H (Germany)

H (2019)

A bass / drums / keyboards trio (Leo Hopfinger, Tom Simonetti and Albert Pöschl). Krautrockish, quirky, weird...


H (Italy)

Ātman (2016)

Dark soundscapes with some intense melodic / noisy bits from this audiovisual project.


H.ø.s.t (Poland)

Anthology of War (2017)
Desecration of Peace (2018)

Painful and haunting Martial Ambient sounds from Poland.


H2R (Italy)

H2R (2017)
The Secret Sharer (2018)

Diverse electronic duo of Davide Valecchi and Luigi Maria Vennella. Spacey, melodic, psychedelic, with vocoders and stuff.


H2S (Italy)

Le voyeurisme de l'absurde (2005)
Proteus Soundtracks (2007)
Kosmos 96 (2018) (EP)

Started as an industrial-related project, Fabio Degiorgi's H2S has progressively incorporated more and more elements of cosmic / classic Prog EM in its sound over time.


H336 (???)

Dismal Lights & Bright Penumbra (2019) (S)

Abstract analog sounds and moody soundscapes.


Haack, Bruce (Canada)

Dance, Sing & Listen (1963)
Dance, Sing & Listen Again (1963)
Dance, Sing & Listen Again & Again! (1965)
The Way-Out Record For Children (1968)
The Electronic Record For Children (1969)
The Electric Lucifer (1970)
Together (1971)
Dance To the Music (1972)
Captain Entropy (1973)
This Old Man (1974)
Funky Doodle (1975)
Ebenezer Electric (1976)
The Electric Lucifer Book 2 (1979)
Here Comes Santa In His New Space Suit (1981)
Bite (1981) (with Ed Harvey)
Preservation Tapes (2018) (recorded in ??)

Bruce Clinton Haack was born in 1931 in Alberta, Canada. He became slightly known in the early 70's for his attempts to create "children's first electronic music". For this purpose he used only self-built electronic instruments and was often assisted by some "Miss Nelson". He also made some more out-there stuff with occult themes that had some influence on space rock and other similar genres that appeared in the 1970's. Bruce Haack died in September, 1988.


Haags Timmerbedrijf (Netherlands)

Weiss (2007)
Schwarz (2007)
Grau (2008)
Eins (2008)
Zwei (2008)
Drei (2008)
Colours (2008)
Vier (2009)
Funf (2009)

Haags Timmerbedrijf translates to "The Hague Carpenter Factory". It's a project of Jos Lieffering inspired by the music of Kraftwerk, Conrad Schnitzler and Pete Namlook.

See also: Phochos, Mindsearch / Mindsearch's Revenge, Work of Honour.


Haare (Finland)

Ceremony (2006)
Meditations (2016)
Apocalypse (2017) (recorded in 2009 - 2011)
Gateways (2018)
Brain (2020)
New Age of Death (2020)
Invisible Death (2021) (with Culver)
Acid Realm (2021)
Submagic (2023)

Bleak Drone / Black Ambient from Ilkka Vekka. Ceremony contains mysterious music, with echoing lows and distant tolling bells. There are other albums that are supposedly noisier.


Haarvöl (Portugal)

Seeking the Intimacy of Silence (2023)

Electracoustic duo from Portugal. Seeking the Intimacy of Silence will appeal to fans of droning Ambient.


Haase, Christian (Denmark)

Grønland (2020)

Rather minimal ambience consisting of field recordings and soft synth sounds.


Haast - Hāwea (New Zealand)

Waitohi (2023)

A project from Christchurch mixing relaxed and minimal, melodic synth compositions with some field recordings.


Habeeb (USA)

Habeeb (2001)
Leviathan (2001)
The Black Ambient Space Jazz Remix (2001)
The Long Joureny On the Arm of Death (2003)
Il Cancello della Morte (2004)
Hymns of A Celestial Warlord (2005)
Mugshots Vol. 7 (2005)
Lone Star Boot (2006)

Death Ambient by Larry Kerr.


habelard2 (Italy)

Il Retorno del Gallo Cedrone (1990)
Qwerty (2013)
Maybe (2017)
Hustle & Bustle (2017)

A project of Italian keyboardist Sergio Caleca. With an experience in progressive rock, you would expect this style to be flashy and rock-based, and indeed, most of his compositions follow that path. However, he is all over the place stylistically, venturing into more atmospheric realms, vocal songs and pure instrumental rock. Il Retorno del Gallo Cedrone is a cassette release that was re-recorded and released on CDR in 2015.


Habes, Tom (Netherlands)

The Other Side (1994)
Sudden Exposure (1995)

Library music:

Soundlets Volume 1 (1996)
Soundlets Volume 2 (1997)
Soundtracks Volume 1 (1997)
Soundlets Volume 3 (1998)
Orchestral Moods Volume 1 (1998)
Orchestral Moods Volume 2 (1999)
Horror, Mystery & Fantasy (1999)
Contemporary Life Vol. 1 (1999)
Drama, Tension & Suspense (2000)
Suspense Vol. 1 (2000)
Drama & Action Vol. 1 (2001)
Dramatic Vol. 1 (2001)
Suspense Vol. 2 (2002)
Moving, Chase & Drive Vol. 1 (2002)
Rhythm & Suspense Vol. 1 (2002)
Drama & Action Vol. 2 (2002)
Suspense Vol. 3 (2003)
Drama & Action Vol. 3 (2003)
Rhythm & Suspense Vol. 2 (2003)
Rhythm & Suspense Vol. 3 (2003)
Suspense Vol. 4 (2004)
Light Suspense Vol. 1 (2004)
Rhythm & Suspense Vol. 4 (2004)
Drama & Action Vol. 4 (2004)
Grieve Vol. 1 (2004)
Suspense Vol. 5 (2005)
Dramatic Vol. 2 (2005)
Suspense Vol. 6 (2005)
Suspense Vol. 7 (2005)
Suspense Vol. 8 (2005)
Crime Information Vol. 1 (2005)
Rhythm & Suspense Vol. 5 (2005)
Horror & Suspense Vol. 1 (2005)
Heavy Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Low Tone Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Mid Tone Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Moving Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Moving Drones Vol. 2 (2005)
Rhythm Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Tension Repeat Drones Vol. 1 (2005)
Tension Strings Vol. 1 (2005)
Heavy Drones Vol. 2 (2006)
Low Tone Drones Vol. 2 (2006)
Mid Tone Drones Vol. 2 (2006)
Moving Drones Vol. 3 (2006)
Moving Drones Vol. 4 (2006)
Rhythm Drones Vol. 2 (2006)
Tension Repeat Drones Vol. 2 (2006)
Crime Information Vol. 2 (2006)
Suspense Vol. 9 (2006)
Crime Investigation Vol. 1 (2006)
Drama Vol. 1 (2006)
Drama & Grief Vol. 1 (2006)
Suspense Vol. 10 (2008)
Drama & Suspense Vol. 1 (2008)
Easy Suspense Vol. 1 (2008)
Easy Suspense Vol. 2 (2008)

Tom Habes started his career in Electronic Music circa 1986. He is mostly known for his work as Optical Image, a project in New Berlin School style. Tom's music is very soundtrack-like and was used in many TV productions.

See also: Optical Image


Habitat Ensemble (Czech Republic)

Habitat Ensemble (2023)

Difficult to classify, sort of general improvisation / experimental acoustic / electronic exploration type music from this group led by Marius Houschyar.


Háček, Tomáš (Czech Republic)

Littlewood Songs (2020) (S) (recorded in 2009 - 2020)

Wonderful moody, repetitive, melodic, pastoral pieces recorded on multiple acoustic instruments, sound objects and synths by this artist based in West Carpathians.


Hada (Greece)

In the Heart of An Endless Winter (2022)

Darkwave / post-punk duo of Babis Nikou and Natasa Koumi. On In the Heart of An Endless Winter, there is a slight EM influence felt, especially on the sequencer melter "Ascent of the Blessed".


Hack, Andreas (Germany)

Pieces (2014)

Varied cinematic EM from this synthesist.


Hackl, Tom (Australia)

Terra Australis (1992)
Mission (1993)

A one-time member of Weltklang who has also released some solo albums in classic Electronic Music style. Tom Hackl was born in Germany but currently resides in Australia.

See also: Touch, Weltklang.


Hadamard (Netherlands)

A Perfectly Reasonable Question (2023)

Like a mixture of ambient electronics and slow hip-hop beats. A project of Janko Bartelink.


Hadit (Germany)

Arise (2003)

Dark, a bit ritual ambience from ex-Mondblut members. Haunting!


Haesendonck, Ryan van (Belgium)

Vauville (2021)

Ambient artist with something of a Talk Talk touch in his sound.


HAEX-HRLL (Netherlands)

Further From the Truth (2017)

A pseudonym of Jeroen Warmenhoven. Mostly Prog EM in a varied style, with a touch of electro on some tracks.


Haffar, Bana (Saudi Arabia)

Alif (2017)
Matiere (2018) (S)
Genera - Live At AB Salon, Brussels (2020)
Intimaa' (2023)

Deep analog synth compositions, full of sparkling arpeggios. Bana Haffar is currently residing in North Carolina.


Hagal (Spain)

In the Vortex (2015) (S)
Enciclopedia Series 7 (2016) (S)

In the Vortex is experimental electronics influenced by the minimal synth scene. Enciclopedia dispenses with vocals and focuses on pulsing electronic sounds, a bit like a more experimental John Carpenter in places.


Hagen (Germany)

Logos (1993)

Analogue sounding tracks from this electronic musician out of Bonn.


Hagen Von Bergen (Germany)

Ravenlooper (2007)
Jetzt (2009)
Abschied ist ein schweres Schaf (2010)
Ei Allemol (2014)
Der Dauernde Fluss (2017)

Varied rhythmic / melodic Electronic Music with influences from downtempo, ethnic music and more. Hagen Von Bergen is a pseudonym of Frank Schüßler. Read my review of Ei Allemol here.

See also: Sine Amplitude


Hagerty, Andy (UK)

My Electronic Heart (2012)

Scottish producer who has a rather mainstream sound, influenced by techno / trance music you'd hear in a night club. However, he also seems to be influenced by Prog EM artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis, and delivers some nice tracks influenced by those styles. Overall, if you like easy, straightforward, melodic EM (without much focus on experimentation), you might enjoy this.


Häggblad, Sam (Sweden)

Apoptosis (2018)

Melodic, propulsive music from this Swedish arist, between synthwave and Jean-Michel Jarre's style (the most accessible aspects of it).


Haible, Jürgen (Germany)

Of Eagles And Prophets (1998)
Dark November (2000)
Holiday In Purgatory (2002)
The Secret Life of Trees (2006)

German synthesist (1964 - 2011). Analog music in the style of Schulze's classic works.


Haig Fras (UK)

Sea Pen / Labadie Banks (2021) (S)

Shimmering, aquatic modular ambience from Neil Mortimer and Mark Pilkington (Téléplasmiste).


Haigh, Robert (UK)

Creatures of the Deep (2017)

Veteran industrial, electroacoustic and classical musician. Creatures of the Deep features piano-heavy Ambient that will be enjoyed by fans Harold Budd or even contemporary classical composers.


Haïku (France)

Le Cycle de la Séquence du Holter (1982)

Electronic Music with minimalist influences from Gilles Peyret.

See also: Peyret, Gilles


Haiku Salut (UK)

How We Got Along After the Yarn Bomb (2011) (EP)
Tricolore (2013)
Etch & Etch Deep (2015)
Special Gift For Asia (2015) (EP)
There Is No Elsewhere (2018)
The General (2019)
The Hill, the Light, the Ghost (2021)

Semi-acoustic ambient trio of Gemma Barkerwood, Louise Croft and Sophie Barkerwood. Glitches, small melodies, micro-sounds, post-rock guitars, piano, synths...


Hail of Arrows (USA)

Hail of Arrows (2015)

A project of Gavin Russom (ex-collaborator of Delia Gonzalez). Fat, analog-sounding tracks ranging from heavy drones to rhythmic excursions, including some moments of sequencer overload.


Hail Spirit Noir (Greece)

Mannequins (2021)

Unexpected synthesizer-based album from this Greek psych rock / progressive metal / black metal band. Mannequins is definitely rooted in the 1980's, the synthwave and the horror synth genres. Beware the vocals on a couple of tracks.


Hainbach (Germany)

Ashes (2015)
Cello Pattern (2017)
The Evening Hopefuls (2017)
Violin Forms (2017)
No Need For Rain (2017)
Bruderkrieg (2017)
Songs For Coco (2018)
Dear Earth (2018)
Ambient Piano Works (2018)
Old Suns (2019)
Gestures (2019)
Borrowed Water (2019) (with My Panda Shall Fly)
Assertion (2020)
Light Splitting (2020)
Schwebungssummer (2021)
Landfill Totems (2021)
Home Stories (2021)
Core Memory (2022)
Syn-Ket Studien (2022)
Tagwerk (2022)
Voice Magnetic (2023)
Blast of Sirens (2023) (with Ah! Kosmos)

Experimental musician from Berlin (Stefan Paul Goetsch). The Evening Hopefuls is a wacky ambient album made of orchestral and guitar samples.


Haines, Denis (UK)

The Listening Principle (1986)
Ecoute Fondamentale (1996)

Denis Haines worked with Gary Numan, including as part of Dramatis - the backing band for Gary Numan shows. They released one synth-pop album and then split. This album (The Listening Principle) is supposed to contain EM and is part of the "Colors" series of albums. Two tracks off this album are actually versions of Dramatis tracks.


Haines, Greg (UK)

Komarovo (2009)
Until the Point of Hushed Support (2010)
Digressions (2012)
Where We Were (2013)
Greg Gives Peter Space (2014) (with Peter Broderick)

Greg Haines is a diverse classical musician, mostly a piano player. Sometimes he uses electronics in his works, though, resulting in a sort of an ambient sound, between Eno / Budd, shoegaze, electro-acoustic music and neo-classical, with excursions into weirder Cluster realms or even influenced by 1990's ambient techno. I will try to list his EM-related works here.


Haishima, Kuniaki (Japan)

Night Head (1993) (soundtrack)
Καρδια Otomo Katsuhiro Genga Exhibition (2012)

Varied soundtrack and orchestral music composer. Night Head is an electronic soundtrack with sounds ranging from the bombastic (with some sounds, such as the orchestral hits, reminding very much on Pet Shop Boys' Very) to the ambient. Καρδια Otomo Katsuhiro Genga is an ambient soundtrack to an exhibition.


Haji K. (Australia)

Black Against An Orange Line (2020)

Varied ambient compositions with slight elements of grime.

See also: Niquo, Nico


Håkan.L (Sweden)

Blod Och Regn (2006) (EP) (with B. Åström)
Nature Settings (2017)

Ambient with a touch of noise.


Håkansson, Kenny (Sweden)

Beno's Ben (1981)

Atypical solo album from Kebnekaise leader. Whereas his first solo effort Spelar Springlekar Och Gånglåtar (1978) was a multitracked electric guitar affair full of folk tunes, this one here expresses a weird krautrock influence, both in structure and sound. Dark, distorted and completely over-the-top guitar riffs are featured prominently, as are the ubiquitous synthesizers that create a disturbing, dizzy feeling. Sounds like stoned Hawkwind dudes playing Tangerine Dream's Cyclone. Another interesting fact is that Bo Hansson plays organ on this album.


Hakobune (Japan)

Sense of Place (2007)
Wandering Toward What Was Unsaid (2007) (S)
We Left the Window Open Sometimes (2008)
Melting Reminiscence (2008) (S)
Isohel (2009) (S)
A Yearlong Thought (2010)
Nebulous Sequence 2 (2011) (S)
Momentarily Endless (2011)
Away From the Lunar Waters (2011)
November Light (2011)
Heath Grass (2011)
Trace (2011) (recorded in 2007 - 2011)
I Discover I'm Missing (2011)
Shadow On the Lawn (2011)
Words Left Behind On Ashes (2011)
Believed Remains (2011) (S)
A New Morning (2012) (S) (with Ieva)
The Still Life of Reverie (2012) (S)
All the Other Hearts I Knew (2012)
Cloak of Gray (2012) (S)
Whispering In Their Presence (2012) (S)
The Cowboy Across the River (2012)
Recalling Your Ghostly Thoughts (2012)
While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn (2012)
Evergreen / Faraway (2012)
Recalling My Insubstantial Thoughts (2012)
Apparitions Just Outside the View (2012) (S)
Adrift (2012) (with Pleq)
If It Were To Fade (2013)
Vain Shapes And Intricate Parapets (2013) (with Celer)
Watching the Prescribed Burn (2013)
Tonight Is Why (2013)
Nebulous Sequences (2013)
A Distant Loss (2014)
It Is, It Isn't (2014) (with Chinei Hatakeyama)
Seamless And Here (2014)
Vitex Negundo (2014)
A Fluid Photograph (2014) (S)
Sinking Stars (2015)
Love Knows Where (2015)
All My Regret For Nothing Remembered (2015) (S)
Obscured By Beams of Sorrow (2015) (with Dirk Serries)
Apsidal Motion (2016)
Mizukagami (2016)
How Slowly We Regret (2016)
Garden of Ghosts (2016) (with Nobuto Suda)
In Arboreal Whispering (2016)
The Fall Rises (2016) (with Chinei Hatakeyama)
Moraine (2016) (S)
Impalpable Ashes (2016)
Landfall (2017)
Torch (2017) (S)
Betelgeuse (2018)
Parhelion (2018)
Obelisk (2018)
The Last of Our Time Together (2019)
Rain Studies (2019)
A Fan, Strings, And Two Guitars (2019)
Ruminating On What Was Unsaid (2020)
Solitude (2020)
Above the Northern Skies Shown (2021)
Sekkan (2021) (S)
Making It Easier To Be Away (2022)

Kyoto-based Ambient composer Takahiro Yorifuji.

See also: Yasei


Haku (USA)

Na Mele A Ka Haku (1976)

Private release from Hawaii with music by Frank Tavares who was the head of music and drama department at Maui Community College. What we get here is a weird mixture of EM and traditional Hawaiian music (or Hawaiian music played on synths). There are some voices that range from spoken word to weird vocalizations.


Haley, Dennis (USA)

Seven Seconds After (2003)

Ambient soundscapes.


Half A Map (international)

Thirsty Crops (2023)

International formation performing varied, mostly darkish ambient music.


Half Mute (Spain)

Épater le Bourgois (2000)
Organized Signal Artifacts (2014)

A project of Roberto Gemelín. Organized Signal Artifacts features cold, rhythmic, mechanical electronics. It is definitely influenced by techno and maybe also industrial. Sounds like Kraftwerk playing inside a large plant.


Halfgeleider (Belgium)

Gloed (2021)
Onder/Stroom (2023)

A project of modular synth artist Maarten Voeten, whose material ranges from dramatic ambience to slightly more structured and glitchy stuff.


Half-High (Australia)

Suspension (2012)
Shapeless Advice (2013) (S)
Calling Nina (2014) (S)
Half-High (2015)
Folds (2016)
Deserted Squares Under the Rain (2017) (S)
Rubble Indent (2017)

Sydney-based duo of synthesist Lucy Phelan and electro-acoustic / tape musician Matthew Hopkins. They are very experimental most of the time, hinting at noise, industrial, Dark Ambient and academic electronic music. Calling Nina is a nice, a bit spooky work, though, with a lot of Prog EM references and sort of a 1960's / 1970's occult EM vibe.


Halftribe (UK)

The Secret Garden (2014) (S)
Luxia (2016)
For the Summer, Or Forever (2018)
Backwater Revisited (2019)
Archipelago (2020)
Cloud Dreaming And Shadows (2020)
Lucent Forms Travelling (2021)
Elegant, Golden (2022)

Mostly rich ambient soundscapes, but also deep dubby rhythms on some tracks.


Halfway Places (USA)

Halfway Places (2018)

Athens, Georgia-based project. Unique sound, sort of melodic, analog, but also abstract, maybe a bit Cluster-like...

See also: Terminals


Halgrath (Russia)

Sacred (2011) (S)
Arise of Fallen Conception (2012)
Out of Time (2012)
The Whole Path of War And Acceptance (2014)

Dark Ambient project of Ekaterina Alexandrova, female opera singer / vocalist from Saint-Petersburg.


Hall, Martin (Denmark)

Cutting Through - The Final Recordings (1986)

Denmark's 1980's answer to David Bowie, Martin Hall also dabbled in Ambient, as the second disc of this double album proves.


Hall of Mirrors (Italy)

Reflections On Black (2007)
Forgotten Realm (2009)
Altered Nights (2012)
When Only Shades Remain (2018)

Dark Ambient from Andrea Marutti (Amon) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh).

See also: Marutti, Andrea, Verticchio, Giuseppe, Amon, Never Known, Nimh.


Hall, Tom (Australia)

Nocturnal Arc (2017)
Spectra (2018)
Particle Transport (2020)

Varied multimedia artist (mostly field recordings / electro-acoustic). Nocturnal Arc features abstract synth compositions, noisy and rough around the edges, bringing to mind 1960's EM.


Halley Labs Associates (Canada)

Phwoa (2016)

One long track with varying moods, mostly ambient and / or experimental.

See also: Darius


Halley, Mickael (France)

Panorama (2019)
Full Circle (2020)
Reworks (2020) (S)

Varied experimental synth tracks.


Hallicrafters (USA)

Hallicrafters (2000)
Pony (2003)

Ambient minimalism with hints of Tangerine Dream and Philip Glass from the duo of Brian Locklin and Wes (John) French (Texas, USA).

See also: Locklin, Brian & French, John


Hallonsten, Tomas (Sweden)

Monolog (2023)

Swedish trumpeter and keyboard player. Monolog started as a Mark Hollis-influenced instrumental project focused on acoustic instruments and improvisation, but gradually grew into a synth and drum machine-focused project. Richly melodic and jazzy EM in unique style. Very nice stuff.


Hallow (USA)

Things Unseen (2020) (S)

Varied artist from Massachusetts. Things Unseen is ambient electronics.


Hallow Under (USA / Sweden)

Hallow Under (2021)

Ambient duo of Drew Sullivan and Ludvig Cimbrelius. Airy, light, atmospheric, ethereal...

See also: Slow Dancing Society, Purl, Eternell, Illuvia.


Hallowed Bells (USA)

Hallowed Bells (2015) (S)
Violet Hands (2015) (S)

Philadelphia-based duo of Alison Stout and Darian Scatton. Shimmering, repetivite, analog, sequencer-based music.


Hallucination (USA)

In Hell They Found Peace (2018)

Spooky drums and synths.


Halo Manash (Finland)

Se Its En (2003)
Par Antra I: Vir (2004)
Syoma (2004)
rASHnkaRA (2007)
Language of Red Goats (2008)
Caickuwi Cauwas Walkeus (2009)
Taiwaskivi (2009)
Wesieni Wainajat (2013)
Haudattujen Valvoja (2015)
Unetar (2016)
We Dance Ourselves Into Nothing (2016)
Elemental Live Forms MMV - Initiation (2016)
Walkeus (2016) (S)

Dark Ritual Ambient from Aki Cederberg and Anti Haapapuro.

See also: I.corax, Aeoga, Arktau Eos, Aural Holograms.


Haloed (USA)

Hidden Light (Open Channels) (2020)

From dreamy, intense and futuristic compositions to sequencer flights (as on "Netsplit" and "Night City").


Halpern, Steven (USA)

Hear To Eternity (1979)
Rings of Saturn (1981)
Corridors of Time (1982)
1984: Newsound (1983)
Threshold (1984) (with Dallas Smith)
Crystal Suite (1987)
Trance-Zendance (1995)
Ambient Alchemy (2014) (with Michael Diamond)

Don't get wrong with Halpern's reputation of a new age artist, as Rings of Saturn (recorded in 1978 - 1981) is sure different, at least the first side of the cassette. It's synthesizer Space Music with various electronic sounds and beeps & bleeps as if you are orbiting the gas giant in a spacecraft, taking in the magnificent view of its rings. Side two features Halpern's piano playing and lots of choir & is much more in his usual style. Corridors of Time is supposedly electronic-oriented, too. Threshold is a good one for lovers of both Jonn Serrie and Kitaro. Trance-Zendance was supposedly inspired by the success of Enigma, but the Electronic Music that can be heard here goes well beyond those influences. Crystal Suite is half Rhodes piano new age music and half synth-based Space Music. Further investigation is needed.


Haltuu, Jurko (Sweden)

Last Days of Summer (2016)
Marmor (2018)
Cloudland (2020)
Falling Down A Colorful Hill (2022)
Sketches (2023)

Warm, droning Ambient from this diverse experimental / noise musician. Nice.

See also: Död


Halvknægten (Denmark)

Mørkeblå (2016)
Flade Et (2019)
Bånd (2019)

Danish ambient project.


Hama (Niger)

Torodi (2015)
Imidiwan N' Assouf (2015) (S)
Houmeissa (2019)

Synth musician from Niamey who uses his Yamaha keyboard to create repetitive compositions with programmed rhythms. There's nothing fancy here and the range of sounds isn't great, but it has a vibrancy to it that can only be found in African music. I wonder, what if Roedelius had actually been born in the heart of West African Sahel...


Hamann (Peru)

El Futurólogo / Tribu sin Dioses (2014)
Contacto Lejano (2017)

Varied synth music with sort of a mysterious / cosmic feeling. A bit too static / lacking in development.


Hamase, Motohiko (Japan)

Intaglio (1986)
Reminiscence (1986)
Notes of Forestry (1988)
Anecdote (1993) (recorded in 1987)
Technodrome (1993)

Japanese bass player who seems to be very interested in electronics. As a result his early works seem to be a mixture of EM and his electric bass playing. Notes of Forestry is geared more towards minimalism. Technodrome is an attempt to flirt with 1990's electronic styles but with unique results.


Hamblett, Marcus (UK)

Concrete (2015)
Detritus (2019)
BBC Sessions: Live at Maida Vale (2020) (with James Holden and Mark Holub)

Trumpeter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and synthesist who mixes various forms of jazz and post-rock with Electronic Music. Tracks like "Gardener's Basement" from Detritus are pure EM in unique style.


Hambraeus, Bengt (Sweden)

Concrete And Synthesizer Music (1976)

Bengt Hambraeus was born in Stockholm in 1928 and died in 2000. He had an academic background and released this album of beautiful electronic sounds, among other works.


Hamel, Etienne (Canada)

Apparitions (2022)

Slowly unfolding waves of synthetic sound, drones, distant melodies and sparse piano notes from this Quebecois musician. A few rhythmic moments as well. Pretty nice EM overall.


Hamel, Peter Michael (Germany)

Hamel (1970)
The Voice of Silence (1972)
Other Voices, Other Rooms (1974) (S)
Buddhist Meditation (1975)
Nada (1977)
Colours of Time (1980)
Bardo (1981)
Transition (1983)
Organum (1985)
The Arrow of Time / The Cycle of Time (1991)

German musician and leader of pioneering World Music ensemble Between. He also guested on the first album of Agitation Free. Peter Michael's own albums contain floating electronics influenced by minimalism. His primary instruments are synthesizer and organ. Some albums have strong Eastern influence.

See also: Between


Hamil, Manfred (UK)

Soft Furnishings (2014)
Pigeonhole (2017)
Echoes of Earlier Work And Other People (2018)
Everything Fades (2021)

A mixture of dancey beats, fast piano runs, synth arpeggios and ambient compositions. Real name of the artist: Steve Kelly.


Hamilton Isaacs, J (USA)

Brass Ring / Merx (2015) (S)
Over Unit (2016)
Dugoutcanoe #7 (2017)
Tolerance Clock (2018)
Circumzenithal Arc (2019)
Frozen Iguanas, Bless Their Hearts (2020)
Citycraze//Dweebcity (2021)

Synthesist also known as Dugout Canoe. Rhythmic, complex, experimental, sequencer-based.


Hamilton, Rod (USA??)

Teal (2012) (S)
Atitlán (2013)
Versatile Ambience (2016) (with Tiffany Seal)
Moon Lush (2017) (with Tiffany Seal)
Enchanted Forest (2018) (with Tiffany Seal)
Toad Lily (2021)

Ambient composed of a mixture of acoustic (lots of chromatic percussion) and electronic sounds. Minimal, repetitive structure.


Hamm, Marcey (USA)

Z (1986)
Celestial Dance (1987)

Considered a new age composer, some of Marcey Hamm's music will be of certain interest to fans of EM. First of all, on the above albums the author does not seem to always think exclusively along the lines of genre's cliches, uses synths and electronic equipment mostly, is not afraid to experiment, tosses in weird rhythms, sequences and other elements typical of our genre. I am not sure how you're supposed to relax or meditate to this, as the music is composed of numerous shorter segments, some of which are not very relaxing and the changes are too quick and abrupt. At times you get the feeling you're listening to a kid just fooling around on a new keyboard his parents gave him for Christmas. An interesting find. The albums that are not included in the above discography are: Inward Harmony (new age), Anthem To Soul (new age), Dream Partner (new age / new instrumental), Maitreya (new age) and Innocence (new age). So if you want EM elements, go for any of the works listed in the discography.


Hammemit (UK)

Spires Over the Burial Womb (2008)
Nature Mystic (2009)
...From the Old Hills Desolate (2010) (EP)
The Ghastliere Morrowe (2012) (S)
Morthwork (2013)

Ritual / Medieval Ambient from England.


Hammer, Jan (Czech Republic)

Like Children (1974) (with Jerry Goodman)
The First Seven Days (1975)
Oh Yeah (1976)
Melodies (1977)
Live (1977)
Time Is Free (1977) (with David Earle Johnson)
Black Sheep (1978)
Hammer (1979)
Untold Passion (1981) (with Neil Schon)
Here To Stay (1983) (with Neil Schon)
Music From Miami Vice (1985) (soundtrack)
Escape From Television (1987)
Snapshots (1989)
Beyond the Mind's Eye (1992)
Drive (1994)
Snapshots 1.2 (2000)
Miami Vice: Complete Recordings (2002) (recorded in 1985)
Seasons Pt. 1 (2018)
Seasons Pt. 2 (2022)

Famous keyboard player (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra) who became widely known for his electronic scores to the Miami Vice television series, in which he developed a highly melodic poppish electronic style, not unlike that of Jean-Michel Jarre. His early stuff is supposed to be more interesting, although not that electronic.


Hammer, Mario (Germany)

L'esprit de l'Escalier (2015)
Je L'ai Calissee La (2017)

It has become something of a trend for techno producers to release prog EM-influenced albums. The newest entry in that list is Mario Hammer with this work filled to the brim with fat, analog synth sounds and sequences.


Hammond, Lome (Canada)


Hamonet, Jean-Luc (France)

Melodie, Melodie ~ Rock (1982)

Multi-instrumentalist from France. The album is said to be guitar-dominated. But apparently, one song (the closing "Masques") is Heldon-influenced.


Hamre, Karsten (Norway)

Broken Whispers (2005)
Placenta World (2007) (with Kenji Siratori)
Enter Inside (2007) (with Vlad Jecan)
Through the Eyes of A Stranger (2009)
Through Alien Eyes Volume 1 (2020)
Through Alien Eyes Volume 1I (2021)

Dark Ambient by one of the best known names in the genre.

See also: Veiled Allusions, Dense Vision Shrine, Defraktor, Museum of Transient Lights.


Hamrol, Daniel (France)

The Encounter (1989) (with Ravi Shankar)

French synthesist who performed for a light / music show in Bombay together with Ravi Shankar's orchestra as a celebration of "The year of France" in India. The music  is often new-agey, but includes interesting abstract moments as well.


Hamuli Plene (Germany / Sweden)

Midelaghe I (2019)

Collaboration between German experimental artist Phil Struck and Swedish nu-disco / balearic / new instrumental musician Emanuel Sundin (aka Prins Emanuel). Electronics and acoustic percussion. I guess fans of Tribal Ambient will enjoy this one.

See also: Struck, Phil


Hana (USA)

Hana (1999)
Omen (2001)

A duo of Jeff Greinke and Anisa Romero.

See also: Greinke, Jeff, Land.


Hanaj, Remek (Poland)

Nagrania Terenowe Snów (2016)

Strange and in a way fascnating record that mixes field recordings with ethereal electronics. Sometimes with even an Epsilon In Malaysian Pale feel (when mixing recordings of birds with distant string orchestrations.


Hanak, Jean-Baptiste (France)

Une Dernière Fois (2021) (soundtrack)

Varied soundtrack, from vocal songs to post rock to symphonic EM in the style of Jarre / Vangelis. Very nice.

See also: dDamage


Hananel (France)

Sillage Oblique (1983)

Electronic Music with progrock moves. The musicians are Bernard Martin (guitar), Pierre Lambert (drums), Yvan Charrier & Frederic Manoukian (keys) and Claude Thirifays (sax, flute).


