e is sky (Australia)

In the Afternoon (2023)

Melodic, emotionally charged Ambient with a large piano presence.


e Jugend (Germany)

Formate Heaven Syntax Hell (2002)
Live At Bühl (2012) (recorded in 1986)
History Works (2016) (recorded in ??)

Daniel Vujanic and Joachim Henn. Ambient soundscapes with huge guitar presence.


E.A.L. Axner (Sweden)

Cosmic Disturbances In Space (2016)

Minimal, floating textures, Space Music / Ambient.


E.M.M. (Netherlands)

E.M.M. (2009)
E.M.M. II (2012)
Cygnus (2013)

One of the many projects of Nico Selen (E.M.M. stands for "Electronic Minimal Music"). This is experimental and minimal Electronic Music, sometimes looped and sometimes with an ambient flair.


E.M.M.A. (UK)

Indigo Dream (2020)

Emmaline Davies aka E.M.M.A. started in dubstep / grime music, but for Indigo Dream decided to go a different route. What we have here is basically melodic EM that is progressive but still with some influences and elements of the above styles. It sounds like an updated version of the British School perhaps, and a very good one at that. Definitely an artist to look out for.


E.Q...Zak (USA)

Premonition of Reality (1988)

Private release out of New Jersey that features drifting and spacey electronics. Side two is occupied by their "Dune Trilogy".


E.P.O.S. (Germany)

Visitors (??)

Solo music of Stefan Will, keyboard player of Grace Kairos. The style is not known at the moment.


E.S.M (UK)

Mynt (1987)

Synth trio of Dave Hillier, Marc Hillier and Paul Maddox. Rare cassette release.


Eagle (Netherlands)

Black Eagle (2019)
The Lost Kosmonaut (2019)
Starry Starry Night (2020)
The Journey (2020) (with Adeptus Mechanicus)
In the Beginning (2020)
The Dark Side of the Sun (2021)
Hypervelocity Star (2022)
Daft Muzak For Radio Stations (2023)

Melodic EM akin to some early 1980's Tangerine Dream like White Eagle or Logos, although with a spacier feel.

See also: Parallaxe


Ear To Ear (Netherlands / Ukraine)

Live Recordings (2024)

Long tracks with lots of recorded sounds, as well as electronic drones and soundscapes, microsounds etc. A project of Samuel van Dijk and Yevgen Chebotarenko.

See also: Multicast Dynamics, VC-118A.


Ear Travelling Program (Portugal)

Underwater Functions And Echosounders (2021)

Electronic Music inspired by the early Jacque-Yves Cousteau's films. Lots of nice analog sounds here. A project of Alexandre Centeio who is based in the north of Portugal.

See also: Stellarays, Centeio, Alexandre.


Eardrummer (USA)

Eardrummer (2023) (S)

This Nashville-based duo of Eve Maret and Adrienne Franke unleashes a wall of droning synths, languid guitars and motorik rhythms unto an unsuspecting listener. Nice one of fans of the Dusseldorf School, but also of EM in general.

See also: Maret, Eve


Earl, David Gregory (USA)

Headlander (2017) (soundtrack)
Rad (2021) (soundtrack)

The 2017 album is an electronic soundtrack with a nice synth sound, obviously inspired by the EM classics.


Earlham Mystics (UK)

Waters (2017) (EP)

Luke Abbott under a pseudonym. Sequencer-based electronics with some weird sampling on top.

See also: Abbott, Luke, Szun Waves.


Early Fern (USA)

Music For Baths Vol. 1 (2020)
Place of Rest (2021)
Perpetual Care (2023)
Memory Garden (2024)

Nice, relaxing ambient EM.


Earth And Fire Orchestra (Netherlands)

Frames (1988)

This is actually Earth And Fire band doing Electronic Music. Composed by Chris & Gerard Koerts and Marcel van der Lans.


Earth Hum (UK)

RadioKlangstadt (1998)
Deforestation (1999)
Offa's Pots (2001)
In the Realm of the Tutse Fly (2002)
La Verdad (2003)
Riot In Brain Cell No. 9 (??)

Abstract, analogue, industrial-like music by Phil Cervi. Reminds on early German EM. This project was formed in 1997 and it's a continuation of Phil's previous project Klangstorm (active since 1996).


Earth Mother Spectral Pilot (UK)

Earth Mother Spectral Pilot (2021)

Ambient compositions with a warm analog feel. Nice.


Earth To Infinity (Germany)

Earth To Infinity (1992)

An early (pre-FAX label) "chill-out" project of David Moufang. It has all the typical elements of the then nascent ambient techno sound - the ubiquitous synth pads, some acid synth lines and a large reliance on samples. However, a lot of it explores weirder, more progressive realms, like some jazz / electronics or classical / electronics combinations, as well as really out-there cosmic atmospheres. An EM-related release, then.

See also: Moufang, David


Earthborn Visions (UK)

Relief. Silence Comes. (2017)

Ambient project of Liverpool-based Mike Sweeney. Dramatic, meditative, classically-inspired, sometimes intense.


Eartheater (USA)

Phoenix: la petite mort édition (2021)

Eartheater is a nom-de-plume used by Alexandra Drewchin, a vocalist and experimental pop artist based in Queens, New York (originally from Pennsylvania). In 2020, she released Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin. A year later, an album that reworked those songs into ambient versions came out. Ghostly, melancholic stuff that sounds like echoes of a distant dream. Sometimes I am even reminded on the melacholic aspects of some of the Klaus Schulze's compositions. Interesting stuff.


Earthen Sea (USA)

A Relentless Gaze (2017) (EP)
Grass And Trees (2019)
Ghost Poems (2022)

Jacob Long's project Earthen Sea exists at least since the early 00's, but I need to investigate his output to decide if the bulk of his output is eligible for inclusion in EEM. The above EP, though, certainly is. It features deep electronic compositions between Ambient and more rhythmic styles (leaning more towards the former). Rather unclassifiable overall but very Prog.


Earthling (Japan)

Dance (1981)
Rhythm (1982)

Japanese trio in Dusseldorf School vein (sometimes sounds almost like a copy of La Dusseldorf). The music is pretty neat. I wish they would drop the horrible vocals, though.


Earthling 1 (UK)

Earthling 1 (2016)

Solo project of Fred Laird - member of British space rock / psychedelic band Earthling Society. The sound here is psychedelic, but more flowing than his parent band and represents a hybrid of floating guitars and synthesizers.


Earthstar (USA)

Salterbarty Tales (1978)
French Skyline (1979)
Atomkraft? Nein, Danke! (1980)
Humans Only (1981)
Collected Works (2023) (recorded in 1978 - 1981)

Classic Electronic Music from Craig Wuest. Earthstar was formed in Utica, New York circa 1977, when Wuest, guitarist Dennis Rea (later with Kerry Leimer's Savant) and a couple of other musicians (Daryl Trivieri and Daniel Zongrone) got together to play some music. Influenced by the German electronic pioneers, Craig's aim was to create long, flowing works for synthesizers and mellotrons. The first album went largely unnoticed but the band drew the attention of Klaus Schulze, with whom Craig started a correspondence. An invitation to Germany followed and thus, French Skyline, the band's magnum opus, was born. Recorded and engineered by Klaus Schulze, the music very pleasantly recalls X, including tons of mellotron choir plus great sequences and solos. This work is highly recommended. Atomkraft? Nein, Danke! is more varied in style. After that the group released Humans Only which was to become Earthstar's last official album before the group dissolved. Apparently, another work called Axiom was recorded by Craig Wuerst alone, in a straightforward, melodic style, but no proof exists that this music was ever released in any form.

See also: Rea, Dennis


Earthtones (USA)

Meditations For Synthesizer + Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (2023) (S) (with Kevin Nathaniel)

Relaxing Ambient / World Music.


Easily Embarrassed (Netherlands)

Idyllic Life (2008)
Planet Discovery (2009)
Tales of the Coin Spinner (2012)

Easily Embarrassed is a duo of Dutch musicians Jeffrey van der Schilden and Nick van der Schilden (yes, two brothers). Peter Spaargaren helps with engineering and production. They base their sound on vintage synthesizers and retro atmospheres, adding a touch of modern downtempo styles. Apart from these two CD's, they've had some download releases, too.


East Paddy Cicadas (Poland)

Places (2022)

Ambient with glitch and microsound tentencies.

See also: Boreal Leaf


Eastern Fear Ritual (UK)

The Shaded Path (2019)

Sort of occult electronics, but not really dark or ambient, more like propulsive / melodic EM mixed with the sound of game soundtracks and the general mysterious vibe, with a few harder, industrial beats.


Easy Rider (USA)

Beneath the Surface (2021) (S)

Moody electronics largely based on the sequencing. A project of Ryan Wick.

See also: Wick, Ryan, User, Dokomo.


Easychord (???)

Not In My Family Tree (2011)
So Lifeless, Sometimes (2013)
Landforms (2015) (with Forest Management)

Ambient drone artist.


Eat Lights Become Lights (UK)

They Transmit (2008) (S)
Klustered (2009) (S)
Test Drive (2011) (S)
Autopia (2011)
Heavy Electrics (2012)
Modular Living (2013)
Into Forever (2014)
Nature Reserve (2017)
Live (2020)
The Romance of the Stars (2021)

Krautrock-inspired band currently consisting of Neil Rudd and John Barrett. They are mostly influenced by the Dusseldorf School, but also my other forms of EM and kraut.


Ëataë (Sweden)

Astronacht (2024)

Cold, melancholic "winter synth" compositions.


Eating Flowers (USA)

Eating Flowers (2015)
God Was A White-Tailed Deer (2015)
Music For Julia Drive (2016)

Eating Flowers is ambient drone artist Greg Dutcher. Originally from Virginia, he is currently based in NYC.


Eaton, Tom (USA)

Abendromen (2016)
Indesterren (2016)
SPICA - ACIPS (2018)
How It Happened (2019)
Brothers (2021) (with Will Ackerman and Jeff Oster)

Ambient music with huge piano presence. Good if you like the music Tim Story and Harold Budd.


Eavral (Chile)

Vmnh Rsh Vn'th (2015)
Recitations (2019) (S)
Ühlkümt (2021)

Dark Ritual Ambient with low rumbles, drones and general blackness.


e-band (Czech Republic / USA)

Janus (1994)

Slightly avant-gade and minimal electronic duo with synths, trumpet and guitar, consisting of Jim Aron and Robert Strizich.


Ebauche (Ireland??)

Incomplete Watch Movement (2005)
Adrift (2015)
Mutable (2018)
Formic Syntax (2018)

Ebauche is Berlin-based Alex Leonard. He specializes in beat-driven musics, but also rather intense ambient compositions.


Ebb Loops (Russia)

Night Shifts (2014)
Perianth (2016)

Varied, mostly low-key Ambient.


Ebia (Germany)

Elosophy (2004)
Star Voyager (2006)
Wavedancer (2008)
Hunter of Worlds (2009)
Space Explorer (2010)
Mission Control (2012)
Herrscher im Orbit (2014)
Transmission (2019)

A project of Jörg Bialinska. Melodic music, sometimes with 1980's dance influences (as on Hunter of Worlds that was inspired by Laserdance).


Ebina, Hiroshi (Japan)

Faraway Vicinity (2020) (S) (with Kin Leonn)
If There's Any Tinge of This World (2021)
Circle (2022) (with Idra)
It Just Is (2022)
In Science And the Human Heart (2022)
Silver Lining (2023)

Ambient musician from Tokyo. Quiet, relaxing, reflective sound with microsound tendencies (so typical for this country's ambient scene).


EC Band (USA / Belgium)

The EC Band (2022) (S)

A duo of Luke Calzonetti and Stijn Wybouw. Darkish, improvised electronics with a lysergic atmosphere and some guitar riffs (probably a flashback from Calzonetti's past as member and singer of a grindcore band).


Eccentricity (Serbia)

Eternal Distance (2017)
The Mystery of Secret Love (2017)

Noise Ambient from Nemanja Nikolić.


Echaskech (UK)

Andromeda (2020)

Cosmic EM, mostly in Space Music vein, with some variations. Apparently, there are some earlier releases by this project, which are supposedly in a more IDM-influenced style.


Echo Coma (Russia)

Echo Coma (2021)

St. Petersburg-based ambient project with sort of a psychedelic vibe. Long tracks of shadowy synths, etc. Nice.


Echo System (UK)

Headland (1996)

Electronic Music by Garry Hughes and Nick Fisher.

See also: Hughes, Garry


Echo System (USA)

Bad Medicine (1987)
Heat Lightning (1990)

A duo of Daniel Crommie and Jamie Haggerty, starting as an instrumental synth exploration and later transforming into a synth-pop act. The material on Bad Medicine belongs to the former category. Although very much informed by the sounds typical of the 1980's decade, sometimes the cheesier side of it (those drum machines...), there are also nice, more atmospheric journeys, like "Stolen Landscape" that sounds like Tangerine Dream circa Le Parc playing in the Amazon jungle, or the truly ambient and rather moody "Darkest December".

See also: Crommie, Daniel


Echogenic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Experiment (2010)

Synth duo in experimental mould, with lots of squeaks, bleeps and stuff. Gets quite atmospheric and / or melodic in places, though.


Echo-Hawk, Roger (USA)

Edges of Earth (1996)


Echolog (Sweden)

Conversions (2017)
Longest Summer (2018)
Treble (2019) (EP)
Conte (2020)

A project of Otto Johansson. Varied, mostly ambient synth compositions with some guitar. Conte is a very enjoyable release.


Ecke, Jurgen (Germany)

Sound-Synthese (1986)

East-German synthesist and film music composer.


Ecker, Koenraad (Belgium)

Carbon (2019) (with Frederik Meulyzer)

German electroacoustic / microsound composer. On Carbon, recorded in collaboration with drummer / percussionist Frederik Meulyzer, there are some moments of Progressive EM of an ambient and / or experimental kind.


Eclektic (Switzerland)

Amb Pulsars (2022)

A project of Zurich-based Daniel Stucki. Varies from purely ambient EM to soft downtempo. Pretty nice stuff.


Eclipse (Canada)

Eclipse (1976)

Led by keyboardist Pierre Gauthier, Eclipse was a short-lived space rock band from Quebec. They cover a lot of ground on their eponymous first album, from grand, sweeping Pink Floyd-like tracks with female vocals to pop songs and ghostly electronic atmospheres. A second album was released in 1977, titled Night And Day, making a complete turn towards the commercial side (disco).


Eclipse Project, The (Canada)

A Perfect Gradient Sky (2014)

Space Music / World Music with some voice samples. The Eclipse Project is Beau Lukes from Toronto.


Ecor (Italy)

Airways (2021)

A mixture of instrumental synth material and singing from this Milan-based artist. In a way, he can be considered a continuation of Italy's tradition of progressive singer-songwriters, like Franco Battiato, Claudio Rocchi, etc., although Ecor has an updated sound and seems to sing in English from time to time.


Ecovillage (Sweden)

Jesus of Nazareth (2015)
Sacred World (2018)
Arrived (2020)
Clouds And Waves (2020)
New Reality (2021)
The Road Not Taken (2022)

Dream pop / post-rock duo from Sweden. Jesus of Nazareth is an instrumental ambient concept album with a strong neo-classical flair.


Ectopia (USA??)

Life/Section (2017)

Although steeped in dubstep tradition, this combination of cerebral electronics, cello improvs and deranged vocals brings to mind a mutant version of Richard Wahnfried's Time Actor.


Ectoplasmic Embryo Experience (Belgium)

Nubes solitudi (1991)

Belgian industrial duo of Patrick Stevens and Kristen Steensels that existed from 1990 to 1992. They have also ventured into Ambient, as the above release, consisting of long, dark (or sad / mysterious) tracks, shows. Nice and moody stuff. Need to investigate more.


ECXO (Denmark)

Birds of Paradise (2023)

Ambient project of Aarhus-based Nils Kristian Gruner-Olesen. Relaxing, spaced-out, otherworldly.


Edanticonf (Italy)

Forest Echo (2012)
Human Body Movement (2014) (S)
Almost There (2016) (S)
The Metamorphosis of Plants (2019) (S)
The Story of Q (2021)

Italian techno producer Edoardo Zerbinati whose range of influences seems to include Prog EM. And when he does EM, he does it pretty well, creating hypnotic, repetitive, but soft and floating patterns. Relevant tracks include the opener "Overture" from Forest Echo, Parts 1 and 3 of Human Body Movement and the first track of Almost There 2. File under EM-related.


Eddge Jr., Harry (USA)

The Affair (197?)

Private release from Lynwood, California. Harry Eddge plays Hammond organ and synths and the music is a mixture of pop tunes, a few classical covers and original material that can be mildly interesting, although this easy-listening / exotica / space age pop sound was extremely dated and obsolete already in the 1970's, and there is no date of release whatsoever...


Edé (Germany)

Frites memoire (2010) (recorded in 1985 - 1993)

Electronic Music by Edgar Hellwig, supposedly of experimental quality.

See also: Hellwig, Edgar


Edelston, Andrew (USA)

Edelston's Cronos (1988)

Private release out of Minnesota. The style is not known at the moment.


Eden (France)

Aura (1979)

French duo whose music has been described as a cross between Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling and Bo Hansson. So, it's probably symphonic electronics with a "progrock" edge.

See also: Vrayance, Hubert


Eden, Martin (Germany)

Sol (2022)

Martin Eden is a lead singer of German progressive rock (neo-prog) band Chandelier. Surprisingly, there is very little vocal on Sol, the bulk of the album being instrumental - a symphonic-sounding mixture of guiars and keyboards, with that trademark and unique creaky lead sound. One can hear traces of melancholic Klaus Schulze circa Deus Arrakis and instrumental symphonic / electronic The Enid material.


Eden, Steve (UK)

Scenes From A Dream (2005)
Hallucinations And Reverberations (2009)
Phantasm (2010)


Edge, The (UK)

Captive (1986) (soundtrack)

What you somehow don't expect is an ambient album from U2 guitarist. But this is what we basically have here. There is once vocal number in this soundtrack sung by Sinead O'Connor, and a couple of more rhythmic numbers that sound like a cross between 1980's Tangerine Dream (their soundtrack work) and Alan Parsons Project. And the rest is basically Ambient, guitar-based or electronic. The Ambient that The Edge plays is clearly from the Brian Eno school of thought and is also similar to Michael Brook, who plays guitar on this album and even composed one of the tracks. Not really a classic but a nice artifact with quite pleasant music.


Edge Effect (UK)

Compost Mentis MkII (2003)
Ghosts of Tomorrow (2003)
Dark Data (2008)
I Am Standing At the Gateway To Darkness, Yet All I See Is the Light (2011)



Edge of Darkness (UK)

Rising (2003)
Enochian Keys (2004)

Dark Ambient.


Edge, William (USA)

Journey To the Edge (2003)
Edge of the Universe (2004)
Beyond the Edge (2004)
Breathing Without Air (2005)
Smokin (2006)
Little Verses (2006)
Kaleidoscope (2007)
Soundchamber (2007)
Secret Diary (2008)

Diverse music from New York City with influences from jazz, new age et al. Most of the time stays in the Space Music / Ambient territory, though.


Edhels (Monaco)

The Bursting (2000) (recorded in 1981)

This band, led by Marc Ceccotti (guitars, keys and percussion) appeared on the scene in the early 1980's. Although from Monaco, their efforts seem to be in line with the then new French symphonic prog revival (i.e. neo-prog). The Bursting seems to be an archive release (there is no evidence of any original pressing on vinyl or otherwise). The band is still searching for their sound here. The music is completely instrumental and will be enjoyed by fans of both progressive rock and (melodic) Electronic Music. A drum machine is used on some tracks.


Edition Holos (Germany)

Arctic Dialogues (1987)
Call of the Ocean (1987)
Witnesses of Time (2024)

Electronic duo involving Marco Dobra.

See also: Dobra, Marco, Overflow, Online, Minimax Maximalminimum.


Editor (Germany)

Kontraste (1982)
The Creation of the World (1991)

Electronic duo of Wolf-Dietrich Hörle and Michael Puschner.


Edler, Hans (Sweden)

Elektron kukeso (1971)
Glad Jul (1972) (with Stig Järrel)
Spökhistorier (1972) (with Stig Järrel)
Lajban på cirkus (1972)
Space Vision (1979)

Hans Edler was a hero of Swedish psychedelic rock era (a pop star of sorts) who studied at the EMS studio in Stockholm and decided to release this oddity, titled Elektron Kukeso on his own private label. The purpose remains unclear but perhaps he wanted to become famous with that or something. However, the album sank into obscurity just a few years after its release and remains an interesting document of early electronic experimentation from the beginning of the 1970's. The sounds come from the then state-of-the-art computer instrument installed at the EMS, on top of which Hans sings (in Swedish) in a monotone manner a bit similar to that of Brian Eno. So, it's sort of a proto synth-pop kind of thing. He then went on to release a couple more albums - the audiobook (with background Electronic Music) narrated by Stig Järrel and a much more mainstream and generic Space Vision with a strong space disco flair.


Edmund, Samuel (Canada)

Due To (2021)

Samuel Edmund is a pseudonym of Vancouver-based artist Jae Ryan. Shimmering ambient sounds, drones and melodies.


Edren, David (Belgium)

Music For Mimosa Pudica & Codariocalyx (2015) (S)
Electronic Gamelan Music (2017)
Tea Notes (2019) (with Jatinder Singh Durhailay)
Flow (2022) (with H. Takahashi)
Relativiteit van de Omgeving (2023)

Minimal analog music for plants.

See also: DSRlines, Spirit & Form, Hare Akedod, Brahmen Raag.


Edward (Germany)

Feuerhand (2014) (S)
Underwater Jams (2019) (S)
Turning (2021)

Edward is an alias of Berlin-based deejay and producer Gilles Aiken. Surprisingly, the whole side B of Feuerhand 12" vinyl record is occupied by the hypnotic, 13+ minute piece "Symbols of Balea", which is done in the style of Ashra's Walkin' the Desert.


Edwardes, Julian (Netherlands)

Consonance (2019)

Dutch (of British origin) modular enthusiast who creates both abstract experimental works and more accessible / vaguely melodic ambient synthiness ("Wall" is a nice example of the latter).


Edwards, Nick (UK)

Controlled By Voltage Vol. 1 (1994)
Plekzationz (2012)
The State We're In (2021) (with Neil Campbell)

Bristol-born electronic artist and producer who currently composes dubstep / industrial music as Ekoplekz. Controlled By Voltage is his early experiments with analogue synthesizers, while Plekzationz combines his modern dubstep / techno influences with a classic synthesizer sound.

See also: Busy Microbes, Nunton Elektrikz, Photophobik.


Eecee (USA)

Do You Learn (2013)
Drunkt (2014) (with Doubt)
Cosmic Trigger (2015)
Heater (2017)
The Void Doors (2021)

Eecee is a project of Ian Lehman aka Doubt. He likes to make short sketches instead of longer compositions and is pretty diverse. The analog synth material on Cosmic Trigger has a strong Prog EM feel.


Eeeka (USA)

Sleep Metamorphosis (2021)

Audiovisual artist from Indianapolis. She uses her voice and synthesizers to create a varied set of tracks, from slightly noisy and intense to melodic ambience, sometimes with relaxed sequencing. Best track: "Chrysalis". Nice stuff.


EEKA (Netherlands)

Pluggen (1984)
Soms ben je alleen (1984)

Electronic duo of Kees Aerts and Eric Vermeulen that broke up shortly after completing the second cassette and, therefore, it was never officially released.

See also: Aerts, Kees


Eela Craig (Austria)

One Niter (1976)
Hats of Glass (1978)
Missa universalis (1978)
Virgin Oiland (1980)

Great Austrian symphonic progressive with Bognermayr & Zuschrader. Hats of Glass has been described to be in the Floyd meets Tangerine Dream mould with long instrumental explorations and synths galore.

See also: Bognermayr & Zuschrader, Blue Chip Orchestra, Control Company.


Eepie Allum Schlugdha (USA)

Eepie Allum Schlugdha (1990)

Electronic / space rock band led by Jeff Carney. Side B of the cassette (recorded in mono) is an exclusive solo piece by Carney.

See also: Carney, Jeff


Eerie, Don (Austria)

A Presence Beyond (2023) (soundtrack)

Don Eerie is a pseudonym used by Lukas Götzenberger (member of punk / rock band Galactic Pot Healer) for his solo electronic material.


Eerie Gaits (USA)

Bridge Music (2017)
Holopaw (2020)

Pastoral, ambient mixture of guitars (acoustic and some electric) and electronics of vaguely Cluster / Tangerine Dream (late 1980's phase) kind. A project based in New York.


Eerie Macabre (USA)

Musik (2002)

Eerie theremin sounds and other electronics. Ben Ireland's project.


Efera (???)

Beloved Envoi Romance (2023)

Varied, mostly melodic ambient compositions.


Effed (Canada)

Black Sky (2013)
Untrue Blacks (2014)
Fireworks (2014)
Wonder (2014) (S)
Animal Spirits (2015) (S)
Faded (2015)
Longest Day (2015) (S)
On Going (2015) (S)
Light On the Horizon (2015)
Star Patterns (2015)
What Started It All (2015)
The Winter Treasure (2015) (S)
But For This (2016) (S)
No Comeback (2016) (S)
Visions of Blue (2016)
Lizard Kings of North Vietnam. (2017) (S) (with Qualchan.)

Varied music, from guitar-based instrumental rock to electronic, ambient. Sometimes with acoustic drums.


Efemérides (Mexico)

Alamar (2021)

Mexican ambient artist with a sunny, shimmering sound.


