M.A.D. (Spain)

Conjunto Vacio (1987)
Working Under Limits (1988)

M.A.D. stands for Mutual Assured Destruction. This project was formed by Antonio Torres and Carlos Delgado in Barcelona with the aim to explore melodic, rhythmic, sequencer-based Electronic Music.


M.A.L. (Belgium)

Chemistry (1981)
Two Faces (1982)
Outlaw (1984)
Uncertain Alchemy (1986)
The Song of the Stars (2002) (recorded in 1971 - 1974)
Pour Mes Amis (??)
Eighties (2007) (recorded in ??)
Sounds And Images From Some Non-Existing Worlds (2010)
The M.A.L. Tapes (2011)
My Sixteen Little Planets (2018) (recorded in 1972 - 1976)

M.A.L. is Belgian guitarist and experimental composer Daniel Malempre. During the 1980's he released a few cassette tapes. Some of those tracks were later re-pressed on CD as the Eighties compilation, along with a couple of compilation-only tracks and one unreleased piece. The new millennium also saw the release of The Song of the Stars that contained archived pieces recorded in the early 1970's. Daniel Malempre is strongly in the Manuel Goettsching school of thought most of the time, pioneering echoing cosmic guitar style along with Goettsching / Ashra, Günter Schickert and Achim Reichel.


M.A.O. (UK)

Subtle Sabotage (1982)
Retro Picnic (1991)
Living With Tupicco (1998)

See also: Martin, Alan


m do (USA)

Enamel (2018) (S)

Experimental composition on side A and ambient synth floater on side B here.


M.E.M.E. (USA)

Live At the Logan Beach Cafe (1999)
Live At the Feast (2000)
Live At the Nervous Center (2001)
String Vibrations (2002)
Live From the Bunker (2002)
Survival Machine (2002)

M.E.M.E. stands for Midwest Electronic Music Ensemble and is dedicated to live performances of Electronic Music, using modular synthesizers, samplers and digital / analog keyboards & controllers. The core members include Michael Firman, Darwin Grosse, Jack McCarthy, John Papiewski and Nick Wilson. The group also saw participations from Grant Richter, Brian Wensing & Andre Stordeur.


M.Kourie (USA)

The Dreams of M.Kourie (2006)

Ambient project of Nathan Berlinguette.


M.Nomized (France)

In Search of Shade (1989)
Circular Music (1989) (S)
Ne Jamais Partir (1992)
Alphabet (1992)
La Notation (1993)
Voyage (1995)
Fun Smiler / Sad Smiler (1996)
Music For Public Places (1996)
Phasor Movement (1998)
Dimensions (1998) (S)
Different Ways (1999)

French DIY / experimental artist whose real name is Michel Madrange. I guess his output is too diverse, ranging from noise to cut-up collages, musique concrete, violent electronics, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to pick something out of his huge discography that would fit stylistically to EEM. However, he did compose more ambient / prog EM works that I'll do my best to list here.


M.O.B.S. (Germany)

Aus dem Nichts... (2014)

Anonymous Electronic Music project on Syngate label. M.O.B.S. stands for Man of Berlin School.


MΩment (France)

MΩment (2017)
High Altitude (2020)

Sort of a rough-edged, but melodic analog synth music from France.


m00m (Germany / USA)

m00m (2018)
Tomorrow (2023)

Music inspired by and dedicated to Bob Moog. As expected, this is heavy on the analog vibes. A project of Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz.

See also: Fiesel, Christian, Hertz, Jack.


M3NASH (Argentina)

Declive (2023)

Varied, bright electronics recorded on an AMS Hydrasynth Explorer and a few plugins. Lots of metallic, PPG Wave-y sounds here, but pretty minimal overall.


M75! (Finland)

Synteettinen Herätysliike (2022)

Rhythmic, accessible EM with robotic rhythms and crisp melodies. Touches of Kraftwerk, 1980's electropop, Neu!, La Dusseldorf and more.


M83 (France)

Digital Shades [Vol. I] (2007)
Knife + Heart (2019) (soundtrack)
DSVII (2019)

Shoegaze / indietronica act (Anthony Gonzalez) with mainstream popularity. Once in a while he would release an instrumental record in ambient style, showing his early EM and rock influences. The first such album was Digital Shades [Vol. I], where you can hear everything, from hymnal melodies ala Vangelis (complete with piano chords) to melodic progressions that wouldn't be out of place on a Jarre album, but also typical shoegaze sounds and moods. There is even a sequencer part that has something of a TD feel circa Thief / Risky Business. The second volume was released in 2019. It was recorded with the help of analog synths only and is inspired by vintage video games, 1980's sci-fi and fantasy soundtracks, as well as pioneering synthesizer works of Suzanne Ciani, Mort Garson, Brian Eno and John Carpenter. Then there is the Knife + Heart soundtrack, which is also predominantly electronic and is a nice addition to the above two. However, the tracks here are significantly shorter, as is often the case with soundtracks. The track "Filature" is very Pink Floyd "On the Run"-like.


M87 (UK)

Noctilucent Threnody (1999)

Dark Space.


MA.AM (Italy)

Let the Light In (2021)

Very quiet, very minimal Ambient from Mauro Pivetta.


Ma Ja Le (USA)

Dreams In the Orchards of Saturn (1995)
Imaginarium (1998) (with Vir Unis)
Live Under A Harvest Moon (2000) (with James Johnson)
Seed (2001) (with James Johnson)
Silence Speaks In Shadow (2001)

Ambient soundscapes by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Christopher Short, sometimes with tribal rhythms.

See also: Short, Christopher


Maa'ingun (USA)

Four Directions (2014)

Long ambient drone tracks.


Maas, Dick (Netherlands)

L'Ascenseur (1984) (soundtrack)

Dick Maas is a Dutch filmmaker who usually composes music for his own films. This is his soundtrack to a successfull low-budget thriller from 1983 "The Lift". His style can be compared to that of John Carpenter, with less repetition perhaps.


Maastricht Research (UK)

Idle Animation (2022)

Varied EM from Scottish synthesist Jonathan Hunter. Cosmic, droning, arpeggio-laden, mostly analog... Nice stuff.


Maat Lander (Russia)

The Birth of Maat's Galaxy (2015)
Dissolved In the Universe (2016)
Seasons of Space: Book #1 (2017)
Seasons of Space: Book #2 (2018)
Elements: Air (2021)
Elements: Water (2023)

Moscow-based space rock trio often compared to Ozric Tentacles. In fact, their instrumental breed of space rock is definitely from the Ozrics' school, although they are often more relaxed and have none of the reggae or techno influences of that band. Their electronic moments are sparse and they are EM-related at best, but if the Ozrics are here, then why not Maat Lander?


Maath (Italy)

Zyklus (2002) (with Anofele)
No Survivors For the New World (2005)

Melodic and dark ambience from Marco Ramassotto.


Mac (Italy)

Bionica, Fisica, Elettronica (1981) (with RG)
Vita (1982) (with RG)
Human Electricity (1996)
Futurebound (1996)
Aphasia (1999)
Dining Room (2002)
The Road (2003)
Spaceship Deneb (2004)
The Electric Man (2004)
Life Is Strange (2004)
A Deceitful Hand (2005)
Black Light (2005)
Hides In the Fog (2005)
Space Station Happiness (2005)
Space Cargo Atlantis (2005)
A Deceitful Mind (2006)
The Comet Fish (2006)
Tales of Bodies And Souls (2006)
Tales of Bodies And Souls 2 (2006)
The Presence (2006)
The Metallic Planet (2006)
Space Diplomacy (2006)
Justice (2007)
Winters (2007)
The Last City (2007)
Grey Light (2007)
Years of A Lifetime (2007)
A Deceitful Smile (2007)
Silent Seas (2007)
A Fake Live Album (2007)
MegaRobot Moonblade (2008)
Life Is Strange (2008)
Space Cargo Atlantis - 300 Years Later (2008)
Solar Mission (2008) (with Stockman)
Another Season (2008)
Aelectroid (2009)
Genesis of Alpha Nebula (2010)
Sleep (2010)
A Different Sky: OSC Vol. 1 (2010)
A Different Ground: OSC Vol. 2 (2011)
From All Sides (2011)
Strange Lands Vol. 1 (2011)
Strange Lands Vol. 2 (2011)
In the Wind (2011)
Destroyer of Memories (2011)
From Other Planets Vol. 1 (2012)
From Other Planets Vol. 2 (2012)
Upstairs (2012)
Playing For Keeps (2012)
Fire On Mars (2013)
Secluded (2013)
Radiation (2013)
Parallel Dimensions (2013)
Future Rain (2013)
The Eleventh Planet (2013)
Fabric (2013)
Irreality (2013)
The River And the Railroad (2014)
Wasted (2014)
Not Unlike Ice (2015)
Volcanic Drift (2015) (with Syndromeda)
1690 (2016)
Attigua (2016)
Justice (2016)
Berget Vaknar (2016)
Blue 500 (2017)
Visible Galaxies (2017)
Losing Control (2017)
Föra (2017)
Auralities (2017)
Planetaria (2017)
Interspace (2017)
Temporal Distortion (2017)
Delta Vision (2017)
Losing Control (2018)
Artful (2018)
Ancient Machines (2018)
Evolve Vol. 1 (2018)
Evolve Vol. 2 (2018)
Guardians of the Blue (2018)
Cosmic Avenue (2018)
Masks For Humans (2018)
Synchronical Events (2018)
Materia (2019)
Body Thousand (2019)
Reflective (2019)
Removed (2019)
Explophonia (2019)
Altéra (2019)
Explophonia Vol. 2 (2020)
The End of An Era (2020)
In A Still Sky (2020)
Aeronauta (2020)
Lines of Ardesia (2020)
Overlaps (2020)
Magnet (2020)
Inhuman (2020)
Unplanned (2020) (EP)
Escape (2021)
Aelectroid (2021)
Another Season (2021)
Everyday Life (2021)
From All Sides (2021)
Silent Seas (2021)
The Sky Was Incredible (2021)
Grey Light (2021)
Cosmic Crossroads (2021)
Yellow (2021)
Tierra Remota (2021)
Ephemeral Phenomena (2021)
Time And Time Again (2021) (recorded in 2008)
Compulsive (2021) (recorded in 2019)
The Apartment (2021)
Negative Infinite (2021)
Pirates At the Grand Opening (2021)
Random Time (2021)
The Void (2021)
One Million Suns (2021) (recorded in 2010)
Cosmo Disco (2021) (recorded in 2016)
The Farthest Place (2021) (recorded in 2014)
Beyond the Lake (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Orange Waves (2022)
Pianeta (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Umbra Harenis (2022)
Myriads (2022)
Dimmig Vag (2022)
Around With Uncle Sem Vol. 1 (2022)
Memoirs Vol. 1 (2022)
Memoirs Vol. 2 (2022)
Ýíåðãèÿ (2022)
Phasing (2022)
Arent I Bric (2022)
A Faint Smile (2022)
Cryptophasia (2022)
Dim Daylight (2022)
Fabric (2022)
Reflective (2022)
Magnitude Vol. 1 (2022)
Magnitude Vol. 2 (2022)
Magnitude Vol. 3 (2022)
Satellites of Reality (2022)
Perceptual Crater (2022)
Lunar (2022) (recorded in 2012)
Rust (2022)
Klarianst (2022)
From the Boat (2022)
Sleep (2023)
Vertical (2023)
The End of the World (2023)
Where I Am (2023)
Static Movement (2023)
Arsura (2023)
Digital Mind (2023)
A Sigh of Relief (2023)
Creatures of Light (2023)
Frequency Lane (2023)
Future TV (2023)
Lives And Legends (2023)
Movements In Time (2023)
Temporal Cruiser (2023)
Shades To Leave Me Out (2023)
Streaming Blue (2023)
Waters of the Inner Self (2023)
The Bleeding Shelf (2023)

Member of BIOnighT. Human Electricity is sequencer music recorded in 1995 - 1996. Futurebound is a collection of upbeat futuristic synth-rock pieces a bit in the style of Tangerine Dream's 80's soundtracks. Aphasia and Dining Room are very diverse musically, but definitely electronic. Please, NOTE that Human Electricity, Futurebound, The Road, The Electric Man and Life Is Strange are no longer available in their original form. However, in the near future, newer, re-recorded versions of these albums will be available.

See also: BIOnighT, Synthuary, Gorgon Nebula.


Mac, Ian Alex (UK)

Dead of Night (2021)

Upbeat, driving, synthwave-like, with heavier drums (sort of rocking type).


Macabro (Latvia)

Witness (2008)
We Live Lies (2012)

Witness is reportedly Dark Ambient. We Live Lies is more like downtempo / psybient-influenced electronics.


Macari, Eblen (Mexico)

Glaciares (1983)
Trayectos (1983) (with Juan Valdés)
Musica Para Planetarios (1987)
Cartas de Navegacion (1989) (with Jose Luis Almeida)
Viento Solar (1991)
Altiplano (1992)
Tientos (1994)
Ambar (1997)
De Beirut a Cosamaloapan (2011)

Mexican progressive guitarist who operates on the border of EM. Musica Para Planetarios features 5 long tracks of World Music rhythms and floating synths, with lots of acoustic instruments and a sort of a Jorge Reyes / Luis Perez vibe. Glaciares supposedly contains some interesting electronic material as well. Viento Solar is a sampler that, among parts of 1983 and 1987 LP's, includes a 8+ minute piece from 1991 called "Pangea", recorded live during total solar eclipse. Altiplano features music composed for a documentary.


Macaw (USA)

Celadon (2011)

A project of Wilson Kemp. Analog synths / drum machine / vocal improvisations.

See also: HD Sunrise


Mace (Italy)

Oltre (2022)

Mace is a pseudonym of Italian hip-hop / trap artist Simone Benussi. Quite amazingly, the centerpiece and the real attraction of his Oltre album is the long, 19-minute, multipart track titled "Breakthrough Suite". Nice progressive piece that explores multiple EM styles. The remaining shorter tracks contain allusions to trap and dance music genres and are much less interesting (and not progressive for the most part), although a couple of slower, atmospheric numbers are actually pretty nice.


Mace. (Italy)

The Metamorphosis Through Dreams (2013) (S)
The Wealth of Nations (2013) (S)
The Heavens Are Already Theirs (2014) (EP)
Almost There (2014) (EP)
Non Succede Niente (2015) (EP)
Splendore Finanziario (2015) (S)
Four Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today (2016) (S)
Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing. (2017)

Not to be confused with the above project, Mace. is a vehicle for Enrico Cesaro to explore rhythmic synthesis stylistically between danceable and progressive / horror synth styles.


Macfarlane, Alex (Australia)

Waving (2021)
The Thousand Note Chord (2022)

Lo-fi / psychedelic rock / indie rock artist who for Waving partially went the EM route. Tracks like "When Backcasting", "Club Hagibis", "Mesmerism And the Ebb" and "The Principality of Wy" are excellent sequency or ambient EM. Other tracks are interesting as well. Really, the whole album is about 80% EM. After listening to it, I have an opinion formed: this guy should focus on Electronic Music! Update 04.10.2022: is more of an Eno-like art pop effort but with some ambient electronic tracks. The ambient material is rather good.


MacFarlane, Harlow (Canada)

The Unseen (2016) (soundtrack)

Dark and moody electronic soundtrack.

See also: Funerary Call, Grey Towers Stone Temples.


MacFarlane, Ian (Australia)

Void Spirit (1979)
Back From Beyond (1980)
Planetarium (1987)

Ian MacFarlane is a classic Electronic Music artist from Australia who began his career already in the 1960's. In the following decade he started experimenting with electronics. His first album was released under the "Violet Lightning" project name, while one track on Back From Beyond featured Geoff Green of Cybotron. Ian then went on to play live with Cybotron during the 1978 - 1983 period. He also gave several solo concerts.


MacGray (USA??)

Journey To the Dawn (2019)

Somewhat uneven release, mixing piano-based compositions, ambient soundscapes, varied melodic / dramatic EM and some dancey beats. Pretty intriguing overall and not without its merit.


Machete USA (USA)

Machete USA (2009) (S)
Machete USA & Son (2018)

Cozy ambient synths and field recordings.


machìna (South Korea)

Archipelago (2019)
Willow (2019) (EP)
Compass Point (2021)
Trusted (2022) (EP)

Electronic alter ego of female K-pop artist Kim Yeo-Hee who is based in Tokyo. Pulses, sequences, rhythms and voice. Between Progressive EM, techno and pop. Not bad at all.


Machina Coeli (Italy)

Finitor Visus Nostri (1999) (S)
Gnosis (2017)
Lure of the Forgotten Lake (2019)

Dungeon synth-like medieval synth music. Bombastic. Machina Coeli is Michele Savoldi.


Machine Boy (UK)

Integrated Machineisms (2022)
The Fight Machine (2023)

Birmingham-based musician with something of a Kraftwerk-like concept, with a focus on mechanical rhythms, repetitive melodies and strictly synthetic sounds.


Machine Brothers (Poland)

1 (2010)

Melodic Electronic Music, with influences from Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk & more.


Machine Listener (USA)

Prototyper / Innard (2013) (S)
Molyneux4 (2013) (S)
Sentient System (2014)
Inner Beauty (2015)
Endless Coil (2016)
Nocturnal People (2017)
Colubrid (2019) (S)
Metronym (2019)
Headfooter (2020)

Machine Listener is Matthew Gallagher from Ohio. Endless Coil features two long tracks of what the author describes as "a collection of late-night, generative synth compositions", which is in fact quite experimental but very listenable EM in a unique style.

See also: Phaeton


Machinefabriek (Netherlands)

Hei / Sou (2012) (S) (with Celer)
Compendium (2015) (with Celer)

Macrocosms (2016) (with Michel Banabila)
Weerkaatsing (2017) (with Orphax)
Engel (2018)
Entropia (2019) (with Michel Banabila)
Stillness Soundtracks II (2020)
CM_30 (2021)
Our Arms Grew Together (2022)
Texturalis (2022)

Post-industrial / noise project. Engel features music recorded as a soundtrack to a dance / circus performance. It is much more accessible and melodic than what the project is known for. It may interest fans of ambient forms of EM. The above discography is incomplete.

See also: Zuydervelt, Rutger


Machinery of Life (Netherlands)

Run 2 (2003)

Michel van der Kuy's project.

See also: Rygar, Laserdance, Area 51.


Machines Always Win (Australia)

Runner (2019)

A project of Lance Ferguson that combines warm synths with live drumming and sometimes guitar. For some reason, this reminds me on an updated version of Christian von Eschersheim's Sommernachtstraum.


Machines At Last (UK)

Machines At Last (1982)

Varied music from the duo of Paul Shorthouse and Robert Lawrence. Falls into the Experimental genre overall, but ranges from noisy to sequencer / berlinesque.

See also: Lawrence, Robert


Macht, Robert (USA)

Suite For Javanese Gamelan & Synthesizer (1996)

This album is what the title promises. Good for fans of World Music.


Machuca, JJ (Spain)

Sinte & Relax 1-4 (2010)
Viaje al Espacio, Vol. 1 (2014)

Spacey, nostalgic, melodic, warm, analog electronics. Shades of Jarre, vintage library music, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, etc. Nice theremin playing on some tracks.


Macia, Manoel (Spain)

Lizard Music (1998)
Caos Sensible (2001)
Cielo Profundo (2006)
Rozando Burbujas (2009)

Original Galadriel guitarist. His works mainly consist of guitar-based electronics of the Frippian variety but he employs other techniques as well.


Macías (Spain)

Regreso a Valencia (1988)

Jose Luis Macías had been a keyboard player of several local new wave / pop bands in Valencia starting from the late 1970's / early 1980's. He then released this solo disc with tranquil Electronic Music mixed with classical stylisms and environmental sounds.


Mackaper (Sweden)

Minnen av Framtiden (2016)

Psychedelic / prog / folk band from Sweden, now seems to have reduced to a duo format. Minnen av Framtiden is a curious diversion, featuring cosmic organ / electronic music. It is jolly, rhythmic and melodic, somewhat jazzy and reminds on Bo Hansson.


Mackay, Duncan (South Africa)

Chimera (1974)
Score (1976)
Visa (1980)
Thrust 2 (1983) (S)
Russell Grant's Zodiac (1990)
A Picture of Sound (1993)
Songs To Fall In Love To (1997) (with Neil Lockwood)
The Bletchley Park Project (2017) (with Georg Voros)
A Picture of Sound (2017)
Kintsugi (2019)
Lunacy (2020) (with Fluance)

Duncan Mackay was born in Leeds, England but during the 1960's he emigrated to South Africa and that's where most of the events related to his solo music career happened (that's why he is listed as a South African artist anyway). His music is a synthesis of several styles, most notable the symphonic rock of the 1970's (like Yes, ELP etc.) and Electronic Music. Chimera is very much influenced by the symphonic rock, while on later efforts he developed a more synthetic approach. Duncan Mackay played keyboards on albums of some well-known acts, including 10cc, Camel, Kate Bush and Alan Parsons Project.


MacMillan, Miles (Canada)

Alienated (2003)
Futureworld (2006)

Independent electronic composer / musician (and ex-bass player) based in Ontario, Canada. Melodic / rhythmic and sequential Electronic Music in the vein of Jarre and Tangerine Dream.


MacMillan & Spengler (USA)

Demonstration (2017)

Analog synth duo from Iowa. Chirpy drum machines, warm melodies, sequences... Some tracks are more ambient.


MacNeil, Wade (Canada)

Random Acts of Violence (2020) (soundtrack) (with Andrew Gordon Macpherson)
Dark Side of the Ring (2020) (soundtrack) (with Andrew Gordon Macpherson)

Moody electronic soundtracks that range from ethereal moments, with voices and all, to harsher, orchestral stretches and the obligatory horror synth throb (Random Acts of Violence). Dark Side of the Ring is more synthy and ranges from Tangerine Dream sequencing to synthwave rhythms.


MacPhee, Ian (USA)

Distance (2023) (S)

Droning ambience with synths, guitars and field recordings.


Macrocosm (Sweden / Germany)

First Mission (2002)
Second Voyage (2005)

A synthdance / spacesynth duo of Anders Lundqvist and Marco Rochowski.

See also: Lundqvist, Anders, Rochowski, Marco.


Macrocosm (UK)

New Waves (2012)
Is That What You Were Looking For? (2012)
Fractions Speak Louder Than Verbs (2020)
Sounds From Another Place (2023)

Melodic, rhythmic, lush electronics between the general club-derived "electronica" and melodic / ambient progressive EM.


Macrofusion (USA)

Classics (1983)
Compufunkola (1983)
Olde English (1983)
Flow 1 (1983)
Flow 2 (1983)
New Faces (1983)
New Spaces (1983)
Spaced Out 1 (1983)
Spaced Out 2 (1983)
Oriental Fantasies 1 (1983)
Oriental Fantasies 2 (1983)
Powerbytes (1983)
Space Trance 1 (1983)
Space Trance 2 (1983)
Harmony (1984)
Water Trance (1984)

Rare Electronic Music with a quirky style. A project of Peter Spoecker (1941 - 2005), who also released tapes as Shining Lotus (new age).


Macrogramma (Italy)

Trittico (2020) (recorded in 2005 - 2020)
Il mio sogno è di avere i poteri elettrici (2021) (with Music For Sleep)
La meccanica degli oggetti (2021)
Asphyxia (2023)

Long droning tracks from Matteo Mariano.


Macromassa (Spain)

Darlia Microtonica (1976) (S)
El Concierto Para Ir en Globo (1978)
El Regreso a las Botellas de Papa Nodulus (1984)
Macromissa (1985)
Espejo Rapidisimo Qinqen (1986)
Gelateria: los Poderes del Chichoner (1987) (S)
Tolosago Banda Munizipalak Interpretatzen Dio Macromassari (1989)
La Isla de la Tortuga (1989)
Banda Municipal de Tolosa Interpreta Macromassa (1991)
Los Hechos Perez (1992)
ZOG Live (1993)
Las Flores Amarillas Tambien dan Entradas Nuevos a los Perros (1995)
Umyu (1995)
Puerta Heliogabal (1997)
Armas Mosca (2010)
Presenta la Ligereza de las Montañas (2012)
Sucede Allí (2018)

Basically a duo formed in 1976 in Barcelona by Victor Nubla and Juan Crek. Nubla is a composer, videoartist and writer who started his musical adventures as a clarinetist. During the 70's, he became involved in the whole experimental scene and created Macromassa as an outfit that would allow him to explore the possibilities of electronic wind instruments. Juan Crek, on the other hand, came from a psychedelic rock background. Many a musician collaborated with Macromassa, including some luminaries of Spanish progressive / electronic scene, such as Albert Gimenez. The latter's interest in German Electronic Music of the time and his own unique methods and style contributed to some of early Macromassa material. Apart from releasing records and CD's, the band also released tons of videos and participated on numerous compilations.

See also: Naïf, Nubla, Victor.


Mac-Talla Nan Creag (UK)

Mac-Talla Nan Creag (2015)
The Sorrow of Derdriu (2019)

A project of Scottish artist Neil McDonald mixing slightly weird folk and electronics.

See also: Lord of the Isles


Macula Dog (USA)

Macula Dog (2015) (EP)
Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? (2016)
Natural Dog (2017) (EP)
Breezy (2020) (EP)
Orange 2 (2022)

Totally crazy duo from New York - broken rhythms, beepy textures as if coming from old cellphones, funny human or vocaloid / processed vocals, it has it all.


