G, The (USA)

Cosmopolis (2017)
Concrete Island (2018)

Synthwave artist from Los Angeles, who on Concrete Island expanded his sound palette to include other styles, most of them related to EM.


G.A.M.S. (Germany)

G.A.M.S. (2019)

Absolutely unique duo of Andreas Stecher (drums) and Guido Möbius (feedback), with Mick Harris as guest. Not comparable to other artists.


G.E.N.E. (Germany)

Fluting Paradise (1987)

G.E.N.E. was formed by Michael Weisser as a vehicle for exploration of new age music (the female Canadian musician Cléo de Mallio was Weisser's invention). At that time he was still collaborating with Peter Mergener (apparently, the above album represents one of their last recorded collaborations before a hiatus of several years), and, as a result, the music, although new agey for the most part (lots of flute), has shades of that glorious early Software electronic sound all over. As I do consider Software to be one of the premier exponents of Electronic Music of the "silver age" (the 1980 - 1986 period more or less), I decided to include this album in EEM, but only this one. After that it's full-blown new age, still with some electronics, but with seemingly no relation to progressive EM whatsoever. If you love that early Software sound and can't get enough of it, this album might give you just a bit more of that atmosphere. File under EM-related.

See also: Mergener / Weisser, Software, Mergener, Peter.


G.S. Sultan (USA)

Redundancy Suite (2016)
Music For A Living Water (2020)

G.S. Sultan is Roy Werner from Los Angeles. Music For A Living Water is an inventive work mixing bell-like synth patches, prepared and / or processed voices and digital debris. Sterile, cold, abstract, cybernetic, post-everything music.


G9 (Switzerland)

The Magic Show (1986) (S)

Not sure about this one. Started in the early 1980's as a new wave / electro band consisting of Daniel Amiet, Max Fux and Vincenzo Marconi, G9 released this, apparently more experimental maxi-single in 1986.


Gaab, Larry (USA)

History All At Once (2000)
Morphosis (2000)
Resurrections (2000)
The Sacred And the Profane (2001)
Peripheral Visions (2001)
The Mask of Promise (2001)
Fugue States (2001)
War Riddles (2002)
Eternity Calling (2002)
Greating Paradox (2003)
Flower (2003)
Shade (2003)
Time In Motion (??)
The Purpose of Happiness (2003)
Windows To the World (??)
Icon (??)
Facade (??)
Looking For Your Own Face (??)

Neo-Classical Ambient.


Ga'an (USA)

Ga'an (2009)
Mushroom Jams (2009)
Black Equus (2011)

Progressive rock / electronic band fronted by a female vocalist. The music seems to be influenced by the vintage Italian horror scores (Goblin et al). Full of mellotron choirs, heavy drumming and atmospheric synths, with just a touch of guitar, it is truly something for fans of progrock / EM hybrids. There is also a manic, repetitive feeling to the tracks, as well as a virtual lack of any intelligible lyrics, which all likens the music to Magma and their cohorts.

See also: Fisher, Jeremiah, XUNHOLM, Oakeater.


Gaba (Spain)

Ascension (2019)
Abyssal (2019) (S)

Ambient soundscapes.


Gabbasov, Sergey (Russia)

India (2010)
Zhang Zhung (2015) (wit SiJ)
Perseides (2016) (with SiJ)

Sound artist from Moscow who explores a kind of hybrid sound between Ambient and World Music (lots of ethnic influences). He is also known as Bardo and Vazhes.


Gabbiano, Avery (USA)

Oil On Oak (2014) (S)
Oracles & Chambers (2016) (S)
Ascendant Solstice (2017) (S) (with Chris Zickefoose)

Installation artist and ambient musician from Baltimore.


Gabel, Christian (Sweden)

Krater (2012) (soundtrack)

Swedish analog synth artist and drummer (born in 1975) who obviously listened to a lot of Tangerine Dream back in the 1980's, especially the soundtracks. The first album of his 1900 project is much more jazz / folk / rock-oriented.

See also: 1900


Gäbhard (Germany)

Breath of Fading Moments (1997)
Jalan Jalan (2010)

Thomas Gäbhard of EBM act Arcana Obscura creating instrumental EM.


Gabin, Vivian (Germany)

No Love, No Structure, No Hope For All (2005)
Finalsleep the Long Pornonight (2006)
Blutige Gärten und Undankbare Kinder (2018) (with Mädchen June)

Totally wasted Dark Ambient sounds inspired by the films of George Romero.


Gabriel, Peter (UK)

Birdy (1985) (soundtrack)

Peter Gabriel may not be the first name that comes to your mind when you think about Electronic Music. However, and in spite of the fact that 5 of the pieces off his Birdy soundtrack (his first try at this genre, btw) are basically reworked versions of his previosuly released tracks (sans vocals), the new stuff is ambient, electronic and surprisingly good for its time.


Gabriel, Russ (UK)

Off Centre (2021)
The Amber Square (2021)
Aonia (2022)
A New Dawn (2023)

Varied, mostly techno-related artist from Portsmouth. Off Centre is a cinematic album with traces of techno / electro rhythms and a nice synthy EM sheen. Some neo-classical influences as well.


Gadget And the Cloud (Ireland)

Things I'll Never Say (2021)

Melodic, cinematic compositions from Dublin-based Kelly Doherty.


Gaea (France)

Vol. 0 (1993)
Vol. 1 (1993)
Vol. 2 (1993)
Vol. 3 (1993)
Vol. 4 (1993)

Early incarnation of a band (Jerome Chassagnard and Regis Baillet) later known as Ab Ovo. However, while Ab Ovo is IDM, this music here is supposedly ambient. A compilation disc is available, titled Panorama 91-93.


Gaeta, Diego (USA)

Una Luz Naranja (2022) (with Carlos Niño)

A bit new-agey, somewhat relaxing, jazzy, spiritual music with some beats, loops, acoustic instruments and lots of lively keyboards / synths.


GAF (Netherlands)

Group Art Fou (2012)

This group sits somewhere between krautrock and free improvisation. They use a lot of analog instruments, including some weirder / obscure ones like the Stylophone, Gakken Theremin or the Crackle Box. Intense.


Gafael (UK)

Against These Rocks (2017)
Yng Nghysgod y Mynydd (2021)
Serpentine (2022)

Welsh musician in slightly noisy ambient mould with some rhythms and field recordings


Gagarin (UK)

12.04.61 (1996) (EP)
Gagarin (1997)
T150 (1998) (S)
DSR2 (1999) (S)
Abutilon / Sgurr (2001) (S)
Sysex / Sloworm (2002) (S)
Earthling (2003)
Ard Nev (2006)
Agrichem (2007) (EP)
Golden Cap / Gavvers (2008) (S)
Adaptogen (2009)
Biophilia (2011)
Aoticp (2015)
Corvid (2017)
Phenomenology (2019) (EP)
The Great North Wood (2020)

A project of Graham Dowdall. Originally a drummer, he worked with many musicians and groups, including Nico, Ludus and, recently, Pere Ubu. As a solo electronic musician he is hard to pin down, but I guess the general and fairly non-descript "IDM" badger is the closest one could get in describing his sound. He is also rather ambient, though, maybe a bit similar to Boards of Canada sometimes and recently more analog and Prog EM-like (on Corvid and, especially, The Great North Wood). File under EM-related.


Gaia (Netherlands)

De Afgeslagen Aanval (1987)

Dutch electronic group with Frank Roozdant and Marc van Veldhoven that got disbanded in 1989. Music in classic "Berlin School" style.

See also: Roozdant, Frank


Gaijin Blues (Poland)

Gaijin Blues (2019) (EP)
Gaijin Blues II (2019)
Gaijin Blues III (2021)

Polish duo inspired by Japanese culture and videogames. Complex music fusing broken beats with varied sounds and often nice sequencing or groove.


Gailes (USA)

Seventeen Words (2017)

Ambient duo of Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

See also: Irisarri, Rafael Anton


Gailey, Scott (Canada)

Polysensuality (2019)

Varied compositions, mostly of ambient nature.

See also: Hotspring


Gainsbourg, Serge (France)

Le Physique et le Figure (1981) (S) (soundtrack)

Although known as a pop ("chanson") singer-songwriter, Serge Gainsbourg (1928 - 1991) also released this obscure electronic single with music for a short film.


Gajek (Germany)

Restless Shapes (2014)
'17 (2017)
Micromanic (2017) (S)
Vitamin D (2020)
Very Light Means Less Control (2021)

I don't know much about Matti Gajek's music, but on Vitamin D, you will hear a mutant version of krautrock-inspired electronics in perfect mixture with current musical trends like dubstep, glitch, indietronica, etc. Pretty experimental, but quite listenable.


Gala Drop (Portugal)

Gala Drop (2008)
Overcoat Heat (2010) (EP)
Broda (2012) (S) (with Ben Chasny)
II (2014)
Live At Boom (July 24th, 2018) (2020)

Jamming band with a sound between driving kraut / electronics / disco / dub and space rock.


Gala Fur (Austria)

re:set (2023)

A project of Vienna-based pianist Florian Paul Ebner. In 2021, he released a solo piano album. His next effort, the 2023's re:set, focuses on electronics in a melodic / rhythmic context. There's maybe something of a Roedelius quality to the music. Not that it sounds very similar but the feel of gentleness and restrain really approximates it to Hans-Joachim's work. There is also a pop dimension to his sound, with some vocoded vocals and melodic hooks.


Galactic Anthems (USA)

Galactic Anthems (2002)
Abstract Circuitry (2004)
Before the Drone (2004)
Subterranean Transit (2005)
Semper Fidelity (2007) (with Matt Howarth)
The Other Side (2010)

Cosmic soundscapes from Glenn Adams.

See also: Atlas


Galactic Explorers (Germany)

Epitaph For Venus (1972)

Spacey electronics somewhat similar to Cosmic Jokers. Galactic Explorers are (were) three synthesists Johannes Lutz, Holst Seisert and Reihard Karwatsky.


Galactic Protector (USA)

Evening (2019)

Varied electronic compositions from member (bassist) of several indie rock bands and heavy metallers The Sword, Bryan Richie. Mostly melodic, propulsive and spacey, with real drums.


Galactic Smoothness (USA)

On the Way To Zytra B (2021) (S)

Sort of like dungeon synth in space, with old sci-fi-inspired analog synth.


Galactic Underground (Belgium)

<G.U> (2017)
<G.U> <Volume 2> (2020)
Music For Astronauts (2021)

Synth soundscape project of Johan Geens. The first volume sees participations of Roksana, Erik Wøllo and Robert Rich.

See also: Venja


Galactic Warriors (Croatia)

Return To Atlantis (2011)
Under Attack (2013)

Spacesynth duo of Krunoslav Paic and Max Backes. Very nice sounds and melodies, easily comparable to Laserdance in their prime. Sometimes with basslines ala Koto.


Galaktlan (Estonia)

Sinine Platoo (2002)
Constance (2005)
Laanetaguse Suvi (2005) (EP)
Teletorni Romantika (2013) (S)
Second Memory (2013)
En Garde (2018)

Galaktlan is Estonian producer Taavi Laatsit. He is ex-Uni and just like his parent band, he mixes IDM / downtempo stylings with prog EM by way of cosmic vintage synths and spacey atmospheres. Some of the tracks are predominantly or completely ambient. Sinine Platoo is his most IDM-influenced one, while subsequent works show stronger EM influences, although as a whole his creative work is not for EM purists. It will be enjoyed by those with an open mind and a liking for stylistic crossovers.

See also: Uni


Galán, Pepo (Spain)

How Not To Disappear (Completely) (2019)
Soledad (2020)
As A Silent Tongue Shadow (2020) (with David Cordero)
Reiyā (2020) (with Shinji Wakasa and Warmth)
Contact (2020) (with Sita Ostheimer)
Palettes (2020) (with Awakened Souls)
Between the Leaves (2021) (with Shinji Wakasa)
The Sweet Wait (2021) (with Karen Vogt)
Disappeared (2022) (with David Cordero)

Ambient-oriented artist from Malaga who usually relies on processed guitar sound. On How Not To Disappear, the electronic element is stronger that usual. Still plenty of guitar, though.


Galati, Roberto (Italy)

Floe Edge (2012)
Godhavn (2013)
Mother (2014)
Gletscher (2015)
Penombra (2017) (with Federico Mosconi)
Silence [As A Din] (2018)
Fragility (2019)
Dissolve (2019) (with Federico Mosconi)
Oneiric (2022)
Alps (2022)
Divide (2023) (with Federico Mosconi)

Ambient and gently rhythmic music from this artist with releases on Psychonavigation and Databloem, among other labels.


Galax (Japan)

Never Ending Space Trackin' (2007) (recorded in 2006)

A collaboration of Hiroshi Hasagawa (C.C.C.C., Astral Traveling Unity) on synth / ring modulator and Keichi Miyashita (Mandog) on guitar / tape echo. One track on Never Ending Space Trackin' features guest synth playing by Hiroshi Higashi (Acid Mothers Temple). Cosmic oozing synths and whooshes, sometimes psychedelic and intense, sometimes more laid-back and dreamy. The album contains 3 lengthy live performances.


Galaxy Dreams (Germany)

Soundtrax (1990)


Galaxy Electric, The (USA)

Everything Is Light And Sound (2019) (recorded in 2016)
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album (2020)

Pop duo formed by Augustus Green together with Jacqueline Caruso. Green is a proponent of analog synthesis and is known as a Buchla Music Easel performer, but also as a tape music artist. Unfortunately (for us EM fans), Everything Is Light And Sound focuses mostly on songs, where they try to imitate the 1960's and early 1970's psychedelic style. All solo pieces by Green are way too short and do not really do this man's electronic explorations justice. Maybe a solo album in the future? As it is, it's EM-related at best.


Galaxy Express 555 (USA)

Natural Mind (2017)
Rat Laughter (2019)

Electronic project of Christopher Farstad. Abstract, melodic, with lots of digital synths, processed samples etc.


Galaxy Toobin' (USA)

Galaxy Toobin' (2008)
Thing Are Looking Up (2009) (S)

Aka Galaxy Toobin' Gang. This duo (Eliot Lipp and William Thomas Burnett) churns out a tasty mixture of strictly analog melodic electro and prog EM (during their less rhythmic and more outright cosmic moments). The album was released on LP in 2008 and re-released four years later on cassette.

See also: Black Deer


Galcid (Japan)

Galcid's Ambient Works (2020) (S)
Galcid's Ambient Works 2 (2021) (S)

Japanese female duo of Lena Saito and ShinkaiNeon. They love analog and modular synths and usually compose techno-related music. The above is a collection of nice, warm ambient EM compositions.


Galdur (Ukraine)

Born By Stars And Moon (2014)
Age of Legends (2016)
Wizardry (2017)

Fantasy-inspired compositions, sometimes bombastic, sometimes more ambient. Sort of a dungeon synth-related sound here, with an extra epicness.


Galecki, Paweł (Poland)

Down Below (2021)

Shadowy, relaxing ambience from this artist.


Galecstasy (USA)

Surprise (2020)
Binary Star (2021)

Californian male / female duo mixing psychedelic rock, 1970's funk, afrobeat and ambient electronics.

See also: Primary Mystical Experience


Galerie Schallschutz (Germany)

HAARP (2002)
Teddybear (2004) (S)
Montauk Project (2005)
Cocoon - Live In Antwerp (2008)
KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation (2012) (S)

Dark soundscapes tending mostly towards Noise Ambient.


Galerie Stratique (Canada)

Nothing Down-To-Earth (2001)
Horizzzons (2003)
Faux World (2008)
Rêves De Béton (2015)

A project of Charles-Émile Beullac. Experimental, from musique concrete and electroacoustic music to playful, pastoral EM and shades of Jarre-isms.

See also: Sabaturin


Gall, Bruce (UK)

Sounds From the Flat Earth (2018)
Encounters (2019)
Consciousness (2020)
The Dark Forrest (2020) (with Nakoma Z)

Scottish synthesist from Dundee. Melodic, hymnal, cosmic, with blistering solos and darker passages.


Gallà, Roberto (Italy)

Aurea (1991)
Animacosmica (2004)

Roberto Gallà, born in 1967, is an Italian synthesist and electronic composer. His first steps in the field date back to 1984, when he first started composing with a synthesizer. In 1985, he formed his first experimental group. Also in the late 1980's, Roberto Gallà composed for TV and theatre productions. Lately he has been working as a producer and studio engineer.


Gallardo-Candia, Carlos (Chile)

Walking Thru My Imagination (2010) (S)


Gallery B (Australia??)

Omni Era (2020)

Ambient synth music by Emma Stevenson. Mysterious, but not so dark. Pretty good overall.


Gallery Six (Japan)

Invisible (2011) (S)
Shadow And Truth (2011)
Moon (2012) (EP) (with Lights Dim)
Waterproof (2012) (S) (with Futuregrapher)
Young City (2013) (EP) (with Lights Dim)
Between Spaces (2013) (with Lights Dim)
Lost Property (2013)
Supernatant (2013)
Gasansui (2015)
The Fogbound Island (2016) (EP)
Drowsy Blue (2016) (S)
The Same Old Story (2016)
Here Comes the Acoustic Season (2016) (with Sound Awakener)
Underwater Paradise (2016)
Vibrancy (2017)
Vividity (2017)
Turn Into Blue (2017)
Snow Light (2018)
Ascension / Descension (2018)
Trivial Treasures (2018)
Kazemakase (2018) (S)
These Cyan Fantasies (2018) (with Oblivia)
Wind Colors (2019)
Gray In the Northern Sky (2020)
The Waves Wiped Memories Away (2020)
The Mythical Tour (2021)
The Inner World (2021)
Miniature Garden (2021)

Subtle ambient sounds with field recordings and a touch of glitchiness. Gallery Six is Hidekazu Imashige from Hiroshima.


Gallorini, Maximilian (Italy)

Minimo Essenziale (2022)

Minimal, improvised pieces from this avant-garde synthesist.


GAM (Germany)

GAM 1976 (1976)
Eiszeit (1978)
1979 Final Freak-Out (2016)

A wonderful document of krautrock history, GAM was a trio (guitars / guitars / drums) founded in 1973 by Günter Schickert. They had a massive, rhythmic wall-of-noise sound with a strong cosmic vibe. Pretty dark and dirty. Amazingly, some of their stuff sounds exactly like sequencer-based Berlin School EM, only played with guitars and a system of delays / echoes. If you ever wondered how the Berlin School would sound like if played by guitarists, this is it. However, I would certainly do without the rather annoying vocals.

See also: Schickert, Günter


Gamardah Fungus (Ukraine)

Polaris (2021)
Metamorphosis (2022)
To the Stars And Back (2023)

Long-form spacey ambient compositions made with modular synth and guitar from this duo.

See also: Yalivec, Igor


Gamayun (Russia)

Local Talks (2015) (EP)
Udacha 13 (2016) (EP)
Ôèëüòðåàëèçì (2020)

Some sort of a weird synth jazz with touches of balearic. Rather progressive sound here. Ôèëüòðåàëèçì switches to a more experimental mode but is no less interesting. Gamayun is a duo based in Smolensk.


Gambardella (Spain)

Benicarló (2017)
Sant Andreu (2019)

Excellent improvising psychedelic / space rock / kraut collective from Barcelona. They usually go for the guitar / bass / drums setup. However, all members also play synths occasionally and on the track "Delta" from Sant Andreu they sound like early 1970's Gong, in which all members (including the bassist) bar drummer decided to join Tim Blake and only play synthesizers. Very good stuff. To a lesser extent, the formula is repeated on "Moviment", which also introduces Berlin School sequences / arpeggios, and on the closer "Marges". A nice EM-related inclusion.


Gamble, Lee (UK)

In A Paraventral Scale (2019)
Exhaust (2019)
A Million Pieces of You (2021) (S)

Experimental, somewhat IDM-related music. The opening and the closing tracks from In A Paraventral Scale are EM in a unique style, though. "Folding" is another track with an EM flair.


Game Show (UK)

Machines of Loving Grace (2018)

Strange synth / drums music from this duo, apparently inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and other electronic pioneers.


Gamelan Voices (UK)

I (2017)

Meditative World Music hybrid that sounds like Klaus Schulze or Kitaro circa Astral Voyage jamming on Java with a Gamelan orchestra and backed by Popol Vuh.


Gamma Function (Poland)

Astrophysics (2015) (S)
Solar Flare Type 3 (2015) (S)
do:xa (2019)
axvftxvf (2019) (S)
Coherence (2020) (S)
Despre Sentimentul Constant De Disonanță Care Mă însoțește în Timp Ce Mă Plimb Pe Străzile Bucureștiului (2021) (S)

Gamma Function is experimental artist Marcin Żółtowski based in Gdánsk. He has a rather scientific approach, preferring to process raw data into sound. Astrophysics uses the process of sonification of astrophysical models and equations. The results are rather creepy and noisy. A nice Dark Space / Noise Ambient release overall. do:xa is a "generative drone composition based on implementation of fm synths in supercollider", whatever that may mean.


Gamma Group (Italy)

Ritratto D'Autore - Gamma Group (1986)

Melodic and accessible electronics from library composer Luciano Simoncini with participation of Giovanni Putzolu.


Gamma Velorum (USA)

Obsidian IV (2020)

Austin-based electronic trio with a dark, moody, floating sound, similar to the German pioneers of the early 1970's. Sometimes with sequences.

See also: Space Machine


Gandalf (Austria)

Journey To An Imaginary Land (1980)
Visions (1981)
To Another Horizon (1982)
Magic Theatre (1983)
More Than Just A Seagull (1983)
Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom (1984)
The Shining (1985) (with Galadriel)
Universal Play (1987)
From Source To Sea (1988)
On Wings (1989) (with friends)
Invisible Power (1989)
Labyrinth (1990) (soundtrack)
Symphonic Landscapes (1990)
Gallery of Dreams (1992) (with Steve Hackett)
The Stones of Wisdom (1993)
Val Gardenia (1994)
Colours of the Earth (1994)
To Our Children's Children (1994)
Echoes From Ancient Dreams (1995)
Gates To Secret Realities (1996)
Barakaya (1997)
Into the Light (1999)
Reiki - Healing Light (2000)
Visions 2001 (2001)
The Fountain of Secrets (2002)
Between Earth And Sky (2003)
Colors of A New Dawn (2004)
Into the Light (2005)
Samsara (2006)
Sacred River (2006)
Lotus Land (2007)
Sanctuary (2009)
Ergenklang & Sternentanz (2011)
The Stones of Wisdom (2011)
Magical Voyage (2012)
Frame By Frame (2015)
All Is One - One Is All (2016)
Secret Sarai (2020)
Eartheana (2023)

Multi-instrumentalist from Austria. Gandalf's real name is Heinz Strobl and his music is often compared to Kitaro, albeit more symphonic and without the Eastern influences, but with similar melodic sensibility. Gallery of Dreams is said to be a nice mix of keyboards and Hackett's guitar, but don't expect anything extraordinary. I've heard Magic Theatre and I can say that this music is better than most of Kitaro's output. It is more in the progrock mould and really done with heart, but there's not much in terms of electronics...for the most part...


Ganelin, Vyacheslav (Russia)

Jazz musician born in 1944 in Kraskovo, Moscow Region. In 1951, he moved to Lithuania together with his parents. His academic career started while he was living in Vilnius. Nowadays, he resides in Israel. There is a long (18+ minute), impressionistic electronic piece by him on the Document - New Music From Russia - The 80's sampler. The track is titled "Simultamente" and was recorded in 1989 using a Roland JX3P and a Yamaha CX-5 computer.


Ganossellis, Kostas (Greece)

Synthesis (1980)
Chrononaftis (1983)

Aka Kostas Ganoselis. Greek synthesist who in the 1960's and early 1970's played keyboards in a psych rock / pop band Finikes (Phoenix).


Ganymed (Germany)

The Rotation of Galaxy (1989)

Early cassette release by Stephen Parsick under a pseudonym.

See also: Parsick, Stephen


Ganymed (Germany)

Sun of Dreams (2006)

Ganymed is Frank Schmidt.


Ganz, Oliver (Germany)

Take Off (2003)
Phases of Death (2003)
ThrEEEvolutions (2005)

Since 2003 this synthesist makes music under his real name only.

See also: Kein Kaufzwang!, The Ollies.


Ganza, Vadim (Kazakhstan)

Electroabsurd (1986)
Sov-OK (1986)
Marketing (1987)
QUazy Lirics (1988)
Captain Nemo (1993) (recorded in 1988 - 1991)
Ganzha Live On Radio (2008)
Summer Solstice 2011 (2011) (S)
Vombat 2008 (2015)

Synthesist with a unique, a bit harsh style. His music was primarily made on self-built instruments. Vadim Ganza (Ganzha) started in 1977 in Alma-Ata (Alma-Aty), first as a deejay at a students disco. After a while he had an idea to try to make his own music. Unable to buy a synthesizer, he decided to make his own. After teaching himself schematics, he finally managed to build a basic (but bulky) synth in 1980. Assembling a small mixer and renting a few rhythm boxes he was finally able to record his own creations. After a while he added a self-built voice synthesizer to his arsenal of DIY behemoths. Having recorded a few demo tapes he built a new drum machine and one more synthesizer with sequencer. Mind you, he also assembled some 8-track tape recorders, all by himself! Little by little he added a few visual extras like stroboscopes and light controllers to his studio. Vadim has also contributed to some TV programmes and shows, and his music was broadcast in former USSR and GDR. You can find additional information and nice photos of Vadim's studio on his webpage.


Gara, Jeremy (Canada)

Limn (2016)
Passerine Finale (2020)

Canadian drummer with his own version of Ambient / drone music.


Garadrak (Czech Republic)

A Questing Knight (2017) (S)
Loremaster (2018)
Nothign Beside Remains (2019) (S)
Elegiac Winds (2019) (S)
Cyclopean Sorrows (2020)

Dungeon synth-related artist who likes to use woody analog string sound instead of sampled classical emulations. On Cyclopean Sorrows, a certain preference for analog instruments can be felt.


Garbes, Ryan (USA)

Young Mona Lisa (2013)

Experimental musician from Iowa who is mostly into fuzz-drenched psychedelia with farfisa and drums galore. He also uses synths extensively and some of his output can be considered EM or EM-related. Young Mona Lisa is possibly his most electronic one. There are some interesting tracks here, like the very Heldon-like opener "Silver Dagger", which could be a lost outtake from Electronic Guerilla or Allez Teia sessions, the slightly noisy and rhythmic "Lotion" and the more ethereal closing epic "Endeavor Suite". The rest is much closer to his usual psychedelia style, although not without its merit of course. Further investigation is needed.


Garcia da Selva (Portugal)

Mineral Music (2015)
Radical Savage (2017)

An alias of Portuguese composer Manuel Mesquita who is part of the post-rock trio Norman. As a solo artist he composes melodic analog music influenced by classical compositions and the music traditions of the Iberian peninsula.


Garcia, Dennis (Australia)

Jive To Stay Alive (1977)

Melbourne-based musician Dennis Garcia started playing keyboards (hammond organ) in the 1960's. The then toured with several groups, including a notable appearance as David Bowie's keyboard player during the "Low / Heroes" tour in Australia. In the 1970's, Dennis became a pioneer of bio-electronic techniques. During performances he would rarely touch the keys, instead using a device full of electrodes attached to his head. The electrodes would scan his brain activity and the device would then send the signals to synthesizers which would transform them into sounds. With a concept like that, you would expect something experimental, but unfortunately, Dennis' only LP from 1977 is reportedly loaded with cheesy disco / boogie grooves, similar to early Rockets. There are still some nice tracks, though. Nowadays, Dennis is retired from music. As one of Australia's pioneering EM musicians, he deserves a place in EEM, I think.


García, Diego (Spain)

Estela Discoidea (2012) (S)
Odessa Tape (2016) (S)
Labyritmos (2018) (S)

Diego García is an Asturias-based artist with a unique style. Utilizing an array of analog keyboards, he performs somewhat wacky and uplifting compositions that mix equal doses lounge / Latin music and Progressive EM. There are influences of well-known electronic artists of the Dusseldorf School (some songs are propelled by motorik rhythms) or Berlin School, but the whole ends up sounding rather weird and unique. I just wonder if Neu! jamming with Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream in Venezuelan gran sabana would sound like that.


Garcia, Javier (Spain)

Las 250 Gotas De Cada Ano (1999)

Reportedly, Jean-Michel Jarre-inspired music by this Spanish composer.


