F.A.R.N. (Germany)

And Friends (1983)
Brötzinger Konzerte (1985) (with Syn-Code)
Teamwork (1986)
Synvoll (??)

A group put together by Peter Schaefer in the 1980's. They mainly worked in the duo format with Schaefer and Kai Uwe Höhn but other friends and colleagues also appeared from time to time on records or at concerts.

See also: Schaefer, Peter, Farn, Pete, Opera's Space.


f.ampism (UK)

The Radical Stop (2022)

Sonic and visual artist from Brighton (real name - Paul Wilson). The Radical Stop features liquid, watery, sun-drenched electronics a bit similar to some Panabrite or Dolphins Into the Future material. Further investigation is needed.


F.D. Project (Germany)

Electronic Dreams (2003)
Blue Visions (2004)
Mountainway (2005)
Electric Visions (2006) (recorded in 2004)
Timeless (2006)
The Journey To Another Place (2007)
Heavensgate (2008)
Today & Yesterday (2009)
Derby! (2009) (with Ron Boots and Harold van der Heijden)
Electronic Circus (2009)
Time To Remember (2010)
Nocturna (2011)
Water And Earth (2011)
Quadea (2012)
Live E-Live 2013 (2013)
Timeless II (2016)
Roots (2018)
Lunaris (2020)
The Other Side of... And More... (2021)
Color of Life (2022)
Distance (2022)
Stars Landscape And Collision (2023)

The man behind F.D. Project is Frank Dorittke. The first album contains vocals, but the music itself is pure EM, very melodic and spacey, resulting in a collection of electronic ballads.

See also: Dorittke, Frank, MorPheusz.


F.G. Experimental Laboratory (Switzerland)

Journey Into A Dream (1975)
Synthetic Music For Church (1976) (S)
Hope (1980)
7693 (1993) (recorded in 1976 - 1993)

Abstract and cosmic music played on various synthesizers and keyboards by Fredy Guye who worked (and I guess still works) out of his studio in Chezard-Saint-Martin, Neuchatel canton. For fans of the trippiest Klaus Schulze and early Tangerine Dream.


F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay (Italy)

Origamystical (2016)

Classic power electronics / noise project (Luigi Maria Mennella) from the 1990's. On Origamystical, a strange krauty / EM attitude started to show itself and the music is rather unique, blending synths with darkish ambiences and a strange ethnic vibe.


F0x3r (France)

Neon Rain (2020)
Define Love (2023)

Neon / futuristic / dystopian / utopian / rainy ambience from Nancy.


Fab Mayday (Italy)

Fractal Rivers (2017)

Unique World Music with tribal, Gamelan and minimalist (lots of repetition) influences. A project of Fabio Calzolari who has been known previously for his nu-disco productions.


Fabbri, Franco (Italy)

Domestic Flights (1983)

Rare electronic album by former guitarist of prog band Stormy Six that makes use of guitar synthesizer, a drum machine and a computer. Cosmic sound.


Faber (Germany)

Spacefish (2009)
Spaceseed (2009)
Spaceglow (2010)
Different Worlds (2011)
Dreamchild (2011)
Universal Flow (2012)
Sounddiver (2012)
Pictures (2013)
Ways (2014)
Stories (2014)
Dark Sun (2015)
Earthbeats (2016)
Monumentum (2018)
Kaleidoscope (2019)
Voices (2020)
Floating Waves (2020)
Sequentium (2022)

More or less classic style Electronic Music from this synthesist.


Faber, Roland (Germany)

RSF (2018)

Melodic, propulsive electronic themes, containing both Jarrisms ("Valentino", "Chez Conrad"), Tangerine Dream style circa Exit / White Eagle ("Michael", "Bedvine", "Urban Frost", "Gegenstrom", "Midnight Runner") and italo-disco ("Loeffelkinder").

See also: Synthetic Machines


Fabersan (UK)

The Invisible Landscape (2017)

Varied ambient and melodic / cinematic compositions with some voice samples. Some of it will appeal to fans of Vangelis. Some sounds more influenced by 1990's ambient techno / psychedelic electronics.


Fabi, Claudio (Italy)

Avventura (??)

Electronic library record.


Fabor, Fabio (Italy)

Synthetronics (1976) (with Giancarlo Barigozzi)
Baby Show (1976)
Melos e psiche (1976)
Pape Satan (1980)
Aquarium (1980)
Space Craft's Men: Adventures (1983) (with Antonio Arena)
Elektro Barock (1983)
Superman (1984) (with Antonio Arena)

Fabio Fabor (1920 - 2011) was a library composer (real name - Fabio Borgazzi) who composed music in various styles, including some EM (the electronic-related releases are listed).

See also: Astral Dimension, the


Fabric (USA)

A Sort of Radiance (2011)
Curiosity Model (2016) (EP)

Floating, warm analog soundscapes from Matthew Mullane out of Ohio, USA.


Fabrics (Australia)

InnerTerror (2018) (S)

Fabrics is Alex Psaltis based in Sydney. Varied, bright, melodic, ambient synth compositions. Nice sequencing / arpeggios.


Fabulous Beard, The (Italy)

And There U Have It! (2013)
Can A Machine Think? (2014)

A project by Giuseppe Aceto on electronics, who is helped by a drummer and a bass player. Sounds like upbeat, virtuosic progressive metal played on synths.


Fabulous Diamonds (Australia)

Plain Songs (2019)

Melbourne-based synth / vocal duo of Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa. Plain Songs has something of a "Dead Can Dance meet EM" feel to it.


Face (USA)

A Picture of End (1997)

Ambient soundscapes from Paris Sedonis and Justin Bennett.


Face Worker (USA)

Pre-Dawn White Lights (2009)
Ocean / Haze (2009) (S)
Lights & Towns (2009)
Deforestation (2009) (S)
The Building of A Dam (2009) (S)

Face Worker is Brett Naucke, the founder of Catholic Tapes cassette label (known for its experimental / noise releases). His own music is rather restrained, with chimey synth patterns and chirpy effects. Still a bit on the experimental side of things.

See also: Naucke, Brett, Exercise.


Facta (UK)

Blush (2021)

A mixture of soft house and ambient tracks from Oscar Henson. The ambient material is nice (the house material is ok, but IMO forgettable).


Factory Floor (UK)

A Soundtrack To A Film (2018)

Minimal wave / post-punk / post-industrial duo of Gabe Gurnsey and Nic Void created this album (A Soundtrack To A Film) as an imagined soundtrack to Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". Their sound ranges from ambient to rhythmic, often pulsing ala Carpenter, and very Prog overall. Being a male / female duo, they somehow remind me on the Chris & Cosey collabs, which is no wonder as Nic Void made a few collaborative albums with that duo.


Factual Brains (USA)

Mind Allotropes (2019)

Drummer (Alec Schumann) with multiple bands. As a solo artist, he combines drums with quite intense electronics. Varied, but mostly experimental. Sometimes cosmic and melodic, with vocoders.


Faded Cloak (USA)

Black Cloak Sessions (2021)
Winter Cloak Sessions (2022)
Wrapped In Fog And Freezing Mist (2024)

Sort of dungeon synth-like, but also with elements of experimental electronics and cosmic EM. Pretty moody, but hardly dark.

See also: Evergloom


Faded Ghost (China)

Ghost Ark (2013) (S)

Female artist based in Shanghai (originally from Guizhou). Moody, melodic synths and some vocalizations.


Fading Language (USA)

Vessels of Time (2018)

Ambient compositions with a large piano presence.


Fae & Seffi (USA)

Miraka (2018)

Portland, Oregon-based duo engaged in writing experimental electronic dance music. On Miraka, they show a definite EM influence, with long tracks full of analog synths, repeating music box melodies and even real percussion / drums.


Fagelli, Leonardo (Canada)

Departure (2013)
Quantum (2013)
Knight of the Pyramid (2013)

Dynamic electronic themes that sound like Keith Emerson played by Klaus Schulze. Leonardo Fagelli is a keyboardist based in Quebec.


Fagerström, Daniel (Sweden)

Beyond Interstitial Space (2013)
En levande själ (2014) (soundtrack)
Dream Wind (2015)
Binary Visions (2017) (S)
Icosa - AI (2017)

Swedish vocalist, keyboardist, synthesist and multi-instrumentalist. Daniel is a member of the punk / garage, as well as industrial scenes in his country and plays (or have played) in several bands. His solo work released under his real name is electronic and he makes use of classic analog instruments, along with driving drums. I guess some of the material released under the Optic Nest moniker can qualify for inclusion as well.

See also: Optic Nest, Weirdest Dream.


Failing Lights (USA)

New Year's Eve Dark Ambient (2020)
New Year's Day Dark Ambient (2022)
Christmas Eve Dark Ambient (2022)
Christmas Day Dark Ambient (2023)

Varied, often guitar-based ambient / experimental project of Mike Connelly. At least the above series of albums will be interesting for fans of synth-based musics, from "dungeon synth" to piano dirges to droning to sequencer / arpeggio-based.


Failings (USA)

Failings (2020)

Electronic trio formed by Ian Hawk and consisting of him, Garek Jon Druss and Greg Fox. Unpredictable rhythms and sounds, broken sequences, weird atmospheres... Pretty inventive and unique stuff overall, although there is a slight Heldon vibe to some of it.


Fairlight (Switzerland)

Electronic duo of Peter Irock and Lionello Ferrazzini that gave a lot of concerts of cosmic Electronic Music during the 1980's.

See also: Irock, Peter


Fait Réel (France)

El Sendero de San Pedro (2020)

Mysterious synth compositions with some ethnic touches.


Faivre, Marcel Henri (France)

Prismes (??)

Marcel Henri Faivre is a classical composer but it looks like at least the first side of this obscure 1970's album contains electronic works.


Fajerman, Joël (France)

Racines synthetiques (1978)
Prisme (1979)
Painted Desert (1980) (with Jan Yrssen)
Azimuts (1981)
L'aventure des plantes (1982)
Turbulences (1983)
Electric Ice (1985) (with Pierre Porte)
Regards (1989)
Inventions of Life (1991)
Nostalgic 1 (??) (with Pierre Porte)

French synthesist known for his TV programme and commercial scores. His most famous work is La Aventura de las Plantas (L'Aventure des Plantes), a documentary soundtrack with a flowing, melodic style.

See also: Mayordom.


Faktion (???)

Faktion (??)

Obscure tape. 4 tracks.


Falchion (USA)

Un nouveau départ (2019) (S)
Short Stories (2019) (S)
Tales From the Fabled Forest (2019) (S)

Dungeon synth artist from New York state who prefers to use analog synths (especially notable on Short Stories), which gives a special cosmic / EM flair to his music.


Falckenhaus, Franz (Netherlands)

Stories From My Cold War (2006)
Secret Microcassettes (2007)
The Europa Judgement (2008)
Lost Border (2008)
Tupolev System (2018)

Dramatic, symphonic and ambient EM compositions from Danny Wolfers.

See also: Wolfers, Danny, Legowelt, Smackos, Weltman, Klaus, Phalangius, Knutson, Saab, Nomad Ninja, Occult Orientated Crime, Ufocus, Zandvoort & Uilenbal, Taniyama, Satomi, Rising Sun Systems, Osmo, Sammy, Star Sheperd, Psychic Stewardess, The, Bontempi 666, Lobosquillo, Mavelli, Florenza.


Falivene, Giuseppe (Italy)

Fragrance (2017)
The Value of Intimacy In Modern Society (2018)
Visions (2019)
Terraforming Memory (2019)
Echoes, Diffusions (2020)

Varied EM - ambient, cosmic, noisy, rhythmic...


Falken, Stephen (France)

Visions (2009) (S)
Phantom Tracks Vol. 1 (2011)
The Curious Case of Wiedenfalsen (2013) (S)

One of the italo-disco revivalists. He likes to toss in an ambient piece or two among his well-crafted instrumental italo tracks and the most interesting item is The Curious Case... which is mostly ambient, dark and progressive EM.


Fall Mountain (USA)

Early Fall (1979)

Avant-garde electronic improvisations by this New York trio of Bob Ostertag, Jim Katzin and Ned Rothenberg.


Fall of the Grey-Winged One (Belgium)

Aeons of Dreams (2002)
Death Time Emptiness (2003)
Inritus (2004)
Channelers (2009)

Mostly Drone Ambient (but with ocasional drums) from the man behind Until Death Overtakes Me and Dreams of Dying Stars.

See also: Until Death Overtakes Me, Dreams of Dying Stars, I Dream No More, In the Mist, Forbidden Fields.


Fallen (Italy)

Secrets of the Moon (2015)
ást (2018)
Glimpses (2018)
Tout est silencieux (2018)
Drømmende (2019)
When the Light Went Out (2019)
Of Memories And Hopes (2020)
Distant Harmonies (2021)
Ljós (2021)
Her Name Is A Whispered Lullaby (2021)
Diamonds Are Underwater (2021)
Our Dreams Will Be Told (2022)
Soft Skin, Eternal Verses (2022)
Beauty And Misery (2022)
Moonlight Romance (2022)
Sonnambuli (2023)
Floating World (2023)
All the Dreams We Forget Are Tiny Flowers Burnt By the Endless Golden Flow of Time (2023)
The Lonely Home Over Cypress Hill (2023)

Varied ambient material from Lorenzo Bracaloni, with strong influences from 1970's EM. Rhythmic soundscapes, sometimes with sequencers and an addition of oboe playing. The author is also known for his more folk-influenced project The Child of A Creek.

See also: Child of A Creek, The


Fallgatter (UK)

BCYT (2019)

This is a rather interesting concept. The music uses data from videos converted to midi information that is then used to trigger samples from the same videos. Ok, if that sounds confusing to you, don't let that put you off, because if you like Experimental, but accessible EM, you will find these chirping compositions to your liking (actually, most of it sounds like someone tweaking a modular synth).


False Mirror (Germany)

Chronostatic Scenes (2007)
North (2007)
Entropy Reversed (2009) (S) (with Phelios)
Derelict World (2010)
Sigint (2018)

Droning and often dark Ambient with a strong presence of environmental samples and organic instruments (including overtone singing). False Mirror is the project of Tobias Hornberger.


Falsini, Franco (Italy)

Cold Nose (1975)

Soundtrack to a never-released documentary by member of Sensation's Fix. Cosmic electronic work, mixing frippoid guitar and synthesizer soundscapes.

See also: Sensation's Fix


Family Underground (Denmark)

Time of Others (2021)

Varied experimental / drone / folk / improvisational ensemble. Only one album included in EEM so far, recorded in Jakarta on a few, mostly analog tools. Hard-core experimental sounds, but also some very Prog EM-like moments here.


Famous Forgotten Artists (Spain)

Between the Lost Paradise And the Promised Land (2015)
Watching the Sprinklers (2018)
Reality Is Never Enough - 2022 Revisited (2022)
A Straight Line Is An Infinite Circle (2024)

Barcelona-based project in rhythmic / melodic style, with driving rhythms, solos, etc., something along the lines of the "British School".


Fana (Italy)

Bias (2019)

Highly percussive electronics from Stefano Greco.

See also: Phase Duo


Fanaras, Christos (UK)

Impermanence (2014)

Ambient and melodic music with an analogue feel. Sometimes sequencer-based.

See also: Elephant House


Fane (Romania)

Follow the Map (2018)

Fane is a project of Stefan Popescu, who is currently based in Brighton. The music represents a mixture of English folk music and ambient electronics. Pretty nice stuff if you ask me.


Fang, Forrest (USA)

Music From the Blackboard Jungle (1980)
Some Brighter Stars (1982)
Migration (1986)
The Wolf At the Ruins (1989)
World Diary (1992)
Folklore (1995)
The Blind Messenger (1997)
Gongland (2000)
Invisibility (2006) (with Carl Weingarten)
Phantoms (2009)
Unbound (2011)
Animism (2012)
Letters To the Farthest Star (2015)
The Sleepwalker's Ocean (2016)
Following the Ether Sun (2017)
The Fata Morgana Dream (2019)
Ancient Machines (2019)
The Book of Wanderers (2020)
Forever Cascades (2021)
The Lost Seasons of Amorphia (2022)
The Oort Cloud Meditations (2023)

American musician of Chinese descent who works on the stylistic border between World Music and Ambient. He uses a lot of acoustic instruments, along with samples and electronics.

See also: Sans Serif


Fanger & Kersten (Germany)

Script (1997)
Interkosmos (1999)
Splashdown (2000)
Elektrik Massage (2008)

The duo of Mind-Flux making no-nonsense modern Electronic Music, very synthetic and with a cool drive. Recommended.

See also: Fanger, Thomas, Mind-Flux


Fanger & Schönwälder (Germany)

Analog Overdose (2001)
Analog Overdose 2 (2003)
Analog Overdose 3 (2003)
Analog Overdose 4 (2004)
Analog Overdose 0.9 (2006)
Stromschlag (2007)
Elektrik Cowboys (2009) (with Rainbow Serpent) (recorded in 2007)
Analog Overdose In the Appelbaum Nebula (2012) (with Matt Howarth)
Earshot (2013) (S) (with Cosmic Hoffmann)
Analog Overdose 5 (2014)
Analog Overdose - The Pool Concert (2016)
Analog Overdose 6 (2021)

Electronic duo of Thomas Fanger (Mind-Flux) and Mario Schönwälder with a rhythmic, sequencer-based sound, using a lot of classic analogue textures.

See also: Fanger, Thomas, Fanger & Kersten, Mind-Flux, Fanger & Siebert, Schönwälder, Mario, Keller & Schönwälder.


Fanger & Siebert (Germany)

Fanger & Siebert (1996)

Same style as Fanger & Kersten.

See also: Fanger, Thomas, Synoptic Music Plant, Fanger & Kersten, Mind-Flux, Fanger & Schönwälder.


Fanger, Thomas (Germany)

Parlez-vous electronique? (2005)
Entspannung pur - Pure Relaxation (2013) (with Keller & Schönwälder)

Solo Electronic Music from Thomas Fanger.

See also: Fanger & Kersten, Fanger & Schönwälder, Fanger & Siebert, Mind-Flux, Synoptic Music Plant.


Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis (Germany)

Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis (2012)

Solo project of Nikolai Szymanski in hybrid wave / pop / EM vein. If I were to compare to any EM classics, then Kraftwerk would be the closest comparison. Beware the vocals (some tracks are instrumental).

See also: Airchina, Stabil Elite.


Fantastic Imagination, The (USA)

Wizard Friendship Bracelet (2020)
Elf Death (2023)

A project of Josh Meakim. Floating and experimental synth. Sometimes with a Cluster feel, sometimes focused on the sequencing or relaxed / vaguely balearic. Pretty nice and diverse overall.


Fantastic Twins (France??)

Obakodomo (2017) (recorded in 2015)
Two Is Not A Number (2023)

A project of Julienne Dessagne. Although mainly known for techno / club-related music, Obakodomo contains music recorded as a soundtrack for a children's theater play and it's an interesting experimental work, sometimes with sort of a Cluster feel (as on "Cordee", for example).


Fantasy House (Canada)

Begin (2009)
Earth Reality (2012)
3 Planet Fantasy (2017)
The 4mation (2019)

Varied project of Steve Hickey. From rhythmic stuff to atmospheric numbers and wacky experiments.


Fåntratt (Sweden)

Tut i luren (2017)
Under isen (2017)
Tjena mors tjejer (2018)
Kummer upp i tö (2018)
Rehearsal 2018-09-16 (2018)
Guest In King's Quest (2019) (S)
Frisk kuling (2020)
Ljusbringarna (2020)
Trollens återkomst (2021) (with Mörka Skogens Vindar)
Halvgången (2022)

Dungeon synth-related sound, but with a strong Prog EM / ambient feel.


Fanum (Russia)

Fanum (2008)
Fanum II (2009)
IR (2010) (S) (with Vazhes)
Zapredel (2011) (with Kromeshna)
Escort of Endless Summer (2012) (with Ierophania)
Coniunctio (2012) (with Parchim)
Broen (2012) (with Esche)
Dust Storm (2013) (with Exit In Grey)

Pure Drone Ambient from the guy who is also known for his noise project Pugna.


Far Away Nebraska (Italy)

Il vento mi parla di te (2023)

Beautiful, melodic ambient synth compositions.


Far East Family Band (Japan)

Far Out (1973)
The Cave Down To the Earth (1974)
Nipponjin (1975)
Parallel World (1976)
Tenkujin (1977)

Japanese group. Musician who is currently known as Kitaro was a member of Far East Family Band during the recording of Nipponjin and Parallel World. These albums from 1975 are produced by Klaus Schulze, whose influence is very noticeable on these works. It's great cosmic progressive rock  with pure synth moments. Sometimes they sing (either in English or in Japanese), but the singing doesn't detract from the music which flows beautifully among sparkling clusters of synths. A classic! The band 'Far Out' was a predecessor to Far East Family Band but I included it here, although from their classic lineup only Fumio Miyashita was present and the music on Far Out is much more rock-oriented. Tenkujin is again, basically a Fumio solo endeavor, with new guest musicians helping out. The music is more rocky than on Parallel World, retaining the spaciness and synths.

See also: Kitaro, Itoh, Akira, Chronicle, Miyashita, Fumio.


Far From Everything (Brazil)

Na Manha de Neve (2022)

"Dungeon synth" / Ambient project from Brazil. Rather minimal and moody sound here.


Far From Stars (UK)

Proxima Centauri (1998)

See also: Nagle, Paul, Smokeyfrog.


Far Out Radio Systems (Netherlands)

On Boolean Plains (2020)

Mostly various forms of techno, but also enough nice ambient EM material here. Excellent potential for a completely Prog EM album in the future for this project.


Farbfelde (Austria)

Eins (2015)
Zwei (2022)

Berlin School-influenced project from Vienna.


Farbror Resande Mac (Sweden)

Magma (2014) (S)
Yttre rymden (2014)
EP (2015) (EP)
BTTB 005 EP (2016) (EP)
Atalanta (2016) (S)

A mixture of "balearic beat" and melodic EM. Nice sound.


Farcaster (USA)

Brain Machine (2023)

Minneapolis-based project in driving melodic / rhythmic EM vein on cosmic / sci-fi themes.

See also: Desolation Plains


Farceb (Argentina)

Rebirth And Fertility (2019)

Ambient, pulsing compositions from Nicolás Bornia.


Farfield (UK)

The Edges of Everything (2000)
Dust And Glass (2001)
Beginning To Freeze (2001)
Sonic Entities (2004)

Dark soundscapes from Nick Webb.


Fargon (USA)

Solstice I: Circumzenithal Arc (2019)
Equinox I, Or Rebirth: The Vernal Pool (2020)

Relaxed and flowing synths: new-agey, sometimes ala Popol Vuh or the more pastoral Manuel Goettsching. A project from Richmond, Virginia.


Farhoud, Alex (Canada)

Nosso Nosso (1985)
(A + M) 2 (1988)

Symphonic electronics with a Vangelis touch. Vincent Dionne participates on several tracks of Nosso Nosso.


Fariñas, Carlos (Cuba)

Aguas Territoriales (1981)

Electroacoustic composer who, although coming from the academic world, gives us a nice electronic track in the form of side A of the above LP ("Madrigal"). Ok, parts of it are pretty much your typical academic fare, but there are also some moments of lysergic, vaguely melodic synth drift ala early (Irrlicht to Picture Music) Klaus Schulze. Side B is standard musique concrete / electroacoustics (processed water sounds). File under EM-related.


Farkas, Robert (Serbia)

Lamamos (2015)
Yian (2016)

Varied compositions from this musician, from piano solos to atmospheric / ambient electronics and more rhythmic / busy compositions.


Farmacia (Argentina)

The Devil Knows Your Name Now Instrumental (2020)
Breathe (2022)

Experimental techno-pop band consisting of brothers Ariel Sima and Diego Sima. In 2019, they released an album titled The Devil Knows Your Name Now and a year later came this beauty that is essentially and instrumental version of it, which plays as a nice EM record in its own right. It loses momentum somewhat towards the end, becoming more pastoral and low-key.


Farn, Pete (Germany)

Cycler (2003)
MC Square (2006)
Alkor (2007)
Mizar (2008)
Permutation (2009)
In der Ferne (2009)
Im Klangbad (2010)
Lichtdruck (2011)
Ringmodulator (2011)
Schwebewald (2012)
Cryptids (2013)
Metalsphere (2013)
Andere Saiten (2015)
Blow My Tears (2015)
Noodle+ (2017)
Spin Up (2018)
Albgaenge (2019)
Sweet Metal (2020)
RePete! (2021)
Grainscapes Vol. 1 (2023)
Grainscapes Vol. 2 (2023)

Actually a pseudonym of Peter Schaefer.

See also: Schaefer, Peter, F.A.R.N., Opera's Space.


Farozon (Sweden)

Blås i krigshornet (2019)
Bland tomtar och troll (2019)

Pretty strange project that mixes normal dungeon synth, cartoonish themes ala "comfy synth", melodic / spacey Electronic Music and even jazz fusion (on the second album). How weird is that?


Farrán, Ramón (Spain)

My Young Comet / Magic Moog (1973) (S)

Spanish jazz drummer, arranger, producer, composer and orchestra leader / conductor. Ramón Farrán is also one of the pioneers of synthesizers in his country, utilizing Moog synth on this single dedicated to Comet Kohoutek. Music a bit on the cheesy, poppy side, but with a nice analog warmth to it. If you're in a generous mood, you can sort of consider it a precursor to Kraftwerk, who also made a dedication with their (much darker) "Kometenmelodie".


Farreras, Jordi (Spain)

L'home sense dits (2020)

Barcelona-based singer-songwriter and member (drummer) of progressive rock band Espígol. L'Home Sense Dits is a progressive rock album with vocal songs by Farreras, one instrumental piece and a long droning ambient epic "I (a, b, c)". File under EM-related.


Farron (Germany)

Damaad (2023)

Techno artist from Bavaria. Damaad is about 60% ambient and 40% techno.


Farrugia, Daniel (Australia)

Drums & Omnichord, Amongst Other Things (2018)
Replicants (2021)

Drummer who is also very much into electronics.


Farrugia, Robert (Malta)

Half-Light (2015)
Tines (2016)
Slow Morning (2016)
Almost There (2018)
MENSCH CD 006 (2018) (EP)
Adrift (2019)
Revisiting (2019)
Worn (2020)
Voicemail (2021)
Ċipress (2023)

Dreamy, reflective Ambient created with synths, guitars and piano. Earlier albums are supposedly more in the post-rock mould.


