Ancient Sediments (2023) (EP)

Melodic, repetitve, a bit lo-fi themes, between "dungeon synth" and vaporwave-y mellotron lullabies.


¶ (Norway)

Caul (2015)

Norwegian Deep Ambient project.


Θ (Greece)

æ ω (2013)
Last (2016)
Uptake Fear (2016) (with Mitsumidai) (soundtrack)
Distract (2019)
Angst (2020)
Burn (2020)
Phobia (2020)
ΣΚΟΤΟΣ (2020) (S)
Primordial Shadows (2021) (with The Corvidae Cabal)
The Barrens (2022) (with Envenomist)
Doom Arisen (2023)

Reflective, darkish Ambient, mostly based on synthesizers, but also with some noisier / concrete bits. A project of Greek artist Themistoklis Altintzoglou, currently residing in Norway.


ϙυº (Ukraine)

The Spectre Always Leave the Same Way It Entered (2020)
Isolation Loops (2020)
ミ / Ø (2020)

Ambient, sort of lo-fi compositions from this Kyiv-based artist (Vlady Chernushchenko). Some groovier (sequencer-based) material as well.


ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ (Russia)

High School Blues (2020)
W.S. (2020) (S)

A project of Samara-based Alexey Kozlov. Slightly glitchy, dubby ambience. The closing short track from W.S. is a gem.


ゆPlateformeゆ (France)

Oゥベrtures (2020)
[The Peak] (2020)
Onsen Arcana (2021)

Futuristic / cybernetic / dystopian / utopian ambience with lots of rain sounds.

See also: Anocibar Lechêne, Sacha


!mindparade (USA)

Aleatoric Phase (2017)

Solo synth improvisations in ambient style from this neo-psych / experimental pop project from Portland, Oregon.


? Band (USA)

Puzzle Dust (2021)
Museum Quality Works (2021)

Los Angeles-based experimental electronics project. Collages, voices, distorted guitars, drum machine rhythms... Sometimes ambient and / or sequencer-based.


~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~ (USA)

Viento de las Montañas (2015)

Louisville, Kentucky-based artist (real name - Matthew Hellmich) who continues the traditions of "desert ambience" laid down by artists like Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny and Michael Stearns, but using more electroacoustic elements. Strangely compelling stuff that reveals its beauty and hypnonic qualities after repeated listens.


~*Faerie Cross Grotto*~ (USA)

Crystal Majesty (2020) (S)

I think "Fantasy Ambient" would be a fitting description for this music, although "Crystal Ambient" or "Mineral Ambient" describes it even better.


((af)) (Italy)

Phi (2004)
Finis Terrae (2006)
Argento (2009)
A Walk Through the Sacred Woods (2011) (S)

Under the rather strange moniker ((af)) hides Italian synthesist and multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Fronte who makes symphonic and spacey Electronic Music with influences from both classical composers and the early Berlin School.


(G(O)D) (USA)

†​​(​​G​​(​​O​​)​​D​​)​​† (2012)

Maryland-based duo of Oscar Galeas and Brandon George. Mostly ambient compositions, both flowing and melodic, with sparsely used pulsations / sequences.


(ghost) (USA)

The First Time You Opened Your Eyes (2016)
Effloresce (2023)

A project of Brian Froh from Connecticut, known for glitchy / IDM music. The 2016 release, though, features a single, 30+ minute track which is devoid of any beats or glitchy noises and represents a beatiful, hazy and hypnotic ambient soundscape.


(ph)aunters (Canada)

(ph)aunters (2018) (S)
Paintings of A Yesteryear (2021)

Ambient duo from Guelph, Ontario. Samples and a post-rock flair are quite prominent here.


-5​°​C (Malaysia)

A Call From Unknown Place / New Norm (2021)
Astrobient I (Part I) (2023)

Long tracks of deep cosmic synths and drones, between Space Music / Dark Space, Neptune Towers and early krautrock / EM. A project of Sy Shamsudin.


+N (Germany)

ex.s (1993)
Plane (1994)
Built. (1998)

With releases on Geometrik, FAX and Rather Interesting, +N was a duo of Victor Sol and Atom Heart. The first album focuses on shorter, mostly experimental tracks full of field recordings and processed sounds. Plane is more along the lines of the FAX label output, utilizing an impressive array of analog instruments for a surprisingly minimal sound that's halfway between ambient electronics and soft ambient techno. Built. journeys into weirder realms, with IDM being an obvious influence.

See also: Sol, Victor, Atom, Superficial Depth.


{arsonist} (USA)

Reality Structure (2020)

A project of Danielle Rager from Pennsylvania. Unique style - melodic, ambient, with lots of voice samples and sort of a vaporwave / hypnagogic touch perhaps. Nice.


[. . (​]​. (USA)

[. . (​]​. (2014)

Strange. Although the sound palette is definitely Prog EM in the classic sense (lots of analog textures here), the whole sounds somewhat lacking in substance, like a bunch of sketches and repeating sequencer patterns thrown together - no development, no drama or clear direction.


[ µte ] (Italy)

[ µte ] EP (2016)

Moody electronic tracks from this duo of A. Giganti and L. Brilli.


[ 1978 ] (Canada)

Logistics (2018)

Varied, moody electronic tracks. Mostly of ambient nature but also rhythmic and melodic.


[indistinct voices over PA] (Canada)

From Patterns To Unrest (2021)

Varied compositions, from completely ambient to slowly thythmic.


[micro:form] (Germany??)

|o​+​o| (2018)

Varied ambient compositions. Mostly droning and meditative. Some parts are heavy on the sampling.



Love Electrical (2011) (EP)
Spectramorphic Iridescence (2013)
Only Forever (2015)
Starport (2017)

Retrofuturistic electronics with something of a vaporwave attitude in places. Rich soundscapes, sometimes with rhythms.


]Interstice[ (Greece)

Descendence (2017)

Cinematic music, sometimes with heavy rhythms. Sometimes a but similar to Picture Palace Music or modern TD. A project of Glen Tartaglia.


>o< (Russia)

Oceanic (2015)
The Autumn Has Returned (2016) (S)
Aurinkoinen (2017)
Autumn Never Die (2019) (with Arseny Litvin)
Epistola (2020) (S)
Emerald Leaves (2020) (S)

Saint-Petersburg-based post-industrial / noise / neofolk project. They usually use a lot of concrete textures and acoustic instruments but Oceanic is just two tracks of sea-related field recordings and soft ambient synths / organs.

See also: Karjalan Tazavalla


/ / / / (USA)

A (2017) (S)
____+ (2018)
Sy Lanish (2020)

Varied electronics from Luc Myle. Not very progressive most of the time, although the closing 7-minute track from Sy Lanish is a nice Cluster-styled composition.

See also: Myle, Luc



5 AM In Japan (2020)
Caracas, 2408 (2022)

Relaxing ambience with a dreampunk / vapowave feel.


/|/ /-/ /< (Japan)

What You Know (2023)

This artist from Osaka seems to have a soft spot for sequencing. Mostly beatless, with some sparse technoid beats from time to time.


|GRENS| (Netherlands)

Geen Mens Die Op Mij Let (2021)
De Verborgen Kamer (2023)

This artist combines Cluster and early Klaus Schulze sounds with weird, broken techno rhythms.


| RG | (Belgium)

Transgressions (2023)

Rather prolific post-industrial / noise artist from Belgium. Transgressions will interest fans of Dark Ambient.