Maculatum (France / USA)

The Nameless City (2012)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Collapsar, Rasalhague.


Mad Science Lab (USA)

The Outer System (2020)

A project of Santa-Cruz, California-based synthesist James Kevin Gideon. Rich, analog music in classic style, although with no obvious references. Instead, you can hear bits of every classic era EM artist, from Tomita to Tangerine Dream.


Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande (Germany)

Wunderhübsche Mädchen Schmeißen LSD Trips im Kindergarten (2012)
Verlorene Welt (2014)

Although a "witch house" project, there are some EM influences felt in some of the works. Especially Verlorene Welt, which is supposedly a soundtrack, will be interesting for its long, cosmic tracks bringing to mind early Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze and more. A bit more variety within the tracks would not harm, though. File under EM-related.

See also: Mater Suspiria Vision


Madden, Mike (USA)

Millenium Mash (1998)
Metallic Limits (1999)

Mike Madden is the drummer of Joe Albarran's Matter. On these albums he uses drums, percussion, theremin and mellotron.

See also: Matter


Madhavi Devi (USA)

Tibet (2004) (with Deborah Martin)
Source of Compassion (2016) (with Howard Givens)
The Truth of Being (2018)

New-agey Ambient and World Music in semi-acostic / semi-electronic setting from Cheryl Gallagher. Some tracks approach classic Space Music. On Spotted Peccary label.


Madhya (France)

Les Chants du Soir a la Villa Carlotta (1981)
Les Trônes D'Orient (1985)
Meditations Sur le Seuil (1987)

Madhya is a project of Thierry Guinot who wrote this music for Rosicrucian Order, a secret society he was member of and is now the president in charge of. The music is at times static, solemn, meditational and dark. It has that new-agey vibe to it and features, apart from synthesizers, lots of acoustic instruments, including lots of vibes.


Madis (Poland)

Sea of Tranquility (2020)
Hometown EP (2020) (EP)
Sail (2022)
Plains of Elysium (2023)
Live In Krakow (2023)

Synthesist from Krakow with a melodic / spacey sound, full of sequences and pads. I can detect some Jarre influence in there.


Madley, Hark (USA)

Stream (2019)

Nice ambient music created by this Los Angeles-based synthesist on analog instruments mostly.


Madonne, Jean-Claude (UK)

Beautiful World (1984)

Lush, symphonic electronic pastiche on this library record of Sonoton label. Jean-Claude Madonne is a pseudonym of John Fiddy.


Madore, Michel (Canada)

Le Komuso A Cordes (1976)
La Chambre Nuptiale (1978)

Canadian musician from Quebec area. The first album features a full-band sound. The music is instrumental and is somewhat influenced by Gong (you know, the jazzy sort of thing). The second one features different music altogether: it's spacey and ethereal and is in essence a solo electronic effort of Michel. The work on both albums started in 1975 but the second one took 3 years to complete. After these two releases Michel Madore mostly acted as a painter and sculptor.


Madrelarva (Spain)

Selected Ambient Works (2015)
Sueño Cíclico (2018)
Danza De Cuchillos / Sin Remisson (2019)
Marginalia (2019)
Oro Naciente (2019)
Meditación Negra (2020)
Larvario (2020)
Infecto (2020)
Incisión (2020)
Una Era Terminal (2020)
Donde Yace Todo (2020)
Album Silfúrico (2020)
Corona Zenit (2021)
Liminal Works (2021)
Sat Nam (2021)
El Mundo Duerme (2021)
Deja Mort (2021)
Amorino (2021)
Sol y Acero (2022)
Gravedad (2022) (S)
Sol Interior (2022)
Atlas (2022)
Eje de Rotación (2022)
Sigilo Confesional (2022) (S)
Nadir (2023)

A project that combines ambient electronics and harsher, industrial textures.

See also: Tornero, Julio


Maenad (USA)

Flowers For Solomon (1999) (S)
A Thousand Petals (2001)

Flowers... contains apocalyptic Dark Ambient with mutating synths over a collage of late-night Christian Radio sounds. Maenad is a New-Jersey-based project from Christine M. Uberti.


Maeror Tri (Germany)

Dedicated To A New Dawn (1988)
Perception Kills (1988)
Peak Experience (1989)
Peak Experience (1990) (different)
Ambient Dreams (1990)
Sensuum Mendacia (1991)
Subliminal Forces (1991)
Hypnobasia (1991)
Ultimate Time (1991)
Venenum (1992)
Multiple Personality Discorder (1993)
Yearning For the Secrets of Nature (1993)
Mind Reversal (1993)
Archaic States (1993)
Ultimate Time (1994)
Myein (1995)
Ambiguitas (1995)
Mort Aux Vaches (1996)
The Beauty of Sadness (1996)
Language of Flames And Sound (1996)
Emotional Engramm (1997)
Hypnotikum I (1998)
Hypnotikum II (1999)

The ultimate in Drone Ambient. Maeror Tri were a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes. The group is now disbanded.

See also: Troum


Maerz, Achim (Germany)

Relief (2022)

German house artist who started showing some progressive tendencies on Relief. Hopefully, he goes full-on EM mode next time, as the opener on Relief (one of several EM or EM-influenced tracks on the album) is very tasty.


Maesso, Jerónimo (Spain)

Arraigo (1988)
Bestiario (1992)

Arraigo represents a soundtrack to a flamengo ballet that mixes that style with electronics, although the exact combination and sound is not clear at the moment. Bestiario I know nothing about.


Maestracci, Jacky (France)

Symphonia (1996)

Corsican electronic musician with a rock-based, melodic style.


Maffei, Daniele (Italy)

Tutto in Questi Colori (2016)

Neo-classical influenced Ambient, sometimes with slow rhythms. Melodic, atmospheric music that will appeal to those into the output of AD Music label, perhaps.


Magamura (Hungary)

Supernaturals (2017)

Unclassifiable experimental duo of Eril Fjord (real name - Krisztián Pető) and Laurine Frost. Some tracks have a genuine Prog EM feel and are done in a unique, individual style. These include "Aspen'92", "Youth", "Roon" and a few other, isolated moments.

See also: Fjord, Eril, Frost, Laurine.


Mage, Michael (USA)

The New Tribes (2003) (EP)

Tribal Ambient artist from Arizona. Very much influenced by Steve Roach's tribal phase.


Magec (Germany)

Ritual Reality (1996)
Bella Donna (1997)
Natural Spirit (1999)

Diverse music from Jens Buchert released on Innovative Communications label. Influences include World Music, Tribal Ambient, melodic EM, downtempo, new age and more.


Magenta Mirror (UK)

Keeper of the Id (1986)
Lemurian Timewarp (1987)
Ichogampa (1988)
Moods And Madness (1989)

Barry Christian and Michael Howe.

See also: Christian, Barry, Howe, Michael.


Magic Arrows (USA)

After Rain (2010)
Zeta Grey (2011)
Descend Like Dove (2013)
Music In the Garden (2014)
Music In the Garden Bonus CD-R (2014)
Pray (2014)
Voyager Meditations (2014)
Guitar Loops (2015)
Shortwave Now (2016)
Phone Homeless (2017)
Ultraviolet Butterflies (2018)
Radio Picasso (2019)

Magic Arrows is Scott Beschta. Lo-fi ambience, drones and ethereal, melodic synths. Early works are not included because they are supposedly in a different, non-EM style. Further investigation is needed.


Magic Dimension (Germany)

Autobahn Musik (2002)
Space Exploration (2002)
Sounds From Outer Space (2002)
Dreams of Tomorrow (2002)
Earthview (2002)
Back To the Roots 1 (2003)
Back To the Roots 2 (2003)
Bewegung (2003)
Cosmic Events (2003)
Endless Floating (2004)
Dreamscape (2004)
Reflections (2005)
Astrophobia (2005)
Skywalker (2006)
Sternenflimmern (2011)

Quite a prolific German artist with a cosmic, Berlin School-inspired sound.


Magic Fades (USA)

Zirconia Reign (2014) (with Soul Ipsum)
Zirconia Dynasty (2015) (with Soul Ipsum)
Zirconia Collapse (2017) (with Soul Ipsum)

Portland, Oregon-based duo of Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott. They usually make various forms of club related, R'n'B-influenced or "deconstructed club" music. All of these influences are definitely present in the "Zirconia" trilogy, done in collaboration with vaporwave project Soul Ipsum. However, and quite amazingly, there is also a strong Prog EM influence, especially on tracks like "White Habitus", "Ecojaunt #1" and others. Their post-internet, post-club, post-everything moods and creative use of sampled voices make their music pretty unique.


Magic From Space (USA)

It's Split MFSBU (2017)
Bach16th Behind You (2018)
Ioeoular (2018)
4 HSP ć ASMR Vol. 1 (2018)
4 HSP ć ASMR Vol. 2 (2019)

Ohio-based project with a melodic, funky, experimental style. Nice sequences and synth melodies on Ioeoular.


Magic Lantern (USA)

Skeleton Key (2020)
Scream In E Minor (2021)

Like dungeon synth with fat analog timbres. Nice "adventure" music.


Magic Sound Fabric (USA)

Unfold (1998)
Uplift Drift (2002)
Freedom Star (2004)
Observer (2009)
Lucid (2015)

Ambient and chill-out music, sometimes with modern rhythms. Magic Sound Fabric is Cameron Akhunaton.

See also: Mind Transport Tools


Magical Power Mako (Japan)

Welcome To the Earth (1981)
Magical Computer Music (1985)
Next Millennium Vibrations (1993)
No Government After Revolution (1997)
424 Gratia Sound Image Sketch (2016)

I am not sure how much of this Japanese psychedelic legend's music could be classified as EM, but at least the above mentioned albums are supposed to be electronic or electronic-related. Welcome To the Earth seems to be strongly influenced by Kraftwerk, with that exotic and at times wacky Japanese touch, Magical Computer Music is full of quirky melodic and abstract synth instrumentals, while Next Millennium Vibrations makes a step towards 90's Ambient, trance and IDM. Further investigation is needed.


Magical Ring (France)

Light Flight / More And More (1977)

A project of Jean-Pierre Decerf. This album is more or less a library release and therefore suffers from inconsistency. The music ranges from the cheesy and sub-standard Floydisms (on vocal / guitar / synth tracks) to nice spacey electronic numbers.

See also: Decerf, Jean-Pierre


Magicien Windows (France)

Du désespoir plein la trompette (2021)

Weird stuff mixing synth-pop music (with autotuned vocals and all) and wacky instrumental synth material.


Magina, Pedro (Portugal)

Nazca Lines (2010) (S)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (2011)
Gecko (2013) (S)
Olímpia (2020)

Synthesist with a diverse melodic / atmospheric style.


Magisphere (???)

Theta-5 (2019) (S)

EM duo of Bethany Barrett and Jules Laplace. They are based in Berlin, although their names do not sound German to me, so I am not sure (unless these are pseudonyms, of course). Anyway, it is all flowing and cosmic, mostly analog, electronics.


Magma (France)

Magma (1970)
1001 Centigrade (1971)
Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (1973)
Kohntarkosz (1974)
Hhai / Live (1975)
Udu Wudu (1976)
Inedits (1977)
Attahk (1978)
Retrospektiw Vol. 1 & 2 (1981)
Retrospektiw Vol. 3 (1981)
Merci (1984)
Mythes Et Legendes Vol. 1 (1985)
Mekanik Kommandoh (1990)
Le Voix - Concert 1992 - Douarnenez (1992)
Theatre Du Taur - Concert 1975 Toulous (1994)
Concert Bobino 1981 (1995)
Concert 1971 Bruxelles Theatre 140 (1996)
Floe Essi / Ektah (1998)
BBC 1974 Londres (1999)
Theusez Hamtaahk (2001)
Kohntarkosz Anteria (2004)
Uber Kommandoh BBC 1974 (2004)
Bourges 1974 (2008)
Studio Zünd (2008) (recorded in 1970 - 2004)
Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré (2009)
Live In Tokyo (2009) (recorded in 2005)
Félicité Thösz (2012)
Zühn Ẁöhl Ünsaï - Live 1974 (2014)
Rïah Sahïltaahk (2014)
Slag Tanz (2015)
Köhnzert Zünd (2015) (recorded in 1975 - 2009)
Marquee Londres 17 Mars 1974 (2018)
Zëss (Le Jour Du Néant) (2019)

A relic of French progressive scene. Magma were the creators of musical style known today as "zeuhl" music. The band's drummer, Christian Vander, invented his own language called the Kobaian, in which the band sang sci-fi stories about a peaceful race living on a distant planet Kobaia and their relationships with the people of the Earth. With it's shattering bass lines, super eccentric vocals, darkish keyboard sounds and heavily repetitive structure, Magma's music is nothing for the faint-hearted. The band has influenced a host of musicans, not only in rock music, but also in the electronic camp, the good example being Peter Frohmader. For their more electronic sound, check out Udu Wudu.

See also: Weidorje, Vander, Christian, Gauthier, Patrick, Widemann, Benoit.


Magnani, Mirco (???)

Madame E (2017) (with Ernesto Tomasini)
Lumiraum (2019) (with Łukasz Trzciński)


Magne, Michel (France)

Elements - La Terre (1978)
Elements No.2 - L'eau (1980)
Classiques Synthetiseurs (1982)

Michael Magne (1930 - 1984) is mostly known as a soundtrack composer who also released several Electronic Music albums (they are listed above). The rest of his output ranges from symphonic music to vocal / chansons and a bit of early experimentation (as on Musique Tachiste).


Magneticring (Canada)

Debris Magnetiques (2004)
Live In A Room With All the Windows (2007) (with Workbench)
Magneticring (2009)
Untitled (2009) (S) (with Osama Shalabi)
City (2011)
All the Fluid Is Floating (2012)

Varied (sometimes noisy) soundscapes from Joshua Stevenson.

See also: Von Bingen


Magnetics, The (Iceland / USA)

A Historical Glimpse of the Future (1981)

A mixture of jazz fusion and electronic stuff from the duo of Jakob Magnússon and Alan Howarth (Pi Corp).

See also: Howarth, Alan


Magnetize (Ireland)

Biome (2004)
Live @ Lazybird 20.02.05 (2005)
Ear Blink (2007)
Frame Dragging (2008)
Sweex (2009)

On the stark, dense side of the soundscape spectrum, this, however, has enough kosmische influences to warrant an inclusion here.

See also: Nwyvre


Magnetizer (USA)

Post-Body (2016) (S)
Observer (2016) (S)

Oakland-based artist. This music alternates between danceable acid / techno tunes and sequencer-based or atmospheric EM pieces, mostly leaning towards the latter (of the four tracks on Post-Body, only one is acid / techno-related).


Magnetron (UK)

First Light (2012)
Future Lines (2013)
Quadrant (2013)
Spherics (2014)
Velocity (2014)
Photonic Waves (2015)
Impulse Response (2016)
Phase Space (2016)
Power Lines 1 (2016)
Power Lines 2 (2016)
Hypnosis (2017)

British Berlin School duo of Steve Humphries and Ken (Xan) Alexander.

See also: Create, Alexander, Xan.


Magnum Opus (Brazil)

Divine Force (1997)
Magnum Opus (2008)
Imagens (2021)
Força Vital (2021)
Ao Vivo (2021)
Universo Surreal (2021)

Apparently, this artist (Daniel Klimek) mixes melodic progressive rock with jazzy / symphonic tendencies and psychedelic / cosmic Electronic Music.

See also: Mello, André


Magnusson, Runar (Iceland)

Sub​-​Photic Scenario (2022)

Deep Ambient from this Icelandic composer who has resided in Denmark and is now based in Austria.


Magnus, Nick (UK)

Straight On Till Morning (1993)
Inhaling Green (1999)

British keyboardist who has been playing with Steve Hackett since the 1980's. As a solo artist, he mostly goes for the bombastic symphonic rock sound with touches of new instrumental. Inhaling Green is a diverse work that ranges in style from the above mentioned bombastic symphonic rock based exclusively on the keyboards, to Enigma-inspired dance tunes (with Gregorian chants and all) to Mike Oldfield's style (circa The Songs of Distant Earth) and something that sounds almost like a Vangelis rip-off circa The Conquest of Paradise ("Conquistador"), or alternatively, you could say that it sounds very much inspired by it. There are also some soundtracky stuff and more easy-listening jazzy / new-agey tracks. I have to give it to him, though, the guy really knows how to compose a good melody. Really, I think he is best when in melodic / 90's Vangelis / Oldfield mode (like on the above mentioned "Conquistador" or the multi-part title suite, which is quite brilliant and a definite highlight of the whole disc). Straight On Till Morning applies a more uniform instrumental general midi progrock / new age approach.


Magritte (UK)

Sea Fever (1984)


Maguni, Nandele (Mozambique)

Plaffondeinst (2020)
FF EP (2020) (EP)
Xigubo (2023) (with A-Tweed)

Also known as just "Nandele". The music on Xigubo mixes some experimental techno beats with samples. The real attraction, though, is the long, pulsing synth closer "Intesidade", which reminds on Heldon and other proponents of the "neurotic" style of Electronic Prog. Plaffondeinst has some interesting material as well.


Magwheels (USA)

Romance (1994)
Treaktor (2001)
Lanterns (2002)
Evebuildingbomb (2003)
Pane (2003) (with Stone Glass Steel)
Selected Songs 2001 - 2003 (2004)

Drone Ambient from David Sullivan (Portland, Oregon).


Maha Pralaya (Russia)

Bardo (2017)
Nataraja Tandavam (2018)
Skies At Our Feet (2018) (with Gr¸zoblazhenstvie)
Wasteland Song (2019)
Nuclear Kurukshetra (2021)

Post-apocalysptic ambience.


Mahavok (Estonia)

Galaktikad (2010)

This band exists since 1977 as Spiraal and since 1982 is known under its current name. In their early years they played a sort of pop / rock music with vocals. However, their 2010 effort is an instrumental affair, featuring a nice, spacey and extremely melodic mixture of guitars, drums and electronics. Some of the tracks remind on latter-day Tangerine Dream (Mars Polaris and onwards) but with much more analog warmth to it.


Mahler Haze (Belgium)

Lupus Dei (2012)
Final Vapour (2012)
Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before (2012)
Sweat Saves Blood (2013)
Counterfactual (2014)
Psithurism (2016)
A Range of Solutions (2018)
Riverine (2020)

Abstract, psychedelic, often noisy electronics.


Mahogany Frog (Canada)

The Living Sounds Of (2003)
Vs Mabus (2004)
Mahogany Frog On Blue (2005)
Do5 (2008)
Senna (2012)
In the Electric Universe (2021)

4-piece progressive rock band from Winnipeg. Their music is instrumental and involves extensive experimentation with electronics (synths, organs and lots of guitar effects, including feedback). They are loud and intense and their approach is close to that of math rock (nothing excessively complex here, though) and space rock. Mahogany Frog On Blue is perhaps their best one in terms of electronics. File under EM-related.


Mahon, Kieran (UK)

Two States (2020) (S)
Solstice (Live) (2021) (S)
Eternal Return (2021)
Morning Brings the Light (2022)

Sussex-based synthesist with a propulsive, sequencer-based style.


Mahoney, Mark (USA)

If Dreams Were Clouds (2004)
Imprint (2006) (with Michael Peck)
The Gallery of Subtle Smiles (2007) (with Michael Peck)
Beyond the Vaulting Sky (2009)
A Life Incandescent (2010) (with Michael Peck)

Ambient musician and a founding member of The Amaranth Signal.

See also: Amaranth Signal, The


Mahti (Finland)

Musiikki 1 (2023)
Musiikki 2 (2023)

Finnish quartet mixing Electronic Music and traditional Finnish folk instrument the kantele.

See also: Lehtisalo, Jussi, Circle.


Mai (Ireland)

Gaia (2020)
Polis (2021)
Alpha (2022)

Melodic EM based on repetition. A project of Steve McCourt, originally from Dublin (now residing in Shanghai). Pretty relaxing, pastoral sound here, with a mixture of electronic and some acoustic sounds.


Mai Mai Mai (Italy)

Isola / Azione (2020)
Omega Mai (2021) (with Squadra Omega)
Rimorso (2022)

Undescribable noise / Mediterranean folk project formed by Rome-based drummer Antonio Cutrone. On Isola / Azione, you will find long, dark electronic tracks, with additional guitar on side A. Between Dark Ambient and early krautrock (ala Popol Vuh) sounds, with slightly noisy bits & pieces.


Maia, Rui (Portugal)

Botany Department (2021)

Portuguese musician mostly devoted to various forms of nu-disco music. He records as Mirror People and is part of synth-rock group X-Wife. Botany Department is Cluster-like or vaguely Berlin (ala 1980's Tangerine Dream soundtracks) EM with exotica / ethnic flavors and a disco / balearic sheen.

See also: Storm Factory


Maiah, Asier (Spain)

F(r)icciones (2023)

Baque artist. A capella singing and guitar / electronics trips. Cold, neurotic, like a more primitive Heldon in places.


Maidenberg, Reed (USA)

Poppies (1986)
Unexpected Beauty (1989)

Usually lumped with the new age genre, the music of Reed Maidenberg indeed has that vibe, as he likes to use major harmonies on his multiple keyboards. However, his music is much more elaborate than any typical new age and I would say that the faster tracks remind on Ray Lynch's music circa Deep Breakfast. The palette of sounds that Reed uses is also miles ahead of any artist usually associated with the genre. Then there are slow tracks like "In the Morning Mist" that are nice EM that hints in the direction of Space Music and melodic / spacey styles. Patrick Kosmos was one name in particular that sprang to mind. If you like Electronic New Age or general / melodic EM, do check out Poppies.


Maiello, Luigi (Italy)

Music From the XXI Century (2015)

A largely electronic album from this classical composer.


Maier, Christian (Germany)

Inspiration (1990)
In the Beginning (1991)
On the Way (1991)

German synthesist.


Maier, Glyn (USA)

Indefinite Lattices (2020)
Encironments Mix (2022)
Erosion Trace (2023)
A Passage (2023)

Ambient music with heavy use of field recordings.


Maier-Hauf, Julian (Germany)

Forest For Rest (2017)

German saxophonist. There is nary a sax solo to be heard on Forest For Rest, though. Instead, what we get is a rhythmic electronic excursion between nu-disco and layered sequencing that likens it to the New Berlin School genre. Ok, but it could benefit from some variation in the rhythmic department. As it is, it's all kind of repetitive and not always in a good sense (you get the impression of listening to the same track for the whole duration of the album).


Maile, Heiko (Germany)

Demo Tapes 1984-86 (2021)

Australian-born German musician and member of well-known synth-pop band Camouflage. In the early-to-mid 1980's, he was recording solo Electronic Music in his studio, using a two-track recorder, a drum machine and several synths driven by sequencers, often doing various takes of the same track. Some of these experiments can be found on Demo Tapes. Melodic, sequencer-based, energetic...


Maillet, Frederic (France)

Inlandsis (2005)
Strategie Lunaire (2007)

French synthesist with classic style.


Main (UK)

Firmament III (1996)
Ablation (2013)

So far I have included here only one album by this well-known UK experimental band, consisting of Scott Dowson and Robert Hampson. I am not sure if it fits in stylistically, or if there are other albums out there begging of inclusion. On Firmament III processed guitar was used along with a lot of samples (Paul Schütze provides samples for two of the tracks). The music is supposedly Ambient of the darker variety. This project was put on hold in 2006. Update 19/06/2023: Ablation is a work that will be enjoyed by fans of droning ambience.


Main Sequence, The (USA)

The Main Sequence (2014)

Music strongly inspired by the Berlin School of electronics (the earliest stuff, circa 1972 - 1975), space rock and stuff like Fripp & Eno, with guitar and synths. The Main Sequence are Joel David Palmer and Joshua Alan Weiner.


Maina, Pepe (Italy)

En Sof (1975)
Il Canto dell'Arpa e dell'Flauto (1977)
Scerizza (1979)
Il Gioco dei Venti (1985)
122 Indiani di Serie Bis (1994)
Whale Song (1996)
Musica Vol. 1 (1997)
Musica Vol. 2 (1998)
Last Winter Tales (2000)
Dragoons Ducks And Owls (2001)
Birds of Passage (2006)
Snow (2013)
Tales From the Hill (2015)
Etheric Anomalies (2016)
Winter Sea (2017)
The Belgirate Tapes (2022) (recorded in 1980)
Pagan Night (2022) (recorded in 2010)
Imaginary Land (2022)
Floating Lives (2022)
Moondance (2023) (recorded in 1999)
Autumn Spirit (2023) (recorded in 2021)
Metenkal (2023) (recorded in 2020)
Eye of the Day (2023) (recorded in 2009)

Unique prog / World Music / new age artist. Il Canto dell'Arpa e dell'Flauto be enjoyed by fans of Popol Vuh perhaps, with a dash of Mike Oldfield and Klaus Schulze. It's an acoustic / electronic hybrid. The 1985 album features Pepe Maina on an Ensoniq Mirage and flute only. Further investigation is needed.


Maine (France)

V (2017)
I - II - III (2020) (recorded in 2015)
IV (2022) (recorded in 2015 - 2016)

Paris-based Maine aka Michel Dupay is a synthwave-related artist who uses analog synths and pre-midi techniques to make his music. Fans of synthwave, as well as general melodic / analog EM may check him out.