García, Juan Teruel (Spain)

Neuma (1986)

Rare cassette release with varied EM. From synthesizer-based Ambient with somber and moody, somewhat mysterious sound, through experimental and a bit noisy pieces to cosmic sequencer / arpeggio rides.

See also: Uvegraf


García, Nani (Spain)

Compostela 93 (1993)

Spanish pianist and classical composer. On the above album, he goes for electronic instrumentation, arranging his compositions in a classical way, very similar to what Klaus Schulze was doing around Das Wagner Desaster, but more compact and without the operatic voices and weird samples.


Garcia, Ruben (USA)

Colors In Motion (1992)
The Gatekeeper (1994)
Room Full of Easels (1996)
I Can Feel the Heat Closing In (1998)
Wind River Quartet (1999)
Lakeland (2000)
Early Sessions (2003) (recorded in 1991 - 1993) (with A Produce)
Maybe Forgotten Forever (2004)
Through the Looking Glass (2009)
Untitled (2011) (S) (with Paul Bradley)
Dancing On A String (2012)
Nighthawks (2015) (with Harold Budd and John Foxx)

Late Ambient musician from New Mexico. Maybe Forgotten Forever contains both airy piano-based music ala Budd / Eno and quasi-Berlin School  / atmospheric synthesizer soundscapes. Ruben Garcia was self-taught and inspired heavily by minimalism.

See also: Repetition Repetition


Garcías, Onofre (Spain)

Migration (2011)

Music in the style of Mike Oldfield.


Garden Gnome (USA)

Gnomenomicon (2021)

Sort of a strange "dungeon synth" / "comfy synth" variety with ambient elements.


Gardener (USA)

Wash (2013)
This Is Noise (2014)
From Two To Three (2014)
Slabs (2015)
Here You Are Here (2016)
Ceremony (2016)
Heavy Everything (2016)
A Place Where Nothing Was (2017)
I Am Here For A Moment (2021)

Gardener is a project of Chicago-based Dash Lewis who is into analog modular synthesis. He is often quite noisy, but also falls into ambient soundscapes or ecstatic Prog EM arpeggio goodness from time to time (I recommend Here You Are Here).


Gardens In Bloom (Russia)

Way To Repentance (1999)
All (2003)

Atmospheric project by Sergey Usyukevitch from Arkhangelsk, north of Russia. Mainly based on keyboards but also with some guitars. Both are limited cassettes.


Gardner, Jacco (Netherlands)

Somnium (2018)

Baroque pop / chamber pop / psychedelic rock multi-instrumentalist. Somnium has influences of Bo Hansson, Cluster, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and more.


Garies (UK)

Dull Clunk (2018)

Strange stuff, ranging from the long "Dick & Nancy" based on processed vocoder drones but infested with annoying voice samples, to rhythmic electro / techno-ish tracks, all populated by weird, chirpy, chiptune-ish sounds. Marginally progressive.


Garnier, Andreas von (Germany)

Musik für eine Ausstellung (2001)
Performance 15. 1. 1989 (2006)
Erste Begegnungen (2006) (with Nicole Haibach and Leander Reininghaus)
Ttraumwandler (2008) (with Thomthom Geigenschrey)
Ferne Panoramen (2010) (with Azar Baghai and Matthias Deutelmoser)

East German synthesist. Varied - sequential, vaguely oriental, ambient, cosmic... Some nice sounds here.

See also: Synthasis


Garo, Carlos (Spain)

Sky Dancer (2017) (with Terry Oldfield)
Dream Landscape (2019)

Spanish guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who worked with Terry Oldfield. Dream Landscape is a new age album in the "enigmatic" style with some variations. Of interest in the long closing suite "Reino Galaico" done in the style of Mike Oldfield.


Garralón, Alberto (Spain)

Baila, Claridad! (2019)

Spanish semi-acoustic / semi-electronic Ambient, like Mike Oldfield playing with Brian Eno perhaps.


Garraud, Joachim (France)

Oscillation Vibration Pulsation (2021) (recorded in 2017)

French remixer, producer and musician. Utilizing a vast array of software and hardware tools, Oscillation Vibration Pulsation is an interesting work, seemingly influenced by both the French academic electronics (INA GRM, etc.) and Progressive EM.


Garrett (USA)

Private Life (2017)
Private Life II (2018)
Private Life III (2020)

A project of Damon G. Riddick. His past experience in funk music (as Dam-Funk) definitely influenced the music heard on the Private Life albums released under the Garrett moniker - the synths flow effortlessly along balearic beats and sunset moods. However, there is also a definite Prog EM influence on some tracks (like the opener of the second volume for example, or "Sweet Dreams"). I am especially reminded on some stuff by Double Fantasy, although this is funkier and has a more condensed compositional structure. It is also sort of more soulful.


Garrett, Tim (USA)

Sonic Odyssey (1986)

Rare, privately pressed electronic LP.


Garrett, Timothy (Malta)

Δ. (2013) (EP)
Łïvïńg Ïń Mŷ Båčkŷård (2014)
LOCAT(I)ON (2015)
ŁÏMB (2015)
Voices From Aether / Echoes From Fields (2019) (S)
Memory Works (2019)
Always Remembering But Trying To Forget (2020)
Endless Disappointment (2020)
Lost Potential (2021)

Guitarist and electronic musician. He plays in a few projects / groups. His solo output can be classified as "power ambient". It is rich, intense and melodic. Sometimes droning.


Garrido, David (Spain)

Campos de Agua (1990)
Espacio Interior (1992)
El Sonido del Tiempo (1994)

Spanish multi-instrumentalist.


Garrison, Michael (USA)

In the Regions of Sunreturn And Beyond (1979)
Prisms (1981)
Eclipse (1982)
Point of Impact (1983)
Images (1986)
Aurora Dawn (1988)
An Earth-Star Trilogy (1989)
Rhythm of Life (1991)
A Positive Reflecting Glow (1992)
Tranquility Cove (1992)
Live Volume 1 (1994)
Live Volume 2 (1995)
Brave New Worlds (1998)

Michael Garrison (November 28, 1956 - March 24, 2004) was a Californian synthesist and electronic composer. He was strongly influenced by the European innovators of Electronic Music and recorded his first work while still studying at the university. This work became known as In the Regions of Sunreturn And Beyond. The inspiration came from the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 missions. Michael Garrison also had his own label Windspell Records, although for the first several albums he managed to get in contact with BMG. Michael's music is crisp and bright, with strong sequences with monstrous solos on top - a real wall-of-sound experience!  An Earth-Star Trilogy is said to differ from the rest of his output by having a much more calm atmosphere to it. There's a various artists compilation, titled To the Sky And Beyond the Stars, dedicated to the fond memory of Michael Garrison.

See also: Charles, Michael


Garside, George (UK)

Oasis (1984)
New Land (1986)
The Jester (1986)
Mind Over Matter (1987)
Network (1989)

Electronic Music composer who released a few tapes in the 1980's.


Garson, Mort (Canada)

Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (1967)
The Connection (1968) (S)
The Wozard of Iz (1968)
Electronic Hair Pieces (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Aries (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Taurus (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Cancer (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Leo (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Virgo (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Libra (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Scorpio (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius (1969)
Signs of the Zodiac: Pisces (1969)
Didn't You Hear? (1970) (soundtrack)
Music For Sensuous Lovers (1971)
Ataraxia - The Unexplained (1975)
Plantasia (1976)
Music From Patch Cord Productions (2020) (recorded in 1968 - 1976)
Journey To the Moon And Beyond (2023) (recorded in ??)

Mort Garson was one of the early pioneers of Moog synthesizers, using these instruments to create cover versions or original compositions as early as 1967. Zodiac Cosmic Sounds is a strange psychedelic moog record, the same can be said about The Wozard of Iz. Then we have Electronic Hair Pieces - not sure about this one, but possibly it's more in the "moog pop" mould. The Unexplained was released by RCA under the name "Ataraxia" which was Mort Garson's pseudonym. The music is occult electronics like his " Lucifer - Black Mass" LP. Plantasia is Electronic Music to grow plants by. Mort Garson passed away on January 4, 2008.

See also: Lucifer


Garudo (North Macedonia)

Spiritual Ritual (2019)

Sort of World Music / downtempo mixture with some nice synth solos. A project of Mihailo Andric.


Garvey, Frank (USA)

Labyrinth (1978)
Omnicircus (1979)
Totem (1980)
Offering (1982)

Frank Garvey is a multimedia artist from Chicago, Illinois. He is the creater of the world's first robotic theater ensemble called "Omnicircus". He doesn't have any music education but released some obscure albums of intense and at times ambient synth explorations.


Garza (Spain)

Alborada (2021) (EP)
Interferencias (2022)

Garza is Galician musician Adrián Charlín. He mixes trip hop and "downtempo" rhythms (using v-drums mostly) with synth melodies. One track on Alborada features vocals. The rest varies from ambient to rhythmic, approximating post-Mars Polaris Tangerine Dream or stuff like Maxxess (sans the guitar) on tracks like "Galician Frequencies".


Gas of Latvia (Latvia)

Tumšupe (2013) (recorded in 2008 - 2009)
Swan Lake (2015)

The 2013 release is intense EM recorded on Soviet analog synthesizers. Echoes of early Schulze etc. Gas of Latvia is Andris Indāns.


gas28a (Russia)

ßðêèé ñâåò ñêâîçü äûðêè â íåáå (2020)
Äàî íàñ (2021)
Íàìàæü ìåíÿ íà õëåá Âñåëåííîé (2023)

Yekaterinburg-based trio with a diverse style - spacey, often new-agey, but with lots of weird effetcs.


Gascoigne, Brian (UK)

The Sly Comorant (1977) (with Brian Patten)
The Emerald Forest (1985) (soundtrack) (with Junior Homrich)
Phase IV (2015) (recorded in 1974) (soundtrack)

The Emerald Forest is an electronic soundtrack by this composer with Junior Homric providing tribal percussion. Phase IV is another electronic sci-fi soundtrack.


Gasectron (France)

Rareland / Tau Machine (1978) (S)

Rare cosmic electronics with sequences. Music by Marcel Philippe and Jean-Pierre Laurent.


Gasman, The (UK)

Depersonalisation (2021)

A project of Christopher Adam Reeves, active since the early 2000's, mainly in the "IDM" genre I guess. I don't know about his other releases, but Depersonalisation features quite progressive and interesting sounds - both complex, arpeggio-laden compositions (with a classical feel and a Klaus Schulze touch even, at other times reminding on Frank Zappa's Synclavier experiments), as well as rhythmic chuggers. Reeves is also known under several other pseudonyms.


Gasparotti, Gabriele (Italy)

Istantanee Vol. 1 (2020)

Varied EM created on analog instruments such as the Korg MS-20 and the Buchla Music Easel. Mostly moody and experimental.


Gasteren, Eric van (Netherlands)

Evolution (1989)

Synthesist and member of Sound Anomaly.

See also: Sound Anomaly


Gate, David (UK)

Periods of Magnetic Induction (1984)
{Cold} (2019)

Member of The Land of Yrx with his solo cassette. The style is similar to early LOY material.

See also: Land of Yrx, Aerie.


Gate To Void (UK)

Black Empty Void I (2010)
Black Empty Void II (2017)

Dark soundscapes / synths with a doomy, melacholic vibe.


Gateless Gate, The (Canada)

Sibir (2014)

Ambient with some overtone singing from Allister Thompson and Teri-Lynn Janveau.


Gates of Siam (Australia)

Eve (2020)

Nice dreampunk (whatever that is) / ambient synth compositions. Dreamy, with sort of a melancholic, futuristic flair and good production. Sometimes with a "Bladerunner" feel. Great as late night listening for those reflective hours. Recommended.


Gatesleeper (Estonia)

Inertia (2019)
8 (2021)

Modular synth artist Margus Löve. Abstract, listenable soundscaping. Sometimes rhythmic ala Parallel Worlds. The closing track from Inertia is an excellent piece.


Gatto, Simone (Italy)

Detachment (2016)
Heaven Inside Your Frequencies Part 1 (2017)
Heaven Inside Your Frequencies Part 2 (2017)
Harmonic Resonance System (2020)
Mindful Life (2021)

Sort of new age revivalist. A lot of his music will be enjoyed by fans of the classic era of Ambient from the 1980's.


Gatto, Vito (Italy)

Evolve (2020)

Italian violinist and electronic composer. All the arpeggios on Evolve were made using a single one-note violin sample created by Gatto, processed in many different ways. The rest of the instrumentation is mostly synths, violins and drum machines. One of the more interesting classical / EM hybrids. Sometimes quite intense and loud.


Gaulhofer, Kurt (Austria)

Der Achtköpfige Tag (1984)
Die Fallen der Liebe (1985)
Musik von Hier und Dort (1986) (S)
Meine Worte, Die Stecken In der Erd' (1987)
Ein Sommernachtstraum (1987) (S)
Desperat und Himbeersüss (1991) (S)

Multi-instrumentalist. Wacky mixture of electronics, repetitive minimalism and classical instrumentation. Some of the pieces have narrated texts.


Gaussian Curve (international)

Clouds (2016)
The Distance (2017)

Italian trio with something of a balearic theme going. I guess if you like Universal Ave by Double Fantasy, you might enjoy this.

See also: Masin, Gigi, Sterk, Marco M.


Gauthier, Patrick (France)

Bebe Godzilla (1980)
Sur Les Flots Verticaux (1993)
Le Morse (1996)

Patrick Gauthier was the keyboardist of Heldon and Weidorje. Synth music with jazz influences. Participating musicians are Richard Pinhas, Bernard Paganotti, Benoit Widemann, Didier Batard and others.

See also: Heldon, Magma, Weidorje.


Gautier, Daniel (USA)

Island of the Moon (1988)
Elemental Invocations (??)
The Mystic Temple (??)

Flowing, supposedly new-agey music.


Gavand Art (Germany)

Run (1986)

A duo of Michael Mehlhorn and Rainer Sauer.

See also: Sauer, Rainer


Gavella Clan (USA)

A Silent Vigil For Oncoming Plagues (2022)

Cinematic stuff between "dungeon synth" and video game music.


Gaye Device, The (UK)

Structures (2021)

A project of Andrew Howden. Slowly moving drones, melodies and ambient atmospheres. A touch of 1970's EM as well.


Gaylene (USA)

Journey To the Surface (1995)

Composed as a soundtrack to an exhibition at Norwalk Maritime Center (Connecticut), Journey To the Surface by female synthesist Gaylene was originally released on cassette in 1995 and re-released on CD-R six years later. Rather new-agey, but if you enjoy unpretentious Space Music on the verge of musical wallpaper, you'll like this.


Gazelle Twin (UK)

The Power (2021) (soundtrack)
Then You Run (2023) (soundtrack)

Then You Run is an electronic soundtrack from this experimental composer (real name - Elizabeth Walling). From ambient interludes to loud UK bass / dubstep and / or noisy industrial assaults. The same applies to The Power, although, if anything, it is even more oriented towards EM.


Gazit, Raviv (Israel)

סיפורים לפני השינהm (1985) (with Talia Shapira) (soundtrack)
Ze (1988)
Cup Final (1991) (soundtrack)
Electronic Compositions (1995) (with Arie Shapira)
Shape Shifter (1999)

Strong rhythmic, melodic and at the same time experimental music from this Israeli synthesist. Gazit Raviv has been composing since the 1980's. He is also known as a producer and electroacoustic composer.


Gdanian (Russia)

Submersion (2021)
Induction (2022)

Originally from Moscow, Sergey Gdanian is an electronic artist based in Berlin. He makes immersive EM with underwater atmospheres.


Geargrind (Germany)

Dark & Twisting Path (2021)

From lysergic, dungeon synth-like dirges to something more cosmic and krautrock-ish, with analog synths and even Schulze-like pads.


Geczy, Joseph (Hungary)

Warsaw Concerto A'La Geczy (1977) (S)
The Eyes of the World / Canadian Sunset (1978) (S)
Bananas (1979)

The 1979 album is a one-man show jazz fusion / synth record by this Hungarian-born keyboardist released in Canada. Has some cheesy parts, as well as some nice melodic tracks with warm analog sound. However, it's EM-related at best.


Gedafieth (Spain)

La Leyenda Del Sitio De Zamora (1998)

Rhythmic, sequencer-based EM by Galician musician Luis Gayoso.


Gedik, Arsen (France??)

Dreamland (1981)
Dreams & Nightmares (1982) (with Christian Bonneau)

Nice library music by this obscure composer whose masterpiece without a doubt is the floating, 7+ minute "Neptune" found on Dreamland LP. The latter was also released in Germany as Legends.


Geersing, Jan Pieter (Netherlands)

Analogue Age (2005)

Analogue instrument enthusiast and electronic composer who makes melodic, Jarre-influenced music.


Geesin, Ron (UK)

Electrosound (1972)
Electrosound Vol.2 (1975)
Patruns (1975)
Atmospheres (1977)
Magnificent Machines (1988)
Funny Frown (1991) (recorded in 1980 - 1990)
Bluefuse (1993)
Land of Mist (1995) (recorded in 1970 - 1988)
RonCycle1 (2011)
ExpoZoom (2019)
Pot-Boilers Ron Geesin Soundtracks To Stephen Dwoskin Films 1966-1970 (2020)

Ron Geesin is mainly known through his collaborations with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. He also has a prolific solo career with no less than 11 wacky albums to his credit. The above works are EM-related. Electrosound is a library LP of electronic madness. Same about the second volume. There may be others as well, further investigation is needed.


Geier aus Stahl (Austria)

Strapazen und Genesung (2022)

An alias of Austrian-born Leonard Prochazka, currently based in the Netherlands. Between clinical and cold "minimal synth" sounds and Moebius-styled mechanical repetition.

See also: Jean-Luc


Geige, Hans die (Germany)

Hans die Geige (1988)

Hans die Geige (real name - Hans Wintoch) is an electric violinist, akin to Jean-Luc Ponty. This album features his electric violin playing backed by an electronic band. If you take away the violin, you'll get driving and melodic EM in the style of late 1980's Tangerine Dream, or perhaps Eroc's efforts from the same era.


Geiger Box (Poland)

Humanity (2003)

A Kraftwerk-styled band.

See also: Bookovsky


Geigertek (UK)

The Garden (2008)
The Timeless Mind (2010)
Endless Night (2010) (EP)
Soundtrack For City Living (2011)

Melodic music from AD label, new agey on the debut album, but getting more sophisticated and electronic-oriented on the follow-up.


Geigner, Brian (UK)

Inertia (1984)
Twilight Tales (1987)

Berlin School artist who released a few tapes in the 1980's.


Geinoh Yamashirogumi (Japan)

Rinne Kokyogaku (1986)
Symphonic Suite Akira (1988)
Ecophony Gaia (1990)

Japanese choral music ensemble that, starting from the 1970's, released some albums that fused traditional ethnic and choral styles blended with some experimental / psychedelic influences. During the 1980's they started incorporating synthesizers and samplers to their music and the above albums will be the most interesting ones from EM standpoint. There is still plenty of vocal stuff (ethnic vocalizations and chanting, not direct songs) but the music itself is flowing, ambient, a bit new agey, often rhythmic and percussion / chromatic percussion-based. It can be considered a unique sort of World Music.


Geist, Eva (Italy)

Dniheb (2016) (S)
Desfan (2018)
Sono l'imperatore (2022) (S) (with Chikiss)

Actually a pseudonym of Italian-born Andrea Noce, currently residing in Germany. Analog synth music with hints of everything, from an experimental version of "nu-disco" to Cluster, 1970's kosmische / Berlin School and the repetition of some 1980's KS productions as "Wahnfried".

See also: Noce, Andrea, As Longitude.


Geist, Kurt (Germany)

Bruchstücke (??)

A mixture of bombastic, insdustrial-tinged neo-classical and ambient soundscapes. Pretty synthetic overall.


Geisweller, Mohini (France)

Sideration (2016)

Art-pop / ambient pop artist. On Sideration, there is a nice, a bit Klaus Schulze-like instrumental EM track called "Addressing the Shadows". The closer "Silo" is also interesting. File under EM-related.


Geiss, Johannes (Germany)

Ambient (2018)
Ambient #2 (2018)
Ambient #3 (2023)

A pseudonym of Claudius Loik, a prolific IDM and rock musician active since the 1990's. The "Ambient" series of releases may interest EM fans.


Geklaper (Russia)

Directives (2021)
Sense of Loss (2022)
Penitent Judge (2022)
Die Morgenlandfahrt (2022)

St. Petersburg-based project in moody ambient synth mould.


Gelbard, Fernando (Argentina)

Didi (1974)

A jazz musician, Fernando Gelbard chose to eschew acoustic instruments completely for this album (his only release I am aware of) in favour of a Fender Rhodes and a Moog synthesizer. There are also guest musicians, mostly playing sax, bass and percussion / drums. However, the real interest here is the short piece "Mojo Uno", recorded by Fernando at home with just his Moog synth. It's jazzy and sounds more like a sketch, but is unique nonetheless and completely electronic. One of those one-track inclusions, then. File under EM-related.


Gelbart, Adi (Israel)

Vermin (2013)
Echoville (2015)
Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters (2016)
Egg Ray Test Hits Cow Action (2019)

Experimental composer and filmmaker based in Berlin. He mixes weird electronics, collages, disjointed jazz musings and more.


Gelsi, Ehsan (Australia)

Ephemera (2021)

Rich, symphonic EM from this Melbourne-based artist, created on the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ and synths, with guests on drum and percussion. Wakeman, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream - it's all there...


Gel-Sol (USA)

IZ (2008)
Zetaworld (2014)
Horse Head Bookends (2017)

A project of Seattle-based Andrew Reichel who has been making music at least since the 1990's, mainly as a plunderphonics / IDM artist. Horse Head Bookends is an unexpected Progressive EM release from him that ranges from psychedelic rock-like passages to funky stuff and sequencer overkill in Berlin style. Large amounts of processed samples give this one a weird and unique feel. Meanwhile, the progressive tendencies are already heard on Zetaworld from a few years earlier. Nice going...


Gelure (Australia)

Into the Chesfern Wood (2020)
The Candlelight Tomes (2021)

Melancholic and sometimes epic mixture of "dungeon synth" and Ambient.


Gemini 4 (Australia)

Gemini 4 (2019)

Electronic compositions from Hugo Race (ex-The Bad Seeds) and Michelangelo Russo, with Julitha Ryan and Andrew Hehir helping out. Cosmic, rhythmic, psychedelic, Cluster-like, with rhythms.


Gemini Revolution (USA)

Other Side of Yesterday (2012) (EP)
Sizuka (2012) (EP)
My Mind Has Wings (2013)
Geminids Vol. 1 (2013)
Synthesize (2014)
Geminids Vol. 2 (2014)

A trio of Dedric Moore, Delaey Moore and Mika Tayana with other musicians helping out. They are based in Kansas and the music they make is spacey and psychedelic. The group has a connection to psych rock band Monta At Odds. They usually combine synths with other instruments. Synthesize is made with just synths and is inspired by sci-fi classics, including "Blade Runner".


Gendema (Argentina)

Digital Reforestation (2021)

Warm, breathy synths, tinkling arpeggios, atmospheric pads and melodies. Sort of a nature-inspired, vaporwave / chillwave-related EM sound. Pretty good stuff.


Génération Delphine (France)

Time Travellers - A Tribute To Future Wars (2022)

Music from classic video game arranged for synths in a flashy, melodic synthwave / EM style.


Generator, The (Australia)

Past Time (2008)

The Generator is the continuation of Rainbow Generator project (Rob Greaves and Mojo), known for their LP and cassette releases. The album starts with a short track titled "Timeless Reality". It consists of quite dramatic synthesizer sequences and a reflective melody. Great cosmic effects are a nice extra. Processed voice recites vaguely discernible text about time and space. "Tx/Rx/Dx" begins with random samples and piano plinkety-plonk. It's all rather experimental, and very intriguing. Soon, more typical EM elements enter in the form of a beepy sequence. A technoid rhythm starts, as new melodic sequences take over. There's also a cool robotic voice taking us to sci-fi heaven. The sound then breaks down and goes wild, with really intense sequences and beating drums. New sequences arrive as the atmosphere becomes pretty solemn and cosmic. Half-way into the track, a new section is introduced with lots of mysterious synth textures and voice samples. "Schrodinger's Dream" introduces a more somber tone, with a marimba-like sequence and a spooky voice. Pretty repetitive and hypnotic stuff. "Danse de K 'n' J" is next. Repetitive piano notes are combined with weird synth and a lead line that comes straight from the 1980's! This is some top-notch stuff! Very cosmic. The lead line does get profoundly distorted as the track progresses. The sci-fi voices make a brief comeback in total accordance with the album's general theme. "Quantum Gate" combines strange harsh sequences with background male choirs to hypnotizing effect. This is not something for general EM crowd but will be enjoyed by those with a taste for the unusual. Synthesized speech makes it even more sci-fi-like and weird. The next track is called "En Trance". It opens with steady rhythms. Soon, a more atmospheric section follows, while the rhythm does not depart completely, relegating to the background. However, it's the atmospherics that are of real importance here. The sound then changes completely, with a very funny pedestrian rhythm and some cheesy samples. Some nice guitar playing completes this schizophrenic piece of music. "Chardz of Time" introduces a weird sequence and some nice synth atmospheres. A guitar section comes next, with some nifty strumming and background synths / samples. A lumberjack rhythm comes in, supported by random percussion sounds and some voice samples. In comes another shuffled rhythm, alternating with the moments of total atmospheric madness. I am not even sure what to make of this music. It sure has some familiar elements but the way they are put together makes for some intriguing listening. "A-D Rift In Time" starts in a more familiar fashion, with deep, reverberating cosmic synthesizer atmospheres. This is probably the best section on the entire disc. However, I could probably do without the vocal samples. Here, they are disturbing and they interrupt the flow without adding anything, from the artistic point of view. And that "I am about to reveal the tales of your life" sample... Why insisting on it? Sounds silly and pathetic, IMO. To sum this track up: the music is excellent, the samples are not. The last track "Temporal Trap!" is an aural equivalent of an alien club mayhem. All the weird rhythms, totally twisted sounds and wicked melodies make for some entertaining listening. Overall, I think that "Past Time" will be enjoyed by those with a liking for the unconventional and the bizarre. I enjoyed it but the biggest problem for me was that I am not a fan of (mildly speaking) vocal samples in music. Some worked ok (like those robotic voices for instance) but some of them I could probably do without. Subsequently, I found the sample-heavy sections to be pretty hard-going. Other than that, a worthy effort that begs for repeated listening.

See also: Rainbow Generator, Krozier and the Generator, Mojo, Charz-010, Voodoo Chile, Digital Dreaming.


Genesonics (Canada)

Chamane (1988)
Corona (1992)
Aurora (1992)
Logos (1992)
Chamane (1992)
Telluris (1992)
Transe (1992)
Leviathan (1992)

A series of discs released by Tao Atmospheres label from Canada. It is not known who is behind this music but the label marketed the series as a kind of meditation aid or chakra healing stuff, so a wishy-washy new age concept is on show here. However, and in spite of the music in fact having some new-agedness to it (there are bird songs layered on top of some tracks for example), it is also ambient and droning, and never cheesy. And hey, it's electronic, you know. A possible nice addition to an Ambient fan's collection, then.


Genest, Michel (France)

Crystal Fantasy (1984)
Ascension (1985)
Riddle of the Sphinx (1989) (with Anton Mizerak)
Harmonic 33 (1990) (with Anton Mizerak)
Angels In Our Midst (1996) (with Anton Mizerak)
Emerald Tablets (2001)

Melodic and spacey electronics. Probably new age-like.


Genetic Transmission (Poland)

Untitled (2006)

Ambient music from this industrial / power electronics / experimental project by Tomasz Twardawa. Other albums are supposedly out of scope for EEM. This limited disc is wrapped in a beautiful cover made up of autumn leaves. The music lives up to its cover.


