A Bit Crusher (Netherlands)

Whistleblower EP (2020) (EP)
My Perfect Dee (2021) (S)

IDM-related project from the Netherlands. The above EP has some elements of ambient / Prog EM.


A.C.F. (UK)

Time Shift (1983)

Early cassette release by Alan Freeman.

See also: Freeman, Alan


A>M (???)

A Fascist Can't Dance (2019) (S)
The Black (2020) (EP)
Anno Domini / Capitalism (2021) (S)
Until the Near End (2021) (S)

Strange stuff. Obviously influenced by both minimal synth and Progressive EM, the tracks use unusual "vocals" sometimes that give the whole experience a vaguely Coil-like feel.


A Challenge of Honour (Germany)

Ashigaru Revealed (2008)

A more introspective, ambient work from this martial industrial project. It can still hardly be considered ambient, though, as the music has many dynamic elements, like the (sometimes) rather upbeat tribal beats. However, the overall somber atmosphere influenced by aspects of traditional Japanese culture is something that approximates it with styles covered by EEM.


A Crown of Light (USA)

The Clearing (2006)

A Dark Ambient collaborative project between members of Power Electronics outfits A Crown of Amaranth and Conversations About the Light (Brandon Elkins and Robert Hunter Osgood). Mostly bleak drones but also some noisy bits and concrete structures.


A Crushed Rose (USA)

Someone Is Looking Out For Us (2019)

Dreamy, lo-fi ambience from Alisa Rodriguez.


A.D.S.R. (Spain)

Analog Sequence (1998)

The title of the album pretty much says it all. Two Spanish guys creating long sequencer-driven electronic tracks in classic tradition. A.D.S.R. was formed circa 1990 by Jorge Lanceira and Marcel Castro. They were influenced by Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer and a few others. In 1995 the duo started making original compositions instead of doing covers or programming synths for other musicians.


A.D.S.R. (???)

Uno (2020)

Varied Electronic Music from this (so far) anonymous project.


A Distant Signal (USA)

Into the Out of (1992)
Velocity Fields (1996)
Domain (1999)
Broken Ground (2004)

A Distant Signal is the work of American synthesist Dan Serin. The first album is a collaborative work with Chaz Smith.


A Dying Hermit In the Woods (USA)

Void Meditations (2020)

Lysergic Drone Ambient.


A Farewell To Hexes (UK)

Rendlesham (2021)

A project of Adam Leonard.

See also: Leonard, Adam


A i w A (Hungary)

In the Dim Distance (2015)
I'd Rather Take You Out (2015)
Telepathic Peace Agreement (2016)
Prepper Mindset (2016)
Recent Ups And Downs (2017)
Time-Based Architecture (2017) (S)

A project of Lajos Nádházi who is based in Budapest. He comes from the club background and it shows. However, the complexity of his work, that mixes "deconstructed club" with progressive sequencing and a touch of house, brings him into the EM territory at least partly and at least on Telepathic Peace Agreement.


A La Ping Pong (Germany)

Extrem Musik A La Ping Pong Phase 1 (1980)
Go Go Pongs (1981)

These rare electronic releases contain atmospheres ala Manuel Goettsching / Günter Schickert coupled with Cluster / Harmonia-like touches. A La Ping Pong consisted of Hardy Kukuk (synths, sequencers), Hucky Thoss (drums), Klaus Bloch (guitar, voice, synth) and Karsten Recke (electronic piano, sequencer, electronic drums).

See also: Kukuk, Hardy


A Last Picture From Voyager (France)

40.5AU (2022)
Laboratory (2023)

Varied ambient music from Avignon - from guitar to synth-based.


A Lily (UK)

Sleep Through the Storm (2020)

Minimal, melodic, repetitive, somewhat lo-fi analog electronics from Brighton's James Fella. Other albums are supposedly not EM.


A List of Ghosts (UK)

The Unexpected Dimension (2020)

Gloomy ambient compositions inspired by British 1960's sci-fi novels.


A Magic Whistle (USA)

On A Magic Pusewave (2011)
Vision Magic Voyage (2013)
Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol. 4 (2014) (S)
Messages From the Oracle (2019)

A project of California-based Any Puls who uses home-made electronics and acoustic instruments / voices. It has something of a Mike Oldfield quality to it, with long tracks consisting of shorter sections of music where choirs, guitar strumming and weird synths play important roles. However, it lacks the virtuosity of Oldfield's work and of course the vibe here is pretty different too - it's cheesier, cornier and.... well, just more electronic. All of the above is true for Vision Magic Voyage. On A Magic Pulsewave is dominated even more by synths. Rather unique.


A Murder of Angels (USA)

While You Sleep (1999)
In the Air (2002)
Watching the Valkyries Fall (2009) (S)
Before Your Eyes (2013)

Dark / Neo-Classical Ambient from Bryin Dall and Derek Rush.

See also: Of Unknown Origin, Unfeeling.


A.N.S. (Italy)

Autonomici Systematis Nervosi (2018)
Solyaris (2019)
Lower Decks (2021)

Dark soundscapes inspired by science fiction. A project of Luca Segreti.


A Positive Life (UK)

Live From Oscillate (1993)
Synaesthetic (1994)

A positive Life is Stef Pierlejefski. He makes rather slow, but rhythm-oriented music. Synaesthetic contains single ‘The Calling’ which was sampled by Enigma on their Cross of Changes album. (not vice versa)


A Produce (USA)

The Clearing (1988)
Migration (1990) (with Pierre Lambow)
Dragon's Breath (1991) (with Pierre Lambow)
Reflect Like A Mirror (1992)
A Smooth Surface (1994)
Land of A Thousand Trances (1994)
White Sands (1995)
Inscape And Landscape (1996)
Altara (1999) (with M. Griffin)
Smile On the Void (2001)
Early Sessions (2003) (recorded in 1991 - 1993) (with Ruben Garcia)
Black Sands (2005)
Intangible (2011) (with Loren Nerell)

Ambient music from Barry Craig. Sometimes with traces of Steve Roach. Barry Craig died in September, 2011.


A.R.C. Soundtracks (UK)

Archive: Volume One (2014)
From A Shattered Beam (2016) (S)
Dereliction//Mirror (2017)

Manchester-based multimedia duo with a somewhat darkish ambient sound with experimental and industrial / noise touches.


A Reason To Travel (Denmark)

Kingdom (2011)
Concrete Sunrise (2023)

Copenhagen-based instrumental project occupying middle ground between post-rock and Ambient. Pretty nice melancholic stuff.


A Sacred Cloud (Canada)

Water World (2013)
Ensoleille, 1972 (2013)

This music reminds on early organ / synth pieces of Klaus Schulze (circa Irrlicht / Cyborg), with an extra touch of melancholy. A duo of Jonathan Woo and Maggie Cho.


A.Shark (Russia)

45 (2016)

Ambient project with pretty varied tracks that are almost always relaxing and accompanied by the sounds of nature. Sometimes with sequencing.


A Slow Rip (Australia)

A Slow Rip (2004)
Some Kind of Spark (2005)
The Third Tier (2005)
Light You To Bed (2005)
Fuse (2006)
5 Chains (2006)
For the Time Being (2008)

Self-described as "'krautrock' drones with some intriguing surprises". This improvisational band consists of Rob Laurie (guitar), Ian Miles (synth) and Phil Turnbull (synth).


A Space For Sound (Canada)

Sometimes Underwater (Feels Like Home) (2021)

A project of Brooklyn-based Rena Anakwe. She plays tank drums, singing bowls and synthesizers. She also uses her voice. Relaxed, but in a sort of new-agey way. Semi-acoustic sound perhaps conceptually similar to artists like Laraaji.


A Story of Rats (USA)

Sea of Sand (2007) (with Pussygutt)
Thought Forms (2011)
Relinquishment (2011)
Vastness And the Inverse (2013)
The Immeasurable Spiral (2018)

A duo whose sound can be described as a mixture of Doom Ambient, psychedelic rock and horror synth / Prog EM.

See also: Druss, Garek, Ascensions Crest.


A.T.M.O.M. (Russia)

Andromeda (2014)

Dark Space.


A.T.R.O.X. (Italy)

The Night's Remains (1982)
Water Tales (1984)

Hard to describe A.T.R.O.X. First and foremost they were a minimal synth band (Alberto Andreoni, Pier Luigi Andreoni, Massimo Marchini and Francesco Paladino). As such, they had all elements typical of the scene in their sound: minimal sequences, drum machine rhythms, sometimes strange of effected vocals etc. However, they had a progressive approach that likened them to bands like Kraftwerk and Cluster. This is also reinforced by the fact that a large percentage of their tracks are completely instrumental or feature vocoder vocals only. Not something for the mainstream EM fan, but nice and addictive minimal synth / new wave / prog EM hybrid all the same.

See also: Paladino, Francesco, Doubling Riders, The, Nosesoul.


A Typo I Feed Iris Noll (USA??)

Accumulating Intangibles (2021)
Bleeddreams (2021)

Abstract, disjointed, experimental, sometimes ambient electronics from Shaun Phillips.


A/V Dept., The (USA)

...It All Felt So Real (2022) (S)

Sacramento-based duo in melodic, emotional ambient mould.


A.V.P. (USA)

Advanced Flat Earth Theory (2014)
Bad Juju (2014)

Intense, dark soundscapes, some rhythms and synthetic pulses. Music by Chuck Daar.

See also: Daar, Chuck, Hexagram, Cathedrals of Sound, Vapor State, Architectures, Return To Titan, Sky People, The.


A Wake A Week (UK)

Little Black Cloud (2009)
Through Line (2011) (S)
Twelve Days (2015)

A project of Dave Dando-Moore, who also makes IDM music as Detritus. A Wake A Week is cinematic Ambient, tough, not very synthetic most of the time and with a large piano prensence.


A Winged Victory For the Sullen (USA)

A Winged Victory For the Sullen (2011)
Atomos (2014)
Iris (2016) (soundtrack)
The Undivided Five (2019)
Invisible Cities (2021)

Ambient duo of Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O'Halloran with a strong neo-classical influence (piano, string instruments...). Both members are originally from the USA, but have been living in Europe for a while.


A Year In the Country (UK)

In Every Mind (2014)
Airwaves: Songs From the Sentinels (2015)
No More Unto the Dance (2016)
Undercurrents (2017)
The Marks Upon the Land (2017)
The Corn Mother: Night Wraiths (2020)
The Shildam Hall Tapes: The Falling Reverse (2021)

Varied soundscape project from Stephen Prince. Ranges from pure Ambient to electroacoustic, industrial-influenced and more.


A444 (France)

Le Bûcher des Incohérences (2020)
Lachrymandra (2021)

Melancholic ambience from Jean-Christophe Marquez.


Aadam, Aqeel (USA)

Hollow Moon (2020)
Swim, Simian (2021)

Philapelphia-based Aadam fuses relaxed hip-hop rhythms with modular sound sculpting and synth melodies, sometimes getting quite interesting results. Spacey stuff.


Aagaard & Duelund (Denmark)

Halvjord (2021)

Ambient duo with a varied melodic sound. Mostly synths, with a few acoustic / electric instruments also (contrabass, guitar...).


Aagtive (Canada)

Internal Happiness (2022)

Varied EM from this Calgary-based artist. Mostly analog-sounding, lulling, melodic, inventive and / or easy-going / relaxing.


Aairria (Poland)

Urbanisation (2008)
Music For Suicides (2011)

Formerly known as Ananta, Aairria is Polish ambient artist Marcin Drabot. He released a few download-only albums, including Urbanisation from 2008 which was re-released on CD in 2010.


aal (Italy)

A Season (2017)
Transparency (2019)

A project of experimental musician Davide Valecchi. A Season contains ambient compositions with an experimental flair. Sometimes ventures into melodic atmospheric synth. Further investigation is needed.


Aalbers (Spain)

F (2019)

A group from Barcelona focused on improvisation mostly on guitar and electronics. Has something of a Cluster quality to it.


Aardvarck (Netherlands)

Monkey Formula (2019)

Varied music from this artist (real name - Mike Kivits). It is a mixture of rhythmic and ambient styles. The other releases from him I know nothing about at the moment.


Aarktica (USA)

No Solace In Sleep (2000)
Morning One (2001) (EP)
Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway (2002)
Pure Tone Audiometry (2003)
Bleeding Light (2005)
Matchless Years (2007)
Music For the Motion Picture Apology (2007)
No Solace In Sleep II (2009)
In Sea (2009)
Ceremony (2016) (S)

Space Music and cosmic Ambient. Aarktica is Jon De Rosa who uses processed guitar, organ and electronics.


Aarni, Olli (Finland)

Nielu (2017)
Vuosi 106 (2018) (with Jari Koho and Ilpo Numminen)
Orpokotijuhlat Saarella (2019) (with Lauri Ainala)
Loput (2022)
Koko Mailma (2022)
Tuokioita (2023)

Experimental / electro-acoustic artist who has been rather prolific. Most of the stuff I heard was either glitchy or based on field recordings / sounds / loops. Nielu features two nice droney pieces, a bit lo-fi, but rather moody and hypnotic.


Aarniseppä (Finland)

Metsänväki (2019)
Aavaa (2020) (with Erakko)

Analog synths in complex mixture with field recordings and some traditional / folk instruments. Nice EM from Finland.


Aaron, Anna (Switzerland)

Moonwaves (2021) (with Bernard Trontin)

Singer-songwriter from Switzerland (real name - Cécile Meyer). Interestingly enough, Moonwaves features ambient electronics, done in collaboration with drummer and member of The Young Gods Bernard Trontin. Not bad.


Aaron, Robert (USA)

Datura (1981)
The Last Ten Minutes (1985) (with Michael Curran and Keith Nicolay)

Sort of an abstract electronics / jazz pastiche.


Aārp (France)

ArchiTextures (2016) (EP)
Novae Gemmae (2019) (EP)
Propaganda (2020)

Paris-based electronic musician (Emmanuel Moysan) whose sound is something of a mixture of deconstructed club (not that deconstructed most of the time), electro and nice EM with tinkling, melancholic sequences. Nice and different.


Aavikko (Finland)

Novo Atlantis (2009)
Okeanos (2016)
Monopoly (2019)
Sound of Muysic (2023)

Finnish retro-futuristic synth-rock band. On this album they expanded their sound palette to include influences as diverse as YMO, Kraftwerk, Lindstrom and general 1970's EM. They also (for the first time) threw in a long, 15-minute piece. More form than essence, the music is still not very progressive, but they're clearly heading there.


Ab Intra (Poland)

Demiurgia (2006)
Aura Imaginalis (2009)
Supremus (2012)
Henonis I-V (2016)
Henosis VI-XI (2020)

Mostly darker Ambient, sometimes with a melancholic flair. Ab Intra is Radosław Kamiński.


Ab Uno (Italy)

Lost World (2017)
Metaforma (2018)
La Linea Negra (2020) (S)
Les Gens de Mogador (2022)

Long tracks of cosmic ambient synths from Eugenio Petrarca and Roberto Di Ciaccio.


Abaddon (Argentina)

Abaddon (1984)

Obscure electropop band (Marcelo Elso, Bruno Musso, Cristina Lorenzo and Claudio Mònaco) with their eponymus vinyl album that represents a mixture of vocal (mostly processed / vocoded) and instrumental tracks. Not terribly progressive, more in line with the rest of the minimal synth / electropop productions of the time (i.e. pretty cheesy overall) but will be of certain interest to fans of Kraftwerk and their ilk.


Abadir (Egypt)

Aphasia (2019)
Liminal (2020)
Pause/Stutter/Uh/Repeat (2021)
Ison (2023)

Egyptian electronic composer Rami Abadir, currently residing in Germany. Ambient compositions. Floating, but with active / rhythmic elements.


Abandoned 実体 (Romania)

Utopian Render (2018)
Spirit & World (2021) (recorded in 2017)
Eternal Existence Concept (2021) (recorded in 2018)
Dream Therapy (2021)

Droning ambient compositions with something of a vaporwave / cyber / dystopian feel.


Abandoned Asylum (Poland)

Derelicts of Distant Hope (2013)

Dark Ambient.


Abandoned Communities (UK / Italy)

Abandoned Communities (2014)

Ambient soundscapes from Lee Anthony Norris and Pietro Bonanno.

See also: Nacht Plank, Bonanno, Pietro.


Abandoned Footwear (USA)

108 Trees (2017)

A duo of Jay Fields and Michael Buchanan. Ambient atmospheres, sparse techno beats and classical influences. If you like early output of FAX label, give it a spin.


Abandoned Place (France)

Shadows of Memory (2008)

Dark Ambient.


Abandoned Shelter (Bulgaria)

Yersinia Pestis (2006)
Vespero Mundi Expectando (2007)

Dark soundscapes.


Abbildung (Romania)

Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten (2005)
Untersuchungen (2006)
Forms And Balance (2006) (S)
Two-Sphere Geometry (2008)
Monolith (2009) (with Kunstorm)
Live Brussels (2012) (with C.fieldechoes)
The Meaning of Word Is Sound (2014) (with Kenji Siratori)
Abelian & Cyclic (2015)
All Demons Are Horned (2015)
Monoliths (2018)
The Midnight Aftermovie (2018)
At the Gates of Ouln (2019)
Braahia (2020)
Aphanasis (2020)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Fractated


Abbott, Luke (UK)

Honeycomb (2010) (EP)
Holkham Drones (2010)
Brazil (2011) (EP)
Object As A Navigator (2012) (EP)
Modern Driveway (2012) (EP)
Wysing Forest (2014)
Music For A Flat Landscape (2015) (soundtrack)
Luke Abbott & Jack Willie (2015) (S) (with Jack Willie)
Music From the Edge of An Island (2019)

Starting in the New Millennium as a techno / IDM producer, Luke Abbott released Holkham Drones in 2010 with music that married IDM with krautrock / Kraftwerk (circa Ralf and Florian or Autobahn) aesthetics. Then, with the passage of time, his Prog EM influences were becoming more prominent and his techno roots diminishing. As a result, the latest works are also the most EM-related. The above discography is incomplete.

See also: Szun Waves, Earlham Mystics.


Abdul-Rauf, Leila (USA)

Cold And Cloud (2013)
Ibis / Quiet Seaside (2014) (S) (with Tor Lundvall)
Insomnia (2015)
Diminution (2018)
Phantasiai (2021)

Dark and ghostly ambient soundscapes by this member of several San-Francisco area bands, including progressive death / doom band Saros. Mostly instrumental and electronic but features some ethereal female vocals (used as an instrument). Very nice.


Abe (Netherlands)

Paddy Roy Bates (2016)
Peasants Sought Instead (2018) (S)

This is extremely hard to pin down. It has elements of glitch, electro-acoustic music, minimalism, jazz, experimental electronics, a slight techno edge... At the same time, it is progressive and synth-based. Real / complete name: Abe Wink.


Abenath, Michael (Germany)

Klangraume (??)
Twilight (1993)
Speechless (1998)

Diverse, mostly ambient synthesist. Ranges from darker free-form explorations to more serene flowing synthetic stuff.


Abiogenesis (Russia)

Biosynthesis (2017)

Psychedelic electronic duo with influences of downtempo and goa / psy-trance in their sound. Some tracks are beatless and sound EM-influenced.


Abird (Spain)

Skyline 001 (2002)

Unusual and at times Experimental electronics.


Abismo (Brazil)

O Reflexo do Espelho no Escuro (2009)
Occasus a Lux Enimus Candelae (2009)
Ventos de Éter (2010)
Insomnia (2010)
Ultimo Canto Ciclico do Sol (2011)
D.R.O.N.E. (2011)
Opus Cotard (2015)

Not to be confused with the Portuguese project of the same name. Dark / Black Ambient from Campina Grande, Paraiba. Alternatively noisy and sublime.


Abismo (Portugal)

Vazio (2015)

Gloomy ambient compositions.


Abky (Italy)

Liftan (2020) (recorded in 2018)

Experimental electronics between dark techno and Ambient.


Ablaze Eternal (Malaysia)

2010: A Year In Hellfire (2010)
The Black Dawn (2010) (S)

Formulaic Dark Ambient from this Malaysian project.


Abominabilis (France)

Lamento mortuorum (2023)
Mortuus expergiscimini... (2023)
Exhumatio (2023) (EP)
A tenebris terram (2023)
Thronus mortis (2023)
Maledictus (2023)

Bleak drones and resonances in Death Ambient mould from this French project.

See also: Morbus


Abominations of Yondo (UK)

Abominations of Yondo (2007)
Clandestine (2012)
That Remote And Awful Twilight (2012)

Hypnotic and darkish ambient soundscapes from Dave Hughes and Kevin Busby. Sometimes with tribal rhythms and / or a more prominent classic EM element.

See also: Cousin Silas, Carya Amara.


About Aphrodite (Germany)

Ocean Lily (2014)
Faktor X (2015)
Membran Music - Polaris (2018)

A duo of Has Wanning (piano and electronics) and Gilda Razani (theremin and soprano sax). On the first two albums they combine pretty much techno or downtempo-influenced music with theremin solos. Their masterpiece is Membran Music, though. Delving deeper into the world of piano music and theremin, it brings up memories of an era at the very dawn of electronic music - early 20th century.


AboutFace (UK)

°s (2021)

Southend On Sea-based artist (Ben Kelly). Nice, rich EM, containing both ambient parts, as well as interesting sequencer constructions and freeform / rhythmic psychedelic excursions. A bit of spoken voice as well.


Above & Beyond (UK)

Flow State (2019)

Completely ambient work from this UK trance group.


Abraço de Vapor (Sweden)

Nocturn I-V (2021)

Shadowy, dramatic, airy, reflective, melancholic ambience from Ludvig Cimbrelius. Long tracks.

See also: Eternell, Purl, Illuvia.


Abrantes, Fernando (Portugal)

2 Faces (1999)
Robot Emotions (2011)
Mix 2.0 (2013)

Portuguese sound engineer who was briefly playing with Kraftwerk in 1991. His solo work is varied but mostly melodic and accessible, influenced by Kraftwerk of course.


Abre Ojos (Australia)

Circadian Element (2010) (S)
Spiral Galaxy (2010)
Häxan (2012)
Gates (2014)
Order Was the Dream (2017)
Machinætion (2019) (with Regosphere)

Apocalyptic ambience from Melbourne-based Scott Baker.


Abschaum (France)

Moon Tango (2017)

Krautrock-influenced band, whose members prefer to keep their names incognito. Nice motorik, some heavier guitar moments, some synth sequences...


Absis (Spain)

Live at Alpenglühen (2023) (recorded in 2021)

Cosmic, tranquil electronics with a bit of a dubby mood from this Barcelona-based project (Salva Coromina Massó). Pretty nice stuff for fans of Space Music and related styles.