Mainframe (UK)

Tenants of the Lattice Work (1983)

A concept album of Electronic Music (with some synth-pop traits) made with moogs, rolands, Apple II computer and more. Mainframe consisted of Murray Munro and John Molloy.


Maioli, Walter (Italy)

Amazonia 6891 (1986) (with Pit Piccinelli and Fred Gales)
Shortwave Encounters (2023)

The 1986 release is pioneering World Music from the mastermind behing Aktuala and Futuro Antico. Mainly processed field recordings and electronic sounds.

See also: Futuro Antico


Maiovvi, Antoni (UK)

Shadow of the Bloodstained Kiss (2009)
Zulawski (2010) (S)
The Thorns of Love (2010)
The Divine Invasion (2011) (EP)
Yellow (2013) (soundtrack)
The Hook & Pull Gang (2014) (with Umberto)
Monoceroticism (2014) (S)
Law Unit (2015) (with Umberto)
Avrokosm (2015)
Interior / Exterior (2017) (S)
Abdullah (2017) (soundtrack)
Housewife (2019) (soundtrack)
British Interrail (2019) (EP)
Where Dreams Go To Die (2019) (soundtrack)
Church of the Second Sun (2021) (with Anta)
La Ruta en Ruinas (2021) (EP)
In Private (2022) (soundtrack)
Before & After the Bomb (2023) (soundtrack)
The Dead of Winter (2023)

Bristol-based producer Anton Maiof revisits the "Giallo" genre, using lots of mellotron textures, sharp 1980's rhythms and varied synth textures. Goblin fans take note. Some of his other albums may be of interest too.


Maire, JL (Spain)

Botanical Melancholia (2021)
Different Tunings (2023)

Monotonous, static, droning electronic compositions realized on analog synthesizer systems.


Maison, Pierre (???)

A Trip To the Unknown (2022) (with Cargo)

EM based on the sound of analog synthesizers (although not exclusively) - often grating and experimental or cosmic and ethereal.


Maitreya (UK)

From the Mothership (1999)
Telluric Waves (2003)
.74 (2004)

Space Music by Simon Lomax who is the founder of British Council of Nine label.

See also: Lomax, Simon


Ma'iwa (Hungary)

KIME (2022)

Varied electronics from this duo of Anna Makay and Lajos Nadhazi. From wordless vocalizations to subtle noises and moments of cosmic EM bliss.


Maizena (Denmark)

Luxus-Rhythms (2015)
Sorouring Music (2016) (S)
Strange Worries (2017) (S)

Synth quartet that improvises on top of drum machine rhythms, resulting in a rhythmic, somewhat balearic-influenced style.

See also: Mediated Ambience, Mr. IRL, Palta.


Majestibo (Poland)

Majestibo is Polish composer Marcin Borkowski who participated in the creation of EL-PROJEKT sampler. He composes melodic and climatic spacey EM.


Majesty of Oceans (USA)

The Pelagic Eternal Light (2019) (S)
The Farthest Shores (2019) (S)
Miracle Songs (2020) (S)

Repetitive, melodic, ambient synth compositions inspired by the discovery and the seas.


Majeure (USA)

Timespan (2010)
Synthesizer of the Gods (2011) (EP)
Ben Nevis / Jakoda (2011) (S)
Brainstorm (2012) (S) (with Steve Moore)
Solar Maximum (2012)
Trancer (2012) (S)
Romance Language (2013) (S)
Termination Shock (2014)
Transmittance (2014)
Union of Worlds (2015)
Apex (2017) (S)
Phantasie (2018)
Mass Flashback (2019)

Stark Electronic Music from Zombi drummer A.E. Paterra.

See also: Paterra, A.E., Zombi


Majiczek (Poland)

Widok (2020)
Le Dépeupleur (2021)
AA (2021) (with Adam Witkowski)

Intense electronic compositions - ambient but with sequences and fat pads. This artist has at least two earlier albums that are more post-rock / IDM or folk-oriented.


Majkowski, Mike (Australia)

Swimming In Light (2016)
Days And Other Days (2017)
Between Seasons (2019)
Fields (2021)
Four Pieces (2021)
Coast (2023)

Double bassist and electronic musician. Slow, low, quiet soundscapes. Pretty experimental but quite listenable.


Major Minor (Belgium)

Life - 4 Billion Years of Music (1990)
Strange New Worlds (1991)


Makačinas, Teisutis (Lithuania)

Disko Muzika (1982)

If you enjoy Space or Zodiac, this could be more of the same. In fact, one track is a complete "Magic Fly" rip-off, although it's pleasant and is done well. However, aparently most tracks on the album feature cheesy vocals. What a waste. Well, at least the synth sounds are fat and cool in that cartooney, cheesy way... There are other albums by this composer that supposedly have nothing to do with EM.


Makeup And Vanity Set (USA)

Never Let Go (2011) (S)
88:88 (2012) (soundtrack)
Manifold (2013) (S)
7.5.2148 (2013) (S)
Wilderness (2015)
Wavehymnal (2016) (S)
Brigador Volume I (2016)
Brigador Volume II (2017)
Chrome (2017)
Synchro (2017)
Trackless (2017) (soundtrack)
Shadow Circuit (2018)
Breaking News (2019)
Liturgy (2020)
Music System (2021)
Sentinels (2022) (S)

Synthwave project with forays into horror synth and progressive electronics. Starting in the 1990's as part of the then booming MOD scene, Matthew Pusti developed an interest in chiptune music. He then had a few releases in that style before moving to current synthwave-dominated sound. Note: the above discography is incomplete and only includes releases with EM or EM-related material.


Making Tea For Robots (UK)

Follows Shortly (2018)

Short electronic tracks made on analog synthesizers and inspired by 1970's sci-fi programs, library music and BBC Electrophonic Workshop.


Maklakov, Vitaly (Russia)

Denuding To Nights (2003) (S)
Fleur Light (2008) (with Federico Barabino)
Untitled (2013) (with GX Jupitter-Larsen)
Abstract Expressionism - Part 1 (2014)
Simple Beauty (2014) (with Chris Silver T)
The Last Day of Spring (2015)
Njera (2015)
Abstract Expressionism - Part 2 (2015)
Abstract Expressionism - Part 3 (2015)
Zontag (2015) (with Freiband)
Копирование по памяти (2016)
Solar Mycelium (2016) (with Lefterna)
Сон в полуденный зной (2016) (with Arseniy Litvin)
56°29′20″N (56​.​488839) 63°26′10″E (63​.​435983) (2016)
Изложение (2016) (with Astma)
Zheleznye Skazki (2016)
Библиотечный сон (2016)
Зазеркальное молочко  (2016) (with Arseniy Litvin)
Cold July Water (2016) (with Arsenne Arthur)
Loops Pulsation And Drone (2016) (S)
Принудительное озеленение снов (2016)
January Collage (2016)
Харизматичный отлов невесомости (2017)
Brain Oscillation (2017) (with Alexei Borisov)
Объекты перцепции (2017)
Эклектика и симультанность (2017) (with Arseniy Litvin)
Zheleznye Skazki Pt. 2 (2017)
Этажи (2017)
Звуковая инсталляция для тайного схрона (2017)
For A Distant Lands (2017)
Ночники (2017)
A Pool of Memory (2018) (with Nicholas Fair)
Окна (2018) (with Arseniy Litvin)
Fragments (2019)
Плёсина в невидимом месте (2019) (with Konstantin Roslyakov)
One Moment Please (2019) (with Gili Mocanu)
Не оставляя следов (2019)
Джанхот (2020)
Мицелий ежедневного(2020)
Белые пятна на тёмном фоне (2020)
Сечения и разрезы
Fractal (2020)
Yellow Album (2020) (with Carl Kruger)
Ещё один условный рефлекс (2020)
Collaboration (2021) (with Giacomo Salis)
Solar Plexus (2021) (with Nonpandoras)
Secret Mycology 2-8 (2021)
Библиотека окружающего мира (2021) (with Vasilisa Maklakova)
Arrow (2021)
Information Flow (2022) (with Carl Kruger)
На костях... (2022)
За нами не угнаться (2023) (S)
Тело вращения (2023) (with dscrdd)

Extremely prolific ambient artist from Saint-Petersburg, also known as Kromeshna. The above discography is incomplete, as some of his releases apparently consist of field recordings only. Some others lean towards noise, so these were excluded as well. A good example of his long-form Ambient is For A Distant Lands (2017).

See also: Kromeshna, Mynoda.


Mako (Austria)

Meeting With the Sea (1984)
In Other Regions (1986)
Forms of Life (1990)

Electronic Music, produced by Gandalf.


Makoto Highland Band (Japan)

Injection (1979)

Makoto Highland Band was a disco project led by Makoto Yano and most of the songs of the above LP are just your normal disco songs of the time. However, the synth parts were produced by Shigenori Kamiya (and his friend Atsuko Hayashi) and at least one track ("Anesthesia") seems to be a nice electronic number with a warm sound. Pity it's so short, making this album EM-related at the very best.


Makowski, Frank (Germany)

Canon der Finsternisse (2019)

German synthesist also known as Tranquillity. This is moody, ambient EM, sometimes with slow rhythms.

See also: Tranquillity, The Speed of Dark, Ramp, Mirkom, Rounds Per Minute.


Maksa, Zoltan (Hungary)

CO2 (2002)
Vulkan (2004)

Zoltan Maksa is a Hungarian humorist (!) who released a couple of albums with melodic, Jarre-influenced music.


Malard (Spain)

Arc Tape (2018) (S)

Moody ambient compositions from this artist based in Barcelona.


Mäläskä (Netherlands)

Uncle Jim's Cidney Factory (2016)
First Day of Spring (2020)

A duo of Remy Stroomer (synths / sequencing) and Petter Janse (guitar / sequencing). Relaxed, rhythmic, sequencer-based electronic journeys with sometimes a 1999-2010 period Klaus Schulze or Ashra feel.

See also: Remy


Malassis, Vincent (France)

Drop Out (2020) (S) (soundtrack)

Experimental composer. I don't know anything about his other works at the moment, but Drop Out will be enjoyed by a lot of EM fans for sure, especially those into warm analog synths, soundtracks and some experimentation.


Malek, Ahmed (Algeria)

The Electronic Tapes (2017) (recorded in ??)

Algerian film composer (1931 - 2008). In the early 1980's he discovered synthesizers and Electronic Music. The above release compiles some of his tapes containing experiments in the EM field. The style is, as can be expected, quite cinematic.


Malfatti, Johannes (Germany)

Surge (2017)
u,i (2020) (with Olivier Alary)

Long-form Ambient, mostly of deep nature, by this Berlin-based musician.


Malfet (USA)

The Snaking Path (2018)
The Way To Avalon (2019)
The Glimmering (2020) (S)
Alban Arthan (2020)

Dungeon synth with elements of medieval music and Ambient.


Malibu (France)

One Life (2019) (S)
Palaces of Pity (2022) (S)

Ethereal and beautiful Ambient by an artist who, apart from electronics, uses her own processed voice. Very nice.


Malin Genie (Netherlands)

Anthropomorphic Sympathy (2019)

Partly electro / partly ambient album. The ambient material is nice and interesting. Electro is ok. Malin Genie is a project of Nick Putman.


Malkin, Nicholas (USA)

Music From Harvester (2015) (with Cameron Stallones)
Interrupted Verse (2017) (S)
Christmas Lights Through A Rain-Streaked Migraine (2018) (S)
Slow Day On Brilliant Drive (2018)
A Typical Night In the Pit (2020)
Nothing Blues (2021) (S)
At the Libra Hotel (2023)

Ambient musician, often with a jazz flair.

See also: Nimu


Mallet, Sam (Australia)

Climates Replay (1985)
Theatre Musics & Field Musics (1986)
Intervalses (1987)
Wetlands (2019) (recorded in ??)

Late Australian (originally from France) synthesist whose style is characterized by repetition, melody and lots of wacky sounds (sometimes ala Cluster). Some jazzy stuff as well.


Malleus (Italy)

Paranorm (1988)
Opera Totale (1993)

Music in symphonic and at times bombastic Vangelis style, with voices and all.


Mallia, Sauveur (France)

Spatial & Co (1979)
Spatial & Co Vol. 2 (1979)
Automation (1980)
Cosmosynthetic Vol. 1 (1981)
Cosmosynthetic Vol. 2 (1981)
Automation Vol. 2 (1983)

As embarassing as it could be, these library records by Arpadys member (only his early works are included) run a whole gamut of influences, from the dreary disco sounds of his parent band to nice atmospheric, if somewhat simplistic electronic melodies in French style and even decent Berlin School sketches. I suppose one should get used to inconsistency as a key to the absolute majority of library albums but hey. You get cheese and you get class, all in the same album. Tread with caution. (funny part: the sequence on "Robot Avenue" from Automation seems to be stolen note-by-note from Kraftwerk's "Metropolis", at other times you can clearly hear him quoting (or simply trying to sound like) Jarre and Tangerine Dream).


Malmberg, Eric (Sweden)

Sju Små Sagomelodier Och En Låt Som Mest Är Som Ett Ljud (2000) (recorded in 1996)
En Skattkista Längst Nere På Botten Av Ett Stort Hav (2002)
Den Gåtfulla Människan (2005)
Verklighet & Beat (2007)

Young artist strongly influenced by the Dusseldorf School (Cluster, Kraftwerk...) and minimalism. Bo Hansson appears on synthesizer on Verklighet.

See also: Sagor & Swing


Malmö (France)

Concorde (2019) (S)
Sink EP (2020) (EP)
Phil EP (2021) (EP)
Les Grands Ensembles (2023) (EP)

Varied artist classed as "electronica" (arghhh). Floating synths and slow rhythms.


Malone, Yves (USA)

Three Movies (2014)
Ebony Sunrise (2014)
Adderall Canyonly / Yves Malone (2015) (with Adderall Canyonly)
Golden Twilight of the Black Sun (2015)
The Unfortunate Occurence of Memories Not Our Own Bleeding Through And the Hole That Fills Them (2015)
Death House 4 (2016)
Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life (2016) (S)
Moonday Tides (2017)
Boneblack (2017)
The Most of What You Need Is All You'll Ever Have (2018)
Aced (2018)
Beyond the Before (2019)
Cicuta Maculata (2019)
The Beginning of Nothing (2020)
Immortal Death (2020)

One of the artists that mix progressive electronic with current synthwave trends and that "horror revival" sound in there as well. Three Movies is a 3-cassette set.


Malorth (Sweden)

The End (2019)

Interesting work from Fredrik Jonasson, mixing Dusseldorf School aesthetic with clanging, resonant, metallic rhythms.


Maltz, Eric (USA)

LP (2017)
Zero Crossing (2020) (S) (with Brueder Selke)

Originally from New York, Maltz is a well-traveled artist who makes varied music, mostly within deep house / dub / dub techno idiom. However, the fantastic EM piece "Symphony At Dawn" shows his real talent and gives hope for future EM candy from Eric. Notes 28.12.2020: Zero Crossing delivers more EM indeed.


Malvern Brume (UK)

C.C.S. Ear-Well (2019)
Exhaust Trails (2019) (EP)
Tendrils (2020)
Harsh Miniatures (2021)
Body Traffic (2022)

Experimental, but playful and very listenable EM from this London-based project (Rory Salter).


Mamífero (Spain)

Incendia! (2017)
El Sol (2020)

Mamífero is Nacho Galán. From noisy sections to melodic and ambient, but always pretty abstract.


Mammals In Rhythm (UK)

Zener_26 (2021)

Varied Electronic Music from this duo. Ranges from ambient to cosmic and sequencer / Berlin School (as on "Night Tide").

See also: Red Setter, Greening Lambourne.


Mammatus (USA)

Sparkling Waters (2015)

Stoner / psychedelic rock band from California. Surprisingly, EM influences are all over their 2015 effort, Sparkling Waters, with both parts of the epic title track showing a lot of those influences. The first 12 minutes of the second part are completely electronic and it's an extremely nice atmospheric EM style I must add. More of that please.

See also: Wapiti, Emmert, Nicholas.


Mammoths Nests (Austria)

Jupiter Crush (2021) (S)

From ambient compositions to floating melodic sequencer.


Mamontovas, Andrius (Lithuania)

The Hong Kong Tapes (2018)
Paleisk (2021)

Varied melodic music from this diverse artist, keyboardist and ex-member of rock band Foje.


Man And Robot Society (USA)

Robosapien (2018)

Slowly moving, wacky electronic tracks from Jeff Hopp out of Arizona.

See also: Man From M.A.R.S., The


Man Duo (Finland)

Orbit (2017)

Finnish synth-pop duo consisting of Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Sami Toroi. They have a slight progressive edge to their sound and will be enjoyed by fans of Kraftwerk (although they are not that mechanical) and especially YMO (although they are not that clinical, cerebral and ironic and have none of the oriental influences).

See also: Long-Sam


Man From M.A.R.S., The (USA)

Tales of A Reluctant Astronaut (2007)

A concept album about an astronaut lost in deep space, with music played single-handedly by one Jeffrey Hopp from Arizona. He cites mainly space rock bands as an inspiration. However, the music on this album is as much electronic as it is rock. In fact, I would say that it is primarily electronic, apart from the (rather weak and at times pretty annoying if you ask me) vocals and some electric guitar plinking. Some of the Floyd comparisons are inevitable, but this one has programmed drums, so there you go. Whatever the case, the album's main attraction are certainly the spacey synth sounds. Nice colorful cover also, drawn by the author.

See also: Man And Robot Society


Man From Uranus (UK)

Wild Moogimals (2005) (S)
Amazing Science Friction Vol. 1 (2008) (recorded in 2003 - 2008)
Alien Flowers (2017)
Duck Wars (2017) (with Jellica)
Hot Space (2018) (S)

London-based synthesizer player and member of psychedelic pop band Vanishing Twin. Duck Wars is a funny electronic record with synths imitating ducks, influenced by the music of Jean-Jacques Perrey and Roger Roger.


Man With the Machines (???)

Trancetronics (1998)

Supposedly, rhythmic, mechanical music in Kraftwerk vein.


Mana (Italy)

Creature (2017) (EP)
Seven Steps Behind (2019)

Unique electronic compositions: abstract, neo-classical, vapowave-like, definitely progressive. Daniele Mana is an artist from Piedmont.


Mana Drop (Denmark)

Spear Pillar (2021) (EP)

Mana Drop is Mads Andersen who is based in Manchester. He is rather diverse, but mostly works in club-related (breaks, IDM, techno, etc.) styles. Spear Pillar contains a beautiful ambient closer - the reflective and shadowy "Hiroshi". A one-track inclusion so far.


Manapsara (USA)

Queer (1988)

This is a soundtrack to the novel of William S. Burroughs composed by Bradley Koehler and Christopher Hartman. Sort of a dark, industrial-tinged sound.


Manço, Bariş (Turkey)

2023 (1975)
A New Day (1979)
Sozum Meclisten Disari (1981) 

Bariş Manço (1943 - 1999) was one of the earliest Turkish rock'n'roll musicians. He studied in Belgium and during the 50's and 60's formed several groups in both popular and experimental fields. During the 70's, he released some EM-related works. After that he dissapeared from the experimental scene and acted more as a popular artist. Note that A New Day was released in Turkey as "Baris Manco Kurtalan Express Yeni Bir Gun".


Mandel, Mike (USA)

RMI Harmonic Synthesizer And Keyboard Computer (1974)
Sky Music (1978)
Utopia Parkway (1980)

Synthesizer / fusion. Apparently, Mike Mandel was a Rocky Mount Instruments employee in the early 1970's.


Mandelbrot (Germany)

Ignition (1995)
1000 Ships At the Bottom of the Sea (2000)
Latvian Suite (2002) (S)
Seasons (2002)
Auf Tauchfahrt (2005)
Thorns (2008)
Evolution (2009)
Distant Travellers (2011)
Kaleidoskop (2014)
Zeitsprung (2019)

Dark Ambient from Philipp Münch.


Mandible Chatter (USA)

Serenade For Anton (1992)
Drinking Out the Hourglass (1993)
The Death of Sweetness (1993)
Hair, Lock And Lore (1994)
Grace (1995)
Food For the Moon (1997)
The Drone (1999) (EP)
Of Foreign Lands And People (2003)

Exploratory ambient soundscapes from Grant Miller and Neville Harson (who use mostly processed guitars). One album of folk / pop songs was omitted from the above discography.


Mandić, Oliver (Serbia)

Ljuljai Me Nežno (1978) (S)

Serbian pop / rock singer, keyboard player and member of several groups with his debut single. An experimental electronic piece occupies side B, titled "Šuma". Way too short, but a relic nonetheless. I wonder if there are more solo electronic pieces in his archives... somewhere... waiting to be uncovered and finally released.


Mandozzi, Graziano (Italy)

Bilder des Ruhmes (1976)
Jesus GMBH (1977)
Masada (1977)
Bach Handel 300 (1985)

The 1985 album is dedicated to Wendy Carlos and Tomita and consequently, you can expect classical music performed on synthesizer. This is what Mandozzi delivers here - a note-by-note rendition of Bach and Handel played on PPG Wave and Waveterm synths. Earlier albums are electronic theater scores.


Mandragora (UK)

Earthdance (1992)

Mandragora was formed in 1984 by Simon Williams. The nucleus of the group is Williams and keyboardist Phil Thornton (known for his solo new age records) plus a host of guest musicians. The music of Mandragora can be placed alongside bands like Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles and Gong. You know, sort of space rock / psychedelic kind of thing. The reason I include them is their 1992 album Earthdance where, among other interesting bits, you will find "Xylem" - an instrumental song that sounds surprisingly close to Klaus Schulze's Miditerranean Pads. There are other albums by them, including Over the Moon (1990) and Head First (1991). I don't know anything about these works.

See also: Thornton, Phil


Mandrake (USA)

Bunker 4025 & 4026 (2022)

A stalwart of Chicago house and techno music since the early 1980's, Willie Griffin aka Boo Williams aka Mandrake tries his hand at more atmospheric forms of electronics on Bunker 4025 & 4026. The results are pretty nice - cinematic EM with slight synthwave moods.


Manecke, Chris (USA)

Mullholland Daydream (2013)

Mysterious and at times cosmic Ambient.


Manek, Tarquin (Australia)

Tarquin Magnet (2015)
Do You Know the Mind of A Bullet? (2015)
Lock On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts (2017) (S) (with Martina Quake)

Experimental artist mostly focusing on drones and noises, but does not shun from an occasional sequence / arpeggio either (like on the opener from Tarquin Magnet for example).


Maneki Neko (USA)

Auracle (2005)
Muichi Motsu (2014)

Varied Space Music / Ambient material. Maneki Neko is Al Mikula from Austin, Texas.


Månens Vågor (Russia)

The Gray Luminescence (2011)

Gloomy Ambient consisting mostly of just pads or heavy orchestral textures.


Mangle (Mexico)

Echoes of Mother Earth (2016)

Mexican "forest synth" project. Mostly pads and field recordings. Quite atmospheric at times.


Mangler, Holle (Germany)

Eternal Dimension (1993)
Annihilation On Earth (1995)
3=4 (2000)
Escape Over Needles (2010)

Very energetic music, sometimes a mixture of progrock and electronics.


Mangoni, Jerry (Italy)

Jerry Mangoni (2002)
Cerchi Concentrici (2013)

Privately pressed CD with a mixture of symphonic rock and more atmospheric material from this keyboard player.


Manhattan Hotel (???)

Manhattan Hotel (2016)

Male / female duo using modular synths for a stark, melodic and ambient sound.


Manifesto (Sweden)

Manifesto (2000)
Nailed To the Floor (2001)
Core (2008)
Insomnia (2008)
Absolution (2009) (S)
Barren (2009) (S)
Black Swan (2009) (S)
Rust (2012)
Live In Basel, Switzerland (2013)
Live In Heerlen, The Netherlands (2013)
Live In Wommelgem, Belgium (2013)
Exit (2016)
Hive (2018)
Live (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Dark / Martial Ambient from the guy formerly of the noise act Supremacy (M. Zetterberg).


Manipura (Germany)

Manipura (1999)

Ambient soundscapes.


Manitou (USA)

All Points North (2007)

The music of this Detroit-based artist can be described as industrial-tinged, mysterious urban soundscapes.


Mank (UK)

Vegetable Milk (2002) (EP)
Death Studies (2002) (EP)
Erleichda (2003)
Meridian (2004)
Madarch (2005)
Cephalization (2006)
Isbjorn (2008)
Ambergris (2009) (S)
Awen (2010)
Esoteria (2011)
Solipsism (2015)
Agartha (2018)

North Wales-based musician Benjamin Powell creates ambient atmospheres punctuated by sparse digital rhythms.

See also: Llyn Y Cwn, Deliquescent Crystals.


Manley, Phil (USA)

Life Coach (2011)
Norcal Values (2011) (with Isaiah Mitchell)

On his solo works, member of Trans Am Phil Manley channels his direct influences more than anything else. These include spacey krautrock guitar explorations (ala Goettsching) and the "Dusseldorf School" of Electronic Music.


Mannheim Steamroller (USA)

Fresh Aire 4 (1980)
Fresh Aire V (1983)

Finally, Chip Davis' pioneering new age / instrumental rock ensemble gets a mention in EEM. Yeah, right. Unfortunately, the only tracks that I found could really be called EM are the pulsing "The Dream" and the atmospheric "Crystal" from Fresh Aire 4, the Synergy-like "Z-Row Gravity" and maybe also the symphonic / electronic "Creatures of Levania" (both from Fresh Aire V) if you're in a generous mood. The rest ranges from classically-influenced (lots of harpsichord, flute, violins etc), to new age and light rock. It's not that I've heard all of their tracks, of course... Later stuff (post 1983) is a bit similar in sound to Tangerine Dream from the late 1980's but, whereas TD were still fairly progressive at that time, MS opt for a more direct and new-agey sound, with straight, simple rhythms and thin keyboard presets. File under EM-related.


