L CON (Canada)

Soundmill Improvisations (2023)

Lisa Conway aka L CON is an indie pop / synth-pop artist from Toronto. SOUNDMILL Improvisations is based on the material prepared for a sound installation in an old mill in Guelph, Ontario. Ambient synth music - minimal, droning and cyclic, with subtle patterns.


L.E.A.K. (Sweden)

The Old Tea House (2001)
Redemption (2005)

Side project of Heid members. The music was recorded in the legendary EMS studio in Stockholm.

See also: Heid


L.E.M. (Italy)

The Sacred Orbit (2005) (with Oophoi)
Strata (2005) (S)
Leteph (2005) (S) (with Oophoi)
Aludra (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Trifida (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
The Gates of Aldebaran (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Spiralis (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)
Substrata (2006) (S) (with Oophoi)

Soundscapes. Strata is a mini-LP. L.E.M. = Lunar Excursion Module.


L.G. Mair Jr (USA)

In the Caverns of the Dead (1987)
The Inner Chamber (1990)
Totentanz (1991)
Isis & Morgan (1991)
Time Ghosts (1991)
Electronic Dreamscapes (1991) (recorded in 1986 and 1987)
The Shaman's Dream (1992)
Music For Winefride (1992)
Mediaevel Tales (1992)
The Final Procession (1992)
A Parallel Universe (1993)
Sacrament (1994)
The Plutonian Vortex (1995)
Cry of the Banshee (1996) (with Hal McGee)
Dron (1997)
6J (1997) (with Hal McGee)
Sounds From Micro Lounge (1997) (with Keith Nicolay and Hal McGee)
Ghosts (??)
Music From the Tank (??)

L.G. Mair Jr was playing bass in Alien Planetscapes from 1987 to 1992. He has also released some solo cassettes with minimal, repetitive and experimental electronics.

See also: Alien Planetscapes, Paracon.


L.iet (Germany)

Kurzwellengericht (2014) (with Kurt Bogenholtz)

Abstract and noisy electronics with one vaguely melodic track.

See also: Architrav


L.S. (Russia)

Андроиды (2009)
Скрытое знание (2011)
Механизмы (2012)
Сны летучей рыбы (2012)
Готика (2012)

L.S. was a project of Saint-Petersburg-based Sergey Evdokimov (sadly diseased in 2009). Some of his tapes were restored and released by the USC label.


L.U.C.A. (Italy)

Precipizio (2013) (S)
I semi del futuro (2016)
Vol. 10 (2017) (S)
Venus: Un breve viaggio tra le stelle (2022) (S)
Terra (2022)

L.U.C.A. is a project of Italian Francesco de Bellis. On Precipizio, "balearic" style predominates, while on Semi del Futuro he seems to be inspired by vintage library music. Not all of it is electronic and there's plenty of acoustic guitar on many tracks, but the interesting ones include the opener and the closer ("Plankton"), an ambient piece which could be a lost track from Vangelis' L'apocalypse des animaux.


La 1919 (Italy)

L'enorme tragedia (1985)
Ars Sra (1987)
Laiv Stori (1988)
Deficit (1990)
Joeur, Spielen, To Play (1994)
Giorni felici (1997)
False Memory Syndrome (2014)

Electronic-rock improvisational music from Piero Chianura and Luciano Margorani, assisted by guests. La 1919 is also known as La 1919 Spontaneo.

See also: Margorani, Luciano


La Compagnia Digitale (Italy)

La compagnia digitale (1992) (recorded in 1979)

The last of Ciro Perrino's late 1970's "transitional" bands, this one sees them adding a strong space rock element to trademark synthesizers and live drum section.

See also: Perrino, Ciro, SNC, St. Tropez.


La Dernière Attaque (Mexico)

8eme regiment de grenadiers (2012)
1804 (2014)

Martial Ambient project from Mexico, mostly inspired by the events of the 19th Century. Lots of war chanting, marching drums and other samples. Often melodic, with sort of a dungeon synth feel.


La Division Technique (France)

Travaux inattendus & systemes aleatoires (2018)
Nebula (2019)
Traversant les cités liquides (2023)

A project of Philippe Saintlos. Nebula marries his usual noisy style with EM of the cosmic kind.


La Düsseldorf (Germany)

La Dusseldorf (1976)
Viva (1978)
Individuellos (1980)
Mon amour (2006) (recorded in 1983)

The year was 1975 and the place was Germany. The legendary krautrock group Neu! called it a day. Guitarist Michael Rother left to pursue a solo career. What drummer Klaus Dinger did then was to form a new band with his brother Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe. The music was still heavy on the guitar but with added Kraftwerkian touches and elements typical of the Dusseldorf School of Electronic Music (the "motorik" rhythm!). Also some new wave influences started to creep in towards the end of the 1970's which caused many new wave acts of the 1980's cite La Düsseldorf as one of their influences. Beware the (occasional) vocals.

See also: Dinger, Thomas


La Houle (France)

Dehors au dedans (2020)

Flowing and ambient EM from Simon Sockeel. Sequences, pads, melodies...


La Manna, Carlo (Italy)

Luding (1992)
Musica per uomini di pietra (1993)
Anima negra (1995)
Amaranta (1996)

Classic Ambient for fans of Eno, with lots of piano, resonance, etc. Carlo La Manna has a solid background in jazz as both electric bass player and contrabassist. By the end of the 1980's he developed an interest in Ambient music and since then he has released at least four solo albums.


La Mansarde Hermétique (Germany)

Haûnted Attic (2017)

Varied music from the duo of Mathias Brüssel and Michael Brückner. Ambient, melodic...

See also: Brückner, Michael, Idle State.


La Mort de l'Hippocampe (France)

Cheminement de l'extase (2012)
Symphonie neuronale (2012)

This is the experimental facet of Jérôme Fontan aka Porn.Darsteller. Analog synths galore, some stiff rhythms, experimental sounds and vocalizations.

See also: Porn.Darsteller


La Morte Amoureuse (Romania)

Domcems wesr tra daquer (2018)
Wresa budeak brocd resiork (2018)
Vunkal voarlnam (2018)

Strange project mixing eerie choirs, some theremin wails and a general horror / haunted house, sort of dungeon synth-ish vibe.


La Morte Vienne dallo Spazio (Italy)

Sky Over Giza (2018)

Italian band. Space rock / electronics.


La Mothe, Antoine (Canada)

Illusions (2020)
Allers-retours (2023)


La Nuova Era (Italy)

La nuova era (1984)

Progressive rock-related band formed around keyboard player Marinella di Nunzio. Their instrumental material (most of it is instrumental) is EM that will be enjoyed by fans of symphonic electronics, especially Vangelis.


La Ponto Ensemblo (Germany / USA)

The CERN Diaries (2020)
Eniwetok Suite (2020)
Ishmael / At Quintessence (2021)
The Screaming Sky of Mike Stravinsky (2022)

Ambient duo of Hans-Dieter Schmidt and E-Clark Cornell. Dramatic, flowing, tribal...

See also: Imaginary Landscape, Bridge To Imla.


LA Priest (UK)

Inji (2015)
GENE (2020)

English indie pop / psychedelic pop artist (Samuel Eastgate) who combines vocal tracks with quirky instrumental electronic material that has a Bowie "Berlin Trilogy" / Cluster feel to it. Relevant tracks include: "Gene Washes With New Arm", "Lorry Park", "Fabby" (Inji), "Peace Lily", "What Do You See", "Kissing of the Weeds" and "Ain't No Love Affair" (GENE). Eastgate also designs his own electronic instruments, such as the GENE drum machine that gave the name to his sophomore effort.


La Prisonnière (France)

La prisonnière (2019)

Long, lysergic electronic tracks from this trio, a bit similar to early Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.


La Science des Reves (USA??)

Random Variations (2017)

Synth / organ soundscapes and a couple of guitar-based lo-fi tracks that sound somehow out of place.


La Société Étrange (France)

Au revoir (2015)
Chance (2022)

Krautrock-influenced trio with something of a Moebius / Plank feel.


La Stele des Pleurs (France)

Le temps qui passe (2015) (S)
La mort de l'oiseau (2016) (S)
Les regrets / Gare du nord (2016) (S)
La voix des vieux temps (2019)

Between minimal synth and Prog EM.


La Tredicesima Luna (Italy)

Il sentiero degli dei (2017)
Oltre l'ultima onda del mare (2018) (S)

Somber ambience from Matteo Brusa.

See also: Medhelan, Krios.


LAAG (France)

Dematerialize (2017)

Varied cinematic compositions, mostly moody and somewhat darkish.


Lab, The (Spain)

Homodigitalis (2003)

Lots of synthetic textures and vocoder voices here. The Lab have also created the audiovisual show also named "Homodigitalis" with graphic designer Bernardo Rivavelarde. 


Labat, Jean-Yves (France)

M. Frog (1973)
Underwater Electronic Orchestra (1976)
Transition #1 (1978)
Touche (1981)
En voyage (1987)

Synthesist on the first Todd Rundgren's Utopia album. He released some solo electronic works. Please note that Touche was released under the "Labatomy" moniker and differs substantially in style from the preceding works as it's mostly a collection of post-punk / wave songs.


Der Laborant (Germany)

Kontakt (1998)

Gerd Wienekamp, the man behind Der Laborant is one half of Rainbow Serpent. Same style.

See also: Weinekamp, Gerd, Rainbow Serpent.


Laboratorija Zvuka (Serbia)

Dok vam je jos vreme / Sve je to bilo u prolece (1978) (S)

Laboratorija Zvuka (Sound Laboratory) was a Serbian art-pop band with a Ska influence. Curiously, this first single by them features an interesting B-side - an all-electronic, experimental composition with a bit of processed voice.


Laboratorium (Poland)

Anatomy Lesson (1987)

Polish jazz-rock band. This album is heavily based on the keyboards and there's an electronic track titled "Make Up" - a rich, classically-influenced pastiche, melodic and with influences from jazz, of course. This reminded me on late 1980's Tangerine Dream and Artemiy Artemiev's 1980's soundtrack work ("The Fan" et al). File under EM-related.


Labradford (USA)

Prazision (1993)
Labradford (1994)
A Stable Reference (1995)
Labradford (1996)
Mi Media Naranja (1997)
E Luxo So (1999)
Fixed :: Content (2000)

Virginian group of Carter Brown, Mark Nelson and Robert Donne with a unique droning Ambient sound, based on guitars, synths and other instruments. This is clearly a post-rock-era product but will be interesting for EM fans. They have two different eponymous albums, as far as I know.

See also: Aix Em Klemm, Anjou.


La'Brooy, Sean (Australia)

Out Moving Windows (2021)
There's Always Next Year (2023)
Merchant (2023) (EP)

Relaxed, reflective music with breezy sequencing and soft house rhythms.

See also: Albrecht La'Brooy


Lab's Cloud (Spain)

The Structure of Emotions (2021)

Psychedelic / goa trance project of Raúl Jordán. The Structure of Emotions is his first completely ambient album. Not bad, with even a touch of Vangelis on "Rising".


Lace & Collar (Denmark)

Armada (2014) (S)
Adonis (2015) (S)
Pursuit (2016) (S)
Rapture (2021)

Varied EM from Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley. Mostly sequencing, melancholic pads and a touch of techno.

See also: Internazionale, Shell Fantasy.


Lack (USA)

Undoing Gaze (2015) (S)
Littoral Hymns (2017)
Ferula + Veneficaes (2018)
ii (2019) (with Nick Klein)

Varied, mostly techno / dub-related duo. They have also made some ambient material that I will try to list here.


Lackner, David (USA)

Waiting For Sunday (2022)

Saxophonist / flute player. Waiting For Sunday still has the sax and the flute, but is closer to ambient electronics overall.


Lacksman, Dan (Belgium)

Electric Dreams (2013)

Pioneer of electronic disco, member of Telex and producer / arranger, German-born Dan Lacksman released a few wacky and cheesy albums in the 1970's, both under his own name and under several guises, among them Electronic System. Electric Dreams is a dynamic, driving electronic album very much influenced by his own pioneering electronic disco sound, as well as music of artists like Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Jean-Michel Jarre. It's nothing extremely complex or progressive, but if you like flashy synth sounds, vocoders and melodies, you may like this.

See also: Electronic System


Lacrima (UK)

St. Petersburg (2020)

Ambient project of Stephen Bishop. Dramatic, almost neo-classical sound.

See also: Basic House


Lacroix, Julien A. (France)

Uruk Romantic Tales #2 (2014)
Clair obscur (2017)
Elements (2021)

This artist creates spooky collages of Dark Ambient and musique concrete.

See also: Moloch Conspiracy


Lacustre (France)

Aversion des astres (2019)
Votre utopie est notre dystopie (2021)
La vé​rité avant​-​derni​è​re (2023)

Varied Ambient, both guitar and synth-based. A project of Johan Sébenne.


Lada (Germany)

Trouble Hat (2012) (S)
Vitamine (2014)

Hamburg-based band consisting of Carl-John Hoffmann, Fee Kürten and Thomas von Volt. They use mostly synths and drums, also with some guitar. Their music has vocals to some extent, but a lot of their material is instrumental, and they are definitely krautrock-influenced.


Laff & Wow (Germany)

Laff & Wow (2023)

Unique stuff from Andreas Haslacher. The often playful music consists of different instruments converted into lyrics by an automatic speech recognition program that then generated robotic voices in different existing and non-existing languages. Is this the future of EM? At least it's something new for sure.


Lafiandra, Vito (Italy)

Parma (Hidden And Imaginary Landscapes) (2021) (with Max Scaccaglia)

Ambient composer and multi-instrumentalist.


Lafidki (Cambodia)

Absynthax (2012)
Chinabot (2017)
Derichan (2018) (S)

Lafidki is experimental musician Saphy Wong who was born in a refugee camp in Thailand to Cambodian parents. He has lived in Thailand, France and the UK. His music is related to vaporwave and chiptune genres, but it is also progressive. At least the hyperactive sequencer experiments of Chinabot will interest fans of the most out-there forms of EM. Derichan constinues with a strong EM sound, especially on the sequencer moments.

See also: Neo Geodesia


Lagin, Ned (USA)

Seastones (1975)
Cat Dreams (2016)
Seastones Set 4 And Set 5 (2020)

Ned Lagin, a friend of Greatful Dead's bass player Phil Lesh composed this ambient electronic work (Seastones) in the early 1970's. The album features traditional instruments, synthesizers and computer processing. This music was later used as part of Greatful Dead's stage shows. It's quite abstract and experimental overall.


Lagoss (Spain)

Imaginary Island Music Vol. 1: Canary Islands (2020)
Música Imaginaria de las Islas Vol. 2: Ascensión (2023)

Lagoss is a trio of musicians based on the Canary Islands. They create rhythmic, quirky, percussive music with imagined island atmospheres. Analog synths, samples galore and warm tropical melodies. Overall, it could be considered a strange and far-out version of World Music.


Lagreca, Fernando (Uruguay)

Imperfections Side (2017) (EP)
Infamous (2020)

Fernando Lagreca is a pioneer of techno music in Uruguay (he started with that genre already in the late 1980's and early 1990's). Infamous has a nice synth sound based on a hardware setup, and some tracks specifically ("Creation", "Tears of the Future", "Lone Condition", "Maybe I Haven't Done Enough", "Infamous") have a nice Prog EM feel to them and give hope for a future release from him in an EM style.


Laheye, Dries (Belgium)

Deining (2023)

Belgian bass player. Deining marries bass with lots of effects and abundant synthesizers. Occasionally, it crosses into EM territory, as on "Nachtvreugd" (for me the best track on the album), which, with its lush and often classically-inspired synth sound reminded me on Saint-Preux and Edward Artemiev, as well as Ed Starink's debut (Cristallin).


Lahiff, Andrew (UK)

Drifting Into Darkened Canyons (2003)
The Distant Lights of Forgotten Places (2004)
Approaching Worlds (2004)
Following Circular Pathways (2006)
The Constant Horizon (2007)
Illusion Fields (2007)
Somewhere Under the Sky (2008)
Shapes In Clouds (2010)
Cosmic Archeology (2010)
Emerging Signals (2010) (recorded in 2006)
A Perpetual Point In Time (2010)
Catching Light (2011)
The Perception Lingers (2011)
Inner Worlds Returning (2012)
Slow Paths Beyond (2014)
Intangible Imbrications (2014)
Lapsed Into Silence (2020)
Memories of Those Ancient Ways (2020)
The People Under the Stars (2020)
Emerging Signals (2021)
Outward Currents (2021)
Quiet Spaces And Distant Dreams (2021)

Ambient artist with influences such as Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jon Serrie and Michael Stearns.


Lai, Francis (France)

Bilitis (1977) (soundtrack)
Inedits (1982)
Astrolab 22 (1985)
Cosmos (1987) (with Roland Romanelli)

Quite prolific French soundtrack composer (1932 - 2018). I'll try to list his synthesizer-based scores here. On these works, he mostly finds himself in the romantic Vangelis mode. Astrolab and Cosmos are library albums in varied style.


Laibach (Slovenia)

Love Is Still Alive (2023)

Officially an EP, Love Is Still Alive, which has a sufficient length for a vinyl album release, is quite an unexpected outing for these Slovenian Industrial pioneers. Relying heavily on motorik rhythms, warm analog synths, multiple sequences and lots of vocoder singing, it sounds like a forgotten bastard son of all those obscure late 1970's / early 1980's EM releases (like those albums released by Sky Records at the time). It has both Dusseldorf and Berlin vibes, as well as that of a warped electronic pop. Very entertaining stuff.

See also: 300,000 V.K.


Laika Speaks (USA)

Red Rocket Right Return (2020)

Experimental, darkish electronics.


Lainhart, Richard (USA)

These Last Days (1987) (recorded in 1983 - 1985)
Walking Slowly Backwards (1992) (recorded in 1985 - 1990)
Five Nocturnes (2000)
January 5, 2000 (2000) (with Jordan Rudess)
Ten Thousand Shades of Blue (2001) (recorded in 1975 - 1989)
Early Works (??) (recorded in 1971 - 1975)
ROM Works (??)
Session 041903 (2003) (with Jordan Rudess)
Staring At the Moon (2004)
Polaris (2004) (with Jordan Rudess)
Tarazed (2005) (with Jordan Rudess)
WDFH August 25, 2005 (2005)
ROM Works II (??)
KymaWorks (2006)
KymaWorks (2006) (different)
White Night (2007) (recorded in 1974)
Threshold (2008)
The Beautiful Blue Sky (2008)
The Line On the Horizon (2010)
The Wave-Sounding Sea (2010) (recorded in 1973 - 1974)
Lux (2011)
Polychromatic Integers (2011) (recorded in 1986 - 1989)
The Course of the River (2012) (recorded in 1975)
An Abandoned Garden (2012) (with Lucio Menegon)

The first album is a solo synth work of Richard Lainhart. On Walking Slowly... a Chapman stick was used along with keyboards and samplers. Five Nocturnes is improvised guitar-based Ambient and January 5, 2000 is a collaboration with Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess, while Session... is a live performance organized by the two and played live via the Internet. Richard Lainhart (1953 - 2011) was a minimalist / ambient and electronic composer whose main style is characterized by extensive drones and processed acoustic instruments, alongside synths. However, his works are too diverse stylistically to really try to fully describe them in this article.


Laird, Christopher / Sherman, Jo (France)

Zig Zag Dance / Ping Pong Song (1972) (S)

The first side of this rare vinyl contains a cover of an early Jarre composition, while the flip is supposedly original music in similar style (electronic pop?). The record was done in collaboration with Mr. Jarre himself.


Laisistaz (USA)

Emergence + Under A Crushed Impulse (2017)

Highly repetitive music from this Chicago-based project. Has elements of dungeon synth and Ambient but is pretty unique overall and nicely melodic.


Laitres, Andrew (USA)

Singularity (2014)
Morning Meditations (2017)

Solo slow-paced Electronic Music from founder of Magus and The Winter Tree.

See also: Winter Tree, The


Laj, Ando (Canada)

Miriam Transmission (2014) (S)
Diagonal Rotation (2015)
Collector (2017)
Slab (2018)
Dog Insight (2020)
Remember (2021)

Varied melodic / experimental synth compositions from this Toronto-based artist (real name - Andy Lajeunesse).


Lake Haze (Portugal)

Henosis (2022)
Pure Movements (2023)
Yokai Rhythmic Alchemy (2023)

Lake Haze is Lisbon-based electronic composer Gonçalo Salgado. Prior to Henosis, he released two albums in 2019 and 2021, respectively. However, these are supposedly much more techno oriented. On Henosis, though, he lets himself be influenced by more classic synth sounds, mostly those of 1980's electro, chiptune / video game music and Ambient.


Lake Ülemiste (Denmark)

Eutrophic (2018) (S)

Ambient artist with a nice and sensitive, but often gloomy, a bit melancholic and lo-fi sound.


LAkeuZ (Finland)

OumuamuA (2019)

Varied electronics from Ashen Simian (Nemesis) and Panu M. Savolainen. Mostly melodic, spacey and uplifting and / or dreamy.

See also: Ashen Simian, Nemesis.


Lakomy, Reinhard (Germany)

Das geheime Leben (1981)
Der Traum von Asgard (1983)
Zeiten (1985) (with Rainer Oleak)
Aer (1991)
Die 6-Uhr-13-Bahn (1993)
Lacky's Jazztronics (2019) (recorded in ??)
Zwischen der Stille - Electronics (2019) (recorded in ??)

East German musician who has a lot of rock releases. In 1979, he met Edgar Froese which led him to composing Electronic Music. His electronic works are listed above. The first album is rhythmic with good sequencing, the second is supposed to be less impressive and the third one is more abstract and Ambient-like. Die 6-Uhr-13-Bahn is an album of songs included here mostly for its closer, the instrumental electronic "Epilog". Reinhard Lakomy died on the 23th of March, 2013.


LAKTIK (Chile)

Tonebank Pop (2018) (S)
LAKTIK (2019) (S)
Isopropyl (2020)
Sonidos para un futuro (2021)
Magnetismos (2022) (S)

Post-punk one-man band that also does rhythmic or ambient instrumental EM.


Lakveet, John (Spain)

Silent Mars (2000) (with Dom F. Scab)
Sequentiagite (2002)
Epikus (2002)
Building Sequential Stones Vol.1 (2003)
Building Sequential Stones Vol.2 (2004)
Force of Reason (2004)
Proportions (2005)
The Last Nine Convoys From Magoria Station (2008)
SequenDUAgite (2008)

Former member of electronic trio AT-Mooss. His solo work is a blast of classic sequential synthetics. A true ode to sequences. Recommended.

See also: AT-Mooss


Lally, Rupert (UK)

The Prospect (2019)
Strange Systems (2020)
Lost To the Past (2020)
Marine Life (2020)
Hidden Transmissions Vol. 1 (2020)
Maniac's Almanac (2021)
Timelapses (2021)
Solid State Memories (2022)
Wanderweg (2022)
Cruise Controlled (2022)
Hacker (2022)
The Whisperer In Darkness (2023) (with Benjamin Schabrun)
Sculptures (2024)

Diverse artist working in the realms of classical, electroacoustic, computer music and electronics. The above works may be interesting for EM fans. These range from horror synth to more varied, experimental EM mixtures. Pretty nice music overall.


Lalssv (France??)

Ritval I (2020) (S)
Ritval II (2020) (S)

Darkish ambience and drones.


Lamanna, Luciano (Italy)

In vitro (2016)
Iris (2017) (S) (with Adamennon)
Sottrazione (2018)

Industrial-tinged, experimental electronics made on Eurorack modular synth.


Lamarche, Jim (Canada)

Night Parachuting (1991)

Canadian artist who has been recording songs and instrumental compositions at least since the early 1980's. Night Parachuting gathers some instrumental tracks done in a melodic / rhythmic style typical of that era, a bit new-agey, largely electronic, with a few acoustic sounds / injections and mostly a positive, uplifting atmosphere, maybe a bit similar to Tangerine Dream material circa Melrose. Jim had at least two albums released prior to Night Parachuting: Lamarche from 1983 and Searching For the Sunrise from 1985. I haven't heard these, but they supposedly contain songs.


Lamartine (Italy)

Cronache del mondo (1975)
Reportage (2015) (recorded in 1974)

The name here is a pseudonym of one Odoardo Radicchi. Anyway, one of the stanger electronic library records to come out of Italy, this is filled to the brim with chirpy electronics and cheesy drum machine rhythms. Some vague parallels to Forst-era Cluster and solo Roedelius can be drawn but overall it's in a league of its own.


Lamas, Johnny (Venezuela)

Entre Bosques y Arroyos (1993)
Danza Cosmica (1993)

One of the lesser known synthesists from Venezuela (actually, pretty much all synthesists from the so-called "EM periphery" are pretty obscure). Johnny Lamas combines musical traditions of South American region with the ambient electronic sound of his synthesizers. A lot of music on Danza Cosmica has fusion-y / jazzy flair.


Lamasz (Canada)

Nature morte (2020)
Successions (2021)
Broderie (2021)
La première sortie de Florina (2021) (with Grandbruit)
Le vitrail (2022)
Suivant (2023) (with Grandbruit)

Ambient artist from Montreal.


Lambda Sond (USA??)

Chronological Compression (2011)
Chronological Compression II (2014)
Wagland's 1921 (2021)

Synthy ambient, drones and low-key melodies.


Lambert (Germany)

Magic Moments (1988)
Timeless Vision (1988) (with Jiannis)
Atmosdepth (1989)
Pearls (1990)
Dreaming (1990)
Inside Out (1991)
Mirror of Motions (1993)
Dimensions of Dreams (1995)
Trancesession (1995) (with Stephen Parsick)
Finis terrae (1997) (with Palantir)
Drachenreise (2015)
Bon courage (2023)

Tangerine Dream-like Berlin School Electronic Music. Lambert Ringlage is the owner of Spheric Music label. He was born in 1966 and started composing in 1982. By 1988, he started releasing his works privately, gaining some attention from the EM crowd. Lambert is also known as part of EM ensembles Ramp and Hypnosphere.

See also: Ramp, Rounds Per Minute, Hypnosphere.


Lambert, Alec (USA)

Heaven Will Be Mine (2018) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack to a videogame. Varied, rhythmic, intense, cinematic, hymnal.


Lambwool (France)

Half Alive (2001)
Fading Landscapes (2005)
And the Angel Is Gone (2008)
Mono (2009)
A Sky Through the Wall (2012)
Post (2014) (with Nicolas Dick)
Vanish (2014)

Dark and bright esoteric soundscapes. Lambwool was started in 2000 by Cyril Laurent, who had previously played in a metal-based band Moon Revolution.

See also: Hexahedre


Lameba (Italy)

The Sovereign People (2019)
Harmózō - quattro variazioni di micropolifonia elettroacustica (2019) (with Joyello)
Obertönes - Suite elettroacustica in cinque movimenti per elettrofoni e apparecchiature elettroniche (2019) (with Joyello)
Solresol (2020) (with Joyello)
Shreds of Consciousness In A Place of Dying (2024) (with Joyello)

Long tracks of synths and recorded objects from this member of Agate Rollings.

See also: Agate Rollings


Lamentum (France)

Lamentum (2018)
I Shall Rule the Earth (2018)
Lone Wolf (2019)
Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth (2019) (S)
Anneliese (2020)

Melancholic synth project of Maxime Taccardi. Sort of related to dungeon synth but with less of a fantasy vibe and more of a philosophic / vanitas vibe to it.


Lamia Vox (Russia)

...Introductio (2010)
Sigillum Diaboli (2013)
Inlumaeh (2014) (S)
All Hope Abandon (2018) (S)
Alles ist ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer (2020)

Formulaic Dark Ambient from Alina Antonova (originally from Saint-Petersburg, currently basd in Prague).


Lammergeyer (Canada)

Birds of Pray (2003)
Blue Oasis (2003)
Borrowed Time (2004)
Borders & Barrens (2005)
Beneath the Sky (2006)
Backwater (2007) (EP)
Beginning To End (2009)
Between the Lines (2013)
Between Places (2021)

Paul Kerby's (The Circular Ruins) side project in familiar vein, but more *orchestral*, sometimes reminding on Schulze's and Tangerine Dream's quieter moments, at other times hinting at Steve Roach.

See also: Kerby, Anthony Paul, Circular Ruins, The, Nunc Stans, Hive Project, The, Winterhouse, The.


Lamolère, Gérard (France)

Synthé-ballade (1977) (S)


Lamontagne, Mathieu (Canada)

Calme relatif (2012)
Récidives (2014)
Obsolescence programmée (2018)

Ambient soundscape artist with a droning sound. Also composes IDM under the Arbee moniker.

See also: Arbee


Lamore, Uèle (France)

Series Mania 2019 OST (2019) (soundtrack)
Loom (2022)

Franco-American artist mixing electronic and classical instrumentation as well as styles such as classical, EM and pop.


Lamp (UK)

The Three Towers (2012)
Scales of Fortune (2014)

Michael Shipway's project with Garth Jones in melodic EM vein with nice guitar.

See also: Shipway, Michael


Lampion, Léonard (France)

Crusade For Energy (2017)
Vallée étroite (2022)

A mixture between darkwave, minimal synth, industrial and Progressive EM from this Grenoble-based artist.


Lamprell, Adam (UK)

Ambient Tapes (Vol. 1) (2022)

Works of ambient guitartronics from this artist.


Lance, Steven (USA)

Green Hole (2009)
4 Never And Ever (2009)
Boil the Sky (2010)
Wavicle (2010)
Spacetime (2011)
East Setting Sun (2012)
Apprehending Life Without Living (2013)
Home Planet (2014)
The Best Is Yet To Come (2014)

Steven Lance has been playing music since 9 years old. He was a member of several bands and nowadays composes instrumental music in a unique style. There are some spacey synth textures but the structure and mood of compositions often reminds me on synclavier experiments of Frank Zappa. He also uses programmed rhythms and percussion sounds quite a lot.


Land (France)

Sample (1992)
Anger (1995)
Иди и смотри (2001)
Opuscule (2002)
Praha (2003) (S)
1988 - 1997 (2004)
Wien (2005) (S)
Land (2006)
Budapest (2007) (S)
Samples (2013)

Ambient atmospheres with neo-classical moves.


Land (USA)

Land (1994)
Archipelago (1997)
Road Movies (2001)

Jeff Greinke's project. I haven't heard it.

See also: Jeff Greinke


Land, Bernd-Michael (Germany)

Live In Radom (2014) (with Frank Tischer)
Das Lächeln der Bäume (2015)
Meeresgrund (2016)
Transmitter 594kHz (2017)
Farben (2018)
Hyperreale Reflexion (2019)
Die Mondlandung (2019)
Slowing World (2020)
Rodgau Field - Ein akustisches Portrait (2021)
Kontrast (2021)
Humano:Id - Visionen (2022)
99 Temples (2023) (with Hans-Dieter Schmidt)
Begegnungen (2023)
Live In Eindhoven - E-Day Festival 2023 (2023)

German synthesist also known as Aliens Project. Das Lächeln der Bäume is a 4-CD set.

See also: Aliens Project, Thau.


Land of Guilt & Blarney, The (USA)

The Land of Guilt And Blarney (1991)
Music With A Left Hook (1991)
Mugged By Life (1992)
Shillshocked! (??)
Cruel (1999)
Unusual (1999)

The Land of Guilt And Blarney are Carl Howard, Louis Boone and Reginald Taylor. Cosmic electronic journeys with elements from jazz (sax) and progrock (drums, guitars). Sometimes their music can be quite abrasive, raw or weird, but it still retains its strictly electronic / cosmic edge.

See also: Nomuzic, Boone, Louis, Alien Planetscapes.


Land of Light (UK)

Land of Light (2012)
The World Lies Breathing (2019)

A duo of Jonny Nash and Kyle Martin. If you know Jonny Nash's solo stuff, this is more of the same.

See also: Nash, Jonny, Vactrol Park.


Land of Yrx (UK)

Environmental Studies Group Glee Club Wallow In Arrogant Self Gratification (1982)
Oh Look! There's A Red Door! (1983)
...And Damn the Consequences (1983)
Cerebration (1984)
Nadir & Eventual Decay (1984)
Miracles of Modern Surgery (1984)
Termination Point (1985)
Coming Forth In Light (1987) (recorded in 1983 - 1985)
A Place Under the Sun (1990)
Walking Into the Sky (1993)
The Rhetorical Answer 1981 - 1990 (1993)
Free Live Performance With Your Poster & Chocolate (1993) (recorded in 1984)
Long Night Falling (2002)
A Waiting Dawn (2004)
Forget the Lessons of the Past! (Selected Cassette Recordings May 1983 - August 1984) (2022)

A rather obscure British experimental electronic band with Dave Gate and Rob Andrews. Mark Jenkins participates on several albums. The first cassette was privately released for Dave Gate in one copy only.

See also: Aerie, Gate, David, Andrews, Robert.


Landing (USA)

Brocade (2005)

Connecticut-based post-rock / dream pop / slowcore band. Brocade was released at the time when their songwriter Dick Baldwin left the band, so the album is focused on improvisation, and the krautrock influence if felt throughout. As for EM, there's a long meditative ambient piece called "Music For Three Synthesizers".


Landrow (USA)

Lay of the Land (2015)

One side of rhythmic, electro / techno-influenced tracks and another side filled with ambient soundscapes. Landrow is Stephen Millard.

See also: Millard, Stephen


Landru (Spain)

Neurotransmitters (2011)
Fimbria (2012)
Waterfront (2012) (with Ran Kirlian)
Scotoma (2013)
Boira (2016)
Unda (2019)
Vacuum (2022)

Ambient artist Patxi Hernandez.


