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22.07.2017  New entries: Jumo, Makoto Highland Band.

21.07.2017  New entries: Duet For Theremin And Lap Steel, Liquid Sound.

20.07.2017  New entries: Raf Muraglia, Benny Scibetta, John Bæk.

19.07.2017  New entries: Garcia da Selva, Figūras, Anton Kubikov, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, Jenzeits, Happy Meals.

18.07.2017  New entries: Abre Ojos, Espectrostatic, Ichiko Hashimoto, Javier Hernando.

18.07.2017  New entries: Maiya Hershey, James Osland, Bålsam, Nao Otsuka.

16.07.2017  New entries: Paul Vanaheim, Gamma Group, Takashi Kamada.


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