Hancock, Herbie (USA)

Crossings (1972)
Sextant (1973)
Dedication (1974)
Perfect Machine (1988)

Although Hancock is mainly known as a synth-funk keyboardist, I decided to include these three albums in the encyclopedia for their innovation and / or uniqueness. Crossings and Sextant were the first Hancock albums to feature synths so extensively and although they are still more like synth-fusion-jazz than Electronic Music, there's lots of interesting material to be found. The music on both is very experimental and unique. Patrick Gleeson contributes on synthesizer. Dedication (a rare album recorded in Japan) has two contrasting sides: one with a solo piano composition and one dominated by Hancock's keyboards that include both electric piano and synths. Perfect Machine is an inventive funk / electro album with the first (very Kraftwerk-like) and the last (something less rhythmic and more experimental) tracks standing out for EM fans.


Hand (Germany)

Debut (2017)
Reveal (2019)
Radioplay (2021)

A project of Berlin-based Sascha Bachmann who mostly works with tape recorders, which puts him squarely into the hauntology category. The reason I include him is the extremely cinematic EM composition called "Into the Void" (Reveal). It conjures up images of both Blade Runner-esque futuristic dystopia and Schulze's cosmic grandeur. The other tracks have their moments, too.


Handspan (UK)

The Dark Is Rising (2019)

Handspan is Rob Colling, a British artist currently residing in Joensuu, Finland. The Dark Is Rising is his soundtrack to the eponymous book by Susan Cooper. It is folky but full of tasty analog synth sounds and somewhat related to the hauntology genre. Nice EM overall.


Hanford, Jan (USA)

Vespers (1996)

Melodic, relaxed music from this female synthesist, who's been making EM since the 1970's (mostly under the pseudonym Human Response).

See also: Human Response


Hanhisuanto, Janne (Finland)

Reflections (2009)
Circles In 3d (2011)
I Space (2011)
Quiet Places (2012)
Solarization (2013)
Love Times Time (2015)

Melodic ambient soundscapes with occasional gentle rhythms. Janne Hanhisuanto started composing in 1996 with tracker software. He then expanded his setup and started releasing his music through the net.


Hanker (Georgia)

Sail Over the Eastern Horizon (2017) (S)

Side A is spacey, flowing synth textures. Side B features a rhythmic / danceable remix. Hanker is Sandro Kozmanishvili.


Hankinson, Mike (UK)

The Unusual Classical Synthesizer (1972)
Synthesia (1973)

Mike Hankinson was born in the UK, but it seems like he has relocated to South Africa. The first album contains interpretations of classical compositions made on an EMS Putney VCS 3 synthesizer. Synthesia follows in the same vein.


Hanlon, Keith (USA)

Strange Glance (2018)
An Eternity of This (2020)

Engineer, studio musician and member of The Black Swans, Bloodthirsty Virgins, Orchestraville and a few other rock bands and projects. As a solo artist, he records ambient music out of his studio in Columbus, Ohio. He uses both guitar and electronics (as well as drums on An Eternity of This).

See also: Dot


Hannah, Lee (Australia)

Infinitely (2018)
Mirror Reflections (2022)

An ambient mixture of field recordings and relaxing synthesizers.


Hannay, Roger (USA)

Architecture In Sound Vol.1 (1998) (recorded in 1970 - 1982)
Architecture In Sound Vol.2 (1998) (recorded in 1966 - 1980)

Ambient soundscapes a bit in the style of Steve Roach but more avant-garde from this trained musician and academic composer. Some of the pieces lean more towards contemporary classical. Roger Durham Hannay (born in 1930) worked in many different fields of music, including EM. It appears that Roger left this world in 2006.


Hannum, Terence (USA)

Via Negativa (2014)
Further Desecrations (2016) (S)
Impiety (2017)
Adversary (2018) (S) (soundtrack) (with André Foisy)
Dead Rite (2020) (S)
Dissolving the Bonds (2021)

Terence Hannum is a member of drone / doom metallers Locrian. As a solo artist he released some albums of noisy drone compositions (not listed). On Via Negativa, however, there is a certain drift towards the ambient side of things, felt in his drones constructed with voices and analog synthesizers. There is also a certain prog EM influence, like a more demented and ambient John Carpenter perhaps, complete with slow synthetic pulses. Let's see how his music develops, but at least on this album, he definitely moves in "our" direction, so to speak.


Hanrath, Wilfried (Germany)

Sing.Oracle (2013)
Glow (2019)
Prismatic Illusions (2021) (with Gordon Way)
Be Here Now (2023) (with Boban Ristevski)

Varied artist who mixes ambient compositions, rhythmic stuff with downtempo rhythms, Berlin School sequences, jazzy moods and a post-rock edge. Pretty inventive stuff and definitely progressive. Recommended.


Hansen, Marie Eline (Denmark)

Djævlen inde i os (2019) (with Daarlig Stemning)
Not Really (2023)

Singer-songwriter. Not really is an instrumental work in an individual style, featuring a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments.


Hansen, Ole Højer (Denmark)

Transmission (1985)
Nudity (1988)
The Dome (1990)

Danish composer, producer, visual designer, musician and synthesist born in 1956 in Copenhagen. Works professionally in composition and sound design for theater, ballet, film / TV since 1981, both in Denmark and internationally. He has an extensive discography with more than 20 albums, both solo and with several groups. Also composes soundtracks. Hansen is a founder of Dubtrack Media & Music and is also known for his live shows. Ole Højer Hansen live-concerts are a journey into the mind. Tight and expressive compositions – complemented by strong elements of improvisation, field recordings and randomness into a dreamy, glitchy, melodic and rhythmic ambient-house landscape [text used with permission]. The concerts are usually supplemented with live visuals. (depends on conditions and time)His solo music is mostly spacey synth excursions, sometimes with a sound ala Klaus Schulze circa X. Ole Hojer Hansen still produces music but has strayed away from EM a bit.


Hansen, Sven (Netherlands)

Postcards (2002)
Graviton (2002)
Oxy 2002 (2003)
Astray (2003)
Realms of Visibility (2003)
Phenomena (2004)
Timeframe (2004)
Babylon (2004)
Atlantiz (2006)
Mood Music (2006)
Mars X / Press (2006) (EP)
The Earth Mars Connection (2010)

Sven Hansen (real name - Ivo Keers) started composing Electronic Music around 1989. His first project was called Electronic Universe which had two cassette releases, before Ivo switched to his own name and released the well-known album Concerto In Epsilon in 1996. Around 2000 he took the pseudonym Sven Hansen and all subsequent works are released under that name. Babylon features sort of a fictious musical story about the ancient city of Babylon. It's rather diverse musically, with melodic and sequenced tracks dominating the picture. One thing to note is the use of percussion on many tracks. The title track features exactly that: percussive rhythms and wonderful synth solos. "Hurrian Hymn" is based on a score that was found on a clay tablet during archeological digs in the place where Babylon was. It dates back to approximately 1400 BC and is the oldest musical score known to humankind. I imagine how difficult it must've been to translate the score to the contemporary scale so that it could be played on todays' instruments. The melody is used with permission. "Long Ago Lullaby" is very soothing and sounds exactly as the title suggests. Sometimes Sven's music reminds me on Frank Van Bogaert's style - it has a similar sense of thematic development and on this album incorporates some World Music elements, resulting in a melodic kind of stuff that brings some of Frank's work to mind. "Stars" features a nice resonating synth background coupled with cricket sounds and some sparse synth notes. "Gardens" is a relaxed, sequencer-based number and is perhaps the best track on the entire album. "The Coming of the Warriors" is rather dramatic (also sequencer-based). It's sort of a continuation of the previous track. "Kuruwarriors" is a longer track with some heavier moments. On the other hand, I just couldn't get into "Nuujah". The music itself is rather nice but the repeating voice samples I found rather tedious and even annoying. Also the track could've been shorter. "Uzany's Army" is rather triumphant. It's a nice track. The last track, called "Sands of Time", finishes this album on a floating, a tad haunting note. There is also a twelfth track annouced on the sleeve that lasts for 7 seconds. It's there, but in fact it consists of just silence. I will take the risk of recommending this album to fans of Frank Van Bogaert. Even if there is some sequencer stuff here, I think they will find the bulk of this album to their liking. Also read my review of Timeframe in the reviews section. Sadly, Ivo Keers left this world in 2016. RIP, my friend, and thank you for the music.

See also: Ivo, Electronic Universe, Rho-Eta Omega.


Hanslik, Alan (USA)

Space Anomaly (2018)
Friendly Planet (2019) (with Steven Moniz)

Varied EM with a sci-fi feel.


Hanson, Richard (UK)

Hyperion (??)
East of the Dawn (1993)
Dark Sky (2003)
Monochrome (2006)

Rhythmic EM.


Hanssen (USA)

Transit (2016)

Seattle-based artist with a club background, which shows in his music that mixes equal doses of dance moods and samples with rich synthesizer sequences right from the Progressive Electronic school.


Hansson, Bo (Sweden)

Lord of the Rings (1970)
Magician's Hat (1972)
Attic Thoughts (1975)
Music Inspired By Watership Down (1977)
Mitt I Livet (1985)

Swedish keyboard player (1943 - 2010) who released a couple of Tolkien inspired albums during the Seventies. I have Magician's Hat. Imagine a mixture of early Mike Oldfield and Ash Ra Tempel with bits of Jethro Tull and the softer side of Zappa. The music is truly progressive (i.e. odd time signatures, rhythm shifts, multiple themes etc.) but not particularly electronic. Probably his subsequent albums are more synth-based (my guess). 


Hanzsek, Chris (USA)

Chris Hanzsek 85-86 (1986)
September And December (2017) (recorded in 1985)

Recording engineer from Seattle. I believe that this cassette only exists as a promo. It supposedly contains EM.


Hapka, Petr (Czech Republic)

The Bee Millenium (1983) (soundtrack)

Cosmic soundtrack. Peter Hapka is a film composer and synthesist born in 1944 in Prague.


Happiness Boys (USA)

Meat Parade (1982) (S)
Resident Alien (1983) (S)

Two Mini-LP's from this band that started as the Neutronics (Edward Bobb, Stephen Nester (Slap), Tommy Newton, Lester Linton and Del Ray Beach). This band released a self-titled cassette album on Duotone and then transformed into Happiness Boys which was essentially a duo of Edward Bobb and Stephen Nester.

See also: Slap


Happy Dragon Band, The (USA)

The Happy Dragon Band (1978)

Crossover space rock / synth-punk / experimental band from Detroit with heavy use of synths. Some purely electronic moments too. File under EM-related.


Happy Meals (UK)

Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volume 1 (2016)
Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volumes IV - VI (2017)

Happy Meals is a Glasgow-based duo of Lewis Cook (who also plays synths in The Cosmic Dead) and Suzanne Rodden. They are essentially a coldwave / disco project and released two albums (or, rather, one album and one 12" EP) prior to Full Ashram... The latter is THE shit, though, and is a different beast altogether - stressing their ambient and Progressive EM influences, the album starts and ends with a sine wave drone and in the middle you get stuff that sounds like devotional songs backed by Cluster and briefly stuff that sounds like outtakes from Heldon's Electronic Guerilla recording sessions.

See also: Free Love


Happy Moon (Italy)

Moon's Day (2021) (S)
Goodbye Sunshine (2022) (S)

Italian "comfy synth" project on Moon themes. There is an element of cosmic EM to its sound.


Happy the Man (USA)

Happy the Man (1977)

Happy the Man were a progrock band (and a very good one at that). They are sometimes compared to Gentle Giant and Pink Floyd, but they are really a thing in itself, combining elements of jazz-rock and symphonic rock into a unique whole, blissfully augmented by Kit Watkins' soaring keyboards. Mostly instrumental, the band deserves to be here just for the opening track on their eponymous debut album "Starborne". This could easily have been created by Vangelis during his best years, but is fairly unique nonetheless. A prime example of melodic, cosmic and romantic Electronic Music and one of my all-time favourites. I really haven't heard anything just like it, it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. Lots of other fine keyboard-dominated moments throughout the album as well. "Carousel" is just one example. Absoluetly recommendable music, even if not exactly EM most of the time. Happy the Man was disbanded circa 2005.

See also: Watkins, Kit, Roussel, Coco.


Happy Traveler, The (Germany)

My Trip To Tokyo (2020) (S)

Comfortable urban synth themes.


Harakami, Rei (Japan)

Rei Harakami (1997) (EP)
Unrest (1997)
Opa*q (1999)
Red Curb (2001)
Trace of Red Curb (2001)
[lust] (2005)
Joy For Joy (2005) (EP)
Colors of the Dark (2006)
わすれもの (2006)
Evaporator (2006) (EP)
天然コケッコー Original Sound Track By Rei Harakami (2007)
川越ランデヴーの世界 (2011) (with U-Zhaan)
広い世界とせまい世界 (2021) (recorded in 1990 - 1993)

Born in 1970, Rei Harakami was a Japanese electronic musician who made varied, lulling, tuneful music between IDM and more ambient influences. Using a limited setup (mostly a SK-88 Sound Canvas synth), he achieved an impressive range of sounds. Rei Harakami tragically died from cerebral haemorrhage in 2011, only 40 years old.


Haraldsson, Jón Hallur (Iceland)

Eve Online (2004) (soundtrack)

Game soundtrack with a melodic / ambient synth style.


Hardisty, Tom (Australia)

Reflective Works, 2009 - 2017 (2017)
Peace In the Plaza (2019)

Nice Ambient for daily activities or working hours created by this Melbourne-based artist. Warm, melodic...


Hardman, James (USA)

Pleiadian Suite (1988)

The above album is a synthesized work that reminds us on classic German cosmic EM and symphonic Vangelis. His other albums are supposedly just bland new age or piano solos.


Hardwick, El (UK)

8 (2020)

Eleanor Hardwick is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist. 8 is a concept work about cyberworld future. Although it is not exactly EM and sits more comfortably on the outer fringes of pop music, the EM influence is there, and the music is definitely moving in the progressive direction. The instrumental tracks / interludes are very nice.


Hardy Tree, The (UK)

The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath (2015)
Through Passages of Time (2016)
Sketches In D Minor (2018)
The Theme To Stagdale (2019) (S)
Stagdale In the Snow (2021) (S)
Common Grounds (2022)

Hauntology-related project of Frances Castle. Nostalgic samples, strings arrangements, mellotrons, music box melodies, warm analog synths, chirping rhythm machines...


Hare Akedod (Beglium)

001 (2012)
Gripgevest & Kling (2013)

Improvisational electro-acoustic duo of Bent Von Bent who plays acoustic instruments (guitar, zither, etc) and David Edren who takes care of electronics. Because of the latter's involvement, the music has a decidedly Progressive vibe. I mean, a lot of it could have been recorded in Germany circa 1973 by a lost krautrock / EM formation.

See also: Edren, David, DSRlines, Ōgon Batto, Spirit & Form.


Harglow (UK)

Harglow (2018)

Horror synth pastiche from this duo of Colin Nance and Eric Gorman.


Hari Sima (Spain)

Fluido Tiempo (2020)
Solo en Occidente (2022)

Solo cosmic Electronic Music from Paco León (Güiro Meets Russia). Deep textures, menacing sequences, effects...

See also: Güiro Meets Russia


Harkonnen Sound (USA)

Harkonnen Sound (2016)

Electronic soundscapes of the experimental variety inspired by the Dune universe.


Harmer, Margaret (Switzerland)

Making Shifts (2013)
Falling Inside (2017)

Swiss ambient with a relaxing style inspired by Swiss Alps. A mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds.


Harmograph (Italy)

Ambienti Elettroacustici (2019)

What the title promises. A project of Matteo Scaioli.


Harmonia (Germany)

Musik von Harmonia (1974)
Harmonia De Luxe (1975)
Tracks & Traces (1976)
Live 1974 (2007) (recorded in 1974)
Documents 1975 (2015)

Brian Eno dubbed this trio of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius and Michael Rother 'the most important rock group in the world'. The word 'rock' shouldn't be taken literally, of course, as there are not more rock influences in the music of Harmonia, than, say, in Kraftwerk's early stuff. This comparison is not accidental, because Michael Rother, as you may know it, is of early Kraftwerk and Neu! fame. And Roedelius & Moebius are of course the legendary 'Cluster' duo. Apart from Harmonia albums themselves, some of the Harmonia stuff can be found on the Roedelius' Theater Works album. There are two Harmonia tracks that date back to 1975. They were made in collaboration with Brian Eno, and, although they were altered a bit by Roedelius in 1992, the essence of the music remained intact. These tracks should be heard to be believed! The first is 'Captured By Letters' and it's a stunning ambient number, on top of which Roedelius plays dramatic piano notes (I believe, the piano was added in 1992). The second one is 'The Long Run' and it is a mind-blowing rhythmic outing, that eventually fades out to be substituted by an ambient soundscape. Very wild and at the same time atmospheric stuff!

See also: Cluster, Kluster, Roedelius, Hans-Joachim, Moebius, Rother, Michael 


Harmonics of Frequency Modulation (Iceland)

Vibes (1997)

Starting as a "healing music" outfit, Harmonics of Frequency Modulation quickly transformed into an ambient act with some techno influences. On Vibes, however, you'll hardly find any beats, it's mostly formless and abstract droning stuff.


Harmonious Thelonius (Germany)

Plong (2020)
Instrumentals - A Collection of Outernational Music Studies (2021)
Cheapo Sounds (2023)

Tribal, repetitive, rhythmic music with a Dusseldorf School flair from Stefan Schwander who is based in, yes, you've guessed it, Dusseldorf. His previous releases supposedly are not EM enough to be included here. Further investigation would not harm, though.


Harmonische-23 (UK)

Kiosk (2022)

This trio consisting of Mark Kyriacos, Paul Challender and Tom Sumnall creates cosmic EM compositions inspired by krautrock, library music, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, hauntology and vintage EM of course.


Haron (Netherlands)

Wandelaar (2018)
Plafond 6 (2020) (with Cucina Povera)
Taxa (2020) (S)

Rich, complex, ambient, analog, classically-inspired music.


Harper, Darren (USA)

Falls (2011)
Field & Fern: Mountain & Sea (2011) (S) (with Gimu)
Lavender Drift (2011) (S)
Passages For the Listless And Tired (2012)
Tales of Seven From Distant Shore (2012) (S) (with Porya Hatami)
Home (2012) (with Jared Smyth)
Awaken My Heart To A Belief In Hope (2013)
Rising Sea (2013) (S)
Movements For An Absent Mind (2014)
Reduction & Variant (2015)
Paths (2019)
Arising & Ceasing of Things (2021) (with Xu)
Autumn Loops (2023)

Ambient artist from Colorado.


Harper, Don (Australia)

Homo Electronicus (1974)
Cold Worlds (2014) (recorded in ??)

Australian jazz musician who released this obscure album in 1974 that includes a cover of "Dr. Who", among original material that ranges from jazzy / fusion workouts to quite abstract stuff. A whole supporting band performs here on various acoustic and electronic instruments, including ARP 2600 synthesizer.


Harpoon Pole Vault (USA)

Whispering Crystal Babies (2009)
Bipolar Adjustment Procedure (2010) (S)
Outside This Area (2010)

Lo-fi ambient soundscapes from Jason E. Anderson, founder of Gift Tapes.

See also: Brother Raven, 2 Hands On Knobs, Space Habitat.


Harrington, William (USA)

Urban Electronic Music (2006)
UEM Live (2007)
Code (2007)
Ubiquitous Empty Motion (2007)
Nuclear Menace (2008)
Noise Noise (2008)
Science Can't Explain It (2009)
G3 (2010)

Former keyboard technician for Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa, William C. Harrington released some solo works with Experimental EM and Ambient-like structures, based on analog & digital synthesizers, samples, acoustic instruments and unlikely objects.


Harris, Darren J (Australia)

Where the Land Meets the Sea (2016)
Time And Tide (2019)
Beautiful Heart (2022)

Ambient artist based in Tasmania.


Harris, Francis (USA)

Thresholds (2022)

Ambient synth compositions with a touch of glitchiness and neo-classical from this New York-based artist. His previous releases are supposedly more in downtempo / house mould.


Harris, Mark (UK)

The Boy Observes the Ocean (2010)
An Idea of North / Learning To Walk (2012)
The Angry Child (2014)
In the Forest, the Animals Are Moving (2015)

Long-form ambient works, for fans of the rhythmless Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, etc.


Harris, Matthew (USA)

Blind Cinema (2001)
The Cure May Never Come (2002)

The first album is Ambient / Space Music, the second one contains 99 (!) short tracks of varying moods.


Harris, Ryan (USA)

Brick Road Midnight (2013)
Endless Shadows (2014)
Austin Cassette Fest 2014 (2014) (with Akkad the Orphic Priest)
Demons In the Dirt (2015)
The Skies Above (2015) (S)
Sun / Sand (2015)
Android Skeleton (2016)

Texas-based artist with a desert-influenced electronic sound. For fans of Steve Roach, Eno, Klaus Schulze et al.


Harris, Scott (USA)

The Solar Home Companion (??)

Private cassette release from Santa Fe, New Mexico, supposedly from the mid 1980's.


Harris, Xander (USA)

Urban Gothic (2011)
Contamination (2011)
I Want More Than Just Blood - High Heels Mix (2011) (S)
Snow Crash (2012)
Chrysalid (2012)
The Case of Antonine Rogue (2012) (S)
The New Dark Age of Love (2013)
Cry Havoc (2014) (S)
Midnight Mystics (2014) (S)
California Chrome (2016)
Termination Dust (2017)
Villains of Romance (2018)
Termination Dust (2021)

A mix of Goblin-style "giallo", progressive EM, techno and italo-disco. Xander Harris is a nice representative of horror / italo / 1970's EM revivalism.

See also: Sweatt, Justin, Future Museums.


Harrison, Benjamin (UK)

Brutal (2022)

Ambient musician. As the title suggests, Brutal is an album inspired by and dedicated to brutalist architecture of England.


Harrison, George (UK)

Electronic Sound (1969)

Yes, it's that George Harrison, of The Beatles fame. In fact, this album contains a demo of the Moog synth by Bernie Krause that Harrison recorded without permission and released under his own name. Abstract electronic sounds only. Totally crazy and very rough.


Harrison, John (UK)

Creepshow (1982) (soundtrack)
Day of the Dead (1985) (soundtrack)

UK-born soundtrack composer. Creepshow is a varied and sometimes cheesy "horror synth" classic, with piano and lots of Prophet 5 synthesizer. Day of the Dead is a brighter, more melodic and rhythmic, but still largely electronic score to a George A. Romero film that sounds much better as a standalone musical work.


Harrison, Kevin (UK)

Epiphany (2001)
Velvet Galaxy / Spider Mill (2002)
1975 - 1981 Solo Performances & Early Home Recordings Vol. 3 (2004)
Tape-Recordings 1975 - 1985 (2016)

Intense ambient soundscapes from this guitarist and electronic composer (born in 1952). Starting in 1975 with just a guitar and an EMS synthesizer, Kevin Harrison continues his musical journey until this day. He has worked in a variety of styles, from EM to new wave, pop, rock and even noise / industrial. An interesting artist who knows no limits.


Harriss, Don (USA)

Elevations (1987)
Vanishing Point (1988)
Abacus Moon (1989)
Shell Game (1990)
Mysterium (1992)
Higher Elevations (1995)
Europa (1995)

Melodic music from this musician out of Saint-Louis, USA. Said to resemble a mixture of Ray Lynch, Jan Hammer's television soundtracks and Chris Franke circa Pacific Coast Highway. Apart from the listed albums, there's also a solo piano work from 2000, titled Hero's Welcome.


Harrow, David (UK)

On Forever Gone (2014)

British keyboard player who was active during the 1980's, playing with Jah Wobble, Anne Clark and others. He released a synth-pop album in 1983, and is known doing techno music under the Technova moniker, as well as under several other guises. On the album On Forever Gone, released through Psychonavigation Records, he mixes his ambient side with some sequencer / analog synth compositions.


Harry Elektron (Greece)

The Black Tower (2010)
Φωτιά Fire (2019)

Wow. That's a weird one. Imagine the most over-the-top and loud Hollywood symphonic music. Take that. Then add weird sampling and noises. Then electronics & synths. Check. Finally, some weird computer / vocoder singing and distorted rock guitars. On Φωτιά Fire, you can hear all of the above and then some. I would say that the music is definitely progressive, although it will not be to everyone's liking for sure. I could perhaps recommend it to fans of, say, Magma, Art Zoyd and the Hollywood scores, but then neither of these auduences is guaranteed to like the crazy mix that Harry Elektron aka Thanasis Apostolidus offers here.


Harster, Kai (Germany)

Return To Nature & Other Delights (1981)

Born in Munich, but raised in America, Kai Harster is a German electronic artist who was involved in several early ARS Electronica festivals in Linz. The above is a privately released record in a unique, ambient style.


Hart, Annie (USA)

Everything Pale Blue (2021)

New York-based keyboardist and member of synth-pop band Au Revoir Simone. She released a couple of "dream-pop"/synth-pop solo albums before settling for an ambient, analog synth-based sound on Everything Pale Blue. Minimal, melodic, warm... Nice stuff.


Hart, Dennis (Germany)

Mental Balance (1986)
Spirit of Life (1986)
Gravitation (1987)
Terra Inco (1989)
Sternthaler (1990)
Meridian (1991)
Vision (1992)
Contiki (1997)
Aurora (1998)
Sommertraum (1999)
Silbermond (2001)
Songs With the Whales (2001)
White Nights (2004)
Zeitenwende (2005)
Veermaster (2007)

Melodic music from this composer (born in 1951 in Germany, died in 2016). Some works are supposedly bordering on new age territory. Dennis Hart was also known for his TV and movie scores.


Hart, Paul (UK)

Dynamism (1980) (with Francis Monkman)
Futurism (1981)

Futurism is a library LP of synth themes.


Harth, Adam (USA)

Space (2003)
EM (2005)
Adam Harth (2006)
The Natural Sounds (2008)
The Live-ish Album Vol. 1 (2010)
The Live-ish Album Vol. 2 (2010)
Endeavors (2011)
Pulses (2011)
Formidable Circumstances (2011)
Musique Concrete (2011)
Canatara (2011)
Early Reflections (2011)
Something In the Way (2011)
Drone Music I (2011)
Drone Music II (2011)

Stearoptene (2011)
Frequency (2012)
Resonance (2012)
Disseminations (2012)
Vendetta (2012)
Effervescent (2012)
Drone Music III (2012)
Xxv (2012)
Dichotomies (2013)
Drone Music IV (2013)
The Adam Harth Supplementary (2013)
Bootlegged (2013)
Illusions of Self Motion (2013)
Systems (2013)
Aegir (2013)

Ultraist (2014)
Singularities (2014)
Schwarzchild Radius (2014)
Immirizi Parameters (2014)
Drone Music V (2014)
Consortiums (2014)
Oceanography (2014)
Amalgamation (2015)
Maelstrom (2015)
P Waves (2015)
Sphere (2015)
The Christmas Album (2016)
Pomponius Mela (2016)

Berlin School (or experimental, depending on the album) music from this San-Francisco-based synthesist.


Hart-Lemonnier, Yan (France)

La Fin de l'Électricité (2012)
Pédé comme une Gouine (2015) (S)
Valeurs Modernes (2016)
Souvenirs de l
'Âge d'Or (2017)
Le Coeur et la Raison (2018)
Le Partage des Griefs (2019)
Dimanche à la Maison (2019)
Confortable au Bord du Vide (2021)

Electronic composer who on Souvenirs de l'Âge d'Or presents everything, from a bit Zappa-like collages to chiptune, slow IDM numbers and pure Prog EM compositions.


Hartman, Dan (USA)

New Green Clear Blue (1989)

A legendary producer, dance music star and songwriter / performer, Dan Hartman released this atypical Ambient album in 1989. The music was heavily influenced by Brian Eno and the material appeared on Peter Baumann's Private Music label. Sadly, in 1994 Dan died of brain tumor.


Hartnell, Kevin (USA)

Umbra (1999)

Kevin D. Hartnell is a synthesist and sound designer. The material on Umbra is inspired by horror scores and images.

See also: Room 237


Harts Horn (USA)

Jettisoned (2005)

Stark, hallucinogenic soundworlds created by synthesist and guitar player Joe Davis from Indiana. For fans of Experimental EM and the darkest forms of space rock.


Harts Sogney (Russia)

Conjuncture (2016)

This music sounds like the author took Klaus Schulze's "Sebastian im Traum" as a model or inspiration - it's all abstract, electro-acoustic, sound collage stuff with mood similar to that of the aforementioned 1983 composition off Schulze's Audentity. On the last track, a strange, slow, reflective and disjointed sequence is introduced as the music becomes more electronic. Overall, though, it's way too strange of an experience for average EM fans. For adventurous listeners it may be a good pick, though.


Hartzog, Paul (USA)

Faces (1996)

Paul Hartzog released this CD in 2000 (recorded in 1991 - 1996), with music inspired by Vangelis, Patrick O'Hearn and Eddie Jobson. Melodic and atmospheric stuff. The first EM Paul had been exposed to was Tangerine Dream, back in the 1970's. His music is also featured on an Eddie Jobson tribute CD.


Haru (Japan)

.1 EP (2019) (EP)
.2 EP (2020) (EP)

Intense analog synth music that ranges from melodic to slighty noisy.


Harvestman (USA)

Music For Megaliths (2019)

A project of Steve Von Till, who is quite diverse to say the least. Mostly known as a member of hardcore punk meets psychedelic drone band Neurosis and many other projects, he's done drone, post-rock, space rock, psychedelic rock, acoustic guitar music and more. Music For Megaliths plays more like a guitar drone album. However, some synth / guitar combinations really remind me on Heldon circa Electronique Guerilla / Allez Teia. For instance, Oak Drone could easily be a lost Heldon outtake. File under EM-related.


Harvey, Alain (Canada)

Le Reve d'Icare (1992)

In early Boddy / Shreeve style.


Harvey, Chris (UK)

The White Sail (1995)

Very melodic electronics, comparable to Erik Wollo.


Harvey, Lawrence (UK)

Ancient Astronauts (2008)

Lawrence Harvey's first album was a mishmash of styles but on Ancient Astronauts he found his niche in the world of melodic and spacey EM.


Harvey, PJ (UK)

All About Eve (2019) (soundtrack)

British singer-songwriter and ex-member of Automatic Dlamini. All About Eve is a theater soundtrack with two songs sung by Gillian Anderson and Lily James, respetively, and the rest is instrumental material based on piano and electronics, which may interest fans of EM.


Harvey, Richard (UK)

Pictures In the Mind (1978)
A New Way of Seeing (1978)
Nifty Digits (1980)

A New Way of Seeing contains ambient and thematic Electronic Music with a strong Mike Oldfield flair from this ex-Gryphon musician (he played recorder there). It's a rare 4-track album released as a demo in 1978. Nifty Digits is a library LP on KPM, as is Pictures In the Mind.


Harvey Seaders Band, The (USA??)

The Harvey Seaders Band (1987)

Strange private LP that alternates between blues / hard / prog rock (with singing) and electronics, sometimes done in a strange, cartoonish way. There are influences of Kraftwerk perhaps and other electronic pioneers.


Hasel, Matthew (USA)

Fantasi (1988)


Hashimoto, Ichiko (Japan)

Ichiko (1984)
Beauty (1984)
Kira (1985) (S)

Japanese keyboard player and art pop singer who is mostly found playing piano, but used synths extensively as well. Ichiko is dominated by the piano, but augmented nicely by synths and there are also purely synthesizer tracks, like the closer for instance - an ambient EM piece in a unique, minimal, chamber style which is very Japanese in feel and spirit but is very Satie-esque at the same time. Beauty introduces Ichiko's vocals (her voice was already used on her debut but here it's direct singing with lyrics). Some of the instrumental material is still interesting though, reminding on a chamber and deep version of YMO, with classical influences. Kira is a flexi-disc with a piano piece on side A and a synth version of it on side B. Later works are supposedly of no interest to EM fans. File under EM-related.


Hashimoto, Kazuo (Japan)


Hashish (Sweden)

A Product Of (2016)

Mostly instrumental (with some vocals) kraut / EM. Spacey atmosphere. A project of Stefan Kéry.