Landscape Pavillion, The (Portugal)

Introducing Music You Can Watch (2021)

Varied, a bit library-like and definitely 1970's-influenced analog electronics from Duarte Maltez.

See also: Phonophilia Research Lab


Landschaft (UK)

Nostalgia (2008)

A project of Alan Walker. Melodic and moody ambient compositions with synths and piano. Pretty "Classic Ambient"-sounding.


Landsraad (UK)

The Golden Path (2021)
Fate; The Inevitability Thereof (2024) (recorded in 2022)

Electronic project of Sam Mewett, inspired by the Dune universe. Rich, crisp synthesizer sounds, melodies, sequencing... Nice cinematic, symphonic EM style. Also known as L A N D S R A A D.


Landstra, Kyle (USA)

Contemplation Through Meditation (2011)
Thought Conjurer (2012)
Mass Solitude (2012)
Sage (2012) (S)
New Light (2013)
Resonant Futures (2014)
Soul Reflector (2014)
Synchronicities (2014) (S)
Dream Array (2014)
Unshared Properties Vol. I-IV (2015)
Jeweled Moon Codex (2016)
Variables of Resolve (2016) (S)
Rest Assured (2016)
Ways And Means (2017) (S)
Within / Without (2018)
Bloom Lake (2019)
Allay (2020)

Immersive Ambient by this artist born in 1989 in Kalamazoo, MI. Some of the works have a more "classic EM" sound, with analog synths, sequences and all.


Landtitles (Canada)

Hold On To Where Your Heart Is (2015)
Your Voice In Pieces (2021)
As the Night Comes Softly Down (2022)

Restrained Ambient with some slight glitch / electroacoustic touches.


Lane, Adrian (UK)

No Further Than the Present (2022)

UK painter and neo-classical musician. On No Further Than the Present, he uses synths extensively, combining them with his neo-classical strings for an ambient sound. Sometimes with a Mark Isham feel.


Lane, Brannan (USA)

Caribbean Dream (1998)
Blue Print (2000)
Lost Caverns of Thera (2000)
Troposphere (2000)
Sleep Cycle (2001)
Two Halves of the Same Side (2001) (with Lane Formschlag)
To Earth And Back (2002)
Caribbean Dream II: Dreaming Again (2002)
Deep Unknown (2002) (with Vidna Obmana)
Soundfall To the Infinite (2002) (with Zero Ohms)
Tribal Drums (2002) (with Tom Larson)
Relaxing Effects of Water (2002)
Moving Through (2002) (with Matt Borghi and Jason Sloan)
Climatic Infusion (2002) (with Robert Carty)
Hypnotic Drift (2003)
Immense Distance (2003) (with Zero Ohms)
Sextant (2003) (with Ashera)
Tribal Spirit (2003) (with Tom Larson)
Escape Velocity (2003)
Lucid Circles (2004) (with Amir Baghiri)
Piano Dreams & Nightscapes (2004)
Answer the Sky (2006)
Dreamswirl (2005) (with Robert Carty)
Submerge (2006)
Sleepwalk (Somnambula) (2012)

Very versatile musician. Caribbean Dream is world fusion, Blue Print is basically a jazz work dedicated to his father, recorded with Stan Lane and Dino Pacifici. After that he ventured into Ambient realms. Sometimes his sound is rather dark (Lost Caverns...).


Laneri, Roberto (Italy)

Two Views of the Amazon (1985)
Anadyomene (1987)
Memories of the Rain Forest (1994)
Inside Notes (2001) (with Claudio Ricciardi)
Memories And Overviews (??) (recorded in 1981 - 1985)
Harmonic Crystals (2023)

Roberto Laneri is an Italian vocalist that specializes in overtone singing. He also plays clarinet and synthesizers. Roberto was a member of organic drone ensemble Materia Prima that released one album in 1977 (Tail of the Tiger) consisting of processed voices only. After leaving Materia Prima, he went on to record some solo albums in similar organic style but adding synthesizers and later computers to his arsenal. For fans of the experimental, minimal stuff or organic drone / World Music.


La!Neu? (Germany)

Düsseldorf (1996)
Zeeland (1997)
Cha Cha 2000: Live In Tokyo 1996 Vol. 1 (1998)
Rembrandt (1998)
Gold Regen (1998)
Year of the Tiger (1998)
Live In Tokyo 1996 Vol. 2 (1999)
Blue (1999) (recorded in 1985 - 1986)
Live At Kunsthalle Dusseldorf (2001)

Klaus Dinger's "krautrock" project with Andreas Reihse. Rembrandt is in fact a solo electronic album by La!Neu?'s keyboard player Rembrandt Lensink. It's a mixture of rhythmic tracks and more ambient material.

See also: Sølyst.


Lange, Constantijn (Germany)

Liquide (2023)

Berlin-based artist with a club background who, like so many others, started to get into more introspective / reflective / ambient / progressive sounds during the covid pandemic. On Liquide, you will hear rhythmic tracks between "balearic beat", soft house / techno, krautrock and New Berlin School.


Lange, David (USA)

Return of the Comet (1985)

Space Music from this San-Francisco bay area musician. It was written as a celebration of Halley comet's return. In 1989, a CD version appeared that added one new track and a new version of the title track.


Lange, Matt (USA)

Isolated (2020)

Cinematic concept about the 2020 events and their impact on society and Matt's personal life. Matt Lange is a Los Angeles-based artist who has previously done some techno / progressive trance music.


Lange, Roberto Carlos (USA)

Music For Memory (2009)
Plural People (2015)
Kite Symphony, Four Variations (2022)

The 2015 effort is EM made with a Hammond organ. Kite Symphony features collage-like pieces with electroacoustics and analog synthesis from this New York-based artist of Ecuadorian descent. He is also known as Helado Negro (indie pop music).


Langemann, Michael (Germany)

Upstairs To the Ground (201?)

Melodic electronics.


Langley, Nicholas (UK)

Entropy Soundtracks And Ambients Vol. 1 (1995)
Music By Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley (2013) (with Hassni Malik)
C90 & C60 (2014) (with Hassni Malik)
Cymru Cynhyrchiol (2016)
Thinky Space (2016)
Violin & Audio Generator (2016)
Entropy Soundtracks And Ambients Vol. 2 (2018)
We Are Not Drawn To A New Era (2018) (with Linden Pomeroy)
Rebel Convoy (2019) (soundtrack) (with Dark Half)
Final Wave (2019)
Plays the Vitamin B12 (2020)
Breakaway (2021) (S)
Mbira Locations 2018 - 2020 (2021)

Synthesist who on Thinky Space shows a highly personal style - cerebral, geometric, in a way organic but also abstract, and repetitive. Not easy-listening but not quite "difficult music" either.

See also: Bodies of Light, Pharagonesia.


Langsomt Mot Nord (Norway)

Langsomt mot nord (1985)
Westrveg (1988)
Hildring (1991)

Norvegian synth duo of Jørn Christensen and Ola Snortheim with a sound comparable to Michael Garrison and Vangelis. A lot of it is also very much influenced by Norwegian folk music, with lots of horn sounds.


Languirand, Pascal (Canada)

Minos (1978)
De harmonia universalia (1980)
Vivre ici et maintenant (1981)
Soma (1989) (with Jacques Languirand)
Gregorian Waves (1991)
Ishtar (1993)
Renaissance (2002)

Synthesist with a diverse style. Although French-born, Pascal Languirand is considered one of the central figures of Canadian electronic prog. Early works are cosmic classics with great analogue sound, sometimes similar to Klaus Schulze, Michael Stearns and suchlike. During the 1990's his music got milder and more polished, incorporating lots of new age influences.

See also: Cybernium


Lanoche (Spain)

Constelación (2016)

Techno-related artist. The above release is her foray into Ambient.


Lanois, Daniel (Canada)

The Pearl (1984) (with Brian Eno)
Flesh And Machine (2014)

Daniel Lanois is a Quebecoise lap steel guitar player and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his collaborations with Brian Eno on albums like The Pearl and Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks. On Flesh And Machine, he revisits some of that ambient sound, especially on the closing track and a few others. The rest is sort of quiet and ambient post-rock stuff.


Lantier, Robert Bertrand (Canada)

Illusion (1989)
Full Moon (??)


Lanz, David (USA)

Desert Vision (1987) (with Paul Speer)

Electronic album by this new age piano musician. It's still quite new agey. Has guest appearances by Deuter and Jonn Serrie.


Laocoön (USA)

Immersion (1998)


See also: Broaddus, John


Lapalux (UK)

Amnioverse (2019)
Total Reality, Total Chaos (2021)

Ethereal Ambient based on loops, choirs and pads. A project of Stuart Howard.


Laperre, Joran (Belgium)

V.I.T.R.I.O.O.L. (2011)
CalabiYau (2012)
Hierophonie (2015) (S)
Urtijd (2015)

Dark, resonant, metallic dronescapes.


Lapiana, Fabrizio (Italy)

Intraverso (2018)

Italian techno artist who opens and closes the above album with ambient electronic tracks.


Lapith Girl (Denmark)

I Promise That I Won't Die Before You Do (2020)

Paw Grabowski's project in flowing EM vein. Lots of melancholic sequences and rhythms here, sometimes reminding on late period Klaus Schulze.

See also: øjeRum


Laplantine, Anne (France)

Padon (2018) (S)
Élicidé (2019) (S)

Quirky melodic compositions, sometimes dungeon synth-like, but always with a sort of a chiptune feel. Some of the tracks will appeal to Wendy Carlos' classical adaptations.


Laporte, Serge (Canada)

Sea of A Thousand Stories (1996)

Somewhat comparable to Patrick O'Hearn.


Laporte, Stéphane (France)

Fourrure Sounds (2014)
Fourrure Sounds Vol. 2 (2016)
Direct Out (2018)

Vintage synthiness from this Paris-based artist. Most of the time sounds influenced by stuff like Cluster (melodic / Forst and early experimental periods), combining experimental textures with the melodic and the cheesy. Then, there's that 1960's EM streak running through some of the tracks, you know, stuff made with ondioline and other electronic instruments of the time. Stéphane Laporte is also known as Domotic, although Domotic is more experimental and glitchy, with only a touch of that vintage EM sound that is characteristic of Fourrure Sounds.

See also: Egyptology, Domotic.


Lappländer (Finland)

Cinemascope (2013)

Varied, cinematic music without any dominant style from the duo of Janne Lappalainen and Antti Hermaja. Overall can be placed between Space Music and general melodic EM, with some slight classical, new age, folk and World Music influences.


Lapre (Germany)

Flokati (1984)
Oeso (1984) (S)
Tedan (1987)
Gomorrha (??)
Banzai - Elektronische Musik aus Berlin 1985-87 (2020)

Lapre was an obscure synth duo of Peter Preuß and Rudolf Langer (formerly of Tyndall). They opted for a floating, melodic style, a bit influenced by Tangerine Dream.


Lapsed Pacifist (UK)

Hypatia (2024)

Ambient project of Colin Dunkerley. Hypnotic, cosmic, droning, melodic...


Laraaji (USA)

Celestial Vibration (1978)
Lotus Collage (1978)
Day of Radiance (1980) (with Brian Eno)
I Am Ocean (1981)
Rhythm And Bliss (1982)
Om Namah Shivaya (1984)
Windows of Sound (1984) (with Lygthe)
Sun Zither (1984)
Open Sky (1985) (with Brother Ah)
Live At WNYC (1985)
Celestial Realms (1986) (with Lygthe)
Essence / Universe (1987)
Zither Bliss (1987)
Tonings (??)
Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation (??)

Flow Goes the Universe (1992)
The Way Out Is the Way In (1995) (with Audio Active)
Islands (1995) (with Roger Eno)
Cascade (1997)
Divination / Sacrifice (1998) (with Bill Laswell)
Celestial Reiki (2000) (with Jonathan Goldman)
Shiva Shakti Groove (2000)
My Orangeness (2001)
Celestial Zone (2002)
Celestial Reiki II (2002) (with Jonathan Goldman)
Water & Soft Zither (2004)
Enlighten (2005)
The Song of Indra (2006) (with Phil Gruber)
FRKWYS Vol. 8 (2011) (with Blues Control)
Laughter & Consciousness (2012) (with Arji Oceananda)
Celestial Music 1978 - 2011 (2013)
All In One Peace (2015) (recorded in 1978 - 1983)
Professional Sunflow (2016) (with Sun Araw)
Be Still And Glow (2016)
Sun Gong (2017)
Bring On the Sun (2017)
Vision Songs Live At Brilliant Corners (2017)
Arrive Without Leaving (2018) (with Arji Oceananda and Dallas Acid)
Sun Transformations (2018)
The Onrush of Eternity (2019) (with log(m))
Dream of Sleep And Wakes of Sound (2019) (with Merz and Shahzad Ismaily)
Connecting With the Inner Healer Through Music (2020)
All Things Beautiful (2022)
Baptismal - Ambient Symphony #1 (2023) (with Kramer)

A very enigmatic Ambient composer who used to give spontaneous performances in various parks and squares of New York. A lot of his music is based on the sound of the electric zither. Laraaji was born in 1943 in Philadelphia as Edward Larry Gordon. He studied composition and piano, as well as pursued a career of a comedian and actor. His studies of Eastern philosophies led him to composing his own music that was very much influenced by those ideas. He bought a zither and transformed it into an electronic instrument. As his music was pretty relaxing and ambient in nature, Laraaji got noticed by Brian Eno, with whom he did a collaborative album in 1980 that can be considered a classic of Ambient genre. As a last note, I must warn that a lot of his material is not at all new age-unlike.


Lard Free (France)

Lard Free (1973)
I'm Around About Midnight (1975)
Spirale malax (1977)
Unnamed (1997) (recorded in 1972)
Camizole + Lard Free (2018) (recorded in 1978) (with Camizole)
Brussels (2022)
Live In Paris '74 - '75 (2022)

Gilbert Artmann's band. Very similar to Heldon, with the same sort of abstract and aggressive drive. Heavy synthetics and electronic guitar soloing, together with rather wild sax outbursts. A classic example (and decidedly uncommercial) of French electronic scene. Richard Pinhas guests on the second album.

See also: Urban Sax, Wood, Robert.


Lariat (UK??)

Votive Offering (2020) (S)
Body Cathedral (2020) (S)
The Elegance of A Thousand Birds In Flight (2022)

Esctatic, hyptonic ambience.


Laroche, Michelle (France)

Quatre études sur Tangerine Dream (2017)


LaRose (USA)

Love In the Palace / Memory Loops Vol. 1 (2019)
Plague Tracks / Mason Street Beat Tape (2021)

Christopher LaRose is a Portland, Oregon-based artist who creates mostly shorter, library music-like tracks of varying moods.


Laroth (France)

Reflections (2020)

A project of ambient synth artist Olivier Thoral. Flowing, hypnotic, sequencer-based...


Larres, Jori (Finland)

Parallels (2019)
Theory Of (2020)
Uncurtaining the Night (2021)

Finnish synthesist with a straightforward EM style, using lots of sequences and fat analog sounds. Sometimes rough, slightly noisy and experimental.


Larrieu, Chuck (USA)

Beacon Star (1981)

Synthesist with a spacey / melodic style.


Larson, April (USA)

Void (2016)
Up Below (2017)
Hopeless Variations (2017)
There Are No Endings (2018)

Ambient artist with a sort of a cosmic, Space Music-infused sound.

See also: Ccircle~, Isobel


Larson, Claude (Germany)

Environment (1978)
Surroundings (1979)
Panorama (1980)
Scenic Sequences (1980)
Industrial Future (1981)
Rivers (1981)
Scenes And Images: Developing Underlays Vol. 1 (1981)
Scenes And Images: Developing Underlays Vol. 2 (1981)
High Tech (??)
Elements: Dynamic Meditations Vol.1 (1982)
Materials: Dynamic Meditations Vol.2 (1982)
Logo Cuts & Media Music Vol. VIII (1982)
Digital Patterns (1982)
Dramatic Impact (1983)
Digital Landscape (1983)
Far East Impressions (1983)
Middle East Impressions (1983)
Climax XXX (1983)
Plantlife (1983)
Synthesis (1984)
Magnetic Island (1985)
Jingles & Idents (1985)
Soundscapes (1985)
Soundscapes Vol.2 (1986)
Wings In the Sky (1986)
Musical Effects Unlimited (1986)
When the Cranes Migrate (1987)
Spot Shots (1987)
Synchrosonic Patterns (1987)
Euphonia (1988)
Music Pool (1989)
Texture (1991)
Arabian Affair (1991)
Spanish Affair (1992)
Indonesian Affair (1993)
Balkan Affair (1993)
African Affair (1993)
The Middle East (1994)

Synthesist. A lot of his albums are rare library records composed for Sonoton or Selected Sound.

See also: Netzle, Klaus, Elmulab, Futura, Carlos, Power-Pack, Special Touch, VC People, Logo 2000.


Larson, Lee (USA)

The Sounds of Time - From Extended Archives Vol. 1 (2016)
Music About Autumn (And Other Falltime Pecularities) (2018) (EP)

Ambient artist from Kentucky. Sort of a darkish, droning sound.


Larson, Pete (USA)

Field Drift 1 (2022)
Live At Trinosophes (2023)
Field Drift 2 (2024)

A mixture of spacey, ethnic-sounding guitar and synth music. Sometimes danceable or with techno beats.


Lartigue, Bastien (France)

Omega (2006)
Ave Mundo (2007)
Maestria (2010)
Atlas (2013)
Spectra (2017)
The Messengers (2021)

French synthesist who is a representative of that country's melodic EM school (Jarre influence is especially strong here).


Larum (USA)

Into A Bright Land (2019)
Tape Pieces Vol. 1 (2019) (with Chris Child)

Varied ambient soundscapes from Brooklyn-based artist Micah Frank.


Larva (Italy)

Fear of God (1999)
Lilitu (2001)
Gli ultimi giorni (2003)
3 Settimane (2004)
Musica per la lumaca piu triste (2006)
1 - 0 - 1 (2007) (S)
La druida (2011)

Drone Ambient from Italy. Cold, melancholic sounds.


Larva (UK)

The Mask - Soundtracks (2015) (with Myron Schaeffer)
The Larva Tapes (2016)
La jetée [1962/2016] (2018) (S)

A loose collective of musicians based in Birmingham, led by Nick Sales and Scott Johannsson, composing "soundtracks" to mostly horror movies from past decades. Dark, experimental, hypnotic... They use synthesizers, stuff like theremins etc., and exotic / unusual acoustic instrumentation.


Las Animas (Mexico)

Atmosferas (I) (1990)
New Music Across America,1992. Albuquerque, New Mexico. U.S.A. (1992)
Inside Music (1993)

Las Animas is a project of Antonio Sanchez Uribe. It was started in the 1980's as a trio called Las Animas del Cuarto Oscuro, which was essentially an experimental new wave band. However, Uribe then went solo and some of his solo albums are supposed to be interesting for EM fans. Further investigation is needed.


Las Bárbas Indómitas (Spain)

Que Venga la Oscuridad y que Relampaguen Tus Ojos (2016)
Vol. 2 (2023)

Solo electronics with sort of a lo-fi feel by Enrique del Castillo.

See also: Amor


Las Mairinas (Chile)

Restos (2015) (S)
Los Retoños (2019)

Sort of hybrid krautrock / post-punk / EM duo of Estefanía Romero-Cors and Walter Roblero.


Las Paccariscas (Ukraine)

Strange Dream (2015)
Melodias Perdidas del Invierno (2017) (with Coven)

Bleak soundscapes.


Laserdance (Netherlands)

Future Generation (1987)
Around the Planet (1988)
Discovery Trip (1989)
Changing Times (1990)
Ambiente (1991)
Technological Mind (1992)
Hypermagic (1993)
Fire On Earth (1994)
The Guardian of Forever (1995)
Orchestra Vol.1 (1995)
Orchestra Vol.2 (1995)
In Concert (1999) (with Trilithon)
Strikes Back (2000)
Force of Order (2016)
Trans Space Express (2018)
Mission Hyperdrive (2024)

A studio formation that appeared on the scene in 1983 and released its first self-titled single that same year. However, the first full album didn't appear until 1987. Music on most albums is written by Michel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet. Laserdance is the band that started what we know today as spacesynth music. It's highly dynamic rhythmic music which is also suitable for dancing (at least it was in the Eighties). Similar to italo-disco, albeit more spacey and completely instrumental. In other words, energetic stuff. By the way, their slow tracks are something to hear. Their latest album sounds a bit overdone to me. It seems like they wanted to put in as many different ingredients as possible, and, as a result while there are some good tracks in the old Laserdance style ("No Escape" is a good example, which quickly became my second favourite Laserdance track, after "Through the Dark" from Hypermagic), the album also features some techno-styled cuts which I could probably do without. In other words, it is a mixed bag. I recommend Laserdance for people who like energetic and danceable stuff and who don't mind a bit of repetition in their music. Just don't expect anything serious here. Schulze it ain't. Just your normal spacesynth affair.

See aslo: Rygar, Machinery of Life.


Laserlight (Russia)

Change of Time (2019)

Spacesynth project of Pavel Kuznetsov. On Change of Time, he nails that Technological Mind sound better than any other artist I've heard. In fact, not many artists seem to take this period of Laserdance as a starting point, preferring to find inspiration in the Around the Planet era. Anyway, a good find for lovers of spacesynth genre, also with some nice ambient material (the intro and the closer "Space And Time" do stand out in this regard).


Lasik Surgery (Italy)

Cyclo (2010)
F (2011) (S)
As One Entity (2011)
The Mission Is Terminated (2012)
Letzer Ausgang (2019)

Defunct joint project of industrial veteran Pierpaolo Zoppo (from Mauthausen Orchestra, died 16.06.2012) and noise musician Gianluca Favaron (Under the Snow). They mixed their industrial influences with a more cosmic electronic sound.


Laskovoe Echo (Russia)

Sea of Wires (2020)

Diverse project, mostly noisy, droney and glitchy. The above work still has those elements but is much more focused on cosmic analog electronics.


Lason, Artur (Poland)

Znak zasluchania - Woda (1992)
Znak zasluchania - Probki (1992)
Hue Rage Music (1996)

Flowing meditative Ambient from this Saruman-like character.


Lasry, Teddy (France)

Action Printing (1975)
Love Valley (1975) (with L. Simoncini)
Tarzoon la honte de la jungle (1975) (S)
Tutti Fluti (1975)
E=MC2 (1976)
Escalade (1976)
La femme qui venait d'ailleurs (1977)
+ ou - 8000 (1978) (with Frederic Mercier and Claude Perraudin)
Seven Stones (1979)
Interpol (1979)
Modern Way (1979)
Rush (1981)
Racing (1981) (with Claude Perraudin)
Power (1982)
Two Faces of Teddy Lasry (1983)
Adventures (1985)
Back To Amazonia (1985)
Little Big Band (1986) (with Michel Derouin)

Teddy Lasry used to play sax in Magma but after abandoning the band he switched to synthesizers for some reason, releasing a lot of Electronic Music albums, many of which were library releases.


Lassauer, Silvan (Switzerland)

Original Soundtrack About the Hollow Man (??)
Original Soundtrack About the Hollow Man 2 (1999)

Swiss electronic composer. The second tome of the Soundtrack... includes a cover of "Blah Blah Cafe" by Jean-Michel Jarre and it seems that the first volume contains a cover of "Logos, Part 1", although the exact style of these two albums is unknown at the moment.

See also: Hollow Man, The


Lassig, Russell (Australia)

Winter's Child (1989)

Very rare privately pressed synth album from down under. Some tracks are rhythmic, some more relaxed and melodic.


Lassila, Magnus (Sweden)

Underwater Music (2021)

Varied, mostly ambient and experimental electronics. Sometimes melodic and soundtracky.


Last Ambient Hero, The (UK)

Under the Same Sky (2018)
The Big Chill (2018)
Messier 87 (2019)
Sleep Cycle (2019)
The Last Ambient Christmas (2019)
Lorimer Burst (2020)
Brought To Light (2021)
A Field In England (2021)
Music For Dead Suns (2022)

Hazy ambience.


Last Industrial Estate (Sweden)

Stonegates of Silence (2010) (with Wolfskin)
Last Industrial Estates (2012)
Restricted Areas (2013)

Bleak soundscapes.

See also: Objekt 4


Last Train To the Sun (USA)

Machines That Ache (2015)
Crawling Around (2015)
Montara (2017)

Varied electronic compositions from this project (Carleton Peck) based in San Francisco. Moody, analog, pulsing, krauty...


Lastre (Colombia)

Lastre (2018)

A bit glitchy, minimal Ambient. A mixture of guitar and electronic sounds.


Lastryko (Poland)

Lastryko (2017)
Tętno pulsu (2020)
Limbo (2020)

Krautrock band with slight electronic influences by means of prominent sequencing on some tracks (only true for Tętno Pulsu). File under EM-related.


Laswell, Bill (USA)

Asian Games (1988) (with Yosuke Yamashita and Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Outer Dark (1994)
Outland I (1994) (with Pete Namlook)
Cymatic Scan (1994) (with Tetsu Inoue)
Psychonavigation (1994) (with Pete Namlook)
Psychonavigation II (1995) (with Pete Namlook)
Somnific Flux (1995) (with Mick Harris)
Web (1995) (with Terre Thaemlitz)
Second Nature (1995) (with Atom Heart and Tetsu Inoue)
Silent Recoil (1995)
Outland II (1996) (with Pete Namlook)
Interspecies Organization (1996) (with Haruomi Hosono)
Psychonavigation III (1997) (with Pete Namlook)
Outland III (1998) (with Pete Namlook)
Psychonavigation IV (1999) (with Pete Namlook)
Invisible Design (1999)
Outland IV (2000) (with Pete Namlook)
Psychonavigation V (2002) (with Pete Namlook)
Outland V (2007) (with Pete Namlook)
Smoke + Glass (2019) (with Alex Haas)
Caravan To the Stars (2019) (with Dark Matter Halo)
Nammu (2022) (with Ulf Ivarsson)

Bill Laswell is a dub musician and bass player. He is a well-known figure among connoisseurs of improvisational music, avant-garde and jazz. He also dabbled in other styles, such as Ambient, which I will try to list here. Of special interest is his 1990's releases on FAX label, one example being Outer Dark - a completely ambient venture with a strong ethnic flair. Bill Laswell also collaborated with Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook on a few volumes of The Dark Side of the Moog series.

See also: Divination, Rasa.


Late Bloøm (Switzerland)

Along A Continuum (2020)

Ambient artist (Simon Spiess) whose material is sonically at the crossroads of the classics of the genre and tape hiss / glitchy stuff.


Late Night Final (UK)

A Wonderful Hope (2020)

Ambient compositions from J. Willgoose, Esq., who is also a member of Public Service Broadcasting.


latome2 (USA)

Il n'y aura jamais (2024)

Moody, nocturnal ambient compositions.


Latoszek, Marceli (Poland)

Columbia Project (2022) (recorded in 1981 - 1982)

Solo Electronic Music by future member of Omni, recorded using very basic equipment and obviously indebted to German synth pioneers, especially Klaus Schulze.

See also: Omni


Lattuca, Fabio R. (Italy)

Matter (2020)

Moody ambient soundscapes from this artist based in Palermo.


Latyshev, Ivan (Russia)

Ala espiritu (2018) (EP)

Relaxed music influenced by downtempo and with some Prog EM traits from this artist out of Saint-Petersburg. He usually composes deep house music.


Lau Nau (Finland)

Signals (2020) (with Matti Bye)
Puutashassa (2022)
Valo siroutuu (2022) (with Sontag Shogun)
5 x 4 (2023)
Aphrilis (2023)

Mixture of field recordings and lulling modular synth compositions. A project of Laura Naukkarinen.


Lauber, Arthur & Gabler, Georg (Austria)

Energie (1987) (soundtrack)

This album represents a soundtrack to a TV series. This music is supposedly electronic.


Lauge (Denmark)

Langbortistan (2011) (with Baba Gnohm)
Pusterum (2015)
Capsule (2019)
Untitled (2019) (with Erot)
Latitudes (2020)
Oceanography (2020)
Nothingness (2020)
Selvascapes (2021) (with Perry Frank)
Three Year Journey (2022) (with Fallen Metropolis, Bufo Bureau and Bralo)
Terrene (2022) (with Aes Dana)

A project of Henrik Rolsted Laugesen. Between downtempo and Ambient.

See also: Collapsed Textures


Laughing Eye (Sweden)

Laughing Eye (2019)

A project of Hanna Östergren with a decidedly krautrock attitude, using lots of overdriven / processed organ sounds.


Laura Luna (Mexico)

Isolarios (2014)
Luna & Tarnovski (2017) (with Jára Tarnovski)
Laminares (2018)
Folksonomies (2019)
Tuberose (2020)

Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist currently residing in Prague. Varied synth compositions, often experimental but always with a cosmic edge.


Laurel 2 (Estonia)

Kasutu (2023)

Aka laurel2. A project of Harli Jaanimägi with trip-hop roots. Kasutu goes for a shadowy, hazy, ambient electronic sound, with just a touch of trip-hop rhythms.


Laurel Halo (USA)

Hour Logic (2011) (EP)
Antenna (2011) (S)
FRKWYS 7 (2011) (with James Ferraro, Sam Godin, David Borden and Daniel Lopatin)
Chance of Rain (2013)
Raw Silk Uncut Wood (2018)
Possessed (2020) (soundtrack)
Atlas (2023)
Manifolds / Octavia (2024) (with Jessica Ekomane)

Innovative female synth-pop artist (real name - Laurel Anne Chartow) whose 2011 EP length release, Hour Logic features an ambient synth composition "Strength In Free Space". There are more interesting sounds throughout this mini-album.


Laurent, Dominique (France)

Le pays de tout en tout (1978)
Azur et tenebres (1982) (with Pinok et Matho)
Fantasmusics (1983) (with Pinok et Matho)

Strange and quirky ambient electronic library music.


Laurent, Philippe (France)

Hot Bip (1983) (S)
Système clair (1984) (S)
Live (1984)
Kunstausstellung (1985)
Faste occidental (1993)
Wacondah (1996)
Hot Bip (2011) (recorded in ??)
Réalisme décoratif (??) (recorded in 1979 - 1982)
Considerátions inactuelles (2016) (with Airworld)
Nocturnes (2021)

Producer and musician from France also known as Hot Blip (this name was used for his Realisme décoratif cassette). If you like Kraftwerk (their electropop phase), then Philippe Laurent could be a must. The majority of the material is instrumental and a lot of the sounds are pretty inventive. It could be lumped together with the whole minimal wave scene, but the really strong Kraftwerk influence and the general inventiveness of some of the tracks made me include him in EEM.


Laurentienne, Flore (Canada)

Volume 1 (2019)
Volume II (2022)
8 tableaux (2024)

Fine ambient EM compositions mixing synths and piano from this Quebecois artist.


Lauschekammer (Germany)

Stretch the Past (2023)

Varied compositions from Angsar Silies, from jazzy / loungy downtempo to upbeat rhythms and asbtract / ambient EM or playful / quirky.


Laüst (UK??)

Edelis (2019)

Varied ambient material. Flowing, ethereal, sequencer-based...


Lauten, Elodie (France)

Piano Works (1983) (EP)
Concerto For Piano And Orchestral Memory (1984)
The Gaia Cycle, Live Perofrmance (1994)
Tronik Involutions (1996)
Inscapes From Exile (1998)
S.O.S.W.T.C. (2001)
The Mystery of the Elements (2002)
Transform (2014) (EP)

Ambient by this female musician originally from France, now living and working in the USA. Comparable to Steve Roach and Harlod Budd. She has released lots of other CD's with piano or orchestral music.


Lauvdal, Anja (Norway)

From A Story Now Lost (2022)

Jazz pianist from Trondheim. She is also an electronic musician, as From A Story Now Lost attests. Unique style here - moody, mixing electroacoustic sounds / sources with synths.


Laux, Sven (Germany)

Paper Streets (2017)
Schachmatt (2018)
You'll Be Fine (2018)
The Writings (2019) (with Daniela Orvin)
Odd (2019)
Until We Fall (2019) (with Harry Towell)
Scattered Fragments of Separation (2021)
The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness (2022) (with Logic Moon)
Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different (2022) (with Fione)
What Remains (2022)
The Quiet Companion (2023) (with Logic Moon)

Ambient music with a strong neo-classical influence from this Berlin-based musician.


Lav (Sweden)

A State of Becoming (2017) (with Purl)
A New Landscape (2022)

Lav is Christopher Landin, a Swedish artist mixing soft house / techno beats and ambient electronics. Some tracks are beatless. A crossover sound overall.


Lav Kazan (USA)

Lav Kazan (2020)
Raining Mountain (2021)

Boston-based project with a rhythmic / melodic, synthwave-based style. A bit repetitive.


Lavatone (USA)

Ground (2016)
Two Moons Over the Scorpion (2016)
3 (2016)
4 (2017)
Teeth (2017)
Lavatone (2018)
The Blue Boar (2019)
When the Moon Fills With Blood (2020)
Dirtclods (2022)

Dark soundscape project.


Lavelle, Brian (UK)

One Day In Golden Week (1997) (with Emil Hagstrom)
Merge, Mesh And Render (1997)
Agitur (1997)
Towers Cooling (1997)
The Sound of A Passing Car Is Not A Word (1998)
How To Construct A Time Machine (2000)
Fault/r (2000)
A Stuffed Crocodile (2001) (S)
Untitled (2001) (S)
I Can Glimpse Already (2001) (S)
Just A Song At Twilight (2006)
Disused (2007) (with Alistair Crosbie)
Fallen Are the Domes of Green Amber (2007)
The Extraordinary Silence of Winter (2007) (S)
Ustrina (2008)
Supernaturalist (2008)
Torrente Resco (2008)
Alessandri's Dream (2008) (S)
The Petrified Forest (2008) (S)
Avalonian (2009)
Two Ostensions (2010)
Lambent (2010)
Magdalena (2010)
Empty Transmissions (2011)
Hyperboreans (2011) (S)
Amulets (2012)
My Hands Are Ten Knives (2013)
Language of Objects (2017) (S)
Psammomancy (2018) (with Mark Valentine)

Scottish sound artist born in Glasgow in 1972 and currently residing in Edinburgh. He uses everything, from concrete textures (lots of them, some of his tracks are made entirely from field recordings), to synths and processed guitar. He generally stays in the droning ambient realms with a few variations and several harsher / more experimental works to his credit.