# (Germany)

Äpfel und Birnen (2012)

Ambient artist Roland Wendling.


#9 Dream (Germany)

Rhythm And Irrelevance (1994)

Varied melodic Ambient from Helmut Zerlett (with help from Walter Dahn) released on Recycle Or Die label. There was an earlier album called Let It Come Down!, apparently done in the duo format and more in rock / pop mould.

See also: Baked Beans


:36: (Belgium)

Sad Brown Earth (2007)

Dark Ambient.

See also: Nether, Profound As A Thousand Nights.


:ARCHAIC: (???)

:ARCHAIC: (2013)

Dark, at times melancholic soundscapes. Rather intense.


.eterniteduchaos. (France)

Dreamtech (2018) (S)

Relaxed or energetic music, ranging from slowly sequenced and melodic to danceable.


.foundation (USA)

From Distant Ways (2021) (recorded in 2020) (with Keys For Eclipse)
Mountain Ambient III (2021)
The Azure Sun Suite (2022)
Mountain Ambient IV (2023)

Aka null foundation. Ambient project of Jake Carter from Dallas, Texas.


.hrshn (Russia??)

シフト (2024)

Varied ambient compositions.


°A Light Beacon (USA)

Music For the Patient (2002)

Warm ambient soundscapes from Joel Eckert with some post-rock influences.


Æther (Sweden)

Brilliant Expanse (2013)
Vajra Kili Kilaya (2014)
Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring (2014)

Long-form Drone Ambient works.


0.7647 (Norway)

Food Cravings Session (2018) (S)

Experimental, but listenable modular musings by T. S. Monsen and B. M. Winness.


0060 (Spain)

Mining Valleys (2018)

Synth compositions from this duo, mostly with rhythms ala New Berlin School.


08 Identities (France)

Reciprocal (Addendum) (2024)

Ambient compositions, sometimes with subtle rhythms.


08風 (???)

Spirits (2018)
I Can't Help Being In Love With You (2019)
Primordia (2020)

A bit vaporwave-y Ambient, mostly droning and moody.


0ID (Latvia)

Systems of Mercy (2006)
Things & Fingers (2023) (with Sergej Timofejev and Stereovoid)

Andrew Antonets is an experimental electronic composer born in Latvia and based in Moscow. Things & Fingers is a concept work based on the poetry of Riga-based Sergej Timofejev. It is a moody work with elements of synthwave and sort of a Kraftwerkian feel. Systems of Mercy is more ambient and has more of an individual touch to it.


100 Day Delay (UK)

Fault Lines (2019) (S)

Ambient tracks where electronics meet some neo-classical sounds.


11H60 (France / Germany)

11H60 (2016)

Long tracks of repeating patterns and synthesizer automata. A project of Christophe Bailleau and Dieter Nietzsche.

See also: Bailleau, Christoph


12z (Hungary)

[onetwozed] (2013)
Trembling Air (2016)
Transfiguratio (2019)

A music collective focused on electro-acoustic improvisation. Transfiguratio, especially some tracks like "Harvest" and "Digestion" will be enjoyed by fans of the more cerebral / avant-garde forms of EM, like some Art Zoyd maybe. Not that it actually "sounds" like them, but it is similar in mood. Some tracks have more of a free jazz feel.


1/3 Octave Band (New Zealand)

Radiotron (1999) (S)
Tarahoke / Ritual of Gravity (2000) (S)
Apocalypse Now And Then (2002)
Fading Light From Distant Suns (2002)
Festerville (2002)
Atem (2003)
Irregardless (2003)
Piscean Tragedies (2003) (S)
The System Likes You And Wants To Be Your Friend (2003)
Navigation By Light (2006)
Sub Lumina (2007)
Weapons of Mass Dystopia (2007) (S)
Icarus (2007)
I will Pass By Here (2008)
Ultramarine (2014)
Headlands (2018)

Droning and experimental Ambient with some influences from 70's German "kosmische musik". 1/3 Octave Band are Jules Desmond and Bill Wood.


13th Moon (Spain)

Oracle of Death (2013) (S)

13th Moon is a black metal / death metal band from Girona. Oracle of Death was released as a demo on cassette and shows the band's ambient side. I am often skeptical about these "metal guy doing ambient" releases, as these often end up sounding naive, amateurish and samey. That is not the case with Oracle of Death, though, as the music here is deep, atmospheric and very well done. It is difficult to pin down the exact style, as it has elements of Death Ambient, Black Ambient, classic Dark Ambient and maybe also Ritual Ambient. The dripping water and nature sounds give this a nice touch and make the music more immersive, while the tolling bell provides a Medieval touch that cannot be ignored. Even the sporadic (but rather rare) low growls somehow avoid being irritating.


15er (USA)

Backseat Lifter (2003)
Out of the Future And Into the Woods (2012)

Electronic project of Kyle Jackson, guitarist of Six Star General. Varied, synth-pop-like...


1605munro (Argentina)

Cinerama (2007) (S)
Lunapark (2011)
Volume I (2013) (with Berlin Guitar Ensemble)
Volume II (2013) (with Berlin Guitar Ensemble)
Vivid Alpaca (2014)
Volume III (Magnetic Cycles) (2017) (with Berlin Guitar Ensemble)
Layers (2018) (with Radboud Mens)

A project of Andrés G. Jankowski, who splits time between Buenos Aires and Berlin, Germany. Mostly ambient electronics, with some jungle / drum'n'bass rhythms.


1821 (???)

Tundra (2023)

Mostly rhythmic, sort of synthwave-y, a bit lo-fi tracks, but also nice ambient progressive EM numbers.


1900 (Sweden)

1900 (2008)
Tekno (2016)
Fältinspelningar (2019)
Kontragarde (2024)

Swedish analog synth artist and drummer.

See also: Gabel, Christian


1-900-9099-CRY (Japan)

1-900-9099-Konbini (2019) (S)

Effective ambience with a vaporwave flair.


1906 (France)

Cartolina (1974) (S)

A two-track SP with music by Jean-Michel Jarre.

See also: Jarre, Jean-Michel


1921 (Sweden)

In My Veins (2018)

Swedish duo of David Åhlén (vocals) and Andreas Eklöf (synths). The vocals have a bit of a Morten Harket quality to them. The instrumental material is ambient EM.


1958-2009 (USA)

1958-2009 (2009)
II (2010)
Live (2010)
III (2010) (S)
1958-2009 (2011)

Droning Ambient dedicated to Michael Jackson. A duo of Alex Twomey and Matthew Sullivan.

See also: Mirror To Mirror


1991 (Sweden)

1991 (2012)
High-Tech High-Life (2012)
Skogen, Flickan och Fkaskan (2012)
No More Dreams (2016)

Axel Backman from Gothenburg mixes current vaporwave sound with progressive electronics.


1-A Düsseldorf (Germany)

Fettleber (1999)
Königreich Bilk (1999)
D.J.F. (2000)
1-A Düsseldorf Live (2001)
Pyramidblau (2003)
Uraan (2016)

A band formed by ex-La Düsseldorf musician Thomas Dinger together with Nils Kristiansen. Lots of different styles here, as the music goes far beyond the initial Dusseldorf School motorik into the realms of weird vocalizations, abstract collages, experimental rock and more. The tracks "Rock" and "Gibsen" from their debut album are good examples of their purely electronic music.

See also: Dinger, Thomas, La Düsseldorf.