Hashtronaut (UK)

Report From An Unknown Planet (2003)
Nexus (2003)
Hashtronaut (2003)
Surface (2004)
The Lambda Variant (2005)
Bottle Universe (2006)
Event One (2007)
Magnetic Shadows (2007)
Through A Year, Darkly (2007)
Sonic Worlds (2008) (with Modulator ESP)
Time Out of Mind (2009) (with Brendan Pollard and Free System Projekt)
Mind Out of Time (2010) (with Brendan Pollard and Free System Projekt)

Music similar in style to Klaus Schulze from this Liverpool-based artist. Very cosmic. The Lambda Variant starts with the long title track. Repeating electric piano-like motif develops to include other sounds as well as a mournful synth solo. Another solo joins it and the track settles into a groove for a while with very little in terms of changes to the sound. Ok, the Schulze influence is quite prominent here and a bit too prominent, I must add. Not bad, just lacks originality, IMO. However, things become more exciting as the rhythm kicks in. Mind you, it's still firmly in the Klaus Schulze (circa Body Love / Mirage) school of thought, but there's certain dynamism to the track that's a welcome change from the monotony of the previous section. The rhythm then subsides while the sequences become overall more prominent. The solos are always there, reminding on the great Klaus Schulze, albeit on Hashtronaut's music you can hear (if you have a trained ear that is) that most sounds were made on virtual analogue instruments. The rhythm returns, as EMS-like twitters fly around like comet sparks. One thing I notice is the lack of pads of any kind. Don't know is it was intentional, but the music seems to consist of just the solos, effects, sequences and rhythms. After a while the sound literally goes mad with distorted sequences, harsh effects and totally freaked-out textures. Finally, something vaguely resembling a pad appears and takes center stage. Excellent atmospheric section, this one - all those subtle effects etc. "Church of Lambda / Lambda Ritual" is a live track that occupies the second half of the disc. Organ-like tones dominate the intro and it's quite obvious that the author is (again) trying to sound just like KS. Strange effects give way for an upbeat aggressive sequence. Excellent gritty, industrial-like stuff and a welcome change from the all-too predictable classic-formula sounds. A high-flying solo compliments the noisy rhythm, often using the Arabic scale (just like KS likes to do it). This stuff must have sounded great live! It's the kind of music a wicked drunken bartender on an interstellar station would play you on a hard night's morning if you get my sick imagery. A bum note here, a missed timing there (heck, it's a live recording after all), Hashtronaut's soloing is extremely pleasant and competent. What makes me happy is also the fact that Hashy does change the sound of the solo on the fly, keeping you interested and not letting you get bored. Intense is the word for this track. The sequence then slows down and disappears, while the synths paint an otherworldly picture. My final verdict: track 1 is OK, although overall pretty forgettable (bar the final section). Track 2 is essential and should be heard. I'd recommend that you get this album, even if for the second track alone.

See also: Daniel, Michael, Strange Telemetry, Daniel & Booth.


Haslam (USA??)

I Have Yet To Go Deeper... (2003)
Vagrant Thoughts (??)
Journeys (??)

A project of Byron Paladin. I think it is Tribal Ambient.


Haslam, Gunnar (USA)

Athabaskan Languages (2016) (S)
Kalaatsakia (2017)
KL01 (2018) (S)

Minimal techno producer who on this 12" record surprises with a beatless, sequencer-based track "Sarsi". Good EM. The rest is typical minimal techno / ambient techno stuff. Kalaatsakia continues this tendency of alternating between techno numbers and some ambient / abstract stuff.


Haslinger, Paul (Austria)

Future Primitive (1994)
World Without Rules (1996)
Planetary Traveler (1997)
Score (1999)
Underworld (2003) (soundtrack)
Halt And Catch Fire (2016) (soundtrack)
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) (soundtrack)
Exit Ghost (2020)
Exit Ghost II (2021)

Austrian synthesist and member of Tangerine Dream from 1986 to 1990. Haslinger is a very talented musician and his solo work easily shows this. There are many styles covered in his works and the description would be probably: rhythmic electronics with world influences, although this doesn't say a thing about his stuff. Sampling, ethnic touches, rhythms, everything is done superbly. I've heard his 'Octahedron' from the 1991 sampler and it rocks! Such a strong and interesting music, it assures that any level of mediocrity in Tangerine Dream work during the 1986-1990 era is certainly not Haslinger's fault. All of his albums are highly recommended. Planetary Traveler is a soundtrack to a computer graphics animation movie. It is a mixture of Paul's synthetic textures and orchestral elements. Score from 1999 features so many styles that it is almost impossible to name them all. It is enough to say that the music ventures into such uncommon styles as hip-hop, funk, jazz, etc. If you find any of his albums, you can do much worse than spend your money on them. Recently Haslinger has collaborated with the French electronic duo Lightwave on a couple of albums. In fact, Paul and Lightwave have known each other since the Eighties. Paul also creates Dark Ambient music under the project name of Coma Virus, which makes it even harder to believe that the very same person was involved in the creation of such easy-listening albums like, for instance, Optical Race and Lily On the Beach.

See also: Tangerine Dream, Coma Virus, Neuland.


Hasselbalch, Marc (Denmark)

Gentagelsen (2022)

Ambient artist from Denmark.


Hastings, David (USA)

Over the Top (??)
In the Realm (??)
Gathering At the Oasys (??)
Electric Cafe (2000)
Solo Contenda (2001)
Sovereign Alchemist (2002)
Sorcerer of Sound (2002)
Shark's Cove (2003)
Painted Desert (2003)
Miles Inland (2003)
Awesome! (2003)
Live (2004)
Dance Yer Pants Off (2004)

Synthesist from northern California. Improvisational EM somewhat influenced by the great German masters, but also by Frank Zappa's Synclavier experiments.


Hasufel (USA)

Lord of Carrion (2017)
Forlorn (2018)
Decrepit (2019) (S)
Manifestations of the Spirit (2019)
Lamentations of the Foul High Priest (2020)

A vehicle for darker musical moods of Dylan Ettinger. Music with elements of noise, Black Ambient, horror synth, dungeon synth and more.

See also: Ettinger, Dylan


Hatake, Yoshi (Japan)

おくのほそ道 (1989)

Synth Ambient inspired by Brian Eno.


Hataken (Japan)

A Prana Planet (2017)
The Voyage To the Higher Self (2022) (with Sugizo)

Ambient artist (real name - Hata Kenichi) who likes to create blissful soundworlds with modular and analog synths. At least that's what you hear on The Voyage To the Higher Self.


Hatakeyama, Chihei (Japan)

Minima Moralia (2006)
Dedication (2008)
Saunter (2009)
August (2009)
The River (2009)
White Sun (2009) (EP)
The Secret Distance of Tochka (2009)
A Long Journey (2010)
Ghostly Garden (2010)
Variations (2010)
Dedication II (2011)
Mirror (2011)
norma (2012)
Live In Kanazawa (2013) (with Asuna)
Bare Strata (2013)
Alone By the Sea (2013)
Sacrifice For Pleasure (2013)
Midnight In Hsinking (2013)
It Is, It Isn't (2014) (with Hakobune)
Winter Storm (2014)
Falling Sun (2014) (with Good Weather For An Airstrike)
Frozen Silence (2015) (with Sakana Hosomi)
Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (2015)
Too Much Sadness (2015)
Magical Imaginary Child (2015) (with Federico Durand)
Circle (2015) (S) (with Fererico Durand)
Five Dreams (2015)
Mist (2015)
The Storm of Silence (2016) (with Dirk Serries)
You're Still In It (2016)
Requiem For Black Night And Earth Spiders (2016)
Moss (2016) (with Ken Ikeda)
Euphotic (2016) (with Corey Fuller)
Grace (2016)
The Fall Rises (2016) (with Hakobune)
Coastal Railroads In Memories (2016)
Above the Desert (2016)
Sora (2017) (with Federico Durand)
Mirage (2017)
Lunar Eclipse (2017) (with Tamaru)
Maybe (2017)
Far From the Atmosphere (2017)
Heavy Snow
Solitary Universe (2018) (with Eraldo Bernocchi)
Journey To the End of August (2018)
Scene (2018)
Butterfly's Summer And Vanished (2018)
Afterimage (2018)
Erroribus Humanis Et Antimony (2019) (with Ken Ikeda and Tetuzi Akiyama)
Void XVII (2019)
Jodo (2019) (with Stijn Hüwels)
Ghost Woods (2019)
Forgotten Hill (2019)
Illusion Harbor (2020)
Crescent Moon (2020)
Black Frost (2020) (with Dirk Serries)
Void XX (2020)
Autumn Breeze (2020)
Void XXII (2021)
Late Spring (2021)
Live At Commend, NYC (2022)
Life Is Climbing (2023) (soundtrack)
Hachirōgata Lake (2023)

Tokyo-born ambient musician with a shimmering, drone-based sound.

See also: Opetope


Hatami, Porya (Iran)

Unstable (2012)
Land (2012)
The Black Woodpecker (2012) (S)
Tales of Seven From Distant Shore (2012) (S) (with Darren Harper)
Every Day Feels Like A New Drug (2013) (with Lee Anthony Norris)
Shallow (2014)
The Longing Daylight (2014) (with Lee Anthony Norris)
Synesthesia (2014) (with Lcoma)
The Garden (2014)
Arrivals And Departures (2014)
Daydreamer (2014) (S)
Resonance (2015) (with Arovane)
In-Between Spaces (2015) (with Darren McClure)
Veerian (2016) (with Uwe Zahn and Darren McClure)
Kaziwa (2016) (with Arovane)
Organism Evolution (2018) (with Arovane)
Sallaw (2019) (with Aaron Martin and Roberto Attanasio)
C.H.R.O.N.O.S. (2019) (with Arovane)
Ypsilon (2019) (with Uwe Zahn and Darren McClure)
35​.​256031, 47​.​013321, 27​.​081979 (2020)
La Commune (2022) (with Monologue)

Ambient soundscapes with a touch of glitchiness from Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran.

See also: Monogoto


Hatano, Toru (Japan)

Love For You (1977) (soundtrack)
Space Adventure (1978)
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (1978)
Space Adventure Vol. 2 (1979)
SF Vol. 1: Things To Come (1979)

Japanese electronic musician born in Tokyo in 1953. He has a wacky, melodic style, typical of Japanese EM and with sounds that may appear as "cheesy" to some. Love For You is also known under its Japanese title Yoko. Some releases are under the moniker "Electoru Polyphonic Orchestra".


Hatch, Robin (Canada)

T.O.N.T.O. (2021)

Toronto-based composer who in February 2021 got access to the huge "T.O.N.T.O." modular system stored at the National Music Gallery in Calgary. The results of her experimentations with this behemoth can be heard on T.O.N.T.O. - an album of neo-classically inspired EM tunes.


Hatchback (USA)

Colours of the Sun (2008)
Zeus And Apollo (2011)
Marin County (2013) (S)
Year of the Dragon (2018)

Hatchback is balearic / lounge music producer from San-Francisco Sam Grawe, who's taken this style of music to another level, using numerous influences from classic Electronic Music, krautrock and Ambient. Of interest will be the long track "Horizon" from Colours of the Sun and the bulk of Zeus And Apollo.


Hatcliffe House Tapes, The (UK)

Volume 1 - Early Experiments And Conclusions (2015)
Volume 2 - Appearances And Disappearances (2015)
Volume 3 - Colours And Themes (2015)
Volume 4 - Strange Phenomena And Accidental Occurrences (2015)
Volume 5 - Ambient And Meditative States (2015)
Volume 6 - New Wave Licks And Trips (2015)
Volume 7 - Incidental Moments And Accelerated Fusion (2015)
Volume 8 - Inversions And Diversions (2015)
Volume 9 - Sequences And Scores (2015)
Volume 10 - Occults And Rituals (2015)
Volume 11 - Shadows And Mechanisms (2015)
Volume 12 - Tools And Techniques (2016)

Diverse project of John Lee Richardson. Each release is a thematic project that works largely in the same way that library discs do. As a result, the styles are numerous, too, although there is some good classic / Prog EM in there as well. A good example of a fine EM track is the sequencer number "B World" from Volume 3.

See also: Oscillopeisia


Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate (UK)

Invisible (2012)
When the Kill Code Fails (2016)
Broken But Still Standing (2017)
Out of Mind (2018)
Nostalgia For Infinity (2020)
The Confidence Trick (2022)

Progressive rock duo of Malcolm Galloway and Mark Gatland who are based in London. Sometimes they are helped by Kathryn Thomas (flute). Their music is complex and sometimes symphonic, but overall can be classed as "General Prog" - you know, the sort of progressive rock music that you can't confidently put in any of the known or common progrock categories. There is also a strong EM flair on The Confidence Trick, hence the inclusion. Their instrumental material like "Perky Pat", "Pretending To Breathe" and "Refuge" provides some minutes of listening pleasure for those EM fans who prefer the flashier, complex style, with swift solos and stuff. Nostalgia For Infinity also has its share of electronics, so it's another interesting release.


Hauber, Zsolt (Hungary)

Ice Coffee Lounge 2022 (2022)

Hungarian musician and remixer (also ex-member of synth-pop band Bonanza Banzai) who mainly composes music for coffee lounges and similar ambiences (downtempo, chill-out, soft trance, etc). The above volume (there is at least one more in this series) closes with a nice, spacey and progressive EM piece "Apollo".


Hate Forest (Ukraine)

Temple Forest (2000)

Although known as an epic slavonic metal / black metal band, Hate Forest have also released this completely ambient album.


Hauf, Boris (Austria)

Clark (2016)
CLARK2 (2020)

Unusual album from this London-born Austrial artist. Known primarily as a multi-instrumentalist, jazz musician, an explorer of noise and experimental electronics, Hauf went a different route for CLARK2. Taking inspiration from the golden age of EM in the 1970's, he used analog tools to sculpt varied, cosmic, minimal, experimental compositions really evocative of the world of physics and micro particles. Very nice and unique.


Haugen, Don (USA)

Disambiguation (2017)

Eugene, Oregon-based ambient composer with a droning sound.


Haughey, John (UK)

Perigean Tide (2022)

Varied EM from this Northern Ireland-based artist. Dramatic, melodic, rhythmic, cinematic...


Haun, Steve (USA)

Inside the Sky (1988)

Steve Haun is a renowned musician who wrote themes to Olympic Games in 1992, 1996 and 2000. In a generous mood I could probably call this music Electronic New Age. However, most of it consists of standard MIDI keyboard sounds, programmed drums and even saccharine sax melodies. One track, however, is really, really nice EM and recalls 1980's Tangerine Dream. The track is called "Journey Through the Night". The title track, although simple, is a rather listenable melodic piece as well. Overall, it's one of those borderline cases, with music that is not really EM most of the time but is not without its merit. Listeners of the more accessible forms of EM, as well as lovers of new age or new instrumental music might check Inside the Sky out.


Haunted CPU (Germany??)

Catacombs of the Synth Knights (2020)

Varied, a bit dungeon synth-like, but with a strong ambient electronic element.


Haunted Ghost (USA)

Dracula (2015) (S)
New Life Paeans (2020)
Beyond the Ineffable (2022)
Inside Magic (2022)
Shadow Work (2022)
Midnight Natatorium (2022)
All Life, Fading (2023)

Ambient, classically-inspired music with some vocals on a couple of tracks.


Haunted Magic (???)

Sleep Spells (2019)

Sort of a darkish dungeon synth / ambient pastiche.


Haur, Lars (USA)

The Cosmological Despair (2021)
Excruciate (2022)

Experimental artist from Oklahoma, with output ranging from vaguely melodic ambience to noisy, rough and structured / chaotic combinations.


Haus, Agnes (UK)

Sequel (2023)

From noisy and abstract electronics to melodic / symphonic or pulsating EM.


Haus, Goffredo (Italy)

Musiche Per Poche Parti (1989)

A little bit on the abstract and minimal side of things, this album will be of interest to fans of Ambient and Experimental EM. The music was realized in the Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale in Milano. The compositions date back to 1974 - 1976 but they were recorded in the 1980's using typical synth equipment of the day.


Hauschildt, Steve (USA)

The Summit (2007)
Eastern Devices / Western Devices (2008)
Rapd For Liquid Minister (2008) (S)
The Stairwell Is Long Gone (2008) (S)
Critique of the Beautiful (2009)
Resplendent (2009) (S)
Tragedy & Geometry (2011)
Sequitur (2012)
S/H (2013)
Where All Is Fled (2015)
Strands (2016)
Dissolvi (2018)
Nonlin (2019)

Synth player from Emeralds with his own droning and analog compositions.

See also: Emeralds


Hauschka (Germany)

What If (2017)

German musician (real name - Volker Bertelmann) and specialist in prepared player pianos. On the above album, he combines player pianos with analog electronics (a Jupiter 8 synth was used) and processing.


Hausfrauen of Death, The (Germany)

Fegefeuer der Eitelkeiten (2021) (recorded in 2009)

A duo of Dirk Jan Müller and Paul Pott. Long tracks with guitars, organs, synths and mellotrons. This is free-form, darkish electronics that bring to mind early 1970's pioneering German EM (pre-sequencer years).

See also: Müller, Dirk Jan, Electric Orange, Cosmic Ground, Octopus's Garden, Bloop.


Hausmann (Germany)

Indian Wisdom (1996)
Epodes (1997)
Moving Into Deep (1997)

Christoph Hausmann is one half of Projekt Erde.

See also: Projekt Erde, Metropolis.


Havdis (Norway)

Clouds Into Sea (2011)
The Hidden Islands (2012)
Nightbreeze (2013)
Novemberlys (2016)
Fugløya (2020)

Havdis is Odd Jensen - an ambient musician from northern Norway.

See also: Oar


Havenaire (Sweden)

Tremolo (2016)
Rabot (2017)
Movement (2020)
Nightlifer (2020)
Transition (2022)

Rather melodic and intense ambient compositions. Havenaire is John Roger Olsson.


Havermans, John (Netherlands)

Garden Pt 1 (1983)
Garden Pt 2 (1983)

Nice analog Electronic Music released by this little-known synthesist on De Fabriek's cassette imprint. Both cassettes are from 1983, although the music might have been recorded earlier, as there is a copyright mark on the cover that states 1978. Anthemic, cosmic, melodic. Sometimes sequencer-based.


Haverstick, Neil (USA)

Other Worlds (1999) (recorded in 1988 - 1999)

US guitar player from Colorado who on Other Worlds explores Ambient electronic territory akin to some Robert Rich. The music is based on guitar and explores the use of microtonal scales. He has at least one more album I know of, called Acoustic Stick which represents six unusual pieces for acoustic guitar with ethnic influences etc. Not really EM and therefore, not included here.


Haviour, Ben (Germany)

Melancholy Rave (2023)

Mostly informed by the "desonstructed club" trend, Weimar-based Ben Haviour's Melancholy Rave is a dramatic work for voices, sad synths and programmed drums that sound like real ones. Best track: the closer "Solo Flight" which sees Ben indulging in ballad-like EM composition with even a hint of Jarre.


Havrillay, Garry (Australia)

Afghanistan (1991)
Aurora (2018)
Walk Me Through This (2019)
Gravity (2020)

Melbourne-based sound engineer and musician. Afghanistan album features melodic, rhythmic and sometimes atmospheric compositions. In 1998 he released the follow-up called Camouflage but that album was supposedly released as download-only.


Hawaii, Johnny (France)

New Age On A Board (2016)
Oscille Divague (2020) (recorded in 2016 - 2017) (with Frànçois Atlas)

Diverse artist from Marseille. Long tracks with varying parts, from very rhythmic (even danceable) to ambient and breezy.


Hawgood, Ian (UK)

Enfants Ruraux (2008)
Tegami Beauty (2008) (S)
The Great Allure (2009)
Wolfskin (2009)
We Are Better For Being Built This Way (2009)
Snow Roads (2009)
Tents And Hills (2010) (recorded in 2008)
Slow Films In Low Light (2010)
Live Performances, Japan 2009 (2010)
The Truth Hurts (2011) (with bvdub)
Piano Works (2011)
The Shattered Light (2012)
Love Retained (2016)
Transparencies (2017) (with Wil Bolton)
Faintly Recollected (2018) (with Danny Norbury)
Consequence Shadows (2018) (with Giulio Aldinucci)
光 (2018)
Fragmented Boundaries (2019) (with Phil Tomsett)
Impermanence (2019)
Slowcraft Presents: The Muse 06.07.19 (2019) (S) (with Stijn Hüwels and James Murray)
No Voices (2019) (with Stijn Hüwels)
Voices (2021) (with Stijn Hüwels)
Day Falls (with Stijn Hüwels and James Murray)
Emerging (2021) (with Wil Bolton)
Where I Go You Cannot Follow (2023)
And Then There Was Nothing (2023)
Floral Forms And Subsequent Interactions (2023) (with Wil Bolton)

English sound artist residing in Japan. His solo album from 2018 features ambient soundscapes with a huge piano presence.

See also: Ouvala, Rion, Rosales, Tiny Isles, Modular Sleep Patterns, Monogoto, Observatories.


Hawkes, Greg (USA)

Niagara Falls (1983)
Anna (1987) (soundtrack)

The Cars keyboard player with his solo electronic works. Niagara Falls is mostly instrumental bar two songs. The 1987 soundtrack consists of Electronic Music that can be generally placed somewhere between Vangelis and Jan Hammer


Hawkins, Bart (USA)

21 Pulse Eclipse (2019)
Vision of Eden (2021)
Nonlinear Crossroads (2023)

Varied modular synth soundworlds from this synthesist.


Hawkins, Chester (USA)

Semisolids (2014)
Sleep the Storm (2015) (with Pas Musique)
Apostasy Suite (2015)
Natural Causes - Original Music For Pale Trees (2017) (soundtrack)
Metabolism Quartet / Nocturne For Poppy (2018)
Cops Need Serial Numbers (2020)

Varied electronics by ex-Blue Sausage Infant musician, now recording under his real name.

See also: Blue Sausage Infant, nil..


Hawkins, Tom (UK)

Nebulus (2018)
Sands of Time (2018) (with Ken Martin)
Pyramid Vol. 1 (2019)
Pyramid Vol. 2 (2019)
Paradox (2020)
Entrance To Kazaoga (2020)
Obsidian (2020)
Symbol (2020)

Synthesist with a style heavily based on Berlin School sequences, choirs, dark synth drones, solos, etc.


Hawkins, Trent (Estonia)

3 (2016)
Ninnananne / T2helaev (2016) (recorded in 2015)
Hitorider (2020)
5 (2020)
Generations, 20200612 (2022)

Trent Hawkins is an alias of Karl Potisepp, drummer of psychedelic rockers Smõuk. His solo music will be enjoyed by fans of analog-based EM and krautrock.


Hawkshaw, Alan (UK)

Themes (1974) (with Brian Bennett)
Arp Odyssey (1975)
Things To Come (1977) (with Alan Parker)
Contemporary Contrasts (1977) (with Alan Parker)
Terrestrial Journey (1978) (with Steve Gray, L. Hurdle and F. Ricotti)
The Silent Witness (1978) (soundtrack)
Frontiers of Science (1979)
Kinetics / Vision (1980) (with Trevor Bastow)
Great Mysteries of the World (1981)
Audio Visual Energy (1982)
Odyssey (1985) (with John Cameron)
Elements (1992)
Impressions (1992)
Music From Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe (1997)
Phantasia (2011) (soundtrack)

The 1975 album is a library LP that contains mostly short electronic tracks played on an ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Alan Hawkshaw is a well-known composer of library music and television / film soundtracks. During the 1970's, he was a member of The Shadows, hence his friendship with Brian Bennett.


Hawkshaw, Kirsty (UK)

The Ice Castle (2008)

With a background in techno music (and having collaborated with such luminaries of the genre as Delerium, Orbital and DJ Tiesto), Kirsty released this unusual ambient album in 2008, with quiet and peaceful, even a bit romantic compositions.


Hawksmoor (UK)

Hawksmoor (2018)
201984 (2018)
Methods of Dreaming (2020)
On Prescription (2021)
Crystal World (2021) (S)
Concrete Island (2021) (with The Heartwood Institute)
Saturnalia (2022)
Head Coach (2022)
Telepathic Heights (2023)

Hauntology-related artist. Initially a guitarist, James McKeown aka Hawksmoor released a few folk-inspired albums, before starting to get influenced and progressively fascinated by electronic technology. The 2018 album is a concept work about strange connections between the six churches of Hawksmoor. Pulsing moogs, phased pads, mellotrons, analog sounds, reflective guitar strumming... 201984 continues in similar style but with different subject matter.


Hawkwind (UK)

Hawkwind (1970)
In Search of Space (1971)
Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)
Space Ritual (1973)
Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin (1973)
Hall of the Mountain Grill (1974)
Warrior On the Edge of Time (1975)
Astounding Sounds Amazing Music (1976)
Quark Strangeness And Charm (1977)
PXR5 (1978)
Hawklords - 25 Years On (1978)
Hawkwind Live (1979)
Levitation (1980)
Sonic Attack (1981)
Church of Hawkwind (1982)
Choose Your Masques (1982)
Zones (1983)
Stonehenge (1984)
The Chronicle of the Black Sword (1985)
Space Ritual II (1985)
Live Chronicles (1985)
Out And Intake (1987)
The Xenon Codex (1988)
Space Bandits (1990)
Palace Springs (1991)
Electric Teepee (1992)
It Is the Business of the Future To Be Dangerous (1993)
The Business Trip Live (1994)
Alien 4 (1995)
Love In Space (1996)
The 1999 Party (1997)
Distant Horizons (1997)
In Your Area (1998)
The Elf And the Hawk (1998) (recorded in 1972 - 1998)
Epoch-Eclipse (1999)
Family Box Set (1999)
Year 2000 - Codename Hawkwind (1999)
Take Me To Your Leader (2005)
Blood of the Earth (2010)
Leave No Star Unturned (2011)
Onward (2012)
Spacehawks (2013)
Coded Languages (2015)
The Machine Stops (2016)
Into the Woods (2017)
At the Roundhouse (2017)
Best of Live (2018)
All Aboard the Skylark (2019)
Acoustic Daze (2019)
We Are Looking In On You (2022)
The Future Never Waits (2023)

Space rockers with really heavy use of synths. A pioneering band in many ways because it showed the world how to use electronics in a rock context in order to create atmosphere. They have influenced a lot of rock and electronic musicians. Their music relies very much on electronics, while the structure itself is pretty simple guitar riffs, but because they are drenched in electronic madness the sound is extremely rich and spaced out, with really wild psychedelic jams and sparse sci-fi lyrics. Tim Blake and Harvey Bainbridge were members of Hawkwind at some stages.

See also: Blake, Tim, Bainbridge, Harvey, Brock, Dave, Nik Turner's Sphynx, Dettmar, Del, Davey, Alan, Spiral Realms, Psychedelic Warriors.


Hawthonn (UK)

Red Goddess (2018)
Vulva Caelestis (2021)
Earth Mirror (2021)

Ritual, semi-acoustic ambience from the duo of Layla and Phil Legard. Electronics, acoustic sources and voice.


Haxan Cloak, The (UK)

Observatory (2010) (S)
The Haxan Cloak (2011)
The Men Parted the Sea To Devour the Water (2012) (S)
Excavation (2013)
Almost Holy (2016) (soundtrack) (with Atticus Ross and Leopold Ross)

Caution is advised here. The Haxan Cloak is a project of UK-based Bobby Krlic. You can hear in his music that he is coming from the techno background. However, he is really indescribable, as he mixes that techno influence with post-industrial, noise and a healthy dose of ambience. The eponymous full-length debut is classically tinged and based on the sounds of processed cello. The Men Parted... has nice ambient intro and outro, although the middle part is very rhythmic and is regular "electronica" with some extras. The trickier one is Excavation which is part Dark Ambient and part techno-derived bass heavyness. Still completely another beast is Observatory, which is laden with spacey synths and is the one to go for EM fans. In fact, it's the only one I can really recommend if you don't like to stray too much from your EM comfort zone. Each track (only two of them on this EP-length release) starts with a repeating pulse or rhythm which is then augmented by some tasty and hypnotic synthy spaciness.


Haxan Dreams (Finland)

Path Through the Realm (2019)
Dawn (2020)

Repetitive dungeon synth with touches of Ambient.


Hayat, Yves (France)

Conversation Between the East And the West (1976)

French artist known for his Droids project. This is a library album that mixes sitar / tabla with electric guitars, drums and electronics - sort of an early World Music hybrid.

See also: Droids


Hayden, Gary (USA)

Pieces 1990 - 2001 (2009)
Impressions of A Year (2012)
Two Views (2017)
Landscapes Volume 1 (2018)
Passages: Music For Guitars (2019)

Multi-instrumentalist who uses both guitar and electronics to create, flowing, relaxing tracks between Ambient, Space Music and new age.


Hayes, Matthew (Australia)

Indigo (2017)
Elegant Universe (2018) (with Joel Trigg)
Two Steps Forward (2020)
Barricade (2020) (with Charlie Perry)
Embrace (2023)

Australian jazz bassist who released this nice electronic album (Indigo) mixing warm melodic synths and some subtle bass playing. Relaxed.


Hayler, Mel (UK)

Fear, Rejection And Beauty (1997)
Mental Pictures (2000)

Inspired by psychedelic rock, the progressive scene, Hawkwind and Tangerine Dream, Welsh musician Mel Hayler began performing Electronic Music in the 1970's, having previously played classic guitar and electric guitar and playing keyboards with a band called Astroxia. In 1977, Mel gave a solo performance as a support act for a rock band, but unfortunately the recording of that concert got lost. During the 1980's, Mel played in the reformed Astroxia, while the second part of the decade did not bring any significant musical activities. During the 1990's, Mel began playing keyboards again, both in bands and as a solo artist. Little by little he accumulated enough material for an album and thus, by the turn of the century, he emerged as a recording artist with a couple of CD releases.


Hazard (Sweden)

Lech (1996)
North (1998)
Wood c/w Bridge/Field (2000)
Light (2001)
Wind (2001)
Land (2002)

Bleak, icy ambience from this Morthound side-project (Benny Nilsen).

See also: Morthound



Honeybee (2012)
Imp Mischief (2013)
Flight (2017)
의미 (2018)

A project of James Webster aka Xepter Rose and death's dynamic shroud.wmv. HCMJ's material pushes from many sources / influences, from vaporwave to rock and noise. Those releases that have some EM-related material will be listed.

See also: Xepter Rose


HD Sunrise (USA)

HD Sunrise (2015) (S)
In Plein Air (2016)

Nice EM consisting of warm, floating synths, sequences / arpeggios and distant mellotron flutes. HD Sunrise are Peter Tran and Wilson Kemp.

See also: Curved Light, Body Wishes, Mackaw.


Hdez, Antonio J. (Spain)

Paisaje Interior (1995)
Secretas Galerías del Alma (2005)

Aka Antonio Hernandez. This is grand, epic, orchestral Electronic Music. For Vangelis fans.


Head Boggle (USA)

Blues For Prophet (2020)
Digital Digital Analog (2021)

Aka Headboggle. Varied project of Derek Gedalecia from San Francisco. Blues For Prophet contains short electronic tracks of varied moods, all done in a playful style. Ditto for Digital Digital Analog.


Head Dress (USA)

Warren (2014) (S)
Deicide (2014)
Warsaw (2015)
Bodies of Water (2016)
Marked (2017) (S)
Garden (2017)
Confidence Intervals (2017)
Obituary (2020)

Experimental project of Ted James Butler. Some albums lean in the ambient direction.


Head Space Technology (UK)

Floating Point (1997)

An album almost exclusively based on sequences. The essence of Berlin School Electronic Music. Head Space Technology is Tim Darbyshire.

See also: Cerulean, Lightform.


Head, Stephen (Italy)

Tornado (1983) (with Aldo Tamborrelli) (soundtrack)

Ex-member of Sensation's Fix. His name sounds American or English, if that is his real name of course. Could be a pseudonym or a US expat living in Italy. Tornado is a diverse soundtrack to a Vietman War flick. It has everything from pop songs, to instrumental italo-disco material and moments of pure ambient synth / Prog EM, as on "War" and "Mix Up" for example. File under EM-related.

See also: Sensation's Fix


Headless Horseman (USA)

Inhabited Shadows (2020)

Although known for his techno music, Headless Horseman (aka Bill Youngman, an American currently residing in Berlin) created a much more diverse album with Inhabited Shadows. Still heavily based on the club genres and sounds, the more ambient tracks like "Breaking the Spell", "Sitting Behind the Storm" and "With Every Second I Drown" may interest fans of the moodier, darker, grittier end of the Prog EM spectrum.


Headlock (USA)

Headlock (2013)

Warm and emotional ambient sounds. Good stuff.


Headon, Paul (Australia)

The Middle Distance (2001)

Space Music from this Australian synthesist. Some more active melodic / rhythmic EM material as well.


Heads In the Sky (Canada)

Heads In the Sky (1981)

Progressive rock fom Ontario, often compared to Genesis. The opening title track is electronic, though. Some nice keyboard work is found elsewhere throughout the album, but, as the electronic track is very short, this album is only very marginally EM-related and barely escaped a non-inclusion.


Headshock (UK)

Music From Peak Experience (2000)
Hampshire Jam 27 Oct, 2001 (2001)
Tales of Summers Past (2014)
Gogogox (2016)

Headshock are Paul Nagle and Tim Rafferty.