Lavender (USA)

Mystique Youth (2015)
Horizons Beneath the Surface (2016)

San Francisco-based musician. He has an experimental style, sometimes playful ala Cluster, but with some techno influences.


L'Aventure des Plantes (Russia)

L'aventure des plantes (2022) (S)

Sort of a mixture of Berlin School and "dungeon synth", recorded in Yaroslavl. Not bad, although a tad chaotic.


Law, Dane (UK)

Algorithmic Music For Synthesised Strings (2020)

The 2020 album features wacky EM constructed from synthesized acoustic string sounds. Curious stuff, although a bit rough & dry around the edges.


Law, Michael (UK)

White Image (1980)
Attunement (1981)
Meteorise (1981)
Attunement Vol. 2 (1981)
Rumors of War (1982) (S)
Live At the Madhatter's Ball (1982)
Whose Dwelling Is the Light of Setting Suns (1983)
Live At Glastonbury (1983)
Domes (1983)
Dance of Time (1983) (S)
Future Hopes (1983)
X (1984)
The Glass Isle (1984)
Sacred Space (1985)
Granite & Maquis (1985)
Theme For Planet Earth (1986)
The Sacred Thread of Life (1988)
Imaginary Voyages (1991)
Kaleidoscopic World (1992)
Sphinx (1993) (S)
Out of the Ether (1994)
Resonance (2002)
The Silver Path (2013)

Michael Law is one of the veterans of Electronic Music in Britain. He was born in 1950 in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey. Michael studied piano and cello and also teached himself to play guitar but during the 1970's he was introduced to EM (his first keyboard - a Farfisa organ - was purchased a bit earlier - in 1967 - but first synthesizer appeared in 1975). By the end of that decade he had assembled a small studio (the first album was recorded on a borrowed tape recorder) and started releasing his works on his own Synfinity cassette label. Michael always combined music-making with other activities like working in an instrument / hi-fi shop or managing his company / label.


Law, Steve (Australia)

The Fragile Soul (1995)
News From the Sun (1996)
Architecture of Loneliness (2000)
Dissolution (2010)

Experienced Australian electronic artist who's been a member of many groups since the 1980's and launched a successful solo career during the next decade. He's tried his hand at a great number of styles, from ambient, Berlin School-like to IDM, glitch, experimental and various forms of techno.

See also: Starseed Transmission, Guild of Fire, Memory Geist.


LAWA (Austria)

Omaggio a Lucio Fulci e Fabio Frizzi come anche Walter Rizzati (2012) (S)
Omaggio a Riz Ortolani (2015)
The Parallax View (2020)
Manipulation (2022)

Heavy soundtrack vibes from this duo of Alain Leonard (synths) and Alex Wank (drums, synths). The two are inspired by old Giallo scores, synthwave and industrial.


Lawalrée, Dominique (Belgium)

Traces (1978)
Clandestin (1982)
De temps en temps (1986)
L'espace d'un instant (1989)
Jardins secrets (1992)
Tintinnabule (1995)
Nocturnes (1996)
Interludes (1997)
Preludes a priere (1997)
Vers une vie nouvelle (2002)
Préludes au silence (2003)

Classical and minimalist composer (1954 - 2019). Only his synthesizer-based and EM-related works are included.


Lawler, Paul (UK)

Bronx Age (1997)
Bronx Shadows (1997)
Year Zero (1997)
Lucid Dreamer (2004)
True Chakras (2007)
Trilogy (2008) (with Jozef Skrzek and Steve Schroyder)
Schody do nieba (2008) (with Daniel Bloom, Josef Skrzek, Michail Ogorodov and Steve Schroyder)
Wonders (2010) (with Paul Speer)
Tibetan Journey (2011)
Opus (2013)
Zen In the City (2016)

Ex-Arcane synthesist.

See also: Arcane, Richter, Max van.


Lawlor, Scott (USA)

Age of Anxiety (2016)
Divinna comedia III: Nine Spheres (2016) (with Jack Hertz)
Time Spinner: The Great Attractor (2017) (Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz)
Love Is A Machine (2017) (with Mystified)
The Zodiac Killer (2017) (with Harsh Noise Movement)
Dreaming the Timeless Dream: A Tribute To Edgar Froese (2017)
Shapes Moving In the Murk (2019) (with Noctilucant and DeepDark)
Only Time And Tears (2023)

Varied electronic musician. Mostly dark and brighter ambient soundscapes. Most of his releases to date have been download only.


Law-Rah Collective, The (Netherlands)

Droning In C (2000) (with Ovum and Jonas Lindgren)
Incarnation (2001)
Isolation (2003)
Vesuvius (2003)
1953 (2004)
Drones For Drella (2005)
Heaven And Hell (2006)
...As It Is... (2007)
Touch Me I'm Sick (2007) (S)
Inspiration (2008)
Live In Muenster (2009)
Solitaire (2009)
Field of View (2012)
Kaviaar & Korenwolven (2013) (S)
Blue Ruins Under Yellow Skies (2014) (with Woodbender and Cinema Perdu)
Live (2016)
Resurrection - Almost Live At Maschinenfest (2018)
Innovation (2018)
Live 2018 (2021)
Tess (2021) (S)

Drone / Isolationism. The Law-Rah Collective, also known as The [Law-Rah] Collective is led by Dutch musician Bauke Van Der Wal.

See also: Cinema Perdu


Lawrence (Germany)

Birds On the Playground (2021)

Active on the Hamburg club scene since the late 1990's, Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence has since released some house / downtempo records. Birds On the Playground is a more ambient diversion for him, though, that will definitely be enjoyed by fans of the calmer, laid-back forms of EM. Pads, arpeggios, soft rhythms, field recordings, floating, reflective melodies...

See also: Sten


Lawrence P (Italy)

Habitat (2023) (S)

Experimental electronic compositions on the theme of mushrooms, created on a modular system.


Lawrence Quimby Jr., Joseph (UK)

Riga (2013) (S)
Wren / Le chat est parti (2015)
Court (2016)

Ethereal, semi-acoustic, classically-inspired Ambient with a huge piano presence.


Lawrence, Robert (UK)

Imagination Dead Imagine (1981)
Soundstorms (1982)
Robot Lawrenced (1982)

Solo music from member of The Dadacomputer. The style is not known at the moment.

See also: Dadacomputer, The, Machines At Last, Five Times of Dust.


Lawrence, T.J. (USA)

Illuminations (1985)

Electronic record with an ambient style released on a small Californian label.


Lawson & Merrill (USA)

Signals (2022)

Ambient EM from this duo of sound engineers based in NYC.


Layton, Jimmy (USA)

Stranger In A Strange Land (1981)

Weird private press, with lots of abstract beeps and bleeps, as well as melodic and sharp synth improvisations on top of a somewhat fusiony / jazz-rock-y backing. It seems that a couple of tracks contain vocals to a certain extent.


Lazaar, David (UK??)

Octagon (2002)

A young Berlin School musician.


Lazarev, Mike (Ukraine)

Aeon (2019) (with Arovane)
Suññatā (2020) (with James Murray)
When You Are (2022)
Sacred Tonalities (2023)

Ukrainian musician based in London. He likes to combine piano with analog and digital synthesis in an ambient mould. His album When You Are is a good example of that approach.


Lazarov, Simo (Bulgaria)

Денят - Импрессия (1982) (S)
Електронна музика (1983) (S)
The City (1984)
Горска песен - Малкото слонче (1985)
Nature (1986)
Celestial Spheres (1986)
The Things of Life (1988)
Between Man And the Stars (1989)
Embroidery (1991)
Celebration (1994)
Folk & Computer (1995)
Holocaust (1996)
Studio & Live (1997)
Good Night Music (1998)
The Muse 1 (2002)
The Muse 2 (2003)
Nigredo (2004)
Blendings (2007)
Divine Beginning (2008)
Thracian Impressions (2016) (with Stanislav Stanchev)

Bulgarian synthesist and Electronic Music pioneer. Simo Lazarov (aka Simon Lazar) served as a director of Bulgaria's first Electronic Music studios from 1973 to 1977. He gave more than 100 concerts in various venues, often combining music with visual shows. He also wrote music for many movies and TV productions.


Lazarus, Damian (UK)

Music Inspired By the Film Beijing Spring (2022)

British musician and deejay currently residing in Los Angeles. The above is a pretty diverse, reflective EM work that will be enjoyed by fans of World Music.


Lazer Kontinent (Russia)

Future Ocean Acoustic (1994)
Future Ocean Acoustic V2 (1995)
Psychotropic Orange (1997)
Tundra (1997)
Aelita (1998)
Parsec (1998)
Moondawn (1999)
Radius (2005)
Classica Illectrica (2006)
Telenet (2019) (S)

This Saint-Petersburg-based project of Igor Stepovy (who left in 2004) and Kirill Junolainen was started in 1991 with the aim to experiment with sound. In their early years they relied on "Samizdat" (reel-to-reel tapes) to distribute their music. Their output is huge and rather confusing. The bulk of their discography will be of no interest to fans of EM, but might interest fans of experimental, noise, post-industrial, IDM and related genres. I tried to list those albums that may appeal to fans of prog EM and related stuff here. Most of these contain varied forms of Ambient, mostly of the darker variety, with Drone Ambient, Noise Ambient and Deep Ambient dominating. The odd duck is Classica Illectrica, which, surprisignly, is sort of a Switched On Bach-type album, with classical renditions, done mostly on analog synthesizers in vintage style. Nice stuff and the most dramatic diversion for this project. With Telenet, they made full-on melodic analog EM.


Lazur, Loïs (France)

Dramalogic (2020) (S)

New wave / minimal synth songs and some instrumental EM material (mostly on the closer).


Lazy Snail (Italy)

Lucky Life (2022) (EP)

A project from Italy. Lucky Life is a varied EP, mostly related to dance / club musics, but closes with a very EM-flavored track titled "No Evil".


L_cio (Brazil)

Poema (2018)

Laércio Schwantes Iório is a Brazilian artist mostly associated with club-related sounds. However, on Poema, he decided to expand his sonic palette by including his flute playing and opting for a more ambient sound: of the 8 tracks, just about half are ambient, with a nice flute on top of a bed of atmospheric or vaguely rhythmic electronics, so it could be considered EM-related.



Signal Quest (2020)

Improvising sax / electronics trio. Abstract, sparse, electroacoustic, often a bit Centrozoon-like.

See also: Stahlmann, Mitch


Le Borg (Italy)

Ohm City (2010)

Tasty Kraftwerk pastiche from Paolo di Cioccio and friends.

See also: Cioccio, Paolo di


Le Cliché (Ireland)

Consumer Behaviour (2014)
The Product Is You (2016)
Computape EP (2016)
The Silent Language of Waiting (2017) (S)
Look At My Powerpoint (2017)
Nothing Is Original (2018) (S)
Exercices de Style (2018) (S)
Geometry Set (2018)
Constructivism Time Again (2019) (S)
Magnetofòbia (2019) (S)
Hedonic Consumption (2019) (S)
Post-Plagiarism (2019)
FAKE (2020) (S)

Barcelona-based (originally from Dublin) electro-pop project of Gerard Ryan that expresses a strong Kraftwerk influence with a focus on the themes of modern society and consumerism. Pretty nice if you ask me.


Le Comte (France)

Chaleur & mouvement (2017)

French synth artist with a repetitive and minimal, but also rich and melodic sound. Everything from Klaus Schulze to Vangelis comes to mind, although the guy has an individual style and is hardly a copyist. Real name - Christophe Sauvaget.


Le Corbeau-Poisson (Belgium)

Stimuli-Tumuli (2020)

Dark, minimal, cold soundscapes made on a Lyra-8 synthesizer.


Le Fay, Vivien (Italy)

Ecolalia (2019)

A pseudonym of Giovanna Del Gatto. Cold, sequenced electronics and some processed vocals. Nice.


Le Fonte Son (Greece)

Study N°1 (2016)
Vachellia rigidula (2017)
Akinete (2017) (S)

A project of Thessaloniki-based musician Photis Houliaras, who under his real name collaborated with Thaneco on a couple of releases. His own stuff is rather unique and somewhat informed by classical forms and repetitive sequences. I guess if you like Klaus Schulze's 1986 - 1991 phase, you will find something of interest here, although Photis stands pretty much on his own.


Le Frére (Switzerland)

Slow Glass (2018) (S)

Varied ambient synth compositions and one rhythmic, dancey track.

See also: Slow Glass


Le Goût Acide des Conservateurs (France)

Vision (2016) (EP)
Live At SPORE (2019) (S)
Iskachrome (2020)

Minimal synth duo from France, consisting of Yann Lelias and Frédérique Lélias-Louvat. The vocals are sparse and there is also some instrumental electronic material.

See also: Projet de Vie


Le Groupe "X" (Italy)

Frrrrrigidaire (1973)
Out, Off (1978) (soundtrack)

One of the more obscure representatives of the Italian progressive scene, Le Groupe "X" was a solo vehicle for multi-instrumentalist Gianluigi Pezzera. The first album is very much a classically-inspired progressive rock affair, completely instrumental and focusing on keyboards. Some insteresting early electronic experiments are found within, too. The second album is a soundtrack to some obscure film with shorter, darker electronic tracks.


Le Humain (France)

Papier brouillon, essai N°1 (2020)

A mixture of vocal songs with electronic backing and instrumental EM material that ranges from wacky to melodic and atmospheric / ambient. Best track: "New Born".


Le Marais (France)

Le marais (2021)

Varied music with slow rhythms.


Le Matin (France)

Shitrain (2015)
DOGTAPE VOL. 1 - Traversée (2017)
Catharses (2018) (EP)
Streets of Peace (2020) (EP)
Malodies (2021)
Inactive Worlds (2021)
Désir & pulsion (2022)

A very strange project from Rennes, mixing different styles, like vaporwave, chiptune, glitch, techno, electro and, yes, a Progressive EM touch. A good example of the latter is the closing track off Catharses. Dogtape and Shitrain also contain some proggish material. Malodies is another nice work, very EM. Further investigation is needed.


Le Monde, Tom (Canada)

Herbarium (2018)
Shapes & Shades (2019)
Field Trip (2019) (S)
Flight (2020) (S)
Nocturne (2020)

Canadian ambient artist. Moody, flowing, rhythmic, sequential...


Le Moors (UK)

Multi-Filament (2014) (S)
Tendrils (2016)

Ambient duo of Wil Bolton and Jeff Stonehouse. As is the case with solo music of both members, here it's a mixture of acoustic / electric (guitar) sounds and electronics.

See also: Bolton, Wil, Stonehouse, Jeff.


Le Officine di Efesto (Italy)

The Elements (2018) (EP)

Collaborative project between Donato Dozzy and Some techno influences here, and the rest is abstract but listenable modular sound sculpting.

See also:


Le Réveil des Tropiques (France)

Le réveil des tropiques (2012)
Halucinations scéniques Vol. 1 (2014)
Halucinations scéniques Vol. 2 (2014) (EP)
Halucinations scéniques Vol. 3 (2015) (S)
Big Bang (2018)
L'arbre à cames (2019)

French band consisting of Adrien Kanter, Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul, Matthieu Philippe de l'Isle and Arnaud Rhuth. They are usually classed as post-rock. However, Big Bang is a pure Heldon meets Neu! tour-de-force. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Kanter, Adrien, Oberland, Frédéric D., Trésors.


Le Révélateur (Canada)

Motion Flares (2010)
Fictions (2011)
Horizon Fears (2012)
Extreme Events (2014)
Hyper (2016) (S)
No Sound Without A Misunderstanding (2016) (with Karl Fousek and Devon Hansen)

Ambient synth drift from Roger Tellier-Craig - former member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Fly Pan Am.


Le Rhinoceros (France)

Zoïng (2010) (S)
La nuit du rhinoceros (2011)

French artist and analogue synthesizer collector Jean-Marc Montarou who sometimes performs live but hides his face behind a huge, strange and ugly rhinoceros mask. His music is mostly dark, noisy and ambient, with rhythms.


Leaaves (USA)

Forest Words (2015)
Novella (2016)
Sunwheel / Submersible Sailboat (2016)
Be Mindful (2016)
We Will Forget Our Sadder Days In Summers That Never End (2017)
Silmukka (2017) (with Curacy)
Wow This Beard Is Really Great (I'm Glad I Grew It) (2017) (S)
We Are Beginning To Look Like Our Fathers / We Are Learning To Love Like Our Mothers (2017)
First Sickness (2017)
Panacea For Lightweights (2018)
Old Coast (2018)
Death Metric (2019)
Caught (2019)
Unwanted (2019)
Viennese Period (2019) (S)
12 Worlds (2020) (S)
Plays Playstation (2021) (S)
Enif (2021) (S)
Sung Out (2022)

Gloomy synth soundscapes and some voices. Earlier releases are more guitar and field recordings oriented or in plunderphonics style. Leaaves is Nate Wagner.


Leaf (Germany)

Demo 51°37'35"N8°42'05"E (2013) (S)

Gloomy synth compositions with slow rhythms. Leaf is Jan Hoppe.


Leaf (USA)

Leaf (2017)

Ambient project from Dominic Montalbano.


Leaf Library, The (UK)

On An Ocean of Greatness (2017)
Scale - Volume One (2018)
Monument Two (2018)
Floral Calyx Phase (2019) (with Basic Design)
About Minerals (2019)
The World Is A Bell (2019)
Quiet House (2020) (with The Scattered Orchestra)
Monument Four: Nova Kin (2020)
Monument Five: International Foam (2020)
Melody Tomb (2020) (with Teriyuki Kurihara)
Glass Factory (2021)
Library Music: Volume One (2022)

Reading-based indie pop / rock band formed in 2004 by Kate Gibson, Matthew Ashton, Ben Smith, Gareth Jones, Claire Boutsiavaras, Rob Smoughton, Dave Barrow and Lewis Young. On An Ocean of Greatness is an instrumental work with a repetitive, ethereal sound and minimal / ambient influences.


Leafblower (USA)

Leafblower (2021)
Dew Magic (2023)

Pretty inventive analog EM from New Yorker Raquel Bell, who is also a singer and midi-percussionist in punk-noise collective Normal Love. Sequencing, arpeggios, experimental sounds, soloing - it is all here. Recommended.


Leafcutter John (UK)

Yes! Come Parade With Us! (2019)

Analog synth music from this diverse electronic artist (John Burton) who has been on the scene since the early 00's. This is experimental, but melodic and very listenable. Definitely Prog.


Leak, Mike Henry (Finland)

Equinox (2019)
Sonic Regression (2020)
Funeral Rites (2023)

Mika Vuoto.


Lealoop (Germany)

Starscapes - The Bright Zones (??)

Nice Space Music to drift away to, recorded with just guitar and processing (effects by Roland), although you would never tell. Lealoop is Leander Reininghaus.

See also: Synthasis


Leão, Rodrigo (Portugal)

A Vida Secreta das Máquinas (2014)
A Estranha Beleza da Vida (2021)

Nice electronic sound fusing some classical elements and instrumentation from this diverse (mostly classical) Portuguese composer.


Leaving (Australia)

Leaving (2011) (S)
New Needs (2012) (S)
Clean Waters (2015) (S)
Leaving (2020)
Found Places (??)

Pulsing analog synth goodness in pure 1970's style from Perth. In a country that gave us Cybotron there should be more music like this. Leaving is Rupert Thomas.

See also: Erasers


Lebensessenz (Brazil)

Einsamkeit, Haß und Dunkelheit sind mein Lebensessenz (2003) (S)
Terra nullis - A Tribute To Antarctica (2004)

Terra Nullis contains piano music and one ambient electronic track. Lebensessenz is Newton Schner Jr. from Ponta Grossa who is mostly a pianist and has other releases based exclusively on the piano.


Lecanoscope (USA)

Lecanoscope (1994)
Vortex of Pinnacles (1996)
Comparing Notes (2002) (EP)
Hinged / Geosync (2004) (S)
Culminate (2022)

California-based ambient project.


Lech, Iury (Spain)

Otra Rumorosa Superficie (1989)
Musica Para el Fin de los Cantos (1990)
A Bite In the Common Sense (1992)
Serial Castrati (1995)
Aspersions By Instinct (1998)
Victima of Dunceing (2001)
Igneorama (2001)
Instorments (2005)
Ontonanology (2023)

Spanish synthesist of Ukrainian origin. Quite unique electronics with minimalist and neo-classical influences. Instorments features seven tracks that walk the edge between progressive EM, avant-garde and industrial music. Stark, foreboding and sometimes harsh atmospheres prevail, with some distorted rhythms and totally indescribable experimental sounds. Instorments is a cold, inhuman void, populated by sonic beasts that will test your speakers and split your ears. Mysterious sequenced notes get "Estormaiat" underway. An odd rhythm appears out of nowhere, along with insistent atmospheres and experimental sounds. Then a new, strange-sounding rhythm appears that forms the basis for the bulk of the track. Sounds like dub music from hell. Intriguing! "More Towers Will Fall Down" is an abstract, noisy number. "Fizziparism" is totally directionless and chaotic, with some repeating motifs and rhythmic chunks that represent the only structured elements of this track. "Chrestomathy of Another Echelon To Deception And Miseries From Perpetual Annihilations" is a monumental, epic work that gets rather intense and very scary towards the end. It gave me the goosebumps. I don't know how Iury achieves that but some sections of the track literally make the hair on the back of the neck stand. Note: everything's done by working with just the sound, without any distinguishable melody at all! There are, however, some rhythms used in the second part of the track. "Zero Harmony: To Play Without Hands" features random piano playing with background noises. "Destroying-yang Or Do They Delight In Destruction" is the hightlight of the album, being an agressive, rhythmic track, influenced by the industrial genre, at least so it sounds to me. "From Nakba To Inqilaab" is a relatively subtle piece, atmopheric and amorphous. "Instorments" is an album for the adventurous listener. Perhaps, fans of Experimental EM will enjoy it, as well as those into avant-garde electronics and some industrial music.  


Lechowski, Garrett (USA)

Whimsy (2023)

Shorter tracks between experimental and ambient electronics from this North Adams, Massachusetts-based artist.


Leclerc, Charlotte (France)

Bingo (2020) (recorded in 2011 - 2018)

Quirky, playful, funky, repetitive electronic compositions. Mostly instrumental, but also a few vocals.

See also: Night Riders


Leclerc, Tom (France)

Greenhouse In Winter (2019) (S)
On the Leaves (2021)
Ôme (2022) (with Laurent Hilairet)
Glittering Tales (2022)

Ambient artist who uses both acoustic piano and electronics (mostly modular synths). Sparkling, lo-fi clusters of sounds.


Leda (Germany)

Welcome To Joyland (1978)

This is a vocal pop album (sort of). Some sources refer to it as a Peter Baumann recording, and indeed, Peter plays synth on this one. Recommended for Tangerine Dream completists and Peter Baumann fans.

See also: Baumann, Peter


Ledbury, Nick (UK)

The Journey (1987)
Spiral Plains (1987)

Ambient synth music by Nick Ledbury (one half of Xaxxa) who is mainly known as a percussionist today.

See also: Xaxxa


Lederman, Jean-Marc (Belgium)

The Space Between Worlds (2017)
Ode a la pluie (2018)
13 Ghost Stories (2019)
The Helpless Voyage of the Titanic (2020)
Music For Dinosaurs (2020)
The Mysterious Manuscript of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (2021)
The Bad-Tempered Synthesizer (2021)
The Raven (2021)
Night Music For Seashores And Manatees (2022)
Soul Music For Zombies (2023)

Varied electronic compositions, often ambient and repetitive.


Ledeuil, Norman (France)

A Journey (2017)

French bass player and experimental composer. Abstract, a bit noisy compositions with an ambient flair and lots of processed field recordings.


Lediņš, Hardijs (Latvia)

Tiny Crabs of the Deep Waters (2000)
Lambs In City Landscape (2001)
Dziesmas neuzrakstītai lugai (2006)

Late experimental composer (1955 - 2004), part of post-modern / avant-garde duo Seque and varied minimal synth / experimental formation and performance / video art group NSRD (both with Juris Boiko). These are his solo works where he finds himself in the ambient mode (not always pure Ambient, though).

See also: NSRD


Lee, Bobby (UK)

Ancient Sunlight (2022)

Psychedelic rock / country folk guitarist. According to Lee, while recording Ancient Sunlight, he listened to a lot of "Herbcraft, MV & EE, Ashra, Sinoia Caves, and private press oddities like Bobby Brown’s The Enlightening Beam of Axonda and Emerald Web". These floating / krautrocky electronic compositions were created with a cheap Telecaster copy, a Casiotone 403 and little else.


Lee Clark, Spencer (USA)

A Single Position In the Fabric of Spacetime (2023)

Ambient synth compositions.


Lee, Howie (China)

Birdy Island (2021)
Sifu Original Soundtrack (2022) (soundtrack)

Interesting stuff from Beijing-based Howie Lee. He combines some choirs and acoustic instruments, including some traditional Chinese ones with synthesizers and electronics for a nice World Music mixture. I love some of the theremin-like synth solos on this one. Although Lee has a club / trap background, there's almost none of that influence here so make no mistake - Birdy Island is a decidedly progressive work.


Lee, Jay (USA)

One Step More (1982)

Jay Ellington Lee was born in 1945 in Los Angeles. He is an electronic musician and one of the pioneers of the EM genre. Since 1970, Jay Lee had been working in London, where he collaborated with BBC Radiophonic Workshop, including people like David Vorhaus and Delia Derbyshire. He then returned to the States where he dedicated himself to various activities connected to Electronic Music making and instrument building. He collaborated with Bob Moog, Harold Bode and Tom Oberheim, among others. He also worked as a consultant for E-Mu Systems and helped with the design of several of their modules. He also helped in the development of Lyricon 2 by Computone. The above is a rare electronic album released on an Italian label in 1982. Lots of modular gear (mostly by E-Mu) was used.


Lee Owens, Kelly (UK)

Kelly Lee Owens (2017)
Inner Song (2020)
LP.8 (2022)
LP.8.2 (2022) (EP)

London-based singer who is very much into synths. I like how she combines a pop approach with her unobtrusive singing and electronics in a melodic, often sequencer-based style. It might be one of the rarest cases of me actually liking (or at least, not objecting to) vocal pop / EM hybrids.


Lee, Thaniel Ion (USA)

White (2011)
Time (2012)
Vintage Youth (2013) (S)
Ambiguity Makes the Confusing Seem Normal (2013)
White June (2016)
LFO Systems (2018)
By Hand (2018) (S)
Five Ghosts (2021)
New Age Music (2021)
Timeless Spaceless Formless (2021) (S)
Eyes Upon Eyes (2022)
Body Cage (2022) (S)
Void of Fear (2022)
Tamám Shud (2022)
Vessel of Shadows (2022)

Synthesist in ambient / abstract realms.


Lee Yi (Spain)

An Instant For A Momentary Desolation (2017)
Eslandtika (2018)
Dissimilar Lake Pigments (2018)
Hayví (2022)

Moody, a bit lo-fi ambience from Malaga.


Leeder, Larry (USA)

Uplift (1984)
Views From the Summit (1985)

Electronic New Age (?) Music created on the Kurzweil 250 synthesizer.


Leedy, Douglas (USA)

The Electric Zodiac (1969)
Entropical Paradise (1971)
A Very Merry Christmas To You! (1971)

Subtitled "Six Sonic Environments", Entropical Paradise is a 3-LP set with long tracks created by academic composer Douglas Harry Leedy (1938 - 2015). All sounds are made with Moog and Buchla synthesizers and the soundscapes are static and, once set, do not change much throughout the track. Given that the album lasts for 2 hours, I would guess that only the hardcore lovers of early electronics will listen to it in one go. However, it wasn't meant as music by the composer, but rather as a sonic wallpaper. Indeed, all the drones and subtle arpeggios are somewhat lulling and hypnotizing but do not hold your attention well. Anyway, as an avant-garde composer, Douglas Leedy has got little to do with prog EM, but I included it here because: 1) it's one of the first strictly ambient albums 2) it's somewhat related to other early EM pioneers such as Morton Subotnick who are included in EEM 3) It's a precursor to a lot of Droning Ambient and 21st century improvised synth works, from Emeralds to Pulse Emitter. So it's not prog EM per se but certainly related to that scene. Some sources indicate the year of release for Entropical Paradise as 1968, others point at 1971 or even 1972, so there's some uncertainty as to the real release or recording date. Douglas Leedy also released a couple more albums, one experimental and one of the "switched-on christmas" type. A relic. Sadly, Douglas Leedy died on March 28, 2015.


Leek, Clem (UK)

Through the Annular (2010) (S)
Pimlico (2010) (S) (with Jannick Schou)
Holly Lane (2010)
A Letter (2011) (S)
Home Outside (2011) (S)
Lifenotes (2011)
The Plan (2011) (S)
Snow Tales / Home Again (2011)

エリン (2013) (S)
Rest (2013) (S)

2Pianos 1 (2016) (S)
America (2017)

Ambient composer. Emotional sound, sometimes with a large piano presence.


Leenen, Jon (Belgium)

Digital Creations (1990)


Leer, Thomas (UK)

The Bridge (1979) (with Robert Rental)
1979 (2017) (recorded in 1979)
Emotional Hardware (2020)

The first side of the LP is minimal synth comparable to Kraftwerk and the second is more experimental.


Lefthanded Sign (Russia)

Sacred Dwelling (2018)
Shadowgate (2020)

Dark Ambient with ritual overtones.


Leftina Osha (Greece??)

Naive Forever (2017)
Too Much For Nothing (2018)
The Most You Ever Lost (2018)

A project of Dimitris Doukas aka Restive Plaggona (industrial techno / experimental). Too Much For Nothing features varied melodic and ambient tracks with a rich synth sound, sometimes reminding on Vangelis even (as on "Artemisia Chapter 1").


Łęg Creatur (Poland)

The History of Etruscan Wind Instruments (2023)

A project of Sławomir Wolf. Ambient soundscapes, mostly dark and industrial-like.


Legard, Phil (UK)

Angelystor (2014)

Subtle and quiet Drone Ambient album with a few traditional / folk elements.


Legendary Pink Dots, The (UK)

Basilisk (1983)

Legendary (no pun intended) psychedelic / early industrial band whose early albums sometimes included interesting electronic material. Case in point is their cassette from 1983 titled Basilisk with its long, ambient, electronic, arpeggio-laden closing track. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Silverman, The, Ka-Spel, Edward.


Legget, Steve (UK)

Bathhouse (2018)

Moisty, melodic compositions with a strong classical flair, recorded specifically for a concert in a public bathhouse.


Legiac (Netherlands)

The Voynich Manuscript (2016)
Banisteriopsis caapi (2023)

IDM trio of Cor Bolten, Don Funcken and Roel Funcken. Early albums are in IDM vein but for the Voynich Manuscript they developed a darkish, cinematic synth style with elements of glitch, Ambient, electro-acoustic music and more. A rather progressive sound overall. Banisteriopsis Caapi is another EM work, a very elaborate one and effective in its execution.


Legion (UK)

False Dawn (1992)
Die Datenschleuter (1994)

Leviathan (1996)
Zodiac (2003)
Shapeshifting In Abalone (2004)

Dark Ambient project by Andrew Lagowski (S.E.T.I.), heavily influenced by Lustmord.

See also: S.E.T.I.


Legos (USA)

Polytropics (2021)
Lucerne (2022)

Kyle Potter is a Florida-based artist combining electronics & synths with rock rhythms and guitars. Something between EM, calypso, pastoral krautrock and complex math rock perhaps.


Legov, Leafar (Germany)

Talk (2016) (S)
Family (2017)
Never Ending Beginnings (2019)
Mirror (2020)

A pseudonym of Rafael Vogel. He mixes smooth house tracks and ambient compositions, sometimes with a neo-classical feel.


Legowelt (Netherlands)

Secrets After Dreams (2019)
Unconditional Contours (2020)
The MidiVerb Chalice (2023)
A Pshilosophy of Tracking (2023)
Ambient Trip Commander (2023) (soundtrack)

Melodic, analog, sequence-full music from this prolific artist (Danny Wolfers). Pretty nice EM on the above releases.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Falckenhaus, Franz, Smackos, Weltman, Klaus, Phalangius, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Knutson, Saab, Ufocus, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy,Star Sheperd, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Rising Sun Systems, Audiosport 8, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Lehanka, Ralf (Germany)

The Temptator (1994)
Temptator 2 (1995)


Lehman (USA)

Winter Claims the Land (2020) (S)
Lost In Winter (2020)
December Blue (2022)

Winter synth project from Ohio.


Lehnberg (Sweden)

Morgondröm (2017)
Vid fronten (2018) (with Slim Vic)

Ambient synth music from David Emanuel Lehnberg.


Lehtisalo, Jussi (Finland)

Elämä (2021)
I Might Be Stuck (2022)
Rock Boat (2022)
Crocodile Tears (2022) (with Aidan Baker)

Although essentially a synth-pop album, Jussi Lehtisalo's Elämä will definitely be enjoyed by fans of EM - it is so loaded with synths, various melodic solos etc, that it is certainly relevant, well, the longer tracks at least. Besides, large stretches of it are instrumental. File under EM-related. I Might Be Stuck is another EM-related release.