1am バイブBlunts (USA)

Who (2021)

Vaporwave artist. Who is closer to Ambient, though.


2 Hands On Knobs (USA)

Space Bath Transformation (2008)
Cylon Garden (2009)
Copper Medallion (2010) (S)

Under this moniker, US-based musician Jason E. Anderson explores abstract analogue soundworlds.

See also: Harpoon Pole Vault, Brother Raven, Space Habitat.


2 Katara (Greece)

Break At Home (Original Studio Recordings 1981 - 1991) (2017)

A duo formed by Giorgos Theodorakis together with his friend Dimitris Papangelidis, who mostly plays guitar here. Not everything on Break At Home, which gathers their archived material, is progressive: some of the music is closer to weird disco or even relaxed "balearic" vibes. However, Theodorakis' proggy touch can be clearly heard in most of the material and there are also many purely EM tracks.

See also: Theodorakis, Giorgos


2000 - 2001 (Russia)

Limited (2018)
Tuapse (2019) (EP)
ËÓ× (2020)

Varied short tracks of experimental nature. Not very progressive most of the time and sometimes noisy / industrial / IDM-ish. Sometimes quite synthy and melodic, though.


2000 Plus (Netherlands)

The Very First (1986)
Dramatic (1988)
Passing Through (1990)

A project of Leo Van Der Ent.


2030 (Italy)

The Ambient Explorations (2016)
2030 LP (2018)

Retrofuturistic techno project of Nico Campanella from Bari. The Ambient Explorations features melancholic sci-fi ambience which brings up images of "Bladerunner" and other dystopian works of art. The last track is a nice sequencer chugger.


2047 (USA)

Begin A New Life (2015)
Snow (2015)
Flesh And Blood (2016)
The Sprawling City Is Alive (2022) (recorded in 2015)

A mixture of current vaporwave (or post-vaporwave) trends and Ambient. Rich, emotional, synthesizer-based sound. 2047 is a project of Rune Wier from Texas.


21 21 (Argentina)

░░░░░░ (2016)

A project of German Gonzalo Magnaghi. Ranges from pure analog synth to krautrock-like guitar.


21 Gramms (Poland)

Drown (2009) (S)
God (2009) (S)
Voice (2010) (S)
Please (2010) (S)
We Are Alone (2010)
Nostalgia (2010)
The Music of Erich Zann (2010)
I Am A Product (2010)
Water - Membrane (2012)

Dark Ambient / neo-classical side project of a guy who is known as noise musician Morpeth.


23 (UK)

Inside Clouds (1990)
Big Troubles In Small Liners (1994)

Pretty varied Electronic Music, but generally very atmospheric. 23 is Dennis Barkass.


23Fish (Spain)

Unforgiven Machine (2010)
Future? (2012)

A duo of Javi Canovas (synths, sequencers) and David Paredes (guitar). The music is a mixture of Javi's typical sequencer passages and more abstract stuff.

See also: Canovas, Javi


25,000 Kittens (Japan)

25,000 Kittens (2014)

Pretty nice and relaxing ambient music from Japan.

See also: Buchikamashi, Portopia '81.


25D (France??)

Mental Realms (2014)

Officially an EP, the above record contains two massive tracks from this acid / techno-related artist. Side A is a monolithic pulsing piece with many traits of classic EM works.


27 Warriors (UK)

Aesaur Blue (2019)

Dark Ambient with some vaguely melodic moments.


2814 (UK)

2814 (2014)
The Birth of A New Day (2015)
Rain Temple (2016)
Lost Fragments (2019)
Voyage / Embrace (2020)
Lost Fragments (2024)

A duo of two vaporwave producers Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者. This time they go far beyond their initial vaporwave influences and sounds to create a hazy, rainy, futuristic neon-lit dystopian / utopian ambience. There are some slow, relaxed rhythms but large chunks of their work are completely beatless and ambient. The Birth of A New Day is mostly known under its Japanese title (新しい日の誕生). Nice stuff.

See also: Virtual Dream Plaza


2A (Greece)

Hologram (2010)

2A is Apostolos Angelis from Thessaloniki who makes diverse music that ranges from melodic analogue / digital soundscapes to rhythm-oriented pieces with a World Music feel.


2mo (France)

24 96 (2022) (with Ciccio)
Maremoto (2023) (with Ciccio)

A pseudonym of Olivier Cheveu. Free, improvisational electronics with real drums (on Maremoto).

See also: Accident du Travail


2morph (Germany)

Panaceum (2019)
II (2020)
2Morph (2023)

Experimental ensemble from Berlin, basically a side-project of several musicians from krautrock band Torben Unit. Long tracks full of synths, sound collages, guitars, tribal percussion etc.


2muchachos (Russia)

Prespring (2010) (EP)
Formanta (2010)
Forest Is Not What It Seems (2012)
Natura (2009 - 2012) (2024)

Ambient trio of Vladimir Karpov, Aleksandra Evseeva and Dmitriy Borodin.

See also: X.Y.R. Ljos, Andra.


2tokiislands (France)

Ambient Improvisations 18.04.04 (2008)

One long ambient track from the duo of Sylvain Beorchia and Emmanuel Célestin.


2xirtam (UK / Germany)

Quantized Memories (2018)
Quantum Worlds (2019)

Ambient / downtempo duo of Lee Norris and Frank Rumpelt.

See also: Nacht Plank, Beta Consciousness.


3.11 (Denmark)

Illuminate (2019)
Journey To the Core (2021)
Dissolve In Patience (2023)

Varied ambient compositions.

See also: 355.11125, C.K.


3 Electro Knights (UK)

Sketches For Another Future (2022)
Rave One (2022) (EP)
Red Admiral (2022) (EP)

A trio consisting of Daren Pickles, Nik Clifford and Ross Holloway. Varied Electronic Music recorded live using a hardware synthesizer setup.


300,000 V.K. (Slovenia)

Titan (2006)

An experimental project formed by several members and collaborators of Slovenian industrial legends Laibach (Dejan Knez, Iztok Turk and Peter Mlakar), 300,000 V.K. mostly focuses of various forms of industrial-tinged techno music. However, the spacier sound of Titan will definitely be enjoyed by fans of EM.

See also: Laibach


302 Acid (USA)

Even Calls (2005)
Live At the Big Chill - 2005 (2005) (S)

This formation appeared on the scene in 2002 and consisted of Douglas Kallmeyer, Andrew Reichel and Justin Mader. Floating textures and a tad psychedelic.


30drop (Germany)

Insight Into Mind And Space (2023)

Techno artist. The above collection opens with "Dunkelbau" - a sequencer track that sounds as if lifted straight from a Klaus Schulze record. There are a couple of other ambient moments / tracks. File under EM-related.


310 (USA)

Nothing To See Here (2001)
Sixes And Sevens (2007)

Ambient / Isolationism from Seattle, USA. 310 consists of Joseph Dierker, Tim Donovan and Andrew Siegler. This is not their full discography but the other albums are supposedly beyond the boundaries of EEM's stylistic frames.