See also: Nagle, Paul, Smokeyfrog.


Heal (France)

Espace d'Incertitude (2018)

Nice modular synth compositions, experimental but very listenable. A project of Laurent Perrier from Paris. He is also known under several other guises and released several other albums as Heal. However, I don't know how much of his output is EM friendly. Further investigation is needed.


Healer (Sweden)

Wonderground (2000)
Higher Grounds (2004)

Ambient soundscapes from Michael Andresen who is known for his work in the style of trance / Goa.


Healing Force Project (Italy)

Analogic Prospectus / Moorg#1 (2010) (S)
Omicron Segment (2013)
Last Journey To Heliopolis (2014) (EP)
Entheogenic Spore (2015)
Perihelion Transit (2015)
Transhumanism (2016) (S)
Gravitational Lensing (2016) (EP)
Visual Alterity (2017) (EP)
Sidereal Escape (2019)
Future Form, Functionless (2021)
Drifted Entities Vol. 1 (2022)
Primitivism Masks (2023) (EP)
The Bathysphere Stalks the Ganja (2023) (EP)
Melts In Your Mind (2023)
Drifted Entities Vol. 2 (2023)

Unclassifiable and rather innovative project from Antonio Marini. He uses elements from styles that all have nothing to do with Prog EM, such as jazz, dub, techno, but infuses them with ambient atmospheres and general electronic attitude, combining these diverse elements in such ways that the results are certainly progressive, even if they don't actually *sound* like EM for the most part, but are Prog EM in spirit and attitude (a sense of exploration, experimentation, atmospheric qualities etc.). There are many exceptions though, such as the opening track from Omicron Segment for example which is great EM in a unique, atmospheric style.


Healing Potpourri (USA)

The Way Water Bends Light (2015)

I think this California-based project occupies the same sonic space as Dolphins Into the Future for example. It's tropical, sun-bleached new-agey ambience.


Heap (Austria)

False Hope (2022)

Heap is Vienna-based Florian Stöffelbauer. Rhythmic music with influences (so it seems to me) from electro, Kraftwerk and Cybotron (Richard Davis' and Juan Atkins', not the Australian one).


Hear & Now (Italy)

Aurora Baleare (2018)

Balearic-influenced duo from Italy, mostly rhythmic, with some nice synth leads. File under EM-related.


Heard, Larry (USA)

Sceneries Not Songs, Vol. 1 (1994)
Alien (1996)

Chicago house / deep house musician. Amazingly, his 1996 sci-fi influenced effort Alien, is not very dancey most of the time. Instead, it goes for the relaxed melodic EM sound, fueled by a Korg 01/W workstation, Roland D550 and Oberheim Matrix 1000. Of course, there is still more than a hint of house (mostly deep house - you know, the breezy, melodic kind), but tracks like "Faint Object Detection", "Galactic Travels Suite", "Cosmogonic Myth" are closer to EM really. A nice find that for some mysterious reason managed to remain under the radar for so long. Sceneries Not Songs, Vol. 1 also contains some nice breezy material that has a slight EM vibe to it.


Heart, Francesca (Italy)

Ianassa Alga Miraggio (2020)
Conference of the Angels (2020) (with Benny Goodman)
Eurybia (2022)

Aquatic electronics.


Heart Head & Soul (Germany)

Vintage Dreams (2004)

Heart Head & Soul is the project Thomas Zimmer - a guitar player and synthesist. During the 1970's he was focusing on guitar mostly, but in the next decade got some interest in synthesizers and computer technology. In his compositions, he combines guitar with electronic sounds.


Heartfield, Simon (UK)

Brief Unity of Time (2021)

Techno / club-related artist from Portsmouth. On Brief Unity of Time, there is a certain influence of ambient EM, especially on the closer. File under EM-related.


Hearts & Chips (???)

Break In '84 (1984) (S)

Obscure short cassette release. Not the best recording (the treble seems to have been cut off) and the music is very pop. However, the short (under 2 minutes) closer "Rem Planet" is a rather nice ambient sketch that could even be a lost solo Edgar Froese piece from around the same time. File under EM-related.


Heartwood Institute, The (UK)

Calder Hall: The Story of Britain's First Atomic Station (2016)
The Whispering Knights (2017)
Secret Rites (2018)
The Divided Self (2018) (S)
Tomorrow's People (2019)
Parapsychedelia (2020) (with Panamint Manse)
Lovely Lightning / Ringstone Round (2020) (S)
Witchcraft Murders (2021)
Land of the Lakes (2021)
Concrete Island (2021) (with Hawkmoor)
Noah's Castle (2021) (S)
Witch Phase Four (2022) (S)
Mardale (2022)
The Carhullan Army (2022)
Hedges (2022)
Mist Over Pendle (2023)

Varied electronic project from the UK (Jonathan Sharp). Calder Hall has a sort of a Kraftwerk-ian quality to it. Secret Rites is more diverse, with a strong 1970's EM flair.

See also: Sharp, Jonathan, Greenshank.


Heath, Andy (UK)

The Silent Cartographer (2014)
Flux (2015)
Europa (2016)
Lichtzin (2017) (with Anne Chris Bakker)
Triptych In Blue (2017) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Christopher Chaplin)
Soundings (2017)
Evenfall (2018)
Motion (2019) (with Toby Marks)
A Gift From the Ephemerist (2019) (with Anne Chris Bakker)
The Alchemist's Muse (2020)
How To Breathe Like A Stone (2021) (with Anne Chris Bakker)
New Eden (2021)
Quiet Noise (2022)
Dispatches (2022) (with Mi Cosa de Resistance and Anne Chris Bakker)
Once We Were All Here And Nowhere Else (2022) (with James Osland)
A Is For Autumn (2022) (with Simon McCorry)
North By North East (2022) (with Seigo Aoyama)
Scapa Flow (2023)

Ambient music from this member of Aqueous.

See also: Aqueous, Konstruct.


Heath, E.L. (UK)

Winter Soundtrack (2014)
Pattern (2021)
Companions (2023) (S)

Varied electronics from this folk-oriented musician (full name - Eric Loveland Heath). Repetitive patterns, some acoustic moments and even a touch of theremin music on the closer of Pattern.


Heathered Pearls (Poland)

Loyal (2012)
Body Complex (2015)
Cast (2020)

This artist (Jakub Alexander) divides his albums between deep techno chuggers and ambient floaters. File under EM-related. On Cast, there is a shift towards the EM / ambient side, with house influences taking a back seat.


Heavenchord (Russia)

Drones (2020)
Out of the Cold (2021)
Innocence (2022) (with Infinity Dots)

Drones is a completely ambient album from this dub techno project of Artur Galstyan out of Krasnodar. Out of the Cold is predominantly ambient, but with a stronger dub techno influence. I like the closing track on that one.


Heavenly Music Corporation (USA)

In A Garden of Eden (1993)
Consciousness III (1994)
Lunar Phase (1995)
Anechoic (1996)

This pseudonym was borrowed by Kim Cascone from a track by Fripp & Eno. This is 1990's "ambient" (i.e. ambient techno) but with a very strong 1970's German influence.

See also: PGR


Heavy Cloud (UK)

Memory Drift (2021)
Crossing the Water (2022)
How To Find My Way Home (2022)
Atal Mor (2022)

Heavy Cloud is Ryan Hooper. Drifting cinematic sounds that go deep into the sci-fi / psychological zones.


Heavy Color (USA)

Music For the Film Invisible Hand (2021) (soundtrack)

Atmospheric soundtrack from this Ohio-based duo generally engaged in composing music in instrumental hip/hop, afrobeat, deep house styles.


Hebephrenic (USA)

Ataraxia (1991)
Brood / On the Side of Time (1992)
Hide (1999)

A project of Scott Carr who apparently mixed instrumental synth music with synth-pop.


Hecker, Tim (USA)

Instrumental Tourist (2012) (with Daniel Lopatin)
Konoyo (2018)
Anoyo (2019)
The North Water (2022) (soundtrack)
No Highs (2023)
Infinity Pool (2023) (soundtrack)

Ambient music from this experimental musician. Mixes electronics with some traditional (Japanese) instrumentation.


Heckle, John (UK)

Tone To Voice (2017)

This particular release is split between electro tracks and ambient floaters.


Heckmann, Thomas P. (Germany)

Raum (1999)
The Lost Tales Vol. I (2008)
The Lost Tales Vol. II (2008)
The Lost Tales Vol. III (2013)
The Lost Tales Vol. IV (2015)
Ghosts (2015)
The Lost Tales Vol. V (2016)
The Lost Tales Vol. VI (2020)
The Lost Tales Vol. VII (2021)

Techno producer and DJ from Mainz. I will try to list his EM-related works here. Raum is very ambient and experimental. The Lost Tales series of albums mixes some technoid beats with some more ambient and EM-influenced material, perfectly in line with the output of the Fax label they were released on. With Volume III and a shift to Carpe Sonum records due to Pete Namlook's untimely demise, there is a stronger nod towards Berlin School-influenced composition. Still some techno beats etc, but overall this is very EM and totally relevant for EEM. With Ghosts, a territory closer to traditional Dark Ambient is explored. Thomas' techno albums were not included in the above discography.

See also: Age


Hecq (Germany)

Night Falls (2008)
Mare Nostrum (2015)
Chansons de Geste (2017)
Form (2023) (EP)

IDM artist Ben Lukas Boysen who released a couple of ambient works - Night Falls is more neo-classical and related to Classic Ambient, while Mare Nostrum is noisier, with lots of field recordings, but in a way creepier and more cerebral.

See also: Boysen, Ben Lukas


Hedlund, Rasmus (Finland)

Otos 1-6 (2013)
Alster (2015)
Eastern Memories (2018)
Far (2022)

Ambient musician from Vaasa, Finland. Nature-inspired, tranquil music. His previous releases were more in the minimal techno vein.

See also: Dialog


Hedon the Cat (???)

From Inner Space To Outer Rhythm (2018)

Although influenced by 1990's ambient techno, the slower parts of this album have something of a sci-fi / Prog EM theme / sound going. File under EM-related.


Hedrén, Johan (Sweden)

Kretslopp (1988)

Solo album by keyboardist of zeuhl band Kultivator and avant-prog ensemble Ur Kaos. It's Experimental but very listenable. This work accompanies a series of paintings by Ola Freijd and was premiered in 1986 at an exhibition in Linköping.


Heeaad (UK)

Metrotaurus (2022)

Lush, melodic analog synth material from Hee Hinksey and Aad Hinksey.


Hegge, Jeremy (Australia??)

Stargazing (2018) (S)

Minimal, sort of gloomy ambient sound.


Heid (Sweden)

Beneath the Wing of Shadows (1997)
Submitting To the Uprush of the Unconscious (1997)
Arktogaa (1998)

Dark electronics, for fans of Raison d'Etre & suchlike. In 2002, a retrospective album called Pilgrim of the Sublunary World was released on CMI that contains tracks from first two albums.

See also: L.E.A.K.


Heide, Mark Anthony (USA)

New Music For Use (1983)

Minimal wave item from the early days. Although it sounds like pure instrumental minimal synth most of the time, it may also be interesting for EM listeners, as it really creates that special, cold early 1980's atmosphere, especially on the longer closing track. Very simplistic sound. File under EM-related.


Heider, Peter (Germany)

Hell_Moll (2020)
Dunkel_Dur (2020)

Very interesting artist using modular synth and real drums. He has an impro / jazz attitude, as well as a weird kraut vibe. Pretty unique stuff indeed.


Heidseck (Italy)

Margins (2017)
Activity Patterns (2018)

Noise Ambient from Fabrizio Matrone, sometimes approaching the territory of Deep Ambient, with barely heard noises and drones.


Heijden, Eric van der (Netherlands)

Lightning Times (1990)
Universal Time Zone (1991)
Da Capo (1998)
Cosmic Flight No. 3 (2003)
Dal Segno (2011)

Born in 1960 in Eindhoven, Eric van der Heijden creates very melodic Electronic Music. Interestingly enough, Eric initially had a dislike for synthesizers (bacause of those early Queen LP's). However, he was soon fascinated by the sounds of a minimoog. In was not until 1985, however, that he was able to buy his own synth. That was also the time when his adventures in EM began. He met Ron Boots in 1989 at the KLEMdag festival. The friendship with Ron brought along many collaborations and helped to set off his own solo career in Electronic Music.

See also: MorPheusz, Uni Sphere.


Heiken, Pier (Canada)

Pickles / Golden Fellow (1979) (S)

Electronic single from ex-member (drummer) of progressive rock band Concept. Pretty over-the-top sound here with lots of heavy effects.


Heil (UK)

Epoque (2005)

Combination of relaxing and energetic melodic tracks with a contemporary twist, ala Asana or Synthetik.


Heilige! (Italy)

Riverside (2020) (S)
Serpent's Muzak (2021) (S)

Italian Dark Ambient project. Spooky melodies with field recordings and a lo-fi touch. Read my review of Riverside here.


Heimann, Rudolf (Germany)

Return To Loneliness (1988)
Escapism (1989)
Strange Delight (1990)
Touch the Sky (1991)
Trancefusion (1992)
Moments of Infinity (1993)
Twilight Voyager (1997)
Tide (2010)
Into the Unknown (2013)
Perpetuum Mobile (2015)
Polychronos (2016)
Tiefenrausch (2017)
Die Unedlichkeit des Augenblicks (2019)

Probably, new age-like stuff with techno mannerisms.


Heinali (Ukraine)

A Night Is A Flash (2016)
Bound Official Soundtrack (2017)
Anthem (2017)
How We Lived (2017) (with Matt Finney)
Iridescent (2018)
Madrigals (2020)
Kyiv Eternal (2023)

Heinali is a project of Kiev-based multi-instrumentalist Oleg Shpudeiko. On A Night Is A Flash, he makes a foray into the world of Electronic Music. The music is flowing and ambient (sometimes with gentle arpeggios) and was recorded with just a Korg MS20. Anthem continues in synth-cum-classical mould. Ditto for Iridescent.


Heindel, Heinz (Germany)

Electronic Memories (??)


Heinerman, Paul (Netherlands)

The Ancient World (1997)
New Horizons (1999)
Private Sun (2001)
Oases (2009)

Paul Heinerman was born in 1952. He lives and works in Rotterdam and has released several albums of melodic music. Paul loves playing the piano and was influenced by Elton John's style. Other influences include Yanni, Vangelis, Genesis, Chris Rea, Peter Gabriel and more.


Heinisch, Walter (Austria)

Austrian synthesist and member of Cultural Noise. There is an electronic track by him on a 1982's sampler titled Körperteile - Teilkörper / Der Österreichsampler. The track is rather short (about 3 minutes) and it's called "Rhythmus des Wassers". It contains synthesized splashes and a nice, even danceable rhythmic groove a bit reminiscent of Kraftwerk circa Autobahn. He had another solo electronic track on one of the Roland synthesizer contest cassettes. All of this indicates that he was also recording as a solo artist at the time. However, there were apparently no official solo releases.

See also: Cultural Noise, Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko.


Heinz Beauvaix (Denmark)

Anticlimate (2018)

A duo of Niels Rønne and Flemming Kaspersen. Rhythmic, electro-pop-like, with touches of synthwave and industrial rock.

See also: Swimwear Catalogue, Delayscape.


Heisenberg Compensators, The (Netherlands)

Adventures of Werner And Random (2016)

A duo of Allard Krijger and Steffan Robbers with an interactive modular synth / guitar loop setup.


Heivok (Brazil)

Diabólica Hipocondría (2017)
A Brazilian Tribute To Burzum (2017)
Hithaelgir (2018)

Brazilian project between dungeon synth and ambient styles.


Heju (Hungary)

Lost Ways (2002)

Electronic Music in pure 80's Tangerine Dream style. One to look out for. The name of the musician is Tibor Hell.


Hekla (Iceland)

Hekla (2014)
Á (2018)
Sprungur (2020) (EP)

Hekla Magnúsdóttir is an Icelandic theremin player. A lot of the material on Á sounds like Björk or Enya backed by Clara Rockmore. Then there are also completely instrumental compositions. In fact, the voice, when used, acts more like an instrument than for actual signing. Totally unique stuff.


Hektor (Australia)

Rituals (2020) (EP)
Nighthawks (2022) (EP)

Melbourne-based artist. Although Rituals contains mostly club-related electronics, the track "Interlude" is a nice sequencer-based EM number. Nighthawks ventures further into club meets prog paradigm.


Helafonte, Barry (Germany??)

Neon Beach (2017) (S)

Relaxed music in "balearic" / "outsider house" style, taking cues from 1980's acts like The Art of Noise, Japanese pop and jazz, as well as EM. Nothing terribly progressive here, but ok.


Heláry, Viviane (France)

Ressenti par toi (2021) (S)

Violinist, thereminist and electronic composer from France. Nice mixture of violin playing and EM.


Helbers, Remco (Netherlands)

On Some Road (2002)
The Garland of Dissolution (2021) (with Alio Die)

Ambient soundscapes.


Held, Zeus B. (Germany)

Zeus' Amusement (1978)
Attack Time (1979)
Europium (1979)
Edition Visionova 1 (1980)
Music Art (1988) (with Anselm Spring)
Logic of Coincidence (2015)
The Secret Lives (2020) (with Mani Neumeier)

Former Birth Control keyboard player (real name - Bernd Held). His music is a mishmash of styles, ranging from vocal songs to melodic fusion-y jams and wonderful (and unique) vocoder-laden EM goodness. I mean, who needs Daft Punk when we have this stuff from the 1970's that still (at least some of it) sounds very fresh? Edition Visionova 1 was released together with a 78-page book, and seems to be intended as a soundtrack to an exhibition.

See also: Dream Control


Heldon (France)

Electronic Guerilla (1974)
Allez Teia (1975)
It's Always Rock 'n Roll (1975)
Agneta Nilsson (1976)
Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale (1976)
Interface (1978)
Stand By (1979)
Only Chaos Is Real (2001)
Live Electronik Guerilla (2006) (recorded in 1975 - 1976)
Well And Alive In France (2006) (recorded in 1979)
Live In Metz 77 (2018) (recorded in 1977)
Live London 1982 The Venue (2020) (recorded in 1982)
Antelast (2022)

French electronic band led by Richard Pinhas. If you're looking for really uncompromising and rough music - this is it. Very neurotic and tough. Highly recommended! It has seen many participating musicians, for instance Patrick Gauthier, Coco Roussel, Georges Grunblatt, Benoit Widemann, Francois Auger and Didier Batard were members of Heldon at some stages. But Richard Pinhas and Patrick Gauthier were usually at the core of Heldon sound. I should probably warn some people here: this is music not for the faint-hearted! It's quite aggressive stuff, usually very alien sounding, with cold and abstract synthetic drive. If you like sweet twittering music for relaxation, you will probably have a heart attack when listening to this. But for an experienced EM listener who prefers his music a bit dark and hard-edged, this can be real fun.

See also: Pinhas, Richard, Gauthier, Patrick, Grunblatt, Georges, Widemann, Benoit, Roussel, Coco, Schizo.


Helicon Wave (Germany)

Black Halo Pyramid (2015)
The Challenger Deep (2017)
Doppelganger (2018)

Helicon Wave is Berlin School artist Jochen Oberlack.


Helio Polar Thing (France)

Maoyaq (2017)

A project of Damien Skoracki, which mixes guitar playing and modular synth experiments. Sometimes noisy and intense, sometimes playful.


Heliocentric Worlds of Lunar-Ra, The (Australia)

The Heliocentric Worlds of Lunar-Ra (1983)

Strange new-agey concept LP with music by one M. Harvey and narration by Keith Scott. The concept itself deals with predictions and you can find everything from Nostradamus to tarot cards in the credits / sleeve. At the same time, the name of the project itself is a strange parody on Sun Ra. How weird is that? Even stranger is the fact that there is some great spacey Electronic Music inside, from flowing and atmospheric to upbeat and sequencer-based (even TD-like).


Heliocentrism (Poland)

All Possible Landscapes (2022)

A project in psybient / soft psytrance vein. The ambient tracks on All Possible Landscapes will appeal to fans of Ambient (who would have guessed it?) and Space Music.


Helios (Greece)

Stratosphere (2015) (EP)
Cosmos Pt. 2 (2016) (EP)
Hills And Valleys (2016)

Peaceful Ambient.


Helios (Switzerland)

Castle-Music (1981) (S)
Pulse (1982) (S)

Extremely rare 7" records from Basel. Electronic Music by Dolf Helios (organ, synths) with Nathan Linder (Castle-Music) and Heinz Jaggi (Pulse, drums). Beautiful cover art on the second single.


Helios (USA)

Unomia (2004)
Eingya (2006)
Ayres (2007)
Live At the Triple Door (2008)
Caesura (2008)
Unreleased Vol. 1 (2009)
Yume (2015)
Veriditas (2018)
Domicile (2020)
Moiety (2022)
Espera (2023)

A project of Boston-based ambient artist Keith Kenniff.

See also: Goldmund


Helix (Italy)

Numbers (1994)

Short-lived duo of Eraldo Bernocchi and Paolo Bandera. Between 1990's IDM rhythms and ambient soundscapes. The music was originally released on cassette and then rediscovered and re-released in 2015 by the now defunct Anodize label.

See also: Bernocchi, Eraldo, Bandera, Paolo L..


Hell (Germany)

Zukunftsmusik (2017)

Helmut Josef Geier aka Hell aka DJ Hell has been a disc jockey in various German clubs since 1978. He also composes his own music. Zukunftsmusik is a foray into sophisticated art-pop and kosmische electronics. Has a definite Prog EM vibe to it. Nice vocoders.


Hell, Rene (USA)

In the Drift (2009)
Pain U.S.P.A. (2009)
18:54 Torture Highway (2009)
Baroque Arcade (2010)
Rogue Camera (2010)
Club Speed (2010)
Porcelain Opera (2010)
Lucifer Pt. II (2010) (EP)
The Canon (2011)
The Hilton (2011)
The Terminal Symphony (2011)
Catalina & London (2011)
Extended Nocturnes (2011) (EP)
Vanilla Call Option (2013)

A pseudonym of noise musician Jeff Witscher. Pretty diverse ambient soundscapes, from droning to warm analog sounds and twisted sampling. Will be enjoyed by fans of Experimental EM.

See also: Marble Sky, Disfigure Mare.


Helliwell, Ian (UK)

Transitions (2001) (S)
Returned (2013) (S)
Electronic Music For Space Films (2019) (S)

Electronic musician and instrument builder. Ian Helliwell is known for his experimental short films that he accompanies by his own music created only with self-built circuits known collectively as Hellisizers and Hellitrons. The music is rough, noisy, quirky and experimental. A unique artist.


Hellkvist, Tobias (Sweden)

Transports (2007)
Sides (2008)
Evolutions (2010)
Kaskelot (2011)
Everything Is Connected (2012)
Turquoise (2013)
Cay (2014) (S)
Vesterhavet (2017)
24th Impulse (2017) (S)
Annoying Tyrannies (2019)

Malmö-based ambient artist who uses acoustic instruments and field recordings alongside electronics.

See also: Mordançage


Hello Meteor (USA)

An Unfamiliar Place (2022) (recorded in 2019)
The Coastal Obscure (2022)

Hello Meteor is a chillwave / atmospheric synthwave project from Seattle. An Unfamiliar Place tends towards ambient electronics (sort of Steve Roach-like, with a desert ambience feel), retaining the chillwave / synthwave sound on rhythmic tracks.


Hellstorm of Flaming Nothingness (Belgium)

...regrets (2023)

Antwerp-based ambient project. Droning, dramatic, epic...


Hellwig, Edgar (Germany)

Nightcrystal (1984)

Cassette release. Peter Schaefer guests on synth.

See also: Edé


Helm (UK)

Impossible Symmetry (2012)
Chemical Flowers (2019)
Axis (2021)

Experimental / noise project of London-based Luke Younger. Some of his works (listed) will appeal to a wider EM / ambient soundscape audience.


Helman, Liz (UK)

Daylight Dreaming (2017) (EP)
The Colour of Water (2023)

Ambient artist. Mostly moody, droning stuff.


Helmann, Jim (USA)

Spaceships (2007)

Jim Helmann is a percussionist and composer. On this album he presents his own vision of 'space music', combining real percussion with rich orchestral synthesizer arrangements. Melodic, accessible, a bit new-agey.


Helmerson, Anders (Sweden)

End of Illusion (1981)
Triple Ripple (2010)

Swedish-born (who later lived in Canada and Brazil and now seems to be residing in London) keyboard player who released this solo album (End of Illusion), where, apart from Anders' keys, a whole cast of supporting musicians is featured, but the music is clearly dominated by keyboards, mostly synthesizers. The style is bombastic instrumental prog rock (ala ELP) mixed with some Electronic Music stylings.


Helpling, David (USA)

Between Green And Blue (1996)
Sleeping On the Edge of the World (1999)
Trade Offs (2004) (soundtrack)
The Rarest of Gifts (2005)
Treasure (2007) (with Jon Jenkins)
Beyond Words: Rare Live Treasures (2008) (with Jon Jenkins)
The Crossing (2010) (with Jon Jenkins)
Found (2013) (with Jon Jenkins)
ᛚ (2019)
IN (2022)

David Helpling's music is comparable to Patrick O'Hearn - dreamy and melodic. He is a self-taught musician who uses guitar and a variety of synths and samplers.


Helsem, Michael (USA??)

The Werewolf Suite (1985)


Helsen, Isaac (USA)

Beliefsystems (2021) (with zakè)
Burning House (2021)

Ambient artist who prefers to use guitar to craft his drones. On Burning House, however, he focuses on analog synth and field recordings.


Hemisphere (Germany)

Destination Infinity (1992)
Outdoors (1994)
Intruders (1995)
Beyond the Darkness (1996)
From Inside the Cyclone (1997)
Early Reflection 1980 - 1990 (1997)
Liquid Mirror (1999)
Inversion (2000)
Now (2001)
Attachment X (2002)
Beast In the Heat (2003)
Rambling Voyage (2004)

Hemisphere was a duo of Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhart. Together they created great Dark Ambient / rhythmic / melodic music with some sequences from time to time and a psychedelic twist. After Ralfs' sudden death in January, 2005, Hemisphere ceased to exist.


Hemmelig Tempo (Norway)

Who Put John Cage On the Guest List? (2009)

Norwegian actionist duo who on this album present electronic-based music in a unique style. Taking inspiration from academic pioneers of electronics, they wrap their sound collages with whimsical, playful sonic sheets that seem to harken back to the first wave of non-academic (DIY) electronic / musique concrete experimentalists and the space-age music of the 1960's. There are also some modern glitch elements and, yes, that ever so slight Prog EM touch. So, as you can see, it's quite a brew. The last track bursts into a strange cathartic melodic synth lullaby, which is probably the closest this album gets to "normal" EM. Completely unique style and suitable for adventurous listeners only.


Henbane (Denmark)

Indre Kamp (2018)
Vildfaren og Jagtet (2018)
Skovens Trone (2018)
Ruinernes Forbandelse (2019)

Dungeon synth with some variations (a touch of Ambient etc.).


Hence Therefore (Australia)

Strata (2018)

Ambient music from Simon Unwin. Played on Teenage Engineering OP-1 and processing.


Hendecatope (USA)

Aleph Infinity (2016)

Varied EM from Andrew Robbins-Pollack. Mostly rhythmic / melodic, with crisp rhythms and flashy soloing.


Henderson / Oken (USA)

Dream Theory In the IE (2011)

Electronic Music by these Djam Karet members.

See also: Djam Karet


Hendry (UK)

Depra (2023)

Narrative material between electroacoustic music, overdriven club sounds, piano and synth music.


Henge (UK)

Cosmic Dross (2017) (EP)
Attention Earth! (2018)
ExoKosm (2020)
Alpha Test 4 (2023)

Very strange stuff. Henge is a Manchester-based group that seems to be a synth / drums duo, or at least that's what it sounds like. Stylistically, they are all over the place, mixing live drumming with acid bass lines, flashy and proggy synth solos, lots of vocoder and even some rapping.


Henke, Robert (Germany)

Floating Point (1997)
Signal To Noise (2003)
Layering Buddha (2006)
Atom / Document (2008)
Indigo_Transform (2009)

This member of laptop techno project Monolake produced Signal To Noise using Yamaha SY77 synthesizer and processing. It should appeal to fans of Droning Ambient, Robert Rich et al. Layering Buddha is another Ambient-oriented album.

See also: Monolake


Hennegan, Vic (USA)

Face the Dream (1988)
Vic Hennegan (1989)
Pure Creative Spirit (2004)
Desert God (2004)
Solace Dance (2006)
Aqua Vista (2008)
Field of Worlds And Mirrors (2011)
Journey To Sirius (2013)
Between the Spaces (2020)

Pure Creative Spirit is rhythmic and accessible, while Desert God contains ambient soundscapes. Solace Dance is a return to the rhythmic style.


Henner, Dylan (USA)

Stormbird Brother In the Dusk (2019) (EP)
Flues of Disappearing Sand (2020)
A Dingo Crossing A Stream (2020)
The Invention of the Human (2020)
Flues of Forgotten Sands (2022)
You Always Will Be (2022)
Città impercettibili (2023) (S)

Ambient artist with a reflective sound.


Henrik B (Sweden)

Kryoniks (2003) (recorded in 1996 - 2002)

Atypical, completely ambient album from this techno producer.


Henriksen, Arve (Norway)

Chiaroscuro (2004)
Strjon (2007)
Places of Worship (2013)
Chron (2014)
Cosmic Creation (2014)
Towards Language (2017)
The Height of the Reeds (2018)
Composograph (2018)
Illusion of A Separate World (2018) (with David Kollar)
The Timeless Nowhere (2019)
Neuzeit (2020) (with J. Peter Schwalm)
Kontinent (2020) (with Janne Mark)
Unexpected Isolation (2020) (with David Kollar)
Sequential Stream (2022) (with Kjetil Husebø)
Nensha (2022) (with Nikos Fokas)
A Sense of Destiny (2022) (with David Kollar)

Arve Henriksen is a Norwegian jazz trumpeter. Large parts of Chron and Cosmic Creation are based on electronics, though. Nice jazz / ambient EM hybrids.


Henrion, Luc (Belgium)

Galerie (1976)
Ondes Gelees (1992)

Belgian composer, synthesist and multi-instrumentalist.


Henry, Andrew (USA)

It's Very Seldom That We Fall In Love (2016)

Quiet ambient compositions.


Henryspenncer (France)

Saturn (2013)

Hard progressive / space rock / doom band from France. They always used a lot of electronics, but on Saturn you will also find a completely ambient (and quite dark) track "Mirages".


Hensel, Michael (Germany)

The Tale of the 888 (1986)

A synth opus in the tradition of Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream from this classical / new age artist.


Hentschel, David (UK)

Startling Music (1975)
Educating Rita (1983) (soundtrack)

David Hentschel is of course a famous producer and engineer. The list of people he collaborated with either as musician / arranger or as producer or engineer is very impressive. Among them: Elton John, Mike Oldfield, George Harrison, Atomic Rooster, Van Der Graaf Generator, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Keith Emerson, Lindisfarne, Al Stewart, Mott the Hoople, Nazareth, Davey Johnstone, Paul McCartney, Queen, Rick Wakeman, The Nice, Jimmy Webb, Peter Hammill, Stevie Wonder, Chris De Burgh, Renaissance, Tony Banks, Andy Summers, Jean-Luc Ponty and many more. His solo works are completely electronic, although looks like the first one contains only electronic versions of the Beatles / Ringo Starr songs.


Hentschel, Orson (Germany)

Antigravity (2019)
Heavy Light (2022)

IDM-related artist. Antigravity is supposed to contain Prog EM-influenced material.


Heogen (Netherlands)

Odd Radio Circle (2021)
Oxygen Fields (2022)
Inantiphsea (2023)

Nice rhythmic / melodic EM. Some IDM and downtempo influences can be heard. Music by Jeroen Bax.


Heraclitus Akimbo (Canada)

Drone Tape (2017)
Four Lakes In Prince Albert National Park (2019)

Ambient artist Joe Strutt.


Herbalists, The (USA)

Encounter On Sinking Island (2018)
An Unexpected Forest Shrine (2018) (S)
Balancing On Kcor-Ridge Mountain (2018) (S)
Swamp of Drowned Masters (2019)

Dungeon synth-like music with an analog feel.


Herbert, Don (Australia)

Ekow (2022)

Rhythmic, easy-going music between "balearic", melodic EM and jazz-rock. Mostly synths, plus a rhythm section and some saxophone solo lines.