Manning, Anthony (UK)

Islets In Pink Polypropylene (1994)
Chromium Nebulae (1995)
Concision (1997)

Anthony Manning was influenced by the first wave of electronic musicians to create his own compositions. For this, he used standard instruments that everybody else was using at the time to make dance music. However, the results of his work were far more ambient and experimental. In 1997 all his gear was stolen so he had to stop. After a while he bought more gear and started composing again, this time opting for an IDM-influenced sound.


Manon Lescaut (France)

Gift of Stones (2015)
Eurydice (2016)
Catenaccio (2019)
A Garlands For Her Head (2023)

A pseudonym of Olivier Vaupel. Catenaccio features moody and deep, melancholic synthscapes, like Klaus Schulze making a soundtrack to a Tarkovsky film.


Manowski, Marek (Poland)

Kamenna Droga (1994)
Infomania (1995) (with Komendarek and Tomasz Kubiak)

Mainly melodic EM.


Mansell, Clint (UK)

Black Mirror: San Junipero (2020) (soundtrack)

Moody synth soundtrack with even some mellotron sounds. Pretty nice.


Månskendvärgar (Germany)

:|: (2020)
Trollskog (2021)

Ambient music inspired by Nordic mythology, folklore and nature.


Mantacoup (Netherlands)

Equinox (2003)
Wichman And Other Pieces (2004) (with Spielerei)
Cold War (2007) (with Spielerei)

A project of Dutchman Jeroen Vermeent on Databloem's sub-label Dataobscura. Somewhat in Pete Namlook / Biosphere mould, but not quite.


Mantaray (New Zealand / Japan)

Numinous Island (1995)

Tribal Ambient from Ray Castle and the late Susumu Yokota, who was a successful "electronica" / techno artist.

See also: Yokota, Susumu


Mantecon, JM (Spain)

A Brief History of Space Age (2021)

Synthesist from Sevilla with a flashy, melodic / atmospheric style, often influenced by Jarre and other EM pioneers. Also some synth-pop in there. Pretty competent stuff.


Mantenna (Italy)

The Black Sphere (2023)

Grating, experimental, industrial electronics. Touches of Heldon, Merzbow, Throbbing Gristle and more. A duo of Donato Dozzy and Stefano di Trapani.

See also: Dozzy, Donato


Mantra, Michael (USA)

RNA - Ribonucleic Ambience (1994)
Sonic Alter (1994)
Sonic Continuum (1998) (with Roderick Julian Modell)
Radio Fore (2003) (with Roderick Julian Modell)
Boolean Languages (2005)
A/B (2005)
Cerulean Transmission (2007) (with Charlz de la Casa)
Band Smore (2007)
D#m / Gm (2008)
Mobius Logic (2008)
A.L.B.E. (2009)
Amanita Lake (2010)
D/A (2013)
F/C (2013)
Sea Shell City (2016) (with Echospace)

Michael Mantra was a pseudonym of Oakland-based (California, USA) artist Michael Urbanek. Long-drawn drones in a Dark Ambient setting from this. Michael Mantra passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer.


Mantripp, Ian (UK)

The Beginning of Infinity (2015)

Berlin School artist.


Mantris (Belgium)

Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities (2020)
Don't Waste Your Miracle On Your Brain (2022)
Bathyscaphe (2023)

A project of Dirk Eggermont, who currently resides in Mumbai. Varied, cinematic, jazzy, ambient, analog, rhythmic...


Manville Heights (USA)

Manville Heights (2016)
The Future Was Yesterday (2018)

Analog synth-based music. It is melodic and rhythmic, somewhat influenced by synthwave perhaps, but is rather quirky, sometimes complex and pretty unique overall.


Manzan, Nicola (Italy)

La città del disordine (2021)
Nikolaj Kulikov (2022)

Italian violinist and multi-instrumentalist. Nikolaj Kulikov is his foray into synthesizer-based composition. Melodic, hymnal, soundtracky...


Map 165 (UK)

The Fatigue of Sunlight And Wine (2014)
Of Adam Sleeping In the Lap of God

Warm and reflective ambient compositions from this duo of Martin A. Smith and Tim Hooper. Guitars, synths, choirs...


map.ache (Germany)

What Does That Mean (2020)

A project of Leipzig-based Jan Barich. He can usually be found composing deep house music. However, on What Does That Mean, he expands his sound palette and set of influences to include sample- and synth-based ambient electronics.


Maps & Diagrams (UK)

Red Moon Rising (2011)
Being Empty (2013)
Timbre (2013)
Første (2013) (S)
Alluvium (2014)
Celsius (2015) (S)
Ariel (2015) (S)
Voodoo Tales (2015) (S)
Delta (2016)
Tango (2016) (S)
The Three Pyramids (2017)
Mosaic (2017)
Differential Equations (2017)
Obra (2017) (S)
Contours, Osculations & Celestial Tales (2018)
Azurescens (2019)
Ottava (2019)
Teygja Part A (2021)
Teygja Part B (2021)
_Modulus (2021)
Teygja Part B (2021)
Occupying Space (2022)

Warm, thick analogue textures and sequences from this experimental / IDM project of Tim Martin. There may be other interesting prog-related works in his vast discography. Further investigation is needed. He is supposed to have drifted from his initial IDM roots (albums circa 2000 - 2005) to a more ambient sound.

See also: Atlantis, Ouvala.


Maps of Hyperspace (Canada??)

Superspace (2016)
Against All Ends (2020)

Chillout / downtempo project. Superspace opens with an ambient track and ends with 2 more. File under EM-related.


Mapstation (Germany)

Present Unmetrics (2019)
My Frequencies, When We (2021)

One of the pseudonyms of Stefan Schneider. I have yet to check out and explore the bulk of what what he releases under this moniker, but at least Present Unmetrics features quirky electronics in Cluster style.

See also: Schneider, Stefan, Kreidler.


Máquina del Amor (Portugal)

Máquina del Amor (2015)
Disco (2017)

Krautrock-influenced music from this group. Lots of electronics, some guitars and real drums.


Maquinaria (USA)

Here And Now (??)

Flashy rhythmic / melodic synth music.


Mara's Torment (Canada)

The Penny Collector (1997)
Dreams Like Mine (1998)
The Barrier of Skin (1999)
Across For Show (1999)
Live At the Ambient Ping 03.02.05 (2005)
The Last Night Is the Hardest (2005)
mt96061 (2007)

Varied melancholic / Ambient music by Rick MacLean.


Maralewo (Germany)

Zwischenzone (2017)

Solo Electronic Music from member of Martha Rabbit.

See also: Martha Rabbit


Maramotti, Luigi (Italy)

Knot Music (1986)

Subtitled "Musica per ascolto distratto". Ambient EM in a unique style.


Maraslis, Alexandre (Brazil)

Spiritual Awakening (2000)

Keyboardist of progressive rock band Chronos Mundi delivers a solo CD of which the first half is bombastic and symphonic while the second half is flowing, melodic and electronic.


Marathon Life (France)

Marathon Life (1983)

Electronic Music by Alan Shearer, Robert Lueben and Serge Bulot. Francois Jeannin plays drums.

See also: Shearer, Alan, Bulot, Serge.


Marbehant, Claude (France)

Atmospheres (1980)

Here's the story: between 1977 and 1988 French composer Claude Marbehant released several LP's on Unidisc label in collaboration with educational project specialist Brigitte Jardin. All of these were educational records, mostly aimed at children. The music served as a guideline for education process or games and ranged from piano-based to funny synth vignettes. This is also true about the above album, albeit this time, Claude went for a spacey, electronic sound that has echoes of German EM even. The album tells a story (told by Jardin in the notes) but the music is instrumental. Kids' first EM? A unique item, at least.


Mårble (Russia)

Two Women & Tiger (2014)
Bangladesh. Locust Years (2016) (with Bisamråtta and Wet Straw)
Looking For Marine Iguana (2016)
Diego (2018)
Elixir of Immortality (2018)
Opal. Unique Structure (2018)
Club Cuts. (2019) (S)
Trainspotti (2019) (with Psee, Koyil)
Criminal Russia (2019)
Ñèëà Îðëà (2020) (with electro-haram and Theo)
Ìàëåíüêèé èìïåðàòîð (2021) (S)
Green Snake (2021) (S)
Dilijan Tapes (2023)
1691 (2023)

Anton Glebov's World Music project with tribal, new age, percussive elements and more. Quite exotic sound here.

See also: Tuk-Tuk


Marble Sky (USA)

The Sad Return (2007)
Lady (2008) (S)
Low God / Lady (2008)
The Sad Return (2009)
Some Laughing Afterwards (2009) (S)
No Matter How Close (2009) (S)
Sway (2009) (S)

Introspective droning Ambient from Jeffrey Witscher aka Rene Hell.

See also: Hell, Rene, Disfigure Mare.


Marblebog (Hungary)

Wind of Moors (2005)

Ambient music from this black metal project.

See also: Asattarn


Marboss (France)

Electrotherapies (2008)
Fukushima-Daiichi (2011)

Dubbed "one-man French Kraftwerk", Marboss aka Stephane Marchal from Metz started creating his own synthesizer compositions during the late 1980's. In the 1990's, he became involved in the whole club scene and released two albums in techno style - Musica Electronica (1999) and e-music (2002). However, in 2008 he returned with an album released on Musea's Dreaming sublabel, which had his Kraftwerk influences to the fore and the techno elements taking a back seat or disappearing completely. This rhythmic, driving, vocoder-laden music will certainly be enjoyed by fans of the Dusseldorf School.


Marc UÅ (Sweden)

ORO (2016)
Horus Torus (2020)

Marc Strömberg is a graphic designer and musician from Sweden who uses synths and drums to create layered, virtuosic tracks that sound like progressive metal played on synthesizers. The final track is a real highlight. Overall, not really "Progressive electronic", but it's progressive and it's electronic, so...


Marcano, Paul (Canada)

A Time And Space For Everyone (1972)
The Politics of God (1973)
Valley Flutes (1973)
Dreams & Reflections (1974) (with Sam Sellars)
For Those Peak Moments (1975)
The Gentle Art of Seeing Reality (1976)
Psychedelic Side Effects (1978)
Music For Space Colonies (1980)
Optimystical Heights (1980)
Paradoxical Dreams (1980)
Silent Circuits (1980)
Islands In Space (1981)
10,001 Dreams (1982)
A Sound Vacation (1982)
Airbrushing Galaxies (1983) (with Andre Martin)
Mystical Myxtures (1984) (with Trevor Inkpen)
Ether (1984) (with Miles Lowrey and KC Tebbutt)
The Mirage You Hear (1984)
Metal And Ice Sdreams (1985)
Data Sdreams (1985)
Sdreams of Sdreams (1985)
Return of the Comet (1986)
Vectors For Violins (1987)
Crosswinds Through the Forest (1987)
Ancient Animal Memory (1988)  (with Craig Harris) (soundtrack)
Turn On the Viewscreen (1988)
Fractallucinations (1989) (soundtrack)
Songs From the Gene Pool (1990)
Thesuvius D-Zone (1991) (soundtrack)
Universe In A Box (1992)
First Time Back (1993) (with Andre Martin)
Isle of Views (1995)
Climax (1997)
Coastal Curios (2002)
Tofino Royale (2003) (with Josh Clarke)
Synthasia (2003)
Synthasia II (2005)
Beyond One (2007) (with Marcia Meyer)

I believe the only work of this artist that was officially released is 1981's Islands In Space (under the artist name "Lightdreams"). I have no idea about the musical style of this or any of his other works, but it seems like he works within the realm of cosmic synthesizer music and space rock. 


Marcator, Adrian (Germany)

Imagination (1985)
Contemplation (1985)
Inspiration (1985)
Transformation Suite (1985)
Trans-Sphere (1985)
Visual Energy (1986) (with Jurgen Volbeding)
Intuition (1986)
Der Schimmelreiter (1987)
Mundus Pictus (1989)
Verloren Im Paradies (1991)
Eiderland Suite (1993)
Marktfrieden (1994)
The Dreamtime Cycle (1994)
Beyond the Mirrors (1996)
NecroMantra (1998)
Song of the Dodo (2011)
Filmmusik 6 (??)
Real Life Never Stops (2015)

Ex-Trance synthesist (real name=Jürgen Petersen), whose solo music has been getting more and more symphonic and new-agey with the passage of time. His newest albums are (probably) the least interesting and the least electronic ones.

See also: Trance, Entrance.


Marcel de Sie (Switzerland)

Uma (2021) (S)

Rhythmic, mechanical Electronic Music from Luc Bersier.

See also: Jean-Luc


Marcel, Patrick (France)

Ostinato (1985)

Electronic Music with sometimes a jazzy flair. Patrick Marcel plays synthesizers and guitar with Roger Lasalle helping out on synths, drums and percussion.

See also: Synopsis


Marchetti, Lionel (France)

Portrait d'Un Glacier (2001)
Machine Lyrique (2018) (with Xavier Garcia)

Lionel Marchetti is a French composer of musique concrete. Portrait d'Un Glacier contains Ambient music that blends field recordings with electronic drones and other sounds.


Marching Dog (Georgia)

37 Mornings (2023)

At times noisy and wild, at times cosmic and playful. Overall falls into the Experimental category. A project of Levan Javakhishvili.

See also: Two Professors


Marcin, Fred (USA)

When the Quiet Comes (1987)

Ambient. Private cassette release.


Marco Bruno (Italy)

Agape (2022) (S)
Foreshadow (2023)

Italian based in Berlin. Side A of Agape features slow rhythmic and atmospheric synths, while side B ventures into flowing melancholy that brings Klaus Schulze to mind. There is varied EM on his album Foreshadow. From nocturnal sequencer flights (the opener) to industrial-tinged, gritty electronics (the title track) to melodic, synthwave-like ("Swallow Feather") to complex techno beats backed by neon-lit melodies ("Dopamine").


Marconi Union (UK)

Beautifully Falling Apart - Ambient Transmissions Vol. 1 (2011)
Weightless - Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2 (2012)
Tokyo+ (2017)
Dead Air (2019)
Amonic (2021) (with Jah Wobble)
Signals (2021)

Varied post-rock / IDM / Ambient trio from Manchester. I will list their ambient works here.


Marcus H / Earstone (UK)

The Lucid Shell (2022)

Marcus H is also known as Soiled. Playful Experimental EM.


Mare Crisium (Venezuela)

By My Own (2002)
Mystical DNA (2003)
ILION (2004)
Per Aspera Ad Astra (2006)

Mare Crisium is Venezuelan synth composer Errol Arias. He is pretty diverse musically, but generally goes for the lush, rhythmic, bombastic and symphonic style.


Marea Idria (Chile)

Bruma Futuro (2020) (S)

Heavy and / or ambient electronics with some voice from this Valparaiso-based artist.


Marehelm (Denmark)

Kvarter Og År (2014)
MOLB (2014)
hTopl / kll (2015)
Marehelm (2016)

Ambient synth, mostly reflective and quiet, but also experimental.


Marela, Briana (USA)

You Are A Wave (2022)

Brian Marela Lizárraga is a Seattle-born musician of Peruvian descent. She generally acts as an indie pop artist, but large portions of You Are A Wave (actually, the bulk of it) are dedicated to experimental and sometimes abstract EM. I think it was made with extensive use of Buchla synths and the music often approaches the academic electronic realms even, remaining strangely listenable at the same time. Interesting stuff.


Mareld (Sweden??)

Den Första Stjärnan (2020) (EP)
Bundna Till Jorden (2021)
Canticles of Ecstasy (2022) (S)

A mixture of ethereal synth-pop and melodic electronics.


Maresti (Spain)

Reino de los Cielos (2016) (S)

Densely layered drones and dark walls of sound from this Bilbao-based project.


Maret, Eve (USA)

Stars Aligned (2020)
The Zone (2021)
New Noise (2023)
Earth And Space (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Nashville-based synthesist with a varied style and multiple influences - from Kraftwerk to Bjork, Laurie Anderson, Neu!, Harmonia and Orbital. Pretty nice and interesting stuff. The 10-minute epic "Impressions" (Stars Aligned) is a standout. The Zone is inspired by Tarkovsky's "Stalker" and features varied solo synth improvisations.

See also: Eve And David, Eardrummer.


Margorani, Luciano (Italy)

Home Recording Is Killing Studios (1988)

Experimental guitarist. This album, so aptly titled, as it was recorded in Luciano's bedroom with only guitar, processing devices and synthesizers and "edited and mixed in the kitchen", features varied compositions that at times even hint at Richard Pinhas / Heldon (in their combination of wailing guitar and electronics). Luciano Margorani collaborated witcany luminaries of experimental scene and released also other albums that I know nothing about at the moment.

See also: La 1919


Margot Blue (USA)

(re)currents (2021)

Margot Parker-Elder aka Margot Blue is a Los Angeles-based sound artist exploring the possibility of modular synthesizers (Eurorack) and other electronics. Relaxing, sometimes cosmic sound.


Maria, Carlo (Italy)

Subject To Drift (2016) (S)
Kenk! (2017)
Doppio (2019) (S)
Denouement (2020)
Inverno (2023) (EP)

Carlo Maria is an artist influenced by both minimalism and the club culture / sounds. He may be quite interesting, when he is doing repetitive Prog EM sans beats. He is also part of EM duo Punctum with Caterina Barbieri.

See also: Punctum


Marianni, Luc (France)

Souvenirs du Futur (1979)
D. G. Portrait (1982)
Voyage vers l'Harmonie (1983)
Video Screens Control (1984)
Six Synthetic Suites (1986)
Seltae Beat - Up And Down (1996)
Unity In Diversity (2009) (recorded in 1970 - 1980)
News From the Past Vol. 1 (2010) (recorded in 1975 - 2005)
Numeralogique (2013) (with Jacques Jeangerard)
News From the Past Vol. 2 (2014) (recorded in 1975 - 1976)

Prolific member of French progressive movement, a member of Sylphe, Rock Critics and other projects. Early works are great for fans of Brian Eno, Richard Pinhas and maybe also the industrial scene. The 1996 album contains different type of music and will probably appeal to those into Pink Floyd circa Dark Side of the Moon. Unity In Diversity is a 8-disc box with unreleased material.

See also: Sylphe


Marifa (Iran)

Nafs (2015)
Qumrah (2017)
Ru'yah Al-Qalb (2018)

Ambient drones from Tehran. Long, hypnotic, relaxing tracks.


Marigene (Poland)

Wyspa (1996)

Electronic duo of Eugeniusz Czerwiński and Ireneusz Poznański. Rare cassette release.


Marin, Marko (Finland)

Frisbee (2002)
Heijastu, Katoa Ja Ole Valmiina (2005)

Melodic, soundtrack-like EM.


Marine Eyes (USA)

Idyll (2021)
Unfailing Love (2021) (with zakè)
Chamomile (2022)
Nurture (2023) (with IKSRE)

Marine Eyes is Cynthia Field, one half of ambient duo Awakened Souls. Floating, airy, dreamy music mixing guitars, voice and electronics.

See also: Awakened Souls


Marinkovic, Sava (Serbia)

Nowhere Near (2013)
Evocation (2014)

Darkish soundscapes that mix electronics and processed guitar. Often with slow rhythms.


Marino, Vittorio (Italy)

Fugue of Light (1979)

Repetitive, spatial and abstract electronic compositions on this library record on CAM label.


Mariposa (Italy)

Nuotando in un Pesce Bowl (2004)

Unusual instrumental album from this progrock band, marrying electroacoustic improvisation with Ambient.


Mark, John (Germany)

Austria (1994)
Seasons of Mind (1995)

John Mark is a pseudonym. Real name of the musician is Johannes Meier. Austria contains melodic synth compositions, probably made by order from an Austrian traveling company.


Mark, Jon (New Zealand)

The Standing Stones of Callanish (1988)
Meditations of Winter (2004)

World Music from member of Mark-Almond duo. Reportedly, after this album his music softened considerably. The dark shades present on Standing Stones... gave way to a more direct, bright, sweet and new-agey approach. Although originally from the UK, Jon Mark is always refered to as a composer from New Zealand, but as a matter of fact he only relocated there in the 1980's. The rules tell me I should list him as an UK artist, but no. Let me leave it as it is. For now...


Markiewicz, Krzysztof Markus (Poland)

Planetarium (1990)
New Age (1995)
Psyche (1998)
Dream Experience (2000)
Reverse the Touch (2010)
Personal Universe (2018)
Epidemic (2021)

Polish synthesist, initially influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre. These early releases are diverse, from melodic to cosmic and experimental. Later on he got involved in the whole techno scene and released some albums in that style. However, he seems to have returned to EM in the New Millennium.


Markolaize (Finland)

Perpetual Dreams (2021)

Interesting stuff that mixes seemingly unrelated sounds and styles. These compositions, built of multiple sections, consist of ambient electronics, field recordings, some more jarring / industrial moments, drum'n'bass and looped thumping techno. I do find his approach rather progressive, although it will not be for purists for sure.


Markus Floats (Canada)

Untitled (2010) (EP)
First Album (2017)
Second Album (2018)
Third Album (2020)
Fourth Album (2023)

A project of bassist and electro-acoustic / electronic composer Markus Lake from Montreal. Beepy ambient, a bit Cluster-like and sometimes quite reflective or meditative. Nice.


Markusfeld, Alain (France)

Le Desert Noir (1977)
Platock (1978)
Contemporus (1979)
Live (1981)
Les Rêves de Calypso (1984) (S)
Roll Over the Eiger Trail (2012) (recorded in 1977 - 2011)

Le Desert Noir is in the space rock mould, while Contemporus is repetitive instrumental music based on acoustic and electric guitars with some voice and synth injections. I don't know anything about Platock and there were also at least two more albums released prior to Le Desert Noir. Both contain pop-oriented music and supposed to be of no interest to serious prog / EM collector.


Marlboro Project (Germany)

Horizonte (1991)

A strange album recorded by Eberhard Schoener, Jens Fischer and Achim Gieseler for Marlboro Music label and released on cassette. Nothing is known about the style at the moment.

See also: Schoener, Eberhard, Fischer, Jens, Gieseler, Achim.


MARMO (UK / Italy)

Epistolae (2022)

Moody, rhythmic electronics a bit in the style of Parallel Worlds, but more lo-fi sounding and with some tribal beats / influences. MARMO is a duo of Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella.


Marnie, Rupert (Germany)

Evocative Rhythm Experience (2023)

Hamburg-based musician with a hypnotic, ambient, sometimes sequencer-based style. The second side of the Evocative Rhythm Experience LP is occupied by rhythmic techno exercises.


Maroccolo, Gianni (Italy)

Alone Vol. 1 - Tundra (2018)
Alone Zero - Notturno Italiano (2019)
Alone Vol. II - Abisso (2019)
Alone Vol. III - Palude (2019)
Alone Vol. IV (2020)
Mephisto Ballad (2021) (with Antonio Aiazzi)

Italian bassist and multi-instrumentalist. His Alone series of albums sees him pretty much doing everything, from bass playing to electronics, voices, etc. These could be classed as (largely) instrumental experimental progressive rock with ambient and EM influences. Alone Zero - Notturno Italiano is supposedly more electronic. Gianni Maroccolo is founding member of 1980's new wave band Litfiba.


Maromokotro (Russia)

Yaatra (2021)

Hypnotic Ambient with elements of World Music from this Novgorod-based project. A shamanistic vibe prevails here.


Marouani, Didier (France)

Temps X (1979) (S)
Space Opera (1987)

Ex-Space musician. Melodic music, but somewhat repetitive.

See also: Space


Mar-Pa (Japan)

Finale (1988)
Rimland (1989)

Sort of a synth fusion band led by keyboardist Matsuo Yasunobu and a cast of supporting percussionists. Reminds on Vangelis from the same period (circa Direct / The City), mixed with Japanese synth-pop and fusion.


Marquess Evergreen (Georgia)

Forest Tale (2020)

Tranquil ambient melodies and nature sounds from Andro Gogibedashvili. Verges on new age.

See also: Saphileaum


Marquis, Keith (???)

Fine Tuning (2009)

Varied Ambient with lots of field recordings.


Marredo, Jorge (Spain)

Dikr (2014)

Multi-faceted experimental musician born in Badajos, Spain. The material on Dikr can be described as hyperactive mutating sequencer.

See also West Acorn


Marri, Paolo (Italy)

Sound Emotions (1986)


MarrowVoltage (Germany)

To Hold And Let Loose (2022)

Interesting male / female cello / electronics duo. They have a sound that obviously takes cues from the pioneering work of Kraftwerk, updating it with a modern approach and a touch of industrial. Also cello playing is not what you hear a lot in Kraftwerk-inspired music, so it is quite unique and nice stuff.


MarryAnn (Slovenia)

Intolerance (1997)
The Harmony of the Ecstasy (2005)

Melodic electronics inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, The Art of Noise and others.