33 Tetragammon (Netherlands)

Resonating Earth (2009) (with Human Metronome)

Deep ambient soundscapes from this Eindhoven-based duo of Wasili Papadopoulos and Eelke van Hoof. Resonating Earth starts with a massive title track that lasts for 15 minutes. It consists of really deep drones and gentle chimes - very meditative and a tad dark. The drones fill the sonic space like vapour that fills the air. After a while, bird songs and flowing water effects are added. Following the 6-minute mark all gets quiet with only a couple of noises in the background. Some intense echoing textures appear together with processed bells and other unidentifiable sounds. A tabla rhythm starts, taking things to Tribal Ambient territory. Good stuff. "Zero Point" follows in similar direction, with the drones being more of a breathing, airy variety this time. "Separate Self" distinguishes itself by having something that resembles a slow pulse. These vaguely rhythmic structures are juxtaposed with a mysterious backing of synthesizer pads and gently reverberating chimes / bells. "The Final 5" continues in similar fashion - a slow pulse is wrapped in intense drones as crashing, thundering effects disrupt the flow at odd intervals. The track segues into "Gradriel". The drones depart, leaving us in a void, only sparsely populated by resonating electronic sounds. Soon insistent synth pads appear, oddly contrasting with the bell-like flourishes. I am reminded at once of "Art Forland" project from IC label and some quieter stuff from Centrozoon. "Cosmic Hweeldi" is a different beast altogether, being a gentle drone fest filled with tribal rhythms. Fans of Oophoi and maybe also some Steve Roach will dig this one. It's the most intense track and possibly the best one so far. The final part is ethereal and rhythmless. "Triumphant Discovery" has a lighter edge to it. Almost new-agey in its tone, it still has enough depth and shade to make up for a nice, concentrated listening. Finally, "The House of Aluxes" introduces a darker tone again, with low drones, percussion and lots of mysterious pads. Some nice guitar plucking finishes off this nice and varied album. There is a certain coldness to the music of 33 Tetragammon and Human Metronome but for fans of the darker forms of ambient expression Resonating Earth will be pure sonic nectar.


33EMYBW (China)

Symbiosis Codes / Mandala (2023)

A project of Wu Shanmin who is based in Shanghai. He works mostly within such genres as juke, bass music and IDM. However, Symbiosis Codes / Mandala is a nod in the ambient direction, especially side B of the cassette. Hypnotic, complex music making use of up-to-date digital techniques.


355.11125 (Denmark)

Untitled (2020)

Varied ambient compositions from this Aarhus-based project.

See also: 3.11, C.K.


36 (UK)

Hypersona (2009)
Hollow (2010)
Blue (2010)
Red (2010)
Memories In Widescreen (2010)
Green (2011)
Cocoon / Saphron (2011) (S)
Reunion / Deluge (2011) (S)
Lithea (2012)
Memories In Widescreen (2013)
Shadowplay (2013)
Sun Riders (2014) (S)
Dream Tempest (2014)
Pulse Dive (2015) (S)
Sine Dust (2015) (S)
Void Dance (2015)
Seconds & Forever (2016)
The Infinity Room (2016)
Tomorrow's Explorers (2017)
Black Soma (2017)
Circuit Bloom (2018) (S)
Fade To Grey (2019)
Ego Death (2019) (S)
C45 Dreamloops 1-2 (2019)
The Lower Lights (2019)
Beneath the Lower Lights (2019)
C45 Dreamloops 3-4 (2019)
Fade To Grey Reinterpreted (2019)
In Four Parts (2019) (S) (with Black Swan)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (2020) (with zakè)
Wave Variations (2020)
The Other Side of Darkness (2021) (with Awakened Souls)
Music For Isolation (Suite) (2021)
Weaponised Serenity (2021)
Distance As Power (2021) (EP) (with Duenn)
Symmetry Systems (2022)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel II (2022) (with zakè)
Colours In the Dark (2022)
Dreamloops (Suite) (2023)
Cold Ecstasy (2023)
Ablyss (2023)
Reality Engine (2024)
Trance Anthems For A Sunken Generation (2024)

Beautiful ambient atmospheres from the UK. 36 is Dennis Huddleston.


37°C (Serbia)

Sidarta (2017) (recorded in 1979)

Obscure band mixing Electronic Music (with a strong Berlin influence) with jazz-rock and progrock. Although the whole recording is rather nice, only the long title track will be interesting from EM standpoint.


3AM3YNO (Italy)

3AM3YNO (2019)

A project of Felix Lalù. Varied, often 1980's sounding electronics. Melodic / rhythmic, but with a wacky, experimental flair. Sometimes slightly jazzy. Everything was done with a Korg Kaoss mini pad synth.


3ASiC (China)

Gillyweed (2020) (EP)

Originally from Nanjing and currently based in the Netherlands, 3ASiC is a Chinese electronic artist involved in the creation of bass / trap music. Gillyweed is a diversion in the style of melodic, ecstatic EM.


3D (USA)

The Dream (1985) (S)

Obscure 7-inch record released by the Digitek label. Apparently it's by a group led by Michael Garrison but at the moment I am not sure it's *that* Michael Garrison. Other members of the group were Joel Carberry (drums), Robert DeSanto (bass and vocals), Aldo Iannarilli (guitars), Jared Lampman (keyboards) and J. Scott Turner (vocals).


3N (Poland)

Wietrze wiej, wietrze nies (??)
Pejzaze zachodzacego slonca (??)
Z szuflady i tykanie Zegara (??)
Zagubione, znalezione, niedokonczone (??)

Berlin School music from Jerzy Kapala (who sadly passed away in 2022).


3rd Ear Experience (USA)

Peacock Black (2013)

A space rock supergroup put together by Robbi Robb in the Mohave Desert region of California. They mostly go for the improvised, jamming type space rock sound, but there are also extended electronic parts, such as the first half of the long closing track for instance. There is also another album by them called Boi. However, I don't know if it contains enough material in terms of electronics. File under EM-related.


3rd Degree (USA)

All You Wanna Do? (1984)

Rare new wave press, the LP presumably features an electronic instrumental track "Solar Surf".


3TM (Finland)

Form (2017)
Abyss (A Prelude To Lake) (2019)
Lake (2019)

Ambient project with jazzy moods from Teppo Mäkynen.


4023 (USA)

4023 (2018)

A duo of Damon Eliza Palermo and Evan Stalker. Sort of lo-fi ambience.

See also: Palermo, Damon Eliza


404 (France)

Off Course (2019)
Crowdspacer Presents 404 (2020) (S)

Varied EM from this 4-piece band based in Paris. From spacey analog textures to downtempo rhythms and melodic compositions with a slight Tangerine Dream flair (circa Mars Polaris).


440 Hertz (Germany)

440 Hertz (1987)
Zeitspiele (1991)

This female / male duo from Germany (Cologne-based Veronica Kupzog and Arnd Sprung) combines acoustic instruments with synthesizers, samplers and other electronics. I guess the style is a mixture of classical music, avant-garde and EM. It's one of those releases I am not completely sure about.


4-D Traveller (UK)

Movements In A Spatial Void (2018)
Tannenwald (2018)
Tidal Drift (2021)
Invisible Landscapes (2022)
Jupiter System (2022) (recorded in 2016)

Space Music / kosmische / Berlin School alias of James Penrose.

See also: Universal Frequency, Celestial Mechanics, Planetary Technicians, Piero, Gianni.


4m33s (UK)

Ages (1999)
Spring (2001)
Summer (2001)
Autumn (2001)
Winter (2001)
Cage (2001)
Rarities (2002)
Three Masters (2002)
Dark / Light (2003)
Evolution (2003)
Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.6 (2003)
Beethoven's Symphony No.6 (2003)
Moussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition (2003)
The Ritual (2004)
Notting Hill (2004) (with HyperEx Machina)
Evolution 2 (2005)
Live In Lutton (2005)
The Ritual Live In Nottingham (2005)
Extended (2005)
Inside the Egg (2005)
Live 06 (2006)
Piece With No Name (2008)
Live 08 (2009)
Live 09 (2009)
Silent Radio (2009)
Mystical Time Machine (2010)
Live 10 (2010)
The Ritual (2011)
Time Vol. 2 (2011)

Ambient music with occasional sequences / pulsations from John Sherwood.