Absolute Elsewhere (UK)

In Search of the Ancient Gods: An Experience In Sound And Music Based On the Books of Erich van Daniken (1976)

An obscure band from UK consisting of Paul Fishman, Philip Saatchi, John Astrop and featuring Bill Bruford on drums. Synth dominated with soft progressive rock shades. The music is all instrumental and the synthesizer tracks have sometimes hints of Klaus Schulze on them. Paul Fishman also appears with his electronic compositions on Close Encounters... LP by The National Philharmonic Orchestra.

See also: Fishman, Paul, Jambo & Co., The National Philharmonic Orchestra.


Absolute Misery (Canada)

Forever Rotting (2004)

Doom Ambient based on ultra-low drones. Like a more deep and obscure version of Until Death Overtakes Me sans vocals.

See also: Alone In Silence, Funerary Dirge.


Abstract Audio Systems (USA)

Aedon (??)
Ambient Caramel (??)
Fadepoint (??)
SomeNothing (2001)
Evergone (2004) (EP) (with Austere)
Dark Fortune (2004) (S)
Gossamer (2005)
Subdural (2005) (EP)
Poems For Innogen (2007)
Dark Terrain (2008)
Hollow Empires (2016)
The Drowning Diaries (2017) (S)

Electronic Ambient with some acoustic elements from this New York-based project.

See also: Bonechurch


Abstract Blue (UK)

Abstract Blue (2020)

Ambient with guitar and synths. A duo of Kevin Buckland and John Hinks, who is also known from Light Fragments project.

See also: Buckland, Kevin


Abstract Rituals (USA)

Altered Waves (2023)

Abstract Rituals is a project of US-born, Tokyo-based Mike Donzella. He is influenced by classic-era EM artists, especially 1980's Tangerine Dream. Crisp, melodic, sequence-full, melancholic music.


Abstract Speed (Canada)

The Grace of Strange Weather (1995) (S)

Ambient in the style of Brian Eno and Harold Budd from Paul Tedeschini.


Abysa (Argentina)

Searemony (2021)

Melancholic compositions, between dungeon synth and Ambient.


Abysma (Ukraine)

Armageddon 00 (2003)

Dark soundscapes / Black Ambient.


Abyss (Poland)

Mental Self-Destruction (2007)

Black Ambient.


Abyss Within Us, The (Italy)

Life In A Circle (2020)

Ambient duo of Claudio Porceddu and Stefano Ferrari. Long tracks.

See also: Claudio PRC


Acavernus (Brazil)

Acavernus (2015)
Gnose (2021) (with Yantra)

Experimental Ambient with some World Music touches and a dash of voice. Acavernus is a project of Paula Rebellato.

See also: Hierofante


Accasari (Russia)

Litterae (2021)

Guitar drone duo. On Litterae, they add synths and the music does cross into electronic territory now and then.


Accident du Travail (France)

Accident du travail (2009) (S)
Accident du travail (2010)
Très précieux sang (2016)
Live At Cafe OTO (2019)

Unique French duo of Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux. They have a soothing, ambient sound with a strong classical influence. Sometimes you get a feeling you're listening to an electronic version of Talk Talk's chamber rock / classical arrangements from Spirit of Eden or Laughing Stock. There is also a strange 1950's EM flair which is no wonder as Julie Normal is credited with playing an Ondes Martenot.

See also: 2mo


Accomplice Affair (Poland)

Act of Creation (2007)
Jezioro Wspomnien (2008)
Samotny Horyzont (2009)
Cienie (2011)
The Zone of Silence (2013)

Dark Ambient.


Accou (Belgium)

2011 (2012) (S)
Triste Anna (2014)
Chapelle ardente / Love Life (2015)
L'étang des songes (2016)
Souvenir (2016)
Serafine (2017)
ABC (2018)
Live à Herman, Rotterdam 10/18 (2018)
Seulaison (2019)
Ils sontaient là (2019)
Stereo (2020)
Rhyme Nor Reason (2022)
Graveyard Shift (2023)
Six6 Feet of Snow / French Fried (2023) (S)

Lo-fi ambience and sequencer runs in Prog EM style (on ABC).


Acheloo (Italy)

Sirens (2008)
Ishtar (2008)
Khimaira (2009)
Dream (2013)

Acheloo is Italian guitar player and synthesist Carlo Luzi, whose interest in Electronic Music goes back to 1980, the year he started his first electronic group. He has an ambient sound based on traditional EM structures.

See also: SeraSidereA, Terra della Sera.


ACI (Germany)

Tiefenrausch (1982)

ACI is German synthesist Helmut van Aaken. His music can be characterized by melodic, driving and symphonic synths, with some vocoder thrown in. He became interested in Electronic Music during the 70's and by 1980 he had his own studio built and ready for recording. Van Aaken is known for his musical contributions to German TV series "TATORT" as well as other TV and radio programmes. 


Acid Acid (Portugal)

Acid Acid (2016)
Jodorowski (2020)

Krautrock and German EM-influenced duo of Tiago Castro and Tiago Raposinho, with Baltazar Molina providing percussion. They go for a spacey mixture of guitars and analog synths. Lately transformed into a solo project of Castro.


Acid Pauli (Germany)

MOD (2020)

A project of Berlin-based Martin Gretschmann. He is mostly known for various forms of club-related music (mostly minimal techno and house). On MOD, he lets himself be inspired by the modular synths and the scene that has grown around their use in the last several years. These are quirky, minimal, repetitive compositions with something of a Cluster / solo Moebius feel to them, with a touch of dub.


Acid Sacrifice (UK)

Medusa's Coil (2020) (S)

Ambient tracks made of drawn-out drones etc.


Acid Test (Germany)

Hommage À Albert (1993)

Short-lived group consisting of Jens Zygar (tuned gongs), Steve Schroyder (electronics) and Hans Cousto (electronics). Pretty ambient sound here.

See also: Schroyder, Steve, Star Sounds Orchestra, Cosmic Octave Orchestra.


Acid Twilight (Argentina)

Acid Twilight (2021)
Mustang Zodiac (2022)

Varied, mostly shorter electronic tracks. Predominantly melodic and playful.


Acidage (UK)

Ambient Dream (??)
Beyond the Infinite (??)

Music by Adrian Porter.


Acidliner (UK)

Red-1 (2019)

Varied shorter tracks, ranging from dark soundscapes to sequencer runs.


Acosta, Aaron (USA)

Frequency, Amplitude & Time (2004)

Mixture of Ambient, Space Music and electroacoustics from this sound designer.


Acosta, Jake (USA)

Rehearsal Park (2022)

Melodic guitar riffs backed by synths & sequencing from this Chicago-based artist. Long tracks with a bit of a Manuel Goettsching feel.


Acronym (Sweden)

Dimensional Exploration 003 (2014) (S)
Mu (2015)
June (2015)
Acronym w Korridor (2015) (S) (with Korridor)
Ashes (2015)
The Void Beneath (2016) (S)
Malm (2017)
The Torrid Eye (2019) (S) (with Kali Malone)
Mind Games (2020) (EP)
Millennial Lowlife (2022) (EP)

Ambient, as well as gently repetitive, sequenced analogue electronics from Stockholm. Only EM-related items are listed.


Across the Water (Canada??)

Across the Water (1975)
Across the Water II - Scillonian Solace (2021) (recorded in 1975 - 2021)

Progressive rock duo. The music was recorded by two students in the UK and the project was led by Pete McKerrow, who also experimented with electronics, the results of which can be found on the above releases, especially on Scillonian Solace. Their debut LP was pressed in 2 copies, one for each artist. However, it was re-released in 2021.


Acrylic Wind (USA)

Domain (2016)

Strange ambient multi-instrumental album by one Kyle Damron, with lots of guitar plinking and electronics, as well as bells and some field recordings. The music is rather visual and a bit lacking in direction, although influences of early krautrock / EM are clearly heard.


Act! (Canada)

Universalist (2018)
Grey Matter AR Snapchat Compositions (2021)
Strange Bounty / About Life (2022)

A project of Toronto-based David Psutka. Varied, spontaneous, experimental, extremely complex, between "decontructed club", post-vaporwave, "sequencer & MIDI" and Prog EM.

See also: Egyptrixx, Ceramic TL.


Action Sports (USA)

Action Sports (2017)
Action Sports 2 (2020)
III (2022)

Varied duo of Dylan Howe and Matthew Pepitone. From ambient soundscapes to gently rhythmic stuff with a quirky Cluster touch.

See also: Julius Theory, Portland Compressor, Pepitone, Matthew, Karmelloz.


Ad Cryptas (Italy)

Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (2022)
Il teschio brilla della notte (2023)

A project of Simonetta Frixi, who has been active as a musician (mainly as member of several punk / hardcore bands) since the 1990's. The Ad Cryptas project is dedicated to lysergic synth compositions inspired by vintage horror scores and similar stuff.


Ad Dios (Sweden)

Avalon (1994)
Ancient Landscapes (1996)
Aquatica (1999)
Echoes In Stone (2001)
Echoes In Stone (2002)
The Endless Knot (2005)
A Journey Through Middle-Earth (2009)
Avalon Revisited (2010)
Season of Tranquility (2011)
Myths & Legends (2012)
Bilbo (2013)

Instrumental project of Jens Andreasson and Mikael Dahlberg. Melodic, easy-listening mixture of acoustic, electric (mostly guitar) and electronic sounds. Will be enjoyed by fans of Electronic New Age, the more accessible (1990's) Tangerine Dream and maybe also the more melodic and accessible end of the British School (Robert Fox, John Kerr, John Dyson, Code:Indigo, etc.). Of the stuff I've heard I can recommend the following: The Endless Knot, Avalon Revisited, A Journey Through Middle-Earth. These have a more electronic feel overall.


Ada Kaleh (Romania)

Nodus Tollens (2022) (recorded in 2010 - 2020)

A project of Romanian artist Iulian Cuculea. Ambient techno rhythms and completely ambient synth compositions with psychedelic / World Music vibes.


Adaestuo (Finland / Poland)

Manalan Virrat (2020)

A diversion for this Atmospheric Black Metal band. Most of Manalan Virrat is dark ritual music in Black Ambient style. Moody, cinematic and not cheesy most of the time (which is often the case with these types of albums). An enjoyable listen overall. "Moss And Stone" is probably the highlight among the tracks.


Adam Egypt Mortimer (USA)

The Obelisk OST (2021)

Pat Murano under a pseudonym. The Obelisk is an imaginary horror soundtrack with a nice, moody synth sound.

See also: Decimus


Adamas (Germany)

Shat Chakra Nirupana (2000)

Hannes Folberth was a keyboard player on a few Eloy albums. Very melodic and generally atmospheric music. Having given birth to Hannes in 1959, his family relocated to Germany from Romania when Hannes was still a very young kid. During the 1970's, he got influenced by all those progressive / psychedelic bands that started to pop up at that time. In 1980 he officially became Eloy's keyboard player, contributing his skills and talent to several of their albums. His Adamas project was basically the result of his philosophic ideas and it bears the stamp of the new age movement that emerged in the early 1980's.

See also: Eloy


Adamennon (Italy)

Claustrofobico (2006) (S)
Il rumore della rovina (2007)
MMVIII (2008)
La floresta di tetri arbusti deformi (2008)
La cinica floresta di tetri Arbusti deformi II (2009) (S)
Null & Adamennon (2010) (with Null)
Mortuary Chambers (2010)
Nero (2011)
The NightWood Sessions (2012) (with Beta)
MMXII (2013)
Il plenilunio del fuoco (2014) (S) (with Alessandro Parisi)
Ades (2015)
Le nove nombre del caos (2017)
Lilium (2017)
Iris (2017) (S) (with Luciano Lamanna)
Le sette porte del buio (2020)

Adamennon is a project of Adam Van Maledict dedicated to all kinds of dark art. These include both metal-based genres (mostly on earlier releases), through Ambient / drone, to Goblin-influenced progrock / electronics.


Adames, Vinicio (Venezuela)

Al Comienzo del Camino (1985)
Amazonia (1987) (S)
El Proceso del Deseo (1990)
Cinema (1992)
Luminol In Anima Tuus (1998)

The first album was recorded with the help of Miguel Noya. A true relic of Venezuelan EM.


Adamic, Josef (Germany)

Aqua (1998)


Adams, John (USA)

Light Over Water (1983)
Hoodoo Zephyr (1992)

John Adams usually composes symphonic music, but the above albums are synth-based. Available Light seems to have been re-released as Light Over Water. It's a primarily electronic, minimal work that could be enjoyed by fans of Ambient as well. Hoodoo Zephyr features fast minimalistic sequencer sketches.


Adar, Ishai (Israel)

Beaufort (2007) (soundtrack)
Film Music (2019)

Ex-member of alternative rock band The Top Hat Carriers and film composer. Most of his material is electronic, with an electroacoustic touch. There are also some traditional (orchestral) pieces.

See also: Oosh


Addati, Francesco (Italy)

Qui (2020)

Ambient electronics with an analog feel.


Adderall Canyonly (USA)

The Ascension of Saint Diamond And the Battles of Oxtest (2011)
It Was A Dark And Stoney Night (2011)
The Cutting Room (2012) (with Oxykitten)
Transmissions of the Faint-Hearted (2013)
From Below We Reach Above (2013) (S)
Excelsius Minor (2013)
From Below We Reach Above (2013)
We Are Everywhere At Once (2013)
Between the Rays Lies Fear But Also Joy (2013)
Def Sister Sledge (2014)
Adderall Canyonly / Yves Malone (2015) (with Yves Malone)
Beneath the Crystal Canyon A Spark Remains (2015)
The Limits of All Known Ice (2018)
Museum of Fire (2018)
Lucid In A Wasted Way (2018)
The Unburdened Present (2019) (S)
Give Me Room Under the Fire of the Sun (2019)
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (2019)
Sadnessorzzz11one (2020)
A Quick Race To the Super Nova (2021) (S)
Stand Alone And Burn (2021)

Portland-based artist (real name - Wayne Longer) with an analog, 70's-influenced sound.

See also: Oxykitten


Adeptus Mechanicus (Netherlands)

Stellar Resonance (2018)
Lines And Waves (2019)
Lines And Waves II (2020)
The Journey (2020) (with Eagle)
The Skyline (2020)
Sessions 2K20 (2020)
Conceptual (2020)
Hand Vol. 1 (2020)
Hand Vol. 2 (2020)
Hand Vol. 3 (2020)
Soft & Gentle (2020)
Way of Life Vol. 1 (2020)
Way of Life Vol. 2 (2020)
Way of Life Vol. 3 (2020)
Modular Feelings of Freedom At Midnight (2020)
Hyperion (2020)
Alpha Wave Receivers (2020)
In An Open Field (2020)
In the Blood (2020)
The Diver (2020)
Organic Sequences (2020)
The Dream (2020)
The Seconds Vol. 1 (2020)
The Seconds Vol. 2 (2020)
The Seconds Vol. 3 (2020)
Norse Mythology (2020)
Deep Healing (2020)
The Seconds Vol. 4 (2021)
Inside the Catacomb (2021)
The Seconds Vol. 5 (2021)
Monomoon (2021)
In My Eyes (2021)
Nostalgia (2021)
+ (2021) (with Harald Gramberg)
Ratio (2021)
Soundcloud Sessions 2017 Vol. 1 (2021)
Soundcloud Sessions 2017 Vol. 2 (2021)
The Hidden Eye (2021) (with Lutz Thuns)
Expansion (2021)
Elements of Weather (2021)
Life (2021)
Sustain Decay (2021)
The Hyper Structure (2021)
Protostar (2021)
The Road (2021)
Multi-Colored Flag (2021)
>>In<< (2021)
Planetary Satellites (2021) (recorded in 2017)
Zodiacs Vol. 1 (2021)
Zodiacs Vol. 2 (2021)
The Final Frontier (2021) (recorded in 2016)
State of Peaceful Thoughts (2021) (recorded in 2016)
The Rainforest (2021) (recorded in 2016)
Defrozen Over Time (2021)
Tree of Life (2021) (recorded in 2016)
Aurora Borealis (2021) (recorded in 2015)
Traces (2021) (recorded in 2016)
The Masterplan (2021)
Sea of Tranquility (2021) (recorded in 2016)
Frozen (2021) (recorded in 2019)
Black Space Velvet (2021) (recorded in 2017)
The Second Coming (2021) (recorded in 2017)
Spheres (2021)
Undiscovered Paradise (2021) (recorded in 2019)
You Were Not Born (2021) (recorded in 2017)
About Equal (2021)
Stonehenge (2021) (recorded in 2018)
Modularity (2021)
Seven Days (2021)
A New Dawn (2021) (recorded in 2017)
Dimension Demonicum (2022) (recorded in 2017)
Seven Gates of Hell Revisited (2022) (recorded in 2015)
K g B 8 2 w (2022) (recorded in 2020)
The Ocean Vol. 1 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
The Ocean Vol. 2 (2022) (recorded in 2018)
The Path To Enlightenment (2022)
The Darkness (2022) (recorded in 2017)
MMXV / MMXVII (2022)
Chakra Therapy (2022)
Atlantis (2022)
Hopeful And Healing Reflections of You, In Friday And Sunday Afternoon Dreams (2022)
Exhibit Piece A (2022)
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess (2022) (with Boban Ristevski)
Floating Orb (2022)
Around the Globe (2022) (with Harald Gramberg)
The Sun (2022) (recorded in 2018)
The Great Barrier Reef (2023) (recorded in 2019)
The Birth of the Universe (2023)
The Upward Spiral (2023)
The Angelic Music Machine (2023)
Vistual Multi Dimensional Geometric Shapes (2023)
Space Time Continuum - The Fabric of Reality (2023)
Pi (2024) (recorded in 2023)
Setting Sale For the Sun (2024) (with Harald Gramberg)

Dutch artist with a varied style. On Lines And Waves, he pays homage to classic works of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

See also: TNT


Ader, Kurt (Germany)

Priority (2017)
S-A-W (2020) (with Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters)
Hydragate (2023) (with Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters)

Melodic Electronic Music from this synth programmer and audio engineer.


Adey, Ross (???)

Galtrim (2006)


Adhara (UK)

Golden Dream (1983)
Infinity & Beyond (1984)
Visions of Alucia (1984)

One of those early projects by the Freeman brothers.

See also: Alto Stratus, Freeman, Alan, Biomechanoid, Endgame, Region 5, Vrije, Electric Junk, Scorpio, Triax.


Adhianto, Aryo (Indonesia)

Sintaksis (2021)

Electronic Music made with the help of generative methods of creation by this Indonesian synthesist / experimentalist. Repetitive, cerebral, frenetic, complex...


Adine, Pierre (France)

Instrumental (??) (S)

Rare single with two tracks: "What's the Trouble?" and "The Redspot". The style is unknown at the moment.


Adkins, Monty (UK)

A Year At Usher's Hill (2017)
Shadows And Reflections (2017)

Ambient with a huge piano presence and an electroacoustic feel. There were also several albums released prior to A Year At Usher's Hill. I know nothing about these at the moment but I think they deal more with microsound / electroacoustic music.


Admin Dada (France)

The Hypnagogic Traveller (2021)

A project of French musician Achim Bloch. Dark, industrial-like elecronics, but ambient in essence. Some sequences / pulse as well. Rather intriguing stuff. Nice.


Admiral (UK)

Cash On the Line (2018)
Do You Want To Sit On the Green? (2023)

Mostly downtempo-influenced project, with traces of jazz fusion and EM. The opener "Pearl Diver" (Cash On the Line) is a fantastic EM track. Do You Want To Sit On the Green? is more along the lines of psychedelic rock / pop / collage, but also with some EM moments.


Admiral Twinkle Devil (USA)

Wabi Dub: Themes To Imaginary Mini-Series (1992 - 2000) (2000)

Varied studio experiments from this Oregon-based project of Dave Trenkel. He uses an array of vintage analog and a few digital synths to compose everything from weird electronic reggae / dub, to sample-based stuff with voices, to Hammond-loaded improvised bluesy rock to cosmic EM with arpeggios and warm synths.



Flying Colours (2022)

Varied, slowly rhythmic, melodic music with elements of synthwave, IDM and chillwave.


ADN' Ckrystall (France)

Jazz' Mad (1982)
Live 1986 (1986)
Etudes sonores (2006)
Experience sonore (2006)
Sorcellerie sonore (2006)
1978 - 1988 (2008)
Minilab (2008)
Orgasmatronic (2009)
Forbidden: A Collection of Works (2013)
Méta-Bag (2013)
Musique atomique sans surveillance (2013)
Na und (2018)
The Incredible And Fantastic Story Of The Last Joint On Earth (2020)
Frankraut (2023) (recorded in 1983)

ADN' Ckrystall are often considered a minimal synth / wave band (actually more or less a solo project of Erick Moncollin who started already in 1977, jamming with a prototype MS-20 synthesizer by Korg), but you should really listen to their album Jazz' Mad. Not only is the record loaded with amazing analog synths throughout, but the EM influences (both the German school and stuff like Jean-Michel Jarre) are also unmistakable, especially on instrumental cuts like "Le Blues de la fille..." or the two-part "Pour l'amour d'un cygne / Puckies Power". I would say that for a "minimal synth" project they have an unusually rich and very distinctive sound. A band to discover. They had a few more albums that might as well contain interesting EM or EM-related material. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Dr. Strange


Adnan (Russia)

Waves & Light (2001)

This Moscow-based artist appeared on the blooming computer tracker scene during the 1990's. After that he released an album of melodic, calm and relaxing Space Music compositions.



Solitary Pursuits (2011)

Brooklyn-based artist Aaron David Ross with a unique style. There are liquid solos, strange rhythms, catchy sequences, all spiced up by great production resulting in a surprisingly rich sound. Unclassifiable but certainly progressive.


Adrian, Rudy (New Zealand)

Subantarctica (1992)
Twilight (1999)
The Healing Lake (2000)
Kinetic Flow - Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1 (2000)
Iridescence - Sequencer Sketches Vol. 2 (2001)
Concerts In New Zealand (2002) (with Nick Prosser)
Starfields - Sequencer Sketches Vol. 3 (2002)
Concerts In the USA (2003)
Across the Silver River (2003) (with Ron Boots)
Moonwater (2006)
Par Avion - Sequencer Sketches Vol. 4 (2007)
Desert Realms (2008)
Distant Stars (2010)
Atmospheres (2014)
Coastlines (2016)
Sequencer Rarities (2017) (recorded in 1995 - 2007)
Woodlands (2019)
As Dusk Becomes Night (2021)
A Walk In the Shadow Garden (2023)

Probably the best known synthesist from New Zealand. Apart from writing music for documentaries and multimedia performances, Rudy Adrian (born in 1969 as Rudy Hueting) has also released several albums. His style ranges from classic Ambient in the Eno/Budd vein to teutonic Berlin School-type music. Twilight, Subantarctica & The Healing Lake are mostly ambient, while his more recent works released on famous Dutch Groove Unlimited label, represent the classic slabs of synthesis which are heavily influenced by the 70’s Electronic Music. Sometimes his music comes close to new age, especially on slower ambient tracks. So, new age fans can also check him out. Recommended.