Gengras, M. Geddes (USA)

Live In L.A. (2009)
Improvisations For Modular Synthesizer Vol. 4 (2009)
Smoke Blower (2009)
Aural Mimesis (2009)
Triptych of the Divine & Blackened Arts (2009)
Pink Trails / Deep Moon Time (2010)
Enduring Doubt (2010) (S)
Neoderealization (2010)
Deep Moon Time (??)
The Y-
Δ Transform (2011)
The Empty Space (2011)
This Could Be the Last Time (2011)
Rebirth Los Angeles (2011)
Tetragammatron (2011)
Magical Writing (2011)
The Kiss of Life (2011)
Icon Give Thank (2012) (with Sun Araw and The Congos)
Re-Vision (2012)
Purity (2012)
Beyond the Curtain (2012)
Systems 1 (2012)
Test Leads (2012)
Choices (2012)
Santam Rasa (2012)
Collected Works Vol. 1: The Moog Years (2013)
Untitled (2014)
Ishi (2014)
Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music (2014)
8.2.13 (2014)
Two Variations (2015)
Interior Architecture (2016)
Hawaiki Tapes (2018)
Light Pipe (2018)
I Am the Last of That Green And Warm-Hued World (2019)
Time Makes Nothing Happen (2020)
The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 4: Zoroaster (2022) (with Psychic Reality)
Expressed, I Noticed Silence (2022)

Serene and emotional atmospheres with some noisy bits and a touch of glitchiness.

See also: Voder Death Squad, Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group, The.


Genizys (Poland)

Top Stories (2019)

Spacesynth project of Janusz and Marcin Golesz and one of several pseudonyms that they use (the other ones being Terminal One, Hipersynth and Ixyon, to name but a few). On Top Stories , they really nail that Future Generation sound, with a bit of Around the Planet thrown in as well. Really, if you like 1980's Laserdance, look no further. I really think of them as some of the best spacesynth musicians of our time - their sounds are classic and their melodies are in no way inferior to the original Laserdance works. True to said classics, the disc ends with a melodic ambient track. How come these guys aren't more famous?


Gennari, Francesco (Italy)

Frammenti (2023)

Italian pianist indulges in modular synth-based composition on Frammenti. Nice and rich, playful EM with multiple sequences.


Genoaseljet (Denmark)

Porto (2014) (S)
Under En Sølvpoppel (2015) (S)
Scene Fra Et Skibsforlis (2015) (S)
De Kløvede Enge, De Bombarderede Marker (2016) (S)
Ved Linjerne Om Hans Skuldre Navigerede Vi Gennem Mørket (2017)
Seksten Stjerner, En For Hvert Et Minde (2019)
Hvordan Mennesket Betvang Havet (2020)
Gennem Mindernes Tåge (2021) (with O. Vaupel and Paw Grabowski)
Et Stjernebillede Over Det Globale Nord (2022)
Den Samlede Maritime Serie (2023)
Udsnit Af Tusind R​ø​de Valmuer (2023)
Fire Morgensange (2023) (EP)

Ambient project from Denmark. Moody, hypnotic, mysterious, melancholic sound.


gensiulia (Italy)

II (2019)

Varied, slightly experimental ambient soundscapes.

See also: Di Vito, Christian


Gentle Fish Mumbling (Russia)

All the Kingdoms (2017) (S)

Russian duo with a dungeon synth-inspired sound and an extra EM touch. Harpsichord and flute-like synths, mellotron choirs, a few marching drums...


Gentoo (USA)

Sirens (2015)

A project of Texas-based Damon Kelly. I don't know about his previous outings, but Sirens focuses on melodic, rich synth sounds and soft rhythms.


Gentry, Ross (USA)

Memory & Passage (2019)
The Viewing Field (2020)
Prism of Dust (2021)
September (2022)
House As A Person (2023)

Ambient artist formerly known as Villages. Flowing tracks, sometimes with sequences.

See also: Villages


Genuine (Germany)

Nu Ambient Grooves (1996)
Nu Ambient Grooves 2 (1999)

Ambient and rhythmic music by Christopher Zippel. Produced by Klaus Schulze.


Geodesium (USA)

Geodesium (1977)
Double Eclipse (1981)
West of the Galaxy (1987)
Fourth Universe (1992) (recorded in 1986 - 1991)
Anasazi (1993)
Stellar Collections (2001) (recorded in 1985 - 2001)
A Gentle Rain of Starlight (2007)
'Tis the Season (2008)
Music From Space Park 360 (2010)
Arcturian Archives (2011) (recorded in 1984 - 1992)
Stella Novus (2011)
Music From Infinity (2014)
Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85 (2015) (with Jonn Serrie and Barry Hayes)

Classic Electronic Music and Space by Colorado-based artist Mark C. Petersen. Sometimes his music is more ambient. Mark is a pioneer of Planetarium show soundtracks and has been working in the field since the 1970's. His first electronic planetarium soundtracks date back to 1975. At that time he used only analog synthesizers (a modular moog and an EMS Synthi AKS) and a mellotron. During the 1980's he started incorporating some digital synths and his style started to drift towards "classic Space Music" sound, as highlighted in the legendary "Hearts of Space" radio show. The first two albums have several classical covers mixed with original material. Subsequent works are more or less original, except 'Tis the Season which contains traditional Christmas songs arranged for synthesizers.


George, René (Netherlands)

Messengers of Autumn (1981)

Aka René George Schenderling. Private press from the Netherlands. The music is keyboard-based and has a unique cheesy style, influenced by symphonic prog bands. I wish he'd dropped the dreary vocals completely. Instrumental tracks like "Jump" work best here.


Georges, Claude (Switzerland)

Never More Milk / Xylobells (1980) (S)

The music on side B of this 7" record can be described as electronic jazz-rock. I have never heard side A, though.


Georgeson, Noah (USA)

Osian (2017)
Refuge (2021) (with Devendra Banhart)

Folk musician, member (singer / multi-instrumentalist) of indie-pop band The Pleased. The above works focus on ambient material.


Georgia (USA)

Asemic Club (2012)
Like Comment (2014)
No Urtext, No Ursituation (2016) (S)
Exotic & Tropic (2016)
Import Fruit (2016) (S)
ხმის სიყვარული (2018)
Immute (2019)
One Mind (2019)
State Effect (2021)

Experimental duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp. How to describe their sound? I guess if you mix sound collage, vaporwave, World Music, weird sampling and Prog EM, you would get something like that. Like Comment in a way sounds like Cluster jamming while cruising on a yacht somewhere near Bahamas. Import Fruit is more ethnic, with lots of percussion arrangements, but closes with a very beautiful ambient piece.


Georgiadis, Stavros (Greece??)

Brainwaves (1989)

I dunno. His name sounds Greek to me but the album (LP only) was released in Germany, and probably recorded too, as he has German musicians (an extra synthesist, a drummer and a guitarist) helping out. The music is melodic and easy-listening, very typical of the period, but also seemingly influenced by progressive rock.


Georgina Beastly (Georgia)

Volume One (2023)
Vol. 2 (In Walked Shota Sessions) (2023)

Improvisational quartet from Tbilisi. Wild jams with electric guitars, electronics and sax outbursts. This reminds me of the French RIO scene - it has the same aggressive drive. If you like Red Noise, Heldon, Lard Free, Urban Sax, et al, give it a try.


Georis, Nico (USA)

Shirley Shirley Shirley! (2019)
A Rainbow In Curved Air (2022)
Cloud Suites (2023)

Bioelectronic music recorded with the use of a plant-to-MIDI interface. Will be enjoyed by fans of the ambient genre and those who like tranquil EM in general.


Gepert, Piotr (Poland)

Anunnaki (2016)

Synthesist with a Berlin School-influenced style.


Geraissati, André (Brazil)

Insight (1985)

Brazilian acoustic guitar player. He collaborated with Egberto Gismonti and Nando Carneiro, among others. The latter gives a hand on synthesizer for Insight, André's second (I think) release. It is still dominated by acoustic guitar, played mostly in a reflective way, with a few slightly more frenetic moments. Some of the sections are more electronic and sound like synth orchestra or repeating synth-sequencer ala Mike Oldfield or Klaus Schulze's "Klaustrophony". Overall this album is only very slightly related to EM. The rest of Geraissati's output is mostly solo acoustic guitar works.


Geraldi, Phil (USA)

Music For New Age Baby (2018)

Relaxing, melodic, repetitive electronic tracks. The second part is more in the style of droning ambience.


Gérard, Bernard (France)

Libre Essor (1982)

Subtitled "Pour la Relaxation", this is French film / library composer's "relaxation disc". It is supposedly flowing and electronic.


Gerard, Christian (France)


Gerard, David (USA)

Compositions (2004)
Ambientism (2005)
Bremsstrahlung (2006)
Moog Opus No. 1 (2007)
Filigree And Shadow (2008)
Compositions, Too (2008)
Rubaiyat (2009)
The Realm of Knowing (2010)
The Guitar Album (2010)
Etheria (2011)
Music From the Pillars of the Saints (2011)

David Gerard is a Boston-based synthesist who has been composing since the 1980's. He started with a slightly Berlin-influenced experimental sound. However, David's more recent music expresses a wide variety of influences, from Klaus Schulze to ambient works of Brian Eno and Steve Roach, the minimalist compositions of Steve Reich and David Borden (Mother Mallard's) and experimental electronic rock of Eberhard Schoener, Bill Nelson and Robert Fripp. His music is pretty minimal, intricate and quite experimental but often relaxing and pleasant on the ear. Some of the compositions employ repeating sequences, others are completely rhythmless and flowing. What makes David's music stand out is the perfect programming of sounds (lots of nice analog textures here) and the special mood of the compositions that creates a sense of mystery and reflection. David Gerard has released numerous works during the last several years, both as a solo artist and with the group Elysium.

See also: Elysium


Gérard, Franck (France)

TBK (2015) (S)
Ambios (2018) (S)
Autonomi (2019) (with Manesu, Satis and Geo Manice)

French musician with a melodic, repetitive style influences by classic synth sounds of the 1970's / 1980's and partly by club rhythms.


Gerbarij (Russia??)

Boyazn vernutsya (2019) (S)

Melodic, nostalgic analog synth music that at times hints at Edward Artemiev's electronic soundtracks, at other times goes rhythmic ala synthwave.


Gerber, Jerry (USA)

Ottava (1997)
Kairotic Offerings (1997)
The Golden Mean (1999)
Regeneration (2000)
Rebel Planet (2001)
Moon Festival (2002)
The Art of MIDI Sequencing (2003)
In Praise of Poets (2004)
Time Shadows (2007)
Waves (2008)
Number Eleven: The Path (2011)

Jerry Gerber is a master of MIDI sequencing and orchestration and his music does a great job at electronically emulating a real orchestra.


Gerber, Tony (USA)

Teleworks (1986)
Cosmic Flight (1986) (with William Linton and Mason Stevens)
Clearly Opaque (1987)
Native Spirit (1990)
Aural Overview (1992)
Travellers (1993) (with Jon Rose)
Airwaves (1994) (with John Rose)
Blue Western Sky (1994)
Magdalenian Cave  / Sloth (1997) (S) (with Blazen Y Sharp)
Guitarscapes (1999)
Altamira (1999)
Bonfire (2002)
A Hidden Space (2003) (with Aashid Himons and Giles Reaves)
Flutesongs For Water (2007)
Ethereality (2009)
City Skies 2011 (2012) (with Paul Vnuk Jr.)
Totem (2015)
Pavilion (2016) (soundtrack)
Secret Garden (2017)
Elder Crossing (2019) (with Giles Reaves)
Astronauts Volume 7: Bring Me the Moon (2020)

American multi-instrumentalist, composer, synthesist, sound sculptor, producer, arranger and sound engineer. Gerber's first recordings of Electronic Music date back to as early as 1974. Over the years, Gerber has developed a unique and very characteristic style of cosmic EM that influenced a whole bunch of Space Music artists in the USA. If you consider yourself a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to check out at least some of his works.

See also: Spacecraft, Cypress Rosewood, Auroric Dreams.


Gerchambeau, Frederic (France)

Digging the Path (2008)
Ars Sequentia (2009)
3 Suites (2010)
Mind Machine (2010)
Meta-Voyage de L'ouie (2011)
New Colors of Sound (2014)
Voltage Controlled Poetry (2015)
Vimanafesto (2017) (with Bertrand Loreau)
Catvaratempo (2018) (with Bertrand Loreau)
Ars Modularis (2019)
Amra (2020) (with Bruno Karnel)
Pourpre (2020)
Primitive Blue (2020)
ExoLife (2020)
Anantayamo (2020) (with Bertrand Loreau)
Ashta (2020) (with Philippe Wauman)
Cycles, Echoes & Geometry (2020)
N+8 (2020) (with Bruno Karnel)
Songs of Radiance (2020)
The Walpurgis Girl (2021)
Technical Joy (2022) (with Guillaume Paul)
Flyby In the Sky (2023) (with Philippe Wauman)

Diverse French synthesist with sequencer / Berlin School influences dominating.


Gerke, Martin (Germany)

Universal Thinking (1993)
Out of the Dark (1995)
Caveland On Cyberstage (1997)
Music For Virtual Spaces (1998)
Zodiac - Music For 12 Archetypes (2001)

Electronic Music with some Berlin influences.


German Army (USA)

Slow And Distant Corrosion (2023)

Prolific post-industrial / lo-fi minimal synth group led by Peter Kris. Slow And Distant Corrosion is dedicated to different lichen species. It will be enjoyed by fans of Tribal Ambient, industrial and moody / atmospheric EM in general.


Germany Germany (Canada)

Willow (2015)

Instrumental (bar two songs) album by Vancouver-based indie pop artist Drew Harris. Melodic, propulsive, rhythmic...


Gero, Don (USA)

Queer Lodgings (2013)
Weirding (2016)
Wizarding (2017)

Oregon-based drummer and electronic musician. He plays live drums which trigger modular synthesizers. The results are intense and often noisy but also proggy and experimental.


Gersemi (Denmark)

Chiudere gli Occhi (2016)
Harusame Ya (2016) (S)
Giglio di Mare (2016) (S)
Apsaras (2020)
Ajna (2021) (S)

Ambient project of Susanne Benther Mouritsen. She makes reflective, medidative music with floating pads, slow melodies and bright sonic sparkles. Some of the flute motifs on Ajna remind me on "Icon" (The Sacred Ordinary) by Paul Ellis.

See also: Shell Fantasy


Gerven, Ad van (Netherlands)

Hatching (1992)

Produced by Ron Boots. Melodic and rhythmic EM.


Gerwing, Tim (Canada)

The Butterfly Effect (2005)
Chikatetsu (2009)
Scorpius Rising (2013)

This musician mixes various influences ranging from Ambient to tribal, ethnic music and even more rhythmic styles like techno and electro.


Gesina, Gerard (France)

Planant (1980)

Nice library Electronic Music, very melodic and more 1970's in sound than 1980's.


Gesso, Alan (USA)

Identity (2011)
Music Television (2013)
Obliscence (2013)
Abraxas (2014)
Sintesi (2015)

Gentle, droning soundscapes with some synth arpeggios.


Getty, Graham (UK)

Virtual Horizons (1992)
The Lattice (2010)
Retrochet (2010) (with Michael Neil)
Retrochet II (2010) (with Michael Neil)
The Sound of the Cloud (2012)
Higher Green Session (2014) (with Stephan Whitlan)
EMP 3 (2015)
Even Higher Green (2016) (with Stephan Whitlan)
Retrochet III (2020) (with Michael Neil)

Those who buy their music at Synth Music Direct know this guy. Sequential electronics.

See also: Perge


Geymeier, Ganesh (Switzerland)

Wuji (2022)

Swiss saxophone player who also plays synthesizers. Wuji is mostly sax music - soft and reflective, even meditative. There are some soft synth backings and that's it. However, the album closes with a nice ambient electronic track based on the sounds of organ and electric pianos - "Wait For It".


Geysir (France)

Malsamaj (2019)

A duo in melodic style, obviously influenced by soundtrack music, Francis Lai, Space, Jarre and more. Typically French sound. Some tracks have more of a Berlin School influence, but still with a strong melodic sensibility.


G&F (Canada)

Almost Ambient Territory (??)

Ambient soundscapes (?) from Gary Flanagan and Francois Marceau.



Gazé (2022)

A project of Gabriel de Varine. From ambient techno beats to sequencer-based, melancholic EM ala Klaus Schulze ("Broutine Lamé", "Mudla 2.2") and nice ambient / space drift with downtempo touches ("Chien Flûte 51", "Interlude", "Cat Intro", "FD Pomme", "Sac Ala Blofel").


Ghastly Marshes (USA)

Shallafrost Course And Other Tales (2014)
Ancient Spirits of the Fen (2016)

Dark Ambient duo.

See also: Invercauld


Gherardi, Luca (Italy)

Distant Earth (2012)
Cosmosis (2013)
Colder (2014) (S)

Ambient artist from Emilia Romagna region of Italy.


Ghini, Gianluca (Italy)

Ethereal Love (2009)

Melodic music from this synthesist who had previously worked as a keyboardist for various progressive rock bands.


Ghost And Tape (Denmark)

Ghost And Tape (2010)
Live (2010) (S)
Home (2012)
Poble Nou (2014) (S)
Shift (2015)
Vár (2017)
Freeform (2023)

Ghost And Tape is a name used by Danish ambient artist Heine Christensen who is currently based in Spain. Minimal ambience with glitches and microsounds. Often melodic. Vár is a very warm (but frosty) and pleasant ambient release.

See also: Sokkyō


Ghost Cave (USA)

Christmas Spirits (2021) (S)

Atlanta-based duo. Christmas Spirits is really weird. The two state to be influenced by hip-hop, ambient, punk, reggae and funky dance music (and I know it is true, as their debut, released as digital only in 2020, sounds just like these influences), so you would expect maybe some joyful covers of Christmas songs with hip-hop rhythms or something. What you hear, though, is some ghostly adaptation with tons of analog synths, otherworldly choirs and even theremin wails. Really, it sounds like Christmas music played inside Dracula's castle. Curious stuff and I wonder what they may come up with next.


Ghost Cop (USA)

Ghost Cop (2015) (S)
One Weird Trick (2018)
End Credits (2020)

Rhythmic, cinematic electronics between synthwave and "horror synth". Mostly instrumental, with a touch of vocals. Ghost Cop is a duo of Sean Dack and Lucy Swope.


Ghost Elektron (UK)

Unlocked (2021)

Ambient project of Sean Albiez. Relaxing, with large piano presence akin to Harold Budd.


Ghost Empty (Ukraine)

Alsylum Beyond (2017)

Dark soundscapes.


Ghost Harmonic (UK)

Codex (2015)

Beautiful ambient soundscapes by John Foxx and Benge combined with ethereal violin playing from Diana Yukawa.

See also: Foxx, John, Benge.


Ghost In Translation (Canada)

Odyssey (2020)

Moody, soundtrakish synth pieces from this Halifax-based project. Not bad.


Ghost of Forest (USA)

Treespirit / Shimmering Presence (2020)

A mixture of "dungeon synth" and EM with analog synths and mellotrons galore.

See also: See also: Erszébet, Mycologia, Mystal Tree, Nahadoth, Kolessa, Gzara.


Ghost Power (UK / USA)

Ghost Power (2022)

A project of Jeremy Novak (Dymaxion) and Tim Gane (Caverns of Anti-Matter, Stereolab etc.). Quite expectedly, the music is often reminiscent of Stereolab, but with an extra krautrock and electronic component. It's playful and often relies on incessant motorik rhythm. The real highlight, though, is the closer - a 15-minute epic "Astral Melancholy Suite" that comes of as a psychedelic, pre-Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd / Virgin-era Tangerine Dream mash-up.


Ghost Reflection (Russia)

A Selection of Binomena: Towards A Phenomenology of Abyss-Gazing (2020)

Bleak soundscapes between classic Dark Ambient, Noise Ambient and Deep Ambient, with touches of industrial.


Ghost Signs (UK)

The Holy Ghosts And Other Lost Souls (2020) (S)
For the Reverand Jason Molina (2022) (with Veins Full of Static)

Moody ambient compositions from this Belfast-based artist.


Ghost Station (UK)

Ghost Station (2013)

Varied synth compositions from Peter G. Warren. Mostly experimetal, but also rhythmic and ambient. Promo CDR release.


Ghostplasm (Canada)

Ghostplasm (2023)

Repetitive EM with sort of a horror vibe and some soloing. A project based in British Columbia.


Ghostrider (Germany)

Demons (2011) (S)
Light Pulse (2011) (S)
Voices (2012)

Ambient project by Jens Pauly from Cologne.


Ghosts In Mirrors (Belgium)

Cold Dust (2020)

Long tracks of ambient synths. Somewhat dark but pretty varied overall, sometimes with a subtle internal pulse. Some nice mellotron moments as well. A project of Koen Buytaert.

See also: Roswell Incident, The


Ghosts of Breslau (Poland)

Peste (2003)
Gas (2006) (S)
And Should the Spring Come... (2007)
Sacred Place (2008)
Drowned City (2014)
Man With the Green Gloves (2016)

Martial industrial project with traits of Martial Ambient. The latter element has been gradually becoming more prominent with each subsequent release, with Drowned City and Man With the Green Gloves being purely ambient releases, with even a ritual element (chanting on Man with the Green Gloves).


Ghosts of Electricity (UK / Australia)

Field Recordings 2017 - 2021 (2022)

Ambient duo of Dean Richards and Michael Plater.


Ghostwriters (USA)

Music From No Man's Land (1980) (S)
Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear (1981)
Remote Dreaming (1986)

Philadelphia based duo of Charles Cohen and Jeff Cain who released at least one LP on Red Music label. Spacey, at times experimetal Electronic Music recorded in the childhood home of Don Buchla.

See also: Cohen, Charles


Ghuna X (Portugal)

Ghuna X (2011)
Poemas de Alberto Pimenta (2011) (with others)
2 Cyborgs num Quarto Vazio (2012) (soundtrack)
Ghuna X Plays the Philicorda (2012)
O Coveiro (2013)

Pedro Augusto aka Ghuna X is a diverse Portuguese experimental / electronic composer. I found his imagined soundtracks of Ghuna X Plays the Philicorda and O Coveiro that sounds like vintage (1960's) soundtrack EM quite interesting. Other works may be of interest as well.

See also: Pedro Augusto


Gi Gi (USA)

OST Circadia (2019) (soundtrack)
Lumino Pleco (2021)
Sunchoke (2022)
Lamella Pressed (2023)

Ambient soundtrack.


Gia Margaret (USA)

Mia Gargaret (2020)
Romantic Piano (2023)

The 2020 release is a completely ambient, almost purely instrumental record by this Chicago-based folky singer-songwriter. Lulling synths, sparse rhythms, piano, some guitars, recorded voices... Charming stuff. I know that the circumstances that led her to recording this stuff were not very positive (an illness), but I am glad she did in the end. Romantic Piano is pretty nice ambient music based, as expected, on piano and electronics.


Giacomelli (USA)

The Crucible (2019)
Eye of the Beholder (2019) (S)
Cosmic Order (2020)

Varied, mostly abstract and ambient analog music from this California-based artist.


Giallos Flame, The (UK)

The Giallos Flame (2005)
Live From Dunwich (2007) (S)
Violent Professionals (2007)
House At the Edge of the Dark (2008)
Euro Slash (2009) (EP)

The Giallos Flame is an electronic / progrock project of Dunwich-based musician Ron Graham. It is very much inspired by the 1970's and 1980's Italian horror movie sountracks, mostly by Goblin. Consequently, what you get here is a driving and energetic hybrid of Electronic Music and progressive rock, with menacing themes and analogue synths galore. Some tracks have a strong mellotron presence.


Giannico, Francesco (Italy)

Agoraphonia (2016) (with Giulio Aldinucci)
Deepness (2017)
Reframing (2017) (with Giulio Aldinucci)
Les Mondes Imaginaires (2019)

Ambient with a strong electro-acoustic element. This is not his full discography. Further investigation is needed.


Giannone, Christina (USA)

Redemption (2020) (S)
Vision Transmissions (2020) (with 扎克 and Tyresta)
The Portal (2020)
Glazed Vision (2021)
Zone 7 (2022)
Reality Opposition (2023)

Nice and moody ambient compositions.


Giant Claw (USA)

Erasers Fantasy (2010)
Midnight Murder (2011)
Tunnel Mind (2011)
Mortal Earth / Morbid Earth (2011) (S)
Haunted Planet (2011) (EP)
Clash of Moons (2011)
Mutant Glamour (2012)
Music For Film (2013)
Impossible Chew (2013)
Tear In Static (2013) (S)
Dark Web (2014)
22M Never Felt So Alone (2014)
Deep Thoughts (2015)
Giant Claw Vs Guerilla Toss (2016) (with Guerilla Toss)
Soft Channel (2017)
Mirror Guide (2021)
Millennium Bug Live 2018 - 2021 (2021)

What happens if you combine chiptune with progressive EM? You'll get Giant Claw's (aka Keith Rankin) Tunnel Mind. This guy really lets those sequences roll, but wraps them in a blanket of chirpy video game beeps and bleeps. And the interesting part is that the combination actually works, big time! Instead of sounding primitive and jarring, this music is lo-fi, but smooth and warm and is constantly changing, keeping you on your toes. Someone said something about lack of innovation in EM? Well, Keith certainly proves this presumption wrong. He is an artist to look out for. Some of the earlier releases may contain pure chiptune music and are not included in the discography as of now.


Giant Sky (Norway)

Giant Sky (2021)

Progressive / art rock project of Erlend Viken with a few guests. There are multiple vocals (female / male), lush orchestrations and an EM influence.


Giants of Discovery (UK)

Practical Dreamers (2020)
Out of Time (2020)
Monuments (2020)
Orpheus (2021)
The Language of Vibration (2022)
And It's Goodnight From the Human Race (2023)
Mundus Imaginalis (2023)

A project of Kevin Downey. On Out of Time, one can hear moody, ambient electronics with something of a horror synth edge, but a lot more atmospheric. Sometimes rhythmic. The spoken sections enhance its vaguely Victorian feel. Pretty nice.


Giarruso, Pirotti & Sbam (Italy)

Milano: Difesa Anti-Atomica (2020)

Supposed soundtrack to a 1985 documentary. I am not sure that it is genuine, though, and not a "fake".


Gibbs, Steve (UK)

Adrift (2017)

Ambient with a huge piano presence.


Gibson, Kenneth James (UK)

The Evening Falls (2016)
In the Fields of Nothing (2018)
Groundskeeping (2022)
Ssih Mountain (2022)

Veteran IDM / techno musician. The Evening Falls is his first completely ambient album. There is even a strong classical influence in these soundscapes.


Gibson, Willie (UK)

Saint-Ex (2019) (S)

Huntingdon-based synthesist with a propulsive, sequencer-based style.


Gidge (Sweden)

Lulin (2016)

Two long ambient tracks from this house duo composed as a soundtrack to a film about a recluse living in a forest cabine. Nice.


Gielareck (Poland)

Syphony Bitumiczne No.1 (2000)
Syphony Bitumiczne No.2 (2001)
Syphony Bitumiczne No.3 (2002)
Asfalt (2003)

Dark Ambient. Intense, almost to the point of being Black Ambient.


Gielen, Bram (Canada)

Eight Places (For Four Instruments) (2023)

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist. Eight Places features interesting and varied music, mostly playful and often minimal. The synth pieces are especially interesting and relevant.


Gieseler, Achim (Germany)

L'Air, La Terre (1990)

World Music from the musician who is also known as Jakino's 7th World. He also played in Tri Atma. Here, Achim combines ethnic elements with lots of samples and electronics.

See also: Jakino's 7th World, Tri Atma, Marlboro Project.


Giffoni, Carlos (Venezuela)

Vain (2018)

Modular synth enthusiast residing in the New York City area who has been rather prolific over the years. I don't know how much of his output will be EM-friendly, but Vain features nice, sharply melodic and highly repetitive compositions that fall squarely into the Experimental genre. Further investigation is needed.


Gift Horse (USA)

Cultural Payout (2023)

New York-based synth duo (Matthew Hord and Jonathan Schenke). Relaxed rhythms and nice melodies. Best track on Cultural Payout: "Riding On Rebar".


Gifted & Blessed (USA)

Within These Machines (2012)
Emotional Topography (2016)

Aka GB, a versatile electronic musical project of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker. His EM-related works will be listed here.


Giftsvamp (Sweden)

Satanical Symbiosis (2018)
To Stumble Upon Bewitched Mushrooms (2019)

Whimsical compositions inspired by the world of the fungi.


Gigli, Giorgio (Italy)

Forgotten Stories Archives (2018) (S)
In the Meantime (Informa Introspections Vol. 1) (2018) (with Bichord)
Space Whales (2019) (with Bichord)

Although known as a techno artist, on Forgotten Stories Archives, Giorgio Gigli focuses on experimental synth tracks, both atmospheric and rhythmic.


Gil Tertre, Miguel (Spain)

Carpintero (2020)

Spanish musician based in Brussels. Fat analog and digital synths, hymnal melodies, slow rhythms. EM in a pretty individual style.