See also: Sherwood, John, Yorky, Noise Kommandoh, Ambient Ashand, Cult of Ashand, Entity, Quadra, Ethereal Electric Elixir.


4T Thieves (UK)

The Vinyl Loop (2022)
Nomad's Requiem (2023)

Downtempo artist (born in the UK, residing in Finland) with Prog EM sound & feel on tracks like "Quadraphonic Autogram" (The Vinyl Loop). Further investigation is needed.


5/5/2000 (USA)

5/5/2000 (1996)
The Absolute, the First Wonder And the World (1997)
Fin (1999)
Reflektionen Musique (2005)

Apocalyptic Ambient from Travis Ryan and Nathan Berlinguette.


555 (USA)

Solar Express (2013)
New Omni Vibrational Desert Hymns (2013)
Nine Gates (2014)
Swan River Yogue (2014)
Arcosanta (2015)
Thee Omega Seed (2016)
Natural Mind (2017)
Rat Laughter (2019)
Live From Dirtmall (2021)

Great warm analog melodies and soundscapes from Chris Farstad.

Seee also: Food Pyramid


56K (USA)

Data Flash (2009)
Software Minds (2009)
Brainlock (2009)
Grid Realities (2009)
Barcoded Dreams (2010)
Re-Wired Predictions (2010)
VR42C-1 (2010) (S)
Static Bodies (2010)
Software Minds 2.0 (2010) (S)
Generations Lost (2011) (S)
Calls In the Night (2011)
Electronic Retreat (2011)
Crossed Paths (2011) (S)
Synthesized Voice, Pt. 1 (2011) (S)
IP:6A (??)
IP:6B (??)
Apex (??)
Untitled (??)
Reset (??)
Focus (??)
Rendering Life (??)
Architectural Fantasy I (??)
Architectural Fantasy II (??)
Architectural Fantasy III (??)
Architectural Fantasy IV (??)
Mesmerize (??)
Aftertime (??)
The Clock (??)
IB42XM (??)
Vivid 1:Z4 (??)

Another pseudonym of the ever prolific Josh Burke.

See also: Burke, Josh.


58918012 (Ukraine)

From One To Eight (2024)

A project of Yurii Popov, based in Ivano-Frankivsk. Lush sound between droning and melodic varieties.


60000000000 (Chile)

60000000000 (2018)

Repetitive music a bit in the spirit of Cluster from the duo of Antonio Duarte and Philippa zu Knyphausen.


663 (USA)

The Cultural Significance of Burning Cities (2016)
In Stillness... (2017)
Meditations On Transformation & Growth (2018)

Dark soundscapes from the duo of Charles George Israel Scott III and Mark Thomas Sorrentino.

See also: Aniveuxlet


69db (France)

Improvised Beats 01 (2016)

Aka 69DB, a project of techno artist Sebastian Vaughan. Improvised Beats 01 has rather forgettable techno set on side A and mildly interesting ambient composition on side B.

See also: Wave Arising


6th Apartment (France)

The Last Jewel In Sapphire (2021) (S)
Gem Box (2021) (S)
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher (2022) (S)

"Comfy synth" project on the theme of the jewels and semi-jewels. As expected, lots of tinkling bell sounds and glassy synth sounds here.

See also: Divinafollia


6wx_o (USA)

6wx_o (2021) (S)
Breakthroughs In End Theory (2022)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based synthesist Will Brooks, whose style is pretty relaxed and gently melodic, at times cosmic.


72 (Netherlands)

Perspectivism (2022)

Ambient artist.


73 Miles (Armenia)

Metro Drones (2018)

Darkish droning soundscapes from one Aram GH.

See also: Aram 17


747 (Canada)

The Gate of Life (2019)

A project of Ryan Chan who is known in the Vancouver area as a techno artist. However, he opens his The Gate of Life 2-LP set with a sequencer-based EM piece called "Shira Ume" that wouldn't sound out of place on a Klaus Schulze album circa Are You Sequenced? Amazingly, "Theme From Midnight Express" is a Giogrio Moroder cover that continues in the same vein. This is some moody and great EM! Then we have two melodic techno numbers before "It's Dangerous To Go Alone" returns to the beatless style of the opening 2 tracks. Three more beat-infused techno numbers and then we have "One Last Dance" - another sequencer goody with comparisons again to Klaus Schulze circa 1996, but also to classic stuff like "Bayreuth Return" or "Der Lauf der Dinge". Another techno number leads to a piano piece called "Passenger of Time" before "Heaven's Arena" closes the album on a rhythmic techno note. A nice hybrid techno / EM release overall with quality music throughout. The focus is on the sequencing (no solos here to speak of).


7697 Miles (Germany / Chile)

Kiñe (2018)
Iskay (2020)

Electronic project of Dieter Mauson and Cristóbal Rawlins. Pulsing analog sounds and rhythms inspired by the Golden Age of EM.


777 Babalon (Slovakia)

Alchymical Androgyne (2013)
Berashith (2013)
Live Ritual At Walls of Solutide V, 4th July 2014 (2014)
Crowned And Conquering Child (2015)
Dosebazostúpenie (2015)
Extramundanum (2017)

Black / Ritual Ambient.


7FO (Japan)

Sound of Oilhuman (2016)
Quiet Flash / Water Vapour (2017) (S)
Moment (Selected Works 2012 - 2017) (2018)
Ryo No Nukegara (2018)
Ran - Bouten (2022)
Music For Himitsu (2022)
Homemade Inspirations (2023)

Osaka-based artist who used to compose dub-related music. However, he has been influenced by ambient trends lately, to which Moment is a nice testament, with its weird Cluster-like analog synth overload.


7th Plain, The (UK)

Chronicles I (2016)
Chronicles II (2018)
Chronicles III (2018)

Luke Slater's project from the early 1990's. I think the original material was, although influenced by ambient styles, too club-oriented to be included here. However, further investigation would not harm. Anyway, Chronicles I feature varied tracks, mostly floating or melodic, sometimes with prominent sequences, like "Super 8" - a nice Berlin School number.


88MM (USA)

Motions of the Spinning Black Sun (2018) (S)

Electronic project of Dagon (real name - Jason Weirbach), member of black metal band Inquisition, which he formed with a few friends while he was living in Cali, Colombia. 8MM is influenced by both Progressive Electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk and industrial / noise bands like Brighter Death Now and Mz.412.


96 Back (UK)

9696 Dream (2021)

Machester-based IDM / breaks musician Evan Majumdar-Swift (originally from Sheffield). On 9696 Dream, he shows strong Prog EM or ambient EM influence, especially on the title track and the beautiful closer. File under EM-related.


96 Eyes (Germany)

Raging Beauty (1984)

Instrumental synth-pop / minimal synth with some prog EM influences. 96 Eyes was a duo of Albert Klein and Phillip Tesch.

See also: Stratis


99.9 (Belgium)

Silex - Interpretations (2019)

EM trio of Daniel Bressanutti and two classical musicians Edwin Vanvinckenroye and Joris Vanvinckenroye.