See also: Lehtisalofamily, Circle, Mahti.


Lehtisalofamily (Finland)

Interplay (1997)

Experimental electronic / rock band consisting of Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle) of A. Lehtisalo and P. Lehtisalo, with help from M. Rintala (Verde) on effects, A. Kauppila on sax and a couple of drummers. Abstract, noisy, with theremin wails, strange rhythms, etc.

See also: Lehtisalo, Jussi


Leicht, Marius (Germany)

Weltmaschine (2021)

Pianist and synthesist from Plauen. As expected, this is tranquil EM mixing acoustic piano with lots of fine analog synth sounds, often bursting into intense melodic / symphonic or jazzy climaxes.


Leichtmann, Hanno (Germany)

Minimal Studies (2013)
SY-4 (2018)
Chromacolor - Chromacolor (2023)

Tape music, ambient, glitch, electroacoustic artist. Chromacolor is a minimal work based on the sounds of chromatic percussion, voice and synthesizers. SY-4 is experimental electronics based on the sounds of the Syncussion drum synthesizer. Minimal studies marries modular synth with processed / looped trumpet and other acoustic sounds.


Leifeld, Andreas (Germany)

Colours (1989)
Mysterious Messages (1990)
Discoveries (1991)
Dance of the Elements (1992)
Something Happens (1993)
34669 (1994)
Tranquility In Motion (2007)
One Man Orchestra (??)

I have mixed feelings about Mysterious Messages. First of all, this album is clearly the product of the MIDI age. Needless to say, 1990 was not the best period for Electronic Music, with lots of cheesy, thin-sounding electronic albums coming out, mainly from Europe. And texturally, this album is quite in line with most of the releases from that time. Standard MIDI sound sets, digital programming etc. are abundant here. Brass sounds, marimbas and other chromatic percussion, drums, strings, pads, nothing that really stands out from the crowd, although at times I could hear classical and ethnic influences. What I found interesting, though, was the structure of Andreas' music. It sounds as if built from large melodic chunks that sometimes sound totally out of control, I mean these are not focused melodies but more like melodic meandering. Often the previous melody breaks, only to be replaced by another one. Thus, the album, while not being extremely exciting sonically, was still unique structurally and you can't accuse Andreas of copying anyone else's music. Discoveries is similar in style, adding a couple of pleasant lead lines and a punchy analog bass on "Sunday Afternoon Space Ride" which is the best cut on the album. "On the Air" is also a very interesting track that really stands out. Another feature attracts my attention on this album - the abundance of samples in Andreas' music. Dance of the Elements makes a shift to the more ambient direction, utilising tribal rhythms, some ethnic instruments and soft textures, most of the time creating relaxing moods in Tribal Ambient and World Music vein. The tracks are generally longer than on previous albums. Something Happens returns to the melodic / rhythmic formula of the earlier albums but with the title track being a mild techno workout you already know the direction in which his music is heading. Andreas' subsequent albums are all in the techno vein. Of his classic releases (bar Colours that I haven't heard) I found Dance of the Elements to be the most interesting one. Unfortunately, Andreas passed away in February, 2006.  


Leigh-Raine, Jenna (UK)

Noma (2018)

British-born model and musician, currently residing in Los Angeles. Noma contains cinematic music originally commissioned for a film score.


Leigls, J. Clyde (Canada)

Once Upon A Time... My Rebirth (1985)


Leimer, Kerry (USA)

Fits & Starts (1975)
Natural History / The Mind And Its Likeness (1977)
Translucent: / Memory (1979)
Fiction / Decade (1979) (S)
Closed System Potentials (1980)
Land of Look Behind (1981)
Imposed Order (1983)
Installation View (1983)
Music For Land And Water (1983)
Listening Room (2002)
Brittle Soft (2002) (with Tyler Boley)
Statistical Truth (2004)
The Useless Lesson (2007)
Lesser Epitomes (2007)
Degraded Certainties (2010)
Unpublished Philosophies (??) (recorded in 1976 - 1979)
Permissions (2012)
A Period of Review - Original Recordings: 1975 - 1983 (2014)
Premap (2014) (with Marc Barreca)
The Grey Catalog (2015)
Field Characteristics (2015) (with Marc Barreca)
Re-enact (2016)
FTS001 (2017) (with Like A Villain)
Dual Mono (2017) (with Marc Barreca)
Mitteltöner (2018)
Imposed Order / Imposed Absence (2018) (recorded in 1983 - 2002)
Threnody (2018)
Irrational Overcast (2019)
Chains of Being (2019) (with Marc Barreca)
A Figure of Loss (2020)
Drowning Guides (2022) (with Marc Barreca)
LUYU (2023)
Spall (2023)

Ambient. Said to be in the Eno / Budd vein.

See also: Savant, Three Point Circle.


Leiner, Robert (Sweden)

Visions of the Past (1994)
Duff 80 (2014) (S)
Melomania (2015)

Robert Leiner is a producer from Gothenburg who was one of the notable figures of early 1990's club scene. In 1994 he released an album of techno-influenced compositions that included some purely EM tracks as well. I mean any fan of EM should dig stuff like "Dream Or Reality", "Zenit" or "Northern Dark", it's just great. Melomania is a comeback release that seems to be even more diverse, taking in influences from krautrock, the Dusseldorf School of EM & more.


Leise, Len (Australia)

Music For Forests (2014)
Landscape Language (2015) (S)
M of M Tape (2015)
Lingua Franca (2015)
Ing (2016)

Australian musician with something of an ecological theme going. Rhythmic, tribal, sometimes reminding on stuff like Deep Forest, but also ambient and new-agey, with nice digital (and sometimes analog) synth timbres. Not exactly prog EM but related to that sound.


Leisure Birds (USA)

Copper Scroll (2010)
Globe Master (2012)
Tetrahedron (2014)
Leisure Birds Presents: Zoom Lens (2019)

Analog synth duo from Minnesota mixing some influences of psychedelic rock with a classic EM sound.


Leitko, Aaron (USA)

Wasatch Mecha (2016)

Experimental and vaguely melodic modular synth pieces.


Lek, Lawrence (UK)

Temple 寺庙 (2020) (soundtrack)
Aidol 爱道 (2020) (soundtrack)

Nice rhythmic / melodic synth music from this soundtrack composer. Some atmospheric moments as well. The female voice is a unique touch.


Lel' Sabu (Ukraine)

Mak-ha! (1997)
Das I Other (1999)

Ambient. The first album is a rare one-sided cassette. This music was re-released two years later as the first side of Das I Other.


Lelong, Boris (France)

Fireflies In Gondwana (2021)

French anthropologist, music researcher and electronic musician. Hypnotic, spacey, scientific... Nice sequencer content as well. Very pleasant EM overall. Fireflies... is a Carpe Sonum release.


Lem (USA)

Machines (1977)

Early band with Alex Cima. In a way it's ahead of its time, featuring styles that would only become popular in the next decade. Overall, it's a bit of a mixed bag, with synth-pop, fusion, cosmic and ambient stylings predominating.

See also: Cima, Alex


Lemaire, Stephane (France)

L'etang de Kukufah (2007)
Tentatives d'envol (2013)
Sous la canopee (2015)

Keyboardist of the reformed Moving Gelatine Plates, Stephane Lemaire released this solo album where he combines orchestral music with influences such diverse as minimalist composers, Klaus Schulze and Fripp & Eno.


Lembo (Italy)

Sole nero su mondo di plastica (2004)
I-O-D-O-D-O (2005)

Italian duo with a cosmic analog sound but most of the time pretty experimental.

See also: Nembutal


Lemer, Peter (UK)

Asilah 80 (1980)

A real oddity, this one. Peter Lemer is a British keyboard player. However, he recorded the above album live in Morocco with a large group of traditional Moroccan percussionists. The LP was pressed in Morocco as well. Lemer's parts are electronic and range from jazzy to slightly more experimental. If you like the more out-there forms of World Music, maybe it's worth hunting down.


Lemiszewski, Jakub (Poland)

Bubblegum New Age (2018)
2019 (2019)
Zenon (2023) (with Ascending Order)

The 2018 album is extremely weird stuff - bubbly, melodic, chiptune-ish, web-like... I can hear influences of "deconstructed club" but the whole is definitely progressive in spirit. 2019 is similar, although has a more direct and in-yer-face approach.


Lemmens, Daniël (Belgium)

Belgian synthesist.


Lemongrass (Germany)

Hypnosis (2010)
Meditation (2015)

Meditation is a completely ambient album from this chill-out / "electronica" project of Roland Voss who has been releasing music since the 1990's. Very relaxing and somewhat new-agey sound.


Lemos, Paul (USA)

Music For Stolen Icons Part 2 (1993) (with Joe Papa)
Limerence (2017) (with Doc Wör Mirran)

Like the quieter moments of Controlled Bleeding, complete with Papa's deep operatic vocals.

See also: Controlled Bleeding


Lemro (USA)

Space Detective (2023)

Music inspired by "Alien Private Eye" and "other low-budget 80's and 90's cinema". Flowing, pulsing, with sequenced acid lines and pan flute leads. Lemro is a duo of Max Petersen and Warren Kroll.

See also: Forrest, Dorosoto.


Lemta Toro (Poland)

True Religion (2021)
Kapitałka (2023)

Ambient project with a rather melancholic and often dramatic sound.


Len, Igor (Russia)

Here (1986)

Sort of ethnic-tinged ambient EM by this enigmatic Russian composer.


Lendt, Sven (Germany)

Hotel Orbital (2013)
Lost Places (2015)

Melodic and spacey EM with good solos.


Lenehan, Lance (Australia)

Soundscape (1996)
Ambient Spaces (2004)
Analogue Days (2004) (recorded in 1983 - 1988)

Diverse music from this Australian synthesist - ambient, rhythmic, melodic and symphonic. Lance first encountered Electronic Music in the early 1970's. Soon Lance got his first synthesizer and started experimenting with it. He then assembled a studio where he recorded a great deal of his works.


Lenfant de Dagobert, Philippe (France)

Suite mégalique apocalyptico foulfoutique (1995)

Philippe formerly played bass in French progressive rock band Delirium. On Suite... he explores cosmic Electronic Music with prog and classical influences.


Lens Flare (Italy)

Darklight (??)
Lost Dreams (??)

A project of Andrea Gori, who is one of the artists from the Cybertracks record label roster.


Lens, The (UK)

Regeneration (2010)

The Lens was actually a pre-IQ band formed by guitarist Michael Holmes in 1977. The band existed until 1981, when IQ was formed. In 2001, A Word In Your Eye was released with re-recorded 1970's material in prog rock style. Regeneration features new music made basically by a lineup of just Holmes and a drummer. Musically, it's a mixed bag. There are Pink Floyd-influenced progressive rock tracks, as well as electronic tracks ranging from completely floating to pulsing. The use of guitar is limited to a few solos and licks.

See also: Holmes, Michael


Lensflare (Italy)

La valle dell'inferno (2018)
Ultraviolet (2018)
Mount Abora (2018)
Ultraviolet Phase: 2 (2018)
Tales From Symphonia (2018)
Era di Acquario (2018)
Archive No.1: Zenit (2018)
Archive No.2: Komorebi (2018)
Archive No.3: Sonic Seasoning (2018)
Sonic Architecture (2018)
Archive No. 4: Bambino delle Stelle (2018)
Archive No. 5: Cronache della Galassia & Dawn of A New Era (2018)
Kyrie Eleison (2018)
Archive No. 6: H.A.A.R.P. (2018)
Mysticum entheogena (2019)
Pleiades (2020)
Dystopic Landscapes (2020)
Berlin Nights (2021)
Aurea stamina (2022)
Orbis terrarum descriptio (2023)
Sic mundus creatus est (2024)
Drone Summer (2024) (recorded in 2022)

Rome-based Berlin School artist.


Lenson (Netherlands)

Calandline (2020) (EP)

Techno project. Of interest for us Prog EM fans is the closer on the above EP, called "Uit Nood Geboren" - an ambient track full of tinkling sequences that would not even sound out of place on a Berlin School record.


Lentini, Federico (Italy)


Lentz, Daniel (USA)

After Images (1981) (S)
On the Leopard Altar (1984)
Missa umbrarum (1985)
The Crack In the Bell (1987)

Classical / experimental composer, currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On the Leopard Altar is a work for electronic keyboards and voices.


Lenz, Frank (USA)

Pyramid (2020) (EP)

Singer-songwriter and rock musician. The Pyramid EP seems to showcase his instrumental / electronic side.


Leon, Craig (USA)

Nommos (1981)
The Complete Tapes of Atoya (1981) (with Arthur Brown)
Visiting (1982)
Bach To Moog (2015)
Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon (2019)

Producer for popular artists with his own solo albums. The first one, Nommos, is an experimental electronic work that incorporates complex drum machine rhythms (really lots of them). The second album from 1982 delves deeper into the realms of Electronic Music and has some hints of Tangerine Dream, Eno, etc etc...


Leonard, Adam (UK)

Entkommen Pt. I & II (2018) (S)

Berlin School-influenced music from this diverse musician.

See also: A Farewell To Hexes


Leonard, Ken (USA)

Archives '88 - '02 (2002)
Improvised Waves (2005) (with Jimmy Moore)

The first one is a collection of archived material, the second contains long-form improvised EM with synths & mellotron.


Leonard, Kevin (USA)

Escape (1985)
Crystal Influence (1987)
On the Edge (1990)
Auto Matrix (1992)

Kevin Leonard is the keyboardist of the band North Star. EM that is comparable to Fonya


Leonardi, Giuseppe (Italy)

Jack of All Trades (2018) (EP)

Mostly nu-disco material here and the closing track in unique, Middle Eastern-tinged Prog EM style.


Leonardo (Netherlands)

Origine (2003)
Spiritworld (2003)
Dharma (2004)
Singing Electronic Devices (2004)
Soundweaver (2005)
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (2005)
Electronic Reality (2005)
Samsara (2005)

Collective Memory Generator (2006)
Temple (2007)

Leonardo is a young musician from Netherlands with a psychedelic style, heavy on the sequencers and sometimes electric guitar.

See also: Son of Ohm


Leone, Nicholas (USA??)

Beach Rats (2019) (soundtrack)

Synth soundtrack with a couple of danceable tunes, but mostly moody and atmospheric.


Leonhard, Lars (Germany)

Spaceflight (2020)
Orange Dawn (2016)
Patterns In Nature (2018) (with Roman Ridder)
Adrift In Time (2018)
Above And Below (2018)

A pioneer in ambient dub, Lars Leonhard is a German electronic composer from Dusseldorf born in 1973. Amazingly, on Spaceflight, he shows a very strong EM influence - in fact there is little, if any, dub and / or techno on the album, bot lots of tinkling Berlinesque sequences, rich synth pads and cosmic melodies. The opener of Above And Below is a nice symphonic / sequencer / atmospheric EM track. Ditto for "Drowned Melody", although that one is more ambient, with no sequences. Finally, "The Darker Side" is another atmospheric number, this time with a stronger dub flavor. Ambient tracks on Adrift In Time include "Circular" and "Diaspor", on Patterns In Nature: "Circadian Rhythms", "Geomatric Pattern", "Penta Plexity", "Spherical Symmetry", "Fractal", on Orange Dawn: "Polar Night".


Leonhardsberger, Heinz (Austria)

Earthrise (1982)
It Is (1988)
Electronic Classics (??) (with Ernst Chwatal)

Vienna-based electronic musician who's been experimenting out of his studio since 1971. He is also known as a soundtrack composer.


Leoni Leoni (Switzerland)

Easy Sleep (2020) (S)
Leoni Leoni (2022)

Indie pop singer and synthesizer player from Bern. Her vocals are sparse and the instrumental material has a weird, lo-fi, Cluster vibe to it.


Leonidas (UK)

Sequential EP (2012) (EP)
Synqlock Vol. II (2017) (S) (with Kay Suzuki)

London-based house artist who seems to be influeced by EM, an influence that he shows in full glory on tracks like "Interstellar Meditation" (a fantastic track) and "Undercurrent".


Leonn, Kin (Singapore)

Commune (2019)
Faraway Vicinity (2020) (EP) (with Hiroshi Ebina)
Mirror In the Gleam (2023)

Ambient with a huge piano presence from this artist currently residing in London.


Leopards of White (UK)

Newly Murdered Flowers (1983)
Passenger East (1984)
Daquise (1985)

Synth duo of Christian Newton and Peter Anderson that has been active since the early 1980's, when they released a string of cassettes with music in a gently rhythmic, melodic style. A period of absence followed but the group has recently resurfaced and released a download only album with tracks recorded in the New Millennium.


L'eoscombu Couti (France)

Five Cambridge Utilities (2016)

Warm ambient drift.


Leoza, Simon (Canada)

Albatross (2021)

Montral-based artist mixing neo-classical composition and electronics.


Lepage, Bastien (Belgium)

Mantle (2019)

Ambient with strong electroacoustic element.


Lepiarczyk, Krzysztof (Poland)

Games of Symphony (2021)

Polish progrock musician and keyboardist. Games of Symphony is rocking instrumental EM inspired by old computers, video games and film soundtracks.


Leprino, Franco (Italy)

Integrati...disintegrati (1977)
1977 - 1987 Original Versions (2009)

Franco Leprino is one of those obscure and largely forgotten electronic artists from the 1970's. He released a nice vinyl album with tracks that mixed acoustic guitar with synthesizers and sound collage in typical Italian style. After that he vanished from the scene. However, in 2009 Italian label Giallo released a limited edition CD that gathered the whole Integratti...  album and added no less than eleven previously unreleased tracks.


Leproto, Stefano (UK)

The Curator's Collection (2016)
Dance & Mood Music 1981-83 (2016)

A pseodonym of Stephen James Buckley. Ranges from italo beats to horror synth and Berlin School sequences.

See also: Polypores, Bachmeier, Stefan, Buczkowski, Szczepan.


Leresche, Carlos (France)

Le mutant (1977) (soundtrack)

Interesting obscure soundtrack. One disco track and the rest is more or less pure instrumental progressive EM.


Leroy, Cedric (France)

Eologie (2009)

Dakar-born French synthesist and keyboard player with a melodic style influenced by the works of Jean-Michel Jarre.


LES (Israel)

Severnaya zemlya (2020)

Female duo creating long tracks with noises, pulses, effects. Sometimes abstract, Industrial-like, sometimes just vaguely melodic.


Les Amants Maudits (France)

La vie est une maladie... La mort en est son remede (1996)
Les amants maudits (1997)
Philosophical Incest (1997) (with Taliesin's Bards Order)
1793 (1998) (S)
Le collier de la reine (1998) (S)
Reine de France (1998) (S)

Dark Ambient from Nicolas D. Faure who would later become known as Asmorod.

See also: Asmorod, Kurotokage.


Les Baxter (New Zealand)

Les Baxter (2021)

Christchurch-based quartet consisting of Dave Imlay, Erin Kimber, John Chrisstoffels and Paul Sutherland. They make use of varied synths and electronics, including the theremin, and state to be influenced by "sci-fi movie soundtracks, Deutsche Elektronika, goth-doom, and ambient techno". Varied, experimental, wacky, soundtrack-y, vintage-sounding, nocturnal...


Les Big Byrd (Sweden)

Zig-Smile / White Week (2011) (S)
They Worshipped Cats (2014)
Stockholm Death Star (2015) (EP)
Liquid Sky (2015) (EP)
Two Man Gang (2017) (S)
Iran Iraq IKEA (2018)
Snö-Golem (2019) (S)
Eternal Light Brigade (2022)
Diamonds, Rhinestones And Hard Rain (2024)

Psychedelic / space rockers from Sweden. They are pretty hard to pin down, absorbing influences such as Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, krautrock (especially Neu!) and the Dusseldorf School of Electronic Music. File under EM-related.


Les Eines (Spain)

Arquitectura (2023)

Varied tracks based on multiple synth sounds and acoustic guitar. Ambient, mechanical, cosmic, pastoral... A project of Ivó Valdivielso from Barcelona.


Les Figurants de la Peur (France)

La stanchezza gialla (2020)

Analog music but sort of weird, with lots of gnarling, raw, distorted, sawy sounds.


Les Machines Molles (Austria)

The Fox And Other Stories (2020)

Les Machines Molles is a pop project of Wolfgang Pollanz. The Fox And Other Stories is also known as "The Animals' Album" and is a nice diversion for him. Featuring largely instrumental electronic material, it includes lots of animal samples and has something of a Yello-ish quality in places, but is also obviosuly indebted to Robert Wyatt and other pioneers of the Canterbury sound. Rather unique overall.


Les Marquises (France)

Soleils noirs (2023)

Experimental pop project of Jean-Sébastien Nouveau. Soleils noirs is an instrumental exploration-type record arranged in two side-long pieces. Moody, atmospheric, dramatic, with mellotrons, tribal percussions, bells, etc.


Les Templiers d'Industries (Canada)

Le malade à la plage (2010)
s/t (2011)
Vehicule (2011)

Montreal-based project. Strange stuff - abstract and ambient, sometimes cosmic. It is synth-based, but everything sounds heavily filtered / processed and distant. Sort of an apocalyptic atmosphere prevails here.


Lesa Listvy (Russia)

Way Home (2018)
Unheard Of (2020)

Darkish, cinematic ambient compositions.


Less (Germany)

Stranger (2019)

A project of Stefan Leßner. Cinematic music that alternates intense / menacing moments with atmospheric and mysterious ones. Sounds like it's mainly inspired by sci-fi scores. Nice, if somewhat basic, sequencing on tracks like "Orbit". Pretty expertly executed sound design, too.


Less Bells (USA)

Solifuge (2018)
Mourning Jewelry (2020)
The Drowned Ground (2023)

A project of Julie Carpenter from Joshua Tree, California, who combines classical and electronic sounds for some dramatic ambient compositions. Pretty nice and unique stuff.


Lessons From the Dreamtime (USA)

Seven Stars & Orion (2020)

Ambient, filmic, spacey, dramatic music from this Colorado-based artist.


Lessons In Hate (???)

Stairs of Emotion (2018) (S)
Eyes Perfection (2020)
Paintings of Desire (2021)
Ephemerides (2022)

Ambient artist with some neo-classical elements in his sound.


Lesteronthebeat (USA)

Selected Cromulent Works (2019) (soundtrack)

Moody ambient soundtrack.


Let There Be Light (Japan)

Radiate (2001)
The Quest For Sacred Light (2004)
Stay Forever In This Dream (2008)
Deep Space 3 (2008) (EP)

A voice / electronics duo consisting of Nami Hotatsu and Ko Ishikawa, who is a member of Gagaku ensemble "Reigakusha". Cosmic, new-agey, ethereal, metitative...


l'éternèbre (USA)

l'éternèbre (2011)
The Spirit Bridge (2015)

Nice, melodic ambient compositions with ethereal voices, arpeggios, pads, etc. A duo of Natalie Chami and Brian James Griffith.

See also: TALsounds, Griffith, Brian James, Greyghost, Electric Sound Bath.


Lethal Dose 50 (Belgium)

Quiescent Shadows (1997)
Out of Dimension (1998)
21st Century Awakening (2006)

Dark Ambient by Bernard Hertsens, Stefan Scheers and Tom Adam with a strong bend towards 70's EM (fans of Tangerine Dream will also find this interesting).


Lethal Tender (USA)

Empire Illusion (2022) (recorded in 2017 - 2021)

Hard to describe the music of Grant Corum aka Lethal Tender. A sort of a mixture of IDM, Progressive Electronic and experimental / psychedelic elements, perhaps. Crazy rhythms, samples, electronic voices, cosmic solos, beeps, burps and what have you.

See also: Typhonian Highlife, Blazing Worlds.


Lethe (Ukraine)

Nowhere (2010)

Dark Ambient.


Letherique (France)

Emergence Pt. 1 (2017) (EP)
Emergence Collection (2021) (recorded in 2017 - 2021)
Aurōra (2021)
Dawn of the Machines (2021)
Tenebrās persequī (2022)
Enter My Lair (2023) (EP)

A project (I think it's a duo) that, as you can tell by the sound heard on Aurōra, comes from the techno background. However, there is a cinematic touch to their music, as well as  a cerebral, neurotic approach typical of bands like Heldon or even some zeuhl stuff.


Letkiewicz, Jason (USA)

The Reflecting Pool (2019)
Emergent Rays (2022)

Varied electronics, with some 1980's EM / new-agey stylings, but also with techno / house influences.

See also: Doubler, Creative Technology Consortium, The.


Let's Eat Grandma (UK)

The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself (2023) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack from this female indie pop duo consisting of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. Diverse, dramatic, sequencer / arpeggio-based, with drones and siren-like distant voices.


Letter Tree (Canada)

Planetary Village (1989)

Field recordings with background music ranging from typical flute / violin-based new age to upbeat electronics with the same flute / violin solos. Dangerously new-agey and un-progressive. It is EM-related at best, I would say.


Letters From Mouse (UK)

An gàrradh (2021)
Tarbolton Bachelors Club (2022)
Engrams (2022)
St Swithin's Day Storm (2023)
Clota (2024)

Edinburgh-based project. Sort of cinematic analog synth music, as if telling a cozy story through sound. The warm textures on this one are excellent. Often with sort of a Cluster feel.


Letters From Readers (Mexico)

Dot Dash (2013)
Transepto (2015)
Bystander (2020)

Hailing from Mexicali, Mexico, Gerardo Montoya (Letters From Readers) is an artist who plays guitars, electronics and diverse gadgets. His albums are chock full of inventive rock instrumentals with a strong electronic element.


Letters of Utrecht (Australia)

Slow Exit (2014) (S)
Letters of Utrecht (2015)
Presence (2016)

Varied soundscapes, from soft to experimental and slightly glitchy. Letters of Utrecht is P A Buchanan.


Letum (Sweden)

The Entrance To Salvation (2000)
Broken (2006)
The Fifth State of Grief (2014)
Shades of A Lost World (2019)
Dreams And Illusions (2023)

Medieval Ambient by Mattias Henriksson, with drones, nature sounds and lotsa chorals. Not so dark. A bit similar to Raison D'Etre.


Leuchtend (USA)

Socotra (Deluxe) (2020) (S)

A project of Greenville, South Carolina-based ambient artist Aiden Harlow. Varied, quiet, melodic...


Leucrocuta (Canada)

Exorcizes In Loneliness (2019)
Kentanna (2020)

A project of Toronto-based Laura Dickens. Varied melodic and ambient music, with tracks "Exorcise No. 3" sounding very much like reflective and melancholic Klaus Schulze. At other times, it sounds influenced by vaporwave, with lots of sampling.


Leuter, Cecil (France)

Pop electronique (1969)
Cosmic Sounds / Electro Sounds (??) (with Georges Teperino)
Video-Tronics Vol.3 (??)
Electronic Tricks (1975) (with Eddie Warner)
Altitude 3000 (1985)
Working World (1987)

Cecil Leuter is a pseudonym of French electronic composer Roger Roger. Most of the time rather cheesy library stuff here.

See also: Roger, Roger, Davy, Roger, Moon Birds.


Levander, Erik (Sweden)

Inåt (2019)
Jökel (2021)
Kvad (2023)

This artist is related to glitch / post-industrial scene. On Inåt, you will find a mixture of electronic and processed acoustic sounds. It is an intense (at times noisy) and ecstatic ambient affair. The closing track is just pure shadowy beauty. Further investigation is needed.


Leveillee, Claude (Canada)

Black Sun (1978)

Quebecoise singer-songwriter who made a foray into the world of progressive music with his Black Sun album. Apparently, the music was written for a theatre play. It is more or less a progressive rock effort - instrumental and with strong electronic element.


Level 4 Unlimited Orchestra (???)

Seoul, Suspended (2022)

A duo of Andy Wilbur and Laura Francescangeli, both of whom got stuck in Seoul, South Korea, during the 2021 coronavirus lockdown. Seoul, Suspended combines field recordings made in Seoul with ambient acoustics / electronics. Their goal was to transmit the atmosphere of dread and ghostly unease that reigned the city in the summer of 2021.


Level Pi (Germany)

Entrance (2006)
Electronic Sheep (2009)
Dunkelstunde (2012)
Elektronische Philosophie (2020)

Level Pi is Uwe Cremer from Cologne (b. 1965 in Dusseldorf) who plays guitar as well as electronics. This music is a mixture of Ashra / Tangerine Dream style Electronic Music and some unique guitar / instrumental touches. There are also some Pink Floyd echoes to be found.

See also: Cremer, Uwe


Levente (Hungary)

Soundscapes (1999)
Places (2000)
Tales From Time (2001)
Ex libris (2002)
Explorers (2005)
Firmamentum (2015)
The Dowland Shores (2016)
Lost Works (2018)

Hungarian synthesist Levente Tóth creates rather accessible floating Electronic Music. He states that he is influenced by such artists as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Kitaro. The music is very symphonic at places.


Levi (Italy)

Liquida (2020)
Synthĕsis (2022)

Varied electronics from this Italian artist (Damiano Simoncini). Somewhat dreamy but rather intense and with some fat sequences in places.


Leviathan (UK)

Outer Orbit (1993)
War Torn & Ravished (1993)

Outer Orbit is an obscure cassette release of synth music. A project of Paul Wells.


Leviathan (UK)

The Throne of Bones (2002)
Machinery of Hell (2003) (EP)
Shrouded By Fog (2003)
Sentinel Hill (2007) (S)
Black Lake - In Four Movements (2012)

Death / Dark Ambient by this Edinburgh-based sound sculptor.

See also: Sigillum Dei


Levinsky (Finland)

Method To the Madness (2019) (EP)
Electra Complex (2019)
Nocturnes (2020)

A project of Petteri Leiviskä, devoted to dark synthwave, melodic synth, synth-pop (with guest vocals) and vintage soundtrack style music.


Levinson, Jamie (USA)

Shores (2020) (with Donny Mahlmeister)
Jamie Levinson (2022) (S)

Shores is an album made by a duo of Illinois-based Jamie Levinson and Donny Mahlmeister, both of whom started their careers in indie rock bands. Here, they utilize modular synths as well as lap steel guitar and shruti box to create long, meditative electronic tracks with drones, sequences and all the right stuff.


Leviot (Israel)

Sharav (2023) (recorded in 2020)

World Music ensemble led by Yael Lavie. Ethnic and traditional themes in complex blend with electroacoustic techniques and synthesizers.


Levitas, Asher (UK)

Lit Harness (2016)
Beyond the Valley Pt. 1: Forest's Gate (2019)
Beyond the Valley Pt. 2: Four Passages (2020) (with Samuel Ricketts)
Nous n'étions jamais vraiment là (2021) (with Hannah Archambault)
I'm Not Smiling (2022)

London-based artist. Varied, mostly ambient compositions.


Lew, Benjamin (Belgium)

Douzieme journee: le verbe, le paure, l'amour (1982) (with Steven Brown)
Melkweg 8-11-83 Amsterdam (1983) (with Steven Brown)
A propos d'un paysage (1985) (with Steven Brown)
Les nouvelles musiques de chambre Vol. 1 (1988) (with Controlled Bleeding)
Nebka (1988)
When God Was Famous (1989) (with Samy Birnbach)
Le parfum du raki (1993)

Ambient synth soundscapes in the Eno vein, albeit with more ethnic and classical / chamber touches. Benjamin Lew's real name is Serge Benjamin Henri Leon Mathot.


Lewis, Randy (USA)

Dreams Within A Dream (1981) (S)
Mind Your Head (??)

Portland, Oregon, seems to be a secret hotbed for obscure Electronic Music (is there someting in the air, on in the water?). Here is yet another artifact, an electronic single (Dreams Within A Dream) with a nice, floating analog style from ex-guitarist of Tongue & Groove.


Lewis, Reuben (Australia)

The House Is Empty (2022)

Australian trumpeter turning largely to electronics for his ambient opus The House Is Empty.


Lewis, Tony (Australia)

Passage (1990)

Tribal Ambient composed for the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre. Lots of environmental sounds, didgeridoo, drones, etc.


Lewis, William Michael (USA)

Shogun Assassin (1980) (soundtrack) (with Mark Lindsey)
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) (soundtrack) (with Edward James Olson)

Soundtrack composer and part of the Rinder & Lewis duo. The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez is possibly one of the rarest soundtracks out there. It was recorded for a western film starring Edward James Olmos who also co-composed most of the tracks. A lot of the music is electronic and reminds on Vangelis. The LP was never released officially but there was a test run of maybe a couple dozen copies.

See also: Rinder & Lewis


Lexicon of Sound (Ireland)

Hypnagogia (2021) (recorded in 2020)

Moody ambient soundscapes from Colm Fitzpatrick.


Leykam, Roman (Germany)

Ghost / Way of Thinking (1989) (with Frank Mark)
Sensitive (1994) (with Frank Mark)
Extreme Colours (1995) (with Frank Mark)
Instant Influx (1998) (with Frank Mark)
Seed of the Essential (2000) (with Frank Mark)
Act On Impulse (2002) (with Martin Birke and Daniel Panasenko)
Veeled (2008)
The Mainspring (2011)
Primeal Ocean (2012) (with Frank Meyer)
Boundless (2012) (with Frank Mark and Daniel Panasenko)
Corridors (2013)
Impressions (2013)
Realm of the Shades (2014)
Levitation (2014) (with Frank Meyer)
Hex (2015) (with Frank Mark and Frank Meyer)
Ethereal (2015)
Essence (2017)
Sound Waves of the Present (2018)
Nightfall (2018) (with Frank Mark)
Nebbia (2018) (with Frank Mark)
Force Fields (2018)
Imagery (2019)
Shards (2019) (with Frank Meyer)
Dawn (2020) (with Frank Mark)
Pure (2021)
Echo (2022)
Anchorage (2022)
Healing Place (2023)
The Cause Lies In the Future (2024) (with Frank Mark)

Guitar / synthesizer soundscapes from the duo of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.


