

See also: Svensson


Nokturniis (USA)

Ghastly Winter Tales (2020) (S)
Lonely Nights Gazing At the Stars (2021)
Nokturnal Fullmoon Magick (2022)

Melancholic winter ambience.


Nolag, Juan (Peru)

Echoes (2018) (S)
Soulmates (2020) (S)

A pseudonym of Juancho Esquivel based in Lima, Peru. He is also a keyboard player of indie rock band Catervas. Echoes is melodic EM, sometimes with rhythms, sometimes floating.


Nolan, Steve (UK)

Sodium Party (2015) (soundtrack)
From Water / Ream (2019)
Intercept (2020) (with Grey Frequency)
Sky Drew Near (2020) (with Robyn G. Shiels)
Bring Out the Fear (2021) (soundtrack)

The 2015 release is a piano-heavy soundtrack to an Irish drama / fantasy flick. Effective themes and a darkish atmosphere. Sometimes not very electronic. At other times consists of just noisy or droney soundscapes.


Noldor (Germany)

Noldor (2012) (S)
Gothmog (2012) (S)
Valinor (2012) (S)
Elbenkrieger (2012) (S)
Ainur Promo (2012) (S)
Imladris (2012) (S)
Mittelerde (2012) (S)
Einrod Felagund (2012)
Luthien (2012)
Düsterwald (2012) (EP)
Varda EP (2013) (EP)
In Woods of Elfes (2013)
Ithilien (2013)
Middle Earth (2013)
Elben Reich (2018)
Menegroth (2018)

Tolkien-inspired Ambient from Germany, in similar vein to Austrian Uruk-Hai, with whom he released a split CD.


Nolet, Michel (Canada)

Absolutely Electronic (1990)
Memories From Times To Come (1992)

Tuneful EM from this obscure French-Canadian artist.


Nols (UK)

Atop Kilvey Hill (2020)

Cinematic, melodic, repetitive electronic compositions from this Bristol-based artist. Nice vocoder on "Time Past, Time Present".


Nomad Ninja (Netherlands)

Avond Sluimer (2016)

Another project of the ubiquitious Danny Wolfers. Strinctly analog vibes here in a melodic / atmospheric setting with some sequences.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Falckenhaus, Franz, Smackos, Weltman, Klaus, Knutson, Saab, Phalangius, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Nome de Voyage (Germany)

Nome de Voyage (1990)
Nome de Voyage 2 - Die Haldelsreisenden (1991)
Nome de Voyage 3 - Live Im Citroën-Ersatzteillager (1992)

Short-lived collective consisting of Michael Wurzer, Peter Schuster and Siegmar Fricke. Experimental mininal wave and industrial, but also lots of Progressive Electronic material on the first volume.

See also: Kopfschmerztablette, Fricke, Siegmar.


NoMen, The (UK)

Moog Odyssey (2016) (EP)

Electronic Music released as a bonus disc by this Scottish space rock / garage band. The style is unknown at the moment.


Nomér (Germany)

E.T. Suite (1992)

Music by Thomas Günther. The style is not known.


Nommo Ogo (USA)

Endless Dream (2012)
The Sea of Night (2013)
Nameless Plateau (2015)

Sort of an occult industrial / electro synth band. Some of their material (listed) may interest fans of EM. Beware of the "vocals".


Nommos (France)

Transamazonica (2020) (with Marius Cyrilou and Spleen3000)
Fragments 1984 / 2005 (2021)

Chirping drum machines, reflective melodies, repeating motifs, dubby rhythms...


Nomuzic (USA)

Speleogenesis (1984) (soundtrack)
... hat touch (1985)
Use Mice (1985)
In/Divi/Dualism (1985)
Whee. Whoopee. Wow. (1985) (with If Bwana)
Bum (1986)
Solid>>Liquid>>Light (1987)
Track Marks (1987)
Filaments Fading... (1988)
War Toys (1988) (with Mental Anguish)
Po'Boyz (1988) (with Mental Anguish)
The Many Teeth of 'god' (1989)
Murmur It In the Mud (1989)
This Is Daddy Shaving (1989) (with Cephalic Index)
Rearward Ho! (1989) (with Cephalic Index)
A Better Way To Die (1989) (with Cephalic Index)
News You Can Choose (1990)
Angels With Go-Bot Faces (1990) (with Mental Anguish and Cephalic Index)
Goonz (1990) (with Hal McGee)
Celestial Reasonings (1991)
Cue Review (1992)
A Tale of Two Kitties (1992)
I'maGottadaVoltage (1992)
Notes About the Man (1992)
Transports (1997) (with Brume)
Flamingo Road (2000) (with Mental Anguish)
Tangled Up In the Bush (2001) (with Mental Anguish)
Boid Iz Da Void (2002) (with Mental Anguish)

Nomuzic is synthesist Carl Howard. The music on Transports is comparable to Conrad Schnitzler. And Mental Anguish that collaborates with Nomuzic on Flamingo Road is actually Chris Phinney, a synthesist and long-time Hal McGee collaborator.

See also: Land of Guilt And Blarney, The, Alien Planetscapes.


Non Photo Blue (Bulgaria)

Crawling Into Tomorrow (2019)
Dépaysement (2020)

Droning soundscapes from Daniel Donchov. Reflective, moody sound.


Non Stop (USA)

Paris To Berlin (2002)

A project of John Basil (Heru Avenger) very much inspired by early krautrock / EM.

See also: Heru Avenger


Nona et Decima (Italy)

Far Beyond the Pillars (2022)

Italian duo based in Helsinki. Long tracks with drones, pulsing sequences and a bit of vocals.

See also: Frau, Manuele


Nonaka, Eiki (Japan)

a-key (1995)

Solo album from this member of Interior who also collaborated with Haruomi Hosono for the latter's "Friends of Earth" project in the late 1980's. Jazzy, relaxing, melodic, semi-acoustic, with World Music elements.

See also: Interior


Nonexistent, The (UK)

Space Roc (2010)

A space rock band that involves Stephen Palmer of Mooch. Their debut double album from 2010 features one disc of spacey ambient compositions (many of them electronic) and another with heavier numbers. Full lineup of the band is: Chris Gill, Andy Hole and Stephen Palmer.

See also: Palmer, Stephen


Nonlocal Forest (USA)

Bubble Universe! (2019)
Holographic Universe(s?)! (2020)

Relaxed 1980's styled fusion tunes and cool ambient interludes from Angel Marcloid.

See also: Fire-Toolz


Nono Orchetsra (Germany)

A-Kaori (1995)
Angel's Breakin' (1999)

Nono orchestra are Rick Rummler, Mani Reisser and Klaus Wiese. Dark Ambient.

See also: Wiese, Klaus


Nonstatic, Martin (Netherlands)

Pulsatille (2023)

Martin Nonstatic is an alias of Dutch artist Martin Van Rossum, who is signed by the Ultimae label. Although known mostly for his IDM and dub techno music, some tracks on Pulsatille have an obviously ambient / Prog EM bend to them.

See also: Eskostatic


Noon (Poland)

Nobody Nothing Nowhere (2020)

A project of Mikołaj Bugajak, ex-member of hip-hop bands Grammatik and Pezet-Noon. On Nobody Nothing Nowhere, he goes for a more organic, EM-influenced approach. He still uses some slow downtempo / hip-hop beats, but also multiple sequences, analog sounds and samples. Nice rhythmic / melodic EM overall.


Noone (Belgium)

How Does the Little Crocodile Improve His Shining Tail (2018)
Redemption (2018) (with Ashtoreth)

Belgian ambient artist with a dark sound.

See also: Neys, Marc


Noori, Nazanin (Iran)

Farce (2020)

Bleak, sometimes intense soundscapes from this Iranian artist (and theater director) currently residing in Berlin.


Nord (Germany)

Ewig Winter (1998)
Vast Skies (1999)
Unveiled Ghostly Shadows (??)
Das Buch der Wege (??)
Seelenglut (??)

Dark Ambient that at times crosses into epic black metal.