Gilardini, Joel (Switzerland)

A Bliss In Imperfection (2016)
Against Heatwaves (2018)
Silent Tides (2018)
Tales of Forsakenness (2020)
The Age of Space (2020)
Maya Deren (2020) (with An Moku)

Ambient artist who uses baritone guitar and electronics. Tales of Forsakenness is an enjoyable release that gets rather intense in places.


Gilbert, Michael William (USA)

Moving Pictures (1978)
The Call (1980)
In the Dreamtime (1982)
The Light In the Clouds (1987)
Point of Views (1988)
Other Voices (2000)
I Can See From Here (2010)
Secret Stories (2015)
Radio Omnibus (2018)
Voice Ping Strum (2019)

American synthesist. In the Dreamtime features Electronic Music (Cluster style) with jazz, World Music and avant-garde influences. Said to be quite interesting.


Gilb'R (Netherlands)

Head Voices (2020) (with Ariel Kalma)
On Danse Comme des Fous (2021)

Varied EM from Amsterdam-based Gilbert Cohen. From Cluster-like analog goodness with sequencing to vaguely dance / club. Nice.


Gilder (USA)

Sixty Bay (2012) (S)

Ambient project from Chicago.


Gillespie, C. R. (Canada??)

Séance Works (2017)
Tlön (2019)
Concentration Patterns (2020)
Tracings In Honey (2021)
The Exquisite Corpse Shall Drink the New Wine (2022) (with Gareth Quinn Redmond)

Varied, mostly low-key ambient compositions.


Gillié, Flavien (Belgium)

I Do Think We Should Touch (2019)
Rituels Domestique (2019) (S)
If You Change Your Mind (2020) (with Sylvain van iniitu and BPost)
The Gods May Throw A Dice (2021) (with Jean Bender, Sylvain van iniitu and BPost)

Flavien Gillié usually works with processed field recordings. However, on I Do Think We Should Touch he decided to go the droning ambience route.


Gillman, Paul David (USA)

Colours of the Earth (2021)

Varied music from outright jazz to gentle house rhythms and ambient compositions with piano and synths.


Gilmore, Scott (USA)

Volume 01 (2016)
Subtle Vertigo (2017)
Another Day (2018) (S)
Two Roomed Motel (2019)

LA-based synthesist who cites Brian Eno, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Talking Heads, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Johann Sebastian Bach and The Beach Boys as his influences. His album Two Roomed Motel may be an ideal amalgamation of those influences. These are quirky electronic pieces, mostly instrumental, with a few vocoder voices thrown in.

See also: Doctor Fluorescent


Gimenez, Albert (Spain)

Un Somni Petit (1981)
Imatge... (1981)
Escapada! (1983)
Dudum 1975 - 1995 (1995)
Mosdum (1997)
Ziv (1998)
Mare Nostrum (2000)
Raw Energy (2003)

Albert Gimenez is an innovative guitar player and former member of Neuronium and Macromassa. He creates profound electronic soundscapes, beyond Tangerine Dream's Phaedra, Jeff Pearce and Robert Fripp, with much use of guitar synth. The early LPs are works for acoustic guitar with some orchestrations.

See also: Neuronium, Cosmic Ni, Suck Electrònic.


Gimmik (Germany)

Entre les Chambres (2019)
Deux Nouvelles (2021) (S)
Cloudwalker (2021)
Sonic Poetry (2022)

A project of Martin Haidinger who was previously known for his IDM music. Entre les Chambres is a completely ambient work, though.


Gimu (Brazil)

A Season In Your Soul (2011)
Field & Fern; Mountain & Sea (2011) (S) (with Darren Harper)
Pain, Exposed (2011) (S)
A Prayer For Time (2011) (S)
Crestfallen (2011) (S)
All the Intricacies of An Imaginary Disease (2012)
A Silent Stroll On Sombre St. (2012) (S)
They All Left One By One, They All Left the Radio On (2012)
Moving Still (2014)
The Whole World Is Tired Today (2014)
Of the Spirit, of the Space (2015)
No Longer Fire. Now Marble. Now Cold. (2017)
Dad Was A Jovian Bird (2017)
Gone Again, Haunted Again (2017)
Veiled (2018)
A Vida Que Deixei de Ver nos Seus Olhos (2018)
Finally Free, Gravity (2019)
Susurrus (2020)
The Realm of Higher Things (2020)

Intense ambient soundscapes from Gilmar Monte out of Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Dark, sometimes depressing and / or disturbing.


Gingeleit, Frank (Germany)

Nightmares & Escapades (2002)
Megalopolis (2003)
Toy Island (2003)
Lost In the Deep Blue (2003)

Nightmares & Escapades sounds like somewhat more experimental Ash Ra Tempel with a good dose of early Tangerine Dream thrown in. It is amazing that all sounds on this album were created using just guitar, guitar synthesizer and effects. The diversity of sounds is great. The album features atmospheric numbers (but always with an experimental edge) and grungy mechanic-like pieces ("Industrualization of Mars"). Frank doesn't try to sound like anyone else, creating his own unique music. Megalopolis explores the possibilities of synth technology, as each track is a rhythmic (except the last one) onslaught of experimental sounds and atmospheres. We get pretty repetitive structure here and (sometimes) a VERY intense sound. For instance, check out "Adjust Your Clock" - it will probably meltdown your speakers! Overall, a highly original EM. Toy Island combines the sound that was heard on Megalopolis with modern rhythms (not of the dance variety) and further experimentation. I'm especially crazy about my favourite - "Toy Island Part 2". Love those tempo changes and liquid solos! My favourite work from Frank so far... The latest album Lost In the Deep Blue features pieces that in a way harken back to the soundworlds explored on Nightmare & Escapades rather than those of Megalopolis and Toy Island. All compositions were performed on just the guitar and guitar synth  and some of them sound like band performed Bluesy tunes. Overall, a very satysfying outing with echoes of jazzy Ash Ra Tempel scattered throughout.


Gingrich, Brian (USA)

Prairie Safari (1987)
Travelog (1989)
Anxious Days And Forty Nights (1992)
The White Rim of Heaven (1996)

Chicago-based artist with an individual style: cinematic, narrative and melodic, using synths, guitar, some bass, samples and lots of percussion.


Giombini, Marcello (Italy)

Overground (1973)
Zelda (1974) (S)
Antropophagus (1980) (soundtrack)
Astromusic (1981)
Computer Disco (??)
L'Ossessa (2019) (recorded in 1974) (soundtrack)

Marcello Giombini (1928 - 2003) was an Italian film and library music composer who did a ton of soundtracks. Since the early 1970's he worked with synthesizers. His output was uneven to say the least and in some instances rather dubious, as he released a fair bit of cheese over the years, including some horrific religious albums in the 70's, with lots of singing and an electronic keyboard backing by Giombini. There's also an album of classical renditions and the "traditional synthesizer" series, with music of his native Italy, the Middle East and other regions performed electronically. With a diverse output like that, I can't even think where to place him. Astromusic may well be his only record with a strong prog EM influence. It's a nice album with (supposedly) original material that sounds classically-inspired for the most part. Sometimes very Baroque in feel, at other times it goes for the lush, symphonic "Vangelis" type of sound. Another fitting comparison would be Tomita, both in mood and the sound palette. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Trans Vita Express


Gionavardi, Luca (Italy)

Una Fossa di Nebbia Appena Fonda (2010) (soundtrack)

Repeating synth patterns, piano melodies, string arrangements and mysterious pads on this soundtrack.


Giong, Lim (Taiwan)

別樣 (2022) (S)

Chinese: 林強. Taiwanese pop singer (in the 1990's) turned soundtrack composer. 別樣 (translates to "Other") represents his explorative side and is nice EM in a unique style - atmospheric, but also playful and with sequencing. The artist is also known as Lin Chiang.


Giorgini, Lucas (France)

The Murder Collection (2016)

Soundtrack from the fictitious horror movie. Typical Giallo / horror synth / italo / Prog EM style. The "Main Titles" track could be even composed by Tangerine Dream circa 1984.


Giorgio Fazer (Poland)

Gorzki To Chleb Jest Polskość (2017)
Gdy rozum śpi (2021)

Polish duo.


Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici (Italy)

GMM Music (1984)

Electronic Music by Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) for a computer comic. Ambient, melodic, repetitive... A year later, the project released an LP in a different, experimental italo-disco / new wave style with vocals.

See also: Robotnick, Alexander


Giovinazzo, Rick (USA)

Combat Shock (2018) (recorded in 1984) (soundtrack)

American actor and musician who played the main role and also composed the soundtrack to this low-budget post-Vietnam trauma movie directed by his brother Buddy Giovinazzo. The good news is that the music is largely electronic, with only a few rock / guitar injections. It doesn't reach the heights achieved by Tangerine Dream during that era as far as soundtrack work goes, but is a nice curiosity anyway. There is a bit of confusion as for the release date of the film: some sources mention 1984, others insist on 1986, so the exact year remains unknown. The music sounds rather 1984-ish, though.


Girard, David (Canada)

Hydrosphere (2003)
VertBeat (2004)

Young synthesist from Quebec, Canada. David Girard was born in 1979 and in 2002 he founded the Inorchestral label. His style is influenced a bit by the music of Jean-Michel Jarre and German artists of the 70's and 80's. Excellent music! Read my reviews for both David Girard albums here: Hysdrosphere, VertBeat.


Girardin, R. (USA??)

Emotional Music (2018)

Abstract electronics that will be enjoyed by fans of Experimental EM. Sometimes vaguely melodic.


Giraudy, Miquette (France)

The New Age Synthesis (1979)

Yes, this demo record does exist. I've seen scans with handwritten sleeve and liner notes. How many copies were made of this? 1? 10? 50? I don't know. The music was recorded live at the Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit.

See also: Gong


Girke, Thomas (Germany)

Timesharing (1983) (with Frank Klare)
Elektronik Musik (1983)


Giron (Spain)

Forest (2014)
Stones (2015)
Clouds (2017)
Japan Tour 2019 (2020)
Giron Meets Flecha (2021)
Oceans (2022)
Something Strange In the Mountains (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Spanish analog synthesizer artist (Tomás Fernández Girón) influenced by a plethora of 1970's electronic artists, from the Berlin School to Tim Blake. He is also a bass player.

See also: Zytospace


Giroux, Claude (Canada)

Almost No Vocal (1987)


Giroux, Richard (USA)

Expressions (1980)

Private release out of Burlington, Vermont. One side of piano improvisations and another side of electronic orchestrations.


Gismonti, Egberto (Brazil)

Fantasia (1982)
Cidade Coração (1983)
Trem Caipira (1985)
Kuarup (1989) (soundtrack)

Egberto Gismonti Amin is a prolific multi-instrumentalist from Brazil whose main instruments are guitar and keyboards (piano and synthesizers). Born in Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Gismonti released a lot of albums, both solo and in collaboration with other artists, that show various facets of his musical oeuvre. One of his more electronic-oriented albums is Fantasia from 1982. The trend continued on Cidade Coração which may be the one that focuses the most on electronic keyboards. At times the music sounds like Vangelis or Patrick Moraz, with that special Brazilian flair. Trem Caipira features music by Heitor Villa-Lobos played on synthesizers by Gismonti and a supporting band. Further investigation is needed. Egberto Gismonti also played for, and produced other artists, like multi-instrumentalist Nando Carneiro, for example.


Giudice, Simone (Italy)

Oltre (2019)
Oltre, Pt. 2 (2019) (S)

Ambient electronic compositions from this musician who has both academic (studied in the Rome Conservatory) and club background. This is moody music, with floating textures and some sequences. "Veleno" is a very nice track.


Giugno (USA)

Heron (Wrapped In Your Enveloping Patience) (2019)
A Love Like Mine Is Hard To Find (2020)
Every Morning, Again (2021)
A Secret Whispered And Covered Up (2021)
The Pleasure Gardens of Cairns (2022) (with Reece Thomas Green)

A project of Thomas Carney out of Richmond, Virginia. A mixture of ambient and rhythmic tracks (with a techno flair). Sort of melancholic. Personally, I found only the ambient tracks interesting and relevant for EEM.


Giustini, Carlo (Italy)

Non uscire (2018)
La stanza di fronte (2018)
Le voci dal balcone (2019)
Custodi (2019)
Sentinelle (2019)
L'abbaglio (2020)
Gli spiriti della marca (2020)
Colla (2020)
Il rituale é abitudine (2021)

Ambient composer who uses a lot of field recordings and drones.


Gizmo (UK)

Just Like Master Bates (1979)
Victims (1981)

Canterbury-based neo-prog band with lots of theatrics in their sound and heavy use of synths. I am not a fan of their vocal delivery and some of their material hasn't aged well, although this might be debatable. Anyway, keyboardist Brian Gould's synths are everywhere, but, despite this, they can be considered as EM-related at best - most of the songs have vocals and are within the pop song time range. A slightly interesting diversion is Gould's solo piece from their debut "Dance of the Elements" - a catchy tune in the style of Space, as well as the richly symphonic piano / string synth piece "Diorama" from Victims and the long epic closer "Mary Celeste" (also from Victims), which, thankfully is instrumental and partly electronic. There are more albums by them that I haven't heard yet.


Gjevlekaj, Gjon (Kosovo)

Film composer who did a few scores in the 1980's (it seems that nothing is released as of now). In these, he utilized electronics extensively.


gkfoes vjgoaf (USA)

What Is A Dream Earth Bed (2008)
Magic Days (2009)
Tiger Elephant Panda (2009)
Field Mantras (2010)
Light Weaving (2010)
Healings (2011)
The Joy of Awakening (2011)
Spirit Dance (2011)
Nature Eternal Striving (2011)
Glacial Ways (2011) (EP)

California-based project, with some albums recorded in New Zealand. Musically it's all over the place, with guitar-based soundscapes (sometimes even ala Manuel Goettsching), new age, overtone singing, World Music and very good Ambient. On the spiritual end of the music spectrum.

See also: Channelers, Ashan.


Glacial Anatomy (???)

Transient (2021)

Droning ambience with field recordings.


Glaciers of Ice (UK)

Beyond the Flesh Vessel (2023)

Music with sort of a horror vibe, mixing dungeon synth and black metal influences in an electronic context.


Glamour Lakes (Australia)

The Channel Hand (2016)
Mirror Return (2018)
Beach Fatigue (2020)
Native Coils (2023)

A project of Michael Radzevicius. Distant, a bit lo-fi and vaporwave-y ambient synth compositions. Often somewhat static.


Glaring (Germany)

Nothingness (2020)

Glaring is a project of Hamburg-based Anna Nin. It's basically a post-rock / darkwave project which is normally about 40% instrumental, but is also marked by the subtle use of Anna's hushed vocals. Nothingness focuses on instrumental material, though. It is also the one that escapes the post-rock / darkwave traps and crosses into more ambient realms, as well as those of melodic / rhythmic EM. There is still a sense of melancholy and doom, of course, but this time it is (sometimes) complimented by life-reassuring motorik and melodic analog synths. Nice.


Glas (UK)

Cities of Loneliness, Cities of Love (2019)

Melodic compoisitions with a strong neo-classical feel.


Glas, Xena (USA)

Movement (2022) (EP)

Experimental, a bit abstract and sometimes collage-like compositions. Sometimes ambient and heavenly, if a tad atonal. Xena Glas uses electronics and her voice. Pretty unique style.


Glåsbird (???)

Grønland (2019)
Svalbarð (2019)
Novaya Zemlya (2020)
Norskfjǫrðr (2020)
Siberia (2021)
Return To Sea And Sardinia (2022) (soundtrack)
Himalaya (2022)
Pacifica (2023)

Ambient with a strong neo-classical feel.


Glasburg (France)

Opposition (1995)

Lovers of mid-80's Tangerine Dream take note. This disc contains pretty much sequenced music with great melodic sensibilities. Recommended for Berlin School enthusiasts. The group Glasburg exists since 1984.


Glashida (Italy)

Kronecker Delta (2019)

Nice, airy melodic / rhythmic EM from this Florence-based duo of Luca Mucci and Gabriele Alfarano.


Glass (USA)

No Stranger To the Skies (2000) (recorded in 1973 - 1977)
Illuminations (2005)
Live At Progman Cometh (2007)
Spectrum Principle (2009)

Glass was an American progressive rock band that existed in the mid to late Seventies but never made an album. Now Glass is back and their vintage recordings from that era are released on double disc No Stranger To the Skies. This release will please fans of both progrock and vintage Electronic Music. Synths and mellotrons galore!

See also: Sherman, Jeff


Glass Can (France)

Pale Fire (2020)

Unclassifiable project from Paris. It is often sort of new-agey, but at the same time abstract, complex and very explorative. Really nice and innovative EM here.


Glass Frog (USA)

Man Free Path (2013)
Gladsss Forg (2013)
The Greeblie Band (2015)
Synth Greeblies (2015)
Hakuna Montuno (2016) (S)
Penchance To Dream (2016) (recorded in 2013)
Wish You Were Hear (2016)

Modular synth alchemist and member of indie rock band "Adam & Naïve" Konrad Kamm. Ranges from bleak soundscapes to quite vivid sonic colors and sequencer / arpeggio webs.

See also: Aviary


Glass House (USA)

Savage Times (2013)
Keeping To the Void (2014)
Haruspex (2014)
Headlands (2015)
External Forces (2018)

Droning, hypnotic, crystalline ambience.


Glass, Martin (UK??)

The Pacific Visions (2017)

Relaxing, melodic synth sketches, mostly in the 2-5 minute range.


Glass, Philip (USA)

Music With Changing Parts (1971)
Solo Music (1972)
Music In Similar Motion / Music In Fifths (1973)
Music In Twelve Parts (1974)
North Star (1977)
Einstein On the Beach (1978)
Dance Nos. 1 And 2 (1979)
Glassworks (1982)
Facades (1982) (S)
Koyaanisqatsi (1982) (soundtrack)
The Photographer (1983)
Mishima (1985) (soundtrack)
Satyagraha (1985)
Songs From the Liquid Days (1986)
Akhnaten (1987)
Dancepieces (1987)
In the Upper Room (1987)
The Light (1987)
Powaqqatsi (1988) (soundtrack)
1000 Airplanes On the Roof (1989)
Metamorphosis (1989)
The Thin Blue Line (1989)
Solo Piano (1989)
Passages (1990) (with Ravi Shankar)
Hydrogen Jukebox (1993)
Low Symphony (1993)
Heroes (1997)
Circles (1998) (with Arturo Stalteri)
Dracula (2000) (with Kronos Quartet)

American minimalist composer famous for his chamber and orchestral music. Opera elements are also distinguishable. His early work contains mostly studies for repetition and is very minimal. Has worked with Michael Hoenig (Koyaaniqatsi), among others.


Glaswald (Germany)

Cosmic Brontosaurus Language School (2020)

A duo of Martin Pohl and Wolfgang Kirchheim, somewhat related to the space rock genre, but with lots of synths / electronics. Overall I would describe it as melodic space rock / EM hybrid.

See also: Soleil Macabre


Glaufx (Greece)

The Tomb of Time (1996)
Πρωινές Σκέψεις (1996)
Fantasy's Golden Feather (1997)
There Is No Love (1997)
6th Gate - Epmaion (1997)
Air / A HP (??)
Whispers For the Dead (2002)

Dark electronics somewhere between Yen Pox and V.O.S. This project is also known as Glafx and Glaufx Garland.

See also: Viridian Grin


Gleaming Corridor, The (USA)

Collected Chimes (2022)

Rhythmic, sunny, positive, krauty electronics from this project.


Gleeson, Alan (Ireland)

Violet Motion (2022) (recorded in 2008)

Irish artist residing in Spain. Ambient, synthy, droning...


Gleeson, Patrick (USA)

Beyond the Sun (1976)
Starwars (1977)
Rainbow Delta (1980)
The Four Seasons (1981)
The Plague Dogs (1982) (soundtrack)
The Bedroom Window (1986) (soundtrack) (with Michael Shrieve)
Slide (2007)
Fourever (2021)

Patrick Gleeson is credited on Herbie Hancock's 1973 LP Sextant playing ARP synths. The music on this album is something like experimental space jazz. Later he released several solo electronic albums: Beyond the Sun is electronic reworkings of Holst's The Planets, something that was tried the same year by Tomita; The Four Seasons, naturally, consists of electronic reworkings of Vivaldi's pieces done basically on two Synclavier II digital synthesizers; Rainbow Delta contains original music; as for the Starwars album, not sure if it's connected to the actual film soundtrack. Apart from being involved in the production of the music for the already mentioned film series, Gleeson was also part of the production team for "Apocalypse Now".


Gleisberg, Rüdiger (Germany)

InZeit - OutZeit (1988)
Samadhi (1989)
Arabesque (1991)
Baktun (1993)
Chronicle 1986 - 1993 (1994)
Damiana (1997)
Arcanum (1997) (with Mathias Grassow and Amir Baghiri)
Elysium (1999)
Fragile Fairytales (2001)
Nostalgia (2002) (with Mathias Grassow and Carsten Agthe)
Garden of Dreams (2005) (with Alquimia)
The House On the Borderland (2005) (with Mathias Grassow)
Beyond Horizon (2007) (with Matthias Grassow and Carsten Agthe)
The Sacred Path (2009) (with Bernd Scholl)
Arcana Publicata Vilescunt (2010) (with Mathias Grassow)
Echoes From the Borderland (2010) (with Mathias Grassow)
Symphonic Arts (2011)
Island Peak (2013) (with Bernd Scholl)
Ad Lucem (2014) (with Mathias Grassow)
Filmmusic (2014)
Culture & Spirit (2021) (with Bernd Scholl)
The Seer (2022) (with Mathias Grassow)

German synthesist born in 1963. He started with keyboards playing music for theatre productions. However, it was soon clear that Rudiger had developed his own unique style that not only found its place in various movies but also on solo CD's with Electronic Music. Rudiger's style is melodic and rhythmic, often quite orchestral or symphonic sounding.

See also: KarmaCosmic


Glenn (Norway)

Electronic Secret (2008)
Message (2009)
Arctic Treasures (2010)
Chrismatronic (2011)
Ripples (2012)
Into the Blue (2015)
Tribute To Jean Michel Jarre (2016)
Live In Dortmund (2017) (recorded in 2015)

Glenn (Main) Henriksen from Norway creates melodic, cinematic compositions influenced by Jarre, Vangelis and early 1980's Tangerine Dream.


Glenn-Copeland, Beverly (USA)

...Keyboard Fantasies... (1986)
Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland (2020) (recorded in ??)
Live At Le Guess Who? 2018 (2020)

Unlikely synth-based album from this jazz musician and piano player. Composed entirely with a Yamaha DX7 and a drum machine, it features a varied set of tracks, some instrumental, some containing brief vocal parts. Mostly melodic, jazzy, relaxing, a bit new-agey. Best track: "Winter Astral".


Glenroy, Marc (Germany)

Flight To Sydney (1993)

Music in Jarre style from German musician whose real name is Holger Ackermann. Perhaps he wanted his name to sound Australian, that's why he changed into Marc Glenroy for Flight To Sydney.


Glide (UK)

Excerpts From A Space Age Freak Out Pt. 1 (1995) (S)
Excerpts From A Space Age Freak Out Pt. 2 (1996) (S)
Excerpts From A Space Age Freak Out Pt. 3 (1996) (S)
Supplementary Entry of A Cosmic Nature (1997) (S)
Assemblage One & Two (2013)
Assemblage Three & Four (2023)

Guitarist of post-punkers Echo & The Bunnymen, Will Sergeant has been a fan of Electronic Music since the early 1970's, when he heard Tangerine Dream's Phaedra and Radio-Activity by Kraftwerk. Under his Glide moniker he would now and then release music in many ways out of the ordinary and the mainstream, experimenting with styles that he likes but which, generally speaking, are not usually associated with his output as a solo artist or as part of his parent band. I will try to list the EM-related stuff here, the most interesting example being Assemblage One & Two - two long electronic suites in which Will tries to recreate the sound and feel of pre-MIDI Electronic Music. It's basically just him on synths and guitars with a few guest injections, and the style is very cosmic and very Berlin School in places.

See also: Sergeant, Will


Gliese 614 (UK)

Voyage To Neptune (2004) (S)
Saturn (2005)
Jupiter (2005)
Unrelenting Sorrow, Astral Teleportation Between the Earth And the Moon (2005)
Yeolithe (2006)
Qiivuuw (2007)
/\JJ|>4/\C (2007)
Untitled (2007) (EP)
Monolithusobscurum (2007)
Warlord (2007) (EP)
Wyth Orrowre, Thei Suffere Dredfule (2010) (S)
Serenity (2010)
Battle of Passchendaele (2010) (S)
Industrial Revolution (2010) (S)

Deep Space Music (presumably of the darker variety) and Ambient (the author describes it as "experimental kosmische music"). The first album is a two-track mini-CD.

See also: Llunstorcarnay


Glimmer Room, The (UK)

Tomorrow's Tuesday (2002)
Grey Mirrors (2004)
Stages Echoed 12-08-05 (2005) (with The Jupiter 8)
Now We Are Six (2007)
Home Without the Journey (2008)
I Remain (2010)
A Diary of Occurences (2010) (EP)
A Return To Cromley Hall (2013) (EP)
The Locked Book (2017) (EP)

Music by Andy Condon which is said to be influenced by 80's EM, but the excerpts I heard sounded more like Chris Franke's solo works of the 90's, without being too derivative.

See also: Long Night, The


Glinca (Italy)

Between the Cracks (2021)
The Mould (2022)
On Contemplation (2023)

Ambient electronics based on the sound of analog synthesizers. A project of Tazio Iacobacci.


Global Chemicals (Sweden)

Heisenberg Syndrome (2015)

A pseudonym of Andreas Lundberg. Analog.

See also: Lundberg, Andreas


Global Communication (UK)

Pentamerous Metamorphosis (1993)
76:14 (1994)
Remotion (1995)
Theory of Evolution (1995)
E2-XO (2021)

Ambient from Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Sometimes similar to Biosphere. Also known as GCOM (from 2021 on).


Global Darkness (Belgium)

Underneath the Surface (2004)
World of Terror (2005)

Dark Ambient.


Global Trancemission (UK)

Infinite Space (2006)
Astromegatron (2008)

Soundscapes of the deep / cosmic variety.


Globotom (Germany)

Egosound (2013)
Urlaub (2015)
Bricolage (2016)
Chilldesche (2017)
Double Climax (2018)

A project of Thomas Albertsen who doesn't seem to follow a single particular style, preferring to mix in various influences in his releases, from instrumental guitar rock to abstract and melodic / rhythmic electronics. He uses a lot of apps for ipads and laptops to compose music, but sometimes resorts to good ol' analog electronics. Globotom was a nominee at Schallwelle awards in 2018.


Glochids (USA)

Originals (2013)
Tape Creosote (2013) (S)
REmi-X (2014)
Smell (2014) (S)
BE I-X (2014)
Venutian Formula (2015)
Water On Silver (2016)
Null Sound (2017) (S)
Null Soundtrack (2017) (S)

Absolutely unique style here from James Roemer. Imagine a mix of 1980's Software and wild, noisy Schnitzler / Merzbow soundworlds (with a touch of glitch and a strange mutant techno sound in places) and you get close.


Glodblug (UK)

Globule (2015)

Cosmic, psychedelic electronics with some spacey Floydian guitar by this Census of Hallucinations side project.


Glog (Serbia)

Visum et Repertum (2022)

Deep, deep sounds from the darkest corners of Serbia. Long-form works of vampiric ambience.

See also: Depression Embrace, Nothingness, Three Moons, Åãçîðöèçàì.



Dissident (2019)
Pattern Recognition (2021)

Solo electronic venture of Andy Bell, guitarist with Beady Eye, Ride, Oasis and a few other bands. Amazingly, on Dissident, it's mostly analog synths and rippling sequences in Carpenter / 1980's Tangerine Dream vein, just listen to the long title track. Some other tracks have more of a house and / or krautrock influence ("Projected Sounds" is a wild, Autobahn-like ride). Unfortunately, Pattern Recognition is much more mainstream work with multiple guests providing vocals, although there are still some nice moments.


Glonti, Rezo (Georgia)

Street Risen Wire (2010) (EP)
The Diary of the Second Officer (2012)
Late Night Diving (2013) (EP)
Budapest (2016)
1 For One (2022)
Subtropics (2023)

Batumi-born artist currently residing in Tbilisi. The music he releases under his own name is slightly less Prog EM-oriented and more influenced by glitch, dub, IDM and similar trends. However, it is also very ambient and the Prog EM influences are still very strong on some tracks. There is also an undeniable warmth to a lot of his material.