Adriani, Alessandro (Italy)

Montagne transparenti (2016)

Cosmic synths in floating and rhythmic, synthwave-influenced style.


Adriva (Russia)

Cold Sea Week (2007)
Equites (2007)
Equites Mini (2007)
Losung (2007)
Ognezmei (2007)
Adtasa (2008) (S)
Cuore (2008)
Lacte Sessia (2008)
Oriens (2008)
Ombre Parties (2009) (S)
Voix de mythe (2009) (S)
Geometry In Distant Agriculture (2011) (with Placement)
Pigment...#1 (2012) (S)
Pigment...#2 (2012) (S)
Pigment...#3 (2012) (S)
Zatemnenie (2016)
Spenta (2017) (S)

Rostov-On-Don-based side-project of Drone Ambient formation Sunchariot. Archaic, murky Noise Ambient.

See also: Enmerkar, Sunchariot.



Horizon Maker (2017)

Quirky electronics made as a soundtrack to a film that was never made. ADSL CAMELS is a project of Ben Crook.


Advanced Fantasy (Germany)

German synth trio formed in 1987 by Christian Gritzner, Frank Wiesenfarth and Udo Riegel.


Adverb (Spain)

JADI (2015)
Apotropaic (2020)

If you like Classic Ambient of gentlemen like Brian Eno and Harold Budd, the music of Adverd aka Balan Florin based on Tenerife will float your boat. Lots of resonant acoustic piano, gentle pads and other trademarks of the genre here. Apotropaic is a different beast altogether - a mixture of sequenced Prog EM and pulsing techno tracks.


Advisory Circle, The (UK)

Mind How You Go (2005) (EP)
Other Channels (2008)
As the Crow Flies (2011)
Autumnal Activities (2011) (S) (with Pye Corner Audio)
From Out Here (2014)
Ways of Seeing (2018)
Full Circle (2022)

A project of Jon Brooks (now Cate Brooks) that is pretty hard to pin down. He (she) is generally very retro-sounding, expressing influences as diverse as musique concrete, vintage library music, Kraftwerk and other 1970's EM acts, Neu! & other krautrock, academic electronics and more. He (she) mostly composes shorter tracks in "vintage domestic EM" style - music for wooden radios, plastic kitchen chairs, black and white television and vacuum cleaning. Whew!

See also: Brooks, Jon, Pattern Forms, The, Café Kaput, King of Woolworths.


Adzuki (Japan)

Collage (2014)
Four Seasons (2014)
Radio Sea (2016)
Undeveloped Land (2018)

Typical Ambient of the Japanese school (Hakobune, Chinei Hatakeyama et al).


AE van Elst Projects (Netherlands)

One (2023)

General melodic / rhythmic, layered electronics from this duo of synthesists.

See also: Inner-Voice


Aedena Cycle (Norway)

The Travellers' Dream (1994)
Albite (1997)
Cargo Cult (1999)

Jazzy electronics, sometimes comparable to Biosphere. Aedena Cycle is Gaute Barlindhaug.

See also: Kolar Goi


Aegri Somnia (Croatia)

Monde obscure (2015)
Endtime Psalms (2017)
Nusquam (2020)

Classic Dark Ambient from Jurica Santek, with lots of field recordings.

See also: Nox


Aelia Capitolina (Russia)

Requiem (2008)

Droning soundscapes / Doom Ambient.


Aeoga (Finland)

Coav (2004)
Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus (2005)
Triangle of Nebula - Devourers (2005)
Palace For Vultunales (2005)
Temple Treye (2014)

Dark Ambient with Ritual elements.

See also: Halo Manash, Arktau Eos, Aural Holograms.


Aeolus (USA)

Rays (1985)
Aeolian Melodies (??)
The Magician (??)
High Priestess (??)

Aeolus is Robert Myers. Originally from Honolulu, he currently resides in Portland, Maine. On his Rays cassette he mixes rhythmic / melodic and flowing electronic styles. There is something of a new age flair to his music (mostly when flutes are used) which is not overbearing, but may put off some people.


Aeondelit (Colombia)

Editing Density (2020) (S)
Vestigios (2022)

A project of Sergio Cortés, who is based in Manizales, Colombia. Melodic, ambient, repetitive. Sometimes with rhythms.


Aeonic Dirge (Belgium)

Rift Spirits (2023)

Sort of Space Music sound here, new-agey and with lots of choirs, seemingly influenced by artists like Aeoliah. I missed some variation in the sounds used (here it's mostly pads and sometimes choirs).


Aeonics (UK)

Beyond Time (2014)
Strange Nebula (2018)

Mostly beatless Ambient, sometimes with soft downtempo beats and arpeggios.


AER (Italy)

Light Beyond the Universe (2006)
Wreck Loops (2008)

Dark Space with drones and mysterious synth melodies.



A Winter's Tale (2021)

A project of experimental guitarist and ambient composer Mike Fazio who has been active in music since the 1980's. A Winter's Tale is a nice release that mixes guitar and synthetic sounds for a classic Ambient / Space Music feel.

See also: orchestramaxfieldparrish


Aerial Service Area (Germany)

Aerial Service Area (1995)
Aerial Service Area 2 (1995)

Ambient duo of Nikolaus Heyduck and Lars Müller with a couple of releases on FAX label.

See also: Sol, Victor


Aerie (UK)

The Best of Aerie 1980 - 1981 (1981)
Further Adventures of Aerie (1981)
Aerie Fairies? Nonsense! (1981)
In Nominis Patri, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Ego Te Dissolvo (1982)
Not Another Fucking Aerie Tape (1982)
Intertia Remains Dominant (1982)
Black Godzilla Meets the Emmanuel Swappers (1982)

Aerie existed from 1979 to 1982 as a bedroom studio project and was essentially the precursor to The Land of Yrx, featuring pretty much same musicians and instrumentation. They released several cassettes in a tiny number of copies.

See also: Land of Yrx, Gate, David, Andrews, Robert.


aero2graph (Croatia)

AeroGRAPHIC (2014)

aero2graph is Mario Rosanda from Pula. With an Eminent organ in the setup, you can expect Jarre-influenced music and, indeed, that's what the author seems to aim for, along with additional elements, such as classical influences, ethnic music and dance pop. He does manage to create a nice sound palette here, but one thing he needs to develop just a bit more I think is the keyboard playing skills.


Aerodyn (Belgium)

Aerodyn (2018)

Slightly experimental electronics.

See also: Kinet, Alain


Aerts, Kees (Netherlands)

Slices of Time (1997)
BAH! Live In Sweden (1998) (with Boots and van der Heijden)
Joie de vivre (1999) (with friends)
Livelines (2002) (with Boots and van der Heijden)
If One Door Closes Another Door Opens (2008) (recorded in 1990 - 2008)

Dutch electronic musician. Very melodic music with hints of Jarre and Boots. For those who like flowing, delicate electronics. Along with Boots, he is a co-owner of Groove Unlimited label.

See also: EEKA


Aeryal (Switzerland)

Tenganan (2007)
Windleaves (2009)
Greenscape (2011)

Aeryal is Miguel Samiez, born in 1974. When he was 7 years old, he heard Jarre's Oxygene, and it changed his musical vision forever. On Tenganan he presents emotional Electronic Music combined with field recordings made on Bali.


Aes Dana (France)

Aftermath (2003)
Leylines (2009)
Perimeters (2011)
The Unexpected Hours (2016)
Inks (2019)
(a) period. (2021)
Terrene (2022) (with Lauge)
Inks (2023)

Aes Dana is a psybient / chillout project of Vincent Villuis. Apart from the club scene, he seems to be influenced by Ambient and Space Music and it shows in his music, where usually a few completely ambient tracks find their way onto his albums. The above discography is incomplete, as I only include EM or EM-related material, as you may know, to make surfing through artists discographies easier for those interested in Prog EM. Those who like the music, will want to check out other releases as well. Aftermath may be Vincent's most ambient release to date. File under EM-related.


Aesthetic Cloth (Italy)

Aesthetic War (2022)
Ordine Naturale (2022)
De Aeternitate Mundi (2023)

From medieval-sounding dungeon synth melodies to deeper sections more influenced by Dark Ambient.


Aestrata (Germany)

Beyond the Veil (2012)
Submental Vol. 3 (2016)
Echoes of Memories (2019)
Lone Sky (2021)
Innertales (2022)

Synth drone.

See also: Weiss, Tomas


Aestum (Vatican)

Aestum (2021)

Hazy, shadowy electronic compositions. Sort of lo-fi, influenced by vaporwave and "deconstructed club".


Æthenor (international)

Deep In Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light (2006)
Anthracite (2008)
Betimes Black Cloudmasses (2008)
Faking Gold And Murder (2009)
En Form For Blå (2011)
Hazel (2016)

A trio of Daniel O'Sullivan of British experimental progrock band Guapo, Vincent De Roguin of Swiss post-rock project Shora and Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))). Totally deep soundscapes and drones.

See also: O'Malley, Stephen, O'Sullivan, Daniel.


Aether (UK)

Somewhere In Japan (2019) (S)

Scottish project (Jason Taylor) in relaxing ambient mould.


Aethere (Italy)

Dark, Depressive & Esoteric Era (2002)
Out of Body Experience (2003)
Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus (2004)
Il giardino epicureo (2006)
The Long & Dark Tea (2007)
In Coma (2009)

Dark Ambient with some influences from 1970's EM. Aethere is the project of Italian Emanuale Ratti.


Aetherium Nebula (USA)

Glacialis Mundi (2023)

Darkish, mysterious, cinematic ambient compositions with a touch of Klaus Schulze's melancholic drift. Aetherium Nebula is Dan Barrett.

See also: Worms of the Earth


Aethernal (Germany)

Exile (2022)

Ambient compositions, but with more of a 1990's ambient techno, rather than Prog EM, vibe.


Aetopus (USA)

Memories of the Elder (2002)
Tempula (2006)
Between Empires (2012)
Angels And Machines (2013) (S)
When (2015)
Totem Totum (2018)
Variant (2020)
Urbus (2022)
Cup (2023)

There are many styles covered in this work, both rhythmic and ambient. Aetopus is Bryan Tewell Hughes.



Polyhymnia (2019)
AFP Live Ozora 2019 From the Ambyss Stage (2019)
Pandemonium OST (2020)
Bare Foot (2023) (recorded in 2021)

AFP stands for Andy Falconer Project and Andy Falconer used to be an engineer for The Orb. The above are ambient works.


African Ghost Valley (Switzerland)

ARA (2015)
CAIRO (2016) (S)
UCCIDE (2016) (S)
Dark Tropicals (2016) (S)
Ohio Ballrooms (2016) (S)
TRACY (2016) (S)
Dagger (2017) (S)
Royers Talaha (2017) (S)
YHVASCA (2017) (S)
DMIR (2017) (S)
AKI (2018) (S)
Panjshir (2018) (S)
Ercamescz (2018) (S)
EKE (2018)
UNT (2018) (S)
UERREE (2019)
Titans (2019) (S)
Drient Khey (2020)
PEG&X (2020)
Iberville (2020)
Belgica (2021)
Hare (2021) (S)
Hondas Goblins (2021) (S)
Newlands (2022) (S)
Teonanacatl (2023) (S)

Stark, intense electronic compositions from this duo. The music is based on the spacey and fat textures of analog synths and lots of sampling.

See also: Ave Eva, Oha Aho, Mind Waves, Eyyes.


Afrorack (Uganda)

The Afrorack (2022)

Afrorack is actually the name of an instrument, while the music is by Brian Bamanya, who built what was arguably Africa's first DIY modular system by downloading some schematics and building the whole system from scratch using locally acquired components. Nice experimental EM with an African flair.


After 5:08 (Switzerland)

Safe Music (2021)
Berliner Kinder (2021) (with Bitter Moon)

Nice EM from this duo - analog, full of sequencing and cosmic Teutonic atmospheres.


Afterlife (USA)

Bodies In Motion (2010)
Ashen Reflection (2010) (S)
Bleeding Through the Fabric (2011)
Hypnautic Rinse (2011)
Transmissions (2012) (S)
Celestial Habitat (2012)
Surfacing Illusions (2013)
Sensory Overdose (2013)
Afterlive (2013)

A duo of Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle.

See also: Cliffsides, Cenote Glow, Bones of Seabirds.


Afterlife Forgotten (Poland)

Flowers ov the Dusk (2022) (recorded in 2001 - 2022)

Varied project of Jacek Biernat. Mostly melodic, darkwavey, with elements of Ambient, industrial and noise.


Aftervoid (Portugal)

Infamy (2023)

A band led by Pedro Guilherme, with synths galore, guitars and flute. Rich, symphonic, cosmic and sequencer sound influenced by Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd and Camel.


AG.R97 (Portugal)

Painwave (2022)

An experimental mixture of modern pop stylings with autotuned vocals and Progressive Electronic. AG.R97 is a duo from Portugal (Luís Neto and Pedro Pimentel). Pretty nice stuff if you ask me.


Aga Kaan (Germany)

Soundtrack (1988)
Bon Voyage (1990)
Electric Avenue (1992)

Aga Kaan is Detlef Timpe.


Agamemnon (USA)

Angry Beyond Forgiveness (2002)

Dark / Doom Ambient.


Agape Horizons (USA)

Transference (2023)

Wisconsin-based project between vaporwave and 1990's style melodic EM.


Agaric (Sweden)

Outer Reaches (2017) (EP)

Techno artist who closes the above EP with a sequencer EM track "Altiplano". A one-track inclusion so far.


Agate Rollings (Italy)

Lost Battle Against Failure (2012)
Diomede (2016)
Glass (2016)
Wrinkles of A Lifetime Here (2017) (EP)
Meantime/Elsewhere (2022)

Ambient duo of Alessandro Sgarito and Stefano Gallone (with Lameba joining later). A hazy sound, not dark, but not terribly bright either.

See also: Lameba


Ağcabay, Zeynep (Turkey)

Ancestral Ground (2023)

Female Tribal Ambient artist born in Istanbul.


Age (Belgium)

Landscapes (1980)
Dimensions (1982)
Singapore / Sunset Dance (1983) (S)
Terre & Mer (1985)
Escales (1990)
Escales II (2000)
Beyond the Score (2000)
In Concert (2015) (recorded in 1997 and 2004)
Hall of Memory (2015)
Live In The Muze (2015)
Entropie (2017)
When the Morning Came (2018)
Lost In Silence (2019)
Shadows Behind Me (2019)
Néphélomancie (2020)
Hypnagogie (2021)

Diverse melodic / ambient Electronic Music by the duo of Emmanuel D’haeyere and Guy Vachaudez.

See also: E-Light


Age (Germany)

The Orion Years (1994)

Age was one of the pseudonyms of Thomas Heckmann, and The Orion Years is one of the early, if a bit obscure, classics of German techno music. However, there is also a strong Prog EM feel on some of the tracks - "Lancet" and "Eine Fremde Lebensform" could be compared to Edgar Froese's 1980's solo work, slightly updated for the 1990's, while the closer "Zeitsprung" brings the Schulze influence to the front. The music was recorded with multiple analog synths and inspired by 1960's German sci-fi series "Raumpatrouille Orion". File under EM-related.

See also: Heckmann, Thomas P.


Age of Heroes, The (South Sudan)

Eight Ornaments of Patience (2011)

Andrew Wondu is from Juba, South Sudan. His music is pastoral, melodic and repetitive. There is a slight Cluster feel to some of it, but the general feel is more mainstream perhaps, more directly rhythmic / melodic and less wacky, quirky or experimental and with a slight African touch. Some of it is almost classically-inspired or dungeon synth-like.


Agebjörn, Johan (Sweden)

Music With Less Electricity (2006)
Mossebo (2008)
Mountain Lake (2011)
Notes (2015)
We Never Came To the White Sea (2017) (with Mikael Ögren)
Artefact (2021) (with Mikael Ögren)

This artist from Gothenburg, Sweden, started with a variety of styles but finally settled for an ambient sound on Mossebo.


Agent Error (Austria)

Radioworld (1999)

Richard Gaisbauer's project that combines classic Electronic Music with popular trends from the 1990's (such as Drum and Bass).

See also: Silent Sun, The, Phaeicon, Blauklang.


Ager Sonus (Germany)

Book of the Black Earth (2017)
Necropolis (2018)
Mithra (2019)
Niflheim (2021)

Mysterious ambient compositions from Thomas Langewehr. There's something of an Ancient Egyptian vibe to this one.


Aghast (Germany / Norway)

Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis (1995)

Classic release of Dark Ambient in Ritual vein on Cold Meat Industry label. Obscure atmospheres, whispers, disembodied voices, etc. Aghast was a short-lived project by two Norwegian witches "Nebelhex¸" (aka Andrea Meyer, sadly killed during the October, 2021 spree in Norway) and "Nacht" who were both married to members of black metal bands at some stages.


Aghiani, Nima (Iran)

REMS (2018)
Convergence Zone (2019) (S)

Slightly harsh, slightly avant-garde electronics from this Tehran-based musician. Reminds a bit on Art Zoyd.


Agitation Free (Germany)

Malesch (1972)
Second (1973)
Last (1973)
At the Cliffs of River Rhine (1974)
Fragments (1974)
The Other Sides of Agitation Free (1974)
River of Return (1999)
Shibuya Nights - Live In Tokyo (2011)
1st: Live At TU Mensa Berlin (2013) (recorded in 1972)
Momentum (2023)

Legendary German space rock band. They relied largely on improvisational methods in playing their music. A very psychedelic and spacey affair. Michael Hoenig, Harald Grosskopf and Lutz Ulbrich were members of Agitation Free at some stages.

See also: Hoenig, Michael, Grosskopf, Harald, Ulbrich, Lutz.


Aglaia (Italy)

Three Organic Experiences (2001)
Sacred Waters (2004)
Mondi sensibili (2006)
Unfrofaned Twilight (2008)
Naked Movements (2009)
Private History of the Clouds (2009) (with Alio Die)
Reverberant Skies (2009)
White Maps (2009)
Nights In Nubiland (2011)
Vayu Rouah (2011) (with Alio Die)
Absolutely Deep (2012)
Otherworldliness (2012)
Out of the Way (2012)
Centurion (2013)
Hymns (2013)
Intangible Opacity (2014)
Primeval Nebula (2014)
Ephemeral Blue (2015)
Florealia Nocturna (2015)
Angelus (2015)
Leaves & Thunderstorms (2016)
Latitude (2016)
Water Inside the Light (2017)
Thumbnails In the Setting Sun (2017)
Opera magnetica (2017) (with Alio Die)
Picture Frames (2017)
Amitabha (2018) (with Alio Die)
Floating Particles (2018)
Cosmic Museum (2019)
Offline Views (2019)
Astrolabio (2019)
Archives Unreleased Box 1: Evidence of Beauty (2021)
Archives Unreleased: Conjunction And Fragments (2022) (recorded in 2013 - 2016)
Eight Parts of Reality (2023)

Organic Ritual Ambient in the style of Alio Die by Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso.

See also: Nada Experiences


Aglieri, Roberto (Italy)

Ragadapani (1987)
Amina (2002)
Fabularium (2003)
Trilogia (2007)

Sedate electronic atmospheres mixed with flute playing. Later albums moved towards semi-acoustic World Music style.


Agnès M (Lithuania)

Synth Porn (2021)
White Keys Balck Keys | Inside Out (2022) (with Marta Finkelštein)

This is pretty weird stuff - nocturnal and obscure, it mixes hushed vocals (on just a couple of tracks) with a synth backing and occasional piano, guitars, etc. Nice EM in an individual style. Real name of the musician is Agnė Matulevičiūtė.


Agnes Martian (USA)

The Future Light Cone (2022)

Extremely competent Californian quartet of musicians (Benjamin Rodgers, Pétur Eggertsson, Zekarias Thompson and Gin Hart) who mix space rock and Electronic Music - and they do it the old way, with fuzz, a plethora of warm analog synths and even a bit of narration. Check them out if you dig Gong, Tim Blake, Klaus Schulze, Steve Hillage, Zanov, Zorch, Hawkwind, Alien Planetscapes, T-30 Control.


Agnusei, Laura (Netherlands)

Night/Lights (2017) (EP)

Melodic electro-acoustics and ambient electronics by this musician and sax player from the Hague. Favorite track: "Rising Comet".


Agonis (Switzerland)

Maschinenlogik (2017) (EP)

Techno musician. The above EP finishes with an ambient EM track called "Soma".


Agony, Mel (Belgium)

Theory (2023)

Mel Agony is a pseudonym of Elisa Willems. Melodic, cinematic, soundtracky pieces. Mostly synths, plus some pianos.


Ågren, Morgan (Sweden)

Batterie Deluxe (2015)
Through the Eyes of A Morgchestra (2016)

Swedish drummer who worked with many luminaries of the progressive scene, including Kaipa, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Devin Townsend, Magma, Bill Laswell, Trey Gunn, Dweezil Zappa and more. Batterie Deluxe is a varied and virtuosic work, full of Morgan's brilliant drumming of course. Some guests, like Mats Öberg, Jimmy Ågren, Devin Townsend, Fredrik Thordendal, Mamadou Sene and others make contributions on various instruments, with singing, etc. There is a nice electronic touch to this music. File under EM-related. Through the Eyes of A Morgchestra is another interesting experiment that mixes symphonic orchestra with electronics.


Agsit (Philippines)

And Then She Noticed (2021) (S)

Nature-inspired Ambient with synths and acoustic guitar.


Agterberg, Martin (Netherlands)

Flyer (1982)
Synshine (1984)
Ballerina (1988)

Dutch synthesist (1944 - 2021) who released at least two albums of Electronic Music. The first one (Flyer) has a synth on the cover. He is helped with engineering and additional synth playing by Fred A. de Groot. The music sounds like a cheesy version of Jarre mixed with 1980's synth-pop.


Agua Viva (Argentina)

How To Build A Fountain (2021)
El Refugio de la Fantasía (2021) (S)

A project of New York-based Josi Arias who uses her voice and keyboards. The music is a mixture of ethereal pop songs and instrumental soundscapes / EM.


Aguiar, Pedro (Portugal)

Landscapes & Heartbreaks (2015)

A mixture of rhythmic techno / house tracks and completely beatless, ambient material.