Mars Everywhere (USA)

Visitor Parking (1976)
Industrial Sabotage (1980)
Live & Unrehearsed 1978-79-80 (1980)

US band whose early incarnation (around 1976 - 1978) had strong roots in the classic Berlin School sound. The band at that time consisted of Barney Jones, Ernie Falcone and Tom Fenwick. Later they expanded their line-up and acquired a more space rock-oriented sound.

See also: Jones, Barney


Mars Kumari (USA)

Anhedonic Mirages (2020)
Elysian Mourning (2021)
Mars Kumari Type Beat (2021)

Ghostly, foggy soundscapes with a bit of lo-fi / vaporwave feel from Californian artist Marcelina Patra.


Mars, Vic (UK)

The Consumer Programme (2017)
The Soundtrack To the Hospice (2018)
Inner Roads And Outer Paths (2019)

Hauntology-related artist who is rather diverse, ranging from nostalgic folk pieces to synth etudes. Preferring shorter tracks, he seems to be as much influenced by 1970's library discs and BBC Radiophonic Workshop as by "cosmic music" (Prog EM). He relased his debut in 2008 on a Japanese label. It was supposedly electronic but I still need to investigate that one. The Land And the Garden from 2015 is very folky / classically inspired (no relation to EM). The Consumer Programme is a return to electronics. There were several download-only albums as well.


Marselje, Robert (Netherlands)

The Force of Music (1993)
Waves In the Sky (1995)
The Blue Team (1996)
Teardrops (2020)
5 (2021)

Melodic electronics. Robert's career is similar to many other electronic musicians of his generation. Starting with an organ in the early 1980's, he acquired his first synthesizer in 1985. That's when he made his first steps in EM. After that, Robert worked in many different genres, both as a solo musician and in groups. He was involved in pop music, the dance scene and, more recently, symphonic rock. In the early 1990's his first solo CD with instrumental synth music appeared.  


Marsfield (UK)

Three Sunsets Over Marsfield (2010)
The Towering Sky (2010)
The Innocents (2019)

Droning Ambient by Andew Chalk, Brendan Walls, Robin Barnes and Vikki Jackman.

See also: Chalk, Andrew, Jackman, Vikki, Isolde.


Marsh, Walter (USA)

Lullabyes (1999)

Mostly in the vein of Kitaro's Peace On Earth with touches of Anugama - new age reinterpretations of traditional Christmas songs, classical and popular pieces. "Tears In Heaven" is a pleasant melodic EM piece, though.


Marshall, Aaron (USA)

Noir Ambience (2007)
Magnificent Accident (2008)

Ambient music from this sound engineer and film soundtrack composer.


Marshall Art (Canada)

Marshall Art (2015)

Ottawa-based duo of Jeffrey Roberts (NES chips) and Mikhail Ivanov (guitar). They mix chiptune and rock in equal doses, wrapping it up in an instrumental, progressive form.


Marshall, Bill (UK)

Ankh (1998)

Marshall was the engineer of Vangelis on Direct and The City. He creates very energetic, melodic music.


Marshall, Brandon (USA)

Neon Crayon Foliage Volume 1 (2016)

A mixture of experimental and atmospheric / ambient EM tracks.


Marshall, Helen Ripley (Australia)

Green Chaos (1988)

Obscure electronic album with Marshall on synthesizers and effects, plus guests Albert Gestal, Luis Gestal, Michael Sherman, Paul Robinson and Greg Sheehan.


Marshall, Ingram (USA)

The Fragility Cycles (1979)
Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem (1984)

Coming from an academic background, Ingram Marshall is a well-known minimalist composer who studied with Vladimir Ussachevsky and Morton Subotnick. Initially, his primary sphere of interest were electronics. However, he then passed on to create minimalist orchestral works (sometimes with processing), first heard on his classical / Ambient crossover album Fog Tropes. Ingram Marshall has collaborated with John Adams and Kronos Quartet, among others.


Marshall, Steve (UK)

Avebury Soundscapes (2017)

Composer who has created some scores for TV and documentaries. Avebury Soundscapes features EM in rhythmic / melodic style with a few ambient tracks as well.


Marshall, Terry (Australia)

Ashra Rising (1990)
Well Done! (1992)
Night Lines (1993)
New World Nomad (1994)
Our Younger Days (1995)

Melodic guitar-based music on IC label with one album amusingly titled Ashra Rising. I am not sure that this artist should be in EEM, as I don't list "smooth jazz" or "contemporary instrumental" releases.


Marsico, Maurizio (Italy)

Il Sole Visto dal Cielo (1994)
Nature Spontanee (2017) (with Riccardo Sinigaglia)
The Greatest Nots (2020) (with Stefano di Trapani)
Pre-Monofonic Orchestra (2022) (recorded in 1977 - 1979)

The 1994 release features Electronic Music composed for s show about solstice in the Milan planetarium by this diverse Italian musician. Mostly ambient in sound, but also with some rhythmic moments / tracks.


Marsman (Netherlands)

New Kind of Purple (2016)

Although an IDM / skwee producer, Utrecht-based Rutger Marsman included in the above album two tracks that will appeal to the Electronic Prog crowd - the opener "Ego & Death" and the very enjoyable but also very short "Incarnation". I would like to see him moving further in Prog EM direction.


Marsmen (Germany)

3 Mars (1981)


Marspiter (USA)

Finis (2004)
Vigila (2004)
Habashira (2005) (with Hollowing)
Ultionis (2005)

Vigila is Martial Ambient. Finis is more in the style of Drone Ambient. Marspiter is the project of Michael Todd from Colorado, USA..

See also: Transcendent Device


Martel, Didier (France)

Concert de l'Imaginaire (1998) (S)

Melodic music from this pianist, synthesist and keyboard player. Concert... is a mini-CD.


Martellotta, Massimo (Italy)

One-Man Sessions Vol. 1 // Sintesi (2018)
One-Man Sessions Vol. 2 // Unprepared Piano (2018)
One-Man Sessions Vol. 3 // One Man Orchestra (2018)
One-Man Sessions Vol. 4 // Underwater (2018)
One-Man Sessions Vol. 5 // Just Cooking (2019)

Milan-based artist with sort of a library music vibe going. A lot of his material is very EM-friendly.


Martens, Lieven (Belgium)

Raça Azul (2020)
The Habu (2021)
10 Friendship Songs (2021) (with Ken Verhoeven)
Música Azul (2022) (with Matthew Sage)
Short Stories - Pleasant And / Or Rather Sad (2022) (S)

Prolific Belgian artist, known as Dolphins Into the Future and under numerous other pseudonyms. He is rather diverse, doing both collages / field recordings / sonic travelogues and ambient electronics. The Habu is a mixture of the two. Previous works under his real name have supposedly all been field recordings-only.

See also: Dolphins Into the Future


Martes Muerto (Chile)

Apofenias (2021)

Short, impressionistic synth tracks. Shades of space age (1960's) electronics, dungeon synth, "comfy synth" and more.

See also: Los Archimboldos


Martial Canterel (USA)

Places We Think We Know (2021)

Minimal synth project of Sean McBride. Places We Think We Know is complex avant classical / Electronic Music reminding a bit on Art Zoyd. The record has some nice use of analog synths.

See also: Xeno & Oaklander


Martha Rabbit (Germany)

Akaba (2004)
Pyrrhogaster (2008)
Zodiaklicht (2015)
Dysnomia (2019)
Phonolith (2021)

German synth duo. The band consists of Michael J.J. Allert and Wolfgang Rohdenburg. Akaba starts with "Festival of Light" - a modern piece with drum machine rhythms, some sequences, melodic pads and a piano melody. I suppose if you like contemporary Tangerine Dream, you may enjoy this. Some tasty melodic solos are added to the mix, making this track a nice fast-paced piece suitable for traveling, although a bit generic for my taste. The second part of the track I found a tad boring, with unimaginative (dare I say so) use of the fanfares and other similar brass sounds and nylon string guitar samples. The title track is next and we are immediately treated to ethnic percussion and Arabic melodies. Sounds fine to me, although terribly naive, especially that male voice that I could probably do without. In spite of the mentioned drawbacks, the track does manage to convey a sense of mysterious, incense-drenched Arabic night. "Dante's View" heralds its coming with atmospheric pads and other soundscapes. Soon enough a great tinkling sequence enters and another bass sequence joins it a few seconds later. This is a fine atmospheric and rhythmic sequence-full track that will be enjoyed by all lovers of the Berlin School sound with a modern twist. The trumpet-like lead sound I didn't like at first hearing but after listening closer I realized it fits in very well. Again, there's a lot to recommend to a modern Tangerine Dream lover. Some textures do remind me on those "Dream Mixes" tracks. "Occupational Disease" starts with an aggressive drone and mysterious pads. Unidentifiable percussive sounds can be heard as well as the strange sequences. Unfortunately this track is ruined by the voice which isn't bad; it just doesn't fit well with the rest of the music. The lyrics are ok. Another gripe would be the way too simple 4/4 techno rhythm that just dominates and on this particular track doesn't sound very organic. Still, a nice try at a darker type of piece. "Flying Walls" comes next and it's all about rhythmic combination of floating pads and beepy lead sounds plus piano & harpsichord chords. The playing is somewhat sloppy but overall it's a good track, albeit it does drag on for too long with very little variation. "Always A Pleasure" has once again ethnic percussion rhythms and darkish pads. A nice and unique reflective World Music piece. The last track "The Dustscape Dance" suitably has dance rhythms and overall it's a nice, but not outstanding, track.

See also: Maralewo


Martijn, Dave (Belgium)

OsysSea (2013) (soundtrack)
De Dag OST (2019) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack music from this member of electro-rock band Goose.


Martin, Alan (UK)

Dancing / Static (1990) (with Tranceport)
Desert Spirits (1990)
Storming Heaven (1990) (with Tranceport)
Flux (1991)
Inside Curve (1999)

See also: Tranceport, M.A.O.


Martin, Christophe (France)

Carnet De Bord (1994)

Synthesist. Mixture of rhythmic and ambient sounds.


Martin, Deborah (USA)

Under the Moon (1995)
Ancient Power (1998) (with Steve Gordon)
Deep Roots, Hidden Water (1999)
Convergence (2002) (with Greg Klamt and Mark Rownd)
Tibet (2004) (with Cheryl Gallagher)
Anno Domini (2007) (with J. Arif Verner)
Between Worlds (2009) (with Erik Wøllo)
Dimensions In Time (2010) (with Erik Wøllo)
Eye of the Wizard (2015)
Into the Quiet (2023) (with Jill Haley)

Ambient musician who uses a lot of ethnic instruments in combination with atmospheric electronics.

See also: Desensitized, Martin & Scott.


Martin, Ean (USA)

Fashionable Garbage / It's A Bunch of B.S. (berlin-school) (2020)
Inner Voyage To the Outer Realms (2020)
9.7.2020 (2020)
Psychological Manipulation Party (2020)
Earth's Final Warning (2021)
Operational Dynamics (2022)
No Future (2022)
Maximum Supplicius (2023)
Cry For Help (2023) (S)

See also: Aura Compactor


Martin, Ian (Netherlands)

Defused Nights (2009)
Shadow Walker (2009)
Intensions (2010)
Mechanical Rain (2012)
The Wanderer (2013)
Swamp Modulator (2013)
Alliance (2014)
False Room (2015)
Notations of the Form (2016)
Clairvoyant (2016)
Bheal (2017)
Neo Modernist (2020)
Grey Theatre (2022)

DJ and musician from Rotterdam. I would say that there is a certain techno influence in a lot of his work but he never uses straight 4/4 beats and is pretty hard to pin down overall. What he seems to like most is create soundscapes of the darker variety and with an experimental flair. However, some of his material leans towards the melodic side, his melodies being pretty discreet overall and never overbearing. I can hear everything from Vangelis to Coil, Throbbing Gristle and the more outlandish forms of techno / IDM. So, there's certainly a prog EM influence (and strong enough to include him here), although this will not be for EM purists for sure. Shadow Walker was re-released on vinyl in 2013 as Sleepwalker. The music seems to be identical.

See also: Celephäis, Kaval.


Martin, Juan Carlos (Spain)

Sofa TV (2002)

Juan Carlos Martin, a member of the 1980's punk scene, is also a theater composer. He released this CD privately. The album contains Electronic Music in unknown style.


Martin, Ken (UK)

Psychedelic Chronicles Vol.3 (1974)
Solar Magnetude (1975)
Psychedelic Chronicles Vol.2 (1975 - 1976)
Psychedelic Chronicles Vol.1 (1971 - 1977)
Terrestrial Nightmares (1974 - 1978)
Meditational Sequences (1990)
Hypnosis (1992) (recorded in 1975 and 1989)
Music From the Kosmos (1992)
Spheres (1992)
Legends (1993)
Music For Film (1991 - 1994)
Tokyo Nights (??)
The Lost Years (1997) (recorded in 1977)
Berlin Impressions Vol. 1 (2000)
Berlin 73' Vol. 2 (2000)
Essential Experiment (2000) (recorded in 1975 - 1989)
Psychedelic Chronicles Vol.4 (??)
Ambient Delight (??)
Berlin 73' (??)
Symphonic Dreams (2001)
Fires of Our Destiny (2001) (recorded in 1977)
Music For Deep Space Explorations (2001)
Over Lands of Dreams (??)
Berlin Impressions Vol.2 (2002)
Berlin Impressions Vol.3 (2002) (recorded in 1992 - 1995)
Crystal Voyage (2002)
Beyond Ultraviolet (2004)
Transparent Shadows (2004)
Psychic Beacons (2005)
Star Turn (2016)
Music For the Kosmos (2017)
Dark Sides Vol. 1 (2018) (recorded in 1977)
Far Side of the Sun (2018) (recorded in 2014)
Quadrivium (2018)
New Horizons (2018)
Winterscapes (2018)
Studio Sessions Vol. 3 (2018)
Collage (2018)
Elements Vol. 1 (2018) (recorded in 2009 - 2010)
Elements Vol. 2 (2018) (recorded in 2009 - 2010)
Evoluon Vol. 1 (2018)
Evoluon Vol. 2 (2018)
Tangents (2018)
Variations (2018) (recorded in 1974, 1975 and ??)
Orgel Traum (2018)
Midnight In Berlin (2018)
Sands of Time (2018) (with Tom Hawkins)
Music For Film Vol. 1 (2018)
Concept of Minimalism (2018)
Cybertique (2018)
A Sense of Planetary Movement Vol. 1 (2018)
Pinnacles (2018)
Mosaic (2018)
Studio Experiment 1974 (2018)
A Sense of Planetary Movement Vol. 2 (2018)
Dark Ambience (2018)
Abstracts Vol. 1 (2019)
Harmonic Transitions (2019)
Abstracts Vol. 2 (2019)
Dark Corridors (2019)
Planetarium (2019)
Dark Corridors Vol. 2 (2019)
Distant Echoes (2019) (recorded in 2004)
Abstracts Vol. 3 (2019)
Red Moon Rising (2019)
Hyades (2019)
Trancient Lightwaves Vol. 1 (2019)
Abstracts Vol. 4 (2019)
Vanishing Point (2019)
Hemispheres (2019)
Incandescence (2019)
Berlin Impressions Vol. 4 (2019)
Solitude (2019)
Formations (2019)
Under A Crimson Sky (2019)
Berlin Impressions Vol. 5 (2019)
The Inner Sanctum (2019)
Trancient Lightwaves Vol. 2 (2019)
Dream Divisions (2019)
Studio 78 (2019)
Invisible Connections (2019)
Irradiance (2019)
Crusade (2019)
Dark Skies, White Light (2019)
Alien Atmospheres (2019)
The Cosmic Enigma Vol. 1 (2019)
Winterscapes Vol. 2 (2019)
The Cosmic Enigma Vol. 2 (2019)
Origins (2019)
The Lost Companion (2019)
Cerebral Therapy (2019)
Mission Encounter (2019)
Shadow Light (2019)
The Lost Room (2019)
Illusion of Sound (2019)
Aqualight (2019)
Experimental Themes (2019)
The Stars Look Down Vol. 1 (2019)
Monochromatic (2019)
The Stars Look Down Vol. 2 (2019)
Experimental Themes Vol. 2 (2019)
The Night Sessions (2019)
Foundations Edge Vol. 1 (2019)
Foundations Edge Vol. 2 (2019)
Ellipsoid (2019)
Quantum (2019)
Groom Lake Vol. 1 (2019)
Supernova (2019)
Groom Lake Vol. 2 (2020)
Experimental Improvisations (2020)
Galactic Encounters Vol. 1 (2020)
Galactic Encounters Vol. 2 (2020)
Passengers (2020)
Folding Spaces Vol. 1 (2020)
Folding Spaces Vol. 2 (2020)
Subterranean Tranquility Vol. 1 (2020)
Subterranean Tranquility Vol. 2 (2020)
Dronezone Vol. 1 (2020)
Interstellar (2020)
Anthology One (2020) (recorded in 2017 - 2020)
Parallaxium (2020)
Dronezone Vol. 2 (2020)
The Albermarle Sessions Vol. 1 (2020) (recorded in 1974 - 1978)
Anthology Two (2020) (recorded in 2017 - 2020)
Shutdown (2020)
The Albermarle Sessions Vol. 2 (2020) (recorded in 1975 - 1978)
Nucleus Blazar (2020)
Anthology Three (2020) (recorded in 2019 - 2020)
Sonic Science (2020)
The Albermarle Sessions Vol. 3 (2020) (recorded in 1975 - 1978)
Alias Delta Vol. 1 (2020)
The Eternal Warrior - A Tribute To Isao Tomita (2020)
Sonic Science Vol. 2 (2020)
Alias Delta Vol. 2 (2020)
Burnout (2020)
Quadramass (2020)
Solar Surfing (2020)
Urban Songs Vol. 1 (2020)
The Fall of Marmellar (2020)
The Berlin Embryo (2020)
Urban Songs Vol. 2 (2020)
Amazonia (2020)
The Sirius Sequence (2020) (recorded in 2018)
Meadows of Infinity (2020)
Formations Vol. 2 (2020)
Sequence of Changes Vol. 1 (2020)
Sequence of Changes Vol. 2 (2020)
Crystal Canyon (2020)
On Virtual Plains (2020)
Borderline (2020)
Music For Dark Spaces (2020)
Surreal Meltdown Vol. 1 (2020)
Surreal Meltdown Vol. 2 (2020)
Surreal Meltdown Vol. 3 (2020)
Running From Tomorrow (2020)
Floating Beyond the Astro Belt (2020)
Mission Artemis Vol. 1 (2020)
Sputnik 5859 (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Complexity (2020)
Mission Artemis Vol. 2 (2020)
The Hitomi Project (2020)
Transmission Optica (2020)
Signs Vol. 1 (2020)
Signs Vol. 2 (2020)
Diversity Vol. 1 (2020)
Diversity Vol. 2 (2020)
Aeolis Palus (2020)
Ventura (2020)
Phobiron (2020)
Strobing (2020) (recorded in 2014)
Amazonia Vol. 2 (2020)
Carnival of Sound (2020) (recorded in 2012 - 2020)
Deep Dive To A Spherical World (2020) (David Kellett)
Miaplacidus (2020)
Isolation Vol. 1 (2020)
Above the Horizon (2021)
Day of the Cosmic Dawn Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Isolation Vol. 2 (2021)
Firestorm (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Day of the Cosmic Dawn Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Meridian Crossing (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Vault of Shadows Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2017 - 2021)
Vault of Shadows Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2017 - 2021)
Vault of Shadows Companion (2021)
Rotation of Forces (2021)
Incognito (2021)
Binary Confusion (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Borealis (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Emotion (2021)
The Dark Side of Resonance Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2003)
The Dark Side of Resonance Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2003)
Lifeforms (2021)
Universal Crossover (2021)
Atmos (2021)
Inventions (2021) (recorded in 2006)
STATTE (2021)
Solaris (2021)
Moving Waves (2021)
Nemesis (2021)
Sphericore (2021)
Black Oblivion (2021)
The Virtual Garage Session (2021)
Cryogenic Descendants (2021)
Lutyens Phase (2021)
Moon Phases Vol. 1 (2021)
Moon Phases Vol. 2 (2021)
Utopia Electronica Vol. 1 (2021)
Concentum (2021)
Utopia Electronica Vol. 2 (2021)
Orgel Celestia (2021)
Menagerie of the Unknown (2021)
The Ambient Quadrant Vol. 1 (2021)
The Ambient Quadrant Vol. 2 (2021)
Impressions (2021)
One Step Beyond Vol. 1 (2021)
One Step Beyond Vol. 2 (2021)
Folding Worlds Vol. 1 (2021)
Folding Worlds Vol. 2 (2021)
Cetus (2021)
Mind Blender (2021)
Phantasmagoria (2021)
Voyager Passing Vol. 1 (2021)
Voyager Passing Vol.
2 (2021)
Directions (2021)
Invisible Connections Part 2 (2021) (EP)
Comadome (2021)
Finding Genesis (2021)
Sculpture Waves (2021)
The Gathering of Cosmic Dust Particles (2021) (EP)
Peace Land (2021)
Moments In Sound (2021)
Infestations (2021)
Portraits (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Phaedrus (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Magnetique Terrestre (2022)
Tales of Talas (2022)
Temple of Soul (2022)
Mysteries of the Universe (2022)
Miditone (2022)
Industrial Anthems (2022)
Hydrobius (2022)
Sequences In Time Vol. 1 (2022)
Sequences In Time Vol. 2 (2022)
The Seventh Gate (2022)
Celestial Harmonics (2022)
Meditational Sequences Vol. 2 (2022)
Correlated Divisions (2022)
Transcendence (2022)
Endless (2022)
The Explorer (2022)
Mindforge (2022)
Cascade To A Dark World (2022)
Astral Phase (2022)
Echoes (2022)
Momentum Vol. 1 (2022)
Momentum Vol. 2 (2022)
Dormant Land (2022)
Destination Endless Vol. 1 (2022)
Crystal Light Vol. 1 (Sessions 77-79) (2022)
Crystal Light Vol. 2 (Sessions 77-79) (2022)
Nightphase (2022)
Prelude To A Falling Star (2022)
Visions (2022)
Reflections On A Prodigy (2022)
Stargazer (2022)
Synthesis (2022)
Centaurus (2022)
Montage (2022)
The Outer Limits (2022)
Changes (2022)
Genetic Structures (2022)
Blue Horizon (2022)
Intergalacticas (2022)
Kalidas Rise (2022)
Sonic Cubis Vol. 1 (2022)
Destination Endless Vol. 2 (2022)
Sonic Cubis Vol. 2 (2022)
Through A Burning Memory (2022)
The Rough Cut Vol. 1 (2022)
The Rough Cut Vol. 2 (2022)
The Gothic Poem (2022)
Conception of Time (2022)
Contemporary Movements (2022)
System Alliance Vol. 1 (2022)
Abstract of Movements (2022)
Ambient 1 (2023)
In the Beginning (2023) (recorded in 2022)
Avalon (2023) (recorded in 2022)
On the Threshold (2023) (recorded in 2022)
E.S.P. Vol. 1 (2023)
E.S.P. Vol. 2 (2023)
On the Other Side of Zenith (2023)
Astro Vortex (2023)
System Alliance Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2022)
Ambient 2 (2023)
Echoes of the Past (2023)
Ambient 3 Vol. 1 (2023)
Manipulation du son concrete (2023)
A Twisted Dream (2023)
Ambient 3 Vol. 2 (2023)
Alpha Ursae Minoris (2023)
Harmonic Tides (2023)
Under Suspension (2023)
Divided Minds In Dark Spaces (2023)
Mystic 2 (2023)
Manipulation du son concrete Vol. 2 (2023)
Sonic Variations (2023)
Rigel Kentaurus (2023)
Callisto Impact (2023)
Visions of Light (2023)
The Solstice Sessions Vol. 1 (2023)
The Solstice Sessions Vol. 2 (2023)
Chromosphere (2023)
Dream Mechanique (2023)
Inside the Crystal (2023)
A Sonic Collage (2023)
A Dimensional Force (2023)
Dark Folding Invisible Entities Part 1 (2023)
A Logical Move (2023)
Fusion of Light (2023)
The Rise of Pegasus (2023)
The Surge & Tornado (2023) (EP)

Ken Martin is of course one of the veteran UK synthesists who was from the very beginning influenced by what was happening in Berlin at around the same time. As a result, his own solo works contain Schulze-like Berlin School electronics. See my review of Beyond Ultraviolet in the reviews section.


Martin, Kevin Richard (UK)

Sirens (2019)
Frequencies For Leaving Earth Vol. 1 (2020)
Frequencies For Leaving Earth Vol. 2 (2020)
Frequencies For Leaving Earth Vol. 3 (2020)
Frequencies For Leaving Earth Vol. 4 (2020)
Return To Solaris (2021)

Deep, dark, moody, minimal ambient compositions.

See also: Experimental Audio Research


Martin, Nick (???)

Separation (2018)
II (2021)

Classically trained composer currently residing in Copenhagen. Mysterious, dramatic, poignant, ambient compositions on the broder between classical and EM. The material on II is made on a Buchla Music Easel.


Martin, Ronnie (USA)

From The Womb of The Morning, The Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours (2022)
Clothed With Splendor (2022)
Bells Merrily (2022)

Solo Electronic Music from member of synth-pop band Joy Electric. Clothed With Splendor was made with a Moog One synthesizer. It has a nice analog sound to it and good melodic content.