Herbst9 (Germany)

From A Dark Chasm Below (1999)
Eta Carinae (2001)
Burried Under Time And Sand (2005)
Live At the WGT (2005)
Snake of Saigon / From Below (2007) (S)
Through Bleak Landscapes (2007) (with Z'EV)
The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am the Falcon (2008)
Usumgal Calamma (2012)
Fragmentary (2015)
Herbst9 & Penjaga Insaf (2017)
Ur Djupan Dal (2018) (with Atrium Carceri)

Tribal / Ritual Ambient with percussion from Henry Emich and Frank Merten.

See also: Penjaga Insaf


Herbstlaub (Belgium)

Dämmerleben (2011)
Seems Like Time To Remember, Seems Like the Moment To Forget (2016)
This Is Soon Too Late (2016)

Ambient by Jens Vydt. Other abums of this project are in varied IDM mould but always with a good dose of ambience.


Hercegovina (Denmark)

Loyalty (2015) (S)
Insurgent (2016) (S)
Esprit de Corps (2018)
Locusts of the Summer (2021)

Minimal, repeating melodic sequences.


Herden, Werner (Germany)

Unlocked (1990)


Heretic (Japan)

Interface (1985)
Escape Sequence (1988)
1984 - 88 (1994)
Past In Future (1996)
Drugging For M (1996)
Yayoi Dream (1996)
Osiris, Astral Temple And Heretic (1997)

Heretic is a project of Hiro Kawahara and what you get here is basically the Japanese Heldon. Really, if you are a fan of the French masters you owe it to yourself to check out Heretic. Sequences, drums, distorted electronic guitars and the general neurotic atmosphere characterize most of Heretic material. Except for the first album that is rumored to be more laid-back and on the softer side. On some works Hiro Kawahara is joined by other musicians, such as Tohru Ohta, Yozox Yamamoto (of Ain Soph) and Chihiro Saito (of Lacrymosa and Golden Avant-Garde), but I'm not sure which albums feature contributions from these luminaries of Japanese progressive scene.

See also: Osiris, Astral Temple, Dr.Jekyll And Mr.Hyde.


Heretic Cross (USA)

Starlight Text (2021)

Gloomy ambient compositions, a bit dungeon synth-like.


Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen (Germany)

Magnetismus-Tourismus (2011)
Keis Stress (2011) (with Flamingo Creatures)
Nautical Twilight (2011)
On Kwas (2012) (S)
Mangelerscheinungen (2014)

Ambient drone artist Daniel Voigt.


Herington, Chlöe (UK)

Fugue (2022)

London-based bassoonist / saxophone player. Fugue is a wild electronic record, almost chiptune-ish, with lots of sharp square-wave-y sounds, broken melodies, some rhythms... Between IDM, avant-garde and Prog EM perhaps.

See also: VÄLVĒ


Herion (Italy)

Out And About (2010)

Ambient soundscapes from Emanuele Errante, Enrico Coniglio and Elisa Marzorati.

See also: Errante, Emanuele, Coniglio, Enrico.


Hermann, Lukas (Germany)

A Deserted Trip (2022)


Hermetic Ascetic (Netherlands)

Cecaelia (2021)

Long tracks with obscure drones, sequences, harsher textures and an improv vibe. The music sounds pretty archaic, ancient and nice.


Hermetic Self Destruction Ritual (Germany)

Chapel of Bathomet (2019)
ένα κόσμημα με κόκκινο αίμα (2021)

Dark, ritual ambience.


Hermigervill (Iceland)

Leikur Vinsæl Íslensk Lög (2009)
Leikur Fleiri Íslensk Lög (2009)
I (2014)
II (2018)
The Future Sound of Iceland (2019)
Sumarbörn (2019) (with Kira Kira)

Analog synth artist Sveinbjörn Thorarensen. He started with Luasnin in 2003 with a very hip-hop-influenced sound, with lots of samples, scratches etc, and the occasional synth. Another album in similar direction followed and then the first signs of changes appeared when he released two albums of weird and cheesy analog synth versions of Icelandic pop hits. After that came I (2014), which is hard to categorize. Although there are a couple of vocal songs, the rest is pure instrumental analog synth music, with perhaps an influence of synth-pop and disco, very easy-listening, but straddling the line between mainstream and Prog. File under EM-related.


Hermith (France)

L'Autre Monde (2018)
Dernier Souffle (2019)
Sanctuaire (2021)
Des Profondeurs (2023)
L'Esprit des Sorcières (2023)

Like a cross between dungeon synth and Black Ambient.


Hernández, Carmen (Spain)

Cenizas (1985)
Las Banderas del Cosmos (1985)
Africa (1996)
Música Para Tus Lienzos / A Pepe Dámaso (1999)
Memento, Homenaje a Alfredo Kraus (2000)

Varied, melodic Electronic Music.


Hernández, Héctor (Spain)

El Kalevala - La Gran Epopeya Nacional Finlandesa (1987)
Han Llegado los Robots! (1989) (with Miguel A. Ruiz)

Spanish electronic musician. El Kalevala is his sonic imagining of Finland's national epic. It was recorded with a Polysix and an Ensoniq Mirage and represents a mixture of atmospheric, even dark pieces and some more active arpeggio / sequencer-based material. It was released on Hyades Arts under the Doctor Héctor name.


Hernando, Javier (Spain)

Destellos Mercuriales (1990)
Jardín Náufrago (2020)

Javier Hernando is an experimental composer from Barcelona who has been active since 1979, first as member of post-punk / noise band Xeerox, then launching his solo career under the Melodinamika Sensor moniker and a bit later under his real name. The bulk of his output will be too noisy for Prog EM fans. However, lovers of industrial, noise and glitch will find a lot to enjoy in his output. Destellos Mercuriales is slightly different. Still largely experimental and in parts noisy, it has that Prog streak and is much more cosmic that what one would normally expect. If you like darker, cerebral forms of EM, check it out. The long title track and "Pleasurama" are especially interesting. Jardín Náufrago is another Prog EM-related work.


Hero/Victim (USA)

White Space (2015)
Disorder Specific Model (2016)
First Blood Used Genetics (2017) (S)
Meditations On Casey (2019)

Ambient project of Dominic Martin.


Herod, Galen (USA)

Xom (1979)
Xom NOT - A Compilation For Anode (1979)
Gulag (1979)
Limacon (1979)
Patterns For the Outside Surface of A Cube (1980)
Meditationes Algebraicae (??)
Life On This Earth (??)
In Trouble With Bill (1982)
Sgt Pecker (1982)
Glad To Be A Human (1983)
Food For the Mood (1984)
LIVE! (1986)
Bite the Wax Tadpole (1987)
Where the Heck Is Mr. Fun? (1989)
Recordings 1978-80 (2015)
Recordings 1980-82 (2015)

Enigmatic hometape electronic artist who appeared on the scene in the 1970's, distributing his tapes around the Phoenix, Arizona area, either on his own or via Eurock service. He used unique synthesizer and sequencer equipment bult by his colleague and friend Gary Dukarich. His music is quirky, minimal and experimental. It can be compared to Conrad Schnitzler or even Cluster's melodic, repetitive works. However, this guy is really in a league of his own.


Heroic Viking (France??)

Ragnarok (2023)

Pulsing EM with lots of analog synths and fine melodies. Fans of the Berlin School may check this out.


Heroin In Tahiti (Italy)

Sun And Violence (2015)
Remoria (2017)
Casilina Tapes (2018)

Difficult to classify duo (samplers, synths / guitars) from Rome. They are somewhat influenced by post rock and krautrock perhaps. On Remoria, a certain EM influence is felt. Further investigation is needed.


Héron Cendré (France)

3-4 (2022)

Melodic, playful, repetitive EM from Grégory Hairon. Pretty nice stuff.


Heron & Crane (USA)

Firesides (2019)
Streams (2021)

Columbus and Charlottesville-based duo that uses guitars, drums and synths for a sound that is melodic and easy on the ear. A couple of tracks have vocals. The instrumental stuff reminds on everything from Christian von Eschersheim's pastoralism to Jurgen Pluta's crisp and flashy synth style (as heard on Blanche) to Fuhrs & Frohling's folky tunes.


Herrmann, Ed (USA)

Midland Sun (1982)
Electronic Music (1983)
In Praise of the Midland Sun / Skif Suite (1984) (with Dwight Frizzell)
Still Life In Concrete (1987)
Alone (2013)
Despite Gravity (??)

Experimental artist and modular synth enthusiast. Ed Herrmann sculpts his stark soundscapes using huge E-MU and Serge modular systems. His music will be of interest to fans of Experimental EM. Ed Herrmann is also known as former host of the long-running "Ionizations" radioshow, devoted to experimental musics.


Herrmann Kristoffersen (Germany)

Herrmann Kristoffersen (2020)
Gone Gold (2021)

The eponymous release features lysergic, ambient, rhythmic compositions recorded by this duo of Daniel Herrmann and Kristina Kristoffersen in a mountain house just outside Frankfurt. Sometimes cosmic or pastoral, Cluster-like. Very nice.


Hersey, Baird (USA)

Odo Op8 Fx (1980)

Interesting electronic record from this jazz guitarist out of New Jersey. The process of recording is described in the sleeve as "guitar driving an Arp Avatar which is interfaced with an Oberheim eight voice polyphonic synthesizer and a Sequential Circuits sequencer which fires an Oberheim expander module".


Hershey, Maiya (Lebanon)

Tides (2017)
Neither Present Nor Absent (2022) (with Steve Jansen)

Ambient with large piano presence.


Hertel, Mikołaj (Poland)

Tonacje Miłości (1991)
Dźwięki Dalekiego Świata (1992) (recorded in 1985 - 1988)
Dźwięki Morza (1993)
Wewnętrzny Puls (1994)
Niepokój Serca (1994)
Polskie Jesienie (1999)
Plaże (2001)
Dźwięki Nieba (2003)

Arpeggio (2008)
At the Horizon's Edge (2015) (with Przemysław Rudź)
Epizod A (2015) (recorded in ??)
Spleen (2018) (recorded in 2002)
Zagubiona w Nostalgii (2023) (recorded in 1985)

I don't iknow much about this guy. He seems to have been around for some years and is considered a mainstay of Polish EM scene. However, I always thought of his music as some type of new age or new romantic music, not EM. Ok, after listening to the samples of Arpeggio I can say it IS EM, indeed, mixing rhythmic / symphonic tracks and warm melodic / atmospheric compositions. Further investigation is needed.


Hertz, Jack (USA)

Five Live (2015)
Inuksuk (2015) (with Mystified)
Planet Red (2016)
Divinna Comedia III: Nine Spheres (2016) (with Scott Lawlor)
Into the Zone (2016) (with TOTAL E.T.)
Windige Türen (2016) (with Christian Doil)
Antarctica (2016)
Fast Rails (2016) (with Christian Fiesel)
End of the Steam Age (2016) (with Christian Fiesel)
The End of Time Is One Second From Now (2016)
Solarized (2016) (with Total E.T.)
Secret Coves (2016)
Mechanics of Blue (2016)
Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017) (with Wolfgang Gsell)
Masks (2017) (with Eisenlager)
Time Spinner: The Great Attractor (2017) (Christian Fiesel and Scott Lawlor)
Computer Music (2017)
Blue (2017) (with Wolfgang Gsell)
Modulator (2017)
Terra Australis (2017) (with Michael Meara)
Andromeda Strains (2017)
The Last Songs of A Dying Tribe (2018)
Oaxaca (2018)
Through Corridors Bright (2018) (with William Spivey)
Blue Dunes (2018)
The Lighthouse (2018) (with Christian Fiesel)
Painting the Sea (2019)
The Wind Speaks To Branches On the Hill (2019)
Back To the Moon 1 (2019)
High-Rise - Colonizing the Sky (2019)
Galactic Gems (2020)
Microflora (2020)
Baroque Astronaut (2022)
The Gift of Fire (2022) (with Anantakara)
Illuminated Cumulus (2023)

Berlin School and melodic / spacey EM-oriented artist from San Francisco area. Since around 2010, he released many download-only albums on various netlabels. Since around 2015 he finally entered the CD domain.

See also: Hurwitz, Jack, m00m.


Hertz, Wolfgang (Germany)

Gift In Athen (1982)
Face On radio (1982) (with Conrad Schnitzler)
Contrasts (1987) (with Conrad Schnitzler)

Experimental electronician and Conrad Schnitzler collaborator.

See also: Aussenminister, Input.


Hertzog, Paul (USA)

Freeing the Waters (2009)
Waking the Dragon (2015)

Soundtrack composer who released a few solo works in melodic cinematic style.


Heru Avenger (USA)

New Aeon (1998)
Magique Mistress (1999)

German-inspired American outfit with nods to Ash Ra Tempel, Schulze etc., led by guitar player John Basil.

See also: Non Stop


Herve, Jean-Michel (France)

Town (1983)

Library LP on Sonimage with melodic Electronic Music. There was a later release, called Safari, that's supposedly in a different style.


Herz Chain (France)

Lacs (2016)

Rich, analog-based ambient compositions, plus sequencer-based material. Herz Chain is Erich Zahn.


Herzel (North Macedonia)

Subtopia (2020)

A project of Aleksandar Grozdanovski, who comes from the club background. However, on Subtopia he experiments in the genre of ambient (beatless) electronics.


Hesitation (UK)

Hesitation (2018)
Triple Bluff (2020)
The Last Christmas (2021)

A duo of Chris Catlin and Richard Greenan. Soft, slightly noisy compositions, mixing piano, electronics and guitars. Somewhat krauty.


Hess, Klaus (Germany)

Sternentanz (1983)
Technodrome (1992)

Electronic Music by ex-Jane guitarist. Sounds like a more spacey version of Michael Rother which means cosmic electronics combined with echoey guitar playing.


Hesychia (Austria)

Metanoia (2017)

Dark and brighter synth soundscapes from Arthur Rosar.


Heteroduplex (Japan??)

Without Words, Without Silence (2019)

Varied soundscapes with elements of World Music.


Heuzé, Bruno (France)

Eurasie (1993)

Synth music with ethnic touches. He was a short-time member of Lightwave, I guess, but I'm not sure on what album(s).


Hewitt, Elsa (UK)

Ghostcats (2020)
LUPA (2021)

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. On Ghostcats, she started moving towards more abstract realms, using her voice as an instrument (almost no proper lyrics to speak of) and combining it with synths & electronics. Pretty unique style - experimental and inventive, but also accessible and fascinating. Great stuff from a talented artist.


Hewitt, Nathan (???)

(Music For) Twelve Goodbyes (2023)

From ambient soundscapes to moody, reflective EM, sometimes with soft sequencing.


Hewson, David (UK)

Mood And More (1979)

Library disc with synthesizer themes by David Hewson.


Hex Breaker Quartet (USA)

Riders (2011)
Chemical Angel (2011)
Crowned And Conquering Child (2011)
Method For Astral Amelioration (2012)
Virtually Live From Enemy (2012) (S)

A collaboration of trumpet duo Grasshopper and electronic musician Mr. Matthews (the fourth member is unknown to me). The music is closer to EM than to any jazz, with long drones and cosmic synths, only occasionally interrupted or dominated by trumpets.

See also: Mr. Matthews


Hexagon Seam (UK??)

Foray (2021) (EP)

From slow rhythms to pure arpeggio goodness.


Hexagram (USA)

Hexagram 46 (1997)
Live '97 (1997)
Hexagram 57 (1997)
Hexagram 3 (1999)
Exit (2001) (EP)
More (2002)
Filler (2002) (EP)
Requiem18 (2002)
Next (2003)
Texture & Sway (2003)
Logarhythms I (2005)
Logarhythms II (2005)
Chimes (2006)
Quiet Ecstasy (2007)
Return To Cydonia (2007)
Ephemera (2013)
Utopia (2013)
61:00 (2013)
The Eightfold Path Taken (2014) (EP)
Mythos (2014)

Ambient music from Chuck Daar, sometimes with downtempo rhythms. Early albums are in the duo format and are supposedly noisier.

See also: Daar, Chuck, Architectures, Cathedrals of Sound, Vapor State, A.V.P., Return To Titan, Sky People, The.


xeris (???)

Färd Genom Andens Mysticism (2014)

Released as a demo tape in 2014, re-released on LP in 2018. The music is related to dungeon synth and reminds me on Forest Silence.


Hexlove (USA)

Harp Drafts (2009) (EP)
Want To Be Nice (2009)

Electronic Music from drummer and multi-instrumentalist Zac Nelson. The other albums are supposedly in different style.

See also: Nelson, Zac


Hexsystem (Canada)

Interface OST Vol. 1 (2019) (soundtrack)
Solutions & Problems (2021)
Interface OST Vol. 2 (2021) (soundtrack)
Amanita Ocreata (2023)

Quebecois project (Justin Tomchuk) mixing cinematic piano and synths. Some neo-classical-sounding string arrangements as well.


Heyndels, Lennart (Belgium)

Halling (2020)
Brussels MIDI (2022)

Although an acoustic bass player, Lennart Heyndels seems to be interested in electronics. On Halling, recorded during his stay in Norwegian woods, he layers field recordings and modular synthesizer sounds. Varied, playful, rhythmic, sequential, abstract... Brussels MIDI continues in the electronic direction.


Hezaliel (???)

Falling On Earth (2016)
Inferno (2019)

Dark soundscapes from Steve Fabry.


HHH (France)

Anthum (2018)
Haniwa (2019)

Synthesizer trio from Nice, consisting of Sarah Procissi, Héloïse Francesconi and Arthur Arsenne. Deep, surreal, ambient electronics. Sometimes more structural. Pretty nice stuff if you ask me.


hhnoi (Germany)

Kallocain (2018)
Dear Future (2021)

A project of Marco Petracca. A mixture of ambient synths and some rhythmic tracks, sometimes with a techno flair.


Hi. Ok, Sorry. (Australia)

Hi. Ok, Sorry. (2021) (S)

Australia has a fine EM tradition going back to the formative decade of the 1970's, with trailblazing artists like Cybotron, Rainbow Generator, Ian MacFarlane and others. The newest (relatively speaking, as they have been composing for a few years already) addition to that fine roster of artists is Perth's female duo Hi. Ok, Sorry. (Phoebe Avenue and Eva Bujalka). Using analog synthesizers, they craft rhythmic / cosmic compositions of a rather unique and unorthodox nature. I surely want to hear more from them.


Hibernis (USA)

Middle of the Meds (2018)

Hazy modular webs of sound by John Hughes accompanied by ethereal vocalizations of Lindsay Anderson.


Hickey, Ian (USA)

A Journey of Mind And Body (2021) (EP)

Melodic / propulsive music with piano, drum machine rhythms and sparkling synths / solos. Beware the vocals on one track.


Hicks, Marty (Australia)

Mooncalf (2013) (with George Darvidis)
Olreilion (2019)
The Elia Passages (2019)

Australian pianist who is also into electronics. His output will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient.


Hicks, Ryan (USA)

Pripyat + Lullaby (2016) (S)

Ryan Hicks is a visual artist and musician. His style is influenced by post-rock, downtempo, IDM and Ambient. Pripyat + Lullaby is a moody, classically-inspired work.


Hidari, Tomoroh (Austria)

Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes (2012)

A pseudonym of Vienna-based Oliver Stummer, who is mostly associated with the glitch scene. However, on Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes, he lets himself be inspired by electro-acoustic music and EM of the 1970's. Cosmic, darkish, moody, monumental...


Hidden Glow (Russia)

Fimiam (2018)
Slumbering Beyond the Wall of Snow (2018)

Long tracks of dark, distorted, stacked together analog synths.


Hidden Horse (Portugal)

Opala (2022)
Incorporeal (2023)

Darkish, rhythmic electronics from this duo of João Kyron and Tony Watts. Industrial rhythms, moody synths, sequences... Shades of vintage library music and krautrock.


Hidden In Treetops (Belgium)

A Collection of Good, Old-Fashioned Moodswings (2013)
Lost (2016)

Varied rhythmic / melodic / atmospheric synth project of Geert Vandekerkhof who is also behind coldwave / darkwave band Der Klinke.


Hidden Kingdom (Hungary)

Genezis (2022)

Hidden Kingdom is a project of synthesist and keyboard player Ifj. Balogh Ferenc. Genezis is an epic orchestral / electronic work dedicated to Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou. Nice album for fans of melodic / symphonic EM.


Hidden Rivers (UK)

Where Moss Grows (2015)
Golden Age of Dereliction (2021)

Relaxed, sometimes cinematic compositions from Huw Roberts based in Wales, who is also one half of the hybrid ambient / modern classical duo Nest. Synth atmospheres and melodies accompanied by electronic rhythms. And a nice surprise: as a last track, the author throws in a killer sequencer fest titled "Futureproof".


Hidegkút (Hungary)

Gyerekkor (2017)

Low-fi ambient sound with lots of field recordings.


Hidell, Alek (Italy)

RAVOT (2021)

This artist (real name - Dario Licciardi) mixes hip-hop beats and grime textures with vintage library and kraut synth vibes. A pretty unique sound.


Hideous Gomphidius (USA)

Spore Sorcery (2020)
Keepers of the Fungal Order (2021)

Experimental, dungeon synth-related ambient project inspired by the world of the funghi. Distant, echoing, melancholic sounds.


Hidrogenesse (Spain)

Bestiola (2008)
Cielo repleto de naves extraterrestres (2023)

Cielo... represents short synth tracks arranged like a sci-fi soundtrack. Atypical album from this Barcelona-based synth-pop / electronic rock duo. Bestiola is an earlier release with a very Kraftwerk-ian flair.


Hiele, Roman (Belgium)

Saints (OST) (2016) (S) (soundtrack)
Sings (2020)
Stadspark (2020)

Antwerp-based experimental musician. On the above works, he finds himself in a strange and playful "Cluster meets academic electronics" mode.


Hiemal (France)

Vespéral (2018)

Beautiful and atmospheric ambient compositions with just a slight touch of dungeon synth. Sense of nostalgy, forests, legends and drama prevail.


Hiemann, Andrew (Canada)

Electronic musician from Victoria, B.C.


Hiemis (Spain)

Hyperborea (2019)
Thule (2019)
Radix (2020)
Zothique (2021)
La Chose (2021)
Yggdrasil (2022)

Dark and not-so-dark ambience from Juan Carlos Toledo.


Hierofante (Brazil)

Música Electrônica Transcendetal (2015)

Psychedelic rock band with this album focused more on electronics.

See also: Acavernus


Hieroglyphic Being (USA)

For She Is the Acid & I Am the Frequency (2010)
The Urantia Project (2011) (recorded in 1996)
Le jardin des chemins bifurquants (2011)
Strange Strings (2011)
Imaginary Soundscapes (2013)
The Songs of the Red Lion (2013)
A.R.E. Project (2017) (with Sarathy Korwar and Shabaka Hutchings)
The Replicant Dream Sequence (2018)
The Language Of Strings: Audio Memoirs Of Electronic Etudes & Nocturnes (2018)
The Red Notes (2018)
Synth Expressionism / Rhythmic Cubism (2019)
The Future Shock Chronicles Vol. 1 (2020) (S)
The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear...Vol 1 (2022)
The Shittest Sounds U Don't Ever Want 2 Hear...Vol 2 (2022)
There Is No Acid In This House (2022)
The Moon Dance (2023)

A pseudonym of Jamal R. Moss from Chicago, who's been honing his skills as a club deejay since the early 1990's. As a solo electronic musician he is quite diverse and his discography is extensive. Overall, he seems to be influenced by club music (experimental techno, house, EBM), noise, free jazz by the likes of Sun Ra and experimental EM. I will try to list his more experimental / progressive works. Of these, I thought that two albums in particular stood out - Strange Strings, which is kind of concrete / space melting pot, seemingly influenced by 1960's and 1970's electronic sounds, and Le Jardin..., which has long tracks with sequences, atmospheres etc., with even a Berlin School flair in places. The Replicant Dream Sequence has Jamal jamming on Moog synths with varied results. The beatless tracks on this release are pretty nice and are pure Prog EM.

See also: Our Souls Are In the Hands of the Translator


Hierophant, Paul (UK)

Utopian Dystopias Part One (2020) (S)
Beyond the Oort Cloud (2022)
Watching The Decoys PT2 (2023) (S)

Although a techno artist, Paul Mackie aka Hierophant suprises with a long, spacey track "Saturn" (from Utopian Dystopias Part One), full of rolling sequences, pads and subtle bass throbs. Amazingly, his Beyond the Oort Cloud album again has EM influences all over, being essentially a mixture of moody Prog EM spacey electro.


Higashi, Hiroshi (Japan)

Ikkan No Yoyo (2001)
The Day Before: Psychochemistry (2002)
He No He No (2002)
Solo (2004)
Solo (2005)
Effigy Mound (??)
Epicycles (2014) (with Andy Bole)
Alturas (2020) (with Makoto Kawabata, Manongo Mujica, Juan Luis Pereira and Richard Pinhas)

Acid Mothers Temple keyboardist and synth freak goes solo. Music ranges from abstract aggressive soundscapes to uplifting organ bliss. He is often quite noisy, so tread with caution. He No He No has some nice tracks that would appeal to fans of Ambient and general cosmic haze.


Higgins, Derek (USA)

Life After Ex (2017) (soundtrack)
02020 (2020)
Future Still (2021)
The Muse (2023)
Woven Territories (2023) (with Bryan Day)
Interlude (2023)

Omaha, Nebraska-based Derek Higgins has been composing various types of music (both electronic and rock-based) since the 1970's. 02020 features a diverse set of (mostly) shorter melodic electronic sketches and etudes or "musical haiku", as Derek calls it. Life After Ex is a moody, predominantly electronic soundtrack. Future Still is a nice melodic / rhythmic excursion.


High Fall (Poland)

^ (2015)
Default Landscapes (2016) (S)
_C (2017)

Experimental and at times quite melancholic Ambient.


High Five Spaceship (UK)

Progress (2014)
MMCCXV (2016)

A project of Christopher Bingham representing an unlikely mixture of pop songs, space rock, hip-hop and Progressive EM. File under EM-related.


High Light (USA)

High Light (2015)

Another synth project from Portland, Oregon (talk about an EM hotbed) consisting of Tim Gray and Scott Worley. Intense, spacey, sequencer-based, melodic, analog. Very nice.

See also: Gray, Tim


High Pit (Italy)

(Live) @ Hidden Sounds (2019) (S)

A synth / drums duo of Simne Donadni and Amedeo Scofone. Nice, rich, sequence-full and bleepy sound here.


High Plains (Canada)

Cinderland (2017)
Pilot Hill (2018)

Neo-classically influenced ambient duo of Mark Bridges (cello) and Scott Morgan (electronics).

See also: Loscil


High Tides (USA)

High Tides (2015)
Paradise Daze (2019)

Slow balearic / chillwave and tropical paradise ambience from the duo of Steven Lutes and Warren Kroll.

See also: Red Falcon Projects, The, Forrest, Dorosoto.


Highland Park Sleep Collective (USA)

Music For Water (2023) (recorded in 2021)

Fine ambient music with field recordings, synths and piano recorded in the outskirts of Los Angeles by the duo of Tim Anderson and Filip Nikolic.


Hignell, Daniel Alexander (UK)

Semblances (2014)
The AZ5 Movement (2023) (with Dogs Versus Shadows)

Experimental EM with noisy and cosmic trends.

See also: Distant Animals


Hiholl (Russia)

Endless Tragedy (2009) (EP)
Feel (2012)
Four. From Obscure To Light (2021)

St. Petersburg-based artist who creates varied music that focuses on melodies. From neo-classical and soundtrack-like pieces to ambient soundscapes and fully orchestrated Kitaro-like ballads.


Hiiri, Sergey (Russia)

Imago (2021)

Warm ambient soundscapes with influences of glitch and microsound. A pseudonym of Sergey Vandyshev, who is based in St. Petersburg.


Hikashu (Japan)

Watashi No Tanoshimi (1984)
Soba De Yokereba (1985)

Although an avant-pop band, for Watashi No Tanoshimi, which is a soundtrack to a fashion show, Hikashu have chosen to pursue a different path - instrumental and more experimental, a bit similar to their work in electronic side project Inoyama Land, but still with strong avant leanings (some sax, improvisation, etc). Soba De Yokereba is another soundtrack, this time for a theater production and should also contain some interesting material.

See also: Pre-Hikashu, Inoyama Land.


Hikes Mounter (Canada)

Algonquin (2017)

Nature-inspired Ambient from Ontario. A project of Mike Soma.


Hildebrand, Gustaf (Sweden)

Starscape (2004)
Out of the Darkling Light Into the Bright Shadow (2005) (with Peter Bjärgö)
Primordial Resonance (2005)
Heliopause (2012)

Dark Space.


Hildegard Von Binge Drinking (Germany)

Hildegard Von Binge Drinking (2016)
Tour de Farce - Soundtracks (2016) (S)
Infinity (2018)
Sprechfunk mit Toten (2021) (S)
Echo der Delfine (2022)

Curious krautrock / EM project of Daniel Gehret and Matthias Labus with covers of albums representing humoristic rip-offs of Jarre and Kraftwerk. Melodic stuff with lots of vocoders and what sounds like real drums.


Hildenbeutel, Ralf (Germany)

Looking Beyond (1993)
Hommage A Noir (1996)
Tollmanhildenbeutel (1996) (with Tollman)
Lucy's Dream (2008)
Wunderland (2010)
Moods (2015)

Tribal Ambient and Classic Ambient sound with sequencing. On Recycle Or Die label.

See also: Millenium


Hill, Julie (USA)

Hulie Hill (2021)

Singer-songwriter from New York, working in the genre of sophisti-pop. She seems to love synths and have a supporting cast of musicians, one of them doubling on synth also. There are a couple of instrumental tracks done in a lightweight, disco-influenced style. Nothing very challenging here but a pleasant listen thanks to all the warm analog sounds. File under EM-related.


Hillage, Steve (UK)

Green (1978)
Rainbow Dome Musick (1979)
BBC Radio 1 Concert (1992) (recorded in 1976 and 1979)
Dreamtime Submersible (2008) (with Evan Marc)
The Glastonbury Experience Live 1979 (2022)

Famous Gong guitarist whose glissando guitar playing style is easily recognized by guitar connoisseurs. He was actually a great innovator in the field. Although his music is often rich in synths the ones I can recommend for EM lovers are Rainbow Dome Musick (synthesized by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy) which is an all-time classic of Electronic Music and BBC Radio 1 Concert that contains (among other material) some archived recordings of his duet with synthesist Miquette Giraudy. There may be other electronic pieces as well which should yet be investigated.

See also: Gong, Nik Turner's Sphynx


Hillborg, Linus (Sweden)

Magelungsverket (2021)

Electronic Music created on the Buchla 200 series synthesizer.

See also: Atonet, Sänkt.


Hille, Sid (Germany)

One - Soundscapes By Sid Hille (2011)
Ugetsu - Soundscapes by Sid Hille (2016)
Here - Beyond the Infinite (2020)
Metamorphosis (2021) (with Multicast Dynamics)

Germany-born musician currently residing in Finland. Sid Hille is a jazz pianist but on these albums he uses other keyboards and synthesizers, apart from piano. The music will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient.


Hillebrandt, Keith (USA)

Blue (2005)

Ex-collaborator of Nine Inch Nails. He is known as an author of multiple sound libraries and an ambient electronic musician.


Hillman, Steve (UK)

From Distant Shores (1983)
Ashtar (1984)
Evocations (1985)
New Horizons (1986)
Timelevels (1987)
Worlds Beyond (1988)
Phases (1989)
Distant Horizons (1989)
Labyrinth (1990)
Continuum (1993)
Matrix (1994)
Riding the Storm (1996)
Convergence (1999)
Opener of the Ways (2002)
The World Over (2006)
Empyreal (2017) (with Thaneco)
Call of the Ancients (2019) (with Thaneco)

Steve Hillman has been making Electronic Music since the 70's. In the beginning of that decade (1972, after hearing the music of Tangerine Dream) he built a sort of a homemade synth by connecting an oscillator to a battered tape recorder circuit and record player's amplifier. The synth was capable of doing some crazy noises and from there the musical journey of Steve Hillman began. He then bought an electronic organ, along with an echo unit and a new tape recorder, which enabled him to record his music. During the early 80's he acquired more gear (a synth and a new tape recorder) and founded his own cassette label "Eye Tapes". Steve Hillman became part of the growing British synth music scene that carried on traditions laid by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other German pioneers of the early 1970's.


Hills, N. R. (UK)

Romeo & the Beast (1987)
Nails (1989)
The Triumph of Death (1990)
Earth Logic (1993)
Heaven's Rust (1997)
Schadenfreude (1998)
Strange Like A Scented Stone (2002)

Quite dark material. Analog synth sounds soaked in distant reverb and layered on top of ambient background.


Hilyard (USA)

Alpine Respire (2017) (with ProtoU)
Furthermore (2018)
Somnolent (2019)
Division Cycle (2021)

Bryan Hilyard is an artist based in Maine. Majestic soundscapes, between Ambient and Space Music.