Aguilar, Ildefonso (Spain)

Erosion (1978)

Very adventurous and beautiful synth soundscapes. Hints of early Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Inspired by the volcanic activity of the Canary Islands.


Aguilar, Maria (Spain)

Atmosferas Sonoras (2000)
Colores (2009)
La Temperatura del Vacio (2009)

Mainly Berlin School-based music from this Spanish female synthesist. Maria Aguilar is also known as Mery Ann.


Aguilar, Samuel (Spain)

Musica para los Jameos del Agua (1997)
En el Camino (2014) (with Fabiola Socas)

Electronic musician from the Canary Islands. I think he is the brother of Ildefonso Aguilar, but I am not sure. The latter is responsible for the photos used in the booket of his Musica para los Jameos del Agua CD. The music is ambient and mysterious, sometimes hinting at Vangelis circa "L'Apocalypse des Animaux".


Aguillar, Eduardo (Brazil)

Plano Sequência (2015) (recorded in 1992)

Upbeat, melodic, progrock-like electronics with guitar leads and digital synths typical of the era. Sometimes with a Rockoon / Turn of the Tides-era Tangerine Dream feeling (without the sax).


Agyt (France)

We Know We're Right (2023)

Dramatic ambient synth compositions, a bit lo-fi and with just a touch of noise.


Ah, The (USA)

Common Bliss (2017)
Mere Husk (2020)

A project of experimental drummer Jeremy Gustin who uses electronics extensively to process his drums and to synthesize new textures. Sort of Cluster-ish, cartooney vibe on this one, but pretty unique overall. Nice stuff.


Ahasverus (Sweden)

Ten Is the Number (2006)
Evocation (2006)
The Destiny of Fabian Kazmierski (2007)
Foundation (2007)

Ahasverus is a pseudonym of Swedish Dark Ambient musician Henrik Summanen. He creates archaic soundscapes with concrete textures and synthesized drones. The Destiny... is Martial Ambient.

See also: Summanen, Henrik


Ahblajam (Poland)

Structures (2000)

Classic EM and Ambient from the duo of Piotr Lewandowski and Michal Szrajda.

See also: Sounder


Ahem (USA)

Ahem (2022)

Ambient trio with a bit of a lo-fi sound and elements of experimental electronics and sequencer music.


Ahnnu (USA)

Special Forces (2017)

Experimental musician Leland Jackson. The music on Special Forces will be enjoyed by fans of solo Moebius perhaps. Further investigation is needed.


Aho (Finland)

Nowinter Nosummer (2020)

Relaxed electronics with lots of piano and a neo-classical / post-rock vibe.

See also: Siinai


Ahola, Sakari (Finland)

Cosmic Countdown (2011) (S)

Spacey synth compositions. Cosmic Countdown is basically a demo.


Ahraam (South Korea)

Human, All Too Human (2020)

Complex, dramatic themes, mixing synthesizers, drum machine rhythms and sometimes classical instrumentation and heavy guitar riffs.


Ahrkh (UK)

Punarbhava (2014)
Tone Mantra (2015)
2B (2016)
Meditations On Mahākāla (2016)
Ahrkh Wagner (2016) (with Mark Wagner)
Beams From A Spiritual Panorama (2020)
Bliss Waves (From the Heart Realm) (2021)

Ambient modular drones, with some variations (some cosmic moments, some noisier ones, some new-agey). A project of Alex Macarte (a member of Gnod).

See also: Gnod


Ai (Germany)

Ai (2015)
Ai II (2018)
Artifacts (2023)

Ai is a Dusseldorf-based band led by bass player Andreas Von Hillebrandt, and it wouldn't be Dusseldorf if it didn't have motorik rhythms, rich synths, bass and guitars, all in copious amounts. There are also some slight influences of house music and other club-related styles.

See also: Visitor, The


Ai Messiah (UK)

Sentience & Sapience (2018)

Varied synth soundscapes inspired by transhumanist theories and artificial intelligence.


Aiazzi, Antonio (Italy)

Linea Gialla (2017)
Mephisto Ballad (2021) (with Gianni Maroccolo)

Moody, repetitive synth compositions from ex-member of new wave bands Litfiba and Beau Geste.


Aicher, Richard (Germany)

Electronic Moods (1994)
Green Silver (1997)
Circles (1999)
Unsharp (2000)
Virtual Skyscraper (2001)
Orchestral Machines (2002)
Black Contoures (2003)

Ex-Weltklang electronic musician.

See also: Weltklang


Aigokeros (???)

Archive I (2020)

Dark soundscapes.


Aikin, Jim (USA)

Light's Broken Speech Revived (1993)

Electronics on Kit Watkins' Linden label. This album contains a Beatles cover and the rest is supposedly original material.


Aileron Vane (USA)

Amassed Like Bells (2022) (recorded in 2004 - 2007)

Droning, a bit lo-fi ambient compositions from San Francisco-based Aaron Levine.


Aiming For Enrike (Norway)

Empty Airports (2023)

Math rock / noise rock duo using a drum kit and a guitar connected to multiple effect pedals. On Empty Airports, they started moving in the electronic direction, often creating post-Günter Schickert / Manuel Goettsching sequency guitar / synth hypnotism.


Aimo, Nicolás (Argentina)

Lapsus (2016)
Punto Simultáneo (2018)

Electronic musician with a fat, melodic sound.


Aindulmedir (Sweden)

The Lunar Lexicon (2019)
The Winter Scriptures (2021)
Star Lore (2023)

Melodic, ambient synth compositions from Pär Boström. Sort of melancholic sounding.

See also: Kammarheit, Altarmang, Cities Last Broadcast, Hymnambulae, Teahouse Radio, Bonini Bulga, Underwater Sleep Orchestra, Grave Owl.


AIR (France)

Music For Museum (2014)

I am sure Music For Museum will be the least popular release of the French ambient pop duo. However, I think it is their first truly EM work, harkening back to classic Ambient and minimalist music of the 1970's.

See also: Godin, Nicolas, Dunckel, Jean-Benoît.


Air Sign (USA)

Our Galactic Covered Wagons To the Stars (2011)
In Search of (2011)

A project of Justin McInteer.


Airaksinen, Pekka (Finland)

One Point Music (1972)
Buddhas of Golden Light (1984)
Milk Sea (1994)
Inner Galaxies (1996)
M58 (1996) (recorded in 1980)
Sugatas (1996) (recorded in 1984)
Jewel Comet (1996) (recorded in 1983)
Mangala (1996) (recorded in 1986)
Union In Space (1997) (recorded in 1985)
Love'n Addiction (1997) (recorded in 1978)
Vitamins (1997) (recorded in 1975)
Paramitas (1997)
Tishya (1998)
Tents of Thousands (1998)
Garden of Death (1999)
M42 (2002) (recorded in 1980)
Avalokiteshvara (2002)
Keskitie 1 A 1 (2002)
Nyks (2003) (recorded in 1978 - 2003)
Pundarika II (2003) (recorded in 1977 - 1985)
Closed Garden (2003) (recorded in 1987)
Brahmaghosa (2004) (recorded in 1979 - 1985)
In Balance (2004) (recorded in 1986 - 2004)
Mythological Duo (2004) (recorded in 1976)
Sakyamuni (2005) (recorded in ??)
Other Power (2012) (recorded in 1978 - 1985)
Bosonics - Holy Stamina (2014)
Afrodipankara (2015) (recorded in 1976)
Works 1968 - 76 (2015) (with The Sperm and Samsa Trio)
Taco Bells with Pekka Airaksinen (2015) (with Taco Bells)
Vertical Pillars (2016)
Hungry Shells (2021) (with Ka Baird)

Known as one of the founders of fluxus / performance ensemble The Sperm, Pekka Airaksinen (1945 - 2019) was a legend of Finnish experimental music. In the early years (shortly after leaving The Sperm) his music was heavily based on concrete textures and psych influences. A bit later, he adopted a more spiritual style (he became a buddhist somewhere in the late 1970's) which was still pretty experimental but based more on synthesizers and drum machine rhythms. Some of it is pretty ambient in nature. Later he started releasing a lot of music as privately pressed CD-Rs. These releases contain both new works and some archive material. However, I am not sure how much of this would actually qualify for inclusion in EEM, as his music ranges from techno (like Pink Bodies, for instance, naturally not included in the above discography) to jazz and experimental / EM stuff. Consequently, the discography for this artist is incomplete.

See also: Ajraksin, Xe.


Airchina (Germany)

LP 1 (2018)
LP 2 (2020)
LP 3 (2022)

Dusseldorf synths with an oriental feel. A project of Nikolai Szymanski.

See also: Stabil Elite, Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis.


Aircooled (UK)

St Leopards (2022)

If you like long tracks that go mad with the motorik, Aircooled's St Leopards is for you. If you like a touch of disco with your Dusseldorf School, you will like it even more.


Aircraft (USA)

Sideways / Backwards (2019) (recorded in ??)

Minimal analog synth compositions from Steve Cohen.


Aires (Portugal)

Pânico​-​Ambiente (2015) (with Rui P. Andrade)
Enough (2016)
Modernidade Líquida (2019) (S)
Daylight Fireworks (2021) (S)
Nightfalls At Ponto
d'Orvalho (2023)
Sky-Wide, Fading (2023) (with Canadian Rifles)

Varied ambient artist (Vítor Bruno Pereira). From totally abstract / droning, with abundant field recordings to vaguely melodic and emotional.

See also: Peak Bleak


Airey, Paul (Canada)

The Mystery of SS433 (1982)
Horizons (1985) (S)

Electronic Music composed as a soundtrack for a MacMillan Planetarium in British Columbia. A few jazzy pieces found their way onto the LP, too.


Airsculpture (UK)

Impossible Geometries (1995)
Attrition System (1996)
Europa (1997)
Thunderhead (1998)
Fjord Transit (1999)
Amazonian (2000) (EP)
Quark Soup (2001)
Okefenokee Dreams 2001 (2002) (with Free System Projekt and Bill Fox)
TranceAtlantic (2005)
Before the Moon (2006)
Okefenokee 2002 (2007) (with Star Sounds Orchestra) (recorded in 2002)
Burn (2008)
Doom Bar (2009)
Before the Moon (2010) (recorded in 2005)
Graveyard Shift (2014)
Live On Star's End 2014 (2014)
Vanishing Point Vol. 1 (2015)
Vanishing Point Vol. 2 (2016)
Travelling Light (2018)
Widely Spaced (2021)

British synth trio. The three musicians are Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski. Strong Tangerine Dream influenced music. They make their music with as little preparation as possible and therefore the music has that special spirit of improvisational flow so often lacking in modern EM. Sometimes their music is compared to that of Node and Radio Massacre International, two other British retro bands that started the Berlin School revival of the 90’s. This can give indication as to what Airsculpture’s music sounds like. Of course fans of classic sequencer music (I’m among them) should check them out. Quark Soup is a double album recorded live at Jodrell Bank and E-Live. Some other albums contain live material as well. But it’s not so important, because most of their music is done ‘live’ in the studio, and if we take their performances in front of an audience, you won’t hear any noise it produces, because the music is recorded straight from the mixer, and that’s a good thing when talking about quality of recording.

See also: Christian, John, Beasley, Adrian, Cosmic Smokers, Softbase.


Airtime (Netherlands)

Internet of People (2018) (S)

Varied electronic tracks from this duo, from rhythmic, even danceable, to ambient.


Airwave (Netherlands)

The Myth of Er (1989)

A duo of Hans de Vries and Lex Hakker.


Airwaves (Mexico)

Ambient Tracks (1994)
Second Shift (1995) (soundtrack)
Do You (1996)
Biomechanical (2017) (recorded in 1999 - 2001)
Multiverse (2020) (recorded in ??)

Ambient artist Oscar Menzel who was born in 1963 and passed away in 2012.


Aisuragua (Spain)

Undiscovered Frontiers (2013)
Mesmerized (2013)

Hybrid black metal / ambient project from the Canary Islands. I will try to list his ambient-related material. Undiscovered Frontiers is a mixture of black metal and spacey ambient compositions (the intro, "Gliese 581g", "End of the Journey"). Mesmerized is completely keyboard-based.


Aisuru (Belgium??)

To Have Loved (2018) (S)
Lonely Psalms (2018)
A Family (2019)

Gentle, a bit lo-fi ambient compositions.


Aivina Vishnu (???)

Transforma (2019)

Varied electronics, mostly of ambient nature.


Aix Em Klemm (USA)

Aix Em Klemm (2000)

A collaboration between a member of Labradford and a member of Stars of the Lid (Adam Wiltzie and Bobby Donne). Ambient.

See also: Labradford, Stars of the Lid, Wiltzie, Adam.


Aj (Australia)

The Buddha Machine Descends On Belconnen Mall (2010)

Strange stuff - sort of collage / vaporwave-like, but with a nice Edgar Froese vibe (sequencing and guitar) on "Snowback: A Magpie King".


AJ Nutter (USA)

The Birds (2012) (S)

Pennsylvania-based artist who recorded the above mini-album of synth soundscapes inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".


Aja (France)

Ajasphère Volume 1 (2023)

Aja is Paris-based Clémence Quélennec. She composes nice, flowing, meditative EM.


Ajna (USA)

Inevitable Mortality (2016)
Black Monolith (2017) (with Dronny Darko)
An Era of Torment (2017)
Lucid Intrusion (2018)
Seasons (2019) (with Dödsapparaten)
Oracular (2020)
Canidia (2021) (with Onasander)
Radioactive Immersion (2021) (with Dronny Darko)
Mors Ultra (2022)
The Enigma of Sirius (2022)

Ultra-black soundscapes in classic Dark Ambient mould from Chris F.


Ajraksin (Finland)

Datta (2002)
Electrify Your Senses (2002)
Anuddhata (2002)
Hole In the Soul (2002)
Plum Plum (2003)
Lake Vostok (2003)
Alphaville (2003)
Pundarika II (2003)
Closed Garden (2003)
Dharmacement (2003)
Eix Narnia (2003)
Freak (2003)
MRKRGNAO Dreamscape (2003)
Honkajoki 22 Gamelan (2003)
Brahmaghosha (2004)

Pekka Airaksinen under a pseudonym. The music is supposedly experimental.

See also: Airaksinen, Pekka, Xe.


AkA (France)

Wup und Wuf (2019)
Dataism (2019)
Résonances hyménoptiques (2020) (with Cat)
Digirama (2020)

Like a colder and significantly more digital-sounding Kraftwerk. Steady or broken rhythms, repetitive melodies, monotonous vocals, etc. AkA is a project of Henri Sizaret.


Akaalp, Volkan (Turkey)

Baskin O.S.T. (2014) (soundtrack)

Nice atmospheric soundtrack music, seemingly influenced by Carpenter and Goblin, with a couple of remixes at the end.


Akaï x Eïki (France)

Vitrail (2018)

Wacky, multi-part electronics that bring to mind some Cluster material.


Akaike, Haruko & Hard Candy (Japan)

Brain Shock (1982)

Strange pop record arranged and produced by Soichi Terada. Some tracks are instrumental and there is at least one electronic track that reminds a bit on Vangelis circa Chariots of Fire. File under EM-related.


Akamatsu (France)

Winter (2021)

A project of Remi Queron, mixing electronic and acoustic sounds (glockenspiel, harmonium, piano). It has sort of an IDM flair but there is a curious acoustic cover of Cluster's "Zum Wohl" on Winter.


Akane (Spain)

Night-Time Birds (2023)

Solo material by Carolina Machado based on the Tenerife island and member (drummer and singer) in space rock band Gaf y la Estrella de la Muerte. The music is a mixture of avant pop songs and instrumental electronics.


Akao, Michiko (Japan)

Incantation (1979) (with Frank W. Becker)
Yokobue (1983)

Michiko Akao is a Japanese shinobue (a traditional wind instrument) player. Yokobue has Shigeaki Saegusa as guest musician on synthesizers and vocoder. As a result, the album's intricate electronic arrangements might interest fans of both fusion / ethnic music and EM. Case in point is the opening suite "Prajna Paramita" with its vocoder overload.


Akasha (Norway)

Akasha (1977)

Norwegian progressive band with vocals. Synth and mellotron-dominated, so it may be interesting for EM fans.


Akasha Project (Germany)

Cosmic Colors (2004)
Vermillion Daystream (2004)
Emerald Earthwave (2004)
Purple Mind (2004)
The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule (2009)
H2 - The Quantum Music of Hydrogen (2010)
Solar System (2012)
Spheres (2016)

A project of German musician Barnim A. Schultze. He was born in 1963 and discovered Electronic Music in the late 1970's. By 1985, he got his first synthesizer and started composing. During the 1990's, he got involved in the growing techno scene and, consequently, a lot of his works are filled with relaxed techno / chill-out rhythms. However, the three albums from 2004 will definitely appeal to fans of Ambient and Space Music. They were reissued in 2006 on two CDs as Earth Trilogy.

See also: Cosmic Octave Orchestra


Akathartos (Russia)

Enlightenment By Darkness (Black Catharsis) (2022)

Black metal band. Enlightenment By Darkness is evenly split between that style and some of the finest Black Ambient I've heard so far. A completely ambient album by them would be something interesting for sure.


Akbari, Arash (Iran)

Cracked Echoes (2014)
Vanishing Point (2015)
The Rest Is Silence (2017)
Perpetual (2018)
Fragments of Yearning (2021)

Ambient drone artist from Tehran. Emotional, rich sounds and textures.


Akers, Matthew (USA)

The Elders of News Detroit (2011) (S)
The Future Barbarians (2011) (S)
Mythical Abyss (2012)
Tough To Kill (2012)
Deleted Scenes (2012)
Unused Score For La Puntura Venenosa della Notte (2013) (S)
A History of Arson (2014)
Bayern (2014)
Black Leather And Stainless Steel (2014)
Lacerate (2015) (S)
Whitest Hunters, Blackest Hearts (2015)
Rage (2018)

One of those John Carpenter revivalists that for some reason have sprung up during the last several years. Matthew Akers is a Detroit-based artist who is influenced by vintage horror and cop flicks. He uses analog synth lines and fat italo beats.


Akey (Japan)

Drawing (2018)

This album alternates between glitchy ambient and melodic, arpeggio-laden tracks.


Akhluth (Ukraine)

Coma Cluster (2019)

Mostly Dark Space from this duo.

See also: Motorpig


Akhlys (USA)

Supplication (2009)

Two long tracks of sinister Dark / Black Ambient from this artist who went on to release a few black metal albums.


Akikawabaya, Tomo (Japan)

The Castle (1984)
Anju (1985) (S)
Kojiki To Onna (1986) (S)

Obscure minimal synth project from Japan. It has a sort of melancholic vibe and when in vocal mode sounds like the most generic (and non-progressive) YMO material, with little variation. There are some interesting ambient compositions, though. The Castle opens with the long synth drifter "Rebirth" that sounds a bit like intro music to Klaus Schulze's long 1970's epics or concert pieces, with an extra touch of melancholy (or a hint of darkwave). The formula is repeated on a much shorter "The Hill of Dreams", occupying the second half of side B from Anju. Kojiki To Onna supposedly also features some interesting material in that style, but I haven't heard it yet. Most of his music is available on a 2-LP compilation from Minimal Wave records, released in 2015. As Tomo's EM pieces are very few and in-between, he should be considered EM-related at best.


Akikaze (Netherlands)

Music From Misty Marshes (1989)
Aquarius (1990)
Leap In the Dark (1991)
In High Places (1992)
Fantasmagora (1996)
Conflicting Emotions (1999)
The Age of Deception (2008)
Music From the Mesozoic (2009)
Sense of Urgency (2013)
Blue Sky Events (2014)
Solstice (2017)
Deadlock (2020)
Disorders (2021)
Global Textures (2023)

Akikaze is Dutch musician Peipijn Courant. He plays very versatile music which is mostly analog. Smart, melodic (not schmaltzy) and pleasant. The sequences are very good, I haven’t heard such good analog music for a long time. Anyway, it should appeal to a wide audience and the lovers of Electronic Music will sure want to have these albums in their collection. It’s very difficult to compare his music to other musicians, it’s actually quite unique, and that is a rarity too. Most of his albums are available on CD. Highly recommended!


Akira Neroli (UK)

The Moth Club (2018)

Soundscapes, mostly of the darker variety.


Akis (Greece)

Into the Light (1990)
Space, Time And Beyond - Selected Works 1986 - 2016 (2017)
Love (??)

Melodic electronics from Akis Daoutis with some vocals on the title track and maybe also elsewhere (haven't heard the entire album yet). He also released some soundtracks.


Akkad the Orphic Priest (USA)

777 (2015)
Once I Was As You Are Now (2018)
Periapt (2019)
The Four (2020)
Color Language (2021) (with zakè)
All Things Are Made of Everything (2022)

Aka ATOP. Texas-based artist (Cody McPhail) with a cosmic synth sound, sometimes intense and slightly noisy.


Akkord I On (Kazakhstan)

Akkord I On (2019)

Dramatic ambient / rhythmic electronics from Konstantin Timoshenko. The accordion is a nice unique touch.


Akmuo (Lithuania)

Astral Moonlight (2023)

Ambient soundscapes with dubby elements. Nice, but somewhat samey due to an overreliance on the sounds that are typical of dub techno, which itself is an extremely limited genre. Akmuo is a project of Tadeuš Jatkevič.


aKoni/ (Greece??)

meeting point zero ** (ta​.​v​.​) (2021)


Akoustik Timbre Frekuency (UK)

Demo 001 (2001)
Musikally Charged (2002)
Dogon (2003)
Memetik Etchings (2009)
Ritual Musick Series 1 (2009)
Luna (2009) (S)
Choronzon (2009) (S)
DCLXVI (2009) (S)
Invokation (2009) (S)
Untitled (2009) (S)
Khtonik Korridors (2010)
Gnostik Spasms (2011)
Ritualistik Kuttings (2012)

Rather curious and diverse Ritual Ambient.


Akram, Adel (Germany)

Time And Place (2018) (EP)
Music For Theater (2021)

Adel Akram Alameddine is a Berlin-based artist. He mixes techno and ambient tracks, which means that he can be considered as EM-related. There are only two ambient tracks on Time And Place (on of them very short), which is a shame, as they are quite good.


AKT¡! (France)

Soundtrack pour une Révolucion de Pierre Clémenti (2014)
¬ (2014)

Electronic / krautrock project from Paris. Soundtrack... is krautrocky, with a strong electronic element (some tracks are predominantly or completely electronic, often in Dusseldorf School vein). The second album is pure analog synth.


Akuratyde (USA)

Conversations With Ghosts (2023)

Akuratyde is a project of Daniel Eshleman who is based in Southern California. He is mostly related to drum'n'bass and techno genres, but on Conversations With Ghosts, which is his most personal project to date, he opts for flowing, emotional, beatless waves of synth sound.


