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16.01.2019  New entries: Koltay, Ryan Wick, Daily Misconceptions, Sava Marinkovic, Samuel Aguilar, Phrase Velocity, Krikor.

14.01.2019  New entries: Max Segal, Schweben, Space Aliens From Outer Space.

13.01.2019  New entries: Sebastian Lightfoot, Nordra, Endamisi Salamisi, Plinter, Tomates Asesinos.

12.01.2019  New entries: Felsmann + Tiley, La Morte Vienne dallo Spazio, Zaliva-D.

11.01.2019  New entries: Our Lady of the Flowers, thedeathanomalies.

10.01.2019  New entry: Ondřei Moravec.

09.01.2019  New entries: Raaja Bones, Federico Dinis, Damballah, Tim Timmermans.


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