Faru (Germany)

Utasava (2022) (recorded in 2018)

Faru is a project of Berlin-based musician Fabian Ruf. He makes ambient compositions with processed field recordings, tribal percussion and synthetic drones. Hypnotic, ethnic, tribal, deep... Some downtempo rhythms and soft sequencing are present as well.


Faryus (Russia)

Forgotten Rituals (2007) (with Oophoi)
Lucid Dreams (2008)
Zerkalo (2008) (with Robert Rich)
Night Forest Reality (2008)
8 Atmospheres (2009) (with Vadim Bondarenko)
Silence Spells (2010)
Quiet Songs From Misty Places (2011) (with Vadim Bondarenko)

Ambient from Andrey Sadovnikov out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Fasci di Combattimento (Bulgaria)

A New World (2017)
Among the Ruins: Ten Years of Marching / Anthology 2009 - 2019 (2019)

A mixture of Martial Industrial and Martial Ambient with lots of samples.


Fasenuova (Spain)

Hegemonia / Goodbye (2009)
A la Quinta Hoguera (2011)
Ella está Llena de Gracia (2011)
A las Puertas del Ruido (2012)
Disimulando / Besos Técnicos (2013) (S)
Salsa de Cuervo (2013)
Aullidos Metálicos (2016)

Unorthodox synth-pop duo that makes forays into minimal synth, industrial, as well as Progressive EM of the more cerebral and neurotic kind (Heldon style).


Fashion, Carlo (Germany)

Pieces For Acoustic Instruments And Synthesizers (2001)
A Collection of Synthesizer Pieces (??)

Carlo Fashion is a pseudonym of Carl Oesterhelt from Munich. Some of his music will appeal to classically-inspired synth stuff like Wendy Carlos. There is basically only one such track on Pieces..., while A Collection of Synthesizer Pieces is supposedly entirely in that style.


Fashion Flesh (USA)

Withdrawn (2017)
Old Hag / Drawing Apart (2017) (S)
Warm Receiver (2018)
High Esteem (2020)

Quirky, rhythmic, experimental electronics by John Talaga who designs and builds his own instruments. Vaguely along the lines of solo Moebius.


Fastidious Android (UK??)

Innerself (2019)

Dramatic and cinematic synth compositions. Shades of Vangelis etc. A project of Franco Rizzello.


Fata Morgana (Norway)

Fata Morgana (1995)
Space Race / Robot City (1996) (S)

Dark and spacey ambients from Mortiis aka Hevard Ellefsen.

See also: Mortiis, Vond, Cintecele Diavolui.


Fatima Yamaha (Netherlands)

Imaginary Lines (2015)
What's A Girl To Do? (2015) (EP)

Fatima Yamaha is Dutch electro producer Bas Bron who has clear EM tendencies. Like many electro producers, he likes his analog synths and there are nice beatless tracks scattered throughout his releases that will interest Prog EM fans. I wonder, what a completely EM album by him would sound like.


Fattyú (Hungary)

Torony (2021)
Királyok városa (2023)
Häxen (2023)

One-man black metal project with occasional excursions (listed) to repetitive, dungeon style synth music.


Fauconnier, Jean-Marc (Belgium)

Les cités intérieures (1989)

This artist tries to fuse classical and electronic genres. Very much a product of its era, Les Cités Intérieures is full of digital (sampled) emulations of classical instruments. I find his use of sampled percussion and flute quite nice and interesting. After this album, Fauconnier went on to release at least two more discs privately. I haven't heard these, but they are supposedly oriented even more towards classical music.


Faust Degada (Italy)

Lux & Uria (2013)

A mixture of rhythmic and floating ambient tracks.


Fauter (Finland??)

Dulce (2015) (S)
Towers In Lumen (2016)

Melodic, atmospheric, rhythmic. Rather unclassifiable overall.


Fautzi, Lewis (Portugal)

The Ascension of Mind (2017)
Insanity Department (2019)
Manner of Death (2023)

A pseudonym of Luis Gonçalves. He released a couple of techno albums before arriving at the darkish, moody, pulsing EM sound of Insanity Department. The Ascension of Mind is supposedly a transitional release between techno and EM.


FauveMuseum (USA)

Blacklight (2009)

A project of Tom Doncourt. Everything written for his own entry also applies here. Half-instrumental / half-vocal trip based on the sounds of the Mellotron and other vintage keyboards.

See also: Doncourt, Tom


Favory, Jean-Baptiste (France)

Things Under: Organic Compositions For Guitars & Electronics (2017)
Ciels (2022)

Experimental composer. He plays keys and electronics in Mexican free rock band Los Lichis and is also a member of avant ensemble C.L.S.I. Ciels is synth music is a unique style: dark and moody, it owes a lot to the experimental end of the French EM spectrum: Heldon, Lard Free, Ilitch, Wakhevitch, etc.


Fax (Mexico)

Telegraphic Memory (2021)

Manic, rhythmic, repetitive.


Faxes (Canada)

Fascination (2021) (S)

Doomy ambient synth dirges, shadowy voice samples and some overdriven guitar drones.

See also: Zeit, Tets​ü​o ii.


Fayerabend (North Macedonia / Ukraine)

Diagnosis of Our Time (2020)

Ambient duo of Toni Dimitrov and Mykola Yosypenko.

See also: Dimitrov, Toni, Motorpig.


Fayman & Fripp (USA/UK)

A Temple In the Clouds (2000)

Great dark work from Jeffrey Fayman and Robert Fripp. Layered Frippertronics and synths.

See also: Fripp, Robert


Faze Island (USA)

Faze Island (2014) (EP)
Faze Island (2016)
No Ordinary Love (2017) (S)
A Cosmic Analog Tribute To: Jackie Mittoo (2017)
Beach Oddity (2018)

New Orleans-based artist Mike Mayfield who is something special. Utilizing an impressive array of analog keyboards and drum machines, he does covers of reggae and pop songs, as well as composes original material with reggae / dub vibes but completely electronic. If you like EM and enjoy some good beach vibes, this will be for you.

See also: Time And Form, Creeper.


FBQ (Belgium)

Memory Palace (2020)

Ambient artist. Reflective, quiet, moody, melancholic... Sometimes with subtle sequencing.


Feanch, Alan (France)

Piano electriques (1975)
Times Incidence (1979) (with Cecil Wary)
T.V. Adventure (1980)
Feanch Times (1980)
Nostalgic Times (??)
Space Dream (??)
Light Breeze (??) (with Christian Chevallier)
Space Resonances (??) (with Christian Chevallier)
Times Resonance (??) (with Michel Gonet)
Kaleidoscope (??) (with Ted Atking)
World Explorers (??) (with Ted Atking)
Dreaming In the Sky (??)
Wild Flower (??) (with Cecil Wary)
T.V. Scoop (??)

Alan Feanch (aka Allan Feanch, real name - Alain Poinsot) is a library composer whose LP's (some solo's and some collaborations) represent a curious mixture of styles. Some might be interesting to EM fans.


Fear And Aghast (Poland)

Troubled Thoughts (2009)
Manipulation of the Sick Mind (2010) (S)
Winter Depression (2010) (EP)
Solitude (2010)
Melancholy (2010)
Deep In the Abyss of Time (2016)

Melancholic ambience from this Polish project.

See also: C.O.U.F.O.L., Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.


Fear of Ghosts (USA)

Fear of Ghosts (2015)

Los Angeles-based project focusing on analog synthesizers recorded live to computer. Varied EM. Mostly moody and cinematic, with a classic feel.


Fearless, Richard (UK)

Future Rave Memory (2021)

Richard Fearless is the man behind Death In Vegas electronic project. In 2019, he released Deep Rave Memory, a massive, 2-LP techno album. Future Rave Memory is a companion release, which delves into dystopian visions of droning synths and neon lights creating an organic whole.

See also: Death In Vegas


Feater (Austria)

Waste the Time (2015)
Socialo Blanco (2019)
Money (2020)

A project of Daniel Meuzard who combines disco rhythms with more abstract forms of EM. In a way, his album Money harkens back to the 1970's days of groups like Space (not that he sounds like them, though), also combining vocal disco songs and instrumental electronic material which, in case of Meuzard, focuses on the abstract, instead of the melodic side. And, as is always the case with these type of releases, the vocal disco material I found totally forgettable, while the EM material definitely has some merit. Nice EM-related artist here, who is actually closer to being EM than non-EM.


Fecso, Zoltan (Australia??)

Summer Raga (2018)
Entering And Emerging (2020)
Daylight In An Empty Room (2020)
Other Air (2023)

Ambient artist residing in Australia. His name sounds Hungarian to me, though, so I'm not sure about his actual origins. Zoltan Fecso uses a lot of field recordings (both natural and processed) alongside soft electronics and synths.


Fedbymachines (Netherlands)

Mountains Fields Rivers (2019) (S)

Techno-related artist (Peter Mohnen). The track "Solos" from Mountains Fields Rivers will be interesting for EM fans.


Fedorenko, Nickolay (Russia)

Untold Legends of the Future (2017)
World In Your Hands (2018)
Urbanica (2019)

Composer and musician from Nizhny Novgorod working mostly in spacesynth and related genres. On World In Your Hands, you can hear prominent Jarre and Moroder influences, while the spacesynth sound takes a back seat.


Fehler Kuti (Germany)

Schland Is the Place For Me (2019)
Professional People (2021)

This sounds like Cluster teaming up with the drummer from Talk Talk to back an afrobeat band. Unique tropical / exotica / Prog EM mixture. Beware the "vocals".


Fehlmann, Thomas (Germany)

Umdrehen (2023)

Thomas Fehlmann founded Palais Schaumburg together with Holger Hilier in 1979. It became one of the most influential "Neue Deutsche Welle" (NDW) bands. After splitting in 1984, each of the members followed their own route, with Fehlmann concentrating on the use of the sampler and eventually becoming one of the bigger names in German dub techno / IDM / glitch scenes. Umdrehen has some moments that approximate it with the more experimental forms of Progressive EM.


Feichtner, Dieter (Austria)

Trance Formations 1 (1985) (with Robert Julian Horky, Gerald Koller, Gunther Friedrich and Dick Sells)
Euphorismen (1989)
Anthology Vol. 1: Direct Recordings 1982 - 1993 (2005)
Kronprinz Rudolfs Traum (2019) (recorded in 1978)

Late Austrian synthesist (1943 - 1999) who used to pack his instruments into a truck and travel with this mobile rig (sometimes referred to as "caravan"), experimenting with synths or playing with some colleagues from the progressive / jazz scenes (Barre Phillips, Terje Rypdal, Robert Julian Horky etc.).


Feigur (France)

III, Ascension (2022)

Atmospheric black metal project of Adrien Tibi, turning to electronics for III, Ascension. Synthy, melancholic, hymnal, climatic...


Feinberg, Ezra (USA)

Recumbent Speech (2020)

Acoustic / electric guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. On the above album, synths are abundant and the whole approaches the warm Ashra sound in places. File under EM-related.


Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (Germany)

Swinging With the Pinkels (2021)

German noise / post-industrial (according to other sources - Dark Ambient) project active since the early 1990's. One of their members is involved in NID. I don't know if and how much of their output would qualify for inclusion, which is aggravated by the fact that their music is not available anywhere on the net (apart from some second hand copies and ultra limited editions circulating around). I decided to include this one album so far, apparently a more accessible one.


Feistritzer, Gerfried (Austria)

A Light Message (1987)
Silence Dance (1988)
The Raven Sky (1988)
Crystal World (1988)
The Land of Emotions (1989)
Earth, Fire, Water, Air (1990)
Watermeditation (1990)
Classic Harmony (1991)
Planeten Symphonie (1993)

Ambient compositions from this Austrian musician.


Fekete, Gusztáv (Hungary)

Introspection (2018) (recorded in 1979 - 1981)

Sort of occult guitar / electronics music supposedly recorded in the late 1970's and early 1980's. A fake?


Feldermelder (Switzerland)

For Future Holographic Suns (2020)
Bonn Route (2022) (with Julian Sartorius)
Euphoric Attempts (2022)
Dual | Duel (2023) (with Sara Oswald)

Feldermelder is Swiss artist Manuel Oberholzer. On Euphoric Attempts, we find varied electronic "picture music" tracks, from gritty and foggy, to ambient, warm and distubing / noisy. There is also a strong electroacoustic touch.

See also: Musique Infinie


Felicetti (USA)

Imagination (1994)
Bringing In the Sun (2001)
NGC 3314 (2003)

Similar to bombastic melodic Vangelis. Bringing In the Sun is piano music.


Felidae (USA)

Katla (2022)

Synth duo (Fanciulla Gentile and Sharmi Basu) with a diverse style - mostly analog, experimental, reflective and cosmic.


Feline Dream, The (UK)

Frozen Features, Frozen Dreams (2004) (recorded in 1997 - 1998)

Varied synth-pop band led by David Davis and Nick Carlisle. The above album gathers their live recordings in a more ambient and experimental mould. The music is dominated by analogue synthesizers and the sound quality varies from acceptable to good.


Felinto (Brazil)

Futuro Antigo Perpétuo (2021)
Não Tem Volta (2022)

Wow, that's some crazy stuff. São Paulo-based Felinto uses synths and Electribe groove box, accompanied by a couple of friends, mostly on percussion instruments. He ends up sounding like Rastakraut Pasta-era Moebius & Plank playing in a Brazilian club backed by a Jamaican dub band. The closer is very cool. This guy's got my attention.


Felippi, Peter (Switzerland)

Blue Light (1982)

See also: Konx


FELL (Netherlands / Switzerland)

FELL (2012) (EP)
Fell And the Incubate Kidsorchestra (2014) (EP)
Peiden (2019)

A drums / guitar and electronics duo from Eindhoven. A lot of what can be heard on Peiden is based on noctural improvisations with elements of jazz, post-rock, Ambient. Hard to compare to other artists. Maybe an autumnal, instrumental and more electronically-oriented Talk Talk from 1988 - 1991?


Fellirium (Russia)

Mermaids (2015)
Changes (2021)

Soft, droning Ambient from Andrey Vasilyev. He has lots of other, download-only releases.


Fellowship of Hallucinatory Voyagers, The (USA)

Tenderness Avalanche (2019)
The Imaginary Gallery (2021)

Cosmic electronic duo of Craig Padilla and Peter Bingham. Elements of progressive / space / psychedelic rock as well.

See also: Padilla, Craig


Felsenstein, Ava (Germany)

Hydrolux Abyss (2019)

Music inspired by early Jarre (circa Oxygene / Equinoxe). Actually, sometimes it enters copycat territory, rather than just "inspired by". However, there are not many Jarre copyists these days, so if you can't get enough of those Eminent swells, EMS twitters, bass sequencing and cosmic melodies, give it a try as the music is very well done.


Felsmann + Tiley (Germany / UK)

Tempora (2018)

Melodic and ambient synth etudes from this London-based duo.


Female Wizard (Australia)

TIE​-​EE​-​YIE​-​EE​-​YIE​-​EE​-​YIME (2021)

Wow, this one's weird. Obviously based on (and indebted to) club styles and scene, it treats those sounds and rhythms in such complex ways that it becomes all fucked up. In fact, it is so complex and inventive that it actually becomes progressive, although not in the classic sense. Something for listeners with an open mind and those searching for something really different.


Femminielli, Bernardino (Canada)

Las Enamoradas (2009)
La Montaña del Capricornio (2010)
Souvenir Express (2011)
Telenovelas Mentales (2012) (S)
Roi des pauvres (2016) (S)
L'enfer et ses fils (2016)
L'exil (2020)

Bernardino Femminielli is a Montreal-based artist who composes both Ambient and synth-pop. Only his ambient releases are listed. L'exil is a nice work in progressive rock / electronic style.


Fen Walker (USA)

The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name (2020)
Sojourns In the Realm of the Undermoon (2020)

Oregon-based project that mixes dungeon synth with melodic EM.


Fen Wraith (USA)

Those Woods Belong To Her. I'd Not Step Foot In Them... (2021)
Two: Moonprayer (2022)
The Adventures of Sklugg & Barb (2023) (with Unsheathed Glory)

Dungeon synth-related project. Pretty epic material here, with solemn and sometimes dark melodies, a mixture of digital and analog synthesizers and some extra cosmic / symphonic EM touches. There are also occasional (pretty rare) heavy guitar riffs.


Fencer, Bjorn (Hungary)

The Hungarian Fencing Federation (2014)

A collection of abstract / avant-garde electronic pieces plus two Prog EM tracks - "Rejected Theme for the BBC1 Television Show "Merlin"" and the closer "You'd Get A Lot More Out of This...".


Fendrich, Sam (UK)

Blue Tears (2018)
pPOPp (2019)

Short, quirky, melodic compositions with something of a slight Cluster flair in places, at other times hinting at melodic / hymnal French EM style or weird /complex RIO experiments.


Fenella (UK)

Inspired By The Marcel Jankovics Film Fehérlófia (2019)
The Metallic Index (2022)

Varied electronics from Jane Weaver - melodic, atmospheric, sequencer-based, often with Jane's voice and analog synths galore. I just love the sequencer overload on "Pulsion" (The Metallic Index).


Fenrir, K. (Iceland)

Drifting Towards the End (2016)
Svartagallsraus & Dómadagssöngvar (2017)

Apocalyptic dark ambience.


Fentom (Netherlands)

Residue (2022) (S)

Varied, mostly ambient and a bit lo-fi synth compositions.


Fenton (???)

Exterior (Isolation) (2019)

Darkish ambience with dubby and glitchy elements. Sort of lo-fi.


Fera (Italy)

Stupidamutaforma (2020)
Catastrofe ultravioletta (2021) (EP)

Varied electronics from Andrea de Franco.


Feral (Italy)

Heruka (2016) (S)
Chiromanzia (2021) (S)

Techno project with the closing track off Heruka being a hypnotic ambient / EM piece. Ditto for Chiromanzia.


Feralia Planitia (Italy)

Feralia planitia (2021) (EP)

Rhythmic, mechanical music, influenced by Doris Norton, Kraftwerk, Leftfield and Cabaret Voltaire. A project of Simona Dellamorte who is based in Haarlem, Netherlands.


Feremans, Eric (Belgium)

The Antwerp Killer (1983) (soundtrack)

Melodic, pulsing Electronic Music made as a soundtrack for this crime / giallo movie. Eric Feremans used to run a non-profit organization in Antwerp called ELK-Muziek and dedicated to electronic music synthesis. For this soundtrack he used a unique, self-built E.E.F. modular synth and sequencer.


Feret, Philippe (France)

Alchimie floue (1978)
Ballades printanieres (1980)

Alchimie is a library album that couples berlinesque sequences with weird atonal atmospheres & adds bright Cluster / Roedelius touches along the way.


Ferguson, Douglas (USA)

The Carlton Recordings (1997)
The Nighties (2002)
No. 2 (2003)
Lexical Passages (2004)
Untitled (2005)
Beautiful Aberration (2007)
Lulling In London (2007)
Sacrum (2010) (with Robert Horton and Lisa Cameron)

Mostly Ambient, but also other styles, from Experimental, to blues rock, indie rock, lo-fi and psychedelic.


Fernandes, Luís (Portugal)

Quest (2014) (with Joana Gama)
Harmonies (2016) (with Joana Gama and Ricardo Jacinto)
At the Still Point of the Turning World (2018) (with Joana Gama)
Demora (2019)
Seis Peças Sintetizadas (2019)
Textures & Lines (2020) (with Joana Gama and Drumming GP)
A Guide To Getting Lost (2022)

Portuguese guitarist and electronic composer whose 2019 album is a subtle and dramatic work of modular electronics. Very nice stuff.

See also: Astroboy, The, Palmer Eldritch.


Fernando, Neno (Brazil)

Galaxy (2017)

Brazilian singer and musician. The above album is mostly instrumental and is done in the style of dramatic / cinematic melodic EM / Space Music. Pretty nice stuff here.


FernLodge (Canada)

Sometimes I Think of You (2022)

Airy ambient compositions. Sometimes with a darker, menacing edge. Mostly pretty serene and reflective, though. A project of Joe Millar.


Fernmage (USA)

Brackenlore (2022)
Speak Frond And Enter (2023)
Brrrrackenlore (2023)
Cruzin' 4 A Snoozin (2023)

Eugene-based "comfy synth" project with an extra cosmic / ethereal edge.


Ferrari, Philippe (France)

Reflets (1981)


Ferraro, James (USA)

FRKWYS 7 (2011) (with David Borden, Sam Godin, Laurel Halo and Daniel Lopatin)
Four Pieces For Mirai (2018)
Requiem For Recycled Earth (2019)

Prolific composer and musician born in Rochester. He is mostly known for his works in the genres of experimental / lo-fi / plunderphonics. Four Pieces For Mirai features unclassifiable, classically-influenced electronic pieces. Further investigation is needed.


Ferraz, Sérgio (Brazil)

Dançando aos Pés de Shiva (2012)
A Sublime Ciência e o Soberano Segredo (2013)

Violin player and multi-instrumentalist from Recife. The 2013 album is sort of an progrock-ish / symphonic mixture of his violin playing and electronics.


Ferreira, Carlos (Brazil)

Supernova (2019)
Quiet Reminders (2020) (with Shuta Yasukochi)
Six Postcards & Other Stories (2020)
... And Then We Became Ashes (2020) (S)
La Deriva (2021) (with Almanacs)
Momentary Ghosts (2021) (wuth Bu.Re_)
In A Sad Red Dusk, We Were Finally Leaving (2021) (with Deer Meadow)
Before Memories Fade (2022)
A Hundred Ways of Escaping (2022) (with Ki Oni)
Sad Loops (2022)
Opaque (2022)
Umbilical (2023) (with Ayami Suzuki)
Isolationism (2023)
Silent Articulations (2023) (with David Cordero)

Long-form Ambient made with processed guitar textures and synthesizers from this musician who also plays in Quarto Sensorial (a progrock band).


Ferris, Shawn (Canada)

Encircling (1986)

Obscure Ambient from Vancouver making use of nature recordings, synths and guitar. The music was composed for an exhibition.


Ferro, Luca (Italy)

Elements (2020) (S)
Bothub (Not For Human Ears) (2022) (S)

Unusual Electronic Music making use of hardware and software instruments. Abstract, emotional, mysterious, reflective... Nice stuff.


Fervant, Thierry (Switzerland)

Poeme pour l'environement 2 (1976) (S)
Univers (1980)
Seasons of Life (1981)
Blue Planet (1984)
Impressions (1984)
Legends of Avalon (1988)

Classic melodic Electronic Music.


Fescal (UK)

Moods And Views (2012)
Alchemical Wanderings (2012)
Two Winter Poems (2012) (EP)
Ideas of Noise (2013) (EP)
The Descending Light (2013) (EP)
A Popular Guide To the Starry Heavens With Notes For Small Telescopes (2014)

Varied ambient drone artist David Suyeong.


Festa, Al (Italy)

Zombie 4 (2018) (recorded in 1989) (soundtrack)
Roobwar (2019) (recorded in 1988) (soundtrack)

Varied electronic soundtracks from this musician and ex-member of jazz-rock band Bauhaus.


Festival of Aix (USA??)

A Treeish Respite (2021)

Gentle, dreamy ambient compositions inspired by dungeon synth and melodic EM.


Feth (UK)

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? (2022)
The Beast Aeon (2022)
Zophasemin (2022)
With Great Wings And Many Feathers (2022)
The Tale of Jack Natter (2023)
In Wing-Shaped Woods And Twisting Vales (2023)
Fraudibus in vulpis que sit tibi causa timoris (2023)

A bit lo-fi, dungeon synth-like music with enough variation and whimsical / chiptune / progressive elements.


Fetlar (Poland)

Inner Forensics (2022)
Before Entanglement Aftermath (2023)

Rhythmic music between ambient EM and IDM.


Feu Doux (Canada)

Feu Doux (2018)

Ambient duo from Montreal, consisting of Stéphane Lafleur and Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux. Floating synth sound, sometimes melodic.


Feu Follet (Germany)

Toi et le son (2006)
Fogbank (2008)
Paradis paysan (2008)
Nuages sur la nuit (2009)

The first album contains two long tracks with gently moving drones from Tobias Fischer and Mirko Uhlig. Subsequent works are supposedly in similar style.

See also: Suneaters


Feu St-Antoine (Canada)

L'eau par la soif (2020)

A project of Pierre Guerineau. L'eau... is a complex and varied work, with atmospheric moments, vocoder-laden moments, some noisier bits, strong melodies... Definitely progressive and very good.


Feverdreams (USA)

Name Like A Ghost (2000)
Essaouira (2002)

Rather experimental electronics comparable to Tangerine Dream circa Zeit. Dark and ominous. Feverdreams is California-based artist Jerry Lloyd.


Fevre, Bernard (France)

Suspense (1975)
The Strange World of Bernard Fevre (1975)
Cosmos 2043 (1977)
Orbit Ceremony 77 (2016) (recorded in 1977)

While most library albums of the 1970's and 1980's were at best hit and miss with the cheese factor, Bernard Fevre's short sketches sound surprisingly mature and competent. As a result, they have dated pretty well and sound fresh even by today's standards. Most of the tracks make use of analog synths, clavinets and vintage drum machines. Bernard Fevre is also known for his electronic disco project "Black Devil" (also surprisingly listenable and fresh-sounding). If you wish to check out some vintage library electronics, I suggest that you check out these albums in particular.


FezayaFirar (Turkey)

Birkaç Parsek (2020)
Kleptokrasi (2022)
Graft (2023)

Modular synth duo. Pulsing, bleeping, rhythmic, abstract. Experimental, but listenable. Something along the lines of the earliest Cluster, Schnitzler etc.


Ffion (UK)

Three EPs (2020)
History (2020) (EP)
Radials (2021)
Unfurling (2021)
Sessile (2021) (EP)
Their Voyage Into Radiance (2021) (EP)

A project of Thomas Ragsdale and Ashleigh Ragsdale. Electronic Music with lots of sequencing.

See also: Ragsdale, Tom, Sulk Rooms.



Total Self​-​Fufilment (2020) (S)
Disturb Roqe (2021) (S)
Clear (2022)
E7H Ritual (2023) (S)

Moody, melancholic mixture of bass music, deconstructed club and Progressive Electronic.