Himalayan Dalai Lama (Slovakia)

Orange Coloured Rose Leaves (2018)
Isolated Bonds (2021)

Slovakian duo that mixes lush analog synth sound with house and hip-hop beats. Interesting combination. File under EM-related.


Himekami (Japan)

Oku No Hosomichi (1981)
Tohno (1982)
Himekami (1982)
Tohno Monogatari (1982) (soundtrack)
Himekami Densetsu (1983)
Mahoroba (1984) (with Yas-Kaz)
Kaido (1985) (with Yas-Kaz) (soundtrack)
Hokuten Genso (1986)
Himekami Special (1986)
Setsufu (1987)
Toki Wo Mitsumete (1988) (soundtrack)
Himekami Fudoki (1989)
Ihatovo Hidakami (1990)
Snow Goddess (1991)
Zipangu Himekami (1992)
Homura (1993)
Tsugaru (1994)
Mayoiga (1995)
Himekami Johdo Mandara (1995)
Kaze No Jomon (1996)
Kaze No Jomon II: Toki No Sora (1997)
Kaze No Jomon III: Jomon Kairyuu (1998)
Shinra Bansho (1998)
Seed (1999)
Sennen Kairo (2000)
Aoi-Hana (2003)
Kamigami No Uta (2004)
Fudoki (2010)

Himekami was the project of Japanese musician Yoshiaki Hoshi, sometimes accompanied by other musicians. Hoshi first came into prominence in 1971, winning the Victor Electronic Music contest. He started his musical project in 1980 and named it Himekami Sensation. However, in 1984 "Sensation" was dropped from the name and it became simply "Himekami". The music was basically Electronic New Age with sounds of nature and elements of traditional Japanese music. Yoshiaki Hoshi died of a heart attack in 2004. The most common album outside Japan is Moonwater which is a compilation and a good introduction to his work.


HIMOG (Netherlands)

Carpe Nocturnum (2006)

Mostly darkish ambient compositions with some more active parts. A project of Tom Freeman.


Himons, Aashid (USA)

The Seer (2000)
The Deep End (2001) (with Giles Reaves)
Principles of Peace (2002) (with Giles Reaves)
Alone In Space (2003)
A Hidden Space (2003) (with Giles Reaves and Tony Gerber)

Space Music from this black musician who has also released some reggae-inspired works (he seems to be the pioneer of blu-reggae - a style that mixed reggae music with blues - together with his band Afrikan Dreamland).


Hinata, Daisuke (Japan)

Tarzanland (1988)

Easy-listening music from this ex-member of Interior, like a light-hearted version of Tangerine Dream from around the same year (with no guitar). This almost sounds un-progressive and is very close to new age muzak. Creates a nice musical wallpaper, though.

See also: Interior


Hinata, Toshifumi (Japan)

Sarah's Crime (1985)
Reality In Love (1986)
Chat d'Ete (1986)
Story (1987)
Isis (1988)
Rhapsody In the Twilight (1989)
Tokyo Love Story (1991)
Premiere (1991)
Eenyobo (1993)
Another Graffiti (1994)
Angels In Dystopia - Nocturnes And Preludes (2022)

Japanese pianist, composer and songwriter. Several of his albums repotedly have a nice synth sound, somewhere along the lines of Synergy. Hinata mainly composes music for movies and television.


Hinds, John (USA)

Omni-Sonic Environment (1983)
John Hinds '85 (1985)

Ambient synth compositions from this obscure Californian musician. Apart from this cassette, John Hinds also released a few CD's in the 1990's, but I am note sure about the musical style.


Hines, Michael (UK)

II (1986)
3:45 (1986)
A Soundtrack With No Film (1987)

Scottish electronic musician.


Hintz, Oliver (Germany)

Göttlische Energie (1994) (maxi)

Synthesist and keyboard player who in 1997 participated as keys man of progressive rock band Alien On My Mind that only released one eponymous album.


Hip, Valera (Russia)

Mountain of Fugitives (2019)

Hypnotic, semi-acoustic rural ambience from this recluse who lives in a remote village of the Altai region. Flutes, drums, guitars, organ drones, echoes, field recordings and the author's narrative voice. Rather unique overall.


Hipgnosis (Poland)

Sky Is the Limit (2006)
Still Ummadelling (2008)
Relusion (2011)
Life Plays No Encores (2015)

Polish progressive / space rock band with heavy use of electronics. They have a female vocalist but just about half of the tracks are instrumental or predominantly instrumental. Their synth sound is nice, especially the solos. Their EM masterpiece must be the long, 20-minute epic "Large Hadron Collider" from Relusion.


Hipgrave, Christopher (UK)

Day (2009)
Subtleties (2009)
Slow, With Pages of Fluttering Interference (2010)
No Greater Hero Than the Last Plant That Grows (2015)

Ambient artist with glitch and microsound tendencies.

See also: Tiny Isles


Hipnotic Earth (USA)

Suspended In Silence (2019)
HomeWorld (2021)
Starfish & The Giant Foams (2021)

Ambient project of Cosmos Rennert from California who uses piano and electronics. Reflective, featherlight soundscapes that float around you like waves or sea winds.


Hipólito (Germany)

Lute Mobilé (2020)
Circuli & Timer (2021) (S) (Trii Group)

Quirky, repetitive, relaxed or ambient electronics.

See also: Tulips


Hippies Wearing Muzzles (USA)

Egyptian Paralysis (2014)
Animist Pools (2016)
Euler Haze (2019)

Repetitive, wacky, analog, playful, experimental music from Lee Evans out of Denver, Colorado. Very nice.


Hipster Modular (USA)

The Jacumba Sets (2015)
Die Schlachtensee Sets (2016)
am ab ie 1.0 (2020)
Die Atem Sets (2020)

Abstract, ambient compositions created on modular synths. For fans of Conrad Schnitzler maybe.


Hipwell (Australia)

Gardenworld (2022)

Nice Electronic Music from Adam Hipwell - ex-member of post-punk band Wunderlust. Floating sequences, multiple pads, warm melodies and a touch of guitar. Manuel Goettsching fans take note.


Hiraki, Shuta (Japan)

Not Here, But There (2019)
白炭 (2021) (S)
絹雲 Cirrus (2021)
A Wanderer (2022)
Idiorrhythmie (2023) (with Shuma Ando)

Ambient and field recordings artist from Japan.


Hiram (USA)

Artemisia (2021)
The Crystalline Core (2021)
Water Rise (2021)
Immersion (2022)
Air Songs (2022)

Droning ambience with both electronic and acoustic instruments.


Hirano, Midori (Japan)

LushRush (2006)
Klo:yuri (2008)
And I Am Here (2015)
Minor Planet (2016)
Time Unbox (2016) (recorded in 2011) (with Ytamo)
Story For Timepiece (2016) (S) (with Ytamo)
Cascade (2019) (S) (with Atsuko Hatano)
Mirrors In Mirrors (2019)
Invisible Island (2020)
Soniscope (2021)
Water Ladder (2021) (with Atsuko Hatano)

Kyoto-born piano player and electronic composer, currently residing in Berlin. On Invisible Island, she combines piano and synthesizers for a sound that will be enjoyed by fans of Eno / Budd and Japanese ambient works with a large piano presence.

See also: MimiCof


Hiraoka, Toshi (Japan)

T (1998)
Death-Scort Service (2015) (soundtrack)

Toshiyuki Hiraoka is a guitarist and experimental electronic musician with a punk attitude, as his collborations show perfectly, such as his work in Xpensive Dogs, who combine optimistic YMO-ish musings with punk guitars and (sometimes) nasty lyrics. This solo album (T), however, is completely instrumental and is full of fat, high energy sequencing and big (programmed) drums. Death-Scort Service is a varied soundtrack with some electronic material.


Hiro Kone (USA)

Silvercoat the Throng (2021)

Hiro Kone is an alias of San Francisco-born, New York-based Nicky Mao who generally works under the broader umbrella of club-related electronic styles (such as industrial techno, with forays into post-industrial murkiness). Silvercoat the Throng, recorded in isolation of the covid lockdown, is more of a trip into her inner visions, with rhythms largely absent or taking a back seat and the moody webs of sound sculpting being the principal focus. Nice stuff and definitely progressive, even if not for EM purists. The cello flashes give this one some brief moments of that extremely pleasant "Klaus Schulze circa Dune" feeling.


Hiroki, Terashima (Japan)

Les Mondes Oubliés (2008)

Instrumental mixture of guitars, acoustic instruments and synth, like a cross between early Kitaro and Oldfield, with some unique Japanese / World Music touches.


Hiroma Keo (France)

The Ordeal Cycle (2021)

French artist living in Lisbon. Moody, sequencer-rich compositions.


Hironaka, Katsuya (Japan)

Golden Days (1997)



Hirose, Yutaka (Japan)

Nova (1986)
Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989 (2022)
Nostalghia (2022)

Nice and little-known Japanese Ambient.


Hiroshi, Miguel (Spain)

Oníriko Orinoko (2019)

Japanese-born Spanish handpan player and multi-instrumentalist. The whole of Oníriko Orinoko is a mixture of acoustic instrumentation (including handpan and acoustic / flamenco guitar) and subtle electronics. Most of it can hardly be called EM, though. Hovewer, the closing title track is a nice pulsing EM piece with sequencing and toy box melodies.


Hirsch, David (USA)

White Album / Going Through Life (1977)

Private press from Texas, only 50 copies of this were made. David Hirsch makes long experimental electronic tracks filled with voices, effects, crazy synths and more, telling the story of a man's life from birth to death.


Hirsch, Henry (USA)

Nine Nights (1980)

A long-time associate of Lenny Kravitz and founder of Waterfront Studio in NY, Henry Hirsch released this solo album on German Rocktopus label with music in unknown style.


Hirudo (Germany)

The First Incarnation (1983)
Twenty Years Later (2005)

Melodic synth music by the duo of Uli Kutschera and Peter Fischer. Just grand piano and synths, with a Vangelis vibe.

See also: Kutschera, Uli, Fischer, Peter.


Hirugami, Hayataro (Japan)

Solvent (2017)

Japanese ambient artist with a minimal droning sound.


His Divine Grace (France)

Debut (1999)
Live In Engelsberg (1999)
I Did Egon Oppl (2000)
I Did Anna (2000)
Doll (2000)
Reverse Aleph (2001)
Meyn Geduld Hat Ursach (2001)
Leviathan I - IV (2002)
Die Schlangenkoenigin (2003)
Leviathan V (2004) (S)
Leviathan 6 Dead In Vienna (2004)
Eurydice (2004)
Le Grand Secret (2006)

Dark, sad and mysterious ambient textures from the man who calls himself Moonchild Erik.


Hisaishi, Joe (Japan)

Joe Hisaishi (1978) (S)
Ni Kakero Ring (1982) (soundtrack)
Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (1983) (soundtrack)
Manual Project - Digital Fantasia (1984)
Birth (1984) (soundtrack)
Kichijoutennyo (1984) (soundtrack)
Cinderella Labyrinth (1984) (soundtrack)
Arion - Image Album (1985) (soundtrack)
Makyou-Yugekitai (1985)
α-Bet City (1985)
Curved Music (1986)
Laputa (1986) (soundtrack)
Robot Carnival (1987) (soundtrack)
The Drifting Classroom (1987) (soundtrack)
Royal Coat of Arms (1988) (soundtrack)
The Universe Within (1989)
More the Universe Within (1990)
Sonatine (1993) (soundtrack)

Joes Hisaishi is a Japanese soundtrack composer known for his numerous anime / manga  scores. Not everything he did is electronic or EM-related. I'll try to list his works that contain electronic arrangements and might appeal to fans of melodic, accessible EM.

See also: Wonder City Orchestra


Hiskey, Mark (USA)

Knowledge (1986)

Private press from Colorado. Mostly instrumental, with vocals on one track.


Hissquiet (USA)

Solastalgia (2021)

Ambient artist from New Hampshire. Unquiet, echoey, dark, mysterious, sometimes hissy.


Hite, Silas (USA)

Fushigi (2021)

Multi-instrumentalist and composer. Fushigi is an album of varied and quirky electronic compositions. Melodic, playful, classically-inspired, often like Cluster playing with an orchestra. Sometimes with ethnic (Japanese) touches.


Hive Project, The (USA / Canada)

Conversations With the Queen (2001)

Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins) and Jeremy Rice.

See also: Kerby, Anthony Paul, Circular Ruins, The, Lammergeyer.


Hiver (Italy)

Air Castles (2017) (EP)
Spiritual Machines (2018) (EP)

Italian techno duo with some ambient tendencies. There is one ambient track on Air Castles and two on Spiritual Machines.


Hjarnidaudi (Norway)

Pain:Noise:March (2005)
Psyko:Stare:Void (2009)

The continuation of Hlidolf project. Same doomy feeling here, with even a hint of Klaus Schulze's electronic epics.

See also: Hlidolf


Hjelm, Hans (Sweden)

Factory Reset (2021)

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, member of Kungens Män and Automatism. Energetic, driving, rhythmic, melodic pieces mixing guitar, electronics and drums. Good for those into instrumental progrock / EM hybrids like Maxxess, Ashra, Frank Dorittke, etc.


Hjörtur (Iceland)

Digital / Synton (1982) (S)
Electric Music (2005)

Hjörtur Haraldsson Blöndal is an Icelandic singer. I haven''t delved into his oeuvre yet to say how much EM-related material there is, but Electric Music is something that seems to be very much inspired by Kraftwerk. It is largely instrumental, and when there are vocals, these are usually samples or vocoder voices.


HLER (Finland)

HLER (2018) (with Esa Ruoho)
Realignment (2019)
LGM-1 (2020)

Dark Space from Heikki Lindgren.


Hlidolf (Norway)

Void (2002)

Droning soundscape, a bit in the Doom Ambient vein.

See also: Hjarnidaudi


HMOT (Russia)

Oneirology (2013) (EP)
Permanent Imbalance (2018) (EP)
This Music Greets Death (2021)

Based in Lesosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, HMOT is Stas Sharifullin, a versatile musician known under several other guises. While Oneirology focuses of soft deep house sound mixes with some ambient interludes, This Music Greets Death opts for a completely ambient sound. It is no mere "ambient music", though, as Stas brings in a certain depth and philosophical elements by means of spoken word, acoustic instrumentation, carefully chosen textures and a generally melancholic / cinematic feel. I was reminded of the music of Artemiy Artemiev, Brian Eno as well as electroacoustic artists, from Antatas Jasenka to Alexei Borisov and Alexander Volodin.


Ho, Alex (USA)

Move Through It (2021)

Los Angeles-based Ho composes relaxed synthesizer music between "Balearic", downtempo and melodic Prog EM.


Hoan Kiem Chess Team (Thailand)

Paskal's Dream (2019)
Rug Pull (2022)

Experimental artist form the north of Thailand, working mostly with Ciat-Lonbarde DIY instruments, modular synthesis and contact mics. The music is, expectedly, very abstract and hardly Prog. However, a few of his tracks lean towards the more ambient, melodic and, yes, progressive side in the same sense that some of Cluster's pieces do.


Hoavi (Russia)

Cyclones (2013)
Phobia Airlines (2018)
Music For Six Rooms (2021)
Invariant (2021)
Posle Vsego (2022)
Phases (2023) (EP)

This artist combines ambient compositions with deep dub techno vibes and some drum'n'bass.


Hobo Cubes (Canada)

Black Magik Drug Womb (2009)
Cielo Cristalino (2009)
Prayers (2009)
Gio (2010) (S)
Hypnotic Infinitum (2010)
Spheric Dawn (2010)
Blaze Factor (2010)
Glass Dream Fusion (2010)
Pearl Mirage (2011)
Center 4 Mentalists (2011) (S)
Aerial Nocturnes (2011)
E. Motions (2011) (S)
Perceptive Pulses (2011)
Mecca d'Orra Dwellers (2011) (S)
Timeless / Mindless (2011)
Videomind (2011)
Morphing Nature (2011)
Areas In New Minds (2011) (S)
Molecular Geometry (2011)
Serpesulla Gardens (2012) (S)
Ciel Optique (2012) (S)
Slow Summer Soul (2012)
Soft Ruins Until Sunlight (2012)
Evolution of A Time Delayed (2014)
Mono Music Vol. 1 (2014) (S)
Mono Music Vol. 2 (2014) (S)
Apex Ideals (2014)
Mono Music Vol. 3 (2014) (S)
Memories (2014) (S)

Hobo Cubes is Francesco de Gallo from Montreal. He is generally pretty ambient, either relying on field recordings / loops or on synths / electronics. So, a diverse artist that will be enjoyed by fans of both 70's inspired music and current trends in Ambient. Apart from the listed solo albums, Hobo Cubes has a large number of split releases with other likeminded artists (mostly on cassette).

See also: De Gallo, Francesco


Hobo, Samuel (France)

Freedom Day / Synthetic Man (1972) (S)

Some sort of Blues (with singing) accompanied by Electronic Music of Jean-Michel Jarre.

See also: Foggy Joe, Jarre, Jean-Michel.


Hobson, Anthony (UK)

Visual Image (1984) (with Maurice Miers)
Within Range (??)

Library records with melodic synth music.

See also: Unit 9


Hodge (UK)

Shadows In Blue (2020)

Bristol-based artist working in bass music and techno. The above work has some EM influences and tracks.


Hodges, Ade (UK)

Disembodied (2019)

Ambient / experimental artist with some download-only releases to his credit. Disembodied is his first album that saw a physical version (a limited tape edition). Long tracks of shadowy drones that bring up images of a post-apocalyptic world.


Hodgkinson, Richard (Australia)

Moontan Tango (1986)

Ex-drummer of Mi-Sex. The style is not known.


Hodsall, Mike (Canada)

Atmospheres: Music For Films That Don't Exist (2020)
Into the Mist (2020)

Long solo tracks from bassist of punk rockers DOA. Multi-instrumental EM with bass, guitar and lots of synths / mellotrons. Nice.


Hoducoma (Russia)

Without Us (2017)
Reminiscence (2020)

Post-apocalyptic ambience from Stanislav Lepa out of Moscow.


Hoedh (Germany)

Hymnus (1990)
Universum (2004)

Dark Ambient from Thorn Hoedh who died in May, 2003. The second album was released posthumously a year later.

See also: Delysid


Hoefler, Chad (USA)

Twilight In the Offing (2004)
Quiet Glow (2005)

Ambient. Mastered by Robert Rich.


Hoegemeyer, Eric (USA)

Secret Agent (2016)

Long tracks with varied sections, from guitar-heavy rock to collages and nice, propulsive sequencer EM.


Hoenig, Michael (Germany)

Early Water (1976) (with Manuel Goettsching)
Departure From the Northern Wasteland (1978)
Xcept One (1987)
Seventh Sign (1988) (soundtrack)
The Blob (1988) (soundtrack)

German synthesist and one of the Berlin School legends. Michael Hoenig was a member of Agitation Free during the early Seventies. After that he left the group and continued his career on his own. While experimenting with synthesizers he met some people who were also interested in exploring these instruments' possibilities, thus Michael's collaborations with people like Klaus Schulze (no recorded output, or, maybe, not released??), Tangerine Dream (no records either) and Manuel Goettsching emerged. Says Michael: "At that time Klaus was looking for somebody to form a duo with. We started rehearsing together, and embarked on several concerts in Belgium and France. Our similar interests and passions created some extremely beautiful, floating electronic landscapes unlike anything I had heard at the time." (reprinted without permission from Horizon Music Inc.) It goes without saying that I'd love to hear this music, but some people say there were no recordings made. Too sad, but I still hope that some of this music is still somewhere in the vaults waiting for its chance to be released. Hell, we can dream, can't we? In 1975 Hoenig also replaced Peter Baumann, who had briefly left Tangerine Dream. They made several concerts with the line-up of Froese, Franke and Hoenig and there exists an official release of Tangerine Dream's 1975 concert that took place in April that year at the Royal Festival Hall in London where Hoenig also plays. This concert can be found on one of the CD's from Tangerine Dream's Bootleg Box Vol.1. His collaborative effort with Manuel Goettsching, entitled Early Water is currently available on CD from Spalax records. Hoenig released his first solo album in 1978 and it's one of the staples of the Berlin School electronic sound. Since then he has worked on his second solo album (which was never released and is left to rot in the vaults of Warner Brothers, somebody tell these guys to either let people hear the music, or sell their rights for it. Spalax would be happy to release it), and has made a lot of movie soundtracks, including 'The Blob'. His 1987 album Xcept One was released on the defunct Cinema label and is almost impossible to find.

See also: Agitation Free


Hoey, Thomas (UK)

Aquamarine (2020) (S) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack to a video game in ambient synth style.


Hof, Jasper van't (Netherlands)

Aqua Sansa (1980) (with Markus Stockhausen)
Visitors (1982)
Balloons (1983) (with Joachim Kühn)
Pili-Pili (1984)

Electronic Music with a flair of fusion from this jazz musician and concert pianist.

See also: Electric Circus


Höfer, Sascha Rosemarie (Germany)

Telomere(s) (2019)
Music For Video Art & Sound Installations (2020)
Le Traviate (2021)
Avant la Lettre (2022)

Ambient artist.


Hoff (Italy)

Hibernate (2012) (S)

Ambient artist from Italy (real name - Paolo Thomas Strudhoff). Intense, melodic, emotionally charged. A bit lo-fi.


Hoffmeister, Hans (Germany)

Traumspiel (1986)

Rhythmic / melodic EM from this synthesist. Private cassette release.

See also: Traumspiel


Hofli (Japan)

Mizu No Kioku (2011)
雑木林と流星群 (2012)
Lost And Found (2013)
Fragile Twelve Months (2014)
Niebla y Jardines Tomados por las Plantas (2017) (with Federico Durand)

Hofli is an alias of Japanese ambient composer Takashi Tsuda. Taking as a basis the works and aesthetics of Brian Eno, Tsuda makes a typically Japanese brand of Ambient - minimal, semi-acoustic, quiet and sometimes with microscopic sounds. A lot of his tracks are based on field recordings or guitar playing, others utilize subtle electronics. Overall, you could say the artist takes the Minimal Ambient aesthetic to the extreme. Relaxing listening.


Hofuku Sochi (Germany)

カ​セ​ッ​ト (2017)

German vaporwave duo. The above album is a live jam with long-form pieces that will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient.


Hold (Germany)

The Moody European (2016)
Imago Adultus (2022)

Hold is an artistic name used by German actor Wilfried Hochholdinger. His music is a moody, often cinematic amalgamation of classical / virtual orchestra type of sounds and synthesizers, plus a rare vocal /pop song every now and then.


Holden, James (UK)

The Inheritors (2013)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits (2017) (with The Animal Spirits)
A Cambodian Spring (2018) (soundtrack)
Long Weekend (2020) (EP) (with Wacław Zimpel)
BBC Sessions: Live At Maida Vale (2020) (S) (with Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub)
Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities (2023)

Remixer, deejay and musician known for IDM / techno music. The Inheritors has some EM / kraut influences and even ends with a piece of Klaus Schulze-like melancholic drift. The EM feast continues on A Cambodian Spring soundtrack, which is done in the classic tradition of synth scores.

See also: Animal Spirits, The


Hole Dweller (USA)

Flies the Coop (2019)
Returns To Roost (2020)
Flies the Coop II (2020)
The First of Yule (2021) (S)
Another Chance At Peace (2022)
Jamwine's Unfinished Tales (2023)
With Dreams of Hereafter (2023)

Dungeon synth with some variation from this Athens, Georgia-based project. Tracks like "Memories In Wildflower And the Setting Sun" really cross into melodic EM territory.

See also: Spell of Unseeing


Holeg Spies (France)

Brave New World (2023)

Initially Holeg & the Spies. French techno / electronic project active since the 1990's. On Brave New World, there is a shift towards more progressive synth styles. Touches of Kraftwerk, The Orb, progrock, downtempo and more.


Holes Appearing (USA)

Final Lobby (2022)

Dark sound sketches that for some reason reminded me on Jeff Greinke's 1980's and 1990's ambient explorations.


Holiday Gun Club (UK)

Goth Paste (2020) (EP)
Chrysalid (2021) (EP)
Messianistic Shard (2021) (EP)

Electronic duo, whose music reminded me on some early 1980's wavey EM like Savant, some Eno, maybe Moebius, with jangly guitars, bass, some drums and wacky synths.


Holkko, Markus (Finland)

From Circuits, With Love (2010)

Finnish saxophonist's sudden foray into Electronic Music, with some tracks featuring fierce jazz rock fusion jams. There are some sax solos mixed with (at times rather weird) electronic creations.


Holland, John (USA)

Music From A Small Planet (1981)
Paths of Motion (1985)
Keyboard Etudes Nos. 1 - 24 (1992)
Electronic Music 1984 - 2005 (2005)
Robotic Dances / Inquiries (??) (recorded in 1990 and 1987)

Music with experimental / cosmic tendencies from this composer out of Toledo, Ohio.


Holland, Walter (USA)

Relativity (1986)
Transience of Love (1987)
Storyteller Part I (2019)
Storyteller Part II (2020)
Air, Earth, Space, Water (2022)

American synthesist. Holland started to take some interest in Electronic Music during the early 70's. Since 1973, he's been experimenting in this field. These solo albums were released in the 80's and consist of EM with a unique style, merging German "cosmic" music, Cluster / Harmonia styles and some other trends.

See also: Amber Route, Doppler Shift.


Hollander, Celia (USA)

Recent Futures (2019)
Timekeeper (2021)

Experimental / installation composer from Los Angeles. Timekeeper features rhythmic / abstract electronic compositions in a unique style.


Hollinger, Roland (France)

Bardo Thodol (1978)
Promethee...aujourd'hui (1979)
Peaceful Dreams (1980)
Like the Ocean (1990)

Ambient / synthesizer music from this French artist. Bardo Thodol contains rather creepy, flowing synth compositions with a mysterious feel and classical overtones.


Hollis, Robert & Swartz, Christopher (USA)

Iso (1986)

First album from this Atlanta, Georgia-based avant duo. The main instruments here are synths, tapes, percussion, guitars and voices and they run a gamut of styles, from the atmospheric to the wanky, always retaining that avant / experimental flair. To me, they sound as if being more informed by the more outlandish forms of new wave than any progressive EM, so I would put them in EM-related category. After Iso, the duo released two more albums that were dominated by their self-built (non-electronic) instruments.


Hollow Earth (USA)

Dog Days of the Holocaust (1998)

A collaboration between Deathpile and Yen Pox members (Michael J.V. Hensley and Jonathan Canady). Grim, disturbing and thick Dark Ambient sounds.

See also: Yen Pox, Blood Box.


Holloway, Ian (UK)

Walking Through Fireflies (2006)
Ashram Psych Trip (2007)
A Lonely Place (2007)
The Moon As A Hole (2007) (with Darren Tate)
Where Have We Been In the World Today? (2008)
Summerland (2008) (with Banks Bailey and Darren Tate)
Mote (2008) (EP)
A Brief Sojourn (2009) (with Banks Bailey)
She Loves To See the Sky (2009)
Wet Rat Year (2009) (with Darren Tate)
Handle This Wino Like He Was An Angel: Baubles & Gewgaws 2002 - 2008 (2010)
The Earth In Play (2010) (with Darren Tate)
A Slow Feather Falls (2011) (with Banks Bailey)
Silent Spring (2011)
Passing Through Occasionally (2011)
Home (2012)
Simples Ghosts & Lazy Old Bones (2012) (S) (with Rhodri Thomas and Stephen Jones)
Somnia (2013)
The World After Autumn (2013)

Sonic experimentator and frequent Darren Tate collborator. He works in similar domain - droning ambience with lots of concrete elements and field recordings.

See also: Itto, Psychic Space Invasion, British Space Group, The.


Holloway, John (UK)

Sericulture / The 3rd Law (1986)


Hollywood Burns (France)

First Contact (2016) (EP)
Invaders (2018)
The Age of the Saucers (2021)

Paris-based Hollywood Burns creates hard-hitting, loud, noisy synthwave, perhaps a bit similar to Perturbator, but with a more bombastic, classical vibe and at the same time more industrial. Personally, I prefer his shorter, slow, atmospheric EM interludes / tracks. In fact, "A Moment of Bliss" from The Age of the Saucers for me could be the best track he did (as of 2021). File under (slightly) EM-related.


Holm, Eric (USA)

Andøya (2014)
Barotrauma (2016)

Eric Cardinale (Holm) was born in New Jersey and currently resides in the UK. He is an industrial diver and his musical output is inspired and directly influenced by his underwater experiences, with him diving alone in cold, dark waters of Norway and other places. This is echoey, droney, at times dramatic Dark Ambient with a lot of processed field recordings.


Holm, Ste van (Denmark)

Odyssey (2001)

Ste van Holm is a Copenhagen-based musician with a wide range of influences, from progrock to EM, including ambient forms. Only his electronic works will be listed.


Holman, Lee (???)

Advanced Technology (2022) (EP)

Two techno bangers and two cinematic EM pieces on the Advanced Technology EP. Of course, he is here for the EM stuff.


Holmes, David (UK)

Mosaic - Music For the HBO Limited Series (2018) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack recording from this Northern Ireland-based musician, mixing classical and electronic instrumentation.


Holmes, Hollan (USA)

A Distant Light (2010)
Farthest Fringes (2011)
Phase Shift (2013)
Spirits of Starlight (2014)
Incandescent (2015)
Prayer To the Energy (2017)
Milestones (2020)
Emerald Waters (2021)

Space Music and melodic EM. Mastered by Steve Roach.

See also: Common Ground


Holmes, John Reidar (Sweden)

The Forgotten Art of Living (2020)
Under A Chilly Sun (2023)

Sort of darkish analog / digital electronics, mostly atmospheric, with rich sounds and some guitar, inspired by the classics of the 1970's.


Holmes, Michael (UK)

Subterranea Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2017) (soundtrack)

Member (guitarist) of IQ. Subterranea is a varied, mostly electronic soundtrack. A few of the tracks have a heavy (metal) guitar sound, though.

See also: Lens, The


Holmes, Simon (UK)

Saturnian (2022) (with Paul Nash)

Scottish (I think) electronic artist. Saturnian features richly choral tracks inspired by Saturn's moons.


Holmquist, Douglas (Sweden)

PinOut (2016) (soundtrack)
Smash Hit / PinOut (2018) (recorded in 2014 and 2016) (soundtrack)

Swedish analog synth artist who composes music for video games. He has a rhythmic, propulsive style that is a mixture between synthwave and Prog EM. Beware the vocals on some tracks.


Holo Syndrome (Germany)

Holo Syndrome (1997)

Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf from Ashra. Modern rhythmic music.

See also: Baltes, Steve, Grosskopf, Harald, Ashra, Sunya Beat, N-Tribe.


Holob (Germany)

Es gibt keine Worte für Sowas (2020) (S)

Indie pop / rock musician Markus Färber tries his hand at quirky, Cluster-like electronics.


Hologram People, The (UK)

Sacred Ritual To Unlock the Mountain Portal (2021)
Return To Chapel Perilous (2022) (soundtrack)
Village of the Snake God (2022)
Dracula 1897 Part 6 (2023) (S)

From early 1970's-flavored instrumental psych to pure cosmic EM.


Hologram Teen (UK)

Between the Funk And the Fear (2017)

Diverse album from member of Stereolab Morgane Lhote. And when I say diverse, I mean it. A lot of it is not progressive and more informed by styles like funk & disco. However, the whole album is inspired by vintage horror scores and it is inevitable that some John Carpenter and Goblin vibes found their way in there, too (track "Escape from Paris" is especially Carpenter-like). File under EM-related.


Hologramme (Canada)

Hologramme (2015)
Felicity (2019)
Ciel (2021)

Melodic, tuneful EM with some touches of synth-pop. A project of Clément Leduc from Montreal.


Holographic Field (Germany)

Window Gazer (2015)

Ambient and gently rhythmic compositions with a post-rock flair.


Holomatrix (Czech Republic)

Calling Earth (2019)

Spacesynth project of Ingo Sobolewski.


Holon (Canada)

Some Kind of Order (2005)
Connect | Isolate (2017)

Holon is Mark Rydyger from Toronto. He makes upbeat, energenic music with influences from synthwave, EBM and progressive EM. The synth work on Connect | Isolate is pretty nice.


Holoroverpak (France)

OO WEE (2020)

Varied electronic tracks, from flowing to pulsing. Not bad. There is a nice "Blade Runner" feel to the opening number.

See also: Canada Effervescent, Tremblay, Denis, Crystal Thumbtac.


Holosphere (USA)

Holosphere (2003)
Parallel Universe (2009)

A duo of Jose Murcia and Greg Waltzer.

See also: Cranial Mythos, Fringe Element, Symmetry.