See also: Joy Electric


Martin & Scott (USA)

Reflections (1989)

Formed in the 1980's by flutist / electronic composer Deborah Martin and Preston Scott, this duo mostly focused on new-agey flute / didgeridoo playing and soft, background keyboards, as well as pop music. Reflections, released in 1989, ventures into slightly more rocky / electronic realms, especially on tracks like "Dust".

See also: Martin, Deborah


Martineau, Jean-Claude (Haiti)

KRIK? KRAK! Tales of A Nightmare (1985) (S) (soundtrack)

Rare soundtrack to a documentary about Haitian political life with one moody EM piece.


Martinelli, Fabio (Italy)

Temple of Noize (2019)

Experimental, but accessible synth music, reminding on Schnitzler / Moebius type explorations, with an extra reflective / cosmic edge.


Martinelli, Kevin (USA)

The Surface of Collision (2010)
Che Guevara Practices Telekinesis By the Dodge (2011)
Music Inspired By Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (??)

Most likely, ambient soundscapes.


Martinez, Cliff (USA)

The Knick (2014) (soundtrack)
My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (2014) (soundtrack)
The Knick Season 2 (2015) (soundtrack)
The Neon Demon (2016) (soundtrack)
Hotel Artemis (2018) (soundtrack)

I am not an expert on the output of Cliff Martinez, a well-known film composer born in 1954 in Bronx. However, he does seem to have a tendency to use a lot of electronics in his scores, drawing in influence from decades of synth-based artists, from John Carpenter to the Berlin School pioneers even. The Neon Demon has some nice synth tracks, from the rhythmic (even danceable, synthwave stuff) to the abstract and atmospheric, on to pure pulsing Prog EM. I will try to list his EM or EM-related works here. Further investigation is needed.


Martinez, Moxy (???)

Osea Merdis (2016)

Modular synth compositions with elements of grime.


Martinez, Ricardo (Mexico)

Viaje A Las Pleyades (??)

Rare electronic album by this enigmatic composer. After releasing Viaje A Las Pleyades he devoted himself to music research and teaching.


Martinez, Salvador (Spain)

La Luna (1989)

Obscure Spanish artist. La Luna was intended as a soundtrack for an exhibition. Darker moods predominate, although there are also moments of soaring melodic bliss (some Floydian guitar as well).


Martinez, Severiano (USA)

Clocks And Psandas (2003)
Still Point (2006) (with Mario Diaz León)

Clocks And Psandas features two tracks of strange clockwork rhythms and melodic synths (something of a slight Cluster vibe here) and one long, repetitive, Terry Riley-like organ study. File under Experimental. The collaborative album is very guitar-based and, although featuring synths also, is only very remotely related to EM (the last track "Quarantal" is the closest the album gets to Prog EM style). Severiano Martinez is a musician from Oakland, California.


Martins, Vasco (Cape Verde)

Universo da Ilha (1986)
Oceano Imenso (1986)
Atlantic Memories (1991)
Quiet Moments (1992)
Ritual Perifrico (1993)
Eternal Cycle (1994)
Island of the Secret Sounds (1995)
Sublime Delight (1997)
Apeiron (1999)
Lunario Perpetuo (2001)
Benlibem (2003)
Arc (2019)

Vasco is known as a classical composer but he has released some electronic albums (listed) in the style of World Music / Space Music with island ambiences. Vasco Martins was born in 1956 in Portugal. When he was 9, he migrated to Cape Verde (his father's homeland). In 1979, Vasco Martins released his first solo LP, Vibrações (for solo piano). Among his major symphonic works are Dancas De Cancer (1998) and Sarva Mangalam (2004).


Martux_m (Italy)

Apollo 11 Reloaded (2019)

An alias of techno artist Maurizio Martusciello. On Apollo 11 Reloaded, he created a concept work inspired by and dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Apollo landings. A mixture of Pink Floyd, "On the Run" style, some dance / club beats and great melodic synth sound. There are two covers: Pink Floyd's "Us And Them" and Bowie's "Space Oddity". The rest is original material.


Martynov, Vladimir (Russia)

Mikhailo Lomonosov (1987) (soundtrack)

Vladimir Martynov, along with Edward Artemiev was at the forefront of Russian electronic avant-garde starting from the late Sixties. His music was always influenced by ethnic and ancient cultures and he tried to combine the ancient with the modern. He formed the rock band Outpost in the 70's. Martynov has a career too prolific to describe here. Let us just say that his musical oeuvre spans a territony much larger than just EM. He has composed numerous works in the Ancient, Baroque and ethnic music fields, but also classical music, avant-garde and rock.


Martyria (Greece)

Martyria (2017)
Synaxarion (2021)

Ritual Ambient duo from Greece. Voices, tribal drums, didgeridoo and electronic drones.


Martz, Jasun (USA)

The Pillory (1978)
The Battle (2004)
Solo Exhibition (2016) (recorded in ??)

The Pillory is an electronic / orchestral work. Something like a cross between Art Zoyd and Tangerine Dream. Essential for mellotron fans. Interesting facts about Jasun Martz: 1) Jazun Martz is not only a musician but also a painter and sculptor. 2) He played synthesizers on Michael Jackson's Dangerous and History. 3) He toured and played synthesizers with Frank Zappa in 1977. 4) He played synthesizers with the Far East Family Band. 5) He once climbed up to the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador (the tallest volcano in the world). 6) He co-arranged "We Built This Planet" by (Jefferson) Starship. 7) He graduated from or studied in no less than five (!) universities.


Marutti, Andrea (Italy)

Frontiere (2001) (with Raffaele Serra and Atto)
Traces 94-95 (2001) (S)
Seven To Go (2005) (S)
Lab12, 29.04.2005 (2006)
Scatole Sonore, 2 Marzo 2006 (2006) (S) (with Madame P and Roberto Bellatalla)
Untitled_12_2006 (2006)
The Brutality of Misbreathing (2007)
The Subliminal Relation Between Planets (2008)
Turra (2008) (S) (with Tommaso Cosco)
Detrimental Dialogue (2010) (with Fausto Balbo)
Sleepless Nights / Lysergic Mornings (2019) (S)
Impressioni Organizzate di Ansie Liquide (2020) (S) (with Carlo Giordani)

Abysmal soundworlds from the mastermind behind Amon and Never Known.

See also: Amon, Never Known, Hall of Mirrors, Sil Muir, Molnija Aura.



MARV (2020)
Keyboard Suite I (2021)
Basse Danse (2022)

North Carolina-based duo of synthesists Geoff Schilling and Nathan Taylor. They have a nice sound, both cosmic and experimental, focusing on analog sounds and some glitchy / noisy bits.


Marvin, Ron (Germany)

Fractals (1992)
Fractal Trance (1994)
Mysterious Traveler (1998) (with Remy Filipovitch)

Ron Marvin is a pseudonym of German musician Martin Buntrock. He had at least one album released in the early 1990's on IC label. The music is ambient, dreamy and psychedelic.


Mar-Vista (France)

Visions of Sodal Ye (1976)

Privately pressed vinyl album with music influenced by folk, minimalism and the German electronic /kraut scene (Klaus Schulze, Popol Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel). Reissued in 2014 by Strawberry Rain label with 2 bonus tracks.


Marzidovšek, Mario (Slovenia)

Reincarnation EM Sound (1985)
Reincarnation EM Sound 002 (1985) (S)

A pioneer of industrial music in Slovenia, Mario Marzidovšek released a few private tapes with his crude experiments back in the 1980's. These two releases are dedicated to Klaus Schulze, but I bet only the most adventurous of fans would find these stark, dark, noisy and lo-fi pieces attractive. Perhaps fans of the earliest (Irrlicht-era) Klaus? Anyway, to me it has more in common with 1960's electronic music or maybe some DIY experimentalists of the 1980's cassette culture (which Mario was essentially part of).


Mas Aya (Canada)

Máscaras (2021)

Mas Aya is a project of Toronto-based percussionist and composer Brandon Valdivia. On Máscaras (which is not his sole album), he draws influences from Latin American music, Ambient, footwork and IDM.


Masakowski, Steve (USA)

Mars (1983)

Electronic Music / fusion. I think Steve Masakowski is the creator of the Keytar (the instrument) which is heavily featured on Mars.


Masapollo, Tom (USA)

Live At the Painted Bride (1986)


Mascelli, Ruth (USA)

A Night At the Baths (2021)
A Slow Night At the Baths (2021)
Non-Stop Healing Frequency (2023)
The Institute For Astral Health (2023)

New Orleans-based musician and member of no-wave / industrial band Special Interest. A mixture of techno bangers and rather nice ambient synth compositions. Hopefully he goes full-on EM next time. Update: Non-Stop Healing Frequency is a turn towards the art-rock side, but also with a strong EM component. An interesting work.


Maschine Brennt (Sweden)

Grief (2022)

Electro / industrial project formed in early 1990's by Joacim Thenander. Grief turns towards more ambient structure and sounds.


Maserati (USA)

Maserati / Zombi (2009) (with Zombi)
Pyramid of the Sun (2010)
Maserati VII (2012)
Rehumanizer (2015)
Enter the Mirror (2020)

Post-rock / kraut / space rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 2000. They went for guitar-heavy sound for their early releases but then met the guys from Zombi circa 2008 or 2009, with whom they did a split release. My guess is that this meeting was the reason of a shift in style, although I may be wrong about that (I am not an expert on their 2000 - 2009 output). Anyway, post-2009 releases adopted a heavily electronic approach, mixing analog synth sounds (sometimes heavy on the sequencers) with upbeat and driving rock guitars and drums. To me they sound a bit like a mixture of Hawkwind (at their most frenetic and fast), Ozric Tentacles and Tangerine Dream. There may be still some post-rock influences and aesthetics in their sound, but personally I don't hear that. Quite a unique band with an individual sound and definitely EM-related.


Másik, János (Hungary)

Trance Balance (1989)

Strange avant-electronic album that reminds on rhythmic experiments of artists like David van Tieghem perhaps, or even Sergey Kuryokhin, with tribal drums, chants, sampling and so on. János Másik was a member (keyboardist) of several rock and new wave groups.


Masin, Gigi (Italy)

Wind (1986)
The Wind Collector (1991) (with Alessandro Monti)
Lontano (2001)
Moltitudine In Labirinto (2003) (with Guiseppe Caprioli)
Talk To the Sea (2014)
Hoshi (2014) (with Tempelhof)
The Wind Collectors / As Witness Our Hands (2016) (recorded in 1989 - 1990) (with Alessandro Monti and Alessandro Pizzin)
Plays Hazkarà (2016)
Tsuki (2016) (with Tempelhof)
Live At 'Superbudda' (2016)
Venezia 2016 (2016) (S)
Kite (2018)
Postcards From Nowhere (2019) (recorded in 2017) (with Jonny Nash)
Calypso (2020)
Plays Venezia (2021)
é (2022)
Dolphin (2023) (with Greg Foat)
Red Hair Girl At the Lighthouse Beach (2023) (with Rod Modell)

Ambient artist who started recording already in the 1980's. In 1986 he released an album called Wind, a pioneering work in the way it combined ethereal male vocals and ambient music.

See also: Gaussian Curve


Maskit Chamber, The (USA)

Heaven Machine (2001)
The 4th Wave (2001)

The Maskit Chamber is the project of Djam Karet synthesist Gayle Ellett. Mostly analog electronics with the focus on the moog. Ranges from symphonic electronic ala Dave Greenslade to Berlin School ala Tangerine Dream circa Phaedra, to Ambient.

See also: Djam Karet, Ukab Maerd.


Maslak, Keshavan (USA)

Get the Money (Whatever It Takes) (1988)

Atypical album from this jazz multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde performance artist. Here, he experiments with sampling and minimal music and uses woodwinds and electronics only.


Maslíah, Leo (Uruguay)

Sin Palabras 1 (1991)
Sin Palabras 2 (1993)

Uruguayan singer, songwriter, comedian and jazz musician. The above album is not that easy to come by, but it may be one of the rare examples of completely instrumental music from him. There is a Beatles cover and the rest is original material that goes form improvised piano to electronics ranging from stuff ala Frank Zappa's Synclavier experiments (the two parts of "Invention") to nice, if a bit unpretentious melodic EM akin to Tangerine Dream from around the same time ("Puesta de Sol a las Seis de la Mañana" is a good example of that style and is pretty nice and enjoyable overall), to crazy classical stylisms and superfast jazzy interludes ("Fin de Temporada") and even crazy experimental noises / synths ("Santa Wáterclaus"). A mixed bag, then, and not for EM purists for sure, but with some enjoyable stuff in there. There is also a second volume that is also good and is more of the same.


Masomenos (France)

Studio HC #03 (2019) (EP)
Studio HC #05 (2020) (EP)

Minimal techno / tech house duo of Adrien de Maublanc and Joan Costes. On Studio HC #03, they explore repetitive EM unlike any other - full of nuances and sparkling piano notes. This sounds promising.


Mason, Dare (UK)

Dive (1997)

British producer and engineer. This is his solo ambient album, with a touch of downtempo.


Mason, Etienne (Canada)

All These Are the Days (2016) (S)
The After Mountain (2020)

Drummer and percussionist who also loves synths & electronics and composes driving, rhythmic or atmospheric EM with a mixture of electronic and acoustic (mostly drums & percussion) sounds. Also known and MAYSUN.


Mason, Josh (USA)

Otium Sanctum (2011) (S)
Jeremiad (2012)
Timecode Beach (2012)
Temple Bell (2012) (S)
Vapor (2012) (S) (with Brad Heyne)
Outcroppings (2012) (S) (with Jared Smyth)
Dark Thread & Other Colors (2013)
Conduit (2013) (S)
The Symbiont (2013)
Josh Mason & Olli Aarni (2014) (S) (with Olli Aarni)
Line Drawings (2014) (with Joe Houpert, Nathan McLaughlin and Cody Yantis)
Call, Response (2014) (with David Andree)
Silent Period (2015) (with Gareth Flowers)
Alone In the Kingdom (2015) (S)
On the Brink (2017) (with Nathan McLaughlin)
Barque of Phosphor (2017) (S)
L+ (2018)
Lower Yr Voice (2019) (with High Aura'd)
Coquina Dose (2019)

Florida-based ambient musician who plays both guitar and synths (mostly modulars). He is especially interested in minimal, glitchy sound with microsound tendencies.


Mason, Timm (USA)

The Lost Levels (2014)
Time Release (2015) (S)
Escape Artist (2016) (S)

Member of Master Musicians of Bukkake with his own solo electronic explorations. There are also some splits with other artists.

See also: Master Musicians of Bukkake, Midday Veil.


Masos (Mexico)

Musica para Despues de la Batalla (1989)

Aka Vicente Rojo Masos, helped by the Interface duo. Rare electronic LP.


Masotto, Lorenzo (Italy)

Rule And Case (2016)
Aeolian Processes (2017)
Frames (2019)

Pianist who on some releases (listed) combines his piano playing with electronics for a nice classical-meets-EM sound.


Massari, Thomas (USA)

The Pleiades (1985)

Easy-listening music close to new age, sometimes just pads, sometimes with drum machine rhythms, approximating sort of a "1980's Tangerine Dream lite" feel. Something for fans of Electronic New Age perhaps. Side B is pretty nice overall, even if it's nothing to write home about.


Massergy (USA)

Fire Opal (2019)

Diverse, relaxing EM from this Texan artist, released on Spotted Peccary label.


Masson, Colin (UK)

Isle of Eight (2001)

Colin Masson is the lead guitarist of folk-rock group The Morrigan. On Isle of Eight he finds himself in the Oldfield mode, with lush arrangements and floating guitar. The last track, the 12-minute "Return To the Northern Wasteland" is more electronic, though, and sounds rather Tangerine Dream-y.


Massonix (UK)

Subtracks (2006)
Hommage au Fromage / Hollingsville (2013) (with Bruno Spoerri)

Although a co-founder of well-known techno / IDM pioneers 808state, Graham Massey has been experimenting with sounds, creating his own vision of wacky electronic music for some time now, with varying results and evading any fame or exposure that 808state managed to attain. The music on Subtracks is assembled from various live performances and studio recordings done between 1996 and 2006 and represents a collection of strange, aquatic electronic music that, on the one hand is obviously indebted to Kraftwerk, Cluster and other pioneers, but on the other hand, displays a lot of contemporary influences such as IDM, future jazz and techno. It's EM-related perhaps, but the Kraftwerk comparisons and the general 1960's - early 1970's atmosphere of this music (lot of classic analog synths are used and a somewhat "bachelor pad music" mood predominates) warranted an inclusion of Massey's project to EEM.


Masss (Canada)

Masss (2019)

Varied electronics. Mostly spacey, with elements of psychedelic / space rock. A project based in Ottawa (Jesse Winchester).


Masta Justy (India??)

Humid (2022) (recorded in 2000 - 2019)

A project of Jatin Vidyarthi. Melodic, atmospheric, relaxed tracks with downtempo rhythms.


Master Musicians of Bukkake (USA)

Further West Quad Cult (2015)

Psychedelic rock / space rock / unclassifiable group from Seattle. On this album, they present spacey and hypnotic electronic journeys with synths and a bit of guitar. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Mason, Timm


Masterknot (Georgia)

9-15 (2017)

A synths / synths / guitar trio from Georgia. Sometimes experimental, sometimes cosmic and meditative.


Master's Cosmic Music (Italy)

The Philosophy of Evolution (1992)
Cirrus (1998)

Experimental electronic project of Vinicio Brunori.


Mastro, Louie (USA)

Mermaid In the Mist (1996)

Two vocal tracks from this late progrock / electronic musician and the rest is instrumental with hints of Steve Hillman, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. Very rocky stuff. Bombastic!


Masvidal (USA)

Vessel (2020)

Guitarist and singer-songwriter (real name - Paul Masvidal) who often experiments with electronics and different genres. Vessel is mostly interesting for its minimal, 20-minute electronic title track made with the participation of Stéphane Pigeon.


Matamore (Austria??)

The Flight of Nostromo (2005)

Rare album of bleak ambient soundscapes and some more intense noisy stuff (sometimes with distorted guitar) from this duo, inspired by the movie "Alien". Although they seem to be from Austria, the musicians' names (Stephane Gagne and Christian Huber) sound French to me, so I'm not sure.


Matauszek, Korneliusz (Poland)

Szósta Nad Ranem (1990)
Zycie (1993)

Melodic and meditative EM.


Matawan (UK)

We Lingered In the Chambers of the Sea (2019)

Ambient drone duo of Gareth Chapman and Barclay Brennan who use both guitars and electronics. Melodic, ethereal...


Matchess (USA)

Seraphastra (2013)
Somnaphoria (2015)
The Rafter (2016)
Sacracorpa (2018)
Trilogy (2018)
Huizkol (2020)

Electronics from Whitney Johnson, member of psychedelic rockers Verma. Strange stuff that falls into the Experimental subgenre. Pretty unique, with lots of vocalizations, analog sounds, ambient soundscapes and so on.

See also: Deep Space Duo


Mateis e. aqir (Russia)

Live At Bermudian (2017)
Golden Illusion (2019)

This artist currently based in Barcelona is known for his house tracks done more or less in the "balearic" style. An odd duck is Live At Bermudian, done in collaboration with a full band of musicians. It features two long krautrock-styled jams that wouldn't sound out of place on a collection of Agitation Free outtakes. Golden Illusion is mostly his usual house style but with two short ambient tracks ("Coral Life Time Lapse" and "Two Columns"). File under EM-related.


Mater Sunday (Germany)

Our Things To Come (2016)
A Pinion Gives Up the Ghost (2019)

Aka Mother Sunday. Leipzig-based duo of René Enke and Joseph Heinze between darkwave, minimal synth, Progressive EM and progrock.

See also: Crash To Desktop


Mater Suspiria Vision (Germany)

Kosmische Musik (2021)
Space Necronomicon (2023)
Hotel Trancesylvania (2023)

Witch House project formed circa 2009. Kosmische Musik, as can be expected from the title, is loaded with cosmic synths and mellotrons. Cyborg, Zeit, Atem, Phaedra - it's all there. Space Necronomicon has that same vibe again.

See also: Madame O Und Ihre Kopffilm Bande


Materia (Spain)

Temor Cíclico (2021)

Nice, spacey / reflective Electronic Music from this duo of Fernando Junquera (from Mecánica Clásica) and Juanvi Fortea. A mixture of synths and guitar. One of the tracks from their debut is amusingly titled "Roedelia".


Material (USA)

Hazardous Material (2023)

Varied EM from this duo of Sam Molstad and Tim Krause. Lysergic, cosmic, with synths, drums and guitars, a bit krauty, a bit Heldon-like...

See also: Orchard Thief


Material Object (Germany)

Elektronik (2011) (with Pete Namlook)
Elektronik II (2012) (with Pete Namlook)
Ambient Gardener - Autumn (2012) (with Pete Namlook)
Indiana Drones (2013)
Invisible Light (2015) (with Ishq)
Shimmers (2016) (S)
Artefacts Digiteaux II (2016)
Alive01 (2017)
Telepath (2023)

A project of Pete Namlook's collaborator. Indiana Drones was supposed to be released on Fax label, but due to Pete's untimely passing the project was postponed and eventually released on a small label founded as a tribute to this late musician.


Material Things (UK)

2015-2020 (2023)

Material Things is a project of Scottish artist Stewart Brown, who also co-founded the 12th Isle label. Brown is a percussionist and synthesist. 2015-2020 is a collection of a few collaborations and maybe a solo track or two. Quirky, percussive electronic tracks.


MaterManto (Italy)

ArtEnigma (2020)

Probably, classically-inspired EM.


Matesan, Virgil (Canada)

Electro Rendez-Vous (2006)
Magnetic Moments (2006)
Boreal Light (2007)

Melodic Electronic Music by this synthesist, influenced mainly by Jarre and Vangelis.


Mateu de Villavicencio, Enrique (Spain)

Formas Millares (1987)
Ritual Collage (1996)

Electronic guitarist with computer processing, ambient soundscapes.


Mathes, Arnold (USA)

Machine Dream (1983)
Concentrated Void (1984)
Cateclipse (1984)
Infinite Room (1985)
Gleepsite (1985)
Target: Earth (1985)
Monitoring (1985)
Stranger From the Depths (1985)
Censored For Various Reasons Which Are Unknown To Us At This Time (1986)
Infinite Room (1986)
Blindspot (1986)
Any Concept Will Do (1986)
Taboo (1987)
Waves of Disaster (1987)
The Inductor (1987)
Technical Ancestors (1987)
The Recreation of the Humanoids (1988)
The Human Experiment (1988)
Jungle Concrete (1989)
Sonic Saucers (1989)
The Obsolete Man (1990)
Galaxyagogo (1994)
Amtek (1995)
O (1995)
NYC 97 (1997)
Avenue of the Gods (??)
Endless Flights (??)
Deviations (??)
NOT (??)
In To the Archives (??) (recorded in ?? - 1985)
AM Bandstand (2002)
Amrak (2002)
Critical Mass (2002)
Cosmic Memory (2003)
Etidorhpa (2013)
The Celestial Department Store (2014)
40 Years (2015)
The Eternal Past (2021)

American synthesist of Alien Planetscapes fame who explores a hell of a number of styles on his album AM Bandstand. The influences include Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Synergy, among others. Check him out.

See also: Alien Planetscapes, Order of Flesh and Blood, The.


Mathieu, Arno E. (France)

Contemplation (2022)

A mixture of "balearic beat" and ambient / progressive EM from this artist.


Mathoms (Canada)

The Woe Trumpets (2022)

Shorter cinematic electronic tracks from Matthew Tomkinson.


Mathon (Switzerland)

Muntsulej (2007)
Via Mala (2009)
Terrestre (2011)

Swiss ambient duo of Pete Leuenberger and Roger Stucki. They record their music with a mobile studio high in Swiss Alps and the result is sometimes hypnotic, meditative and experimental, and sometimes quite cosmic.


Matins (Greece)

Epistle I - Seclusion (2019)

Religious ambience from Greece. Moody material with chorals, organs and stuff.


Matmos (USA)

Plays the Coupigny (2008) (S)
Supreme Balloon (2008)
Regards​/​Ukłony Dla Bogusław Schaeffer (2022)

Supreme Balloon is an all-synthesizer album from this eccentric American band. Regards​/​Ukłony... is another EM-related release.

See also: Schmidt, Martin


MATstudio (UK / USA)

MATstudio 1 (2019)
MATstudio 2 (2019)
MATstudio 3 (2020)

Collaborative project of Jonny Nash and Diego Herrera, docusing on studio outtakes and spontaneous composition. Mostly abstract, with lots of guitar twang. However, the second side of MATstudio 2 is the real cream - a laid-back electronic / guitar jam in balearic / Ashra (circa Gin Rose) vein.

See also: Nash, Jonny, Kraft, Suzanne.


Matsuda, Hiroka (Japan)

The Black Fire (1987)

Known under its Japanese title 黒の炎 オリジナルイメージアルバム, the above is an "Image album" a special genre of music typical for Japan with imagined "soundtracks" to manga and anime stories. Contrary to many other releases in the genre, the style here is surprisingly consistent, with Matsuda playing multiple synths of the era to create a special "fantasy" atmosphere in his highly orchestrated, even symphonic and hymnal tracks. He ends up sounding like Kitaro more often than not, with brief nods to Vangelis and Tomita maybe. The closing track is rather beautiful. Deserves to be more widely known.