Effetto Joule (Italy)

Habt keine Angst (2016) (recorded in 1986 - 1997)

Italian minimal synth / new wave band led by Valerio Biagi. Most of their material is in that style, or influenced by their synth-pop contemporaries, like Depeche Mode. However, they also openly admit being influenced by Kraftwerk and some of their musical experiments show this. There is also a fleeting reminiscence of some melodic French EM (Space, Space Art, etc) on some of the shorter sketches, which is further reinforced by their visual image (a guy or several people in chemical protection suits), which brings to mind Space Art's iconic A Trip To the Center Head cover art. File under EM-related.


Efficient Refineries (Spain / Germany)

Nitideath (2006)
Epinervio (2006)
Terahertz (2019)

This experimental electronic duo of Miguel A. Ruiz and Siegmar Fricke (Ambulatorio Sergeto) is only marginally Prog EM, although the hypnotic appeal of longs tracks like "Psychomotor Episodes" (Terahertz) is undeniable.

See also: Ruiz, Miguel Angel, Fricke, Siegmar.


EFKTS (Netherlands??)

Yeesan (2021)

Ambient compositions in the style of Eno, Roach and other pioneers.


Egan, Duff (USA)

The Future of Man (2016)

Droning ambient soundscapes. Sometimes quite stark and a bit noisy.


Egan, Paul (Ireland)

Island of Dreams (1979)

Obscure Irish multi-instrumentalist residing in Paris. Egan plays guitars, percussion and keyboards and there are also some guests including David Cross of King Crimson on violin. This album has one side of instrumental progressive rock / fusion and the second side is supposedly more electronic. Further investigation is needed.


Egelie, Joost (Belgium)

The Foray (1991)
Boundaries of Infinity (2008)
Music For Mars Missions (2009)
From Mars To Earth (2010)
Particles (2013)

Belgian synthesist with a melodic, spacey and Berlin School-influenced style.

See also: Sensory++


Eggleston, William (USA)

Musik (2017)

US photographer who back in the days became fascinated with the possibilites of the Korg 01/W synthesizer and recorded some improvisations using the synth's internal memory that stored notes on floppy disks. The synth subsequently got broken, but these recordings here faithfully recreate some of those pieces using original floppy disks and a newly bought synth. The music is very much classically-influenced and could be enjoyed by fans of Wendy Carlos and maybe also Frank Zappa's synclavier experiments, although this is not as wacky.


Ego On the Rocks (Germany)

Acid In Wounderland (1981)

A project from ex-Eloy members Jurgen Rosenthal and Detlev Schmidtchen. Here, they create a mixture of progrock and cosmic Electronic Music that incorporates Tangerine-Dream-like sequences and lots of loops and sound collage techniques. Beware the vocals.

See also: Eloy, Schmidtchen, Detlev.


Egopusher (Switzerland)

Egopusher (2016) (EP)
Blood Red (2017)
Beyond (2020)
Ambient Mix Tape (2022)

Highly dynamic mixture of electronics, live drums and violin. Touches of Heldon, the Dusseldorf School and more. Pretty nice stuff.


Egotrya (Italy)

Egotrya (1981)
Four Elements (2012)

Rhythmic music from Francesco Boscolo, Michele Cattaneo, Mario Varotto and Nicholas. The shorter tracks on their first album are vocal synth-pop. "Antarctic" is a 20-minute rhythmic, melodic, dynamic electronic track


Egyptian Kings (Portugal)

Almagest (2006)

Egyptian Kings is a group of people who call themselves Gustavo Marques (real name I guess), Ludwig Arthur Blair, Sebastian Dali the Third and Sir Ivan Schopenhauer (talk about pretentious!). The music is basically a mixture of space rock and Electronic Music of the Space variety.


Egyptology (France)

The Skies (2012)
Sure les autres mondes (2018)

Melodic EM influenced by Jarre and Vangelis from the duo of Olivier Lamm and Stéphane Laporte. SH101, MC202, Korg 700s, Yamaha CS-15 etc etc...

See also: Laporte, Stéphane


Egyptrixx (Canada)

Pure, Beyond Reproach (2017)

Varied project of Toronto-based David Psutka. Pure, Beyond Reproach features complex compositions between "deconstructed club" and Progressive Electronic, with some other influences and sounds.

See also: Ceramic TL, Act!


EH46 (USA)

A God With Horns (2015)

Ethereal soundscapes and gently moving waves of synths from JT Schweitzer.


Ehle, Robert C. (USA)

Space Music Flute (??)

Robert C. Ehle is a Colorado-based composer and Professor of Music. A large portion of his works has been performed by various symphonic and chamber orchestras across the States. A parallel route for him during many years has been playing solo EM, though. It seems that none of his electronic works became commercially available, but it has been broadcast by radio stations in some countries. He is also supposed to have released a few tapes privately.


Ehohroma (Greece)

Diaspora (2023)

Stark, sometimes moody and reflective music of ambient nature. Ehohroma is Stelio Koulinas, who normally composes techno music, which is also evident on Diaspora, but mostly in the form of an influence and slight hints.


Ehrlich, Tom (Germany)

Planetary Dances (1982)
Sunstar (1983)
Crystals (1986)

Supposedly, unique World Music, with just piano and synths. There are also a few piano-only albums, including the one titled Stars, as well as a few discs with African drumming.


Ehsaei, Pouya (Iran)

There (2014)
RocRast (2020)

Gnarling, aggressive, neurotic, dark, grating modular synth compositions from this London-based Iranian artist.

See also: Ariwo


Eidulon (Italy)

Idolatriae (2008)

Nocturnal, subterranean Dark Ambient worlds. Eidulon is Italian sound artist Francesco Gemelli.


Eigenface (USA)

Madrigals (2017)
Memo (2019)

Ambient with touches of noise, vaporwave and glitch.

See also: Corsica Annex


Eiger Drums Propaganda (France)

Eiger Drums Propaganda (2018)
Eiger Drums Propaganda II (2019)
Eiger Drums Propaganda III (2021)

Unusual project from Lyon, mixing classic EM / kraut-influenced sound with weird humour.


Eightsome Reel, The (UK)

Dungeness (2021)

Ambient EM from David Brown ala swayzak. Ranges from analog arpeggios to repetitive piano ambience ala Eno.


Eiland (Belgium)

Eiland (2018)

A trio of Marcus Scheibmaier, Steve Slingeneyer and Bruno Coussée. The cosmic synth music on their eponymous debut is dedicated to the memory of Patrick "Kosmos" Wille.


Eilbacher, Max (USA)

Red Anxiety Tracers (2013)

Baltimore-based experimental musician. I included only one album so far - a collage of noises, drones, synthetic miniatures and that unmistakable Prog touch by means of cloudy mellotron injections. Further investigation is needed.


Eilien (Finland)

Digital Lovers (2021) (S)

Singer-songwriter (real name - Ellen Virman), with Digital Lovers delving into instrumental EM with sparse vocalizations and singing. I love her synth sound - so deep, tender and intimate and yet so emotional and asserting.


Einhorn, Richard (USA)

Shock Waves (2015) (recorded in 1977) (soundtrack)
Don't Go In the House (2019) (recorded in 1979) (soundtrack)

Soundtrack composer. Released for the first time in mono in 2015 (and re-released on another label a year later), Shock Waves is an electronic soundtrack to a "Nazi zombie" horror flick.


Einkehr (Germany)

Einkehr (2023) (recorded in 2010)

Melancholic synth compositions imbued in a sense of wonder and magic.


Einschornsteinsiedlung (Germany)

Einschornsteinsiedlung (2019)

A project of Michael Tellbach in a sedate, minimal synth-influenced mould. Beware the spoken word vocals.


Einseinseins (Germany)

ĬİĨ (2016)
Zwei (2022)
Live im Gretchen (2022)

Berlin-based neo-kraut trio consisting of Johannes Rosswog, Niels Hoffmann and Alexander Fedorov. Steady drum rhythms, nice guitars, lush synth melodies and vocoder vocals. Nice material here.


Einstein (Netherlands)

Electronics (1981)
Jeden (1982)

The first album contains drum machine experiments (Korg Rhythm 55). The second contains beautiful, melodic ambient sounds of analogue synthesizers and some rhythmic tracks.


Einstein In Eden (Germany)

Einstein In Eden (1982)

Bernhard Jobski performing with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and 6 unnamed rock musicians. The music is, as should be expected, for the most part quite intense symphonic rock but with lots of electronics too and reportedly one distinctive Electronic Music sequence.


Einstellung (UK)

Selbsternannt (2017)

Birmingham-based neo-krautrock band. Selbstrenannt is officially their first electronic release (it's not completely electronic, though, and features the usual full band lineup). For some reason, it is referred to as an EP, although it clocks at 50+ minutes, so it's definitely a full album in my book. Fans of the Dusseldorf School will like the music.


Einzelgänger (Italy)

Einzelgänger (1975)

Before Giorgio Moroder became an icon of synth disco records and a renowned producer, he was flexing his experimental muscle with this album. Here, he presents quirky and uplifting electronic tracks that remind on La Dusseldorf, Neu! and other krautrock / motorik pioneers.


Eisentanz (Switzerland)

Pulsate (2016)

Experimenting with unlikely objects and electronics since the 1980's, Eisentanz is a long-running EBM / industrial project of Jean-Paul Horlacher. On Pulsate, a certain shift towards the ambient / EM side of things is felt. Cold, pulsing electronics. File under EM-related.


Eisberg (Germany)

Die blaue Reise (2020)

A project of Jochen Oberlack. Die Blaue Reise is a motorik-infused krautrock album with a few electronic tracks ("Nordlicht", "S.O.S. Eisberg", "Zirkumpolar", "Südpol").


Eisberg (Poland)

U A I (2016)

Experimental Ambient, sometimes reminding a bit on Centrozoon, having a similar mood, but with much more beeps & bleeps.


Eislandschaft (Argentina)

Tales of the Frost (2017)
Visions In the Black Tundra (2020)

Melancholic winter ambience.


Eispollaetidespota (Russia)

Eispollaetidespota (2013)

Ambient inspired by nordic nature from Alexander Kondratenko and Maxim Ivanets.


Eitr (Sweden)

Hädanfärden (2018)

Somewhat indebted to the dungeon synth genre, Eitr is a solo synth endeavor of Henrik Sunding, the man behind atmospheric black metal project Lustre. Nice melancholic sound with a touch of cosmic epicness.


Eiva Ada (Russia)

Passing By (2016)

Pretty much formulaic Dark Ambient with horror and cosmic edges.


Ekca Liena (UK)

Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement (2008)
Post Altitude (2008) (EP)
Orb Night (2009) (EP)
Sleep Paralysis (2009)
Pathless (2009)
Drones Between Homes (2009) (S)
Absent Exterior (2010) (EP)
Downer Supine (2011) (EP)
November In Flight (2011) (S)
Mapping the Boundary Layer (2012) (with Spheruleus)
Light Procession (2012)
Lacia Is Joined (2015)
Graduals (2015)
Gravity And Grace (2018)
Dark Liquid Ribbon (2019)
Veiled State (2020)
Skyward Vernacular (2021)

An ambient moniker of Daniel W C Mackenzie.


Ekert, Anders (Sweden)

Vid sidan (2021) (S)

Ambient compositions with an electroacoustic feel. The closer on Vid Sidan reminds on the "Liberty Space Suite" from the Freelancer game soundtrack.


Ekiwojjolo (Sweden)

10 Minutes of Your Life (2012) (S)
My First Opus of Pling (2012) (S)
4:44 #1 (2013) (S)
4:44 #2 (2013) (S)
Weird Mushrooms In My Garden (2014) (S)
Zen (2014) (S)
Singing Zazen (2014) (S)
Milestones of Love (2014) (S)
Open Mind (2015) (S)
The Bright Side of the Moo (2015) (S)
Bushram (2015) (S)
Karni Mata (2015) (S)
Porridge Sporkhestra (2015) (S)
Tendu Patta (2015) (S)
Ekiwojjolo (2016) (S)
Singing Bowl (2016) (S)
This Long Psychedelic Song Is Very Long And Psychedelic, But Is Without A Name, And It Is Also The Name Of This Long Psychedelic Song That Is Very Long And Psychedelic, But Not So Long As Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, So Long! (2016) (S)
Ease Your Burden (2016) (S)
333 I'm Only Half Evil (2016) (S)
See the Splashing of the Coot Flashing To the Water (2016) (S)
Chennai - Mumbai (2017) (S)

When Nothing Goes Right...Go Left (2018)
26.8 Meters Below Lucifer (2020)
The Train Is Coming (2022)

Krautrock / EM duo from Uppsala. Lots of ethnic influences.

See also: Śrī Yushin Kurikkala


Ekke (Estonia)

Ekke... (2015)
Chasm (2016)
Klangfarbenmodular (2017)

Varied analog EM.


Ekkoflok (Denmark)

Lydlandskaber (2017)

Experimental electronic project of Valdemar Thomas Kristensen who uses DIY instruments, including a homebuilt modular system. Ranges from subtly noisy stuff to ambient.


Eklund, Roberta (USA)

The Process of Recognition (1986)

Experimental artist and poet who is mostly known for her sound poetry releases. The above, though, is varied experimental, melodic, pulsing and spacey Electronic Music, with more than a hint of the Berlin pioneers.


Ekman, Joni (Finland)

Minulle... (2020)


Eko (Germany)

The Sound of the Thoughts (1990)
Hippogryph (1992)
Connection (1994)

The project of Gerald Paetsch. Rather accessible EM somewhere between 80's Tangerine Dream and some of early 90's IC label stuff.

See also: Breitband


Ekolali (Sweden)

Vår värld i fossil (2014)
Tropisk hägring (2014)
Igor (2016)
Genom grundet (2019)
Om sömn (2021)

Interesting analog explorations.

See also: Cosmic Letters, Murkla.


Ekran (Russia)

Vintage Voyage (2021) (recorded in 2004)

St. Petersburg-based duo using Soviet synthesizers to create strictly analog, minimal EM.


Ekranoplan (Italy)

Deutsch Italienische Freundschaft (2023)

A project of Emiliano Tortora in pure krauty electronics / Dusseldorf School vein. Crisp synth sequences, steady rhythms and hypnotic melodies are the order of the day here. Some new-wave style vocals as well.


Ekthelion (Greece)

Misty Hills (2016)
Age of the Faceless Demon (2016)
Moonealms (2017)
Under A Mournful Moon (2019)
Shadowrealms (2019)

Dungeon synth project from Greece. Whereas a lot of the music in the genre sounds like a kid dabbling with a cheap Casio keyboard, on Misty Hills (which is marketed as a demo) there are elements of more rhythmic and melodic EM styles through extensive use of MIDI sequencing, which puts this release miles ahead of the bulk of what's done in the dungeon synth genre, giving also a strong progressive touch and even a 1988 - 1990 Klaus Schulze feel in places. It's a bit crude and somewhat embryonic, giving the impression of musical sketches instead of full-fledged compositions, but rather unique and certainly interesting. Sadly, on Age of the Faceless Demon it's a shift to a more "traditional" (an more boring to me) dungeon synth style. Hopefully, the author returns to the style of the first demo in the future and expands on those ideas.

See also: Arthuros


Ektroverde (Finland)

Arpeggio (1998)
Music From the Film Futuro: A New Stance For Tomorrow (1998)

Music From the Film Futuro is an electronic sountrack from this psychedelic jam / space rock band.

See also: Circle, Verde.


El, Bryan (Belgium)

Out of This World (2008)
Spiritual Evolution (2010)
Boundaries of Imagination (2012)
Essence of Life (2015)
Cosmic Vibrations (2020)
Visions of Paradise (2022)

Influenced by Jarre and Vangelis, Bryan El composes rather accessible, melodic music with slight downtempo influences.


El Choop (???)

Farewell, Ringworld (2017)

Varied synth music with an analog feel, some purely experimental, some based on the sequences.


El Fugue (Russia)

Mindhalls (2020)
Solemn (2021)

A project of A.V. Serzhen. Pulsing analog synths, propulsive rhythms, cosmic / psychedelic solos ala Klaus Schulze...


El Hombre al Agua (Canada)

1 (2017)
Oumuamua Parts 1 & 2 (2019)
Floating // Drowning (2019) (S)
Mirage Horizon (2020) (S)
Sequences 1-7 (2020)
Yosemite And the Range of Light (2020)
Pisces Sun / Aquarius Moon (2021)
Memories Can Be Injected (2022)
From the Mountains To the Oceans (2022) (with Korb)

Interesting project from British Columbia-based Dave Read. He combines synth overload with some distorted guitar and bass for a monolithic, spacey sound.


El Jazzy Chavo (Greece)

Perspectives (2020)

Funk / hip-hop artist from Greece. On Perspectives, it's just him and his synths and the music is nicely ambient, reflective and spacey. Tends to focus on shorter tracks.


El Niño & the Southern Oscillations (USA)

El Niño & the Southern Oscillations (2017) (S)

Melodic, crisp, rhythmic EM based on the sound of analog synthesizers. Nice solos. Some tracks seem to be influenced by house music.


El Prêtro Maniaco (France)

Opus premum (2015) (EP)
Recueil (2017) (recorded in 2015 - 2017)

Cold and unnerving sounds and melodies between Black Ambient and "horror synth". A project of Ludovic Leprêtre.

See also: Sona Nyl, Cathuria, Evolva.


El Sueño De Hyparco (Spain)

La Verdad sobre Lope de Vega y sus Contemporaneos (1988)
Ambientes Hormonales (1989)
Musica para Bosques Encantados (1990)
If (1990)
Pirates (1991)
If (1993)

Dark Ambient project formed by Antonio Dyaz (aka Klaus Bohlmann) in 1988. Dyaz was born in Madrid in 1968. He has collaborated with the likes of Iury Lech and Suso Saiz. During the 1990 - 1995 period he was the head of EM label Hyades Arts. The project El Sueno De Hyparco was discontinued in 1998. It seems that there are two different releases titled "If".

See also: Dyaz, Antonio


Elaban, Andrew (USA)

Gestalt (2016)
Variegated Tributary / Woven Crescent (2021)

Gentle, synthesizer-based Ambient from this Cincinnati-based artist.


Elan (USA)

Elan (??)
Vlad Hatters Mad Tea Party (??)
Von Weber (??)
Eris of Aurora (??)
The Deluge of Soundtracks (2001)
Volumetric (2006)

Melodic, rhythmic, slightly experimental duo of Michael Serviolo and Christopher Steele out of Colorado.


Elder, John (Australia)

Antarctica (1987)
Derelicts (1987)

Electronic Music with environmetal and ethnic elements by this little known artist from Australia.


El-Division (Poland)

Electronic Division (1986)
The Wind of Sorrow (1989)

Polish group whose music brings to mind some Tangerine Dream.


Eldjárn, Úlfur (Iceland)

Field Recordings: Music From the Ether (2010)
Að handan (2023)

Varied musician and soundtrack composer. Field Recordings: Music From the Ether is a varied electronic / electroacoustic album.

See also: Apparat Organ Quartet


Elecktroids (USA)

Elektroworld (1995)

A Kraftwerk-clone type quartet of Jason Marcel Stinson, Gerald Donald, Alex Lugo and Dennis Richadson from Flint, Michigan, USA.


Electrance (Netherlands)

The Source of Sound (2000)
Corpus (2000)
Timewarp (2000)
The Stuff of Life (2001)
Monopoly (2001)
Solid State Static (2001)
Open Mind Transfer (2001)
Human Dimension (2001)
Globa Strut (2002)
Blue Thing (2002)
Trancefused (2002)
12plate (2004)
Soul Spin (2004)

Most albums feature the line-up of Rob Knetsch, Paul Rijkens and Jaco Beudeker. Very analog.

See also: Novo Sibirsk, Beudeker/Knetsch, Yaffin, Rok, Knetsch.


Electric Capablanca (UK??)

Puzzles & Studies (2019)

Varied melodic and ambient compositions that channel minimalism and Prog EM.


Electric Circus (international)

Electric Circus (1976)
Live At the Quarter Latin (1979) (recorded in 1976)

A fusion ensemble put together by German guitarist Toto Blanke after the dissolution of his previous group Association PC. These albums were released by the first incartation of the group (Toto Blanke, Jasper van't Hof, Edward Vesala) that mixed jazz / fusion sensibilities with Heldon-like electronic rock. Later the line-up changed and the sound drifted towards generic, jazzier realms, with the group losing most of its experimental drive.

See also: Hof, Jasper van't, Blanke, Toto


Electric Diamond (USA)

Stuart Diamond / Don Slepian (1989)
A Step Beyond (1993)
Electric Diamond (1995)

A trio of Stuart Diamond (lyricon), Karen Bentley (violin) and Don Slepian (synths). They perform a variety of classical pieces re-arranged for electronic instruments as well as original material. Mysterious, symphonic, Baroque, new agey atmospheric synths.

See also: Slepian, Don


Electric Golem, The (USA)

The Electric Golem (2010)
Sky Snails (2011)

Pulsating, experimental electronics from James Spitznagel and Trevor Pinch who mostly use analog synthesizers.

See also: Bemus Point, The


Electric Junk (UK)

Shores of Death (1983)
Cold Smoke (1983)
Stalker (1984)

Freeman brothers.

See also: Alto Stratus, Freeman, Alan, Biomechanoid, Endgame, Region 5, Vrije, Adhara, Scoprio, Triax.


Electric Mud (Germany)

The Deconstruction of Light (2018)
The Inner World Outside (2022)
Quiet Days On Earth (2024)

Self-described as "post-progressive rock", Electric Mud is basically a project of multi-instrumentalist Nico Walser, plus a few colleagues and friends. On The Deconstruction of Light, a strong EM influence can be heard, apart from a few moments obviously influenced by Pink Floyd. "Through the Gates" is a nice example of an EM track from Walser.


Electric Music (Germany)

Esperanto (1993)
Electric Music (1998)

Electric Music is a project of Carl Bartos, formerly of Kraftwerk. The first album Esperanto was released as Elektric Music, but later the name of the project was altered slightly, adding 'c' instead of 'k'. Bartos tries to emulate the Kraftwerk sound here, and doesn't quite succeed, although there are a couple of good tracks in there. Kraftwerk fans will of course buy it and who can blame them? After all, this man once was a robot...

See also: Kraftwerk, Bartos, Carl.


Electric Omen (Norway)

Fortress of Solitude (2008)
Abandon All Hope (2009) (S)
Fog Circles / Ghost Clouds (2010) (S)

Dark drones, Doom Ambient.


Electric Orange (Germany)

Electric Orange (1993)
Orange Commutation (1994)
Cows Don't Dream At Night (1994)
Tonbandreste (1994)
Rote Sonne (1994)
Electric Mutation (1994)
Sessions Nebean (1994)
9495 (1995)
Cyberdelic (1996)
Rechnung offen (1997)
Zwischenplatte (1997)
Totales Brummen (2000)
Abgelaufen (2001)
Unterwasser - Live 2002 (2002)
Platte (2003)
Live (2003)
Fleischwerk (2005)
9904 Weird Tapes (2006) (recorded in 1999 - 2004)
Electric Orange & Sula Bassana (2006) (with Sula Bassana)
Morbus (2007)
Krautrock From Hell (2010)
Netto (2011)
XX (2012)
Live At Roadburn 2012 (2013)
XX² (2014)
Volume 10 (2014)
Nein! HITS à Gogo - Golden Recordings (2015) (S)
Misophonia (2016)
Würzburg Cairo 2015 (2017)
Time Machine 1992 - 2017 (2017)
EOXXV (2017)
Encoded (2020)
Patchwork 1996-1999 (2020)
Psi-Hybrid (2021)
Gap (2023)

Floyd-inspired modern electronic wall-of-sound music with soaring guitar. Some of their albums were released on Manikin label. Electric Orange was formed in 1992 by Dirk Jan Müller and his first line-up was with Frank Burkhardt and Marcus Burkhardt. Since then the band saw many line-up changes (Josef Ahns and Silvio Franolic were members at some stages), and currently it consists of Müller, Tom Rückwald, Georg Monheim and Dirk Bittner.

See also: Müller, Dirk Jan, Octopus's Garden, Bloop.


Electric Path (USA)

Nebula of Dreams (2007)

A project of Richard Wixner, probably in Space Music / Ambient vein.

See also: Alien Tech, Alien Tape.


Electric Placebo (USA)

Year 1 (2019) (recorded in 1997 - 2001)

Synthesizer / guitar duo.

See also: Freed, Will, Reinhardt, Jonas.


Electric Satie (Japan)

Gymnopédie '99 (1998)

An album of synth arrangements of Satie's music plus one original composition. This was a project of Mitsuto Suzuki, member of electro-pop band Overrocket (and who whould later go one to compose some music for the Final Fantasy series). Contrary to the genre's traditions, this has heavy drum machine rhythms (not necessarily of the techno type).


Electric Sewer Age (UK)

Moon's Milk (In Final Phase) (2022)

An instrumental project related to Coil and Psychic TV, Electric Sewer Age initially consisted of Danny Hyde, John Deek and Peter Christopherson. However, it seems to have become a solo vehicle of Danny Hyde since then. Moon's Milk is a nice release with spacey EM in individual style.

See also: Christopherson, Peter


Electric Sound Bath (USA)

Secular Luminality (2015)
Moon Drip (2016)
Heart & Insight Meditations (2017) (with Jesse Fleming)
The Forces (2018)
Of This World (2020)

New-agey drones with synths and singing bowls.

See also: Zazz, Griffith, Brian James, l'éternèbre.


Electric Wind (USA)

In the Matrix (1988)

Not sure about this one. It is a private vinyl release from Corpus Christi, Texas, and the trio plays synths, guitar and some flute. It may be too new-agey but I am not certain of it.