Akusmi (France)

Fleeting Future (2022)

Akusmi is Pascal Bideau who is based in London. A mixture of cosmic jazz, minimalism and EM.


Akustikkoppler (Germany)

Im Glanz der Nacht (2010)
Fernmündlich (2011) (S)
Inspektor (2019)
Alles muß raus (2022)

Electronic duo consisting of Malte Steiner and Matthias Schuster. They have no clear rules or style but definitely end up sounding very Kraftwerk-like, albeit glazed with Moebius-like experimental sheen.


Akwara, Andreas (Germany)

Empathy (2002)
Solar Eclipse (2002)
Pathos (2003)
Ambush (2004) (with Bjorn Lutz)
Synthetic Horizon (2005)
Occult Sanctum (2006)
Blue Velvet (2009)
Quantum (2009)
Erwachet (2010)
Reinheit (2010)
Klangbild (2011)
Raum (2013)
Saturn (2015)

Solar Eclipse features 60+ minutes of majestic Space Music. If you like the more active side of the genre, you owe it to yourself to check out Andreas Akwara. Great atmospheric pads, effects, rhythms buried deep in the mix and some sequences to complete the picture. Music to travel to the far reaches of space. The album was mastered by Ron Boots. Recommended for all EM fans, especially for those who are attracted to the idea of a substantial and unique Space Music.


Al Gromer Khan (Germany)

Zubân (1981)
Silence In A Blue Room (2019)

Warm ambient music with some sitar from this famous new age composer (real name - Alois Gromer). I will try to list his EM-related releases here.


AI Lover (USA)

Zodiak Versions (2015)
Cave Ritual (2015)
Neuicide! (2016) (S)
Interference Patterns (2017)
Nymphaea Caerulea (2017) (with Cairo Liberation Front)
Existential Everything (2019)
Subject X Object (2021)
Cosmic Joke (2022)

San Francisco-based remixer, producer and musician who works within the broad paradigm of psychedelic music. When doing original compositions, he usually throws a drum machine rhythm, which he combines with either heavy guitar riffing of sample-heavy mayhem. Of interest: the whole of Zodiak Versions, inspired by both Jamaican reggae dub and German kraut synth pioneers, and the long ambient melter "Genesis Porridge", occupying a whole side of Cave Ritual vinyl.


Al Qadiri, Fatima (Senegal)

Atlantics (2019) (soundtrack)
Medieval Femme (2021)
Gumar (2023) (S)

Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised artist currently based in Berlin. Atlantics is a moody synth soundtrack. Mostly ambient and mysterious, with high levels of melodic drama. Nice. Medieval Femme is another interesting work, mixing prog electronics with oriental touches and a darker, deeper mood.


Ala Kryształ (Poland)

Sandtrack (2021)

Polish trio combining steel pan improvisations, percussion, other acoustic instruments, samples, voices and synthesizers. Not always EM, they are closer to electroacoustic music most of the time. However, their music is soundtracky and sometimes very Prog EM, as on the excellent closer (the best track on Sandtrack).


Alambre, Salva (Spain)

Matem​á​tica ingenua (2018)
Electromagnetismo (2020)

Strange electronic stuff with vocals (half of the tracks are instrumental) that sounds like a mixture of minimal synth and gnarling, archaic-sounding, analog EM.


Alameda 5 (Poland)

Dutch Tornada (2015)
Eurodrome (2019)

Krautrock / space rock / electronic project of Jakub Ziołek.


Alarcen, Jean-Pierre (France)

Tableau No. 1 (1979)

French guitarist and multi-instrumentalist whose second album (listed) will be enjoyed by fans of zeuhl, Mike Oldfield, symphonic Vangelis and The Enid. Only very marginally related to EM, but a nice and lush sound anyway.


Alargo (New Zealand)

Central Plateau (2016)
Primacy (2017)

A duo featuring improvisations on brass instruments over a bed of atmospheric electronics.


Alarm, Guillaume (France)

Grundfarben (2023)

Melodic, flashy, rhythmic EM inspired by music of the members of YMO.


Alaskan Tapes (Canada)

Beyond the Streets (2016) (S)
We All Speak In Poems (2016)
In Distance We're Losing (2017)
You Were Always An Island (2018)
The Ocean No Longer Wants Us (2018)
Millions (2019)
Views From Sixteen Stories (2019)
Sleeping Since Last Year (2020)
For Us Alone (2021)
Who Tends A Garden (2023)

Somewhat indebted to the post-rock genre, but also to Classic Ambient of artists like Harold Budd and Brian Eno, Beyond the Streets is an EP-length (about 28 minutes) record, combining gentle, echoed guitar strumming, sparse rhythms, some ethereal vocals, lots of synth pads and ubiquitous piano.


Alatlı, Metin (Turkey)

Synthetic Dance Moods (1974)

Metin Alatlı was born in 1936 and during the 60's he was a member of several groups, including the legendary garage band Siluetler. After that he moved to France for a while and upon returning to Turkey he made a few shows in several nightclubs with a band that had a drum-machine instead of a real drummer, which was quite unusual for the time. He then released his only (as far as I know) LP, the electronic Synthetic Dance Moods (Sentetik Oyun Havalar), also known as Alamooga Esinlenmeler (the title on the front cover of the LP) On this album he is helped by several guest musicians. The music represents some sort of a crazy fusion of traditional Turkish music and funky electronic creations (made on ARP 2600, Hammond organ etc.) Metin Alatlı died in 1992 from heart attack but his work remains a classic of Turkish EM.


Alaura (UK)

Sacred Dreams (1995)
Occidental (??)

Slightly psychedelic, melodic ambient soundscapes with some wordless singing from ex-wife of Genesis P-Orridge and former collaborator of Psychic TV.


Albarran, Joe (USA)

Expansion (1994)

A mellotron-drenched work from the man behind Matter. For those who like Pinhas' solo albums.

See also: Matter


Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale (Italy)

Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale (1978)
Alchimia del verbo (2004)
Angeli di solitudine - Provini ineditidi 1974 - 96 (2009)
Cammino sotto il mare (2011)

Doomy progressive electronics with haunting female vocals.

See also: Cosentino, Saro


Albert et Guido (Belgium)

Untitled (??)

Melodic / experimental minimal synth / EM hybrid perhaps. A private release.


Albert, Johannes (Germany)

Lichtenberg (2019)
Spessart (2020)
Spessart II (2023)

Dreamy synth compositions, bringing to mind the more atmospheric moments of Tangerine Dream's Le Parc. Pretty nice EM here.


Albert the Spider (USA)

Just A Day In the Web (2020) (S)

Louisiana-based "comfy synth" project. Nice melodies. Best track: "A Comfy Web".


Albertine, Charles (USA)

In Concert (1985)

One of the later-day productions by this unsung hero of the Space Age (born in 1929, died in 1986) and his only LP from that era. Charles Albertine's career peaked in the 50's and 60's as a producer and arranger. However, by the beginning of the 1980's he'd been keeping a relatively low profile. This album was released in cooperation with the McDonnell Douglas Physician Systems Company. The cover looks very much like Windham Hill productions of the day. The music is relaxing (new age-like?) and is performed by Albertine on synthesizers and piano.


Alberto (USA)

Hideo (2020)

Music inspired by a video game and based on the sounds of FM synthesis.


Albin (Sweden)

En timme kvar (2013)
Sommarkassetten (2016) (S)
Pseudo Polo Session # 1 (2016) (S) (with Mika Forsling)
Havet & Vinden (2016)
MT4X (2018)
Passage (2020)
Paus (2022)

Albin Johansson played bass and keyboards in several metal / indie rock / folk bands before starting a solo career of an electronic musician. He has a charming melodic / repetitive style and just loves his vintage analog synths.


Albino Sound (Japan)

Black Lagoon (2020) (EP)

A project of Hirotaka Umetani. Three dancey and one ambient track on the above EP. File under EM-related.


Al-Bird (Uzbekistan)

Sodom & Gomorra (2002)

My name is Bird, Al Bird... Instrumental electronic / progrock  music somewhere between Jean-Michel Jarre and Jose Ledesma with some other influences in there as well.


Albrecht, Alex (Australia)

Campfire Stories (2021)
Resolve (2022)
Coles Ridge (2023)
Violet Visionary (2023)

Mixture of field recordings, chilled ambient synths and slow rhythms.

See also: Melquíades, Albrecht La'Brooy.


Albrecht La'Brooy (Australia)

Good Morning Passengers (2014) (S)
Edgewater Tower (2016) (S)
Eventide (2016) (S)
Emissary (2017) (EP)
From 50 (2017) (S) (with Sleep D)
Escape Velocity (2017) (S)
After the Rain (2017) (S) (with Sleep D)
Tidal River (2018)
Healesville (2019)

A duo of Alex Albrecht and Sean La'Brooy with something of an ecological theme going. They mix rich synth pads and atmospheres with field recordings and occasional house beats. Lets see what they come up with next. I'd like to see them going further in the ambient direction.

See also: Melquíades, Albrecht, Alex, La'Brooy, Sean.


Album Leaf, The (USA)

OST (2021) (soundtrack)

Varied electronic soundtrack from this project led by Jimmy LaValle, active since 1999. Mostly shorter tracks.


ALC (Greece)

Frontiers (2021)

A project of Angelos Liaros-Copola, who is currently based in Berlin. He is also known as Blakk Harbour and composes under that alias experimental industrial techno music. ALC's Frontiers is a different affair whatsoever. Adopting a pretty basic instrumental approach, with a couple of analog synths, a Greek lyra and an electric piano, he suddenly goes the EM route, infusing his music with multiple hypnotic sequences, shifting chords and subtle melodies. Nice stuff.


Alcedo, Ramon (Spain)

Mirando A las Estrellas (??)

Synthesist from Andalucia with an album released on Big Bang (the label that also released Pedro Hurtado's works). The style is not known.


Alchemist (USA)

Cycles (2021) (EP) (soundtrack)

Ambient electronics from this hip-hop musician.


Alchi (Netherlands)

Full of It (2020)

Minimal, lulling, melodic, rhythmic, soft electronics with some acoustic instruments mixed in. Rather nice stuff from Krijn Moons who is based in Utrecht.


Aldebaran (Germany)

Very obscure German synth band that existed from 1974 to 1977. Aldebaran started as a rock combo but by 1975 had transformed into a full-blown electronic band. Not much is known about them but they did give several live performances. One of the members was Mathias Eigelshoven. The other one calls himself H. G. Fortune and makes virtual plug-in instruments these days. There were other members but their names are unknown. The music was very spacey and floating, done on analog instruments.


Aldebaran's Nebulah (Poland)

Deep Forms of Cosmic Signals & Psychonautic Sphere of Nothingness (2021) (S)

Profound Dark Space sounds from Poland.


Aldinucci, Giulio (Italy)

Tarsia (2012)
Archipelago (2013) (S)
Aer (2014)
Spazio sacro (2015)
Agoraphonia (2016) (with Francesco Giannico)
Goccia (2016)
Segmenti (2017) (with Francis M. Gri)
Reframing (2017) (with Francesco Giannico)
Consequence Shadows (2018) (with Ian Hawgood)
Borders And Ruins (2018)
Disappearing In A Mirror (2018)
Hidden (2018) (with The Star Pillow)
Disappearing In A Mirror (2018)
No Eye Has An Equal (2019)
Shards of Distant Times (2020)
Bureau (2020) (with Matteo Uggeri)
Stalking the Elusive (2020) (with Enrico Coniglio)
Music From Organ (2021)
On Wonders And Things Unseen (2021) (with Nhung Nguyen and Offthesky)
Real (2022)

Italian artist with an ethereal Ambient style, using synths, some found sounds and acoustic instruments.


Aldrich (UK)

Ravaged Minds (2019) (EP)

A mixture of dub / techno and classic EM styles.


Aldrin (Norway)

Parentes (2021)

A bit lo-fi Ambient with microsound tendencies from Oslo-based Øystein Dale Svendsen.


Ale Hop (Peru)

Agua Dulce (2023) (with Laura Robles)

Ale Hop is an alias of Berlin-based Peruvian experimental artist and guitarist Alejandra Luciana Cárdenas. On Agua Dulce, recorded together with percussionist Laura Robles, she pays homage to Afro-Peruvian culture and music by means of an extensive use of traditional coastal Peruvian instrument cajón (actually, a self-built electric version is utilized here). Cárdenas plays guitar and electronics (recorded at the EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Sweden). Pretty wild experimental World Music here, with rhythms galore and crazy beeps & bleeps. Pretty interesting and nice stuff, with similarities to the wildest Cluster, Popol Vuh (circa In der Garten Pharaos), etc.


Aleala (Russia)

Inner Cosmos (1999)
Heart of the Universe (2000)

A project of Andrey Klimkovsky with Sergey Sedykh on guitar. This one sees Andrey making a more loose, improvised and flowing type of Electronic Music than what he is usually known for, closer to Berlin School perhaps. Multiple sequences, spacey pads and mutated solos. Pretty nice stuff and highly recommended. Long tracks.

See also: Klimkovsky, Andrey


Alec Empire (Germany)

Les étoiles des filles mortes (1996)
Volt (2017) (soundtrack)

Alec Empire is a well-known digital hardcore / breakcore / noise / IDM project of Berlin-based Alexander Wilke-Steinhof. Les étoiles des filles mortes was his last album for Mille Plateaux label and it's a really weird one - sort of lo-fi ambient music with touches of plunderphonics. The whole sounds a bit like a 1960's sci-fi soundtrack. You know, pretty creepy, minimal stuff. I am not sure if it is much more than a mere curiosity in the end but it might be a grower. Volt is a varied electronic soundtrack to a movie about a dystopian police state.


Alejandro, Omar (Mexico)

Arpeggiated & Sustained Chords For the Analog Organ Synthesizer Roland Saturn 09 (2016)

What the title promises.


Aleks (???)

Frame of Reference (2015)
Body / Astral (2017)
Pool Daze (2017)
From Space With Love (2021)

This artist creates diverse music, from rhythmic, house-influenced, to ambient and progressive.


Aleksandir (???)

Skin (2020)

House artist Alex Lawrence, currently residing in Istanbul. His compositions are pretty complex for house music, although I would not call most of what is heard on Skin as progressive. However, one track in particular, "Dotty's Theme" is a really nice and melancholic Prog EM / ambient piece. Hopefully he explores more of that territory in the future.


Alene Marie (USA)

Colors of Distance (2022)

Tranquil EM with subtle sequences, pads and a generally relaxing / ambient atmosphere.


Aleph Naught (Honduras)

Rituals (2008) (S)
Death Ritual III (2008) (S)
Opus Nigrum (2008) (S)
Dreams In the Witch-House (2009) (EP)
Le langage des fleurs (2010) (S)
La conjuration sacree (2011)

Diverse dark ambience, with even a hint of early Tangerine Dream.


Alerick Project (Italy)

One Way (2014)
Obsolete Technology (2015) (S)
Hypnotize (2016)
Trance Action (2023)

Italian duo with a rhythmic / melodic style.


Alex.Do (Germany)

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2016) (EP)
Plangent#011 (2019) (EP)

Techno producer from Berlin. Half of the tracks on Beyond the Black Rainbow are not techno, though. There's the opener that sounds like a percussive mix of early Popol Vuh and Klaus Schulze and the droning ambient closer. Strange.


Alex Theory (USA)

Light (2008)
Water (2008)
Earth (2009)
Air (2009)
Emergence 2012 (2009) (with Daniel Pinchbeck)
Saturn Returns (2009)

San-Francisco based artist. The solo "elements" albums contain minimal Ambient with a bit of an oriental atmosphere in places. Emergence moves towards full-fledged World Music, retaining the ambient flair.


Alexander (USA)

New Visions In Sedona (1994)
Dreams of Sedona (1996)
A Space Serene (2002)
Moonlight On Water (2004)
Tour of the Galaxies (2004)

Space Music (sometimes with an Ambient or new age flair) from this artist who was born in Chicago but now resides in Arizona. He plays keyboards as well as guitar. There's another album by him, called Something Like Jazz (2005) that's too removed from the EM aesthetics to be included here, I guess.


Alexander, Chris (Canada)

Annihilator (2001) (EP)
Music For Murder (2015)
Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (2018)

Toronto, Ontario-based horror synth artist who channels both Carpenter and Italian giallo sound.


Alexander, Glen (UK)

Relentless (2017)

Berlin School music influenced by classic period Tangerine Dream.


Alexander, Jeffrey (USA)

Flutterings (2022) (recorded in 2014 - 2015)

Jeffrey Alexander is a folk rock / psychedelic rock musician from Pennsylvania, founder of The Iditarod and member of a few other groups / projects. Flutterings is calm, ambient and a bit quirky music recorded with synths (Gakken, Moog MG-1), electric guitar, accordion, electric piano, singing bowls, space echo and a few other curious tools.


Alexander, Ruben (USA)

Odyssey (1980)

Instrumental progrock with an electronic flair from this Gary, Indiana-based musician. He plays keyboards and is helped by a drummer and an acoustic guitarist.


Alexander, Xan (UK)

The Mind Cavern Sessions Vol. 1 (2002) (with David Gurr)
The Mind Cavern Sessions Vol. 2 (2002) (with David Gurr)
The Mind Cavern Sessions Vol. 3 (2003) (with David Gurr)
The Mind Cavern Sessions Vol. 4 (2003) (with David Gurr)
Star Dark (2005)
Klang Garten (2008)
Ambi-Tronic Soundscapes (2008)
Quantum Waves (2010)
The Silent World (2013) (with Stuart Judd)
Synthetics (2013)
Memories of Light (2013)
Elektro-Technology (2015)
Syntherics (2018)
Sonic Reflection (2020)
Illusions of Time (2023)
The Knowledge - Ode To A Fool (2023)

One half of The Omega Syndicate. Sequencer EM. Some of the Mind Cavern Sessions tracks made it onto the Analogue Waves album by TOS.

See also: The Omega Syndicate, The Grey Encounter, Magnetron.


Alexandros (Greece)

Antithesis (1986)
Dynameis (2007) (with Rakesh Chaurasia)
Control Room (2014)

Alexandros Hahalis released several albums, with Antithesis featuring rich, classically-inspired and rhythmic electronic compositions. It was preceded by Data (1985), apparently a vocal synth-pop album. Then there's Dynameis that marries Alexandros' electronic arrangements with Rakesh Chaurasia's flute playing.


Alexi (USA)

The Mystery (2000)

Light, Tangerine Dream-styled EM without sequences from this keyboardist.


Alfaluna (Italy)

Commenti musicali - Spaziali - Suoni dal futuro Vol. 1 (1988)
Commenti musicali - Spaziali - Suoni dal futuro Vol. 2 (1988)

A project of Luana Fazzuoli. These are library albums with a supposedly nice synth sound.


Alga Alma (Italy)

Alga Alma (2021) (recorded in 2020)

Synth duo of Devid Ciampalini and Luca Tanzini in earliest Tangerine Dream (circa Alpha Centauri / Zeit), Seesselberg, Conrad Schnitzler realms. Formless, echoing, dark...


Algiz Dawn (New Zealand)

Askeladden (2016) (S)
Purple Clouds In Kingdom Sky (2018)

Dungeon synth-like music with a deeper / more cosmic feel and a slightly wider range of sounds.


Algol (Russia)

Searching For Inner And Outer Void (2006)
Deep Thoughts About Universe (2007)
Follow the Cepheid Light (2009)
Heaven Debris (2011)
All These Worlds Are Yours (2016)
Timeshifter (2019)

Ambient / Space Music from Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, Russia.

See also: Stuzha


Algorithm, The (France)

Polymorphic Code (2013)
Octopus4 (2014)
Brute Force (2016)
Compiler Optimization Techniques (2018)
Data Renaissance (2022)

Intense, complex, hyperactive mixture of crisp electronics and heavy guitar riffs. Not for EM purists, the music sounds like an electronic version of an instrumental progressive metal record. The Algorithm is Rémi Gallego.

See also: Boucle Infinie


Alguire, Lyndsie (Canada)

Suspended In Light (2011)
After Image (2013) (S)
Clair obscur (2013) (EP)
Cities of the Interior (2017)
Untouched (2018)
The Horizon Kisses You Till There's Nothing Left (2019)
Sins Against Truth (2020)
The Night Is In My Mouth (2021)
The Pause In You (2021)

Shoegaze-related multi-instrumentalist and singer from Montreal. Sometimes she makes fine, emotional ambient music with a feminine touch.


Alhedion (Germany)

Kosmische Spuren eines Lebens (2001)

Floating music with sequences and soloing. Very good.


Alia (UK)

Circa 90 (2023) (recorded in 2022) (S)

Scottish duo from Glasgow - Liam Robertson and Andy Graham. Described as "middle ground between club and ambient" which is a pretty accurate description.


ALÌAS (Italy)

The Lightkeeper (2020)

Dungeon synth mixed with pulsing Prog EM.


Alidan (Spain)

Noosphere (2001)
Immersion (2003)
Nebulae (2004)

Nebulae is an album of drifting Space Music and melodic ambient atmospheres, plus several upbeat melodic tracks. The first four tracks are very good. Two of them ("Glider" and "The Kingdom of Poseidon") are drifting, while the other two ("Voyage" and "Inhabited Worlds") are more upbeat, the former featuring lots of sequences and the latter being the best cut on the album if you ask me. I heard some lovely analog-like leads on "Glider", so I was hoping to hear more of this stuff during the course of this album, but - alas, got none. Unfortunately, after the first four tracks, the album delves into sweet, Kitaro-like keyboard new age music. Both "Flowers On the Wind" and "Cities of Light" are very new agey. Not that they are bad tracks, it's just that my own preferences tend to drift to darker and more experimental realms. Thankfully, the album gains momentum once again with the very upbeat "Shaman" and the atmospheric "Dolphins", both of which are ok. "With An Angel" and "Introspection" close the album on once again a melodic and sweet Kitaro-ish new age note. Overall, it's a diverse collection of music that will appeal to a wide audience and is well worth checking out. I think if Alidan continues in the vein of "Voyage" and "Inhabited Worlds" he may soon surprise us with a great bunch of upbeat melodic EM tracks.


Alien, Gordon (UK)

O Puss (1980)
Aural Assault (1980) (with P A Wells)

O Puss is a rare cassette release. Gordon Alien is a pseudonym of Gordon A. Hope.

See also: This Little Alien / Those Little Aliens


Alien Love (???)

Moonland (2013) (S)
Alien Love (2013)
Starfighter (2013)
Abduction (2013) (S)
Galaxy Holocaust (2014)
Dead Alien (2014) (S)
Species (2015)
UFO (2016)
Visitor (??) (S)
Saturn (??) (S)
Andromeda (??) (S)

I think it's deep cosmic soundscapes. This project released a lot of splits with other artists.