Matsuda, Masa (Japan)

Pirsuit And Flight (1976)
Silent Dialogue (1979) (with Yuji Ohno)

Masa Matsuda is a Japanese keyboard player who is pretty obscure, but is mostly known for his Plays GX-1 LP from 1975 with covers of popular tunes played on said monstersynth. However, on Pirsuit And Flight (a loose translation into English, as this album is only known under its Japanese title) he is definitely moving in the progressive direction. It features smooth electronic arrangements in longer tracks with a unique sound (thanks to the use of the GX-1) and some improvisation. I don't know if the whole album is EM or EM-related but at least parts of it certainly are. Further investigation is needed.


Matsui, Shigehiko (Japan)

d-less-car, d-en (in between +&) (2001)

Electronic album for the adventurous listener, full of freaked-out bubbling video game stuff. A few *vocal* songs.


Matsumiya, Aska (Japan)

Trance (2010) (with Fuego)
After Yang (2023) (soundtrack)

Los Angeles-based Japanese composer, producer and pianist. After Yang is a varied soundtrack with contributions from Ryuichi Sakamoto. Some neat ambient electronic sketches here, among some non-EM-related material.


Matsumura, Toshioki (Japan)

A Visual Brain: 1986 - 1993 (2020) (EP)

Japanese audiovisual artist who embraced the emerging synth and computer technology pretty early in his life. Melodic, rhythmic, with lots of digital synth sounds and sampling. Best track: "Human Life".


Matsutake (France)

1538 (2023)

Hybrid jazz / electronic band from France. Intense, energetic...


Matsutake, Hideki (Japan)

Edo (1977) (with Chojuro Kondoj & Masashi Komatsubara)
The Fantasia - The Invitation To the Stars (1978)
Space Fantasy (1978)
Live Space Fantasy (1978)
Space Sound (1978)
Pyramid Power (1978)
Digital Moon (1979)
Sleeping Night (1983) (S)
Synthesizer In Screen Theme (??)
Sequential Work (2003) (recorded in ??)

Hideki Matsutake is a Japanese synth programmer and musician who worked with a lot of artists, including YMO and Tomita. Edo features a mix of traditional Japanese music and electronics. A bit similar to 70's Tangerine Dream, but not that rhythmic.

See also: Logic System, IIIC Magical Space Band.


Matsuura, Yoshikazu (Japan)

日本の四季 (1983)

Obscure electronic album produced by Shigenori Kamiya. The title translates to "Four seasons in Japan".


Matsuzaki, Yuko (Japan)

Mother of Pearl Box (1985)
World Heritage Music Imagination I (1994)
Paradise (1996)


Matt (France)

L'Etranges Visiteurs (??)

This looks like a library release, with shorter tracks and music that is melodic and rhythmic, sometimes verging on space disco.


Matt Valentine Preserves (USA)

Galactic Ooze (2020)

Vermont-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. He has something of a space rock sound, using his guitar as well as multiple electronics. The above album has a purely electronic track also - the 3+ minute "Hybrid Cowboy". File under EM-related.


Mattei, Todd (USA)

JOA99 (2015) (with Tim Kinsella and Jeremy Boyle)
Datasleep (2020)

Chicago-based synthesist with a varied style, ranging from flowing to atmospheric / rhythmic / melodic to sequencer-based.


Matter (USA)

Matter (1993)
Lunar Chateau (1998)

Music in Heldon style by Joe Albarran.

See also: Albarran, Joe, Madden, Mike.


Mattern, Thomas (Germany)

Thief (2016) (soundtrack)

Thomas Mattern is also known as Parklake and Parklake Project. The above is a soundtrack to an independent film, combining acoustic and electronic sounds.


Matteson, Brady (USA)

Rebound: Initial (2017)
Basement (2017)
Thought Journal (2020)
Sleeper (2021)
Rubine (2022)
Every Dream In Your Head (2023)
Sunken In the Same Place (2023)

Chicago-based Matteson is member of alt-rockers Vanity Contest. I am not sure about his earlier works (apparently, they are closer to different forms of noise and hard-core experimental music). Sleeper, though, is a nice reflective ambient done in an individual style.


Mattheis (Netherlands)

Isms (2013) (EP)
LS/1001 (2015) (EP)
Luminous Frames (2015)
Kindred Phenomena (2015)
Thin Sections (2018)
Live At Horst 2019 (2020)
Lettre Ouverte (2021) (with Amandra)

Rotterdam-based techno producer (real name - Matthijs Verschuure) who uses a lot of influences from EM, such as the abundant analog sequences and even synth solos on later works. Sort of like an EM / techno hybrid, this.


MatthewDavid (USA)

Livephreaxxx!!!! (2010) (with Sun Araw)
Super Harvest Moon (2010) (S) (with EMV)
DISK II (2012)
Culture Mystery (2012)
Destin (2012)
Mindflight (2013)
Ashram (2015)
Trust the Guide And Glide (2016)
A Meditation On Events In 2016 (2016)
Ophiucus (2017)
Experimental Bliss (2020)
Care Tracts (2020)
Mycelia_test1 (2021) (S)
On Mushrooms (2023) (EP)
Mycelium Music (2023)

Producer and experimental musician from Los Angeles. Only his ambient releases will be listed. Since 2015, he uses the pseudonym "Matthewdavid's Mindflight". These releases are also listed here.


Matthews, Carl (UK)

Aksu (1980)
Freewheel To Freedom (1980)
Intervention 87 (1980)
East / West (1982)
Iridescence (1983)
Call For World Saviours (1984)
The Bather (??) (soundtrack)
Quid Rides (1987)
The Zodiac Suite (1988)
Nuance (1988)
Old & New (1988) (recorded in 1980 - 1988)
Last Word From Mothership (1989)
Col (1992)
Ixion's Wheel (2001) (with Paul Nagle)
The Escher Experience (2003)
Life Force (2004)

Veteran UK synthesist with a spacey, rhythmic and melodic style of Electronic Music. Carl Matthews collaborated with Paul Nagle on Ixion's Wheel as well as released some cassettes on Mirage, ICR and Electronical Dreams labels and CD's on Neu Harmony and Sandpiper Records. Beware that some of his 1980's cassettes were released under pseudonyms "Aspiration" and "CAM". Sadly, Carl Matthews passed away in August, 2019.

See also: Rheged


Matthews, Si (USA)

Tales of Ten Worlds (2015)
Aurora (2017)
Across the Ether (2018)
A Constant State of Flow (2019) (with Sven Kössler)
Decoding Signals (2019)
Tempest / Bewegungsapparat (2019) (S) (with Sven Kössler)
Amalgamation (2019) (with Sven Kössler and Autumn of Communion)
Bridges To Sechura (2023) (with Sven Kössler)

Ambient music in the style of early FAX releases (Tales of Ten Worlds in its early version was sent to Pete Namlook but never got released). Simon Matthews seems to be from Boulder, Colorado but is currently residing in the UK.

See also: Confluent Phase, Resilience.


Matthews, Yuuki (USA)

Funny Morning (2014)

US singer, songwriter and indie pop musician of Japanese descent, member of The Shins. There is some singing on Funny Morning, but the overall focus is on quiet, melodic ambient synths. The album is about 80% instrumental.


Matthme (UK)

Matthme (2015)

Ambient drone artist from Edinburgh.


Mattiisen, Alo (Estonia)

Näärmed (1987)
Read (1995)
Ajaga Silmitsi (1997) (recorded in 1985 - 1991)
Facing the Time (1997)
Roheline Muna (1999)

Synthesist with a fairly unique sound. Alo Mattiisen was the keyboard player of great Estonian prog band In Spe. I should warn here that some of his works contain lots of vocals, choir and various other acoustic / classical instruments, so not all of his works will immediately appeal to fans of EM. Roheline Muna is one of his most classically-oriented ones, basically representing a normal rock opera with various parts sung by real singers. Sadly, Alo Mattiisen died in the summer of 1996 and therefore, the music for Roheline... was re-recorded for release without Alo's assistance.

See also: In Spe


Mattson, Roy (USA)

Meltstream (2014) (with Steve Brand)
Music of the Smoky Rainbow (2019)

Tribal Ambient artist from Glens Falls, New York. I like the airy feel of his 2019 album.


Mattxibarra (USA)

Seventeen (2020)
Organ of Perception (2021) (S)
Absolute Misery (2022) (S)

West Coast recording engineer and musician Matt Ibarra released Seventeen - an album of droning or sequenced EM compositions. Rather restrained, chilled vibe predominates here. Not bad.


Matucana (Germany)

Deliverance (1989)
Midnight Sun (1992)
To Beat the Feeling (1993)
Spatial Images (1994)
Songs of Sorrow And Love (1995)
Beyond Hope (1996)
Undertow of Darkness (1996)
Dark Rooms (1997)
Temple of the Ash of Ra (1998)

Quiet, meditative, melacholic, dark, floating, abstract and other electronic styles. Temple of the Ash of Ra was inspired by Manuel Goettsching's E2-E4.


Matuch, David Michael (USA)

Masquerade (1995)
Before Reality (1997)
Brainstorm (1999)

Ambient. (for want of a better term)


Matzumi (Germany)

Sometimes (2009)
Cryin' Soul (2010) (EP)
Ad Infinitum (2010) (EP)
In Mutatio Tempora (2011)
From Distant Times (2012) (with Nattefrost)
Symphony of Silence And Humility (2014)
Bravura Apasionada (2014) (with Emilsam)

This female artist (Kathrin Manz), apart from electronics, uses her own voice, sometimes as an instrument (to create timbres) and sometimes even in plain singing form. Because of this, it might not be up everyone's valley. Especially those who oppose vocals in EM might find it repelling. However, more adventurous listeners are encouraged to check out Matzumi.


Mauch, Benjamin (USA)

For My Friends (2015)
Golden Bay Garden (2016)
Finding the Good In Everything (2017)
Discorporeal (2018)
Phases (2018) (with Oahu)
It Feels Great But the Planet Is Dying (2021) (with Micah Dale Pink)

Originally from Richmond, Bejamin Mauch is an ambient / drone / electronic artist. The music on Golden Bay Garden was recorded in his Shenzhen apartment during his stay in China and alternates between rich, melodic synthesizer compositions with an ambient flair and noisier assaults.


Mauk, David (USA)

Official Music Created For Tutankhamun And the Golden Age of the Pharaohs (2005)

Music for exhibition, supposedly in ambient style.


Maureau, Jean-Pierre (France)

G. I. Connection (??) (S)

Pop / chanson artist who apparently released this electronic single. The first side is upbeat melodic synth that will be enjoyed by the poppier Jean-Michel Jarre, Space, Droids & suchlike. The flip I know nothing about at the moment..


Maurer (France)

CS20M (2010)
Substrate (2010)
In It (2011)
Anabase (2018)
I Used To Travel (2019)

Somber basement synth recordings done on said instrument.


Mauriat, Paul (France)

The Green Lake (1981) (S)

This well-known and extremely prolific orchestra leader (conductor), arranger and master of lounge / easy-listening ventured into Electronic Music with this single. The A side contains a theme from "Roma dalla Finestra" which is a melodic, sequencer based piece reminding on Tangerine Dream's soundtracks. There is a section with female vocals, though, so beware. The flip "Made in France" is much more in his usual orchestral style. This single is one of Mauriat's lesser known works.


Maurice Jarre Electronic Ensemble, The (France / USA)

Firefox (1984) (soundtrack)
Dreamscape (1984) (soundtrack)
Witness (1985) (soundtrack)
Enemy Mine (1985) (soundtrack)
Apology (1986) (soundtrack)
Fatal Attraction (1987) (soundtrack)
No Way Out (1987) (soundtrack)
Gorillas In the Mist (1988) (soundtrack)
Dead Poets Society / The Year of Living Dangerously (1990) (soundtrack)

Maurice Jarre, Hollywood film composer (born in Lyon, France, 1924) and father of Jean-Michel Jarre, created this ensemble in the 80's (probably following his son's example) to help him out in his soundtrack work. The above mentioned soundtracks (not sure that all of them were released, though) and probably some others, contain compositions by his electronic ensemble. After fooling around with synthesizers during the 80's, he returned to his usual orchestral (kitsch) style.


Mauricio Island (Argentina)

Vol. 1 (2018)

A project of Pedro D'Alessandro. Relaxed trip-hop / IDM sound here. However, the two all-ambient tracks "Oil of Angels" and "End Titles" will be of certain interest to EM fans. The latter even reminds a bit on Robert Schroeder's Harmonic Ascendant due to its use of distant, reverbed vocoder speech. File under EM-related.


Mausolei (USA)

Anonymität (2017)
Vorposten (2018)
Nocturne (2018)
A Dungeon In the Tundra (2018)
Anonymität (2019)

Phoenix, Arizona-based dungeon synth-related project. A very moody, synthy and lo-fi sound.


Mauve Sideshow (USA)

Dark Flowers (1990)
Stray Apparitions (1990)
Mauve Sideshow (1991)
Meet Me In the Wasteland (1993)
The Girl (1994)
Blood Will Tell (1997)

Superb duo from Seattle. Dusty Lee takes care of electronics and Treva sings (wordless vocals) and whispers ala Gong's 'space whisper'. Together they create Neo-Classical Ambient with spacey synths, effects, hypnotic voice and TONS of mellotron! Very spacey and hypnotic music, sometimes beautiful and sometimes dark (and even more beautiful at that).

See also: Blessed Oblivion, Minus Infinity, Mistress of Strands, Steeple of Fyre, Thistle, Angel Provocateur, Torn Curtain, Kangaroo Kourt.


Mavelli, Florenza (Netherlands)

Florenza Mavelli's Special Brigade (2009)

Actually, a pseudonym of the ubiquitous Danny Wolfers. Special Brigade is an imaginary cop movie soundtrack in synth / EM style.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Weltman, Klaus, Falckenhaus, Franz, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Smackos, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Audiosport 8, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo.


Mavis, Mac (Finland)

Fresh Tracks (1998)
Gatefinder (2003)
Report From the Lake (2009)

Helsinki-based Ambient musician whose real name is Mac Hirvi.


Maw (Russia)

Maw (2001)
Pallid Light Nocturne (2002)
Autumn Sun (2002)
Melancholy Drop (2006) (recorded in 2001)

Side-project of Dmitry Chistov aka Hum. Ambient music.

See also: Hum, Off the Cuff, Mikosterion.


Mawbey, Ryan James (UK)

Slow Wave of Long Comfort (2021)
Oval Ladder (2022)
Four Walls (2023)

English drummer who also uses percussion, tapes, field recordings and electronics. Intense, monolithic, dramatic, somber compositions.


Max D (USA)

Boost (2016)

Interesting electronic release from Maximillion Dunbar. Oftem sounding like deconstructed house music, the range of its sounds is pretty unique and is what essentially puts it in the progressive category.

See also: Lifted


Maxell, Max (Denmark)

Braindance of the Hikikomori (2023)

Karsten Pflum (real name - Jacob Helverskov Madsen) under a pseudonym. Varied, cinematic, rhythmic / melodic EM.

See also: Pflum, Karsten


Maximum Terrorem (Peru)

Necro (1989)

Death industrial / noise / sound collage project of Erik Bullón. Necro, containing the author's earliest experiments in synthesis and sound collages, is rather restrained for the genre. There is nothing too noisy, abrasive or in-your-face here, so the whole can be considered a pioneering Death Ambient / Clinical Ambient work in its own right. Cold sounds, sharp synths, clangs and wind effects.


Maximus (Italy)

11:11 Open the Door (1989) (with Felix)
The Light From North (1996) (with Felix)

An alias of Italian musician Massimo Zuccaroli. As part of the Maximus / Felix duo, he released a couple of albums that mix breezy, new-agey electronics with symphonic sound (on The Light From North). I would definitely put this in the new age / new instrumental category if it weren't for the "Tangerine Dream circa 1988 - 1993" feel of some of the tracks. Pretty undemanding listen, but not bad overall.


Maxwell, Nick (USA)

Oubliette (2005)

Dark soundworlds.


Maxwell Von Braund, Steve (Australia)

Monster Planet (1975)
Polarize (2000)
Return To Monster Planet (2020) (recorded in 1974 - 1981)

Classic cosmic electronics from member of Cybotron.

See also: Cybotron.


Maxxess (Germany)

Landscapes (1995)
Electrixx (2001)
The Sequel (2003)
Contact (2004) (with Axess)
Authenticity (2005)
Offroad (2006)
Ultra (2010)
Impact (2010) (with Axess)
Green Fairy (2014)
Reactivate (2021)

This artist (real name - Max Schiefele) creates a mixture of Electronic Music and guitar-based styles. Max started recording his own compositions during the 1980's, going two parallel routes. One was rock music of the mainstream kind that bands like AC/DC played. The other was completely electronic instrumental music inspired by German EM of the 1970's. All of this was recorded in his home studio using a 2-cassette rack. His notable achievements of the period include winning an annual Roland synthesizer song contest and the "White Waves Award" of the first "Frankfurter Synthesizertage". He also won the "Homerecording contest" of German "Keyboards" magazine with a Jan Hammer-inspired composition. Later both of his influences merged into a single hybrid style of powerful guitar playing and synthesizer backgrounds.

See also: Pyramaxx


Maxxxbass (USA)

Is Techno Camping (2014)
The Moon Saloon (2016)
Gone Fishing (2018)

A project of Max Stenerudh. Gone Fishing features varied ambient synth tracks, sometimes really nice and whimsical.

See also: KWC 92


May, Brian (Australia)

Turkey Shoot (2015) (recorded in 1982) (soundtrack)

Not to be confused with famous guitar player and member of Queen, Brian May was an Australian soundtrack composer. The above soundtrack features mostly short tracks, the bulk of which are electronic.


May, John (USA)

Plateaus (1997)

Electronic Music in the style of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream with a touch of Native American traditions.


May, The (UK)

Fear God! (2021) (EP)

Strange, wacky cabaret synth music with autotuned / vocoded vocals and solos. A project of Nigel Firth who "used to write songs for Vienna Ditto" (a synth-pop / electric blues band).


Maya-Music (Germany)

Wonderful Homeland / Incognito (1981) (S)
Stories (1984)

Obscure Electronic Music released in the mid-1980's. Music by C. + F. Konig-Vanderow.


Maydew, Peter (UK)

Distant Skies (1977)
Electricity & Magnetism (1981)
Shaking the Dreamland Tree (1988)

Very diverse musician. From ambient electronic sound of Distant Skies to more rhythmic stuff of Electricity & Magnetism, with guitar riffs, drum machine etc. Shaking... is more or less a return to the style of the first one. There was also an album of cover versions and another one, released around 1998, that's supposed to be guitar dominated.


Mayerling (France)

Cut Up (2013)
Roche (2018)

Analog synth music from Sylvain Bombled, with Boris Magnin and Sébastien Lemporte helping out. Roche reminds on both Cluster and Edgar Froese circa Pinnacles. The vocals here are almost non-existent, which cannot be said about Cut Up.


Mayforest (Poland)

Mayforest (2017)
Roots (2018)

Ambient music from Szczecin.


Maymind (Latvia)

Illumina (2017)
Cheap Storage (2018)
June (2023)

Born in Latvia and residing in the US, Maymind is an electronic artist and, ahem, deejay. On June, he is influenced by pioneering house works of the 1980's, 1990's R'n'B and progressive EM of the Cluster school (or so it seems to me). Illumina is more ambient, but also more influenced by IDM, so not 100% Prog either. Cheap Storage is focused on beats and has some merit / value for fans of New Berlin School maybe, but once again it's closer to club music than any Prog, although the influence is there.


Mayordom (France)

Mayordom (??)

Electronic Music by Pierre Porte and Joel Fajerman. A bit funky, a bit disco-like...

See also: Fajerman, Joel.


Mayr, Fritz (Austria)

Asteria Colony (2021)
Elisora Vol. 1 (2021)
Elisora Vol. 2 (2021)
Nautic Tales (2021)
Elysium Base (2021)
Outland (2021)
Therondia (2021)
Powerlines (2021)
Impressions (2021)
Modular Universe (2021)
Nethilor (2021)
Milky Way (2021)
Belrynna (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Stellaris (2022)
Pont of View (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Space Station (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Mood Colors (2022)
Far Away (2022)
Watchers (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Dark Energy (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Future (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Veil Nebula (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Acamar (2022)
Expanding Universe (2022) (recorded in 2020)
What's Behind the Black Hole? (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Quantum Theory (2022) (recorded in 2020)
The Island (2022)
Highway 1 Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Highway 1 Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Space Illusions Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Space Illusions Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Mystic Places Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Mystic Places Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Winter (2022) (recorded in 2012)
Mythical Worlds (2022)
Full Moon (2022) (EP)
Ruins of the Third System (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Cosmic Traveller (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Windows (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Spacewalker (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Starry Sky (2022) (recorded in 2020)
En Trance (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Observers (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Moon (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Delta Eusebeia (2022)
Mojave (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Visitors (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Infinity Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Infinity Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Desert Road (2022)
Spheres Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Spheres Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Westerlund Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Westerlund Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Bergwelten (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Salzwelten (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Space Trip Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Space Trip Vol. 2 (2022)
(recorded in 2019)
Visible Galaxy Vol. 1 (2022)
(recorded in 2019)
Visible Galaxy Vol. 2 (2022)
(recorded in 2019)
Genesys (2022)
Ballerina (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Time & Dimension Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Time & Dimension Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Synchronized Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Synchronized Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Modular Universe Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2021)
Mystic Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Mystic Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Rainmaker Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Rainmaker Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Spiral Galaxy Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Spiral Galaxy Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Northern Lights (2022)
The Rhodes Dreams (2022) (recorded in 2019)
Cosmic Eye Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Cosmic Eye Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
The Factory Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
The Factory Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Omicron Astraeus (2022)
Space View Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Space View Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Outer Space Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Outer Space Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Nemesis Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Nemesis Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Back To Origin Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Back To Origin Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
Anavo (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Galaxy Quest (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Mistland (2023)
Dune Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Dune Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
The Seeker Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
The Seeker Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Andromeda Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Andromeda Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Andromeda Vol. 3 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Alpha Hyperion (2023)
Unknown World Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Unknown World Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Electronic Head Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Electronic Head Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Symphonic Dreams (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Flying Dice (2023)
Space Night (2023) (recorded in 2018)
Alien Derelict Ship Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Alien Derelict Ship Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
The Butterfly Effect Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
The Butterfly Effect Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Paint In the Sky (2023)
Cable Salad (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Monolith (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Mind Gallery Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Mind Gallery Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Dark Universe (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Planet Watch (2023)
Analog Waves (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Before the Storm (2023) (recorded in 2017)
Lake Spheres Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Lake Spheres Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
On An Island Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
On An Island Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Departure Into A New World (2023)
Airport Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Airport Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 3 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 4 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 5 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Night Sessions Vol. 6 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Biochemical Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Biochemical Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Before Our Time (2023)
Trinity (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Sequenced In Brazil (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Space Time (2023)
Heart of the Universe (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Octavian (2023)
Paintings Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Paintings Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
The Raven (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Galaxy Rise Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Galaxy Rise Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
A Space Odyssey (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Wolf Tales Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Wolf Tales Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Atlantis (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Deep Space Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Deep Space Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Black (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Third Nature (2023)
Cyber World (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Seven (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Nibiru Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Nibiru Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Angels & Demons Vol. 1 (2023) (recorded in 2015)
Angels & Demons Vol. 2 (2023) (recorded in 2015)

Austrian synthesist with a Teutonic, Berlin School-influenced style. Fritz Mayr released a lot of download only / digital releases before debuting on CD-R on Neu Harmony with Asteria Colony.


Mayson, RD (USA)

Hross (2010)
OB6 Meditations (2020)
Optical Wave (2020)
OB-6 Miniatures (2021) (recorded in 2020)

Robert Mayson is a New York-based artist. The music on OB6 Meditations is exactly what the title promises. Sounds rather minimal and more like sketches than full-fledged compositions.


Mazatzal (USA)

Chantli (2022) (S)

Moody ambient music inspired by nature and Mesoamerican civilizations.


Mazhai, Kirill (Belarus)

Small Hours (2016)
You Don't Belong (2018)
Hearts Must Change (2018)
House (Unbuilt) (2019)
Ìåëîäèÿ (2021) (with Egor Klochikhin)

Soft ambient sounds, mostly pads, from this Minsk-based musician.


Mazmoneth (UK)

Music By Mirrors (2011)

A project of Nigel Mullaney (Dub Atomica) and Ray Sherwin. Previously known as Best Before. Contemporary rhythmic soundscapes.

See also: Best Before, Mullaney, Nigel.


Mazurov, Dmitry (Russia)

Creature On A Lavatory Pan (2010)
Rudiments (2016)
Simulacra (2018)

Electronic / electroacoustic composer from Moscow. He often goes for glitchy, IDM-infused sound, but there's a fair dose of dark ambience on his debut from 2010, released on Electroshock Records.


Mazza, Roberto (Italy)

Scoprire Le Orme (1991)

Italian saxophonist and oboe player. The above album is a minimal, repetitive work for synths, oboe and harp.

See also: Telaio Magnetico


Mazzagatti, Ulisse (Italy)

Musica per animali liberi (2021) (S)
Silenzio (2022)

Melodic, thematic, symphonic music with touches of "dungeon synth" (the "comfy synth" variety) and symphonic rock.


Mazzo (Germany??)

Sound For Gardening (2019)
Gentle Winds (2020)
Soft Breeze of Silence (2021)

To me, this sounds like a mixture of 1980's EM and balearic beat.


MBasix (Greece)

A CZone In Hell (2022)

MBasix is Michalis Vassiliou, a Greek keyboard player, experimental musician and member of several bands. His material ranges from rhythmic, techno-like, to floating, noisy and abstract.