Lezat (Spain)

Persephone (2020)

Nice, if a bit simplistic, propulsive melodic EM with elements of krautrock.


LF58 (Italy)

Alterazione (2020)
Live At Brancaleone (2021)

Long, hypnotic electronic tracks with lots of sequences from the duo of Giuseppe Tillieci and Filippo Scorcucchi.

See also: Neel



LFZ (2015)
Pointless Prism (2015)
Sketches of Jupiter Vol. 1 (2016)
Sketches of Jupiter Vol. 2 (2016)
Sketches of Jupiter Vol. 3 (2017)
Name Plus Focus (2018)
Sketches of Jupiter - the Lost Tapes (??)
Raveled Veiled Known (2024)

A Fripp & Eno-like concept with touches of German EM, two long tracks, one has processed guitar / organ / synth and is rather floating and meditative, the other a rhythmic, Inventions For Electric Guitar-like piece. Fine stuff.


Lhermet, Franck (France)

Strange (1993)


Lheuillier, Julien (France)

JS Bach - Inventions & Sinfonias (2018)

Classical renditions played by this synthesist on Roland JU-06 boutique synth using Juno-106 sounds.

See also: Pointe du Lac


L'Heureux, Jean-Paul (Canada)

Prélune (1980)
Crépuscule (1980) (with Marc Laperle)
Enfant mature (1980) (with Marc Laperle)
L'ermite de la montagne (1980) (with Marc Laperle)
Imagique (1980)

Obscure artist that is generally lumped with the new age crowd and his music really has that vibe. However, it is electronic and there is more than a hint of Vangelis on some of the tracks. At least he is obviously trying to sound like him or maybe just make music in similar style or with a similar feel. Or maybe it is a pure coincidence, as you never really know with these little-known synthesists. Anyway, these early works by him (he seems to have made music well into the 1990's or maybe even beyond) may generate some interest from the EM audience, at least from those who like their music melodic, unpretentious and new-agey, or are simply fans of Vangelis (compare "Au Clair de Lune" from Crépuscule with Opera Sauvage and you'll know what I mean).


Li, Gordon (Australia)

A View From the Bungalow (2022)

Melbourne-based artist and multi-instrumentalist. A View From the Bungalow is an interesting ambient work. Utilizing both electronics (with a focus on granular synthesis) and improvisation on a few electric and acoustic instruments, it marries those sounds with field recordings and a very environmentally-oriented approach. Pretty nice stuff that gets jazzy in places.


Lia T (Australia)

Sketches222 (2021) (S)

Lia Tsesmelis is an Australian artist. Minimal ambient compositions. Melodic, relaxing...


Liai (USA)

Lili (2018)
Pome (2022)

Varied music ranging from obscure soundscapes to brighter ambient moods and synth-sequencer.


Liberatori, Fabio (Italy)

Empire Tracks (1998)
The Asimov Assembly (2003)

Analog music from Italy. Both albums are made with the participation of A. Stalteri.


Liberty, Ryan (USA)

Without (2017)

Modular synth compositions, mostly of ambient / droning nature.


Libra (Italy)

Musica e parole (1975)
Schock (1976) (soundtrack)
Winter Day's Nightmare (1976)

Schock is the soundtrack to horror classic of Mario Bava (aka "Beyond the Door 2"). The project is Goblin-related (Walter Martino) and is similar to Goblin in style. Lots of drive, electronics and mellotron. Dark and haunting prog / EM hybrid. Looks like Walter Martino didn't appear on their first album Musica e parole that was re-released in USA under the title "Libra" with English lyrics instead of Italian ones. The line-up for the first album is: Sandro Centofanti, Nicola Di Staso, Federico D'Andrea, David Walter and Dino Cappa.

See also: Goblin


Librāh (Germany)

Global Commons (2022) (recorded in 2018) (S)

Varied, dramatic, filmic synth themes and collages from Kassel-based Lea Roth.


Library L'Amour (Canada)

Premiers caprices (2023) (S)

A mixture of minimal synth / wave and ambient EM from this duo.


Lid Flippers (USA)

Map (2023)

Varied ambient synth compositions from Jordan Christoff, Patrick Dique and Tim Lafontaine.

See also: Christoff, Jordan, PJS.


Lie, Eirik (Norway)

12 bilder (1996) (recorded in 1983 - 1996)

This album gathers various pieces by Eirik Lie that were composed between 1983 and 1996 for various installations, theatre performances, etc. Eirik Lie mainly uses synths, samplers and guitar to create spacious soundscapes that would probably appeal to fans of Vidna Obmana or Erik Wollo.


Lieb, Oliver (Germany)

Constellation (1993)
Music To Films (1994)
Inside Voices (2014)

Frankfurt-based Ambient project from the man who is known for his work in Spicelab (a house / trance outfit). These are supposed to be good, though.

See also: Ambush, The


Liebfried, Kalas (Germany)

Ports In Transition (2022)
Amp Wall Monument Confrontation (2023)

An electro-acoustic ambient suite, Ports In Transition has sonic artist Kalas Liebfried mixing processed field recordings of ship horns and other marine communication sounds with synthesizer and bass guitar backing.


Liemans, HPL (Germany)

Sternstunde-Elektrolyrik (1981)


Lien, Ketil (Norway)

Exosphere (2016)

The artist known as Wim continues his musical journey under his real name. Lush, symphonic, melodic, rhythmic.

See also: Wim


Liepiņš, Zigmārs (Latvia)

Pulse 2 (1985)

Latvian composer whose only electronic work is probably this LP from a series of sports-related state-funded albums. However, even this one sounds more like instrumental synth-pop or synth-funk than any EM. There are nice 1980's Tangerine Dream touches, though, in tracks like "Dance 85", with all those tinkling arpeggios, catchy hooks and melodic synth solos. File under EM-related.


Lievaux, Pierre-Jean (France)

Perseption analogique (2009)
Perseption animiste (2009)
Perseption naturaliste (2010)
Perseption totémiste (2010)
Réminiscences celtes (2022)
Pentorgan'Ka (2022)

French painter who is also involved in music creation at least since the early 1980's. His style is unique and ambient, using lots of digital processing, samples, etc., but also heavily relying on synthesizers.


Life (Argentina)

Due Disobedience (2010) (soundtrack)

Dark Ambient soundtrack to a documentary from this duo of Fer Suárez and Manuel Platino.


Life Education (USA)

Starblaze (2018)
Psychic Yeoman (2018)
New Earth Assembly (2019)
Ancient Machines (2019)
Pilgrims of the Infinite (2019)
Soul Examination (2019)
Gemütlichkeit (2019)

Patrick R. Pärk's krautrock-related project. Starblaze has virtually no kraut influences, though, opting for a somewhat chaotic mixture of Berlin School, techno / trance and disco / synthwave.

See also: Pärk, Patrick R., Kösmonaut, Teeth of Glass.


Life Garden (USA)

Caught Between the Tapestry of Silence & Beauty (1990)
The Living Room Tapes Volume Three (1991)
The Nature of Sand (1995) (with the Illusion of Safety and Voice of Eye)
The Hungry Void Vol. 1 (1995) (with Voice of Eye)
The Hungry Void Vol. 2 (1995) (with Voice of Eye)
The Living Room Tapes (2017)

Tribal Ambient ensemble formed in 1989. A lot of their later works were completely acoustic, so they were omitted from the above discography.


Life In Balance (USA)

Star (2004)
Soundhealer (2006)
Om To Ohm (2007)

New age duo of Ami and Steve Sciulli. They use both acoustic instruments such as flutes, guitars and crystal bowls, as well as synthesizers, including some tasty analog sounds which are especially evident on Om To Ohm - a fine World Music record in its own right. I will try to list their EM-related releases here.


LIFE2979光‎ (Guatemala)

Future: 2979東京 (2021)

Futuristic / neon / cyberpunk / dreampunk ambience. The music is pretty active for the genre, featuring a lot of rhythmic elements and even a lot of nice melodic sequencing. A project of Marck Ocaña.


Lifewater Oasis (Australia)

June (2017)

Blissful synth drift with influences from new age and post-rock. A project of Faith Bolton and Simon Gardam.


LifLonRec (UK)

Remains (Soundtrack) (2020)
We Had A Quick Glitch For Dinner Tonight... (2021)

This artist mixes ambient compositions and IDM rhythms. The ambient material can be quite interesting. The IDM stuff is nothing special.


Lifted (USA)

1 (2015)
2 (2019)
3 (2022)

Improvising ensemble that sits somewhere between atmospheric fusion and EM.

See also: Max D


Lifted Index, The (USA)

Sanctuary (2021)
Hosts of Living Forms (2021)
Heat Shade (2022)
A Still Voice (2023)
Dawn Recursion (2023)

Varied Ambient with a warm sound, recorded in Atlanta, GA, using a variety of (mostly analog) instruments. Nice pastoral guitar as well.


Lifted Traces (USA)

Neo Tokyo (2018)

Texas-based duo of Joseph Postiglione and Patrick Edwards who use analog synths to re-score soundtracks. They also compose original music.


Lighght (Ireland)

Holy Endings (2021)

Musician from Cork who usually composes different forms of techno music. Holy Endings, recorded in the midst of the pandemic, sees him delving into deeper / more progressive / experimental realms, with mallet instruments, synths and samples arranged into pretty weird and inventive, but always moody and purposeful compositions.


Light Conductor (Canada)

Sequence One (2019)

Modular synth duo from Montreal, consisting of Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek. Warm, analog, sequence-full EM.


Light Dreams, The (UK)

The Light Dreams (1997)
The Light Dreams II (2006)
Aura (2006)
Industrial Sky (2006)
Discovery (2006)
Tranquility (2006)
Synthesis (2006)
The Light Dreams III (2007)
Tomorrow (2007)
Into the Light (2007)
Missing Pieces (2007)
Back Into the Light (2017)
Crossover (2018)

A one-man computer project of Alex Storer that started with an old Amiga but was revived several years later using the latest Mac technology. Improvised, ambient synthetic music inspired by Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jarre, Kraftwerk and some synth-pop acts.


Light Fragments (UK)

The Pools (2020)
Carnival (2020)

Leicester duo of John Hinks and Steve Escott. Rhythmic, melodic, sequencer...


Light House Project (Japan)

雪の断章 サウンドスケッチ (1985)
Space Fantasia 2001 (1986)

Varied electronic project of Ken Yajima (1950 - 2015), Takashi Omori and Maki Yajima, often easy-listening ala late 1980's Tangerine Dream, but sometimes moody and cosmic.


Light Sleeper (Australia)

The Goodbye That Keeps On Giving (2015)
Ivanhoe Relics / Try Harder (2015)
Unstable Harmonies (2018)

Subtle ambient sounds from Melbourne.


Lightbath (USA)

Selected Public Works Vol. 1 (2019)
Selected Public Works Vol. 2 (2019)
Selected Public Works Vol. 3 (2019)
Selected Public Works Vol. 4 (2019)
Selected Public Works Vol. 5 (2020)

A project of Brooklyn-based Bryan Noll who is a modular / analog synth enthusiast and is also known as an active live performer. Ambient, relaxing, experimental... Pretty solid stuff.


Lightbox of Magic Unknowledge (Brazil / UK)

L M U (2019)
L M U Volume Two (2020)

Ambient trio of Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Laima Leyton.


Lightfoot, Sebastian (Netherlands)

And the Birds Are Singing (1993) (maxi)
Fatamorgana 2 (1997)
Raptor (2000)
The Latin Touch (2003)
Greatest Synthesizer Hits (2011)
Fator (2013)

Synthesizer artist who on Fator shows a strong Jarre influence. Melodic, easy-listening (on the verge of being un-progressive) music. Sebastian Lightfoot is most certainly a pseudonym.


Lightform (UK)

Embryonica (2018)
Superluminal (2018)
The Only Place For Us (2019)
Flora Luna (2020)
The Eternal Now (2023)

A project of UK-born Tim Darbyshire (currently residing in Ontario), dedicated to rhythmic, danceable EM with lots of sequences.

See also: Head Space Technology, Cerulean.


Lightful Duo (USA)

Phthalo (2021) (recorded in 2016)

A duo of Austyn Wohlers and Jamison Murphy from Atlanta, influenced by "1960s library music, chamber music, and ambient tape loops".


Lights In A Fat City (USA)

Somewhere (1988)
Sound Column (1993)
Memory Ground (1999)

Ritual / Tribal Ambient from Stephen Kent, Eddy Sayer and Kenneth Newby (the first and the last are Steve Roach collaborators) with flutes, tablas, didgeridoo and keys.

See also: Stillpoint


Lights In Paris (Canada)

Bad Extrusions (2022)

Varied EM from this British Columbia-based project. Melodic and experimental, analog synth style.


Lightspear (USA)

Metro (2019)
Meteor (2020)

Seattle-based synthwave artist whose sound reminds me a bit on Dreamtime project from Finland.


Lightwave (France)

Modular Experiment (1986)
Cités analogues (1988)
Ici & maintenant (1988)
Live In Seynod 1988 (1988)
Musique provisoire (1989)
Nachtmusik (1990)
Tycho Brahe (1993)
Mundus subterraneus (1995)
Uranography (1996)
In der Unterwelt (1996) (S)
Cantus umbrarum (2000)
Caryotype (2001)
Bleue comme une orange (2004)

French electronic group. Lightwave are Christian Wittman and Christoph Harbonnier. They create great Dark Ambient music. Several of their albums are made in collaboration with Paul Haslinger of Tangerine Dream. Their early (cassette only) releases are experimental analog music. At that time the lineup was Christian Wittman, Serge Leroy and Christoph Harbonnier. Leroy left the group in 1990.

See also: Wittman, Christian


Ligovskoï (France)

Samothrace (2013)
Dilip EP And Remixes (2014) (EP)
Mana EP And Remixes (2017) (EP)
Esam (2018)

Ambient duo from Paris, consisting of Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig. Sort of a droning sound, but not dark, more airy, warm and bright.


Liguori, Gianmarco (New Zealand)

Duga-3 (2012) (with Murray McNabb)
Espiritu Santo Variations (2019) (with Tom Ludvigson)

Versatile musician based in Auckland (his name sounds Italian to me). Duga-3 is sort of electronic jazz. Espiritu Santo Variations is an improvisation recorded on various synths, processing devices and an old drum machine. Noisy, experimental, quirky, playful - it is all there.


Lihla (USA??)

Socha (2024)

Lihla is a project of cellist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller Lih Qun Wong. Socha is a mixture of spoken word (not much of it, really), piano, processed cello and ambient electronics.


Liholesie (Russia)

Лихолесье (2001)
The Eternal Call (2002)
Primeval Rotation (2002)
Vast Homeland (2005)
Видения (2007)
Boundless Thirst For the Outside (2008)
The Fog of Transition (2016)
Shamanic Twilight (2021)

This project was started in 1997 by some guy from Novosibirsk who calls himself Sever. Folky Ritual / Dark ambience.


Liila (USA)

Soundness of Mind (2021)

Nice EM from this Portland, Oregon-based duo of Danielle L. Davis and Steven Whiteley. Repetitive, with multiple sequences and arpeggios, it has a richness of sound rarely heard in music today. Very recommended. Best track: "appa wú wéi".


Likides, John (USA)

Roundtrip To the Pleiades (2001)
Astral Bodies (2001)
Paths To Eternity (2002)
Out of the Labyrinth (2003)
Infinite Sustain (2007)

Electronic Music from this writer, synthesist and frequent Alien Planetscapes collaborator during the 80's.

See also: Alien Planetscapes


Lila (Germany)

Illuminatus / Zeitfenster (1984) (S)
Amethyst (1986)

Synthesizer duo from Dusseldorf comprised of Rike Casper and Hermann Lipinski.

See also: RikeErik


Lilac Pavilion (???)

Lure (2018)
Concealing A Trace of Exile (2019)


Liles, Andrew (UK)

Without Season (2005) (with Darren Tate)
3 Eggs (2006) (with The Hafler Trio and Colin Potter)

Torch Songs (2007) (with Jonathan Coleclough)

Burn (2008) (with Jonathan Coleclough)
Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured (2012) (with Beta Cloud and Lull)
Hidden Perverse (2023) (S)
Object Failure (2023)
Post Truth Life Repellent (2023)

Andrew Liles is a prolific experimental artist and part-time / former member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. He is rather diverse, mostly opting for hard-core experimental stuff, noise, collages, neo-folk and electroacoustic music. Hidden Perverse mixes acoustic guitar strumming and some EM tracks, with neat use of analog synths. Object Failure is another interesting EM-related work. At the moment I am not sure which other releases by him would be of interest or relevant for EEM inclusion. And did I already mention he was kinda prolific?

See also: Nodding God


Liliental (Germany)

Liliental (1978)

One cannot ignore this little gem of krautrock and German EM. Liliental was a "supergroup" consisting of Dieter Moebius, Asmus Tietchens, Okko Bekker, Conny Plank, Johannes Pappert and Helmut Hattler. The music is a mixture between Dusseldorf School (Cluster, Harmonia style) and jazzy krautrock with that special Conny's touch in the production.

See also: Moebius, Tietchens, Asmus, Okko.


Lilith (USA)

Nipple Runs (1987)
Some Modes of Probability (1991)
Mantle (1991)
Stone (1992)
The Taboos of the Lashing Creeper (1994)
Orgazio (1994)
Redwing (1995)
Field Notes (1999)
Tributorium (1999)
Imagined Compositions For Water (2002)

Experimental avant-garde electronics. Some works utilize techniques from 'musique concrete' and some feature synthesized strucutures. A project with Scott Gibbons, who was keyboard player of Elemental in the 80's and is also known for such projects as Strawberry and Orbitronik.

See also: Orbitronik


Liljedahl, Jogeir (Norway)

Face Another Day (1991) (S)
The Wanderer (1999)
Out of Silence (2008)

Melodic electronics from this Norwegian artist. Will appeal to fans of Jarre and Vangelis perhaps. Has a touch of Mike Oldfield as well.


Lilly (Russia)

Архитектоника (2017)
Энрик (2017)

Dark Ambient and monolithic drones.


Lilly Joel (Belgium)

What Lies In the Sea (2019)
Sibyl of the Rhine (2022)

A duo of singer Lynn Cassiers and keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin with sort of an avant vibe, but also ambient and mysterious.


Lilt (USA)

Minor Mistakes (2010)

Dark Ambient from Paul Casper.

See also: Frore


Lily the Fields (USA)

Tortured Earth (2020)
Foundation Course (2020)
Rehabilitation Process (2020)
Illuminations (2021)

Illuminations features varied ambient compositions, from jazzy to cosmic and slightly noisy. Earlier albums may be harsher and more industrial-oriented.


Lim Yong Ju (South Korea)

Bbureka (2021) (with Noddy Woo)

Nice EM with industrial flair mixing recorded sounds from a construction site and modular electronics. A unique style.


Limboia (UK)

Received Transmissions (2024) (recorded in 2023)

Moody and droning ambient compositions from Bristol.


Limborg, Jean-Pierre (France

Blaise cendrars / Le transsibérien (??) (with Vicky Messica)

An audiobook / spoken word record supposedly from the early 1980's. Of interest is the synthesizer score by Limborg. Synth / female vocalizations (sometimes ala Magma) on side A and synth / piano / voice / electronic "rock" EM with abstract parts on side B. I hope the music gets released without the spoken parts one day, as it sure deserves it. In the 1990's Jean-Pierre Limborg released a few albums in collaboration with some vocalists, mostly in new age / tribal / folk vein.


Lime Eyelid (USA)

Week of Wonders (2018)

Lime Eyelid is Brooklyn-based drummer Josh Schultz. Expectedly, this is heavy on drum rhythms and stoner rock vibes, but also has EM and even singing. A pretty diverse but at the same time lysergic effort.


Liminal (Portugal)

Smoke Screen (2014)

Droning and sometimes noisy Ambient based on analog sounds. Nice and different.


Limor, Gilead (Israel)

You Are the Universe (1988)
You Are the Sea (1989)

These look like new age albums and seem to be part of a series. However, the music on You Are the Universe is surprisingly deep and moody for new age. Fans of Vangelis, the moodier Kitaro, Jonn Serrie and Space Music in general are recommended to check it out. You Are the Sea is more new agey but features some unexpected subtle Jarre-isms on some tracks (the way the solo melodies are played perhaps). There are at least two more albums in the series, one of which (You Are the Stars) is very new agey, sliding into the genre cliche territory and the other one I don't know anything about at the moment.


LIN (Germany??)

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1981)

LIN is German (?) synthesist Thomas Martin who recorded this double cassette album (an LP version reportedly exists, too) in 1979 in Los Angeles. This deep Space Music with a mysterious new age flair was featured on the legendary Hearts of Space radio show but has since become one of the most obscure records played by Stephen Hill.


Linalab (Spain)

Desire Paths (2021)

Lina Bautista makes music that is a mixture of guitars and synths in a hybrid post-rock / EM mould.


Lind (Germany)

Aeronaut (2010)

Varied, analog-sounding tracks from this musician, apparently inspired by classic EM from the 1970's.


Lind, Mikael (Sweden)

Alltihop (2009)
Fellines Everywhere (2012)
Unsettled Beings (2013)
Intentions And Variations (2016)
Strings And Clusters (2018)
Contingencies (2019)
Spaces In Between (2019) (with Hoshiko Yamane)
Give Shape To Space (2020)
Geographies (2021)

Swedish musician currently residing in Iceland. Ambient with a huge piano presence and a strong neo-classical feel.


Lindahl, Roger (USA)

Pacific Dream Machine (2021)

Californian artist with a dreamy, ambient, a bit lo-fi sound.


Linde, Oksana (Venezuela)

Aquatic And Other Worlds (2022) (recorded in 1983 - 1989)

Venezuelan chemist and musician (b. 1948) of Ukrainian descent, Oksana Linde has been composing Electronic Music since the early 1980's, including a lot of music for TV and theater. Her music has never released until 2022, when the first collection of archived synthesizer pieces recorded from 1983 to 1989 was released under the title Aquatic And Other Worlds. This is nice cosmic, symphonic EM, predominantly analog without a doubt, and very much in line with other EM pioneers from Europe, as well as her compatriots Angel Rada, Miguel Noya and others. I wonder, how many unsung heroes of that formative era are still undiscovered and underappreciated?


Lindell, Tommi (Finland)

Smooth Emulator (2020)

Finnish composer and keyboardist. Smooth Emulator is an exporation of 1980's style sampling-based composition, mostly within the pop format. The opener "Trans Europe Subway" is so Kraftwerk-like, though, that the album somehow warranted an inclusion here.


Lindeman, Osmo (Finland)

Electronic Works (2023) (recorded in 1967 - 1974)

Osmo Lindeman (1929 - 1987) was a Finnish jazz pianist, TV composer and a pioneer of electronic and electroacoustic music in the 1960's and early 1970's. The collection presented above will interest fans of embryonic sounds of that era, although overall it comes off and something rudimentary and more along the lines of academic experiments of that era than any prog. Some tracks are closer to electroacoustic music. Some moments, though, do approach progressive EM from some unusual angles, such as some arpeggio / solo combinations on "Kinetic Forms" (1969) (sounds similar to Ralph Lundsten's 1960's works) or the ambient gleam of "Spectacle" (1974). Still, the sameness of the used sounds, as well and the somewhat rough and in many cases academic nature of the material turns it into a historical curiosity more than anything else.


Linden, Rick van der (Netherlands)

GX-1 (1977)
Night of Doom (1978) (soundtrack)
Variations (1979)
Wild Connections (1979) (with Jack Lancaster)
Solo (1981)

Former Ekseption keyboardist who has at least two electronic works released. GX-1 is van der Linden solo and the line-up for Wild Connections is basically: Rick van der Linden: synth; Jack Lancaster: lyricon, plus drums and choir. There's a lot of confusion as to which albums by Rick are electronic, so I just left in most of what's been released after he got himself a Yamaha GX-1 synthesizer. There were, however, at least two solo releases by Rick prior to that. They are: a soundtrack Dynastie der Kleine Luyden from 1974 and Plays Albinoni, Bach And Handel from 1976. The style of the former is unknown, while the latter features prog rock adaptations of classical works, supposedly done in typical ELP / sympho keyboard style. Rick van der Linden died in January, 2006.


Lindgren, Erik (USA)

Reconsider Me (1984) (S)

Avant-garde / rock musician, member of Birdsongs of the Mezozoic and the mastermind behind The Space Negros. I don't know about side A of the above single, but side B, the 5+ minute "Anti-Gravity", is a quirky, upbeat electronic piece. It was also included in the Dig Archaeology II (1992) compilation release under The Space Negros moniker. Further investigation is needed but for now it's a one-track inclusion.


Lindgren, Kajsa (Sweden)

WOMB (2018)
Everyone Is Here (2019)
Momentary Harmony (2021)

The 2018 release features sub-aquatic ambience. Pretty immersive stuff.


Lindgren, Niklas A (Sweden)

Io (2023)

Recorded in the Spring of 2023 at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Io is a work of abstract, droning, sometimes a bit noisy and gnarling, but pretty listenable electronics.


Lindh, Björn J:son (Sweden)

Musik (1981)
Atlantis (1983)
Ristat med ljus (1993) (S)

Atlantis is an atypical ambient / electronic album from this late flute player, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist. Musik is a jazz fusion album with a closing track played exclusively on synthesizer.


Lindh, Karl (Sweden)

Bortom E4's horrisont (2005)

Deep / rhythmic ambient soundscapes from Gotenborg, Sweden. The real name of the musician is Lucas Pettersson.


Lindsey, Mark (USA)

Shogun Assassin (1980) (soundtrack) (with William Michael Lewis)

Electronic soundtrack that sometimes reminds on 1980's Tangerine Dream scores, with a fitting Japanese touch.


Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza (Brazil)

Rainforest Hill (I + II) (2020) (recorded in 2018 - 2020)
The Return From the Rainforest Hill (2021) (S)

Relaxing ambient music from this vaporwave project based in Rio de Janeiro.

See also: Mount Shrine, Yasu Ether.


Lindstrøm (Norway)

Where You Go I Go Too (2008)
Smalhans (2012)
Six Cups of Rebel (2012)
Runddans (2015) (with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen)
It's Alright Between Us As It Is (2018)
On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever (2019)

Nu-disco influenced by 70's Electronic Music and 80's soundtracks perhaps. A crossover album. On A Clear Day... is an excellent EM work.


Lindström, George (Switzerland)

Pioneer (2018)

Melodic and spacey EM from this synthesist.


Lindström, Henri (Finland)

Soita jos meinaat delaa (2022)
Kymmenen (2022) (recorded in 2020)
Yhdek (2023) (recorded in 2019)
Viel ku ollaan kaikki täällä (2024) (recorded in 2022 - 2023)

Synthesist with a unique style based on repetitive sequences and melodies.


Lindström, Miro-Benjamin (Finland)

Ristinolla (2020)

Music to an art exhibition by the same author. Varied, ambient, melodic, atmospheric electronics.


Line Spectrum (Ukraine)

Bruma (2019)

Dark soundscapes based in large part on concrete textures and field recordings.

See also: Dronny Darko, Cryogenic Weekend.


Linear Bells (France)

Esther (2012)
Summer Haze (2012)
An Island (2012) (S)
/// (2012)
Over And Over (2013)
Winter Haze (2013)
Lost (2013)
I Can Dream (2013)
For Your Eyes Only (2013)
This Train Is Going Nowhere (2013)
The Stars Will Shine (2014)
Insides (2015)
Or (2015)
Belonging To the Infinity (2015) (with Sound Awakener)
Silence (2017)

Long tracks of droning Ambient from David Teboul.

See also: Suzuki, Kissy


Linell, Anthony (Sweden)

Consolidate (2017)
A Sense of Order (2018)
Live In Tehran (2019)
Core Field Horizon (2019) (S)
Outlines (Repurposed) 2013 - 2019 (2020)
Winter Ashes (2021)
Dissolution Process (2022)
Advanced Transcendent Evolution (2023)

Gloomy compositions between Ambient and dungeon synth.

See also: Ulwhednar


Lines of Silence (UK)

Equinox 1 (2021)
Equinox 2 (2021)
Stations of the Sun (2022)
Terra / Aqua (2023)

Spacey berlin-esque sequencing and glissando guitar. EM from the Steve Hillage (circa Rainbow Dome Musick) school. A project of David Little.


Linga Sarira (Australia)

Concrescence (2008)
Sommeil (2008)
Nuum (2008)

Ambient / drone trilogy from Tim Jackiw under a pseudonym.

See also: Jackiw, Tim


Lingan, Jake (USA)

Labor of Love (2010)
Altra (2012)

Moody ambient soundscapes. Sometimes noisy.

See also: Flak


Linghaus, Tim (Germany)

We Were Young When You Left Home (2020)
Memory Sketches II (2021)

Piano player and composer. On We Were Young When You Left Home, he focuses mostly on short tracks and vignettes that range from vocal (mostly with processed / autotuned voice), post-rock moods and yes, some instrumental electronic material with a nice analog sound. Ditto for Memory Sketches II. File under EM-related.


Lingua Lustra (Netherlands)

Horizon (2005)
Presence (2005)
Desert Island (2009)
Extramunda (2009)
Triquetra (2011)
Arc (2014)
Uhadi (2015)
Essence (2016)
Evigt (2016)
Spaces (2016)
Crystals 9(2016)
Listen (2017)
Myst (2017)
Where Am I (2017)
Truth Rings Like A Bell (2017)
Gentle World (2017)
Cygnus (2018)
Portal (2018)
Everything Is Thought (2018)
Emotive Motifs (2019)
Concentric (2020)
Sleeping City (2022)
Glowscapes (2022)
Holo • Deep (2023)

A project of Albert Borkent. Ambient in the style of Matthias Grassow, Robert Rich and Steve Roach.

See also: Sol Tek


Linja (Russia)

Velvet Noise (2020)
Street Noises (2021)

Interesting, inventive modular synth compositions, with blips & beeps, bass throbs, subtle melodies, sequences and more. Often along the lines of the darker Node / Dave Bessell stuff, modular experiments of Paul Lawler and Tangerine Dream at their darkest and most experimental. Overall pretty unique, though.


Linkwood & Foat (UK)

Linkwood & Foat (2020)

Joint effort by techno artist Linkwood and jazz pianist Foat. As expected, this is jazz-infused electronics, progressive and rhythmic. Some of the stuff reminds on Inteam-era Klaus Schulze.


Linnley (UK)

Filiform (2023)

Ambient compositions with sort of a dubby, glitchy and psychedelic vibe. A project of Oliver Archibald.


Linoleum Department (UK)

Get Ready For Emptiness (2023)

Playful electronics with chirpy VL-Tone rhythms and earworm melodies.


Linos, Charis (Greece)

Melosphere (2019)
Synthscope (2019)

Melodic EM and Space Music from this Athens-based artist.


Linscott, Jeff (USA)

Within (2004)

Melodic, cinematic and somewhat new-agey music from this Florida-based artist.


Linton, William (USA)

Traveler's Tales (1986)
Cosmic Flight (1986) (with Tony Gerber and Mason Stevens)
Wayfarer (2000)

Synthesist working in the Space Music genre.


Linus Project (Germany)

Train Over Thoughts (1994)
Storys of Linus Project (1996)
The Earth (1997)
Remakes And Another Tale of History (2005)

A project by Mike Shean. Melodic EM with a strong prog rock influence.

See also: Shean, Mike


Lion's Dreams (Germany)

The Dream of the Lion (1998)

Andreas Zink.


Lioret, Hugo (France)

Things Are Quiet (2020)
Pomone (2021)

Ambient synth compositions relying on processed field recordings and modular synthesis. Reminds a bit of Steve Roach's ambient works from the 1980's.


Lippert, Daniel (Germany)

City In the Clouds (2013)

German keyboardist, composer and producer. He states to be influenced by game soundtracks. The music on the above album is very new-agey, with some tracks being just sappy orchestral emulations with simple melodic content. However, in his more inspired moments he does sound like 1986 - 1990 era Tangerine Dream (complete with sax lines), or at least seems to be influenced by that style. Another comparison would be a less electronic (i.e. orchestral) Vangelis. There's certainly an EM potential and fans of, for example, AD Music label artists, could check him out. My opinion is that his music works best during the more upbeat / melodic / rocking moments, with glimpses of ambient synth spaciness being quite tasty, too.


Lippok, Robert (Germany)

Zehn Tage im April (2020)

Experimental / techno / glitch musician, member of post-rockers / electronic rockers To Rococo Rot. I am not an expert on his output, and he has been releasing music since the 1990's, but on Zehn Tage im April you will find varied tracks that range from pure musique concrete / field recordings to electronic concoctions, some of which have an undeniable Progressive Electronic flair to them.

See also: Whitetree


Liquid Bridge (UK)

Cornucopia (2005)

This project was formed in 1985 by two people - Tony Sharp and Brian Cosgrove. Both had big interest in Electronic Music and fairly noticeable experience in the field. Cornucopia is their first officially released work that will please all fans of classic EM sounds and analogue electronics.


Liquid Canoe (???)

Liquid Canoe (2020)

Melodic, spacey, atmospheric, rhythmic - between balearic / downtempo and Cluster / Ashra (circa Correlations) / Double Fantasy.


Liquid Ghosts (Italy)

La camera obscura (2004)
Suddenly the Birds Fell To Silence (2005) (S)

Pretty dark Ambient collaborative project between Oophoi, Tau Ceti and Netherworld.

See also: Oophoi, Tau Ceti, Cosimi, Enrico, Netherworld.