FH HF (Georgia)

I Saw His Plane Taking Off To the Clouds (2019) (S)

Varied ambient synth compositions. Bright, sequencer-based... Pretty nice and promising artist here.

See also: Dunya


Fhloston Paradigm (USA)

Chasing Rainbows (2012) (S)
The Phoenix (2014)
Cosmosis Vol. 1 (2015) (S)
Cosmosis Vol. 2 (2016) (S)

Fhloston Paradigm is Philadelphia-based producer of broken beat / techno King Britt. He seems to be a big fan of analog synthesizers, using a lot of classic machines in his studio. Strangely, he tends to include some very EM-influenced material in his releases. Case in point is the reflective pulsing goodness of the 10-minute "Liloo's Seduction" from Chasing Rainbows that, for some reason, even reminded me on vintage Software. Then there's side B of Cosmosis Vol. 1 - also beatless and electronic and very EM in spirit.


Fia Fiell (Australia)

A Hair, A Heap (2016) (S)
All In the Same Room (2018)

Fia Fiell is Melbourne-based composer Carolyn Schonfield. A unique ambient sound here, based on warm synthesizers.


Fibilini, Giovanni (USA)

Fibilini (1999) (EP)
Holiday (2001) (S)

A pseudonym of Garrett Parks.

See also: CC:Dome, Crown Invisible.


Fibre (USA)

I Cried At the Fair (1992)
Sub-Aquatic Memories (1997)

Experimental music with ethnic influences and lots of processed samples. Generally stays in the Ambient mould, though. Fibre was formed in 1986 by Joe Mendelson.


Fictions (USA)

Euphoria (2019)

Electronic project based in Atlanta. Fat analog sequences, heavy drones, a few gritty rhythms and beats. Diverse stuff but pretty interesting overall, although I am not a fan of the rhythmic stuff. The atmospheric numbers are excellent and carefully constructed.


Fidenco, Nico (Italy)

Zombies unter Kannibalen (1989) (recorded in 1980) (soundtrack)

Nico Fidenco (real name: Domenico Colarossi) is a prolific Italian singer-songwriter who also made a career as a soundtrack composer, scoring a great number of films and contributing to a lot of music library releases. The above soundtrack was released in 1989 on cassette only and exclusively for Swiss market. It was then re-released in 2014 on CD (which seems to be a remixed version of the soundtrack) and a year later on 2 LP's by another label and under the title Zombi Holocaust. The music is electronic and is partly based on the horror synth style.


Field Lines Cartographer (UK)

Magnetic Anomalies (2016)
Groundwaves (2018)
The Ferric Landscape (2020)
The Spectral Isle (2020)
Formic Kingdom (2020)
Modalities of Time Travel (2021)
Superclusters (2022)
Dreamtides (2022)
This Vibrating Earth (2022)
Tone Maps (2023)
Moonbuilding Sessions (2023)
Phases of This And Other Moons (2023)

Ambient compositions and sequencer numbers.


Field Patterns (USA)

Field Patterns (2021)

This synthesist (Sean Dunlap from Athens, Georgia) is inspired by "horticulture, social ecology, woven arts and nature documentaries". Varied, mostly rather ambient, but analog-oriented sound here.


Field, The (Sweden)

Yesterday And Today (2009)
Looping State of Mind (2011)
Cupid's Head (2013)
The Follower (2016)
Infinite Moment (2018)

Although definitely a techno producer, Axel Willner aka The Field proudly wears his influences for all to see. His material is of a very high caliber and every now and then he throws in a TD sequence or a Harmonia motorik rhythm. On Yesterday... we have a 15+ minute "Sequenced" where the name really says it all, while Looping... has EM influeces scattered throughout. A crossover project that's definitely interesting and never boring.

See also: Loops For Your Heart


Fieldhead (UK)

Intriductions (2008) (EP)
They Shook Hands For Hours (2009)
Riser (2010) (S)
A Correction (2012)
We've All Been Swimming (2017)
Engine Idling, Around 5am (2022)

Fieldhead was formed in 2008 by Leed-based Paul Elam. Initially very much influenced by downtempo music or stuff like Boards of Canada, he then explored ambient drone on A Correction and ventured into Prog EM-related sound (lots of violin solos over multiple sequences / arpeggios) with We've All Been Swimming.


Field Glass (UK)

Kin (2022)

Melodic mixture of acoustic instruments and (mostly) analog synthesizers. There are also chirping drum machine rhythms.


Field In Stream (USA)

The Ambient Fishing Guide (Hawaiian Edition) (2019)
The Ambient City Guide (San Francisco Edition) (2019)
La Guída Ambiental de México - Volumen Uno (2020)

Ambient compositions with lots of field recordings. A project of Phil Dole.


Fields of Few (UK)

Calm Before the Norm (2022)

Tim Gilbert.


Fields, Robert "Killer" (USA)

Robert "Killer" Fields (1986)

This piano player released a solo cassette privately with one side occupied by comedy rock songs and another side of varied instrumental compositions, inlcluding some electronic stuff in an individual style, one example being "Space Eyes". I guess you can file it as EM-related.


Fields We Found (UK)

Thanks (2021)
Expanse (2022)
Distance (2022)
Trust (2022)

Pretty competent ambient music played on synths and samplers. More or less in the classic tradition - not dark, reflective and relying on slowly moving sounds, melodies and textures.


Fiero (Colombia)

Modus operandi (2017) (EP)

Fiero is a nu-disco / giallo disco project of Daniel Olarte. The above record is mostly in that style but there are also two EM tracks - the Tangerine Dream-like "La Cathedral" and the pulsing, Carpenter-styled track "El Dorado Squadron" (sadly, too short).


Fiesel, Christian (Germany)

Open Windows (1997)
Darkness (1998)
Low (2004)
Address Unknown (2005)
Days On A String (2006)
Smile With An Ambience (2007)
Bionic Shading (2009)
Falling Beyond Pluto (2010)
Elemental Fragments (2010)
Analogy (2011)
Uncertain Curtain (2012)
Close To the Distance (2012)
After the Flood (2012)
A Passage Through Time (2012)
Ice Void (2012)
Fast Rails (2016) (with Jack Hertz)
End of the Steam Age (2016) (with Jack Hertz)
Geistertanz (2016) (with Alien Nature)
Hagen's Delight (2017)
Unter Null (2017) (with
Alien Nature)
Time Spinner: The Great Attractor (2017) (Jack Hertz and Scott Lawlor)
The Dark Orb (2018)
The Lighthouse (2018) (with Jack Hertz)
A Matter of Solitude And Loneliness (2019)
Astronauts Vol. 1 (2019)
State of An Unborn Union (2020)
Still Waiting At the Gate (2022)
Sphere (2022)
Radio Noise Station (2023)
Suspended Life (2023)

Diverse synthesist with output ranging from deep ambient soundscapes to analog, Berlin School-influenced music.

See also: m00m, Sonic Research Society.


Fife, Timothy (USA)

Black Carbon (2017)
Simulacra / All Tomorrows Remembered (2017) (S)
The Streets Run Red (2018) (soundtrack) (with Dave Ellesmere)
Hoichi the Earless (2018)
Transcommunication (2020)
Clear Off (2023)

Rich, sequencer-full sound from this synthesist. Berlin School with a dark twist.

See also: Victims


Fifth Season (Japan)

Fifth Season (2002)

Melodic Electronic Music by Michio Kumoi similar to Vangelis or Kitaro.


Fifty/Fifty (Denmark)

50/50 (1983)

Electronic duo in the ambient mould, seemingly influenced by Brian Eno. The two members Flemming Muus and Robert Stang were both members of power-pop group Voxpop.


Fifty Foot Hose (USA)

Cauldron (1967)
Ingredients (1967)
Live & Unreleased (1995)
Sing Like Scaffold (1996)
Bad Trips (2019) (recorded in 1965 and 1967)

San-Francisco Bay area hippie band (Cork Marcheschi and Dave Blossom) that dabbled with proto-electronics, creating unique psychedelic electronic weirdness with vocals. Perhaps, can be compared with Silver Apples. Mainly of historical interest. During the 1990's the band re-formed for a while, releasing a couple of albums.


Figueira, Alex (Venezuela)

Maracas, Tambourines And Other Hellish Things O.S.T. (2022) (soundtrack)

Venezuelan-born Portuguese drummer currently residing in the Netherlands. The Maracas, Tambourines And Other Hellish Things soundtrack is pretty varied, ranging from funk, Latin music, hard-hitting electro and nice darkish synth music. File under EM-related.


Figūras (Latvia)

Figūras (2014)
Glitsh 1 (2017)
Figūras II (2018)
Fig​ū​ras (2023)

Minimal, repeating analog phrases from Kaspars Groševs.


Fijak, Jakub (Poland)

Around the Horizon (2010) (EP)
Soldiers of Heaven (2010) (S)
The Arthurian Legends (2012)

Melodic, rhythmic, propulsive music from this artist, sometimes with a Mike Oldfield flair.


Fil, Ekin (Turkey)

Inflame (2017) (soundtrack)
KOMA (2019)
You, Only (2019)
Coda (2020)
The Dark Well (2020) (with Aidan Baker)
Aquarius / Pisces (2021) (S)
Feelings (2021)
Dora Agora (2022)

Folk / lo-fi drone artist who on Inflame soundtrack created a synth-based soundscape, both pulsing ala Carpenter and formless, dark & noisy. KOMA features shadowy soundscapes. Coda has ambient synth textures and some voice.


Fil OK (UK)

Rachel 9000 (2014) (S) (soundtrack)

Varied electronic project. The above soundtrack features some pulsing EM tracks in prog style.


Fila Brazillia (UK)

MMXX EP (2020) (EP)
Beatless (2023) (recorded in 1990 - 2023)

Long-standing downtempo duo from Hull. On MMXX EP, there is a nice progressive / ambient piece called "Midnight Friends". It is pure EM, and a very good one, with skillful sequencing. The rest of the tracks range from standard downtempo to slightly EM-influenced stuff. In 2023, the group released Beatless, a compilation of older and new ambient tracks. If an EM fans needs to have a Fila Brazillia album in his / her collection, this is it.


Filalete (Georgia)

Be Enything (2023)
Impulses (2023)

A project of ambient musician Irakli Bakuradze.


Filipovich, Lina (Belarus)

Magnificat (2021)
BFHC (2022)

Belarusian born, Paris-based electroacoustic artist. Magnificat makes use of processed liturgic chants coupled with weird, experimental and at times dark electronics. Moody, singular stuff. BFHC goes for electronic interpretation of classical pieces.


Filipsen, Anders (Denmark)

Waiting Music (2021)

Relaxed ambient pieces based on the sounds of vintage analog and FM synths from this pianist and keyboard player.

See also: Mesmer


Filitosa Project, The (Germany)

Without Going Out (2000)
Places Re-Invented (??)

Friedrich Schmidt.


Filivs Macrocosmi (Ukraine)

Microcosm I - IX (2002)
Innerself...Isolationism (2002)
Versatility of Perception (2004)
Oxymoron Structures (2005)
Stalker (2006)
Ex vivo (2012) (with Charadriiform)
Form And Void (2017) (with Charadriiform)

Dark Ambient from Sergey Svistelnik (died in 2018).

See also: In Meditarium


Fille Unique (France)

Marraine (2022)

Strange stuff with elements of minimal synth and melodic EM.


Filmico (Italy)

In the Senses (2018)

Varied, mostly shorter tracks from Fernando Pulichino, often with a Tangerine Dream 1980's soundtrack feel.


Filmmaker (Colombia)

Visceral (2018)
Crepuscular (2018)
Unregulated (2019) (EP)
Wetwork (2019)
Somber Realm (2019)
Noir Times (2019) (EP)
Bunker Island (2019)
Spectral (2019)
The Love Market (2019)
Drainvoid (2019)
Nocturnal (2019)
Dimensional (2020)
Discordian Disco (2020)
Reinvent (2020) (EP)
Late Stage Earth (2020) (EP)
Royal Dungeon (2020) (EP)
Eternal Return (2020)
Multiverse Nightmare (2021)
Counterspell (2021) (S)
Vlad Tapes (2021)
Various (2021)
Neon Skydeath (2021) (S)

A project from Medellin, focusing on dark horror synth sound with an extra grit.


Fimbria (USA)

Eternal Return (2017)
Votive (2021)

A project of US-born Brian Castriota, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. The above album was, according to the author, inspired by Suzanne Ciani, Harold Budd, John Kerr and Enya. It reprsents a mixture of vocal songs and nice atmospheric instrumental electronic material.


Fin (UK)

GreenBlue (1998)
Glorious Machines (2000) (S)
Narcissus (2000) (EP)
Collection (2000)
Songs At Altitude (2001) (S)
Offset (2001)
Digital Age (2003)

Fin is Chris Worton and he creates music which is VERY similar to Jean-Michel Jarre.


Final (UK)

One (1993)
2 (1996)
Solaris (1996)
The First Millionth of A Second (1997)
3 (2006)
Infinite Guitar 1 (2007)
Infinite Guitar 2 (2007)
Afar (2008)
Dead Air (2008)
Reading All the Right Signals Wrong (2009)
My Body Is A Dying Machine (2010) (S)
The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree (2010)
Black Dollars (2015)
Live Marseille 2006 (2019)
It Comes To Us All (2022)
I Am the Dirt Under Your Fingernails (2023)

Dark Ambient from Justin Broadrick. Some of the material approaches the territory of Classic Ambient, like Brian Eno or Harold Budd.

See also: Council State Electronics


Find Hope In Darkness (Belgium)

Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams (2014)

Dark Ambient from Glenn Dick.


Finem (Australia)

Relics (2020) (recorded in 2018 - 2019) (S)

Ambient works from Melbourne-based Flynn Michlin.


Finger, Benjamin (Norway)

Motion Reverse (2015)
Scale of Blindness (2018)
Into Light (2019)
We Carry the Curse (2020) (with James Plotkin)
Exit du depart (2021)
Planet Exile (2021)
Voice Frames (2021)

Oslo-based electronic composer, producer and DJ. He is rather unclassifiable, as his output ranges from techno-inspired / downtempo beats to neo-classical, glitchy electroacoustic meanderings. Scale of Blindness is full of pulsing synthetic textures and subtle sequences and shows a prog EM influence. Into Light is pretty exploratory, mixing interesting ghostly voice experiments with collages and analog synths. Different, but very progressive for sure.


Fingerspit (Spain)

Atticus VII (2020)
The Red Strings Club Official Soundtrack (2020)

Nice atmospheric EM from this Sevilla-based artist. Atticus VII was composed as a soundtrack to a videogame that was never released.


Fingerwolf (UK)

Working For the Black Gas (2021)
Mechanical Man Land (2023)

Rhythmic, driving, melodic, synthwave-like music from Jon Dickinson.


Finis Africae (Spain)

Finis Africae (1984)
Un Día en el Parque (1985)
Amazonia (1990)
Campos de Sol y Luna (1994)
El Pulso de la Madera (2023) (recorded in 1984 - ??)

World Music ensemble that revolved around Juan Alberto Arteche, with other colleagues and musicians helping out, including Luis Delgado. This is not something for hardcore EM fans, as most of it sounds pretty organic, with lots of acoustic instruments. However, some tracks will be enjoyed by fans of Ambient.


Finite Element (USA)

House of Cards (2014)

Finite Element is classic-style (Berlin School) synthesist Richard Kennicutt from New York.


Finval (Russia)

Voyager (2013)

Deep and warm ambient sounds. Good stuff. Finval is Roman Ermolaev.


Fiocco, Paul (Australia)

Torsions And Drifts (2009)

Ambient soundscapes.

See also: Solo Andata


Fionnlagh (???)

What Came Before (2021)
Glow (2023) (with Warmth)

Gloomy, dystopian, cinematic ambient synth music.


Fiordo, Fan (Argentina)

Interactive Affaris (2019)
Plaisirs caméléons (2022)

Crisp, melodic instrumentals from this Buenos Aires-based artist. A bit vaporwavey, a bit reminiscent on Tangerine Dream (their "digital" era from 1986 to circa 1996).


Fiorito, Renato (Italy)

Thin Reactions (2021) (with Antonio Raia)
Lustra (2023)

The 2023 release is ambient music dedicated to the city of Naples, with just a subtle touch of techno.


Firebird (UK)

1980's band with Dave Gurr of The Omega Syndicate.

See also: Gurr, David, Omega Syndicate, The.


Firechild (Sweden)

Beyond the Sun (2012)
Beyond the Stars (2013)
The Holy Grail (2014)
Fireheart (2015)
Blue Stardust (2016)
Parsifal (2017)
A New World (2018)
Reborn (2019)
The White Whale (2020)

Although clearly influenced by Jarre and Vangelis, this music also uses dreary, dated 1990's eurodance-type bass drum rhythms and some plastic polysynth textures you are likely to hear at a rave (steering very far away from any Prog EM, as you can guess). Could be a minor criticism for some, I just thought I'd warn. I think this author is best when he goes for a rich, Vangelis-type sound sans rhythm or at least uses a different type of rhythm altogether.


Fireclan (USA)

Sunrise To Sunset (2004)

Fireclan is a project of ex-Melting Euphoria space rockers Mychael Merrill and Luis Davila. Here, they present a fluid mixture of space rock grooves and cosmic Electronic Music. Don Falcone guests on synth while Daevid Allen appears on glissando guitar.


Fireman, The (UK)

Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (1993)
Rushes (1998)
Electric Arguments (2009)

Fireman is Paul McCartney's alter ego. Supposedly, very good ambient EM.


Fire-Toolz (USA)

Field Whispers (2019)
Rainbow Bridge (2020)
Eternal Home (2021)
I Can't Die As Well (2022) (EP)
I Will Not Use the Body's Eyes Today (2022) (EP)
I Am Upset Because I See Something That Is Not There. (2023)

Varied, fusion-y electronic tunes. Sometimes ala 1980's/1990's Tangerine Dream, sometimes more unique and / or experimental / collage-like.

See also: Nonlocal Forest


Firmament (USA)

Open-Eyed Ascension (1998)
Live Ascension (2000)

Firmament is Matthew Chinn. Drifting sounds and celestial atmospheres. I suppose, you could call that 'Space Music'.


Firoza (Australia)

In the Noon of Ashura (2020)

A project of Steven Wright from Hobart. The above work was inspired by a trip through Iran and consists of some field recordings / sketches and ambient electronics, sometimes with a slight dungeon synth feel to them.


First Human Ferro (Ukraine)

The Halo Over Pontiff's Herase (1999)
Metaballistik: Viewed Under Infra-Red (2000)
Metaballistik: The Voyeur And His Infra-Red Insekts (2000)
Motherwards (2000)
Greater Than Temple (2003)
Guernica Macrocosmica (2003)
Ferrari (2003)
Corona Australis (2005)
Adamnation (2007)
Homo Shargey (2010)
Stardust (2011)
Alchemicals (2011) (with Cisfinitum)
Ego Vox (2015)
Heterodox (2016)

Dark / Ritual Ambient from Oleg Kolyada.


First Law (Germany)

Violent Sedated (1999)
Velochrome (2001)
Refusal As Attitude (2002)
Beyond IO (2004)
Chaos Structure (2006)
Terrorforming (2008)
A Future So Bright (2012)

Echoing Dark Ambient and cosmic soundscapes from Andreas Wahnmann. Similar to Bad Sector.


First Minute of A New Day, The (Germany)

The First Minute of A New Day (2020)

Frankfurt-based modular synth / guitar duo. Nice mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds. Laraaji participates on their debut.


First Snow of the Year (Belgium)

Awakening of the Pines (2023)

Ambient project of Belgian artist Erik Sevenans, currently residing in Germany. A mixture of guitar-based, post-rock influenced and synth-based tracks.


First Tone (USA)

Reactions (2019)
1 (2023)

Meditative, just intonation music based on guitar drones and electronics from the duo of Duane Pitre and Turk Dietrich.


Fischer, Günther (Germany)

Traumvisionen (1988)

Ambient / spacey collection of pieces from this East German musician who composed funky music to a lot of films.


Fischer, Jens (Germany)

Mad Material (1989)
Aumakau (1991)
Stone People (1993)
Urban Spaceman (1995)

Sort of instrumental fusion with new age, rock and electronic elements. Jens Fischer worked as a guitarist with Tri Atma, Eberhard Schoener and a few others.

See also: Tri Atma, Marlboro Project.


Fischer, Marcus (USA)

Monocoastal (2010)
In A Place of Such Graceful Shapes (2011) (with Taylor Deupree)
Rivers Home (2011) (S)
Correspond (2011) (with Devin Underwood)
Collected Dust (2012)
Tessellations (2012) (with The OO-Ray)
On Shore (2013) (EP)
The Crow (2013) (S)
Twine (2015) (with Taylor Deupree)
Public Works (2015)
Lowlands (2017) (with Taylor Deupree)
Loss (2017)
Shape Memory (2018) (with Simon Scott)
On Falling (2019)
Proem (2021) (S) (with Taylor Deupree)
Februarys (2022) (with Taylor Deupree)

Electroacoustic / glitch artist with ambient leanings out of Portland, Oregon. Loss is a nice ambient release with a large piano presence.


Fischer, Peter (Germany)

Odys' Seeing (1982) (with Wolfgang Maehder)

See also: Hirudo


Fischer, William S. (USA)

Omen (1972)

US-based jazz fusion artist and producer. This is a rare record realized on the Moog synthesizer. The style is not known, but two years earlier William released Circles - an album of jazz / funk songs that included two abstract and experimental electronic pieces.


Fish, Ross (USA)

The Pelican Curse (2015)
Passive Aggression On the Internet (2017)
8 Songs About Absolutely Nothing (2020)
Crocodile Tears (2021)
Stasis (2022)

The 2015 release features modular synth lullabies from this Savannah, Georgia-based artist. Sometimes a bit reminescent of stuff performed by Michael Stearns on Serge synthesizer (Planetary Unfolding).


Fisher, Jeremiah (USA)

Clay People (2011)
MartyrBoys (2014)
Children's Archipelago (2015)

Modular synth sketches from this Chicago-based artist. Mostly abstract and beepy. Sometimes noisy and / or playful.

See also: Ga'an, Oakeater.


Fisher, Morgan (UK)

Ivories (1972)
Century Maya Nexus (1973) (S)
Slow Music (1980) (with Lol Coxhill)

Look At Life (1984)
Happy Again (1984) (S)
Water Music (1985)
Flow Overflow (1987)
Life Under the Floor (1987)
Peace In the Heart of the City (1988)
Outer Beauty, Inner Mystery (1989)
Inside Satie (1989)
Flower Music (1998)
Three Faces (2003) (S)
Neverless (2005) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius)

Very diverse British musician, who's been into rock, Ambient, Electronic Music and what-not over the years. Some of his works contain pioneering EM / Ambient. Morgan Fisher worked briefly with Third Ear Band.


Fisher Turner, Simon (UK)

Simon Turner (1990)
I've Heard the Ammonite Murmur (1992) (soundtrack)
The Great White Silence (2011) (soundtrack)
The Epic of Everest (2013) (soundtrack)
Giraffe (2017)
Picture From Darkness (2017)
Care (2018) (with Klara Lewis)
A Quiet Corner In Time (2020) (with Edmund de Waal)
Savage Songs of Brutality And Food. By The Extreme Angels Of Parody (2020) (with Isabella and Jasper)
SFTAPE2 (2022)
Eyes And Ears (2023)

English songwriter, musician, composer, producer and actor. His musical output has two sides - the song-based side and the experimental one. Among the experimental works, some are influenced by electro-acoustic and glitch trends, others lean towards Ambient. As electro-acoustic music and related styles are not really covered by EEM, I will concentrate on his ambient works only. One of the earliest examples of these types of experiments is the new-agey "self-aid" record Simon Turner from 1990. It is only partly electronic (EM-related) and the music brings some Mike Oldfield to mind, although it is far more amorphous. Two of the tracks have spoken narration with background music. The 2011 and 2013 releases are ambient soundtracks. Giraffe is another ambient / experimental work. In general, I will list everything EM-related by him.


Fishman, Paul (UK)

Its About Time (Part One & Two) (2020)

British arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and keyboard player. Its About Time gathers some of his solo electronic works. These range from ambient to rhythmic, but never full-on techno, more like Kraftwerk-ish. A nice and pleasant listen overall.

See also: Absolute Elsewhere, Jambo & Co., The National Philharmonic Orchestra.


Fishmoon (Germany)

Music By Axel Manrico Heilhecker (2001)
Two Moon Music (2006)

Axel Manrico Heilhecker's tribal neo-kraut ensemble that highlights his psychedelic and often bluesy guitar playing, ethnic drums and electronics. Steve Baltes guests on some tracks.

See also: Sunya Beat


Fisk, Steve (USA)

448 Deathless Days (1987)

This prolific music engineer has released some solo albums. His early 80's works are based on tape loops and will be of interest to musique concrete or industrial / noise fans. He has released a curiosity, though. It's 448 Deathless Days, an album from 1987 that distinguishes itself in that it is one of the really few albums that feature extensive use of the Optigan.


Fitoussi, Jonathan (France)

Electronic Dream (2008) (EP)
Pluralis (2011)
Immersion (2013)
Polaris (2014) (S)
Five Steps (2015) (with Clemens Hourriere)
Origins (2015)
Imaginary Lines (2016)
Espaces timbrés (2018) (with Clemens Hourriere)
Diagonals (2018)
Mirages (2019) (with Jean-Benoît Dunckel)
Plein soleil (2020)
Music For Xavier Veilhan (2021) (S)
Möbius (2022) (with Clemens Hourrière)
Golden Apples of the Sun (2023) (with Suzanne Ciani)

Born in 1978, Jonathan Fitoussi is a sound artist residing in Paris. He uses a lot of analog instruments for a bit avant-garde but very listenable and ambient sound.

See also: Model Alpha, Two Colors.


Five Odd Eichhörnchen (Germany)

Faithful Friends (2023) (S)
Sei modern (2023)
A Trip To Wonderland (2023) (S)

Forest and animal-themed "comfy synth" project with some experimentation and an EM flair.