See also: Grassow, Mathias, Dronament.


nordBeck (Sweden)

Följare (2020)

Martin Nordbeck has been present on the experimental scene since the early 1990's. Följare is a moody ambient work made with recordings of an old school piano in Malmö and processing / electronics.


Nordfors, Mikael (Sweden)

Vivaldi Beethoven Bach (1986) (with Staffan Schein)
No Limits (1988)
Eternal Voyage (1989)
Take Off (1991) (with Mats Wester)
Lux Eterna (1993)
Vintervaka (??) (with Staffan Schein)
The Road (??)

Aka Mikael Varid Nordfors. I suppose this guy is quite new agey, perhaps comparable to latter-day Ralph Lundsten. Not sure if he should be in EEM and how much of his music could really qualify as EM.


Nordmark, Tomas (Sweden)

Eternal Words (2019)
Exit Ghosts (2021)

Unique, sharp-sounding electronics from this Swedish artist who currently resides in London.


Nordra (USA)

Nordra (2017)
I Was Meant To Live In A Garden (2018) (S)
Pylon II (2018)

A project of Monika Khot. Inventive, progressive, mixing disparate elements for a strangely compelling sound. My favorites: the somewhat mysterious "This Is Dissent" from Nordra and "Human" from Pylon II, which even hints at Heldon, with its neurotic and disjointed sequences.


Nordsun (Germany)

Tales From A Beautiful Life (2021)

This artist mixes shoegaze (with vocals), post-rock, trip-hop and ambient EM.


Norðurljós (Italy)

Artico Culto (2015)

Deep arctic soundscapes from Italy.


Nordvargr (Sweden)

Northern Dark Supremacy (2001) (with Drakh)
Awaken (2002)
Cold Void of Nothing (2002) (with Drakh)
Sleep Therapy (2002)
On Broken Wings Towards Victory (2003)
I End Forever (2004)
Infinitas In Aeternum (2004) (with Drakh)
Partikel (2004) (with Merzbow)
The Dead Never Sleep (2005)
Vitagen (2005)
Semen (2006) (with Hentai)
In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown... (2007)
For the Blood Is the Life (2007)
The Betrayal of Life (2007) (with Drakh)
Partikel II (2007) (with Merzbow)
Helvete (2008)
Interstellar (2008)
Pyrrhula (2008)
The Less You Know the Better (2008) (with Drakh and Cordell Klier)
Evolution (2009) (recorded in 1999 - 2009)
Interstellar II (2009)
Untitled Navigations 1 (2009)
A Wilderness of Cloades (2010) (with Surachai)
Resignation 2 (2010)
The Walls Are Closing In (2010)
Tyglad Best (2011)
Murkhr (2012)
Sirius Carmanor (2012) (S)
The Dromopoda Transmissions (2013)
Partikel III (2013) (with Merzbow)
Anima Nostra (2016) (with Margaux Renaudin)
The Secret Barbarous Names (2017)
Atra Acham (2017)
Metempsychosis (2018)
Tantum Melior (2019)
Daath (2019)
Κατάδεσμος (2020)
Resignation I-II-III (2022)

Black / Dark Ambient by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk.

See also: MZ.412, Beyond Sensory Experience.


Nordvest (Denmark)

Grøndal (2020)

Heavily sequenced, pulsing EM from Roger Semsroth. Pretty impressive stuff if you like heavy-duty Berlin School sequencing.


Norfik (USA)

Realization (2022) (S)

Mostly Ambient, with also some slow beats form time to time.


Norese, Andrea (Italy)

Volume 1 Suoni (2018) (recorded in 2008 - 2018)

Varied electronic compositions, from the relaxed sequencing of the opener, through electroacoustic mass of sound of "Border" to laid-back post-rock feel of "Under", club meets synthpop of "Mousse" and ambient wall-of-sound of "Bill".


Nørgård, Per (Denmark)

Expanding Space (1987)

Danish classical composer who released this music on cassette, supposed to be a soundtrack to several installations. Instead of the usual (orchestral) instrumentation, he decided to opt for electronics this time, utilising Jupiter 8, MC-500, processing and piano. The tracks are long, abstract and hypnotic, and will be enjoyed by fans of both the academic scene (microtonal, serialist music) and progressive forms of EM such as Ambient, Space Music and Dark Ambient. Personally I can hear some similarity to Vangelis' Invisible Connections' title track. Per Nørgård has been occasionally composing for electronic media since the late 1960's.


Noriko, Tujiko (Japan)

Crépuscule I & II (2013)

Japanese singer and avant-pop / dream pop musician. She is often referred to as "The Japanese Björk". Crépuscule I & II is an Ambient-oriented work with a lot of nice instrumental material. The use of vocals is also very subtle and I would say sublime.


Norin (Sweden)

Bakom Planteringen (2016)
₦₦₦ (2016) (EP)
Reflekterar (2016) (S)
Muränan (2017)

Norin is Hannes Norrvide. Although Bakom Planteringen is marketed as ambient techno and, indeed, a large part of it is exactly that (ambient techno done the old style, as known from the 1990's), the first and last tracks are pulsing and beatless, and could be considered Prog EM-related if you're in a generous mood.


Norlander, Erik (USA)

Threshold (1997)
Into the Sunset (2000)
Music Machine (2003)
Stars Rain Down (2004)
Seas of Orion (2005)
Hommage Symphonique (2006)
Live In St. Petersburg (2006)
The Galactic Collective (2010)
Echoes From the Collective (2012)
The Galactic Collective Live In Gettysburg (2012)
Surreal (2016)

Keyboardist / synthesist and Rocket Scientists member. Erik Norlander was born in 1967 in Hollywood, California. Over the years he's worked in many different styles but the bulk of his work falls sqaurely into the definitions of progrock and Electronic Music. Seas of Orion is by far his most synth-based effort. The rest tends more towards keyboard-based prog.


Normal Brain (Japan)

Ready Made (1981)

Released on the legendary Vanity label and apparently much more accessible than what they were mostly known for, Normal Brain was a project of Osaka-based musician Yukio Fujimoto who used synths and electronics for Ready Made. I am not sure how much "prog" there is, but some have compared it to Kraftwerk and Eno, so there you have it.


Normal Shed Uses (UK)

Astoclant (2016)
Coastaln't (2017)

Experimental duo of Alan Holmes and Scott Saunders. Astoclant is their third album, performed entirely on analog synthesizers. The previous two are supposedly in dfferent (non EM-related) style. Coastaln't  is EM done on vintage electric chord organs.


Norman (Germany)

Mr. Magic's Nightflight (1995)

Obscure synthesist (Norman Feller) who creates cosmic Ambient music. Norman is also known as Terry Lee Brown Jr. and seems to be a respected DJ on the house / trance scene.


Norman, Kerry (Australia)

Prototype (1984)
South (1993) (with Peter Ball)

The 1984 release is a super rare cassette with Electronic Music recorded from 1980 to 1984.


Norman, Neil (USA)

Not of This Earth (1977)
Greatest Science Fiction Hits Vol. 2 (1984)

Obscure US synthesist and arranger who came into prominence in the late 1970's, thanks to his love for Science Fiction, that led him to releasing a series of LP's with re-arranged themes from well-known sci-fi films. The arrangements often included real orchestra as well as some disco / pop leanings. According to the series' tradition, the 1984's volume 2 contains mostly cover versions plus a couple of original tracks, including "Voyage To the Prehistoric Planet" - an ambient track, done in collaboration with Steve Roach.


Norris, Richard (UK)

Abstractions Volume One (2019)
Abstractions Volume Two (2019)
Elements (2020)
Music For Healing (2021)
Music For Soundtracks Vol. 1 (2021)
Music For Healing the Longform Series 5 - 8 (2021)
Hypnotic Response (2021)
Music For Healing the Longform Series 9 - 12 (2021)
Music For Healing January - December (2021)
Music For Healing Colours (2023)
Deep Listening 2019 - 2022 (2023)

Relaxing ambient tracks from this diverse musician.


Nors (???)

Dies Irae (2016) (S)
A Syrian Gaze (2018)

Moody, shadowy, ambient, rhythmic...