Electrical Transformer, The (USA)

The Poetics of Space (2020)
Views of Jeopardy / Monolithos (2022)

Rather quiet, minimal, low-key ambient music from Scott Silsbe. Sometimes with a large piano presence.


Electro / Magnetic (Italy)

Ad sidera mundi (2020)

Quiet, sometimes cinematic and often cosmic Ambient from Nicola Maggi.


Electroacustico (Mexico)

This group was formed by Carlos Alvarado (synths) and Arturo Romo (guitar and instruments designed by Arturo Meza).

See also: Alvarado, Carlos


Electroclav (France)

Chemin initiatique (2012)

Melodic music with influences from Jarre and Vangelis from this synthesist.


Electrodefender (Germany)

Music Is Worth It (2023)

Electro artist from Frankfurt am Main (Michael Bötzl). On Music Is Worth It, there are also some ambient electronics / EM tracks to be heard, among the more typical electro material.


Electrok[i]t, The (France)

The Electrok[i]t (2020)

Varied music from Franck Berthoux. Payful, moody, mysterious, rhythmic... A bit electro, a bit IDM-like.


Electrologique (France)

1986 - 2012 (2012)

Melodic music with influences from 1980's TD and Jarre from Jean-Michel Maurin.


Electroluminescent (Canada)

Pattern Blue (2003)
Three Steps From A Valley (2005) (S)
Electroluminescent (2005) (S)
Open On All Sides (2006) (S)
Measures (2008)
Oban (2009) (S)
A Setting of Scores (2010)
Of the Spirits (2010)

A project of Ryan Ferguson. Repetitive, often analog, music.


Electron Odyssey (USA)

Your Future Awaits (2021)
Liquid Crystal Daydreams (2022)

Electron Odyssey is Indiana-based Jeff Spoonhover who makes synthwave-oriented music with a wide range of influences - from 1980's synth-pop songs to vocoder funk to more atmospheric and progressive forms of electronic music. The instrumental material is nice, vocal songs are meh.


Electrond (Norway)

In A Socially Less Distant Future (2021)
EP! (2022) (EP)

Trond Gjellum aka Electrond is a drummer for progressive rockers Panzerpappa and Suburban Savages. As a solo artist, he plays Electronic Music influenced by flashy keyboard stuff performed by the great progrock keyboardists, as well as the 1980's EM style.


Electronic Art Ensemble (USA)

Inquietude (1975)

This formation consisted of Russel Dorwart (electronics), Stephen Horelick (synths, drum computers, processing), Gregory Kramer (synths, organ, voice, percussion) and Clive Smith (electric guitar, processing). Experimental EM with strange noises.

See also: Kramer, Gregory


Electronic Delusion (Germany)

Peter Frohmader's Tangerine Dream-inspired band from the early 1970's.

See also: Frohmader, Peter


Electronic Exposure (USA)

Artificial Life (1995)

A duo of Ed Cavalcanti and Carlos Alves. Ambient, loop-oriented.


Electronic Migration Panel (Australia)

Quell - Electric (2012)
KOFFIE (2012)

A project of Perth-based Wheldon Thornley. Varied electronics, from melodic to ambient and experimental.


Electronic Modular Orchestra (Italy)

Electronic Modular Orchestra (2018)

Italian quartet consisting of Gabriele Bombardini, Nicola Peruch, Matteo Scaioli and Max Vicinelli. Pretty diverse stuff here but will appeal mostly to fans of Experimental EM, although it's pretty listenable overall.


Electronic Music Center (Germany)

Zentrum für elektronische Musik (1996)

Pete Namlook's alter ego.

See also: Namlook, Pete


Electronic Mutation (Poland)

Electronic Mutation (2000)
Elipse (2000)

One of several supposedly EM projects of Leszek Kowalik and Wojtek Wojnowski. The style is unknown.


Electronic Revival (Poland)

Przebudzenie (2007)
Execuatur (2009)
Plus Minus (2012)

Electronic duo of Tomasz Florek and Marcin Chmara. They create a rhythmic mix of electronics and floating guitar (with downtempo influences). Beware the vocals.


Electronic Sound Project (Netherlands)

The Chernobyl Disaster (2016)
Inspired By Movies And A Radio Broadcast (2017)
Liturgy of Christmas Night (2017) (EP)

Electronic Sound Project (ESP) is Marc van Oers. The Chernobyl Disaster is a moody, cinematic ambient album with a strong neo-classical flair inspired by the 1986 tragic events.


Electronic System (Belgium)

Tchip-Tchip (1974)
Disco Machine (1977)

An early project of Dan Lacksman, who would later found Telex, a legendary electropop band. Most of Electronic System's output is extremely cheesy (consisting of covers like "Popcorn" and the like). However, Disco Machine sees him combining disco beats with nice and rich synth sounds and there's even a spacey electronic number. Apparently, the 14-minute "Sky Lab" from Tchip-Tchip is interesting, too. If and what other albums of Electronic System should be included in the encylopedia is a subject of debate and further investigation.

See also: Lacksman, Dan


Electronic Universe (Netherlands)

Astray (1992)
Lightspeed Is Too Slow (1994) (S)

A project of electronic musician who would later become known as Ivo and Sven Hansen

See also: Ivo, Rho-Eta Omega, Hansen, Sven.


Electronic Visions (Netherlands)

Illusion of Time (2023) (recorded in 2021)
Sound System (2023) (recorded in 2020)

Melodic Electronic Music with a rich analog sound. Sometimes with danceable rhythms.


Electrons In Slow Motion (Romania)

Umwelt (2022) (S)

Aka EISM. A project of Bucharest-born Marius Copel. Slow, moody synth melodies.


Electrophon (UK)

In A Covent Garden (1973)

This band consisted of Brian Hodgson who would later proceed to form Wavemaker and Dudley Simpson. In A Covent Garden contains electronic interpretations of classical pieces by Handel, Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tschaikovsky, Mozart, Khachaturian and others.

See also: Wavemaker


Electropulse (Australia)

Voices (1980) (S)

Obscure duo consisting of Christopher Buckman and Graeme Buckman. The music is electronic, with slight new wave influences. Later on, Christopher Buckman released a few new age records.


Elegance of the Damned (UK)

Good Things Begin In the Quiet (2021)

Varied, cinematic, complex EM with some orchestral textures and a bit of a "hauntology" vibe.


Eleh (USA)

Snoweight (2021)

"An exploration of minimal analog synthesis", as the author (John Brien Jr.) puts it. He has an extensive discography, and the ones I've heard so far were in very very minimal vein, like only a single drone with little or very subtle variations, maybe something for fans of people like Christina Kubisch, Pauline Oliveros and such. This Snoweight thingie above, though, is deeper, less minimal and quite immersive. Performed largely on big Serge modular system, it does convey a sense of a cold blizzard at night. There is even a brief melodic moment at the end. Nice. Further investigation is needed.


Elektriktus (Italy)

Electronic Mind Waves (1976)

Electronic project from jazz composer and avant-gardist Andrea Centazzo. The music is stronly inspired by the German EM scene of the time (and it was released on the label that distributed all Kosmische Kuriere titles in Italy).


Elektrio (Australia)

Elektrio (1982) (S)

Electronic variations of traditional Estonian folk songs performed by Olev Muska (synth), Ingrid Slamer and Orav Salasoo. Some experimental moments as well.

See also: Muska, Olev


Elektroklänge (Sweden)

Komposituation (2022)

Totally Kraftwerk-like electronic act from Sweden - completely in the tradition of Computer World / The Mix sound - stiff rhythms, repetitive melodies, AI / vocoder vocals...


Elektron Free System (Germany)

Brute Science (1980)

One of the lesser known Berlin School-related acts of the second generation, Elektron Free System seems to have been a duo of Peter K. Siebert and Karl Goth from Frankfurt. Both play a variety of analog synthesizers and other electronic gizmos, apart from cello and organ. Released on a small Canadian cassette label and mixed by Klaus Schulze.


Elektronalin (Germany)

The Forest Ways (1998)
MiniMal (2001)
Starsound (2002)
The Watcher (??)
Generation JMJ (2005)
The Second Equinoxe (2005)
4334 (2006)

Steve Pallas aka Elekronalin was born in 1977. He has been experimenting with synthesizers since 13 years old. Strangely enough, this artist has made a sequel to Jarre's original Equinoxe album from 1978. The music ranges from decent adaptations of classic sounds and melodies to complete rip-offs. Surprisingly, it's not as bad as it could have been.

See also: Pallas, Steve


Elektronische Maschine (Netherlands)

Tanzen mit Computer (1996)
Reaktor (1997)
Energy (1999)
The Key To Compute (2001)
Das Netz (2003)
Kampf Maschine (2010)
Life Goes On (2024)

This trio of Richard de Boer, Jos Visser and Michael Malais was formed in 1994. They claim to be inspired by Kraftwerk, Koto, The Human League and a couple of others. The fragments that I've heard from their first couple of albums didn't do anything to me. But if you like Kraftwerk circa The Mix, check these guys out.


Elektronische Musik Aus Köln (Germany)

Elektronische Musik Aus Köln (1982)
Elektronische Musik Aus Köln Vol. 2 (1983)
Elektronische Musik Aus Köln Vol. 3 (1986)
Synthesizer von Gestern (1990)

This electronic formation (Matthias Becker, Kurt Mill, Klaus Stuhlen and Michael Filz, also known as EMAK) is often compared to mid-period Kraftwerk. Indeed, it could be roughly placed within the Dusseldorf School idiom, although they have a lot of unique / wacky touches and traits typical of 1980's new wave / minimal synth.

See also: Camera Obscura


Elektrus (USA)

Resurface (2004)
From Omega To Alpha (2005)

Meditative Ambient from Illinois-based artist Jeff Spitza.


Element 4 (Germany)

Elements of Trance (1995)
The Early Tracks (1996)
Continuation (1998)
Live Summer '99 (1999)
Inspired (2005)
Neotunes (2006)
t.n.t. (2007)
Monotony In Motion (2010)

The second project of people from Brainwork. Energetic music, approaching the trance territory.

See also: Brainwork


Element Kuuda (Canada)

La prairie - Loova (2004)
Le village (2008)
Flight (2010)
Flight II (2011)
Polargraph (2012) (S)

Canadian artist Christian Richter who works in the fields of Ambient and Space Music.

See also: Soft Mirage, Avalahm.


Elemental (USA)

Lux aeternae (1997)
Thee Divine Imagination (1999)

Elemental is Steven Stokes. He creates analog music which is definitely Berlin-School sounding but with a laid-back feel. Recommended.

See also: Stokes, Steven D.


Elemental Journey (UK)

Absolute Volume 2 (2005)

Ambient duo of Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier (Ishq). Floating, ethereal, with even some hints of classic Pink Floyd in the more rhythmic sections.

See also: Ishq, Elve, Ishvara, Futurology, Yunomi.


Elemental Noise (France)

Abstract Knowledge (1999)
The Curved Light (2000)
Infra-Red Collision (2001)
The Book of the Dead (2002)

Formerly Elements of Noise. This project represents a more experimental facet of Jean-Luc Herve Berthelot's oeuvre.

See also: Tales, Jihel, Zreen Toyz.


Elemental's Orrery (USA / Chile)

Elemental's Orrery (2022)

Experimental electronic duo of Spencer Clark and Nicholás Carcavilla.

See also: Embassador Dulgoon, Monopoly Child Star Searchers.


Elements of Joy (France)

Magnétiques (2016)
PI08 (2020)
Egoscillations Vol. 1 (2023)

Droning, meditative, sometimes cosmic modular synth pieces from Sébastien Michel.


Eleon (USA)

Dreams Beyond Terra (2018)
Cerulean (2020)
Daithi (2023)

Rhythmic, melodic, propulsive, danceable music. Synthwave-like, but Prog-friendly overall. David Helpling collaborates on 2 tracks.

See also: Time Traveler


Elephant House (UK / China)

Pony Ride (2017)
Chollima (2019)

Lulling, repetitive, analog, melodic electronic compositions. Elephant House is a duo of Christos Fanaras and Shenggy Shen. I often get a 1970's Klaus Schulze feel while listening to Chollima. It is far from being a copy, but the mood (and the use of Arabic scale on the solos) is often similar.

See also: Fanaras, Christos


Elert, Nicholas (USA)

Never Falling, Never Ascending (2018)
Speculative Fiction (2019) (EP)
Brittle Frames (2020)
Infinity Gate (2020)
The Stylist (2021)

Multi-instrumental musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Speculative Fiction release shows that he is also interested in EM.


Eleven76 (UK)

Space Voyage (2019)
Occhio Occhio (2021)
Synchronization (2023)

Funky EM with drums and sequenced moogs galore from the duo of Anthony Donje and Paul Elliott. Timmy Rickard provides the drum pulse.


Elfenbeinturm (Germany)

1982 - Pizza, Beer And Smokes (2009) (S)
Hallo Endzeit (2020)

Varied music, from intense and noisy / glitchy to very EM.


Elffor (Spain)

Into the Dark Forest (1998)
Son of the Shades (2001)
From the Throne of Hate (2004)
Dra Sad (2017)
Dra Sad II (2018)
Impious Battlefields (2018)
Dra Sad III (2019)

Ritual / Medieval Ambient. For fans of Burzum and Mortiis' keyboard stuff.

See also: Aura Negativ


Elfish Echo (Germany)

Multiple Void Enjoyment (1994)
Elfish Echo Presents Yumiko Sato (1996) (with Yumiko Sato)
Strong Medicine (1999)
Neurodelic Jungle (2006)
Bäume und Sträucher (2007)
Antinoia (2009)

A project of Luka Höfler, started in "1990's ambient" mould (sort of like early FAX, influenced by the techno sound), later going for a more experimental / ambient style.

See also: Lu Katavist


El-Hadra (Germany)

Ornaments (2011)
Secret Language (2022)
Another Perception (2023)

Ambient project of Tomas Weiss.

See also: Weiss, Tomas, Aestrata, Nautic Depths, Wintersilence.


Eliades, Yiannis (Cyprus)

Brigitte (2021) (recorded in 2017) (with Panayiotis Mina)

Synthesist and electronic composer who operates out of his own studio located in Nicosia. The music on Brigitte was originally intended (and performed) as a soundtrack to a long version of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". Varied EM mixing classic 1970's influences and some modern sounds.


Elian (USA)

Whispers, Then Silence (2010)
Apparitions (2011) (S)
A Bit of Cinematography (2011) (S)
Richmond Tape Club Volume Three (2013) (S)
Harrowgate (2015)
Cutting Up the Sun (2015)
Hex (2019)

Working somewhere on the edge of electroacoustic music / glitch and Noise Ambient, Virginia-based Michael Duane Ferrell is an electronic artist with a few releases to his credit, both physical and download. Cutting Up the Sun has many allusions to classic Prog EM and pioneering stuff like "BBC Radiophonic Workshop".


Elias, Jonathan (USA)

Vamp (1986) (soundtrack)
Two Moon Junction (1988) (soundtrack)

The 1986 release is an electronic soundtrack in melodic style, a bit reminescent of some 1980's Tangerine Dream scores. Two Moon Junction is in a similar style, although with some irritating sax to boost.


Elicoide (Italy)

Elicoide (1987)
L'angelo dei numeri (1990)
Our Time (2021)

Electronic Music by Franco Nanni.

See also: Nanni, Franco


Elifantree (Finland / Sweden)

Movers And Shakers (2015)
Anemone (2018)
Blood Moon (2019) (with Tölöläb)
Hachi (2021)

Hard-to-classify trio based in Helsinki, consisting of Anni Elif Egecioglu, Olavi Louhivuori and Pauli Lyytinen. I guess they could be put into the broad "jazz fusion" box, although there are a lot of styles and elements incorporated to their sound, such as ethnic fusion, minimalism, new age, indie rock / pop and, yes, progressive EM (such as on "Switzerland: Clockwork" (Hachi), for example). File under EM-related.


E-Light (Belgium)

Quinte sense (2002)

Ambient Electronic Music from Emmanuel D'hayere.

See also: Age


Elinch (Germany)

In Between Patches (2020)
Diaries (2020)
Grau (2024)

Varied, mostly playful modular synth compositions.


Eliomis (Chile)

Extrema Percepcion Interna (1998)
Voragine (1998)
Tuetano (1998)
Macrosicodelia (1999)
Citrico (1999)
The Psychedelic Trip of Medusa (1999)
The Purple Schizoid Fly (2000)
Eliomis (2000)
Fly Singles (2001)
0101010 (2002)
Hi-Fly (2002)
Neurona de Menta (2006)

I've never heard the music of this project but it's supposed to be in the metronomic electronics vein, i.e. steady rhythms over which improvisations on e-guitar and keyboards are played (sort of inspired by early Kraftwerk, Cluster, Neu! and the like). It started as the solo project of Cristian Nunez but is now expanded to a quartet format.


EL-KA (Germany)

Galactic Sequences (2006)
Live @ E-Day 2007 (2007)
Le rêve (2020)

EL-KA is the duo of Till Kopper and HaJo Liese. Classic Electronic Music.

See also: Kopper, Till, Tranzmutanz.


Elkawe (Germany)

End Spannung (1996)
Halunder Suite (2007)
Joyn Scotland (2012)

Melodic music in the style of Guido Negraszus.


Elkinson, Ken (USA)

Music For Commuting (2011)

A three-CD set with ambient pieces from this New Jersey-born piano player.


Ellende (Netherlands / Japan)

A Little Suicide Book (2002)
No Concept Is Still A Concept (2002)
Compositions of Fluctuations of 2 Degrees Celsius (2002)
Mathematica (2003)
No Holiday Without A Funeral (2003)
Damaged Beyond Repair (2003)
Kut met peren (2003) (S)
No Talent For Living (2004)
The ABC of Drowning (2004)
Bitter Lemons (2004) (S)
Heroin (2004) (S)
Natto (2004) (S)
Heavy Metal Drones (2011)
Growing A Beard, Driving A Bike With A Naked Girl On Your Lap, Does Not Make You A Man (2011)
Odyssey, A Sentimental Journey (2019)
Unintentional Consequences (2021) (S)
St Tropez (2022) (S)
This Is My Song (2023) (S)

Tight soundscapes from Willem Bontjes.


Ellipse (UK)

Cities (1995)

Ellipse is Rob Demianiuk. This album was produced by Mark Jenkins. It describes nine cities of the world via music. The music is melodic and tuneful, mostly done with digital synths. Overall, I enjoyed it - it's a nice collection of tracks that are generally cliche-free (i.e. you won't find any balalaikas and "Red Army" choirs on "Moscow" or muslim prayers on "Istanbul") and sound very personal while not being very obtrusive. The tracks range in atmosphere and pace quite deliberately. "Berlin" is pretty laid-back and a tad sad, "New York" is a very urgent track, "Moscow" is also fast-paced, "Beijing" has lots of marimba-like sounds while "Tokyo" is relatively upbeat with again electronic marimbas and some piano injections, "Paris" is a nice piano solo track, "Istanbul" and "Detroit" are both relaxed mid-paced numbers. "London" is the best track on the entire album - a great atmosphric number with some nice tubular bell sounds. Overall, if you enjoy accessible, direct (not primitive, of course) and melodic music or are a fan of, say, the 1987 - 1990 period Tangerine Dream - I recommend that you buy this album!


Elliptical Path (???)

Resonant Topography (2022)

Pretty nice EM - sort of abstract and mysterious, but maintaining its pulse and other structural elements. Nice work with reverb and stereo field. The percussive elements hint at ethnic / World Music zones.


Ellis, Brian (USA)

Quarantine Tapes Volume One (2020)

Prolific artist from California, mostly in funk / jazz-rock / progressive / psychedelic rock vein as member of several local bands. He also experiments with electronics, as Quarantine Tapes Volume One attests. Recorded on various hardware synths and drum machines in his studio during 2020 lockdown, it varies from rhythmic electro-like tracks (the bulk of it) to progressive explorations (a smaller part). The 24-minute closer "Fad Raw" is worth the effort alone - this is epic, exemplar EM that could be recorded by Klaus Schulze in his prime years.


Ellis, John (UK)

Hit Man (1980) (S)
Shock of Contact (1996)
Acrylic (1997)
In Rhodt (1998) (recorded in 1989)
Das Geheimnis des Golem (1999) (recorded in 1991)
Destination Everywhere (1999) (recorded in 1995)
Our Internal Monologue (1999) (recorded in 1995)
Wabi-Sabi 21© (2009)

John Ellis is a guitarist and founding member of punk rock group The Vibrators. Over the years, he's worked with many musicians and artists, including Peter Hammill, Peter Gabriel and The Stranglers. During the 1980's, he started composing solo Electronic Music for exhibitions.


Ellis, Paul (USA)

Listening (??)
When I Look Up (??)
Secret Fire (1991)
Mysterious Sketches (1999)
Appears To Vanish (2000)
Into the Liquid Unknown (2001)
The Sacred Ordinary (2004)
Echo System (2004) (with Craig Padilla)
Silent Conversations (2005)
Infinity Room (2006)
The Last Hiding Place of Beauty (2009)
From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness (2011)
I Am Here (2012)
Moth In Flames (2015)
Interstellar-Nataraja (2019)
Rainforest And Pavement (2020)
Panoramas (2021)
Panoramas CD-II (2021)
Unbroken Spirit (2022) (with Jared White)
Panoramas CD-III (2022)
Clouds And Terrain (2022) (with Pabell
ón Sintético)
Five Bliss Machines On the Infinite Stage (2022)
Colour the Mind (2023)
Music For the Space Between Atoms (2023)
A Haunted Afternoon (2024)

Paul Ellis was born on October 10, 1961. Around 1977 he discovered European Electronic Music but at the time synthesizers were out of reach for him financially. By the mid-80's, synths became cheaper and available in most stores, so after playing classical, jazz and rock instruments for several years, Paul finally got the opportunity to make music he wanted to make. He added multitracking to his studio and sold his guitars. Several cassette releases followed as well as formation with Jeff Vasey of an outfit called Tribal Machine (a name that would later be changed to Foundation and then Dweller At the Threshold). Since then Paul has been releasing music with DATT as well as in solo format. He has collaborated with Steve Roach, John Duval and other luminaries of the American EM scene. Both The Sacred Ordinary and Echo System feature strong compositions with intricate sequences and improvised nature. Some tracks are atmospheric, mysterious and cosmic, some rhythmic. There is a certain "American" flair to Paul's work, which at places can be compared to the more rhythmic output of Steve Roach or even Robert Rich (circa Gaudi). Paul uses digital synthesizers to great effect, which, combined with lovely analog timbres, make up for a rich, involving and invigorating sound. Paul Ellis is also known for his contibutions to Beyond Me sampler and as the guest player on Steve Roach's Life Sequence. Recommended. My reviews of Paul Ellis' music: The Sacred Ordinary, Echo System, Silent Conversations.

See also: Dweller At the Threshold, Tribal Machine.


Ellis, Warren (Australia)

Bad Girl (2017) (soundtrack)

Australian musician and member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. He mostly plays violin, accordion and mandolin with this band, but surprisingly delivered a predominantly electronic soundtrack with this score for an independent drama film. The music is quite diverse and ranges from gritty, aggressive synth with even shades of Heldon, to laid-back and ambient interludes.


Ellister, Jack (Poland??)

Lichtpyramide II (2021)

Jacek Janiszewski aka Jack Ellister is a London-based psychedelic rock musician and singer-songwriter. Lichtpyramide II is his foray into Electronic Music - mostly of analog variety. It has everything from sequencing to nice melodic solos. Sula Bassana guests on synth. Recommended.


ELMS (Canada)

Divorce (2013) (EP)
Cycles (2014) (EP)
Integrity (2017) (EP)
Pushback OST (2017) (sooundtrack)

Pushback is a moody synth soundtrack from this Ontario-based artist (real name - Alex Unger).


Elms, Ian (UK)

Good Night (1982)

A minimal synth / Electronic Music hybrid from the early 1980's. The album is quite rare and there are vocals on some tracks. However, the instrumental numbers (the majority of them are) create some nice atmospheres.


Elmulab (Germany)

Microprocessor 8080A (1980)
Flashlight / African Fascination (1990)

Claude Larson.

See also: Larson, Claude, Netzle, Klaus, Futura, Carlos, Power-Pack, Logo 2000.


Elnath Project (Italy)

~ (2019)
Feedback Compositions (2020)
46Y6 (2020)
The Long Lightning Flashes of the First Floor (2023)

Subtle Noise Ambient compositions. Sometimes gets a bit louder. A project of Alessandro Ciccarelli,


Elodie (UK / Belgium)

Enteha (2022)
Clarté déserte (2023)

A duo of Andrew Chalk and Timo van Lujik. They often focus on acoustic or electro-acoustic exploration. However, Enteha is a charming ambient opus with two side-long pieces filled with subtle drones, melodies, microsounds, etc. Further investigation is needed

See also: Chalk, Andrew


Elonkehä (Finland)

Terraario (2017)

Dark soundscapes and experimental compositions inspired by nature, organic processes, flora and fauna. Consists of Henkka Kyllönen and Samuli Huttunen.


Eloy (Germany)

Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes (1979)
Planets (1981)
Time To Turn (1982)

Codename Wildgeese (1984) (soundtrack)

Silent Cries... is Eloy's 7th album and the music sounds a bit like like Floyd's Wish You Were Here (although generally much more enegetic and with badly accented vocals) with sometimes a touch of Tangerine Dream! Overall, a more or less standard symphonic / space rock fair, with some unique touches. Planets from 1981 has a completely electronic track ("Introduction"). The 1984 soundtrack is presumably electronic as well.

See also: Ego On the Rocks, Folberth, Hannes, Wieczorke, Manfred, Schmidtchen, Detlev.