Five Thousand Spirits (Italy)

A Tapestry For Sorcerers (1995)
Mesmeric Revelation (1999)
Quantum Consciousness (2006)
Schwarzschild Radius (2006)
Synapse - Shaihulud (2007)
Towards Edentea (2011)
Melchiazek (2014)

Fivethousand Spirits are Alio Die and Raffaele Serra. Dark Ambient and probably very good.

See also: Alio Die, Serra, Raffaele.


Five Times of Dust (UK)

Befor the Beginning We Were Living (1982)
5XOD - 5ive Ximes Of Dust (1982)
The Black Tape (1983)
Yum Yum Music (1984)
Smile With the Eyes (2013) (recorded in 1983 - ??)
5XOD (2015) (recorded in 1982 - 1984)

Aka 5XOD. Minimal wave duo that can be considered EM-related. At least the Kraftwerk influence is unmistakable on some tracks.

See also: Dadacomputer, The, Lawrence, Robert.


Fjäder (Sweden)

Stardust / Bifrost / Vegvísir (2016) (S)
Shades of Light (2016)

Swedish techno producer with a very atmospheric sound and one completely ambient track ("Bifrost"). Shades of Light further develops the hybrid techno / Ambient formula.


Fjældmark (Germany)

Dimmerweld (2020)

Based in Berlin, this project creates sort of a dungeon synth / Ambient hybrid on paleontology-related themes on Dimmerweld. Not bad.

See also: Orb Weaver, The, Willow Tea.


Fjellelv (USA)

Daggryet flammer (2007)
Deadwood Realm (2009)

Minimalist dungeon synth / Ambient.


Fjellström, Marcus (Sweden)

Exercises In Estrangement (2005)
Gebrauschmusik (2006)
Schattenspieler (2010)
Library Music 1 (2011)
Epilogue -M- (2013)
Lichtspiel Mutation 2: Alechsis (2014) (S)
Skelektikon (2017)

Late Swedish artist (1979 - 2017) influenced by neo-classical, library and early electronic music. He liked a weird "horror" approach to his compositions, somewhat bringing to mind Nurse With Wound's spookier moments or some of Art Zoyd's electronic material.


Fjelstrom, Gustaf (USA)

Metamesmeric (2009)
Intention (2015)
Diametric (2016)
The Peripheral Arc: Volume I (2017)
Codex Aegis: Volume II of the Peripheral Arc (2019)

Austin, Texas-based artist. Although primarily an electric bass player, he also uses electronics extensively, with an output ranging from ambient sounscapes to very nice melodic and rhythmic EM with a post-rock edge.


Fjord, Eril (Hungary)

Excalibur (2015)

Varied, expressionistic pieces from this synthesist. Ranges from darkish rhythmic excursions to cosmic and / or melancholic arpeggios. Experimental, but rather accessible overall. Real name of the musician - Krisztián Pető.

See also: Magamura


Fjord, Gerald (USA)

Good Morning, Midnight (2018)

Denver, Colorado-based artist who mingles modular synth sounds with acoustic instruments / post-rock guitars and trip-hop beats. Pretty innovative stuff. Best track: "They Came In Droves".


Flabaire (France)

Layers (2020)

A project of Ralph Maruani who is known for his deep house music and comes from the dance / club background. Layers was recorded during 2020 lockdown in his studio and represents his ambient side. Relaxed compositions with touches of deep house and "balearic". Synths, drum machines and some guitar.


Flabber (USA)

Flabber (2021)

New York-based synth trio. Wacky, weird, wobbly, cartoonish electronics with complex rhythms and lots of crazy sounds. Sort of a mixture of chiptune and EM perhaps?


Flak (USA)

Upheaval (2016)

Somewhat somber and minimal ambient sound here.

See also: Jake Lingan


Flamen Dialis (France)

Découverte (1978) (S)
Symptome-Dei (1979)
Transformation (2012)
Dokitoe - Las Vegan (2017)

A unique band from Bretagne, led by keyboardist Didier Le Gallic. The music is some sort of a mixture between early Tangerine Dream (Zeit era), Magma and RIO / neo-classical influences. Features lots of mellotron and theatrical moves that punctuate their hazy, somewhat darkish electronic / acoustic soundscapes.


Flames of Genesis (UK)

A Bridge To Further Realms (2017)

Cinematic soundscapes in Dark Space realms.


Flaming Creatures (Poland)

Stench of Chemicals (2019) (S)

Varied, mostly ambient electronics. A tad dark.


Flamingo Creatures (Germany)

Kein Stress (2011) (with Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen)
Nacht fressen (2013)
Der Wind der Wind der Winter kimmt (2013) (with Limpe Fuchs)
Hybrids Unlimited (2014)
Rock Classics Vol. 1 (2015)
Fisch versucht das Sprechenlernen (2017)
Flauschi (2017)

Electroacoustic meanderings and warm, krauty synths from this duo of Ronnie Oliveras and Ruth-Maria Adam.

See also: Autistic Argonauts


Flamingo Jones, The (Australia)

Night Train Odyssey: The Adventures Of Bobby Night Train (2021)

Psychedelic rock concept from this group. The opening track is a pulsing EM number with analog synth melodies. File under EM-related.


Flange Circus (UK)

Katabasis (2023)

Spooky EM with hauntology vibes. Lots of classic sounds here in a unique setting. Some progressive rock influences can be heard as well.


Flanger Magazine (USA)

Breslin (2018)
Forgotten Fields (2021)
After the Bend (2022)

Solo project of Chris Bush who plays in an improvisational ensemble called Caboladies. Here, he uses a lot of acoustic guitar, field recordings and multiple obscure / micro-sounds. He also uses a lot of mellotron but in a pastroral, rather than cosmic, way. And guess what. He even uses synths in a pastoral way and the mixture of all these elements ends up sounding rather charming and unique. Nice, semi-acoustic EM.


Flat Family Story (Japan??)

Flat Family Story (??)


Flat Static (Australia)

Flat Static (1985)

Sounds like Cluster adapted for the 1980's, with new wave and minimal synth influences.


Fléau (France)

Fléau (2015)
II (2018)

Analog music with nods to John Carpenter from Mathieu Mégemont of Bordeaux.


Flemming (Germany)

Power & Free (1992)
Magic Image (1994)

Synthesist Uwe Flemming.


Flesh & Bone (Monaco / USA)

Skeleton Woman (1993)
Pagan Saints (1999)

Mixture of soft Electronic Music and classical prog. Flesh & Bone is the collaboration of Peter Kater and Chris White.


Flesh, Full of Black Sand, The (USA)

A Hard Silence, Kept In An Empty Room (2015)
Vengeful Spirits Singing Through Telephone Wire (2016)
Ikigai (2016) (EP)
Forever. Floating. Forever. (2016) (S)
I Feel Like A Black Hole And My Head Is Exploding From the Mess That's Inside of It (2016)
Ashes Rose Into the Sky And Mixed With Falling Snow. Everything Turned Dark With Blood And the Ash-Grey Snow. (2017)
Cold, Dark, And Lonely (2018) (S)
The Door Is Open (2018) (S)
Frozen Ghost (2018)
The Fearing (2018)
Soft Haunt (2018)
Outer World (2018)
A Dead World, Dream Skies (2019)

Dark Ambient project of Dakota Snaketail.


Fleshtone Aura (Canada)

Soliloquy For Lieven (2014)

Experimental artist based in Toronto (Andrew Zukerman). Soliloquy For Lieven, dedicated to Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into the Future) will be enjoyed by fans of the nature recordings / synths combinations.


Fletcher, Todd (USA)

Songs From 3 Phases (1988)
Entrance (1989)
Unison Discordia (1990)
Atavism (1990)
Byzantium (1993) (recorded in 1989 - 1993)
A Whispering Voice (??)
Star (1996)
Arcane Energies (2001)
The Wasteland (2004)
Wake Up Vanishing (2013)

Todd Fletcher started making music in 1983. Some of his works are Ambient (Rich / Roach vein), some more rhythmic, approaching the Berlin School territory, but with hand percussion added plus some other characteristic features (such as some jazzy / dance elements, etc).

See also: Psychetropic


Fletcher Tweedy, Kevin (USA)

A Distant Vision (2005)

Symphonic Ambient and melodic music from this classical composer.


Fleury-Steiner, Ben (USA)

To Reach the Other Shore (2004)
Chroma (2004)
Ghosts of Modernity (2005)
Drifts (2005)
Fractures (2006) (with Stephen Philips)
What the Night Leaves Behind (2007) (with Matt Borghi)
He Dreams In Rivers (2007) (EP)
Geoflexures (2007) (with Stephen Philips)
Black Alleys, Open Vistas & Other Disintegrations (??)
Keep A Weather Eye Open / Vessel of Sleep (2010)
The Places That Find You (2011)
Clearings (2013)
While the Red Fish Sleeps (2015)
Polygon Universe (2016)
Ventus (2020) (S)


See also: Paradin, Tin Moth's Breath, From the White Chimneys.


Flexagon (Guernsey)

The Towers I: Inaccessible (2023)

Moody, atmospheric, cinematic electronics from this artist based on the Isle of Guernsey.


Fließgewässer (Spain)

Kurobe (2018)
Recycling I (2018)
Sonstige I (2018) (S)
Firat‎ | Dîjla (2020)
Enllaç (2020) (with Ivette Díaz-Espín)

Rich, relaxing ambient synth sounds.


Flight Coda (UK)

A Window At Night the 27th (2022)

Ambient project of Sheffield-based Jonathan George Fox. Nocturnal, airy, mysterious, reflective, cinematic...


Flightless Birds Take Wing (Australia / Netherlands)

Taking Flight (2022) (EP)

Varied duo of Madeleine Cocolas and Marike Van Dijk. A mixture of electronics, voice and sax improvisations. Partly EM.

See also: Cocolas, Madeleine


Flintholm, Henning (Denmark)

Henning Flintholm (1992)

Danish keyboardist and flute player, member of several groups / ensembles and composer for TV, film and theater. He seems to be a friend of Ole Højer Hansen. The above is a demo cassette with unreleased solo synth music for film and theater. The style is symphonic and is supposedly similar to The Enid. Later, he released a few new age CD's on Fønix Music.


Flipping Candy (Portugal)

From A Cosmic Childhood (2022)

Nostalgic, cheesy, often cartoonish EM created mostly on analog synths by Luís Couto. Heavy Jean-Jacques Perrey vibes here. Nice.


Floating Gardens (USA)

Generalife (2013)
Ephemerals (2020)

Nice analog synth compositions, melodic and atmospheric.


Floating Mind (Switzerland)

Deep Visions (2005)
Circular Music (2007)

Floating Mind is the project of Swiss artist Roberto Vitali. Deep Visions consists of ambient floaters plus a couple of puzzling computer-voice tracks. Circular Music, however, more than lives up to its title. What we get here is basically a set of extremely repetitive tracks that all share a manic affection for the endless circulation of sounds and melodies. Most of the tracks are also quite minimal, sparse and have some sort of electronic rhythm. Many pieces are drenched in glitchy effects, like clicks, pops and so on. I can easily detect the influence of the IDM genre here. In fact, I am not sure this album will appeal to most fans of progressive EM, while some adventurous IDM listeners might find it interesting. The mood is generally rather depressive or neutral, robotic and cold. Some compositions exhibit an infectious and hypnotizing nature, like "Cobra", for instance. Others portray no emotions at all and are just a bunch of electronic drum sounds thrown together ("Psydela"). Still others have no melody and only consist of rhythms, subtle bass lines and strange effects ("Nightmare City", "Searching Roots"). This is an album only for the adventurous listener and for those who want to hear something non-standard.


Floating Mountain Band, The (USA??)

Outside / Inside & The Synth Player (2023)

Experimental psychedelic / drone / post-rock band (or project) of (so far) unknown origin. Outside / Inside & The Synth Player will be interesting for fans of droning EM, especially the synth-based side B.


Floating Point (UK)

Between Worlds (1995)

Rhythmic. Floating Point are Alan Gubby, Rod Mansell and Nick Westwood.


Floating Points (UK)

Elaenia (2015)
Reflections - Mojave Desert (2017)
Crush (2019)
Promises (2021) (with Pharoah Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra)

Floating Points is Sam T Shepherd. He is very influenced by jazz and Elaenia features a mixture of jazzy tracks and a unique EM style, based on improvisation and the use of analog synthesizers.


Floating Shrine (Australia)

Growth And Decay (2022)

Some call this type of music "power ambient" - a louder, more intense, melodic and hymnal form of ambient music, often incorporating elements of noise or EDM / club music.


Floating Sketches (Austria)

Blissful Island (2021)

A duo of Fabian and Tobias Schiel with a pastoral style, combining guitar melodies and warm electronics. Nice.


Floating Spectrum (Taiwan)

A Point Between (2019)

A project of Mei-Fang Liau, currently based in Berlin. She uses synths and household objects, apart from software instruments of her own design. Ambient compositions in an individual style.


Floating Void (Belgium)

Floating Void (2016)

Mixture of flute playing and (mostly) ambient electronics from Delphine Delahaye-Bernard.


Floating World Pictures (UK)

The Twenty-Three Views (2022)

Ambient duo. Melodic, atmospheric, with touches of electroacoustics and World Music.


Flomer, John (USA)

One (1991)
Mysterious Motions of Memory (1996)
Night In the Vapor Jungle (1999)
Of A Stranger Light (2002)

Space Music with orchestral elements.


Flooba (Italy)

Levels of Hell In Summer (2016) (EP)
Anticronie (2018)

Long ambient tracks with lots of field recordings. A project of Adriano Sorbello.


Flood, Pete (UK)

Mycoworld (2013)

Abstract Electronic Music with something of a Cluster vibe from this member (drummer) of folk ensemble Bellowhead.


Floodlights (UK)

Floodlights (2019)
A Beautiful Stage (2020)

Floodlights consists of John Alexander, Harriet Lisa and Mat Handley. They create music that is a mixture of jazz, some post-rock and EM, with something of a slight "hauntology" vibe.


Flore Laurentienne (Canada)

Volume 1 (2019)
Volume II (2022)

Flore Laurentienne is a Montreal-based project led by Mathieu "Pelgag" Pelletier-Gagnon. He mixes orchestral textures and analog synthesizers, which gives his material a sort of a 1960's "space age pop" vibe.


Flores, Miguel (Peru)

Lorca: Lost Tapes 1989 - 1991 (2019)

Peruvian multi-instrumentalist and ex-member of rock band Pax. In the late 1980's, he recorded a few works intented for a stage show based on the works of Spanish author Federico García Lorca. These recordings were recovered and released on the above LP. The music marries flamenco guitar, some acoustic instruments, concrete sounds and synthesizers. It can be considered as EM-related (at least some of it).


Floresta Oblíqua (Portugal)

Floresta Oblíqua (2020)
The Escape From A Non Return (2022)
Mlender (2022)

A project of Mário Alex. Analog EM mixed with the sounds of nature. Between melodic and experimental.


Florigenix (Australia)

Wild Light (2023)

A project of Nicholas Dallwitz based in Southern Australia. Floating, ethereal, sometimes cosmic and / or pastoral modular synthscapes. Sometimes with processed vocalizations.


Florianz, Matthew (Netherlands)

Sprook (1999)
GrijsGebied (2000)
The Tone T(h)ree (2000)
Molenstraat (2001) (with Erik T' Sas)
Self (2001)
Electronic Forest (2002) (with Joris de Man and Erik T' Sas)
Three (2003)
Niemandsland (2006)
Jaren (2006)
Drie (2008)
Maalbeek (2008)
Koude Handen (2010)
Mist Schimmen (2022)

Ambient composer formerly known as Liquid Morphine.


Flos (Italy)

Il sogno bianco (2014)
Songs / Signs (2019)

Italian duo of Stefano Castagna and Luca Formentini. Although strictly speaking, this is electroacoustic music (the authors use a special set of self-built acoustic sources and heavy electronic processing), the results often sound like ambient EM we are accustomed to.

See also: Formentini, Luca


Flotel (UK)

Bosso Fataka (2004) (EP)
Kelp (2004) (S)
Wooden Beard (2005)
Valence (2011)

Varied ambience, often with elements of glitch, electroacoustic music and IDM.

See also: Toro, Leigh


Flottmann, Volker (Germany)

Cinema Music Project (2020)

Cinematic music by one half of Projekt Gamma.

See also: Projekt Gamma


Flow (Germany)

Grit-Walk (1995)

Ambient music from this quartet of Mathias Brüssel, Christoph Hammer, Michael Rippl and Frank Wiehe. This album was released on IC sublabel J.U.IC.E.

See also: Idle State, Kitchen, The, Liquid Sound.


Flower & Frequency (USA)

Gathering On the Grass (2019)

Nice ambient compositions reminding on Roach & Rich circa Strata.

See also: Bruner, Joshua W


Flower Kings, The (Sweden)

Stardust We Are (1997)

Double album from Swedish progrockers. There's some electronic experimentation scattered throughout, especially noticeable on the 8-minute "Compassion" which is divided in two parts - the vocal one and the abstract one that is completely electronic and spaced out. This is one of those one-track inclusions in EEM.


Flower Man (USA)

?? ???? ??? ??? ???? (2008) (S)
Another Ozone Hex (2009)
Peppermint Steamroom (2009)
Viewers Like You (2009) (S)
Exotic Cameo (2009)
Puctuated Continuum Amusement Symposium (2009) (S)
Slowmo Matterade (2009)
House of Cards (2010) (S)
The Breslin Wayside Rotary (2010)
Inversion Fortuite (2011) (S)

Ambient music by Chris Bush with a healthy dose of experimentation. Another Ozone Hex is a 30-minute cassette released on the Catholic Tapes label.


Flowers For Bodysnatchers (Australia)

Aokigahara (2015)
Love Like Blood (2016)
Asylum Beyond (2017)
Alive With Scars (2019)
Infernal Beyond (2020)

Reflective and darkish Ambient with a noticeable neo-classical slant. Lots of resonant and emotional piano gives it a vague Eno / Budd or Tim Story feel. A project of Duncan Ritchie.

See also: ANIHILA, Rosenshoul, The.


Flowers, Nicky (USA)

Infinite Exchange (2016) (S)

This EP-length cassette release features the EM / ambient synth side of Californian synth-pop artist Nicky Flowers.


Fluence (France)

Fluence (1976)

With Richard Pinhas. Music by Pascal Comelade, similar to Heldon.

See also: Comelade, Pascal


Flug 8 (Germany)

Smaul 04 (2008) (EP)
Lösch dein Profil (2009)
Liebeslied (2011) (EP)
Trans Atlantik (2014)
Leuchtkraft (2017)
Electric Field (2020)
Enroute (2022)
Bermuda (2023)

Flug 8 is a project of Offenbach-based Daniel Herrmann. He mixes dance / club-related musics and Progressive EM. Leuchtkraft is especially interesting from EM standpoint.


Flügel, Roman (Germany)

Themes (2018)
Eating Darkness (2021)
Balmy Evening (2022)

Frankfurt-based musician who had made a name for himself in the IDM/techno/electro circles before venturing to EM realms on Themes. Repetitive, playful, minimal, percussive. Reminds on minimalist composers, some Italian EM and Cluster. Eating Darkness is another work with a strong EM influence, although it is much closer to the IDM tradition overall. The same can be said about Balmy Evening - some very nice EM material here.


Flüght (Mexico)

Flüght (1981)
Saraba (1989)

Sergio De Labra and Victor Ruiz. Comparable to classic period Schulze or Tangerine Dream (circa Stratosfear) with extra ELP touches.


Fluitketel (Netherlands)

Navigator (2021)
Der endlose Fluss (2021)
Fier (2023)

Fluitketel is one Peter van Beets, a Dutch artist very much influenced by krautrock and the Dusseldorf School of Electronic Music. Some Einzelgänger flashbacks on "Dokkumer Ee".


Fluorescent Eclipse (USA)

Fluorescent Eclipse (2008)

A duo of George Martindell (synthesizers) and Steve Siers aka Quad (synthesizers) who create an 'ambient space electronica' sound. They are both also the Cosmic Testicles.

See also: Cosmic Testicles


Fluorescent Heights (Sweden)

Tourism (2011)
Eternal Rhythms I & II (2011) (S)
Highway Death (2011) (S)
Tidal Motions (2013) (S)
Vendetta In Paradise (2013)
Relaxing In the New World (2014) (S)
Strange Lagoon Found At Nightfall (2015) (S)
Left For Blue Island To Do Research (2016)

Lo-fi synth drone artist Henrik Stelzer, sometimes a bit new-agey.


Flür, Wolfgang (Germany)

Eloquence (Complete Works) (2015)
Transhuman (2020) (with U96)
Magazine 1 (2022)

Solo music from member of Kraftwerk (during 1973 - 1987). Expectedly, this is electro-pop with repeating melodies, vocoder and stiff rhythms. There are some catchy moments and some weaker (and even cringeworthy) moments on Magazine 1.

See also: Yamo, Kraftwerk.


FluX, Evan (Australia)

Slow Flux (??)


fluXus (UK)

Das Nichts mit Funkeln (2018)
Silent Seas (2019)
Shored Against My Ruins (2019)
fluXus Live 2002 - 2004 (2019)
Silent Seas (2019)
Circle Homeward (2020)
Shored Against My Ruins (2020)
Live 2002 - 2004 (2020)
Atlantic Highway (2021)
Orbit And Shine (2023)

New Berlin School music full of sequencer pulsations, strong rhythms, mellotron sounds and melodies.


Fly (UK)

Motorway (1998) (EP)
Put the Needle Down And Fly (2002)

Modern ensemble inspired by krautrock and EM classics, especially Neu! / Michael Rother. Fly consists of Gary Ainge, Marco Thomas and Martin Duffy.


Fly Kin Mountain (USA)

Antioch Park (2020)
Gunned Down (2020)
Concrete Pillars (2021)

A project of Portland, Oregon-based synthesist Brandon Knocke. Pure floating, sequencer and / or ambient EM, although rather minimal. Not bad.

See also: Discoverer


FlyByNo (France)

Endless Space 2 - Memories of the Lost (2016) (soundtrack)

Video game soundtrack composer with a melodic, Space Music-influenced style.


Flying Lotus (USA)

Yasuke (2021) (soundtrack)

Flying Lotus is Steven Ellison - a multi-genre musician, composer, producer and deejay from Los Angeles. On Yasuke soundtrack, one can hear his diverse influences that range from hip-hop to trip-hop, IDM, ethnic music (has a Japanese feel in places) and Progressive EM. There are moments of clear Vangelis (circa "Blade Runner Blues") and Pink Floyd allusions (there is a sequence that reminds very much on "On the Run"). A nice work overall, with careful selection of synth sounds and nice melodic sensibility.


Flys Group (Italy)

Oltre l'infinito (??)

Very obscure album on equally obscure Roma-based Dardo Records that seems like a library label. Anyway, the albums seems like a library release too, but is supposed to contain ambient Electronic Music. There are other albums by the same mysterious "Flys Group" on the same mysterious Dardo Records, but these supposedly are in different style.


FM (Canada)

Black Noise (1977)
Head Room (1978)

Late 1970's - early 1980's Canadian outfit that started as a progressive rock collective but later turned into a generic AOR / new wave band. The above albums should be of interest to EM fans. They feature a mix of instrumental tracks / sections (some electronic stuff too) and nice vocals. Later albums (post-1979) are in pop / new wave vein. FM consisted of Cameron Hawkins (vocals, synthesizer, bass, piano), Martin Deller (drums, percussion, synthesizer), Nash the Slash (electric mandolin, violin, glockenspiel, vocals, effects) and Ben Mink (replacing Nash the Slash in 1978). So, as you see, no guitar here. The second album is also known as "Direct To Disc".

See also: Nash the Slash


FM Forest (USA)

FM Forest (2021)
Tomorrow's Winter (2023)

Oregon-based project that uses, as expected, lots of FM sounds. Tranquil, ambient, with sounds of nature. Borders on new age.


Fm-Ra (Portugal)

Timeless (2010) (EP)

Fm-Ra is an alias of Portuguese musician Nuno Maltez who's been composing Electronic Music since 2000. He released Contact and Impossible Worlds (a split with an artist named jjoth) as downloads only and then Timeless - an EP-length release of ambient electronics on 4 floppy discs.


FMS (Germany)

Transformed (2001)
Spectral Lights / Monolith (2003)
Contrast (2004)

FMS stands for Fundamental Minimalistische Sensibilisierung. Ambient soundscapes.


FMS-80 (UK)

Lifestyle 01 (2021)
Lifestyle 02 (2021)
Lifestyle 03 (2022)

Tinkling, new-agey, vaporwave-y electronics.


fmvee (USA)

Wisteria Fade (2022)

A project of Maryland-based Matthew J Rogers. Melodic, climatic, ambient, with a focus on choirs, sampling and metallic, sometimes rich and pad-like digital synth sounds. Sometimes reminds a bit on the title track from Klaus Schulze's Miditerranean Pads ("Budding Tip Encased In Gel"). Sometimes with muffled / echoing vocals. Nice and unusual stuff.


Foag, Wolfgang (Germany)

Symphonie Nr.1 / Orient Suite (1989)
Underscore (1990)
Lonesome Beach (1991) (recorded in 1988 - 1991)

Experimental EM.

See also: Neglige - Electronic Underwear


Foam And Sand (Germany)

Full Circle (2022)

Diverse, dynamic, atmospheric EM from Berlin-born Robot Koch (now based in Los Angeles).


Foat, Greg (UK)

Photosynthesis (2019) (with James Thorpe)
Psychosynthesis (2022)
Blue Lotus (2022)
Dolphin (2023) (with Gigi Masin)
Interstellar Fantasy (2023) (with Ayo Salawu)

British jazz pianist and keyboard player. Some of his works (listed) focus on synthesizers and will be enjoyed by fans of jazzy / melodic EM. There are also some works in which synths, although not a primary elements, play an important role. These could be considered as EM-related.


Focus On the Breath (Italy)

Fragile (2020)
Context (2022)

Ambient project of Paolo Brusò. A mixture of acoustic and electronic sources, as well as lo-fi tape loops.


Fodboldklub (Denmark)

Rejsende 86 (2022) (S)
Utopi 75 (2023)

A trio playing cosmic, sequencer-based EM.


Född Död (Sweden)

Studie i närhet, längtan och besvikelse (2015)
Он не может любить тебя больше (2016)

Live Electronic Music recorded on analog gear by members of SARS and Varg. Mostly ambient but with that slight minimal synth edge. Some echoed vocals but not much.