Nortfalke (Netherlands)

Schitteringen (2018) (S)
Eewnder de Grys Túer (2018)
Atmosfeer (2019)
Moonjeie (2021)
Seefonktjuenderee (2021)

Dungeon synth-related project using sounds more typical of EM.


North, The (Norway)

Glaciers (2013)

Two long tracks recorded with the help of Ableton software and processing. Rhythmic, atmospheric, for fans of Namlook and Biosphere perhaps, with touches of classic EM. The North is Snorre Sjønøst Henriksen from Oslo.


North Atlantic Drift (Canada)

Canvas (2012)
Monuments (2013)
Resolven (2013)
Visitor (2016)
Departures, Vol. 1 (2017)
Departures, Vol. 2 (2018)
Pillars (2020)

Ontario-based duo of Brad Deschamps and Mike Ambercombie, between post-rock and Ambient.

See also: Deschamps, Brad


North Pole Weather Forecast (Italy??)

Snow Report (2017)

Noise Ambient / Deep Ambient.


North Sea Dialect (UK)

Local Guide (2018)

Mostly shorter, repetitive tracks with hypnotic sequences and noisier, experimental numbers with processed samples.


North Vest (UK)

Fulda (2016)
1/2 The Battle (2017)

Repetitive patterns from James Booth, influenced by minimalism and ambient / berlinesque EM.


Northam, M. (USA)

Another Object (1991)
Ground (1993)
An Opening of the Earth (1993) (with Martin Franklin)
Many Rivers Move Along the Surface of the Magnet (1995)
The Stomach of the Sky (1997) (with Jgrzinich)
Geosynclines (1998) (with John Ronsen, Koji Tano and Guido Huebner)
The Absurd Evidence (1998) (with Jgrzinich)
Amalgam (1999) (with Ora)
Belle Confusion 0247 (2000) (with Francisco Lopez)
Breathing Towers (2000) (S)
Coyot (2000)
From Within the Solar Cave (2001)
A Great And Riverless Ocean (2002)
Molt And Anecdote (2003)
Entrelacs - Underleaf (2003) (with Yannick Dauby)
Automnal 2003 (2003)
Wormwood (2004) (with Joel Stern)
Memoirs of Four Discarded Objects (2004)
Porous (2004)
Molecular Knot Phase One (2005) (S)
Automnal 2003 (2006)
The Otolith (2008) (with Loren Chasse)
Golden Shadow (2009) (with Jatin Vidyarthi)
Memory of A (2009) (S)
Moriendo Renascor (2009) (with Seijiro Murayama)
Suhina (2009) (S)
Frozen Illuminations (2010)
Solar Night (2010)
Les Arrels de la Mare Serp (2011) (with Emmanuel Holterbach)
Cyclogenesis (2011) (with Melanie Velarde)
Aeostre Cycles (2011)
The Will To Dissolve Revisited (2011)
Korligon (2012) (with Yannick Dauby and Hitoshi Kojo)
La Septieme Deguise en Neuf (2014)

Aka mnortham (real name of the musician is Michael Northam). Dark Ambient with an electroacoustic bend.


Northaunt (Norway)

Ner Landet Ligger Wde (1998)
The Ominous Silence (1999)
Barren Land (2004)
Vinterriket / Northaunt (2004) (with Vinterriket)
Horizons (2006)
Istid I - II (2015)
Night Paths (2017)
Istid III (2018)

Dark Ambient by Herleif Langaas.

See also: Mulm, Therradaemon, Human Voice, The.


Northern (Canada)

Jessa (2007)
Drawn (2007)

Ambient drone from Davin Chong and Kevin Chong.

See also: Willamette


Northern Lighthouse Board, The (UK)

The Northern Lighthouse Board (2019)
The Wych Elm (2019) (S)
The Spirit Cabinet (2020)
A Plague of Shadows (2021)

Ambient compositions with something of a horror vibe. Minimal, haunting sounds and collages.


Northern Machine (USA)

First Transmission (1988)
The Sleeper Dislodged (1989)
A Broken Mold (1992)
Surge Zone (1995)
The Lost Signal (2000) (recorded in 1995 - 1996)
Staalhertz (2003)
Dark To Dark / Dark Too (2007)
In Front of the Crowd (2011)

A duo of Pat Gillis and Bill Warford. Diverse electronic compositions, from sequenced / spacey to Experimental / weird.


Northheart (France)

Freedom Earth (2020)
Forest (2023) (EP)

Melancholic ambient compositions consisting mainly of pads and processed sounds of nature.


Norton, Doris (Italy)

Under Ground (1980)
Parapsycho (1981)
Raptus (1981)
Norton Computer For Peace (1983)
Personal Computer (1984)
Artificial Intelligence (1985)
Automatic Feeling (1986)
The Other Side of Science (1990)

Former Antonius Rex keyboardist (a Jakula-styled band also involving people from Jakula) who released several albums of her own. These albums contain quite upbeat EM. Unfortunately, it seems that during the 90's she became involved in the whole "techno" scene, and, therefore, her works from this era are not included here.

See also: Antonius Rex


Norvio, Tuomas (Finland)

Gift! (2012)
Mindscape Music (2014) (with Tapani Rinne and Hanni Huhtamäki)

Finnish experimental musician. The tracks I've heard from Gift! left me very impressed. Tuomas uses a lot of repetition and almost pop hooks and structures, but with lots of experimental electronic sounds, which makes his sound accessible, but totally unique and definitely progressive. Mindscape Music is a more ambient affair, with classical instrumentation played by saxophonist Tapani Rinne and Hanni Huhtamäki alongside electronics. A talented artist for sure.


Norwell (Hungary)

Morfózis (2015)
Appendix (2016) (S)
Grasslands (2016)
Unsolved Dissonance (2016)
Illúzió (2021)

Techno producer Balasz Semsei who for Morfózis switched to playing 1970's-influenced Electronic Music.


Norwell, Tristin (Australia)

Mal Influence (2014)

An amalgamation of classical and electronic instrumentation. Tristin Norwell is currently based in London.


Norwood, Jason M (Canada)

The Lake Effect (2004)
Station To Station (2010)
Infinite Depth of Field (2013)
Visuals (2013)
In Absentia (2014)
Awaiting Transmission (Live) (2016)
Talking In Isolation (2017)

A mixture of heavily sequenced numbers and some Dark Ambient floaters. Jason M Norwood is a London, Ontario-based artist who has been making music since 1990.


Noryani (Sweden)

Northeast 117 (2011)
Southeast 225 (2012)

Diverse Electronic Music from Swedish musician Adrian Noryani.


Nosesoul (Italy)

Nosesoul (2006)
Angel Ghost & Human Shades (2006)
Ethik Blues (2007)
N (2011)

A collaborative project between Matteo Zini (Opium) and Francesco Paladino (A.T.R.O.X., The Doubling Riders).

See also: Opium, Paladino, Francesco.


Nosound (Italy)

Waves On Russia (2002) (EP)
Sol29 (2005)
Clouds (2007) (EP)
Lightdark (2008)
A Sense of Loss (2009)
The Northern Religion of Things (2011)
At the Pier (2012) (EP)
Scintilla (2016)
Allow Yourself (2018)

Nosound started as a one-man progressive rock band of Giancarlo Erra and has grown to a quintet since the first album release in 2005. With a range of influences that includes Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno you can expect something ambient lurking in their sound and indeed, there are tons of ethereal, melancholic keyboards scattered throughout their tracks that are sometimes sung and sometimes instrumental. Completely ambient pieces are present also, such as the title track on Sol29, for instance. Overall, it's good, melancholic and dreamy modern prog, not Italian-sounding (reminds more on Porcupine Tree) but pretty distinctive and highly enjoyable. It's not entirely electronic but has enough EM elements to warrant an inclusion here.

See also: Erra, Giancarlo


Nostalgic Home Highways (Canada)

The Toxic Chinese Depository (2010)
Interludes For A Summer's Night (2010)
Trans Neptunian Human Objects (2010) (S)
You'll Find Something New To Love (2010)
Little Dreams (2010) (S)
Outdoor Recreation (2011) (S)
Star Reminders (2011) (S)
Orchards (2011) (S)
A Perfect Day (2011) (S)
Length of Days (2012) (S)
Shore Acres (2013) (S)
Astral Plane / Behind the Light (2014) (S)
Los Angeles (2014) (S)

Vaporwave / trip-hop with elements of Progressive EM and Ambient.


