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24.05.2017  New entries: Gypsy Witch, Francesco Giannico, Andrew Tasselmyer, Iguana Moonlight.

23.05.2017  New entries: Intergalactic Debris, Michelle Laroche, Shasta Cults, Supersilent Intelligence Construct.

22.05.2017  New entries: Banished Pills, Ness, Dead Melodies, Blak Saagan.

21.05.2017  New entry: Radiophonic Workshop.

20.05.2017  New entries: Keyboard Choir, La Stele des Pleurs, Penumbra, Sakari Ahola.

19.05.2017  New entries: Alpha Cygni, Concrescence, Diego Morales, Earthborn Visions, Jacques Kustod.

18.05.2017  New entries: Tapana, Sohrab, Martina Tuschemess, The Mystic Jungle Tribe.


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