See also: Varg, SARS.


Foewi (Brazil)

Tau Ceti (2019)

A project from Macapá, focusing on rhythmic / melodic compositions between synthwave, Prog EM and touches of vaporwave. Relaxing rhythms, sequences and dreamy melodies.


Fofana, Lamin (Guinea)

Brancusi Sculpting Beyonce (2018)
Black Metamorphosis (2019)
Darkwater (2020)
Blues (2021)
Unsettling Scores (2022)
Here Lies Universality (2022)
Lamin Fofana And the Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family (2023) (S)

Electronic artist currently based in Berlin (after a long stay in New York). Black Metamorphosis contains unique ambient compositions - rather static and creating a sense of unease or serenity. Best tracks: "Artifacts of Displacement", "Black Metamorphosis".


Fog Bruun, Frederik (Denmark)

Til min kat Milla (2021)

Half ambient synth compositions, from droning to melodic, arpeggio-laden, half folky lo-fi guitar stuff.


Fog Net (USA)

Headlands (2023)

Californian duo of Justin Longerbeam and Niko Ramsdell. Nice ambient synth music, with a subtle rendition of the "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" theme opening their Headlands cassette. Some sequencing as well.


Fogar, Alessandro (Italy)

Isole (1988)
Songlines (1998)
The Stars Circle (1999)
Transmutations (2002)
Live #1 (2002)
Prakriti (2003)
Surface Studies # 1 - # 2 (2005)

Italian soundscape artist born in 1962. He composes music for various installations (some of it released as Isole and Songlines) as well as works in the studio by combining synthetic sounds with natural samples. His output ranges in sound from droning, electroacoustic soundscaping, to lighter ambient sounds and Dark Space (The Stars Circle).


Foggy Joe (France)

Zig Zag Dance (1973) (S)

Foggy Joe is actually a duo of Samuel Hobo and Jean-Michel Jarre. The first side is the version sung by Hobo, flip is instrumental.

See also: Hobo, Samuel, Jarre, Jean-Michel.


Foglord (USA)

In the Essence of Astral Solitude (2013) (S)
New Realms And Forgotten Lands (2013)
Journey of the Spirits (2014)
Winter Dreams (2016)
Healing Gardens (2017)
Celestial (2017) (recorded in 2015)
Tales From the Woods (2021)

Dungeon synth.


Fogroom (Germany)

The Brownian Vortex (2023)

Droning, horror-infused, sci-fi-ish electronics and slow rock drum rhythms.


Fogweaver (USA)

Fogweaver (2019)
Spellwind (2020)
Vedurnan (2021)
Labyrinthine (2022)
Magelight (2023)

Dungeon synth-related project of Dylan Rupe out of Colorado. Interestingly enough, the opening track from Spellwind has a kind of Klaus Schulze-like melancholic mood to it.


Folclore Impressionista (Portugal)

Folclore Impressionista e Convidados na SMUP (2017)
Campos Espectrais Vol. 1 - Who Is This, Who Is Coming? (2018)
Campos Espectrais Vol. II (2019)
A New Sensation: Music For Television (2020)
Changes - K7 Film Soundtrack (2022)

Synth duo of João Paulo Daniel and Sérgio Silva, both members of rock band Beautify Junkyards. The Folclore Impressionista project has something of a hauntology vibe to it. If you like mellotron, bubbling analog synths / sequences and a bit of low-fi feeling with folky elements etc., this is for you.


Földalatti Alakulat (Hungary)

Fobia (2002)

Black Ambient.

See also: Hunok


Folie, Serge (France)

Yanko (1992)

See also: Centaure


Folja (Poland)

Pompa funebris (2011)

Electronic project of Polish visual artist Konrad Zduniak. Rich synthesizer melodies on top of downtempo rhythms.


Folke Ivarsson, Jakob (Denmark??)

Portrætter i faserummet (2020)
Fire bevægelser (2021) (with Jonas Torstensen)
Vinden bærer fuglenes drømme (2021)

Ambient synth musician.


Folke Nikanor (Sweden)

Rymden enligt folke nikanor (2020)

A project of Niklas Johansson in sort of a crossover rock / folk vein. On his sophomore effort from 2020, he decided to opt for heavier use of synths, which added a nice EM touch to his compositions. In fact, a lot of it will be enjoyed by fans of the European melodic EM school, especially the French artists.


Föllakzoid (Chile)

I (2019)
V (2023)

I is krautockers trying to make a minimal techno record. You think it won't work? It does in this case. Unique stuff.


Follet, Kevin (Italy)

Viscera (2019)

Varied synthesist from Verona. Playful, sequencer-based, rhythmic, noisy, experimental... I would say that the above release is EM-related, as it is only partly Prog.


Folmer, Max (Netherlands)

Foreign Windows (1987)
The Heelstone (1990)
Magic Wind (1992)
Ulysses (1992)

New age artist, although generally deeper than any "regular" new age would go, with meditative and melancholic moods predominating. This is not his full discography but the above listed works could be considered EM-related. Anyway, his debut (not listed) combines piano playing with synths for a very new-agey and unpretentious sound. Foreign Windows is reportedly more EM, although I haven't heard it. The Heelstone is mostly interesting for its symphonic, Pink Floyd-influenced slow-paced title track. Magic Wind has some moments that remind on a bit more new-agey version of Steve Roach in his tribal period (mostly tablas and synths). Ulysses is very ambient but also melodic and could be enjoyed by fans of improvising Vangelis circa 1992 - 1996. Further investigation would not harm.


Fools (USA)

Fools' Harp Vol. 1 (2020)

Solo music from member (drummer and multi-instrumentalist) of indie rock band Grizzly Bear - Chris Bear. Nice, relaxing, pastoral work with lots of acoustic instruments alongside synths. Sounds like a musical representation of stained glass windows. Also an ever-so-slight "balearic" feel is there. Not comparable to other artists.


Fomin, Anatoliy (Russia)

Витражи (1981) (S)
Маятник чувств (1983) (S)
Музыкальный портрет (1983) (S)

This artist released at least two "7 records on Soviet state-owned Melodia label. He plays organ and synthesizer. The music is easy-listening, exotica type. Not terribly progressive to say the least but with nice warm analogue sound.


Fomt (Ireland)

Rant (1986)

Fomt aka DJ At Fomt seems to have been a minimal synth / plunderphonics / collage artist in the 1980's. He used to recycle material written by other artists, throwing in some of his own original creations. He released about 4 tapes (more?) back then, of which the above may be interesting due to the inclusion of original material some of which (the solo piece "The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram") is EM in a unique, occult (hello to Bruce Haack, Mort Garson, etc.) style. Overall, the album is full of voices that might be a curious experiment but do start to get on the nerves after a while. File under EM-related.


Fondation (France)

Sans etiquette (1980) (recorded in 1978)
Metamorphoses (1980)
La vaisseau blanc (1983)

Minimal / experimental / ambient band of Ivan Coaquette (Musica Elettronica Viva, Spacecraft) and Anannka Raghel.

See also: Musica Elettronica Viva, Spacecraft.


Fonemi (North Macedonia)

Umana (2018)
Materia (2019)
Madre (2019)

Droning ambient artist.


FoneZ (Argentina)

Adhesivo de Contacto Espacial (2014) (S)
Oscilador (2017) (S)

Krautrock formation from Córdoba. Heavy early Kraftwerk (circa Autobahn) / Neu! vibes on their album Oscilador. Motorik, guitars and synths galore.


Fontaine (UK)

Delays (2012)
Diamond Lake (2015)

Fontaine is ambient artist John Thornfield from Bristol.


Fontän (Sweden)

Babylon (2016) (EP)
Fontän (2017)

Swedish duo of Jesper Jarold and Johan Melin that is usually classified as a "balearic beat" formation, although in reality they seem to have a background in Prog music. You can hear those influences on Babylon that combines relaxed rhythms with synth arpeggios bringing to mind classic Berlin School and hypnotic, Manuel Goettsching-like guitar melodies. This is nice stuff. The eponymous album from 2017 continues in the same vein. At the moment I don't know anything about their previous releases.


Fontanelli, Claudio (Italy)

Vibrazioni vitali di ritmo cosmico (1985)

Claudio Fontanelli seems to be a drummer. However, on this album he is accompanied by engineer Alfonso Belfiore who supposedly takes care of electronics, or maybe Fontanelli himself is responsible for the synth accompaniment, it is not completely clear at the moment. Mixture of drums and cosmic electronic drones and atmospheres.


Fonya (USA)

Wanderers of the Neverending Night (1992)
Soul Travels (1993)
In Flux (1994)
Earth Shaper (1996)
Perfect Cosmological Principle (1997)
Upper Level Open Space (1998)
Sunset Cliffs (2000)

The project of Chris Fournier. Very spacey melodic progressive Electronic Music with influences from Tangerine Dream, Eloy and Camel. Some tracks feature highly reverberated vocals. I've heard that his albums sound very similar to each other. Beware the guitar.

See also: Centric Jones, Project Moonbeam.


Food Pyramid (USA)

I (2010)
II (2010)
III (2011)
New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques (2011)
Mango Sunrise (2012)
Arp Navigators (2012) (with Roy Orb D.MT.)
Live / Dead (2012)
Ecstasy & Refreshment (2013)

Warm, analogue soundscape / sequencer music inspired by krautrock and EM classics (Kraftwerk, Cluster, Harmonia, Schulze et al). Food Pyramid consists of C. Farstad, C. Hontona and M. Weather.

See also: 555


FootFall (USA)

Empyrean (2004)

Abstract soundscapes and cosmic music from one John Lewis.


Foothills (Australia??)

The Sun Is Fueled By the Fossil of Creation (2008) (S)
New World (2013)

Ambient with noisy, glitchy and Berlin School-ish elements.


For Greater Good (Belgium)

Lethargy (2004)
For Greater Good (2008)

Dark Ambient.


Forbidden Fields (Belgium)

Field I: Night (2003)
Field II: Of Trees... (2005)

Drifting dark sounds by Stijn Van Cauter.

See also: Until Death Overtakes Me, Fall of the Grey-Winged One, In the Mist, I Dream No More, Dreams of Dying Stars.


Forbidden Planet (UK)

One (2018)

Analog synth music between ambient soundscapes and downtempo rhythms. A project of Christophe Bride and James Reid.


Force Majeure (Hungary)

Total Eclipse (1999)
Galaxy (2002)

A band, consisting of Laszlo Kovacs and Zsolt Vidovenyecz who met circa 1996 at an information technology fair. The roots of the band go back to the early 80's when Laszlo Kovacs, after attending a Tangerine Dream concert, decided to form his own band called Imaginary Zenith. As part of this duo he performed Electronic Music throughout Hungary, making use of self-built instruments. Force Majeure's 1999 album, Total Eclipse, contains very Tangerine Dream-like music.

See also: Imaginary Zenith


Foreign Body Sensation (USA)

The Echo Is In Code (2021)
Subterranean Environments (2023) (with Justin Maranga)

A project of Los Angeles-based Louie Schultz. Moody EM compositions focusing on analog sounds and a touch of autotuned vocals on a couple of tracks.


Foreign Material (Belgium)

Memories of Lumeria (2021)

A mixture of techno and ambient tracks from Martin Respaut. The ambient material is nice.


Foreign Spaces (Germany)

The Chieming Concert (1984)
It's In My Head (1994) (recorded in 1983 - 1989)
Imagination - Pictures - Music (1994) (recorded in 1985 - 1989)
UFO Breakfast (1995)
Being Creature (1996)
Dark Star (1997)
Phaeton (2000)
Spheres (2003) (recorded in 1984 - 1989)

German synth band formed in Munich in 1979 and the original line-up was Thomas Geldhauser (organ, synth), Werner Kolb (synth) and Georg Reiter (synth). I think somewhere in the early 80's Serge Douw was also a fourth member for a little while. After that the group reformed several times and always with new members coming and going. It is now comprised of Georg Reiter (the original member), Christian Feher and Lothar Lubitz. If you are looking for quality Electronic Music in the best traditions of the genre - this is it. In spite of being melodic, the music doesn't get schmaltzy or saccharine. And their melodies are simply charming and hypnotic, once you've heard the music, you will want to hear it again and again. In my opinion, one of the best Berlin School bands around, Foreign Spaces easily gets my thumbs up! I can see why Eroc put a lot of effort into these guys. Ok, some of their themes are said to be a bit underdeveloped, but what I've heard so far just kicked ass. A space traveller's delight! Highly recommended. Imagination - Pictures - Music was remastered by Eroc in 2001 and contains music recorded in 1989. Spheres contains even older material mainly from early-to-mid 80's.


Forest Management (USA)

Music For Stargazing (2011)
Transparent (2012)
Sky Image (2014) (S)
The Contemplative Life (2014)
Reservation (2014)
Sharper Focus (2014) (S)
Routines (2015) (S)
Encounter (2015)
Dusk Memory (2015)
Landforms (2015) (with Easychord)
Essentials (2015)
Departure (2015) (S)
Snapshot (2015)
Acclimation (2016)
Shifting (2016)
Delicate (2016)
Porter Creek (2017)
The Elevated Quiet (2017)
Reset (2017)
Heat Waves (2017) (S)
Flashpoint (2017) (S)
Limited Confession (2017) (S)
Doux (2017)
Landmarks (2018) (with Celer)
Rotating Angle (2018)
21st Century Man (2018)
Biqui (2018)
Remain (2018)
Passageways (2019)
Drift (2019) (recorded in 2015)
After Dark (2019)
Summer Veil (2019)
Below Sky (2019) (S)
Luzern (2019)
Sleep To Dream (2020)
4 Cassavetes (2020)
Palm Life (2022)
Floor 9 (2022)

Forest Management is ambient artist John Daniel based in Cleveland, Ohio.


Forest On Stasys (Argentina)

Ataraxia (2020)

Forest On Stasys is Guido Camino who is based in Buenos Aires. He is mostly known as a techno artist operating under several guises. Even the EP's released as Forest On Stasys are mostly techno. However, on Ataraxia, he focuses on moody ambient atmospheres.


Forest of Yore (Serbia)

Nature And Solitude (2019)
Mythical Woodlands (2020)

Forest / Celtic ambience. Synths and Celtic harp.


Forest Robots (UK)

After Geography (2020)
Horst & Graben (2021)
Amongst A Landscape of Spiritual Reckoning (2021)
Super Moonlight II (2022)

Melodic ambient sound with lots of piano, influenced by Cluster and Eno.


Forest Silence (Hungary)

The 3rd Winter (1997)

This band started as an Ambient outfit, releasing this demo with two long, repetitive keyboard tracks (with a few whispers and deeply buried growls). Their second demo, called Winter Circle, was in the same style but had more prominent vocals added. Still, if you like The 3rd Winter and don't mind some typical black metal hoarse vocals, give Winter Circle s try. After that they went for the atmospheric black metal sound. The guy behind Forest Silence has also released a short cassette in 1999 under "Arud" moniker (called The Saturnus Mission). The music is in a similar style.

See also: Arud


Forest Robots (USA)

After Geography (2020)
Amongst A Landscape of Spiritual Reckoning (2021)

Ambient electronics from this project out of California. Some acoustic sounds too.


Forest Swords (UK)

The Machine Air (2019) (soundtrack)

Moody synth soundtrack to a film about flying drones. Forest Swords is a project of Matthew Barnes (his other albums supposedly have no relation to Prog EM).


Forest Temple (Australia)

Twilight Within the Ancient Wood (2019) (S)
Fantasy And Fable From Beyond the Mythic Realm (2020)
Spectral Threads of A Cosmic Dream (2021)
Medieval Marvel: Remnants of Forgotten Eras (2022)

"Dungeon synth" project with some cosmic stylings on Spectral Threads... The author is also known for a few projects in black metal genre.


Forever Alien (France)

Safe As War (2018)
Camélia (2020)

Cold, analog-based electronics. A mixture of rhythmic and flowing / experimental tracks. Often with sort of a Heldon vibe.


Forever Pavot (France)

Christophe Colomb (2013) (S)
Miguel el Salam (2014) (S)
Le passeur d'armes (2014) (S)
Rhapsode (2014)
Le Bon Coin Forever (2016) (S)
La pantoufle (2017)
La soupe à la grolle (2018) (S)
Bande originale du film Babysitter (2022) (soundtrack)
L'idiophone (2023)

A project of Emile Sornin who is based in Paris and is influenced by 1960's psych, 1970's prog and vintage library music. Some of the shorter instrumental tracks on Rhapsode and La Pantoufle will interest fans of EM. Le Bon Coin Forver is done 100% in the style of 1960's / 1970's library music (i.e. no singing), with some acoustic, some electric and some electronic material. File under EM-related.


Forgas, Patrick (France)

Synchronicite (2002)

This album contains very melancholic synth compositions, sometimes with a Patrick O'Hearn feel. However, it is pretty atypical of his usual output, as Patrick Forgas is mostly known as a multi-instrumentalist / jazz musician with a Canterbury-tinged sound. His previous works include Cocktail (1977), L'Oleil (1990) and Art d'Echo (1992).


Forget (USA)

Forget (2022) (EP)

Electronic trio consisting of Axel Norddman, Michael Chaiken (guitar) and Matt Cohn. Melodic, intense, theme-oriented, sequencer...


Forgiveness (UK / Australia)

Next Time Could Be Your Last Time (2022)

A trio that plays sort of a mixture of ECM jazz and progressive electronics.

See also: Pike, Lawrence, JQ, Szun Waves.


Forgotten Cabin (USA)

A Quiet Cabin (2022) (S)

Quiet ambience / "forest synth" with pads and tinkling, lullaby-type melodies.


Forgotten Future (Hungary)

W1 (2015)

Forgotten Future is for Hungarian-born (now residing in the US) cinematic / symphonic EM musician Julius Dobos is what Divinorum is for Bjorn Lynne for example. Here, he explores more rhythmic themes influenced by the psybient / goa scene. Some tracks are completely ambient, though. A crossover project.

See also: Dobos, Julius


Forgotten Ghost (Germany)

Astral Travel Through Null Space (2020) (S)

Minimal, reflective ambient melodies.


Forgotten Land (USA)

A Forest Is Myne Home (2007)
Ancient Runic Sorcery (2007) (S)
Samhain - Autumn (2007)
Imbolc - Winter (2008)
Beltane - Spring (2008) (S)

Ohio-based ambient project with a melancholic, atmospheric sound, somewhat related to the dungeon synth genre.


Forkes, Timothy Andrew (USA)

Puzzles (1986)


Form (Canada)

Trips (2014)
银河 SOHO (2017)

Varied, crisp electronic compositions with playful sequencing and melodies.

See also: Kaufhold, Will, Ancient Greens.


Forma (USA)

Forma (2011)
OFF / ON (2012)
Cool Haptics (2014) (EP)
Physicalist (2016)
Semblance (2018)

Brooklyn-based Electronic trio of Mark Dwinell, George Bennett and Sophie Lam, sometimes helped by John Also Bennett. Mark also plays guitars in a band called Bright, but here it's all kosmische floating synth bliss with some motorik rhythms thrown in.

See also: Dwinell, Mark, Bennett, John Also.


Formal Method (Hungary)

Ground Zero (2023)

Rhythmic, monotonous music by Robert Kiss, between berlinesque pulsations and EBM.


Forman, Joanne (USA)

Cave Vaults of the Moon (2018) (recorded in 1987)

Classical composer. Cave Vaults of the Moon is a soundtrack to a sculpture exhibition making use of voice, Ensoniq Mirage, Juno-106, flute, guitar and effects. Mysterious, pastoral, spacey, semi-acoustic music.


Formentini, Luca (Italy)

Scintilla (2018)
Intra- (2021)
For Sundays When It Rains (2023) (with Robert Rich)

Primarily an acoustic guitarist (and instrument builder), Luca Fromentini also experiments in the Ambient genre.

See also: Flos


Former (Austria / Denmark??)

Music For Babies (2006)
Secretly Flowing (2007)

Music For Babies is largely Ambient-based. However, on Secretly Flowing, there is a shift towards the downtempo / vocal pop side of things, with only three shorter instrumental / electronic / ambient tracks.


Former_Airline (Japan)

Rewritten Memories By the Future (2019)

Varied noise / glitch / experimental electronics project of Masaki Kubo. The above album has some krauty / EM influences.


Former Lux (UK)

Peace Offerings of Summer (2020) (S)

Varied ambient compositions from Mark Buchanan.


Former Selves (USA)

Hope (2011)
Telos (2012)
Build (2012) (S)
Limits (2012) (S)
Many Moons (2012)
Calico Sunset (2013)
In Passing (2013)
On Forgetting And Letting Go (2013)
Sunyata (2013)
Yūgen (2014) (S)
In Waves (2014)
Three Wells (2015)
Selige Sehnsucht (2015)
Morriña (2016)
In Mirrors (2016)
The Heart Wants (2017)
Forgiveness Circles (2018)

Ambient artist Paul Skomsvold from Oakland. Sometimes with a new-agey slant. Some of the earlier releases (not listed) are supposedly more in lo-fi rock / indie style.


Fornax Void (Switzerland)

Memory Machine (2009)
Cyberspace Database (2020)

Music that ranges from krautrock to ambient soundscapes.


Fornequiem (Canada)

Anarchy (2005)
Gondwana (2006)

If you like 1980's Tangerine Dream, you'll find lots to enjoy in the music of Vancouver-based artist Steve Jones aka Fornequiem, although it's much darker and less commercial.


Forrest (USA)

Summer Sounds Asleep (2007)
Indiana Burn (2007) (EP)
Beyond the Withered Hills (2014)
Droneoeuvres (2019)
In the Light of the Garden / Reductions (2020)
Infinite Past (2020)
Wolven Temples (2020)
Ancient Technology of the Virtual Kingdom (2021)
Cloud Canvas (2021)
Portals (2022) (EP)
Rolling Greens (2023)
Reimagined (2023) (with Joseph Minadeo)

Warren Forrest Kroll is an ambient artist who uses both guitar and synths.

See also: Lemro, Dorosoto, High Tides.


Forrest, Andrew (UK)

Octaves of Infinity (1991)
Starseed (1997)
Alpha~Omega (1998)
Alchemy (2002)
Infinite Octaves (2009)
Essence (2010)
Resonance (2010)
Boundless (2012)
Presence (2013)
One (2015)
Stillness Moving: Source Quartet Vol. 2 (2016)
Freefall: Source Quartet Vol. 3 (2018)

Space Music from this UK-born musician and visionary painter who currently resides and works in New Zealand.


Forrester, Sébastien (France)

Brontide (2018)

Sound artist previously known as Holy Strays. Brontide mixes vocal and instrumental material. Complex, sample-laded themes, often with a "sampling period Klaus Schulze trying to make dubstep / grime / bass music" feel. Pretty curious stuff and rather unique I would say.

See also: Holy Strays


Forrests (Ireland)

Wilder (2013) (S)
Organs (2015) (S)

Dublin-based project combining pop / downtempo and experimental synth styles.


Forro, Daniel (Czech Republic)

Nachový prostor (1984)
1985 Live (1985)
Forrotronics - 15 Years (1998)

Daniel Forro (real name - Karel Horky) was born in 1958 in Jihlava. Nowadays he is living with his wife and children in Japan. In 1980 he was playing with progressive rock band Progres 2 and he has also been composing solo Electronic Music since 1983, sometimes using the "Forrotronics" moniker. Forro is also one of the pioneers of MIDI and computers in former Czechoslovakia. Daniel Forro also played live a lot since the early 1980's.


Fors, Steve (USA)

It's Nothing, But Still (2022)

Climatic ambient compositions with noisy bits from this US musician currently based in Switzerland.


Forsaken Kingdoms (USA)

Lost Coniferous Castles (2023) (S)
Caught Within the Dreaming Pines (2023) (S)
Old Forest Mysticism (2023) (S)
Beyond the Old Growth (2024)

Quiet, distant ambience. Sometimes on the edge of hearing. The music tries to describe a sense of being alone in a coniferous forest.


Forsgren, Joakim (Sweden)

Vending Machine (2021) (with Andreas Hiroui Larsson)

Varied Swedish synthesist and electronic musician who likes to use some acoustic instruments as well.

See also: Autorhythm


Förslag På Musik (Sweden)

Stroll Music Vol. 1 (2018)
Book of Mirrors (2019)
Stroll Music For Tbilisi (2021)
Bre dang (2022) (S)

Relaxed music with something of a "balearic" feel, but also a wacky cartoonish vibe. A project of Gustav Samrelius.


Förster, Florian (Germany)

Public Retreat (2022)
À la carte (2022)
Gewusst Fern (2023)

Varied EM from this synthesist - melodic, cosmic, a bit jazzy...


Fort Bedmar (Belgium / Ireland)

Klinge Klang (2022) (recorded in 2019)

Darkish analog electronics from this trio of musicians (Bart De Paepe, Jan d'Hooghe and David Colohan). Pretty nice stuff - very basic and primeval, but cosmic and effective.

See also: Colohan, David, D'Hooghe, Jan.


Fortezza Longobarda (Italy??)

Infinito (2010)

Moody, melodic ambience.


Fortino, Lorenzo (Italy)

Magia della mente astratta (2020)
Ambizione estrema (2021) (EP)
Istanti per volare via (2022)

Repetitive, sequencer-based electronics.


Fortune, Iona (UK)

Tao of I (2017)
Tao of I Volume 2 (2019)

Interesting World Music mixture from this Glasgow-based musician, featuring ethnic instruments like Guzheng and Gamelan, as well as Synthi AKS.


Fortunov, Ilia (Bulgaria)

Modus vivendi (1996)


Fosberry, Andy (UK)

Death Ship 2047 (2020)
Blair, Maryland (2020)
When Comfort Is Stranger (2020)
13 (2020) (S)
The Mutation (2021) (soundtrack)
Easter Killing (2021) (soundtrack)
(connection lost) (2021)
Celebrate the Life (2022)
Night Skies (2022)
August, September, October. (2023)

Soundtracky music from this artist, between synth-based and orchestral. Inspired by sci-fi scores.


Fossilize Me (USA)

Era (2020)

A project of Dennis Smith who uses modular synths to sculpt playful, melodic compositions, where sequences play an important role.