Elrond (USA)

All of Them But Us (2017)
Love Across Light Years (2019)
Hogan's Slough (2020)

A duo of Ian Gorman Weiland and Vern Avola oriented toward electronic dance music. However, there's also an experimental streak and the long closing track "Ghost Ship" will be of interest to fans of Prog EM. Love Across Light Years continues with this combination of EDM and a strong EM influence.


Elrox (Norway)

Colour of the Past (2014)
Tralfamadore (2015)
Footprints On the Moon (2018)
Iceberg (2019) (EP)
Era (2020)

This musician (real name - Tom Stäle Engebretsen) states to be influenced by Tangerine Dream and Vangelis mostly. Colour of the Past is a nice mixture of atmospheric and rhythmic tracks with good sequencing and melodic content. Tralfamadore was released under the "Elrox Ambient Session" moniker and, subsequently, is more ambient and atmospheric.

See also: Warpness, Castana, Xuxu.



Winters Split (2017) (S)
Winters Split PT2 (2019) (S)
The Oystercatcher (2020) (with Cucina Povera)

Repetitive EM influenced by both techno and synthesizer classics. ELS is Edward Simpson.


Elskavon (USA)

Movements In Season (2012)
Release (2013)
Reveal (2014)
Origins (2023)

A project of Chris Bartels based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ambient, neo-classical, with a post-rock edge on Reveal.


Elster, Gregor (Germany)

Fangs of Kinbunal (2018) (S)
Tunnels of Unfang the Black (2018)

Music that combines dungeon synth and progressive EM.


Elucidatory Conceits (Belgium)

Oddity (1989)

Music by Frédéric Filleul, probably in an ambient style.


Eluder (USA)

The Most Beautiful Blue (2008)
Rituals (2009)
Through Horizon (2013)

Patrick Benolkin aka Eluder is an American ambient artist. He has some other releases, apart from the listed two, available as lossless downloads.


Elugelab Survivors (Greece)

Flu d'etat (2022)

Intense, noisy, neurotic EM in the spirit of Heldon.


Eluize (Germany)

For the Forgetful (2017) (EP)
Confide (2019)

Berlin-based Eluize is a techno / deep house musician who shows ambient / EM influences on tracks like "Rest", "Home", "Elapse" and "Oceanic", so there is hope for a completely Prog / ambient EM album from her in the future.


Eluvium (USA)

Lambient Material (2003)
An Accidental Memory In the Case of Death (2004)
Talk Among the Trees (2005)
Travels In Constants (2005) (EP)
When I Live By the Garden And the Sea (2006) (EP)
Copia (2007)
The Motion Makes Me Last (2010) (EP)
Leaves Eclipse the Light (2010) (EP)
Similes (2010)
Static Nocturne (2010)
Nightmare Ending (2013)
Catalin (2014)
Pedals / Petals (2014) (S)
Wisdom For Debris (2014)
Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 (2016)
False Readings On (2016)
Virga I (2019)
Virga II (2021)
(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality (2023)
Lambent Material (2023)

Ambient with neo-classical and post-rock / shoegaze influences from Matthew Cooper out of Portland, Oregon.


Elve (UK)

Infinite Garden (2006)
Emerald (2010)

Matt Hillier's (Ishq) alter ego. Ambient.

See also: Ishq, Elemental Journey, Ishvara, Futurology, Yunomi, Dividenthal And Aumgn, Indigo Egg.


Elven Mirrors. (New Zealand)

Chrono (2022)

Dreamy ambient compositions with a vaporwave flair.


Elves & Dwarves (USA)

Eidetic Dreams of Sentient Trees (2016)

Sort of dungeon synth-related sound here, but with wider range of sounds. A project out of Minneapolis.


Elvin, Emmett (UK)

Emmettronica 1998 - 2012 (2015)
Being of Sound Mind (2022)

London-based keyboard player, member of Guapo and Knifeworld. Emmettronica is a collection of solo pieces recorded in his studio. Varied, quirky, experimental, jazzy, abstract, avant-garde. RIO-ish. Not always progressive but pretty interesting.


el_vis (Poland)

Elektron (1999)
e- (1999)
Isotype (2001)
Noumen (2002)
Krysztalowa pomarancza (2003)
Electronically Tested (2003)
Sounda (2004)
Polowy w morzu szumow (2004)
Moozg elektronowy (2005)
Esse conceptus (2006)
Otchlan gwiazd (2007)
Breathing Ether (2010)
Moogdawn (2011)

El_vis is Polish synthesist (and radio host!) Piotr Lenart. He can be described as a one-man Polish Kraftwerk. The music is strictly electronic, with sharp rhythms and cool synthetic textures. Perhaps, this is what Kraftwerk would sound like in the 90's and beyond, hadn't they adopted a more dance-oriented approach. The roots in Kraftwerk sound are actually very strong here, Piotr even uses some sparse (processed) spoken vocals (ala Kraftwerk, only in Polish). Every track screams "Dusseldorf School" and if you like this kind of stuff, this is highly recommended.


Elysium (USA)

First Light (2007)
Found Noises And Sonic Detritus (2010)

A synthesizer ensemble of Rutger Holst, David Gerard and Paul Christensen. They use lots of analogue instruments and the music is rather minimal, sparse and at times spacey.

See also: Gerard, David


eM (USA)

Djinn (1997)
Greater Than Zero Less Than One (1998)
All the Stars Burning Bright (2001)

Dark Ambient by Michael Bentley (the founder of the Foundry label - no pun intended). Recommended.

See also: Bentley, Michael, Mollusk, Apiary, The, Rhomb.


E-Man (Norway)

E-Man (1984)

Early 1980's project of Geir Jenssen (Biosphere). This is mostly (pretty amateurish sounding) minimal synth (often with singing), but the multi-part "The Upland" is pleasantly ambient and is a definite highlight. File under EM-related.

See also: Biosphere


E-Mantra (Romania)

The Hermit's Sanctuary (2013)
Drifting (2020)

E-Mantra is Emmanuel Carpus - a goa trance / downtempo producer from Romania. The Hermit's Sanctuary contains two purely ambient (i.e., no downtempo beats) tracks - "Howls From the Deep" and "Lonely Sorrow". He tends to use long stretches of beatless, ambient sound in a lot of his compositions (long intros, outtros, etc.), but the above album is probably his most EM-related work to date. If you like it, you may want to check out his other stuff as well.


Emba (UK / Canada)

Paragraphs (2021)

Transatlantic ambient collaboration between Mathieu Lamontagne and Tim Diagram. They focus on modular / analog synths as sound sources. Some electroacoustic touches as well.


Embassador Dulgoon (Chile)

Hydrorion Remnants (2018)
Eden's Fuselage (2021)

Exotic, crypto-zoological fantasy electronics from Nicholas Carcavilla. Absolutely unique style: imagine Cluster jamming on a distant planet rife with strange plants and animal lifeforms. Lots of samples / field recordings.

See also: Timelash, Elemental's Orrery, Frituuur Aconcagua.


Embody Vanity (Russia)

Lady Justice (2016) (S)
A Symbolic Portrait of the Two of Us (2020) (S)

Varied project of Moscow-based Arthur Kovalyov. Somewhat related to the post-industrial / noise scene. However, the poignant ambient music of the title track (Lady Justice) is just great and different.


Embral (USA)

Immeasurable (2014)
Mirrors To the Bonfire (2016)
Permute (2017)
Chamber of Hours (2017)
Ephemera.0001 (2017) (S)
Ephemera.0002 (2017) (S)
Deep State (2019)
Rest Assured (2020)

Ambient synth duo of Charles Shriner and Adam Holquist.

See also: Onewayness


Embrase (Netherlands)

Dreamworld (2005)
Another Day, Another World (2013)

Dutch artist named Marc Bras who makes music in melodic, rhythmic and sequential synth style. See my review of Dreamworld in the reviews section.



EMEI (2017)

Ambient soundscapes from Louise Brady, mostly of the darker variety.


Emer (Belgium)

Sea Salt (2023)

Lo-fi atmospheres and some tribal / strange rhythms a bit in the spirit of Jeff Greinke. Emer is a project of Brussels-based Marija Rasa.


Emerald Eye (UK)

Cosmology (2000)

One of the more obscure Jim Kirkwood pseudonyms.

See also: Kirkwood, Jim, Lucifaere, Ancient Technology Cult, Section 37, Violence In Eden.


Emerald Web (USA)

Dragon Wings And Wizard Tales (1979)
Whispered Visions (1980)
Sound Trek (1980)
Valley of the Birds (1981)
Aqua-Regia (1982)
Love Unfolding (1983)
Nocturne (1983)
Catspaw (1983)
Lights of the Ivory Plains (1984)
Dreamspun (1989)
Manatee Dreams of Neptune (1990)
Sanctus spiritus (2013) (recorded in ??)

Emerald Web was a synth / flute duo of husband and wife Bob Stohl and Kat Epple. Emerald Web's musical career started in the late 1970's when they gained some fame for combining reflective flute playing with synthesizers and ended when Bob Stohl accidentally drowned in 1990. Early albums may well be quite interesting. Jonn Serrie appears on Whispered Visions.


Emeralds (USA)

Bullshit Boring Drone Band (2006)
Dirt Weed Diaries Vol. 1 (2006) (S)
Laying Under Leaves (2006)
Ursa Major (2006)
Annihilating Beers Lumberjack Style (2006)
No More Spirits Over the Lake (2006)
A Real Clean Gang (2007)
A Row of Exposed Columns (2007) (S)
Allegory of Allergies (2007)
Dirt Weed Diaries Vol. 2 (2007) (S)
Emeralds (2007) (S)
Grass Ceiling (2007)
Ledges (2007)
Queen of Burbank Vol. 2 (2007) (S)
Servant (2007) (S)
Smoke Signals (2007) (S)
Live (2008)
Planetarium (2008) (S)
Solar Bridge (2008) (S)
Under Pressure (2008) (with Dilloway)
The Overlook (2009)
What Happened (2009)
Candy Shoppe / The Cycle of Abuse (2010) (S)
Does It Look Like I'm Here? (2010)
Lake Effect Snow / Science Center (2010) (S)
Shade / August (2010) (S)
In Love / Summerdata (2010) (S)
Just To Feel Anything (2012)

Emeralds was a Cleveland, Ohio based group of John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire. They played improvised Drone Ambient using analogue synthesizers and electric guitars. The above discography does not include split releases. All members of Emeralds have also released numerous solo albums.

See also: Hauschildt, Steve, McGuire, Mark, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods.


Emerge (Germany)

Relativity (2003) (EP)
Divisible (2004)
Evaluation (2004) (S)
Cycle (2004) (S)
Immersion (2006)
Reeligible Redeye (2009) (S)
Retentive Disrupt (2009) (S)
Emaciation (2009)
Contrition (2011) (S)
Angle (2011) (S)
Canvas - Live (2011) (S)
Declension (2012) (S)
Elektronische Improvisationen für den Dienstgebrauch (2012) (with Elektrojudas)
Live At Avantgarde Festival (2012) (with Don Vomp)
Desecrate (2013) (S)
Stale (2013)
Excrete 1 (2013)
Excrete 2 (2013)
Excrete 3 (2013)
Excrete 4 (2013)
Excrete 5 (2013)
Sustained Bending (2013) (S) (with Gerald Fiebig)
Fraud (2013)
Oneirism (2013) (S)
Live At Lab.30 (2013)
Expose (2014)
Convection (2014) (with Re-Drum, Elektrojudas and Gerald Fiebig)
Frown (2014)
Craft (2014) (with Holzkopf)
Progression (2014) (S)
Progressed (2014)
Obliterate (2014)
Anticipated (2014) (S)
Post-Industrial (2014) (with Gerald Fiebig)
Retention (2014)
Terra incognita (2014)
Expose (2014)
Cohesion (2014) (S)
Minuscule 1 (2014) (S)
Minuscule 2 (2014) (S)
Minuscule 3 (2014) (S)
Staub (2015) (S)
Distant Glow (2015) (with Unii)
Indulgence (2015)
Untitled (2015) (with Kirchheim, N(S)N and Poembeat)
14 x (2b + 4a + 4b) (2015) (with Gerald Fiebig)
Hiding Place (2016)
Teamed Up Live @ K 15 In Augsburg (2016) (S) (with Orifice and Das Rheintaler Nachtwerk)
Live At Pampin (2016) (with Don Vomp)
Stalker (2016) (with Unii)
Narcoses (2017)
Sonogram (2018)
Narcolepsy (2018) (S)
Maze (2018)
Materia (2019)
Voice & Noise (2019) (with Studio Ko-Op & Gerald Fiebig)
Stadlmeier/Kreysing/EMERGE (2019) (with Anja Kreysing)
Steps (2020)
Acker und Seche (2021) (with Thorsten Soltau and RLW)
III + IV (2021)
Unknown Legacies (2022) (with If, Bwana)
Emerge Plays Bad Girl - Observe (2022)
Ressourcen (2022) (S) (with Anja Kreysing)
Passages (2023) (with Gerald Fiebig)
Tripolar Exercises (2024) (with Gerald Fiebig and Al Margolis)

Deep / Drone Ambient by Sascha Stadlmeier. Low rumbles with a subterranean atmosphere.

See also: BU.D.D.A., Sonometer.


Emergency Librarian (UK)

Absolutely Fascinating (2015)
Spong (2015)
Bad Trips And A Chance of Chromosome Damage (2017)

Experimental electronics with a raw and abstract sound, sometimes venturing into great, hypnotic, cosmic ambient drift, as on "Super Mincer" off Spong, for instance. The author uses modular synthesizers and his stage image includes him being dressed as a construction worker.


Emerging Industries of Wuppertal (Germany)

Systems For Simulating Professional Music (2017)
Traditions From A Vestigial Intranet (2018)

Varied electronics, drawing from the rich German EM traditions, from Dusseldorf to Berlin "schools", early techno / idm and more.


Emerging Patterns (France)

Canceled Chronologies (2020)

Ambient and rhythmic compositions, a bit lo-fi, a bit IDM, a bit Cluster-like...


Emerson, Avalon (USA)

Rotting Hills (2020) (EP)

Berlin-based American techno and new-wave deejay and musician. On Rotting Hills, she shows a slight EM influence, especially on the gently pulsing closer, which is pretty nice and playful. I can sense big Prog EM potential here.


Emese Pad (France)

MPSD - Musique pour se déplacer (2020) (S)

Marseille-based artist with payful compositions and sort of a lo-fi sound.


Emet (Italy)

Marmoo (2017)

Ambient soundscapes with lots of field recordings. A project of Emanuele Magni.


Emma Zunz (Poland)

Emma Zunz (2016)

Industrial techno project of Rafał Jęczmyk. There is a touch of Progressive Electronic on the eponymous release from 2016. The pulsing, rhythmic tracks of this disc can be seen as a cross between industrial techno and New Berlin School perhaps. The progressive touch is very light but maybe just enough for an inclusion to EEM. There is also an earlier release from 2006 that I know nothing about at the moment.


Emmanuel, J.D. (USA)

Sound Paintings (1980)
Visions of Life (1981)
Rain Forest Music / Ocean Music (1981)
Rain Forest Music (1981)
Echoes From Ancient Caves (1981)
Wizards (1982)
Stress Release Through Deep Relaxation (1984)
Ancient Minimal Meditations (1985)
Robots (1986)
East Texas Rain Forest Music (1995)
Solid Dawn - Electronic Works 1979 - 1982 (2009)
Peaceful Kingdom Concert 1982 (2012)
Into Separate Realities (2013)
Time Traveler (2013)
Electronic Minimal Music (2016) (recorded in 1979 - 1983)

James Daniel Emmanuel is a sound artist from Texas who has released several cassettes, LP's and CD's since the early 1980's. His music is likened to that of Terry Riley and Philip Glass - with minimal and highly repetitive electric organ pulses and a strong influence of Ambient. In his early career, J.D. Emmanuel used only analog instruments and tape echoes. Later on, he also made extensive use of digital technology. There's a lot of confusion concerning his discography, as some of his tracks appeared in different versions on several releases, with James slightly remixing things, adding sounds and so on for each subsequent release. There are also numerous unreleased recordings, some of which can be downloaded from his website, including a live bootleg recording from 1982.


Emme (Germany??)

Into the Darkness (2019)

A project of Emme Moisés. Ranges from dark soundscapes to dark, throbbing / rhythmic and dramatic, sequencer-based EM.


Emme Ya (Colombia)

Beyond the Secret Flame (2010)
The Conjuration ov the Red Goddess (2011)
Vortex ov the Primal Cell (2011) (with Posthuman Tantra)
Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems (2011)
Liber aerum vel saeculi (2012)
Erotognosis: The Voice From the Void (2012)
Astral Lux (2013) (with Ouroboros)
Chtonic Transmission (2013)
Alchemy ov the Black Serpent (2013)
Het Isht Num Mize (2013) (EP)
Ophidian Fetish Mandala (2014)
The Masks ov Belial (2014)
Apsinthion (2015)
Qliphotic Transmissions (2018) (with Catafalco)
333 (??)
Hymns of Death & Necromancy (2020) (with Akhtya)
ISH NU' ISH​-​NAX NU' NAX (2021)

Ritual / Black Ambient. Intense, with tribal influences. A project of Edgar Kerval.


Emmellar (UK)

Earthscapes (1989)

Electronic duo of Mitch Rushton and Mark Lyden.

See also: Rushton, Mitch


Emmens, Gert (Netherlands)

Elektra (1999)
Asteroids (2001)
Wanderer of Time (2003)
Obscure Movements In Twilight Shades (2003)
Live - A Long Way From Home (2003)
Return To the Origin (2004) (with Ruud Heij)
Waves of Dreams (2004)
When Darkness Falls Upon the Earth (2005)
Blind Watchers of A Vanishing Night (2005) (with Ruud Heij)
Tale of the Warlock (2006)
Journey (2007) (with Ruud Heij)
A Boy's World (2007)
The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 1 (2008)
Silent Witnesses of Industrial Landscapes (2008) (with Ruud Heij)
The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 2 (2009)
The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 3 (2010)
Metamorphosis (2010)
Life In Cosmic Highway (2011) (with Cadenced Haven)
Legacy (2011) (with Free System Projekt)
Sculpture Garden (2011) (with Ruud Heij)
An Artist's Stroke (2012)
Mystic Dawn (2012) (with Cadenced Haven)
Lost In the Swamp (2012) (with Ruud Heij)
Memories (2012)
The Day After (2013)
Signs (2014) (with Ruud Heij)
Outland (2014)
Echoes From Future Memories (2015) (with Ruud Heij)
Triza (2015)
The Last Alien (2016)
Urban Decay (2016) (with Ruud Heij)
Stories From Floating Worlds I - The Turbulent Years (2017)
Somewhere (2019)
Forgotten Tracks (2020) (with Ruud Heij)
Outland 2 (2020)
Time Portal Chronicles (2021)
A Night At Blackrock Station (2021) (with Ron Boots)
On the Edge of Nowhere (2022)
On Higher Ground (2022)
(with Ruud Heij)
Mysteries of Dawn (2023)
City Never Sleeps (2023)
Mysterious Events (2024) (with Ruud Heij)
Lost In Depths of Desolation (2024) (with Ron Boots)

Gert Emmens started making Electronic Music in the early 80's. After that he worked in the group format and had several releases in the pop music field. In the 90's he re-discovered Electronic Music and released a track (recorded in 1996) on the EM sampler Movements (1997), which followed the success of this track at the Alfa Centauri song contest. Later a remixed version of this song found its way onto the first purely electronic album by Gert Emmens called Elektra. The album itself is a good slice of Neo-Berlin School electronics. It has some extremely cool atmospheric moments and rhythmic passages that really get your feet tapping. The sequencing is simply superb, especially in the second part of  "Elektra Part 2". Overall, a very satisfying album, although it differs a bit from subsequent works. Asteroids expands the Berlin School formula even further. This one is a tad more retro sounding but at the same time it's absolutely cool modern electronic album. Each song is sequencer-based and has multiple themes. No weak tracks here, just pure cosmic analog HEAVEN! Wonderful stuff, indead. Wanderer of Time follows in similar direction, although here Gert adds on a couple of tracks gorgeous CS-80-like "harmonica" leads (actually played on an Elka Solist 505!) similar to those used by Vangelis on Spiral. Again, we have simply superb compositions and great orchestartions. Any analog / Berlin School / sequencer fan will drool over this album. Obscure Movements... is again in trademark Gert Emmens style, featuring lots of sequences, atmospheres, rhythms, melodies and lovely mellotron sounds. The great "CS-80" solos also found their way onto this album. This time the music is generally more laid-back and lacks the frenetic moments of Asteroids or Wanderer... but is no less satisfying. The atmosphere is more dark and brooding here, perfectly reflecting the album's theme. The sequences are often slow and even a bit menacing. This is great music. Gert is really a unique artist who sometimes comes dangerously close to copying the old Tangerine Dream / Schulze sound (when he uses lots of mellotron sounds, although even these moments are done very well) and at other times sounds totally original, still staying within the "traditional" EM paradigm. His sequences are always involving. Sometimes they're simple (but no less effective), sometimes very complex (when he layers several sequencer tracks on top of each other). And he is also a *true* synthesist in that I hear sounds in his music that I haven't heard used by anyone else. Check out his music, it's great!


Emmert, Nicholas (USA)

Unclouded Celebration (2016) (S)

Solo electronic explorations from Mammatus' guitar player. Floating synths and some guitar.

See also: Mammatus


Emond, Redjy (Canada)

Sphere (1997)
Tension (2001)

Redjy Emond is a synthesist and keyboard player from Montreal with progressive and classical influences. He began his career in 1992, doing mostly progressive rock covers. Over the years, he's gained a fame of a skillful arranger and that kept him busy for a few years. However, he did find the time to experiment in his studio and to record a couple of solo albums with original music.


E=Motion (Poland)

Infinite Motion (2003)
A Dream Within A Dream (2004)
Re-Trance-Mission (2004)
Telepath (2005)
Hypnotic Sequences (2006)
E-Ternity (2008)
Drifting Loops (2008)
Time Is A Dimension We Can Bend (2013)
Lost Tracks (2013)

E=Motion was the solo project of synthesist Jacek Spruch (1976 - 2013). Rhythmic sequencer-based music.

See also: Spruch, Jacek, ESP.


Emotional Indulgence (USA)

Emotional Indulgence (2019)
Pan Cyan (2023)

A duo of Dan Hill and Juliana Dieterich. Often in a kind of vaporwave-y post-everything style, with muffled autotuned vocals and stuff, but sometimes in pure new-agey, relaxing, ethereal EM vein, as on "Unseen Earth" or "Wings Over Jagmandir" (Pan Cyan). Sort of EM-related, but with an unexpected approach.


Empath (Finland)

Padma In Xibalba (2021)
Music For Hypnagogia (2022)
Wanting Is Suffering (2022)

Nice and mysterious ambient electronic compositions with creative use of timbres. Empath is Mikko Ihalainen.


Emperor Machine, The (UK)

Space Beyond the Egg (2009)

Nu-disco project of John Meecham. Space Beyond the Egg has a clear Progressive Electronic slant.


Emphasis (Netherlands)

Escape From the Daily Routine (1993)

Rare cassette.


EMPI (Poland)

The Worst of EMPI (2000)
Rainbow of the Universe (2002)

EMPI is Polish synthesist Marek Piwowarczyk who makes melodic EM.


Empty Chalice (Italy)

Emerging Is Submerging - The Evil (2017)
Ondine's Curse (2018)
Mother Destruction (2019)

Varied, mostly noise / power electronics-based project (Antonio Airoldi) from Italy. Emerging Is Submerging is Dark Ambient, though.


Empty House (UK)

Mushin (2022)
Blue Bamboo (2022) (S)
The Rituals of Romance (2022)
The Golden Hour (2024)
Bluestone (2024)

World Music project of Fred Laird. The music is made with flutes, bells, guitars, other acoustic instruments, as well as synth and electronics. Influences of or similarities to: Brian Eno, Popol Vuh, Between, Midori Takada, David Sylvian et al.


Empty Spaces After Dark (USA)

Empty Spaces After Dark (2016)

Varied, mostly shorter electronic tracks, from rhythmic excursions to vertigo-inducing ghost reveries.


Empusae (Belgium)

Organic.Aural.Ornaments (2011) (with Shinkiro)
Iter in tenebris (2019)
Organic.Aural.Ornaments II (2022) (with Shinkiro)
Mortusae III (2023) (recorded in 2017 - 2023)
Onus (2024) (with Peter Bjärgö)

Dark Ambient / post-industrial project of Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe. Iter In Tenebris is a hypnotic work mixing moody electronics and processed samples taken from early 20th century vinyl records.


Emra Grid (???)

The Same Face (2016)
Shay's Vacation House (2017)
A System A Platform A Voiid (2020)
Extended Preservation (2021)
As A Symbol (2021)

Dark soundscapes with something of a slight horror vibe.


Emtidi (Germany)

Saat (1972)

Krautrock / folk duo of Dolly Holmes and Maik Hirschfeldt with a rich sound based on vocals, accompanied by keyboards and guitars. This is their second album whose crowning jewel, the 11+ minute "Touch the Sun" certainly brings to mind some early Tangerine Dream in a bright, sun-drenched mode crossed with Renaissance-like Baroque orchestrations. File under EM-related.


E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr (Finland)

Live At Sibelius Museum (2010)
Kometenbahn (2013)
Spiralo (2014)
Der Planet der Melancholie (2014) (S)
Tonwald (2016)
Live At Roadburn 2014 (2016)
Non Plus Ultra (2020)

Turku-based electronic quartet influenced by krautrock and German EM classics.