Nostromo (UK)

No Such Thing As Silence (1997)
Mariner (1998)

Nostromo is Sev Lewkowicz who's been a musician since the early 1970's, playing in various rock bands. In 1994, he set up his own home studio. Sev's music is very versatile and generally stays within melodic and rhythmic realms. I haven't heard it yet. The second album contains a Procol Harum cover. Part of the material is re-worked music originally written for the (then) newly assembled line-up of 70's prog rock band Gracious!


Nostromo (UK)

Alien (1979) (S)
The Black Hole (1980) (S)
The Imperial March (1980) (S)

Completely different project to the previous one. The first two singles feature electronic versions of the themes from said movies, while flips contain original compositions. The Imperial March contains Darth Vader's theme from "Star Wars", plus two tracks from previous singles.


Not Waving (Italy)

Umwelt (2013)
Redacted (2013)
Voices I (2014)
Voices II (2014)
Voices III (2014)
Human Capabilities (2014)
Get Serious (2015) (S)
Animals (2016)
Populist (2017) (S)
Good Luck (2017)
Bad Luck (2018)
Futuro (2019)
Forma (2019) (with Jay Glass Dubs)
Side A / Side B (2019) (S) (with Jim O'Rourke)
Downwelling (2019) (with Mark Lanegan)
Eyes of Fate (2021) (with Romance)
What Is Normal Today? (2021) (with Silvia Fendi)
Restoration of Bliss (2021) (S) (with Romance)
The Place I've Been Missing (2023)

Hybrid project of Italian-born Alessio Natalizzia, currently residing in London. Ranges from IDM to Ambient, to hyperactive sequencer stuff that recalls both the neurotic drive of Heldon (sans the guitar) and the pioneers of the Berlin School.


Not Your Average Hippy (USA)

The NYAH EP (2004) (EP)
Stones (2004)

Solo Ambient music from Scott Turner of Cluster Balm and Copal River.

See also: Cluster Balm, Copal River.


Nota Bene (France)

Nota Bene (??)

Space Music from the duo of Sylvain Nardelli and Georges Bodossian.


Notchnoi Propekt (Russia)

Êóðîðòû Êàâêàçà (2019) (recorded in 1987)

Legendary underground new-wave / experimental / industrial band consisting of Alexey Borisov and Ivan Sokolovsky. Êóðîðòû Êàâêàçà is probably their only instrumental work, which represents a series of rhythms, including tropical / Caribbean type of rhythms, bright electronics and languid guitars. A unique sound.

See also: Sokolovsky, Ivan


Nothing (USA)

Nondescript: Ouroborous Vermiform Ouroborous Sanguine (1999)
The Grey Subaudible (2000)
The Spine Overshadowed By the Rope (2001)
Silence Came Back In, Filling Jagged Spaces (2004)

Dark Ambient in the style of Raison d'Etre from Jason William Walton. Dark, opressive atmospheres, some chants, orchestral themes and occasional outbursts of noise.

See also: Snares of Sixes


Nothing But Noise (Belgium)

Not Bleeding Red (2012)
Music For Muted TV 1 (2013) (S)
Music For Muted TV 2 (2016) (with Prothese)
eXistence oscillation Past (2016)
From Berlin To Brussel (2017)
Music For Muted TV 4 (2017) (S) (with Prothese)
eXistence oscillation <> Presen+ (2017)
eXistence oscillation (Possible) Future (2018)
Muutantenmaschine C29 (2018) (S)
Formations Magnétiques et Phénomènes D’incertitude (2018)
Aeon (Cycles 1-4) (2021)
Aeon (Cycles 5-9) (2021)

Side project of ex-Front 242 member Dirk Bergen. Dark, analogue music a bit similar to Node.

See also: Prothese, Daniel B, Alles Und Nichts.


Nothing Machine, The (UK)

NMTRv2 (2014)

Dark, ambient soundscapes on scientific themes.


Nothingness (Serbia)

Forest of Helm (2019)
Misty Mountain (2019)
Echoes of the Past (2019)
Crypt (2019)
Snowing Still (2020)

Winter ambience from Serbia.

See also: Glog, Depression Embrace, Three Moons, Åãçîðöèçàì.


No-Tone Project, The (Germany)

Gravity of Moon (2003)
Moon of Gravity (2003)
The Supernova Demonstration (2003)
Black & White (2003)
Nighttime (2004)
Sleep (2004)

Dark Space / Drone / Deep / Ambient Noise.

See also: Descent Into the Void


Notzing (Spain)

Ingeniería Onírica (2021)

A project of Dario Garcia with a mixture of techno and ambient tracks.


Nous Alpha (UK)

A Walk In the Woods (2021)

Electronic duo of Gareth Jones and Christopher Bono. Rhythmic, experimental. A bit Cluster-like, but more assertive, with more oomph to it.

See also: Jones, Gareth


Nova (Netherlands)

Terranova (1982)
Quo Vadis (1983)

This is another project of people from Peru (Peter Kommers, Rob Papen and Ruud van Es) and similar in style, albeit more commercial.

See also: Peru, Papen, Rob.


Nova Dive (Ecuador)

Hisoka Yume (2020)
Neon Dream (2022)

Dreampunk-influenced ambient compositions.


Nova Era (Brazil)

Nova Era (1988)

Obscure band who reportedly played a fusion of prog rock and electronics ala Vangelis.


Nova Materia (France)

Made To Measure Vol.45 - Xpujil (2021)

Post-punk duo of Caroline Chapsoul and Eduardo Henriquez. Xpujil is a long-form ambient work, with strange electro-acoustic / ethnic touches.


Nova Scotian Arms (USA)

Tremble In Blue Or the Bodies We Leave Behind (2008)
Adrift (2008)
Broad St. Ambient (2008) (S)
Blackout Machine (2009)
Nova Scotian Arms (2009)
Graveyard Raga Obsevations (2009)
Temporal Maneuvers (2010)
Dwellings (2010)
Skyed Out (2010)
Sun Flange (2010) (S)
Translations (2010) (S)
Winds Over Silmäterä (2011)
Sacred Drift (2011)
Cult Spectrum (2012)

Ambient / Drone project of Grant Evans who uses guitar, field recordings, electronics and tons of processing devices.

See also: Quiet Evenings, Ornamental Hairpin.


Novä Sphere (USA)

Solar Energy (1998)

Synthesist Nathan Morris. He is also known as EnGrave and released Polaris under that moniker. Further investigation is needed.

See also: EnGrave


Novak, Yann (USA)

Fade Dis/Appearances (2005)
Up Close (2005) (S)
The East River Project Vol. 1 (2006) (S) (with Gretchen Bennett)
Meadowstreet (2006)
Long Distance (2006) (S) (with Eno On)
Long Distance Vol. 2 (2006) (S) (with Heavy Lids)
Dark Room (2006) (S)
Our Nature (2007)
Pairings (2007) (with Marc Manning)
Auditorium (2007) (with Jamie Drouin)
Trastevere (2007) (S)
Decibel 06 (2007)
Intermission (2007)
Auditorium Mutek (2008) (with Jamie Drouin)
Long Distance Vol. 3 (2008) (S) (with Brittle Stars)
In Residence (2008)
The Breeze Blowing Over Us (2009)
Relocation.Catalog (2009)
In Residence 6 (2009) (S)
Some Clouds (2010) (with Marc Manning)
Nightfall (2010) (S)
Presence (2011)
Paradise & Winchester (2012)
Hollow River (2012) (S)
3 Surfaces (2012) (S)
Fata Morgana (2012) (with Robert Crouch)
Undefined (2013) (with Richard Chartier)
Blue Hour (2013) (S)
Snowfall (2014)
Prelude (2015) (S)
Ornamentation (2016)
The Future
Is Forward Escape Into the Past (2018)
Stillness (2019)
Slowly Dismantling (2019)
Lifeblood of Light And Rapture (2021)
The Voice of Theseus (2023)

Miscrosound / Minimal Ambient composer from Los Angeles.