See also: Prothese, Daniel B, Alles Und Nichts.


9thLayer (Poland)

Magnetic Tapes (1996)
Abstraction (2001)

Berlin School music.


水 IX (Finland??)

OST Themes (2022)

From foggy, neon-lit vaporwave-influenced ambience to rhythmic dystopian tracks.


粉forestry (USA)

粉unlimited (2021)

Long ambient tracks with piano and pads. Sometimes with a Steve Roach's Quiet Music feel (as on the closer from 粉unlimited). 粉forestry is a project of Missouri-based Spencer Hodo.



Inner Worlds (2019)

A project from Arizona. Melancholic, futuristic, melodic music based on the sounds of FM synthesis. Sometimes like dungeon synth played in cyberspace.


扎克 (USA)

扎克 (2019)
Orchestral Tape Studies (2019)
To Those Who Dwelt In A Land of Deep Darkness (2019) (S)
Milieuxia (2019)
Wander (2020) (with City of Dawn)
Carolina (2020)
Coppice Movements (2020) (S)
Mirrored (2020) (with Slow Dancing Society)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel (2020) (with 36)
Terra (2020)
Dusk (2020) (with Low Howl)
Nyx (2020)
Vision Transmissions (2020) (with Christina Giannone and Tyresta)
Geneva Loops (2020)
Orchestral Studies Collectanea (2020)
Color Language (2020) (with Akkad The Orphic Priest)
RMX (2021) (with City of Dawn)
An Eternal Moment Hidden Away (2021) (with City of Dawn)
Frizzell & Duque: A Sorrow Unrequited (2021) (with City of Dawn)
Mouvements nocturnes (2021)
Quiet Sines, Meditative Drones And Eternal Resonance (2021)
Unfailing Love (2021) (with marine eyes)
beliefsystems (2021) (with Isaac Helsen)
Orchestre de poussière (2021) (with City of Dawn)
Weltanschauung (2021) (with City of Dawn)
A Pale Shelter (2021) (with City of Dawn and Ossa)
Sound Space Variations (2021)
Frizzell & Duque: Orison (2022) (with City of Dawn)
Tape Hymns (2022) (with City of Dawn)
Pineheaven (2022) (with City of Dawn)
Remembrance (2022)
For Those Who Dwell In A Land of Deep Darkness (2022) (with Wayne Robert Thomas)
Stay With Me (2022) (with T.R. Jordan)
Syntheticopia (2022) (with Ossa)
Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel II (2022) (with 36)
Hearkeneth (2022) (with Marc Ertel and James Bernard)
Unfurled Works (2022)
Module (2022) (with Ossa and Fax)
Ash (2022) (with City of Dawn)
Deep Into the Unknown, We Shall Endlessly Roam (2023)
Pyramiden (2023) (with James Bernard and Markus Guentner)
Live At the Gothic Chapel (2023) (with James Bernard, Marc Ertel and From Overseas)
Drift (2023) (with Tyresta)
Orchestral Tape Studies II (2023)
Demain, dès l'aubes (2023) (with From Overseas)
eve (2023) (with Benoit Pioulard)
Live Improvisations (2024) (with Hakobune, Chinei Hatakeyama and From Overseas)
Lapis (2024)
B​⁴​+​3 (2024)
Veta (2024)
Dolere (2024)

Pretty nice and moody ambient music from Zach Frizzell. Also known as zakè (these releases are also included in the above discography).


バーチャルボーイA t s u (Chile)

月光 t e m p l e (2018)

Chilean vaporwave project. The above album will be enjoyed by fans of Electronic New Age.


ツルネCrane (USA)

Prism (2019)
Shibuya Nights (2019)
深い青空 Deep Blue Sky (2019)

Hypnotic, long-form ambient compositions.


クリチバの地下鉄 (Brazil)

雨林神靈 (2021)
benthic_zone​.​wmv (2021)
雨林神靈 (2022)

Ambient project from Curitiba, with a heavy vaporwave / slushwave influence. A bit static for my taste. Some ethnic / new agey touches as well, with oriental flutes, birds singing an all.


サイバネティックハイバネーション (???)

催眠術のオーディオ薬 (2021)

Trying to remember this project's name could become a new (and dull) full time hobby. Anyway, the music is vapor-infused ambience, with the last long track venturing into slightly distorted Klaus Schulze-like synth drift.


とらっしゅ (Japan)

Oil-(9) (2018)

Melodic electronic compositions using a lot of orchestral / rock textures from this artist who has a few other active projects, mainly in the vaporwave genre.


はがね (Japan)

Destination (2018)
Interlude:Ideal (2019) (S)
Doomsday (2021)

Aka HAGANE. If you like flashy synths, then Doomsday will be for you. This is superfast (mostly) music with bright synth solos, rich orchestrations and a chiptune-ish touch. Something like symphonic prog / EM / chiptune mixture maybe?


暗号零 (???)

Void-002 (2019)
Mother (2019)

A project of Jacob Segal. Cyberpunk / futuristic / dystopian ambience. Pretty good stuff.


放浪者 (Japan)

牧歌的な生き方 (2021) (recorded in 2020)

Electronic project from Sapporo. Floating tones. Sometimes evokes Blade Runner-esque visions.


猫 シ Corp. (Netherlands)

Building A Better World (2019) (with t e l e p a t h)

A nice departure for this vaporwave / plunderphonics / whatever project of Jornt Elzinga. This one features fascinating, futuristic, utopian / dystopian ambience. Nice sawy leads on this one, bringing to mind Vangelis of course. Lovin' it.


甘い夢のスケジュール (Brazil)

ロマンチックな至福 (2022)

Dreampunk / slushwave project from Espirito Santo, Brazil. Also known as Afterdeath Television.


私__バッグ (USA)

視線 (2022)
意識 (2023)
新鮮 = Fresh (2023)

Ambient artist with a minimal, relaxing, new-agey, vaporwave-y sound.


夢のチャンネル (???)

あなたのために (2019)
夢を見続ける (2019)
存在 / 瞑想 (2021)
また会うまで (2021)
終​わ​り​ま​で (2022)
毎​​​日​​​の​​​空 (2023)

Moody cyber / utopian ambience.


幻 想 風 景 (Japan)

新しい方法 (2019)
痕跡 (2020)

Vaporwave-influenced ambience.


輕描淡寫 (???)

小圈子 (2017)
眼泪含泪 (2020) (with Kuroi Ame)

Melancholic ambient compositions.


死亡頻道 (USA??)

超越灵魂 (2020)
苦​​​難​​​之​​​城 (2021)

Haunting, melancholic ambience.


夜明けを残す (Russia)

旅 (2020)
夢の哲学 (2020)
Ðàçãîâîð ñ ïóñòîòîé (2020)
Drifting Clouds (2020)

Gloomy ambient drones.


探求:sleep&dream (???)

空想 (2021)

Long tracks with dreamy pads and synths.


暗闇DESTINY (Brazil)

遷​移​TRANSITION (2022)

Vaporwave-related artist from Brazil, this time releasing cinematic, dystopian music with slow rhythms.


沙漠鱿鱼 (UK)

上海/香港 (2020)

Pretty melancholic urban / neon ambience. Nice.

See also: Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night


武王晓芳 (China)

东经116°71 北纬39°72 (2022)
1001 (2023)

Chinese dark soundscape / electronic project consisting of Wu Quan Yang Qin and Wang Xiao Fang. They use a lot of tribal percussion in a kind of echoing manner, as well as elements of traditional Chinese music and chants.