See also: Grönholm, Pertti


En Halvkokt I Folie (Sweden)

Inom ett år (1983)
Skjuter fram hakan (1984)
Senator de Luxe (1985)
Ibadsi (1985)
Return To Honta (1986)
Jättenästbögen (1987)
The Totally Out Music of En Halvkokt I Folie (1992)
Sjömansläppar (2003)
Statsanslag till jägarnas riksförbund M.M. (2004) (S)
Banan, Ann And I At Rydbergs (2010)
Månadens topphits (2023)

Spacey experimental electronic sounds and absolutely unpredictable stuff that shifts from mood to mood. The Totally Out... is one of the early Cold Meat Industry releases. En Halvkokt I Folie was founded in 1982 by Lars Larsson.

See also: Broberg, Jonas


En Nihil (USA)

Death Keeps (1997)

Adam Fritz's diverse musical project. It's mostly in industrial / cut-up collage / noise / tribal mould. I guess Death Keeps is his most Dark Ambient release and it's easily a classic. Pure dark ambience in the vein of Lustmord, & even darker.


Ena (Japan)

Bridge (2018)

Moody electronic pieces from this artist (Yu Asaeda) mostly known for his experimental works. Further investigation is needed.


Enaut, Matías (France)

Le bruit des pétales (2021) (S)

Paris-based film composer who on Le bruit des pétales presents melodic, gently rhythmic compositions. Romantic, impressionistic...


Encomiast (USA)

Encomiast (1999)
The View Beneath (2000)
Winter's End (2001)
Espera (2003)
Mers de sommeil (2004)
Laurentide (2004)
Havens (2005)
Transit Bed (2007)
Bathed In Sunlight (2008)
Malpais (2010) (S)
Fear of Wind Or Vertigo (??) (EP)

Bleak soundscapes, initially performed by Ross Hagen, Nick Paul and Samantha Balsam (Colorado, USA). Nowadays the project seems to have been reduced to a solo work by Hagen.


Encym (UK)

Music For Meditation (2020)

Varied ambient compositions on Neotantra label.


Endamisi Salamisi (Estonia)

Women That I Trust (2018)

Ambient music from this experimental / techno project.


Endgame (UK)

Stretched Across the Sea (1999)
Catalyst (1999)
Early Stasis (1999)
Avatar (1999)
Surreal Ethereal (1999)
Fragile (1999)
Treppenhaus (2000)
Troubled (2000)
Walkabout (2000)
Tundra (2000)
Cryptic Triptych (2000)
Sideways (2000)
Live Vol. I (2001)
Live Vol. II (2001)
Live Vol. III (2001)
Live Vol. IV (2001)
Live Vol. V (2001)
Live Vol. VI (2002)
Live Vol. VII (2002)
Live Vol. VIII (2002)
Live Vol. IX (2002)
Ich bin schizophrene (2002) (recorded in 1999 - 2000)
Metabolism (2002)
Toxic - Do Not Open! (2003)
Endangered Species (2003)
Engaging Providence (2003)
Paradoxe (2003)
Khimaira (2003)
Euphoria (2003)
Live Vol. X (2004)
Cupola (2004)
Shipwrecked (2004)
Nucli (2004)
H2SO4 (2004)
Fluxion (2004)
Hexed (2005)
Nattmara (2005)
Marooned (2005)
Cage (2005)
A Witness To Madness (2005)
Underworld (2005)
B C N U (2005)
C (2005)
Alles uber schizophrene? (2005) (recorded in 2001 - 2005)
Petri perplex (2006) (recorded in 1999)
A Faustian Farmyard (2006) (recorded in 2000)
Horizons (2006)
Obvious (2006)
Schatten (2006)
Surrealism Is A State of Mind (2007)
Spaced (2007)
Cobwebs (2007)
Ocular (2007)
Memento (2008)
Gravity Well (2008) (recorded in 2003)
Tactile (2010)
Just Curious (2010) (recorded in 2004)
Amplos (2010) (recorded in 2004)
Instinct (2010)
Vapours (2010)
Enigma (2010)
Beyond the Rim (2011)
Which Way Are We Going Today? (2013)
C (2014)
Tremors (2014) (recorded in 2001 - 2002)
Horselength: Live At the Horse Hospital (2014) (recorded in 2008)
Dark Matter (2017)
Electroacoustics (2018) (recorded in 2006)
Liquid Time (2019)
Metabolism (2022)

Freeman brothers of Audion magazine fame and Jim Tetlow. Dark and experimental synthetic music.

See also: Eruption, Freeman, Alan, Biomechanoid, Alto Stratus, Tetlow, Jim, Vrije, Adhara, Electric Junk, Approaching Infinity, Triax.


Endless Asylum (Spain)

Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Mental Illness (2010)

Dramatic, cinematic music with lush pads, some rhythms and acoustic guitar. There is a slight horror vibe to it, but the music is not dark or ambient most of the time.


Endless Corridors (France)

Between the Aisles, A World Suspended In Time (2022)
Trois mouvements (2023)
Echoes From the Sunken City (2023)

Reflective, melancholic, futuristic, dystopian / utopian ambient compositions.


Endless Fog (USA)

Plague Isolation (2020)
Weary Abodes (2021)
Waiting Forever (2023)

Portland, Oregon-based project. The 2023 album features long-form Ambient, melancholic, with just a touch of "dungeon synth".

See also: Pulse Emitter


Endless Imitation (Russia)

Silence Mistery (2019)
Low Horizons (2019)
Reflektio (2020)

Long tracks of droning ambience.


Endless Melancholy (Ukraine)

Music For Quiet Mornings (2012)
Before, After (2012) (EP)
Epilogue (2013)
Five Songs (2013) (EP)
Soft Steps (2013) (EP) (with Lights Dim)
Fragile (2014)
Her Name In A Language of Stars (2015)
A Quiet Recollection (2016)
In the Shadow of History (2016) (EP) (soundtrack)
The Vacation (2017)
Fragments of Scattered Whispers (2018)
A Perception of Everything (2020)
Seamless (2020) (S)

Ambient artist (Oleksiy Sakevych) with a strong neo-classical influence (including lots of piano).

See also: Moonshine Blues


Endless Void (Italy)

Anthems From the Subconscious (2003) (S)

Ambient music from member of several black metal acts. Not very dark most of the time, ranging from reflective to cosmic to slightly brooding.


Endo Monk (Germany)

Gort (2023)

Endo Monk is Frank Schnütgen, a German rapper, hip-hop and experimental musician. Gort is a kind of concept album combining some hip-hop rhythms with heaps of analog synths. The electronics are ok and moody, but the album is too loaded with voice samples, rapping and spoken word for my taste. File under EM-related.


En-Dome (Italy)

Urpunkt (2018)

Abstract electronics with darker and brighter shades from this duo.


Endoplasmic Flow (international)

27/6/11 (2011)
11/11/11 (2012)
15/6/12 (2012)
11/12/13 (2013)

A project of Englishman Jon Tyler, together with Michael Thomas Roe and Ole Christensen (of Big Robot fame), with music based on the sounds created by Conrad Schnitzler.

See also: Roe, Michael Thomas


Endorphine (Poland)

End Or Fine (2008)
Return To the Roots (2016) (S)
Return To the Roots (2021)

Diverse musical project consisting of Adam Bórkowski, Krzysztof Kurkowski, Piotr Skrzypczyk and Tomasz Szymański. Rather mainstream rhythmic / melodic EM sound here that will appeal to a wide audience I think. A strong downtempo / World Music vibe in places, sometimes reminding on Deep Forest, at other times closer to "normal" EM.

See also: Nerious


Endura (UK)

The Great God Pan (1993)
Dreams of Dark Waters (1994)
Urania's Children (1994)
The Dark Is Light Enough (1995)
Liber Leviathan (1995)
Dark Projections From An Ancient Nature (1995)
Black Eden (1996)
Ard Inn Ar (1996)
The Watcher (1998)
Elder Signs (1999)
Great Pan Is Dead (2001) (S)

If you are ready to get seduced by the dark side of the Force, then this is definitely your choice. Endura are Christopher Walton and Stephen Pennick. They create dark, desparate music with no-way-out ambiences. Sometimes their dark soundscapes are spiced up by epic sounding orchestral tracks, all done superbly. If you are a fan of easy-listening, melodic music - stay away from it. If you like happy optimistic moods - stay away from it. If really strong dark music is your thing - get this one. If you are simply tired of 'easy-listening' styles and feel like falling into the depths of Hades - get this one as well. Great Dark Ambient music, one of the best in the genre. Gets my highest recommendation, but all of you with a weak heart and all of you who are afraid of the dark, who tremble in fear at the face of nightmares - don't ever touch this. Otherwise, if you're adventurous enough of a listener - give it a try. And remember - darkness can be mellow, too.

See also: Ontario Blue, TenHornedBeast.


Endurance (Canada)

City of Signals (2016)
The Wandering Earth (2016) (S)
The Hospital I Live In (2016)
The Vacant Coast (2017)
Enlightenment Interface (2017)
The Invincible (2017)
Echoic Architecture (2017)
Transliminal Bodies (2017)
Molecular Shrine (2017)
Endurance (2017)
Heteros (2017) (S)
The Wandering Earth v.2 (2017) (S)
The Wandering of Days (2018)
Shade Terrarium (2018)
Cloud, Castle, Lake (2018)
Celestial Governors (2018)
We Can Sleep Now (2019)
Light Leaks (2019)
Processed Modular Works (2019) (with Kris Keogh)
Sleep Until It's Over (2020)
Day Trips (2020)
Sines (2021)
Soft Biota (2021)
Lathe (2021)
Long-Term Memory (2021)
Verb (2022)
Further (2023)

A project of Canadian-born Joshua Stefane, currently residing in Japan. Flowing, melancholic synth soundscapes, reflecting the sense of loneliness people often experience in modern crowded cities.


Enearth (Spain)

Last Days (2017)
The Gray Lights (2017)

Dark, cinematic ambient sounds with elements of rhythmic / melodic EM.

See also: Sycantrhope, Coven Project.


Enemy From Space (USA)

Enemy From Space (1996) (S)
Abstractions (2002)
The Condition of Music (2003)

Kelly Shane, former drummer with Naked Elf and Solution Science Systems, creates cosmic, abstract, often dark electronic compositions. The later albums (not listed) are all download-only releases.


Energy Brats (USA)

Altered Reality (2022)

Alabama-based duo of artists who call themselves Messiah Ikon and St. Magellan, with a third member nicknamed Tokyo Glow on occasional drums. Energetic, sequencer-based EM.


Energy of Love (UK)

Let's Make A Stone Circle (1996)
Moonvibe (1997)
Glastonbury (1998)
Mogology: Music For Cats & Cat Lovers (2005)
Spirit of the Cat (??)

Aka The Energy of Love Formation. This project was formed in 1994 by Kevin Dean. It combines a new-agey vibe with Ambient, Space Music and a touch of 1990's ambient techno.


Enescu, Adrian (Romania)

Funky Synthesizer Volume 1 (1982)
Dance Funky Synthesizer Volume 2 (1984)
MyBach (2017)

Adrian Enescu was a pioneer of synthesizers in his native country in the 1970's and 1980's. These two albums are not the most progressive thing you will ever hear for sure. In fact, their titles pretty much sum up what's happening here - easy-listening, rhythmic electronic music with synths and augmented by orchestra here and there. However, and quite surprisingly, there are also some genuine progressive moments like the title track off the first volume for example, which is (despite its title) mostly prog EM in a unique, inventive, jazzy style. The second volume has many features that likens it to the spacesynth scene that was to emerge a couple of years later, mostly in Holland. In fact, it often sounds like proto-spacesynth with funky vibes. Curious for what they are, both albums are essentially a warped version of muzak and can be considered EM-related works at best.


Enger Jensen, Anders (Norway)

In Space (2023)

Norwegian chiptune artist. The music on In Space ranges from spacesynth to relaxed, cinematic EM.


Engram (UK)

Das Kapital (2018)

A duo of John Costello and Martin Bowes (Attrition). Rhythmic, dark, moody music with influences of techno (mostly the rhythms), EBM, industrial and melodic / cinematic EM. A bit like a British counterpart of the Dutch Elektronische Maschine, but coming from a more industrial / EBM perspective, with sampling and stuff.

See also: Costello, John


EnGrave (USA)

Polaris (1997)

Varied electronics from Nathan Morris - moody, rhythmic, melodic, atmospheric, ethereal, ambient... Some nice sequences and mellotron choirs here as well.

See also: Novä Sphere


Engström, David (Sweden)

Ur vatten (2011)
Kärlekens ansikten (2013)

As a child, David Engström was influenced by the music of Ralph Lundsten and other electronic pioneers. He then started to make his own music during his teen years. Another artist that had an influence was well-known flutist and multi-instrumentalist Björn J:son Lindh. David's own music is ambient and rhythmic, with a good melodic sensibility.


Engyn (Germany)

The Pain (2018) (EP)
Soundtrack For A Long Drive Home (2021) (S)

Varied, reflective, classically-inspired electronics from this Berlin-based artist. There's something of a Klaus Schulze feel in places (reminding on Klaus's classically-influenced / opera phase, although there are no vocals here).


Enid, The (UK)

Touch Me (1979)
The Spell (1984)
Joined By the Heart (1988)
Sundialer (1995)
The Bus Tape (1997)

This band, led by Robert John Godfrey, starting from mid-70's, played a kind of instrumental progrock with a very strong classical influence. In fact, the orchestrations were so rich, that sometimes it sounded like a full orchestra. There are many trends covered by this band, from the delicate and romantic to complete full-blown Wagnerian bombast. The Enid released quite a few albums but the above two will be of interest to EM fans. Touch Me includes at least two curiosities. One of them is "Albion Fair" whose intro is pure EM and very good too! The second one is a bonus track that was added for the CD release of Touch Me. It's a solo piece by Godfrey. The music is very unique and electronic. Sometimes it reminded me of the abstract pieces off Vangelis' Soil Festivities album, with excellent electric piano runs. Also a touch of Schulze's "Moogetique" can be spotted but overall it's totally unique and very cosmic in a different way. The classical influence in still very strong in this track. The Spell at times sounds like a romantic Vangelis.

See also: Godfrey, Robert John


Enir Da (France)

Accalmie (2017)
Silence (2020)

Mixture of dub rhythms, krautrock sounds and ambient / experimental electronics. Has something of a Moebius feel to it.


Enitokwa (Japan)

Floating Works 1996 - 1999 (1999)
Slow Dive (2000)
Kruispunt (2015) (with Ieguti and MAYUKo)
2069 (2016)
o.n.s.a. (2017)
Re-Promo (2021)
Palette (2023)

The 2017 album features peaceful Ambient with piano, chirping synths and field recordings. Also known as Eys.

See also: Kruispunt


Enmarta (Italy)

Sea of Black (2015)
The Hermit (2016)

Cinematic Dark Ambient with ritual (voices, throat singing, etc.) and classical elements from Sergio Fulvio Tommasini.


Enmerkar (Russia)

Enmerkar (2007)

One long droning ambient track from Denis Shapovalov aka Sunchariot.

See also: Adriva, Sunchariot.


Eno, Brian (UK)

Here Come the Warm Jets (1973)
No Pussyfooting (1973) (with Robert Fripp)
Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (1974)
Evening Star (1975) (with Robert Fripp)
Another Green World (1975)
Discreet Music (1975)
Before And After Science (1977)
Cluster & Eno (1977) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius)
Music For Films (1978)
Music For Airports (1978)
After the Heat (1978) (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius)
In A Land of Clear Colors (1979) (with Robert Sheckley)
Plateaux of Mirrors (1980) (with Harold Budd)
Day of Radiance (1980) (with Laraaji)
Possible Musics (1980) (with Jon Hassell)
My Life In the Bush of Ghosts (1981) (with David Byrne)
On Land (1982)
Apollo (1983)
Music For Films Vol. 2 (1983)
Rarities (1983) (EP)
Pearl (1984) (with Harold Budd and Daniel Lanois)
Thursday Afternoon (1985)
Glint (1986) (S)
Music For Films Vol. 3 (1988)
Wrong Way Up (1990) (with John Cale)
The Shutov Assembly (1992)
Nerve Net (1992)
Neroli (1993)
In A Land of Clear Colours (1993) (with Sinfield)
Spinner (1995) (with Jan Wobble)
Wah Wah (1995) (with James)
The Drop (1997)
Lightness: Music For the Marble Palace (1998)
I dormienti (1999)
Kite Stories (1999)
The Equtorial Stars (2000) (with Robert Fripp)
Music For Civic Recovery Centre (2000)
Compact Forest Proposal (2001)
Drawn From Life (2001) (with J. Peter Schwalm)
January 07003 (2003)
More Music For Films (2005)
Another Day On Earth (2005)
77 Million - An Audio Visual Installation (2006)
Beyond Even (2007) (recorded in 1992 - 2006) (with Robert Fripp)
Small Craft On A Milk Sea (2010)
Drums Between the Bells (2011)
Lux (2012)
Someday World (2014) (with Karl Hyde)
Live In Paris 28.05.1975 (2014) (with Robert Fripp)
High Life (2014) (with Karl Hyde)
Smart (2015) (with New Composers)
The Ship (2016)
Reflection (2016)
Finding Shore (2017) (with Tom Rogerson)
Music For Installations (2018)
Dokument #2 (2020) (with Laurie Anderson and Ebe Oke)
Mixing Colours (2020) (with Roger Eno)
Rams (2020) (soundtrack)
Film Music 1976 - 2020 (2020)
Foreverandevernomore (2022)
Forever Voiceless (2023)
Secret Life (2023) (with Fred again..)
Top Boy (2023) (soundtrack)
Sushi. Roti. Reibekuchen (2024) (recorded in 1998) (with Holger Czukay and J. Peter Schwalm)

Some people say Eno is all about Ambient. Some say Eno is all about art rock. Some say he is all about glam rock or rock ballads. So, who's right? Well, all of them. Eno is, indeed, a true chameleon, but everything he does is of a very high class. Even his Windows 98 theme is a little cute piece of art. Now some people probably don't know it, but Eno started as a rock musician. He was a member of Roxy Music and is featured on their first two albums (Roxy Music and For Your Pleasure). He also collaborated with original Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera under the group name of '801'. Five pieces on 801's album  Live 1976 were written by Eno and one piece was also written by Eno and co-written by Manzanera. His own early releases represent a unique brand of art rock. There are vocals and all the usual stuff, done superbly, but, as I'm not an expert in rock music I'll leave this for rock connoiseurs to judge. At least so far I've heard only positive reactions. Ok, on to the Ambient stuff. Brian is credited with coining the term 'ambient music'. His first pure Ambient recording is Discreet Music. From the earlier stuff also of note is his collaborative efforts with Robert Fripp, No Pussyfooting and Evening Star. Both albums represent the crazy experimentalism of both, with Eno providing the often harsh and static (on No Pussyfooting) electronic backdrop and Fripp utilising for the first time his 'Frippertronics' technique which was relying largely on tape echo and looping methods. Thus he could create endless undulating guitar patterns and long-sustained sounds. Of the two, Evening Star is more tranquil in nature, and the overall presence of Fripp is less perceptible here. Brian says that ambient music is as indifferent and unconcerned as it is interesting. And that may give an indication as to what his Ambient works sound like. Music For Airports is the first release in his 'ambient' series and while I can easily see the 'indifferent' side of this music, I cannot seem to notice the 'interesting' one. The music is certainly soothing, it was intended to be used to calm down the passengers before flights. But there's nothing going on and basically, if you've heard forty seconds of each track, you've heard it all. The musical development is certainly not the order of the day. I found it really difficult to concentrate on the music, but that's, of couse, a matter of personal taste. For me it turned out to be a perfect late night listening. Maybe because it works better than any sleeping pills? By the way, whether it was created for close listening or just as a background is debatable, albeit I personally tend to think the latter is correct. Anyway, don't forget about the 'two sides' of ambient music that Brian was talking about. Maybe you will like this stuff more than I did. Then again, maybe not. My Life In the Bush of Ghosts created together with David Byrne contains experiments using sampling technology, and Thursday Afternoon is probably the most minimal of his works. Again, nothing seems to be happening during the length of the entire disc.

Notes 6.04.03: I should mention the healing qualities of Brian's music. Yesterday I felt sick. (I had a slight intoxication, I think) After taking some medicine, I climbed in bed and laid on my stomach with Music For Airports playing as background. As I was laying there, I felt the positive vibrations emanating from the speakers, that went through my bed and my body (however wishy-washy it may sound). As my bed vibrated too, so did my body and I immediately felt better! So, cudos to Brian for inventing real healing music. Meanwhile, the healing qualities of music are yet to be explored. For instance, I've heard that Tangerine Dream's Tangram is able to heal headache.  


Eno, Roger (UK)

Voices (1985)
Between Tides (1987)
The Familiar (1992) (with Kate St. John)
In A Room (1993)
Classical Music For Those With No Memory (1994)
Lost In Translation (1994)
Islands (1995) (with Laaraji)
The Nightgarden (1996)
Swimming (1996)
Music of Neglected English Composers (1997)
The Flatlands (1998)
Damage (1999)
The Appointed Hour (1999) (with Peter Hammill)
The Long Walk (2000)
Getting Warmer (2002)
Fragile (2005)
At Lincoln Cathedral (2005)
Transparencies (2006)
Flood (2008)
Anatomy (2008)
Endless City / Concrete Garden (2013) (with Plumbline)
This Floating World (2017)
Dust of Stars (2018)
Mixing Colours (2020) (with Brian Eno)
The Turning Year (2022)
Rarities (2023)

Like his elder brother, Roger Eno (b. 1959) is an Ambient composer, albeit more leaning towards neo-classical structures. Roger also can be heard playing on Brian's Apollo. I guess that was the starting point of his career.


Enocksson, Erik (Sweden)

Man tänker sitt (2009)
Apan (2011)

Diverse Stockholm-based musician specializing in Scandinavian folk, soundtracks and experimental pieces. This album is supposedly (rather gloomy) Ambient.

See also: Body Sculptures


Enofa (UK)

Arboretum (2018)
Melkur (2018)
Nerra Ninna Noak (2020)
Paxanimi (2020)
All Roads Lead To Polesworth (2021)
Borderlands (2021)
Bone Moor (2022)
Intergalactic Debris / Cataclysmic Variable Star (2022)
International Debris - Holosphere (2022)
Second Thought - Live From Folkstone (2022)
Obliquity (2023)
International Debris - Curtain Moon (2023)
International Debris - Bathe In the Light of Distant Cities (2023)
Cer (2023)
Eyebrook (2023)
Second Thought - Aeolian Landform (2023)
Paxanimi (2023)
All Roads Lead To Polesworth (2023)
Second Thought - Safernoc (2023)
Winter of the World / The Few Ups And Many Downs of the 21st Century (2023)
Shattered Infrastructure (2023)
Faint And Caught (2023)
Live At Awakenings (2023)
Sphere (2023)
The House By the Sea (2024)
Rarities One (2024)

Aka Enofa Communications. Ambient project of Ross Baker. Gentle electronics and some acoustic guitars. Some sections approach the territory of melodic / rhythmic or sequencer EM.

See also: Baker, Ross, International Debris, Intergalactic Debris, Winter of the World.


Enoia (Switzerland)

Enoia (2017)

Swiss electronic trio mixing synths and guitar in a somewhat hybrid ambient EM / post-rock mould.


E-Norm (Germany)

DigiTALES (1992)

This album was released by Cue Records. E-Norm is Ulrich Gladenbeck.


Ens Imprefectissimum (Mexico)

Nigrum sanctorum (2018)
Mors adveniat regnumtuum (2020)
Est draco sit mihi dux (2021)
Et in pulverem mortis deduxisti me (2022)
Illuminate e aelimitate (2023)
Kama-Loka-Aur Naraka (2024)

Black Ambient.


Ensemble Economique (USA)

Crossing the Path, By Torchlight (2011)
In Silhouette (2017)
Radiate Through You (2018)

Diverse project of Brian Pyle. Mostly related to ambient styles and psychedelia. I need to investigate his discography on the question of EM-compatibility, but at least the 2017's In Silhouette is totally relevant, being a Progressive EM work in a unique and emotional style and an intense, slightly horror synth-influenced sound (everything from Art Zoyd to Michael Stearns and Dark Ambient acts comes to mind).


Enshrouded Wisper (???)

The Silent Wisper of Shadows (??)


Enstöring (Sweden??)

物の哀れ / Mono No Aware (2020)

A project of Mark Salisbury who seems to be based in Sweden, although his name does not sound Swedish to me, so I am not sure. He is primarily a guitarist but is also interested in electronics. As Enstöring, he composes varied ambient music, from spacey and reflective to darkish and droning, with a touch of glitch. Some tracks are purely electronic, some rely on spacey guitar sound.


Enten Hitti (Italy)

Giant Clowns of the Solar World (1996)
La solitudine del sole (2011)
Fino alla fine della notte (2014)
Musica humana (2016)
A tutti gli uragani che ci passarono accanto (2020)

Dark Ambient. I haven't heard it, but it's supposed to be quite good. The first album was released on the Amplexus sublabel Aqua. This project was born in 1990 with the aim to create Electronic Music with ritual influences. The members are Pierangelo Pandiscia and Gino Ape.


Enterphase (UK)

Phase One (1994)
Phase Two (1998)
Solar Promenades (2003)

The first couple of albums are with Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert. Solar Promenades is a collaboration of Becker with David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dimitru. Melodic Space Music with sequences.