Liquid Mind (USA)

Ambience Minimus (1994)
Slow World (1996)
Balance (1999)
Unity (2000)
Spirit (2003)
Reflection (2004)
Sleep (2006)
Lullaby (2009)
Dream (2011)
Meditation (2012)
Deep Sleep (2016)
Peace (2018)
Mindfulness (2020)
Musical Healthcare (2021)
Simplicity (2022)

Ambient from Chuck Wild. Supposedly, not very interesting.


Liquid Skulls (USA)

Rituals (2016)
No Culture (2016) (S)

Analog synth music with a weird experimental touch (sometimes with strange rhythms or processed vocals / voices etc.)


Liquid Sound (Germany)

Corinna's Dream (1992)
The Music of Neverland (1992)

Aka Liquid Sound System. Pre-Flow and post-The Kitchen electronics from Christoph Hammer, Frank Wiehe and Michael Rippl.

See also: Kitchen, The, Flow.


Liquidated Error (Germany)

We Want To Believe (2003)

Black Space influenced by UFO theories.


Liquidsphere (France)

Skull & Bones (2000)
Gizya (2002)
Hypocracy (2002) (EP)
Blissful World (2004)
Dots & Waves (2004)
Hypocracy 2&3 (2004)
Hammer of Wisdom (2004)

Aka Liquid Sphere. Dark Ambient with noisy elements from Laurent Guerrier.


Liquid'Z (Italy)

Amphibia (1995)
Apnoea / Amphibia (1997)

This trio of Rodrigo Passannati, Guiseppe De Bellis and Giovanni Campagna improvises in the studio with analogue synthesizers, mostly within Ambient realms.


Liquification Process (UK)

Liquification Process (2019) (recorded in 1995)

Experimental synth trio that includes a member of Interstellar Cementmixers (Stephen Martin).


Lirra Skirra (UK)

La porte (2021)

Electroacoustic duo using acoustic guitar, clarinet, recorded sounds and synths.


Lisa Bella Donna (USA)

Skylines (2016)
Looking Out, Looking On (2016)
Circulus (2019)
Convergence - An Anthology of Journeys Through the Electronic Forest (2019)
The World She Wanted (2019)
Destinations (2019)
Tramontane (2019)
Pilgrimage (2020)
Odyssey (2020)
The World She Wanted (2021)
Mourning Light (2021)
Moogmentum (2021)
Appalachian Wilderness (2021)
E.S.P. (2022)
Electronic Voyages (2023)
A Universe Regards Itself (2023) (with Psychic Temple)

Columbus, Ohio-based synthesist and multi-istrumentalist. The music is a mixture of improvisation on acoustic instruments, electronics and lots of mellotron. The upbeat tracks have a rocky Rick Wakeman / Synergy quality to them.


Lisa & Kroffe (Sweden)

Origo (2012) (EP)
Gärdet session (2013) (S)
Norrfjället (2015)
Göteborg energi (2017)
Roslagens famn (2021)

Analogue synth / clarinet duo from Sweden with a cosmic, 70's-influenced sound.

See also: Ulfves, Lisa


Lise (Brazil)

Lise (2010)
Qualquer Frágil Fio de Fantasia (2011)

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic composer from Belo Horizonte (real name - Daniel Nunes). His eponymous release veers mostly towards experimental / miscosound / electroacoustic realms, with traces of post-rock and ambient EM.


Lisel (USA)

Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay (2023)

Lisel aka Elisa Bagg is a classical opera singer and experimental musician. Her album Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay is what the title promises - a pretty interesting collection of rather unorthodox vocal pieces. The interesting part is that the backing for her vocal parts is all synths. She says: “I’m a sci-fi nerd. <...> I’m a Blade Runner and Battlestar person. I love things that explore how society interacts with machines.” (quoted without permission). That pretty much explains it. Sure, it is not something for conservative EM fans, but the sheer talent of Elisa, coupled with her unique influences, from Renaissance and Baroque music to minimalist composers like Philip Glass and Carl Stone make this music a unique and pleasant experience.


Listening Center (USA)

Example One (2012)
Projections (2013) (S) (with Pye Corner Audio)
Cycles / Other Phenomena (2014)
Other Voices 02 (2014) (S)
Then It Was Now (2016) (S)
Aural Assignments (2016)
Retrieving (2019)
Cybernetic Window (2022)
Past the Clocktower, the Walled Garden (2023)
Now, Beyond the Dream (2024)

Melodic EM with an analog feel from David Mason.


Listening Mirror (UK)

RIN (2010)
...After the Briefest of Pauses... (2010) (S)
Falling Under (2010) (S)
The Heart of the Sky (2011) (S)
Even In the Quietest Moments (2011) (S)
Outside Heaven (2011) (S)
From Dreams (2011) (S)
Spires, Spirals And Stones (2011) (S)
The Clearing / My Hiding Place (2012) (S)
Sunday Morning (2012) (S)
On the Passing of Chavela (2012)
What's Wrong With Miracles? (2012)
Darkness of Nature (2012) (S) (with Sarah Maria Raun)

Ambient project by Jeff Stonehouse, active from 2009 to 2013.

See also: Stonehouse, Jeff


Litany For Sleep (Sweden??)

Skymning (2020) (S)

Atmospheric project with some rhythmic parts. Pretty unique, a bit post rock-influenced, mild electronic sound here.


Lite Fails (Australia)

North of Capricorn (2020)

A project of Henry Reese based in Queensland. Relaxing ambient compositions with warm synths and some nature sounds.


Lith, Deimy (Lithuania)

New Oxygen (2013)
Moonstone (2014)
Landscape (2015)

A pseudonym of Lithuanian composer Deimintas Zakauskas. Ambient atmospheres with a nice sense of space. Based on synthesizers and sometimes with rhythms.


Lithium Dreams (USA)

Omega Prism (2009)

Cassette release with droning ambient music.


Little, Jeffrey (USA)

Surrealistic Planet (2000)

Jeffrey Aaron Little is a Michigan-based electronic artist. He also makes techno / trance music as Cyberhalo.


Little Tragedies (Russia)

Passions On Titanic (1999)
The Sun of Spirit (1999)
Porcelain Pavilion (2000)
Return (2005)
New Faust (2006)
The Sixth Sense (2006)
Chinese Songs Part One (2007)
Chinese Songs Part Two (2007)

Крест (2008)
The Paris Symphony (2009)
Obsessed (2011)
At Nights (2014)
Запечный рай (2019) (recorded in 2012)

This group was originally formed in 1988 as "Paradox", but later changed their name to "Little Tragedies" ("Маленькие трагедии"). The band consists of Gennady Ilyin and Igor Mikhel. The style is a mixture of progrock and electronic elements, mostly instrumental on Passions... and reportedly a bit more vocal-oriented on The Sun... and Porcelain Pavilion. They relased some more albums after that but these seem to be much more vocal-oriented prog than EM-influenced. They use a large number of vintage analogue gear and therefore their material doesn't lack the pleasant "warmness" so common to 70's music.

See also: Ilyin, Gennady


Liturgy of Bedlam (???)

Church of the Seventh Circle (2019)

Gloomy ambience.


Liu Man Kil (South Korea)

Zodiac (2018)

If you like "Fishing Junks At Sunset" by Jarre, this tape by South Korean musician Liu Man Kill seems to occupy a similar terrain in that it mostly alternates between traditional (Korean in this case) music and electronic sections, sometimes combining the two. There are voices, ethnic instruments, synths and even a psych rock bit at the end. Good for fans of World Music in general.


Liveform (Netherlands)

In Harmony (1997)

Melodic and rhythmic EM. Remotion guys plus one Menno Zielhorst.

See also: Remotion


Livengood, John (France)

John Livengood (1980)
Baladjin (??)
Cyborg Sally (1994) (with Richard Pinhas)

John Livengood appeared on the experimental scene in the late 1960's as an organist and tape manipulator. During the 1970's he mastered the techniques of making music with synthesizers which resulted in his collaborative project with Ivan Coaquette (Spacecraft) as well as several solo releases. During the 1980's John Livengood studied computer music at IRCAM as well as continued experimenting in his own "Livengood Laboratory". John's eponymous album from 1980 features Electronic Music / guitar instrumentals.

See also: Spacecraft, Red Noise.


Livgren, Kerry (USA)

One of Several Possible Musics (1989)

Kerry Livgren is of course the lead guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter for prog rock band Kansas. Kerry was born in Kansas (where else?!) and his primary influences at a young age were jazz, classical music and rock'n roll. After he built himself a guitar he tried to write his own songs and soon he formed his first group called the Gimlets. His next band was Saratoga which became the nucleus for Kansas that was eventually formed in 1970. The rest is history as they say. Kerry's first solo album, Seeds of Change (1980) was released during Kerry's stay with Kansas. It was a religious work for a rock group (Steve Walsh of Kansas participated) that feeatured Kerry's talents as a songwriter. Kerry left Kansas in 1983 and during this same year his second solo outing (Timeline) appeared. He then formed the band AD and after a while released his third solo album Prime Mover (1988). However, it wasn't until 1989's One of Several Possible Musics that his talent as a composer of instrumental music was demonstrated to the audiences all over the world. Kerry's subsequent albums all featured vocals to a certain extent and were more or less a return to his previous style.  


Livieratos, Antonis (Greece)

Registry of Inadequate Self-Healing Attempts (2021)

Antonis Livieratos is keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist and experimental composer, ex member of blues rockers Illegal Operation. On Registry of Inadequate Self-Healing Attempts, he presents dark Electronic Music with a large presence of electric guitar and a bit of a krautrock feel.


Living Dreamtime (Norway)

Exploring the Water Element (2002)

Living Dreamtine is Tor Linlokken from Norway. Very calm and relaxing Ambient material.


Livingdog (USA)

The Four Times (2020)

Asheville-based Corey Parlamento. For The Four Times, he composed ambient tracks using acoustic (mostly acoustic guitar) and electronic instruments as well as field recordings. Some of these vignettes and short compositions remind on Cluster circa Cluster & Eno (such as the closer "Rising Into the Air" for instance).


Lizarralde, Alberto (Spain)

Haizetxe (2023) (recorded in ??)

Sort of exotic, a bit World-influenced ambient sound from this Basque musician, with sampling, synths, trumpet and liquid guitar. Reminiscences of Brian Eno, Jon Hassell and more.


Ljos, Andra (Russia)

The Oasis of Little Birds (2020)
Fountain of Inspiration (2021)
Spice Routes (2022)
Megalithic Statues of Vishakapar (2023)

Nice cinematic EM from Andra Evseeva, with lots of samples, some oriental vibes and more.


Ljudbilden Boelja (Sweden)

Embers (2023)

Ambient / electroacoustic duo of Kristofer Ström and Markus Clemmedson. A mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds.


Ljungqvist, Joni (Sweden)

Rymd (2020)

Swedish musician (born in 1987) who first made a name for himself in the club circles as a progressive trance figure. He then made a sudden turn towards Ambient on Rymd, and I am sure glad he did - it is a very nice work in an individual style - intense, melodic and melancholic, with a fat synth sound. Hopefully he continues in this direction.

See also: Deepriver


Ljustörst (Sweden)

Misanthrop (2018)
Sibirien (2020)
Håll om mig. Jag faller. (2021)

Melanchonic ambience with a hint of Orthodox chant on Sibirien.


Llloyd (USA)

Myth of Intents (2016)

San Francisco-based ambient artist (Matt Gilles).


Llopis, Pep (Spain)

La comedia de les equivocacions (1987)
Poiemusia. La nau dels argonautes (1987)
Cronica Civil (1987) (with Vicent Alonso)
Homenaje a K (1988)
Destiada (1989) (recorded in 1983 - 1984) (with Vicent Alonso)
Las Noches y los Dias (1992)
Peter Pan (2002)
Alma (2007)

Ex-keyboard player of progressive rock band Coto en Pel. Most of these are soundtracks to various theatre performances. Mostly experimental and ethnic influenced but with some melodic / rhythmic moments, too.


Llovespell (Germany)

The Broken Heart Department (2024)

German electronic duo, active since the early 2000's, mostly in IDM and glitch-related styles. The more melodic and synthy pieces from The Broken Heart Department have a strong EM flavor, though.


Lloyd Anderson, Robert (USA)

Idolitry (2001)
Wet (2002)
Trial By Fire (2003)

The music on Idolitry and Wet album can be described as Dark Ambient, although it's perhaps more active than the usual DA stuff. Trial By Fire is more like dramatic / cinematic melodic music with some ambient bits.


Lloyd-Jones, Glyn (UK)

Timelines (1987)
Ri (1988)
Icesteps (1989)
Ocean of Serenity (1994)
From Time To Time (2008)

Glyn Lloyd-Jones came into prominence during the late 1980's, taking the EM world by surprise with his Ri cassette. It was Glyn's knack for great melodies and atmospheric sounds that earned him a reputation of one of the most important (and enigmatic) figures on the UK EM scene. His early works are not yet released on CD, but they can be downloaded from the web.


Llunstorcarnay (UK)

Lament For A Forgotten God (2010)

Ambient collaboration between Seren Ffordd and Gliese 614.

See also: Seren Ffordd, Gliese 614.


Lluvia Ácida (Chile)

Antartikos (2005)
Archipiélago Coloane (2021)

Electronic duo from Punta Arenas, consisting of Héctor Aguilar Triviño and Rafael Cheuquelaf Bradasic. Musically, it's rhythmic / melodic EM with a nice, warm, analog sound and influences from their native country and region. The acoustic guitar on some tracks is a nice touch. Some Jarre-isms can be detected as well. Nice.


Llyn Y Cwn (UK)

Llyn y cwn (2009) (EP)
Llyn y cwn II (2009) (EP)
Twll du (2019)
Dinorwic (2020)
Llugwy (2020)
Du y moroedd (2022)
Stratigraphy (2023)
Megaliths (2024)

Frozen, Arctic ambience from Benjamin Powell.

See also: Mank, Deliquescent Crystals.


Llyr (???)

Biome (2021)

Berlin-based artist (real name - Gareth Williams). First half of Biome represents ambient compositions, the second is full of techno bangers. Everything is drenched in field recordings made in the rainforests of Borneo. The ambient material is rather neat. The techno is nothing special.


LMX (Germany)

Dimension Shift (2019)
CTRL+S (2021)

An artist based in Münster. A bit Kraftwerk-ian concept here, but with a modern sound, influenced by EBM, electronic dance music and trap.


Lo, Edwin (Hong Kong)

Enduring the Impossibilities of Love (2019)
Grace (2019)

Edwin Lo is a sound artist and researcher. He is also a performance artist. His works based on field recordings are not included in the above discography. However, he has also done some ambient works that will be listed. They are droning and long-form.


Lo Five (UK)

When It's Time To Let Go (2017)
Geography of the Abyss (2019)
God's Waiting Room (2021)
Persistence of Love (2023)
Vanish (2023)

Aka Lo-Five. Hauntology-related project of Neil Grant that expresses an unmistakably Prog EM attitude on tracks like "A Pivotal Moment".


Lo, Kristoffer (Norway)

The Black Meat (2016)
Anhedonia (2017)

Norwegian tuba player. On Anhedonia, he combines this instrument with lots of electronics for long, ambient tracks of hypnotic bliss.


Loathe (UK)

The Things They Believe (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Ambient album from this British metalcore band. Hazy webs of sound, pads, synths, distant guitars...


Lobbestael, C.L. (USA)

Shallow (2015) (S)
Edible Women (2016) (S)
Cherry (2017) (S)
Silver Sodomy (2017)
Bleed (2018)
Particle Dissolution (2018)

Cody Lobbenstael started in a somewhat techno-influenced mould, but then gradually shifted towards a completely ambient sound, emotional and unquiet.

See also: Ambre Antique


Lobel, Michael (USA)

Trip-Tych / The Sound Paintings of Michael Lobel (1977)

A rather schizophrenic LP (there was a limited CDR run by bootleg label Creel Pone) with short tracks that range from nice spacey melodic numbers (sometimes with a library music vibe even) to experimental / abstract musique concrete.


L'Objet (France)

Grand Antigua (2019)
Slalom (2023)

Instrumental rock trio from France with something of a krautrock attitude. On Grand Antigua, they explore electronic territory in two sidelong pieces. The music is propulsive and can be compared to Ashra and Heldon. Great stuff if you ask me.


Lobosquillo (Netherlands)

Love On the Edge of Time (2021)

A duo of synthesists Danny Wolfers and Sara Vollmond (Dim Garden). Nice laid-back sequencing, unhurried pads and analog melodies, abstract beeps and bleeps etc.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Dim Garden, Legowelt, Smackos, Falckenhaus, Franz, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Mavelli, Florenza.


Locat, Serge (Canada)

Transfert (1978)
Second (??)
Omni-Science - The Science Show (1990)

Serge Locat played keyboards in Quebecois progressive rock group Harmonium. As a solo artist, he went the electronic route, retaining some of his progrock influences.


Location Services (USA)

Music For Quiet Rooms (2016)
In Passing (2016)
Reincorporate (2019)
Wake (2022) (with Derek Hunter Wilson)

Mixture of acoustic guitar playing and atmospheric electronics. Shorter tracks and one long epic in the Goettsching / Hoenig style.


Lock, Darren (UK)

Blue (2024) (recorded in 1999)

Improvised ambient pieces played with a guitar and guitar synthesizer from this Loughton-based artist.


Lockefeer, Patrick (Netherlands)

Galapagos (1984)
Four Time Phrases (1986)
Zero Return (1988)
Ostrea (1989)
Melt (1991)
Single Ended Road (1992)
Artificial Thoughts I (1992 - 1993)
Artificial Thoughts II (1994 - 1995)

Patrick Lockefeer was born in 1954. He studied flute at the Conservatorium in Gent (Belgium). Zero Return is a "classical" electronic album with compositions by Bach, Handel, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakoff etc. He has made some more electronic albums with original music but these were never officially released. Patrick also writes music for audiovisual productions.


Lock-In, The (Ireland??)

The Lock-In (2019)

Synthesizer trio of Conor Creaney, David Kitt and Tim Wheeler. Slightly experimental, slowly developing sequencer tracks.


Locklin, Brian & French, John (USA)

Runaway Mind Train (1998)

This Texan duo is also known as Hallicrafters.

See also: Hallicrafters


Locrasto, Frank (USA)

El Dorado (2011)
LoCrasto (2015)
Lost Dispatch (2019)

American pianist and synthesizer player. He is very influenced by jazz but overall his music falls squarely into the whole hauntology / vaporwave trend, although he mainly takes inspiration from the 1960's and 1970's. El Dorado features a varied set of tracks, most of them rhythmic and easy-listening, taking cues from jazz, bossa nova and the "space age pop". There is also a strain of Ambient, as Brian Eno seems to be one of Frank's influences. It is only very marginally progressive. In 2015, Locrasto released an eponymous release that has a bit more EM-related material, but at the moment it is only available as a digital download. So, what we have here is an artist who's not really EM most of the time but who certainly has strong EM potential.


LOCUS.29 (France)

A Shroud of Secrecy (2023)

Cinematic, space-inspired music from this artist. Reminds on some epic space simulation video game soundtracks like Freelancer. Some nice relaxed sequencing as well.

See also: Draconis Star, Balrog, Weress, Draconis Star.


Locus, Shawn (USA)

That Which Is Heard Transforms What Is Seen (2016) (EP)
The Perfection Misguided (2023)

Nice, lush, sequency EM influenced by Pete Namlook and the output of the FAX label from this Arizona-based artist.


Locust (UK)

In Rememberance of Times Past (1994) (recorded in 1982 - 1987)
The Plaintive (2019)
The First Cause (2023)

Locust is a project of London-born Mark Van Hoen. He started composing in the early 1980's and gave his first performance of Electronic Music in 1982, influenced by Eno, Kraftwerk, TD, Klaus Schulze and other electronic pioneers. However, these influences were soon forgotten in favor of jazz artists, IDM and some high-browed academic composers. In Rememberance of Times Past is a collection of early demos and unreleased archive material and could be interesting for some EM fans.

See also: Van Hoen, Mark


Loderbauer, Max (Germany)

Re: ECM (2011) (with Ricardo Villalobos)
Transparenz (2013)
Collodium (2013) (S)
Ambiq (2014) (with Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer)
Ambiq 2 (2015) (with Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer)
Ridges (2015) (S) (with Jacek Sienkiewicz)
Selekt 01 (2015) (S) (with Automat)
End (2017) (with Jacek Sienkiewicz)
Greyland (2017)
KAVE (2020) (with Samuel Rohrer, Stian Westerhus and Tobias Freund)
Petrichor (2022)

Electronic musician who seems to come from the techno background, with also jazz as another strong influence. On Transparenz, though, a different sound is heard - part of the tracks are completely ambient, and part based on analog sequencing. There is a slight techno influence on some of the tracks which is never overbearing. So, this is much more an album for Prog EM listeners rather than the techno crowd. Some of his other works (most of them collaborations) may include interesting electronic arrangements as well.

See also: NSI


Loebs, Andy (USA)

Northwest Passage (2013) (with Matthew Barlow)
Hibernation Sickness (2013)
The Shell & Spectacle'd (2014)
Siphoning My Mystical Futures (2014) (S)
Health Code Violation (2014)
EBT Fractal (2015)
Jupiter Trojan (??)
About Me (2018)
Flexuous Vertex (2022)
Hyperlink Anamorphosis (2023)

Synth artist from Asheville, NC, who released a few tapes.


Loeco (USA)

East 78 (2018)
Uncharted Mercies (2018)
Advent (2018)

Ambient artist Evan Dixon from Athens, Georgia. He combines guitar and synth-based drones.


Loffink, John (USA)

Trajectories (1982)

Florida-based synthesist.


Lofting (USA)

All That Leaves (2023)

Lofting is a duo of Ben Billington and Libby Ramer. The music here is electronic and pretty nice - between classic EM sounds of the likes of Tim Blake and progrock sounds. There are also female vocals. Overall, a pretty pastoral affair. Those not into vocals may find it a hard one to swallow.

See also: Quicksails


LOG (Russia / USA)

LOG ET3RNAL (2020)

Slightly glitchy, slightly dubby ambience from this duo.

See also: Perila, Straus, Ulla.


Logan, Robert (UK)

Second Nature (2016) (with Steve Roach)
Biosonic (2016) (with Steve Roach)
Sculptor Galaxy (2017)

Varied rhythmic / melodic music from this former Steve Roach collaborator. Lots of lush symphonic synths, downtempo rhythms and processed samples / vocoder voices.

See also: Sense Project


LoganVostok (???)

Circuit Bent Analogue (2008)

LoganVostok is the brainchild of Paul Oppenheim who uses circuit bending technology to create highly abstract and atmospheric electronic pieces.


Logarides, Stavros (Greece)

Stavros Logarides (1978)
Alchemy (1987)

Stavros Logarides (Stavros Logaridis) is the keyboardist of the band Akritas. Several styles, including EM. Alchemy is a library LP.


Logic Gate (USA)

From the Silence (2003)
Voyages (2008)
Distant Echoes (2014)
Into the Sunset (2020)
Starlight (2023)

Berlin School music from Californian artist Steve Grace.

See also: Grace, Steven


Logic Moon (Germany)

Polygon Garden (2012) (EP)
Debut (2016) (with Fiction Surprise)
Oblivion (2017)
I See Planets (2019)
Phoenix (2019)
The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness (2022) (with Sven Laux)
Inseln (2022) (with Henrik Meierkord)
Moonchild (2023)
The Quiet Companion (2023) (with Sven Laux)
Ewiger Wald (2024) (S) (with Henrik Meierkord)

A pseudonym of Tobias Lorsbach who releases music in different styles under different monikers. This is his ambient project, where he utilizes guitar, piano, field recordings and electronics.


Logic System (Japan)

Logic (1981)
Venus (1981)
Orient Express (1982)
To-Gen-Kyo (1991)
Space Polyphony (1992)
Kandoh Express Vol.1 (1993) (soundtrack)
Mystery of Life - Kandoh Express Vol.2 (1993) (soundtrack)
Patch Works (2003) (recorded in 1983 - 1990)
Everything Is In the Nature (2005)
Tansu Matrix (2008)
Electric Carnaval 1982 (2010)
Technasma (2020)

A project of Hideki Matsutake who was the assistant of Isao Tomita in the 70's and have also worked with Yellow Magic Orchestra. Not surprisingly, the music is very reminiscent of YMO.

See also: Matsutake, Hideki


Logical Drift (USA)

Logical Drift (2011)
The Americas - Book of Love Vol. 1 (2014)

Varied, mostly new-agey electronics from John Matarazzo. Sometimes with a symphonic Vangelis feel.


Logo 2000 (Germany)

Mediterranee (1980)

Electronic Music by Klaus Netzle aka Claude Larson and Christian Bruhn.

See also: Netzle, Klaus, Larson, Claude, Elmulab, Futura, Carlos, Power-Pack, Special Touch, VC People.


Logos (France)

Les couleurs sonores (1987)
La lune des sages (1988)
Quintessence - Les couleurs sonores 2 (1990)
Heliopolis (1990)

Sitting on the border of new age and Space Music, Stephen Sicard's Logos has been on the scene since the 1980's. He often uses preset synth sounds of the epoc, which diminishes the artistic quality of his work in my view. However, some of the atmospheres and sounds that he explores on his early albums pleasantly call to mind Klaus Schulze from around the same time as well as Jarre's melodic sensibility. This is not his full discography, as he seems to have drifted completely towards the new age side since.


Logosamphia (Netherlands)

Passage Omni (2012) (S)
Marginal Imperialism / Arrogant Impoverishment (2020)

A project of Sadra Hemati. He uses just a Suzuki Omnichord for Passage Omni. Melodic, ambient, nostalgic, minimal.


Lohmann, Ulf (Germany)

Because (2001) (EP)
Before (2001) (EP)

Because and Before are some of the few ambient release on Kompakt label. They have their moments of IDM-like rhythms, but are mostly flowing and beatless. They were re-released the same year on a single CD as Because Before.


Loibant, Joseph (Spain)

Regression Alpha (2000)
Nucleus (2001)
Fire Comet (2001)
Random (2001)
Sine (2001)
Pulse (2001)
Rotor (2002)
Quatre columnes (2003) (soundtrack)
Empathy (2005)
Imagery (2005)
Mystery (2005)
Shadowy (2005)
By Convolution (2007)
Code 01 07 (2007)
Cyclo's (2007)
Mach 1 (2007)
Reiter / Action (2007)
3He (2008)
IO (2008)
Modulator (2008)
Radar Lines (2008)
Devonic 123 (2009)
Dual Phase (2009)
IO2 (2009)
IO3 (2009)
In Gravitation (2009)
In Other Dimensions (2009)
Sub Gravitation (2009)
The Grand Space (2009)
Devonic 456 (2010)
Alchemy (2011) (with Carlos Guirao)
Styles (2013)
Vectors (2015)
Tyklake K01 (2021)
Tyklake K02 (2021)
Tyklake K03 (2021)
Tyklake K04 (2021)
Museums A-B (2022)
Wframes 01 (2022)
Titan Renovator 01 (2022)

The guy from Barcelona who was a member of AT-Mooss and Programa.

See also: AT-Mooss, MC2, Programa, Visionary.


Lois, Louis J. (USA??)

Shadows of Light (2001)

Relaxing synth compositions, sort of ambient / new-agey, floating kind of music with author saying thanks to Harold Budd in the credits.


Løksa (Denmark)

Green Adaptor (1996)

Jesper Løksa. Ambient.


Lol (USA)

Surfaces (1985)

Lol Halsey.


Lola Sprint & The Cat (Italy)

Mon voyage (2010) (S)

Italian duo. Mostly slow rhythms and moody synth melodies. Some vocals as well. "The Cat" is none other than Paul Chain.

See also: Chain, Paul, Catena, Paolo.


Lolli, Geoffrey (France??)

Il reste la douleur (2021)

This artist composes library-like music that sounds like those vintage French and Italian library discs from the 1970's. Il Reste la Douleur contains both psych rock and electronic styles.


Lomax, Simon (UK)

A Glimmer of Memory (2004)
Zone of Cold (2013)
5 Textures (2015)
A Strange Light (2017)
How the Shadow Falls (2019)
An Ember Glows / We Echo Endlessly (2020) (recorded in 2015 and 2019)
Notes From the Void - Volume 1 (2021)
Notes From the Void - Volume 1 (2022)
These Tranquil Winds (2023)

Previously known as Maitreya. Floating Ambient / Space.

See also: Maitreya


L'Ombre (Canada)

Medicine For the Meaningless (2002)
Simulations 1.0 (2003)
Simulations 2.0 (2004)
Letting Go At the Steering Wheel (2009)

Cold, bleak ambience from Stephen Sawyer.


Lomidze (Georgia)

Quiet Glow (2020)
Mental Chaos (2023)

Levan Lomidze is a Georgian-born artist with a unique vision of Electronic Music mixing classic and club sounds.


London, Barry (USA)

Technology Is Ruining My Life (2016)
Barry London (2017)

New York-based musician who is a member of several indie rock bands, such as Jäh Division, Oneida and Soldiers of Fortune. As a solo artist he indulges in sequencer-based and more atmospheric Electronic Music based on the sound of analog synthesizers.


Lone (UK)

Levitate (2016)

Manchester-based (born in Nottingham) house / IDM / breaks / drum'n'bass producer Matt Cutler. Levitate includes two ambient pieces - "Breeze Out" and "Hiraeth", hence the inclusion to EEM.


Lone Bison (UK)

Transistor Memory (2021)
Wave Construction (2023)

Lone Bison is Ramsgate-based Nick Bonell. Manic motorik rhythms, synth arpeggios, guitars and all the necessary elements of a nice 1970's inspired trip (mostly Neu! / Kraftwerk reminiscences here, but also those of other pioneers).


Lone Cosmonaut (UK)

Fear of Heights (2014)
Pipe Dreams And Broken Promises (2015)
Unintended Consequences (2017)
Minimal (2018)
In Absentia (2018)
Witch-Cult Hypothesis (2020)
Low Flying Aircraft OST (2020) (soundtrack)

This project combines rhythmic danceable tracks with melodic and ambient synth soundscapes of the progressive variety.


Loneliness of the Universe Eternal (UK)

The Inmost Fragility (2007)
Majestic Collapse (2008)

Space-themed drones and Ambient (Dark Space).

See also: Videl


Loneliness-Aloneness (Romania??)

Personized (2016) (S)

Ambient soundscapes with a melancholic vibe. The above album was released as a floppy disk bundle.


Lonely (France)

Old Lands (2013)
Burn (2014)


Lonely Bell, The (UK)

Ghost Town Burning (2023)
The Outer Banks (2023) (S)

Dark Ambient from this Scottish project.

See also: Near Lakes


Lonely Entity, The (Romania)

The Story of A Lonely Soul (2017)

Ambient, emotional, intense.


Loneward (Canada)

Moongate (2020)
Pure (2021)
Pallid Memories (2022)
Fractional Dimensions Vol. 1 (2022)
Our Unyielding Sky (2022)
Fractional Dimensions Vol. 2 (2023)
Willoweald (2023)
Ferric Expeditions (2023)
Fractional Dimensions Vol. 3 (2023)

This moniker is used by Mike Carss (aka Altus) for his more ambient side. Moongate is an album of dreamy, relaxing, drifting ambient compositions using processed guitar and synths. Nice stuff.

See also: Altus


Long Distance Poison (USA)

Long Distance Poison (2010)
Calendric Circuits (2011)
Voltage Voids (2011)
Gamma Graves (2011)
Immanent Charges (2011)
Ancient Analogues (2012)
Ideological State Apparatus (2012)
Signals To A Habitable Zone (2012)
The Bog Nebula (2012) (S)
Gliese Translations (2013)
Rare Human (2013)
Mirror Totality (2014)
Feorh (2014)
Twin Lights Twin Lights (2015)
Lama Nada (2015)
Perfect Weather (2015)
Human Program (2015)
Rheomodes (2017)
Knock Magh (2018)
Astro Topoi (2018)
Technical Mentality (2020)

Brooklyn-based analog synth trio of Casey Block, Erica Bradbury and Nathan Cearley. They have a warm and spacey sound, influenced by 70's EM (including Berlin School artists) and John Carpenter's soundtracks.


Long Night, The (UK)

Our Waking Hours (2014)

Ambient alter ego of Andy Condon. Music in the style of Brian Eno.

See also: Glimmer Room, The


Long Pond (USA)

A Fog of Unrest (2011)
Pageants (2011)
Rose Worn (2012)
Sinister Farce (??)

Ambient artist from Tampa, who mixes current sludge / post-rock trends with a sort of a kosmische aesthetic.


Long Shadow Duo (USA)

Lifelong (2019)

Varied electronics / guitar music from this duo.

See also: Future Museums


Long the Night (USA)

Illusion (2021)

Dark, shadowy soundscapes from Derrick Stembridge.

See also: Drifting In Silence


Longo, Nick (USA)

Actuality (1994)

Electronic Music made with the help of software created by Nick Longo himself. 


Longs Couteaux (Canada)

Clyde Wells : Entretien (2010)
Comme un retour d'une equipe de hockey professionel a Quebec (2011)

Mysterious, abstract Ambient from Quebec City.


Long-Sam (Finland)

Totuuden rakastajat / Amateurs de vérité (2012) (with Jaakko Eino Kalevi)
Shout (2014)

Solo project of Sami Toroi, one half of Man Duo. Shout contains experimental but listenable EM, sometimes even going for a rhythmic / melodic sound with excellent soloing.

See also: Man Duo

Longstone (UK)

Kinematic (2021)

Wacky rhythmic, noisy electronics from this experimental improvisation ensemble active since the 1990's. The music makes use of everything from a brass section to drums, guitar, circuit-bent toys and analog synths.