Holotrop (Germany)

Doorway To the Numinous (2013) (S)
Invocation of the Unthinkable (2014)
Transpersonal Musick (2015) (S)
Rites of Natema (2016)
Nagual (2017)
Dead Bird Calling (2017)
Deconstruction Mentale (2018)
Manifestation de l'Antinatasime (2020)
Afterlife (2021)

Dark Ambient with ritual and cosmic overtones.

See also: Bladcvlt



Anterior Space (2016)
Continual Unfolding (2023)

Supposed to be Jimmy Billingham's IDM / techno project, HOLOVR's music is often compared to early 1990's tecnho / IDM classics. Indeed, there's some of that sound on Anterior Space. However, there are zero beats and the music is composed of rich synth sequences and arpeggios, maybe even bringing to mind title track from Echo System by Paul Ellis and Craig Padilla. Certainly progressive and different. Only one release included so far. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Tidal, Venn Rain, Sandpiper, Billingham, Jimmy.


Holroyd, Bob (UK)

Fluidity And Structure (1992)
Stages (1996)
A Different Space (2000)
Without Within (2003)
Hollow Man (2006)
Beachcombing (2011)
Afterglow (2011)
Blueprint (2015)
The Cage (2018)

Library music:

Future Technology (??)
Future Technology 2 (1992)
Atmospheric Underscores (1994)
Weird Science (1996)
Future Corporate (1997)
Altered States (1997)
Digital Rhythms (2001)
Emotional Soundscapes (2007)

Rhythmic stuff from this guy who is mostly known in club / chill-out circles. On Afterglow, he dispensed with rhythms to focus on ambient compositions.


Holtkamp, Koen (Netherlands)

Field Rituals (2008)
Make Haste (2008) (S)
Ben Vida And Koen Holtkamp (2009) (with Ben Vida)
Gravity / Bees (2010)
Early Astral (2012) (with Chris Forsyth)
Liquid Light Forms (2013)
Motion (2014)
The Island (2015) (with Chris Forsyth)
Voice Model (2016)
Gong Solo (2017)
Atmosfera (2021)

Ambient musician. There's something of a Roedelius vibe to some of his music, an influence which is reinforced by the clearly Roedelius-inspired cover art of Motion.

See also: Mountains, Beast.


Holtzman, Robert (Poland)

Heighliner (2012)

Rhythmic, sequence-full analogue music, often in New Berlin School style.


Holweck, Thierry (France)

Cubic Vision Volume 1 (2022)
Cubic Vision Volume 2 (2022)

Lyon-based modular synth artist exploring both abstract and melodic / rhythmic structures.


Holwin, Mic (USA)

Starting To Remember (1986)

Melodic compositions a bit in the style of Tangerine Dream from the same period.


Holy Family (Australia??)

Anoint (2010) (S)
A Rising Tide of Halos (2012)
The Many Splendored (2018) (S)

Warm ambient compositions with lots of fine modular sound sculpting from John Chantler and Lawrence English.


Holy Family (USA)

The God Dose (2020) (S)

Intense, often emotional electronic compositions from William McEvilly. There's something of a vertigo-inducing feeling to some of it and overall it's pretty good stuff if you ask me.


Holy Fuck (Canada)

It's the SK! (2003) (EP)
Holy Fuck (2005)
LP (2007)
Latin (2010)
+ Ghost (2010) (EP)
Cassette NO1 (2014)
Congrats (2016)
Bird Brains (2017) (EP)
Deleter (2020)

Unclassifiable band from Toronto - sort of a noise rock / post-rock / psychedelic / kraut / EM mixture. File under EM-related.


Holy Hum (Canada)

Appendix A + B (2015) (S)
Appendix C (2015)
Midnight Music (2015) (S) (with Stephen O'Shea)

Floating, droning, synth-based Ambient. Holy Hum is Vancouver-based artist Andrew Lee.


Holy Strays (France)

Hyperion (2010)
Enlightenment / Phrenesia (2011) (S)
Christabell (2012) (S)
Chasm (2013) (S)

A project of Paris-based Sébastien Forrester. Reptetitive krauty rhythms and melodies.

See also: Forrester, Sébestien


Home (USA)

CVDXIX (2021)

A radical change for this indie rock band out of Tampa, Florida. CVDXIX features just three massive, collage-like instrumental tracks with many changing sections, a bit in the spirit of Mike Oldfield's suites perhaps, but with a different sound (less rock-oriented) and shorter sections.


Home Baker (USA)

Stages (2020)
Habits (2022)

Solo project of Texas-based member of electro-pop duo Emme who, in between making his home bread composes wacky and playful synth compositions where various samples and voices play an important role.


Home Current, The (Luxembourg)

Wix (2015) (S)
That Summer (2016) (S)
Uncertain Twilight (2017) (S)
Another Way of Falling Apart (2018)
Civilian Leather (2019)
The Splendour of Change (2019)
The Ardennes (2019)
No Friction (2019) (S)
Red Ice / River Keeper (2019) (S)
Coal Pit Zen (2020)
Cylinder Moses (2020)
Devotional Syndrome (2020)
Unfortunes (2021) (with Peter Wix)
Not Our Kind of Vertigo (2021)
Vodka Parade (2021)
Controlled Sparks (2023) (with Peter Wix)
Weekend Shark (2023)

A project of Martin Holm, who is influenced by Kraftwerk (or so it seems to me), synth-pop acts and Progressive EM.


Homeless Balloon (Norway)

Travel In Silence (2007)
Mysterious China (2007)
Electronova (2008)
Ancient City (2008)
Oriental Spaces (2008)
Hurry Slowly (2008)
Play At Your Own Risk (2016) (EP)

Diverse musical project of Helge Krabye. There is no dominant direction is his music, as he uses elements from World Music, Ambient, new age, downtempo. Overall, fans of  melodic forms of EM could check him out.


Homeowner (USA)

Mimeotures (2012) (S)
Themes From 172 (2013)
Homeowner 3: New England Acoustics (2013) (S)

Of all the guises of synth artist Joseph Bastardo, the music released under the Homeowner moniker is probably the most experimental, consisting mainly of abstract collages and various beeps and bleeps. Still, it has some Prog EM shades in places, which should be enough to consider this an EM-related project.

See also: Bastardo, Joseph, Void, Bastian, Looks Realistic.


Homunculo (Chile)

New Age Para Industriales Vol. III (2011) (S)
Chaos Magnvm (2013) (S)
Live Sesion Cosmic Teatre (2016)
Dioscuro (2016) (S)
Post Tenebras Lux (2016) (with Deutzia)
Cascadazo 12 (2016) (with Cristian y Simone)
The Art of Temperance (2017)
Tiempo de Meditación (2018)
Pschographics (2019)
Pre Live (2019) (S)
Quarantine Time (2020)
Capitulo Dos Camino 31 - βατοπέδι βατοπαίδι (2021)
Bastos (2022)

Varied synth project with a sharp, crisp sound. Sometimes beatless, sometimes danceable. The project also gives live performances, including in unlikely places like the Atacama desert for example.


Honer, Dean (UK)

Frogman (2022) (with Supreme Vagabond Craftsman)
Frog Bones And Noodles (2022)

Varied, mostly analog synth vignettes from this Sheffield-based artist. Some sampling / tape techniques as well.


Hong Kong Express (UK)

HK (2015)
L.Y.F. (2022)
HKE x ZOMBY (2023) (with ZOMBY)

A project of David Russo, a prolific "dreampunk" artist. On HK, a Progressive EM influence is smoothly blended in. Pretty moody stuff. L.Y.F. is another dreamy release with some EM touches. Hong Kong Express is also known as HKE.

See also: DARKPYRAMID, Kamokata, Chesumasuta, Subaeris.


Honma Express (Japan)

You See I... (1980)

A project of Kanji Honma. Electronic Music / synth-pop mixture in the vein of early YMO. Some nice jazzy instrumental and vocoder moments, as well as some cringeworthy male / female cheesy vocal moments. Excellent ambient ending with "Idle Curiosity".


Honni Soit (international)

Qui mal y pense (1989)

An international project put together by Patrick Mimran and involving several musicians playing synthesizers (Kristian Schultze, Wolfgang Tiepold (yes, he seems to be playing synths here, not cello), Matthias Frey and Mimran himself), as well as bass, electric guitar, trumpet, vocals and drums / percussion. The music is bombastic and most tracks are vocal songs. The closing instrumental can be mildly interesting from EM standpoint and its lush symphonic keyboard sound reminds on 1980's neo-prog as well as the Circque du Soleil productions. The whole thing is EM-related at best, though.

See also: Mimran, Patrick


Hood, Ernest (USA)

Neighborhoods (1975)
Back To the Woodlands (2022) (recorded in 1972 - 1982)

The 1975 record is a strange and rare LP from this jazz musician who used to play jazz around Portland area in the 1940's. Apparently, his jazz career was cut short by polio, after which he devoted himself to zither improvisations. This album uses many recorded sounds of everyday life, zithers and keyboards (mainly synths).


Hoover Party (Canada)

Some Liquidity For These Troubled Times Vol. 1 (2011)
Some Liquidity For These Troubled Times Vol. 2 (2013)
Make Drones Not Drones (2014)

Mixture of "regular", a bit noisy Ambient and more experimental melodic analogue soundscapes.


Hopkins, Jon (UK)

Music For Psychedelic Therapy (2021)

Ambient compositions mixed with sounds recorded at a depth of 60 meters in a cave in Ecuador. Earlier releases of this artist are in a different, danceable style.


Horchata (USA)

Coleoid (2007)
Acytota (2008)
Geomancy (2011) (with Wilt)

Horchata is Michael Palace who is a glitch / experimental / ambient musician. The above works contains mostly ambient music of the darker variety. This is not his full discography.


Hordes of Wurdalak (Italy)

Under the Spell of the Bloodsucker (2020) (S)
Castle of the Unlight (2021) (S)

Vampyric ambience / dungeon synth.

See also: Cult of Parthenon, Tenebris Nebula.


Horie, Hirohisa (Japan)

At Grand Gallery (2013)

Japanese keyboardist and synthesist, member of several pop and rock bands. At Grand Gallery is a collection of melodic tunes played on a multitude of synths. The tracks range from funky city pop to Cluster-like squeaks and synth-sequencer (on "Hardly A Day Goes By"), as well as a prominent jazzy YMO element.


Horizon Diver (Switzerland)

Slow Day (2020)

A project of Steven Parry. Relaxing and melodic Ambient.


Horizons (Switzerland)

Dreams of the Maiden (2009) (recorded in 1993 - 2009)

Varied rhythmic / melodic material from Markus Mala.


Horizont (Germany)

Silent Moon (1986)
White Clouds (1988)

A duo of Hans Günther Wagener and Klaus Löhmer with a melodic, jazzy and easy-listening style. An intersting fact is that Klaus Löhmer was an assistant engineer on Kraftwerk's debut LP from 1970.


Horizont (Russia)

Summer In Town (1984)
The Portrait of A Boy (1989)

This will be not for EM purists, that's for sure. Basically, a progrock outfit with symphonic (most of Summer In Town) and RIO/avant-garde (The Portrait of A Boy) sound. Both albums (especially the first one) feature lots of thick and inventive synth work that make them appeal to fans of Experimental EM.


Horky, Robert Julian (Austria)

Tales of Power (1983)
Trance Formations 1 (1985) (with Dieter Feichtner, Gerald Koller, Gunther Friedrich and Dick Sells)

Debut release by this new age flute player. This album, released on Gandalf's Seagull Music label, is much darker than his usual fare and much more electronic. It is still dominated by flute but the soundscapes are really nice. If you need only one Horky album in your collection, it would be this one.


Horn, Maria W. (Sweden)

Diverted Units (2016) (S)
Kontrapoetik (2018)
Epistasis (2019)
Funeral Folk (2022) (with Sara Parkman)
Earthward Arcs (2023) (with Vilhelm Bromander)
Celestial Shores (2023) (with Mats Erlandssson)

I don't know about any and every single Maria W. Horn release (there have been about 5 as of 2018, including splits), but Kontrapoetik features really deep and cerebral, but at the same time cinematic and melancholic synth drones and soundscapes, sometimes noisy and intense, sometimes more serene.


Horn, Paul (USA)

Jupiter 8 (1983)

Paul Horn (1930 - 2014) was a very respected modal jazz musician and a pioneer of new age music. During the 1960's he played modal jazz but since 1968 he also plays his ethereal flute inside large spaces like cathedrals, temples, natural canyons and so on. This quest began with Inside (1968), recorded in Taj Mahal. Paul Horn was a capable artist with a solid experience under his belt. He played his trademark flute on Jupiter 8, but this time he was helped by Ralph Dyck who programmed the Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer (what else?) and sequencer. Is it Electronic Music? Is it new age? It's for you to decide.


Horned Relic Self (UK)

Column of Shadow (2023)

Melodic and occult synth themes related to the "horror synth" genre.


Horny, Wojciech (Poland)

Dolina Mgieł (1995) (with Witold Czerwiński)



Horrid Hill (UK)

Mari Lwyd (2019)
A Light Amongst the Trees (2021) (S)
On the Edge of the Estuary I & II (2021) (S)
Drones of Craig Ola (2021)
When Several Places Close To the Heart Collide (2021)
Ubrokus (2021)

Welsh project between Ambient and dungeon synth. A micro-cassette release.


Hororhaus (USA)

La Pisadeira (2022)

A project of Scott Harris based in Woodstock, New York. Horror synth themes influenced by soundtracks and goth rock.


Horoscope (USA)

El Espejo y el Mar (2015)
Miami Ambient Volume I (2018)

Horoscope is Rene Nuñez. Although known mostly in noise circles, El Espejo y el Mar is a more retrained type of album, relying very much on synth / EM sound, specially on the slow arpeggio melter "Juanita". Further investigation is needed.


Horros (Finland)

Talven Valkeaan (??)

Cassette release with bright Ritual Ambient inspired by nature.


Horse Apples (USA)

Swarm of New Flies (2021)

"Bedroom pop" artist from Albany with a smooth melodic style. There is something magical about his instrumental pieces like "Honey-Tree-Evil-Eye", "They Tell A Story of How I Swallowed A Wasp..." and "Gardening At Night" - flowing and melodic, rhythmic and assertive while being restrained, they manage to create a sense of reflection on a calm summer day. Btw, the music is synth-based so, yes, file under EM-related.


Horse Palace (Canada)

Untitled (2006) (S)
Horse Palace (2007)

Montreal-based sound artist working in a slightly experimental Ambient mould.


Hortobágyi, László (Hungary)

Transreplica Meccano (1989)
The Amygdala Expedition (2021) (recorded in 1989)
Ishin Denshin (2023)
Daseinon (2023)

Before he plunged with both feet into the world of acoustic-based and computer-aided world music, Laszlo Hortobagyi, one of the premier experimental composers from Hungary, released this little gem of an album that will be of interest to fans of electronic prog. There are strange voices, synthesized atmospheres, rudimentary sampling and neo-classical moves that render this work pretty unique in the world of EM.

See also: Hyro


Horwitz, Joel (USA)

The Planets (1979)

Oregon-based synthesist and electronic composer. Fat, abstract, spacey, melodic... Nice, obscure EM.


Hoshin (Belgium)

Path of Dissolutions (2016)
The Old Way To the Clouds (2020)

Emotional, somewhat cinematic Ambient with lots of field recordings. Not dark. Hoshin is Xavier Heindrichs.


Hoshina Anniversary (Japan)

Nihon No Ongaku (2019)
Go Shichi Go Shichi Shichi (2020)
Hyakunin Isshu (2022)
HakkyouShisou 発​狂​し​そ​う (2023)

Experimental electronics in Japanese style. Think Sakamoto's B-2 Unit updated for the new century.

See also: Suemori


Hoskins, William (USA)

Galactic Fantasy / Eastern Reflections (1979)

One side of cosmic synthesizers and one side of pseudo-ethnic music. A rare LP from NY area.


Hosono, Haruomi (Japan)

Paraiso (1978)
Pacific (1978)
Cochin Moon (1978) (with Yokoo)
Philharmony (1982)
Video Game Music (1983)
S-F-X (1984)
Hana Ni Mizu (1984)
Friend Or Foe? (1985)
Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo (1985) (soundtrack)
Coincidental Music (1985) (recorded in 1982 - 1985)
Mercuric Dance (1985) (recorded in 1983 - 1984)
Paradise View (1985) (soundtrack)
The Endless Talking (1985)
The Tale of Genji (1987) (soundtrack)
Omni Sight Seeing (1989)
Medicine Compilation (1992)
Mental Sports Mixes (1994)
N.D.E. (1995)
Good Sport (1995)
Naga - Music For Monsoon (1995)
Interspecies Organization (1996) (with Bill Laswell)
Box 1969 - 2000 (2000)
Bon Voyage (2001)
Super Xevious (2001) (recorded in 1984)
Presents Strange Flowers 1 (2002)
Monado Box (2002)
Maison Do Himiko (2005)
HoSoNoVa (2011)
Shoplifters (2019) (soundtrack)
Hochono House (2019)

Yellow Magic Orchestra member. Haruomi Hosono has been active on Japanese music scene for quite some time, starting in the late 1960's, playing guitar bass. He was a member of Happy End and played with members of Tin Pan Alley. After messing around with r'n'b and straight-ahead rock music, Hosono started to get some interest in the tropical ("exotica") style, which led him to jamming with Tin Pan Alley. Several of his contributions to this style were released on LP. His music at that time was non-electronic and therefore, these works are not to be found in the above discography. Starting from Paraiso (1978) he began incorporating synths, often inviting his friend Ryuichi Sakamoto to help with the keyboards. Overall though, Paradiso is still very much influenced by the tropical style and represents a transition from his non-electronic / tropical style to the synth / techno-pop style of YMO. Subsequent albums were predominantly electronic with (naturally) more than a hint of YMO (which was partly the result of working with synth programmer Hideki Matsutake). During the 1980's he released some ambient albums while in the 1990's he started incorporating techno and World Music elements. The odd one is his Video Game Music which contains typical computer game type sounds of the time. Note that Hosono does not play or compose this album, he only produces and arranges it. There was also the second volume (titled Return of Video Game Music) that apparently had nothing to do with Hosono.

See also: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Friends of Earth.


Host, Jeff (USA)

Disillusioned By Grandeur (2009) (S)
Supermarket Filter Sweep (2009) (S)
Metabolism (2009) (S)
In Memoriam: Joybubbles (2009)
Disillusioned By Grandeur (2009) (S)
Untitled Tie Dye Tape (2017) (S)
Bleach Tape (2018)

Varied ambient and sequencer material with several cassette releases.

See also: Docile Dawn


Host, The (UK)

The Host (2012)
Esalen Lectures (2015)

Varied electronic compositions from Northern Ireland-based artist Barry Lynn who also makes dubstep music as Boxcutter. Nice analog sound.

See also: Lynn, Barry


Hostia (Germany)

Hostia (??)
All Is One (1997)

Dark soundscapes from Paul Hostia.

See also: Delysid


Hostile, Johnny (???)

Xy Chelsea (2019) (soundtrack) (with Jehnny Beth)

Mostly ambient soundtrack.


Hot Tropic (USA??)

Natural Forms (2014)

Ambient project. Relaxing sound with nature recordings.


Hot Victory (USA)

Hot Victory Vol. 1 (2008) (S)
Triangulum Australe (2012)
Nexus (2013)
Hot Victory (2014)
Echo Terrae (2016)

Portland, Oregon-based trio, later a duo. Both members play drums and midi pads that trigger various synth sounds and samplers. The music, naturally, is based on drums, but is also chock-full of nice melodies and grooves that are pretty darn infectious without necessarily being danceable. Recommended high-energy EM.


Hotcha (Switzerland)

Louder First Times (2023)

Experimental synth recordings by a guy who has been a guitarist for 50 years prior to releasing Louder First Times. Abstract, playful, noisy, with a minimal and pretty embryonic sound. The sequencer-based "Ein Männlein steht im Walde, ganz still und stumm" is an interesting track.


Hotel Kali (Germany / India)

Hotel Kali (2021)

Krautrock-influenced project, split between Berlin and Kolkata. A mix of EM (Dusseldorf School) and Indian musical traditions, with just a pinch of disco.


Hotel Neon (USA)

Hotel Neon (2013)
Live On WPRB (2016)
Remnants (2016)
Context (2017)
Means of Knowing (2018)
Inward (2018)
Vanishing Forms (2019)
Relic (2019)
Moments (2020)
All Is Memory (2021)
10: Reworks (2023)

Ambient soundscapes, mostly of droning variety.

See also: Tasselmyer, Andrew


Hotmagnets (Australia)

Omega Chemicals (2021)

Rhythmic, sometimes danceable material from Simon Graydon. Some vocoder-based songs as well.


Hotspring (Canada)

Obit For Sunshade (2020)

Experimental electronics focusing on the digital technology.

See also: Gailey, Scott


Hottell, Jake & Sharon (USA)

Break the Chains (1985)

Private press from Aztec, New Mexico, by this husband and wife duo. A bit wishy-washy concept about the future of our planet and the environmental issues is on show here, with most of the music being instrumental with a bit of narration (by one Derald McCabe who, strangely enough, sounds a bit like Harrison Ford to me) on one track. The music itself is nothing terribly progressive or complex and consists mostly of string synths, drum machine rhythms and some guitars, all in an unlikely Pink Floyd-cum-new age configuration. File under EM-related.


Hour House (Australia)

Stroke (2013) (S)
Chiltern (2015)

A duo of Mark Leacy and Sam Kenna making music with something of a collage-like feel. Long tracks made up of field recordings, some voices and ambient electronics. Pretty eerie at times.


Houschyar (Germany)

Temmuz (2020)
Şelale (2021) (with DJ Sofa and Okay Temiz)
Lengua Universale (2021) (recorded in 2019)
Mavi (2021)

Rich, analog EM with multiple sequences from this German artist based in Eastern Europe.


House II (USA)

Loose Joints (2016)

Varied EM based on analog synthesizers from this Californian project (Rob Little and Chris Osmundson). Beware the vocals.


House In the Woods, The (UK)

Bucolica (2013)
Spectral Corridor (2021)

Moody Electronic Music from Martin Jenkins. Ambient, sequential, shadowy, horror-like, mysterious. Analog sounds predominate.

See also: Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services


House of Low Culture (USA)

Submarine Immersion Techniques Vol. 1 (2000)
Gettin' Sentimental (2002) (S)
Edward's Lament! (2003)
Live From the House of Low Temperature! (2004) (S)
Chinatown Squalls (2007)
Hollywood Squalls (2007)
Poisoned Soul (2011)

Soundscapes with melancholic, dark and abstract edges from Aaron Turner.


House of the Maker (USA)

The Autumnal End (2020)

Wisconsin-based project of gloomy ambient soundscapes.

See also: Noctilucant


House Panther Diadem Ensemble (USA)

Five Questions (2020)

Semi-acoustic drone ensemble featuring John Elliott (Emeralds) on synths.


House, Simon (UK)

Yassasim (1994)
Spiral Galaxy Revisited (2000)

Ex-Hawkwind, High Tide, Bowie and Anubian Lights musician. Yassasim features a mix of synths and violin. Spiral Galaxy is a bit more diverse, although this symphonic space rock album, once again, features his violin playing, along with keys. There are three Hawkwind covers, plus original music that ranges from jamming key-based space rock to Tangerine Dream-y electronics.

See also: Spiral Realms, Hawkwind, Anubian Lights.


Houses of Worship (Canada)

Migration (2022)

Collaboration between Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy) and Hellenica. Mostly guitar drones here, but also synths and sometimes underlying sequences, which makes this vaguely EM-related.


Hove (Switzerland)

Journey To Arendal (2015) (S)
Portes du Soleil (2017) (EP)
Middle of the Road Less Travelled (2018) (S) (with Michael Turtle)
In Motion (2019) (EP)

Swiss artist Marc Hofweber who mixes deep house / balearic and ambient tracks. In Motion has some nice 1980's TD soundtracky vibes.


Hoverkraft (USA)

Musik Für Starports (2010)
Kosmische Friedhof (2011) (S)
Andromeda (2013) (S)
Schwebende Musik (2021)

Hoverkraft is Paul Riedl, member of many doom metal groups, but here it's just him with a Moog synth and processing.

See also: Extraterrestrial, Blood Incantation, Riedl, Paul.


How I Quit Crack (USA)

Strada Il Nulla (2021)
Dreaming Eros (2022)

Texan guitar drone duo. Dreaming Eros focuses more on synth-based (with some additional guitar) ambience.


How To Levitate (Spain)

Oceans (2019)

Experimental ambient compositions and hyperactive sequencer rides.


Howard Hanger Jazz Fantasy, The (USA)

Christmas (1983)

I must admit I am not completely sure if the year of release for this item is correct, nor do I know much about The Howard Hanger Jazz Fantasy. Given that Howard Hanger himself seems to be a jazz musician and the word "jazz" in their name, you'd expect straight-ahead jazz stuff here and in fact some other albums by them may contain that. Not this one, though. If anything, there's little to none "jazz" here, as we are dealing with a "switched-on" type Christmas album. There is one vocal track and the rest is supposedly instrumental. Nice analog synth sound.


Howart (Netherlands)

Howart (2018) (S)

Varied music from Anneke Nieuwdorp, representing a mixture of indie pop, psychedelic rock and krauty electronics. File under EM-related.


Howarth, Alan (USA)

Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (1988) (soundtrack)
Halloween 5 - The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) (soundtrack)
The Lost Empire (1990) (recorded in 1983 and 1986) (soundtrack)
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) (soundtrack)
Paradise Within - Meditation And Music (2000) (with Shavaun Sullivan)
Alan Howarth Live At the Hollywood Theater (2018)

Producer, specialist in sound effects, synthesist, musician and soundtrack composer. A long-time associate of John Carpenter, Howarth was responsible for a large part of the latter's scores, mixing stuff, producing stuff and playing synthesizers. The above discography includes only Howarth's own scores and omits his collaborations with Carpenter, which are listed under the latter's entry. Of the above, the soundtrack to The Lost Empire is especially interesting. Loaded with fat synthesizers, it will appeal to fans of Carpenter and Tangerine Dream's scores for sure. The 1990 release gathers two soundtracks: The Lost Empire proper (1983), reissued in 2013, and Retribution (1986), which got a separate release in 2015. Paradise Within is new age-like music with narration.

See also: Magnetics, The, Pi Corp.


Howe, Dylan M. (USA)

Southern Gap (2019) (S)
Dice Control (??) (S)
Criterion Summer (2022)
Complex Aquatics (2023)

Ambient musician from the US.


Howe, Michael (UK)

Native (1990)

Solo Electronic Music from member of Magenta Mirror. Cassette release on Direction Music label.

See also: Magenta Mirror


Howell, Peter (UK)

Through A Glass Darkly (1978)

This album was done in collaboration with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (where Howell worked at the time) and consists of long spacey tracks with synths, guitars etc.

See also: Radiophonic Workshop, The


Howell, Steve (UK)

Waveforms (1983)

Privately released EM from this Welsh artist. The music was recorded in Cardiff on various synthesizers and drum machines. Melodic, rhythmic, propulsive...


Howes, John (UK)

Live @ Liverpool Psych Fest & Sea Change (2016)
3.5 Degrees (2016)
Sixteen Rotating Patterns (2016) (S)
Untitled (2017)
Carlos x Anxiety Support Group (2018)
Cold Storage (2019)
Cong Burn Tapes 10 (2020)

Manchester-based artist. The above release contains long tracks recorded with modular synth and drum machine and may interest EM fans. 3.5 Degrees is another interesting release.


Howie, Andrew (UK)

Scars Are Like A Beacon (2016)
Micronations (2018)

Scottish ambient soundscape artist with a moody sound.


Hoxha, Jeton (North Macedonia??)

Vowel (2023) (recorded in 2018)

Stark, forbidding, monolithic polar soundscape.


Hoyland (UK)

Dance of the Twilight Stars (2010)
Upon the Mountain Vastlands (2012)
Dreams Within A Dream (2014)

"Winter Ambient" project of Marc Hoyland.


Hoyoux, Jean (Belgium)

Planetes (1981)
Hymne (1985)

Obscure EM from Belgium in a floating, cosmic style. Planetes is a double LP.


Hradec, Jiri (Czech Republic)


Hrefnesholt (Austria)

Hrefnesvinter (2001) (S)
Wolf (2001)
Heidensturm (2004) (S)
Rabentanz (2005)
Wolfsnacht (2006) (S)
Uraungst (2010)

See also: Uruk-Hai, Wach.


Hristić, Zoran (Serbia)

Adam i Eva (1982)

Classical composer. For this ballet music he chose to use electronic instrumentation instead of a traditional orchestra.


HRNS (Portugal)

Cortina (2018) (S)
After the Angels (2018) (S)
Naomi (2019)

Ambient duo of Rui P. Andrade and Afonso Arrepia Ferreira.

See also: Andrade, Rui P., Canadian Rifles.


.Hroptr. (Belgium)

Off-Key Interlude (2004)
Silent Depravation (2005)

Dark Ambient with rhythmic and avant-garde elements.


HRTL (Czech Republic)

Hotspot (2020)

Czech electronic musician who usually works with analog instruments to create all kinds of techno-related music. On Hotspot, an EM influence is felt, especially on tracks like "RIP JJ", "Dratek the Cat" and others. File under EM-related.


HRYM (Sweden)

Organik (2020)

Diverse music from this duo, with influences from IDM, bass music, techno, Progressive EM and more.


HTO (Finland)

Powerswitch (1998) (recorded in 1992 - 1993)
T.U.C. (2013)
Connections (2015)
Discross (2015)
The Same - Only Different (2019)


HTRK (Australia)

Over the Rainbow (2019) (soundtrack)

Shoegaze pop duo from Australia (aka Hate Rock or Hate Rock Trio, as it had 3 members initially). The above is a soundtrack to a documentary about Scientology that will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient. Nice synth sound here.


Hualun (China)

wʌndərlænd + 2 (2019) (EP)
wʌndərlænd + 6 (2020) (EP)
wʌndərlænd + 7 (2020) (EP)
Scene III (2021) (EP)
Scene IV (2021) (EP)
Homework (2023)

Post-rock band from Wuhan, who on the above EP's presents several improvised, spontaneous pieces, of which "FF", with its combination of electronic pulse and languid guitar, will be of interest to fans of Ashra.


Hubble, Alice (UK)

Polarlichter (2019)
Heentanzplatz (2021)

Alice "Hubble" Hubley makes synth-pop music with vocals and instrumental EM.


Huber, Laurin (Switzerland)

Juncture (2020)
Dog Mountain (2021)

Gloomy, melancholic electronics from member of darkwave band Wavering Hands.


Hubner, Dirk (Germany)

Diaphania (2002)
II (2003)
Triade (2006)

Music in 80's Tangerine Dream style. Great for those who like some of TD soundtrack work.


Hue (Italy)

Un'Estate Senza Pioggia (2006)
Erimos (2007) (with Maurizio Bianchi and Fhievel)
The Distance (2008)

Hue is Italian sound artist Matteo Uggeri. He creates experimental, droning Ambient.

See also: Uggeri, Matteo, Barnacles.


Huebner, Peter (Germany)

The Creation of the World (1978)
Procession of the Mortal Kings (1978)
Gesang Des Lebens - Die Großen Karawanen Der Dienstleistenden, Schlußchöre III Var. 2 (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Die Großen Karawanen Der Wissenschaftler, Forscher Und Informationsverarbeiter / Schlußchöre II, Gerüstszene (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Erschaffung Der Welt / Phasensprung (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Computerszene / Prolog-Chor Der Menschen. Götter, Engel / Variationen 1-8 (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Die Großen Karawanen Der Religionsstifter / Die Großen Karawanen Der Philosophen, Dichter, Musiker Und Künstler (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Zug Der Unsterblichen Könige / Schlußchöre I (1979)
Gesang Des Lebens - Aufzug Der Großen Künste, Religionen, Wissenschaften Und Ideologien / Die Großen Karawanen Der Kämpfe, Tatmenschen Und Ordungshüter (1979)
Concert for Violoncello (1979)
Concert For Bells & Orchestra (1979)
Aktivierung Naturlischer Sanftheit (1993)
Lively Silence (??)
The Secret Ruler (??)
The Great Processions (??)

Peter Huebner is known as a classical composer but also as a therapist, researcher and experimentator. Some of his works (listed) are electronic and have a unique, warm synth sound, a bit new-agey, but also ambient and pioneering. Rather interesting overall.


Huerco S. (USA)

For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (2016)
QTT4 (2016)
Plonk (2022)

Deep house producer from Kansas, although this album is ambient and has a Cluster-like quality to it.

See also: Pendant


Huerta (USA)

Junipero (2020)
TV Slang (2023)

Steve Huerta is an LA-born house artist currently residing in Berlin. On Junipero, he combines some house tracks with ambient material. Ditto for TV Slang.