Fotoplastikon (Poland)

Kontury (2020)

A project of Adam Krawczyk. Kontury was marketed by the label as a soundtrack to an obscure Polish 1984 movie. This is definitely another one of those hoaxes, though, as neither the film's supposed title nor director's name bring up any results apart from those related to this vinyl disc. This is not to say that the music is bad. On the contrary, it uses a nice array of analog instruments and is pretty nice rhythmic / melodic EM overall.


Fotou, Vasilis (Greece)

Minotaurus (1983)
E.S.P. (1984) (S)

Rare electronic album from Greece. Apparently, Vasilis Fotou, who uses a fair array of analog keys, took Greek traditional songs as the basis of his compositions.


Foudre! (France)

Magnum Chaos (2015)
Amor mundi (2016)
Earth Original Soundtrack Live At the Church of Saint-Merri, Paris (2017)
Kami 神 (2018)
Future Sabbath (2021)

An ambient drone ensemble.

See also: Oberland, Frédéric D., Saåad, Mondkopf.


Foulkes, Adrian (Spain??)

Parenthesis (2021)

Melodic, climatic compositions mixing classical and electronic instrumentation.


Foundation Hope (Netherlands)

Forsaken Playgrounds (2004)
Broken Sounds Set To Despairing Melodies (2004)
The Fades Reveries (2006)
A Call To All Redeemers (2006)
Tunes For the Wounded (2008)
Our God Is A Cosuming Fire (2008)

Dark Ambient project of Joep Smaling, with elements of industrial, noise and neo-classical.


Fountainhead (USA)

Cloud Cover (1998)

Robert Scott Thompson's alter ego. Ambient.

See also: Thompson, Robert Scott


Four Seconds Ago (USA)

The Vacancy (2018)

Electronic project created by two members of progressive metal band Periphery, Jake Bowen and Misha Mansoor. Melodic, rhythmic music, mixing influences of synthwave, pop, shoegaze, downtempo and progressive electronics. Most of the tracks are instrumentals. Nice stuff.


Four Tet (UK)

Sixteen Oceans (2020)

IDM / techno / post-rock project of Kieran Hebden, active since the 1990's. Sixteen Oceans, with its focus on analog sounds, sounds a bit influenced by progressive EM in places.


Fourcolor (Japan)

Ballet (2015)

Japanese project that usually focuses on guitar-based drone and related styles. Ballet is an interesting foray into electronics, with lots of influences, from ambient EM to glitch.


Fourth Dimension Project, The (Hungary)

Sound Dimensions (2017)
Secret Places (2017)
Arrival (2017)
Cosmic Waves (2019)
Project / Stardust (2021)

Berlin School music from Budapest.


Fourth World Magazine (USA)

Neoplatonic Aquatic Symposiums (2023)

Liquid, FM-based electronics from Spencer Clark, a pioneer of vaporwave genre and a diverse artist in his own right.

See also: Typhonian Highlife, Monopoly Child Star Searchers.


Fousek, Karl (Canada)

Relative Position of Figures (2014)
Codicil (2014) (S)
Klang (2015) (with Danny Clay)
Pattern Variation (2015) (S)
One Another (2016) (S)
No Sound Without A Misunderstanding (2016) (with Devon Hansen and Roger Tellier-Craig)
Two Pieces For A Temporary Connection (2017)
No Image In Particular (2017) (with Devon Hansen and Roger Tellier-Craig)
Residual Time (2018) (with Nicolas Caloia and Yves Charuest)
No Way of Knowing (2018) (S) (with Devon Hansen and Roger Tellier-Craig)
In the Forest (2019)
Freedom To Fail (2021) (with Ross Birdwise)

Modular synth artist. Mostly beeps and bleeps here, with moments of minimal repeating structures / patterns and ambient drones.


Fowler, Brennan (USA)

Cliffside (2021)

North Carolina-based synthesist who loves modular and analog synths. Rhythmic / melodic, with downtempo and IDM influences.


Fox, Greg (USA)

The Gradual Progression (2017)
Contact (2020)

New York-based drummer who loves electronics. He uses his drums to trigger electronic sounds via midi technology. Nice hybrid acoustic / electronic music here, complex and based on improvisation.

See also: Fox Millions Duo


Fox Millions Duo (USA)

Lost Time (2015)
Biting Through (2019)

New York-based duo of drummers Greg Fox and John Colpitts. On Biting Through, they use electronics extensively, processing the sounds of their drumkits in particular. The result is a wild melange of drum rhythms that form the backbone of music and electronic ambiences and sounds.

See also: Fox, Greg


Fox, Robert (UK)

Asfafa (1991)
The Fire And the Rose (1992)
Blue Mountains Suite (1993)
A Gathering of Spirits (1995)
Blue (1996) (with David Wright)
Into the Light (1997)
Talking Heads (2000)
The Missing Albums 1989 - 1990 (2002)
Underworld (2002)
Maya (2005)
Touching the Serpents Tail (2007)
Adonai (2008)
Evergreen (2008)
Short Stories (2011)
Still Waters (2013)
Asfafa 2 (2014)
Cathedral (2017)
Phoenix Rising (2019)
House of Chimes (2020)

British synthesist Robert Fox (born in 1950 in Newcastle under Lyme) is quite well-known in the EM circles. He started his career doing theatre soundtracks, using the latest synthesizer technology (that was in the 1980's). Robert then went on to record solo works, many of them released on CD. He creates very melodic music, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes a bit more 'out-there' (A Gathering of Spirits). Recommended if melody is your thing.

See also: Code:Indigo


Foxtrot, Lukey (UK)

The Glide (2023)

Cornish-born and London-based Foxtrot is an electronic artist who uses hardware synths and other devices in a live setting, creating dynamic music which is hardly comparable to other artists but is definitely progressive. It's rhythmic, but not danceable, dynamic, slowly developing and sometimes with lively melodies / solos.


Foxx, John (UK)

Cathedral Oceans (1995) (recorded in 1983 - 1995)
Shifting City (1995) (with Louis Gordon)
The Pleasures of Electricity (2002)
Translucence / Drift Music (2003) (with Harold Budd)
Cathedral Oceans I & II (2004)
Cathedral Oceans III (2005)
Tiny Colour Movies (2006)
Mirrorball (2009) (with Robin Guthrie)
A Secret Life (2009) (with Steve D'Agostino and Steve Jansen)
My Lost City (2009)
D.N.A. (2010)
B-Movie (2014)
London Overgrown (2015)
Nighthawks (2015) (with Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia)
The Machine (2017)
The Marvellous Notebook (2022)
The Arcades Project (2023)

John Foxx (real name - Dennis Leigh) is an ex-member of electropop pioneers Ultravox. He's released a lot of solo material ranging from typical early vocal electropop (not listed) to Ambient (listed).

See also: Ghost Harmonic


Föy (USA)

Bonsai (2003) (with Elf Machine)
Stativ (2003)
10,000 Headless Buddhas (2003) (with Elf Machine)
Mandala (2003)

A project formed by James Johnson to explore a more active side of his works. Mandala sounds like his typical soundscapes mixed with some glitchy beats and rhythms. If you like the output of the Databloem label or maybe some FAX, this is more or less along those lines. The closing track is pure ambient bliss (no rhythms).

See also: Johnson, James


Fractal Fissures (UK)

Fractal Fissures (1989)

Private LP with music by Gavin Davies and some guy who goes by the name "Kobus". They use midi guitar, flute, electronics & sampling. The style is not known.


Fractal Heads (Russia)

Dreampainting (2003)
Light On the Stepped Plates (2006)

Fractal Heads is a duo of Sergey Malkin and Dmitry Kravchuk. The music was recorded in the 90s with ancient Soviet analogue machines. Avant soundscapes.


Fractal Light (Belarus)

Radiance (2007)

Fractal Light was a project of Anton Stanevich. Varied, cinematic, dungeon synth-like.


Fractal Mob (Italy)

Presenting the World of Fractal Mob (2006) (recorded in 1998)

A duo of Fabrizio Cecchi and Piero Papini. Influenced by classic Electronic Music and space rock.


Fractaled (Romania)

Moments of Order (2007)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Abbildung


Fractalyst (Greece)

Watchtower (2022)

Dark Ambient project of Dimitris Valasopoulos.


Fragile (France??)

Le culte des pépins (2020)

Minimal, ambient electronics from Christophe Ratier.


Fragile Fate, The (UK)

Lilliam Ocean (2015)

Varied ambient soundscapes from this trio of Jerry Marotta, Rupert Greenall and Eric Taylor.


Fragile X (UK)

Moana (2015)
Haptics (2015)
Between Worlds (2021)
Human Condition (2022)
Mind the Gap (2022) (S)

Bedroom electronic project of J. Gorecki out of Glasgow. Varied tracks, from floating to experimental and arpeggio / sequencer-based.


Fragmented (USA)

Ek Passion Drone (1993)
The Solemn Drain (1994)
Set. (1994)
Knowledge of War (1995)
The Structure of Clear Wine (1997)
The Emotion Finally (1999)

Ambient soundscapes.


Fragments (USA)

Underground Ocean (2008) (S)
Fragments (2008)
-Orts of Glass- (2009)
Ambrosial Filiments (2009) (S)
Kinetic Sphere (2009) (S)
Cyanid Tendons (2009) (S)
Inoculum (2009) (S)
Retching Sunshine (2009)
Fragments For the Now (2010) (S)
Alternate Relativity (2010)
Adrift (2014) (S)
Fragments + Andrew Kirschner (2015) (with Andrew Kirschner)

Interesting band from Ohio, consisting of Jeff Hatfield (synthesizer) and Zach Troxell (synthesizer). Although they often get lumped together with noise acts, their music is nothing like noise. Instead, it's flowing and meditative and consists of drawn-out organ tones and twittering effects. Will be enjoyed by fans of Drone Ambient and early Klaus Schulze.

See also: Docile Dawn, Watchword.


Fragments of Light (Italy)

Anima (2019)

Melodic EM duo from Bologna. Nice, dynamic sound, a bit along the lines of some recent Tangerine Dream or Loom output, but not that intricate perhaps and with an extra post-rock edge.


Fragments of Space Hex (UK)

Fragments of Space Hex (2015)

Analog synth duo of Andrew Nixon and Ciaran Mackle.

See also: Deathcount In Silicone Valley, Nixon, Andrew.


Fragoso, Guillermo (Mexico)

Mexxico (1996) (recorded in 1993 - 1996)

Imagine a mixture of Peter Frohmader, Jeff Greinke and Jorge Reyes and you pretty much have what Fragoso is all about. Basically quite dark and mystical Ambient / World Music stuff. Has some industrial edges as well.


Frahm, Nils (Germany)

Juno (2011) (S)
Spaces (2013)
Ellis (2016) (S) (with Woodkid) (soundtrack)
All Melody (2018)
Encores 3 (2019) (S)
Tripping With Nils Frahm (2020)
Durton (2022)
Music For Animals (2022)

Classical pianist who sometimes uses synthesizers. I'll try to list his EM-related works here. In these, he often combines warm, analog sequences or pads with his piano playing.


Frak (Sweden)

Muzika Electronic (2012)

Minimal synth / industrial / electro / techno trio that exists since 1987. The above album has a slight progressive influence and might appeal to fans of Kraftwerk and the more outlandish / abstract forms of EM.


Frampton, David K. (UK)

The Following (2022)

Diverse post-rock / techno / synth-pop artist and singer-songwriter. The Following is a work for minimal, pulsing electronics. It's like listening to a Carpenter soundtrack piece for 40 minutes.


Francavilla, Costanza (Spain)

Children of the Universe (2019) (soundtrack)

Spacey soundtrack to a documentary, mixing analog synths with string arrangements, quartz and Tibetan bowls, vocals, percussion and kalimba. Very nice EM here. Costanza Francavilla is an artist based on Ibiza who is also known to have composed music for a Blade Runner 2049 trailer.


France, Phil (UK)

The Swimmer (2013)
Circle (2018)

Manchester-based composer and member (bassist) of The Cinematic Orchestra. His own music is melodic, symphonic, influenced by Vangelis, the "French School" of EM and more.


France Sauvage (France)

L'homme à z​é​ro (2019)
Où les observer, savoir les reconna​î​tre ‎(2023)

Electronic collective making music between mutant pop and Experimental EM. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Duval, Manuel


Francès, Richard (France)

"01112012" (2017)
Cinco Circulos (2023)

Lysergic analog synth compositions from this Spanish-born artist also known as Acid Fountain.

See also: JUJU


Francino, J.M. (Spain)

Música per a Pel.lícules (1986) (recorded in 1980 - 1983)

Released on vinyl, this album is a Catalan obscurity. Josep Maria Francino is a filmmaker and apparently composed soundtracks to his films (all rather obscure as well). The interesting part is that he seems to have built his own synth (or several synths) and uses it on this album which is essentially a compilation of various sountrack pieces. Granted, not everything here is electronic. A lot of the pieces are just short sketches, and it suffers from inconsistency, as a lot of sountracks do.


Francis Inferno Orchestra (Australia)

Presents Veranda Culture (2017)

A more peaceful, ambient album recorded by Melbourne-based nu-disco / house artist Griffin James after he discovered the music of Iasos.


Francis, Lewis (USA)

Information Gift (??)

Varied music, from floating to rhythmic.


Francisco (Italy)

Nero (2013) (S)
Voodoo Island (2019) (with Malkuth)

Francesco de Bellis is an Italian artist mixing neo-disco trends with 1970's / 1980's horror soundtrack vibes.


Franco Divine (France)

Cassettes (2023)

A project of Bordeaux-based Bardou Jacquet. Rhythmic, mechanical, hard-hitting electronics between industrial, EBM, krautrock influences and the "neurotic / aggressive" school of French EM (i.e. Heldon, Philippe Doray, Art & Technique etc.)


Francq, Pascal (Belgium)

Rêveries électroniques (2020)

Nice and varied Electronic Music from this synthesist. Mysterious, melodic, symphonic, rich, cerebral...


Frank, Micah (USA)

Tape Pieces Vol. 1 (2019) (with Chris Child)
Tape Pieces Vol. 2 (2020) (with Chris Child)
Noontide (2020)
The Music of Hildegard Von Bingen Part One (2022) (with Chet Doxas)
Quill (2022)

Brooklyn-based experimental / musique concrete artist. Tape Pieces Vol. 2 is a collection of looped pieces made out of processed analog synth sounds. It will be enjoyed by fans of different forms of ambient music.


Franke, Christopher (Germany)

New Music For Films Vol.1 (1990)
Pacific Coast Highway (1991)
McBain (1991) (soundtrack)
The London Concert (1991)
Universal Soldier (1992) (soundtrack)
Klemania (1993)
Raven (1993) (soundtrack)
Enchanting Nature (1994)
Babylon 5 (1995) (soundtrack)
Night of the Running Man (1995) (soundtrack)
Tenchi the Movie (1996) (soundtrack)
The Celestine Prophecy (1996)
Perry Rhodan, Pax Terra (1996)
Babylon 5 - Messages From Earth (1997) (soundtrack)
Pacific Blue (1997)
Transformation of Mind (1997)
The Outer Limits (1997) (soundtrack??)
Babylon 5 - Late Delivery From Avalon (1997) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Severed Dreams (1997) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Shadow Dancing (1997) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Walkabout (1997) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Z'ha'dum (1997) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - The Fall of Night (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Interludes & Examinations (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Into the Fire (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - No Surrender, No Retreat (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - The Face of the Enemy (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - The Ragged Edge (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - In the Beginning (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Chrysalis (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - The Coming of Shadows (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - War Without End part 1 (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - War Without End part 2 (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi? (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - The Long Night (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Lines of Communication (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Endgame (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Thirdspace (1998) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Falling Towards Apotheosis (1999) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Darkness Ascending (1999) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Objects At Rest (1999) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - Sleeping In Light (1999) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - And the Rock Cried Out (1999) (soundtrack)
Babylon 5 - River of Souls (1999) (soundtrack)
Epic (1999)
New Music For Films Vol.2 (2000)
The Calling (2000)
Music For Films Vol. 3 (2003)
Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales (2007) (soundtrack)

Member of Tangerine Dream from 1971 to 1988 and the driving force behind the group's sound during all these years, Franke is one of the most influential figures in the history of Electronic Music. He was drumming for Agitation Free when Edgar Froese suggested that he should join his band. Schulze and Schnitzler had both left the group and Franke took the vacant place in the organism known as Tangerine Dream. Froese and Franke were joined by Steve Schroyder and recorded Alpha Centauri, the first Electronic Space album in history. After that the group saw many changes in its line-up, but the duo of Froese and Franke always propelled the Tangerine Dream sound to the future. Franke contributed a lot to the group's music and that was crucial for the famous Tangerine Dream sound on all classic records done by the group. That's why his departure in 1988 is seen as an irreparable loss by many a fan. Thanks to Franke, or 'Mister Sequencer', as he was called, the Berlin School sound took shape and developed. Unfortunately, after he left the group, the music of Tangerine Dream was never the same again. It is enough to listen to 'Vermillion Sands' from The London Concert to see what exactly TD lost with the departure of Chris. Now Franke lives in the USA and has written lots of Hollywood movie soundtracks, that just don't make full use of this man's talent. They are simply orchestral music with maybe occasional echoes of his electronic sound. Moreover, many of Franke's recent music is simply boring new age for a wider market. And that is just regrettable. I wish he could wipe the dust off his sequencers and moogs and show some young amateurs, who try to emulate his classic sound now, how it's really done. Chris, I hope you are reading this (wink!). Pacific Coast Highway, The London Concert and Klemania are recommended. If you're a fan, though, you would want all of them, that's for sure, even the endless 'Babylon 5' series.

See also: Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free.


Frankie Teardrop (USA)

Frankie Teardrop (1997) (S)

Two Cluster / Harmonia type tracks from this Vas Deferens Organization offshoot.

See also: Vas Deferens Organization, Ohm.


Franklin, Martin (UK)

Whale Invocation (1988) (with Richard Clare)
Invocation (1990) (with Richard Clare)
An Opening of the Earth (1991) (with Michael Northam)
Kolbe (2023) (with Michael O'Dempsey)

Synthesist of Tuu fame who has been making Tribal Ambient music since the 1980's, mostly as a duo with flute player Richard Clare.

See also: Tuu, Stillpoint.


Franklin, Serge (France)

Tipsy - the Plank's - Recreation Road - the Boss Music (??) (with others)
Serge Franklin (??)

Library LP by various artists providing music in various styles. Serge Franklin's material consists of floating or mechanical-sounding EM.


Franks, Nick (UK)

Malabar Coast (1991)
Babel (1993) (with Tim Wheater)
Dark Andromeda (1996)

Energetic electronics with driving rhythms and some guitar pyrotechnics from time to time.


Frantz, Matt (USA)

Unbalanced (2005) (with Alan Sondheim)
Transport Device (2011)
Between the Rising Ocean And the Collapsing Sky (2016)
Going Down Black Rabbit Holes (2023)

Intense, sinister, apocalyptic and complex collage-like electronic compositions from this Californian artist.


FranzCam (USA)

Mirrors (2016)
Proximities (2016)
Faint Signals (2016)
MH370 (2019)

Varied electronics from Boston-based Marco Franzoni - dark soundscapes, Black Space, rhythmic sections, etc. Long tracks.


Franzeninkatu 177 (Finland)

Franzeninkatu 177 (2016)

Nice, darkish and spacey synth compositions from this Helsinki-based trio.


Franzosi & Dell'Agnese (Italy)

Secrets And Secretaries (1984)


Fraser, Scott (USA)

Architecture (1988)

Released on Philip Perkins' imprint Fun Music, Architecture features a curious mix of Ambient and World Music, with processed voice samples and stuff. I am aware of at least two other solo releases by Scott Fraser: The Water Album, which is composed of water sounds only and Natural Histories that I know nothing about at the moment. There is also a collaborative work with Bruce Friedman.


Fratila, Stefana (Romania)

I Want To Leave This Earth Behind (2023)

Romanian-born indie pop artist based in Toronto. I Want To Leave This Earth Behind is an album of spacey electronic abstraction completed following Stefana's research trips to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Space Flight Centre. As a result of those trips, she created a series of VST's that emulated atmospheric conditions in each of the Solar System's planets. Additional synth parts were recorded in Fratila's Toronto studio.

See also: Anthurium


Fratti, Mabe (Guatemala)

Pies Sobre la Tierra (2020)
Será Que Ahora Podremos Entendernos (2021)
Let's Talk About the Weather (2021) (with Gudrun Gut)
Se Ve Desde Aqui (2022)

Avant-garde cellist. Her angelic voice, processed cello and synthesizers create a truly unique experience.


Fratoroler (Germany)

Reflections (2010)
Looking Forward (2012)
Chez Ricco (2013)
Nano (2014)
What! (2016)
Augen-Blicke (2017)
Different (2020)
Berlin (2021)

Music from Thomas Köhler and Frank Rothe, influenced by Mario Schönwälder and friends, with sequencers, mellotrons, etc.


Frau, Manuele (Italy)

Sky Blue Ice Dawn (2015) (S)
Iter subterraneum (2017)

Hard-edged electronics with sequences and some guitar. For fans of Heldon, the darker Tangerine Dream et al.

See also: Nona et Decima


Freakin' Disco (Hungary)

National Jazz Fuckers (2016)
Monster (2018)
Totem (2013)

Hungarian improvisational / space rock / krautrock / electronic band. They have a sort of a humoristic / sarcastic / funny / comedy theme going, which is especially evident on shorter tracks. However, after Frank Zappa's unparalleled wit, nothing is funny enough for me and everything seems clumsy and stale, so I don't really care for that aspect of their music. At the same time, the hypnotic / electronic aspect, the sequencing, the spacey synth / guitars, the cosmic atmospheres I found pretty exciting. You will find all of that in spades on longer explorations like "Something" (Totem).


Fred, S.A. (UK)

Drift (2017)
I Hope I Arrive Soon (2018)
The Uncertainty Principle Vol. 1 (2020)
The Uncertainty Principle Vol. 2 (2020)
Ambient Volume 2 (2020)
The Unknown (2020)
Live Hardware Vol. 1 (2021)
Live Hardware Vol. 2 (2021)
Filth (2021)
Ambient Volume 3 (2021)
Special Agent Fred And His 101 Orchestra (2021)
Encounters Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2019)
Encounters Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2019)
Encounters Vol. 3 (2021) (recorded in 2019)
Reality Is the World Made In Your Mind Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2012 - 2014)
Reality Is the World Made In Your Mind Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2012 - 2014)
Reality Is the World Made In Your Mind Vol. 3 (2021) (recorded in 2012 - 2014)
Reality Is the World Made In Your Mind Vol. 4 (2021) (recorded in 2012 - 2014)
Multiplicity Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2013)
NH17 (2021) (recorded in 2013)
Multiplicity Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2013)
Neo Electronic Nostalgia Vol. 1 (2021) (recorded in 2013)
Into the Green (2021)
Neo Electronic Nostalgia Vol. 2 (2021) (recorded in 2013)
2 Sides To A Story (2021)
Ambient Excursions (2021)
Landforms (2021) (recorded in 2013)
Fields of Blue (2021) (recorded in 2013)
Fantom Zone (2021)
Mirage (2022) (recorded in 2013)
Holoscanner (2022)
ND Live Sessions Vol. 1 (2022)
ND Live Sessions Vol. 2 (2022)
Gemini + (2022)
Phase 2 (2022) (recorded in 2013)
Live Stream 23.04.22 Vol. 1 (2022)
Live Session 16.04.22 (2022)
Wheels Within Wheels (2022)
Encounters Vol. 4 (2023)

Synthesist known as The Rosen Corporation.

See also: Rosen Corporation, The


Fred und Luna (Germany)

Glück auf (2016) (EP)
Im Klanggarten (2017)
Im Tiefenrausch (2019)
Im Tanzrausch (2019) (EP)
Im Weltenraum (2020)
Im Auftrag (2021) (S)
Im Fünfminutentakt (2023)

Rainer Bachmüller's project that uses an image of two fictitious mannequins living in a fashion boutique in Karlsruhe. As you can expect, the music is very inspired by Kraftwerk, although quite sublime and unique.


Frederick, Jay (USA)

Aries (2019)

Jazz drummer and ambient composer.


Frederiksen, Jonas (Denmark)

Osmosis (2009)
360' (2009)
Marble Halls (2009) (S)
PUR 1 (2009)
Encounter: Codename Eve (2010)
Steel Advance Pt. 1 (2010)
Steel Advance Pt. 2 (2010)
Angel Takeaway (2010)
Encarta (2010)
Keeper of Encarta (2010)
Liquid Cool Boarders (2011)
Confessions of A Flâneur (2013)
Toekomstje (2013)
Music For Living Room _ Music For Pavillion (2021)

Hazy, dreamy ambience from member of lo-fi synth-pop band Girlseeker.

See also: Dreamers Cloth


Fredfades (Norway)

Grønlandsūtraen (2018) (with Eikrem)

Varied Electronic Music, mostly of jazzy variety. Some trumpet and lots of analog synths. Pretty nice. Fredfades is a project of Norwegian artist Fredrik Øverlie. His other releases are supposedly more related to jazz / hip-hop sounds.


Fredrickson, Bjorn (USA)

Celestial (2009)

Varied ambient material from this Oregon-based musician.


Fredrik, Sven (Sweden)

Sven Fredrik (2021)
Through the Rosen Bridge (2023)

Energetic, no-nonsense mixture of live drums and electronics. Sometimes reminiscent of Heldon.


Fredziak (France)

Altitudes (2012)

Melodic and anthemic Electronic Music, taking in influeces of Jean-Michel Jarre and other French pioneers. The real name of the artist is Frederic Esnault.


Free Love (UK)

Extreme Dance Anthems (2019)

A duo formerly known as Happy Meals. Steady rhythms, multiple synths, some vocalizations... A nice and unique style.

See also: Happy Meals


Free Range (Lithuania / USA)

Kind of Snake (2019)
Camry Horses (2020)

A duo of Ernestas Sadau and Matt Weiner, producing rhythmic, somewhat lysergic tracks that remind me on Moebius / Plank circa Material, with an extra techno touch perhaps. Camry Horses has a lot of processed voice experiments and is pretty weird overall.