Lonsberry, Chris (USA)

Diode Melody (1999)

Synthesizer music by this member (guitarist) of New Hampshire-based guitar / piano duo Reverie.


Look To the North (USA)

You're A Séance, Old North (2016)
5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out of the Sky (2016)

Music like a significantly darker version of Brian Eno or Harold Budd, with a huge piano presence and some sampled mellotron. Look To the North is a duo of David Colohan and Zachary Corsa.


Lookout (USA)

Dividing Lines (2020)

A project of Chattanooga, Tennessee-based artist. Varied ambient soundscapes, often sort of lo-fi and slightly noisy.


Looks Realistic (USA)

Sans (2010)
Looks Realistic (2010)
Opticoral (2011) (S)
Designs For Coloring (2012)
Where Does It Come From? (2013) (S)
VA/A (2014)
Field Footage (2020)

Synth soundscapes. Very nice and atmospheric although at times sounding like sound collage with no focus or sense of composition.

See also: Bastardo, Joseph, Void, Bastian, Homeowner.


Loom (Germany)

100 001 (2011) (EP)
Scored (2012)
200 002 (2013) (EP)
The Tree Hates the Forest (2013)
300 003 (2016) (EP)
Years In Music (2016)

Loom is an electronic trio of former Tangerine Dream members Jerome Froese and Johannes Schmoelling with Berlin-based producer Robert Waters. They gave their first live performance in the Netherlands at the E-Live festival in 2011, presenting a mix of classic Tangerine Dream tracks and original material.

See also: Froese, Jerome, Schmoelling, Johannes, Waters, Robert, Tangerine Dream.


Loomis (USA)

Neon Drifter (2020) (EP)

Melodic, a bit synthwave-like EM.


Loon, Paul van (Netherlands)

Tides (1997)
Scent of the Past (1998)
Tales of Transformations (??)

Melodic music by this musician. Too much "general MIDI" for me.


Loop, Dwight (USA)

Compositions 1998 - 2003 (2003)
Mystery's River (2004)

California-based artist whose experience in promoting and creating Electronic Music spans several decades. He is known as a radio programme director, radio host, promoter of EM and a musician with a unique style that, nevertheless, can be roughly placed alongside Tribal Ambient / atmospheric excursions of Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Vidna Obmana.

See also: Hunab Ku, Tone Pharaoh, Wunndermann, U.B.O.


Loopatronica (UK)

Rainbows Project (2021) (EP)
Coastal Walks Project (2022) (EP)
Dreams of Science: Theology And Political Projects (2022)
A Day In the Sun - Live (2022)
Darkling Sessions (2022)
Rokeby Venus And The Sunflowers / Midwinter Project (2023)
Pollinator (2023)
Noodles And Lounge Fidelity Projects (2023)

Varied music, from downtempo rhythms to pure floating ambience.


Loops of Your Heart (Sweden)

And Never Ending Nights (2012)

Absolutely krautrock and progressive EM-influenced material from Swedish minimal techno producer Axel Willner. Great for fans of the Dusseldorf School.

See also: Field, The



Waters (2020)

Club-related artist from Bristol (Gwil Sainsbury) who shows some EM influences on his album Waters. Listen to the closing two tracks in a row and you've got about 10 minutes of pure EM in a unique playful style. Nice. I wish he would explore more of that territory in the future.


Loose-y Crunché (Australia)

Unruly Top (2018)
Chunks (2020) (with Chris Petro)
Closeness Intensifies (2021)

Varied, mostly experimental music from Lucy Phelan. Processed field recordings, multiple samples and a touch of melodic / cosmic synth.


Lopatin, Daniel (USA)

FRKWYS 7 (2011) (with James Ferraro, Sam Godin, Laurel Halo and David Borden)
Instrumental Tourist (2012) (with Tim Hecker)
Uncut Gems (2019) (soundtrack)

Uncut Gems is a varied synth soundtrack from the mastermind behind Oneohtrix Point Never. Pretty nice sound here.

See also: Oneohtrix Point Never, Infinity Window, Skyramps, Astronaut.


Lopez Duran (Spain)

Blue Moon (2008)

Diverse album with piano-based tracks, ambient floaters and more rhythmic / melodic stuff from Jose Luis Lopez Duran.


López, Susana (Spain)

Stupor mundi (2023)

Massive droning synth tracks.


Lopside (USA)

37 (2003)
When You're Finally Through Being Responsible (2007)

A project of Dean Hinds. Strange stuff. Rich in guitars or distorted guitar-like synth sounds, it does have a sort of a post-rock feel, but the abundance of processed electronic radio voices and various quirks and bleeps and shit really gives it a vaguely Moebius & Plank feel circa Material. Pretty interesting, this.


Loptus (Spain)

Sounds of Tibet (??)
Sons of Saturn (2013)

Barcelona-based project influenced by Ambient and the Berlin School.


Lorad Group (USA)

Sul tempo (2018)

Sort of a concept album describing normal working day of a modern person. Digital sounds typical of the late 1980's predominate.


Lord Lovidicus (USA)

Windbuchen (2009)
Trolldom (2010)
Autumnal Winds And Times of Yore (2013)
The Forges Fire (2013) (S)
When the Mountain Falls (2013)
Book of Lore - Vol. 1 (2015)
Midsummer (2020)
Book of Lore - Complete Collection (2021)
Forgotten Ruins (2022)

Dungeon synth / fantasy music project from Connecticut. Apart from the above mentioned works, there are also a few download-only releases.


Lord Manuel (USA)

Astral Warrior (1977) (S)

A 7-inch record with Electronic Music / space rock synth tunes by this enigmatic one-man band project from New England.


Lord of the Ants (UK)

Quantum Voodoo (2009)
Firebird (2015)
First King (2017)
We Too Are Gods (2021)

Cinematic music with slight dance influences from Christopher Westcott. Released on AD Music label.


Lord of the Isles (UK)

Pacific Affinity (2011) (EP)
Futures (2012) (S)
Year of the City (2012) (EP)
Searching  / Don't Reach (2012) (S)
SHEVC007 (2013) (S)
Galaxy Near You - Part One (2013) (S)
Greane / Gigha (2014) (S)
Clearness of Love (2015) (S)
Parabolas of Neon (2016) (S)
DFSANT 03 (2018) (EP)
Glisk Science (2021) (EP)
GeoGlyph (2021) (EP)
Acceptance (2021)
Night of the Endless Beyond (2022)
Subtle Thoughts (2022)
My Noise Is Nothing (2023)

A project of Neil McDonald from Scotland. He mixes deep house tracks and EM tracks that range from ambient to sequencer-based, always relying on the sounds of analog synths. Not all of his releases are EM-related. I will try to list relevant stuff here.

See also: Mac-Talla Nan Creag


Lord Orots (Spain)

Latzineko erresumaren itzulera (2020)

Dungeon synth project from the Basque Country. Often typical medieval DS, but also with some variation, approximating Ambient and / or melodic EM in places.


Lord Skywave (UK)

Cardamon Copy (2014)

Lo-fi ambient synth ditties with a bit of a Cluster feel from Simon Lord.


Lord Tang (USA)

Hello (2012)
EP1 (2014) (EP)
EP2 (2014) (EP)
Butterflies (2016)

Lord Tang is a project of California-based Dominic Cramp. He is an experimental musician whose range of influences includes dub, musique concrete, classic analogue electronics, vintage sci-fi, soundtracks and library music. All of this can be heard on Butterflies - an explorative and very different EM work.


Lord Vinci (USA)

You Must Find An Heir! (2020)

Mostly shorter, a bit lo-fi analog synth tracks from this Californian project. Often wacky or dungeon synth-like, at other times based on the sequences.


Lorde Awesome (Canada)

The Corpse of the Virgin Astronaut (2009)
For Your Displeasure (2012)
Pure Bloody Ecstasy (2012)
Cause of Action (2012)
Music For/Solo Bicycle (2012)
Unleashed Volume 10 (2024) (recorded in 2022)

Basically a duo of Avery Strok (synths) and Richard Vainio (guitar). The two are based in Toronto and indulge in some stark, foreboding soundscaping from the Fripp & Eno school.


Lords of Infinity (Russia)

Lost Sense of the Old Times (2023)

Ritual Ambient duo consisting of Marina Kryzhanovskaya and Mikhail Kiryukhin. Deep sounds, disembodied voices, rambles, cavernous echoes... Pretty nice stuff overall.


Loreau, Bertrand (France)

Priere (1992)
Le pays blanc (1994)
Sur le chemin (1996)
Jerycoacoara (1998)
Passe compose (2002)
D'un rive a l'autre (2006)
Reminiscences (2009) (recorded in 1981 - 1985)
Sequences (2010)
Morceaux choisis (2011)
Journey Through the Past (2012) (recorded in 1982 - 1988)
Souvenir rêvé d'une promenade (2012) (with Lionel Palierne)
Nostalgic Steps (2013)
Interferences (2013) (with Olivier Briand)
Amarres rompues (2013)
Spiral Lights (2014)
Connexions (2014)
From Past To Past (2015)
Correspondances (2015)
In Search of Silence (2016)
Finally (2017)
Vimanafesto (2017) (with Frederic Gerchambeau)
Catvaratempo (2018) (with Frederic Gerchambeau)
Eternal Sorrows (2019) (recorded in 1981)
One Retro One (2020)
Anantayamo (2020) (with Frederic Gerchambeau)
Ombres & lumières - Schatten und Lichter (2021)
Let the Light Surround You (2021)
Full Moon In Fall (2023)
Echo of A Distant Time (2024)

Electronic Music from this artist born in Nantes, comparable to Klaus Schulze, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. Bertrand discovered Electronic Music in the 1970's, mainly through Klaus Schulze's records and live concerts. In the early 1980's he assembled a small studio and bought a few synthesizers (including a Korg MS20 from a friend and electronic composer Lionel Palierne). At that time both Bertrand and Lionel formed a group called "Krill" that had some tapes with experimental music recorded. Also of note from this period is his collaboration with the late Christophe Poisson, with whom he played a few concerts, including the one in a small town St. Etienne de Montluc. In the early 1990's, Bertrand got in contact with Musea label, which enabled him to release his music on CD. Bertrand Loreau is also known for origanizing one of the first festivals of Electronic Music in France. That was in 1984 and performing artists included Didier Bocquet and Jean-Philippe Rykiel. He was also a member of several local EM fan clubs and associations.


Lorentz, Yves & Alain (France)

Espaces (1980)

Unique progressive music by two brothers Yves and Alain Lorentz with just acoustic and electric guitar, organ and synths. A lot of it can be classified as EM. It looks like it is their only album. However, it is often referred to as Espaces 2 (as indicated on the back sleeve). The first volume in the series apparently belongs to Italian jazz musician Patrice Sciortino.


Lorenz, Ruediger (Germany)

Queen of Saba (1981)
Silver Steps (1981)
Earthrise (1982)
Wonderflower (1982)
Invisible Voices (1983)
Southland (1984)
The Last Secret of Poseidon (1985)
Angaria (1987)
Morning of the World (1988)
Fata Morgana (1990)
Pazifica (1991)
Atoll (1992)
Coral Sea (1993)
Sibiria (1994)
Taklamakan (1995)
Congo (1996)
Ozeania (1997)
Tropica (1998)

German synthesist who was a rock musician during the Seventies, but turned to synthesizers by the end of the decade. His works are very diverse. Some of them are just plain weird, some dark. Very often World influences are incorporated. Sometimes Lorenz's music approaches the Space Music genre. You may like different works by him, depending on your taste. Fata Morgana is highly experimental, Pazifica is melodic, Taklamakan contains Space structures, Congo is one of his most ethnic sounding ones and Atoll is Dark Ambient. Ruediger Lorenz died in 2000.


Lorenzo, Rene (Spain)

Souvenirs (2021)
Phases & Stages (2022)
Pulses & Resonances (2024)
The Chemical Attraction (2024)

Varied ambient compositions, from floating to arpeggio or sequencer-laden.


Lorr No (Portugal)

Alergia (2020)

A project of synthesist Nuno Loureiro. Playful, melodic, minimal, sequential...


Lorway, Norah (Canada)

Future Void (2020) (S)
Another World (2021)

Originally from Vancouver, Norah Lorway is a sound artist currently residing in Cornwall, UK. Rather minimal ambience here, mostly subtle, quiet drones.


Los Archimboldos (Chile)

Starcave Mèmoires (2019)
Exactomondo (2020)

Abstract, effect-heavy compositions. File under Experimental.

See also: Martes Muerto


Los Mundos (Mexico)

El Sistema Modular (2022) (S)

Electronic versions of this psych rock band's songs. Analog synths and vocoders galore.


Los Pilotos (Spain)

Los Pilotos (2011)
El Regreso de Logan (2014)
Alianza Atlántica (2019) (EP)

Spanish electronic pop duo of Banin Fraile and Florent Muñoz. Sounds like a mixture of Moroder, Kraftwerk and current synthwave trends. Hardly progressive most of the time. "Robotnicks" is a nice Dusseldorf Shool track, though.


Los Ruidos de Mariano (Argentina)

Los Ruidos de Mariano (2017)
Synthesizer Revolution (2020)
Bajo las Estrellas (2020)

A project of Mariano Gabriel Carrizo from La Pampa, Argentina. He usually goes for the old-fashioned (1990's) techno / trance sound that is far from being progressive. However, his albums tend to end with longer melodic EM tracks more or less in the style of Jarre, so there's some EM potential for sure.


Los Sara Fontán (Spain)

Queda Pendiente (2023)

Catalan duo consisting of Sara Fontán (violin) and Edi Pou (percussion, drums, electronics). Pretty intense, improvisation-based music mixing acoustic and electronic sounds.


Losange (France)

Quartz (2017)

Playful electronic tracks created with the help of FM synthesis. Melodic and a bit minimal. Very nice and unique overall.


Loscil (Canada)

Coast / Range / Arc (2011)
Sketches of New Brighton (2012)
Intervalo (2013)
Erebus (2013) (with Bvdub)
Sea Island (2014)
Monument Builders (2016)
Suns (2016) (S)
Thesis 02 (2017) (S) (with Seabuckthorn)
Sine Studies 3 (2018) (S)
Equivalents (2019)
Lifelike (2019)
Clara (2021)
LUX Refractions (2021)
The Sails (2022)
Colours of Air (2023) (with Lawrence English)
Chroma (2024) (with Lawrence English)

Cold, frosty ambience and drones from this experimental / glitch / dub project. This is not his full discography but these albums are completely or almost completely ambient.

See also: High Plains


Losowski, Slawomir (Poland)

Nowe narodziny (1994) (with Tomasz Losowski)

Keyboardist of synth-pop / rock band Kombi. This album, recorded with his son Tomasz (who plays drums), is in a melodic style and is completely instrumental. Slawomir also seems to have released a solo album in 2009 called Zaczarowane Miasto. Although the style is probably a bit similar, it also contains vocals, so I am not sure about it.

See also: Kombi


Lost Epcot (Spain)

Aslant Sand (2019)

IDM-related duo from Spain, but with a Prog EM feel on the ambient tracks.


Lost In the Woods (Sweden)

The Meadowland Suite (2013)

Dark soundscapes by Johan Levin and Lars Tängmark.

See also: Desiderii Marginis


Lost Johansson (Sweden)

Lost Johansson (2020)

Interesting EM here. Incessant rhythms and quirky sequences are combined with analog synth melodies for a sound that is clearly influenced by the Dusseldorf School pioneers but is rather unique overall.


Lost Kadath (Italy)

Giving Up the Ghost (2011)
Monochromatic Regression (2013)
Oscillating Apparitions (2015) (EP)

Dark Ambient.


Lost Radiance (Russia)

Upon Us (2017) (recorded in 2014)
Marly (2017) (recorded in 2016)

Berlin School-based project of Alexander Asimov and Roman Rogov.

See also: Sirius Radiance


Lost-Radio (Russia)

Collected Memories (2013)

Ambient. Lost-Radio is Roman Zorin.


Lost Souls of Saturn (USA)

Lost Souls of Saturn (2019)
Reality (2024)

A duo of Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa. I would describe their sound as a mixture of moody ambience and techno / house. Only the atmospheric tracks are relevant. The title track from their eponymous debut is pretty nice.

See also: Moffa, Phil


Lostsoul (Turkey)

Walking To the Dark Horizons (2004)

Dark Ambient inspired by Vinterriket.


Lotfy, Kareem (Egypt)

Dirty Zeyda (2008)
QTT10 (2018)

Ambient artist, graphic designer and visual artist from Cairo. Nice, warm, emotional sound.


Lothars, The (USA)

Meet the Lothars (1998)
G.C. 3 And Other Songs Live At The Charnwood 16 August 1999 (1999)
Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas (2000)
Happy Holidays (2000) (S)

A guitar / theremins quartet. There is some interesting material on their album Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas.


Loto Retina (France)

Vies legeres (2015)
Sens (2016) (EP)
Early Contact (2017) (with Leo Hoffsaes)
Fiction (2017)
2022 (2020) (S)

Lo-fi ambient compositions on Vies Legeres, turning to crisp digital avant / abstractness on Sens and later.


Lou Root, Eric (Netherlands??)

Don't Worry (1987)

One guy with a synth (a DX7) and a reggae attitude. Sometimes he sings, other sections are instrumental. Not very progressive but the sound is just too unique (and sometimes really wild) to be neglected.


Loucks, Allan (USA)

From This Vantage Point (??)


Louf (UK)

Kilopascal EP (2021) (EP)

Louf is Louis Fitton who mixes dancey house tracks and ambient tracks. There is a great "EM potential", as I like to say about such artists.


Lougheed, Lawrence (Canada)

Time Shadows (2002)
Elysium Solace (2009)

Melodic EM with elements of Space Music on Elysium Solace and new age / new instrumental on Time Shadows.


Louison (France)

Magnetic Feel (2022)

Louison is Paris-based musician Louis de Mieulle. His is mostly a bassist, but as Louison focuses on electronics. The music heard on Magnetic Feel is inspired by several generations of Electronic Music and progressive rock artists, mostly 1970's and 1980's synth music, sci-fi scores, Canterbury style prog and jazz fusion. Complex, melodic, jazzy, cosmic, with nice synth sounds and (sometimes) plodding 1980's drum machine rhythms. Reminiscences of Synergy, 1980's post-punk, computer game soundtracks and more.


LouLou's Legacy (Netherlands)

LouLou's Legacy (2020) (S)

"Comfy synth" inspired by goblins and (aparently) cats, with lots of tasty analog sounds.


Lounasan (Belgium)

I Wish I Made This Music Every Day (2013)
Haukijärvi One (2023) (with Music For Installations)

Ambient by Joost Carpentier.

See also: Storer, Jovica, Cycles of Moebius, Dreun.


Lourdes Rebels (Italy)

s/t (2012)
Snuff Safari (2015)
Lolita (2017)
Necronomicon 3 (2023)

Italian psych pop / rock duo with an experimental touch and lots of analog synths / EM influences on Necronomicon 3.


Lousberg (Germany)

Lurid Dreams of A Forgotten Self (2014)
The Fog Beneath My Feet (2015)
Wintergemälde (2017)
The Death of Humanity (2019) (S)
The Darkest Universe (2023)

Music typical of that "black metal guy doing ambient" scene, with a few variations.


Love J.A. (Canada)

Outlaw Electronica (2019)

Mostly ambient material, with pads, drones and echoing, repeating melodies. Somewhat lo-fi.


Love Like Deloreans (USA)

Love Like Deloreans (2009) (S)

Synth trio of Derek Muro, Lorna Krier and Peter Pearson. This sounds like a cross between chiptune and Prog EM, with a touch of synthwave perhaps.

See also: Dune, Lorna


Love Power Experiment (USA)

The Politics of Self Mutilation (2003)
Through Fire (2007) (with Temperature Within)

Dark Ambient from D. Sullivan out of Boston, Massachusets.


Lovers Entwined (Japan / USA)

The Way (2020)

A project of Agia Mishazawa and Luke Laurila. Ranges from 1980's / 1990's-inspired vaporwave muzak to ambient soundscapes, sometimes with a bit of a Vangelis, "Blade Runner Blues" feel even.


Love-Songs (Germany)

Bukuroshja e Lales / Delay (2017) (S) (with Hava Bekteshi)
Inselbegabung (2018) (EP)
Nicht Nicht (2020)
[Spannende Musik] (2021) (with U. Schütte)

German krautrock / EM trio with a rather unique sound, using some synth / acoustic combinations.

See also: Kokus, Sebastian, Cloud Management.


Lovett, Ben (USA)

Synchronicity (2016) (soundtrack)
The Night House (2022) (soundtrack)

The 2016 release is an electronic sci-fi soundtrack, some of which sounds clearly inspired by Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.


Lovi (Finland)

The Caverns of Lempo (2020)
Kirmukarmu (2021)

Mysterious, melodic, dungeon synth-like EM with lots of folk elements from this Helsinki-based project.


Low Flung (Australia)

Low Flung (2015)
A House Unconscious (2015)
Blow Waves (2018)
The Plunger Ripple (2018)
Lichen Zones (2018) (S)
Outside the Circle (2020)
Private Eyes #02 (2020)
Microscope Impressions (2020)
Reflections From the Campsie Centre For Electronic Music Research (2021) (S)
The Wheel (2023)

Subtle instrumental pieces with field recordings and modular synthesizers. Low Flung is a project of visual artist Danny Wild.


Low Howl (USA)

Fieldwaves (2020)
Dusk (2020) (with zakè)

Tranquil, minimal Ambient with something of a "Steve Roach's Quiet Music" feel. Low Howl is an alias of Dylan Wilson from Indianapolis.


Low Noon (USA)

Casio Compositions (2020)

Reflective ambient material made from processed Casio and Fender Rhodes sounds.


Lowcommittee (Belgium)

Lowcommitteeone (2012)
Turquoise Square (2013)
Race At Neon Club (2014)

A project of Brice Dreessen. Quirky, rhythmic music ala Moebius.


Lowe, Robert (USA)

Spegulo en fazo (2008)
Gyromancy (2008) (S) (with Rose Lazar)
Fazo IV: La Kvalito De Speguloj (2009)
Eclipses (2010) (with Rose Lazar)
Terre plate (2011)
Timon irnok manta (2012)
Heptagramic Approximation / Alpha Crucis (2013) (S)
We Know Each Other Somehow (2015) (with Ariel Kalma)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (2016)
Thought Withdrawal (2016)
Kulthan (2017) (S)
Two Orb Reel (2017)
Levitation Praxis Pt. 4 (2017)
Marlek (2017) (S)
Ceres (2017) (recorded in 2011 - 2017)
Flower of Sulphur (2018) (with YoshimiO and Susie Ibarra)
Södra ön vy (2020) (recorded in 2018)
La dialectique peut​-​elle casser​.​.​. ? (2020)
Notes From Supersurveillance (2020) (with Rachelle Rahme and Todd Barton)
¿¿Ohh​?​? (for Folke Rabe) (2020)
Notes Above Land (2021)
(recorded in 2015) (with Ariel Kalma)
Grasshopper Republic (2023) (soundtrack)

Aka Rob Lowe, aka Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, aka Lichens. Originally from Chicago, I believe, Robert Lowe played with math rock band The 90 Day Men, stoner rockers "Om", art-rock project Singer and others. He got influenced by dub music as well. His solo work is experimental, mostly analog electronics that ranges from minimal pulses to completely ambient stuff.


Löwenritter (Germany)

Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (2013)

Hailing from Germany, Löwenritter is a duo of Harald Löwy (Chandeen) and Dirk Ritter (Seasurfer, Dark Orange) and their music hangs in the air effortlessly, light as a feather, drenched in ethereal piano and synths and reminding on Harold Budd and Eno, but with more "soul" perhaps.


LowenStein (Spain)

Electronic Sounds Experience (2002)

Between spacesynth and the more accessible Jarre, with elements of dance / europop (although totally instrumental). Rather cheesy overall, with only a touch of Prog EM. LowenStein is David Ramos.


Lower Spectrum (Australia)

HHHH (2011) (EP)
Traces (2014) (EP)
Atlas Movements I & II (2016) (S)
New Haze (2016) (EP)

Perth-based artist who loves his analog synths and combines danceable beats (mostly ala electro) with upbeat sequences, solos and arpeggios. He is as much downtempo as he is Prog. Fans of the New Berlin School might check him out as well.


Lowering (UK)

Sleep In Perpetual Storm (2018)
The Function of Loss (2018)
Collapsule (2018)

A project of Kris Ilic. The Function of Loss is hazy guitar / synth ambience. Collapsule is more diverse, ranging from rhythmic, even techno-ish or disco tracks to sequencer etudes.


Lowman, Leon (USA)

Syntheseas (1980)
Sound Horizon (1982)
Waves of Perfect Timbre (1982)
Water Dreams (1985)
Water Prism (1985)
Passage To China Bay (1987)
Blue And Green (1988)
Two Hearts (1988)
Cruise Control (2005)
Liquid Diamonds (2013) (recorded in 1978 - 1981)
Recordings 1980-87 (2015)

Leon Lowman has been composing Electronic Music with synths and tape machines since the early 1970's. He cites mainly jazz / fusion musicians as his influences and, indeed, Cruise Control features jazzy / groovy loungy type of music. Early albums are supposedly more atmospheric, but still pretty funky.


Lowpaz (Germany)

Another Life (2013)

Lowpaz is a project of Thomas Jäger. Half-progressive, melodic music with downtempo rhythms, like a mixture of Space Music with Enigma or Schiller.


Lowry, Sam (Bulgaria)

Needle Mountain (2008)

A pseudonym of Petar Tassev. Varied, crisp, sequence-full, giallo electronics. Tassev is also known as techno musician MANASYt. In 2023, Needle Mountain was re-released as Montagna dell'Ago.


Lowtec (Germany)

Old Economy (2022)

Lowtec aka Jens Kuhn (real name) is a German techno artist. Old Economy includes some of the more ambient / EM-influenced music by him.


LowXY (Russia)

Unequal (2021)

Varied cinematic project, both ambient and rhythmic. Rich, intense, melodic, with a dystopian / futuristic feel.


Loyde, Lobby (Australia)

Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster (2007) (recorded in 1976)

Archival release with music by this guitar hero from down under. Surprisingly, it's a space rock sci-fi concept album, with lots of keyboards & electronics and even one completely synth-based track.


Lozano, Luis (Spain)

Bandas Sonoras en Busca de Película (1988)
New Age Nöel (1995)

Spanish keyboard player. Sort of a soundtrack-ish and loungy / ambient feel to this music (Bandas...). Lots of electronic (sampled) imitations of acoustic instruments which was the fad of the time but sounds rather dated and obsolete today (especially in view of current revival of all things analog).


Lozano-P, Mariano (Spain)

A Field In the Sky / Rotterdam-88 (1987)
Al Borde del Milenio (1991)

Electronic Music composed for artistic installation of Thomas Donnellan by this musician and keyboardist of several synth-pop bands.


LpLpo (France)

Tentaclemade (2016) (S)

Mysterious project with music sounding like a mutated alien form of Dusseldorf School Electronic Music (La Dusseldorf / Neu! subdivision), with maybe a touch of Rockets. Strange vocoders, distorted synths that sound like guitars, the motorik and wailing theremins - what's there not to like? The live image (the guy performs in an alien costume) completes the picture.


L-Ror (Peru)

The Presence And Absence of A Swerve Heart In the Birth of Evil (2022)

Solo project of Victor Miranda Ormachea who was part of obscure bands Ruidosfera and Quilluya. This is rich, symphonic music, much more complex than, say, classic "dungeon synth" works, more along the lines of avant-garde RIO symphonies, with a stark, neo-classical feel.


L-Space (UK)

Music For Megastructures (2019)

Scottish alternative synth-pop band. The above album plays like a soundtrack in varied synth style.


LST (Australia)

Th Duo (2015)
Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1 (2020)

A project of Tarquin Manek. Abstract, but listenable electronics. A bit Cluster-like in spirit, but not in sound.


LSTNGT (Japan)

Holy Machine (2017) (EP)
Conversation Piece Vol. 1 (2017) (S)
Stage of Lotus Flower (Conversation Piece Vol. 2) (2018)
Aquarian Age (Conversation Piece Vol. 2) (2020)

Self-described as "sad trance project", this Tokyo-based artist, indeed, has undeniable trance influences in his sound. However, some of Holy Machine will sure appeal to fans of the more melodic forms of Prog EM.



No Pasa Nada (2015) (EP)
The Number From Which All Things Come (2016)
Storybook (2017)
Déjà rêvé (2018)
daear (2021)

A mixture of piano and synth ambience from this Bristol-based artist.


Lu (Colombia)

We Are Luminous Fragments Shining In the Dark (2021)

Colombian-born drummer based in Philadelphia. He combines drums with synths, samplers and drum machines for a repetitive, often intense sound.


Lü (Colombia)

Retorno (2013) (S)
Murmullo (2014)

Ambient duo of Alejandro Henao and Miguel Isaza who use a lot of field recordings alongside electronics.


Lu (UK)

Barking At Trees (2023)

Ambient artist from London.


Lu Katavist (Germany)

Retoxis (2011)
Seasoned Ships (2012)
Inburst (2015)
Kaidan (2016)

Lu Katavist is Cologne-based artist Luka (Burkhard) Höfler's vehicle for experimental works done on Eurorack modular synthesizers and Haken Continuum. Abstract sound, sometimes in the vein of Noise Ambient perhaps, sometimes vaguely melodic.

See also: Elfish Echo


Luarvik Luarvik (Estonia)

Baltic Station Session (2000)
Tabamata ime (2002)
Passioon & fuuga (2004)
Live In Tartu (2007) (recorded in 2003)
Enigma variatsioonid (2008)
Teekond varjuderiiki / Memory Palette (2015) (with Mihkel Kleis)

Improvisational prog band with a sound dominated by Mihkel Kleis' keyboards. A lot of their early sessions were badly recorded but the compositions are rather nice, with hints of 1988 - 1990 (post-Franke) Tangerine Dream on the debut and venturing into different realms on later efforts. Teekond Varjuderiiki is another very EM-oriented effort. File under EM-related.

See also: Kleis, Mihkel


Lubbock, Jeremy (UK)

Spectrum: Keyboards Strings Synthesizers (1986)

Jeremy Lubbock used to be a conductor of London National Philharmonic Orchestra. With them, he released a Kitaro tribute album. It is no wonder then, that his own album includes delicate, melodic, even new-agey compositions performed on synths and other keyboards, that bring to mind works of said Japanese musician, without the oriental influences. File under Electronic New Age.


Lucchi, Marco (Italy)

Suggestiva (2022) (with Henrik Meierkord)

Diverse Italian artist. Suggestiva is a work of deep, ambient electronics and processed string ensemble sounds. Sometimes ala early Tangerine Dream (circa Zeit), sometimes somewhat Popol Vuh (the choirs) or Deuter-like...


Luce (Italy)

KIC 8462852 (2017)

Supposedly, spacey ambience.


Luce Celestiale (Italy / Spain)

Discepolato nella nuova era (2021)

Abstract electronics from the duo of Devid Ciampalini and Lorena Serrano. Focusing very much on FM synthesis, the music is largely in typically Italian tradition of minimal EM.


Lucendo, Alberto (Spain)

Wonderful Losers (2021) (S) (soundtrack)

Berlin-based artist. Wonderful Losers is an ambient soundtrack with lots of droning or melodic synths and some piano.

See also: Sacromonte


Lucente, Vito (Canada)

Risen Amoung Angels (2017)
Sturm und Drang (2018)
Udgitha of the Dogs (2019)

Ambient artist with sporadic noisier excursions.


Lucid Grain (Germany)

Rise & Fall (2017)
Sustain & Release (2019)

Nice, soft analog synth music from Anatol Locker and Martha Plachetka.


Lucid Palms (???)

Through A Crystal Lens (2019)


Lucid Sound Driver (USA)

CD023: Dilated Sessions: 001 (2017)
知恵の噴水 (2017)
Ambien Music 10mg: The Wokest Sleep (2017)
The Sky From Our Rooftop (2017)
Serenity In the Vast Darkness (2019)
Universal Foundation Centering Loose Objectives (2020)

Vaporwave-related project. The above albums feature dreamlike ambient sounds and melodies.


Lucid Voyages (Netherlands)

Swarms (2020)

Nice ambient synth music from Olivier Schreuder. Long tracks in the tradition of 1980's Steve Roach (circa Structures From Silence / Quiet Music), with an extra noisier / experimental touch.


Lucient (Spain)

Sa casa des carbó (2022)

Lucient is Catalan artist Mario G. Quelart. Varied EM, from gently rhythmic to ambient. Mostly relaxed and subtly melodic.


Lucifaere (UK)

Dark Well of Urdr (1998)
Embracing the Dark (1999)
Bones of the Earth (1998)
One Amongst the Fallen (1999)
An Alchemy of Beliefs (2000)
The Midnight Tree (2000)
This Temple of Strange Lights (2000)
In the Shadow of Angels (2001)
The Dragon of Old Night (2001)
Bloduewedd (2002)
Dark Science 1 (2003)

Lucifaere is Jim Kirkwood and this is what Gothic EM should sound like. Kirkwood creates Berlin School Electronic Music on dark themes and the results are quite exciting and unique. I would definitely recommend it for those who like dark-themed stuff, but beware: this is no Dark Ambient. It's rhythmic synthetic stuff, but with unique Gothic atmosphere. Great stuff for the dark side of the Force (or the dark side of the Froese) alumnis.

See also: Kirkwood, Jim, Ancient Technology Cult, Section 37, Violence In Eden, Emerald Eye.


Lucifer (Canada)

Black Mass (1971)

Rather cool electronic concept album. Dark themed instrumental work.