Huerta, Concepción (Mexico)

Interconexion (2020) (with Milena Pafundi)
Memorias Suspendidas (2021) (with José Orozco Mora)
Estatica (2021) (EP) (with Mabe Fratti)
Harmonies From Betelgeuze (2022)
Desciende (2022) (with Camilo Ángeles)

Mexican sound artist and synthesist. On Harmonies From Betelgeuze, she creates intense tracks full of loud and sometimes sharp analog or digital / FM sounds. The music is somewhat abstract, but also highly listenable and definitely tends towards Prog EM.


Hug, Steve (Switzerland)

Retrospace (1998) (recorded in 1986 - 1994)
Organics (1999)

Steve (Stefan) Hug is a Swiss synthesist and on Organics you will find a unique type of modern Electronic Music that can be more or less placed within the New Berlin School definition. I've heard from other reviewers that it was a mixture of Berlin School and techno but the latter is far from being prominent on the album. In fact, of the 10 tracks, only two - Part Four of the "Symbiotic Cycle" and "Preserve the Rainforest" have a slight techno vibe to them, the rest is just pure modern EM, sometimes with a steady (but soft) beat and very enjoyable. The music is done with (mostly) analogue gear from Technosaurus, Korg and Oberheim, therefore, you will find plenty of experimental textures here. In spite of being rhythmic and mostly sequence-full, the music is quite sparsely populated with sounds (with a few exceptions) giving you the opportunity to take in every nuance, every turn of the oscillator or filter knob. Steve apparently synthesizes almost every sound on the album himself, often doing so in real time, making Organics a truly unique and rewarding experience. Of the bonus tracks I should note "Timespace Victory" which is a strange track that could easily come from a Laserdance album. For instance, it could sit perfectly on Strikes Back. Needless to say, it is far better than any "techno" number found on that work of the Dutch group. The album was issued by Manikin Records, so, kudos to Mario for making this music available and of course to Steve for creating an exciting and fresh album of Electronic Music. Recommended!

See also: Polyphonics, The


Hug, The (Denmark)

Patio (2018)

A project of Christian Madsen. A mixture of industrial / techno-tinged material and ambient material. The latter, quite expectedly, is the more interesting and more progressive.


Hügelmann (Germany)

Tiergarten (2021)
Zitadelle (2022)

Neo-krautrock musician with lots of guitars, synths and motorik.


Hughes, Garry (UK)

Sacred Cities (1986)
Ancient Evenings (1988)

Spacey Electronic Music on Larry Fast's Audion label. Apart from his solo work, Garry Hughes also played live keyboards with people like Bjork, Garbage, The Pink Floyd Orchestral Project and The Art of Noise.

See also: Echo System, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society.


Hughes, Jonathan (USA)

Trillium (2002)
Circumflex (2008)

Fluid Ambient sounds.


Huigen, Kees (Netherlands)

Balance (1988)


Hujairi, Hasan (Bahrain)

Throat (2017)

Bahrein-born musician currently based in Seoul. He makes experimental ambient compositions, sometimes melodic, sometimes abstract, with a lot of micro-sounds like old modems, computer glitches and such. Everything is processed into a cohesive, alienating, but also strangely inviting whole.


Hulette, Donald (???)

The Psychic Room #3 (??)


Hulkkonen, Jori (Finland)

Errare Machinale Est (2008)

Finnish techno producer with this unusual vocal synth-pop album (with guest vocalists, including John Foxx). The album was sold in Finland only. Apart from 1980's synth-pop, the material seems to be influenced by nu-disco and, yes, progressive EM from the 1970's and 1980's, as the instrumental opener clearly demonstrates. File under EM-related.


Hull, Scott (USA)

Requiem (2008) (soundtrack)
Audiofilm I (2008) (S)
Audiofilm II (2010) (S)

American mastering engineer and musician. Requiem is a soundtrack that mixes a few orchestral tracks with jazzy, moody guitar / organ workouts and Electronic Music. For that work, the author states to be influenced by Morricone and Popol Vuh.


Hülsbeck, Chris (Germany)

Shades (1991)
Number Nine (2007)
Lucid Dreaming - Best of Patreon Vol. 1 (2022)

Aka Chris Huelsbeck, as he is known in the English-speaking countries. German artist currently residing in Arizona. He is related to spacesynth, trance and video game music scenes and started composing music for computer games already in the 1980's. One of his most well-known pieces is his theme composed for Turrican video game (1993). Chris states that he grew up listening to Electronic Music and synthesizer pioneers like Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and others. On Lucid Dreaming, which is not tied to any specific game music project and was released independently as a Patreon-sponsored album, he pays homage to those sounds and influences, mixing them with the already mentioned spacesynth, trance and video game music touches. Theme-oriented, melodic, rhythmic, dynamic, propulsive, dreamy...


Hulshof, Eppie (Netherlands)

Traveling In Black Space (1979)
Orbit (1983)
Mystique (1991)
Smoking E-Machines (1995)
Euro Sequence (??)
Gravity (1997)
Transparant (1998)
Schimmige Beelden (1999)
Floating Waves (2002)
Studio Recordings (2003)
Besucher aus dem Kosmos (2007)
Hovenstein (2008)
Von Haulshoven Meets Syndromeda (2008) (with Syndromeda)
Kiko And the Ancient Astronaut (2009)
Der Weg des Geistes (2010)
The Second Intelligent Lifeform (2010) (with Syndromeda)

Rhythmic Berlin School music from Dutch artist who likes to refer to his musical style as "stone age sequencing". Eppie Hulshof (also known as Eppie E Hulshof and Von Haulshoven) has been making music since 1973, both as a member of several rock bands (he played guitar) and as a solo electronic artist. 

See also: Dutch Space Mission


Hum (Russia)

Untitled (2000)
Crux Vitae (2001)
Mistery of Moonlight (2001)
Somnia Ficta (2001)
Germ of Passion (2003)
Radonej (2003) (S)
Roots of Cruelty (2003) (S)
Sleepland Emission (2003) (S)
Ether Rider / Crucible (2004) (S)
Stupefactions (2005) (with Small Town Zombie)
Inner Navigation (2006)
Blade Charm (2006)
Flesh of the Soul (2006)
Lost In White Flame (2006) (S)
Pilgrim On the Way of Negation (2007)
Caldron of Winds (2007) (S)
Corvine Station II Extra Tracks (2008) (S)
Lambent (2008) (S)
The Spectral Ship (2008) (S)
Enfilade de Miroirs (2010) (S)
Landmarks In Mistscape (2010)
Corona Florea (2012) (S)
Thunder Arrow (2016) (recorded in 1999 - 2001) (S)
To April Waters (2017) (S)

As the name of the project implies, this is pure Drone Ambient. Hum is Russian sound artist Dmitry Chistov.

See also: Maw, Off the Cuff, Mikosterion.


Human (France)

Un Certain Pays (1985)

Symphonic music from ex-Artcane musicians. Part of it is acoustic (sounding like a brighter and less experimental Art Zoyd), part synthetic and flowing, reminding on Vangelis' lush themes.

See also: Artcane


Human As Possible (Germany)

We Need (2016)

Long ambient tracks from this trio. Electronic, acoustic...


Human Error Club (USA)

Human Error Club (2020)
Hec Yea!!! (2022)

Los Angeles-based trio of Jess Justice (keys), Diego Gaeta (keys) and Mekala Session (drums). They mix sort of a funky approach with cosmic and kraut trends. I think they are best when they do atmospheric interludes like "Oath" or long epics like "Pangaea".


Human Greed (UK)

Consolation (2001)
Pilgrim: New World Homestead (2006)
Black Hill: Midnight At the Blighted Star (2008)
Fortress Longing (2011)
Dirt of Earth: A Pocket of Resistance (2012)
OMEGA:ost (2013)
World Fair (2014)
Let the Cold Stove Sing (2016)
Hivernaut (2016)

Effective Dark Ambient compositions from Michael Begg.


Human Koala (France??)

The Big Decay (2020) (S)
Tascam Files No 2 (2021) (S)

From Kraftwerk-like ("What's Your Email?") to abstract, noisy or IDM-like. Pretty nice stuff overall.


Human League, The (UK)

The Dignity of Labour Pts.1-4 (1979) (EP)
The Golden Hour of the Future (2002) (recorded in 1976 - 1977)

This collection (The Golden Hour...) of early cassette demo stuff by the UK masters of electropop gathers pieces recorded in the Seventies, before their first single was released. Some tracks are credited to The Human League, while others were made by "The Future" which was essentially a collaboration between The Human League guys (Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh) and Adi Newton from Clock DVA. Rather varied material here, from the accessible to the experimental and bizarre. Especially of interest is a 10-minute ambient synth piece called "Last Man On Earth" which was apparently cut down from a longer jam. The Dignity of Labour is another interesting EM release dedicated to the Soviet space program.

See also: British Electric Foundation


Human Mesh Dance (USA)

Hyaline (1993)
Mindflower (1994)
Thesecretnumbertwelve (1997)

Ambient project of experimental / glitch / electro-acoustic composer Taylor Deupree. As one of the most popular styles of electronic-based music in the 1990's was ambient techno, it has that vibe. However, there is enough beat-less, completely ambient material to warrant an inclusion here.


Human Metronome (Netherlands)

Resonating Earth (2009) (with 33 Tetragammon)
The Child Set Free (2010)

Deep ambient soundscapes from the Netherlands.

See also: Apollonius


Human Rays (Sweden)

Towering Conflict (2014)
Celestial Settlers (2014)
A Tension (2016)

Human Rays is Swedish musician Robin Smeds Mattila. He released a few noise / industrial albums before setting for Ambient on A Tension. A transitional period preceded this work, with Robin experimenting with Ambient and melodic EM on the two cassettes from 2014 ("Nighttime Elusion" from Towering Conflict and the bulk of Celestial Settlers).

See also: Karabasan Drane


Human Response (USA)

Delirious (2004)
Survival (2006) (recorded in 1984 - 1985)
Immortal (2008) (recorded in 1983 - 1984)

Human Response is actually a pseudonym of Jan Hanford, a female synthesist who's been recording EM since the 1970's in her home studio using primarily a minimoog, a Crumar Performer and lots of effects. Survival contains the final recordings of her archive, where, along with said analog synths she used a Casio SK-1 and a Casiotone MT-45.

See also: Hanford, Jan


Human Voice, The (Norway)

Exit Lines (2008)
Silent Heart (2016)

Dark soundscapes.

See also: Therradaemon, Mulm, Northaunt.


Humanbeing (Italy)

Humanbeing (2021)

Not to be confused with German pioneering krautrock / avant-garde collective The Human Being, Humanbeing is a solo vehicle for Rossano Baldini, a jazz pianist and film composer. Here, he combines his piano playing with electronics, creating a nice crossover sound (actually closer to EM than any jazz or classical).


Humanherb (USA)

Axaonda (2020)
Areopagus (2020)
Sed Terreno (2020)
Of Shores (2020)

Nice analog EM with multiple sequences, pads, etc. A project of Morgan Morel from Oakland, California.


Humans (Canada)

Dead Shack (2018) (soundtrack)

Electronic soundtrack from this synth-pop / indie pop duo. Sequential, synthwave-like...


Humberstone, Ian (UK)

Devon Folklore Tapes Vol. 1: Two Witches (2011) (S)
Theo Brown And the Folklore of Dartmoor (2014) (S)
Folklore Tapes Megalithic Monuments Vol. I: Stanton Drew Stone Circle (2016) (S)
Occultural Creatures Vol. I: Black Dog Traditions of England (2016)

Ian Humberstone is an acousmatic / electro-acoustic musician, as well as a folklore researcher from Edinburgh. His approach is fairly scientific, as each release is based on a specific aspect of folk traditions from the British Isles, as well as rituals, legends and myths. Musically, he likes to combine spoken narration with music that ranges from field recordings / musique concrete, to classical instrumentation, folk and electro-acoustic / electronic. A few completely acoustic / folk  records were omitted from the above discography. Of the listed stuff (which is, naturally, EM-related), Occultural Creatures Vol. I will be especially interesting with its deliberate use of synthesizers (apart from field recordings, voice and lots of acoustic / folk instruments) for a sort of an indescribable hauntology / Ambient / horror synth sound. With a concept based on a subject matter that has always fascinated me, I found it to be a very interesting work. A unique artist for sure.


Humiston, Theron (USA)

Dehumanizer (2016)

Modular synth drones and a bit noisy experimental structures from this Chicago-based artist.


Hummingbird (UK)

Our Fearful Symmetry (2010)
Facture: Edition One - Hummingbird Remixes (2011)
Glade (2016)
Längd (2023)

Ambient music with microsound, electroacoustic and neo-classical tendencies.


Humo (USA)

Mayan Galactic Journeys (2012)

Organic Ritual and Tribal Ambient with lots of percussion. Sort of a continuation of the Jorge Reyes school of ambience.


Humpe (???)

Celestial Runner (2023)

New agey music in the style of some 1980's independent releases, mainly those coming from the US.


Hunab Ku (USA)

Trilogy (2006) (recorded in 1995 - 2006)

Electronic Music by Dwight Loop inspired by ancient Mayan cosmology.

See also: Loop, Dwight


Hunck, Jan (Netherlands)


Hungry Ghost (USA)

Brownout At the Spectacle (1994)
Sugar Skulls (1995)
The Man Ray Sessions (1997)

Dark Ambient with lots of Tribal / Ritual influences from this San-Francisco-based project of Daniel Lee Hintz.


Hunllef (???)

Hunllef (2017)

Fat analog sounds, experimental synth compositions with melodies.


Hunok (Hungary)

Gesta Hungarorum (2000)
Forgotten Honour (2002)

Hybrid project that makes both black metal and ambient electronics. The ambient works will be listed. These combine solemn classical instrumentation in what is essentially a dungeon synth-related sound.

See also: Foldalatti Alakulat


Hunt, The (France)

Revengers of the Darkness (2014) (EP)
Beyond the Gate of Hell (2015)

Darkish (or, rather, moody) synthwave stuff from this duo (Jeffrey Combs and Herbert West). Some atmospheric / EM-influenced tracks as well.

See also: Vortice Mortale


Hunter, Andy (UK)

The Prayer (2022)

Aka andy hunterº. Trance artist from the UK. The Prayer is a concept album mixing neo-classical piano music, analog synthesizers and narration.


Hunter Complex (Netherlands)

Open Sea (2019)
Dead Calm And Zero Degrees (2020)
Airports And Ports (2022)

Synthwave-related project of Lars Meijer who on Open Sea shows a strong TD soundtrack vibe on some of the tracks.


Hunter/Gatherer (North Macedonia / Sweden)

Bigorski Sessions (2017)

Hypnotic, darkish ambient soundscapes from this duo (Toni Dimitrov and Ingmar Wennerberg).

See also: Dimitrov, Toni


Hunter, Michael (UK)

River (1994)

Marillion keyboard tech with his own version of instrumental ambient EM. This music was used as intro and outtro music during Marillion live tour.


Hunter, Nailah (USA)

Spells (2020) (S)

A fitting title (Spells) for this Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist's music. Built from her harp playing, warm synthesizers and her angelic voice, the music is extremely sublime and beautiful. Hopefully a full album is in the works.


Hunteress (UK)

The Unshackling (2020)

Repetitive electronic compositions with ethereal female vocals. Some of the material is completely instrumental (although the voice, when present, acts more as an instrument most of the time).


Hurley, Dean (USA)

Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy of Beyond (2019)
Concrete Feather (2020)
In Every Dream Home A Heartache (2022) (with Romance)
Flower (2022)
Oceans of Time (2022) (Gloria de Oliveira)
River of Dreams (2023) (with Romance)
Divinity (2023) (soundtrack) (with DJ Muggs)

Sound and music supervisor and director. He is a frequent collaborator of David Lynch. Anthology Resource gathers some of his material, mostly of ambient nature.


Huron (USA)

Infinity + Forever (2016)
The Red Tape (2017) (S)
The Blue Tape (2018) (S)
Happy Transmission (2019)

Blissed-out synth meanderings by Johnny Lancia. Hypnotic, sometimes dreamy or experimental sound.


Hurry Hurry (Australia)

Life (2010)

A duo of brothers Wayne and Rob Hurry from Lake Heights, Western Australia. They make cinematic music that is influenced by their soundtrack work.


Hurtado, Pedro (Spain)

Cuaderno de Bitacora (??)
Minimalia (??)

Not much information here. Minimalia features flowing ambient tracks with some sequences and is comparable to some of Steve Roach's early works.


Hurwitz, Jack (USA)

Tones Timbre (1988)
Music From Distant Days / In the Undertow (1988)
A Thin Drone Silence (1989)
Emulated (1989)
Escaping 'O' Position (1990)
Pointillism (1990)
Ritual Effect (1990)
Alpha Syntauri (1991)
X Or (??) (with J. Johnson)

Mainly Ambient music from this synthesist and founder of Poison Plant Records. Jack Hurwitz later became known under the Jack Hertz moniker.

See also: Hertz, Jack


Hurz (Italy)

Hurz (2016)

A strange mixture of electronics and progressive rock theatrics. Beware the vocals.


Husebø, Kjetil (Norway)

Sequential Stream (2022) (with Arve Henriksen)
Years of Ambiguity (2023)

Norwegian pianist exploring synths & electronics on his album Years of Ambiguity. Somber, moody, dark, atmospheric...

See also: Skyggespill, Optical Substance.


Huss, Stephen (Canada)

Aphrodite's Dream (1993)
Void Logic (2004) (recorded in 1985 - 2004)
Lost Oasis (2006)
Galaxy (2020)

Soundscapes by brother of singer Darrin Huss.

See also: Psyche


Hussain, Aliyah (UK)

Sultana's Dream (2015) (S)
Woman On the Edge of Time (2017) (S)
Native Tongue (2019)

Gloomy ambient soundscapes.


Hussell, Burt (USA)

High Desert (2023)

Texan multi-instrumentalist Burt Hussell plays a kind of a mixture of complex funk, rock and synth music, with an occasional humorous touch.


Huthwelker, René (Germany)


Hamburg-based synthesist with an experimental style.

See also: Meyer Huthwelker


Hutin, Benoit (France)

Electronic (1980) (with J. Sherylee)
Benoit Hutin (1982)
Occitania (1982)
Syntheticmann (1984)
Occitania 2 (1985)
Vie Evasion (1987)
La Vie a Plein Temps (1988) (S)

Melodic, colourful music from this French synthesist, akin to Jean-Michel Jarre, perhaps. The first album is also known as "Benoit Hutin Synthetiseur".


Hüttner, Christian (Germany)

Tiefenrausch (1998)
Erinnerung (1999)
Wolkenreiter (2000)
Ambience (2000) (recorded in 1994 - 2000)
Nitrogenium N2 (2005)
Illusions (2007)

Relaxing, melodic music from this synthesist born in 1972. Christian makes music using various synthesizers and computers and is mostly inspired by nature: land, sea and sky.


Hutton, Chris (Canada)

Majestic Twelve (2000)

Tribal Ambient of the darkest variety, like Steve Roach gone completely evil.


Huxley, Craig (USA)

Forbidden World (1982) (soundtrack) (with Susan Justin)
Genesis Project (1984)
In A Chord (1984) (with Georgia Kelly)
Quantum Mechanix (1986)
All Sex No Love? (1991)
My Temptation (1992)
2010 New World (1992)
Spontaneous Cosmosis (1992)
Chasing Rain (1993)
Moanin' Lisa (1994)
Skin (1994)
Talisman (1995)
Mirage (1996)

The 1984 album is supposed to be interesting cosmic / symphonic work performed with an impressive setup of classic synths. It contains a Star Trek theme, among others. I don't have much information about this artist but seems like he was the synth programmer on a few early Michael Jackson LP's (like Thriller, for instanse), as well as worked on several film scores, including the aforementioned Star Trek. His other albums I know nothing about.


Huygen, Michel (Spain)

Absence of Reality (1982)
Capturing Holograms (1984)
Barcelona 1992 (1986)
Elixir (1989)
Intimo (1990)
En Busca del Misterio (1991) (soundtrack)
Infinito (1994)
Sonar (1995)
Astralia (1996) (with Fernando Jimenez del Oso)
Ultracosmos (1999)
Droit Au Coeur (1999)
Placebo (2002)
Soplo Vital (2004)
Chilled Drive (2005)
Sensorial (2006)
Angkor (2007)
Irawadi (2007)
Magic Samui (2007)
Neurohysterya (2010)
Zen Driving (2010)
Krung Thep (2010)
Kryptik (2018)
Alien Spirit (2021) (with Sean Ali Stone)

Probably the best known synthesist from Spain. Michel Huygen is the man behind Neuronium - electronic project nr. 1 in this country. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Michel Huygen, a Belgian, formed this group in 1976, after being a member of several other bands for some years. Michel's own compositions are mostly very spacey and delicate ("psychotronic") music. Recommended for any EM fan.

See also: Neuronium, Cybernium, Suck Electrònic.


Hvergelmir (Sweden)

Urskog (2018)
...Och Allt Blir Återfött (2018)
Försoningen (2019)

Melancholic winter ambience / dungeon synth.


Hviledag (Denmark)

Minder i Fire Satser (2020) (S)
Over Mellem Under (2020)
Et Simuleret Minde Om Hele Verden (2021)
Album Found (2022)
S​ø​gen Ad Brugte Ruter (2023)

Nice semi-acoustic ambient compositions. Synths, pianos, etc.


Hvörf (Iceland)

Music Library 01 (2019)
Music Library 02 (2021)

Varied tracks, apparently inspired by vintage library music.

See also: Pálmason, Jóhannes


Hyboid (Germany)

Aliens Ate My Synthesizer! (2010)
Where Androids Come To Die (2011) (recorded in 2001 - 2002)
Terrör of the Üniverse (2016)
UFOs Over Berlin (2017)
Wired At Heart (2017)
Strange Signals (2019)
Sequencing the Apocalypse (2021)

Electro producer from Berlin whose real name is Sebastian Hübert. He states to be influenced by 1970's EM, and while this is certainly true in a way - all those warm, charming and fat analog sounds really have that nostalgic atmosphere to them. The problem is that there is nothing progressive in this cheesy electro music for the most part. The only tracks that could be considered Prog EM are "Requiem For Hyboid" from Where Androids Come To Die (has a strong 1980's TD vibe) and the berlinoid intro to Terrör of the Üniverse. General analog synth fans will embrace this. Prog heads, tread with caution. Notes 24.07.2021: Sequencing the Apocalypse is a work that is much closer in style to the EM we know and love. This one's recommended.


Hybrid Action (Netherlands)

Extreme Differences In Blue (1992)
The Face Behind... (1993)
Hypnosos (1993)

Melodic music, with hints of Klaus Schulze (at his most accessible), Robert Schroeder and more.


Hybrid Leisureland (Japan)

Scroll Slide (2010)
Variable (2012)

Hybrid Leisureland is Tokyo-based ambient musician Hidetoshi Koizumi. While the general output of the Ultimae label that released Scroll Slide is not something for EEM, this album has none of the typical downtempo influences, instead opting for a hazy, gentle and miscroscopic ambient sound with only a touch of glitchiness.

See also: Connect.Ohm


Hybrid Kin (USA)

Nostalgia (2015)

Melodic, rhythmic, downtempo-like.


Hybrid Machine (Austria)

Debut! (1996)
Eloquence (1998)

Hybrid Machine is a project of Alexander Guelfenburg (also known for his collaborative effort with Robert Wittek called Danger In Dream). The first album is melodic Electronic Music somewhat in the style of Robert Wittek. Eloquence is very Kraftwerk-ish and even includes a Kraftwerk cover version. If you are looking for quality Kraftwerk-like music, this is it. Lots of cool electronic voices here and the music is also said to be very good. There are some other Kraftwerk "clones" out there, but they are mostly inferior to Hybrid Machine.

See also: Danger In Dream


Hybrid Palms (Russia)

Rainbow Breeze (2015)
Pacific Image (2016)
Soft Motions (2017)
Lifetones (2020)

Lazy, hazy, moisty, lo-fi tropical synth ambience.


Hycrania House (UK)

Hycrania House (1989)

Chris Bulpitt and Craig Bull.

See also: Bulpitt, Chris


Hyde, Jack (UK)

Lowlands (2019)
Of Air & Stone (2022)

Scottish ambient artist. Mostly flowing, but also with an underlying pulse sometimes.


Hydravion (France)

Hydravion (1977)
Stratos Airlines (1979)

Music by Philippe Besombes (Pôle) with Christian Werbrouck, Cooky Rhinoceros and a few guests. Fairly nice stuff if you ask me and quite unique. They tend to start with an easy-going disco-ish number. Not really disco but closer to that sound. After that the mood changes as they add acoustic instruments, electric guitars and (sometimes) voices. The synths themselves take on a starker tonality, most of the time more akin to their French colleagues Heldon than to the melodic school of Jarre and his ilk.

See also: Besombes, Philippe


Hydro Fyter (USA)

Siblings Part 1 (2021) (S)
Siblings Part 2 (2021) (S)

Minneapolis-based project. Melodic, rhythmic, energetic EM.


Hydropark (USA)

Hydropark (1st) (2013)
Hydropark (2nd) (2013)
Hydropark (3rd) (2013)
Hydropark (4th) (2014)
Impostors, Fabricators, Certain Characters (2014) (S)
Hydropark (2016)
Circuit 2 (2019)

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based group consisting of Jason Lymangrover, Chad Pratt, Chuck Sipperley and Fred Thomas. A drums / guitar / synths / synths group, they go for the krauty, analog overdose-type sound, a bit cheesy and comes as a cross between Jean-Jacques Perrey and Kraftwerk sometimes.


Hydrus (Italy)

Midnight In Space (1978)

Cosmic electronics from Italy, for the most part gently melodic and bright.


Hydzik, Evan (USA)

You Have Arrived Yet Now (2007)
Selected Ambient Remixes (2014)

See also: Captain Spaceman


Hyios (Germany)

Consuetudines (2009)

General Dark Ambient gloom from this project out of Leipzig.


Hyldýpi (Iceland)

Hyldýpi (2018)
Öldugangur (2022)

Long-form Ambient from this Icelandic project.


Hyman, Dick (USA)

The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman (1969)
The Age of Electronicus (1969)

Dick Hyman (born 1927 in New York) is a jazz pianist who pioneered the use of the Moog synthesizer with a couple of wacky albums released in the late 1960's. The Electric Eclectics... contains original compositions and is 100% instrumental. The music ranges from cheesy to experimental. The Age of Electronicus is mostly composed of covers but there is also a fantastic, 7-minute original tune. Dick Hyman's electronic works are pretty unique and show a transition from 1960's psychedelia to electronic prog.


Hymnambulae (Sweden)

Orgelhuset (2016)
Nausikaa (2019) (S)
Andarlīh (2020)

Soundscapes made of organ drones, electronics, flute and lots of concrete textures. A project of Pär and Åsa Boström.

See also: Kammarheit, Altarmang, Cities Last Broadcast, Bonini Bulga, Grave Owl.


Hyperborea (Australia)

Associations of Time (2016) (S)

Tasty analog synth explorations from James Tom, a member of psychedelic / electronic rockers Krakatau.

See also: Krakatau


HyperEx Machina (UK)

Ex (2000)
Inevitable (2001)
Live At AmbientLive 2K1 (2002)
If Shakespeare Had the Bomb (2002)
Handel's Zwanzig Kleine Tanze (2002)
Taverner And Allwood (2002)
Borodin / Chopin / Vivaldi (2002)
Notting Hill (2003) (with 4m33s)
Remembrance (2003)
Divine Flow With Cold Joy (2005)
Anthem For A Dying Race (2006)
Red Stars (2006)
Slow Burn (2006)
Dark Thoughts In Sunlights Glare (2006)
As Long As It Makes A Noise (2008)
Dimension Home (2013)
Cold Winters of Snow (2013)

Varied deep ambience from Steve Munslow, ranging from interpretations of works by classical composers to Dark Ambient. Sometimes with Martial elements (on Remembrance).

See also: Ambient Ashand, This Dark Plague.


Hyperion Circle, The (Costa Rica)

Vortex (2008)

Complex, melodic, dramatic and spacey Electronic Music from Orlando Blanco.


Hyperkube (Belgium)

Remnants (2020)

Berlin School project of Tom Coppens.

See also: Kubusschnitt, Penterakt.


Hypervigilance (USA)

Loud World (2018) (EP)
Bloom (2020)

Varied electronics from Oklahoma City, ranging from fast sequencer runs to ambient synths. A project of Trey Millward.


Hyperwülff (Italy)

Void And Descent (2022)

Stoner rock / sludge metal duo from Italy. On Void And Descent, they went the electronic route, making video game-inspired music using an FM chip emulator.


Hyphen (Spain)

Saga (2022) (S)

Barcelona-based Hyphen creates melodic, hymnal, arpeggio / sequence-laden electronic tracks.


Hypnagogue (USA)

Adrift (2018) (S)
Distant Light Receding (2019)
Lying In A Cold Field, Staring At the Sky (2022) (S)

Droning, monolithic ambience from James Rosato.


Hypnic Jerks (Finland)

Yellow Tape (2013)
Blue Tape (2014)

Ambient project with low drones, noises, samples... A bit lo-fi and rather dark.


Hypnobirds (Sweden)

Linje 19 (2014) (with Varg)
77: A Brief Landing On the Earth's Surface (2019)

A project of Martin Sander. Groovy, rhythmic, sequencer-infused, moody, Berlin School-like... Nice EM.

See also: Bandhagens Musikförening


Hypnodial (Spain)

Aether Alcoves (2017)

Relaxed, ambient EM from this Palma-based artist. Sometimes like a relaxed version of synthwave.

See also: Rodríguez, Ilia


Hypnosis (Italy / Netherlands)

Hypnosis (1983)
Lost In Space (1992)

Space disco. The first album contains some covers of other artists' compositions ("Oxygene", "Pulstar") plus original material. Just like Koto, the original Hypnosis was an Italian project that was abandoned somewhere in the late 1980's and the name was later used by Dutch producer Humphrey Robertson for his own compositions (this version of Hypnosis did Lost In Space).


Hypnosis (???)

Planetary Communion (1985)

Obscure EM band, possibly from the US, consisting of Terry Strickroth (synths), William McInroe (synth), Darryl McDonald (guitar) and Mark Daton (drums). A rare cassette release.


Hypnosphere (Germany)

Within the Whirl (2003)
Magnetism (2007)
Timedrift (2014)

Hypnosphere are Lambert and Wolfgang Barkowski who forms the project called Alien Nature. Lambert brings in the Berlin School ingredients while Alien Nature takes care of the Dark Ambient atmospheres.

See also: Lambert, Alien Nature.


Hypnotix (Hungary)

Star Tracks (1997)
Star Warps (2001)
Star Gates (2007)

This Hungarian band started in the early 1980's, first with self-built synthesizers and then continued adding some commercial instruments. They gave several live concerts, accompanied by laser shows. Their early influences included Kraftwerk (the Dusseldorf quartet had their first concert in Hungary in 1981 and this fact basically kickstarted the appearance of Hypnotix on the scene), Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. The sole member of the band in the 1980's was Laszlo Gajda. In 1996, Hypnotix transformed into a duo, with Gajda recruiting Leslie Sonny aka Szanyi Laszlo.


Hypnoxock (Spain)

Lights And Shadows (2021)

Psy-trance / goa trance project from Barcelona. Lights And Shadows veers towards ambient EM.


Hypnoz (Russia)

Angel Scum (2001)
Uziel (2001) (S)
Hronika Plennih (2006)
Breath of Earth (2008)
Autumn Sun (2009)
A Score For Iron Blues (2011)

Hypnoz was a project of Dmitry Zuboff based in the Moscow neighboring town Fryazino. He used analogue synthesizers (some Soviet made) to create hypnotic compositions. Sometimes his music is a bit noisy but sometimes is calm and hypnotic, with slow rhythms, similar to Rapoon, perhaps. Word has it that Zuboff died in 2011.


Hypothetical Prophets, The (France)

Back To the Burner / Back To Siberia (1981) (S)
Around the World With the Prophets (1982)
Person To Person (1982) (S)

A project of Bernard Szajner with Karel Beer in a new wave-ish, experimental electronic mould. For the first single, the name of the group was just "The Prophets" (spelled in Russian as "Proroki" on the cover).

See also: Szajner, Bernard, Zed.


Hypox1a (USA)

الجن ‎(2016)
Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief (2016) (S)
Division of Trust (2017) (S)
Critical Moment of Will (2020)

One of the projects of California-based Moe Espinosa, this one is a more strict melodic ambient mould.

See also: Drumcell


Hyro (Hungary)

Sizen Sineido (1997)

Dark Ambient with Laszlo Hortobagyi.

See also: Hortobagyi, Laszlo


HyS (Spain)

Landscape Exhibitors (2018)

Ambient and slightly more intense, noisier tracks.


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