See also: Becker, Fred


Entheogenic (UK / Austria)

Entheogenic (2002)
Spontaneous Illumination (2003)
Dialogue of the Speakers (2005)
Golden Cap (2006)
Flight of the Urubus (2008)
Digital Archives (2017)
Kykeon (2018)
Hypatia (2019)
Dreamtime Physics (2020) (recorded in 2017)
Animism (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Kailash (2024) (recorded in 2023)
A Singularity Encoded (2024) (recorded in 2015)

Usually associated with the psybient / psytrance crowd, Entheogenic was originally a duo of Helmut Glavar and Piers Oak-Rhind. Glavar has since left, leaving UK-born Oak-Rhind as the only permanent member. Their music is definitely psytrance / downtempo / psybient-like, but includes also sounds and influences like: Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd, Gong / Tim Blake, Ambient and melodic / cosmic EM in general, so they're totally relevant. They prefer using real or real-sounding drums, some reggae influences (ala Ozrics) and often synth soloing.


Entidad Animada (Argentina)

Hábitat (2016) (with Joa Joys)
Calypso Club (2016)
Otro Lugar (2017)
Aplanando la Curva (2020)
Ensayo Pulso Nocturno (2021) (S)
Conductor Áurico No-Lineal (2022)

Ambient, dreamy, rhythmic, a bit Cluster-like compositions.


Entity (UK)

Entity One (2006)
Entity Two (2006)
Live At Guerilla Zoo (2007)
Entity 4 (2008)

John Sherwood and Steve Munslow.

See also: Sherwood, John, 4m33s, HyperEx Machina, Ambient Ashand, Cult of Ashand.


Entrance (Germany)

The Pond (1983)
Wattenklange (1985)

Adrian Marcator (also known for his "Trance" project and solo albums) and Holger Mummert. The first album is acoustic guitar with synth embellishments and sometimes drum machine rhythms. It is 80% acoustic and 20% electronic. The second I know nothing about at the moment.

See also: Marcator, Adrian, Trance.


Entrancer (USA)

Death After Life (2014)
Arcology (2016)
No Borders (2017)
Decline Vol. 1 (2018)

Denver-based Ryan McRyhew who mixes acid / electro with ambient and sequenced / arpeggio structures, all strictly analog.


Entropia (Italy)

The Mechanized Mind (2020)

Italian electronic group formed in Rome in 1996. They have an extended line-up of synths / samplers, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals, more typical of rock / pop bands. Their sound was supposedly downtempo / "electronica" (I hate that term!) early on, but for The Mechanized Mind, they've included a wider range of influences, such as vintage Italian soundtracks and krautrock. It is a very EM-friendly record. Love the soloing on "Optical Poem". The closer is also a killer epic.


Entropica (UK)

Sonic Bloom Entropica Prolifica (1994)

Completely ambient music from George Saunders, known mainly for his ambient techno project Solar Quest.

See also: Solar Quest


Entry Veil (???)

Sylvatica (2023)

Varied, mostly melodic ambient compositions.


Enumclaw (USA)

Opening of the Dawn (2009)
Painted Valley of the Mineral Monks (2010)
Holographic Headdress (2013)

Solo project of Norman Fetter. Drawn out organ tones and synths.

See also: Tathagatta, Niagara Falls.


Envélope Cruz (Serbia)

First Contact (2018)
II (2020)
III (2021)

A quartet based in Belgrade and Paris (Nemanja Trećaković, Alma Đelić, Bogdan Đokić, Maelissa). The music is pretty experimental and spooky.


Envelope Muse (Australia)

Not For Or Against (2006) (EP)
Into the Gord (2008) (EP)
It Will Be Over Soon (2022)

Sinister dark ambience with a post-industrial feel.


Envenomist (USA)

Apprehension (2005)
Helldriver (2005)
Spires (2005)
Thirsting (2005)
Abyssal Siege (2006)
Hidden (2006)
The Sixth And Seventh Key (2006)
Delving Glacial (2006)
Black Bile (2007) (S)
Beholder (2007) (S)
Chariots (2007) (S)
Weighted Ghost (2007) (S)
Divine Intervention (2008) (S)
Initiation Into Nothingness (2009) (with Hive Mind)
The Helix (2009)
Arclight (2009) (S)
The Reservoir (2009) (S)
Bound Dominions (2011)
Visions (2011) (S)
Tunguska Event (2014) (with Jarl)
Bleeding Out (2016)
Liminal Presence (2019) (with Murderous Vision)
The Barrens (2022) (with Θ)

Sinister Dark Ambient from David Reed out of Ohio, USA.


Envoy (Ireland)

The Honeycomb World - A Soundtrack To The Novels Of John Connolly, Volume VIII (2018)

Varied cinematic music. Envoy is David O'Brien.


Eonic (Russia)

Astral Light (2002) (S)
Shadows (2003)
Fragile Dreams (2004)
Nothing Is Forever (2004)
Secret Land (2010)

Diverse, mostly melodic and atmospheric Electronic Music from this project (Mikhail and Vladimir Kalmykov) out of Stavropol, Russia.


Eonwave (UK)

Magic Window Session (2021) (S)
Sublimation Epoch (2021)

A project of Howard Fox who likes to mix downtempo / ambient techno rhythms with EM sounds.


Eosforros (Greece)

Eosforros (2021)
Cthulhu (2021)

A duo of Katia Koukidou and Miltos Kordas. They usually make trance and techno music, but on the above works are influenced by a broader palette of electronic sounds, venturing into ambient and progressive structures. At the same time, the overall feel is pretty weird - the tracks are long, but sound as if made of shorter sections that often contrast each other, resulting in sort of collage-like approach, without denying the atmospheric qualities of the material.


Ephemera (USA??)

HF (2020)

The above cassette is evenly split between the techno side A and the ambient side B (which is the reason for inclusion).


Ephemeral Green (Canada)

Deliquesce (2007)

Experimental / Ambient project of Mark Connors with a strong prog / psych vibe.


Ephemerus (USA)

Ephemera I + II (2023)

Melancholic, dungeon synth-like music from Georgia.

See also: Disquieting


Ephilion (Russia)

Entering Ephi's Dimension (2013)

Curious and difficult-to-classify electronic project from Russia that combines medieval ambience, pure Space Music, some baroque stylings and even some Berlin School sequences / arpeggios.


Epidaurus (Germany)

Earthly Paradise (1977)

German symphonic rock band with a female vocalist. Epidaurus were Christiane Wand (vocals), Heinz Kunert (bass, percussion), Volker Oehmig (organ, mellotron, piano), Gerd Linke (organ, mellotron, piano, synthesizers), Günter Henne (keyboards) and Manfred Struck (drums, percussion). This album includes an instrumental electronic track - the excellent "Mitternachtstraum".


Epiphany (Netherlands)

Images (1998)
MindScapes (2001)
Sonica (2010)

Dutch Ambient composer Erik Teljeur who started with EM circa 1993. At that time, he didn't have any practical knowledge of music, he just got himself a few synths and began experimenting. Little by little he found his own niche and his own voice in the world of ambient EM.


Epiphany Now (Germany)

1/3 (2017) (EP)
0,666 (2019) (recorded in 2017)

Repetitive, krauty electronics from this trio of Jana Sotzko, Loretta Myr and Theresa Stroetges.


epitomeZero (UK)

Moonsong (2018)

A mixture of ambient soundscapes and some downtempo rhythms.


Epping, John (Austria)

Dream Flow (1984)
Testimony To the Past Vol. 1 (1987)
Nice And Gentle (1987)
Testimony To the Past Vol. 2 (1987)

Aka Walt Rockman. Electronic library records.

See also: Rockman, Walt


Epplay, Vincent (France)

Brève retraite au couvent Sainte Marie de la Tourette (2011)

Long tracks created by experimental musician Vincent Epplay as a sound performance in homage to Varese's "Poéme electronique", which was based on the Expo'58 pavilion in Brussels created by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis. The two would later collaborate on Tourette’s Convent, a dominican community located in the suburbs of Lyon. Epplay recreates the unique acoustic qualities of the church and uses an EMS Synthi A synthesizer with processing / effects. The music is abstract and dark, reminding very much on pioneering 1960's / early 1970's electronic works in the academic domain, but more elaborated and listenable. It will also probably be enjoyed by fans of early krautrock / progressive EM and Dark Ambient / noise.


Eppler, Stephan (Germany)

Colors of Liberty (1998)

Very melodic and symphonic stuff with piano.


E-Project (Japan)

Synthesizer Trek (1980)

I don't know who is behind this obscure formation but the LP includes mostly electronic cover versions of well-known film themes ("Star Wars", "The Black Hole", etc.) plus an original composition.


Epsilon Eridani (Mexico)

Disturbance (2010)

Dark / Drone Ambient with a Black Space slant. Epsilon Eridani is Juan Pablo Valle who, apart from the featured release, has many download-only albums.


Epsilon Indi (Italy)

A Distant Return (1992)
The Stolen Silence (1994)
Gaundri Music (1997)
Crystal Soup (1999)
Wherein We Are Water (2012)

Ambient electronics.


Epsilon-Delta (Hong Kong)

Music For Recurring Decimals (2021)

This artist applies mathematical methods to generate his synth compositions. Surprisingly listenable stuff that more often than not reminds me on a more minimal version of Kraftwerk's Computerwelt.


Epton, Alex (USA)

3OHA (2019) (soundtrack)

3OHA is a varied electronic soundtrack from this New York-based artist, done in collaboration with cello player Lucinda Chua.


EQ (Poland)

Empireum quadro 1 (1994)
6 dni i 15 minut (2024) (recorded in 1984)

Polish electronic duo of Andrzej Wolski and Mariusz Kozak. Melodic music.


Equal Stones (Netherlands)

Self-Deliverance (2014) (EP)
Transgression (2014)
Below Zero (2019)
Liberation (2021)

Murky drones and barring polar ambience from Amandus Schaap.


Equal Ways (Canada)

The Outer Marker (2023)

Pretty deep-sounding and cosmic ambient compositions from Paul Anthony.


Equestrian Vortex, The (UK)

Embryo (2015)
Autoborn (2015) (S)
Electronic Ritual (2016)

Newcastle Upon Tyne-based project influenced by vintage horror scores, so you can probably say it's a "horror synth" project. However, the sound is much more minimal than your typical horror synth fare. Sounds more like a mixture of minimal synth, EM and some techno influences to me, with something of a sinister vibe.


Equinox City (France??)

Vision (2024)

Crisp, but at the same time a bit lo-fi sounding EM based on analog sounds. Nice, although often pretty simplistic stuff.


Equinoxious (Mexico)

Six Lo-Fi Space Synth Themes Vol. 1-2 (2015)
El Desafío (2022)

Synth-pop / minimal synth project of Rogelio Serrano, relying exclusively on the sound of analog synthesizers. Six Lo-Fi Space Synth Themes Vol. 1-2 contains some instrumental material that may interest EM fans. Ditto for El Desafío.

See also: Casagemas


Equipment Pointed Ankh (USA)

Equipment Pointed Ankh (2016)
Live (2019)
Without Human Permission (2021)
Changing Legs (2021)
From Inside the House (2023)
Downtown! (2023)

A group with a weird, RIO-ish electronic / rock sound.


Equitant (USA)

The Circle of Agurak (1993)
The Great Lands of Minas Ithil (1993)
Erotik (2001)
Exhibit Two (2001)
Hunger (2001)
Design (2002)
Zeit (2005)
Konstruckteur (2005)

Medieval Ambient from former member of black metal band Absu, whose real name is Raymond Dillard Heflin. After 2000, the guy resurfaced as an EBM / electro producer influenced by Kraftwerk.


Erang (France)

Tome I (2017) (recorded in 2012)
Kingdom of Erang (2017)
Within the Land of My Imagination I Am the Only God (2017)
Another World, Another Time (2018) (recorded in 2013)
Anti Future (2021) (recorded in 2016)
Imagination Never Fails (2021) (recorded in 2020)
Prisonnier du rêve (2022) (recorded in 2021)
A Blaze In Time (2023)

Started basically as a "dungeon synth" project, Erang later evolved to include influences of Ambient light and dark, as well as synthwave and Progressive Electronic (as on Prisonnier Du Rêve).


Erasers (Australia)

Erasers (2009)
Autumn (2010) (S)
Summer (2010) (S)
Twin Spurs (2012) (EP)
Stem Together (2015)
Fault Lines (2017) (S)
Forecast (2019) (S)
Pulse Points (2019)
Constant Connection (2022)
Distance (2022)

Unclassifiable crossover electronics / post-rock / shoegaze duo of Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas, based in Perth. On Forecast, they explore electronic realms, with the last track sounding like a lost demo from Klaus Schulze recorded in the mid 1970's. Pulse Points adds a weird new wave / minimal synth touch to the electronics.

See also: Leaving


Erasmus, Garth (South Africa)

Threnody For the KhoiSan (2024)

South African artist with a concept album exploring his KhoiSan heritage. A lot of the instruments are made by Erasmus himself and some of the tracks are totally acoustic, done solo or in collaboration with other friends and colleagues (mostly from the jazz background). However, electronics are also used extensively, resulting in a totally unique type of World Music. Great stuff.


Erbe, Stefan (Germany)

The Cosmic Dreamland (1994)
Light of Sirius (1994)
Digital Entrance (1995)
Kunststoff (1997)
Intermediate (1998)
United (1998) (recorded in 1988 - 1998)
Spaceworks (2001)
Worlds Away (2002)
Particular X (2003)
Timeless (2005)
Synasthetik (2006)
Speed of Life (2008)
Club Genetica (2008)
Inside the Images (2009)
Driver (2009)
Tagwandler (2010)
Sound of Sky Vol. 1 (2011)
The Sounds of My Comfort'sone (2012)
Synfonie Transversale - Sound of Sky Vol. 2 (2012)
Emotiondesign (2012)
Method (2013)
Legacies (2014)
S-thetic² (2015) (with Steve Baltes)
2Club Genetica (2015)
Selectronique Debussy (2016)
Electric Garden (2017) (with Steve Baltes)
Genesys (2017)
Reflect (2018)
A-11 (2019) (with Steve Baltes)
Nachtlichter (2020)
Serbenity (2021)
Distopia (2022)
Genesys 23 (2023)

Stefan Erbe was born in Hagen, Germany, in 1968. He first tried his hand on a synthesizer when he was 12 years old (that would be 1980). The "try" was not successful but during the 1980's (after attending music school for several years) he got back to synthesizers and bought himself a Korg Polysix. From then on, he learned the basics of sound synthesis and composition and little by little accumulated enough material for an album release, which came about in the early 1990's. Stefan's style can be described as energetic Electronic Music, close to New Berlin School.


Erdbeerschnitzel (Germany)

The Attendants (2015)

A more experimental release from this club-related / downtempo project (Tim Keiling).


Erdmann, Helmut W. & Burow, Heinz W. (Germany)

Imaginations I (??)

A way obscure item. Helmut Erdmann plays various flutes and Heinz Burow takes care of keyboards. The year of release is unknown but it's supposedly from 1980 or something like that. Not sure about the musical style either, might be too new-agey. Four long tracks.


Erdwerk (Switzerland)

Grat (1996)
Leben im Wartesaal (1998) (S)

Dark, droning ambience from Stefan Thut and Bernd Schurer.


Erethia (Russia)

Dream States (2020) (recorded in 2016 - 2018)

Ambient project of Moscow-based Ivan Merkulov.


Erfahren (Germany)

Erfahren (1986)

Subtitled "Physical Symphony", this is an extremely rare LP with Electronic Music by Wolfgang F. Schmid Warder-Gunning, Ulrike Rehwinkel-Schmid and Maren Tiefensee. The style is not known.


Eriñ G (Sweden)

Conclusion (1978 - 1996)
Illusions (2010)
Visions (2011)

Analog synth enthusiast and instrument builder. In the DIY network he is mostly known for his EHS-30 modular synthesizer (which appears on this album). Conclusion gathers pieces created during the 1978 - 1996 period. The oldest piece (1978) is called "In the Moog". Yeah, right. There is also a track from 1984, two tracks from 1985, one track from 1991 and two tracks from 1996. A bit later this album was re-released and some of the pieces were replaced by the newer ones. Eriñ's music is strongly influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre circa Oxygene. Read my review of this album here.


Eric "The" Taylor (USA)

Effects of Clouds (2018) (with Futuregrapher)
Safe Travels (2019)
As Foreseen (2021)

Rochester, New York-based ambient artist. Spacey / psychedelic... comparable to Mick Chillage.

See also: Resilience. Dark Sky Alliance.


Erickson, Lars (USA)

Time Circles (1989)
The Big Bang (1990) (with Tom Ware)
Smile From A Stranger (1992)

Keyboardist and jazz musician. Most of his output is in the style of soft jazz fusion, with lots of digital keyboard sounds of the time, as well as prominent piano and sax. There is also a touch of melodic EM, more prominent on Time Circles and almost inexistent (bar the track "Alien Conversation") on Smile From A Stranger. The collaborative release with Tom Ware is probably his most electronic-oriented work to date. File under EM-related.


Eridanus Void (Italy)

Egemon][a (2018)

Unlikely mixture of atmospheric black metal and spacey electronics, with Il Balletto di Bronzo cover at the end.


Erika (USA)

Anevite Void (2023)

Erika Sherman is a Detroit-based techno / electro artist. Anevite Void opens and closes with two fine EM tracks.


Erissoma (Spain)

Málmi Radio Station (2016)
Ping Pong (2017) (with Lucas Bolaño)

Erissoma is an ambient soundscape project of David Mata.


Erixma (UK)

Lovebomb (1992) (S)
Sphere of Magnetick Virtue (1998)

A duo of electronic musician / sound manipulator Brian Field and percussionist Clive Richards. Psychedelic electronics of the ambient kind on the 1992 cassette and more industrial / collage-type music on the follow-up.


Erlandsson, Mats (Sweden)

Selective Miracles (2016)
Valentina Tereshkova (2016)
Old Tears (2016)
Negative Chambers (2017) (with Yair Elazar Glotman)
Hypodermic Letters (2018)
4-Track Guitar Music (2018)
De förtroendevalda (2018)
Fältinspelningar från terres de l'ebre (2020) (with Maria W. Horn)
Minnesmärke (2020)
Emanate (2020) (with Yair Elazar Glotman)
Celestial Shores (2023) (with Maria W. Horn)

Noisy soundscaper from Stockholm. On Hypodermic Letters, there are enough ambient elements to warrant an inclusion. Some parts even remind on a more abstract version of Vangelis. Hopefully he continues to explore this proggy, synthy sound.


Ermavilo (Italy)

Atlante (1986)

Rare electronic library. Despite the year, there are some interesting arrangements here.


Ermel, Priscilla (Brazil)

Saber Sobre Viver (1986)
Tai Chi - Gestos de Equilibrio (1989)
Cine Mato Grafico (1990)
Campo de Sonhos (1992)

Sort of a unique World Music hybrid, mixing synthesizers with acoustic and ethnic instruments.


Ermes / Harms (Germany)

Fingerhut (2020) (recorded in 1989 - 2019)

Nice electronics from Hamburg-based duo of Axel Ermes and Hauke Harms. Rich synth sound, cosmic atmospheres, melodies, arpeggios, pads, sequences etc.

See also: DerHarms


Eroc (Germany)

Eroc (1975)
Eroc II (1976)
Eroc III (1979)
Eroc IV (1982)
Changing Skies (1987)
The Return of Onkel Boskopp (1997) (with Hans Reichel)

Famous German character who was the drummer of the group Grobbschnitt. His real name is Joachim Ehrig. The third Eroc album contains outtakes from early Grobbschnitt sessions. And his first two albums contain music which was originally part of this group's stage shows. Nowadays he works mainly as a producer for other electronic projects. His own albums are classics and, therefore, it goes without saying, they are recommended. Spacey electronics with whimsical / comedy moments, good drums and some guitars.


E*Rock (USA)

The Great Underground Empire (2013)

Portland-based Eric W. Mast aka E*Rock has been involved in creation of various types of mostly electronic-based music for some years now. I am not sure his early output could be qualified as EM. However, this release here is supercool, as it was produced with just two analog synthesizers and inspired by an early text adventure game released in 1979 and that the author played as a kid. File under "experimental, but listenable".


Eronen, Roope (Finland)

The Inflatable World (2021)
Pomping Music (2022)

Finnish experimentalist. Pomping Music features spontaneous miniatures played on a Maestro synthesiser (a rare Soviet machine from the 1980's). Minimal, wacky, melodic, playful...

See also: Nuslux, Avarus, Keijut.


Eros (USA)

Astral Poetry (2021)

A project from Utah somewhat related to the dungeon synth genre, but expanding those ideas and styles into other realms and genres. Hymnal, melancholic, melodic, reflective, solemn...


Erot (Denmark)

Untitled (2019) (with Lauge)
Norns (2019)
Gneiss (2021)

Long-form Ambient. Hypnotic, at times pretty dark sound. A project of Tore Mortensen.


Erra, Giancarlo (Italy)

Departure Tapes (2021)

Italian guitarist and keyboardist born in 1978. Departure Tapes is reflective and a tad melancholic Ambient.

See also: Nosound


Errant Space (USA)

Slow Wave (2021)

Varied ambient compositions from Craig Chin out of Beacon, New York. Sometimes with sequencing.


Errante, Emanuele (Italy)

Migrations (2006)
Humus (2008)
Gouache (2010)
Time Elapsing Handheld (2011)
The Evanescence of A Thousand Colors (2018)
This World (2019)
Yon (2020)

Italian ambient composer. Humid, mild, slightly classical-influenced soundscapes.

See also: Herion


Erren, Fleissig, Schöttler, Steffen (Germany)

Ouddorp Tapes (2011)
Ouddorp Takes (2012)
Night On Ouddorp (2014)

Varied music, sometimes in the Berlin School vein, from this group of modular synth enthusiasts.

See also: Von Hallgath, Erren, Jörg


Erren, Jörg (Germany)

Snapshots (2023)

Solo Electronic Music from this synthesist, made in the tradition of general melodic / rhythmic EM, with relaxed sequencing, liquid leads and chilled vibes.

See also: Erren, Fleissig, Schöttler, Steffen, Von Hallgath, Anders Jørgenson.


Erreth-Akbe (USA)

If Not A Happy Ending, A True Joy (2020)
If the Stars Shone Now None Saw Them (2020)
A Lantern Swathed (2022)

Epic fantasy music / "dungeon synth" from Asheville, NC.


Error Subcutáneo (Dominican Republic)

Error Subcutáneo (2020)
Temporada Ciclónica (2023)

This duo was formed by sound engineer Mauricio Ferreiro who takes care of electronics and drummer Gonzalo Frómeta. They are based in Santo Domingo and their music is some sort of wild electronic jazz. It is really free and adventurous, but retains the feeling of purpose with all the atmospheric moods it creates. Nice stuff.


Erszébet (USA)

Erszébet (2018)

Dungeon synth / Ambient inspired by stories about vampires.

See also: Kolessa, Mycologia, Mystal Tree, Nahadoth, Ghost of Forest, Gzara, Stroboseth.


Eruption (UK)

Lava (2002)

This is basically Endgame plus Nick Mott on violin. Avant-garde synthetics, for fans of early Cluster and the darkest Tangerine Dream.

See also: Endgame, Freeman, Alan, Tetlow, Jim, Approaching Infinity, Triax.


E-Saggila (Iraq)

Corporate Cross (2020)
Blaze (2022)
Gamma Tag (2024)

A project of Iraqi-born, Canadian-based artist Rita Mikhael. She had previously composed industrial, EBM, dubstep, techno and other related musics. Corporate Cross is a complex work with influences from all of the above genres, plus a Prog EM influence by means of prominent sequencing, ambient atmospheres, swift changes in rhythm etc. Not something for EM purists for sure, but definietly progressive stuff made by a talented and innovative artist. Excellent.


ESB (France)

ESB (2013) (S)
ESB (2015)
Live Recordings (2016)
Mos Eisley / Wah Wah Wallenstein (2016) (S) (with Die Wilde Jagd)

A trio of Lionel Laquerrière, Thomas Poli and Yann Tiersen. All three play synthesizers. They have a heavy analog sound, influenced by Kraftwerk and other electronic pioneers. ESB stands for "Elektronische Staubband".

See also: Tiersen, Yann, Transmission.


Escapade (USA)

Searching For the Elusive Rainbow (1996)
Inner Translucence (1997)
Obscured Dialogues (1997)
Citrus Cloud Cover (1998)
Due To A Faulty Premonition (1999)
Remembrance of Things Unknown (2000)
Rule #3 (2002)
if / or (2004) (recorded in 1996)
But Distractions Abound (2006)
Just When, Just How (2006)
So You Know (2017)

Said to resemble a mixture of Heldon and Hawkwind. It may also remind of the group Quarkspace, but I suppose Escapade has a more aggressive and fat sound. Electronic wall-of-sound space rock. Now, where did I put my space helmet?

See also: Everything Must Go


Escaping Aghartha (USA)

Avian (2022)

Escaping Aghartha is Avery Dart, who usually composes metal music. Avian, though, features birds singing and ambient electronics.


Eschato Logic (Russia)

Бози наши живут в безднах, суть же образом черны, и крылаты и хвосты имуще (2022)
Таинства / The Sacraments (2022) (recorded in 2020 - 2021)

Formally Black Ambient, this one has a sort of a whimsical, cartoonish vibe to it, as well a strong pagan feel.


Esche (Russia)

Esche (2010)
Wendigo (2011)
Broen (2012) (with Fanum)

Ritual Ambient.

See also: Tmavy Kruh, Transistorwald.