See also: Aux Field


Glotman, Yair Elazar (Israel)

Northern Gulfs (2014)
Nimbes (2014) (S) (soundtrack) (with James Ginzburg)
Etudes (2015)
Negative Chambers (2017) (with Mats Erlandsson)
Compound (2017)
Emanate (2020) (with Mats Erlandsson)
Last And First Men (2020) (soundtrack) (with Jóhann Jóhannson)
Speculative Memories (2023) (recorded in 2022)

Berlin-based (originally from Israel) ambient artist with strong electroacoustic influences. Mysterious, atmospheric, with lots of field recordings. He also makes more techno-influenced music as Ketev.


Gloved Hands (USA)

Empty Terminal (2022)

Californian project. Sort of dubby, but completely ambient / atmospheric sound here. Rather unique if you ask me. Abstract, mysterious and intriguing.


Glover, Caldon (USA)

The Mundane (2020)
Death Mycelium (2021)
Labyrintia (2022)
Ùir (2023)

Ambient electronics from this musician based in Tucson, Arizona. The main elements are field recordings, analog synths and tapes. Somewhat comparable to Steve Roach, who, coincidentally, is also a resident of Tucson. Caldon Glover is also known as Cal Glover-Wessel.


Glover, Hudson (USA)

Comma Comma (2020)
Crystal Oscillators (2022)
Solar Surfing (2023) (recorded in 2017 - 2020)

Eureka-based synthesist with an experimental style: lots of acoustic imitations, polyrhythms, just intonation etc.


Glover, Roger (UK)

The Butterfly Ball And the Grasshopper's Feast (1974) (with friends)
Elements (1978)

Elements is some sort of a concept album with bombastic progressive rock and Electronic Music from member of Deep Purple (he plays bass, guitar, keyboards and synths) and a large cast of supporting musicians, including symphonic orchestra, vocals and choir. The Butterfly Ball And the Grasshopper's Feast is in a way similar, but has little in terms of electronics, bar the nice and very short synth opener "Dawn" and a couple more short pieces ("Magician Moth", "The Feast").


Glück, Max (Germany)

Space Disturbance (1988)
Molekulardrift (2001)
Traumsand (2002)
Reizstrom (2004)

Ambient electronic musician (real name - Markus Huber) who works out of Elmulab studio in Wasserburg. He was also one half of the live Spheric Lounge duo with Enzo Cage that existed from 2004 to 2008 and released a lot of their jams in mp3 format.


Glue Kids (Spain)

Fuego Amigo (2016)

Intense EM focusing on analog sounds - cosmic, melodic, sequencer, rhythmic, experimental...


Gmelch, Max J. (Germany)

Dies Irae (1980)


Gnac (UK)

The Echoes of Departure (2023)

Started in 1996, Gnac is a neo-classical / orchestral pop project of Mark Tranmer. Although I haven't heard any of his earlier releases, I really appreciate the sound heard on The Echoes of Departure. Melodic, relaxed and soundtracky in the sense of vintage (1970's) French melodic synth-focused sountracks. If you like piano / synth / guitar / drum machine combinations, give it a try.


Gnar Hest (UK)

Tracts On How Severe I Welcome Nonexistence As Harsh As Is (2010) (S)
The Dogs Churned (2011) (S)
I Will Attack You (2013) (S)
Void Rider (2015)
Zerotone Hologram (2016)

There are some artists that tend to mix chiptune with EM or, alternatively, create chiptune music with such a complex structure that it actually becomes progressive. Matt Loveridge aka Matt Williams aka Gnar Hest is one such artist. He also makes music under various other guises (no relation to EM for the most part, though).


Gnida, Wolfgang (Germany)

Mellemlandet (1987)

Subtitled "Tonmalereien", Mellemlandet is a rare, privately pressed electronic LP with this musician (whose name sounds a bit funny to a Russian ear I must admit) playing everything, from acoustic instruments like sitar, banjo, guitar, dulcimer, accordeon, etc., to synths and drum machines.


Gnod (UK)

STL (2013)
Infinity Machines (2015)
Behind the Lids (2016) (with Anthony Child)
Live At Roadburn 2022 (2023)

Unclassifiable space rock / psychedelic / industrial / noise / drone band from Manchester. There is some EM material in their oeuvre, but as their discography is quite extensive, it's all pretty hard to dig out and discover. One obvious example is "The Importance of Downtime" from Infinity Machines. This long track sounds like a chance meeting of Heldon and John Carpenter on a dark street. STL is a rare cassette that is supposed to be completely electronic. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Ahrkh


Gnoll (Italy??)

The Citadel of Evil (2018)
Music For Dungeons (2018)
Zargo's Lords (2019)
Mörk Borg (2019)
Lone Wolf: Flight From the Dark (2021)
The Kiss of the Spider-God (2022)
Cro-Man II: the Curse of the Wizard (2023)

Soundtracky analog synth music that often sounds like Tangerine Dream playing dungeon synth / horror synth hybrid.


Gnomeadze (USA)

Nomeadze (2012)
Gnomeadze (2013)

Synth duo of Will Isenogle and David Grubba. Droning, melodic, warm, pulsing, sequencer, experimental, it's all there...


Gnoomes (Russia)

Ax Ox (2023)

Neo-psychedelic / space rock / shoegaze / krautrock band from Perm. Ax Ox focuses on motorik rhythms, guitars and multiple synths. Nice EM flair to a lot of the material here.


Gnork (Hungary)

Inner Ride (2022)

Gnork is Szabolcs Endrődy who on Inner Ride creates a nice, relaxing type of EM with downtempo rhythms. His previous releases have supposedly been techno-oriented.


Go March (Belgium)

Go March (2015)
II (2018)
III (2021)

Krautrock-influenced band from Belgium. Rich synths combined with guitars and heavy, repetitive motorik rhythms. Hints of Neu!, La Dusseldorf and others.


Goathead Crusader (USA)

Allgeitenfauer (1991)

Supposedly, relaxing ambient stuff from the depths of West Virginia.


Goblin (Italy)

Profondo Rosso (1975) (soundtrack)
Roller (1976)
Suspiria (1977) (soundtrack)
La Via Della Droga (1977) (soundtrack)
Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark (1978)
Zombi (1978) (soundtrack)
Squadra Antimafia (1978) (soundtrack)
Amo Non Amo (1979) (soundtrack)
Patrick (1979) (soundtrack)
Wampir (1979)
Contamination (1980) (soundtrack)
Volo (1982)
Tenebre (1982) (soundtrack)
St. Helene (1982) (soundtrack)
Notturno (1983) (soundtrack)
Phenomena (1984) (soundtrack)
Buio Omega (1997) (soundtrack) (recorded in 1979)
Nonhosonno (2001) (soundtrack)
Gamma - Original Soundtrack (2007) (recorded in 1976) (with Enrico Simonetti)
BackToTheGoblin 2005 (2006)
Four of A Kind (2015)
Live 1978 (2016)
The Bloodstained Shadow (2016) (recorded in 1978) (soundtrack) (with Stelvio Cipriani)
Austinato - Live In Austin, Texas (2016)
Fearless (37513 Zombie Ave.) (2018)
The Devil Is Back (2019)

Italian progressive / electronic outfit (the "classic" lineup is Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo) that was born in the mid 1970's out of the ashes of a group called Cherry Five. They were mostly notable for combining progressive rock with a special, "creepy" atmosphere and experimentation with analogue keyboards and synthesizers. They also made use of extended processing techniques and acoustic instrumentation. Many of their albums are soundtracks for B-grade horror movies. (Dario Argento anyone?) Some of their 80's material reminds on early Eighties' Tangerine Dream.

See also: Simonetti, Claudio, Libra, Guarini, Maurizio, Goblin Rebirth.


Goblin Rebirth (Italy)

Goblin Rebirth (2015)
Alive (2016)

A later incarnation of Goblin with original bassist Agostino Marangolo and drummer Fabio Pignatelli, with two new keyboardists (Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni) and a guitar player (Giacomo Anselmi). You can expect classic Goblin style here and indeed it is. Nice mixture of instrumental progressive rock and electronics. The eponymous album is original material, while the live disc contains mostly covers of Goblin tunes. File under EM-related, although overall there's not much in terms of electronics.

See also: Goblin


God Body Disconnect (USA)

Dredge Portals (2016)
Sleeper's Fate (2017)
Miles To Midnight (2018) (with Atrium Carceri and Cities Last Broadcast)
The Mist Between Mirrors (2019)
The Depth of Finality (2020)
The Wanderer's Dream (2021)
The Dormancy (2021)
Spiral of Grief (2022)
The Weight of Regression (2023)

Dark soundscapes from Bruce Moallem who is one of the artists signed by the Cryo Chamber label.

See also: Underwater Sleep Orchestra


God Is God (Turkey / Belarus)

GiG (2018)
Metamorphoses (2022)

Avant-pop / electronic duo of Etkin Çekin and Galina Ozeran. Quirky, repetitive songs and some instrumental material.


Goddard, Duncan (UK)

Electrical Tape (2013)

Solo album by member of Radio Massacre International with music based exclusively on the sounds of the mellotron.

See also: Radio Massacre International, DAS.


Godfrey, Patrick (Canada)

Blue Night (1995)
Strange Rain (1996)

Patrick Godfrey was born in 1948 in Toronto. Blue Night and Strange Rain are his fourth and fifth albums, respectively. However, his first released works Ancient Ships (1979), Bells of Earth (1984) and Small Circus (1985) were classical / instrumental workouts with Patrick playing piano and harpsichord. Interesting, but not EM, and as a consequence, they are not included in the above discography. The listed works are electronic, but Blue Night features mainly digital imitations of acoustic timbres and therefore it sits more comfortably within new instrumental or new age music domains than EM. Strange Rain is overall more synthetic.


Godfrey, Robert John (UK)

Reverberations (1986)

Visionary musician, virtuoso keyboard player and founder of The Enid. Robert John Godfrey started in 1974 with Fall of Hyperion - a progressive rock concept that presaged his trademark sound explored on albums by The Enid. Throughout the years he released some more solo albums, like this cassette album for example, with soft, new-agey electronics with a classical flair that will appeal to fans of such works as Vangelis' El Greco (the sound and mood are quite similar in places). Further investigation is needed.

See also: Enid, the


Godin, Nicolas (France)

Concrete And Glass (2020)

Member of AIR. Concrete And Glass is a smooth downtempo release mostly, with some vocals provided by different artists. Some of the instrumental work may interest fans of EM.

See also: AIR


Gods Planet, The (Italy)

LP 1 (2015)

An interesting item. On the one hand, both members of The Gods Planet (Claudio Porceddu and Andrea Deplano) are known in the techno circles. As solo artists they release soft minimal and experimental techno (nothing too extreme, more music for listening than for feet), mostly on EP's. On the other hand, on this full-length cassette (preceded by several EP's which are supposedly out of EEM stylistic scope), containing material recorded from 2009 to 2013, there is a strong influence of Ambient and other related prog EM genres. Only a couple of tracks could be really called techno, but in fact, they only approximate that territory. The rest is quite atmospheric and rather enjoyable.


Goethals, Patrick (Belgium)

2 (1985)
Liquid Visions (1986)
Liquid Vision (1987)
Impressions (1989)
Maeuhay (1990) (with Serge Devadder)

See also: Amber


Goettsching, Manuel (Germany)

Inventions For Electric Guitar (1975)
Early Water (1976) (with Michael Hoenig)
Dream & Desire (1977)
E2-E4 (1981)
Die Mulde (1997)
Concert For Murnau (2005)
Live At Mt. Fuji (2007)

Born in Berlin on September 9, 1952 (died on December 4, 2022), Manuel Goettsching was a guitarist, synthesist and Ashra frontman. He studied classical guitar and was initially influenced by British and American mainstream rock. Manuel's first serious experience in music was playing and singing in various bands during the late 1960's. One of these bands included a young bass player Hartmut Enke. In the early 1970's together with drummer Klaus Schulze they formed Ash Ra Tempel. Their sound featured a driving and sometimes atmospheric mix of psychedelic guitar, fast drums and whirling electronics. When the band split, Manuel continued on his own, creating electronic and guitar-based works, and forming a new Ash Ra Tempel (the name was now shortened to Ashra) lineup with Lutz Ulbrich and Harald Grosskopf. Manuel Goettsching is probably my favourite guitar player. Well, I'm sure I don't know a thing about guitar players, but I'm sure as well that I do like his particular style. When it comes to electronic guitar soloing there's no one like Manuel. Ok, sometimes Edgar Froese comes close (in his most inspired moments), but it's totally different. Not worse, or better, simply that: different. Manuel's solo albums are classics of Electronic Music and are a must in every serious collection. Inventions For Electric Guitar has both the Ash Ra Tempel and Manuel Goettsching's name on the cover. By the way some of the Ashra albums are essentially solo work of Manuel (New Age of Earth and Blackouts).

See also: Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra, Die Dominas.


Goff, Simon (UK)

HUE (2016)

Varied experimental / ambient album.


Gogos, Giannis (Greece)

All Is Memory (2022) (S)

Photographer and autodidact musician from Greece. He composes ambient music which is warm, intimate and has an electroacoustic / microsound / lo-fi touch to it, but also makes extensive use of analog synthesis.


Goineau, Krishna (Sri Lanka)

I Need A Slow (2022) (recorded in 2007 - 2008)

Sri Lankan-born French / German artist, founder of post-punkers Xeerox and industrial / minimal synth band Liaisons Dangereuses. I Need A Slow features archived solo synth material recorded in his home studio in the south of France. There are some reptitive "vocals" and the music has a definite Kraftwerk vibe (including their sample-heavy phase circa Electric Cafe), although more experimental, with a quirkier touch to it.


Going (international)

I (2012)
II (Machinery) (2015)
III (Disque d'ORgue) (2017)
Live in Atelier 210, march 27th 2018 (2019)

Improvising group consisting of Giovanni Di Domenico, João Lobo, Mathieu Calleja and Pak Yan Lau, based in Belgium. Two of the members play drums and the other two are keyboardists. Monolothic sound with noisier moments, ethereal moments, etc.

See also: Di Domenico, Giovanni


Goku, Sam (Germany)

Things We See When We Look Closer (2023)

Sam Goku (real name - Robin Wang) is a Chinese German artist. In 2021, he released a techno album titled East Dimensional Riddims. His 2023 effort, though, is a turn towards the ambient and Progressive Electronic structures. There are still traces of his techno / club background (especially on tracks like "Lotus Drive" or "Libellenflug"), but really, this has much more to do with EM as we know it, with a lot of ethnic Chinese touches. Pretty unique stuff - minimal, repetitive, meditative, rhythmic and often sequence-full.


Golczewski, Wojciech (Poland)

Dark Souls (2013) (soundtrack)
Reality Check (2016)
Tonight She Comes (2016) (S) (soundtack)
End of Transmission (2016)
The Signal (2017)
400_Days (2017) (soundtrack)
Beyond the Gates (2017) (soundtrack)
Relay:Sat:01 (2018) (S)
End of Transmission 2 (2018)
Mohawk (2018) (S) (soundtrack)
Hover (2018) (soundtrack)
Tonight She Comes (2018) (soundtrack)
Eraser Children (2019) (soundtrack)
The Priests of Hiroshima (2019)
We Are Still Here (2020) (soundtrack)
MonoLogs (2021)
EoT2 (2021)
Inert (2022)

Synth artist and soundtrack composer related to synthwave and horror synth scenes.


Gold, Ethan (USA)

Expanses (2018)

Subtitled "Teenage synthstrumentals", Expanses is an album of varied, mostly shorter and a bit lo-fi synth tracks from this indie pop artist. Sometimes with a strong vintage / 70's library feel.


Goldberg, Sam (USA)

Dark Corners (2007) (S)
Halcyon (2007)
Cycles (2008) (S)
Echoing Department (2008)
Out of Body Experiences (2008) (S)
Winter Hallucinations: I (2008) (S)
Current (2009)
Live (2009) (S)
The Trip (2009)
Tour Split (2009) (with Uneven Universe)
Winter Hallucinations: II (2009) (S)
Winter Hallucinations: III (2009) (S)
Having Had Forgot (2011)
Through And Threw (2015) (S)
Kiss Me While I Excuse the Sky (2016)
Unto Others (2018)
Ode To the Diamond Shiners (2020) (S)

Cleveland-based musician and owner of Pizza Night cassette label. His music is on the droney ambient side of things.

See also: Radio People, Mist, Docile Dawn.


Golden Axe (New Zealand)

Peaceful Planet (2008)
The Best of Both Worlds. Volume 1 (2009)

Golden Axe are a weirdo keyboard duo (Chris Cudby and Daif King) from New Zealand. They have sort of a punky attitude, often doing unintelligible, echo-laden vocals (ala minimal synth) on top of superfast, rhythmic electronic backing. The Best of Both Worlds. Volume 1 gathers some live jams and oddities from circa 2008-2009. It was originally released as a 2-cassette set. Here, they use virtually no vocals (bar a few instances), concentrating on instrumental material that ranges from rhythmic to atmospheres. The longer format of the tracks allows for greater development of each idea and there is even a strange "Klaus Schulze circa Audentity" feel to some of the material (like on track three, or side C of the original cassette release, for example). I mean, those steady rhythms, minimal sequencing, distorted soloing. Ok, they do not actually sound like Schulze, as their sound is much "dirtier" and more lo-fi, but the mood and structure is there. A curious artifact.


Golden Brown (USA)

Gems And Minerals (2021)
Moonrise Orb Weaver (2022)
Luminous (2022)
Weird Choices (2023)

Sort of "Ambient Americana" project of Colorado-based Stefan Beck. Guitars, lap steep and keyboards dominate the sound. On tracks like "Orb Weaver" (Moonrise Orb Weaver), he achieves a sort of a spacey Manuel Goettsching / Popol Vuh like sound, with repeating sequences and multiple guitar improv's.


Golden Bug (France)

V.I.C.T.O.R. (2016)
Vibrations Métalliques (2019) (with In Fields)

Spaced out disco melters and ambient electronics. Golden Bug is an alias of Antoine Harispuru (currently residing in Barcelona).


Golden Cake Company, The (UK)

Would You Like Some Cake? (2011)
Eight Analogue Cakes (2012)

Improvising electronic group consisting of Steve Palmer, Simon Lewis and Geoff Puplett. They mainly use analogue synthesizers and processed guitar.

See also: Palmer, Stephen


Golden Cup (Italy)

Sogno Elettrico (2011)
Futura (2017)

Intense guitar / electronics tracks. Sometimes similar to Ashra. A project of Luca Massolin.


Golden Donna (USA)

All Alone (2012) (S)
Pour Resnais (2012) (S)
Golden Donna (2012)
Gloaming Thirst (2013) (S)
Golden Donna II (2014)
Neuroeconomics Volume One (2018) (S)
Neuroeconomics Volume Two (2018) (S)
Live At S1 (2018)
The Nerve (2018)
Carousel Hold (2018)
Date Night (2018) (S)
Live In San Francisco (2020)
The Truth About Love (2021)
Vivid Recall (2022)
It Won't Be There When You Reach For It (2022)

Golden Donna is Joel Shanahan from Madison, WI. The guy really loves his analog synths and channels that 1980's soundtrack vibe with the help of mucho sequences and fat rhythms, mixing prog EM with italo sounds.

See also: Shanahan, Joel, Cosmic Surveillance.


Golden Gonk, The (UK)

Earwax (2012)

The Golden Gonk is a diverse experimental project of Jamie Azzopardi. This particular album features quirky electronics with something of a Conrad Schnitzler  / Moebius vibe.

See also: Azzopardi, Jamie


Golden Hallway Music (USA)

Thought Karaoke (2018)
Rules & Chance (2020)
Rules & Chance Vol. 2 (2021)

Like Sowiesoso-era Cluster given an extra lounge treatment.


Golden Ivy (Sweden)

To Elvira From Ivy With Love (2015)
Monika (2018) (S)
Kläppen (2019)
Kammarn (2023)

A project of Ivar Lantz who started in a more downtempo / balearic vein. However, on Kläppen, he developed a deeper sound, mixing traditional influences with prog electronics, like Cluster playing with a Swedish folk ensemble.


Golden Retriever (USA)

Golden Retriever (2010)
Golden Retriever 2 (2010)
Static Rain (2010)
Arda Viraf (2011)
Light Cones (2011)
Emergent Layer (2011)
Occupied With the Unspoken (2012)
Seer (2014)
Rotations (2017)
Rain Shadow (2020) (with Chuck Johnson)

Electroacoustic ensemble formed by Jonathan Sielaff (clarinet) and Matt Carlson (modular synth). I don't know how much of their stuff could be of interest to EM fans, but Rotation certainly has a strong ambient / Progressive EM vibe, combining analog electronics with classical / minimal influences.

See also: Carlson, Matt


Goldie, Malcolm (UK)

The Sound of Malcolm (2020)

This is so weird. It's like Gremlins, Critters and Bugs Bunny invading a bathroom and making a mess out of it. Not traditional EM by any stretch, it still manages to be progressive with its strange mix of cartoon-ish voices, crazy digital sounds, collages and complex, often broken rhythms. I think Zappa would like this.


Goldmann, Stefan (Germany)

Live At Honen-In Temple (2013)
A1 (2016) (soundtrack)
Tacit Script (2018)
Live At the Philharmonie Berlin (2020)

Stefan Goldmann is a techno artist from Berlin. However, Tacit Script is far removed from the club aesthetics. Yes, you could still consider it a form of techno music but that would be a stretch, or at least you would have to admit that it is a very strange and mutant form of techno. To me, it all sounds sort of Dusseldorf-ish, maybe Moebius / Schnitzler-like, something for fans of Experimental EM for sure. Live At the Philharmonie Berlin is another interesting work.


Goldmund (USA)

Occasus (2018)
The Time It Takes (2020)

Ambient with a huge piano presence.

See also: Helios


Goldscheider, Alexander (Czech Republic)

Mluví k Vám Robot (1981) (S)
Themes For A One Man Band Vol. 1 (1983)
Themes For A One Man Band Vol. 2 (1984)
Alexander Goldscheider (2018) (recorded in 1975 - ??)

Synthesizer pioneer from Czechoslovakia. This is his solo electronic library releases written in a melodic, propulsive style.


Goldsmith, Jerry (USA)

Logan's Run (1976) (soundtrack)
Outland (1981) (soundtrack)
Runaway (1984) (soundtrack)

Electronic (or partly electronic) scores from this famous film composer.


Goldstein, Jack (Canada)

The Planets (1986)

A set of six 10-inch recordings with untitled tracks (the program repeats on side B of each record) intended to accompany a visual exhibition about the planets by this multi-disciplinary artist (1945 - 2003). A find for those who like melodic Space Music and symphonic Vangelis.


Goldstein, Ross (USA)

The 8th House (2018)
Timoka (2020)

New York-based psychedelic pop musician uses Chamberlin and Mellotron sounds to create these foggy and haunting imaginary soundtrack pieces. Very nice and quite unique.


Goldstein, William (USA)

Oceanscape (1986) (soundtrack)
Liberty (1986) (soundtrack)
Switched On Classics (1987)
Switched On Hollywood (1988)

Synth music with some sequencing vaguely in the style of Tangerine Dream. William Goldstein is a film composer and one of the pioneers of digital recording and computer music systems.


Golowin, Sergius (Switzerland)

Lord Krishna von Goloka (1973)

Mostly notable due to the participation of Klaus Schulze and other musicians from the Kosmische Musik label.


Goltz, Lev (Russia)

Rhythmical Elegy (??)
Rhythmical Elegy II (??)

Aka Lev Golts. The first volume is a rare, privately pressed double LP. There is also a second volume. The style is unknown but apparently it's easy-listening and played on a Yamaha instrument.


Gombert, Ludovic (France)

Eclipse (1991)
Saphir (1996)
Dunes (1998)
Atoll (1998)

Electronic composer and editor of Future Music magazine.


Gomes, Marco (???)

Week (2022)

Between IDM rhythms, glitch and EM.


Gomes, Mark (Australia)

New Sounds of Nature (2020)
Alphane Moods (2022)

The 2020 album features dramatic ambient, melodic, cinematic compositions inspired by climate change and its consequences.


Gómez Oviedo, Lorenzo (Argentina)

Cielo (2019)

Long-form, monolithic ambient drones.


Gömöry, Zsolt (Hungary)

X-változat (1997)


Gonçalves, André (Portugal)

Currents & Riptides (2016)
Instrumentals (2020)
Lift And Drag (2021) (S)
Aether (2022) (with Casper Clausen)

Synthesist and electronic composer who utilizes modular synths and custom software to create varied, mostly experimental compositions.


Goncharova, Valentina (Ukraine)

Recordings 1987 - 1991, Vol. 1 (2020)
Recordings 1987 - 1991, Vol. 2 (2021)
Ocean - Symphony For Electric Violin And Other Instruments In 10+ Parts (2022) (recorded in 1988 and 2021)

Music for processed violin and electronics from this academically-trained musician. Ranges from ambient to new-agey and experimental.


Gonciarz, Krzysztof (Poland)

TOKIO24 (2019) (soundtrack)


Gondwanaland (Australia)

Didgeridoo-Synth (1981)
Terra Incognita (1983)
Let the Dog Out (1985)
Gondwanaland (1987)
Wild Life (1989)
Wide Skies (1991)

Gondwanaland was a pioneering World Music ensemble formed by didgeridoo player Charlie McMahon and synthesist Pete Carolan, with Ed Duquemin joining on drums in 1985. They released several albums that combined didgeridoo riffs with synth atmospheres. They might have been an influence on Steve Roach's Tribal Ambient period works and some other Ambient and World Music artists. In the 1990's Gondwanaland was disbanded with Charlie McMahon forming a new project Gondwana that focused on more rhythmic, techno-influenced sound.

See also: Carolan, Peter


Gone Tomorrow (USA)

Planetarium (1989)
Braid of Glass (1990)

Jaxon Crow's duo with his wife Irene.

See also: Crow, Jaxon


Gonet, Michel (France)

Futura (1980)
Times Resonance (??) (with Alan Feanch)

Electronic library music.


Gong (international)

You (1974)
Live At Sheffield 1974 (1990) (recorded in 1974)

Well, if Hawkwind is here, then why not Gong? Especially when this band is one of my absolute favourites. Here's a couple of EM-influenced albums and there could be more. I can assure you that what Tim Blake does with his synths is absolutely fantastic! He does the completely out-there cosmic stuff, the stuff that sounds like sequencer music and everything in between. As you may know, Daevid Allen's Gong split shortly after releasing You and its successor, the Peter Moerlen's Gong was a completely different band, both musically and in line-up. It was now a jazz fusion ensemble, not progressive space fusion like its predecessor. Mind you, on Live At Sheffield and especially on You some parts are pure Electronic Music, very trippy and cool. And even when the full band is playing, Tim's synths always provide a stellar backdrop. A true classic!

See also: Allen, Daevid, Blake, Tim, Hillage, Steve, Giraudy, Miquette.


Gonghi (Italy)

Gonghi (2021) (S)

Solo electronic project of Giovanni Fiderio, member of post-rockers Mashrooms and math-rockers Tapso II. This is quirky, melodic EM with rhythms and a Cluster mindset.


Gonima (Canada)

Nine Objects Through Open Window (2019)

A project of Montreal-based Evan Magoni. He focuses on digital synthesis, but his music has a special warmth and is quite diverse, being mostly ambient in nature, with some experimental bits.


Gonno (Japan)

Remember the Life Is Beautiful (2015)
In Circles (2018) (with Kazuhiko Masumura)

Although formally a deep house musician, with Remember the Life Is Beautiful, Sunao Gonno created a fine rhythmic album still with a strong deep house influence (some tracks are pure deep house), but also seemingly inspired by the likes of Manuel Goettsching and Klaus Schulze. In Circles is another beautiful EM-related work, this time pairing Gonno's sequences with Masumura's drumming. Hints of Heldon etc., with sort of a funky touch.


Gonubie (South Africa)

Signals At Both Ears (2023)

Soft ambient compositions with a tribal touch from this Capetown-based project.


Gonzales, Dante (Peru)

Diseñar y Construir (2001)
Universos Paralelos (2015)
Fantasías Mentales (2018)

Synth artist from Lima who on Fantasías Mentales crafted a melodic / rhythmic type of EM made on multiple FM synthesizers. Sometimes based on sequences or more experimental. Nice.