Alien Nature (Germany)

Distant Calling (2005)
Distractions (2005)
Anna (2006)
Construction (2008)
Medusa (2009) (with T M A)
Massive (2010)
Hydra (2010) (with T M A)
Station Platforms (2011)
Who Goes There? (2012)
Heisenberg 1 (2013)
Traumzeit (2013) (with Traumkraft)
Authentics (2013) (with Hajo Liese)
The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius (2013)
Sacred Journey (2014)
Accelerator (2015) (with Stan Dart)
Heisenberg 2 (2015)
Geistertanz (2016) (with Christian Fiesel)
The Dark Path (2017) (with Michael Brückner)
Unter Null (2017) (with Christial Fiesel)
Yoruba (2017)

Alien Nature is Wolfgang Barkowski. A bit dark but with prominent Berlin School edge.

See also: Hypnosphere, Anam Cara.


Alien Planetscapes (USA)

Solista (1981)
Equinox (1982)
Alien Planetscapes Big Band (1982)
Midwinter Daydream (1982)
Atomsville (1983)
Live In the Studio (1983)
Systems And Controls (1983)
The Right Stuff / Galactic Evolution (1983)
Solo Improvisation (1984)
Nuclear Pile Meltdown (1984)
Message From Space (1985)
Gleepside (1985)
Bio Machine / Techno Machine (1986)
Straight Dope.. No Guesswork (1986)
SpaceRock USA (1986)
Skylore (1986)
Too Young To Have A Tape Recorder, Too Old To Get A Drink (1986)
Space Rock??... Nothing Special (1986)
Survival In the Nuclear Age (1986)
Children of Slaves (1986)
Everybody's Mad At Amerikkka (1987)
The Morton Feldman Landspeed Record (1987)
Alien Planetscapes Trio - Brooklyn (1987)
Unreleased Demos (1987)
Victims of the Flame (1987)
Infinite Music (1987)
Stop Light Pollution (1987)
Could Be Today.. (1987)
Voodoo Economics (1987)
Space Rock 88' (1987)
AT #74 (1987)
Old Bottles (1987)
Live July 18, 1987 At Harsh Reality (1987) (with Viktimized Karcass)
Spacerock 3 (1988) (recorded in 1982 and 1988)
Astral Vacations (1988)
Is It That That's That? (1988)
The Greenhouse Effect (1988)
A Visitation (1988) (with Cephalic Index)
An Act of Reason (1988)
States of Being (1988)
RAP Demo (1989)
Freedom Riders (1989)
Mysterious Black Dots (1989)
Celestial Dance Hits (1989)
Celestial Dance Hits (1989) (different)
Ping Pong (1989)
URANUS (1989)
Pictures of Evan Please! (1989)
Unreleased 89-90 (1990)
Planet Universe (1990)
Lost Missle Outtakes (1990)
Spacerock Boogaloo (1991)
Astro-Politics (1991)
Wetlands (1991)
Old Bottles (1991)
Live At Glickman House (1991)
Rainbow Benefit (1991)
Code Name: Jesus (1991)
Closer Than You Think (1991)
Radio Special Volume III (1991)
Radio Special (1992)
Let's Make Shit Up! (1992)
Radio Special Volume X (1993)
Live At the Underground (1994)
Lost Missile Outtakes Vol. 2 (1994)
Doug's B-day (1995)
LFO / UFO Studio Outtakes (1996)
Abortive CD Sessions (1996)
Spacerock 3 (??)
Life On Earth (1997)
Transition 1991 - 1992 (1999)
Prince Chubbs Sessions (1999)
The Official Bootleg Volume 1 (2000)
Music For Colonizing Mars (2000)
Mars Trilogy Rehearsal (2000)
Spaceboyz Social Club: Unreleased Recordings 1987 - 1988 (2001)
The Official Bootleg Volume 2 (2002)
The Official Bootleg Volume 3 (2002)
The Official Bootleg Volume 4 (2002)
The Official Bootleg Volume 5 (2002)
The Official Bootleg Volume 6 (2003)
Victims of the Blacklist (2003)
The Last Sessions (2006)
Live 1/18/83 (2006) (recorded in 1983)
Ultra Magnus (2009)
Blue Mars (2014) (recorded in 2000)
Official Bootleg #7 (2015) (recorded in 1990 - 2001)
Live In Brooklyn March 13, 1987 (2015)
Radio Special Volume III (2015) (recorded in 1991)
Space Rock Boogaloo (2015) (recorded in 1991)

An underground classic of American EM, Alien Planetscapes always revolved around Doug "Dr. Synth" Walker, although different releases by them may appeal to different categories of listeners. Originally Alien Planescapes appeared as the reaction to Doug's previous band, called Yeti. This band played some sort of electronic jazz and, as a black musician, Doug had always been interested in combining free jazz improvisations with Electronic Music of the Berlin School (Doug had been listening to Tangerine Dream since 1971). However, he wasn't satisfied with Yeti's line-up and decided to replace the guitar and drums with electronic rhythms and sequencers and to create music of a more floating, spacey character. As a result, in its early days Alien Planescapes was either Doug Walker solo, or in pair with other synthesists & musicians (mostly Louis Boone, John Likides, Arnold Mathes, David Prescott and Carl Howard) and the music from that period is classic synth excursions, very spacey and long, like the best of TD and Schulze. Later on Alien Planetscapes acquired a new line-up and started making music within the group format. The music from this period is more space rock oriented, although still with an awful lot of cool electronics to boost. Sadly, Doug Walker passed away in April, 2006, but his work remains a classic and unique example of synthesized cosmic music. The above discography contains most of Alien Planetscapes releases, including cassettes.

See also: Ethereal, Boone, Louis, Likides, John, Mathes, Arnold, Prescott, David, Nomuzic, Land of Guilt & Blarney, The, L.G. Mair Jr, Jones, Barney, Orlando, Richard.


Alien Radio (Germany)

Kugeln / Wallerfangen (2013) (S)

Playful, rhythmic, Cluster-like electronics.

See also: Schütte, Ulf


Alien Tape (Australia / USA)

Alien Tape (2006)

A collaboration between Andrew McIntosh and Richard Wixner.

See also: Alien Tech, Electric Path.


Alien Tech (USA)

Xotic Nebula (2005)
Flights of Fantasy (2005)
Theremin Fantasies (2006)

Alien Tech is Richard Wixner who doesn't seem to have a clear direction, trying his hand on everything, from sequencer-based pieces to experimental bleeps, spacey atmospheres and Tomita cheesiness. Richard has also released some albums in techno and electroacoustic styles (not listed here).

See also: Alien Tape, Electric Path.


Aliens Project (Germany)

Intake (1974)
Flash (1979)
Sequential Bitch (1983)
Bikers Paradise (1999)
Drop Out (2001)
TheReMinator (2002) (with Programmierte Welten)
Kamerun da Chillaz (2006) (with Programmierte Welten)
Behind the Blue Room (2008)
Zero Gravity (2010)
Live im Radom (2014) (with Frank Tischer)

Bernd-Michael Land (b. 1954) aka Aliens Project started making music in the late 1960's, first on one of the early transistor organs and then switching to synthesizers while playing in various rock bands. Parallel to that, he also started his solo career that saw him building his studio piece by piece, adding some sophisticated modular synthesizers to his setup. Since then he has released several cassettes and CD's, worked for sample libraries (among them "Bad Samples", "Australian Collection", "Bionics" and Toy of the Month" series) and collaborated with several artists, including Coco of Programmierte Welten. Behind the Blue Room is his latest effort containing 16 tracks. It starts with "Battlefield of Thronos". Deep pads set the stage for this moody piece of music. A strange, echoing rhythmic sound appears, while the piece remains cosmic, atmospheric and calm. The rhythmic elements become more prominent. However, the piece never really takes off, instead going for an even more ambient sound, rain effects and various concrete textures / nature sounds. "Orbiter" begins with cosmic effects and noises. More concrete textures are added to this piece which is essentially a relaxing ambient soundscape. Nice one, if somewhat short. "Snorff" consists of a base of deep, slow rhythmic pulses, supported by nicely programmed pads. A few cymbals and drums are added to this otherwise very floating piece. "The Kingdome Come" features a slow, heavy rhythm and some very tasty pads, combined with a crying analogue lead line. Surprisingly, the piece ends with random effects and mysterious voices. "Death Wally" has a spooky atmosphere with all sorts of ghostly voices and wind effects. I suppose, this piece could be called Dark Ambient. It is also one of the most interesting pieces, if somewhat trite. "Thai Connection" promises to be an ethnic-flavoured piece, and indeed it features some ethnic percussion, but that's pretty much it. The rest consists of mellotron flutes, darkish cellos and string arrangements. I also like the echoing atmospheric pads on this one. A nice piece with a loungy atmosphere, sort of like Edgar Froese's Epsilon In Malaysian Pale played by a bunch of Cafe del Mar guys in a Thai forest. "The Big Race" is a short interlude with atmospheric effects and cosmic sounds. "Lost" features very effective pads and melancholic electric pianos. Deeply ambient and a bit disturbing. "Jump Monkey Jump!" has a bit of a Kraftwerk flavour, with funky bass lines, sharp synthetic rhythm and quirky melodies. Thankfully, it's not very "techno", having more of that 1980's electropop atmosphere to it. "Timeswitch" is totally cosmic, with all kinds of effects, pads and twittering. There's also a slightly heard bass pulse running throughout. "Countdown" has an interesting synth line that runs through it and some mesmerizing pads. "Highlander" is dominated by fast harpsichord-like arrangements and organ-like pads. Interesting piece and a stark contrast to the rest of the music on this album. "Steps" tries to convey a scary atmosphere, with stomping effects, atmospheric synth sounds and ethereal choirs. On the other hand, the next piece called "Black Planet" is where the drama really shines through. This piece is so intense and cosmic, it's amazing. What we get here are basically dark synth drones, resonant effects and melancholic pads, all merged into a cosmic miasma of sound. A blistering analogue lead line is a welcome extra to a track already crowded with all sorts of sounds. A relaxed rhythm runs through the piece during its second half. "The Eagle Has Landed" consists of a looped rhythm and a slightly ethnic-sounding melody. There's also a bit of (sampled?) hammond organ. "Flock" concludes this album with abstract effects and somewhat mysterious atmosphere. After a while, a sharp synthetic rhythm starts, along with a Kraftwerkian bass line. A nice minimal melody supported by a jazzy electric piano brings this track to a close. Overall, Behind the Blue Room is a diverse album made by a talented musician who is certainly one to look out for. It will be enjoyed by a wide audience. Best track: "Thai Connection".

See also: Land, Bernd-Michael, Thau.


Alihan (???)

A Dive Into Travel Music (2020) (S)

Berlin School-influenced (with a focus on melodies, not so much on the sequencing) music from this Berlin-based artist.


AlimkhanOV A. (Russia)

We Are the Universe (2021)

Spacesynth musician who also composes Italo Disco. Mostly high quality "Koto worship" material on We Are the Universe, with only a few duds.


Alineko (Russia)

A Guide To Lucid Dreaming (2017)

Long-form Ambient from Alina Koteiko out of Saint-Petersburg. A bright, droning sound.


Alio Die (Italy)

Sit tibi terra levis (1990)
Introspective (1991)
Under An Holy Ritual (1991)
The Flight of Real Image (1993)
Fragment 5 (1993) (with Francisco Lopez)
For Krono (1994)
The Door of Possibilities (1994) (with Ora)
From the Depth (1995) (with Mortar)
Suspended Feathers (1996) (with Vidna Obmana)
Fissures (1997) (with Robert Rich)
Password For Entheogenic Experience (1997)
The Hidden Spring (1998)
Descendre cinq lacs au travers d’une voile (1998) (with Yannick Dauby)
Le stanze della transcendenza (1999)
Echo Passage (1999) (with Vidna Obmana)
Healing Herb’s Spirit (1999) (with Antonio Testa)
Incantamento (2001)
Leaves Net (2001)
Aquam Metallicam (2001) (with Nick Parkin)
Asparas (2001) (with Amelia Cuni)
Prayer For the Forest (2002) (with Antonio Testa)
Expanding Horizon (2002) (with Mathias Grassow)
Il tempo magico di Saturnia Pavonia (2003)
Khen Introduce Silence (2003)
The Sleep of Seeds (2003) (with Saffron Wood)
Sunja (2003) (with Zeit)
Sol Niger (2004)
Angel's Fly Souvenir (2004) (with Francesco Paladino)
Mei-Jyu (2005) (with Jack Or Jive)
Aqua Planing (2005) (with Werner Durand)
Il sogno di un piano Veneziano a Parigi (2005) (with Festina Lente)
Aurea Hora (2006) (EP)
Corteggiando le messi (2007) (with Saffron Wood)
Cube 7 - Sospensione d'estate (2007) (with James Johnson)
Raag Drone Theory (2007) (with Zeit)
Aura Seminalis (2008)
Tempus Rei (2008)
Eleusian Lullaby (2008) (with Martina Galvagni)
End of An Era (2008) (with Luciano Daini)
Private History of the Clouds (2009) (with Aglaia)
Circo divino (2010) (with Parallel Worlds)
Horas tibi serenas (2010)
Music Infinity Meets Virtues (2010)
Tripudium naturae (2010)
Il giardino ermeneutico (2010) (with Zeit)
Praha Meditations (2010) (with Mathias Grassow)
La sala dei cristalli (2010) (with Mariolina Zitta)
Vayu Rouah (2011) (with Aglaia)
Honeysuckle (2011)
Otter Songs (2012) (with Lingua Fungi)
Live At Dada Theater (2012) (with Zeit)
Deconsecrated And Pure (2012)
Reverie (2012) (with Antonio Testa)
A Circular Quest (2013) (recorded in 2009) (with Zeit)
Amidst the Circling Spires (2013) (with Sylvi Alli)
Sitar Meditations (2014)
Elusive Metaphor (2014) (with Parallel Worlds)
Holographic Codex (2015) (with Lorenzo Montana)
Standing In A Place (2015)
Seamlessly Bliss (2016)
Imaginal Symmetry (2016)
An Unfathomable Convergence (2016)
They Grow Layers of Life Within (2017)
Lento (2017) (with Lingua Fungi)
Opera Magnetica (2017) (with Aglaia)
Time Zone Portal (2017)
Live At Dada Theater (2017) (recorded in 2007) (with Zeit)
Amitabha (2018) (with Aglaia)
Kalisz Concert (2018)
Tempus Fugit (2019) (with Indalaska)
Allegorical Traces - Part I (2019)
The Threshold of Beauty (2019)
(with Lorenzo Montanà)
Allegorical Traces - Part II (2019)
The Utopian Blossom (2020) (with Parallel Worlds)
Eleusian Sources (2021)
Empathy Fusion (2021)
The Garland of Dissolution (2021) (with Remco Helbers)
Quot dies resurgo (2022)
The Chapters of the Eclipse (2022) (with Dirk Serries)
Spirals of Light (2022)
Distillation of Time (2022)
Dialogue of Water (2023) (with Lorenzo Montanà)

Italian electronic musician (Stefano Musso) who creates Dark Ambient (mostly in Ritual Ambient mould) music. I’ve heard parts of his work with Yannick Dauby and it was very good. I probably need to hear a complete album to say something more useful, though.

See also: Five Thousand Spirits, Sola Translatio.


Aliprat, Gioser (Italy)

Musical Improvisations (2016) (recorded in 1978)

Rare Electronic Music recorded in Italy from this artist (Gioser Aliprat is a pseudonym) born in Venice.


Alka (USA)

The Colour of Terrible Crystal (2017)
Regarding the Auguries (2020)

Alka is IDM project formed by New Jersey-based Bryan Michael. The Colour of Terrible Crystal might interest fans of Prog EM and Ambient, although it is only marginally EM-related for the most part. Vince Clarke contributes on synths. The same could also be said about Regarding the Auguries.


All Energy Must Continue Upward (USA)

All Energy Must Continue Upward (2020)

Shorter tracks of varying moods.

See also: Thomas, Fred


All India Radio (Australia)

These Winter Dreams (2008)
A Low High (2009)
Piano And Ambience (2010)
The Haunted World (2016)
Space (2018)
Subspace (2018)
Undulated (2019)
Space Sources (2019)
Eternal (2019)
The Aether (2019)
Realm (2020) (with Josh Roydhouse)
The Shining Cosmos (2020)
Desert Tapes (2020)
Reconstructions (2020) (with David Bridie)
Afterworld (2021)
Utopia 2021 (2022)
The Generator of All Infinity (2022)
Beyond Tomorrow (2022) (soundtrack)
On Pink Floyd (2022) (EP)
Artist Depiction: Steve R Dodd (2023) (S) (soundtrack)

Long-running trip-hop / downtempo project. I will list their ambient and / or EM releases. Space uses original artwork of David A. Hardy that was supposed to be used for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, but was eventually discarded in favor of the famous prism image. The music here is fittingly Pink Floyd-like, very DSOTM-like, with lots of analog synths, sliding guitar and real drums. Some of the tracks feature female vocals. Some feature their trademark trip-hop rhythms. Subspace continues where Space left off. File under EM-related. Space Sources is another interesting EM-related work. Eternal mixes hip-hop rhythms with prog rock, space rock, electronics and more. Realm is a nice, often Brian Eno-like ambient work. The Shining Cosmos has long electronic tracks in the style of TD and Pink Floyd.

See also: Expanding Universe, The


All Is Well (Canada)

A Break In Time (2023)

All Is Well is Frédéric Blais aka Fred Everything.


All of Them Witches (UK)

The Coven (2016)
Hunters Moon (2018)

Varied atmospheric and rhythmic synth compositions. Moody, but not dark.


All Seeing Hand, The (New Zealand)

Syntax Error (2018)

EM-related release from this unclassifiable rock band from Wellington. Lots of synths on this one, with some material being predominantly or completely electronic.


Allan, Cameron (Australia)

Heatwave (1982) (soundtrack)
The Umbrella Woman (1987) (soundtrack)
35,000ft (1987) (soundtrack)

Australian composer, producer and engineer (1955 - 2013). His compositions were used in a few feature films and TV productions, mostly during the 1980's. He preferred to use electronic instrumentation, so his output will certainly be of interest to fans of EM.


Allegorist, The (Germany)

Blind Emperor (2022)
Tekhenu (2023)

Berlin-based The Allegorist (Anna Jordan) uses voice and electronics for a cinematic sound inspired by fantasy worlds and ancient history.


Allen, Cory (USA)

Forever Hum (2020)

Varied experimental artist. Forever Hum features ambient electronic compositions. Sometimes with subtle sequencing.


Allen, Daevid (Australia)

Stroking the Tail of the Bird (1990) (recorded in 1976 and 1987) (with Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson)
Sacred Geometry (2000) (with Microcosmic)
Sacred Geometry II (2003) (with Microcosmic)
Self-Initiation (2004)
Five Semitones - Tones For Healing And Meditation (2006) (with Microcosmic)
Sacred Geometry 3 (2007) (with Microcosmic)
Sacred Geometry IV (2011) (with Microcosmic)

Former leader of Gong (1938 - 2015) whose vast output includes some electronic or electronic-related stuff. The albums with Microcosmic are comparable to Hillage's Rainbow Dome Musick mixed with some ethnic instruments. You know, sort of new agey. Self-Inititation is in similar style.

See also: Gong, EX-.


Allen, David M. (UK)

The Genetic Tape (2013) (recorded in ??)

Engineer, producer and remixer for Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Human League and others. Curiously enough, he had his own project during the 1980's and beyond, focusing on synth-pop. However, it has its experimental side as well, culminating with a strange long instrumental modular synth piece "The Passion of Father Bernard". File under EM-related. The above collecton was re-released on LP in 2022 as The DNA of DMA.


Allen, Scott-David (USA)

The Wandering (2023) (with Dan Milligan)

US synth-pop, darkwave artist, member of The Joy Thieves. On The Wandering, it's ambient music in the tradition of Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie.


Alles Und Nichts (Belgium)

MotherXaoc (2023)

Daniel B.'s project oriented towards krautrock, but also with a lot of electronics, so fans of the Dusseldorf School of EM are encouraged to check it out.

See also: Daniel B., Nothing But Noise, 99.9, Prothese.


Alliance (France)

Illusions et compromise (1985)
Together (1986)
Beautiful Morning And the Dreamland (1988)
Prisoner of Your Love (1989)
Dolce Vita (1992)
The Atari Songs (1995)
Earthsongs (1996)
Blessed Heart (1997)
Old And New (1998)
A Man And A Woman (2003)
Alternativ' (2005)

This project out of Bretagne started in the mid-1980's, with three guys playing synthesizers and drums. After a while, two members of the band left, and Alliance (now also known as Alliance-Sound Project) essentially became a solo project of a guy who calls himself "Brothermoog".


Alliance (Germany)

Atlantis (1988) (soundtrack)

Rare electronic soundtrack to the "Terra-X" TV show. Produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen.


Allier, Jean-Christophe (France)

Ephemeride (1996)
La rossee (2009) (with Rose-Marie Denise Doblies)

Dreamy modern electronics comparable to Klaus Schulze. Jean-Christophe Allier, a synthesizer enthusiast, started with Electronic Music circa 1981 and has since participated in several EM festivals and released several works.


Allinson / Brown (UK)

Av 1 (1998)

A curiosity of sorts, this album of Ambient music features a piano track by Mark Hollis (ex-Talk Talk) under the name John Cope.


Allogenic (Russia / Romania)

Rites of Fear (2018)

Darkish synth project with traces of dungeon synth, horror synth and more.


Allon Bachuth (Finland)

Hazelelponi (2015)
Qeteb (2016)

Deep / Drone Ambient.


Alloy Sea (Germany??)

Petrichor (2020)
Xoomin (2022)

A project of Mor Elian who constructs her rather abstract and explorative pieces using lost samples and various synth sounds. Pretty interesting material and not comparable to other artists, although I do get a slight "Cluster" feel while hearing some of it.


Allseits (Germany)

Irrlicht (2008) (with Aun)
Hel (2009)
Chimäre (2016)

Dark Ambient from Nina Kernicke.


Alluste (Italy)

Constellation (2008)
The Big Monster (2009)
Boards of Stringana (2013)
Aliens Enigmas (2013)
Tunnels In Time-Space (2016)
Stars (2016)
Forgotten Misteries Vol. 1 (2016)
God Particle (2016)
The Silence In Time (2016)
Forgotten Misteries Vol. 2 (2017)
Digital Age (2017)
Stelliferous Era (2017)
Euphemisms & Aphorisms (2017)
Constellation (2017)
Cold Gate (2017)
Trappist-1 (2017)
Indifferent Universe (2017)
Quantum Atmospheres (2018)
In the Deep Blue (2019)
Aludra (2020)
Beyond the Infinity (2021)
Sparkling Star (2022)
Electric Star (2022)
The Way To the Stars (2023)

Alluste is Piero Monachello, an Italian synthesist and keyboard player. His style is melodic, with a good sense of rhythm.


