RIP Vangelis (1943 - 2022)

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28.06.2022  New entry: Lisa Stenberg.

27.06.2022  New entry: Masta Justy.

26.06.2022  New entries: ξόρκι, Daylight Inferno, Diskret, Emma Zunz, Radagast, Museum of Natural History, Silent Orchestra, Special Costello.

25.06.2022  New entries: KLETtTERMAX, J. Zunz, Olivier Orand, Prime Vertical, Fürsattl, Spectral Tune, Nox.

24.06.2022  New entries: Michael Diamond (UK), Yiannis Iliakis, Rebello.

23.06.2022  New entries: Carlos Pozo, Tacit Group, Tim Kernwein.

22.06.2022  New entries: CoolSuperBlitz, Luvely, The Vision Reels, MarrowVoltage, Tò Mauzão, Ricardo Autobahn.

21.06.2022  New entries: Ghost Elektion, Orbi, WDE, Casually Here, Romantyth.

20.06.2022  New entries: Fields We Found, Origin ST, Toàn, João de Nóbrega Pupo, Passive Clouds, Chip Kinman, Deliquescent Crystals.

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