Gonzalez, Delia (USA)

The Days of Mars (2005) (with Gavin Russom)
Track 5 (2010) (S) (with Gavin Russom)
In Remembrance (2015)
Horse Follows Darkness (2017)

Berlin School (and sometimes Dusseldorf)-influenced musician. The Days of Mars is floating analog goodness made on custom modular monstersynths. Roll on those sequencers! Horse Follows Darkness is more diverse, with a large piano presence, but still very EM, and pretty good, too.


Gonzalez Jr., Antonio (USA)

Dark Matter (2002) (with Garet Holcomb)

Totally spaced-out, abstract electronics. Drones, sparkles, noises, quasi-melodies...


Gooch, Lucy (UK)

Rushing (2020) (EP)
Rain's Break (2021) (EP)

UK-based vocalist and ambient composer. She uses her voice and electronics. The closing track from Rushing is synth-only.


Good Force, The (Austria??)

Hørproben (2017)
A Soucerful of Anti-Matter (2019)
Magic Modulations & Motorik Manoeuvres (2021)

A Soucerful of Anti-Matter is a pure kraut / vintage disco inspired work.


Good Luck In Death (France / Lebanon)

They Promised Us A Bright Future, But We Were Content With An Obscure Past (2018)

A duo of Paul Régimbeau (electronics) and Charbel Haber (electric guitars) with a droning, ambient, pretty harsh sound.

See also: Mondkopf


Good, Steve (???)

Everything's Inside Everything Else (2018)
Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed (2020)

Steve Good is an artist currently residing in Japan. Ambient music with a strong neo-classical edge.


Goodall, Medwyn (UK)

Storm Dancer (2023)

The first album officially inspired by synthesizer pioneers like Jarre and Vangelis from this prolific new age musician. Melodic music with crisp sequences, nice themes and a touch of Trance.


Goodiepal (Faroe Islands)

Havet (2013) (recorded in 1990)

Versatile Danish artist Kristian Bjørn Vester who started making music in the late 1980's. He likes to use a spoken-word overload type concept for his releases. His EM-related works will be listed. Havet has a nice, reflective, cosmic synth sound.


Goodnight Cody (USA)

Wide As the Moonlight, Warm As the Sun (2016)

Cartoonish electronic music with mostly shorter tracks, some with vocoder or plain vocals. If an idea of Jean-Jacques Perrey jamming with Tomita appeals to you, give it a try.


Goooose (China)

They (2017)
DONG 1 (2018)
Mollusk (2021)

Han Han aka Goooose is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai. He combines synthesizers with computer music techniques (such as Max MSP) to create his compositions. Mollusk features one long, evolving piece with field recordings, arpeggios and spacey synthesizers.


Goose (USA)

The Line Between Pleasure And Pain (2000) (S) (with Stolen Light)
Music For Rebecca (2000)
Music For Nathan (2001)
Bart (2001)
Untitled (2003) (S)
Isabel (2007) (S)
Going To Hell Friday At Penn State (2018) (S)
Here's Looking At You (??)
Vatten (2021)
Paranoia (2021)

Dark Ambient project of Brett Lunceford (a noise musician).


Gora Sou (Germany)

Music For Girls (2013) (S)
Troposphere Themes (2013)
Living XXL (2014)
Modular Environments For Home Listening Vol. 1 (2015)
Ramifications (2015)
Modular Environments For Home Listening Vol. 2 (2016)

Serene synth soundscapes from Marc Übel out of Heidelberg.


Goranov, Stefan (Bulgaria)

Minimal Images (2019)

Minimal synth arrangements and live drums from this Bulgarian drummer.


Gordon, Andrew (USA)

Silhouette (1985)

Private electronic release by this London-born versatile musician / music teacher residing in Southern California.


Gordon, David & Steve (USA)

At the River's Edge (1982)
Celestial Suite (1982)
Astral Journey (1984)
Oneness (1987)
Music of the Tarot (1993)

California-based duo of brothers David and Steve Gordon who pioneered new age music, especially the "environmental music" concept where they would combine sounds of nature (mostly recorded at the Sequoia National Park) with gentle instrumentation of piano, synthesizers, guitars, bells, flutes etc... They did venture into more electronic territory, though, as the albums listed above prove. Their music of the 1980's was released on Narada, and, as a result, it bears that unmistakeable new agey mark, but fans of Space Music might find this interesting, as these records (especially Celestial Suite) have some darker moments that would never find their way onto any of their "purely new age" releases. Further investigation is needed.


Gordon, Jim (USA)

Luminance (1996)
Escape Velocity Now (2007)
Water & Oil (2009)
EWI Music (2010)

Electronic Music with lots of influences by this jazz musician. Jim was one of the pioneers of synthesizers in music, playing moog in the early 1970's and building his own electronic / electromechanic devices for music, such as the electroacoustic drums, for instance, used on the experimental pop album from 1967, titled Jim Gordon Plays Heavy


Gordon, Niels (Sweden)

Central European Tyme (2017)
Land (2020)

Preferring to work in a strictly analog environment (with organ, synths and drum machines), Niels Gordon makes nice melodic EM that has elements of the classics of the genre but also with an individual touch.


Gore, Martin (UK)

MG (2015)
The Third Chimpanzee (2021) (EP)

Martin Gore is of course a member and synth wizard of synth-pop legends Depeche Mode. His own solo works are instrumental EM in individual, mechanical, repetitive style. Pretty expert sound design here.


Gore Orphanage (USA)

Two Day Songs (2008)
Point Omega (2011) (S)

Cosmic and reflective Ambient from Brooklyn-based Kris D'Agostino, member of space rock band Titan.


Gorehallreider (USA)

A Blow To the Head (2005)

Dark Ambient from John Gore (Kirchenkampf), Steve Hall (Yen Pox) and C. Reider.

See also: Kirchenkampf, Yen Pox, Mud.


Goricon (USA)

Cryptosphere (1980)

Pre-Nightcrawlers synth duo of Peter and Tom Gulch.

See also: Nightcrawlers, Gulch, Peter, Gulch, Tom.


Gorgon Nebula (Italy / USA)

Gorgon Stare (2014)

Electronic duo of Mac and Brian Brylow (Parallaxe). Lots of sequences in this Berlin School-oriented work.

See also: Mac


Gorlov, Andrei (Czech Republic)

Heaven's Tree (1996)
Division Moving (1997)
The World of Lost Souls (2000)
Magic Vision (2000)
Alien Future (2000)
Glowing Bowl (2002)
Touch (2003)
Most Electronic (2003)

Andrei Gorlov composes melodic, cinematic and at times spacey music. For convenience, the above discography also includes albums released under the "Aerovizor" moniker.


Gorm, Søren (Denmark)

Viljekogt Klangforce I Formristet Frekvensgang (2004)
8 Lydsluser (2015)
Pneumatisk Sæson (2021)

Having played bass in 1980's new wave band Paravion, this multi-instrumentalist and improvising musician made part of a few other bands in the early 2000's and launched a solo career with a few wacky albums to his credit. I have hardly ever heard anything that sounds even remotely like Pneumatisk Sæson - it is rhythmic, wacky music made of weird textures and pretty catchy melodies. The combinations of sounds and the choice of textures are really crazy, but the whole does not sound like some kind of over-the-rop experimental trip or stiff academic research project. This is accessible, fun style of EM. Recommended.


Gorman Weiland, Collin (USA)

Love Can End (2015)
Issue N° Twenty-One
Now & Thus Suite (2021)

Ambient electronics, a bit lysergic, with traces of industrial.

See also: Camden


Gorostiaga, Garazi (Spain)

Irauten (2017)
Irauten II (2020)

Musician from Basque Country, whose style can be characterized as Dark Ambient, hypnotic soundscapes with industrial influences. There is a great melodic aspect to some of her work, which is rarely heard in this type of music. Pretty nice stuff.




Abstract electronics alter ago of the LXMP duo. Intense, analog, slightly noisy.

See also: LXMP


Gosov, Marran (Germany)

Vocoding Life / Psycho-Akustik (1980)

Born in Bulgaria to a Bulgarian father and German mother, Tsvetan Marangosoff aka Marran Gosov is a singer-songwriter of sorts. I say of sorts because his expressionistic verses (in German) that are sometimes sung, sometimes whispered, are no standard ssw fare for sure. He has lived most of his life in Germany and during the 1970's he privately released two LP's with his voice and sparse instrumentation. This LP released on Kukuck, however, represents his apparent fascination with vocoder. It's dominated by his treated voice, and some nice synth backing appears from time to time. Still, it's a curiosity that will mostly be enjoyed by fans of the vocoder and Experimental EM. Or, if you understand German, who knows you will find some interest in the verses.


Goss, Tim (UK)

Afterfly (2021)

Solo Electronic Music of member of avant-garde rockers The Shadow Ring. Varied, quirky, playful, experimental...

See also: Call Back the Giants


Gossett, Damien (USA)

thRE moved (1990)

Weird abstract stuff that reminds on Frank Zappa's synclavier experiments, but much more stripped-down and minimal.


Gösta Berlings Saga (Sweden)

ET EX (2018)
Konkret Musik (2020)

Instrumental Progrock with a strong electronic element on ET EX and Konkret Musik.

See also: Necromonkey, Skepp, A.


GOTA (Germany)

Zeitsprung (1996)
One End of A Day (1998)
Auslese (1999)

GOTA is Andreas Daniel Gotthilf.


Gothenburg Soundcult (Sweden)

Gothenburg Soundcult (2017) (S)

Witch-related samples and slow synth melodies from this mysterious project. Sometimes a but dungeon synth-like. According to the legend, these are ancient witch hymns freely reinterpreted on synthesizers by this female formation. I can't say if it's true or not.


Gothmog (Germany)

Medieval Journeys (1998)

A project of Andreas Kreiler, the mastermind behind Depressive Silence. Just like that project, Gothmog is related to the "dungeon synth" genre, made before that term even existed. The sound here is much more intense, though, with maybe a touch of metal (although I'm pretty sure that it's all keyboards, i.e. no guitars). The compositions have enough variety to warrant a close listen as opposed to just falling into background. Not bad.

See also: Depressive Silence.


Goude, Jean-Philippe (France)

Jeunes Annees (1976)
Jean-Philippe Goude & Olivier Cole (1976) (with Olivier Cole)
Sur Un Air de Gymnastique (1978)
Drones (1980)
Meli-Melodies (1981)

One of the legends of French prog, Jean Philippe Goude made music in many different styles, from minimalism to classic electronic to zeuhl-influenced stuff. He was a member of Weidorje, along with Patrick Gauthier. Starting with De Anima (1992) Goude started working in contemporary chamber music mould.

See also: Weidorje


Gougousis, Sotiris (Greece)

Omnitopia (2012)

Melodic music from this synthesist.


Gould, Rob (UK)

Caves of Thunder (2003)
Wookey (2003) (soundtrack)
China (2005) (soundtrack)
A Billion Ghosts (2005)
Rendezvous With Rama (2006)
Dome (2007)
The Broken Road (2012)
Unearthly Construction (2016)
The Sad Robot Declared Peace With Himself (2017)
More Huru For Your Guru (2017)
Black Holes And Empty Spaces (2017)
Fungoid (2019)
Zeitmeister (2021)
Dome (2007) And Dome II (2022) (2022)
Rob Gould And Friends Play Nursery Crime (2023)

Varied keyboardist, influenced by Oldfield, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd. Beware the vocals on some of his works.


Gouldman, Graham (UK)

Animalympics (1980) (soundtrack)

Weird soundtrack album from member of 10cc. Quite diverse and includes also an electronic track - the smooth, Tangerine Dream-y sequencer / melodic fest "Bionic Boar". Possibly one of those one-track inclusions, then.


Gourand, Clément (France)

Cap Horn (197?) (S) (soundtrack)

Released somewhere during the 1970's (I think), this little record represents a soundtrack to some documentary and ranges in sound from jazzy piano and sax-led music with female voice to great spacey analog electronics.


Govinda (Italy)

Selling India By the Pound (1995)
Atom Heart Madras (1997)

This duo of Luigi Gabaldi and Mario Leonelli was formed in the 1990's with the aim of combining the then popular ambient techno sound with ethnic (specifically Indian) influences. They ended up sounding like an India-focused Deep Forest most of the time. However, the long "Atom Heart Madras Suite" that closes their 1997 disc is a truly progressive work with many different sections and is mostly ambient or EM-based, with a few trancey injections. In 2002, they released a more pop-oriented album Wish You Were India. File under EM-related.


Gowa (Indonesia)

Sindikat Egrek Merah (2023)

Dramatic Electronic Music from Lody Andrian, vocalist-guitarist of thrash metal group Fakecivil and synth man of post-metallers Amerta. Here, it's all melancholic synths in cinematic manner, a bit dungeon synth-y and synthwave-y, with a touch of traditional Indonesian styles and sounds.


Gowan, Mike (USA??)

Luft (2005)

Music ala late 70's Cluster - rich and melodic. Recommended for fans of the band. Made on analogue equipment.


Gowdy, Tim (Canada)

Vitrify Kate (2018)
Pachira Aquatica (2019)
Therapy With Colour (2020)
Miracles (2022)

Canadian artist based in Montreal. From melodic ambient EM on Vitrify Kate to quirkier, more experimental, but still quite listenable electronics on Therapy With Colour.


Goyarrola, Aitor (Venezuela)

Aitor Goyarrola (1987)

Produced by Miguel Noya. The style is not known.


Goza (Portugal)

Goza (2018)

Sort of a krautrock-influenced band with drums, guitars and lots of electronics.

See also: Silver, George


Grab, Simon (Switzerland)

Posthuman Species (2019)
[No] Surrender (2022) (with Francesco Giudici)

Primeval EM made of rhythmic noises, bleeps, drones and low throbs. Simon Grab is a Zurich-based artist who uses a "no-input mixer" setup.


Grabesmond (Austria)

Mordenheim (1997)
Xenoglossie (1999)

Infernal Dark Ambient and medieval symphonic soundscapes from Lucia-M. Farountan.


Grace, Cary (USA)

Lady of Turquoise (2020)

US musician and singer-songwriter working mostly in space rock and general progressive rock genres. She also loves her analog synths, one of her favorites being the venerable VCS3. On Lady of Turquoise, there is an excellent, although criminally short instrumental EM piece - "In the Land of Two Fields".


Grace, Steven (USA)

Cobalt Blue (2010)
Flow (2011)
Eleventh Hour (2014)

Californian synthesist with a spacey, melodic style (between Space Music and melodic / sequenced EM).

See also: Logic Gate


Gracerooms (Netherlands)

Gracerooms (2001)
Too (2002)
Gracetunes (2006)
You May Find Yourself (2008)
It's All Good (2012)
Otherfalls (2015)
Surfin' the Scratchness (2017)
Cartoon Smiles (2022)

Psychedelic /spacey mixture of rock and electronics in the style of Ozric Tentacles and Nodens Ictus.


Gradient Echo (UK)

Chernobyl (2020)

Varied EM, from ambient drones to hard rhythms and noisy parts to Berlin School sequencing. A project of Michael Fox.


Gradsky, Alexander (Russia)

La Vie Immediate (1984)
Monte-Kristo (1987) (soundtrack)
Utopia A.G. (1987) (recorded in 1979)

Alexander Gradsky (1949 - 2021) was a Russian singer / songwriter who pioneered Soviet progressive rock and rock opera. On La Vie Immediate (Sama Zhizn') there's a curious untitled melodic and cosmic electronic track (the 4th track on the album). The rest is cheesy SSW stuff with slight electronic elements. Monte-Kristo is a soundtrack album that blends elements of symphonic music, Electronic Music and rock. Unfortunately, only a couple of tracks in late 80's TD style can be considered as mildly interesting. The rest is loaded with vocals and pure symphonic arrangements. Utopia A.G. is a "rock opera" with a heavy vocal delivery. However, it also includes a couple of interesting instrumental electronic tracks.


Graffiti 61 (USA)

Graffiti 61 (2002)
Mind Blossom (2004)
Droning Velvet (2004)
Space Tourist (2005)
Time Warp (2006)
Alienation (2007)
Astropop (2008)

Graffiti 61 is the brainchild of Hollywood-based sound artist Dominic Massaro who sculpts diverse soundscapes from the spooky and experimental to the relaxing and ethereal. Dominic uses guitars and synthesizers.


Graft, Bart (Ireland)

Green World Dream I & II (2018)

Ambient compositions with something of a vaporwave feel.


Graften (Sweden)

Irreell (2019)

Moody ambient compositions and some rhythmic numbers with a techno influence. The ambient stuff is quite good.

See also: Aos


Graham F (UK??)

Halo (2022)

Experimental electronic compositions made with the help of generative methods. From completely abstract to ambient and hypnotic. Best track: "The Bitter Winds".


Graham, Geoff (USA)

Mars First (2019) (S)

Pretty nice ambient EM with acoustic elements from this member of indie rock band Lower Dens.


Graham, Grant (UK)

Ghost Song (2023) (soundtrack)

Scottish artist. Ghost Song is a soundtrack to a video game, with sounds ranging from melancholic, post-rock-y guitars to warm analog synths. The EM appeal of this work is attested by such tracks as "Flowers" and "Henriette".


Graham, Jackson (USA)

Small Impossibilities Vol. 1-II (2020)

Synth / vibraphone improvisations in ambient style.


Graham, Joel (USA)

Across A Frozen Sound (198?)
Urban Animism (1984)
Under Terra Cotta (1985)
Geomancy (2015) (recorded in 1982) (S)

Analog synth artist who uses lots of pulsations for a sound that seems to be influenced by both Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter.


Graintable (USA)

Herons (2018)
Universal Ash (2019)
The Rain In the Trees (2022)

Varied synthesizer tracks, mostly melodic and of ambient nature. Graintable is a project of Portland-based James Cooke.


Grall (France)

Improvisations Live 1995 (2013)

Olivier Grall has been making Electronic Music since the early 1980's. His sound is based on analogue synthesizers and is typically French in style (hints of Heldon / Pinhas, Berlin School, melodic, etc.)


Gramberg, Harald (Germany)

Gravitation (2017)
SpringTime (??) (with Sylvia Koloski)
+ (2021) (with Adeptus Mechanicus)

Long, cosmic tracks with synths, sometimes flowing, sometimes sequencer-based or rhythmic / melodic.


Grancher, Bernard (France)

Penser comme le Cristal (2017)
Rever comme le Cristal (2017)
Pleurs Magnetiques (2018)
Troublante Tournure (2019)
Soleil Gris Eclatant (2020)
Assemblée Lunaire (2020)
Vision sur Plan (2021) (with Projet de Vie)
Terror Flower (2021) (S)
Noires sont les Galaxies (2022)

Radio show host and experimental / avant-garde musician from the north of France. Penser... will be mostly interesting for its analog synth-based opening and closing tracks. Rever... continues further in the EM direction.


Grancher, Philippe (France)

PG (1975)
3000 Miles Away (1977)

French synthesist Jean Philippe Grancher who started making Electronic Music around 1974. The second album was released on P. Besombes' and J.L. Rizet's (Pôle) label and also similar in style. Rizet plays synth on this one. These two records are supposed to be the only ones of interest to EM / prog fans, because after that Philippe made a career of blues guitar player.


Grand Ciel (France)

Music For An Exhibition: I Want To Believe (2018)
w(h)ere (2022)

French synthesist with an individual, mostly ambient and cosmic, style. He has a preference for analog instruments and sounds.


Grand Kali Ma (USA)

Liturgia Horarum (2018)
Initiation / Final Offering (2020) (S)
Rebirth Control (2022)

San Francisco-based duo with a droning, somewhat ritualistic synth sound. Also lots of classic EM references here.


Grand River (Netherlands)

Crescente (2017) (S)
Pineapple (2018)
Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes (2020)
All Above (2023)

A project of Berlin-based Aimée Portioli (of Dutch-Italian origin). Crescente kicks off with a great, bubbling EM track "Flies" before entering more rhythmic realms somewhere between Ambient and downtempo, ending with another beatless number which is also brilliant. Overall, we are dealing with a true talent and hopefully can expect more from her in the future. Notes 13.09.2018: Thankfully, Pineapple delivers some tasty EM, which is not heavily rhythmic, nor completely ambient, relying on repetition and bright clusters of synth sounds. Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes is another excellent EM work.

See also: Yhdessa


Grand Veymont (France)

Route du Vertige (2018)
Grand Veymont (2019)
Persistance & Changement (2020)

Progressive electronic project with a pop sensibility. Sounds like Radio-Activity-era Kraftwerk and Terry Riley backing Mylene Farmer.


Grande Abisso (Russia)

Schiavi del Vuoto (2017)

Dark Ambient with a droning sound.

See also: Deep Dark


Grandma's Catacombs (Australia)

Grandma's Catacombs (2020)

"Uncomfy synth" from this project. Strange, evil, cartoonish themes with excellent choice of timbres given the subject matter. The compositions are rather complex as well, so it's definitely progressive. There's something boiling in that grandma's pot and it's nothing good, I bet.


Grandson Witness (USA)

Undimensional Being (2019)

Partly abstract electronics and partly lysergic stoner / space rock / psychedelic jams.


Grannens Förflutna (Sweden)

Strategi Gul / Utvandring (1983) (S)

Synth trio of Filip Lundkvist, Conny Andersson and Martin Andersson. Half of this limited press was lost in a fire. Sharp, rhythmic and melodic synth sound here, a bit similar to Tangerine Dream from around the same time, but a bit more wavey / minimal synthy.


Grano, Romolo (Italy)

Musica Elettronica (1973)

Library LP.


Granström, David (Sweden)

Ephemeris (2016)
A Distant Color, Secluded (2019)
Empty Room (2021)

Intense, repetitive music with an ambient feel but also with harsher / noisier moments.


Grant, Robby (USA)

Duets For Mellotron (2017) (with Jonathan Kirkscey)
Mellotron Variations (2019) (with Jonathan Kirkscey, John Medeski and Pat Sansone)

Robby Grant is a member of several indie bands. Duets... is an album of dual mellotron compositions made in collaboration with classical cellist Jonathan Kirkscey. Mellotron Variations continues in the same vein but with an expanded line-up.


Grapefruit (USA)

Twin Reflections (2012)
Grapefruit (2012)
Stolen Highway (2013)
Escaper (2013) (S)
Blurred Tunnels (2013)
Some New-Age Bullshit (2015)
Freeway Romantics (2015)
Knights Temple (2016)
Light Fronds (2020)

Varied organ and analog synth soundscapes from this Portland-based project.


Grassow, Mathias (Germany)

Music For Meditation (1983)
At the Gates of Dawn (1986)
Panta Rhei (1986)
Healing Music I (1986)
Healing Music II (1986)
Taoasis (1987)
Atman (1987)
Pipes of Peace (1988)
Behind the Evident Void (1988)
On Silent Wings of Healing (1989)
Temptations of Life (1989)
The Hidden Treasure (1990)
Carmina Hildegardis (1990)
El-Hadra (1990) (with Klaus Wiese and Ted de Jong)
Prophecy (1990)
Psychic Dome (1990)
Jupiter (Sarina) (1991)
On Silent Wings of Healing 2 (1991)
Calm (1992)
Space Voyager (Sarina) (1992)
At the Edge of Psychonoetic Worlds (1992)
Silent Lucidity (1993)
In Search of Sanity (1994)
Stories From the Other Side (1994)
Lifecycle (1994)
Ambience (1995)
Namakar (1995)
The Lanzarote Concert (1995)
The Concerts In Spain And Germany (1996)
Through Past In Future (1997)
Gates To Mystery (1997)
Lanzarote - Spirits (1997)
Spiritual Archives 1-6 (1997)
Through Past In Future (1997)
Arcanum (1997) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg and Amir Baghiri)
Awaken the Empire of Dark Wood (1998)
Elixir (1998)
Mind Riders (1998)
Quiet Memories (1998)
Source Passions (1998)
The Clear Light of Death (1998)
The Darklight Quest (1998)
Electric Bowls (1998)
The Dreamquest-Sessions (1998)
The Fountain of Remembrance (1998)
True North (1998) (with Amir Baghiri)
Passion (1998)
The Nightquest-Sessions (1998)
The Soil of Awareness (1998)
The Voice of Mercurius (1998)
Towards the Sound (1998)
Tranceformation (1998)
Untitled Rooms (1998)
Dissolution (1999)
Distant Light (1999)
Eclipse (1999)
Emerald (1999)
Hidden Deep (1999)
Himavat (1999)
Himalaya (1999)
Passion II (1999)
Upuaut (1999) (with Amir Baghiri and Oophoi)
Sphere (1999)
Sylphidae (1999)
The Empty Sky (1999)
Thodol Parts I-III (1999)
Tiefweite Stille (1999)
Bliss (1999)
Ambient Signum (2000)
Apotheosis (2000)
Collaborations (2000)
Cosmic Chasm (2000)
Forgotten Memories - The Dat-Retros (2000)
Gothic Passage (2000)
Individual Thought Patterns (2000)
Morpheus (2000)
Sky (2000)
Space (2000)
The Fragrance of Eternal Roses (2000)
The Spheres of Lucid Dreaming (2000)
Mercurius (2001) (with Klaus Wiese)
Equilibrium (2001)
The Om-Drones (2001)
Phrases (2001)
The Hollow (2001) (with Jim Cole)
Expanding Horizon (2002) (with Alio Die)
Nostalgia (2002) (with Rudiger Gleisberg and Carsten Agthe)
Holy Domain (2003) (with Klaus Wiese)
Insights (2004) (with Tomas Weiss)
Winter Silence (2004)
Transmission Fileds (2004)
The Last Bright Light (2004) (with Jim Cole)
Opus Posthumum (2005) (with friends)
Dharma (2005)
Aurora (2005) (with Siegmar Fricke)
The House On the Borderland (2005) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg)
Fata Morgana (2006) (with guests)
Deep Breath Silence (2006) (with Jim Cole)
Conscience (2006) (with Tomas Weiss)
Beyond Horizon (2007) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg and Carsten Agthe)
Deeper Purity (2007)
Ambessence Piano & Drones (2008) (with Bruno Sanfilippo)
Inner Path (2008) (with Jiri Mazanek)
Calibration (2009)
Transpersonal (2009)
Music Infinity Meets Virtues (2009)
Quiet Calling II (2009) (with Tomas Weiss)
Farewell - In Hommage To Klaus Wiese (2010) (with Tomas Weiss)
Cromo (2010) (with Bruno Sanfilippo)
Arcana Publicata Vilescunt (2010) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg)
Echoes From the Borderland (2010) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg)
Electric Angels (2010) (with Tomas Weiss)
Praha Meditations (2010) (with Alio Die)
Tiefweite Stille 2 (2011)
Clear Light of Death (2011)
Ornaments / 3rd Dimension (2011) (with El-Hadra)
Quiet Calling III (2011) (with Tomas Weiss)
In Search of Sanity (2012)
Alchemystery (2012)
Wisdom of Fate (2012)
Uttarakuru (2012)
Dammerung (2012)
Mosaic (2012) (with John Haughm)
Bloodmoon (2012)
Beyond the Silence (2012) (with Carsten Agthe)
Second Gift of Life (2012)
Aestrata (2012) (with Tomas Weiss)
No Title (2013) (with Closing the Eternity)
Sonnenwende (2013)
Dagaz (2013)
Tamanoshima (2013)
Tara (2013)
Opus Posthumum (2014)
First Gift of Life (2014)
Ad Lucem (2014) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg)
Harmonia Mundi (2014)
Short Stories (2015)
Auræ (2015) (with John Haughm)
AeroAreA (2015)
Interstellar Gravity (2016) (recorded in 2010)
Untitled (2016) (with Closing the Eternity)
Kreuzblut (2016)
3rd Dimension (2017)
Divinations (2017)
Violin Phase (2017)
Trinity (2018) (with Cornelia Kern)
I Had A Dream (2019)
Polar Vortex (2019) (with Michael Brückner)
The World Wars I & II - A Symphony of Steel (2019)
Tarart Mima Mystery (2020)
Bazaar (2020)
The Salt of Life (2020)
Umlaufbahnen (2020)
Opalus (2020) (recorded in 2016) (with John Haughm)
Eleven Virtues (2020)
Spirals of Roses In Time (2021)
Vivamus (2021)
Jericho (2021)
Mondseele (2021)
Cascading Rosespirals (2021)
Isola (2021)
You Are the Horizon (2021)
We Abuse What We Miss (2021)
The Forgotten Wisdom of the Forbidden World (2021)
Outland II (2021) (with Tomas Weiss)
Himalaya II (2021)
The Rose Mixes In Spiral Times (2021)
Natives & Origins (2021)
The Emperors New Clothes (2021)
Unfolding the Rose Sea (2021)
The Forgotten Word of Wisdom (2021)
The Incomprehensible Emptiness (2021)
Traumzeit Raum (2021)
Silent Abundance I (2021)
Silent Abundance II (2021)
Silent Abundance III (2021)
Lichtwerk (2022)
Liana of Spirits, Rank of Souls (2022)
Traumwerk (2022)
The Seer (2022) (with Rüdiger Gleisberg)
Through An Unknown Stargate (2022)
Isola (2023)
Lyramos (2023)

Now we're talking real chameleon. Mathias Grassow is German synthesist and sound sculptor, who has released a lot of cassettes and CD-R's (a look at his discography shows the level of creativity we're dealing with). There is a huge number of styles covered in his works: Ambient (for instance, Sphere, Apotheosis), Static (Bliss, Distant Light), Berlin School and Tangerine Dream style (Elixir), Dark Ambient (Dissolution, Namakar), chill-out music (Tranceformation), Ashra style (Passion I & II), Tribal (Through Past In Future), even new age-like (The Fragrance of Eternal Roses) and ethnic trance (El-Hadra). There's music for everyone, so... yes, you guessed it - recommended for any fan of Electronic Music.