Free System Projekt (Netherlands)

F. S. P. (1994)
Impulse (1996)
Substance (1997) (S)
Pointless Reminder (1999)
Okefenokee Dreams (1999) (with Dave Brewer)
Okefenokee Dreams 2001 (2002) (with Airsculpture & Bill Fox)
Atmospheric Conditions (2002)
Passenger 4 (2004) (with Dweller At the Threshold)
Protoavis (2004)
Moyland (2005)
Gent (2007) (recorded in 2005)
British Aisles (2008)
Narrow Lane (2008)
Procyon (2009) (recorded in 2008 and 1999)
Time Out of Mind (2009) (with Brendan Pollard and Hashtronaut)
Mind Out of Time (2010) (with Brendan Pollard and Hashtronaut)
Legacy (2011) (with Gert Emmens)
Five Suns (2017)
Spoon Forest (2018) (with Terje Winther)
British Aisles Volume Two (2019)

The man behind Free System Projekt is Marcel Engels plus guests and fellow musicians. Nowadays, FSP is basically a duo of Engels and Ruud Heij. Frank van de Wel was also a member during various stages. Any Berlin School fan should dig FSP. Quite recommended. Atmospheric Conditions contains improvised live and studio recordings by Engels, Frank van de Wel and Ruud Heij.


Free/Slope (Sweden)

Daydream Melodies (2017)
Ultra Light! / Into Drift Mode (2017) (S)
Abracadabra (2018)
Isolation Drone I & II (2020) (S)
Blissful Repetitions (2022)

Neo-psychedelia / kraut / EM project of Daniel Fridlund Brandt.


Freed, Will (USA)

3 Mile Eye (2018) (with Domokos and Andrew Scott)
Couch Fuzz 2 (2018)
Improvisation For Electric Guitar & Wave Machine (2021)
Bleu (2021) (S) (with Jeff Williams)
Rouge (2022) (S) (with Jeff Williams and Jason Chronis)
Orange (2022) (S) (with Jeff Williams)
Dreamflange (2022) (with Jeff Williams)
Ledge (2022) (with Jeff Williams)
Summer Magic (2023)

Guitarist with a krautrokish attitude. On Couch Fuzz 2 he mixes his guitar with loops and synthesizer for an experimental kraut / EM style.

See also: Electric Placebo


Freeman, Alan (UK)

Mezzosphere (1988)
Melting Phase (2001)
Captured Flux (2001)
Sketchbook (2002)
Elemental Meditation (2009)
Topology of A Phantom City (2014)
Electroacoustic Works (2016)

Audion fame synthesist. Many different styles, from electroacoustic experiments to Ambient synthesizer music. Captured Flux is the expression of his own ideas about a guitar-based electronic album.

See also: Xylem, Biomechanoid, Alto Stratus, Endgame, Eruption, A.C.F., Vrije, Adhara, Electric Junk, Approaching Infinity, Triax.


Freeman, Ken (UK)

Infinity+One (1973) (S)
Electronic Philharmonic (1973)
Handplayed By Robots (1980) (with George Fenton)
The Tripods (1995) (soundtrack) (recorded in 1984)

Ken Freeman is an electronic engineer and musician, mostly known for his "Symphonizer" string synth of which at least four prototypes were built. In 1971 he released an obscure LP, called "The Electronic Philharmonic" with a mixture of original compositions and covers of popular tunes.


Freeman Leverett, W. (USA)

Symphonia galaxiae (2015)

Abstract, but rather listenable analog synthesizer compositions.


Freeman, Peter (USA)

K3CS (2022) (recorded in 2000 - 2020)

Peter Freeman (1965 - 2021) was a multi-instrumentalist and bassist who worked with John Hassell, John Cale, Alanis Morissette, Seal, Eliott Sharp and many others. He made musical pieces in varied styles, from dubby / rocky downtempo with guitars to completely abstract soundscapes.


Freemusicians, The (USA)

Delta of Eden (2010)
In God's Geometry (2010)

Electronic trios involving Ray Buttigieg and a revolving cast of musicians. Cinematic, ambient / melodic style.

See also: Buttigieg, Ray


Freeze, Thomas U. (Germany)

The Secrets of Intergalactic Music (1992)

His name sounds like a pseudonym to me. The music is cosmic, with more than a hint of 1970's German EM.


Freidel, John (USA)

Entrancer (2017)
TrickWorks (2020)

Varied synthesist from Nebraska. Ranges from cosmic to melodic, soundtracky, rhythmic (a bit synthwave-like) and experimental.


Freispiel (Germany)

Introversion (2020)

A project of Berlin-based art-pop musician and singer-songwriter Stephan Mensger. Introversion is his foray into intrumental melodic EM. Nice and varied.


Frejadóttir, Aase (Sweden)

Music For Drifting (2020)

Ambient music from this musician born in 1992 to an Icelandic mother and a Swedish father. Drifting synths, tuned strings... Pretty nice relaxing stuff.


French, Blair (USA)

Through the Blinds (2014)

Varied Ambient from the Detroit area.


French, Simon James (UK)

Wander the Night Japan (2022)

Ambient artist living between the UK and Japan. Cinematic, droning, nocturnal, introversive, futuristic...


Frenemas (USA)

Frenemas (2020)
2 (2021)

"Crust Ambient" (that's how they describe their sound) duo of Brad Truax and Chip Kolpen. Rather intense sound here. Sometimes with sequencing.


Frequency Control Centre (UK)

EXP. 1 (2020)

Melodic analog synths and slow downtempo rhythms. A crossover EM / IDM project.


Fresnel Lens (UK)

Rise (2022)

Darkish modular synth-based compositions from Calum Lee. Some elements of bass music as well.


Fresnes, Robert de (UK)

Atlantis...? (1998)
Mythology (2000)

Melodic and atmospheric. Great for those who like this particular style.


Frett (Poland)

The World As A Hologram (2020)

Super energetic and harsh EM with sequences, rhythms and samples from one half of Job Karma.

See also: Job Karma


Freund, Tobias (Germany)

Studio Works 1986 - 1988 (2019)
KAVE (2020) (with Samuel Rohrer, Stian Westerhus and Max Loderbauer)
Hall ov Fame (2021)

Studio experiments by this techno musician and engineer who, during the 1980's, worked with Frank Farian in Far Studios near Frankfurt. That's where the above material was recorded.

See also: NSI, Pink Elln, Recent Arts.


Friberg, Espen (Norway)

Sun Soon (2023)

Synthesist with a minimal, experimental, but listenable style.


Frick, Brian (USA)

Visitation (1997)

Synthesist, whose style is not known at the moment. However, one track off Visitation appears on a Vangelis tribute sampler.


Fricke, Siegmar (Germany)

Speedhouse & Exoticore (1990)
*KO/USK- (1997) (with Giancarlo Toniutti)
Aurora (2005) (with Mathias Grassow)
Subdural Space (2008)
Tiefensuggestion (2009)
Lulled Glaciers (2014) (with Abul Mogard and Justin Wiggan)

Starting from the 1980's, Siegmar Fricke released numerous cassettes and then CDs, most of which will be out of scope for EEM, I guess. However, as a super-prolific artist and one who used electronic instrumentation to compose his works, he is certainly one of those "must explore" artists out there. The first side of the Speedhouse & Exoticore cassette is said to be different from most of his output (which often focuses on electro-industrial or noisy musics) in its strong Kraftwerk influence. Side B is much harsher and more in his usual style, though.

See also: Ambulatorio Segreto, DSIP, Efficient Refineries, Doppelwirkung, Nome de Voyage.


Friday Dunard (Germany)

A Subtle Magnetism (2016)
Gerade (2017) (EP)
Rhenus aeternus (2023)

This project takes more elaborate forms of techno and further develops them into complex progressive themes. Some neat touches of ambience and field recordings as well.


Friebe, Rico (Germany)

Jenni (2022)
Jenni II (2022)
The M Session (2022)

Kiel-based composer also known and Rico Puestel. Here, he combines his techno influences with a more ambient / EM sound.

See also: Tetzlaff


Friedenberger, Norman (Germany)

Talisman (1996)
Mind Odyssey (1996)

Very melodic music.

See also: N:Force


Friedman, David (USA)

Moonrise (1996)

Melodic music between new age and EM, with sequences and some floating electric guitar, a bit in the style of David Wright. Often classically-influenced, with a huge piano presence and a "virtual orchestra" type of sound. David Friedman is a Texas-based artist.


Friedman, Tyler (???)

Epiphytic (2020) (S)

Modular synth-based sequencer overload and intricate webs of sound from this artist who usually composes various forms of (mostly minimal) techno music.


Friedmann (Austria)

Index, LP (2021)

Varied ambient compositions, mostly with an experimental / sound installation feel.


Friemd (USA)

Friemd (2020)

From noisy collages and glitchy stuff to experimental electronics and nice krauty, analog EM.


Friendly Donut Shop (USA)

Childish Footprints (2021)

Iowa-based "comfy synth" project, with some EM elements on Childish Footprints.


Friendly Moon, The (Sweden)

Sleep Well! (2020) (S)

Sleep synth / comfy synth project from Sweden.


Friends of Earth (Japan)

Sex, Energy And Star (1986)
Decline of O.T.T. (1986) (S)
Body Snatchers / Strange Love (1988) (S)

Haruomi Hosono's project that showcases sampling possibilities of the time (lots of Fairlight CMI here). Not extremely progressive, though, more like experimental pop.

See also: Hosono, Haruomi


Friends of God From the Oberland (Finland)

II (2022)

Side project of two members of psych band Vahvistusharha - Juho Toivonen and Pasi Salmi. This one focuses of synth drones and guitar and has a sort of a krautrock-ish feel to it.


Frihet (Sweden)

Frihet I & II (2017)
III - VI (2019)

Synth drones from this Swedish trio.

See also: Skeppet, Body Awareness.


Fringe Element (USA)

Rampant Biology (2003)
Organic Chemistry (2006)
Subatomic Mayhem (2008)

Fringe Element was formed in 2003 by Michel Victor, Jose Murcia, James Lacey (Mutation Vector) and Greg Waltzer (Mutation Vector, Xeroid Entity). Experimental, dark, ambient electronics.

See also: Mutation Vector, Xeroid Entity, Cranial Mythos, Technicolor Travel Agency.


Fringo Chills (Germany)

...The First Time (2015)
...In the Nature (2018)
...Cooled (2020)
...In Far Lands (2023)

Electronic Music with a Berlin flair from Frank Rothe who has previously collaborated with Mario Schönwälder as "Filter-Kaffee".

See also: Kontroll-Raum


Fripp, Robert (UK)

No Pussyfooting (1973) (with Brian Eno)
Evening Star (1975) (with Brian Eno)
Exposure (1979)
God Save the Queen / Under Heavy Manners (1980)
Let the Power Fall (1981)
I Advance Masked (1982) (with Andy Summers)
Soundscapes Live In Argentina (1994)
Soundscapes Volume 2 Live In California (1995)
A Blessing of Tears (1995)
That Which Passes (1996)
The Gates of Paradise (1997)
Pie Jesu (1997) (EP)
The Equatorial Stars (2000) (with Brian Eno)
Beyond Even (2007) (recorded in 1992 - 2006) (with Brian Eno)
Live In Paris 28.05.1975 (2014) (with Brian Eno)
Starless Starlight (2015) (with David Cross)
Between the Silence (2018) (recorded in 2009 and 2010) (with Theo Travis)
Leviathan (2021) (with The Grid)
Music For Quiet Moments (2021) (recorded in 2004 - 2009)
Washington Square Church (2022) (recorded in 1981)

Fripp is of course the legendary King Crimson guitarist, the man who invented the 'Frippertronics', a system of guitar processing devices that lets him coax totally freaked out sounds outta his guitar. Robert Fripp is one of the most important innovators in the field of guitar playing. For EM fans I'd recommend A Blessing of Tears and That Which Passes. These are very cosmic works where it is sometimes hard to believe that everything was achieved via guitar. File under Manuel Goettsching, Jeff Pearce, Richard Pinhas etc. Fripp has a ton of releases and the above discography is far from complete.

See also: Fayman & Fripp, Projekct Two.


Frischauf, Conny (Austria)

Effekt & Emotion (2018) (EP)
Affekt & Tradition (2019) (EP)
Die Drift (2021)

Viennese singer and musician who combines wacky synth-pop with Electronic Music of the Cluster school of thought. Unique stuff.


Fritsch, Eloy (Brazil)

Dreams (1996)
Behind the Walls of Imagination (1997)
Space Music (1998)
Cyberspace (2000)
Mythology (2001)
Atmosphere (2002)
Landscapes (2005)
The Garden of Emotions (2009)
Exogenesis (2012)
Spiritual Energy (2014)
Sailing To the Edge (2017)
Journey Into the Future (2019)
Moment In Paradise (2020)
Cosmic Light (2020)
Epic Synthesizer Music Vol. 1 (2023)
Epic Synthesizer Music Vol. 2 (2023)

Eloy Fritsch is the keyboard player for the progressive rock group Apocalypse and as a solo artist he creates cosmic Electronic Music. Atmosphere can be easily considered a classic of contemporary EM. The music is sweeping, grand, and at times orchestral. It moves from clear melodic themes that are somewhat earthly (in the good sense, that is - and there's no wonder - in the first part of album Fritsch paints pictures of the lower layers of our atmosphere) to the more experimental out-there stuff in the middle of the album, only to return back to anthemic epicness by the end. This is, indeed, celestial music that moves slowly and at times seems to go completely out of control (during the more experimental moments) and at other times sounds totally composed (during the more melodic passages). The closest comparison would be probably Vangelis. Not recent stuff, but more vintage period when he used lots of analogue instruments. Nevertheless, Fritsch has found his own style within melodic Electronic Music framework. I think that every EM fan should listen to at least one of his albums. It's a pity that so many listeners want to hear just bland copies of their favourite musicians and somewhat ignore unique talent and music.


Frizzi, Fabio (Italy)

Zombi (1979) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack composer who is mostly known for his horror scores. He doesn't have a particular style that he would use in all of his scores, instead alternating between prog rock ala Goblin, tribal drumming, electronics and orchestral. I will try to list the releases that may interest EM fans due to some electronic material included.


Frizzi, Pablo (Poland)

Uwięzienie koloru (2018) (S)
Spirit Conjurer SA-20 (2019)
Soul Science (2022)

A pseudonym of Paweł Galecki. The music is nice, synthy and soundtracky.


Froese, Edgar (Germany)

Aqua (1974)
Epsilon In Malaysian Pale (1975)
Macula Transfer (1976)
Ages (1978)
Stuntman (1979)
Kamikaze 1989 (1982) (soundtrack)
Pinnacles (1983)
Beyond the Storm (1995)
Ambient Highway Vol. 1 (2003)
Ambient Highway Vol. 2 (2003)
Ambient Highway Vol. 3 (2003)
Ambient Highway Vol. 4 (2003)
Dalinetopia (2004)

Edgar Froese (1944 - 2015) was 1). Tangerine Dream frontman, 2). One of the most important names in the history of Electronic Music 3). Simply a great musician, whatever they may tell you. I won't analyse the music he's done with Tangerine Dream here, but I will concentrate on his solo stuff instead. I will start by saying that no Electronic Music collection should do without at least one of his albums (I'm talking the vintage stuff here, of course). These timeless classics are as good as the vintage TD stuff and if you've heard the music of this band (sure you have, haven't you?) you already know what to expect. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes sequential and energetic, sometimes quite haunting with tons of mellotron sounds, these works are classics of the Berlin School sound and a must for any fan of that genre (or any fan of Electronic Music to start with). Beyond the Storm is a collection of reworked older tracks plus a lot of new compositions. There are many facets to Froese's music and you should simply listen to it to appreciate the talent and imagination (a crucial feature for an electronic musician) of this man. I'm probably repeating myself here but this is simply a must! In 2005, Froese started to re-release his back catalogue, using the method of re-recording older classics (the process also known as "tangentizing"), adding new sounds and layers along the way. These releases should be avoided. Edgar Froese passed away in January, 2015.


Froese, Jerome (Germany)

Neptunes (2005)
Radio Pluto (2005) (S)
Shiver Me Timbers (2007)
The Speed of Snow (2009) (EP)
Nightshade Family (2011)
Einzelkind (2011) (S)
Far Side of the Face (2012)
Orange Sized Dreams: Works 1990 - 1995 (2014)
Beginn (2018) (with Claudia Brücken)

Born on Novermber 24, 1970, Jerome Froese is the son of Edgar Froese and is a musician of Tangerine Dream fame. Starting from the 1990's he began his solo career, releasing some singles under the TDJ Rome pseudonym. These were very much techno-influenced and demonstrated his rhythmic side. However, the albums released under is own name show us a more introspective Jerome. While still being influenced by the Dream Mixes sound, they offer more sedate and atmospheric, melodic tracks that fuse Electronic Music with elements of Shoegaze, IDM, Ambient and slight techno influences. Nightshade Family is a live album.

See also: Tangerine Dream, Loom.


Frog, Karl (Australia)

I Love Music (2019) (S)

Raised in Canberra and residing in Estonia, Karl Frog is a multi-instrumentalist who learned to play guitar and keyboards pretty late in his life thanks to his musical teacher Maria E, who also appears on I Love Music as guest. The album itself plays like a companion piece to Brian Eno's Another Green World - all the chirping drum machines, warm keyboards, pastoral guitars... Even his vocal delivery is almost 100% Eno-like, although overall the album is significantly more lo-fi.


Frog of Earth (Ireland??)

Frog of Earth (2021)

Experimental, but pretty listenable electronics - melodic, repetitive and with nice, fat analog and interesting digital textures. Pretty nice and unique EM.


Frohmader, Peter (Germany)

Musik aus dem Schattenreich (1979)
Nekropolis '81 Vol. 1 (1981)
Nekropolis '81 Vol. 2 (1981)
Nekropolis '81 Vol. 3 (1981)
Nekropolis '81 Vol. 4 (1981)
Nekropolis 2 (1982)
Jules Verne Cycle (1982)
Two Compositions (1983) (S)
Nekropolis Live (1983)
Orakel / Tiefe (1983)
Wintermusic (1984)
The Forgotten Enemy (1985) (S)
Cultes des goules (1985)
Ritual (1985)
Homunculus Vol.1 (1985)
Wintermusic / Bass Symphony No.3 (1987)
Homunculus Vol.2 (1987)
Through Time (1987)
Mystery-Ending (1987)
Spheres (1988)
Arcana coelestia (1989)
Miniatures (1989)
Macrocosm (1990)
Third Millennium's Choice Vol.1 (1990) (recorded in 1982 - 1990)
Armorika (1991)
Third Millennium's Choice Vol.2 (1991) (recorded in 1984 - 1991)
Cycle of Eternity (1992)
Attenti al treno! (1992) (with Gerhard Schedel and Andreas Merz)
Advanced Alchemy of Music (1994)
Stringed Works (1994)
Gate (1995) (recorded in 1989 - 1994)
Anubis (1996)
The Awakening - Nekropolis Live '79 (1996)
Fossil Culture (1999) (with Richard Pinhas)
Space Icon (2000) (with Artemiy Artemiev)
Das ist alles (2000) (with Michael Fuchs-Gamboeck)
2001 (2001)
Transfiguration (2002) (with Artemiy Artemiev)
Eismeer (2002) (recorded in 1996 - 1997)
Anubis Dance (2003)
Nekropolis 23 Vol.1 (2003)
Nekropolis 23: Tidal Shift (2005)
The Empty House Suite (2010) (recorded in 1984 - 1985)
Nekropolis Storm Dept. Live (2010) (recorded in 1993)
Live Electronic Music (2019)
Organic Still Life (2019)
Synthetic Trance (2021)

Peter Frohmader (1958 - 2022) was one of the legends of Electronic Music and krautrock. He created mystical, sometimes dark music which is quite unique and not comparable to other artists. Some of his early material is characterized by a huge bass presence that likens his music to that of Magma and King Crimson, with a dark, aggressive electronic edge. During the 70's Frohmader was part of several groups, including Alpha Centauri, Electronic Delusion and Kanaan. In the late 70's he formed the project "Nekropolis" that became an outlet for his own experiments in the realms of radical rock and Electronic Music.

See also: Electronic Delusion, Kanaan, Gulaab.


From the Mouth of the Sun (USA / Sweden)

Light Caught the Edges (2021)
Valley of the Hummingbirds (2023)

A collaboration of Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist. Neo-Classical in essence, the music is alternatively optimistic and sad. On Light Caught the Edges, there is a larger role for synths, making this album slightly EM-related. Ditto for Valley of the Hummingbirds.

See also: Rosenqvist, Dag


From the White Chimneys (USA / Denmark)

Nautilus With Wings (2008)

Transatlantic ambient drone collaboration of Ben Fleury-Steiner (USA) and Danny Kreutzfeldt (Denmark, of Rumforskning fame).

See also: Fleury-Steiner, Ben


Frond (Netherlands??)

The Second Continent (2014)
Always There, Somewhere (2020)

Ambient project of R. Bultitude, also known as Point B.


Front Ranges (Canada)

Front Ranges (2021)

Ambient duo using guitar and synths.


Frontalni Porucha (Czech Republic)

Věčne světlo (1990)

Supposedly, pioneering Dark Ambient recorded in Brno, Czech Republic.


Froom, Mitchell (USA)

The Key of Cool (1984)

Strange electronic solo album by this musician and producer. His unique, jazzy style is hardly comparable to other artists. Perhaps Frank Zappa's Synclavier experiments are a bit similar in spirit and sound. There are three vocal tracks and the rest is instrumental. This music was later used in the adult movie "Cafe Flesh".


Frore (USA)

The Nameless Place (2009)
Shadowlands (2013)
Undercurrent (2013)
Cyclic Movement (2015)
Blood Moon (2015) (with Shane Morris)
Last Place of Wonder (2017)
Eclipse (2017) (with Shane Morris)
Horizon (2021) (with Shane Morris)

Paul Casper, based in Virginia Beach, earned a name himself in genres such as EBM and industrial before switching to (dark) Ambient for The Nameless Place.

See also: Lilt


Frost (UK)

Recast (2016) (EP)
Until It Makes Sense To You (2020)
Perm Octo Clavè Induction Set V​.​1 (2021) (S)
Perm Octo Clavè Induction Set V​.​2 (2021) (S)

Drummer influenced by minimalism and electronics.


Frost, Ben (Australia)

Black Marrow (2013)
Music From Fortitude (2017) (soundtrack)
Super Dark Times (2017) (soundtrack)
The Centre Cannot Hold (2017)
Vakning (2023) (with Francesco Fabris)
Scope Neglect (2024)

Ben Frost is a diverse musician from Australia, currently residing in Iceland. He is mostly associated with noise, post-industrial, drone and ambient scenes. Fortitude is a moody electronic soundtrack that will be enjoyed by fans of Dark Ambient and related styles.


Frost, Laurine (Hungary)

Lena (2020)
Nimfa (2021)

Diverse artist known under different guises. Lena is a musical representation of Dostoyevsky's novel. It combines the different styles Frost is known for (wonky, jazz, dub, avant-garde, techno) with a progressive approach. The EM influence is subtle, but it is there. Nimfa is a sequel and similar in style.

See also: Magamura


Frost, Steve (UK)

Soundscapes (1981)
Aerial View (1983)
Mystical Illusions (1991)
No Strings Attached (2016)

British synthesist whose music combines German and some French influences to produce a rich, often sequencer-based sound.

See also: Nullgrad


Froyd (Germany)

MaschinenEs (1996)
Notenkosmonaut (2001) (S)
Floyd.Archive.Volume.1 (2015)
Live PA (??)
Froydtrax Vol. 3 (??)

Froyd is a pseudonym of German musician Andreas Stollenz. He started in the 1970's and is mostly known for his output in the jazz-rock, pop, Neue Deutsche Welle and electronic genres. His calls the music heard on MaschinenEs "technokraut jams". It's more kraut than techno I would say, as the music is pretty organic and liquid, utilizing live drums and percussion, or at least what sounds like it. It's also jazzy, with nice synth sounds, sequencing and flashy solos.


Frozen Lonesome (Canada)

The Mystery of the Murky Menace (2017)

Frozen Lonesome is Winnipeg-based "apptronica" artist (he creates music with ipad and various apps). Varied set of tracks, from rhythmic sketches to vaguely melodic and sequencer-based. Sort of aims at being cinematic but doesn't quite get there.


Frozen Ocean (Russia)

Depths of Subconscious (2008) (EP)
Steamworks: Hibernation (2009)
Aokigahara (2011)
Oneiric In Geocentricism (2011)
Prills of Remembrance (2015)

Diverse Moscow-based project that has released works in various styles such as post-rock, black metal, space rock, industrial, drone and Ambient. His ambient works (most of them of the darker variety) are listed here.


Frozen Thoughts (Croatia)

Calm Before the Storm (2013)

Ambient music reminding on Biosphere by Croatian musician Petar Sakic.


Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft (Germany)

Isernhagen (2022) (recorded in 2021)

Moody, darkish electric / electronic hybrid of rock and electronics. Some acoustic instruments, too. Sounds like Sunn O))) playing early 1970's Tangerine Dream. Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft is a Hamburg-based duo of Ulrich Mevs and Rudi Raschberger.


Fruit (Iceland)

Island Tape (2018)

Icelandic artist residing in Denmark. Relaxed compositions, some rhythmic, some more atmospheric. In a way similar to late 1980's Robert Schroeder (circa Driftin').


Frunk29 (Russia)

Vau Vau (2021)
The Fifth Season (2022)
Sequentia (2024)

A project of Marat Shainsky (born in Astrakhan and based in Moscow) mixing soft house chuggers and melodic ambient electronics with a Cluster flair and a lo-fi feel. Rather nice overall.


Frusciante, John (USA)

. I : (2023)

Slowly moving synth drones and subtle noisy compositions from this member of Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Frydman, Armand (France)

Aurore (1978) (with M. Cannone)
Fusion (1981)
Solaris (1983)
Solaris Vol. 2 (1985)
Telecom (1986)
Minimal (1986) (with Eric Mallet)
Minimal Plus (1987) (with Gilles-Luc Laurent)
Eureka (1987)

Telecom is a library LP about telecommunications by this synthesist with a style close to that of Vangelis or Jarre.


Frye, Rob (USA)

Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes (2021)

Rob Frye is a birder and musician from Chicago. Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes contains field recordings of birds from West Texas coupled with some ambient synthesizer work. This is stuff that's quite serene and atmospheric but also quite eerie in places.