Eschersheim, Christian von (Germany)

Sommernachtstraum (1980)

Tuneful and driving (krautrock-influenced) Electronic Music from Hamburg, released under a pseudonym. The real name of the musician is Wolfgang "Zabba" Lindner who is actually a drummer and appeared on a couple of albums by Adelbert Von Deyen. He was also a member of Release Music Orchestra, Tomorrow's Gift and a few other groups. He also released a few works under his own name. On this album he mostly plays synthesizers, though.

See also: Zabba Lindner And the Rhythm' Stix


Escudero, Patricia (Spain)

Satie Sonneries (1987)

Electronic renditions of Satie's pieces. Pretty nice and haunting sound here.


Escupemetralla (Spain)

Fe, Esperanza y Caridad (2018)

Barcelona-based duo related to the industrial scene. Exists since the 1980's. The above album has some interesting material that approximates ambient styles and Progressive EM. Their other releases I know nothing about at the moment.


ESE (Italy)

The Shroom Experience (2007)
The Other Door (2009)
Magic Garden (2011)
Quarto (2013)
The Fifth Dimension (2016)

Ambient soundscapes from a duo of Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi. ESE stands for Entheogenic Sound Experience.


Esencia (UK)

Atmospherics & Sound Textures (1994)


Esgar (USA)

Memory (2019)

A series of cinematic drones that wouldn't sound out of place on a soundtrack to a dark / nocturnal thriller movie.


Eshima, Kazuomi (Japan)

Inheritance For Soundscape (2020) (with Masahiko Takeda)

Ambient artist from Japan. Quiet, minimal sound with some glitchiness.


Eskatozoa (Finland)

Cosmic Elements Coalesce (2014)

Dark, spacey synth dirges.


Eskostatic (Netherlands / Sweden)

Serpentines & Valleys (2019)

A duo of Marcel Montel and Martin Van Rossum. Mostly dubby downtempo / ambient techno. Some tracks are closer to Ambient, though (the closer is pure Ambient, for example). Released by Ultimae label.

See also: Nonstatic, Martin


Esmark (Germany)

Māra I (2017)
Māra II (2017)

Experimental duo (Alsen Rau and Nikolai Von Sallwitz) with a sound a bit similar to Moebius' solo works.

See also: Rau, Alsen


Esoterica Landscapes 7 (USA)

EL7 At CSAW (1990)
EL7 At the Ritz (1990)
Hokmah Nistarah (1990)

Voice of Eye-related (Bonnie McNairn, Jim Wilson, Tim Sternat) Experimental / Tribal Ambient outfit from Houston, Texas.

See also: Voice of Eye


ESP (USA / Poland)

The Gate (1996)

A duo of synthesists Mark Ashby (USA) and Jacek Spruch (Poland). For fans of Tangerine Dream and John Dyson.

See also: Ashby, Mark, E=Motion, Spruch, Jacek.


Espacio Profundo (Spain)

Laniakea (2019) (S)

Experimental mixture of field recordings and synths.


Espectrostatic (USA)

Espectrostatic (2013)
Escape From Witchtropolis (2014)
Silhouette (2016)

Horror synth-related project of Texas-based Alex Cuervo. Influenced by Carpenter, Goblin and Tangerine Dream.


Esperanza (Norway)

Esperanza (1998)
Mystic Black (??)

Strange scary stuff from Rune Michaelson. Don't listen to this with the lights out. Recommended for dark music afficionados.


Esperti Project (Switzerland)

Stellar (2020)

Andrea Esperti is an Italian trombonist currently residing in Switzerland. His group usually plays various forms of jazz. On Stellar, they set off to make a "cosmic music" album, combining jazz instrumentation (including the prominent trombone played by Esperti) and synths. File under EM-related.


Espinal, A.J. (Spain)

Evolution (2000)

Spanish synthesist with a flashy, melodic style, very much influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre. Sometimes he comes dangerously close to copying, as in Part 5 of his Evolution cycle, which copies the opening track of Jarre's Concerts In China (both sound and melodies). At other times sounds more original, with lots of nice atmospheric moments, always retaining a melodic edge ala Jarre.


Esposito, Charles (USA)

Walking Towards the Meridian (1987)
In Real Time (1987)
Heart Skips A Beat (1988)
Body On Water (1989)
Ghost Photo (1991)

Experimental synth composer from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, who released a string of cassettes in the 1980's and early 1990's. The style is playful, melodic and sometimes wacky and / or ambient. In 2014, a compilation LP of his previously released tracks culled from various cassettes (Accidental Music 1987 - 1991) saw the light of day.


Esqueleto (Chile)

Microsaurio (2004) (EP)
Mini Album + Microsaurio Ep (2017)
Decálogo de Errores: Selección 2007 a 2021 (2021)

Experimental electronic project led by Ottavio Berbakow. Droning, fuzzy, vaguely cosmic and noisy, with some guitars.


Essers, Rob (Netherlands)

Raincolors (1994)
A Lizard's Walk (1997)

Tangerine Dream style. Not bad.


Esteban, Luis Carlos (Spain)

Marco y Micro Tiempo (2009)

Madrid-based Luis Carlos Esteban has been playing keyboards since the late 1970's, mostly as a member of several synth-pop / new wave bands, such as Olé Olé, Hip Hop, Plastico and more. As a solo artist he indulges in classic analogue progressive electronic sound, though, with strong influences of the Berlin School.

See also: Cosmolab


Esther (Denmark)

Esther (2020)

Varied electronics from this Copenhagen-based duo. Mostly ambient, but melodic and intense, with elements of collage, glitch etc.


Estoc (Finland)

Chapter I (2020)

Elegant melodic compositions in dungeon synth / fantasy ambience mould. For me one of the best releases in that genre.


Eszelős Meszelős (Hungary)

Erd​ő​s​á​v​-​dalok (2022)
L​é​gbegy​ö​kerezve (2024)

Experimental electronics from Balázs Kovács. Gentle guitar strumming (or imitation thereof), slow, pastoral or melancholic melodies, synths and cyber choir / vocaloid singing. The whole has something of a Coil-y quality to it. Rather unique stuff and rather nice overall.



ET I (2018)
ET II (2018)
ET III UBIK (2019)
ET IV 2084 (2020)
Volume 5: Tomb World Ascenders (2021)

Mostly analog drum machine rhythms, with some analog synths added.


Et Cetera (Germany)

Live (1973)

What's there to know about Et Cetera? It was a jazz fusion ensemble put together by keyboard player Wolfgang Dauner about 1968. They experimented with various styles and apart from typical fusion sound incorporated elements of krautrock, blues, avant-garde and more. They had various members coming and going. The double LP Live was recorded by their last lineup that included Jurgen Schmidt-Oehm and Matthias Thurow. Among the rich tapestry of sounds presented here one can also find a synthesizer track which makes it a curiosity of sorts for EM fans.

See also: Thurow, Matthias, Dauner, Wolfgang.


Eta Carinae (Poland)

Eta Carinae (2005)
Movement... (2005)
Home (家 Jia) (2008)

Electroacoustic / ambient project of Grzegorz Bojanek. Movement... combines moody, melodic guitar compositions, electroacoustics and elements of "classic" EM / Ambient.

See also: Bojanek, Grzegorz


Etat des Stocks (Belgium)

Bruxellisation Volume 1 (??)
Bruxellisation Volume 2 (??)
Opération coup de poing (??)

Experimental project of Patrick Parent, founded somewhere in the late 1980's or early 1990's. The above releases feature some interesting, albeit simple, keyboard ambient tracks and some rhythmic stuff with multiple samples. This is not his full discography but I am not sure how much of his output will be EM-friendly, as some of the other stuff I've heard from him was rather noisy and industrial-like.


Etchings Wound (Australia)

Decathexis (2019) (S)
Demo I & The Master's Voice (2019)
Within Possession of Eternity (2020) (S)

Repetitive, cosmic, melodic...


Etelin (USA)

Hui Terra (2018)
Frisson (2021) (S)

Organic, semi-acoustic Ambient, with lots of field recordings and some warm analog textures. A project of Alex Cobb, who also releases droning guitar-based music under his real name.


Eternal (Greece)

The Battle For the Lost Soul (2022) (S)

Music between "dungeon synth" and ambient EM.


Eternal Electric (USA)

Resistor (2013)

Brooklyn-based duo of Brien Hindman and Sheldon Chow, plus a cast of collaborators. They mostly go for Depeche Mode-like electropop / darkwave sound and harsher, industrial-tinged songs. However, the long suite "See Something, Say Something" is certainly something that will please EM fans, especially those into the darker, ambient and cinematic forms. Great EM potential here with these guys.


Eternal Moon (UK)

Kubla Khan (1986)

Synth band consisting of Dave Palmer, Steve Morrell (both from River of Dreams) and Dave Newbold. Classic sound.

See also: River of Dreams


Eternell (Sweden)

Waking Music (2013)
Kalimba Ambience (2014)
Children of Infinity (2017)
Still Light (2018)
Autumn Sky (2019) (EP) (with Endlesstrains)
Imagined Distances (2020)
Mira (2022)
Self (2022)

Relaxing ambient sounds and rich synthesizer pads from Ludvig Cimbrelius. Waking Music is a double CD.

See also: Purl, Illuvia, Abraço de Vapor, Hallow Under.


Eternity (Spain)

Vangeliana (2018)
Machines (2018)
Atmospheres (2020)

A project of Jose Manuel Medina. The title of Vangeliana tells everything about the musical style and the main inspiration.


Ether (Russia)

Comm (2012)
Silk Road (2013) (S)

Alexey Sirotkin.


Ether Ship (USA)

E.T.I. (2023)

San Francisco-based experimental electronic and audiovisual duo of Willard Van De Bogart and Lemon DeGeorge. Floating, drifting, hypnotic textures and sounds.


Ethereal (UK)

Ethereal (2017)

Long ambient tracks with a cyberpunk feel. Some noisier moments as well.


Ethereal (USA)

Ten Electronic Music Studies (2000)
Beyond Neptune (2007)

Solo electronic project of Richard Orlando, who was a member of Alien Planetscapes at some stages. The second album has a veriety of styles, with a cast of supporting musicians, including the late Doug Walker (Alien Planetscapes), Doug McMahon (Scattered Planets), Paul Williams (Quarkspace) and three female vocalists.

See also: Alien Planetscapes, Orlando, Richard.


Ethereal Electric Elixir (UK)

Live At the Edge of Time (2011)

A live formation that includes John Sherwood (4m33s), Lee Shepherd, Michael Daniel, Phil Booth and Steve Palmer. The line-up is variable and the style is Ambient mixed with some Berlin influences. The package of Live At the Edge of Time includes a CDR and a DVD.

See also: 4m33s, Palmer, Stephen.


Ethereal Logic (Spain)

Tales From An Extraordinary Trip (2017)
Intergalactic World Music (2021)

Varied music, from heavily atmospheric synths to weird clicks and glitches and sharp analog textures.


Etherfysh (UK)

Musick In the Quay of Sea (2002) (EP)
Yule Tide (2003)
Yule Tide 2 (2003)
A Box of Fysh (2004)
A Box of Fysh / Pandoras Box (2004)
Stasis (2005)
On Your Way Home (2007)
The Sundered Sky (2019)
Yule Tide 3 (2019)

Etherfysh is the project of Chris Christou from Hastings, East Sussex, England. Chris was exposed to EM pretty early in his life. After he grew up he acquired his first synthesizers - a kit built string machine and a Korg MS-10. Since then he has been recording his solo music on cassette and an open reel-to-reel tape recorder. In the mid-80's he got some interest from the French label Egg but eventually nothing came out of it. Finally, Chris set up a new project called Etherfysh which got airplay on several specialized radio stations followed by several CD releases. There are many influences in Chris' music, but the most important ones come from the Berlin School, Vangelis, Tim Blake, Wheater Report and Joe Zawinul. After listening to a 3-track promo with compositions taken from the CD A Box of Fysh I would say that Chris' music will probably be enjoyed by most EM listeners. It's not really sequencer heavy, not on this release at least. Instead, Chris relies on a lot of atmospheric, sometimes mysterious sounds, floating pads and subtle rhythms. Sometimes the music is comparable to 80's Tangerine Dream, although with a very relaxed feel. There is a strong melodic edge to it throughout (although some sections do not have any distinguishable melody per se) and I do notice a few classical influences as well or so it seems to me. The track "Sidewalk" is very ethnic-sounding. This is interesting stuff with a slick production (the sound quality is very good for a self-produced CD). Recommended. Also, read my review of Yule Tide 2 here


Etheriden (USA)

Can't. Not. Look. (2019) (S)

A project of Noah Christopher. Varied electronics with something of a 1990's flair by way of voice samples and occasional acid bass lines.


Ethernet (USA)

144 Pulsations of Light (2009)
Temples (2010)
Into the Woods (2012)
Opus 2 (2013)
Virtual Reality (2013) (EP)
Tanuki Dreams (2014)
Outside of Time (2018)

The earliest project of musician Tim Gray where he experimented in the Ambient genre. There are also some dub / ambient techno / IDM influences.

See also: Gray, Tim, Tanuki House.


E-Tiefengrund (Germany)

Voltage Sessions (2013)
A Scent of Jasmine - Voltage Sessions II (2014)
The Code (2015)
Cathedrals - Voltage Sessions IV (2016)
Fusion Machines - Voltage Sessions V (2018)

Electronic Music by Silvia and Michael Kempe.


Etnier, John (USA)

The Demo (1982)
Arterial (1984)
Performance: Seven Scores For Dance And Multimedia 1982-1987 (1987)

John Etnier is an experimental rock composer and graphic designer from Maine. He released several records, both solo and in group format. Arterial is a soundtrack to a dance performance. Etnier plays everything, with synthesizers, guitars and chromatic percussion dominating. Several guests contribute other instruments. The music is diverse and ranges from Eno-like Ambient, to recital / classical / choral pieces and jazzy stuff of ECM type.


Ettinger, Dylan (USA)

Safari Zone (2008)
Bread of the Dead (2009)
Bringing the Heat / Cancer (2009) (S)
Communion (2009)
Smokin' / Miami Heat (2009) (S)
Super Ape (2009)
Composed By Dylan Ettinger (2010) (S)
Cutters (2010) (S)
Interstellar Pleasures (2010) (S)
New Age Outlaws (2010)
Botany Bay (2011)
Pattern Recursion (2011) (S)
Lion of Judah (2011) (S)
Crucify Your Love (2013) (S)
Life Power Church (2013)

Young artist with an interesting and wide-ranging set of influences: reggae, dub (Safari Zone, Bread of the Dead), experimental / musique concrete (Super Ape), Jan Hammer and 80's synth soundtracks (Smokin', Bringing the Heat), "Blade Runner" (New Age Outlaws), Klaus Schulze (Interstellar Pleasures) and more. One to look out for, as you never know what he'll do next.

See also: Hasufel


Ettlinger, Dieter (UK)

AI Ambient Intelligence (2002)

Despite the title, the music on Ambient Intelligence is too rhythmic and sequencer-based to be called Ambient music. Dieter Ettlinger is the nom-de-plume of the British Ambient musician Peter Challoner who has also worked with fellow musician Paul Smith as Asymmetric.

See also: Challoner, Peter, Asymmetric


Etxebarria, Aitor (Spain)

Markak (2017) (soundtrack)
Nihilism Part 1 (2019) (recorded in 2014 - 2019)
Hondar Ahoak (2023) (soundtrack)

Basque composer focused on the use of piano and synthesizers, with other instruments in supporting roles. Nihilism Part 1 is something for Talk Talk fans perhaps.


Etziony, Yair (Israel)

Deliverance (2018)
Umleitung (2018) (EP)
Albion Remixes (2018) (EP)
As Above So Below (2018)
Ensemble (2019)
We Were Here Before, We Will Be Here After (2020)

A mixture of dark soundscapes and industrial influences.


EugeneKha (Russia)

Phantoms (1998)
I.N.Kh.E. (2015) (with West Remi)
Three Months (2018)

Evgenij V. Kharitonov is a Moscow-born artist who has been quite prolific over the years, releasing a wealth of music in different styles and under different pseudonyms, mostly as digital downoads. I.N.Kh.E. features Space Music / EM in a unique style.


Euglossine (USA)

Jewel Hunter Geomancy (2012) (S)
Floridian Abstract (2012) (S)
Dance District (2013)
Tropical Popsicle (2014)
Lustrous (2014)
Complex Playground (2015)
Emotion's Portion (2015)
Canopy Stories (2016)
Puzzle Gallery (2016) (S)
Sharp Time (2017)
Librarian (2018) (EP)
Coriolis (2019)
Aquatic Station Teal (2019)
Psaronius (2020)
Blue Marble Agony (2020)
Bug Planet Is the Current Timeline (2023)

Unclassifiable artist (Tristan Whitehill from Gainesville, Florida), who mixes elements of jazz fusion, vaporwave, progressive EM (especially that jazz-tinged, Japanese sound, like YMO, Hiroshi Sato, etc.) and library music vibes. Tracks like "Phenomenological Manifold" from Sharp Time will give you many minutes of listening pleasure.


Eulipion Corps (USA)

Aenean Fields (2022)
Friendly Islands (2022)
Rites & Mysteries (2022)
Return To Friendly Islands (2023)
Eclipse (2023)
Strange Familiar (2023)
Lost Horizon (2024) (with Ortooeen Waves)
Megaliths & the Tides (2024)

Julian Goldberger's project of hyperactive sequencer runs, distorted guitars and vintage drum machine rhythms.


Eumig (UK)

Eumig (2016)
Distant Spring (2018) (S)
Analog Spaces (2019)
23 (2020)
Helium Structures (2022)

A project of ambient drone artist Nick Dawson.


Eumourner (???)

Misdirection (2020)
The Oval Scream (2022)
Maggot Weeper (2023)
The Pain of Suspense (2024)
Gargoyle (2024) (recorded in 2020)

Intense, at times noisy ambient compositions with a horror vibe.


Eunuch (USA??)

Winter 2013 Electronic Manifestation (2018)

Black metal project that for the above release decided to go the electronic route for some reason. The music is not typical for "BM guy doing ambient" scene, as it is more rhythmic and busy. It is also highly melodic and a bit repetitive.


Euphoria Engine (Japan)

未知への憧れ (2021)
まだ (2021) (recorded in 2020)
星の精 (2021) (recorded in 2020)
She Dreams of Duality (2023)
Cloudfall (2023)

"Slushwave" / ambient project.


European Sons (Sweden)

S/T (2022)

Supposedly, a krautrock / EM / synth-pop hybrid.


Europaweite Aussichten (Germany)

Welcome To Paradise (2015)
Purgatory (2015)

Horror synth project of Sam Freissler, with elements of synthwave. Very John Carpenter in places.


Eurovisione (Netherlands)

Litio (2021)
Suchness (2022)
V (2023)

Moody, a bit lo-fi ambient compositions from Amsterdam.


EUS (Costa Rica)

Vhinto No Dresce (2011)
Tras el Horizonte (2011)
Los Otros (2012)
Sustained Layers (2012) (with Postdrome and Saåad)
Sol Levit (2013)
Reviraje / Lifeless (2014) (with Mytrip)
Different Streams (2015) (with Postdrome and Saåad)
Luminar (2016)
Devenir (2019)
Vergel (2024)

Dark Ambient.


Eusebeia (UK)

So Came the Light And It Balanced Us (2016)
Post (2016)
In the Balance (2018)
The Eleventh Hour (2018)
Beyond the Horizon (2019)
Transition / Intuition (2024) (S) (with Aisatsaana)

Varied project of Seb Watts who has released some peaceful ambient works. These will be listed.


Eva|3 (UK)

The Great Divide (2007) (recorded in 2002 - 2006)
A World Within (2021)

A project of Paul Lavigne. A World Within features varied tracks performed on the Buchla Music Easel synthesizer. From playful and rhythmic / sequencer based to droning and abstract.


Evangelion of Darkness (Italy)

Timeline (2002)



Evans, Brandon (USA)

Mutually Assured Destruction (Modular Synthesizer) (2017)

US jazz musician (woodwind player / saxophonist). The above album is a modular synth session recorded live in a library. It is more of a curiosity, though, full of abstract beeps and blips.


Evans, Brian (UK)

Sky Dance (1990)
Untitled (??)

Sequencer EM.


Evans, Chris (UK)

Stonehenge (1980) (with David Hanselmann)
Symbols of the Seven Sacred Sounds (1981) (with David Hanselmann)
Empty Spaces And Desert Places (1983)
Videovision (1985)
Multiple Image (1987)

Aka Chris Evans-Ironside. Keyboardist and producer. The first two albums, created with Truimvirat singer David Hanselmann mix symphonic rock, The Alan Parsons Project style and Electronic Music. The rest are library electronic LP's.


Evans, Matt (USA)

New Topographics (2020)
Touchless (2021)
Soft Science (2022)

Brooklyn-based percussionist. New Topographics is an album of wacky percussive electronics. Touchless is more of a droning, ambient-type release with some neo-classical influences.


Evans, Sean (Canada)

Catalog (2018)
Wave (2019)
Stasis Music (2023)

Synth drones and sparkling arpeggios from this British Columbia-based artist. "Two" (Catalog) is a really nice track.


Eve And David (USA)

1 (2022)

Synth / guitar duo of Eve Maret and David Onri Anderson. Cosmic EM sound reminding on 1970's classics. A few funky rhythms as well.

See also: Maret, Eve


Evelyn War (Ireland)

Limits of Exposure (2009)
A Darker Definition (2011)

Evelyn War is Jonathan Mayhew. He lives and works in Dublin and is also a graphic artist / photographer. His music is based on the sound of synthesizers. It is mostly ambient but he is not afraid to toss in a gentle sequence or two. Check out his split cassette release with Guyute titled Mountains. It features some beautiful music by Jonathan.


Evematic (UK)

Biosonogram (2004)

Eve (Yvonne) Thacker under a pseudonym. Highly experimental, at times playful (in a wacky, Cluster-like way), music.

See also: Thacker, Yvonne


Eveno, Reido (France??)

A Journey Into Hell With Richard Trenton Chase (2023)

Varied, darkish, cinematic music from Reido Zweit, member of a few metal projects / groups.


Event Cloak (Canada)

Physical Computing (2011)
Reprogramming (2012)
Life Strategies (2015)
Vague Definition (2018)

Experimental, but also accessible music from Nick Maturo, with sampling galore and synths.

See also: Sundrips


Event Horizon (UK)

Variations No. 1 (2001)
Variations No. 2 (2001)
Akashic Records (2002)
Found Artifacts (2002)
Lost Lands (2002)
Vortrans (2002)
Pool of Dreams (2002)
Plain of Fear (2002)
Chasm (2002)
Onomaopoeia (2002)
Seismology (2002)
Visions of the Infinite (2002)
Anglian Meditations (2002)
Transfiguration (2002)
Morbidus (2002)
Sound Science (2002)
Entropy (2002)
Sanctus 1 (2002)
Sanctus 2 (2002)
The Entomologist (2002)
Messa terrible (2002)
Oracle (2003)
Chaos Kitchen (2003)
Eclipse (2003)
The Ascension (2003)
The Ascension II (2003)
The Sanctus Entomologica Triptych (2003)
Memorium (2003)
Vulcanicity (2003)
Caverns (2003)
Polydeus - Pastoral Electronic Symphony (2003)
Oceans (2003)
One-Way Street (2003)
Tau (2003)
Quanta (2003)
Snarl (2003)
Twisted Logic (2003)
G'Tharg (2003)
Vulcan Song (2003)
Seismology II (2003)
The Omega Series (2003)
Black Iron (2003)
Shed Inventions (2003)
The Recital (2004)
Spacedirt (2004)
Moog City (2004)
Make Yourself At Home (2004)
Substratum (2004)
Kaos (2004)
Warp (2004)
Ornithology (2004)
The Twelve Portals (2004)
Subterror (2004)
The Primordial Particle (2004)
The Centre of the Galaxy (2004)
Unknowable By Man (2004)
Dome (2004)
Cosmogenesis Symphony (2004)
Agharti (2004)
Data Dream (2004)
Occult Chemistry (2004)
Weird Synth (2004)
Pyramid Technology (2004)
Beyond the Veil (2005)
Spherique (2005)
The Catalogue of Rituals (2005)
Variations No. 3 (2005)
Variations No. 4 (2005)
Silver Collection (2005)
Legends (2005)
The Plain of Fear II (2005)
Morbidus II (2005)
Mythos (2005)
High In Fibre (2006)
Dreamtime (2006)
The Ghost In the Machine (2006)
Radiophobia (2006)
Myriadaea (2006)
The Gatekeepers (2006)
Enigma (2006)
Radiophonia (2006)
Dragon Paths (2006)
Radiaesthesia (2006)
Cosmic Anthems (2007)
Opthe (2007)
Variations No. 7 In A Major (2007)
Phrenology (2007)
Pharos (2007)
Tesla Varations (2007)
Tesla Varations, Vol. 1 & 2 (2007)
Cuttin' Mustard (2010)
99 (2010)
Scoring A Century (2010)

Event Horizon's output has evolved since its inception in 2002, from the original big spacey sound, with heavy menacing Gothic dirges and giant church organ synthesis, to a lighter style, with emphasis on Celtic and early plainsong styles, modal melodies, and choir / organ sounds. Recordings after mid 2006 have concentrated upon a more orchestral form, though still plainly electronic in origin and making little attempt to emulate natural instruments. The acoustics still, as ever, are those of a giant concert hall or cathedral. Since mid 2006, the big modular synthesiser was abandoned in favour of software sources. Styles have been a little reminiscent of Tangerine Dream, Tomita, Vangelis and Jarre, but with heavy influences of Messiaen in the earlier music, pre 2005. Richard Barton also publishes recordings under his own name, and under the name SAIEM ("Anglo-Irish School of Electronic Music") (text used with permission).