Alman Mulo Band, The (UK)

Mamissi (1983)
Orisha (1985)
Afrodiziac Dreamtime (1993)
Diamonds And Toads (1994)

Harvey Bainbridge's band with Norman Alman. Sort of a World Music / space rock sound that blends Harvey's electronics with heavy ethnic percussion. Sometimes vocals appear, too.

See also: Bainbridge, Harvey


Almanacs (Honduras)

Manglares (2019)
La Deriva (2021) (with Carlos Ferreira)
Spirits of the River (2022)

Nice synth sound from this musician (real name - Wilmer Murillo). Ambient, sequencer, it is all there...


Almeida, Jose Luis (Mexico)

Cartas de Navegacion (1989) (with Eblen Macari)
Elegia (1993)

Mixture of electronics and guitar.


Almeida, Tiago de (Portugal)

Inner Space Travels (2019) (S)

Portuguese ambient artist currently residing in Berlin.


Almert, Karol (Poland)

Radiation Range (2018)

Warsaw-based artist with a hypnotic, Berlin School-influenced sound. Long tracks.


Almery (Netherlands)

Almery (1989)

Analog music from the duo of Rene Splinter (currently known as Studio35d) and Maik. The real name of the project was Lemmaril but it didn't appear on the cassette's sleeve.

See also: Splinter, Rene


Almofar (France)

C'est la peste! Sauve qui peut! (2010) (S)
Comme le cor retentit dans l'haut de la tour (2010) (S)
L'ange de la melancholie (2011)
Le poeme tombe comme au ange morts (2012)
Le temps partie I (2012)
The Dark Woods (2012) (EP)
Oceanus procellarum (2013) (S)
Mare imbrium (2013)
Siècle XVIII, dans l'ombre (2013) (S)
Aut concilio, aut ense (2013)
MCD (2013)
Noctis antiquum regni (2014)
In illo tempore (2015)
Back To the Land That Once Knew (2015) (with Evilnox)

Epic Ambient.


Almost Automatic Landscapes (Italy)

Just Light (2020)

Layers of analog synths and drum machine rhythms. Nice EM from Italy.


Almøst Silent (France)

A Frame For A Day In Your Life (2020)
III (2021)
Shape of Words (2022)
Undisclosed Fields Vol. 1 (2023)

Post-rock project of Guy Teixeira. On A Frame For A Day In Your Life, there is a strong ambient electronic influence, while the post-rock sound takes a back seat. The same can be said about III.


Aloes (USA)

I (2019)

Rhythmic, sequenced, repetitive, analog compositions. A bit Moebius-like, a bit Berlin School...


Aloha Spirit, The (USA)

This is Water (2011)
Under Wild Skies (2012) (S)

Warm ambient synths from Brad Barry out of Texas.


Alomar, Carlos (USA)

Dream Generator (1987)

Born in Puerto Rico but raised in New York, Carlos Alomar is a former musical director of David Bowie. He released this electronic album on Peter Baumann's Private Music label. 


Alone 1980 (Sweden)

Alone... Forever (2022)

Alone 1980 is Mikael Skoog. Rich melodic synths, rhythms, 1980's soundtrack vibes and occasional mellotron choirs.


Alone In Heaven (Serbia)

Vodilja (1999)
Atanor (2002)
Suprematematika (2004)
Untitled / Azot (2011) (S)
Visilja (2011)
Poslednja muzika (2014) (S)
Zardoz (2016) (with Magma Trakt)

Ambient project of Nikola Vitkovic of Coldwave group "Alone".


Alone In Silence (Canada)

Dreaming In A Dark Place (2003)
The Wandering Planet (2003) (EP)
Pseudaural (2005)

Drone / Doom Ambient by Matt Zuchowski, changing towards Dark Space on The Wandering Planet.

See also: Funerary Dirge, Absolute Misery.


Alone In the Hollow Garden (Romania)

Revelation of Melek Taus (2021)
Necromanteion (2021)
156 (2021)
Desert of Set (2021)
Antariksha (2023) (with Nam-Khar)

Ritual noise project from Bucharest, active from 2013. Revelation of Melek Taus features one massive, 50+ minute Ritual / Black Ambient track with lots of dark, resonant drones, twittering effects and some spoken parts. Necromanteion is mostly interesting for its moody, 40-minute closer "Omphalos". 156 introduces sequenced structures. It is his most EM-oriented effort to date, with even a touch of krautrock. Further investigation is needed.

See also: Temple of Clear Light


Alone In the Woods (USA)

Alone In the Woods (2018)
Kwaidan (2019)
Help Is Not Coming (2021)

Difficult to describe duo, somewhere between modern (2010's) trends and classic synth sounds. Rhythmic, driving, atmospheric... Pretty inventive overall.


Alonefold (Australia)

Signpost Horizon (2010) (S)
Last Roadpost And Alone (2011)

Droning Ambient.


Aloni, Aminadav (Israel)

Once (1974) (soundtrack)

Obscure electronic soundtrack to a movie that had no dialogue in it at all. Aminadav Aloni was a pianist who came to the USA from Israel and started writing music for television and films. He died in 1999.


Alonso, Edith (Spain)

Collapse (2016)
Χώρα (2019)

Electroacoustic composer and synthesist. On Χώρα, analog synths (plus a Waldorf Blofeld) were used to create darkish, moody and brooding compositions.


Alonso, Romà (Spain)

Horizons (2011)

New age / new instrumental artist with two tracks ("Horizons" I & II) of the above album definitely inspired by the sound of Jarre circa Oxygene.


Alpaka (Czech Republic)

Tapeserie (2018)

Ambient and experimental duo with ritual undertones.


Alpár (Hungary)

Tropic Daze (2015)
Alpár X Müskinn (2016)
Wakayama / Mejiro (2018) (S)

Iterlocking sequences and minimal analog textures strongly influenced by the Berlin School but with an individual touch. A project of Bálint Zalkai.


Alpha Beta (international)

Astral Abuse / Who Killed? (1971) (S)

Rare single with music by Vilma Lado (vocals), Vangelis Papathanassiou (keyboards, composer, production), Argylis Koulouris (guitars, composer) and Giorgio Gomelski. It's not really EM, more like weird psychedelic rock but indispensable for Vangelis fans and so included here. Especially the first side is interesting, with Vangelis' wonderful electronic licks on top of standard rock instrumentation.

See also: Vangelis


Alpha Centauri (Argentina)

Static Time (2022)

Space rock / krautrock-influenced project of Rosario-based Cristian Leonardo Abaca. Static Time, made with the help of a few friends (including Ernesto Romeo from Klauss), features both krautrock-influenced guitar / rock music and electronics ala Tangerine Dream.


Alpha Chrome Yayo (UK)

Komorebi (2019)
Skylight Sessions (2020)

Belfast-based vaporwave-related artist, who with Skylight Sessions released an album in classic melodic / rhythmic EM style, with elements of new age, new instrumental and more.


Alpha Cygni (USA)

61 Cygni + Quasar (2017)
Nebulae (2017)

Dark Space from this Chicago-based project. Long tracks.


Alpha Flight (Germany)

Ring of Worlds (1994)

Alpha Flight is Chris Hoeppner and he is aided by Peter Mergener on this release. There's probably nothing that makes this album stand out of the crowd. Simply the usual elements (atmospherics, melodies, rhythms, sequences) nicely put together.

See also: Vectorspace


Alpha III (Brazil)

Spectro (1974)
Mar de Cristal (1983)
Voyage To Ixtlan (1985)
Sombras (1985)
Agartha (1986)
Ruinas Circulares (1986)
Temple of Delphos (1987)
The Aleph (1989)
Live Brazil 1989 (1989)
The Seven Spheres (1990)
Sun (1991)
New Voyage To Ixtlan (1993)
The Dream (1994)
The Edge (1994)
The Edge of Vortex (1995)
Grimorium verum (1998)
Gates of Thelema (1999)
Temple of Dragon (1999)
Infernus (2000)
Ligeya (2000)
Protheus (2001)
Shades of Windows (2002)
Live 2001 (2002)
Lord of the Abyss (2002)
The Book of Sacred Magick (2003)
Andromeda Live 2006 (2006)
Gothik Kama Sutra (2008) (with Posthuman Tantra)
The Dusk of Universe (2008)
Elemental (2008) (with Marcelo Diniz)
Necronomicon (2011)

The project of the very prolific Brazilian Amir Cantusio, based in Campinas, São Paulo. He released a string of albums that lean either towards instrumental symphonic rock or atmospheric Electronic Music. Think Tangerine Dream meets Italian progressive and you'll get pretty close to what Alpha III is all about.

See also: Kanx


Alpha Lyra (France)

Music For the Stars (2006)
Aquarius (2006)
Dreams of My Space (2008)
Music For the Stars II (2010)
From Berlin To Paris (2013)
Live In Nancy 2013 (2014) (with MoonSatellite)
Between Cloud And Sky (2016)
Ultime atome (2017)
The Nude (2018) (soundtrack)
Full Colours (2021)
Sailing Over the Sea (2023)

Alpha Lyra is Christian Piednoir who makes music generally in the Ambient paradigm, but inspired by cosmic classics of the 1970's and minimalism.


Alpha Mound (Sweden)

Mesopic (2017)
Dvahla (2018)
Hyperbolic (2019)

Ambient project of Joakim Westlund. Pretty dramatic sound here.


Alpha Orion (Germany)

Alpha Orion (1984)

Pressed as a demo only in 1984, Alpha Orion was an EM project of Dieter Kolb (Supersempfft). It got a legitimate reissue in 2017. Cosmic synths and heavy rhythms along the lines of Klaus Schulze from around the same time.

See also: Supersempfft


Alpha Ralpha (France)

Alpha Ralpha (1977)

Completely instrumental prog band put together by Taï Phong keyboardist Jean-Alain Gardet. It's only slightly related to EM, with some electronic moments, but most of the time mixing lush, spacey symphonic rock with a bit of jazz-rock. However, I decided to include them in EEM due to their similarity in sound to other French prog / EM hybrid act, Pulsar. Francois Breant guests on synth on some tracks.


Alpha Trajectory (USA??)

Dark Mood (1997)
Flutting With The Arp (1998)
Ocean Waves (1999)
Sputnik (2000)

Ambient artist on Dark Duck records with a diverse style between Dark Space and gently sequenced electronics.


Alpha Wave Movement (USA)

Early Demo Works (1989) (S)
Alpha Wave Movement (1993) (S)
Alpha Wave Movement (1994) (S)
Transcendence (1995)
The Edge of Infinity (1996)
Concept of Motion (1998)
Drifted Into Deeper Lands (2000)
Bislama (2001) (with Jim Cole)
A Distant Signal (2002)
Cosmology (2003)
Beyond Silence (2005)
Regions Between (2007) (recorded in 2001 - 2006)
The Mystic & the Machine (2007)
Terra (2008)
Cosmic Mandala (2009)
Soniq Variants (2011)
Myriad Stars (2011)
Eolian Reflections (2012)
Exiled Particles Vol. 1 (2012) (recorded in 1997 - 2005)
Yasumu (2013)
Transient Broadcasts (2013)
Architexture of Silence (2013)
Celestial Chronicles (2014)
Archaic Frontiers (2014)
Horizons (2014)
System A (2015)
Earthen (2015)
Harmonic Currents (2015)
Kinetic (2016)
Cerulean Skies (2017)
Echoes In the Vacuum (2017)
Somnus (2018)
Polyphasic Music (2019)
Infinite Realms (2021)
Phase Intervals (2023)

Quality EM with varied styles. The first album from 1995 is more rhythmic, while the following albums often venture into darker territories but still with a good sense of rhythm. Some ethnic influences are also discernible (on Bislama). Recommended. Alpha Wave Movement is American synthesist Gregory T. Kyryluk.

See also: Open Canvas, Thought Guild, Within Reason, Kyryluk, Gregory, Biome, Subtle Shift.


Alphageneric#Taurus (Switzerland)

Island of Lost Tapes (2000)

A trio of Bruno Spoerri, Marco Repetto and Daniel Wihler. The style is not known at the moment.

See also: Spoerri, Bruno, Repetto, Marco, Bigeneric.


Alphane Moon (UK)

Echoing Grove (1994)
Made of Flowers, Full of Stars (2004) (S)

Echoing Grove by the Welsh group Alphane Moon was originally released on cassette only, and later it was re-released on CD by Camera Obscura. Floating waves of echoing guitar sounds that will surely appeal to fans of "Inventions..."-period Ash Ra Tempel. But bear in mind that this album also contains some strange folky stuff that's pretty much removed from the EM aesthetics. Made of Flowers... follows in similar vein.


Alphaxone (Iran)

Elliptical Mono-X (2008)
Nucleus MS-106 (2009)
Processes of Actual Space (2010)
Living In the Grayland (2014)
Altered Dimensions (2015)
Absence of Motion (2015)
Echoes From Outer Silence (2016)
Stardust (2017) (with ProtoU)
Forsaken (2017) (with Dronny Darko)
Edge of Solitude (2018)
Aftermath (2018) (with Xerxes the Dark)
Chronosphere (2019)
Shadows of Forgotten Legends (2020) (with ProtoU and Onasandler)
Dystopian Gate (2020)
Dream Chambers (2020) (with Mount Shrine)
Back To Beyond (2021) (with ProtoU)
Ghost Machine (2021)
The Infinite Void (2022)
Beyond the Event Horizon (2023) (with Dronny Darko)
Interdimensional (2024)

Darkish ambient soundscapes from Mehdi Saleh.

See also: Sputnic


Alpi (Italy)

Cerulean Flow (2018) (EP)

Italian techno duo who close the above (vinyl) EP with a beautiful ambient track "Chant". A one track inclusion so far. I really wish they'd explore more of the ambient / EM sound, though.


Alpine Decline (China)

Ink (2016)
Action Moves Away From the Center (2017)

Beijing-based shoegaze duo of Jonathan Zeitlin and Pauline Mu who for Ink eshewed guitars and drums for the most part to concentrate on monolithic synth overload. The sound is murky, muddy, dark, noisy and neurotic, approximating the Heldon aesthetics, but still very influenced by their shoegaze / post rock roots. It is still not 100% progressive EM, but you can tell they're heading in that direction. The 2017 effort continues with heavy EM influence.


Alpiniste (France)

Retour à la montagne (2020)

Alpiniste is Antoine Charaud who is currently residing in Berlin. He composes nice melodic, cinematic Electronic Music with lots of fat analog sounds.


Alquimia (Mexico)

Coatlique (1991)
Wings of Perception (1995)
Dead Tongues (1996) (with Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma)
A Separate Reality (1998)
Move & Resonate (2000) (with Roedelius)
Underwater (2001) (with Zinkl)
Nuestro Tiempo (2002)
Angaelic Voices (2003)
Garden of Dreams (2005) (with Rudiger Gleisberg)
Forever (2006)
Leyenda (2007)

Mexican female musician. She uses her own voice together with electronic instruments to create a special sound which can be described as ‘world music’. Sometimes her music reminds on Enya and even Vangelis. I would recommend it for those who like ethnic elements in their music, as well as the use of female voice (mostly processed). She has collaborated with such artists as Roedelius and Zinkl, among others.

See also: Ceremony of Innocence


ALT 236 (France)

Leviathan (2022)
Anemoia (2023)

An amalgamation of synthwave and progressive EM. Warm analog sound.


Altamont (UK)

Prayer For the Soul (1983)
Altamont (2002) (recorded in 1983 - 1984)

Early project of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Bass Communion, No-Man etc.) together with Simon Vockings. Steven must have been about 15 years old when the first cassette was released. The music is dominated by analogue synthesizers and is inspired by Tangerine Dream and other electronic / krautrock pioneers. The first cassette features lyrics by Alan Duffy. The eponymous LP is a limited edition with archived recordings issued in 2002.

See also: Wilson, Steven, Bass Communion.


Altarmang (Sweden)

Void (2016)

Disturbing synth sounds and obscure soundscapes from this duo of Kenneth Hansson and Pär Boström.

See also: Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Bonini Bulga, Teahouse Radio, Aindulmedir.


Altered Form (USA)

From Sleep (2016)
The Spectral Path (2020)

Minimal analog synth compositions from this Richmond-based project. A mixture of noisy and sequenced tracks. Rather basic and nothing fancy here for the most part. Lets see how the project develops.


Altered States (USA)

ROG (2010)

Early incarnation of a band later known as Wume.

See also: Wume, Functionary.


Altieri, Corrado (Italy)

Less (2019)
Interni altrove (2023)

Industrial / noise musician. On Less, he explores less extreme sonic territory, utilizing analog synth to sculpt worlds that would not be out of place on a Cluster (their early phase) or Maurizio Bianchi (in his ambient mode) album. Interni altrove is inspired by classic Italian horror cinema. It is another work which is less extreme and leans more towards more ambient and progressive sounds, although with a good dose of noise as well.


Altiplano (Peru)

La Corte Cósmica (2005)

This duo of Ronald Hernán Sánchez and Carlos Torres Fuentes was formed in Lima between 2000 and 2002 with the aim to combine prehispanic Andean musical traditions with electronic influences. The resulting brand of World Music more often than not reminds on Jorge Reyes. This is not their full discography but I'm not sure how much of their stuff was actually released on physical media.


Alto Clark (France)

Cabanes (2024) (S)

Paris-based artist with a lively, vibrant synth style focused on complex themes, melodies and intricate sequencing.


Alto Stratus (UK)

Urban Decay (1983)
Tales From Tomorrow (1984)
Epatant! (1984)
Trauma (1984)
Svet Ozveny (1984)
Liquid Sky (1984)
Tension! (1984)
Tachyon (1984)
Live (1984)
1984: The End of All Songs (1984)
Pantheon 1984 (1984)
Dark Star (1984)
Chaos (1984)
Iblis (1984)
Kronos (1984)
Logos (1984)
Thor (1984)
Xolotl (1984)
Old Wounds Vol. 2 (1985)
The Ritual (1989)
Tasty Morsels (1989)
Sunken Nun / Beyond the Infinite (1994) (recorded in 1988 -1994)
Catharsis (2000)
PsYcHoSiS (2001)
Acoustic Surgery (2002)
Devastation (2003)
Rewired (2006)
Time Dilation / Metamorphosis (2007)
Live @ Bambu (2007)

Altered States (2015)

Alan and Steve Freeman of Audion and Ultima Thule fame. Many different influences, from Stockhausen to Schnitzler, to Tangerine Dream and Kluster

See also: Freeman, Alan, Biomechanoid, Endgame, Region 5, Vrije, Adhara, Electric Junk, Scorpio, Triax.


Altres (UK)

Rise (1984)
Live At the Tayside Bar 23/2/83 (1984)
Archive One (1984)
Archive Two (1984)
Angel Chords & Devil Chords (1984)
Tripping the Dark Fantastic (2008) (recorded in 1983 - 2006)

Electronic band from Dundee, Scotland, formed in 1983. The line-up at that time was: Jeremy Bryning, Joseph Donnelly, Kevin L. Guthrie, Brian Hutton, Mike Nelson (guitar man) and Maurice Richardson. All of them played synths. This line-up split in 1985 but several cassettes had already been released and several performances given. The band is now reformed.

See also: Guthrie, Kevin L., Bryning, Jeremy, Darkside.


Altus (Canada)

The Time Collection (2015)
Winter Embrace (2017)
Strength of Fate (2020)
Sleep Theory Collection (2021) (recorded in 2011 - 2020)
Hypoxia (2021)
Anthropoaliena (2022)
Hidden Realms And Vacant Spaces (2022)
Coma Cluster (2023)
Innerspace (2023) (recorded in 2016)
Komorebi (2023)
Descender (2023)

Altus is Canadian ambient composer Mike Carss. He has an extensive discography, most of which is available only as downloads. Strength of Fate features a more progrock-influenced music.

See also: Loneward


Aluben Noiro (UK)

Levitate State (2019)

Long tracks of relaxing synths etc. A project of Duncan F. Brown.


Alucidnation (UK)

Paracosmic (2017)
Meditations (2020)
Mellifluous (2022)

A project of Bruce Bickerton dedicated to various styles of downtempo "electronica". Some of the stuff on Paracosmic ("Eight", "Spare Room", "All At Sea", "Prefer To Stay In", "Wheat From Chaff", "A Companion") has a nice EM and / or ambient feel. Especially those into the British school of melodic / atmospheric EM (David Wright, etc.) will find this to their liking. File under EM-related.


Alula (Italy)

Myths And Rituals (2023)

Moody mixture of trumpet and modular synths from this half-Basque, half-Italian artist (Xabier Iriondo).


Alux (Mexico)

Kanto A Pachamama (1994)
Hun Maya (1998)

A duo of Raul Cesar Romero (keys) and and Alfredo Roel (drums). I am not sure about the musical style but the subtitle "Prehispanic new age" leaves me in doubt...


Alva Noto (Germany)

Xerrox Vol. 4 (2020)
A Forest (2020) (S)
Kinder der Sonne (2023)
This Stolen Country of Mine (2023)
Hybr:ID II (2023)

A project of Carsten Nicolai, active since the 1990's. Xerrox is part of a series with music based on a limited amount of samples processed beyond recognition. Volume 4 will definitely appeal to fans of abstract and even melodic Ambient. Further investigation is needed.


Alvainga (USA)

Prostate Stimulation (2020)
Infinite Creation Prophecy (2021)
Shining Path To Eden (2021)

Exotic ambience and some experimental / noisier bits.


Alvarado, Carlos (Mexico)

Archivos (1994) (recorded in 1983 - 1994)
Conquista y Destruccion de Mexico Tenochtitlan (1996)
La Música de los 7 Chakras (2013)

Metamorfosis (2019)
Ulgur Synectra (2021) (recorded in 1986) (with José Alvarez and Arturo Romo)

See also: Via Lactea, Decibel, Electroacustico, Tony Rayola.


Alvarado, David (USA)

Machines Can Talk (2017)

Rhythmic, dynamic tracks with deep house and dub influences. "Moroderlike" is a nice sequencer fest.


Alvarez (Germany)

Luna (1995)
Picture Music (1996)
The Night Sessions (2005)

Andre Alvarez (born in Spain in 1970 but later resided in Isselburg, Germany) composed music which was heavily influenced by Klaus Schulze and Neuronium. He passed away in 2008.