See also: Bitchin Bajas


FSB (Bulgaria)

II (1978)
Ten Years After (1983)

FSB (Formation of Studio Balkanton) is a progressive rock group. Their first album consisted of cover versions only, but their second outing (II) has a couple of great flowing electronic compositions among the more usual vocal progrock songs. Ditto for Ten Years After, whose "Images" is a nice instrumental EM track.


Fsik Huvnx (USA)

Sarmoung (2014)
Spires That Rise From the Earth (2021)

A project of Miami-based David Brieske. Processed field recordings and ambient soundscapes.


Fuc Lerrari (France)

Kanemitsu (2023) (EP)

Obviously a pun on Luc Ferrari's name, Fuc Lerrari is an alias of French noisician Nean Jérgoni. On Kanemitsu, he explores resonant and abstract, although at the same time melodic FM-based electronics.


Fuck Buttons (UK)

Street Horrrsing (2008)
Tarot Sport (2009)
Slow Focus (2013)
Brainfreeze (2013) (S)
The Red Wing (2013) (S)

UK-based duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power who mix equal doses of noise rock (or something that sounds like it) and cerebral electronics ala Heldon. Pretty unique concept and quite enjoyable if you ask me.

See also: Blanck Mass


Fuego (Germany)

Kiu (2016)
MNXA (2019)

Interesting stuff, between Experimental and quirky, with some noisy bits, wacky and atmospheric bits, etc. A project of Hans Jörg Nonn.


Fugazza, Felice (Italy)

Megamoog (1975)

Early electronic library record from Gianfelice Fugazza who teamed up with Fabio Fabor for this release. Lots of beeps & blips on this one.


Fügenschuh, Christoph (Austria)

How To Make Stuff Out of Nothing (2014)

Multi-instrumentalist, electroacoustic and experimental composer. A lot of what's heard on How To Make Stuff... can be classified as electroacoustic music or experimental jazz. However, there are moments of quite atmospheric, hypnotic and intense, a bit noisy electronics, as on "Key Reactions of Stellar Nucleosynthesis", for example. File under EM-related.


Fuglewicz, Dave (USA)

Every Electric Part of You (1992)
Hard To Decipher (1993)
Drifting (1993)
Passage (1993)
A Gentle Sounding of Chaotic Extensions (1995)
Orange Mist Sunrise And Sunset (1996)
The Portal (1997)
Creeping Jenny (1997)
Aquarium Rave Up (1999)
Liquid Audion (2000)
Synergistic Deconstruction (2003) (with Hal McGee)
Synergistic Reconstruction (2011) (with Hal McGee)
Dead Hand Decision (2012) (with Hal McGee)
Neptune (2012)
Secondouble (2016) (with I.v.Martinez)

Experimental analogue musician from Georgia, USA, who's been around at least since the 1980's. He debuted in 1990 with Industrial Strength #1 (not listed here) which showed the raw and unpolished, noisy side of his music. Dave then went on to refine his style and to include influences as diverse as minimalism and the Berlin School, always retaining that raw, experimental edge. Dave Fuglewicz has collaborated with Hal McGee, among others. His music will mostly appeal to fans of Experimental EM.


Fugue In Sea (USA)

Lurking Somewhere (2021)
Forgotten Spaces (2022)

Ambient compositions with an experimental touch.


Fuhrs & Frohling (Germany)

Ammerland (1978)
Strings (1979)
Live '80 (1980)
Diary (1981)

German duo of Gerhard Fuhrs and Heinz Frohling. Same style as their work with Eduard Schicke. The first album features no rhythm at all and the overall feel is very ethereal.

See also: Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling


FUJI​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​TA (Japan)

Noiseem (2021)

Electro-acoustic artist (Yosuke Fujita) exploring his self-built instruments such as the pipe organ, as well as recorded sounds, subtle electronics, etc. Noiseem was recorded with extensive use of prepared water sounds (a bit similar in concept to some of the early Aube work), pipe organ, voice and electronics. It is electro-acoustic music for sure, but its readiness to explore new timbre and create sound worlds likens it to Progressive EM.


Fujikake, Hiroyuki (Japan)

Galactic Symphony (1977)
Romance (1984)
Synthesizer Fantasy (1989)
Lotus Land In the Sky (1992)
Full Blooming (1998)
Wings To Eternity (2000)

Hiroyuki Fujikake (born in 1949 in Gifu, Japan)  is a very diverse composer who released a lot of works in different genres, from classical to jazz and rock music (mostly classical). Galactic Symphony is a classic album of Japanese Electronic Music. All instruments are played by Hiroyuki Fujikake. 


Fujinami, Yasuhito (Japan)

Lotus (2017)

Ambient-oriented release from this harsh noise musician, still with a noticeable noisy streak within.


Fujinoki, Joe (Japan)

Glimmers (2017) (with Ilya Glebov)
Or Anywhere (2018)
Watering the Steel Flowers (2021)
Channels (2021)

Droning, relaxing ambience from this Japanese artist.


Fujuya & Miyagi (UK)

Slight Variations (2022)

Indie rockers from Brighton. On Slight Variations, they flirt with nu-disco and electro sounds, as well as, quite notoriously, with krautrock and Dusseldorf School EM on "Non-Essential Worker". A one-track inclusion so far.


Fukamachi, Jun (Japan)

Now Sound Christmas (1972)
Rokuyu (1975)
Spiral Steps (1976)
The Tale of the Heike (1978)
Quark (1980)
Mishione (1980) (soundtrack)
Fusion Synthesizer (1980)
Queen Emeraldus (??) (soundtrack)
Space Cruiser Yamato (1982)
Die Frau mit dem roten Hut (1982) (soundtrack)
Final Yamato (1983)
Solo Vol. 1 (1983)
Urusei Yatsura (1984)
Gekka No Ichigun (1984)
Starview HCT-5808 (1984)
Alien Majyu Kyo (1985)
Yume No Ishibumi (1985) (soundtrack) (with Hiroshi Ogasawara)
Nicole (1986)

Jun Fukamachi was one of the pioneering Japanese synth / EM musicians. His style ranges from jazzy / fusion-y rock hybrids to full-blown synth music. The above albums will be interesting for EM fans. Apart from releasing albums with solo music, Jun contributed a lot to Japanese TV programmes, film scores, commercials and so on. Space Cruiser Yamato and Final Yamato contain themes from the legendary anime series "Yamato", performed on synthesizers. Jun Fukamachi died in November, 2010.


Fukuda, Hiiragi (Japan)

Seacide (2013)

Unusual cassette release from this Tokyo-based psychedelic pop / rock guitarist. The first side of Seacide features an aggressive synth / drum machine jam that would make Heldon proud. The second side is a return to his more typical guitar pyrotechnics.


Fulber, Rhys (Canada)

Resolve (2020) (EP)

Pioneering industrial / EBM musician as part of Front Line Assembly, member of Delerium and a few other bands / projects. Resolve includes everything from obviously industrial-tinged rhythms to tense melodic ambience and Vangelis-like symphonic grandeur (check out the fantastic, dark, Blade Runner-esque feel on the closer).

See also: Delerium, Synaesthesia.


Fulin Lawen (Chile)

010 (2018)
Eneri (2020)

Improvising synth duo of Camilo Palma and Felipe Zegers. Varied, rhythmic, often experimental, but also accessible and melodic. Sometimes with electric guitar and motorik ala Neu! / La Dusseldorf.


Full Moon Fashions (UK??)

Nocturnes (2007)

A project of Bent Recknagel who started in the 1990's as a trance / downtempo project. The second CD of Nocturnes, presenting ambient compositions, will be of interest to EM fans.


Fuller, Corey (USA)

Seas Between (2009)
Euphotic (2016) (with Chinei Hatakeyama)
Break (2019)
Isolarii (2021) (S) (with Richard Skelton)

Ambient artist, often with a large piano presence in his sound.

See also: Illuha, Ohio.


Fullerton Whitman, Keith (USA)

Taking Away (2009)
Generator (2010)
Generators (2012)
Halle (2016) (recorded in 2013)
Late Monoliths (2017)
Amposta Generators / Lleida Generators (2018)
STS (2019)
To (a) Certain Extent (2020)
Epithets (2020)
L7 (BGM) (2020)
Nadra Phalanx (2020)
GRM (2020)
Resonators (2020)
Naeba Playthroughs b/w Nantes Playthroughs (2022)
GRM [Redactions] (2022)

Keith Fullerton Whitman is an experimental musician also known as Hrvatski. I am not sure how much of his output could qualify as "prog EM", but at least the above mentioned albums should be relevant. Taking Away consists of typical Ambient, most likely of the droning variety. Generator introduces a quirkier sound obtained by manipulating analog synthesizers (including modulars).


Fully Automatic Model, The (UK)

Modulated Landscapes Vol. 1 (2019)

The Fully Automatic Model is Johnny Delaney from Northern Ireland. He creates playful and rich electronic compositions perfomed on modular gear.


Fulton, David (USA)

Hard Particles (1999)
The Most Distant Point Known (2000) (with Mike Griffin)
Imprint (2002) (with Mike Griffin)
The Range (2007) (with Giles Reaves)
Of Those Things Left Unsaid (2014)

David Fulton is a member of Dweller At the Threshold. His music is more dark and brooding but with a prominent analog feel.

See also: Dweller At the Threshold, Møtrik.


Fumantum (Estonia)

Spei's Flower (2022) (recorded in 2018)

Moody music between Dark Ambient, electroacoustic and dungeon synth.


Fume (Lithuania)

Luminance (2018)
Data sapiens (2020)

Dramatic electronics with some club influences on Luminance and based on processed choirs / string section on Data sapiens. Tracks like "Alpha & Omega" and "Deus" somehow manage to invoke a Klaus Schulze's Miditerranean Pads kind of feeling.


Fumerolles (Canada)

Nuit jaune (2023) (recorded in 2019)
Cicadoidea (2023)

Fumerolles is a project of female synthesist Frédérique Duval. She uses multiple synths to create very pleasant compositions that focus on melody and slow rhythms.

See also: Avalahm


Funazawa, Mushio (Japan)

Fish of Moon (??)
Reiki (1990)
The End of Negation (1992)
Before Twin Dawn (1995)
Music For Semimaru (1997)
Tsukigesyo (2003)
Green (2004)
Sokono Houwa Sukoshi Katai (2004)
For Butoh Vol. 1 (2004)

This Japanese composer is mainly known thanks to his theatre dance scores. He is very diverse musically, from noisy and ambient bits to ethnic / World Music structures.


Funcionário (Portugal)

Gaiden (2019)
Shichishito (2020)
Lisbon Dreams (2022)
Cavalcante (2022)

A project of Pedro Tavares. He started as an experimental hip-hop / trap artist. After that he developed a more ambient approach, mixing relaxing soundscapes and cool digital choir melodies with some collages and microsound.


Funcken, Roel (Netherlands)

Dragomane Misinize (2020)

Diverse IDM-related artist. Dragomane Misinize has elements of said style, as well as dubstep, glitch and what have you. Really indescribable stuff. There is also a touch of Prog EM, especially on the wonderful closer "Zonic Emulsifizm", with its dancing sequences and complex rhythms. To me, it's the best track on the entire album. File under EM-related.


Functionary (USA)

Functionary (Live At Lake Paradise) (2014) (S)

Solo Electronic Music from Albert Schatz. Playful, cosmic, sequencer-based...

See also: Altered States, Wume.


Funeral Mantra (Spain)

Nemini Parco (2013)

Rather formulaic Dark / Ritual Ambient but well-made and rather evocative.


Funeral Souvenir (Spain)

La Noche del Anhidrido (1987)
Heringsmusik (1991)

Miguel Angel Ruiz.

See also: Ruiz, Miguel Angel, Orfeon Gagarin, Ventral Metaphor, Exhaustor, Ambulatorio Segreto, Tecnica Material.


Funerary Call (Canada)

A Comselh de Ors (1994)
Damnation's Journey (1995)
The Shining Victor / Omegapoint (1996) (S)
Pronounced Unholy (1997) (S)
Works of Fire (2003)
Unearthed (2003)
Beckoning At the Black (2004)
The Black Root (2004)
Sickness Falling (2005) (recorded in 1999 - 2001)
Dark Waters Stirred (2010)
Fragments From the Aethyr (2012)
Nightside Emanations (2012)
The Mirror Reversed (2013)
The Mirror Reversed II (2015)
P:R:I:S:M (2023) (with Sutekh Hexen)

Doom Ambient by Harlow MacFarlane.

See also: Grey Towers Stone Temples, MacFarlane, Harlow, Stars Without Light.


Funerary Dirge (Canada)

Abyssus abyssum invocat (2003)
Prologue: memoria in aeterna (2004)

Doom Ambient from Matt Zuchowski.

See also: Alone In Silence, Absolute Misery.


Fungus (UK)

Premonitions (1973)

Post-Second Hand and pre-Seventh Wave duo of Ken Elliott and Kieran O'Connor. Two side-long tracks of symphonic-oriented progressive and electronics. Released as a promo in plain white sleeve. Apparently, a single from this album exists, too.

See also: Second Hand, Seventh Wave.


Fungus, Staszek (Poland)

GID (2021)
Bloudit (2021)
Frequencies On the Fifth Floor (2023)

A mixture of bassline, IDM and ambient / prog electronics.


Funk, Chris (USA)

Songs For Dog Fitness (2020)

Portland, Oregon-based guitar player who turned to synthesizers (mostly modular and semi-modular gear) for Songs For Dog Fitness. Darkish, fat, droney, bleepy EM.


Funk, Markey (Israel)

JLM 1913/1921 - Electronic Music For Silent Documentaries (2019)
Aquasonic Research Society: Soft Cues For Deep Ocean Travels (2020) (with S. Bullock and W. Khan)

Varied experimental / funk musician. The above may be of interest to fans of EM.

See also: Group Modular


Funke, Sascha (Germany)

In Relationen (2016) (EP)

Berlin-based house / techno musician. The above EP expresses a strong krautrock / EM influence.


Furgas, Tom (USA)

Shoon B/W Psychogram (1983)
The Mayor of Rain (1984)
Blip Culture (1985)
Both Ends Against the Middle (1985) (with Richard Franecki)
Music For Keyboards (1987)
The Son of the Mayor of Rain (1988)
48 Inventions (1988) (recorded in 1983 - 1988)
Six Tunes (1989) (S)
Censorship Sucks (1990)
Listen To This (1990)
Above And Below (1992)
15 Jun 1998 / 16 Jun 1998 (1998)
Electronics3.wrk (2000)
Tom Furgas (2003)
re: Visions (2006) (with Eric Wallack)
Flajin Prabble (2019)

DIY musician and early hometaper from Youngstown, Ohio. His discography is a mess, as he did a lot of very limited releases, even one-of-a-kind releases, where he would send the only copy to a friend, making a unique DIY cover for the cassette. He collaborated with a lot of other likeminded musicians and hometapers, including Don Campau. Stylistically, he is all over the place, as apparently he did both melodic works and hard-core experimental stuff. Further investigation is needed.


Fürsattl (Germany)

Rheinlust (2012) (S)
Rheinlust (2022) (recorded in 2012 - 2002)

German three-piece band consisting of Frank Mollena, Oliver Stangl and Patrick Gobel. They are instrumental and focus on drums / guitar / synth interplay in the Dusseldorf School vein. Mood-wise, its the sunny, loungy side of Dusseldorf School for sure.


Furse, Tom (UK)

Interludes (2016)
Ecstatic Meditations (2021)

Varied experimental and ambient tracks recorded with just a Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth / sampler.


Furthers (Russia)

Pineal Dreamer (2015)

Immersive, semi-acoustic Ambient from this project currently based in Finland.


Fusioon (Spain)

Minorisa (1975)

Spanish progressive rock band that released three albums during the 1970's. Their style is most often compared to that of Gentle Giant with also other influences. This is their last outing (not counting compilations) and it has a strong electronic flavor throughout, while the last track goes in full-on EM mode, especially at the end.


Futura (Spain)

Object (2016)
Your First Memory Is Already Gone (2016) (S)

Ambient synth compositions with an analog feel. Futura is a project of Víctor Hidalgo from Barcelona.


Futura, Carlos (Germany)

Sound Fantasy (1979)
Bach For Computer (1979)

Another pseudonym of the ubiquitous Claude Larson. Not sure about this one, as the first album appears to be some sort of synth-disco affair. The second consists of reworked Bach compositions.

See also: Larson, Claude, Netzle, Klaus, Elmulab, Power-Pack, VC People, Logo 2000.


Future Beat Alliance (UK)

Beginner's Mind (2020)

Techno project started in the 1990's by Matthew Puffett. Interestingly enough, on Beginner's Mind, he combines his techno roots with newly discovered ambient and Prog EM sound. "Looping Therapy" and the title track have a Klaus Schulze feel to them.

See also: Puffett, Matthew


Future Children (USA)

Interpret Composition #7, 1960 For Synthesizer, Sampler And Tape ‎(2016)
The Crying of Lot 49 (2021)
Music From And Inspired By the Film Series "It All Falls Apart" Vol. 1 (2023)

Akron, Ohio-based duo of Kevin Coral and CC Sheehan. Long, monolithic electronic tracks with pads and repetitive sequences.


Future Chroma (Finland)

Future Chroma (2019) (EP)
I (2023)

Rich, cosmic, sequence-full EM played on multiple analog synths by Ilari Larjosto and a female synthesist who goes by the name Casio G. Url.

See also: Stiletti-Ana


Future II (Germany)

Music Is My Life (1995)

Upbeat music by this duo, possibly influenced by Kraftwerk. Future II is Bernd Rasche.


Future Jesus & The Electric Lucifer (Germany)

Kosmos Cure (2022)

Dusseldorf-based trio that mixes krautrock, synthwave, techno and electro in a unique and creative way. Pretty interesting and definitely progressive.


Future Museums (USA)

Tapestry of Time And Terrain / Pleasure Cruise (2015)
Visible Nest (2017)
Rosewater Ceremony (2018)
Rosewater Ceremony Part II: Guardian of Solitude (2018)
Heavenish (2019)
Damo's Dream (2020)
Transitional Spirit Mirror (2021)
Pre-Form (2021)
Harpoon of Sunlight (2021)
Heart Pulp (2021)
Dorsal Fin (2023)

The music of this group sounds like Ashra mixed with post-rock / shoegaze influences and a Dusseldorf School flair on some tracks. A mixture of guitars and electronics.

See also: Harris, Xander, Sweatt, Justin, Long Shadow Duo.


Future Shuttle (USA)

West & Green (2010) (S)
Water's Edge (2011) (EP)
Etude Study (2012)
In To It (2013)
Won Goes (2019)

Started as a mixture of celestial synth melodies and dreamy vocalizations, this project of Jessa Farkas has acquired more of a classic Space Music sound.


Future Synth (Poland)

Somewhere In the Galaxy (2019)
Lost Astronauts (2020)
Exoplanet (2021)
Drone (2022)

Spacesynth project of Tomasz Bokisz.


Future World Orchestra (Netherlands)

Mission Completed (1982)
Turning Point (1983)
The Hidden Files (2000) (recorded in 1985 - 1999)
Regenerated (2009)

Dutch band (Robert Pot and Gerto Heupink) that has been around since the early Eighties. At that time their music contained vocals. The Hidden Files is the collection of new tracks from this project which now consists of just Robert Pot. It's melodic and easy-listening music. I cannot stay indifferent to this kind of stuff, but don't forget that I was brought up with the Eighties' music. If you don't like this style - better stay away from it. Otherwise - recommended. Regenerated  is a collection of re-recorded pieces from earlier albums.


Futuregrapher (Iceland)

Effects of Clouds (2018) (with Eric "The" Taylor)
Leipzig, Belfast, Tálknafjörður (2019)
M-Planet (2020)
Sæfari (2021) (EP)
Hugspretta (2022)
Graenar baunir (2022)
Geir​þ​j​ó​fsfj​ö​r​ð​ur (2022)
Eyrarhús (2022)
Fiskibollur (2022) (S)
Music For Kettle (2022) (with Nacht Plank)
Music For Sheep (2023) (with Nacht Plank)
Moog Meditation (2023)
MOA127 (2023) (S)
Ýsa í raspi (2023)

Nice and rich, hypnotic synth soundworlds, apparently inspired by nature.

See also: World Circuit


FutureMusicCorp (Ireland)

Nebulea (??)
Ice Age (??)
Hybrid (??)
Haunted House (2002) (soundtrack)
Lost In the Stars (2003)
Etoile nord (2006)

A one-man computer project of Michael Carter started in 1999. He uses soft synths exclusively to create floating electronic Space Music. Haunted House is the scarier type of stuff, sometimes approaching the Dark Ambient territory, with long pads and wind effects.


Futurespace (Netherlands)

Journey One (1996)
Ambient (1996)
Relax (2002)

A project of Humphrey Robertson. Journey One is very upbeat techno / trance thing. Not bad, although sounding rather dated (text written in 2021). Ambient and Relax are completely another matter, though. Both relying on slow rhythms, they trace their influences back to Enigma's debut in terms of the rhythmic component, as well as his spacesynth expertise for synth programming. Coupled with Humphrey's knack for nice and catchy melodies, it creates a rather unique experience indeed. Not progressive most of the time, but nice melodic synth music anyway. Good for traveling or just for sitting back and chilling to after a hard working day.

See also: Daylight, Ciber People.


Futuro Antico (Italy)

Futuro Antico (1980)
Intonazione archetipe (2005)
Futuro Antico (2014) (recorded in 1980)
Afghanistan (??)
Les balafons de Haute-Volta (??)
Isole del suono (2016) (recorded in 1980)

Futuro Antico was a collaborative project between Walter Maioli (from the band Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia. The contents of their LP can be described as a mixture of ethnic, acoustic passages and Electronic Music. In 2005 the group got together again to record a new album. The eponymous release from 2014 contains different music compared to the original 1980 LP, which was also re-released.

See also: Sinigaglia, Riccardo, Maioli, Walter.


Futurology (UK)

Martian Chronicles (2015)
Moonship (2018)

Another project of the ever prolific Matt Hillier. This one is inspired by science fiction and focuses on generally shorter tracks than Matt's other projects.

See also: Ishq, Elemental Journey, Elve, Experiments In Silence, Crystal Moon, Colourform, Ishvara, Yunomi, Dividenthal And Aumgn, Indigo Egg.


Futuropaco (USA)

Futuropaco (2018)

Justin Pinkerton is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist who plays all the instruments on this album. The music is rocky, proggy and psychedelic and may be compared to artists like Bo Hansson (with some new elements).

See also: Pinkerton, Justin


Futurum (Sweden)

Sundet (2018)

Rhythmic analog EM. Cosmic, energetic...


Füxa (USA)

Very Well Organized (1996)
Apollo Soyuz (2015) (with Neil Mackay)

Unusual band (now reduced to a solo project of Randall Nieman) that mixes space rock, psychedelic rock, loungy organ melodies and electronics. On this debut album they run a whole gamut of styles, with much of it clearly influenced by early 1970's EM (circa Atem / Phaedra).

See also: Unexplained Transmissions


Fuzzy (Denmark)

Electronic Music Produced In Aarhus (1974) (with Svend Christiansen)

Under this moniker hides one Jens Wilhelm Pedersen, a relatively obscure (to the world outside his country) but fascinating artist from Denmark. He has an academic background and is a pianist, apart from being an electronic / electroacoustic and computer music pioneer, classical composer, author of theater and film scores and arranger. Fuzzy does not seem to have an extended discography of releases (which is a pity), one exception being a split with Svend Christiansen from 1974. Svend's music is more typical academic electronics. The Fuzzy's side is more playful and unique, though. Apart from that, there were a couple of sampler appearances in the more unusual academic / electroacoustic style and some collaborations where he usually played piano or served as an arranger.



I & II (2019)
Tales From the Emerald Kingdom (2020) (recorded in 2019)
III (2020) (recorded in 2019)
Bitmancer (2020)
The Tower of Doom (2022)

Energetic, cinematic, melodic, melancholic music played on hardware gear. Between "dungeon synth", chiptune, video game music, synthwave and 1980's style EM. A project based in Northern California.



CA 80's - 90's (2011)
Ventura EP (2011)
San Clemente (2012)
Hesperia (2012)
Any Exit (2013)
HWY Trust (2013)
San Gabriel (2016)

FWY! is Edmund Xavier, who takes La Dusseldorf / Neu! type motorik-driven krautrock / EM sound and wraps it with languid guitar melodies and a general feel of traveling along American highways. So, if a pop-infused, laid-back American version of Duseldorf School sounds good to you, FWY! delivers. A unique sound but rather un-progressive and hardly varied - that is, there's a certain sameness to his sound and basically if you've heard one album by FWY!, you've heard it all. Included here mostly for the krautrock references.


Fyans, David (UK)

A Silvered Axis (2015) (with Norman Shaw)
Trübhand (2017)

British knob twiddler whose output ranges from Drone Ambient to rhythmic, vaguely melodic and experimental compositions. He has a lot of digital-only releases.


FYI (Czech Republic)

So It Goes (2020) (soundtrack)

Moody electronic soundtrack composed on modular synths.


Fylling, Egil (Norway)

Made In Heaven (1985)
Bound For Space (1987)
For Earth Below (1990)
Blomar i ei natt (1994)
Englene sang den (1997)
In the Trees Near By (1998)
Frozen Planet (2001)

Norwegian composer, synthesist and keyboard player, whose music is somewhat comparable to Vangelis. His first two albums feature a full band sound with vocals, guitar, bass and drums. They are Made In Heaven (1985) and Bound For Space (1987). For Earth Below is more synthetic. I don't know about the other albums, though. However, I know for sure that some of his works (not listed) are in pure new age / meditation or vocal mould. Be warned.


Fyrskeppet (Sweden)

Sydostbrotten (2015)

Varied moody, droning and gently rhythmic compositions from Daniel Westerlund who is also behind psych / folk / post-rock projects The Goner and E-Gone.


Fyzo (Lithuania)

...keli lašai ant pirštų (2021)

Fyzo is a project of Klaipeda-based musician Aivaras Bočarnikovas. ...keli lašai ant pirštų has two long tracks with some voiceovers / narration. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be a lot of that, as the underlying music is quite good, ranging from completely ambient stretches to quite competent sequencer material.


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