Mc Lane Explosion (France)

Space Music (1977)

A mixture of covers ("Pulstar", "Oxygene", "Accidental Lover", "Onyx", "Magic Fly"...) and some original tunes from Roland Romanelli. The covers are ok but expectedly inferior to the originals. For instance, check out "Oxygene". Whereas the original was subtle and had that exciting feeling of cosmic grandeur throughout, here it's just plodding, simplistic and very in-yer-face, not to mention overtly long, the only nice element in my ears being the pads. You can get this LP for the originals but as for the covers, once you've listened to them, there's no reason that you'd want to return to them and listen again. A forgettable album, then, and dangerously "un-progressive". You've been warned.

See also: Romanelli, Roland, Space.


MC2 (Spain)

Energy (1999)

Berlin School music with bright, crisp arrangements.

See also: Loibant, Joseph, AT-Mooss.


McAdams, Lee (USA)

Not of This World (2022) (S)
Terrestrial Static (2023) (EP) (with The Tellurian Orchestra)

Providence, Rhode Island-based guitarist, synthesist and multi-instrumentalist. He composes spacey or classically-inspired Electronic Music.


McAlister, James (USA)

Music For Lubbock, 1980 (2009)
Scissortail (2021)

Los Angeles-based drummer, synthesist and session musician, appearing on a few collaborations and as member of some indie rock bands. As a solo artist, he creates ambient music with synthesizers and a few acoustic instruments. Melodic, relaxing, sometimes gently rhythmic sound.


McAvoy, Gary (Canada)

The Observers (1993)
Martian Oasis (1993)

Relaxed, melodic music from this synthesist.


McBain, John (USA)

Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle (2017)

American guitarist and electronic composer. The above release (a limited VHS run) combines krautrock and EM tracks.


McCallum, Jon (USA)

Surf Nazis Must Die (2014) (recorded in 1987) (soundtrack)

Synth soundtrack for this low-budget movie. Not bad and at times a bit Tangerine Dream-like. However, it would be better if the tracks would have been released in their original form and not marred by sound effects and dialogues from the movie. The quality is also quite dubious, as the music sounds like a mono track from a 3rd generation VHS cassette.


McCann, Sean (USA)

Gall Flood (2007)
Dreem Ordeal (2008)
Background Sound One (2008)
Sway (2008)
Shore Net (2008) (S)
Mirage Warehouse (2008) (S)
Flutter Oasis (2008)
Phase Pools (2008)
Jasmine (2008)
Boomerangutan (2008)
How Deep Is the Ocean (2008)
Backround Sound Two (2008) (S)
Phylum Sigh (2009)
Background Sound Three (2009)
Background Sound Four (2009)
Haven (2009)
Fair Beginnings (2009) (with Greg Manata)
A Wind In Their Way (2009)
Rover Encyclopedia Vol. 1 - Fishing (2009) (with Dave McPeters)
Frame of Mind (2009)
The Truth Is Marching In (2009)
Midnight Orchard (2009)
Nocturne (2010)
Pages of Shadowlife (2010)
Background Sound Five (2010)
Lower Decks (2010) (S)
Continent (2010) (S)
Chances Are Staying (2010)
Fountains (2010)
Fable Shop (2010)
Open Resolve (2010)
Leave Today (2010)
Allay (2010)
Ornaments (2010) (with Greg Manata)
The Thin Red Line (2010) (EP)
Sean McCann (2011) (S)
The Sky Is Filled With Incredible Wishes (2011)
Sincere World (2011)
The Capital (2011)
Mammoth Mountain (2011)
Prelusion (2011)
Vanity Fair (2011) (with Matthew Sullivan)
Barb (2012) (with Matthew Sullivan and Jeff Witscher)
Jackpot (2012) (with Matthew Sullivan)
In Concert (2012) (with Matthew Sullivan)
Unreleased Stuff From 2007 (??)
Music For Private Ensemble (2013)
Positive Beat Recordings Lathe Series (2013) (S)
I (2014) (with Maxwell August Croy)
Ten Impressions For Piano & Strings (2015)
Live At the Roxy (2015) (with Matthew Sullivan)
Tub of Deep Green Ink (2015)
A Castle Popping (2015)
Music For Public Ensemble (2016)
Pacifics (2016)
Fountains (2018) (recorded in 2009 - 2011)
Puck (2019)
Saturday Night (2020) (with Matthew Sullivan and Alex Twomey)
One More Saturday (2020) (with Matthew Sullivan and Alex Twomey)
Mother of Pearl (2021) (with Sarah Davachi)

Prolific droning Ambient artist with some really beautiful and emotional stuff to his credit.


McCaw, Craig (Canada)

Journey Through the Galaxy (1978)
Journey To the Center of the Galaxy (1995)

In the late 1960's / early 1970's Craig McCaw played guitar in a psychedelic pop band The Poppy Family. He then went to Delhi to study music composition and after returning to Canada he embarked on a solo career that included composing music for television and, above all, planetarium shows. This one here is a sountrack to an H.R. MacMillan Planetarium (Vancouver) show with the same name. It is fairly rare as it was originally sold only at the planetarium. Craig plays synthesizers and guitars in a spacey manner with guests Ken Morrison (bass), George Hamilton (drums), Ross Barrett (flute, sax, Fender Rhodes), Dom Cumming (percussion), Mike Koziniak (percussion), John Mitchell (Fender Rhodes) and Satwant Singh (tabla). Journey To the Center... is a remake of the original soundtrack with new material released on CD.


McClellan, Randall (USA)

The Healing Music of Rana Vol. I (1979)
The Healing Music of Rana Vol. II (1983)
The Healing Music of Rana Vol. III (1983)
The Healing Music of Rana Vol. IV (1985) (recorded in 1981 and 1983)

Electronic Music pioneer with an academic background who, from 1979 to 1983 gave long-form performances of relaxing music in darkened rooms, in a way presaging, or going parallel route to his countryman Robert Rich. Some of these performances are gathered on the Healing Music of Rana series of (cassette) albums. Here, he uses Moog Prodigy and Micromoog synthesizers along with his voice, pioneering both new age and Ambient. Some of the sounds strangely harken back to the earliest Klaus Schulze (circa Irrlicht / Cyborg), which, I would guess, is a mere coincidence. Another comparison could be Terry Riley at his most electronic.


McClure, Darren (UK)

Softened Edges (2007)
Suspended (2009) (with offthesky)
Into Action (2012) (S)
The Black Kite (2012) (S)
Object Trio (2014) (S)
Water Garden (2014) (with Miguel Isaza)
Apperception (2015)
Shelter (2015) (with José Soberanes)
In-Between Spaces (2015) (with Porya Hatami)
Veerian (2016) (with Uwe Zahn and Porya Hatami)
The Edge of Now (2016)
Nature Mirror (2017)
Future Harbour (2017)
(with José Soberanes)
Ypsilon (2019) (with Uwe Zahn and Porya Hatami)
On Opposites (2019)
Walden Two (2022) (with Toni Dimitrov and Boban Ristevski)

Ambient musician who uses a lot of field recordings alongside electronics. Originally from the UK, he currently resides in Japan.


McCollough, Paul (USA)

Midnight (1982) (soundtrack) (with Quintessence)
Night of the Living Dead (2002) (recorded in 1990) (soundtrack)

Synth horror soundtrack music.


McConnell, Page (USA)

Maybe We're the Visitors (2021)

Nice solo Electronic Music album from this keyboardist of the band Phish. Tranquil, analog, cosmic, symphonic, with touches of Vangelis, Space Music, Ambient...


McCormack, Edward (UK)

Dreams of Sleep (2017)
Rest In Place (2020)
Aphotic (2020)
Astral (2020) (S)

Liverpool-based ambient artist. Quiet, shadowy, often melancholic sound.


McCormick, Matt (USA)

Very Stereo (2007)

A musician from Washington, DC, based in Spokane, WA. Very Stereo is a collection of more or less ambient material. Minimal, lulling melodies, Casio VL-Tone rhythms, some background guitars and a looping structure. A lot of it is Ambient in the classic sense, but not without characteristics typical of the epoch it was released in.


McCorry, Simon (UK)

Blue (2017)
Song Lines (2018)
Joy; Division (2021) (with Requiem)
The Equation of Time (2021) (with Anthéne)
The Illusion of Beginnings And Endings (2021)
I Laugh, I Cry (2021)
Mind of Winter (2022) (with Anthéne)
The Failure of Accuracy (2022)
A Is For Autumn (2022) (with Andy Heath)
Florescence (2023) (with Anthéne)
I the Storm (2023) (S)

Ambient artist using both processed cello and synths / electronics.

See also: Konstruct


McDermid, James (UK)

Ghost Folk (2017)
Kern Host (2018)
Sunshine And Dust (2018)
Tonal Glints (2018)
Phantoms (2018)
In Little Swallows (2019)

Bristol-based ambient artist with a hazy, shadowy, somewhat lo-fi sound.


McDermott, Chance (USA)

Sing A New Song (2019)

Veteran techno musician from Kalamazoo, Michigan, delivers a collection of ambient / EM tracks.


McDowall, Drew (UK)

Haecceity Deluge (2015)
Collapse (2015)
Unnatural Channel (2017)
The Third Helix (2018)
Agalma (2020)
Live On Tape (2021)

A member of punk rock group The Poems in the late 1970's and early 1980's in Glasgow, Drew McDowall is nowadays an electronic musician and modular synth enthusiast residing in New York. He collaborated with Coil and Psychic TV. As a solo artist, he creates stark, moody electronic compositions, sometimes noisy ala Throbbing Gristle, but sometimes with incessant electronic pulse reminding on John Carpenter, Heldon and the darker Tangerine Dream.


McFarland, Will (Canada)

Saccades (2023)

Droning ambience from this Victoria, B.C.-based artist.


McGee, Hal (USA)

60 Minutes of Laughter (1982) (with Deborah Jaffe)
In A Foreign Film (1983) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Swamp Patrol 84 (1983) (with Deborah Jaffe and David Mattingly)
Occupant: No Specific Answer (1984)
A Whole Universe of Horror Movies (1984) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Who Is This One (1984) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Hot And Cold (1985) (with Deborah Jaffe)
An Organized Accident (1985) (with If Bwana)
Coffee Spleen & the Barking Dog (1985)
Black Body (1985)
Trompeur et Sournois (1985)
Brash Pussy (1985)
Get In the Action (1985) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Sweat (1986) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Five Feuilletons Outlined In Red (1986)
Places Without Air (1986)
Sheets of Cruelty (1986)
Conduit (1986)
Untranslatable (1986) (with If Bwana)
Pure Torture (1986)
Green (1986)
Corroboree (1986)
Dog Food (1986)
Club Sandwiches (1986)
Snot (1986) (with Deborah Jaffe)
Incidental Vibrations (1986) (with Jabon)
The Splendor (1987)
Live In Pittsburgh (1987)
Incidental Vibrations 2 (1987) (with Jabon)
Joint Venture (1987) (with If Bwana)
Sacrifice of Reason (1987) (with If Bwana)
Live In Toronto (1987) (with If Bwana)
Live In Memphis (1988)
Painting (1988) (with If Bwana)
A Fish Devoid of Memory (1988) (with David Prescott)
Devices And Mechanisms (1988)
Weed (1988)
Usufruct (1989) (with Chris Phinney)
Heads (1990) (with Chris Phinney)
Shell (1990) (with Chris Phinney)
Maneuvers (1990) (with Chris Phinney)
Skull (1990) (with Chris Phinney)
Ditch (1990) (with Chris Phinney and Michael Jackson)
Peat (1990) (with If Bwana)
Goonz (1990) (with Nomuzic)
Quake (1991) (with Chris Phinney)
Dimdogmentalasanguishmastershinething (1991) (with Chris Phinney and Dimthingshine)
Miami Noise (1991) (with Dimthingshine and friends)
Coincidence (1991) (with Chris Phinney)
Cobra (1991) (with Chris Phinney, Roger Moneymaker and Robert Henson)
B12 (1995)
Fester (1996) (with Chris Phinney)
Gnarl (1996) (with Chris Phinney)
Krispeee (1996) (with Phinney, Martin and Bramhall)
Knot (1996) (with Chris Phinney)
Preoccupations (1996) (with Brian Noring)
The Room (1996) (with Hagstrom, Hofferber and Noring)
Pig (1996) (with Chris Phinney)
Caesura (1996) (with Thomas Sutter)
Cry of the Banshee (1996) (with L.G. Mair)
VA10 (1996)
Florizona (1997) (with Jeph Jerman)
F5 (1997)
Sonic Holiday (1997) (with Brian Noring)
6J (1997) (with L.G. Mair)
Sounds From MicroLounge (1997) (with Keith Nicolay)
Goonz 2 (1997) (with Nomuzic and friends)
Liquid Kumquat Generator (1997) (with Dave Wright)
Receding Hairlines In Brooklyn (1997) (with If Bwana)
When We Wake Up... (1997) (with Big City Orchestra)
Straphanger's Ball (1997) (with Jon Burgos, Keith Nicolay, Ed Rollin, Bruce Waid and Doug Walker)
Tofu & Tobacco (1997) (with 360 Sound)
Summit (1997) (with Brian Noring, Shawn Kerby, Phil Klampe and Charles Rice Goff III)
Cryptomnesia (1997) (with Charles Rice Goff III and Brian Noring)
Solid State Life (1997) (with Brian Noring)
Homemade Alien Music Vol.1 (1997) (with EHI and Separation)
Homemade Alien Music Vol.2: Ancient Astronauts (1998) (with Chris Phinney)
Homemeade Alien Music Vol.3: Alien Progeny (1998) (with Phil Klampe)
Unholy Trinity (1998) (with Charles Rice Goff III and Phil Klampe)
Lobhia Aur Khumbi (1998) (with Charles Rice Goff III)
H8 (1998)
1909E (1998)
Pursuits (1998) (with Brian Noring)
Anvil And Stirrup (1998) (with Brian Noring)
I Am A Black Hole (1999)
Pollution And Decay (1999) (with Brian Noring)
Invisible In the Midwest (1999) (with Brian Noring)
Wrinkled Gray Blob (1999) (with Brian Noring)
Material Events (1999) (with Brian Noring)
Execution / Operation (2000) (with Brian Noring)
Wired For Sound (2000)
Maps of Nowhere (2000)
New Music For Shortwave Receiver And Tape Recorder (2000) (with Brian Noring)
Audio Trash Sculpture Exhibition Part One (2000) (with Brian Noring)
Audio Trash Sculpture Exhibition Part Two (2000) (with Brian Noring)
Abfall Man (2001)
Big Audio Scrap Heap (2001)
Sedimental Music (2001)
Fortuitous Happenstance (2001) (with Brian Noring)
Shill (2001) (with Phil Klampe and Brian Noring)
March 28, 2001 (2001) (with Klampe, Noring and Wren)
Music In the Key of Whatever (2001) (with Brian Noring)
Music For Schizo-Affective Schizophrenia (2001)
Guided Tours (2001) (with Day, Klampe, Noring and Wren)
Mistaken Identities (2001) (with Phil Klampe and Brian Noring)
Random Sound Generator (2001) (with Brian Noring)
Stranded On Earth (2002) (with Chris Phinney)
Deep Space Search Engine (2002)
Meshed Mixages (2002) (with Bret Hart and Charles Rice Goff III)
Blue Planet (2002) (with Brian Noring)
Surveying the Wreckage (2002) (with Brian Noring)
Antenna Club (2003) (with Chris Phinney)
Verve of the Void (2003) (with Charles Rice Goff III)
Hoax (2003) (with Don Campau)
My Brain (2003)
Synergistic Deconstruction (2003) (with Dave Fuglewicz)
Orion the Hunter (2005)
Factor IXX (2006)
Synergistic Reconstruction (2011) (with Dave Fuglewicz)
Monotrinity (2012)
Falling Into the Cosmic Cabinet (2012) (with Lumen K)
Dead Hand Decision (2012) (with Dave Fuglewicz)
Signal Load Patterns (2013) (with Crystal Awareness)
The Morning Crew (2013) (with Josh Tippery)
Taoist Demolition Crew (2013) (with Lumen K)
Fenruary Sessions (2013) (with Richard Orlando)
L'echappatoire (2013) (with Wehwalt)
Touch of Cold (2013) (with Ooy)
The Electric Brains (2014) (with Richard Orlando)

Remember "Space Odyssey"? Well, you can sort of consider Hal McGee to be the human incarnation of Hal 9000. He pierces your brain with harsh noise electronics, then lets you drift in space on top of floating synth textures with equal ease. He provides you with a healthy dose of experimental minimalist sounds and spoken word weirdness. His more space electronics oriented albums are the ones he made with Chris Phinney, while his collaborations with Brian Noring seem to be more avant-garde and harsh. Overall, I think his works will appeal to fans of early Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler and Tangerine Dream, The Residents, vintage sci-fi flicks and Pierre Henry (Wired For Sound and Maps of Nowhere, among others, seem to be abstract collages of concrete sound). Bear in mind, that Hal's solo works during the Eighties appeared under the name 'Dog As Master'. And his collaborative works with Deborah Jaffe were released as 'Viscera'. As for his collaborative efforts with If Bwana, there was a name for them as well: they were called 'Bwana Dog'! Some of his early stuff is very harsh, approaching the noise / power electronics territory. So, hardcore EM fans, be afraid. Be very afraid!

See also: Analog Synthesizer Ensemble, The


McGirr, Danny (Australia)

Sanguine Clock Obsolete (2012)
Twenty Five Flowers (2013)
Chemical Trigger (2013)
Remains (2013)
Pale At the Holy Mountain (2013)
White Light Horizons (2014)
Crossings (2015)
Grid Music (2015)
Diagrams For Dreams (2015)
Six Lines (2015)
Disintegrating Bohemia (2015)
Grandiose Emptiness + Dot Miniatures (2015)
Five Points (2015)
Bridges (2015)
Loom (2016)
Reduced (2016)
Pure (2016)
VO (2016)
The Palest Blue / The Darkest Blue (2016)
Australian Landscape 1 (2016)
Fata Morgana (2017)
Tangled Threads (2017)
Sadness Moves Without A Care (2018)

Ambient artist who alternates between guitar tracks and synth tracks.


McGregor, Ross (Australia)

Princess (1980)

Electronic album by this Sydney-based engineer and owner of Axent Studio. Ambient sound combined with dolphin recordings and an Aboriginal touch.


McGuire, Mark (USA)

Glass Bowls (2007)
Northern Exposure (2007)
Tidings (2007) (S)
Untitled (2007) (S) (with Nate Scheible)
Amethyst Waves (2008) (S)
An Old Hag's Cackle Pt. II (2008) (S)
Dream Team (2008)
Guitar Meditations (2008)
Let Us Be the Way We Were (2008)
Light Movement (2008)
Off In the Distance (2008)
Open Chords (2008) (S)
Patterns of Development (2008)
The Garden of Eternal Life (2008) (S)
A Pocket Full of Rain (2009)
Language Barrier (2009)
Losing Sleep (2009)
Must Not Have Meant That Much (2009)
Stranger Than Paradise (2009) (S)
Tidings II (2009) (S)
Between Family (2010) (S)
Get Me Out of Here (2010) (S)
Guitar Meditations Vol. II (2010)
High Above the City (2010)
Living With Yourself (2010)
The Invisible World (2010) (S)
Things Fall Apart (2010)
Untitled (2010) (S)
Vacation Days (2010)
Get Lost (2011)
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire (2011) (with Trouble Books)
Nightshade (2012)
Certain Circumstances (2012) (with Nate Scheible)
Surrogate Channels (2012) (S)
The Instinct (2013) (S)
Along the Way (2013)
Noctilucence (2014)
Beyond Belief (2015)
Ideas of Beginnings (2017)
Vision Upon Purpose (2017)
Do You Hear What I Hear? (2019)
Earth Star Musick (2020)

A young and extremely prolific musician from Ohio. He played guitar with Emeralds and his solo stuff ranges from heavy guitar drones to sequenced repetitive structures ala Inventions For Electric Guitar from Goettsching. Sometimes he gets close to copying the Ashra sound but he sure has talent. This is one of those rare instances that an artist is included in EEM because of his / her sound and not instrumentation, as Mark mostly uses guitar and various processing devices, although he does experiment with tape loops and electronics from time to time. One completely acoustic release was omitted from the above discography.

See also: Emeralds, Skyramps, Amazing Births.


McKechnie, Alex (UK)

Degrees of Latitude (2019)

Nice EM based on multiple sequences and arpeggios.


McKechnie, Doug (USA)

Inside Your Head (1984) (with Paul de Benedictis)
San Francisco Moog: 1968-72 (2020)
San Francisco Moog 1968-72 Vol. 2 (2023)

Supposed experiments with one of the earliest Moog modular synthesizers by singer Doug McKechnie. If it is not another fake, then a lot of it sounds way ahead of its time.


McKenna, John B. (UK)

Undermedvetenheten (2020) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack to a video game by this member of indie rock band Monoganon. Wacky, playful, spacey...


McLaughlin, Nathan (USA)

Line Drawings (2014) (with Joe Houpert, Josh Mason and Cody Yantis)
On the Brink (2017) (with Josh Mason)
Optics//Motion (2023)

The 2023 effort features varied EM full of sparkling synths, sequences and arpeggios.


McLaughlin, Richard (USA)

Studies For 2017 (2018)
Confines (2020)
Eulalia (2020)
Internal Weathers (2020)
Manzanita (2022)

Wacky, charming electronic pieces, reminding on Cluster, Manuel Goettsching and more.


McLaughlin, Riley (USA)

DNA Music (1983)
DNA Suite (1983)

Obscure. This synthesizer music is based on the DNA structure. The actual musician is Riley McLaughlin but the works revolve around the theoretical research of Dr. David Deamer. May appeal to fans of Brian Eno.


McLean, George (USA)

George McLean's Greatest Hits (1977)

Idaho-based electronic musician. Extremely rare handmade cassette release.


Mclean, Mat (UK)

Quiet Storm (2012)
Celestial Soundscapes (2019)

The 2012 release is melodic music but sort of repetitive. The closing track is a nice combination of tribal drumming and sequencer patterns. Celestial Soundscapes is more varied and closer to general rhythmic / melodic EM.


McLean, Stuart (UK)

Incidental Music From the Dark Outside (2017)

Shorter atmospheric electronic tracks of varying moods.


McLinn, Steve (USA)

Where the Circle Begins - It Ends (1991)

This is basically an Ojas album, released under Steve McLinn's real name. Floating synths, ethnic instruments, relaxing melodies...

See also: Ojas


McLion, Charly (Germany)

The Nature of the Universe (2001)

Former member of Double Fantasy. Supposedly, *boring* new age-like music.

See also: Double Fantasy


McLoughlin, Sam (UK)

The Folklore of Plants: Volume Two - The Venefic Garden (2018)
Todmorden Abduction Themes (2019)
Molecular Resonant Counter Signals (2020)
Environmental Meditation Music (2022) (with David Chatton Barker)

UK reseracher, field recordings artist and folk musician. The Folklore of Plants is extremely weird stuff inspired by hallucinogenic / mind-altering plants that's half homemade / invented acoustic instruments and half electronics. Sounds a bit like Ron Geesin's stuff from The Body, but it really is in a league of its own. Todmorden Abduction Themes features melodic studies for monophonic Kawai 100f synthesizer. Molecular Resonant Counter Signals continues in that vein and on the same synth.


McMahon, Joe (USA)

Shatterday (1995)

Joe McMahon is an electronic musician residing near Washington, DC. His only (so far) album of soft melodic music supposedly comparable to Kitaro was released on Mike Metlay's "Atomic City" label. An interesting fact is that the album was recorded entirely with an Ensoniq VFXsd synthesizer.


Mcmullan, Benjamin (USA)

Maschinations (2017)

Varied shorter tracks. Mostly melodic, with some acoustic imitations and warm synths.


McNabb, Michael (USA)

Computer Music (1983)

Michael McNabb is an academic composer and a pioneer of computer music. His LP, though, is at the very listenable end of the academic spectrum. You could even say that he adopted a lot of ideas from progressive EM. You can sort of compare his dreamy compositions to Klaus Schulze's Dune (in mood and structure, not in sound). This album was re-released by Wergo in 1993, with one track having a new (actually, the original) title and a longer duration.


McNabb, Murray (New Zealand)

Duga-3 (2012) (with Gianmarco Liguori)
E-Music: Electronic Music From the Mod-X Archive (2019) (recorded in 2000 - 2008)

Jazz musician, pianist and film music composer (passed away in 2013). Murray McNabb was also interested in electronics. Duga-3 can be described as electronic jazz. E-Music is a compilation of his solo electronic pieces recorded in the studio. Further investigation is needed.


McPhee, Tony (UK)

The Two Sides of Tony McPhee (1973)

A surprising diversion for Groundhogs guitarist, The Two Sides of Tony McPhee featured one side of traditional blues rock pieces and one side of Electronic Music.


McQueen, Sam (USA)

Dreams In Sepia (2019)
Moments In Time (2021) (EP)

Chicago-based artist. When I put Dream In Sepia on, I was delighted to hear tinkling sequences in pure EM style. Track two did not disappoint either. After that the album also explores other areas, always returning to the sequencing of the opener and ending with the otherworldly "Awaken From A Dream". Definitely a talented guy and an artist to look out for.



black_hole (2023)

Monolithic cosmic drones and subtle pulses.


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