See also: Nord, Dronament, Nautic Depths, Anam Cara, KarmaCosmic.


Grat (Germany)

Chaosmagic (2019)

Modular synth (Buchla 200 Electric Music Box) duo of Kai Niggemann and Henning Pertiet. Experimental.


Grätzner, Stefan (Austria)


Droning ambience and one rhythmic track.


Grauglanz (Germany)

Inner Voices (2020) (recorded in 2014)
Fragmented Notes (2020) (recorded in 2015)
Electric Mandalas (2020) (recorded in 2016)
Saudade I (2020) (recorded in 2016)
Saudade II (2020) (recorded in 2016)
Ruined Perspectives (2020) (recorded in 2018)
Portal (2020)
Zuflucht (2020)
At the End of All Paths (2020)
Glaube, Zuversicht & Trotz (2021)
Spurensuche (2021)
Elected Pieces 2011 - 2019 (2020)
Glaube, Zuversicht & Trotz (2021)

Essen-based electronic project in Berlin School style.


Graus, Oriol (Spain)

La Solitud de l'Origen (1992)

Experimental tracks with complex orchestrations, like a classical symphony made by computer / synth means.


Grave Owl (Sweden)

The Solar Crypt (2022)

Horror-inspired synth project from Pär Boström. Sounds like a vintage electronic score.

See also: Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Aindulmedir, Bonini Bulga, Teahouse Radio, God Body Disconnect, Underwater Sleep Orchestra.


Grave Wax Orchestra, The (Italy)

Adipocere (2012)
Gravewaves (2012) (S)

Death Ambient.

See also: Pioggia d'Ambra


Graves (USA)

The Space In Between (2019)

Lulling ambient synth etudes from this artist based in San Francisco.


Graves, Alan (USA)

Prophet Collider (2023)

An alias of Californian artist Justin Longerbeam. Lulling sounds and melodies based on the Prophet '08 synthesizer.


Gravis, Mike (Austria)

Atmospheres (2017) (S)

Multi-instrumentalist who is into Pink Floyd, general progressive rock and Electronic Music.


Gravité (USA)

Gravité (2021)

San Francisco-based synth duo of Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko. Melodic, propulsive, analog. Hints of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and more.


Gravity Hill (USA)

Monkeys On the Moon (2000)
Strange Bolero (2001)

This is pure classic spacey EM like Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel used to make in their early years. Various types of percussion are added to the mix. The band consists of Keith Yount, Joe O'Connell, Bunny Sheets, Kelly Sheets and Chris Holt. Two of the members play percussion. The music is totally improvised in real time.

See also: Interstellar Electric Gnome Band


Gravity's Constant (USA??)

Warm From Wards (2022)

Varied EM - mostly warm and analog sounding, with pads, synth leads, sequences and slow rhythms.


Graw, Dave (USA)

Rivers Pt. 1 & 2 (2016)
Healing (2020)
Abandon Hope (2021)

Rich, warm synth compositions between Ambient and Space Music from this Detroit-based artist. Sometimes with symphonic touches ala Vangelis.


Gray Acres (USA)

Gray Acres (2018)
Material Forces (2019)
Dreams And Phantoms (2021)

Philadelphia-based ambient duo of Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer. A mixture of guitar post-rock drones and electronics.


Gray Chalk (Switzerland)

Expressions of Transactional Behaviour (2018)

Bern-based project that combines field recordings and moody electronic creations, often based on the sequencing.


Gray Matter (USA)

Faulty Circuits (1984)

Electronic project of Kevin Dooley. Mostly analog, sequence-full music.

See also: ZerO One


Gray, Tim (USA)

Polyhedrons (2015)
Sandstone (2016)

Tim Gray is a Portland, Oregon-based synthesist with a varied, mostly ambient and minimal style. His aliases include Ethernet (Ambient / dub) and Tanuki House (dance / club music).

See also: High Light, Ethernet, Tanuki House.


Grayson, Richard (USA)

Live Electronic Music (1974) (with Tom Oberheim)

Richard Grayson is a pianist and electroacoustic pioneer. This LP sees probably the only participation on record of fabled synthesizer engineer Tom Oberheim. While most of this album contains classical renditions coupled with electroacoustic / tape music tehniques, there is also a long electronic piece called "Ostinato" performed on synthesizers by Grayson and Oberheim, recalling to mind Terry Riley's pieces. Of historical interest mostly.


Graziani, Jean-Pierre (France)

A Dumane (1979)
Corsica Ribella (1983)

Subtitled "A mixture of texts and synthesizers", A Dumane was apparently made by a Corsican nationalist and two French musicians. I guess it helps if you understand the language, otherswise it may serve little puprose. However, as the music is typical French EM, I am obliged to include it here.


Great Barrier (USA)

Between What Is Real And What Is Imaginary (1993)
Across the Divide (1999)

World Music project of Paul Harlyn. Melodic, ethnic, with relaxed rhythms.


Great Electric, The (UK)

Recognizer Part 1 / Recognizer Part 2 (2017) (S)
The Great Electric (2017)
Agamemnon Counterpart (2017)
Harkonen (2021) (EP)
The Greater Electric (2021)

A band in pure Dusseldorf School mould. Motorik, guitars, synths galore...


Great Ghost (USA)

Telmex Beach (2018)
1000 Years of Good Luck (2020)

Bright, sunny ambient synths from this New York-based projet. Some tracks have gentle arpeggios / sequences.


Great Schizm, The (UK)

Cloud & Caves (2013)
The Sleeper's Night Journey (2014)
[untitled] (2021)
Gwandryas (2022)

Varied ambient material, from darker soundworlds to light floaters.


Great Unwashed Luminaries (USA)

Wield (2007)
You May As Well Argue With Gravity (2008)
Year of the Earthquake (2010)
Kill Screen (2010)

A project of Kelly Minnis that mixes Prog EM elements like sequences, mellotrons etc., with chiptune sounds.

See also: Tron Sack, The


Greatest Hoax, The (USA)

Enso (2015)
Expiration Compositions (2017)

A mixture of modern classical and Ambient. Poignant, melodic pieces.

See also: Jordan, T.R.


Grebenschikov, Boris (Russia)

Bez Slov (2004) (recorded in 1993)

Russian singer, songwriter, guitar player, founder and leader of rock group Àêâàðèóì. He always had an interest in experimental music and worked actively with legendary artists of local as well as international experimental / jazz scenes. Bez Slov is just him and his keyboard. I must admit that many times it sounds like someone just fooling around on his synth - it is very minimal, often with oriental allusions and an overdose of tinkling sounds. I don't know if lack of echo / reverb / delay was a conscious choice but I guess it was. Anyway, the music does get more interesting as the album progresses, retaining a strictly minimal approach. Strangely soothing. Something for an open-minded ambient listener perhaps.


Green, Ben (Australia)

Lauchie Cox (2021)

Ben Green is an artist from Yuendumu, Northern Territory. As a multi-instrumentalist, he creates ambient music that mixes synths with piano and some acoustic / electric instruments (including some guitar) for a relaxing, nature-inspired and sometimes gently rhythmic sound.


Green Eden Unit (Australia)

Sky Blue Car (2018)
A Familiar Place (2018)

Mostly ambient music from Newcastle-based Dimitri Velovski, with some downtempo or dub rhythms in places.


Green, Henry (UK)

Shift (2018)
Rituals (2019)
Half Light (2020)

Bristol-based musician with a neo-classically influenced, shogazey electronic style.


Green Isac (Norway)

Strings And Pottery (1990)
Happy Endings (1992)
Groundrush (2001)
Etnotronica (2004)
Passengers (2014)
Green Isac Orchestra (2015)
Bar (2021)

Ethnic music / world fusion duo of Andreas Eriksen and Morten Lund. I don't know how much of their stuff would be considered EM. They use a lot of acoustic / ethnic instruments alongside electronics and their sound is something of a mixture of World Music and downtempo perhaps. On Green Isac Orchestra there is a strong overall Prog feel, though, with even some nice use of mellotron sounds.


Green Kingdom, The (USA)

Harbor (2016)
Seen And Unseen (2018)
Ephemera (2018)
Residence On Earth (2020)
Springhill (2020)
Solaria (2021)
Empyrean (2021)
Imaginary Habitats (2021)
Voyager (2022)

A project of Detroit-based Michael Cottone. The project was started circa 2005 in a more or less glitch-related mould. However, the above albums contain fine ambient compositions, which are a mixture of processed acoustic and electronic sounds. Further investigation is needed.


Green Sun (Israel)

Dream Elements (2009)
The Page of Life (2011)
Galaxies (2019)

Melodic / atmospheric EM and downtempo rhythms from Michael Hefetz.


Green, Thom Sonny (UK)

High Anxiety (2016)

Ambient / electronic album from drummer of indie rock band alt-J. Sort of a minimal, Cluster vibe and a 1980's flair in places.


Green, Tom (Ireland)

Erebus & Terror (2006) (with David Bickley)
Music For MRI Scanners (2009)

Erebus & Terror is an atypical album from part-time member of The Orb (well-known ambient techno outfit) and music producer David Bickley. They are helped by Hans-Joachim Roedelius who provides some samples / effects for a couple of tracks. The result of their collaboration is chilly minimal Ambient with drones, distorted radio chatter and general gloom 'n' doom. The music is inspired by two expeditions to Polar regions that were lost and as a result the crews eventually froze to death.

See also: Orb, The


Green, Will (USA)

Of Things Dark And Distant (2008)

Ambient on Dark Duck Records.


Greenan, Richard (UK)

Sleep Scale (2015)
Rehearsing Heat (2021)

A mixture of classical instrumentation and electronics from this artist.


Greenblat, Rodney Alan (USA)

Baby Sea Robot (1997)
Beep Beep Type Music (2018)
2JustB (2021)

Sort of cheesy, cartoonish EM from the Jean-Jacques Perrey school of thought. Rather minimal.


Greene, Greyon (USA)

Beats Behind the Sheets (2015) (S) (with K-Twan)
Another Space (2015) (S)
No Shadows (2016) (S)
Advanced Cloud Watching (2018)
Belong To It (2019)
LPS001 (2020) (S)
Humidity (2020) (S)

Mixture of rhythmic (mostly slow, hip-hop-type rhythms) and ambient tracks (on Humidity) from this Brooklyn-based artist.


Greene, Steve (USA)

Electronic Dreams For A Holographic Existence (2018)
Distant Transmissions - Kona, Hawaii (2019)

Solo Electronic Music from member of Voyag3r. Anthemic, melodic, energetic, rhythmic...

See also: Voyag3r


Green-House (USA)

Six Songs For Invisible Gardens (2020) (S)
Music For Living Spaces (2021)
Solar Editions (2022) (S)

A project of Los Angeles-based Olive Ardizoni. She makes soothing ambient music inspired by and dedicated to plant life. Some nice sequencing on this one.


Greenhouse (Canada)

Learning Curve (2010) (EP)
Harmony Goldmine (2010)
Golden City (2010) (S)
Tied Forever (2012)
The Sound the Sky Makes (2015)
Lapse (2017)
Depression Era (2018)
Whelm (2020)
Sacrifice Zones (2023)

I don't know about other albums of Winnipeg-based Curran Farris aka Greenhouse, but Depression Era features some nice and dreamy ambient / gently pulsing synth tracks.


Greening Lambourne (UK)

Blank Noir (2018)
Thought Partner (2018)
Thought Leader (2018)
Night Mind (2021)
Private Noises (2023)

Experimental, mostly shorter tracks of processed guitars and synths. Pretty unique and highly listenable. Sometimes sounds like a more anarcho-punk, but at the same time more focused version of Cluster.

See also: Mammals In Rhythm, Red Setter.


Greenland, John (USA)

Music By John Greenland (1989) (S)
Soft Robot (1991)
Wire We Here (1993)

Synthesist and electronic instrument consultant.


Greenslade & Woodroffe (UK)

The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony (1979)

Electronic concept album by former leader of Greenslade. Dave is a great keyboard player and in this long album (originally a double LP) he covers a lot of ground. The work is a classic of Electronic Music but, instead of taking his inspiration from Klaus Schulze or TD, Dave Greenslade seems to be inspired by the likes of Rick Wakeman in creating EM with mostly symphonic edge. In this regard, some moments of this album also reminded me of Vangelis. Also Dave plays with some sounds similar to those used by Tomita which makes some sections sound rather dated (or, you could say, 'cheesy'). Nevertheless, the musicianship is top notch throughout and the work is a pleasure to listen to for fans of analogue electronics. The vocoder singing is ultra-cool and one track features a sparkling minimoog solo. This album is recommended for all EM fans because it features all basic EM styles of the 70's. So, where's the Berlin School, you ask? Did he ignore it? Ok, when I got to the final track "The Tiger And the Dove", my patience was rewarded because this is where the Berlin School influences come to the fore. The track features a light sequence over which various guitar-like melodies and spacey effects are added. The track sounds very much like Ashra. Essential classic.


Greenspon, Kevin (USA)

Del Tecate (2009)
Bracing (2009)
Unveiling (2010)
Ad Seg (2011) (S)
Waypoint (2011) (S)
Maroon Bells (2012) (S)
Push You Away Forever (2012) (S)
To Leave A Mark (2015)
Arbitration Pattern In Two Parts (2016)
Lullaby For CSX Intermodal (2017) (S)
Mood Recovery (2017) (S)
Forget Something Every Day (2017) (S)

Diverse Los Angeles-based musician who's done everything from drone to techno to collages and noise. To Leave A Mark is a nice and diverse work, with both abstract and cinematic parts. The above discography is not complete.


Greenwall (Italy)

Elektropuzzles (2001)

A project of Italian musician Andrea Pavoni. This is his second album. His debut was called Il Potalo del Fiore e Altre Storie and consisted of vocal progrock tracks. This one is purely instrumental and ranges in sound from new age-like passages to Electronic Music with a flair of TD and Jarre, on to instrumental symphonic rock in the vein of Camel and David Gilmour.


Grefe, Julian (USA)

BRCA2 (2017) (S)

Varied modular synth compositions from member of Pink Skull.

See also: Pink Skull


Greg (Switzerland)

Odyssey (Original Amiga Demoscene Soundtrack) (2023) (recorded in 1991)

Grégoire Dini is a Swiss artist. Expectedly, Odyssey features flashy, rhythmic, spacesynth-like music.


Gregg, William (USA)

Voyage of the Heart (1990)
Epiphenomenon (2013)
Source of the Hardware (2013)

William Gregg is a New York-based artist who combines shimmering Space Music textures with some acoustic instruments like guitar and violin. I think it will be enjoyed by fans of Jonn Serrie or Meg Bowles.


Grégory (France)

Passport For Love (1978) (S)

French disco producer. This single contains a forgettable side A (lots of keyboards but also horrible and cheesy choir) and the flip is a nice melodic electronic track in the French style, bringing to mind "Bilitis" first and foremost, but also the hymnal and extremely accessible Vangelis circa Opera Sauvage. Only for those who have a high tolerance for saccharine.


Gregory, Jeff (USA)

Advanced MIDI Projects Vol. 1 (2021) (S)

An artist form Peoria, Illinois. Strange stuff recorded using just the MIDI data (i.e. no computers or DAW's) controlling hardware synth gear. Rhythmic, complex, wacky.


Gregory Tallman, Ryan (USA)

Tryst (2021)
Shallow Grave of Memory (2023)

Electroacoustic / experimental / noise musician from California. Shallow Grave of Memory is a foray into rich, melodic, cinematic, dense and urgent synth compositions made with modular synths and other analog / digital hardware instruments.


Greif, Randy (USA)

It's In A Box (1983)
Lost Contact (1984)
Golden Joy Club (1986)
Live In Los Angeles 3.13.87 (1987)
Bacteria And Gravity (1987)
The Shadow Traders (1988)
Alice In Wonderland No. 1 (1991)
Alice In Wonderland No. 2 (1991)
Alice In Wonderland No. 3 (1991)
Alice In Wonderland No. 4 (1992)
Alice In Wonderland No. 5 (1993)
Fragment 56 (1994) (with Dan Burke)
The Barnacles Inside (1994)
In A Foreign Tongue (1994)
Verdi's Requiem (1997)
Build A Poison Fire (1999) (with Nigel Ayers)
Nail of Pious Bride (1999) (with Robin Storey)
War of the World (2001)
Narcoleptic Cells (2007) (with Kenji Siratori)
Parallel Code (2009) (with Kenji Siratori)
Dirt Crawl Blues (2014)

Industrial artist from California, USA, who's been creating noisy constructions and avant-garde compositions since the early 1980's. The above albums may be of interest to Dark Ambient fans.


Greinke, Jeff (USA)

In Hell's Shadow (1982) (with Rob Angus)
Drifting Bandharps (1982)

Suspended Pillars of Light (1983)
Night And Fog (1984) (with Rob Angus)
Before the Storm (1984)
Over Ruins (1984)
Cities In Fog (1985)
Moving Climates (1986)
Places of Motility (1986)
Timbral Planes (1988)
Fragment 1 (1989) (with Pierre Perret)
Changing Skies (1990)
Aerial #2 (1990)
Tactile Zone (??)
Lost Terrain (1992)
Crossing Ngoli (1992) (with Rob Angus)
In Another Place (1993)
Big Weather (1994)
Cities In Fog I & II (1998)
Swimming (1998)
Ride (1999)
Dream the Red Clouds (2001) (with Faith & Desease)
Wide View (2002)
Weather From Another Planet (2003)
Soundtracks (2004)
Winter Light (2007)
Virga (2009)
Scenes From A Train (2013)
Before Sunrise (2018)
Other Weather (2021)
Noctilucent (2022)
A Thousand Year Flood (2023)

Ambient composer. He creates mostly dark soundscapes, but has also written some more rhythmic stuff. I have a couple of albums by him (Timbral Planes and Swimming). Both are very good, but quite different from each other. The first one contains Ambient music with a dark edge. The second one is rhythmic Ambient with lots of samples and curious textures. I have also heard parts of Cities In Fog and it's a great Dark Ambient album. Chilling, industrial music. Yes, that's what REAL industrial music sounds like (not the kind of cheap rhythmic crap they offer now under that moniker). This is really serious stuff. Any of his releases are recommended, and Cities In Fog is simply a Dark Ambient fan's paradise.

See also: Land, Hana, Neanderthal String Quartet.


Gremna (???)

Synastria (2020)

Intense, hymnal, sequence-full music.


Greveson, Warren (UK)

Song of the Universe (1996) (with Patrick Huddie and Neil Ardley)
Voyager (2018) (recorded in 2011)

Guitarist and electronic composer. Voyager supposedly features melodic / rhythmic compositions on the border between instrumental prog and EM. His other album I am aware of, Songs From the Grand Massif, should be more in jazz-rock vein.

See also: Zyklus


Greville (Australia)

My Blue Horizon (2019)
Summer & Wonder (2021) (S)

J. Greville is a Sydney-based synthesist. On the above album, subtitled "Greville Presents Eye Nono", he presents nice, if somewhat minimal melodic ambient compositions. Some playful sequencer material as well.


Grey Encounter, The (UK)

Dark Matter (2012)
State of Decay (2015)

Berlin School duo of Phil Booth (frequent collborator of Brendan Pollard and Michael Daniel) and Xan Alexander.

See also: Alexander, Xan, Daniel & Booth.


Grey Frequency (UK)

Second Sight (2012) (S)
Cold Geometry (2013)
Immersion (2014)
Ufology (2019)
Intercept (2020) (with Steve Nolan)
Paranormal (2021)
Zener_27 (2021)
Grey Frequency (2021)
When Do We Dream? (2022) (recorded in 2012)
Leviathan (2022)
Empyrean (2022) (S)
Time And Place (2023)

Dark Ambient.


Grey, Norman (Germany)

Once Upon A Time (1992)

Norman Grey's real name is Norman Krusche.


Grey Towers Stone Temples (Canada)

Lands of Saturn (2015)

Synthesizer drones and Ambient from Harlow MacFarlane.

See also: Funerary Call, MacFarlane, Harlow.


Greyghost (USA)

Memoirs of Dementia (2013)
Meditations On Mindfulness (2014)

Quiet soundscapes by Brian Griffith out of Los Angeles.

See also: Griffith, Brian James, l'éternèbre.


Gri, Francis M. (Switzerland)

Ghost Dreamers Town (2012)
Dreamers Stories (2015)
Flow (2016)
Segmenti (2017) (with Giulio Aldinucci)
Between Ocean And Sky (2018) (with Federico Mosconi)
Apart (2018)
Decays (2018)
Remote Redux (2019) (with James Murray)
Uncoded Winds Below the Waves (2019) (with David Gutman and Federico Mosconi)
Boke (2020)
Little Drops (2020)
Lieve (2021)
Soolo (2022) (with Grotta Veterano)
Imaginary Tales (2022) (with Wil Bolton)
Argine (2022)

Bright, poignant, melancholic ambient music from this Swiss-born artist (currently residing in Italy) who uses piano, guitar and electronics.


Grid, The (UK)

One Way Traffic (2018) (EP)

A duo of David Ball (ex-Soft Cell) and Richard Norris, dedicaed to techno / trance music. Surprisingly, the above EP contains one Kraftwerk-influenced electro tune and the rest are completely abstract synth compositions in Prog EM style.


Grid Victim (USA)

Grid Victim (2017)

Melodic, repetitive, analog.


Gridstation (USA)

Begin the Inversion (2003)

Rhythmic, cosmic and melodic themes.


Griesenbruch 24 (Germany)

Aerouant (2018)

Slow, illbient rhythms, somewhat lo-fi atmospheres and dramatic drones / melodies.


Griffin, Mike (USA)

Sudden Dark (1997)
The Most Distant Point Known (2000) (with David Fulton)
Imprint (2002) (with David Fulton)
Sounds Are Hidden Inside Objects (2005)
I Am Breathing Dreams Out of the Air (2005)
The Pulse Meditations (2006)
Speaking From the Dream (2006) (S)
Fabrications (2007)

Ambient music from one half of Viridian Sun and owner of Hypnos EM / Ambient label. The Most Distant Point Known is a mixture of dark, droning textures and Berlin School sequences.

See also: Viridian Sun


Griffin, T. (USA)

The Proposal (2021) (soundtrack)

Moody electronic soundtrack from this New York-based composer. Some acoustic moments as well.


Griffith, Brian James (USA)

From Particles (2018)
Over Turn (2019)
Flaps For Jackie (2020)

Warm ambient textures made on processed bass guitar, modular synth, processed piano and voice.

See also: Electric Sound Bath, Zazz, l'éternèbre.


Griffith, Nathan (USA)

Waiting For Toast (1984)
Walking Through Walls (1985)

Solo EM tapes from this Eugene-based musician who also contributed to a few samplers. Upbeat and rhythmic.


Griffiths, Mark (UK)

Paperworlds (1983)
Crystallography (1985)
Like the Passing of Summer Rain (1986)
K2 (1987)
From the Trees (1988)

British synthesist who's been making music since the 1970's. His sound is sometimes experimental but most of the time is quite straightforward and flowing. Mark started releasing his works in the 1980's and during the next decade he had a brief hiatus before returning to composing in the new millennium.


Grigoriou, Mihalis (Greece)

Αντιθέσεις (1985) (with Thanos Mikroutsikos and Wilhelm Zobl)
Celephais / Through the Door Into A Dream (1990) (with Vangelis Katsoulis)

Aka Michael Grigoriou. Greek classical and electronic composer. Αντιθέσεις is essentially a sampler with works by three composers. Mihalis Grigoriou's tracks can be compared to Klaus Schulze.


Grill, Kit (UK)

Expressions (2013) (S)
Mirror Image (2013)
Paradise (2015) (EP)
Europe (2015) (EP)
Westway (2016) (EP)
Daytona (2017) (S)
Rhythm (2018) (S)
Forever Colour (2018)
Obsession (2019)
Ride (2020)

London-based producer who, although usually gets lumped with techno / house releases, is mostly inspired (or so it seems) by the repetition of minimal composers like Terry Riley and John Cage, as well as the motorik rhythms of Neu! and their ilk. On Ride, he takes a turn towards a lush analog / digital synth sound (lots of Fairlight), neo-classical moods and relaxed, almost balearic-type rhythms.


Grilli, Gianfranco (Italy)

Heaven's Corner (1997)
Il Tempio di Karnak (1998)
Druid's Hills (2001)
Feng Shui (2005)
Come To the Light of Day (2006)
Sky Fragments (2012)
Memories of the Old Days (2012)
Ancient Roads (2013)

Dark Ambient in Ritual / pagan style. It's very good and recommended for fans of the genre. Gianfranco Grilli was born in 1956 in Mondavio, Italy. He studied composition and geology and was influenced by a broad range of styles, from rock to classical music. He first major experience in the field of Electronic Music was collaborating in 1988 on the soundtrack to "I Monti Azzurri".


Grim Father (USA)

Observer (2021) (S)
Endless (2021)
Procession (2022)
Visceral (2023)

Atmospheric EM, sometimes a bit complex, with influences of styles such as "dungeon synth", prog rock and metal.


Grimaud, Dominique (France)

Les Quatre Directions (2008)
AAHH!! (2015) (with Veronique Vilhet)
Îles (2016) (with Veronique Vilhet)
J’Aime Tout Ce Que Fait Le Ciel À N’Importe Quel Moment (2020) (with Veronique Vilhet)
19 Feedbacks (2020)
Broken Saxophones (2022)

Solo electronics from this member of several French experimental projects and a pioneer of EM.

See also: Video-Aventures, Camizole.


Grimbergen (UK)

Shame And Regret (2003)
Something Is Wrong (2003)
A Lonely Place (2007)
The Passing of Time (2016)

Diverse atmospheric and melancholic electronic compositions (made mostly on a Yamaha SY77 synth) from one Nathan Clemence (from Edinburgh, Scotland).


Grimmsberg, Kai (Sweden)

Martian Chronicles (Trilogy. Part I) (2020) (EP)

Dark, cinematic ambience.


Grimrik (Germany)

Eisreich (2014)
Die Mauerns der Nacht (2016)

Nice dungeon synth. Original compositions plus a Burzum cover.

See also: Kosmorik


Grímsson, Lárus Halldór (Iceland)

Hringurinn (1985)
Islensk Raftonlist (1985) (with Thorsteinn Hauksson)
Portrait (1991)

Icelandic electronic composer who began studying music at the Reykjavik college of music in 1971. After that he acted as a keyboardist for several bands, including progressive rock band Eik. he then went to study at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht and released several works. Hringurinn is music meant as a soundtrack to a documentary, I think. It was done entirely with a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and alternates between abstract and rhythmic parts.


Grind, Joel (USA)

Fatal Planet (2016) (S)
Equinox (2016)
Echoes In A Crystal Tomb (2019)
Welcome To Armageddon City (2020)
Mortal Fixation (2021)

Vocalist and guitar player of speed / thrash metal band Toxic Holocaust. Equinox is synth music influenced by 1970's / 1980's horror scores (Goblin, Carpenter) and instrumental EM of the same era (TD, Jarre...).