Novalis (Germany)

Neumond (1982)

Just as this symphonic progrock band entered the new wave era, their weaker, according to most fans, period started. However, Lutz Rahn's keyboards were as present as ever, and this album even includes a nice electronic closer titled "Blauer Morgen".

See also Rahn, Lutz


Noveller (USA)

A Pink Sunset For No One (2017)
Arrow (2020)
Aphantasia (2021)

Noveller is a project started circa 2009 by Los Angeles-based Sarah Lipstate. Her main instrument is the electric guitar, although she uses so many different effect pedals and processors that the guitar sound becomes unrecognizable as such. I must say that I am pretty impressed by the nocturnal power of Arrow. I would describe these tracks as dramatic hymns for long highways. You can hear similarities with, say Robert Fripp's soundscape stuff, although I would hardly describe what's heard on Arrow as Ambient. Actually, the overall feel of this album is very cinematic and very Prog EM. Extremely good stuff. Now I am willing to explore more of her music to see if there's more EM-friendly material there.


Novelty Toys (USA)

This Ground Grow Over Your Seed (2017)

Unlikely mixture of tranquil synth music and glitch. I would have left the glitches out of course as I'm not sure that the whole works together.


November Child (UK)

Images At Random (1993)

Rare tape of UK synth artist Simon K. Appleby. I don't know if it ever got past the demo stage.


Növlang (France)

Les Cultes du Cargo (2019)

Varied EM from Paul Braillard - mostly pulsing and experimental, with a few cosmic, melodic and atmospheric moments.


Novo Line (USA)

To Qatsi And Die In LA (2019)
Autobahn Zwei (2020)
Racconti (2020)
Doors Of Proprioception – Articulation 123 45678 (2021)

To Qatsi... is an FM synthesis exploration work with soundtracky moods from Nat Fowler of math rock band Oxes. Autobahn Zwei is a "post-apocalyptic Driving Music homage to Kraftwerk"


Novo Sibirsk (Netherlands)

While Waiting (1988)
The Second Cry (1988)
Tri (1988)
Imagine Four (1988)
The Fifth Edge of the Cliff (1988)
Factory I (1988)
Factory II (1988)
Melan (1988)
Frame of Mind (1988)
Momentary Events (1988)
Kirleyeh (1988)
Shade of Haze (1988)
Best (1989)
An Mer (1989)
Verge of Exile (1989)
Visits (1989)
Obvious Oblique (1989)
Data (1989)
Beyond the Threshold (1989)
The Origin of Usyl (1989)
Linescapes of Usyl (1989)
The Cupola of Usyl (1989)
Novo Sibirsk Live (1990)
Sequences of Barren (1990)
Eastern Exposure (1990)
Limn (1990)
Monologue (1990)
Axle (1990)
Sanhedrin (1990)
Harangue (1990)
Min's Experiments (1991)
Evanesce (1995)
Foray At Imlah (1995)
Firth (1995)
Sole Universe (1999)
From A Previous Life (1999)
Strands of Whilden (1999)
Sequenze (2000)
Labyrinth of Cathedra (2000)
City (2000)
Between Edges (2000)
Mammal (2000)
Rhyme (2000)
Zirkus (2000)
Syntony (2000)
Woman Sitting In Front of A Sun-lit Window (2000)
Television (2000)
Forged Fusion (2000)
Dense (2000)
Abstract 4a (2000)
Look! (2000)
Elektronik (2000)
Feet Up (2000)
Fro (2000)
Corridor (2000)
The Disadvantages of Traintravel (2000)
Shocked Motion (2000)
Marsh (2000)
7014 (2000)
Dimension Jump (2001)
Sculpture (2001)
Key (2001)
Metropolis (2001)
Thrust (2001)
Influenced By History (2001)
Pictures And Shapes (2001)
Forced Into Jeopardy (2001)
Mammoth (2001)
Aeon (2001)
A Touch of Drama (2001)
Everything (2001)
Music (2001)
Seventy3 (2001)
Selfportrait (2001)
Rooster Looser (2001)
More (2001)
Inner Pictures (2001)
Drum (2002)
Transparent Flux (2002)
Like Through A Window (2002)
So Full (2002)
Some Other Geese (2002)
City of Fields (2003)
Goloka (2004)
Inner Side Reflected (2004)
Inside the Bubble (2004)
Bare Skin (2004)
Selected Structures For Gold (2005)
More Thoughts In Solid Color (2005)

Novo Sibirsk is basically a project of Rob Knetsch with some friends helping from time to time. He has one hell of a discography with early cassette releases now reissued on CD. The style ranges from Berlin School cosmic electronic music to Ambient and abstract experimentalism. Sometimes minimal, sometimes more full-sounding, there's something for everyone. Try it once.

See also: Beudeker/Knetsch, Electrance, Yaffin, Rok, Knetsch.


Novocibirsk (France)

Télévision 1945 Vol. 1 (1994)
Télévision 1945 Vol. 2 (1995)
Excerpts And Experiments (1997)

French project with an analogue (no digital instruments here), Kraftwerk-influenced sound.


Novotny, Jurgen (Germany)

Fly! (1998)

Lots of Jan Hammer and Jean-Michel Jarre references here. Pretty melodic accessible stuff that doesn't sound particularly synthetic. Jurgen Novotny has been composing Electronic Music since the 1970's.


Novotny, K. (???)

Gesture & Texture (2017)

Ambient with lots of field recordings and piano.


Novva Falla (Iceland)

Kosmonautska Musika (2019)

Varied synth-based project, mostly in minimal synth vein and related genres. Kosmonautska Musika was recorded entirely (bar the Korg MiniPops rhythms) on Elektronika EM-26 synth / vocoder. Spacey, minimal, melodic, repetitive, with vocoded vocals.


Now And Then (Germany)

But Memories Remain (1998)

Now And Then is German synthesist Claudius Wille (aka Toy of Love).

See also: Toy of Love


Now/Here (UK)

Hypnogogia (2022)

Droning synthetics from Gerry Carnelly. Sort of harsh in places, using lots of piercing, resonant sine wave-based textures.


Now Vs Now (USA)

Earth Analog (2013)
The Buffering Cocoon (2018)

Nu-Jazz band put together by Jason Lindner who played keyboards on David Bowie's Blackstar. He is joined here by another keyboardist and a drummer. The music is almost completely electronic (bar drums) and is made in a very unique, complex and progressive style.


Nowak, Andrzej (Poland)

Cocktail Paint (2016) (recorded in 1987 - 1994)
A View of Wilderness (2018)

Cocktail Paint is computer music released as soundtracks for never released animation movies. Quirky, experimental, RIO-ish.


Nowak, Pierre Nicholas (France)

Adagio (2020)

Pianist and electronic musician mixing piano playing and analog synths in a hybrid neo-classical / Berlin-eque context.


Nowy, Ralf (Germany)

Early Encounters (1995)
Time Voyager (1997)

Electronic Music from this legendary psych / prog composer and musician of Lucifer's Dream fame, supposedly in an easy-listening, melodic style. The 1995 album was released on Helmut Teubner's label.


Nox (Croatia)

Opus Unending (2020)
Abyssal Codex (2022)

Dark Ambient from Jurica Santek.

See also: Aegri Somnia


Noya, Miguel (Venezuela)

La Gran Sabana (1984)
Esferas Vivientes (1986)
Aitor (1987)
Psycho-Music (1989)
Angeles Enviados (1990)
Huellas (1993)
Incierto Insecto (1996)
Ballrooms On the Moon (2009)
Samliku (2019) (with Paul Godwin and Robert Jürjendal)
The Power of Distance (2019) (with Robert Jürjendal)
Canciónes Intactas (2020)

Legendary and at the same time obscure Venezuelan synthesist. The first album is an LP release. Subsequent works are all cassette-only. Huellas is his first CD, done in Tribal Ambient / ethno-electronic style which led him to performing solo concerts in Mexico as well as jamming together with Jorge Reyes and Steve Roach for a while.