Alvarez, Humberto (Mexico)

Malinalxochitl (1993)
Copil (1995)
Teonanakatl (1999)
Concierto de Armónicos (2015) (recorded in 2012)

Humberto Alvarez is one of the representatives of that special Mexican brand of World Music (arguably initiated by Jorge Reyes) that mixes electronic sounds with prehispanic traditions.


Álvarez, Javi (Spain)

Catástrofe Ultravioleta (2019)

Short tracks from this Santiago de Compostela-based artist, plus a long closer. Mostly abstract, cosmic, melodic electronics with hints of Tomita, Jean-Jacques Perrey's Prelude au Sommeil and psychedelic rock.


Alvarez, Raul (Spain)

Virtual Survivor (2019)

Madrid-born artist based in Berlin. On side A of Virtual Survivor, there are three techno cuts. Side two is dedicated to the long doomy EM / ambient number "Scoring For the Judgement Day".


Alvars Orkester (Sweden)

Deck Brush (2021) (recorded in 1991 - 1992)

Industrial / noise band led by Joachim Nordwall and existing since late 1980's. On Deck Brush, you will find some archived material recorded by the band (reduced to a duo format by then), that often has a more ambient and / or Prog EM feel. Still nothing for the faint-hearted. Fans of Experimental EM may find it to their liking.


Alves, Bill (USA)

The Terrain of Possibilities (1988) (recorded in 1985 - 1987)

Classical, gamelan and electronic composer. His EM works are rather listenable given his academic background.


Alwanzatar (Norway)

Astral Virak (2014)
To ritualer i vigelandsmausoleet (2015) (with Wepwawet)
Live Ritual Proceedings Vol. II (2015)
Archaic Mysteries of Ecstasy (2015)
Live Ritual Proceedings Vol. III (2016)
Er'e heavy nå? (2017)
Heliotropiske reiser (2017)
Live Ritual Proceedings Vol. IV (2017)
Fangarmer gjennom tid og rom (2018)
In the Tomba Emanuelle 2016 (2019) (with Wepwawet)
Helsfyr Terminal Express (2019)
Den glemte dalen (2021)
Kosmisk skrekk (2022)

Alwanzatar is a solo project of a guy who calls himself Krizla and plays flute in progressive rock band Tusmørke. As a solo artist, he uses theremin, stylophone and other analogue electronics, flute, vocalizations and lots of processing. I am trying to find a point of reference but he is pretty unique. The music is certainly abstract, at times dark and noisy. Imagine a sinister version of Gong's more atmospheric and electronic moments, leave Tim Blake's electronic twitterings in, but replace Gilli Smyth's 'space whisper' with male "prayers" you might hear in Ancient Egypt inside a pyramid and you maybe get close. Yes, it's that weird. Only for the adventurous, then.


Alzetta, Marcelo (Argentina)

Museo Primitivo (2020)

Argentine synthesist utilizing an array of analog and digital instruments to create varied, mostly playful and rhythmic compositions.


Am Shhara (Japan)

Shinsoko (2022)

Ambient compositions laden with metallic FM sounds.


Amaka Hahina (France)

Seream Iarkham Beleth'Rim (2001) (S)
Elsia Keth (2001) (S)
Demetria (2001) (S)
Aheah Saergathan! (2002)

Black Ambient from member of Vermeth.


Amandra (France)

Dame de Bahia (2018)
Sarbacane d'antan (2020) (EP)
Lettre ouverte (2021) (with Mattheis)

Deep techno project. The above releases contain some ambient or Prog EM-related material.


Amane (Japan)

Moments of Solace (2022)

Amané Sunagami is a Japanese artist residing in London. He mixes danceable styles (mostly deep house and soft techno) with Progressive EM (as on "I Never Noticed Before").


Amanita (???)

Liminal Trilogy (2022)
Secluded Creek (2023) (recorded in 2021)

Echoing, distant ambient sounds and melodies from this project.


Amaranth Signal, The (USA)

Penumbra (2004)

Synth trio of Mark Mahoney, Roger Hausmann and Michael D. Peck (Redfadesbeforeblue) with a spacey ambient style.

See also: Mahoney, Mark, Redfadesbeforeblue, Peck, M.


Amarok (Poland)

Amarok (2001)
Neo Way (2002)
Metanoia (2004)
Hunt (2017)
The Storm (2019)
Hero (2021)
Hunt + Live 2018 (2022)

A project led by Michał Wojtas, mixing atmospheric electronics, a folky / ethnic touch and wailing guitar solos that remind on both Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield.


Amato, Massimo (Italy)

La centrale elettrica (2015)
In the Mood (2017)
Lost Sunsets (2019)
Ambient Loops (2021)

Massimo Amato is an Italian multi-instrumentalist who, apart from electronics, uses melodica, sontoor and harmonium, plus guests on guitars, bass, voice and drums. The music defies categorization and sits between ambient soundscapes and impovisation, where electronic and acoustic instruments meld into a cohesive whole. When guitar plays a significant part, I am reminded of Ashra even. Overall the music is not difficult but rather melodic and hypnotic.


Amazing Births (USA)

Aisling Sistrunk (2010) (S)
Painted Glacier (2010) (S)
Younger Moon (2011)

A duo of Mark McGuire (guitar, electronics) and Julian Gulyas (synths, electronics).

See also: McGuire, Mark


Amazing Unite (Japan)

Dragon Born House (1989)

A project of one Ryusei Kisugi. Music recorded in 1986 - 1989. The style is not known.


Amazonian T.V. (USA)

Underwater Pagan Cathedral (2005)

Bill Whitehouse creates deep soundscapes, both synthesizer and sample based.


Ambalek (Germany??)

Fremder (2021)
Lull (2023)

Varied Ambient made with Ciat Lonbarde instruments, Novation Peak, Elektron Digitone, Eurorack modular, digital piano and a few other tools.


Ambarchi, Oren (Australia)

Tikkun (2014) (with Richard Pinhas)
Tongue Tied (2015) (with Johan Berthling)
Hubris (2016)
Live In Melbourne (2017) (with Ash Ra Tempel, Ariel Pink, and Shags Chamberlain)

Hotel Record (2017) (with Crys Cole)
Patience Soup (2019) (with Phew and Jim O'Rourke)
Oglon Day (2019) (with Mark Fell, Will Guthrie and Sam Shalabi)
Live Hubris (2021)

Experimental / noise musician who has been around for quite a while, giving solo performances since 1986 and working as part of several groups / projects. His main instrument over the years has been the (processed) guitar but he uses other tools as well, including electronics / synths. As is often the case with such diverse and prolific artists, there is some stuff hidden in his released body of work that is influenced by Prog EM styles, such as 2017's Hotel Record, just to give one example. Mostly an experimental / musique concrete work, it has some EM influences throughout, culminating with ambient, vocoder goodness of "Barrata". Definitely Prog EM and absolutely unique. Hubris is another EM / kraut-influenced work. Further investigation is needed and EM-related works will be listed.


Amber (Belgium)

Phantomime (1993)

Amber is the duo of Serge Devadder and Patrick Goethals.

See also: Goethals, Patrick, Devadder, Serge.


Amber Route (USA)

Snail Headed Victrolas (1980)
Ghost Tracks (1983)
Live At Rockwell International 1982 (2022) (S)

Walter Holland’s band with Richard Watson. They mixed singing and spacey guitar in Pink Floyd style with more rhythmic, sequencer-dominated sections.

See also: Holland, Walter


Amberon (Germany)

The Fate of Algarad (2004)

Sort of an epic, Celtic-influenced sound here. Some of it is new-agey, some just rhythmic / melodic EM. If you enjoy the output of the AD Music label from the UK, this is more or less along those lines.


Ambidextrous (Russia)

Radio Not (2013)
Geek Mythology (2014)
Discontinuum (2016)
Echoes of Silence (2018)
Uraniborg (2019)
Visions By Zero (2019)
Fifty Years of October (2021)
Undisclosed Circuit (2023)
Grounded Rectangle (2023)

Nick Zavriev started his project Ambidextrous in the 1990's. He first experimented with IDM music and then dance music styles. However, it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Radio Not and Geek Mythology are absolutely and completely influenced by Prog EM. The author combines gently melodic compositions with sequencer feasts, all in a spacey, analog setting.


Ambien T (USA)

The Square Gradient Parameter of Infinite Mass (2019)
Sandworms (2021)

Ambient electronics from a Californian guy who is also known as iGod (trance/techno music).


Ambience (Portugal)

Ciclos (2005)
As Dez Esperas (2007)
Santuario (2011)

Long-form Ambient.


Ambient Ashand (UK)

The Journey Towards Ashand (2005)
Space Dub (2007)

Ambient from John Sherwood (4m33s) and Steve Munslow (HyperEx Machina).

See also: Sherwood, John, 4m33s, HyperEx Machina, Ambient Ashand, Cult of Ashand, Entity, This Dark Plague.


Ambient Circle (Germany)

Konzertreihe 1 (2007)

A mixture of Ambient and Berlin School sequencing.

See also: Olivgrau


Ambient Complot (international)

Async / Aambs (1991)
Ambient Complot (1991)

A one-off collaboration between David Prescott, Chris Phinney, Luis Mesa and Zan Hoffman who made this music exchanging tapes with each other.

See also: Prescott, David


Ambient Fabric (Norway)

In Space (2010)

Dark Space from Øystein Jørgensen.

See also: Jørgensen, Øystein.


Ambientfunk (Germany)

Empyrion (2024)

A project of Klaus Killisch. A reimagining of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Gesang der Jünglinge, Empyrion contains both abstract / experimental electronics and some sequencer parts.


Ambienti Coassiali (Italy)

Vol. 1 - Room 1-6 (1988)
Spare Rooms (2017)
Dream Rooms (2019)
Six Operators (2020)
Across Distances (2020)
Guitambients (2023) (with Riccardo Sinigaglia)

Side-project of the guys from industrial / ritual duo Capricorni Pneumatici. Here, they are helped by Riccardo Sinigaglia and the music is that special brand of Italian Ambient / EM that was played by some artists from the 1970's and up to the early 1990's - minimal, meditative and repetitive.


ambientPortal (USA)

Luminous (2006)
Interra (2007)
Evolution In Slow Motion (2009)
Soundscapes (2010)

Ambient / Tribal. AmbientPortal is Mykl Neufeld (real name = Michael Neufeld).


Ambiguity, The (USA)

For (2020) (S)

A project of ambient artist Charlie Broderick. A bit lo-fi, droning sound.


Ambio (France)

Tentations (2004)
Fluctuations (2009)

Psychedelic, dreamy EM with some sequences from Olivier Aubin and Francois Demeyer.


Ambiscend (USA)

Tranquility (2018)

Ambient with a new-agey feel from Darren Rogers.

See also: Rogers, Darren


Ambler (USA)

Tunnel of Trees (2022)

From rhythmic, Moebius-like tracks (with a flair of techno) to ambient compositions.


Ambre (Belgium)

Enclave (1998)
Sfumato (2000) (with Mark Spybey)
Dis (2001) (Mick Harris)
Nebka / Tenebrant (2002) (S)
Le mesonge (2003)

Atmospheric project of John N. Sellekaers, Olivier Moreau and C-drik.


Ambre Antique (USA)

An Intimate Communion (2019)
Meltwater In Early Spring (2019)

Ambient duo of Dominic Coppola and Cody Lobbestael.

See also: Coppola, Dominic, Lobbestael C.L.


Ambulatorio Segreto (Europe)

Ambulatorio Segreto (1988)
Tschernobyl-Kinder (??)
Vivid Morgue / Burble-Shop (??)
Voxel Man 8 (1989)
Cardiotrak / Neuroconnector (1990)
Earthday (1991)
Myxom Radiation (1991)
Moronic Music (1992)

A project of Miguel Ruiz, Stefano Barban and Siegmar Fricke. Ambient soundscapes.

See also: Barban, Stefano, Ruiz, Miguel Angel, Fricke, Siegmar.


Ambush, The (Germany)

The Ambush (1994)

A tribal / trance / World Music project of Oliver Lieb. Lots of pads, sequences and especially percussion. Some voice samples and beats as well. Harald Grosskopf contributes with drum programming on one of the tracks.

See also: Lieb, Oliver


Amby Downs (Australia)

Liminal (2021)
Ngunmal (2023)

Noise Ambient project of Tahlia Palmer.


Amedy, Gary R (USA)

The Cold Room (2022) (S)

Solo ambient compositions from this New Haven, Connecticut-based musician and bass player in the group Sea of Bones. Slightly psychedelic and lo-fi.


Ameeva (Spain)

Fractura del Sueño (2020)
Die Wellen (2022)

Ameeva is Spanish ambient artist Alex Bussé, based in Berlin. Hypnotic, shadowy, slightly dubby...


Amenophis (Germany)

Amenophis (1983)

German neo-prog with huge keyboard presence. In the end they deliver a beautiful but short flowing electronic piece that will be enjoyed by fans of symphonic EM like Vangelis for example. Among bonus material on CD re-issue are some electronic tracks as well. File under EM-related. They had a second album that I haven't heard.


Ament, Julius (Netherlands)

Dreams & Drives (2003)
Remix 2 (??)

Classical / new age musician. To avoid confusion, I have only included these two albums, although there are more releases from this artist, mostly in new age or classical vein. Dreams & Drives is very romantic sounding and Remix 2 was made with a homemade analogue beast called the MODUS!


Amenti Suncrown (international)

Golden Nadir (2001)
Zenith Pitch (2001)

Dark and experimental electronic soundscapes from Russell Goodwin, J. Paul Morton and Gary A. Ayres.


American Cream Band (USA)

Embrace Your Millions (2017)

Analog synth vignettes from Nathan Nelson, Meg Ashling, Landon Caldwell and Mark Tester.


Amerlan, Michael (USA)

Ascendences (1985)
The Divine Wedding (1994)

First album is a rare cassette release supposedly in flowing and relaxing electronic style. Michael Amerlan has been experimenting with electronics since the 1970's.


Amethyst Dagger (Brazil)

Beyond the Gates (2019)
Silent Tides (2020) (S)
The Amethyst Dagger EP / The Judgement of the Moon (2021) (S)

"Dungeon synth" with a touch of Ambient. Airy, melancholic, warm...


Ami Marie (Germany)

Verrückt nach Glück (1981)

Not Prog EM by any stretch, this is rather a minimal synth album with lots of vocoder voices. I included it here for its Kraftwerkian qualities. File under EM-related.


Amimori, Shohei (Japan)

Ex.LIFE (2021)

Glitch pop artist who on Ex.LIFE, recorded during the Covid lockdown, put aside his vocals and beats to concentrate on piano and ambient electronics. The result is pretty impressionistic EM in Japanese style, with elements of glitch and perhaps also vaporwave. Some have compared his style to that of Ryuichi Sakamoto. I can also hear the influence of other Japanese EM pioneer - Isao Tomita, both in melodies and sounds on some of the more ambient / melodic tracks.


Amin (Belgium)

Sadhana (2007)

Meditative World Music from Danny Budts.

See also: Budts, Danny, Syndromeda.


Amini, Siavash (Iran)

Storm Leaves Us Quietly (2012) (EP)
Till Human Voices Wake Us (2014)
What Wind Whispered To the Trees (2014)
Tiny Portraits (2015) (S)
Subsiding (2015)
Topology of Figments (2016) (with Zenjungle)
Familial Rot (2016) (with Matt Finney)
TAR (2017)
(2018) (with Matt Finney)
Foras (2018)
The Brightest Winter Sun (2018) (with Umchunga)
Second Shift (2019) (with Matt Finney)
Harmistice (2019) (with 9T Antiope)
Serus (2019)
All Lanes of Lilac Evening (2020) (with Saåad)
A Mimesis of Nothingness (2020)
A Trail of Laughters (2021)
The Faded Orbit (2021) (with Saffronkeira)
Songs For Sad Poets (2022) (with Eugene Thacker)
Eidolon (2023)
Eremos (2023)

Dreamy, hazy ambient soundscapes.


Aminova (UK)

Genisequence (2024)

Chilled, relaxed electronic compositions from Gregg Harmston. Sort of slushwave-y in places.


Amklon (Italy)

Collision of Absolutes (2016)

Dark, pulsing electronics with some glitches. Amklon is a project of guitarist and sound artist Sergio Albano together with Giuseppe Mascia.



AMMMusic (1966)
The Crypt: 12th June 1968, The Complete Session (1968)
To Hear And Back Again (1974)
AMM III: It Had Been An Ordinary Enough Day In Pueblo, Colorado (1979)
Generative Themes (1982)
Combine + Laminates + Treatise ’84 (1984)
The Inexhaustable Document (1987)
Irma (1988)
The Nameless Uncarved Block (1990)
Newfoundland (1992)
Live In Allentown USA (1994)
Laminal (1994)
From a Strange Place (1995)
Before Driving To the Chapel We Took Coffee With Rick And Jennifer Reed (1997)
Tunes Without Measure Or End (2000)
Fine (2001)
At the Roundhouse (2003) (recorded in 1972)
Apogee (2005) (with Musica Elettronica Viva)
Norwich (2005)
Trinity (2008) (with John Butcher)
Sounding Music (2010)
Uncovered Correspondence (2010)

Avant-garde electronics from the UK. AMM was formed in the 1960's with the aim to experiment with free / spontaneous music techniques and unusual sources of sound. Among their members were Lou Gare, Lawrence Sheaff, Keith Rowe, Eddie Prevost, Cornelius Cardew, Christian Wolff, Christopher Hobbs, John Tilbury and others. The group is now reduced to a duo of Tilbuty and Prevost. I think stuff like Newfoundland will appeal to Ambient fans.


Ammasmar (USA)

The Tower of Sages (2020) (S)

Pulsing, Carpenter-like synths and dungeon synth-like dirges from this Portland, Oregon-based project.


Amn (UK)

Lands of Intrigue (2020)

London-based project mixing dungeon synth and cosmic / sequencer-based EM. Nice and interesting.


Ämne (Sweden)

Grund (2023)

Long, lysergic electronic tracks from Daniel Palmberg, a bit in the spirit of early (pre-Timewind) Klaus Schulze.


Amnes, Ireen (UK)

In the Land of Silence (2020)
Live On Tape (2022)

Intense electronics ranging from darker, ambient wall-of-sound to sequencer / arpeggio-based. Pretty moody overall.


Amnis Initiative, The (Netherlands)

Distant Dreams (2010)
Cinematic (2017)
Identity (2019)
Ejection (2020)
Alternate Timelines (2021)
The Colors of Time (2023)

Dutch artist Dennis Lodewijks, whose music will appeal to fans of symphonic / melodic Vangelis. Read my review of Distant Dreams here.


Amobi, Chino (USA)

Airport Music For Black Folk (2016)

Unique music by this Richmond-based artist. Throwing in seemingly contrasting and disjointed elements (samples, noises and huge doses of vocoder) he achieves a strange soothing effect. Not for EM purists but definitely progressive.


Amoeba (USA)

Eye Catching (1992) (S)
Watchful (1997)
Pivot (2000)

Robert Rich’s alter ego. With his Amoeba project he creates music which differs substantially from his normal releases. For instance, he includes a lot of voices here (some of them processed) and the overall sound is quite unique and experimantal, even bizarre. The music is very electronic in nature but the textures chosen make this a very odd experience. Certainly not for a novice, but for those seeking new forms of electronic expression.

See also: Rich, Robert.


Amon (Italy)

Amon (1996)
Live At Molto 08.04.1997 (1997)

El-Khela (1997)
Aura (1998)
The Legacy (1999)
Mer (2000)
Nona (2003)
Foundation (2005)
Sator (2007) (with Nimh)
Amon vs. Mortar (2008) (with Mortar)

Music from the deepest regions of Dark Ambient aesthetics. Supposed to be very good.

See also: Marutti, Andrea, Never Known, Hall of Mirrors, Sil Muir, Molnija Aura.


Amongst Myselves (Australia)

The Sun In the Bottle (1999)
Still Life (2001)
Sacred Black (2002)
Auburn Silhouette (2007)

Fragments (2010)
Ambient, Landscape And Space (2012)
The Past Is Another Country (2014)
The Good Earth (2020)
An Abandoned Day (2023)

Ambient. Amongst Myselves is Steve Roberts.


Amor (Spain)

Es la Ley (2018) (S)
Transamorem (2019)
Danuta Bichel-Zahnietava (2021)

Between minimal synth, coldwave, hard-core experimental electronics and kosmische.

See also: Las Bárbas Indómitas


Amoraim (South Africa)

Momento's (1992)
In the Resonance Chill Temple (2016)
Rainmaker (2017)
Cape Point (2018)
Bientang's Cave (2018)
Lunar Shift (2018)

Ambient and Electronic Music from this South African artist who used to play keyboards in a few bands in the 1980's. This is not his full discography, as there are also some techno / trance releases.


Amos, Emil (USA)

Filmmusik (2017)
Zone Black (2023)

Solo instrumental music from this Brooklyn-based hip-hop, indie rock, metal and pop musician, member of several bands. Varied stuff with relaxed rhythms, guitars, some hip-hop rhythms and lots of cinematic synth melodies. Some nice use of mellotron as well.


Amos, Richard (UK)

Tears And Joy (1999)
Dancing In the Desert (2002)
Breathe... (2004)

Melodic, tuneful and easy-on-the-ear music, that takes its cues from both new age and melodic EM artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Sometimes a slight Berlin influence creeps in as well. Beware the two "techno" mixes at the end of Dancing...


Amosphère (China)

More Die of Heartbreak (2022)

Amo Vaccaria is a Chinese-born artist based in Paris. The Chinese title of More Die of Heartbreak is 更多的人死于心碎. It is a work of minimal, slowly developing synth meditations focused on analog sounds.


Amov, Greg (USA)

The Dark Within the Dark (2001)
The Noble Gases (2008)
Gecko Highway (2009)

Solo Electronic Music from former member of Systems Theory who sadly passed away in November, 2009. His works are currently available as free downloads.

See also: Systems Theory


Ampa (Germany)

PA Versus Chaos (2018)

This German duo describes their sound as a melange of disco, Balearic house, krautrock, electronica and more.


Amphior (Denmark)

Another Presence (2022)

Mostly darkish and moody ambient electronics.


Amplidyne Effect (North Macedonia)

Isotopia (2014) (with Hot Hail)
Music For Imaginary Exhibitions (2014)
Moribund Neighborhoods (2022)

Varied ambient project of Martin Georgievski.

See also: Post Global Trio


Ampzilla's Delight (Germany)

Sounds From the Outa Space (1983)
Untitled (1987)
Files '88 (1988) (S)

One of Gerhard Schedel's projects. This one supposedly mixes industrial influences with the darker and more aggressive side of German EM (Peter Frohmader etc.).

See also: Schedel, Gerhard


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