암호 (???)

Void-004 (2020)
우주해일 (2023)

Melodic ambient synth compositions imbued with a sense of nostalgia and a futuristic flair. The closer of Void-004 is a great track.


เสียมเรียบ (Thailand)

สมุทรกำสรวล (1994)

Strange stuff, this. Partly a pompous pop effort, partly a symphonic rock suite, with elements of traditional / ethnic Thai music, singing and all. There are definite Pink Floyd vibes, but then there are also definite Jarre vibes, especially on the track titled "Aerodynamics" ("อากาศพลศาสตร์"). The instrumentation is mostly keyboards, but also guitars (used mainly for soloing), drums, as well as traditional Thai instruments plus a classical string section (maybe a whole symphonic orchestra?). So, a mish-mash of styles and perhaps only very marginally EM, but a nice curiosity nonetheless. I am not sure how to translate the author's name and album title correctly, as my knowledge of Thai is rather limited, but automated translation brings up "Siem Reap ‎– Samut Kam Suan". I don't know if it can be trusted, though, and there doesn't seem to exist any info on this in languages other than Thai.


ᚫᚾᛏᛟᚾᛁᛟ (Italy)

Dreyma (2018)

Varied ambient tracks from Antonio Pannullo.


ß& (USA)

Clime (2024) (S)

Varied synth tracks from Jon Chapman, mostly ambient and experimental.


∑ V ∑ R Y T H I N G (???)

Lost Water Temple 最後水神 (2021)

Relaxing and dreamy ambient electronics / "slushwave".


ΗΡΕΜΟΣ (Greece)


Relaxing tracks from Christos Papadakis.


ΗΧΟΤΟΠίΑ (Greece)

Καρδιά-Μηχανή (2018) (EP)
Χωρίς Ταχύτητα (2019)

Athens-based duo with a sound ranging from varied forms of ambient synth to rhythmic, almost synthwave-like.

See also: Kymatic Athens, ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ.


μ-Ziq (UK)

1977 (2023)

One of the most legendary names in IDM music, UK's μ-Ziq (currently a project of Mike Paradinas) exists since the early 1990's. 1977 is an album that, apart from Paradinas' usual IDM sounds, is influenced by early 1990's ambient techno, as well as classic synthesizer sounds of the two previous decades. The EM influence is subtle, but it's there (especially on tracks like "1977", "Reference Gravy", "Froglets" and a few others). File under EM-related.


μοτηερ (Finland??)

Aesthesis (2020)

Melodic, hymnal music with rich synths and something of a vaporwave flair.


Ποσειδώνας (USA)

Aquatic Treasure (2023)

Aquatic ambience with a vaporwave touch.


ξόρκι (Greece)

Στοιχειωμένες Ιστορίες Και Σκιές (2021)
Το Σπήλαιο Είναι Ζωντανό (2021) (S)
Νεκροαστικα (2022)
Σ​​​Τ​​​Η ΓΗ Τ​​​Ω​​​Ν Μ​​​Ε​​​Γ​​​Α​​​Λ​​​Ω​​​Ν Μ​​​Α​​​Ν​​​Ι​​​Τ​​​Α​​​Ρ​​​Ι​​​Ω​​​Ν (2023)

Greek project with a sound related to horror synth and dungeon synth genres. Slow, menacing melodies, plodding drums and an atmosphere of doom and despair.


ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ (Greece)

Κοινόβιο Τέλος (2022)

Rhythmic, synthwave-like tracks with cinema-derived voice samples. Also a harder, techno edge is felt here. A project of Panagiotis Tomaras.

See also: ΗΧΟΤΟΠίΑ, Kymatic Athens.


Биполяр (Russia)

Ареал (2023)

Soft house rhythms and ambient compositions with a touch of kraut. Also known as Bipolardepth.


Водополье (Russia)

Потокъ (2017)

Hypnotic, celestial ambient compositions that mix nature sounds, gusli playing (Russian stringed folk instrument with a sound a bit similar to zither and acoustic guitar) and subtle electronics.


Господь Дракон (Russia)

Starkeys (2019)

Slowly moving, growling, cosmic analog / modular synth compositions, sometimes with sequences, approximating the Berlin sound.


Директор Всего (Russia)

Всего (2019) (S)

Fancy a Russian corporate Kraftwerk? This is it. Clinical, repeating synth melodies / rhythms and cold vocals of your hated boss who only thinks about schedules, sales and revenues. Директор Всего ("Director of Everything") is a project of Andrei Li (aka Andrew Lee). The music is way cooler than the desciption may sound.


Дом Вдовы (Russia)

Дом Вдовы (2002)
За тридевять земель (2002) (S)
Verbum Caro Factum Est (2006)
Гроннскьегг (2006)
Аврелия (2007)
Wilczyca (2010)
Морок (2012)

Somnum Flagéllum (2014)
Os Hians, Dentes Candidi (2016)
Gomerth Kailoeth (2020)

Horror ambience / witch ambience from Konstantin Vdovetskiy.


Два Пустых Скафандра (Russia)

Private Psychodelic Suit (2017)

Common English name: Two Empty Spacesuits. Monolithic, but rather inventive electronic soundscapes with a psychedelic twist.


Егзорцизам (Serbia)

Нељудски ентитети (2022)

Horror-centered Dark Ambient with an electroacoustic bend. Sometimes in barely listenable, Deep Ambient mould, sometimes louder, more intense and noisy.

See also: Depression Embrace, Glog, Nothingness, Three Moons.


Импульс-80 (Ukraine)

Хрономираж (2018)

So-called "Soviet Wave" project from Ukraine. Ranges from cheesy to nicely melodic / atmospheric and dreamy.


истребительная (Russia??)

истребительная (2020)
Alpine Hypnosis (2024)

Gloomy, repetitive synth melodies in dungeon mould.


ИХОР (Russia)

Oblivium... (2012)

Deep, dark, rotten sounds from this project. Sometimes noisy.


ИIM (Lithuania)

Flow My Tears (2021) (S)

Melancholic ambience with some computer-generated voice insertions.


КРААЙ (Russia)

Песнь невоспетых (2020)

Gloomy, stark drones from this Dark Ambient project.


Крамбл, Антон (Russia)

Как я провёл лето (2022) (S)
Шайнинг (2023)

Ambient composer with a nice synth sound - cosmic, pastoral, hypnotic, rich in arpeggios...


Кукушкин сон (Russia)

Кукушкин сон (2019)

Pretty diverse music - from noisy collages and darker soundscapes to moody, somewhat pastoral synth with whistling leads. I would put it under the "EM-related" umbrella, as the post-industrial / noise influence is very strong here.


Ледовая пустошь (Russia)

Никто (1998)

Ritual Ambient, frozen soundscapes and folk structures. Ледовая Пустошь = Ice Desert.


Маяк (Ukraine)

Река (2015) (recorded in 2013)
Романтика (2022) (recorded in 2014)
Выше звезд (2023)

Chillwave / retrowave / synthwave project from Kharkiv. The album Река was released on vinyl and preceded by a download-only release. There are a few other digital releases as well. It is only very marginally EM, but should be enjoyed by those into that nostalgic, 1980's infused sound. File under EM-related.


Медве На Мече (Russia)

Ясунь (1996)

Ritual Ambient influenced by Russian paganism. Slowly moving melodies and noisy backgrounds. A project by Andrei Ivanov who is one half of the duo Off the Cuff.