See also: Barton, Richard, SAIEM.


Everdune (Finland)

Legend of the Aces (2011)
Spaceventure (2014)

Saul Tyni's Everdune, although a spacesynth project, displays a wide range of influences. Inspired by the 90's demoscene and EM in no way less than by Laserdance and other classics, he creates melodic, dynamic works that display good sound design and a knack for churning out great melodies at a nice pace. But it is on slow tracks like "Beyond the Horizon" that Saul puts forward his EM influences and displays them in all their cinematic glory. A few nice synth solos found their way here also. File under EM-related.


Everest Magma (Italy)

Nuova abduzione (2021)

Varied ambient compositions.


Everfriend (USA)

Tropicsphere (1980)
Sphere of Influence (1981)
Key Essentials (1982)
Shoot To Kill (1983)

Everfriend was a New Jersey-based progressive rock band put together in the late 1970's by keyboardist Bill Rhodes. I am not sure how much of their output would qualify as EM but it is known that Sphere of Influence has some purely electronic moments, done a bit in the style of Synergy. Of their three albums, Shoot To Kill, done in collaboration with Bob Ruggiero, is the least known and more obscure. It features some singing of side A but is said to be synth-dominated and EM-related. The album is dedicated to the memory of the victims of Flight 007.

See: Rhodes, Bill


Evergloom (USA)

Our Youth Fades Between These Seasons (2021)
2 Songs (2024) (S)

Melancholoc, melodic ambient electronics. Somewhat dungeon synth-like.

See also: Faded Cloak


Evergreen Avenue (USA)

Echo Chamber (2017)
Eternal Blue (2017)
Sky Sailing (2017)
Convalescence (2019)

Peaceful ambient drones from Alec Critten out of Georgia.


Everness (Portugal)

Voyage of Being (1998)

Everness is a duo of synthesist Guilherme da Luz and guitarist Manuel Cardoso, both of whom were members of progressive rock band Tantra.

See also: Da Luz, Guilherme


Everyday Dust (UK)

The Principality of Dust (2014)
The Green Decay (2016)
Mirrors (2020)
The Vale (2021) (soundtrack)
Black Water (2021) (S)
Mysteries From the Magnetic Realm (2022)
Deadham Ridge (2022) (soundtrack)
Nocturnes (2022) (with Veryan)
Witching Hour Lineman (2023)
Gateway X (2023)
Green Energy (2023)
Existence X (2023)
Act X (2023)
Shrouded (2023)
Shrouded II (2024)

Hazy, dramatic ambient soundworlds made of classical instrumentation, field recordings, analog synths, tape effects etc.


Everything Must Go (USA)

Brain Machine (1992)
Unfold (1995)
Hall of Mysteries (2001)

Everything Must Go is a Texan duo of brothers Rob and Russ Giffen of Escapade creating traditional cosmic Electronic Music.

See also: Escapade


Eve's Ecstasy (Israel)

Beyond the Memory of the World (2017)

Israeli band. The above album mixes metal and electronic tracks in varied styles, including nice classic EM pastiche on "A Post-Industrial Twilight" and melodic / ambient synth of the closer "A Sunrise Over Eternity".


Evgrafov, Dmitry (Russia)

Collage (2015)
Comprehension of Light (2017)
Surrender (2020)

Neo-classical compositions with electronics from this Moscow-based musician. A bit similar in concept and sound to Nils Frahm, also based mostly on piano and synths, with some stringed section and mallet percussion injections.


èvia (Germany)

Cold (2023) (S)

Urban ambience, in case of Cold describing bright winter days with fresh snow or clear skies.


Evian Christ (UK)

Revanchist (2023)

Evan Christ is an artistic name of Joshua Leary, a Northern England-born trap / trance musician. Revanchist is more or less a work in the vein of deconstructed club / bass music / trance. There are also some Progressive Electronic touches, as on the melodic closer "Run Boys Run". File under EM-related.


Evigt Mörker (Sweden)

Krona (2019)
Tva portar (2022) (S)
Ovigt jord (2022)

Stockholm-based artist. Although a techno LP, Krona has a couple of ambient tracks, which are the reason I included it in EEM. Update 9.12.2022: With Ovigt Jord, it's full EM mode now. Pretty nice stuff.


Evilnox (Russia)

Nighttime Birds Awoke the Dead (2013)
Voices From the Dark (2013)
Age of Blood And Fire (2013)
The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (2015)
Back To the Land That Once Knew (2015) (with Almofar)
Dark Times of War And Witchcraft (2017)
The Land of Lost Souls... The Revival (2017)
Songs From Twilight Kingdom (2017)
Forgotten Scrolls (2017) (recorded in 2013 - 2016)
When Old Legends Come To Life (2019)
Kingdom of Eternal Night (2020)
Songs of Oblivion (2020)

This project from Krasnodar mixes medieval melodies somewhat akin to the dungeon synth genre, rhythmic passages with black metal-like vocals and ambient soundscapes. Personally, I find the first two aspects of his music forgettable, but the latter (the ambient side) can be quite engaging and moody.


Evitceles (Bulgaria)

Somnambulant Fog (2019)
Нелюбов (2020)
Black Leaf (2021)
Naive Slumber (2021)
Accession (2022)
Infinite Night (2022)
Velvet Room (2023)
Bruised (2023)

Reflective / melancholic ambient compositions from Etien Slavchev, who is mainly known for his club / techno-related music.


Evolva (France)

AuralDreams (2020) (S)

Driving, rhythmic, melodic electronics with touches of synthwave. The disc closes with a puzzling noisy remix or a Sona Nyl track which sounds completely out of place.

See also: Sona Nyl, El Prêtro Maniaco, Cathuria.


Evryn (Venezuela)

Vanished (2020)
Veneno (2021)
Sinking In A Dream (2021)
If It's Real, Then I'll Stay / Let Me Go (2021)
Principe (2022)

Shorter electronic tracks of varying moods - mostly melancholic and poignant, sometimes more serene or urgent, with multiple sequences / pulses.


Ewige Dunkelheit (Brazil)

A Deformidade (2007)



EWT 811 (Poland)

B1919+21 (2024)

Dark Space from Poland.


EX- (Australia)

Stop / Don't (1983) (S)

Mini album by a short-lived duo of old friends from down under, Daevid Allen (Gong) and David Tolley. The music is supposedly electronic.

See also: Tolley, David, Allen, Daevid.


Ex Aquis (France)

10 pièces d'errance dans un monde défait (2020)
My Emotion Overdrives (2020)
No Matter How Far You Fall... (2020)
Che la mia ferita sia mortali (2021)

Varied project of one Matthieu Wibaux based in Provence. The music on My Emotion Overdrives switches from style to style, often within a single track, but the predominating influences are those of dreampunk and Ambient, with forays into techno, vaporwave, UK bass, deconstructed club and melodic EM.


Ex Confusion (Japan)

Something To Remember (2010)
Empathy (2010) (S)
You And I (2011) (S)
Small Reality (2011) (S)
Too Late, They Are Gone (2011) (S)
Music For My Love (2011) (S)
Embrace (2012)
With Love (2013)
Flow (2014) (S)
I Remember When (2019)

Emotional soundscapes from Atsuhito Omori.


Ex Ox (Canada)

Nervous Complaint (2023)

Melodic arpeggios, noises and mellotron flutes from Andrew Dickson.


Ex Ponto (Australia)

Neka Neka (2019)
In A Quarry... Far, Far Away (2022) (S)

A project of Ivan Mašić. Music inspired by Yugoslavian new wave and EM of the 1980's.


Ex Wiish (USA)

Shards of Axel (2023)

Ex Wiish is New York-based Ben Shirken. Shards of Axel is a strange concept about being trapped inside of a video game. It is a varied electronic work, with lots of sampling and other digital techniques.


Exael (USA)

Ghost Hologram (2012)
Actaeon (2015) (S)
Miche (2016)
Collex (2018)
Bergamot / Dolmen (2019) (S)
Flowered Knife Shadows (2021)
Cartoon Goth (2021) (S)
Ice That Melts the Tips (2022)
Vanishing Act (2023)

Mostly ambient soundscapes.

See also: Micro Incubus, Naemi.


Exalot (Russia)

Time Slice (2004)
Analogue Flowers (2005)
Memoirs Fiola (2012)
Cosmic Voyager (2013)
Minutes of Loneliness (2017)

Not sure how many people will actually "dig" this, as it's mostly very simplistic EM, as if coming from an old video game (guess that was the intention anyway). This one is only for the complete "retro" heads. Exalot is a little-known project from Saint-Petersburg. The author uses vintage synthesizers and low-bit computers.


Except Buses (UK)

Bankside (1988)
Solstice 25 (2014) (recorded in ?? - 1989)

Experimental electronic band consisting of Simon Lewry, Steve Tree, Aidan Walsh and Richard Zarywacz. Alternates between ambient or aggressive (always retaining the melodic edge) synthesizer pieces and noisy concrete collages. You can say that they are an industrial / EM crossover project.


Exchange (Canada)

Into the Night (1988)
Between Places (1990)
The Legend of Prince Valiant (1991) (soundtrack)
Exchange (1992)
Beyond Words (1993)
Eleven Eleven (2012)

Exchange is a Canadian duo of Gerald O'Brien (ex-Nightwinds) and Steve Sexton. The music on their first couple of albums have been compared to Synergy and Vangelis. Later albums are said to be in the poppy new age style, complete with vocals and, therefore, dreadfully boring. Stay away, unless you can find some of their early works.


Excite (Germany)

Fractional Healing (1992)

Sequencer music on Musique Intemporelle. Excite was a duo of Andreas Schmidt and Jochen Forster.


Ex-Colorado (Argentina)

7 Mares (2017) (S)
Lo Bueno del Tiempo y las Decisiones (2022)

Indie krautrock project of José María D'Agostino. Some tracks have vocals, some are instrumental. For fans of synth / guitar combinations and motorik.


Exercise (USA)

Exercise (2009)
Workin' Out W/ Mike And Brett (2009) (S)
Field of Dreams (2009)

Cassette release from Brett Naucke (Face Worker) and Mike Pollard (Treetops). Dual synthesizer works. Droney, new agey.

See also: Naucke, Brett, Face Worker.


Exhadley (Sweden)

Exhadley (2008)

Varied project influenced mostly by classic krautrock. Collage-like sounds, guitar-based sounds and sequencer-based analog electronics.


Exhausted Modern (Czech Republic)

Year of the Rat (2020)

Moody, rhythmic, mechanical EM with touches of Kraftwerk, Moebius, EBM and industrial.


Exhaustor (Spain)

Coaxial (1996)

See also: Ruiz, Miguel Angel, Orfeon Gagarin, Funeral Souvenir, Ventral Metaphor, Ambulatorio Segreto, Tecnica Material, Des Airlines, Michel.


Exhumed Corpse (USA)

Hollow Reflections (2007)
Blood Filter (2008)
Mort (2008)
Mourning (2008)
Population Zero (2008) (S)
Undead Burial (2008)
Unmarked Grave (2008)
Crashing (2009)
Numbing (2009) (S)
Oblivion (2009)
Pray For Death (2009)
Last Words... (2010)
The Crows Fly, The Wolves Fly... (2010) (S)
Exhumed Corpse (2011) (S)
Mortem Obire (2011)
Stone Mausoleum (2013)
Red Snow (2014)
Servant of the Star And the Snake (2015)
Turn Away (2017)
I'll Never Reach Your Plain (2019)
Reverse Black Hole (2024) (S)

Low-fi synth-based Dark / Death Ambient from Sam Wagner, a noisician from Michigan.


Exile (Norway)

Dimension D (1996)

See also: Wollo, Erik


Exile, The (UK)

Towards Fear (2000)
Via Nemea (2003)
Good Vibrations (2003)
Ascension (2004) (EP)

Mainly light airy Ambient like Eno / Budd. Later works incorporate noisy bits and drones. The project of Joel Derby who is also a member of Inconnu project. 


EXIMIA (Slovakia)

Visitors (2018)

Dark soundscapes and evocative collages on the theme of alien invasion. A project of Dominik Ragančík.


Ex-Improcorp (UK)

Vespers electronique (2023)
Music For Strange Movements (2024)
Radio magnetique (2024)
Nucleus of Liquid Conscience (2024)
Cubinistic Thought (2024)

Side project of Ken Martin in varied, atmospheric EM vein.

See also: Martin, Ken


Existrances (Switzerland)

Existrances Vol. 1 (2023)

A project of Lausanne-based painter, poet and musician Jacques Berchten. Formless, hypnotic, otherworldly pieces mixing acoustic and electronic sound sources. Best track (on Existrances Vol. 1) - "Tribute To Femininity".


Exit Chamber (UK)

Phased Returns (2023)
The Future Remains Unwritten (2023)

Edinburgh-based project in cinematic, sort of shadowy Space Music style.


Exit In Grey (Russia)

Permanency Penetrating (2003)
Sarga (2003)
Audiometry (2004)
Nowadays Warm (2004)
Emotional Resounding (2004)
Twilight Waters (2005)
Magnetoline (2006)
Nameless Droplet (2006)
Radionarayan (2007)
Sub Pluvia (2007)
Dim Lines (2008) (recorded in 2005)
Audiometry: Domination (2009)
Raktasonic (2009) (recorded in 2004)
Peaceful Landscape / Environment Despair (2011)
Perception (2012)
Dust Storm (2013) (with Fanum)
Shadows of Stillness (2013)
One Lumen In the Past (2016)
Истерика вечного (2016)
Моменты (2018)
K7 (2020)
Path of Doubt (2020)
Control Points (2020)

Drone Ambient firmly in the Maeror Tri school of thought.

See also: Ion And Sophus


Exit Kanon (Norway)

Jazz For Alien Individuals (2002) (recorded in 1981 - 2002)

Pretty weird mixture of abstract jazz and ambient synthscapes. A project of Hans Petter Ristøl.


Exit Safe Mode (Estonia)

Immerse (2018)

A project of Margus Löve, who has a techno background, which shows perfectly in his music, although the contents of Immerse are much more related to ambient forms of EM, somewhat FAX-esque in places, perhaps.


Exit Spoons (Italy)

Umito (2018)

Italian trio with a krautrock attitude, using a lot of electronics (including some DIY stuff).


Exm (Netherlands)

LS16 (2020)
Overscore (+) (2020)
Descent (2021)

Tinkling, experimental sequencer, IDM rhythms, etc. Music by Jeroen Bax. Some of the material on reminds on LS16 Trancefer-era Klaus Schulze. Overscore is arguably more IDM influenced, but "Drygxed" is a fantastic Prog EM / ambient track.


ExMemory (Japan)

Lifecycles (2022)

Cinematic electronic project from Tokyo. Drones, arpeggios, jazzy touches, futuristic/ cyber / neon vibes...


Exorcist CBG, The (Sweden)

The Exorcist CBG (2015)
II (2018)
Stonerdisco / Superstandard (2020) (S)
III (2023)

Upbeat synthesizer disco / kraut / prog rock. Like Goblin and Moroder scoring a horror soundtrack. Nice sequencing on "Electric Wine" (II).

See also: Osylinga Mann


Exotoendo (France)

Exotoendo (??)
Endorcism Process (1997)
Transept (1998)
Push Kara (1999)

Ritual Ambient from French artist Cyril Herry.

See also: Ashes To Ashes


Expanded Music Company (Italy)

Tu scendi dalle stelle (1982) (S)

Weird and rare one-sided electronic single with music for a theatrical play.


Expanding Foam (UK)

Waymarkers (2021)

Varied experimental compositions ranging from noisy and glitchy to playful and ambient.


Expanding Universe, The (Australia)

One (2022)

A project of Martin Kennedy of All India Radio fame. Sequences, spacey guitars and relaxing melodies. Pretty nice EM, often with a Berlin flair.

See also: All India Radio


Expandis (UK)

Not Waving... ...I'm Drowning (1982)
Flying (1983)

Minimal synth / post-punk band featuring Phil Thornton on synths. In the 1970's, Thornton played in a hard progressive band Stallion. He then went on to form Expandis with fellow musicians Dave Miller and John Wilde. The thing about Expandis was combining experimental vocal songs with synth interludes by Thornton. The latter represent a variation on a single theme on the first album and a much more varied selection of EM tracks on Flying. This last album was remastered from cassette and released in digital format in 2012 (the master tapes got lost circa 1985). It is interesting how the opener combines Berlin School sequences with a brief vocal section, in a way repeating the Cyclone (TD) formula, but in a different context. The first album can be considered EM-related. The second is predominantly EM with elements of synth-pop / minimal synth.

See also: Thornton, Phil


Expedition Zero (Russia)

Essentuki (1999)
Ambulance (2001)
Ultra Hi (2001)
Po Svetu Zemli (2001)
Deep Sleep (2002)

Ambient group formed by Kirill Trepakov in the early 1990's. Varied sound, from Classic Ambient to techno-influenced stuff.

See also: Siver, Valery & Trepakov Kiryll


Experimental Audio Research (UK)

Mesemrized (1994)
Beyond the Pale (1996)
Phenomena 256 (1996)
The Koner Experiment (1997)
Millennium Music (1997)
Live At the Dream Palace, New Orleans (1997)
Pestrepeller (1999)
Data Rape (2000)
Vibrations (2000) (EP)
Continuum (2001)
Worn To A Shadow (2005)

EAR (formed in 1990 by Sonic Boom) creates psychedelic experimental droning music, somehow comparable to No Pussyfooting by Eno/Fripp. Beyond the Pale features Eddie Provost of AMM.

See also: Spectrum, Martin, Kevin Richard.


Experimental Psychology (USA)

Tracks Through My Mind (1989)
Tread Through Time (1989)
Feat of A Lifetime (1989) (maxi)
Gloom (1991)
Techno-Cality (1994)
Dawn of the Space Age (1995)
Planetary Revolution (1995)
Space Zones (1995)
Deep Space (1996)
Cosmic Overture 1 (1996)
Cosmic Overture 2 (1997)
Cosmic Overture 3 (1997)
Early Experimental Tracks (1998) (recorded in ??)
Alien Worlds 1 & 2 (1999)
Jellyfish In Space (1999)
Beyond the Glaze (2000)
Behind the Mirror (2000)
Fatal Sophisticated (2007)
Strange Lights (2012)

Experimental Psychology (or, simply Ex.P.) is the project of Ben Summers - founder of Dark Duck record label. The music ranges from deep ambient explorations to techno-influenced stuff and experimental soundscapes.


Experimental Synth Kids (Finland)

ESK (2019)

Ambient synth music composed in Finnish kindergartens and during various workshops by children aged between 3 and 12.


Experiments In Silence (UK)

Hidden Harmonic (2014)
Encrypted Transmissions (2016)
Suspended Form (2017)
Escape To the Skyline (2018)

Ambient duo of Matt Hillier and Neil Butler.

See also: Ishq, Ishvara, Futurology.


Experiments & Observations On Electricity (UK)

Experiments & Observations On Electricity (2023)

Varied, mostly experimental soundscapes from London.


Exploding Monsters (USA)

Exploding Monsters (2004)

Varied, relatively short, darkish electronic tracks with some guitar / drum embellishments. Exploding Monsters is a duo of George Martindell and Frank Sonsini.

See also: Science Friction


Explora (Italy)

Deep Voyage (1996)
Space-Time (??)

Long electronic tracks.

See also: Direct 2 Brain


Explosion, The (France)

The Explosion (2015)

A project of Gilbert Cohen together with Fabrizio Rat and Giani Caserotto on guitar. The music is hard to describe and is a strange amalgam of (sometimes frippertronics-like) guitars, pianos, warm, atmospheric or repetitive synthesizers (they state to be influenced by Terry Riley) and slight jazzy influences, all in an Ambient / EM setting. Rather unique and fairly good too.

See also: Cohen, Gilbert


Expo '70 (USA)

Where Does Your Mind Go? (2010)
Soft Wave Continuum (2012) (S)
Frozen Living Elements (2014)
Cleverly Mystique (2016)
Live In the Pit - KFJC 89.7FM (2017)
Tonal Remnants (2020)

It was about time to include this space rock / krautrock revival project from Justin Wright in the encyclopedia. Being that not all of his stuff is electronic, I decided to tread carefully and only include works that were proven to contain some electronic stuff. Case in point is Where Does Your Mind Go?, a double album that contains a spacey, 16-minute electronic floater "Night Dusting the Atmosphere". On Frozen Living Elements the track "Curiosities of Levitation" will be of interest. Soft Wave Continuum is a 20-minute cassette that is all layered synthesizers (no guitars here). Further investigation is needed.

See also: Wright, Justin, Umberto, Blazing Worlds.


Exportion (Japan)

Phantom Line (2018) (S)

Somber ambience with a bit of an industrial flair from Takahisa Nakai and Yuki Izumi.


Exposed (Germany)

Inside the Cube (2007)
Outside the Cube (2007)
Divemaster 08 (2008)
Living In the Past (2008)

Melodic and sequencer-based Electronic Music from K. H. Reiers, mastered by Bernd Scholl aka Moonbooter.


EXSHA (India)

Dysphoric Future (2021) (S)
误入歧途 (2021)

Synth project from Mumbai. Fast-paced arpeggios, synthwave drums and dystopian synth atmospheres.


Exterior Mirror (USA)

Delta (1995)
Hupp (1996)
Trans-Species Action (1998)

Dark Ambient from Claude Willey. Has been compared to Bad Sector, Runes Order and Alio Die.


Extraterrestrial (USA)

Extraterrestrial (2010) (S)
Electronic Fog (2010) (S)

One of the projects of Paul "Wolfgang" Riedl who is related to the metal scene. The eponymous cassette is noisy and rough, while Electronic Fog ventures into deeper Dark Space territories.

See also: Hoverkraft, Riedl, Paul, Blood Incantation.


Exurbs (USA)

Exurbs (2011)

Krautrock-inspired trio of Andrew Fitzpatrick, Beau Sorenson and Jeff Sauer. Heavy Dusseldorf School / motorik vibes here.

See also: Beaunoise


Exuviae (USA)

Echoes In the Emptiness (2000)
Settling Density (2001)
Response (2002)
Starting To See (2009) (EP)
Swallow the Ghost (2009)

Slowly moving, atmospheric droning Ambient. Exuviae is Brooks Rongstad, co-founder of GreenHouse Music label.

See also: Subseason


Eyck, Carolina (Germany)

Waves (2019) (with Eversines)
Thetis 2086 (2022)

German theremin player. Waves marries vocal improvisations, theremin and electronics from Eversines (Remco).


Eye (USA)

Live At Relay (2013)
Second Sight (2013)

American psychedelic / stoner / progressive rock band consisting of Matt Bailey, Matt Auxier, Adam Smith and Brandon Smith. Right from the start they used lots of keyboards and synthesizers, as is evident on their debut Center of the Sun (2011). They also venture into pure Electronic Music, as can be heard in the rather Tangerine Dream-ish title track off Second Sight. It's a synth / mellotron piece and it's criminally short. However, EM fans will get more of that goodness if they manage to lay their hands on Live At Relay, large stretches of which are spacey Electronic Music.


Eye, The (Germany)

Perversum (2009)
Ghost (2010)

Sort of a Dark Ambient sound here. The Eye is Thomas Hermann.


Eyeliner (New Zealand)

brb (2023)

Eyeliner is a vaporwave project of Luke Rowell, inspired by luxury, glamour life, vintage commercials and everything in between. brb is an album that still has that 1980's / 1990's commercial muzak sheen to it, with all the digital pianos, pads, flutes, saxes, etc, all carefully sequenced into melodic compositions. However, there is a feel of purpose to these tracks that prevent them from falling into background, as well as a strong influence of jazz fusion and melodic EM. Best tracks: probably "Timelapse", "Kitchen Island" and "Catnip".


Eyes Cast Down (USA)

The Separate Ones (2013)
Memory Palace (2014) (with Chris Russell)
Divinations (2014)
Souls Adrift, In Disrepair (2016)
The White Island (2017)

Multi-instrumentalist and ambient composer (Greg Moorcroft from Illinois) who uses both guitars and synths, as well as voices, field recordings and so on. Hypnotic, droning, meditative, emotional...


Eyes Turned Skyward (Germany)

Extracted Skies (2010)

Munich-based EM trio with a sequencer-based, Berlin School-inspired style. Sometimes with dance beats. "Dark Light" is an excellent track. Ditto for closer "Distant Impacts". Really impressed with these two.

See also: Cygnotic


EyeSee (UK)

The Magic Lake (2004)

Relaxing, new-agey Ambient similar to 1980's Steve Roach works (circa Quiet Music).


Eyfjörð, Þorsteinn (Iceland)

Scarpa (2023)

Icelandic artist. Scarpa features a live performance focused on lulling, arpeggiated and sometimes abstract ambient synth sounds.


Eyot Tapes (UK??)

Ajor / Path of Snakes (2023) (S)

Tribal rhythms, tropical atmosphere and samples galore from Eyot Tapes aka Alexander Green.


Eyyes (Switzerland)

Villa Omma (2021) (S)
Artica (2023)

A project of Gabriel Ghebrezghi. Contrasting electronics with soft / cosmic and piercing / noisy / intense sounds and elements.

See also: Ave Eva, Oha Aho, African Ghost Valley, Mind Waves.


Ezzu, Alberto (Italy)

Quaderno delle poesie elettronische ultraterrene (2022)
Le vie dei canti (2023) (with Simona Colonna)

Guitarist, singer and electronic composer. Quaderno delle poesie elettronische ultraterrene features pretty abstract and ambient electronic compositions. Le vie dei canti has a lot of voices and classical instrumentation mixed with synths. Sounds a bit like something Klaus Schulze would come up with during his "operatic" phase.


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