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22.01.2018  New entries: Koniyuki Takahashi, Martina Lussi, Terekke.

20.01.2018  New entries: Niedowierzanie, Pendant, Acrylic Wind, Galdur.

18.01.2018  New entries: Emily A. Sprague, Intense Molecular Activity, aal.

12.01.2018  New entries: Fred und Luna, Hildegard Von Binge Drinking.

09.01.2018  New entries: Silent Universe, Hesychia, Stefan Bachmeier, The NoMen.

08.01.2018  New entries: Red On Maroon, Monolog X, Ggoire Auger, Pechblende.

05.01.2018  New entries: Dark They Were And Golden Eyed, Michal Kořán, Mutual Extermination Club, Protein.


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