See also: Garson, Mort


Luciftias (USA)

Suspension of Disbelief (2000)
Darkness Absolute (2006)
The Great Gray Beast (2006)
Argedco dosig g manin (2007) (with Conqueror Worm)
Christeos Luciftias (2008)
1428 (2008)
Soundscapes For Headphones (2008)
CCCXXXIII (2009) (S)
Infernus (2010) (S)
Astralnaut (2011) (S)
Dronosphere III: Transcension (2013)
The Great Abstinence (2014)
...As A March Hare (2015) (S)

Dark / Deep Ambient from John Beers. Some of his works are more industrial / ritual influenced, some lean towards noise. Still others are more typical ambient stuff. 1428 and Soundscapes For Headphones will perhaps be the most interesting ones for an EM listener. Read my review of Soundscapes... here.


Lucite Plains (USA)

Seven Simultaneous Sunsets (2019)

Audiovisual project of Ricky Allman and Barry Anderson, both based in Kansas City, Missouri. Seven Simultaneous Sunsets is a concept about self-replicating intelligent cities of the future. Varied, mostly experimental, atmospheric and / or sequencer synth music. Some nice vocoder as well.


Lucky Beaches (???)

Ambient Me (2018) (S)

Bright and some darker ambient sounds.


Luctíssono (Brazil)

Insignificance (2010)
Noite e Neblina (2014)
Tonight (2015)

Dark Ambient project from São Paulo. Sort of lo-fi, with an eerie / horror edge.


Lucy (Italy)

War Lullaby (2015) (S)
Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax (2016) (S)
Self-Mythology (2016)
Plays Wanton Witch (2022)

Lucy is an alias of Luca Mortellaro. Ok, is he like a minimal / dub/ ambient techno producer or something? I dunno, maybe he is. However, there's hardly any *techno* on Self-Mythology. Instead, we are treated to a mixture of tribal beats and experimental electronics, resulting in a something of a World Music / Experimental / Ambient hybrid sound. Quite interesting. Earlier releases are supposedly more techno or dub-oriented.


Lucy In Disguise (USA)

Unknown Frequency (2018)
Sunset Radio (2019)
Endless Echoes (2021)

Synthwave-related project of Steven Romeo with some variation in its sound, with influences from Prog EM and deep house.


LudoWic (Netherlands)

A Blinding Light Moment (2015)
Elka Village (2017)
Xinob (2018)

LudoWic is a project of Dutch musician Thijs Lodewijk. Although he is influenced by pop music (indie pop, not the mainstream stuff) and the above album features vocals to a certain extent, he is also very Prog EM-influenced, using a lot of classic analog instruments.


Ludus (New Zealand)

Two of the Same (2021)

Ludus is diverse electronic artist Emma Bernard from Wellington. The music ranges from ambient floaters to gently rhythmic, slightly techno-ish.


Ludwig A.F. (Germany)

Air (2022)

Lush melodic synth pieces. Mostly pretty ambient, but sometimes rhythmic ala 1990's ambient techno.


Ludwig, Ion (Germany)

Entre-acte (2019) (with Twan Sallaerts)

Interesting, hypnotic compositions, mixing electronics and acoustic instrumentation. Koos "Ion" Ludwig usually makes House music.


Lufta (???)

Isolation (2018)

A project of Ryan Wilkinson, mixing ambient synth atmospheres and some Berlin School pulsations from the "silver age" (more like 1980's than 1970's TD).


Luftauftakt (Russia)

Eiszweige (2018)

A project of Vladimir Verushkin based in Saint-Petersburg. Dark, throbbing rhythms and rich ambient sounds and drones, like a mixture of techno and Dark Ambient perhaps.


Lugshar (Poland)

Muzyka naiwna (2020)

Varied ambient compositions from Mateusz Ciszczoń.


Lugubre (Italy)

Lugubre (1996) (S)
My Prayer (1996)
Re-Pus (1997)

Nightmarish Experimental / Dark Ambient.


Lujo Asiático (Argentina)

Lujo Asiático (2017)
Ganbare (2021)
After Ashram (2022)

Melodic, propulsive EM in an individual style from this trio. After Ashram is more of a spiritual jazz / Ambient hybrid.


Luka Productions (Mali)

Fasokan (2017)
Falaw (2019)

A project of Bamako-based rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer Luka Guindo. In 2017, he suddenly released a nice and unique electronic album, combining lush synthscapes with traditional African instrumentation of the Sahel region. Let's see how the project develops.


Lukas, Victoria (France)

Spectrographies: Music From the Motion Picture By Smith (2018) (soundtrack)

Ambient soundtrack with sort of a melanchoic and sometimes mysterious mood.


Lukomski, Bob (USA)

Look At Me (When I Talk To You) (2005)
4 Track Music Volume 1 (1984-1994) (2016)
Höre (2017)
Society of Grace (2019)

American classical / chamber / solo piano / soundtrack / electroacoustic / electronic musician. 4 Track Music Volume 1 gathers his archived (mostly electronic) works.


Lull (UK)

Dreamt About Dreaming (1992)
Journey Through Underwolds (1993)
Cold Summer (1994)
Time Box (1995) (S)
Continue (1996)
Way Through Staring (1997)
Moments (1998)
Brook (2001) (with Origami Arktika)
Collected (2003)
They're Coming Out of the Walls (2003)
Circadian Rhythm Disturbance (2008) (S) (with Beta Cloud)
Like A Slow River (2008)
Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured (2012) (with Beta Cloud and Andrew Liles)
That Space Somewhere (2022)
Journey Through Underworlds (2024)

Lull is Mick Harris (member of Scorn and ex-drummer of Napalm Death) who is one of Dark Ambient greats. Just like Lustmord's, his soundscapes are full of shades and opressive atmospheres.


Lullabies For Houseplants (USA)

Silence & Frost (2019)

Nice, moody ambience from Ohio-based Gary Murray.


Lullabies Under A Grey Sky (USA)

Sleepless (2012)
Beneath Us / If Ever (2014)

Warm ambient drones from Virginia. Most of the releases are download only.


Lumeet (Finland)

Isadora Mu (2011)
Lucitania (2014)

Finnish project of rhythmic electronic music that seems to be heavily influenced by the following genres (without ever sounding very much like any of them): space disco of the 1970's, progressive EM, spacesynth music and current synthwave trends, with just a slight bit of techno thrown in.


Lumiere (France / Germany)

The Planets Volume 1: Venus (2007)

Ambient Space Music from the duo of Jean-Pierre Devereaux and Hans Klemt.


Lumière (Poland)

Pieśni miłosne i żałobne (2019)

A bit dungeon synth-like, but more airy and bright ambient compositions from this Krakow-based project.


Lumière, Alexis (France)

The Casio Stories (2019) (S)
The Casio Stories Vol. 2 (2020) (S)
Agent Casio: Meeting the Jazz Gang (2021) (S)
Grigny 90 (2023)

A pseudonym of Alexis Molenat. Cool, warm tunes played on Casio synths with a quirky Kraftwerk feel. Nice stuff.

See also: Cité Lumière


Lumine (Belgium / Canada)

All the Unnamed (2017)
Quiet Ends (2019)

Nocturnal electronics from Timo Van Lujik and classical musician / cellist Graham Stewart. I don't know why but I get a J.J. Perrey "Prelude au Sommeil" feeling here in places...

See also: Ilta Hämärä, Van Luijk, Timo.


Luminous Foundation (UK)

Haig Fras (2022)
Afon (2023)

Long, improvised EM pieces from Neil Mortimer and Mark Pilkington (Téléplasmiste). The authors' own page compares their music to Cluster, Tim Blake and TONTO’s Expanding Head Band.


Lumsdaine, Ben (USA)

Ben Lumsdaine (2016)
Ben Lumsdaine (2017)

Synthesist from Bloomington currently residing in Los Angeles. Wacky, sometimes playful electronics, a bit in the spirit of Cluster.


Lumsden, Nik (UK??)

Alarms And Excursions (1981)


Luna Monk (UK)

Sun Kiss (2017) (S)
Silent Odes (2019)

Long ambient tracks with a warm sound.


Luna Set (Germany)

Comedie (1980)

Female singing with a prog touch and punky attitude. Aparently there's also an EM element involved. More investigation is needed.


Lunaar (Germany)

Messages From Space (1999)

Music which is somehow comparable to Jarre (also some Laserdance influences) by one Thomas Broich.


Lunar (UK)

Create (2019) (S)

Relaxing Ambient.


Lunar Abyss Deus Organum (Russia)

Cosmologamma - Ichthyonoider (2000)
Arktika (2002)
Sleeping In the Sleep (2002) (S)
Zeleznaya voda (2002)
Hyperborean (2003) (S)
17-06-2002 (2003) (with Sergey Matveev)
Brusnika (2005) (S)
Snovidenie (2006)
8 (2007) (recorded in 1996 - 1998)
Listopad vot on (2007) (with Kshatriy)
Lesnaya (2009) (with Hattifnatter)
Nidra (2009) (with Anamezon)
Ostrov (2009) (with Hattifnatter)
Bereg teploj vesny (2009)
Huonus (2009)
Snegopad (2009)
Tuntury (2009)
Bereg holodnoj vesny (2009)
Dendralepsya (2010) (with Neznamo)
Geologorazvedka (2010)
Golden Dissaciative Trip (2010)
Tsagan (2010)
Dremo-Ta (2010) (with Lesnaya Pogan')
Drema + Solntse (2011)
Tryakusta (2011)
Teni (2011)
Concerts Mixture 10-11 (2011)
Atanimonni Aitnatsbus (2012) (S)
Atimudra (2012)
Yolgva (2012)
Kujvo (2012)
Sledy (2012)
Копальхен (2014) (with Kromeshna)
Live In Kiev (2015)
S (2015) (with Ogni Videnij)
Mohalociya eroja (2015) (with Ogni Videnij)
Aikana uni (2015)
Experiri Dive (2015)
Zemlyanka (2015)
Subsequent (2015)
O.D.A.L. (2015)
Tertius (2015)
Mitridat (2016)
Sklon (2016)
Nagadvipa (2017)
Ynyqay (2017)
Quarto (2017)
LA20 (2018)
Mammoth's Dream (2018)
Khara-Khoto (2019)
Holynomimetik (2019)
Onika (2019)
A Sherpa's Sleep Is More Milk Music (2019)
Devachan (2020) (recorded in 2013 - 2016) (with Tanith)
Sloi Teni (2021)
Агды (2022) (recorded in 2005 - 2020)

Evgeniy Savenko (from Saint-Peterburg, Russia) appeared on the experimental scene in the 1990's. He started with an industrial-influenced sound, gradually drifting towards ambient soundscapes. His music is ritual, semi-acoustic and nature-inspired. Some of his soundscapes are breathtakingly beautiful. The above discography contains Evgeniy's albums reeased as "Lunar Abyss Deus Organum", as well as under his former alias "Lunar Abyss Quartet" and one release under his real name (a collaborative live performance with Sergey Matveev).

See also: Boevye Cikady, Petrograd Drone Gathering.


Lunar Cambridge (USA)

A Distant Mirror (2021)

Nice relaxed, flashy, rhythmic, melodic EM from Arizona-based Thomas Jacob Jr. Often jazzy.


Lunar Chateaux (USA)

Lunar Chateaux (1993)
Beyond the Reach of Dreams (2001)

American progressive rock band. Their sound is almost exclusively based on the keyboards (bar drums and some bass). Their debut from 1993 focused very much on piano and vocals. Their music was not complex but not pop either, just sort of balanced (albeit lightweight, maybe something like an art pop / neo-prog hybrid). Thankfully, on their sophomore release (Beyond the Reach of Dreams) they gave more space for instrumental exploration, especially on the long title suite that has some moments of slightly Vangelis-y keyboard ambience. File under (slightly) EM-related.


Lunar Corp (Netherlands)

An Astral Stroll Through Lunar Park (2023)
Shape, Sound & Colours (2023)

Vaporwave-y, melancholic, existential synth music. Some nice sounds and moods here.


Lunar Horns (Finland)

Bola (2020) (S)

Tampere-based duo of Simo Hakalisto and Timo Juntunen. They based their sound around modular synth textures and processed acoustics. The music is free, improvised, somewhat jazzy but in a way cold, nocturnal and cerebral.

See also: Shakali


Lunar Miasma (Greece)

Blackest Haze (2009) (S)
Monophonic Ritual (2009)
Mala aria (2009)
Mirror Squares (2010)
Heavy Mist (2010)
Levitation (2010) (S)
Circle Ray (2010)
Three Legged Elephant (2010)
Crystal Covered (2010)
Existence (2011)
False Memories (2011) (S)
The Gateway (2011) (S)
Gone (2011) (S)
Arrival (2011) (S)
Managing the Dream (2012) (S)
Impermanent Nature (2012) (S)
Observing the Universe (2012) (S)
Passage To the Unknown (2012) (S)

Panos Alexiadis' project in Drone Ambient / synth soundscape mould.

See also: Red Needled Sea


Lunar Seas (Russia)

The Day the Sky Fell Down On Earth (2019)

Hypnotic Ambient / Space Music with some acoustic / ritual elements.


Lunar Synth (Poland)

Future City (2014)

Melodic, symphonic Electronic Music in the style of Vangelis and Jarre.


Lunar Temple (UK)

Living Stones (2009)

Cornwall-based duo apparently influenced by German 1970's kosmische musik, Eno, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, but also stuff like Coil.


Lunar Testing Lab (USA)

The Winter Void (2012)
Nightmusik (2012)
Into the Dark Distance (2013)
The Alvord Expanse (2014)
Signalling the Stars (2016)

Hybrid downtempo / IDM / ambient project from Eric Watson. Only ambient works are included in the above discography.


Lunar Womb (Finland)

Planets (1996)
The Astral Grief (1997) (S)
The Sleeping Green (1999)

Dungeon synth with some cosmic influences.


Lunaria (Spain)

All Is Dream (2016)
Ascension Now (2018)
Water Mind (2018)
Asphodel Meadows (2020)
Anamnesis (2021)

Warm Ambient with a new-agey flair. Lunaria is Daniel Guillén.

See also: Guillén, Daniel, Path of the Sun.


Lunatik (Italy)

Pellicola (2021)

Nice, varied EM built around the sounds of the Moog Sub37 synthesizer. Each track was inspired by an episode of the author's childhood. Lunatik is Alessandro Giustini.


Lunatik Sound System (Germany)

7 db (2003)
Settle Down (2005)
Sinewave (2006)
Dream Induction (2007)
Soul Control (2008)
There Is Something In the Room (2008)
[Maybe Never...] (2009)
Beyond the Event Horizon (2009)
Mindblower (2009)
Sounds Like Water (2009)
Bad Vibrations (2009)
The Faraway Mission (2009)
The Heavy Minded Orchestra (2010)
Die Oktober Session (2010)
Sounds Like Water 2 (2010)
Sounds Like Water 3 (2011)
Moonlite Stories (2011)
Artificial Gravity For Lost Minds (2012)
The Journey (2014)
Preconception / No Matter How (2014)

Deep ambient sounds from Stephan Laubner, some in Dark Space style. He also makes other types of music under different monikers.


Lunch, Christian (USA)

Product (1979) (S)
Global Reach (1981) (S)

Although a synth-punk / minimal synth artist, Christian Lunch seems to step into the EM territory from time to time. He doesn't plunge into the EM ocean, though, preferring to just wet his feet a bit. Tracks with an EM flair include the upbeat "Futuresex" and the more reflective "Goddamn Monsters" with an over-the-top ending (both tracks are very short) from Product, and the Cluster-like "Courting the East" from Global Reach. I need to investigate more. But file under EM-related in any case.


Lundberg, Andreas (Sweden)

Space Wars Vol. 1 (2012)
Sequencermusik (2013)
Space Wars Vol. 3 & 2 (2014)
Propagandateknik (2014)

Aka AB Lundberg. This artist likes to combine Berlin School sequences with cosmic atmospheres.

See also: Global Chemicals


Lundh, Daniel (Sweden)

Epitaph of Cynicism (2005)
Kulturskymning (2013)
Vitt ljus / Vitt brus (??)

Minimalistic Dark Ambient.


Lundin, Hans (Sweden)

Tales (1984)
Visions of Circles of Sounds (1985)
Houses (1989)
The Solo Years 1982 - 1989 (2019)

Electronic Music by keyboardist of progrock band Kaipa.


Lundqvist, Anders (Sweden)

Desolation (2000)
Unknown Destination (2001)

For Laserdance fans.

See also: Macrocosm


Lundsten, Ralph (Sweden)

Fyra kompositioner (1964) (S)
Elektron (1966)
Mums (1967)
Feel / It (1968) (S)
Elektronisk musik (1968)
Tellus fagel bla (1968)
Silverskivan (1969)
Svit for elektroniskt dragspel (1969)
Erik XIV och ristningar (1969)
Musik for cramerballeten (1970)
Olskog (1970)
Gustav III (1971)
Fadervar (1971)
Nattmara (1971)
Nordisk natursymfoni #1: Stromkarlen (1973)
Midnattstimmen (1973)
Skrack och skratt, resor i okanda varldar (1973)
Jazza å gympa (1974) (S)
Shangri-La (1975)
Nordisk natursymfoni #2: Johannes och Huldran (1975)
Cosmic Love (1976)
Universe (1977)
Discophrenia (1978)
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (1979)
Paradissymfonin (1979)
Flygniva 450 (1980) (soundtrack)
Nordisk natursymfoni #3: En midvinter saga (1981)
The New Age (1982)
Aspects of Nature (1982)
Nordisk natursymfoni #4: En sommarsaga (1983)
Nordisk natursymfoni #5: Trolltagen (1984)
Dreamscape (1984)
Strangers In Paradise (1984)
Welcome (1985)
Message For the Soul (1985)
The Dream Master (1986)
Fantasia By Starlight (1986)
Airtechnology For Quality of Life (1987)
Ristningar (1988)
Hororscope (1988)
Legend of Joy And A Midwinter Saga (1990)
Alderstrappan (1990) (recorded in 1982 - 1985)
Atmosphere (1991)
Nordic Light (1991)
Mindscape Music (1992)
Ralphinated Symphonies (1992)
Topaz (1993)
The Joy of Being (1994)
In Time And Space (1995)
The Seasons (1996)
In Ralph Lundsten's Universe (1998)
Happy Earthday (2000)
Elektronisk musik fran 60-och 70-talen (2000) (recorded in 1964 - 1983)
A Vagabond of the Soul (2002)
Dreamlight (2003)
Hyper-Technical Touch (2003)
Prelude To the Future (2003)
Pa dromda stigar (2004)
The Naked Moon And the Virgin Sun (2008) (with Neurobash)
The Gate of Time (2011)
River of Time (2013)

Swedish composer (born in 1936 in Ersnäs, died July 5, 2023) who was quite well-known in his homeland, mainly beacuse of the numerous scores for television, documentaries and commercials. Considered to be a pioneer of Swedish Electronic Music. Ralph Lundsten started in the 1950's, using tape splicing and similar concrete techniques to achieve a sound different enough to what conventional instruments could give him. In 1959, the Andromeda studio was built in a 19th century wooden castle Frankenburg in Boo (where he resided until his death). His recording career started a few years later, with music for documentaries, television, experimental works and, finally, album releases. Ralph was known for using many unique devices and custom built synthesizers for his music, including the ones designed by Finnish engineer and musician Erkki Kurenniemi.While some of Ralph's later work may sound too sweet and melodic, he could be very experimental or even weird in his early years. Check out some of his stuff, it's quite unique.


Lundvall, Tor (USA)

Passing Through Alone (1997)
Autumn Calls (1998) (with Tony Wakeford)
Ice (1999)
The Mist (2001)
Evening / Leaves (2002) (S)
Under the Shadows of Trees (2003)
Last Light (2004)
Empty City (2006)
Yule (2006)
Seasons Sketches (2008)
Mizuko Jizo (2008) (S)
Sleeping And Hiding (2009)
Insect Wings, Leaf Matter & Broken Twigs (2009) (recorded in 1991 - 1994)
The Seasons Unfold (2011)
Field Trip (2011)
The Shipyard (2012)
Structures And Solitude (2013)
Ibis / Quiet Seaside (2014) (S) (with Leila Abdul-Rauf)
The Park (2015)
A Dark Place (2018)
Yule (2020)
Beautiful Illusions (2021)
Last Light (2023)

Tor Lundvall is a unique artist from New York. He is a painter and musician who started with a pop-influenced sound on his debut but quickly drifted towards Ambient of the mysterious, melancholic, dark and nature-inspired variety. He mainly focuses on short compositions instead of long tracks and sometimes uses human voice along with electronics and acoustic instruments. The pop influence creeps in from time to time on some of the releases, so beware. It's difficult to differentiate his more pop-oriented works from non-pop ones, so I decided to leave all of them in.


Lunitas (USA)

The Eyeless Morning Divisa (2022)

Texan artist with a nice EM style - long, cosmic tracks in the classic synth tradition.


Lunn, Tiffany (UK)

Escapism (2001)
A New Horizon (2004)
Our Existence (2010)

Emotional melodic soundscapes with rhythms, sequences and solos. Sometimes a bit on the new agey side of things.


Lunny, Eva (UK)

Sonics & Meditations (2023)

UK-based harpist and ambient soundscaper.


Lunt, Dave (USA)

Now Silent (1982)
Silhouette (1982)
The Formation of Dreams (1990)

Solo music from member of Nightcrawlers, with at least one cassette release on Synkronos label.

See also: Nightcrawlers


Lupi, Nuno (Portugal)

O Ballet de Morfeu (2019)

Keyboardist. Lush symphonic / instrumental prog / electronics music.


Lurking Mire (USA)

I (2023)

Seattle-based slime / radioactivity / pathogen-inspired electronics, like a mixture of dungeon synth and sci-fi B-movie soundtrack.


Lussi, Martina (Switzerland)

Selected Ambient (2017)
Diffusion Is A Force (2019)
Balance (2023)

Electroacoustic composer with influences from Ambient and EM. Or is it the other way around?


Lussuria (USA)

Profumo della Signora Nero (2009) (S)
Garden of Seduction (2009)
Silk And Honey (2010) (S)
Mists of Our Silence (2010) (S)
Sunken Meadow (2011)
Ghost Entanglement (2011)
The Truth Begins In Lies (2012)
American Babylon (2012)
Industriale illuminato (2014)
Immemorial (2014)
Scarlet Locust of These Columns (2015) (S)
Borgia (2016) (with Alberich)
Standstill (2017)
Beacons To Be Seen By The Black Oceans - Live In Berlin - (2017)
Three Knocks (2019)
Poison Butterfly Came Day After Autumn Day (2020)

Lussuria is a project of Jim Mroz who blends elements of industrial, Dark Ambient and melodic / analog EM. This is especially true about Standstill. Earlier works may be more noisy / industrial.


Lust (Malaysia)

Silika (2021) (S)

Diverse trio from Kuala-Lumpur who on Silika cover a lot of ground, from guitar drone to weird math-rock, electronics and ambient synths. Previous releases are supposedly much more rock-oriented.


Lustmord (UK)

Lustmørd (1981)
Untitled (1981)
Lustmordekay (1983)
Paradise Disowned (1984)
Heresy (1990)
The Monstrous Soul (1990)
A Document of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation (1991) (recorded in 1982)
The Place Where the Black Stars Hang (1994)
Stalker (1995) (with Robert Rich)
Lustmord vs. Metal Beast (1997) (with Metal Beast)
Purifying Fire (2000)
Metavoid (2001)
Zoetrope (2002) (soundtrack)
Carbon / Core (2004)
Pigs of the Roman Empire (2004)
Rising (2006)
Juggernaut (2007)
Other (2008)
Beyond (2009)
Dark Places of the Earth (2009)
Songs of Gods And Demons (2011) (recorded in 1994 - 2007)
Things That Were (2013) (recorded in 1980 - 1983)
The Word As Power (2013)
Kraków (October 22 2010) (2013)
Stockholm (January 15 2011) (2014)
Vampillia Meets Lustmord (2015) (with Vampillia)
Dark Matter (2016)
Maschinenfest (October 2 11) (2017)
Hobart (June 12 2011) (2017)
First Reformed (2019) (soundtrack)
The Fall (Dennis Johnson's November Deconstructed) (2020) (with Nicolas Horvath)
Alter (2021) (with Karin Park)
[Other] (2022)
Much Unseen Is Also Here (2024)

Brian Williams (Lustmord) is a pioneer of Dark Ambient genre. He started making music in the early 1980's, contributing to a few early SPK works. Since then he's gained a reputation of a sonic experimentator and researcher, always combining carefully recorded concrete textures (in places like caves, crypts and so on) with advanced processing techniques and his own sound creations. He is also the master of the stereo field, with his sounds fully enveloping you, if listened to with headphones. Early works were pretty rough but his sound got more polished as he gradually progressed towards a more individual style - one, which was less based on his industrial past and more on abysmal soundworlds and bleak ambient environments. Highly recommended. Just listen to his work with Robert Rich on Stalker and feel the magnificence.

See also: Arecibo


Lustwig Van Biesthoven (Germany)

Lust (1987) (with Marco Dobra)
Hyperspace (1987)
Hipnotic Invocations (1987)

See also: Minimax Maximalminimum


Lutnahimat (UK)

The Cat the Book And the Sea Monster (2006)
A Horrible Week In A Frame Without Perspective (2006)
Erosions (2010)

Dark Ambient artist from London.


Luttrell, John (USA)

Underwater Flying Lessons (2000)
A Sense of Impending Levitation (2004)
The Corridors of Time (2007)
The Dream Exchange (2014)

California-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. A mixture of prog rock and lush EM with a touch of Vangelis.


Luumil (France)

Les chambres prêtées (2021)

Varied ambient project.


Luvely (Australia)

Memories (2022)

Futuristic / cyber ambience. The younger crowd calls it "dreampunk", bacause... you know, they just like to have a name for everything. Nice Klaus Schulze touch on "The Day After Tomorrow".


Lux, Kevin (USA)

Etoile (2005)
Talk About It (2008)

These albums are inspired by the 1980's electropop sound, especially Kraftwerk.


Luxton, Dave (USA)

Hidden Music (2008)
Futurus (2008) (with Aaron Gates)
The Divided Line (2009)
When the World Was Young (2010)
Portal (2010)
Dark Moon (2010)
Dreams Ghosts And Parallel Universes (2011)
Singularity In Sound (2012)
Fuzzy Music (2013)
Strange Environs (2015)
Ascent of Being (2016)
Music For Science And Stargazing (2016)
Phantom Circuits (2016)
Explorations of Infinity (2018)
Collected Ambient Works II (2018)
After the Epoch (2019)
Behind the Machine: Soundtrack To the Novel (2021)
Stellafane Skies (2022)
Music From the Firmament II: A Space Ambient Collection (2023)

Ambient compositions from this acoustic guitar player and electronic composer.


Luxton, Jason (UK)

Whistle & I'll Come To You (2020)

Gloomy ambience.


Lvxus (UK / USA)

Cloudland (2005) (recorded in 1988)

Ambient by DAC Crowell and Jim Irwin. The duo "Lvxus" was formed in 1986 in Nashville. Unfortunately, in 1993 Jim died from AIDS-related disease, so the project had to be discontinued.

See also: DAC Crowell


LXMP (Poland)

Trois suites + Une miniature (2010)
Back To the Future Shock (2013)
Żony w pracy (2016)

Extremely complex analog electronics from this duo, seemingly informed by math rock and jazz fusion.



LY Foulidis (Belgium)

Heokhuis (2019)

Rich synthesizer pastiche with multiple sequences from Denis Wouters. Nice and pleasant.


Lydsten (France)

Agate (2023)

Artist with French and Danish roots based in Lille. Rhythmic, dynamic EM with a nice sense of melody. Between club music and more progressive sounds.


Lyell, John (USA)

Wormholes (1998) (with Brent A. Reiland)
Synthetic Universe (2002) (with Brent A. Reiland)
Dimensions (2006)
Eternity (2012)
Reflection of Time (2014)
Planetary Artifacts (2017)

The first album is ambient electronics with progressive touches, sometimes venturing into rather dark territories. The second is more floating and can be described as classic Space Music. Dimensions ventures further into the realms of floating, melodic cosmic atmospheres. John Lyell has been active on the Ambient / Space Music scene since 1994.


Lying Light In the Quiet (Canada)

Recovery (2016)

Ambient synth duo from Saskatoon.


Lyke Wake (Italy)

Mother II (2011)
The Black Light (2013)
Lyke Wake (2013) (recorded in 2010 - 2013)
The Dark After Dark (2014)
A Hate of A Thousand Years (2015)
Testament of Pain (2016)
Tavola anatomica III (2017)
Crawling Through The Abyss Of Pain / Symphonic Noise (2018)
Let the Universe Fall (2020) (with Noise Cluster)
Condominium (2021)
Requiem per Edgar Allan Poe (??) (S)

Lyke Wake is an experimental industrial / noise project of Stefano Di Serio that was active in the 1980's and 1990's. The early works are marked by lof-fi, minimal, noisy collages of sound, never overbearing or extremely aggressive, but also not EM or Ambient in the true sense. However, I haven't delved into that pase enough to be sure that there aren't any hidden gems for fans of EM. In 2010, Stefano returned to the scene, this time opting for a less austere, richer sound, marked by organ playing and dark atmosphere, all in the style of Medieval Ambient, or even a more cosmic, synth-based approach, as on A Hate... Relevant works will be listed.


Lyken, Mark (UK)

Mirror Lands (2015) (with Emma Dove)
The Terrestrial Sea (2016)
Boneshaker (2019)
Namwon Broadcasts (2019)

Scottish artist who makes dark Electronic Music somewhere between Ambient, industrial and general Progressive electronics. Some parts remind on the darker Node material.


Lyle, Bobby (USA)

Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707 (1973)

An oddity in the discography of this jazz / funk keyboardist, Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707 was actually his debut released on Japanese CBS/Sony. Contrary to his subsequent, better known works that seem to be either piano-based or group efforts in jazz fusion / soul vein, here it's just Lyle and an Electone GX707 organ / synthesizer from Yamaha. He does some covers as well as original tunes here. The music is still jazzy, fusion-y and easy-listening most of the time. However, he does deliver some more atmospheric / progressive moments as well ("The Temple At Nara"). A pleasantly EM-related, albeit sparse work that no fan of analog synthesis should sleep on.


Lynam, Kevin (USA)

Tone Cloud (2009)
Embrasser l'obscurite (2010)

Minimal analog soundscapes.


Lynch, David (USA)

Polish Night Music (2007) (with Marek Zebrowski)
The Air Is On Fire (2007)

Well-known film director and ambient composer. His Polish Night Music, made in collaboration with keyboardist Marek Zebrowski is a nocturnal work for electronics and piano, reminiscent of Harold Budd.


Lynch, Ray (USA)

Deep Breakfast (1984)

I decided to bring back Ray Lynch's entry to EEM because this album is still a nice piece of Electronic New Age, not terribly progressive, but explorative enough to warrant an inclusion.


Lynch-Salamon, Brendan (USA)

In the Weeds (2019)

Solo Electronic Music from member of indie rock group Warm Weather. Melodic, symphonic, hymnal, uplifting. A bit of Wakeman in there, a bit of Vangelis, a bit dancey, a bit instrumental hip-hop-like...


Lynd, Erik (USA)

Written On Rust (2023) (S)

Morphing, darkish modular synth pieces.


Lynn, Barry (UK)

Balancing Lakes (2008)
Taurus Tapes Vol. 1 (2017)
Taurus Tapes Vol.2 (2017)

Studies in repetition based on electric guitar loops and synths. For fans of Eno, Fripp, Goettsching et al.

See also: Host, The


Lynne (Norway)

Bjorn Lynne Demo Tape No. 1 (1991)
Hobbits And Spaceships (1992) (with Seppo Hurme)
Hibbits And Spaceships - The Extras (1992)
Brave New Virtual World (1993)
Montage (1994)
Dreamstate (1995)
Witchwood (1996)
The Void (1997)
Phoenix (1997)
Wizard of the Winds (1998)
Wolves of the Gods (1999)
Revive (2000)
The Gods Awaken (2001)
Accelerator (2001)
Colony (2002)
Nanoteknika (2002)
Return To Witchwood (2003)
Soothe (2004)
Beneath Another Sky (2006)
Undercover (2006) (with Adam Skorupa) (soundtrack) 
Quiet Places (2008)
Crystal Horizon (2010)
New Tech Haven (2013)

Bjorn Lynne creates music which is very reminiscent of the latter day Tangerine Dream but also has strong progressive rock influences. Energetic stuff with keyboards and guitar. Some albums (like Witchwood, for instance) are calmer and more serene.

See also: Divinorum


Lynner, Doug (USA)

Pulse - 21st Century Chamber Music (2015)
Modular Tonalism (2019)
Red Waves (2022)

Modular synth artist based in San Francisco. Minimal, experimental, sometimes vaguely melodic.


Lynxx (USA)

The Home of the Headhunter (2019)
Complete Silence: Dream Music (2020) (EP)
The Magi (2021)

Indescribable project that mixes some field recordings, mysterious melodies, analog synth sounds and even a touch of doom.


Lyon, Nic (Australia)

Unicorn (1983)

Symphonic electronics with progressive overtones. Apart from synths, Nic Lyon plays mandolin, harp, violin and viola. A fascinating, obscure release.


Lyrels (USA??)

Make This Sight Real (2013)
Conocido (2018)

Varied, mostly ambient synth compositions. Also some tribal influences.


Lytle, Jason (USA)

Arthur Kind Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO (2019)

Experimental artist. The above is a nice album featuring him on nylon string guitar and, judging by the title, the Juno synth. Nice and diverse - melodic, pastoral, experimental...


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