See also: Off the Cuff


Мёртвая Земля (Russia)

Предвестники... (2009)

Drone / Death Ambient. Мёртвая Земля = Dead Land.


Мицелий (Russia)

Единение (2021)
Путевые заметки (2021)

Bright, nature-inspired ambient soundscapes from Kostroma.


Мост (Russia)

Рок-группа "Мост" - Музыка Сергея Баневича (1983)

Subtitled "Rock-Group Most" (Рок-группа "Мост"), this is actually a project put together by Sergey Banevich together with some fellow musicians. Stylistically, it's all over the place, from children songs and opera (!) to rock and nice instrumental EM on two tracks.


Неясность (Russia)

Под светом Чёрной Звезды (2024)

Darkish electronics between dark ambience and more active / dynamic forms.


Очень длинный кот (Ukraine)

Made In Heaven (2021)

Ambient album from Odessa-based Mitya Fyodorov who can be usually found composing techno, house and jungle.


Пируэт (Russia)

Путь зерна (1996)

Aka Piruэт. Pretty weird stuff released privately - playful electronic compositions with cartoonish sequences and circus melodies, a bit like a quirkier version of Cluster played on home keyboards.


Подозрительный предмет (Russia)

Белые капли Бодхичитты (2020)
Субтропикана (

Varied ambient soundscapes from St. Petersburg.


Полночь зимы (Russia)

Холод (2017) (recorded in 2015)
Богам войны (2017) (recorded in 2016) (S)

"Winter synth" project. Melancholic ambient music with a frosty atmosphere and a touch of Martial Ambient on Богам войны.


Проект Звездолет (???)

Интерkосмос (2020)

Spacey, melancholic EM full of synth pads and sad melodies.


Проект Лазарь (Canada)

К солнцу, к звездам (2019)
ждите Нас Звезды! (2020)
Танец частиц (2020)
Под звездой
Учитесь защищать Родину! (2022)
Ⱈⱆⰿⰰⱀ (2022) (S)

Aka Project Lazarus. Rhythmic, melodic music with synthwave feel from Boris Segal. Some spacier songs as well.


Рабор (Russia)

Источник (2014)
Голоса... (2016)
За тридевять земель (2017)
Корни (2018)

Ambient artist with elements of dungeon synth. Nice, nature-inspired sound.


Радиободха (Russia)

Радиободха (2016)

Ekaterinburg-based project. Sort of a post-industrial / noisy ambient sound here, based on electric guitar, electronics, effects, a few acoustic instruments and homemade sound devices. Sometimes with sort of a "Manuel Goettsching playing in an abandoned factory at 3 a.m." feel.


сбогом хиляди (Bulgaria)

Черната река (2023)
Ом​а​й​н​а т​и​ш​и​н​а​, п​о​г​ъ​л​н​и м​е​! (2023)

Lysergic, cosmic, droning, melancholic ambient synth compositions, reminding a bit on the early (pre-Timewind) Klaus Schulze.


Северный Лес (Russia)

Песнь безмолвных птиц (2019)

Ritual, ethnic-tinged ambience. Nice mysterious feel on some of the tracks.


Слово Мира (Russia)

Белая ночь (2023)

Improvising jazz-rock, post-rock band. On Áåëàÿ íî÷ü, they experiment with electronics extensively, especially on side B of the LP.


Сол Серебрис (Russia)

Valkyries Came Through the Shimmering Dreamgates (2008) (S)
Ассимметричными штрихами воспоминаний окутывая бесконечность (2008)

Mostly rather generic-sounding Space Music and melodic stuff based on the piano. Some sequences spice things up here and there. Those rhythmic tracks also happen to be the better ones overall.


Спираль времени (Russia)

Проходя сквозь свет (2011)
Костры поднебесья (2013)
Обещание весны (2018)
Вальс памяти (2018) (with Pleroma Orchestra)
Необъятное (2021)

Aka Spiral of Time. A project from Denis Vladimirov based in Tomsk, Siberia. Moody Ambient with cosmic stylings. Nice.


Сполохъ (Russia)

Лишь убит (2021) (S)

Vintage synths mixed with Orthodox church singing.


Старасвет (Belarus)

Першы дождж (2004) (S)
Сонца - Шляхам жыцця i смерцi (2005)

Keyboard-based Pagan Ambient. The title of the first mini-album translates to "First Rain".


теплота (Russia / UK)

Skynned (2023)

Weird feedback electronics / contrabass music with a rhythmic base and a wacky Cluster edge. A duo of Grundik Kasyansky and Tom Wheatley.

See also: Kasyansky, Grundik


Тихий куст (Russia)

Растения (2019) (recorded in 1998)

Varied project of Sergey Terentyev. The above cassette is split between the jungle / drum and bass A side and the ambient B side. The ambient tracks are dreamy and beautiful, with the closer reminding on pastoral and reflective Vangelis.


Традиции (Russia)

Традиции (2024)

Varied ambient material, mostly deep and reflective.


Ты23 (Russia)

В самой тихой части сада (2016)

Varied / synthwave project of Anton Klevtsov. Has some EM influences, especially notable on the opener of the above album. File under EM-related.


Уводна (Russia)

Таинство Вриль (2013)
...Увела.. (2015)
Молодежный (2017)

Aka Uvodna (English transliteration). Siberian project in hybrid Ambient / dungeon synth mould.


Цветы внутри нас (Russia)

Поросшие мхом (2016) (S)

Russian project (name translates to Flowers Within Us). Floating soundscapes. Airy, mysterious sound. Nice.


Чайник болотных богов (Russia)

Подземные реки (2018)
Чайник болотных богов (2023) (recorded in 2014)

A project of Anton Nadezhdin in weird cosmic EM / dungeon folk / comfy synth vein.


Чёрный туман (Russia)

Мечты и кошмары (2017)

Чёрный туман (Russian for "Black Mist") is an ambient project focusing on darker moods, mostly related to Dark Space, with a sci-fi / psychological drama akin to some of the more "serious" vintage fiction (Tarkovsky's "Solaris" et al).

See also: ZQO


Шутка (Russia)

Шутка (2020)
Home Rec. Tape (2020)
Дневник - Ноябрь
Шутка (
(2022) (S)
Шутка (2022) (S)
Репетиции шутки (
Дневник - Март (2023)
Земля - 1 (2023)

Varied, spontaneous ambient compositions on keyboards. A bit lo-fi. There are three eponymous releases with different material.


Электрические сады репталов (Russia)

Ландшафтный дизайн (2015) (EP)
Мохообразные, лишайники и цианопрокариоты острова Шпицберген (

Experimental electronic project from St. Petersburg, supposedly anonymous, as the band's (Reptal's Electric Gardens as they are called in English are officially a band, although, as the guy humorously points out on his Bandcamp page, "a unique phenomenon for St. Petersburg's underground scene, as not a single member joined the group in spite of 6 years of searching") solo member likes to hide his face behind a funny crocodile or reptiloid mask during his live performances. The music is nothing short of brilliant, though - melodic, playful, with lots of tasty analog sounds - it has all the right elements of a competent, interesting (and in no way derivative, although you can draw parallels to many classic works of both German and Soviet scenes) EM work.


Явь (Russia)

Плач лесов(2006)
Умирала речка (2007)
Дыхание Нави (2009) (S)

Pagan Ambient from this Belgorod-based project.


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