See also: Dogon


Nozaki, Tomonari (Japan)

North Palace (2013)
Une Histoire de Bleu (2013)
The Fall of Icarus (2014) (S)
Triptych (2016)
Waves (2021)

Climatic Ambient.


NPNP (Canada)

Interrupt/Erupt (2020) (S)

This project (Jackson Darby, mostly composing techno / acid) is here for the closing ambient track "A Wait".


NRV (Japan)

Notari (2021)
N/S 1 (2022) (with Shinya)

Calm, relaxing, droning Ambient from Manabu Ito.


NSI (Germany)

Max Binski (2005) (S)
Reference (2007) (S)
Non Standard Institute Plays Non Standards (2007)
Squelch (2008) (S)
Eitherway (2009) (S)
Sync (2010)
5863 (2018)

NSI (Non Standard Institute) is a duo of Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer. Varied tracks, from ambient and piano-based to experimental and sequenced electronics.

See also: Freund, Tobias, Loderbauer, Max, Pink Elln.


NSRD (Latvia)

30/15 (1988)
Atvadas No Impērijas (1997)
December [Session] (2018) (recorded in 1986 -1987)

This experimental formation of Hardijs Lediņš and Juris Boiko (both gone now unfortunately) was formed in the early 1980's and released their music on reel-to-reel tapes (the so-called "Samizdat"). Their material ranges from new wave to minimal synth, noise, musique concrete, hard-core experimental stuff and, yes more ambient and melodic forms of EM. 30/15 is a rather sedate work for the most part. Still experimental, but very listenable, it will appeal to fans of Cluster for example, although the vibe is totally unique here. The same can be said about Atvadas that moves further in the classical direction. The other stuff I've heard was not prog EM-friendly enough for me to include it here, although further research would not harm as their output is quite immense.

See also: Lediņš, Hardijs


Nthng (Netherlands)

Shine (2019) (S)
Unfinished (2021)
Sub-Sonar (2022) (EP)
There Is A Place For Me (2023)

Shine is a shift to the ambient style (two ambient and two ambient techno tracks actually) from this techno-related artist.


N-Tribe (Germany)

Tower of Power (1998)
Yellow Marker (2000)

N-Tribe are Steve Baltes, Harald Grosskopf and Axel Manrico Heilhecker. Sort of like Ashra but with a more tribal sound.

See also: Baltes, Steve, Grosskopf, Harald, Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra, Sunya Beat.


Ntsqui (Japan)

Sounds For A Window (2021) (S)

Kyoto-based ambient artist. Melodic mixture of synths and guitars.


Nu Science (Finland)

Return Backspace (2002)

Mesmerizing spacey and melodic hybrid of electro and EM recorded in Helsinki by two synth freaks Henri Tani and Mikko Ojanen. They use only analogue synthesizers and Commodore computers. The epic last track is unbelievably good.


Nuada (USA)

Mage Sun (2001)
Other Realms (2003)
Esabat (2003)

I think the 1970's influences in this artists' music are undeniable but there are also some disturbing techno elements that do not really fit with the rest of the material.

See also: Interstellar Electric Gnome Band


Nuances (UK)

Preserve the Sanctity of Sound (2015)
Art & the Ego (2016)
Punctuations of Joy And Despair (2017)
Murmurs of A Heavy Heart (2017)

Dramatic, emotionally-charged Ambient. A project of Manni Dee out of London.


Nube Rosa (Argentina)

Cielo de Agua (2015)
Coevolucion (2016)

Tropical analog soundscapes, sometimes with relaxed or faster rhythms, sort of like Latin music meets kosmische synth feel in places.


Nubiferous (Russia)

Unearthly Formless Obscurity (2009)
Mana (2014)
Primeval Forest Hymns (2015)
IKVABE (2017)
Tira Ibein (2018)
Jol (2019) (S)
Deflected Feral Tapes (2020)
Sagan Zaba (2021)
Glim Ullert (2023)

Ritual Ambient from Pyatigorsk, with lots of tribal elements (percussion).


Nubla, Victor (Spain)

Coneixement Present (2021) (recorded in 2019)

Member of Macromassa and a legend of Spanish experimental music. Coneixement Present is a unique and very interesting EM work relying on processed Farfisa organ sounds. This sounds like early 1970's Klaus Schulze playing medieval court music. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Macromassa, Naïf.


Nubuk (Belgium)

Les Grands Espaces (2018)

Solo project of Eric François, member (guitarist and bassist) of a few rock / pop bands. Here it's just him and his analog synths in a relaxed sequencer EM vein.


Nueen (Spain)

Form (2021) (S)
Nova Llum (2021)
Circular Sequence (2021)
Diagrams of Thought (2022)

A project of Nacho Blanco Pezzato, born on Mallorca and currently residing in Barcelona. Ambient, melodic, with sequences...


Nuel (Italy)

Trance Mutation (2011)
The Aquaplano Sessions (2014) (with Donato Dozzy)
Hyperboreal (2016)
Fantasia (2020)

A mixture of tribal beats and ambient atmospheres / Berlin School sequences. Great sound. Nuel is Manuel Fogliata.


Nuit de L'Enfer (USA??)

Nuit de L'Enfer (2020)

Dark electronic compositions, sometimes noisy, sometimes sequencer-based.


Nuit Modulaire (France)

Nuit Modulaire (2020)

EM project of Ludovic Macioszczyk from Limoge. Symphonic-oriented, with organ, warm analog synths and a touch of sax. Nice nocturnal sound that reminds on the 1970's.


Nuke Watch (USA)

Aftermath (2020)
The Manhattan Project - Live In NY (2021)

Recorded in New York amidst the 2020 covid-19 crisis, Nuke Watch (a trio of Chris Hontos, Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson) made the music on The Manhattan Project in one take, inspired by "the sounds of misunderstood jazz fusion greats and GD bootlegs". The music, as expected, is improvised and experimental. It is also progressive and electronic, though, focusing on weird sounds and exploration, which has always been a great part of original Prog EM vision. Maybe something like a more avant-garde version of 1979-1981 era Brainticket?


Nukria Magnetik Trio (South Korea??)

CE2246 (2019)

Cosmic analog synths, ambient soundscapes, tribal rhythms...


NuLix (Croatia)

Lifeflow (2011)

Ambient electronics from Robert Selimović, sometimes with rhythms.

See also: R.U.R.


Null Value (USA)

Not Null (2012)

North Carolina-based project revolving around multiple analog synths. From abstract to crisp rhythmic / melodic material.


Nullgrad (UK)

Ambient Daze (2005) (recorded in 1998)

Electronic Music composed by Steve Frost under a pseudonym. Varied, intense, rhythmic, spacey...

See also: Frost, Steve


Numa Gama (Brazil)

Me Redesenho (2020)

Unlikely mixture of vocal songs and instrumental material that ranges from dancey / tropicalia to some nice sequencing and even ambient electronics (the closer).


Numan, Gary (UK)

The Radial Pair (1994) (soundtrack)
Human (1995) (with Michael R Smith) (soundtrack)
From Inside (2014) (with Ade Fenton) (soundtrack)

Punk musician with his own band Tubeway Army in the 1970's turned 1980's synth-pop icon. Human is an electronic soundtrack featuring, as is often the case with film music, shorter cues and tracks to accompany the video. The music will appeal to fans of soundtrack music, as well as general / melodic EM. Some of the material from Human was then re-worked and used again in a few of Gary Numan's subsequent solo releases. The Radial Pair has more of a mainstream early 1990's ambient techno / synth-pop sound, but with a few interesting atmospheric moments as well.


Numb Mob (UK)

Where To Build In Stone (2020) (S) (soundtrack)

Hull-based duo with an ambient and / or sequencer-based sound. Where To Build In Stone is pretty enjoyable stuff that's well worth a listen.


Numberless Leaves (USA)

Numberless Leaves (2020) (S)
My Sweet Brasenia (2020)
They Don't Care, They'll Never Care (2021) (S) (with Empty Flower)
Encased (2022)

Gloomy, somewhat lo-fi ambient compositions with brooding melodies. Numberless Leaves is Jesse Smith.