Grindlestone (USA)

One (2008)
Tone (2011)

Grindlestone is Doug Erickson (Zesty Enterprise) on guitars and Don Falcone (Spirits Burning, Spaceship Eyes etc.) on keyboards. Together they mix equal does of Fripp & Eno, Tangerine Dream and some unique, industrial-like touches.


Grinholc, Piotr (Poland)

Pejzaże (1995)

Rare cassette album with melodic music from this synthesist.


Grippe, Ragnar (Sweden)

Electronic Compositions (1974)
Sand (1977)
Lost Secrets (1981)
Ten Temperaments (1982)
Musik Ur Filmen Jönssonligan På Mallorca (1989) (S) (soundtrack)
Requiem (1996)
Soundtrack Without A Movie (2010)
Symphonic Songs (2019) (recorded in 1980)
Tamis (2020) (recorded in 1980)

Ragnar Grippe was born in 1951 in Stockholm. He has an academic background with multiple achievements and studies in places such as the State Academy in Stockholm (1966-1969), University of Stockholm (1971-1972), Electronic Music Studio (Stockholm) and at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l'ORTF (GRM) in Paris. In the early 1970's, Ragnar studied music composition with the legendary Luc Ferrari as well as with Bengt Hambraeus. Ragnar Grippe's music represents an unclassifiable mixture of abstract and melodic synth styles with strong minimalist influences.


GrischaDJ (Russia)

Eternity (2020)
Chilling Out (2021)
Basement Jams (2022)

Melodic music from Grigoriy Sviridov.


Grizz Volga (Spain)

Oberon (1988)
Microcosmos (1989)
Laberinto de la Noche (1989)
Mind the Gap (1994)
Singles And Jingles (1994)

Melodic music by Madrid-based Juan Montoya Jimenez. Influenced by 1980's Tangerine Dream and sonically very much a product of its era.


Grizzly Prospector (USA)

Dream Story (2018)

Ambient music from Parker Yeats. Ranges from low-fi and sample-based to serene synth pads.


Grizzly Steppe (UK / Australia)

Adversary Space (2017)
Svalbard (2020)

Moody, darkish ambient soundscapes from Mark Spybey (ex-Zoviet:France) and David Thrussell.


Groetzinger, Alain (France)

Climats Vol. 1 (2000)
Climats Vol. 2 (2000)
Climats Vol. 3 (2000)
Number 166 (2000)
Silence For Peace (2000)
ASO - Keops (2000) (recorded in 1991 - 1999) (with Raphael Labro) 
Music For M 100 (2002)
Putain d'Annee (2002)

Alain Groetzinger is the guy who played drums in synth-rock / disco band The Rockets. He has released some solo works. Some of them feature piano playing or techno / trip-hop / ethnic music. However, the ones listed are somewhere between Dark Ambient and experimental / atmospheric EM.


Grok (USA)

An Aeon of Ascension (2016)
The Cosmogony Of Vilification (2017)

Ambient music from this black metal-related project.


Gromer, Gaëtan (France)

[fri:z] (2014)
Noise Level (2016)

Strasbourg-based ambient artist with a strong electro-acoustic bend.


Gromoslaw (Russia)

Forest's Mysteries (2003) (S)

Folky, pagan-influenced dungeon synth-like music with ambient touches. Needs a remaster, as the original recording is badly engineered - some tracks are considerably louder than the others.


Grøn (Denmark)

Vindues Seværdigheder (2013) (S)
Grøn (2014) (S)
Nye Ritualer (2015) (S)
Aetuna In Motion (2015)
Himmelbjerg (2015) (S)
Indland (2015) (S)
Gestures (2016)
Morning Light On Cold Coffee (2016)
Med Sammenknebne Øjne (2017)
Ingen Skår I Frosne Haver (2018)
Forms & Constellations (2018) (S)
We Are Forever (2019)
Someone Like You (2020)
Aldrig Mere Vinter (2020)

Ambient drone artist Bjarke Rasmussen. On Nye Ritualer he started to move towards sequenced structures.


Gronau, Uwe (Germany)

One of Those People (1987)

Diverse German songwriter and musician who, among other things, wrote Sandra's hit "Secret Land". This is his early private cassette release that, among different songs and instrumental compositions, includes a long epic "Endless Enigma Part I - III" which, on one hand, could be considered a precursor (and an influence) for Michael Cretu's own Enigma project that would appear a couple of years later and, on the other hand, is a nice electronic composition in its own right, with some nice synth timbres. File under EM-related and further investigation is needed.


Grönholm, Pertti (Finland)

Winterplanet (2013)

Ambient and melodic Electronic Music, sometimes like Steve Roach's desert ambience adapted for cold, polar regions.

See also: E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr, Dystopia, PG-66.


Grönnert, Mario (Germany)

Nightmares And Dreamscapes: Silhouettes of Urbia (2016)
Before Time (2017) (S)

Hypnotic, darkish, melodic ambience.


Gros Morne (Denmark)

Gros Morne (2021)

Ambient artist with a rather detailed and pretty intense sound.


Gross, Chris (USA)

News (1980)
Poison Music / Rainy Day (??)
Brain Party (??)
Center of Gravity (??)
Telegraph (??)
Another Time (??)
Robot (??)
1930 (??)
Men In Black - The Fung (1990)

Hometaper and electronic musician from Pennsylvania who released a lot of tapes starting from 1980. He is known for his ambient style.


Gross, Lutwin (Germany)

Winterklang (1995)

Relaxing music (?).


Grosse, Darwin (USA??)

Tourbillon Solo (2014) (with Gregory Taylor)
Fresco (2021)

Synthesist with a nice, sparse analog sound on Fresco, all made on a Korg Arp 2600 FS.


Grosser, Andreas (Germany)

Venite Visum (1981) (recorded in 1976 - 1980)
Babel (1987) (with Klaus Schulze)

In the 1970's, East Berlin musician Andreas Grosser (1956 - 2022) was inspired by West German cosmic synth scene to compose music in similar mould. He made a lot of recordings and gave them to friends on self-made cassettes. A bit later his career was marked by a notorious collaboration with Klaus Schulze.


Grosskopf, Harald (Germany)

Synthesist (1980)
Oceanheart (1985)
World of Quetzal (1992)
Vier Mal Drei (2001) (with Baltes and Heihecker)
Digital Nomad (2002)
Yeti Society (2004)
Synthesist 2010 (2010)
Belgium Grosskopf Live (2012) (with Belgium)
Ethernet / Telegraph (2014) (S) (with Standard Planets)
Krautwerk (2017) (with Eberhard Kranemann)
You Are Psyched (2020) (with Axel M. Heilhecker)

German drummer and - see the title of his first release :-) Grosskopf is member of Ashra and has some kind of a cult status and he has been around for quite a while too. He has played with Agitation Free, The Cosmic Jokers, Ash Ra Tempel, Ashra and Manuel Goettsching, Klaus Schulze, Bernd Kistenmacher, among others, released several solo albums and is still actively involved in the production and playing for many artists. His albums are a must for Berlin School completist and simply a great listen.

See also: Ash Ra Tempel / Ashra, Kistenmacher & Grosskopf, Cosmic Jokers, Holo Syndrome, Sunya Beat, N-Tribe.


Grosso, Marco (Italy)

A Come Andromeda - Tribute Soundtrack (2008)
In the Presence of Pan (2011)

Italian artist who mainly composes Dark Ambient music under various monikers. A Come Andromeda, however, is an imaginary soundtrack to a 70's Italian television series, with a fitting analogue style.

See also: Ouroboros, Permafrost, Snowfade, Dark Ambient Cult, Arretium.


Group 1850 (Netherlands)

Paradise Now (1969)
Live (1969)
Live On Tour (1973)
Polyandri (1975)
The Greatest Single Tracks (1993)

Dutch space rock outfit that included Dave Duba, Paul van Wageningen, Hessel de Vries, Neppy Noya, Peter Sjardin and others. Sjardin played the "Organizer" (some sort of a self-built synth). They can be compared to Hawkwind sometimes but the reason I include them here is beacuse they have some purely electronic tracks with just the synth. On Live it's "Verandering" and on Live On Tour - "Aperitive" (great track with super-fat synth sound). There may be others as well. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Sjardin, Peter


Group 87 (USA)

Group 87 (1980)
A Career In Data Processing (1984)

A pioneering band that combined jazz fusion with electronics. Both Mark Isham and Patrick O'Hearn were members of this band. On the second album the line-up was changed slightly and O'Hearn was missing (he was already into his solo career at the time).

See also: Isham, Mark, O'Hearn, Patrick.


Group du Jour (USA)

Hinterland (2013) (recorded in 1985 - 2008)

Ethnic fusion band put together by Daniel Crommie in the 1980's. They mostly played vocal songs, although not without extensive instrumental explorations. Hinterland may be their only instrumental release, a collection of studio and live tracks that highlight Crommie's synthesizer and flute playing, mixed with competent contributions from other members. File under World Music.

See also: Crommie, Daniel


Group Modular (Israel)

Time Masters (2020)

Synth / drums duo with a heavy analog sound, influenced by vintage library music and EM.

See also: Funk, Markey


Groupthink (USA)

Of Microcosmic Origins (2012)
Happy Gods (2012)

Space Music by Darren Bergstein (synthesizers) and Edward Yuhas (guitar and fx). Produced by Gregory Kyryluk.


Growing Concern (UK)

Endless Landscapes (1989)

A duo of Phil Webb and Simon Cooper (the later has meanwhile become a new age musician) that released at least one tape on Electronical Dreams label. The style is not known but apparently it's a mixture of ambient atmospheres and melodic material. They use a few acoustic instruments alongside synths.


Gruberski, Thomas (Poland)

Back To Metropolis (1991) (S)
Cinemascope (1994)
Omnipresence (1995)
Protuberance (1999)
Spacetime Adventures (2000)

Synthesist (born in 1974 in Warsaw, now living in Basel, Switzerland) who creates music very much in the Jarre vein. Everything here reminds of the glory days of the Master, from melodies to atmospherics. It's actually quite good and if you're a fan of Jarre you should definitely check him out. But you don't have to be a fan. If you simply enjoy good melodic, energetic electronics with strong themes that stick in your head - you will like this as well. Note that Protuberance is basically a Jarre tribute album.


Gruen, Viktor R. (Germany)

Demos M.001 (2020)

Rhythmic stuff between Prog EM and industrial / EBM.


grüm˜pé (UK)

A Subtle Shifting of Awareness (2015)
Expansions And Conflations (2017)
The Impulse Towards Chaos (2018)
Against All Things Ending (2019)

A project of Maurice Gallagher. Berlin School with sequences and flashy solos.


Grünberg, Sven (Estonia)

Mess (1980) (S)
Hingus (1981)
Om (1987)
Milarepa (1993)
Prana Symphony (1994)
Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell (2001) (recorded in 1977 -2001)
Anima 1977 - 2001 (2016)

Classic cosmic Electronic Music in the vein of Tangerine Dream and Ashra with some 'Space Music' in there, too. Om contains some Eastern influences and Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell is a mixed bag fusing symphonic, ambient and ethnic elements and, overall, it's quite dramatic electronics. It is built around his 1979 soundtrack for a movie based on a Strugatski Brothers' novel. Great music and a great movie! Prana Symphony is a sampler of previously released material, but the tracks are remixed, they sound more peaceful and smooth compared to the originals.


Grunblatt, Georges (France)

K-Priss (1977)

Very much in the style of Heldon. A French classic with Didier Batard, Richard Pinhas, Francois Auger and others. Although it was recorded in 1977, the LP was released only three years later.


Gruntsplatter (USA)

Pest Maiden (1999)
The Death Fires (2000)
Chronicling the Famine (2002)
The Organ Harvest: Rare & Unreleased 1994 - 1999 (2004)
The Eulogists Assembly (2005)
The Aberrant Laboratory (2006)
Dowsing In the Cancer Lands (2021)
Poisoned Sleep / Broken (2021) (with Wilt)
The Trough of Armageddon (2021) (with Wilt)

It is debatable whether this project belongs here, as it's mostly a mixture of Dark Ambient and the more harsh industrial / noise styles. Gruntsplatter is the project of Scott E. Candey started in 1994. There were several split releases prior to Scott's first solo MC album (that was actually an extra that came exclusively with a limited edition 7" disc). These split releases contained tracks of the following artists: Torture Chamber (Bisect, 1995), Ruhr Hunter (unnamed split release from 1998), Slowvent (unnamed split release from 1998) and Lefthandeddecision / Petit Mal (Entragen, 1999). 

See also: Triage, Umbra.


Grusel, Hans (???)

Lumpy Graveyard Express (2021) (with Loachfillet)

Hans Grusel is a pseudonym of Thomas Day. Lumpy Graveyard Express is a weird one: a mixture of Zappa-esque humor and collages with darkish Carpenter-like pulsing synths, it really flows like a cohesive whole, against all odds. Interesting stuff and well worth investigating.


Gruska, Jonáš (Czech Republic)

Ñîëíöå (2013)
Spevy (2017)
Žaburina (2018)

Czech sound researcher, experimental musician, author of sound installations, computer specialist, modular gardening system builder and all-around nerd. Ñîëíöå is a droning work of rough synth timbres. Fans of Experimental EM, take note.


Gruszczyński, Jerzy (Poland)

Tatrzańskie Nastroje (2015)

Polish synthesist. On this album he presents a mixture of classical instrumentation (string quartet, etc.) and electronics in a melodic style. There are also some sparse vocals, so beware.


Gryffyn, Mark JT (UK)

E-Klek-Tik (2012)

Not sure but I think it's the same guy (Mark J.T. Griffin) who wrote a book about Vangelis ("The Unknown Man"). Melodic music with, quite expectedly, a Vangelis touch.


Grykë Pyje (Finland / Germany)

Callings From Nowhere (2012)
Fragments of High Sensitivity (2016)
Collision And Coalescence (2019)
The Fantastic World of Grykë Pyje (2021)
Squirlich Stroll (2022)

Completely unclassifiable duo of Jani Hirvonen and Johannes Schebler. It has a strange new-agey vibe to it (a mix of synths and unlikely / obscure instrumentation), but is highly experimental at the same time, and overall reminds on the more outlandish forms of prog EM. Nice and hypnotic in places.


Gryllus, Ábris (Hungary)

Post_ (2017)
A.D. (2020)

Orchestral ambience.


Gryphon Rue (USA)

North of the Future (2021) (with Merche Blasco)
A Spirit Appears To A Pair of Lovers (2022)

New York artist who debuted with 2020's Foliage of Caves - an album made with a musical saw. After that, he departed for more electronic realms, with lulling, minimal patterns created on Farfisa organ, harmonium and modular synth.


Gsell, Wolfgang (Germany)

Our Secret Lives (2016) (with Lutz Thuns)
Everlasting (2016)
Magic Green (2016)
High Noon In Vienna (2016) (with Martin Neuhold)
In the Skies (2016) (with Cousin Silas)
Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017) (with Jack Hertz)
The Sounds of A Dream (2017)
Blue (2017) (with Jack Hertz)

German synthesist who had been playing synthesizers since the late 1980's. His style is diverse, but is mostly ambient or melodic / rhythmic. Sadly, Wolfgang Gsell passed away in December, 2017.


Guaccero, Domenico (Italy)

Voci intorno all'uomo (1975) (with Giuseppe Mazzuca)

Domenico Guaccero (1927 - 1984) was a composer and music theorist. He participated in the New Music movement in Italy in the 1960's and 1970's and made a name for himself in the areas of aleatoric and experimental music. This rare album contains electronic soundtrack to a theater production.


Guadal Tejaz (France)

Noche Triste (2023)

Noise rock / krautrock band. On Noche Triste, there is a strong electronic element, and even a short, completely electronic (ambient) track - "Tonalli". File under EM-related.


Guarini, Maurizio (Italy)

Creatures From A Drawer (2013)

Progressive rock / electronic album from member of Goblin. It represents all basic styles that his parent band is known for.

See also: Goblin


Gueble, Phillipe Emmanuel (France)

Fire & Remembrance (1993)



Guenat, Patrice (Switzerland)

Les Reflets du Lac (1986) (with Laurent Beguelin)

Rare LP by member of Kashmir.

See also: Kashmir


Guenette, Pierre (Canada)

Urbania (1992)

Somewhat similar to Synergy.


Guentner, Markus (Germany)

In Moll (2001)
Audio Island (2003)
1981 (2005)
Lovely Society (2006)
Doppelgaenger (2009)
Crystal Castle (2011)
Shadows of the City (2013)
Theia (2015)
Empire (2018)
Extropy (2021)
Crystal Castle (2022)
Onda (2023)

Monolithic, but quite effective and emotionally charged Ambient. Sometimes in the vein of Dark Space (as on Theia). Sometimes a techno influence creeps in by means of soft beats. Lots of glitchy elements on early releases.


Guérin, Jean (France)

Tacet (1971)

This certainly sounds like a missing link between free jazz, French academic electronics and progressive EM. Guérin (former keyboardist of Ergo Sum) uses improvisation the way it is used in free jazz (the album features trumpet, bass, cello, percussion and voices) but drowns it in a sea of electronic mayhem — from concrete-like atmospheres to purely electronic textures generated by VCS3 synthesizer. Certainly unique and pioneering, although hardly easy-listening.


Guérive, Sébastien (France)

Omega Point (2021)

Electronic musician based in Nantes. Varied, cinematic EM, from light to dark, from melodic to experimental.


Guerre, Philippe (France)

Cristal (1979)
Concerto Pour la Mort d'un Clown (1981)

Synthesist with a floating, cosmic style, somewhat comparable to Klaus Schulze.


Guffond, Jasmine (Australia)

Yellow Bell (2015)
Traced (2017)
Degradation Loops (2018)
The Burrow (2020) (with Erik K Skodvin)
Microphone Permission (2020)

Varied, mostly ambient electronics from this experimental composer.


Guidice, Simone (Italy)

Oltre (2019)
Oltre Pt. 2 (2019) (S)
Materia (2021)
Alone (2023)

Richly synthesized ambient compositions, from intense and slightly noisy to symphonic and melodic. I really like the warm analog sound on some of these tracks (as on "Etere" from Materia). "Inertia" (also from Materia) is a nice sequencer blast.


Guignolos (France)

Papy Computer / C'est Papy (1984) (S)

One of the projects that Serge Lafosse aka Serge Ramses was involved with during the 1980's. Music in the style of Kraftwerk.

See also: Ramses, Serge


Guild of Fire (Australia)

Primitive Prophecy (1987)
Dreamland (1988)

Melodic, and a bit spacey electronics.

See also: Starseed Transmission, Law, Steve.


Guiliana, Mark (USA)

Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music! (2019)

Drummer with his own unique brand of EM. Guiliana plays drums and synths and is supported by a few guests on keyboards. Complex compositions with influences from jazz fusion.


Guillén, Daniel (Spain)

Inner Vision (2019)

Warm ambient sounds from this synthesist.

See also: Lunaria, Path of the Sun.


Guiot, Dominique (France)

L'Univers de la Mer (1978)

Obscure album with dreamy music from this composer. He has some other (library) releases in various styles.


Guirao, Carlos (Spain)

Revelation (1982)
Symphony (2010)
Brumas (2011)
El Vuelo de las Almas Miticas (2011)
Alchemy (2011) (with Joseph Loibant)
Ensayos Bajo Una Tormenta (2016) (recorded in 2008)

Original member of Neuronium, Carlos Guirao joined the band circa 1976 and stayed with them until some period in time when differences and tension grew between him and Michel Huygen and it was decided that each would go its own way, Huygen as Neuronium and Guirao under his own name. He released an album of melodic Electronic Music in 1982 and continued to work with a crossover synth-pop / EM outfit Programa. After that he resumed working as a solo artist. He was not very prolific in terms of the number of releases but kept a constant presence on the scene, being also a live performer. Carlos gave his last concert in December, 2011. On January, 17, 2012, Carlos Guirao passed away after a long battle with cancer. He is remembered for his role as a pioneer of Electronic Music in Spain, and his work with people like Vangelis (in Nemo studios) and Klaus Schulze (during Klaus' visit to Spain for the mixing of Neuronium's Digital Dream).

See also: Neuronium, Programa.


Güiro Meets Russia (Spain)

Dystopia (2016)
Folk Psychology (2018)
Interlude (2020)

A duo from Valencia with a classic, krauty, analog sound, sometimes mixed with slight IDM / downtempo influences.

See also: Mínim, Hari Sima.


Guisynizer (Australia)

Selective Dreamer (1986)

EM / space rock duo of synthesist Peter Johnson and a guitar player.

See also: Johnson, Peter


Gulââb (Italy / Germany)

Veils of Mystery (1993)

Ethnic music with synthesizers played by Peter Frohmader. It's a project of Ruldolf Birnbauer, a multi-instrumentalist who travelled to Nepal for inspiration.

See also: Frohmader, Peter


Gulan (Latvia)

Sphere (2005)
Electronic Symphony (2005)
Antigravitation (2006)
Cassiopeia (2006)
Spirit of the Sound (2007)
Prologue (2007)
Space Projections (2009)
Astral Breath (2010)
Crystal Monk (2010)
Floating Textures (2010)
Tarkhany Evening (2011)
Amorphous Resonances (2012)
Arctic Smoke (2012)
From Meditation To Silence (2014)
Dynamic Consciousness (2014)
Cloudwalk (2015)
The Land of the Elves (2020)
Back To the Roots (2021)
Between Space And Time (2021)

Melodic EM, verging on new age from Andrey Gulaikin (born in 1974).


Gulch, Peter (USA)

Stellar Tunnel (1985) (S) (with Steve Brenner)
Floating Premonition (1989)
The Sound Museum (1991) (with Chuck van Zyl and Andrew Rath)
Regeneration Mode (1994) (with Chuck van Zyl)

Nightcrawlers frontman. Classic Electronic Music.

See also: Nightcrawlers, Xisle, Ministry of Inside Things, Goricon, Kolab.


Gulch, Tom (USA)

Somnility (1985)

Peter Gulch's brother and member of Nightcrawlers. The style is supposedly the same as on Peter's solo release.

See also: Nightcrawlers, Goricon.


Guld, Max (Denmark)

For Enden af Corridoren (1985)

Solo album recorded by member of The Residents-inspired band Den Forspildte Elite in his Copenhagen apartment with very basic synth equipment (he even borrowed a Moog Prodigy for this one). Half of the tracks are minimal synth-like and have vocals, the other half are instrumental. You can hear influeces of Kraftwerk, early industrial and Brian Eno.


Gullerud, Peter (USA)

In the Thicked (1987)
Muck & Beetles (1987)
Stirring Motions (1989)

Surrealist and pin-up artist and painter. He also briefly made music in the late 1980's and 1990's. His style is fittingly experimental, with lots of weird samples and voices, although not without more atmospheric moments. Sometimes he sings (most of the material seems to be instrumental, though).


Gulliver, S. P. (Estonia)

Platsebo (1991) (recorded in 1987 - 1990)
Vsyo Kak Son (1994) (recorded in 1989 - 1991)
The Coasts of Endlessness (1998) (recorded in 1994 - 1995)

S. P. Gulliver is Vladislav Petchnikov who creates classically influenced symphonic EM. Supposed to be quite interesting. The first two releases contain a large cast of guest musicians, taking the music to progressive rock realms.


Gultskra Artikler (Russia)

Galaktika (2010)
Kristal (2013) (S)
ECO LAN (2015) (S)
Destroy Music (2015)
Korolev (2021)
Blue Forty-Two (2022)

Experimental project of Alexey Devyanin. It seems to be mostly influenced by electroacoustic collage (sometimes in a playful way ala Ron Geesin) and post-industrial scene. However, some works will be interesting for EM fans. Galaktika features murky and sometimes a bit noisy compositions in Dark Space realms, with ghostly voices, acoustic and electronic instruments. Kristal makes forays into analog, arpeggio-laden synthiness. Destroy Music is another repetitive, krauty synth workout.


Gunning, Tony (UK)

Elemental Journeys (1984)
Impressions of A November Sky (1984)
Into the Future (1985)
Sonic Tapestries (1985)
Night Watch (1985)
Time And Places (1985)
Knight To Night (1985)
Nightstar (1985)
Quietness & Charm (1986)
Skywards (1986)
Revolution's (1987)
Oceanography (1987)
Agharta (1987)
Love Magic (1990)
Magellan (1993)
Back In Time (1985 - 1993)
Journey To Another Galaxy (1994)
Recycled For the Future (1995) (recorded in 1991 - 1995)

British synthesist with a cosmic sound. Tony Gunning started with EM in the early 1980's.


Gurr, David (UK)

Kaossilations (2009)

Solo Electronic Music from The Omega Syndicate man.

See also: Omega Syndicate, The, Architexture, Firebird, Oxymora.


Gürtler, John (Germany)

Gegen die Zeit (2017) (with Phillip Sollmann)
Space Dogs (2019) (soundtrack) (with Jan Miserre)
Eigenlicht (2020)
A Pure Place (2021) (soundtrack) (with Jan Miserre)

Saxophonist and electronic composer. On Eigenlicht, he presents nice EM with an analog feel, sometimes ambient, sometimes playful and repetitive.


Gustavson, Jukka (Finland)

Valon Vuoksi (1979)

Wigwam keyboardist. This is not his only solo album, but it's supposedly Jukka at his most experimental and out-there. In fact, it's definitely on the very experimental fringes of prog, with only a hint of popular genres (such as fusion). This music is instrumental and is mostly keyboards (organs, piano and synths). Unique prog / EM mixture.


Gutheim, Allan (Sweden)

Postmodern Substrata (2013) (EP)
Axiomatic (2014)
Evolution (2014)

Varied ambient and melodic music from this electronic composer. Evolution is a concept album.


Guthrie, Kevin L. (UK)

Last Exit (??)

Cassette release with Electronic Music from member of Altres.

See also: Altres


Gutieszca, Ana (Mexico)

Sound of Beasts (2016)

Mostly quite experimental stuff here, recorded with the help of unique instruments and techniques. Also some nice ambient touches.


Gutwein, Daniel (USA)

New Music For the Synclavier II Digital Music System (1988)

Interesting stuff here. Two long tracks consisting of numerous chunks of melodies and sounds. At times he goes into total overload of chaotic timbres, reminding on "difficult" academic composers. However, there are also more ambient and melodic parts, as well as frenetic / rhythmic parts that remind on Frank Zappa's Synclavier experiments. There is a relatively brief female voice narration on side A.


Guy-Lian (Belgium)

Solar System Part I (2021)
Solar System Part II (2021)

A project of Belgian systhesist Danny Gijbels. Rich, melodic, symphonic EM. The opening track from Solar System Part I is so Vangelis-like (Blade Runner) that it hurts. Pretty nice overall. A Groove Unlimited release.


Guzmán, Michell (Ecuador)

Redshift (2018)

Instrumental progrock with some electronic tracks from this composer, multi-instrumentalist and guitar player. Apart from the usual digital formats, Redshift was released on a quadraphonic reel-to-reel tape. If you like guitar / EM hybrids like Maxxess or F. D. Project, do check this out.


Guzzetti, Stefano (Italy)

HEXA (2023)

Ambient artist mixing classical instrumentation and synthesizers.


Gwydi (Australia)

Lethologica (2005)

Dark Ambient.


Gwyer, Karen (USA)

I've Been You Twice (2012) (EP)
Cowboys (2013) (S) (with Torn Hawk)
Needs Continuum (2013)
Kiki the Wormhole (2013)
New Roof (2014) (S)
Bouloman (2015) (EP)
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase (2016) (S)
Rembo (2017)

Electronic artist with an unclassifiable style. Karen Gwyer was born in the USA, but currently resides in London. Her music includes elements of techno, electro and progressive EM. Kiki the Wormhole is arguably her most EM-styled work. Very nice.


Gylden (USA)

Island Friend (2022)

Quiet, calming electroacoustic / electronic ambient compositions from Maine, made with contra alto clarinet and an Elektron Digitone, plus some tapes.


Gypsy Eyes (USA)

Nefelibata (2015)

Ambient soundscapes from Los Angeles with a large presence of chromatic percussion sounds and lots of field recordings.


Gypsy Witch (UK)

Unspoken (2017)

Ambient artist Diana Smethurst. Relaxing, cinematic, a bit new-agey. Sometimes with tribal rhythms.


Gzara (USA)

Dawn On Nebular Horizon (2018)

Long, cosmic tracks composed on two accordions, a Yamaha SK-15 and a Yamaha PSR-510.

See also: Erszébet, Mycologia, Mystal Tree, Nahadoth, Ghost of Forest, Kolessa, Stroboseth.


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