Numina (USA)

Dreamsleep (2000)
Transparent Planet (2000)
Recluse (2001) (S)
The Haunting Silence (2001)
Evolving Visions (2001)
Sanctum Sanctorum (2001)
Solace (2002)
Trancension Live 2002, Vol. 1 (2002)
Trancension Live 2002, Vol. 2 (2002)
Trancension Live 2002, Vol. 3 (2002)
Starfarer's Tales Vol. 1 (2002) (with Ixohoxi)
From Within the Abyss (2002) (with Stephen Philips)
Outward Appearance (2003) (with Stephen Philips)
Sanctuary of Dreams (2003)
Live At the Inner Sanctum (2003)
Inside the Hollow Realm (2004) (with Caul)
Starfarer's Tales Vol. 2 (2004) (with Ixohoxi)
Never Realized (2004)
Poisoned Dreams (2004) (with The Unquiet Void)
Eye of the Nautilus (2005)
Megaliths & Monoliths (2006) (with Ixohoxi)
Shift To the Ghost (2007)
Symbiotic Spaces (2007) (recorded in 2000 - 2007)
Descent of the Falcon (2008) (with Stephen Philips)
Sound Symbols (2008)
Dawn of Obscurity (2011)
Subterranean Landscapes (2011)
The Deception of Reality (2012)
Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds (2015) (with Zero Ohms)
Through the Gate To Nowhere (2015)
The Chroma Plateau (2018)

Space Music. Numina is Jesse Sola.


Nummela, Janne (Finland)

Beelzebub's Tales (2015)


Nummern (Germany)

Nummern (2021) (S)

Manic sequencer pulses are the focus of this obscure EM release. Two tracks: "Die Facetten" and "Das Geländer". Nummern is Arno Trashnik.


Numminen, Ilpo (Finland)

Vuosi 1/12 (2014) (S)
27.7.13 (2014) (S)
Vuosi 5/12 (2015) (S)
Vuosi 9/12 (2015) (S)
Vihreä Kasetti (2015) (S)
9-12.6.2016 (2016) (S)
Vuosi 100 (2016) (with J. Koho)
Sleep (2017)
Maagillinen Teatteri Live 1.9.2017 (2018) (with Antti Salminen)
Kromikasetti (2018) (S)
Vuosi 106 (2018) (with Olli Aarni and Jari Koho)
I Guess You Could Call This A Long Play (2020)

Analog synth artist whose output ranges from free-form, noisy and abstract explorations to nice ambient synths and krauty mutant sequencer excursions.


Nunc Stans (Canada)

Cerulean Suite (2005)
Night Vision (2007)
Timeless (2008)
The Palm At the End of the Mind (2008)
Meridian (2009)
Unnamable (2009)
Onó Thousand Dreams (2009) (with Mystified)
We Leave Without Speaking (2010)
Stanzas From the Museum of Dreams (2010) (EP)
Peninsula (2011)
Falling Silent (2014) (with Nautic Depths)
Further Afield (2015)
Elementa (2016)
Crossing Bridges (2017)
Secret Passages (2017)
Edge of Visibility (2017)
Resolution (2018)
Outer Limit (2018)
Eurydice Suite (2019)

Varied Ambient from Anthony Paul Kerby.

See also: Kerby, Anthony Paul, Circular Ruins, The, Lammergeyer.


NunLes (Poland)

Sick Pleasures Demo 2017 (2017)

Deep ambient drones.


Nunn, Patrick (UK)

Sadhana (2003)

Fans of Eno will enjoy this one. Here, British composer Patrick Nunn (known for his orchestral scores) creates a calming long-form ambient work in Classic tradition. Piano, synths and nature sounds are combined to form a hypnotic whole that will remind you on long-form Ambient by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Jean-Michel Jarre (Waiting For Cousteau) and more.


Nuno Cage (UK)

Ephemeral Histories (1999) (recorded in 1984 - 1994)

Somewhat similar to Roedelius' solo output. Nuno Cage is the duo of Carey Nutman and Geoff Nossiter.

See also: Nutman, Carey


Nunton Elektrikz (UK)

Did You Know About the Room? (2022)

Experimental electronic project of Nick Edwards. Like a deeper dive into the world of the most abstract parts of Kraftwerk's Computer World.

See also: Edwards, Nick, Busy Microbes, Photophobik.


Nu_Polygon (Canada)

Dystopian City (2018)

Music inspired by the future, cyperpunk and dystopia. Mostly rather rudimentary, consisting of several echoing, slow rhythms thrown together. The opening track is rather nice and full of melancholic synth sequences, though.


Nurse With Wound (UK)

Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella (1979)
To the Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl (1980)
Merzbild Schwet (1980)
Insect And Individual Silenced (1981)
The 150 Murderous Passions, Or Those Belonging To the Fourth Class, Composing the 28 Days of February Spent Hearing the Narrations of Madame Desranges, Interspersed Amongst Which Are the Scandalous Doings At the Chateau During That Month (1981) (with Whitehouse)
Homotopy To Marie (1982)
Ostranenie 1913 (1983)
Gyllenskoeld, Geijerstam And I At Rydbergs's (1983)
Brained By Falling Masonry (1984)
The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion (1985)
Devices #2 (1985)
Mi-Mort (1985) (with Current 93)
Automating, Volume One (1986)
Nylon Coverin' Body Smootherin' (1986) (with Current 93)
A Missing Sense (1986) (with Organum)
Scrag (1986)
Spiral Insana (1986)
Drunk With the Old Man of the Mountains (1987)
Automating, Volume Two (1987)
Alas the Madonna Does Not Function (1988)
Soliloquy For Lilith (1988)
Automating, Volume Two (1989) (different to 87 release)
Cooloorta Moon (1989)
A Sucked Orange (1989)
Soresucker (1990)
Live At the Bar Mardoror (1990)
Creakiness / Firepool (1991) (with Spasm)
Thunder Perfect Mind (1991)
Sugar Fish Drink (1992)
The Ladies Home Tickler (1993)
Large Ladies With Cake In the Oven (1993)
Rock 'n' Roll Station (1994)
Alice the Goon (1995)
Crumb Duck (1996) (with Stereolab)
Who Can I Turn To Stereo (1996)
Acts of Senseless Beauty (1997) (with Aranos)
Simple Headphone Mind (1997) (with Stereolab)
Second Pirate Session (1998)
The Swinging Reflective (1999)
An Awkward Pause (1999)
Santoor Lena Bicycle (2000)
Bright Yellow Moon (2001) (with Current 93)
Funeral Music For Perez Prado (2001)
Man With the Woman Face (2002)
Automating Vol. 2 (2002)
Salt Marie Celeste (2003)
She And Me Fall Together In Free Death (2003)
Shipwreck Radio Volume One (2004)
Shipwreck Radio Volume Two (2005)
Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun (2005)
The Little Dipper Minus Two (2005) (EP)
Shipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts (2006)
The Surveillance Lounge (2009)
Space Music (2009)
The Vernacular Surface (2011)
Salt: Music From the Horse Hospital (2011)
Space Music 2 (2011)
The Iron Soul of Nothing (2011) (with Sunn O))) )
Rupture (2011) (with Graham Bowers)
Dream Memory (2012)
? (2012)
Cabbalism (2012) (with Blind Cave Salamander)
Parade (2013) (with Graham Bowers)
[SIC] (2013) (with Aranos)
Xerography (2013)
Silver Bromide (2013)
Chromanatron (2013)
Diploid (2013) (S) (with Graham Bowers)
Miasm (2014)
Terms And Conditions Apply (2014)
Contrary Motion (2014)
The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt (2014)
Excitotoxicity (2014) (with Graham Bowers)
Lumb's Sister (2014) (recorded in 1986 - 1987)
Mutation... The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum (2015) (with Graham Bowers)
Astrophytum (2016) (recorded in 2010)
Dark Fat (2016)
Lonely Poisonous Mushroom (2016) (S)
The Surveillance Lounge (2016)
Dark Drippings (2016)
Sombrero Fallout (2017)
Changez les Blockeurs And (2017)
Experimente (2018)
Experimente II (Son of Trippin' Music) (2018)
Nerve Junction (2018)
Dream Memory (2018)
Objet Politique (2019) (S)
The Vursiflenze Mismantler (2019) (with The James Worse Public Address Method)
Trippin' Musik III (2019)
Arcane Reawakening X (2019)
Lea Tanttaaria / Great-God-Father-Nieces (2019) (S) (with Adolf Wölfli)
Trippin' Musik (2020)
Cabbalism Vol. III + IV (2020) (with Blind Cave Salamander)
Opium Cabaret (2020)
Barren (2020)
The Dream of Reason Brings Forth Monsters (2020)
Echo Poeme: Sequence N° 2 (2020)
Un Homme Sensible (2021) (S)
3 Lesbian Sardines (2021)
Backside (2021) (with Bladder Flask)
Nefarious Vol. II (2022)
Nefarious Vol. III (2022)
Parade TP (2022)
Pigment Drift / Zonked (2022)
Angry Eelectric Finger - Zero Mix (2022)
Deadlined (2022)
La Mandragore (2022) (S)
Bar Maldoror (2023)
The Devil's Interval (Alienation) (2023)
Mismantler (2023)

Nurse With Wound are Steven Stapleton and John Fothergill. They are probably the most legendary experimantal group out there. The music is, indeed, quite simply experimental weirdness in that you never know what the next track will sound like. Absolutely unpredictable stuff. Comparable to bands like Current 93, Einsturzende Neubauten and early Controlled Bleeding. The music is often very harsh, and generally it is very unpleasant for an untrained ear, nevertheless it can be quite rewarding after repeated listenings. Nurse With Wound are also fond of horror ambiences, and some moments easily send shivers down one's spine, it's really gut-wrenching stuff. In other words, if you are adventurous listener (adventurous = VERY adventurous here) give this a listen. The discography is huge (and I'm far from being an expert in NWW styles), so pick something at your own risk. But all of you, who are of a timid kind - stay away from it, because heavy doses of Nurse With Wound can be harmful to your health. Nuff said!

See also: Stapleton, Steven


Nurture (Denmark)

At binde sig til jord (2023)

Deep, psychedelic ambient sounds from this project. Nice cosmic atmosphere and lots of elaborate modular and other analog sounds here. There is also a dubby / lo-fi touch in places.


Nuslux (Finland)

Nuslux (2007)
Folköl (2007)
Triple (2007)
Saison (2009)
Omnibum (2010) (S)
Satakieli (2012)
Lasernus (2012) (S)
Absolum (2012) (S)
Cepalux (2013) (S)
Ede Merco (2013)
Foxette / Nus Lups (2013)
Archives A (2013)
Archives B (2013)
Archives C (2013)
XL Suns (2014)
Repeat Master II (2014)
Archives E - Rejected Albums (2015)
Archives D - Used Tracks (2015)

Nuslux is Roope Eronen.

See also: Keijut, Avarus, Eronen, Roope.


Nutman, Carey (UK)

Contrasts (1994) (recorded in 1989 - 1993)
The Light Stuff Vol. 1 (1999)
Contrasts 2 (2001) (recorded in 1998)
The Light Stuff Vol. 2 (2003) (recorded in 1989 - 2003)
Tang (2004) (recorded in 1992 - 1995)
Pour Une Francaise (2004)
Resurrection? (2008)
Sang Et Lumiere (2009)
Land Below the Wind (2011)
The Sea And the Snake (2013)
Lang (2014)
Rivers Run Through It (2016)
Visitations (2018) (with Mark Bokowiec)
Contrasts 3 (2019)
The Sky And the Sea (2021)

Pretty stiff material with an academic bend. Apparently, though, some tracks were inspired by the works of Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Apart from making music and running his own studio, Carey Nutman also worked as a pharmacist for several decades. He seems to have given up this occupation as of now and devoted himself completely to music.

See also: Nuno Cage


Nuts & Co (France)

Kangourou (1982)

Pretty weird stuff by this obscure group formed by Frederike Mueller, Jean-Christophe Marc'halant and Michel Delavillarmois. Relatively short tracks that sound like they could have been influenced by post-punk, The Residents, Cluster and Eno. Then there are strange vocalizations that give the whole thing a vaguely zeuhl-ian flair. Interesting, but not for EM purists for sure.


Nuuk (Germany)

Visit To Sisimiut (2021)

Berlin-based duo of Lorenz Erdmann and Christian Gierden. Quiet, melodic, nature-inspired Ambient.


Nuur (Germany??)

Polaris (2015) (with Tomas Weiss)
Mystic View (2017)

Droning Ambient.


Nuut, Maarja (Estonia)

Hinged (2021)

Estonian singer, violinist and electronic musician. Hinged was compiled from material recorded in an isolated house near the seaside, where Maarja would experiment with modular synthesis, play an old Vermona organ and do voice collages. A live drummer appears on some of the tracks. The whole mixes art-pop and Electronic Music in strange ways and overall has a bit of a Cluster quality to it. Interesting stuff.


Nux Vomica (USA)

Spindal Alpha (1991)
Epiphany (1992)
Casting A Dream To the Sea (1993)
By Ethers Touch Made Fire (1995)
Bythos (2004)
The Crowning of Nature (2004)
Rubedo (2008)
Xanthosis (2008) (S)
Invivo (2009) (with Voice of Eye)
Fire of the Unitive Path :: Three Rivers :: (2010) (with Voice of Eye)
The Tree of Alchemy (??)

San-Francisco based experimental ambient project of Alan Herrick, Evan Sornstein and Jenny Liang Herrick.


NV (Russia)

Binasu (2016)
Äëÿ = For (2018)
Room For the Moon (2020)
WOW (2023)

1980's YMO fronted by a female vocalist? Anyway, the instrumental material is the real attraction here. A project of Kate Shilonosova.


Nverxion (USA)

A Look Within (2007)
Bridge To Nowhere (2008)

Ambient from David Brancato.


Nwyvre (Ireland)

Torann (2016)
FNORD (2017)
Manifes (2021)
Grianan (2022)
Gloaming / Primitive Technology (2023)

Droning ambience and soundscapes. The music on Gloaming / Primitive Technology was made with no-input mixer, various generators and other obscure / obsolete technology.

See also: Magnetize


Nyctophilia (USA)

Lost (2014)

Dark Ambient.


Nyilam (Germany)

Nyliam (2021)

Dark soundscapes with kosmische stylings from this duo.

See also: Nam-Khar


Nyman, Emil (Sweden)

EP (2016) (EP)

Techno producer with one semi-ambient and one completely ambient track on his debut EP (the rest is techno).


Nymph Faithest (Sweden)

Longing For the Other World (1996)

A project by members of Raison d'Etre and In Slaughter Natives. Pure Dark Ambient music as played by the likes of Lustmord.

See also: Andersson, Peter, Raison d'Etre.


Nyquist, Ian (Ireland)

Cuan (2019)
Endless, Shapeless (2021)

Ambient with neo-classical and electroacoustic / microsound influences.


Nyström, Per (Sweden)

Nattarbete (2013)

Swedish keyboard player and member of rock / ethereal pop band Diagnos. Repetitive music with steady rhythms and a krautrock feel.


Nyx Nótt (UK)

Aux Pieds de la Nuit (2020)
Themes From (20220

Nocturnal electronics from Scottish folk musician and vocalist Aidan Moffat. Its roots in jazz and post-rock make this vaguely Talk Talk-like, although the mood here is much darker. Overall a very nice and unique sound here.


NZIRIA (Italy)

XXYBRID (2022)

A project of Tullia Benedicta D'Aquino Canestraro, who was a member of post-rock / shoegaze band Grace and released techno-related solo music as "Tullia Benedicta". XXYBRID is not without a techno / club influence either, relying very much on sharp, trancey, often supersaw-based synthetics and bits of bass rhythm / beat. However, it is too complex to be considered a techno record and together with Tullia's vocals creates a unique atmosphere, adding an unmistakably progressive sound and attitude by means of dynamic analog sequencing, abrupt theme changes, etc. One for the adventurous listener.


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